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Education is more than just textbooks Principles of Education do not change. Yet, the pace of change seemingly accelerates as communications and delivery modes evolve. Siteflex too helps reflect your modern and dynamic approach to education. Siteflex is an online Web Application delivering outstanding website and online resource outcomes to your community.

Real Outcomes Thanks to a streamlined web-based interface, you and your staff need no technical knowledge to post news, create new pages, promote events, create new web forms and surveys, or compose targeted and engaging newsletters. Siteflex empowers on-time publishing with accuracy.

Integ rated. Awarded. Siteflex speaks not just your language, but the language of the web. Your online presence will integrate quickly to Google, Amazon, Twitter and Youtube and many other state-of-the-art tools and resources. Because of this, Siteflex was recognised in 2009 as the Winner of the Excellence in New Media at CeBIT Expo and Global Conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney. Siteflex was also recognised by Google in 2010 and invited to participate in a recent new product launch.

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Siteflex. Multilingual Siteflex speaks the language of the Web. In fact, more than just one, which means that you are seen and heard where it counts. Google Siteflex speaks to Google at many levels. Siteflex automatically provides website architecture information to Google Webmaster Tools, as well as capturing anonymous Analytical data for full statistical analysis of web traffic. Siteflex will geo-locate addresses for Google Mapping, and also integrates cool tools like Google Chat for live interactive feedback.

Twitter Twitter makes it easy to keep the community informed about sports field statuses, provide updated ETAs for bus arrival times back to campus, through to engaging the community with quick pictures of the latest events. Tweet directly from Siteflex or a Smartphone, and the ‘tweet’ will be published directly to the home page.

YouTube Over 1 billion videos are served each day. The world’s most popular video delivery platform is at your fingertips within Siteflex. Your channel videos are ready to embed anywhere within your Siteflex website, with special features such as resizing and disabling recommended videos, thereby protecting your community from any unwanted content.

RSS Really Simple Syndication is just that - the quickest most universal method of ensuring content is collected by those who need it fast. Your latest pages, news and events can all be delivered directly to email clients, Google Reader or even a screensaver. Fast. Automatic. Easy.

Microsoft The optional Siteflex Intranet module integrates directly to Microsoft Active Directory, ensuring the right people arrive at the right content first time, every time. Protect content by Year Group or Staff Groups exactly as you would from within Active Directory.

Denbigh International Parents need specific information too, and this becomes a breeze as Siteflex speaks Denbigh’s language. Parents may login to the Parent Portal, as well as receive the right newsletters and correspondences after you quickly and easily sync your Denbigh contacts ntac and searches across to Siteflex.


Your Hosted Solution No Software Required Instant Feature Updates 24/7 Off-site Backups No Server to Install

“Siteflex helped us in our pursuit to project confidence and build our brand when we were starting out as a new school. Siteflex effortlessly allows us to keep our school community up to the minute with the latest news, events & photo galleries. Our Siteflex website also largely contributed to us winning the Silver award at the National School Marketers Conference in 2009.” Ann Brown, Principal, Orange Anglican School

Words are overrated Photos can be taken during a school event and uploaded to your Siteflex website in seconds for the whole community to see. The Sitef lex Photo Galler y module rapidly creates attractive, inline and animated Flash galleries for use on your Sitef lex website. Combined with great photography, there is no better way to deliver your school’s favourite event highlights to the wider school community. With many customisable automation options, Sitef lex Photo Galleries take the hard work out of filling your Sitef lex website with your school’s imager y.

Keep the community connected A regular news dialogue not only keeps your school community connected, but it also keeps your website fresh and current. The Sitef lex News module is the best way to keep your Sitef lex website fresh, current and relevant. Keep your audience engaged, interested and constantly coming back for word on the latest happenings from within your school community. With automated extensions to Mailf lex, RSS feeds, Twitter integration, multiple categorisation and consistent for matting options it has never been easier to get up and running with keeping the community connected.

Newsflex now has Twitter integ ration Easily send News updates directly from Siteflex to your homepage and Twitter.

