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10-16 JULY


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Variety Bar

Leo’s New


Lots of Choice

Tel: 645 066 538

Calle Faro, Almerimar At the entrance to the port

summer holiday = fabulous family time!






Summer Offers

Arts and Antiques

Daily menu from Mondays to Friday 11€

car boot sale

(starter ,1st course, dessert, drink & bread)

1 pizza + salad + 1 drink = €6.50

flea market


Almerimar PORT opposite Leo’s bar Every 2nd Sunday of the month

Pizzas to take away for €5 All Day

14 th july

Pasaje los Jazmines, 16. Urb. Playa Serena (Roquetas de Mar)

Open 5.30pm


Information: 660 32 12 30

JAKS Wide Range of UK,

Arkrites British Food Store

Continental & Indian Foods & Spices

new selection of electrical goods toasters, kettles, irons & coffee machines OPENING HOURS:

Mon - fri 10am - 6pm sat & sun 10am - 7pm

Tel: 950 609 419


well stocked selection of: Groceries & frozen foods

including legs of New Zealand lamb, rack of Lamb available

Menu del dia 9.00€ served friday - wednesday

Enjoy Pierre’s French Cuisine Kitchen open: 12.30 - 3.00, 7.00 - 10.00. Closed Thursdays Plaza Los Jazmines 10, 04740 Roquetas de Mar Opposite Playa Capricho in the car park

Tel: 950 334 439 Email:

gammon joints, lambs liver. Large Selection of Greeting Cards

Free Home Delivery

Mon - Fri: 10.30am - 2.30pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

TEL: 950 334 081

out of hours please call 950 334 544

In the Urb of Roquetas de Mar, just off Avda de Mediterraneo in the square near La Gamba Toscana & Theos



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Sport Summer special Full body massage only 26€

950 633 086 722 294 384

luxury pedicure

Sunergy Almeria

Established 2002

Over 15 years installation experience Solar powered swimming pool filter systems from €2200 to circulate pool water whenever sun shines, up to 10 hours a day, independent of mains so reduces electric bills

only 16.95€ Manicure

only 9.95€

His & Her’s

Cut & Blow-dry

only 25€

now open saturdays By appointment only. call for your appointment now

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 2pm Late appointments available on request FREE WiFi Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

Independent stand alone or mains assisted electricity systems to power your house, or reduce bills and power cuts, for example 5kw 48v system from €7950

Call Phil for competitive prices

636 261 240



New & Exclusive to As Seen On TV Products

The Xhose

The expanding light weight hose that never kinks expands to 3 times its original length contracts in seconds ultra durable

Easy to store

Available in the following lengths

25 foot at only 25€

50 foot at only 45€

75 foot at only 65€



‘Ley de Costas’: Andalucía, Asturias, Catalunya, Canaries and the Basque Country challenge ‘Ley de Costas’ in Constitutional Court have title to the home they rightfully bought or inherited and the government still reserves the right to bulldoze the property if they decide to do so, with no compensation payable. Highly-developed areas of coast, particularly new properties which have been built taking the Coastal Law into

Five regional governments in Spain are appealing against the newly-redrafted Coastal Law, or Ley de Costas, via the Constitutional Court. According to a report by Thinkspain, Andalucía, the Canary Islands, Catalunya, the Basque Country and Asturias say the law text violates the right to equality and invades regional government jurisdiction. Their regional environmental and planning ministers recall that over half of Spain’s coastline is in these federal communities the rest belonging to Cantabria, Galicia, Murcia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands - and that they should therefore be allowed to make their own judgments rather than being dictated to by the central government in Madrid, which does not even have a coastline. They say that 12 areas of coast in these regions have been given a ‘reprieve’ from the effects of the Coastal Law with no clear guidelines as to how they were differentiated from the rest. Parts of the law text are impossible to understand, and that it is also ‘a backward step’

because they are forced to submit environmental impact reports when they decide to develop areas of coastline, even where the land in question has already been declared suitable for building on. The Coastal Law (Ley de Costas), aimed at protecting Spain’s shoreline, includes provisions which have robbed thousands of residents of their

homes. In the event of coastal erosion, the General Directorate of Coasts (Dirección General de Costas) moves the invisible boundary between sea and dry land farther away from the shore, effectively widening the beach. Any houses which, as a result, find themselves on the wrong side of the line then

account, as opposed to those which are several decades old, are rarely affected by this situation as coastal erosion is not an issue. Local councils in the relatively few affected areas have been offering full support and helping homeowners to fight their case.

automatically become the property of the State and the owner’s only ‘compensation’ is the right to continue living there rent-free for 30 years, but is unable to sell, bequeath, mortgage, rent out, repair or renovate the property. The amended Ley de Costas increases this to 75 years and allows the owner do to all of the above, but they still do not

Cesped artificial Visit our showroom in PlantAlmanzora Organic Garden next to Longo’s Albox

Tigerturf Almeria tel: 950 431 624 / 635 652 745 Family Run Estate Agency Dedicated to Finding Your Dream Home in the Sun! ESTABLISHED FOR OVER 9 YEARS Is Your Insurance up for renewal? Why not get a Quote from us? Competitive Prices Guaranteed! Casa La Cañada An immaculate 3 bed villa finished to a very high standard with private pool & situated on a large plot of land 10 mins from Albox 149,000€ SH643

Casa Kathryn Detached villa 2 mins drive from Arboleas village, 3 bedrooms, landscaped garden and private pool 149,000€ SH753

Casa Diane A 3 bed, two bath villa with central heating, casita, large garden, roof terrace and private pool. Open to offers 125,000€ SH698

Contact us for viewings; for our full range of properties visit our website:

Office located next to Cajamar Bank, Arboleas village Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 3pm Tlf: 958 003 391 Mob: 606 281 865 Email:


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tomorrow - 10am - 3pm

la vida garden fete

to be held in the venue & garden room

Bacon or Sandwich & Tea 0 .5 €3 ee coff selection of homemade cakes from 9.30am

JAMS & PICKLES frillies uk lingerie Uk Make-up SILVER & gold JEWELLERY HAND-MADE CRAFTS avalon funeral plans canduComputing silver bespoke items CAKES & BAKERY ITEMS beauty therapists & gel nails available and much much more from 10am


If you want to book a stand call 647 379 878 or contact the bar

Tel: 950 634 562

We are here

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia




La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

jessica simpson Expelled from plenary meeting

Here is a copy of an email from Jessica Simpson regarding her ‘removal’ from a recent plenary meeting; we’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter - email editor@ “This is just a quick update of the sad and unfortunate situation that we witnessed yesterday in the extraordinary plenary meeting. An outrage of power and attack towards the democratic rights of our town on behalf of the lady Mayor, as I was expelled after debating the approval of the municipal ordinance regulating noise, without any justifiable reason. While defending something as essential as the freedom and rights of the people, I was warned twice because of reporting that the mayor had rejected an important cultural offer that was offered free of charge to the Town hall, for its own benefit and to extend the variety of cultural, musical and leisure activities. Obviously this was not welcomed to be made public and for the Mayor was enough of a reason to give me two warnings immediatly. The third warning, which led to myself being ejected, came because I said “I do not know who is advising her but she will possibly be convicted for the violation of a fundamental right (not holding ordinary plenary meetings, for which we are currently in a court case process), and I think that following the adoption of this ordinance, the Lady Mayor will also be known for infringing the constitutional rights, and should re-think before its approval. “ , In return I was accused of being disrespectful and degrading the work of the three civil servants who were present, Lawyer, secretary and auditor. I tried to defend myself from this false accusation but was expelled. All the rest of the opposition, three councilors of Mojaquera Union, one from PSOE and one of Ciudadanos Europeos all left in support with myself , as they were all shocked by the Mayor´s attitude. Moments earlier the Mayor also had warned on two occasions the councilor from the Psoe, Manuel Zamora, who also had to bite his lip to not from be expelled as well. Mrs. Rosa Maria Cano, does not like the fact that the opposition has a critical point of view, and do not agree with their forms of government, and takes everything as a personal attack towards the government and town hall workers, by always turning the tables and trying to accuse us by saying we are hostile and rude towards the mayor, the workers and the town. Also it comes as no surprise when our mayor, is constantly laughing at the opposition when they are talking and explaining their position, this is very rude and a complete lack of respect. She seems to be her own law, as she also laughs at and does not respect court decisions or recommendations of the ombudsman. This ordinance affects individual rights and freedom, and we are willing to fight for these rights in all the judicial bodies necessary. All the points on the agenda including the noise ordinance were approved. Best wishes to all, Jessica Simpson”

Mid-Summer Sale.........Friday 12th July.........Half Price Clothes Charity Tienda in Huercal Overa will be having a mid-season summer sale on this Friday 12th July sponsored by Gaudi Heladeria and Café. Instead of the shop closing at 3pm, we will remain open until 6pm, so between 3pm and 6pm we will have various added extras... There will be a massive clothes sale, a jewellery stall, book sale, hand massages, insurance advice from Bryan White of BWInsurance, raffle, tombola, and refreshments available from Gaudi Heladeria and Café. So why not come along and join us...All the money raised from the sale will go directly to the supported charities.

Sponsored by

Av Guille rm

o Reyna


Calle Carr

For more detailed directions use Google Maps and type in: Charity Tienda @37.398196,-1.940991

Calle Carre tera


Travesia Ala




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Traffic Department Head Resigns After Being Caught Driving At 160 Km/h On The AP-7


699 909 737

A regional head of traffic affairs has resigned after being caught driving at 160 kilometres per hour along a motorway. Narcís Clé, leader of Catalunya’s traffic department for the province of Girona, was pulled over by the Mossos d’Esquadra – the region’s answer to the Guardia Civil – doing 40 kilometres per hour over the speed limit on the AP-7 just days after fronting a radio campaign urging drivers to stick to the limits to help prevent fatal accidents.


950 528 334 E-mail:


Mosquito Screens & Blinds

• Pull down / Sliding Blinds replacement windows & doors & Screens, Windows & Patios Aluminuim & UPVC fitted • Vertical Blinds & made to measure • Security Grills Supplying & fitting windows • Awnings & doors for 25 years

All areas covered ~ speedy Response Call now for your no-obligation quote

Tel: 600 049 515 Get The Best For Less

Clé had in fact been on his way back from a meeting about the same issue when he was caught speeding. He was fined 300 euros and lost two points from his licence. Almost immediately after the incident, Clé decided to ‘do the decent thing’ in order to save face and sent a letter to regional director of traffic, Joan Josep Isern, standing down from his post. Isern accepted Clé’s resignation.

Eurozone Interest Rates To Stay At Current Record Low – Or Fall Further – For A ‘Considerable Period Of Time’, Says BCE

The European Central Bank (BCE) has decided to leave interest rates at the historic low of 0.5 per cent ‘for the foreseeable future’ to aid Eurozone recovery – meaning homeowners in Spain will not see their mortgages go up this year or possibly for some years to come. In fact, the BCE has not ruled out cutting the rate even further. Mortgages in Spain have fallen by between a third and a half in the last six or seven years, since the recession started, except those where the contract included a ‘minimum rate’ clause – although these have been declared illegal by the EU, meaning homeowners affected by them will now start to see the benefits of the

plummeting Euribor rate. BCE president Mario Draghi says interest rates in the Eurozone will remain at 0.5 or lower ‘for a considerable period of time’ and inflation would remain well below the EU’s objective of price stability, given that recovery in member States as a whole – particularly in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland – is expected to be extremely slow. The Bank of England has followed suit and intends to keep interest rates at 0.5 per cent in the United Kingdom. In addition, the Portuguese political crisis sparked by the resignation of finance minister Vítor Gaspar and foreign affairs minister Paulo Portas in protest over EU-imposed austerity

measures has activated alarm in the financial markets and meant the profitability of Portugal’s 10-year debt has rocketed and stands above eight per cent. Negotiations between Greece and the Troika (BCE, International Monetary Fund or FMI, and the European Commission) concerning the pace of government reforms is also a factor, as are the riots in Egypt, which have led to petroleum prices rising. Draghi’s announcement about interest rates coincided with Spanish finance minister Luis de Guindos’ and industry minister José Manuel Soria’s visit to Berlin to sign an agreement for Germany to provide credit to small and medium-sized companies in Spain.

Six-year waiting list for citizenship appointment – just to hand in the papers

Save Money on Funeral Expenses “Buy Today Die Tomorrow However Long You Live”

NO this is not a Joke!

• Totally interest free, the price you see is the price you pay

may later regret, look at the small print for the hidden payments/extras above the basic cost of a funeral plan, what’s the interest rate being charged for the pleasure of paying by instalments? Is there a front end or rear end payment above the cost of the plan, are the terms and conditions just that terms and conditions, or a statement of intent allowing additional costs to be added at the sellers whim.

• VAT/IVA exempt

Competition is Healthy, so why is it feared?

We are a fully legal Spanish SL Company and we now that other Companies in the market place cannot commit to the above, so before you make a decision consider this:

Please look at our website prices start at €3390, our IVA exemption certificate is there, from the Spanish Tax Office, so are our terms and conditions.

Do not believe all you see and hear check out the facts before committing to something you

IFP – Iberian offering Safety, Security & Savings...

