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Single Coax Cable Solutions for Sky+ and Sky+HD Many Sky installers have been faced with the problem of only finding one existing single coax cable installation in the dwelling of a customer who now wants a new Sky+ or Sky+HD box. There are three main choices in overcoming this, each with their own with pros and cons as follows:

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1) Add a second coax cable. Pros: The lowest material cost of the three, it is very likely to work, simple to install and works with any Sky box. Cons: Time consuming, and what’s more extra cabling may not be possible. 2) Fit a Global Frequency Stacker Pros: With medium material cost, this method is of medium complexity and again will work with any Sky box.

Cons: Wall plates and cables must pass 3GHz, and it may require mains power at the receiver. 3) Fit a Vision SCR (Single Cable Router) Pros: Although the material cost for this option is higher, it is only of medium complexity. It will work with any satellite wall plate and coax cable, and can operate 2 Sky+ units from just one cable! Cons: This option requires later Sky+ or Sky+HD STB models with SCR software (available free

Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  
Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  

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