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Brooke lightens the load Featuring revolutionary lightweight Neodymium speaker magnets, Brooke’s visually stunning NF-PRO series of professional Full Range speakers have turned previously back-breaking speakers into something noticeably more lightweight and portable. The range offers a choice of four models with 8”, 10”, 12” or 15” bass drivers mounted alongside a symmetrically horned tweeter to deliver superior high fidelity sound from 150w to 350w at 8Ω. With a very flat frequency response, ranging from 58Hz18KHZ to 80Hz-20KHz, the speakers offer a clear and transparent sound, with steep crossovers minimising floor reflections. The dual angle horn positioning makes the units perfect for front stage and nearfield applications. Of significant weight-saving advantage to portable applications, not only are the Neodymium drivers around 25% lighter than traditional speaker materials, their use also means cabinet enclosures can be simplified which adds further to the overall lightening of the load. Ease of transport is optimised

thanks to integral grab handles. Constructed from high density birch plywood, the stylish cabinets also look superb in fixed stage and architectural installation. Finished in black crackle-effect PU, a matching metal grille is securely fixed to the housing to protect the drivers. With maximum versatility in mind, not only can they sit vertically on the floor or be angled horizontally as monitors, they can be flown thanks to chassis-bolted aluminium brackets. An integral top-hat means they can also be mounted on 35mm poles. Neutrik Speakon® sockets on the rear and top ensure compatibility

with industry standard amplifier connections and allow multiple units to be linked together. The high strength-to-weight ratio of both the Neodymium drivers and plywood enclosures means the NF-PRO range delivers superb sound quality at a fraction of the weight some equivalent, traditionally constructed products. The NF-PRO series, along with all other ranges of speakers, amplifiers and sound processing equipment, is available from Impact Products, and can be viewed and ordered online on their 24-hour webshop.


Drivers (Bass/ Tweeter)

Power (RMS)


Max. Dims., mm (w x h x d)



1 x 8” 1 x 1”


80Hz – 20KHz

270 x 470 x 215



1 x 10” 1 x 1”


75Hz – 20KHz

320 x 515 x 240



1 x 12” 1 x 1”


65Hz – 18KHz

390 x 580 x 310



1 x x15” 1 x 1½”


58Hz – 18KHz

460 x 720 x 370


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Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  
Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  

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