As with all other goods and services in Spain Funeral Expenses are rising in price annually So our commitment to You is: • Fixed price Funeral Plan from Day 1 • Price is frozen from the moment you sign • No hidden extras added at time of death

Reg no 11138305//CIF no B93156107

IFP – Iberian sell only Funeral Plans we are not an Insurance Company, an Insurance agent, a one man band or a UK Company selling into Spain, all our written plans are registered with the Spanish Authorities (Hacienda) so for an ethical, secure, cost saving solution to funeral expenses

Please contact us on 965 993 498 or 952 595 691 alternatively


A man who recently applied for Spanish nationality after the requisite 10 years of living in the country has been given an appointment for six years down the line. The Moroccan citizen, who has been a legal resident in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona province) since 2003 has been given an appointment for March 19, 2019 – nearly six years down the line and in fact, a public holiday, meaning the offices are unlikely to be open on that day. His solicitors, who are handling his citizenship application, say this means a non-EU foreigner who wishes to become Spanish needs to wait for 20 years to be able to do so – 10 years of legal residence, followed by six years to get an appointment and then another three for the paperwork to be processed. And British expatriates in Spain now fear they could face the same obstacle if the UK were to pull out of the European Union as a result of the forthcoming referendum. With many Britons in Spain being of advanced years, some fear that if they had to apply for citizenship to enable them to stay in the country, they may not

live long enough to be able to do so. But the female civil servant at the foreigners’ office in Barcelona assured the Moroccan applicant’s legal firm that appointments for the year 2019 are standard practice, given the backlog experienced by the high number of nonEuropeans seeking nationality to avoid the future headaches of having to renew residency in an economic climate where they may be out of a job when their permits expire, effectively disqualifying them from being able to renew them. His solicitors, Legalcity, firstly thought there had been a mistake when they were given the appointment date. This date is purely to hand in all the paperwork in person, as it cannot be done by post or internet, to enable the foreigners’ office to start examining and processing them with a view to accepting or denying the application three years later. It means the resident in question, identified only by his initials of A.E., will not know whether he has been accepted as a Spanish national for another nine years, or until 2022.




Going through her own treatment in 2007 Elaine Brown put out a call for anyone else undergoing Cancer treatment, to meet up for a coffee and a chat – she wasn’t to know, at that time, that her simple request would culminate in her small coffee group becoming a fully-registered Charity in Spain, with three Charity Shops and a soon-to-be-opened Day Centre – but that’s exactly what happened - that was how MACS was conceived. This year it was decided to have a party to celebrate the past 6 years of MACS and raise a toast for a successful future, so, on Saturday 6th July 2013, at the beautiful venue of Hostal Rural in Turre, MACS held their 6th Anniversary Party. Over 250 people joined us for the celebrations, with fabulous entertainment from a veritable variety of wonderfully talented artists, Lady Ellen, Rough Justice, Soulemotion and Janine, with Garry Williamson DJ and Host – who all made the night rock!!! There was the added bonus of a Raffle to surpass all others; made possible only through the support received from everyone, which has been nothing short of phenomenal; with people/businesses offering the most fantastic prizes/donations for MACS to raffle, to help us raise much needed funds. The night was all the more poignant by Elaine’s presence, bearing in mind she is in the middle of another gruelling chemotherapy treatment – it was touch and go whether she would be able to attend ‘her’ anniversary party but her resilience showed through once again – for which everyone was thankful; the event would not have been the same without her. Organising and working at this event was no mean feat and Special Thanks are due to so many people, Maggi Lake, Julie Justice, Tracey and Paul Ingman, Sally Steel , Fran and Geoff Cook, Sheryl and Kevin Machin, Helen Cross, members of the Mojacar Lions and others, unfortunately too many to name, but they know who they are and should feel proud that they helped MACS to celebrate 6 years of serving the community by helping to organise what turned out to be a very ‘Special Night’ indeed. In the words of the Dalai Lama “Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.” and ‘everyone’ who made a donation towards the raffle and donations made on the night, whether it was a small donation or a large one, showed their compassion and kindness towards MACS and all we stand for. One could also quote Winston Churchill “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” – because that’s what a Cancer diagnosis is – a human conflict – a battle that so many people have to fight.

MACS are and always will be eternally grateful for the unstinting and continued support of everyone – we can’t do it without you – YOU are helping us to help YOUR Community – THANK YOU once again everyone, for being so supportive and enabling us to raise the massive amount of 4,463€ - yes folks, you read it right – 4,463€ from an absolutely unbelievably ‘Magical’ evening.




OPEN MON-SAT 9:30-6PM & SUN 9:30-1:30PM

tel: 950 479 213

selecciones displaying a great selection of new & used furniture

Quick turnaround on stock

we also stock Sportswear supplied direct from the UK

Find us in Turre near the Fundraiser. Summer Opening Times Mon - Sat from 9am - 3pm

Tel: 634 347 295


950 479 502

D internet New wireless BROADBAN p/m No landline required service available 4&6mb from €24.95 Call us for details if you are a part time resident.

to find out if your area is covered go to

www .conn exion sonli t

new summer offers on mobiles

come & mobile phones, sales, see us repairs & unlocking Distributor area distributor for Don’t lose your TV channels for

hits sim cards

computers ~ laptops full repair service

Android TV boxes available No Satellite dish needed

Call into our shop in Turre town square just along from the Cajamar bank

situated between Amigos Bowling & Mora oil, poligono industrial, arboleas

established 2004 - fully legal - peace of mind is not far away

shot blasting and powder coating service available for new & old metalwork

cut out the middle man and buy direct from the manufacturer

mobile: 638 900 949 office: 950 930 520

security grills garden gates & railings spiral staircases motorised sliding gates garage doors ornate gazebos info@


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property group

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563 You can find us on mojacar playa


Immaculate 1 bed / 1 bath fully furnished Apartment with a large terrace & underground parking place within 500 m to beach. Ref. 1047

mojacar playa




2 bed / 1 bath fully furnished Penthouse Apartment with terrace & solarium close to all amenities. Air con. Ref. 1108

mojacar playa


2 bed / 2 bath Apartment, sea views, within walking distance to beach, shops, restaurants & promenade. Pools & tennis court. Ref. 1070


mojacar playa

vera playa


Fantastic fully fitted 2 bed / 2 bath Penthouse with sea views in Al Andaluz Thalassa within 5 min drive to beach. Air con. Ref. 1022

mojacar playa



2 bed / 1 bath fully furnished Apartment, large terrace. Gated community with pools, tennis court & lift within 300 m to beach. Ref. 1100

3 bed / 2 bath Penthouse apartment. Terrace of aprox. 50 m² with sea and mountains views. Allocated parking. Pool. Ref. 1167

mojacar playa


agua nueva

2 commercial properties with terrace with sea views by the hotel Puerto Marina. 2 floors. Total Built: 214 m². Mains water & electricity. 2 toilettes. Ref 1086

South facing 2 bed / 2 bath Apartment with garage. Sea facing terrace of 40 m². Fully furnished. Ref.1507

mojacar playa


2 bed / 2 bath end of terrace south facing Townhouse with good sea views within walking distance to beach & amenities. Ref 1235



Nice 3 bed / 2 bath Villa with pool, garage & landscaped garden on walled plot of 2.140 m² near bar /restaurant. Opportunity! Ref 1157



Charming 2 bed / 2 bath traditional country House & garage on idyllic plot of 13,338 m². Independent guest suite. Ref.1030

Mojacar Playa


Great opportunity! 3 bed / 2 bath Villa with pool and gardens on plot of 218 m² set across the road from the beach. Ref 1510

Mojácar playa


3 bed / 2 bath semi det Townhouse, private garage, 200m to beach. Small gated community with pool. Priced to quick sale! Ref 1483

vera Playa


3 bed / 2 bath brand new Villa on plot of 400 m² within 2 min drive to amenities of Turre. 2 floors. Terraces. Pre air con. Ref.1169



Luxurious 2 bed / 2 bath Duplex. 2 terraces, solarium, sea views. Charming & secure complex, pools. Fully fitted. parking. Ref 1048


4 bed / 4 bath luxury beach House, plot 501m² situated within 50 meters to Playa Marques beach. Many extras & sea views. Ref 1130

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.




Carpenteria Metallica Juan Chacón

Carratera Lorca - Baza, 56 (Albox) Tlf: 950 431 738 Email:

• • • • • • • •

Exterior gates & fencing Electronic opening gates Rejas for fire escapes in various designs from 150€ Ornamental metal gazebos next to Bazar Oriental motorised up & over garage doors T&T Fixed or concertina window & door grills Specialists in Stainless Steel Spiral staircases CTRA. Lorca - Baza

Aid Through Acting

How could one improve on a good chuckle and giggle to make one better? With just that in mind, “Almanzora Charitable Theatre” presented two one act comedies, “Costa del Packet” by Anthony Booth and “Strictly sex Factor on Ice” by David Tristram at the Bar Parrilla Albox at the beginning of June. There were plenty of amusing snippets in the first play where four ladies go on holiday to Mallorca minus their husbands. As an update for our patrons I have been reliably informed that all the ladies survived the rigours of a fortnight lodged in a workman’s hut and that Alice did not return home with the others and is now shacked up with a Spanish construction worker with a black moustache. In the second play the latest news is that Joyce is still practising on her roller skates and hopes to perform in Little Grimleys next sex factor show following the success of the first series. She will be there with the other deluded nutters seeking fame and fortune. In the end, the sum total of all this is that 500 Euros has been donated to Mojacar Area Cancer Support (MACS), the cancer charity which hopefully will also bring some smiles to people’s faces. Mojacar Area Cancer Support would like to thank Aid Through Acting for the time and effort invested in the two comedy productions as well as the entertainment they provided. Also a very big thank you to those who attended this event showing their support for MACS. The 500 Euros donation received from the theatre group will be put to very good use in the local community.

British Family-Run business based just outside the pretty mountain village of partaloa ~ BHS Qualified

Summer Offer Special Monthly

Loan Deals €120 unlimited riding

6 x 1/2 hour lessons for just


• Ride & Lunch to Cerro Gordo’s Bistro 1 Bonita includes: 2 /2 hr Ride & 3 course Lunch 40€pp 1 • /2 hour lesson 12€ • 1 hour treck 20€ • Quad bikes available for hire from 1 hour to a full day • Weekend pony clubs 20€ per child per day or 60€ for the month (pay monthly includes every Saturday in the month & one free Sunday) • (Family discounts offered) • Livery from just 120€ per month

Tel: 678 838 547

Tel: 950 930 900 / 968 969 962 solar pool heating

for 8x4m pool supplied & fitted • z ero additional running costs • e xtend your swimming litre season by up to 4 months compact


solar hot water system*

supplied & fitted





*with integrated backup emension

Complete Sand Change, Pool Leak Detection & Labour & s w i m m i n g p o o l e n g i n e e r s Sand Media Repair Service Only 80€ POOL LEAKAGE SPECIALISTS Mobile Mark: 634 353 525

Find us on Facebook at : Pool Medics-SL



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ALMERIMAR & surrounding area For all your local advertising needs call Mark on 693 774 932

The Charity Shop Calle Galera No6, Almerimar (Behind Bar Ankara)

now open Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

Wednesday - Saturday 6pm-8pm Saturday 11am-2pm In Association with Animales de Berja

volunteers wanted



New Bar - Very Different - All Welcome Breakfasts, Tapas, Racions, Cakes, Pancakes C/ Fragata, no10 Plaza Batel (Almerimar) Tlf: 950 60 92 57



MacGowan’s Bar & Restaurant thursday 18th july 8pm

Guinness, Murphy’s Cider, Heineken, Large Selection of Spirits

live music on the terrace with dave silcock

Calle Varadero Almerimar 04711 (Almeria)

Tlf. 950 609 546


Est 2005 r a B e f Ca Ray & Kay welcome you...

to their small and friendly cafe bar for breakfast, lunch & drinks now serving food from 7pm - 10pm,Mon - Fri, 10.30am - 5pm sat

tapas served all day & night~Takeaway also available Open: Mon - Sat 10.30am - Close

Open: Sunday 2pm - 10pm

Sky Sports / ESPN for all sports Tel 610 900 320

what’s on Wednesday

Sol Times Distributed


18th july - live music on the terrace with dave silcock 8pm - macgowans


stumble inn - live entertainment 9pm Friday Golf LEO’S - FISH’N’CHIPS


Every Saturday Night Live Music and Dancing at Leo’s Bar from 10pm til late


10am – 1pm: Almerimar Walking Club - Meet at Mercadona SECOND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH ‘RASTRO-MARKET’ IN CAR PARK OPPOSITE LEO’S

where people can share their photos and other memories of Almerimar from years gone by. If you have some old photos of Almerimar please can you share them with us.

El Ejido Bowls Club

Monday and Thursday - 5pm to 7pm Ring Alison on 677 317 920 to book or for further information

The Charity Shop Calle Galera No6, Almerimar (Behind Bar Ankara)

Please help me find my forever family!


11am – 1pm: Ladies Coffee Morning - Yachting Golf Restaurant 5pm – 7pm: Jeu de Boules - East Beach


Tuesday Golf




almerimar local information keep up to date with what’s happening in Almerimar:


Honey was found abandened in Berja. After a visit to the vets she was confirmed to be an Alsation crossed with a small dog and one year old. She has had all her vaccinations, chipped and neutered. Friendly, house trained and gets on well with other dogs and children Please give her a forever home.

If you can help me PLEASE Contact the Charity shop on 950 497 193 Monday - Fri 10am-2pm Saturday 11am-2pm Wednesday - Saturday 6pm -8pm In Association with Animales de Berja


Darsena 3, Almerimar - next to pharmacy

Eat and drink in comfort in Leo’s fully air-conditioned restaurant... Variety Bar Live music and dancing every Tel: 645 066 538 Saturday night Calle Faro, Almerimar from 10pm At the entrance to the port

There is a new page on Facebook called Memorias de Almerimar MemoriasDeAlmerimar

expat vets

YACHT BROKERAGE BOAT CARE & MAINTENANCE INSURANCE/TAX ADMINistration Puerto Deportivo de Almerimar Dársena 1 - No. 42, 04711 Almerimar (Almería) Tel.: (+34) 950 497 825 Fax: (+34) 950 607 713

Landline: 958 830 155 Mobile: 603 121 631 24hrs Home visits and surgeries, spaying and castrations, blood tests, x-rays etc.

Portable surgery equipment including anesthetics, X-Ray machine and more... Language skills: Spanish, English and French.

