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Employment legislation is a complex matter. And just when you thought you’d got your head around it all you, the Government makes changes in various areas requiring your valuable time to research and implement. To help keep you up to date, RD reviews some of the changes in areas of the law which may affect particularly the smaller businesses operating in our sectors.

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National Minimum Wage

Paid Holiday Entitlement

From 1st October 2008, new hourly rates were introduced on the following age scale:

From 1st April 2009, employees’ statutory annual holiday entitlement will rise from 24 days to 28 days, including Bank Holidays.

22 and over £5.73 18 to 21 £4.77 Under 18* £3.53 *and no longer of compulsory school age. It is also expected that changes will be introduced in the early part of this year which will mean that ex-gratia payments such as tips and service charges may no longer be taken into account when determining an employee’s minimum wage.

Statutory Sick Pay Where SSP is concerned, an agency worker is classed as an employee but was previously not entitled to receive SSP if on a contract of less than 3 months duration. This changed from 27th October 2008 so that agency workers can now claim SSP even if working under a fixed term contract of less than 3 months.

Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  
Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  

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