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Company: A1 Digital Systems, Chatham, Kent Position: Partner

Spencer H. Young

Brief description of company A1 Digital Systems was founded in 1999 and has since become one of the leading aerial and satellite installation companies in the south-east, serving both domestic and commercial clients. With an eye to efficient service and customer satisfaction, they offer same or next day call out, a full written guarantee of their work of 1-3 years and have the endorsement of quality afforded by membership of the CAI.

What got you into the Industry? I started off as a roofer, but got introduced to an aerial rigger down my local gym. I started working with him a couple of days a week and it went from there.

What’s the single biggest innovation you’ve seen? Probably an obvious answer, but the rise of Digital TV. And as far as equipment is concerned, the launch of the Vision Masthead Amplifier.

How long have been in the trade? 18 years.

How is the recession affecting your business? To be honest, it isn’t! If anything, business is better because, as people watch the pennies, staying in seems to be the new going out and they are bringing their TV systems at home up to date.

How many people does your company employ? 7, including me and my partner. What trade bodies/ associations are you members of? The CAI. How do you find new customers? We still find directories such as Thomson and Yellow Pages to be very effective, and are proud to say we get a lot of recommendations. Obviously the internet is invaluable and we have worked hard on creating an attractive website. We also do a lot of contract work for property management companies, housing associations, etc.

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What tool could you not do without? A signal meter. What’s your favourite sandwich filling? Bacon. What’s the last film/DVD you watched? Can’t print the last one, but the one before that was Slum Dog Millionaire!

What’s the first record you brought? Baggy Trousers by Madness. If stranded on a desert island, what 3 things could you not do without? My wife and my two kids! If a film was made of your life, which actor would you like to star as you and why? Gary Oldman – I see a little bit of me in him. When buying from a wholesaler, what do you look for? Good quality products and a high level of service. Is this your dream job, if not what is? I love my job, but if I could do anything in the world I would be a Formula 1 racing driver. “Move over Hamilton, I’m coming through!”

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Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  

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