Ali Jaouad


Four arrests in Elche as Iberia to proceed couple buy baby from his ‘immediately’ with natural mother A husband and wife, their solicitor and 3,141 redundancies the biological mother of a baby have been IBERIA says it has ‘no option’ but to go ahead with the 3,141 redundancies it has announced to save the company from ‘possible ruin’. The Spanish airline, which merged with British Airways to form the company IAG (International Airline Group) says its situation is ‘calamitous’ and that if it does not lay off thousands of staff it could face ‘disappearing altogether’. They have admitted the redundancies are ‘a national tragedy’, but say they have ‘no choice’. Agreements between Iberia and the unions have been approved by the National Court since, if the redundancies are not carried out ‘with immediate effect’, the firm could be forced to make ‘even greater sacrifices’ including its ‘ultimate closure’. Initially, over 6,000 jobs were set to go, but persistent strikes by pilots, cabin crew and ground staff forced negotiations which included a voluntary 27-per-cent pay cut for pilots. The job cuts will affect 2,256 members of ground staff, 258 pilots and 627 cabin crew members, leaving the bare minimum of employees needed ‘to cover the most profitable routes’.

arrested over plans to sell the infant. The mother, who has alcohol and drug problems, had already lost custody of her five children, who were taken into care, when she fell pregnant yet again. She was also suffering from financial problems. A couple who knew her ‘took advantage of her situation’ to negotiate purchasing the then unborn baby from her for a price which has not been revealed but for which transaction their solicitor charged a total of 1,200 euros. They all agreed that the husband would file for adoption of the child, pretending it was his from an extra-marital affair with the biological mother, which in fact never took place. This was back in 2011 and the child, who will be two years old in August, has always believed the couple who bought him are his real parents. All four were arrested in Elche (Alicante province) where they live.

Parents leaving kids in hot cars put their lives in danger, doctors warn

Friday Golf Society 5 juLY:

We had 33 players including 2 guests taking part this week. It should have been 34 but my heel problem is continuing and I had to drop out at the last minute. We played an X x Y + Z competition in wonderful summer sunshine and a strong breeze to keep people a little cooler. The winners this week with a score of 130 points were the Welsh wizard, Idris Browning,Vic Curran, Isabel Fielding and Sylvia Green. Last place and chocolates went to Hans Ooft, Ingrid Furugård Öberg (thank goodness I don’t have to spell that name every week), Doug Kemp and Doris2 (it should have been) with a score of 95 points. Rudolph Galiart won nearest the pin with a distance of 6.93m. Thanks to Herbert for collecting the cards and giving out the prizes this week. We had 3 people beat their handicaps.Well done to Heinz Hajek (39 points), Mimi Piest (38 points) and Isabel Fielding (38 points). You can see the full results at: If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the pro-shop or contact

Nearly half of all parents say they have left their child behind in the car because they forgot he or she was there on at least one occasion, says the Spanish Paediatric Association. Its Safety and Injury Prevention Committee coordinator, Jordi Pou, says


Prescription drugs can worsen risk and effects of heat-stroke, warn health authorities

Spain’s health ministry has warned that certain prescription drugs can worsen the effects of hot weather and make the patient extra-sensitive to possible hyperthermia and heat-stroke. These include various types of diuretic, SSRI anti-depressants, diabetes medication and drugs for heart or circulatory disorders. The Spanish Agency of Medication and Healthcare Products (AEMPS), part of the ministry of health, warns that even without the current heatwave sweeping the country, many drugs of this type can cause hyperthermia at any temperature. Those taking such medicines long-term or for life, people taking various types of drugs, and the elderly are most at risk, according to AEMPS. Anything which affects bodily hydration or electrolyte balance – such as diuretics or laxatives – or which may alter kidney function, and all non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, heart function pills and certain antibiotics can heighten the risk of heat-stroke and serious dehydration, both of which can be deadly, when this happens in summer there is a serious risk of the child suffering heat-stroke, which can lead to multiple organ failure caused by dangerously-high body temperatures and thus a very real risk of death. Many of these parents who admitted they ‘forgot’ to take their child out of the car say they have sometimes left them inside deliberately when they went out ‘just for five minutes’ to run an errand. Children’s body temperatures rise three to five times faster than those of adults, given that they have lower bodily reserves of water, meaning those aged

leading to organ failure. Statins, fibrates and other cholesterolreducing drugs, medication for heart arrhythmias, pills to treat epilepsy or diabetes also increase this risk. Tablets which reduce blood pressure or combat angina, anti-psychotics, antineuroleptics, and SSRIs (Selective Seratonin Receptor Inhibitors) of which several antidepressants such as Lustral, Seroxat, Sertraline and Cypralex are included in the types of drugs which raise body temperature and can aggravate the risk of suffering hyperthermia. The AEMPS recommends avoiding taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, particularly those which can be toxic to the kidneys in the event of dehydration. They also stress that anyone who suffers dehydration or heat-stroke should not be given Paracetamol since it is relatively ineffective and can aggravate liver damage, which often results from this condition.

four and under are most at risk of heat-stroke. They can suffer from hyperthermia – the opposite of hypothermia, or too much body heat – within under 20 minutes of being left in an excessively hot environment. And once hyperthermia has set in, the child can die within two hours. Temperatures inside cars can rise by between 10ºC and 15ºC in minutes once the vehicle is stationary and opening the windows makes no difference, since it merely allows extra heat to enter. And even where a breeze is coming through the window, it does not reduce the

temperature in time. If a child suffers from heatstroke, Dr Pou recommends moving him or her to a cool place, removing all clothes and giving them a rehydrating drink – available from chemists – containing glucose and saline solution and mixed with cool, but not ice-cold water, and mopping them with a cold, wet flannel or sponge, particularly on the wrists and back of the neck, and take them to A&E as quickly as possible. Children suffer respiratory problems very quickly as a result of the heat, warns the Paediatrician.


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It’s official - you CAN walk away stress

One of the best ways to relieve the stresses of the day is to simply walk them away, scientists have found. In a report by the Mail Online, walking briskly or jogging really does calm you down by sparking nerve cells in the brain that relax the senses, new research has shown. Exercise has long been thought to be effective for anxiety and depression, but the brain mechanism behind the phenomenon has remained a mystery.

Now tests on mice show when they are active, soothing neurons in the brain are triggered. When they are then exposed to a stressor, these neurons calm them down. Researchers took two groups of animals, one that ran around and another that was sedentary, and then tested the amount of brain cells that formed after they exercised. The runners’ brains had a number of new neurons specifically designed to inhibit brain activity and quiet more excitable ones. The

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researchers then put the mice into ice cold baths to create a stressful environment. As expected, large numbers of excitable neurons were fired up in the hippocampus, a region of the brain involved in emotional responses But in the brains of the runners, calming neurons were also quickly released warding off unnecessary anxiety. The research shows exercising mice are able to cope better with stress, and it is believed the effect is also seen in humans, reports the Journal of Neuroscience. Professor Elizabeth Gould, of Princeton University, New York, said physical activity reorganises the brain so anxiety is less likely to interfere with normal function. She said: ‘Understanding how the brain regulates anxious behaviour gives us potential clues about helping people with anxiety disorders. ‘It also tells us something about how the brain modifies itself to respond optimally to its own environment.’

The findings resolve a paradox because exercise reduces anxiety while also promoting the growth of new neurons in the hippocampus. Because these young cells are typically more excitable than their more mature counterparts, exercise should result in more anxiety, not less. But the researchers found exercise also strengthens the mechanisms that prevent these brain cells from firing. Prof Gould said identifying neurons and regions important to anxiety regulation may help scientists better understand and treat human anxiety disorders. From an evolutionary standpoint, the research also shows the brain can be extremely adaptive and tailor its own processes to an organism’s lifestyle or surroundings. A higher likelihood of anxious behaviour may have an adaptive advantage for less physically fit creatures. Anxiety often manifests itself in avoidance behaviour and avoiding potentially dangerous situations would increase the likelihood of survival, particularly for those less capable of responding with a ‘fight or flight’ reaction, added Prof Gould.



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Kim Clar k benefits consultancy Do you suffer from mobility problems, breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles? Do you need help washing / dressing or supervision? You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

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Active brain ‘keeps dementia at bay’ physical signs of dementia, such as brain lesions and plaques. The study found that after factoring out the impact of those signs, those who had a record of keeping the brain busy had a rate of cognitive decline estimated at 15% slower than those who did not. Dr Robert Wilson, of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, who led the study, said the research suggested exercising the brain across a lifetime was important for brain health in old age. He told the BBC: “The brain that we have in old age depends in part on what we habitually ask it to do in life. “What you do during your lifetime has a great impact on the likelihood these age-related diseases are going to be expressed.” Dementia exacts a heavy toll on society, with more than 820,000 people in the UK alone currently living with the condition. Commenting on the study, Dr Simon Ridley,

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head of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said there was increasing evidence mental activity may help protect against cognitive decline. But the underlying reasons for this remained unclear. “By examining donated brain tissue, this study has shed more light on this complex question, and the results lend weight to the theory that mental activity may provide a level of ‘cognitive reserve’, helping the brain resist some of the damage from diseases such as Alzheimer’s,” he said. Dr James Pickett, head of research at the Alzheimer’s Society, added: “More research and bigger studies are needed, but in the meantime reading more and doing crosswords can be enjoyable and certainly won’t do you any harm. “The best way to reduce your risk of developing dementia is to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.”


Keeping mentally active by reading books or writing letters helps protect the brain in old age, a study suggests. According to a report by the BBC, US researchers say a lifetime of mental challenges leads to slower cognitive decline after factoring out dementia’s impact on the brain. The study, published in Neurology, adds weight to the idea that dementia onset can be delayed by lifestyle factors. An Alzheimer’s charity said the best way to lower dementia risk was to eat a balanced diet, exercise and stay slim. In a US study, 294 people over the age of 55 were given tests that measured memory and thinking, every year for about six years until their deaths. They also answered a questionnaire about whether they read books, wrote letters and took part in other activities linked to mental stimulation during childhood, adolescence, middle age, and in later life. After death, their brains were examined for evidence of the


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Chances D o n ’t Ta k e ... B E LO V E D PETS w ith YO U R Y G ET THE ENS U R E THE D O F C A R E AN V E R Y B EST WHATEV E R Our cattery is like no other, the purpose built roomy heated building is double insulated for TR EATM ENT warmth in the winter, cool in the summer, mosquito proofed, hygienically tiled and each O R SHA PE ! very large private room is decorated in a homely manner with all the comforts of home. Our THEI R SI Z E


care for your pet is constant and personal with companionship for your cat assured. We have over 15 year’s professional background in animal care. We are small and care for your cat the way we would like our own to be. For the pet lovers with dogs and other pets these can be accommodated for in our own spacious home with walled garden and treated as one of the family. Our service is special, bookings are limited and pre-booking is recommended. Discounts are available for multi-cat owners. Inspection is welcome and regular customer references are available. The Best Care There Is For Your Cat...

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Spanish national newspaper claims Bárcenas ‘admitted to illegal financing of PP’

Ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas has allegedly owned up to ‘illegal’ financing of the party by companies in exchange for preferential treatment, according to the editor of a leading Spanish national daily newspaper. The normally right-wing broadsheet El Mundo published an article this week by its leader Pedro J Ramírez, who had held a four-hour interview with the former senator just days before the latter was sent to jail based upon the judge’s opinion that he was a flight risk. “Bárcenas explained to me, in the course of a long conversation, that for at least the last 20 years the PP had been financed illegally, receiving donations in cash from construction firms and other business-owners who, in turn, obtained contracts for jobs awarded by government



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risk his client would abscond, given that he has cooperated fully with all investigations, attended court each time he was called to testify, and that in all the months the case has been under way he has not attempted to go into hiding. The defence lawyer also adds that there is no way Bárcenas would try to escape the course of justice since he would be recognised easily anywhere in the world, given that he is ‘very distinctive-looking’. In the meantime, Judge Ruz has imposed a bail bond under civil law of 43-and-a-quarter million euros in respect of his possible liabilities that may arise through the case against him. Paying this will not get him out of jail, but if he does not do so his assets to the same value may be embargoed as a guarantee. This is believed to be one of the largest bail bonds awarded in Spanish legal history.

departments led by the party,” Ramírez claimed in his article. The report details the format, method, aims and extent of the financing by various companies and even names and shames some of those allegedly involved, based upon what Bárcenas is said to have told the editor. Bárcenas has been remanded in custody without bail since June 27 after judge Pablo Ruz believed there was a risk he may abscond, as a result of his testifying over the 48.2 million euros held in various accounts in the Swiss entities Dresdner Bank and Lombard Odier. His solicitor has since countered that ‘holding money in Swiss bank accounts is not a crime’ and insists there is no

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Q: My wife and myself (71 and 68 ) live in Spain since 2006. We are

both to the best of our knowledge tax residents. We have a house in joint names valued at approximately 180000 euro and savings of aprox. 40000. We would like to know how much inheritance tax my wife would have to pay if I deceased, and how much capital gains tax would we pay if we decided to sell?

A . You are going to like the answers. Inheritance tax: If you deceased, your wife would pay NO INHERITANCE TAX, as she would be entitled as resident of Andalucía to 175000 euro tax free, which is more than the value of the estate she would receive. Please note that the 175000 euro exemption in Andalucía, is an all or nothing exemption. If you are one cent over, you pay on all but the first 16000 euro. Each autonomous region of Spain has it´s own exemption rates, and the legislation applicable (and therefore the levels of exemption) will be the one of the autonomous region of Spain where the heir has been a resident for the larger part of the five years previous to the death. Believe it or not very often tax planning involves moving from one area of Spain to another. Incredible but true...A wife resident in Almería inheriting a net estate of 813000 euro from her husband would pay just under 200000 euro in Andalucia while if the same wife had been living in Madrid she would have paid 0 inheritance tax). Could the lady have avoided the tax. Yes, but the tax planning would have required the family moved to Madrid. Capital gains tax: you will pay NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX because if you are over 65 years of age and are selling your main home (you can not claim this if you are a non resident), the sale is exempt of capital gains tax.



