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highdefinition let’s be clear High Definition – or simply HD - television is arguably one of the biggest developments in broadcasting history since the introduction of colour TV over 40 years ago.

But in this digital world of the 21st century, with new products, or moreover technical advances in existing products, being launched onto the market at an alarming pace it is sometimes difficult to keep abreast of the changes. And as far as TV is concerned, there is certainly a lot to keep up with right now. How many will be staring at a blank screen come Digital Switchover as, despite all the publicity, they still won’t have taken the right

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measures to make sure they can catch the evening’s episode of ‘Stenders on DSO-day, even in Standard Definifion? So with a combination of ever-increasing consumer choice and the resultant information overload, is it any wonder many don’t fully understand what HD is, and how it works?

According to recent research undertaken by a major household electronics manufacturer, 80% of UK consumers don’t know the difference between HD-Ready and HD-Ready 1080p, with a further 25 per cent of Britons not really understanding what HD is, thinking that simply owning a TV with an HD-Ready logo instantly

makes all programmes HD.

At the risk of preaching to the converted, the unbelievable depth and clarity of the superb picture quality afforded by HD is due to the major increase in vertical lines from the conventional 576 to the 720 or indeed 1080 used in HDTV, with the pixels in each of those lines also being significantly closer.

Dot your “i”s and watch your “p”s… Whilst there are technically three formats of High Definition, television broadcasts use one of two of these – 720p or 1080i - with the third, absolute best format of 1080p not used by broadcasters due to the demand on bandwidth. This latter format

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