Your media, your way Siteflex Video Streaming gives your website the freedom to play and stream videos without any quality or length restrictions. High-quality video is fast becoming the expectation of web users. Sitef lex Video Streaming makes it easy to get videos online and onto your Sitef lex website, allowing you to broadcast the week’s big events to parents, friends and families. Sitef lex Video Streaming gives your media the freedom to be presented the way you want it, to whom you want. Your media, your way.

Simple upload Siteflex’s Media Manager makes it easy to upload a range of file formats.



Let everyone know what’s on Keep the community informed of upcoming events, and invited. Instantly. No more waiting for the weekly bulletin. Employing the Sitef lex Events module, it has never been easier to get the word out promoting your school’s events, online. With the ability to plug in to RSS, Google Calendar, Mailf lex and Twitter, the Events module has all your bases covered for spreading the word. Not only empowering your Sitef lex website but your entire online presence; ensuring the community is aware of the event’s details and driven to attend.

“With Siteflex we can seamlessly update our website with all the latest news, events and galleries when we want to. As a school for students with special needs, we use Siteflex for online promotions, fundraising, event updates and more. Our galleries and online videos definitely attract current and prospective families and supporters, keeping them up to date with what is happening at the school.” Debbie Gates, Marketing Director, Mater Dei School

Reach beyond your website Easily compose and send regular email newsletters to a targetable g roup of contacts. All integ rated with your website. There’s more to being online than your website. Archive your weekly print bulletin and lower the cost of keeping the community up to date. The Sitef lex Mail module lets you reach fur ther and drive the school community to your website with regular, targetable email newsletters. No extra online tools to learn and manage; since the Mail module is a par t of Sitef lex, composing captivating emails is just as simple as editing your web pages. With extensive Mail Analytics included, not only are you able to see what the most popular content is, but also track who in your mailing list is viewing your newsletters. Taking advantage of the Sitef lex Mail module ensures your email campaign is off to a solid star t, and is always well received by not only mum and dad, but grandparents and the extended family community too.

Web browser window shopping Give your website the power to showcase products with a fully customisable and searchable online product catalogue. The Sitef lex Products module enables you to create, edit and manage products on your website, no matter how many or how few products you want to get online. With the ability to group products into multiple descriptive categories and filters, the Products module ensures website users are only ever a few clicks away from the product they are searching for. Not only can you track the most popular Product categories with the included Analytics, but even drill right down to the individual product; ensuring your product strateg y can evolve swiftly based on market demands. When you’re ready, easily plug your website’s online product database into E-Commerce. A great foundation for selling products online.

E-Commerce Instant return on investment:


Create a solid return on investment quickly by selling products online for electronic or traditional delivery. Sitef lex E-Commerce takes the headache out of getting your website ready to sell online. In minutes your Sitef lex website will be ready to receive Mastercard and Visa payments directly via PayPal. Additionally accept these, American Express and others via eWAY’s direct integration to all Australian banks. Wh at’s more is it’s all wor r y free; security is never a concer n since Sitef lex does not store any sensitive payment data, and all payment transactions are securely encr ypted. Empower your website to sell products, event tickets, accept donatio ns or even settle accounts with Siteflex E-Commerce, and earn an instant return on investment. Note: PayPal or eWAY accounts required.

“We are impressed with the ongoing new enhancements to Siteflex which enable us to make our website even more dynamic. We were also pleasantly surprised at how quickly conversant we became. This was largely due to the assistance from the Siteflex online videos.” Donna Turner, Community Relations, St. Edmund’s School

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Keep the conversation flowing Capture new contacts. Create an automatic database of customers. Extend the conversation beyond your website. Interact with your visitors and turn your website into a two-way conversation. The Sitef lex For ms module allows you to collect infor mation from your website’s visitors, storing the infor mation in a database of categorised contacts. With your growing list of contacts, continue the conversation via email, phone, or use your collected contact details in conjunction with the Sitef lex Mail module to send targeted email newsletters. The For ms module allows you to f lexibly customise your website’s For ms into online polling booths, sur veys, community-driven notice boards, membership registration for ms or keep it simple with a standard enquir y for m. Whatever you choose, the Sitef lex For ms module empowers you to keep the conversation f lowing in the right direction.