INMA ORTEGA ON Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


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The Early Bird Special at Bay Bistro is proving very popular. If you’re seated in Bay Bistro between 7 and 8pm you’ll be rewarded with a 10% discount off your total bill, including your drinks. They don’t distinguish between set menus or a la Carte, it’s simply 10% off everything!! Gerry knows that times are hard for everyone and exchange rates aren’t as god as they were and this is their small way of thanking all the regular customers who have supported them over their first year and for all the new customers who have yet to try Bay Bistro. It’s best to book, just to be sure you don’t miss out! For anyone visiting Mojacar, the Lemon Lounge is a must on your list of places to visit! Situated opposite the riding stables roundabout, Lemon Lounge is a lovely restaurant set in an elevated position with a beautiful terraced garden. The friendly owners provide a welcoming atmosphere and can offer you a choice of menu, varying from Menu del Dia to Sunday lunch or even a full A la Carte. As well as the garden seating areas, there are 2 indoor dining rooms where you can relax and enjoy either a garden or sea view whilst dining.! Tel: 950 472 659. See their advert for more information.

Costa Coches Mojacar Playa

The company was started in late 2006 originally solely to sell used cars. We were very successful at this and over a period of six years sold almost 1200 cars. In 2008 we decided to open a workshop to repair customers cars, and at the same time we bought 10 cars and vans for renting out. Car rental was an immediate hit, times were good then and the business doubled in size every year. The next project was to supply cars at airports direct, so we had deals with parking contractors who handled the cars for us. This proved very popular as it eliminated queuing at rental counters in the airports. At around this time the owners sold the Antas operation to Jonathan who had been working for us for 3-4 years as General Manager, and the car hire operation was split off as Costa Coches Vera SL, and moved completely to Mojacar, where it remains to this day on the seafront road next to the Kia garage. As the owners were looking for a quieter life they decided to stop running cars at Murcia and Alicante airports and concentrate solely on Mojacar office and Almeria airport, to localise the whole service . This has been a very good move as we kept running out of cars at Mojacar, and this means we have been able to supply everyone both at the playa and Almeria airport . We are currently 25% up at Mojacar and 15% up at Almeria airport, with a lot quieter life!!! The business always was and always will be essentially a budget operation, and user friendly. Our staff have been with us for years, and although we have had to tighten up due to market conditions our principles remain the same. For the future this autumn over 30 cars are being replaced by cars under 2 years old, and a special one off rate of 60 euros per car, per week is being introduced over the winter months . For details of this unique offer please ring office for details.


Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

Super Indian Buffet

Choice of 10 starters & 10 main dishes (normal menu available) Served from 6pm


per person

Special menu for 2 people 20€ Menu del Dia

Evening Menu €10.95

Served 1pm - 4pm

Served 6pm - 11pm


Open every day 1pm - 4pm & 6pm - late

mojacar playa - tel: 950 109 758



Paseo de Med, 459, MOJACAR PLAYA Tel: 950 459 208 / 950 069 272

Summer Season Rates From Summer rates from 18€ per day (min 1 week hire)

Voila de Lima’s are a family run business WACKY with the resources and experience to cover all of your furniture removals, storage and even buying and selling. At Voila de Lima’s we are able to move furniture both locally and internationally using our fleet of sizeable vehicles. Removals are not as simple as it may appear, it does not just mean lifting and shifting of furniture - these goods are your prized possessions, accumulated over many years of hard work! We at Voila de Lima’s never forget this and treat all your items with care and attention. You can contact us on the telephone numbers in our advert or by email We look forward to hearing from you!

At Ventanas y Puertas (Mojacar Windows) Home Improvement Centre, we aim to provide quality products at reasonable prices and to always give a personal and professional service. We have a modern, bright showroom with English and Spanish speaking staff who will help you from your initial enquiry to completion. The owner of the business, Michael Baxter has had over 40 years experience in the building industry and oversees everything to ensure that all work is done to the highest standard. We have been serving property owners in Mojacar and the surrounding areas for over 5 years. We specialize in high quality PVC-U windows and doors and are the area´s only agents for HOCO (part of the HAAS group of Germany) whose products are all made especially for the Spanish climate. We also have a superb kitchen department where we offer first class design and fitting complete with all necessary tiling, plumbing and electrics. We sell shower screens, columns and shower trays and undertake all bathroom refurbishments from design to completion. We also sell shutters, internal blinds, mosquito screens, metalworks, composite entrance doors and much, much more.


lemon lounge

Two to Dine for 25€ Tuesday to Friday 7.00pm – 10.30pm 3 course meal plus full A la Carte menu

(Bar open all day Tues-Sat)

Azeefa Indian Restaurant on the opposite

side of the road to the Riding Stables roundabout, is well worth a visit. They pride themselves on friendly service and excellent Indian cuisine. Anyone trying them for the first time will be in for a treat, with good sized portions and a good range of dishes to choose from. Their evening buffet, where you can eat as much as you like, is the perfect choice for hungry diners. With seating both inside and outside on the shady terrace, it is an enjoyable place to eat on a warm Summer’s evening. Call them to reserve your table on 950 109 758.

Paseo del Mediterraneo, 199, Mojacar Playa

sampler menu

7pm – 11pm

Tel: 950 472 659


in Spain for over 4 years now and currently have a list of very satisfied customers, we cover all aspects of building from foundations to roof including the supplying and installation of kitchens and bathrooms, Air Conditioning, plumbing and electrics. Having been in the Industry for over 18yrs there are no limitations to our service. For a friendly Professional Reliable Service please don’t hesitate to contact Richard on 662 422 170 references and viewing of previous works can be arranged.


Menu del Dia from €8.50 Tuesday to Saturday 12.30 – 3.30


P. R. BUILDING SERVICES have been trading


Excellent Excellent Value Value


have been established on Mojacar Playa since 2005 and offer modern & traditional cuts along with all aspects of hairdressing for men, women and children. Staff are fully qualified and trained by SAKS (Covent Garden) London with all certificates on display. Debby is also qualified in different aspects of massage including Thai which is offered at the salon. All Services are offered at competitive rates using quality branded products. For a warm and friendly welcome with excellent service don’t delay visit us today. Appointments not always necessary. BEAT THE HEAT –SUMMER OPENING HOURS AT 8AM-4PM, LATER APPOINTMENTS BY REQUEST Tel 667 961 645.Find us on Facebook Wacky Barbers & Hairdressers Mojacar.

(just off the riding stables roundabout)

Sunday Lunch 2 courses 10.50€ 3 courses 13.50€



48€ 30€

or call us on 950 459 208 / 950 069 272

Ventanas y Puertas


Windows & Doors


If you are looking to improve your home then visit us first in our Seafront Showroom to see our large varied display of

Windows & Doors

UPVC, Aluminium or Wood - all made for the Spanish climate & fully guaranteed


Great range of shower & bath screens, shower trays & cubicles. Complete bathroom renovations undertaken


Expertly designed & fitted including tiling, electrics, plumbing & appliances Mosquito Screens, Shutters & Rejas, Internal Window Blinds, Toldos - Sun Awnings, Solatubes, Garage Doors, Enclosures, Tiling & Joinery, All Construction Work & much, much, MORE! We offer guaranteed expert fitting or supply only & trade enquires are welcome. For your FREE QUOTATION or site survey, phone us now or call into our Mojacar Playa showroom Paseo del Mediterrano, Mojacar Playa, T: 950 473 104 M: 669 143 036 E:

Indago H. Sal Gym Marina

Caja Caja Mar Granada

H. Puerto MOJACAR Parque → Comercial ← Marina PLAYA Hotel Z-7 We are Here Playa


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Spanish Civil War

17th July 2013 marks the 77th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War

Anyone who has delved into this part of Spanish history will know that it is extremely complex - we won’t be covering all of the aspects of the war here in this article! Nonetheless, in a longer historical perspective, the Spanish Civil War amounts to the opening battle of World War II; it also proved to be an ideological battleground for all Europe, and it’s historical importance, therefore, cannot be underestimated.

The advent of the mass media also allowed an unprecedented level of attention - Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell and Robert Capa all covered it - and so the war became notable for the passion and political division it inspired, and for atrocities committed on both sides of the conflict.

Facts & Figures

• T  he Civil War devastated Spain from 17th July 1936 to 1st April1939, ending with the victory of the rebels and the founding of a dictatorship led by the Nationalist, General Francisco Franco. • T he war started after an attempted coup d’état committed by parts of the army against the government of the Second Spanish Republic. • T he forces on the right were lead by Generals Franco and Sanjurjo; they were known as Nationalists. • T he forces on the left were lead by Azana and were known as Republicans. • At the start of the war, the cities of Cadiz, Saragossa, Seville and Burgos declared their support for the Nationalists. • Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia declared for the Republicans. • T he Nationalists received help from Nazi Germany in the form of the Condor Legion from the Luftwaffe - Germany’s air force. 50,000 “volunteers” from Mussolini’s Italy also helped the Nationalists. • T he Republicans received help from Russia. Stalin sent advisers and technicians. An International Brigade

comprising of volunteers from all over the world also helped the Republicans. T he Nationalists held the advantage in the sense that those who fought for them were professionals – the “volunteers” from Italy went to fight with Mussolini’s approval and many of these volunteers had a military background. The Republicans relied on real volunteers; many held idealistic beliefs but had minimal military training. At the start of the war, the military strength of the Nationalists gave them the upper hand. By the end of 1936, 50% of Spain was controlled by the military including the whole of the border with Portugal – a vital supply route. In the east and north, the Basques and Catalans held out far more effectively and the impact of the Nationalists here was minimal. F ranco decided that the only way to succeed was to split the Republicans in half. The crucial battle here was the Battle of Guadalajara which the Nationalists lost. This ended their attempt to split the Republicans in half in that year. However, the capture of Bilbao in 1937 was an important victory for the Nationalists.

Frankie’s Garden

QUESTION: As it’s too hot to be doing a vast amount in my garden now, what do you consider to be the essential tasks?

• T  he Nationalists were far more successful in 1938. By August 1938, the Republicans had been split and by December the Nationalists had been successful in Catalan. However, throughout the whole of 1938, Madrid held out. • In 1939, Republican resistance all but collapsed. The various factions in the Republican movement were at odds as to what to do and Russia withdrew its support for them. By 1939, it was only a matter of time before the Nationalists won. Barcelona fell in January 1939, Valencia and Madrid surrendered in March 1939 and the Republicans unconditionally surrendered on April 1st. • T he war is thought to have cost 500,000 lives though official figures have now put the casualty figure as high as 1 million. • T he war also witnessed the first ever deliberate aerial bombing of a city. On April 27th 1937, the ancient city of the Basques – Guernica – was bombed and destroyed by the Condor Legion of Germany. For Hitler it was a useful experiment into the value of bombing civilian targets. For the Nationalists, it took out a city of spiritual importance for the Basques. For Europe, the warning posed by this bombing was obvious. Hence the attempts by Chamberlain and Daladier to create a formula for Europe to avoid any chance of a repetition of Guernica.

Without any doubt in my mind there are two - WATERING & DEADHEADING... Depending on the temperature and whether or not plants are in the shade, anything planted this spring, together with perennials, may need watering every day or every other day. Plants in pots will certainly thank you for a drink with liquid feed added and if they are looking decidedly sorry for themselves, remove the top couple of inches and replace with new compost. This should help in the struggle to survive the summer’s searing heat! I have seven large daturas in pots and, at present, I have to water them three times a day in order to ensure they will thrive. There is a myth which says you shouldn’t water when the sun is on a plant. Wrong! If any plant needs water, give it a drink! Providing you don’t get any water on the leaves, it will do far more good than harm. Please don’t let any plant beg for water. Should you need to spray now against any aphids or bugs, leave it until evening when the sun is off the plant or it may suffer from scorch. Deadheading is also an essential part of any gardener’s day and will help prolong flowering; it also looks tidier! Some plants you may wish to save seed and sow for next year in which case leave a few dead flowers to ripen and store the seeds in paper bags or envelopes, not plastic, ready for sowing. Don’t do as I do and forget to label the packets though! I can never remember from one year to the next what they are!



Lighten Up! Outdoor lighting can lengthen the day and dramatically extend the potential of our outdoor living spaces. The first step, as with any project, is to plan. How do you want to use this space after dark, and what lighting will you need? Lighting can be summarized in four categories:

Security lighting needed in highly vulnerable areas of your property. Because it is bright and often motion activated, keep it away from the living areas so that it’s not distracting. Alternatively, have your security lighting on a manual on/off switch so that you can override automatic illumination.

Task lighting for performing specific activities such as grilling or walking safely up and down steps and along paths. You should place task lighting between your eyes and the object that needs to be lighted and should take care that it does not glare. An overly bright light will blind rather than guide.

behind shrubbery, while others contain their own energy cell and absorb the sun’s rays even on a cloudy day.

Battery-operated and rechargeable units ...are wireless and very portable while in use.

Line-powered or hard-wired lights ...are connected to the electrical system of your home. Weatherproof lamps may be plugged directly into an outdoor socket. Wire for lighting that is further from the house runs through buried conduits. The most permanent of outdoor lighting, it is also the most

Do nOt let the sun dictate th e use of Y ou r ou tdoor s pace. Get ou tside af ter Dark & ligh t up t he nigh t!

Accent lighting ...adds drama or can highlight an unusual feature. Uplighting, for example can illuminate an interesting piece of statuary. Silhouetting, achieved by placing a light between an object and a fence or wall, dramatically displays an unusual tree or bush.

