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litestructures Support for your ideas 2008 marked the 25th anniversary of the introduction of Litestructures’ AstraLite, the world’s firstever lightweight aluminium trussing system a high-performance, modular concept that gained rapid acceptance and remains in worldwide daily use. With high levels of demand across the UK alone, last year Litestructures began the search for an improved Route to Market in the form of an established trade distributor. It didn’t take too long. All the required elements of generous warehouse capacity and a nationwide infrastructure for fast and efficient delivery, backed by expert knowledge and dedicated customer support, was soon found in the form of Impact Products, now the Master Stocking Distributor of Litestructures. Originally a manufacturer of aluminium

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scaffold towers, in the spring of 1983 Litestructures’ MD Adrian Brooks received a request from a customer for a triangular truss from which equipment could be flown on a forthcoming opera being toured around schools across the north of England. This led to the production of the 3-chord truss which is now recognised as an industry standard. The solution Brooks and his team created comprised three straight lengths of what is now commonly referred to as A03, and two 90° corner pieces to create a goalpost effect. Customised base plates were added to give the structure stability.

Creating connections Such was the delight of the client with the finished product, he suggested it be shown at that summer’s ABTT show in London. Brooks’ decision to follow up on

the idea proved lucrative. “We had already been contemplating a 3-way corner to complement the new truss system,” says Brooks, “when a show visitor enquired about the possibility of creating a rectangular structure on four legs for use on an electronics trade roadshow”. This was the spur needed to accelerate the development of the new component, and the rest, to quote a phrase, is history. One of many notable achievements came just a couple of years later when the staggering two-level set for the Channel 4 live music show The Tube was constructed entirely using AstraLite. Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine any event without aluminium trussing. In 1990, the restructuring of the company saw Litestructures relocate from its long-term Leeds base to nearby Wakefield to cater

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Rigger's Digest Spring 2009  

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