Go Mobile Your website on the go Soon website content will be accessed more via mobile devices than with personal computers. With Siteflex, you’ re ready to go mobile. Let the exper ts take care of keeping up. Being a par t of the Sitef lex community means you don’t need a dedicated team of developers making sure your website keeps up with the latest trends and technologies. As the world moves fur ther into the mobile space, so does Sitef lex. Not only has the back-end Sitef lex administration been constructed with mobile devices in mind - allowing you to create, update or even tweet about your website easily, anywhere - but multiple options exist for getting your frontend website mobile. Don’t just get mobile, get agile; create dedicated mobile templates to ensure all your most relevant website content is automatically pushed to mobile users, with no additional work from you.

Intranet Securely deliver resources to the community Provide an individually crafted, secured view of your website and it’s resources to authenticated users. The Sitef lex Intranet module allows you to connect to an existing Microsoft Active Director y ser vice or manage your own website memberships via categorised contacts in Sitef lex. Guide categorised members into relevant areas by setting up your website resources to be only accessed by cer tain membership groups. With these secured, customised Sitef lex pages you are enabled to provide student details to parents, grant access to librar y resources to students, set up your private staff Intranet, or even customise a private student infor mation feed straight from your school’s existing Denbigh system. Whatever your needs, the Intranet module will enable you to enable the community.

Analytics Track and manage your website traffic Analytics allows both the cause and effect to be seen on the same screen making Analytics easy. With the Sitef lex Analytics module we give you both the cause and effect, the Sitef lex resource and it’s relevant proper ties and the resultant Analytical outcomes, both on the one screen. Having all the relevant infor mation on the one screen takes the guess work out, demonstrating at a glance how well a par ticular resource is tracking. Not only do Sitef lex Pages enjoy direct benefits of the Analytics module, so do the Products and Mail modules - allowing your school’s eMarketers to craft, test and refine Pages, Products and Mail campaigns using industr y standard analytical data.

“It is just so easy to change the content on our site. It will take me less than 30 seconds to make a quick correction and I can do it myself.” Mark Boyd, Marketing Co-ordinator, KCC

Training Training. On Demand On Demand Training. Where you need it, when you need it. With a range of training options available, you can always feel confident to tackle some serious business online. Stay up-to-date via www.sitef, delivering you on-demand training videos twenty-four-seven. As a Sitef lex community member you enjoy unlimited access to both our introductor y videos, as well as our Advanced Techniques tutorials.

Webinars Book in for our limited-place live regular webinars and interact with our trainers as they lead you through both the basics and the top tips and tricks to making the most of your Sitef lex system. Book in quickly though, as places are limited and fill fast.

Siteflex Community Forum All Sitef lex Community members are invited to par ticipate in our online community forum. Pose a question or your own tips and receive feedback from other community members as well as the Sitef lex Development team.

Awards Siteflex. Recognised and Awarded Sitef lex is not only utilised by government, ASX-listed and overseas companies, but also throughout education in earlychildhood, primar y and secondar y private schools and ter tiar y institutions. Fur ther more, Education Award-winning designs employ the Sitef lex platfor m. Sitef lex was also recently awarded the prestigious CeBIT “Excellence in New Media” award and was one of 3 finalists in the Business Advantage Award.



“Siteflex simplifies our day to day tasks; such as resizing images, and creating thumbnails. The possibilities are endless; we have unlimited pages, and a great freedom and flexibility in design. We’ve even been known to set some Siteflex records; having news items filled with photographs and online before the event is even over. Video and secure login features really get the students involved with the website.” Dr Peter Miller, Head of College, All Saints’ College Bathurst

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Siteflex: Join the Revolution  
Siteflex: Join the Revolution  

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