General or ambient lighting ...provides overall illumination so that people feel comfortable and look good. The most magical of lighting imitates what is found in nature – moonlight or starlight. Moonlighting is produced by hanging lights in mature trees, pointing downward to produce a dappled effect, as if the area were lit by a full moon. The look of starlight can be achieved through the use of flickering candles, sprinkled here and there throughout the space, or by suspending tiny lights in the branches of a tree to create a sparkling night time canopy. Of course, there are many other attractive types of light – some just plain fun!

No matter what type of lighting you choose, it will be powered by one of these sources: Fire the oldest source of light and considered by some to be the most romantic. Flames, produced by candles or oil-burning lamps, are warm and flattering to faces, and have a hypnotic effect that induces calm and relaxation. Firelight on reflected surfaces such as ponds, mirrors and even gazing balls is a particularly effective way to create atmospheric lighting and enhance the impression of light.

Solar-powered lights ...are an easy and portable choice for outdoor lighting. Some lights have a collector panel that can be concealed

expensive, and should be installed by a licensed electrician. Low-voltage units also connect to the electrical system of your home, but are fitted with a transformer that reduces the electrical current from 120 volts to a safer supply of 12 volts. Although they are less durable than line-powered fixtures, they are also a lot less expensive and are ideal for a small outside space where only short cable runs are required. They are designed for an easy do-it-yourself installation.

Keep these tips in mind: Be subtle: try to hide lights where possible and use a low watt bulb. Avoid setting lights in straight lines up and down paths, drives or patio edges. Yellow lights are unflattering to both people and plants. Where possible, install blue-white bulbs or purchase daylight-blue filters for your fixtures. Position outside lights where they are easily accessible for changing light bulbs. Investing in long-life outdoor bulbs will make the maintenance even easier. With any unit requiring electricity, use the protection of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) on all outdoor circuits.



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Plisse/Pleated Screen Repairs BEWARE: You could be fined when you are selling or renting your property without having the EPC!

Replacement mesh & cord guaranteed for 2 years

As you may already know, as for the 1st of june 2013 it is compulsory, according to European Law, to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to be able to sell your property. From last week you could be fined for not having the EPC. These fines go from € 300 up to € 6.000 if your property is published without the EPC. Also estate agents who publish properties that don’t have the EPC could be fined. What are EPCs? Much like the multi-coloured sticker on new appliances, EPCs tell you how energy efficient a building is and give it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). They let the person who will use the building

Guarantee your replacement mesh today, text us your name, town and size of screen. (width x height in that order), we will contact you to arrange to collect your plisse / pleated screen/s Widths available up to 100cm,150cm &190cm

Maximum height 250cm pull down & sliding screens available

Contact us on 610 000 700 Email. Also screen for doors & windows

ama zing o available ffers on all product s call for more det ails

Remember to cut out this advert. This is a unique offer.

We are only supplier of replacement plisse/pleated screens in Spain

we sell

we buy sales rooms

sales rooms


sales rooms open daily for sales 73 Ctra Lorca - Baza, Albox, Almeria 04800 ON THE LONGO’S SITE

950 06 45 76 661 75 98 82 M o n - Tu e s - We d s - T h u r s & S a t 9 a m - 2 p m F r i d a y E v e n i n g s 5 p m - 9 p m ( s a l e s & v i e w i n g s)

advertising feature

The largest selection of second-hand goods in the area

Almeria Green Energy providing you with cash saving energy solutions tailor made to suit your needs

Solar Water Swimming Pool Heaters:

Using our energy efficient swimming pool heating system you will increase your pools use life! They cost nothing to run after purchase and more importantly no additional fees to your electric bills whatsoever. Prices start at 985€ and 1260€ including installation.

Off Grid DIY Solar Systems:

There are 3 different systems available depending on size: - Standard DIY System (3KW): 4,850€ - Super DIY System (5KW): 6,850€ - Deluxe DIY System (7KW): 8,850€ Installation is possible contact us for details

know how costly it will be to heat and light, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be. If you have a brand new home it’s likely to have a high rating. If you have a second-hand home it’s likely to be around D or E. The energy performance certificate also lists ways to improve the rating - such as installing double glazing or loft, floor or wall insulation. The theory is that the better the rating your property gets, the more attractive it should be to a potential buyer as it indicates lower energy bills. Once produced, EPCs are valid for ten years. Why get an EPC? If you’re selling or renting out a domestic property or commercial building, you must get an approved Domestic Energy Assessor to produce the EPC. The EPC needs to be available to potential buyers as soon as you start to market your property for sale or rent. We, Estate Agents, will not be able to advertise your property until you get your certificate. This certificate costs (depending of the size of your property) between € 200 and € 300. Article by: Claus van Mierlo Nicla Property Consultancy S.L., Calle Rio Almanzora 18 La Cabuzana - 04620 - Vera Tel. +34 950 133 508 Mob. +34 628 585 538


Snake Repellent Sentinel Q Available for more than six years in Canada and Australia, this is an environmentally safe way to quickly stop snakes entering your garden and agricultural areas! You do not want unpleasant encounters in your garden; snakes can enter your home. This ecological system is simple to use and will give you confidence that your family are safe. Invest in this useful, effective guard to protect anyone suffering with a snake problem on their land.

Technical Data: solar Panel: 70 * 70mm silicium monocristallin Solar Panel Power: 4.5V/90MA Rechargeable Battery: 2 × 1.2V/800mAH “AA” Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Load current: 70000LUX, 60mA Material: ABS + aluminium pole Effective Range: 700 square metres

Many more products available Contact us today for a free quotation +34 628 872 334 email:

www. Plaza Constitucion Arboleas village,04660 located next to Cajamar bank in Arboleas village

To shop online go to:



Venice in Italy exists as a city living over floating lagoon waters, and in Spain, Setenil De Las Bodegas is the city living under mountainous rock formations. In the province of Cadiz, about 18 kilometres away from Ronda lies this exquisitely unusual little town of Setenil De Las Bodegas. Just over three thousand people reside here, and the quaint charm and natural beauty of the landscape that surround this town, is surprisingly not overly popularized amongst sphere of Spanish tourism. The most striking feature of Setenil De Las Bodegas is the way the surrounding rock formations of the area engulf parts of the buildings and houses within it. Signature white-washed walls and red roofs - a recurring vision in Andalusia – fill the town that is, as travel writer Messy Nessy Chic describes is “literally living under a rock.” As visitors walk along the narrow village streets they amazed to see such a rare

habitation. The town began as a network of caves and cliffs, until much of its traditional houses were then developed and built into the mountainous rock that overhang their very structure. This creates an earth-made shelter for residents living

Candice Parsons is a writer and avid Spain and Spanish culture lover from Melbourne, Australia. ‘Like’ my Facebook page: www.facebook. com/pandemicrhapsody and follow me on Twitter @MiLlamoCandi

below. Setenil derived its name from the Latin term ‘septem nihil’, meaning ‘seven times no’. The story behind this dates back to the Christian reconquest, in which Christian Kings took seven tries till they finally claimed the territory from the Moorish rulers, who had occupied the Iberian Peninsula since 711. Modern Setenil De Las Bodegas began in 1484, although it is believed that the region has been settled since prehistoric times. Many of the caves still bear

ancient rock paintings that remain from the many cultures that have occupied this town over time. Like many of the other towns in Andalusia, Setenil De Las Bodegas is also famous for its cuisine and local produce. Both visitors and locals enjoy its specialty produced chacinas (pork-sausages), pastries and olive oil.

Surfer knocked off board by whale

An Australian surfer is recovering - after a 50ft humpback whale knocked him off his board at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. The whale was frolicking in the water among surfers when it got too close to Bishan Rajapakse, 38, and knocked him off his board. Dr Rajapakse lost consciousness for about 10 seconds and other surfers managed to help him back to the beach. He was treated by paramedics and lifeguards before being taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in a stable condition. Despite his injuries, Dr Rajapakse said his encounter with the whale was a “very beautiful experience”. “I’ve seen a few whales in Bondi before, just walking, but this was the biggest I’ve seen and we were so close to it,” he said.

have you got a pro it here! sale or rent? advertise !!!

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Property Sales • Property Management • Long & short term rentals • Insurance

We Urgently Need Quality Properties Both For Sale & Rent We Have Clients Waiting... 309 Paseo del Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa (50m from Ferreteria Lopez)

Tel: 950 478 834

O Olive


Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466

C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm


ONLY ONE LEFT WITH LARGE TERRACE AND FANTASTIC SEA VIEWS This brand new, compact one bed apartment is at the top of Bedar village within walking distance of all amenities with great sea and countryside views and a very large terrace. A great investment.


With an exclusive style and quality of its own, ‘Setenilians’ continue to uphold the essence of rich history and culture that make this town what it is.

Stop frying eggs on the pause for thought road, tourists told Tourists in America’s Death Valley are being asked to stop frying eggs on the road. Sweltering at the best of times and currently experiencing a heatwave over 50 degrees, visitors to the area which straddles Nevada and California are leaving behind a mess of runny eggs, cartons and shells as they look for a photo opportunity. The Huffington Post reports that exasperated officials used the park’s Facebook page to urge visitors to keep their experiments in a proper pan, writing “the Death Valley NP maintenance crew has been busy cleaning up eggs cracked directly on the sidewalk, including egg cartons and shells strewn across the parking lot.”

THE SPAINIAC | Setenil De Las Bodegas | Candice Parsons property guide.... pert y for

I guess we all tend to subconsciously compare ourselves with others, setting our behavioural standards at a level where we think we’d pass, whilst those around may fail. But St Paul, in his letter written in the first Century AD to Christians living in Galatia, prescribed standards that depressingly few of us could hope to attain, as he lists a variety of behaviours, apparently common in the World of his time, that his readers were urged to avoid. And reading it today, that list, compiled some 2000 years ago, can seem amazingly topical, up-todate and relevant to our own culture as he warns against “adultery, fornication, debauchery, crudity, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, quarrelling, jealousy, anger, conflict, divisiveness, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness and orgies”. An interesting mix. And difficult to explain the order in which they are listed. Few would be too surprised at Paul’s disapproval of adultery, fornication, debauchery, idolatry, drunkenness or orgies, which seem fairly normal targets for Church criticism, but strange perhaps that these are treated with the same level of censure as murder, which most would consider to be far worse. And it may seem stranger still that such apparently minor failings as quarrelling, jealousy, anger, conflict, divisiveness and envy (faults we probably all share) are similarly lumped together with all the rest, with no suggestion that they are considered any less serious. But in God’s sight there really is no difference. Any imperfection, however minor we may consider it, is still a failure to live up to His standard, so there’s no place for complacency or judging others. I need to keep checking myself and just myself against these absolute standards and recognising that my anger at the stupidity of others; my envy of all those abilities and possessions others have; my bitter arguments or attempts to persuade folk to take my side in a disagreement, all miss that mark just as much as someone who murders, commits adultery or practices witchcraft. We’re all just as bad in God’s eyes and equally in need of a saviour. Further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site www. . Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in the Huercal Overa / Taberno / Zurgena / San Juan de los Terreros area, please contact us NOW!

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Location & Property Consultant Mobile: (00 34) 616 760 409 Email: Office: (00 34) 950 091 137 UK: (00 44) 1865 522 648 Albox • Arboleas • Huercal Overa • Mojacar • Vera Qualified Professional Estate Agents since 1982

Hours: 9:30-14:00 / 15:30-18:00 Saturdays: 10:00-14:00

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Mobile Mechanic Mechanic Mobile All areas covered For All Types of Service and Repairs, ITV Testing Over 30 Years Experience Fully Qualified and Legal DIESEL SPECIALIST

Tel: 617 150 300

S.M.S. BUILDING MAINTENANCE All Building Work Undertaken Garages, Patios, Boundary Walls, Cladding, Driveways, Tiling plus more... Painting & Decorating (from 50€ per room incl.paint) Also All Exterior Painting & Damp-Proofing


For free estimate or advice please call

Steve on 950 930 536 or 634 306 690 or email:

British Plasterer

• 8 years in Spain with 25 years experience • Quality work guaranteed • References available

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Coastal Mosquitos

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh

Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings

tel: 950 930 900 968 969 962 Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps


Solar Oil Gas Solid Fuel pellet

fully legal company with public liability insurance • Cortijo Pipa, Avda de Limaria 1, Limaria, arboleas


Special Offers

1 x tub chlorine plus 1 x jolly gel - only 30€ 2 x Mix and match tubs - only 36€ Glass medium sand change (up to 5 sacks) - only 200€ Normal silica sand change (up to 5 sacks) - 80€

FIND US In Longo’s Courtyard

Shop: 950 104 345 or Maintenance: 637 582 696

New Walls Structual Alterations SpecialiSing in Reforming of old Buildings & general Building Work Professional Bricklayer Building for you

Phone Gerard 626 730 764


665 517 643


610 905 173

Fully Legal & Experienced Builders All Building Work Undertaken No Job Too Big or Small!! Phone or email for a no obligation quote

elite plant hire construction & drainage

• general builders • jcb 3cx hire • patios • roofing

• walls • paving • extensions • cladding

Digger Hire available references available

call lee on 636 092 632

Procare pools

Monthly contracts, one-off pool clean, summer contracts, holiday rentals, sand changes, minor repairs and much more

For VERY competitive rates call 642 370 681 or email:

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Chris: 637 82 97 87 / 618 06 20 80 Gas & Oil Fired Central Heating - Gas Appliances Plumbing - Servicing - Repairs - Installations FREE QUOTATIONS & ADVICE



Office: 155a Carretera Estacion, Huercal-Overa, Almeria 1km off the A7 motorway at exit 553, 100m From Lidl



• VH72

-€79,000 REPOSSESSION • 3/4 bed cortijo to renovate • Strong walls and new roof • 12,000m2 of flat land • 5 mins to Huercal-Overa town • VH338

- €119,950 reduced

• 2 bed, 1 bath detached villa • 5m x 3m swimming pool • 246m2 garden, garage & sun roof • San Juan de Los Terreros

• VH121

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• Multi Lingual Team • Resales • Offices in Mojacar • Maintenance • Property Vigilance First floor apartment, 103.71m2, in Antas village. 2 bed 2 baths, Lounge / diner, Kitchen, 2 terraces with views. Furnished. Located in quiet street

Fantastic opportunity 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Ground Floor apartment Golf course complex Close to the beach. Size 82.42m2 plus terrace of 29.76m2, Parking and a store room. Underground parking.

Antas 49.950€, ref MEAP 5412 Marina de la Torre 90.000€ ref MEAP2413 Two storey detached villa 117m²Build / 400m² Plot 2 bedrooms & shower room. Family bathroom. Lounge / Diner Separate Fitted Kitchen. Sun terrace. Lovely mountain views. Rear terrace Garden. Parking. Swimming pool Sold furnished.

Turre 179.000€ MEVL5310

Charming modernised duplex

Fully furnished townhouse Fully furnished townhouse close to the town. A well presented 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse of 99m2 with lovely views over the country side to Mojacar village. Terraces. Storeroom/Utility room. Communal pool and underground parking bay.

125,000€ Mojácar SDV653 Bungalow with low community fees A 2 bedrooom, 2 bathroom end bungalow of 67m2 on a popular and well maintained community. Sun terrace with sea views. Front and rear terraces. Private garden and community gardens.

115,000€ Los Gallardos LV609

sizeable and sensibly priced Townhouse A lovely and immaculate 3 bedroom townhouse of 103m2 situated in Huerta Nueva. Private garden and covered terrace. Communal pool and gardens. Large roof solarium with all round views. Air.con/ heating. Allocated parking bay. Low outgoings. Tel: +34 950 478 915 Fax: +34 950 478 963

Mondays 10am - 1.30pm & 4pm - 7pm Tuesdays - Fridays 9.30 - 1.30pm & 4pm - 7pm Members of the National Association of Estate Agents Overseas

We are able to organise Energy Efficiency Certificates at very competitive prices Contact us for more details All properties listed with Price Brown comply with the consumer protection act - decreto 218/2005 11 Octobre (Andalucia).

Members of the Agrupacion Tecnica Profesional

Prices are correct for 7 days from going to print for all properties on these pages

Tel: 950 478 935

Property Sales • 31 years experience

99,950€ Turre LV630

Conveniently situated only 350m to the beach and facilities is this 2 bedroom duplex of 60m2. Large sun terrace with sea views. Off road parking. Very nice and well maintained community gardens. Sought after area.

- €148,000 reduced

• 4 bed, 3 bath detached village house • 1,135m2 garden, country views • 8m x 4m swimming pool & jacuzzi • 14 mins drive to Huercal-Overa

85,000€ Mojácar LV652

Detatched villa 134.40m² on plot of 400m² located in new residential area Comprises kitchen, lounge with dining area 2 beds, 2 baths Terrace and Swimming pool. AC/H throughout. Roof terrace & basement.

Turre 179.000€ MEVL6312

property in in in in in spain...




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coffee break

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Capital of Latvia (4) Imagine (8) Take to be true (6) Raised platforms (7) Dance hall (8)

6 Nape (6) 7 Western Samoan monetary unit (4) 14 Exhilarate (5) 16 Relating to a city (5) 18 Usually (8) 20 Male chickens (8) 21 Commodity (7) 23 Elaborate (6) 25 Penalize (6) 27 Bun (4) 29 Fictional captain (4)

(3) 16 lunar arrangement (not man-made) (7) 17 Extend time inside? (7) 19 Managed church farm (5) 21 Age of Queen Anne, initially (3) 22 Golfer’s support returns English and French (3) 26 Meadow left at East Anglia at first (3) 29 Very fat? That’s nothing with bees about! (5) 30 Fantastic, eg rat movement (5) 31 6 second teams compete (3) 32 Social gathering needed in many sports? (4) 33 Iron, say, left in copper (bighead) (4) 35 Member of Elim Branch (4) 36 Distance of backward books? (4) 39 Second kilometre I travel on the white stuff? (3)

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Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

8 Pottery oven (4) 9 Steam bath (5) 10 Prompted (4) 11 An Australian stork (6) 12 Dirty (8) 13 Alluvium (8) 15 Where administrative staff work (6) 17 Expressing a totally negative opinion (7) 19 Make better (7)

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Over the last six weeks or so - unfortunately it has been months in some cases - quite a lot of plants (some in pots, some in the ground), herbs (used for various cocktails), a few coloured light bulbs (the screw-in type, costing around €9 each) and several other small items, have been stolen from the forecourts of bars/restaurants, set along Mojacar Playa, especially from premises on the 500m stretch, heading outwards, along the right side of the main road towards the Indalo Hotel. All these thefts seem to have taken place during the early part of the morning, perhaps between 5am and 8am; certainly before some places Hugo Formerly of Cafe Bar International have opened up for business. So draw your own La Alfoquia, Plaza Santa Ana (Opposite the Old Station) conclusion... the thief or Tel: 633 684 855 thieves can only be a person or Open Everyday 9.30am - 11pm (except Monday) Kitchen open 9.30am - 4pm, 7 - 11pm persons, taking their dog(s) for a walk, having a pre-breakfast Served 2 - 6pm jog or just simply strolling along Choose from Beef, Pork or the prom seeing what can be snaffled and shoved into a bag Chicken with all the trimmings! or under an over-sized top! Please, for the sake of the bar/restaurant owners who are trying to make their frontages look smart and colourful, keep your eyes out for these nasty, Menu del Dia 8.50€ gutless ‘criminals’ - and they Platos Comb. From 5€ Our special Spagetti Bolognese, Pizzas, are simply that - who seem Caseras, BBQ’d meats, Kentucky style chicken, and much more intent of pinching anything Cana y tapas 1.50€ that is liftable! And oh, perhaps the local police can get involved as Kentucky Pizzas well... instead of checking out Eat in or Take Away Fried Chicken holiday-makers drinking on Tuesday - Sunday the beach and those playing eat in or dominoes! from 7pm take away I’ve got a good description of now serving GuiNness & strongbow a couple of possible crooks... so beware. traditional paella (min2 people) FREE By Tony Matthews

GGrreeaattFFooooddaatt iceess GGrreeaattPPrric

Sunday Lunch

From €5,00

Booking Necessary

New Summer Menu Come and visit us





M d e n d a i ev al r G A


Medieval Dress Advised Due To Excessive Eating & Drinking Special Prize For The Couple In The Best Fancy Dress

OnlyBooking 15€ per person Essential



Leg s Of Pork, Leg s Of Lamb, Slow Roast ed Chicken , Belly Pork, Pork Ch ops, Roast ed Spuds, Jacket Spuds, Wedge s, Salad, Jug s Of Ale, Wine and Me ad


Ap ple Du mplings Fre sh Fru it on Sticks wi th Honey Sauce, Medieva l Cornish He avy Ca ke Doggy bag s wi ll be provided

GPS Sat Nav: N37o24.511’ W002o11.479 Call for all enquiries & reservations Tel: 650 599 739 / 950 930 169




BOOKING s only


BOOKING s only


12-2PM 4-8PM

Bread & Ali-oli, Salad Half a Spit-Roast Chicken, served with Chips 1 LITRE JUG OF BEER OR BOTTLE OF WINE

14.95€ FOR 2 PEOPLE

FRIDAY FISH’N’CHIPS Summer Opening Hours Open Tuesday - Sunday



10am til Late WHAT’S ON

FISH’N’CHIPS - 5.50€



Tuesday: Art Class 2-4pm Wednesday: Speak Spanish With Antonio 1:30pm-3pm Soft Ball Cricket 6pm Thursday: Quiz Night 8pm FOOD TAPAS & AVAILABLE



CALL 637 061 489 (ENG) OR 678 834 747 (ESP)


Food Around The World Dining Group on Sunday 28th July welcomes you to: Pre-Starter


Coleslaw & Titanic Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Ranch Dressing


New England Chowder Soup Crispy Bacon Waffle & Maple Syrup

Main Courses



€11.95 per person

Cowboy Meat Balls with Texan Sauce & Creamed Potatoes Chicken Gumbo with Rice Vegetable Loaf with fried Green Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce and Creamed Potatoes (V) (pre-order only) (A glass of White, Red or Rose wine will be served with your main course)

Key Lime Pie with Cream Apple Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

Bookings Mandatory (€5 reservation deposit per person) Telephone 634 332 178

find us using GPS Co-ordinates Lat: 37.38738 Long: -2.201018

Tues - Sat: 9am - 9pm, Sun - Mon: 2 pm- 9pm


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food facts... food facts... food facts...


Bar Menu & Snacks Home-made puds

Burgers, Lasagne, pies, Omelettes, chilli plus

All Day Breakfast from 9am


onl y €

2 Courses


served 12 - 3 except Fri & Sun

Includes FREE Tea or Coffee

friday & SATURDAY

Friday & Saturday

Cod ‘n’ ChipS

Our Restaurant is Open 6pm-9pm

Beerfrom battered 5.95€ Atlantic Cod, Homemade Chips, Mushy or Garden PeaS SERVED 12-9pm

Fruit flavoured snacks are made with the same wax found in car wax...

Carnauba wax, a key ingredient in car wax that produces a brilliant shine, is also found in gummy bears and fruit flavoured snacks. Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree, native to Brazil. The leaves are beaten to loosen the wax and then the wax is refined, bleached and sold. While it may also be found in floor polish, shoe polish, or cosmetics, carnauba wax is used to give a glossy shine to many things you put in your mouth, such as chewing gum, candies, gravies and sauces. It is also commonly used on pharmaceuticals as a coating on tablets to aid swallowing...

Los Mellizos Restaurant La Alfoquia, Zurgena

EVENING from MENU 5.95€

Traditional SUNDAY LUNCH Delicious & Home-cooked served

A Choice of Topside Of Beef & Yorkshire Pudding; Roast Pork With Crackling And Apple Sauce Tender or Roast Chicken With Stuffing - all served with Locally-grown Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables... Fish dish also available...

12.30 - 5pm


onl y


Starters, Puddings from 2€ each


Activities at

PLUS... Art Classes (held most days)... Computer Club ...Keep fit & slimming classes... genealogy

check the board for times


BP Garage


← ARBOLEAS BAZA → Av•••AL . L BO ep an X → to


Daily s 4€ r details) frobm o oards f

Menu changes weekly!


Main Course

Choice of Roast Beef, Pork or half roast chicken with roast potatoes, mashed potatoes Yorkshire pudding, stuffing and crackling All served at the table with a bowl of fresh vegetables. 5.95€

Open 1pm - 10pm Thurs - Mon (Closed Tues & Wed) Bar snacks always available


Monday Line Dancing with Eleanor & Gilly 2:30pm ROCK’N’ ROLL from 7:30PM Tuesday Quirky Quiz - 7:30pm Wednesday Line Dancing with Carrie 7:30pm

Delicious home made starters and desserts 3.50€


950 120 718 / 610 641 567

The Traditional English


La Alfoquia

667 919 025

Real Home Made Chips from a real chip shop

Fun Quiz Every Wednesday Evening

Crispy Battered Atlantic 5.50€ Cod or Haddock Served with Homemade Chips & Mushy Peas ... eat in or Takeaway! ... patio Bar Entertainment Friday 12th July Rod Stewart Tribute from 9pm

Fiesta Special Tel: 634 324 484 Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th July for more information! Mahou & Carlsberg bottles only 1€

Opening Hours:

Weekdays 12:30 - 3:00pm - 5:30 - 9pm Sat 3:00 - 8pm (Closed Tuesday)





el Cucador


Enjoy Wonderful Views over the Olive Groves and Relax in our Garden



our main menu includes 16oz steaks ~ mixed grills ~ Fresh Fish


sunday lunch

menu changes weekly Dine in our air-conditioned Restaurant wed - sat evenings

served 12.30PM - 5PM includes a complimentary coffee & chocolate



booking recommended

5-7PM FROM 6€

5.95€ in the Bar

Lemon & Ginger Chicken 7.45€ Steamed breast of Chicken in lemon juice & ginger served on a bed of vegetables & rice

Beer-battered cod

Coriander Hake 7.95€ Grilled Fillet of Hake with coriander & spinach served with Mediterranean vegetables

homemade chips & peas FRIDAYS 12.30pm - 9pm


tapas choice of 10 all 1€ 12:30-9pm

lite menu

Homemade Starters

2.50€ each

salads, burgers, wraps


Scrumptious Homemade Puddings

12:30-3:30PM 6€

all 2.50€ each!





TO INCLUDE SALAD, BREAD & ALI- OLI Glazed Pork Salad 7.45€ Pork marinated in honey & Chinese spices served on a noodle salad


cod, chips & peas only or chicken curry & rice 5€

Tuesdays 6 - 9pm

wednesdays 1/2 roast chicken,

only 5€

thursdays pie night!

only 5€

or gammon chips & peas OR SALAD

6 - 9pm 6 - 9pm

Open Every Day 12pm - Late

Tel: 950 634 562

delicious homemade pie, chips & peas We are here

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia




La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

book the Venue

For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.


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Burty’s BAR Playa Serena, roquetas de mar

Mon - Fri 11am - close Sun 11am - 5pm Closed saturday

huge sunny terrace bar and spacious


Steaks, Pies, Chicken, Gammon, Spicy Curry Ribs

Please pre book by 6 pm the previous day Snacks & Meals available all day from €2.50 Breakfast served from 11am every thursday quiz 2.15pm prompt

Tapas served from 1 pm

Next Table top Sale 28th july call to reserve a table

Thank You Mike and Jenny! This year’s Royal British Legion BBQ in Roquetas De Mar was hosted by Mike and Jenny Hickman on Tuesday 2nd July and what a good spread it was! Around 30 people, RBL members and friends turned up for this POPPY APPEAL fund raising event, WHICH RAISED A GRAND TOTAL OF €97.69, consisting of donations, profit from the BBQ and a football card. A huge thank you goes to Mike and Jenny, who had worked extremely hard with all the preparation and, Mike (branch Chairman)

driving the BBQ, as can be seen in the photograph! The occasion was also taken to celebrate Mick Calvert’s 70th birthday and he was presented with a birthday cake. All the guests raised a glass to Mick and sang happy birthday to him. Here’s to many more Mick! See also photograph of Mick with his cake and guests enjoying the BBQ nosh. If anyone wishes to join the Royal British Legion, please contact Mike Hickman, Chairman of the Roquetas De Mar Branch on 950 328 469. The RBL branch meetings are held at: ‘The Lodge’ on Calle Americo Vespucio in Roquetas De Mar, the first Tuesday of each month at 3.00pm. Next meeting is Tuesday 3rd September 2013, following the summer recess.

happy hour Mon - fri 5pm -7pm wine 1.30€ tubo 1€ plus other offers

anglican church service 3rd thursday of the month 11:30am next service 18th july

Opposite Playa Luna Hotel between Oasis & New York New York. Tel: 679 156 715

Marley’s Bar

be a  part  of it 

Sunday : carvery 2pm - 8pm Thursdays - closed

Main Meals 6.95€ 3 Course Meal


 

Adrian’s Home Made Cake Available Daily

Mini meals

Every Lunchtime


Every Friday fish chips & peas €3.95 Large Cod, Chips & Peas €5.50 Sunday Carvery €6.95 Now with Salad Bar Sunday Special 2 Carvery with jug of beer or tinto de verrano €15 Served 2pm til 8pm

Tel: 659 683 447

Monday - saturday 12 noon - 4pm & 7pm - close

Situated behind the Tabacos Playa Serena

Open Tuesday – Sunday 10.30 am – close (closed Monday) Tuesday

Rib Night


Caribbean Night – Lamb or Chicken Curry, rice & peas, Jerk Chicken Friday

Fish & chips and Pie Night - all homemade (probably the best in town) Sunday

Sunday Roast (voted best in town)

5 bottles o f beer 6€

OPPOSITE THE PLAYA LUNA hotel, roquetas urb

Book the day before for evening meals as all freshly homemade – nothing frozen!!

Breakfasts. Snacks served all day. Tapas served 12noon – 5pm Mahou, John Smiths, Strongbow

Carlsberg bottles 2 for 1 all day

Please call Steve on 679 703 513 or Shell on 722 781 631



ROQUETAS DE MAR Black is Beautiful Black dogs are beautiful, but incomprehensibly they seem to have a worse chance of finding a home than their lighter coloured brothers and sisters. In order to help promote all of the lovely black dogs currently at the shelter, a video has been produced to showcase these animals. You can watch this video if you go to the following link: ALADIN is a one year old Schnauzer-mix. He is a very affectionate and sociable dog that gets on well with people and also other dogs. ASTRO was born in February 2012 He is a Belgian Shepherd/Labrador-mix. He has an imposing stature and stands 60cm high. He is a very shy, gentle dog and is slowly learning to trust people. VENUS is the sister of Astro. She is a very gentle dog and gets along well with everyone. BRENDA is 9 years old and is Leishmaniosis positive. She is a Belgian Shepherd-mix and is a very gentle, quiet and affectionate dog. She walks well on the lead and would be an ideal companion for an elderly person. CHERIN is also 9 years old and is a Belgian Shepherd-mix. She loves to go on walks and is very easy going and good natured. JEFF is a 4 year old Labrador-mix. He is a very sociable dog and due to his imposing stature is a very good candidate for a guard dog. LUCAS is a 4 year old Labrador-mix. He is very obedient, sociable and good natured. MICKEY MOUSE is 4 years old. He has lived with a family and gets along well with other dogs, people and cats. There is some more good news from the shelter. They are just arranging transport to Germany for at least 15 dogs who will go to their new loving homes by mid July. Amongst the prospective travellers are three ALBINO puppies. A cooler climate with cloudy skies and less sunlight will suit these puppies very well. Two more puppies will be accompanying them. The Ayuntamiento of Vicar has sent the shelter a large container of water to help the newly planted trees take root, as well a truck-full of sand for replacement in the kennels. A campaign has been launched for volunteers to adopt a tree. This would involve bringing the tree at least 10 litres of water each week. Can you provide this simple but important service? The trees will provide much needed shade during the long summer days. This will help to reduce the water bill and at the same time provide the trees with personal care There is still time to send an email to Members of the European Parliament, urging them to sign a Declaration to help the Spanish Greyhounds who are hung, thrown down a well, burnt alive and abandoned when the hunting season is over. You can get full details from geoffalmeria@hotmail. com You will be provided with full details, with a list of MEP’s and the letter you need to send. It only takes a few minutes and we may be able to save lives of countless dogs. The Dog Shelter, Roquetas.

FTG Notice

The ‘Friday Tapas Group’ meet up at 1pm each week (Friday) and the venues for the next few weeks are as follows: 12th July - Bar Cuellar, the old red chairs, next to the Hotel Bahia Serena, in the Urb 19th July - Marysol, next to New York New York & Burty’s Bar 26th July - Burty’s Bar, in the Urb 2nd August - La Bodeguina on C/Sierra Nevada 9th August - New York New York, in the Urb 16th August - Bar Estampa (Lily’s), in the Urb 23rd August - Bar Jaen, on Av.Mediteraneo Anyone is welcome to join in and have a laugh, exchange views and ideas. The more, the merrier and the bar owners enjoy it too!

Help For Heroes

Orphan Ted

Last week Orphan Ted was at La Bodeguina and here he is pictured with Alan. This week he has moved on to Estampa to stay with Lily and Phil so pop in and see him there.

what’s on

Bar Southern................................................ Every Thursday Bingo 8pm 1st Friday of Month: Ladies Who Dine! 8pm - July & August 8€ Burtys Bar.................................................... Happy Hour 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri Thursdays - Quiz 2:15pm Table Top Sale - 28 July Bar cARDIES.................................................... Monday Night: Buy One Get One Half Price On Selected Meals, Served 5pm-8pm Tuesday: Bingo At 3pm Wednesday: Fillet Steak, Home Made Chips, Salad €8 Served From 6pm-9pm; Fun Quiz At 9pm Thursday: Closed Friday: Cod in Homemade Beer Batter, Homemade Chips, Peas, Bread & Butter €5 - The Best Cod And Chips In Town! Saturday: Onion Bhajees, Curry With Rice Or Chips, Naan Bread, Glass Of Wine €7.50. Served 6-9pm Sunday: Sunday Lunch, One Course From €4.50, Three Course From €8 - Booking Advisable All Sports And Soaps Shown On 4 Televisions... Chaplins pub.................................................. Opening Hours: Open 5pm til’ LATE Every Day TEL: 950 335 022 Tuesday 16th July: Music Quiz Wednesday: Rib Night Friday: Chip Shop Day - Fish’n’Chips etc, Quiz Night Saturday Night - Buy One Get One Free on ALL MEALS plus 1€ Drinks! lady lay.......................................................... Tuesday Night - Curry Night Wednesday - Quiz - twice monthly Saturday - Super Saturday Special Sunday - Sunday Lunch from only 3.50€ NEW YORK, NEW YORK.................................... Friday - Fish’n’Chips Sunday - Carvery 2pm-8pm Revita Natural Health and Relaxation centre...................................... Calle Tortola 4, Roquetas De Mar Tel 950 333 048 Tai Chi - Tuesday & Thursday 10am Y Da wakes.................................................... SKY SPORTS Monday 8:30pm Bingo Roquetas Bridge Club................................. meets on Monday’s at 3pm. For more info please contact Alison Ferguson 950349749 or Sue Barlow 950 333 344 royal british legion................................... Sun 29/09/2013 - 10am Table top sale at Burty’s - RBL Friday 04/10/2013 2pm Poppy Appeal Luncheon and Bingo at Burty’s Bar

Authentic Italian Restaurant

• Pizzas • Fresh Pastas • Fresh Fish • Argentinian BBQ’d Food On The Terrace



Dental Clinic

Open 12 - 4pm 7 - 12.30am Av. Playa Serena, 37 Roquetas de Mar

950 334 188 609 337 316

to reserve your table

On-site Dental Laboratory Dr med. dent Hubert Hillenbrand 20 years experience

950 32 64 52

Edificio Porto Mar Avda Mariano Hemandes 48 Roquetas de Mar, German & English Spoken

near Hotel Zoraida Garden

estampa apas T


y outdoor n n u s s u io c Spa ating 24 e s e c a r r te SKY TV

sky sports and espn shown here Open 10am - late (Closed Tuesday)

FREE WI-FI Next door to Zurimar 678 202 160

Naturopathy Phytotherapy C / Mariano Hernandez, 103 Organic Food 04740 Roquetas de Mar (Almeria) Reflexology Tel: 950 328 152 - 670 356 370 Osteopathy Diet and nutrition

Ria, who has operated the business in

Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Almerimar, Vicar, La Envia Golf

Services include Key Holding, Maintenance, Furniture Packs, Cleaning & Laundry, Apartment & Post-box Checks

Mobile: (0034) 663 426 921


Tapas/Snacks English Breakfast Fish & Chips Coffees & Cakes Cocktails/Sangria

new premises

Property management Sales & Rentals

La Grappa

Pasaje Zoraida, Roquetas for 9 years 11 Roquetas de Mar invites tovisit her in her new premises. C.P 04740 (Almeria) Customer Loyalty Tel. 950 328card 152 discount Therapy Massage 670 356 /370 available email: email:


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


SOL CLASSIFIEDS SOLTIMES Air-con see us online everyday


Between 10am & 5pm

Monday to Friday

950 121 936 or 902 121 936 BY E-MAIL Send your advert or Classified lineage to FOR SALE

advertise all your unwanted items for sale in this section

any single item up to 300€ free of charge

email: Mass MTB mountain bike Carbon, rock shock adjustable suspension, xt shimano gear system, all round disc breaks cost 2800€ now 900€

Tel: 647 841 750 Tumble Drier Hoover 150€ ono Tel: 630 493 474 Samsung 50” HD TV. Perfect working order, like new. 300€ Tel: 950 067 105 or 651 454 045. Sony Blu-ray player, plays Bluray and upscales DVDs to HD quality. 50€ Tel: 950 067 105 or 651 454 045. Solid Wooden Shed. 7ft x 6ft x 5.5ft. 2 Windows, Good Condition. 250€ ono Tel: 674 515 770 Aviary Bird Octagonal 7ft tall x 5 ft wide. Looks great, birds available 250€ ono Tel: 674 515 770 Roof Rack Full Size. Fits Ducatio, Peugeot or Boxer Van 150€ ono Tel: 674 515 770 Interior Pine 2 panel door incl. complete frame/ architrave. 60€ o.n.o. Tel: 950 439 234 or 634 368 461 (Arboleas) Shower base (Ceramic), mixer/ shower complete with sliding shower screen... 65€ o.n.o.

Tel: 950 439 234 or 634 368 461 (Arboleas) window frame White aluminium complete incl. shutter, mosquito blind. size : 1.20m x 1.35m....80€ o.n.o. Tel: 950 439 234 or 634 368 461 (Arboleas) Reja & marble sill for above w i n d o w..... 4 5 € o.n.o. Tel: 950 439 234 or 634 368 461 (Arboleas) Three piece suite, dusky pink. good condition. Palomares area. To be collected. 60€ Tel: 693 684 159 TRAVEL COT Including Two Sets Of Cot Sized Bedding 35€ Tel: 663 434 822 HIGH CHAIR good quality Nearly New 60€ Tel: 663 434 822 CAR SEAT For New Born Up To Young Child 40€

Tel: 663 434 822 BABY GARDEN SWING Good Quality 35€ Tel: 663 434 822

MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L.


City & Guilds Fully Qualified F-Gas Certified

25 years sole experience in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

not a jack of all trades

For all your installation or service MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L offers requirements including our latest telephone 950 432 110 / 607 364 917

607 364 917 or 950 432 110 email:

For all your air conditioning needs Graham & Barry on 620 112 193 or 667 853 062

Airport services Tel: 639 081 067


Transport?? Airport Airport Parking services Alicante Almeria Murcia shopping trips New hospital Servicing / Repairs appointments etc A i rport tr a n s f er s 663 429 521 pick up all areas, professional competitive rates. For a quote please reliable visit www. spanish estateagent.c om service or call 661 143 871


windows 2x wood framed (inc glass) with shutters approx 1mx1m alternative energy 50€ pair Tel: 682 404 678- Arroyo Solar Wind c a rlo s Power Solutions. s a l i e n te Medina Over 15 years & tent 2 man i n s t a l l a t i o n plumbing Lichfield ridge 40€ e x p e r i e n c e . heating for solar heating, Tel: 682 404 678- e s t a b l i s h e d pool 12 years in solar hot water Arroyo Medina Spain. Call Phil competitive installations and 4 man tent, ridge for prices 636 261 repairs. call 950 make 2 bedrooms, 240 email:info@ 930 900 or 968 1xdbl and 2xsgl sunergyalmeria. 969 962, email airbeds and com www. carlos.saliente@ sleeping bags 60€ sunergy almeria. com Tel: 682 404 678baby equipment hire Arroyo Medina

bussiness services

Do You Need Help?

With writing, I mean? For instance, you may have important letters to reply to (either by regular mail or email); you may need to “make an impression” with words to someone; or you may just not be able to write at a professional level and my assistance would be appreciated? I am a writer/editor/proof reader and have spent many years in administration but now retired, find I miss the challenge of not being able to correct poor English or grammar which I see everywhere so often! If you would like to send something in writing which is guaranteed to be mistake-free


commercial kitchen oven must be in good working order, can collect call 609 199 394 – at Wheelchair Wanted reasonable price. Must fit in car. Call Ruth: 671 715 294

Hairdressing equipment wanted to include backwash chair plus adjustable hairdressers chairs, Large mirrors etc can collect must be in good condition Tel. 647 379 878 email:

chairs, stair gates, cots etc Tel: 950 436 581 or 666 375 688

bed & breakfast

Las Persianas Azules B&B - Apartment Velez Rubio

Jayne - 630 149 622

go to

please contact me at or 634 357 250 for a chat

for all the latest programmes


drainage cont...

WILDWOOD Bespoke Joinery

Cleaning of Septic Tanks

For all your carpentry requirements

Fast, efficient, competitive service.

Tel: 634 328 574

▪ Emptying of septic Tanks & Cesspits, with high pressure cleaning ▪ Small unblockages of pipes & drainage

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Fly screens

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nce friendly erie exp rs yea 25 r ove mare health & beauty avon cosmetics claire Tel: 691 987 give your property or business 9 years old 454 a fresh look this summer 14.3hh 1.50m house clearance 500€ Tel: 649 186 107 or telephone THE HOUSE CLEARING email 678 838 547 SPECIALIST Immediate Cash. Quick decision. * We cover all areas * We turn up, give cash & carry * We buy almost anything – The Highest Cash Prices Paid **ONLY serious & immediate sellers should call please**

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have great offers on Life Insurance same people same great service new name

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personals educated, mature, caring lady, 60+, good appearance & personality wishes to meet kind, tactile gentleman aged 65+. Interests may include gardening, DIY, music, conversation, country life & walks. Must like dogs. Looking for friendship & love. Smoker OK but non drinker. Good sense of humour, financially stable. Palaces nr Zurgena.

Please call 633 823 255 between 6pm & midnight.

plumbing cont... C A R L O S SA L I E N T E Plumbing and Heating offer machined boiler decals for gas water heaters for just €65 – aguafuerte is not the answer! Call 950 930 900 or 968 969 962, email c ar lo s.s aliente@

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60€ a week plus utilities

(suit lady, small dog welcome)

Call 647 379 878 ARBOLEAS self contained 1 bedroom apartment with B & B facilities offered starting from 25€ per night, walking distance of Arboleas & Zurgena

Tel: 950 449 074 or 634 368 071 Long term rentals also considered 175€ + bills d et a tche d

cortijo 20mins from Rancho Luz mojacar, 4 beds, 2 baths, Del Sol, Retamar, Open plan living room, Partaloa. One kitchen & diningroom , to one or group workshop, courtyard front & lessons, latest back Tel: 649 186 107 EN standard hats provided. Escorted recruitment hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call High Quality Aloe Vera Products Distributors wanted. Erika Drew on 678 High commissions paid. Please contact Ria on 950328152 or 838 547


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Long Term Career Opportunity I am looking for Salespeople to grow our expanding, successful sales force. If what you are looking for is a stable job, that is well rewarded and want career progression, then this is the right job for you. We require sales people in North Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Almeria & Marbella areas. * Offices in Manchester - London - Alicante - Marbella Cyprus (Future offices Tenerife & Portugal) We have been established in the UK for 24 years, and 14 years here in Spain. We are a growing concern which in today’s climate is something to be proud of. It is a very exciting time for us as a company, so if you want this fantastic opportunity and you are that experienced person we are looking for, get in touch. If you are successful you will be given full training and ongoing support Please send all CV’s to Chelsie Roberts ( Regional Sales Manager) Mobile: 608 817 689


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viewpoint alqueria - The Experiment

first taken a firm grip on something It seemed like a good idea; the stable with at least one hand. poster promised Pilates on a day when Likewise Aerobics is out for me - I I always have a dead spot of time with nothing that I can get on with usefully. simply have too many arms and legs. A bit of gentle Pilates would allow me I am to Aerobics what a stork is to to gainfully fill my time while improving ballet dancing. But Pilates, I thought, should be my fitness and flexibility. midway between the two; not too I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that Pilates would be ideal much folding, and plenty of time to for me. I am not, and never have been, organise my arms and legs. At the appointed hour our class was flexible – I do not fold up easily, and if I were ever to be sent anywhere called to order, and within seconds I by parcel post I would have to go as had discovered that: I can’t touch the floor with my hands ‘Special Delivery, Awkward Shape.’ For this reason Yoga also is a lost unless I bend my knees. I can’t lie on one side with my cause – I can not get my body into even the most basic underneath arm supporting my head. of positions, neither No matter how carefully I position can I stand on one myself I topple over onto my front. I can’t do sit-ups at all – I can get my leg without having head off the floor, but the rest of the body stays firmly prone. And as for press-ups! My toes were

By Jos Biggs

having none of that. After ** years spent as fairly useless appendages on the end of my feet they took a very dim view of being bent over backwards and asked to support my weight all on their own. Then we moved on to swings and kick-ups and sideways running. Cue the ballet dancing stork! I say no more! However, I did learn: Always grab a spot near the window, so that I can grab hold of the windowsill as I heave myself up off the floor and back upright. Try not to catch sight of myself in the mirror, this is a Pilates class, not a monster movie. And most importantly, wear a substantial and very supportive sports bra. I’m going again next week. We are going to do kick boxing. I doubt I’ll be any good at the kicking bit, but I can do a blood-curdling martial arts yell!

The Germ of a Worrying Idea

As I get older, I seem to worry more and more about . . . . well, everything. I worry about climate change and I worry about the SterlingEuro exchange rate. I worry about the price of fuel and I worry about my intake of alcohol. Politics; looking in disbelief at the wrinkled stranger in the mirror first thing in the morning; the baby faced megalomaniac in Asia; my alcohol intake – did I mention that? - Blight on the bougainvillea, nasal hair; you name it, I worry about it. And on those rare days of calm when I wake up feeling reasonably at peace with the world, it worries me silly that I am not worrying about something or other, if you get my drift. My latest worry concerns those adver ts on TV for the super duper bathroom, toilet and kitchen cleaners. You know, the ones that claim to kill 99.9% of all known germs. They tell us that they zap everything from flu bugs to MRSA, and from e-Coli to esapholidius tuftis. Okay, I

made that last one up, but you know the ones I mean. The ads that show some car toony type creatures that are supposed to be the bacteria, then along comes a tidal wave of the product swooshing down on them and kapow! . . . No more car toon germs. So great; it would appear that we can rest easy in the knowledge that our toilet rims and plug holes are bug free. I don’t think so. What really worries me is the 0.1% that by implication is immune to this stuff. They don’t go into details about those nasties do they. I mean, if these cleaners are so damn good they can deal with such things as the aforementioned, then what monstrosity is still lurking in the wash basin and bidet?. . .What horror is laughing its socks off as the Clorox, Lysol, Mr Muscle and a whole range of Domestososeses and Cillit Bangs come streaming down?. . .What triple X rated, genital rotting, creeping death is biding it’s time waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting mankind? What puzzles me is that when I was a kid, soap, water and elbow grease were pretty much it when it came to keeping clean and healthy. Lifebuoy for your face and hands and other par ts of the anatomy, and good old carbolic for the floors. Okay, there was always the Dettol for

By Colin Bird :

work tops and grazed knees and the bleach to sling down the loo occasionally. But we would have wee’d ourselves laughing at the mention of a toilet duck! But here’s the kicker – we seemed to be none the worse for our lack of state of the ar t germ killing chemicals. In fact I reckon that we were a fitter, happier and much livelier bunch than we appear to be today. I have always thought that if we are ever able to travel back in time to say, the medieval period, then we would last no more than an hour or two before we were hit with the Bourneville squir ts, or some disfiguring skin rash. And just days, before we succumbed to such all time favourites as the plague, leprosy or the bloody flux. Ughh. With the lack of hygiene and basic sanitation back then, these and other nauseating afflictions took their toll. But how on ear th did any of the population manage to avoid them and thrive? Simple. Their immune systems were working over time and doing the job they were designed to do, unlike our own depleted troops that make up the body’s defences, many of whom have been pensioned off early because of the array of chemical weapons that have been designed to ar tificially protect us. A bit like

successive governments and the dismantling of our armed forces. In fact, I would argue that it is these very chemicals that are now our biggest enemy and even the cause of many of today’s illnesses and disorders that were unheard of a generation ago. Never theless, I reckon the manufacturer who comes up with the cleaner that claims to kill ‘The other 0.1% of bacteria’ will have it made. The question is: will they be in time? If you open up your newspaper one day and there is a repor t of an outbreak of the Black Death on a council estate in Stoke-on-Trent, then don’t say I didn’t warn you. And don’t come moaning to me with your ulcerated faces, carbuncles the size of ostrich eggs and suppurating sores. I’ve got enough problems of my own thank you very much. Now I’m really worried. I think I’ll just watch a bit of tellie. Oh God it’s the six o-clock news and they are interviewing Andy Murray. Where’s that bottle?

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -

Not What I Expected


Don Miguel El Sabio carefully loaded the Remitroot seed into the business end of his particle accelerator. Actually it was a modified washing machine. A Little Gem Wonder Wash Model A34/6. A turn of the control dial to ‘Quick Spin’ and the contraption started to shake. It then produced a low whine rising in frequency to shrill whistle. It then promptly exploded taking half the building with it. The Don emerged from the wreckage bruised and blooded. By some remarkable stroke of luck the Remitroot seed lay embedded in his left cheek. On examination the seed appeared to pulsate and Sabio was certain it was getting bigger. Finding an undamaged part of the building he put the precious kernel in a pot and added compost. As he sprinkled on water the seed grew before his eyes. Twenty millimetres, fifty, a hundred, until it was the standard height for a fully grown Remitroot plant, just over a metre. Another shoot then appeared. Soon a dozen healthy fully grown plants stood erect in the pot. Don Miguel El Sabio was astounded “They need more water” he said to himself. He thought he saw the plants nod. “Plant food” he said and again they nodded. “A holiday on the north east coast of England.” The plants shook their orange petals. “two plus two.” The plants nodded fours times in quick succession. Rational intelligence he thought, about double the IQ of a Cabinet Minister Sabio calculated. He needed to find someone to keep an eye on the plants while he went to tell Poyato the news. Loco Paco was put in charge. Paco wouldn’t question the plant’s odd behaviour. After all he never questions the tangibility of the five foot rodent which is his constant companion. Poyato was at his usual table in the Bar La Casa Devante. His evening libation was important to him as it was important to all Alquerians. To have it interrupted by an overexcited Don Miguel El Sabio caused Poyato to use some colourful language. The Don was deeply hurt, he hadn’t been insulted like that since he was last at the mixed sauna. Humouring Sabio, Poyato accompanied him to the now partially destroyed test shed. Poyato expected the plants to be gently swaying in response to some draught or other. As the building now had only two walls instead of the customary four, there was plenty of through air. Neither of them were prepared for the sight that greeted them. Loco Paco was dancing the Lambada with each plant in turn, thrusting and gyrating like native Brazilians. One can only wonder what Loco Paco’s five foot rodent thought of it all.


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I will be at “La Vida” on Thursday 11th July from 9:30 onwards to answer any questions that you might have relating to your computer problems. Look forward to seeing you then. Advertising over, let’s get started. Well done if you have managed to wade through the articles about “Online” emails. So, before we start on the next level of understanding I have a question for you. Does the fact that every email provider, having their own unique and individual way of organising the way you see and use their email web page, infuriate you to the point of distraction? Would you like to have a uniform, standard way of reading and writing emails; adding attachments and most of all NOT waiting for the web page to update or just hang? I know that was technically several questions but let’s not quibble! Then I have a solution that might be what you are looking for. In the era of YesterYear there were applications provided, at ridiculous expense to you, who’s function was to help organise your business life. Perhaps the most obvious one is Outlook from the days when MS had the monopoly! In absolute fairness, this application, although expensive for what it was, was actually brilliant. Lotus produced something similar, which you can still get for $77, and that too is an invaluable application! In today’s world where the internet is the creator, and panacea, of a multitude of problems and their solutions, there are many FREE (don’t you just love that word!) solutions to organising your day, emails and just about everything else! So today is your beginning to a standardised email experience. To start your new experience of ease with email, you will have to download and install an application called “ThunderBird” (Cue theme tune from Gerry Anderson’s Puppet TV show). Your first decision is whether to go “Portable” or have the “Fixed” version. So what’s the difference? In the way they perform and look, absolutely nothing! Coming from the “Old School” of DOS and command lines, it is much more natural for me to want the program, data files and stored emails in one place. This is what you get with the portable version with the added benefits of being able to store and run it from an external drive, such as a memory chip (and I do)! The benefit of having it fixed is that when you do your regular data backup (you still do that – Don’t you?) and only store the data away from your computer safely. To get the “Fixed” version go to https://www.mozilla. org/en-US/thunderbird/ and for the “Portable” version go to Having made your choice the installation is straight forwards. Start the installer, choose where you want the program to live and let it get on with it. When completed the program will start and then want more information. The first thing it wants to know is do you want to create a new account or use an existing account. As you already have an account select that option, The next screen needs a name (your name?) a valid email address and the password that you use with this email address. Thunderbird will look up the information on the internet and fill in the rest of the information needed to access your account. You program is now up and running and all you have to do is find the button marked “Get Mail” on the left side of the menu bar and click it. Very soon all your emails will be copied to Thunderbird ready for you perusal at your leisure. Next time, we will look at the various options available in setting up your new “email made easy”. Until then have a lovely week and see you on Thursday at “La Vida”. For further information or advice on computing, contact Trevor on 689 892 745 or

Again the squirrels appeared out of nowhere sending this week’s missive off in a different direction. I was quietly minding my own business at a classic car rally when I spotted a figurine of 2 horses heads mounted on the front of a Citroen 2CV. The CV is short for chevaux-vapeur which in English means two horsepower, hence the figurine. I wanted to post the photo on my instagram account - instagram. com/stephenamore but couldn’t for the life of me recall the proper term for the thingies that perch on the top of car bonnets. I tried Google then Wikipedia and eureka; bonnet ornament! That’s when the squirrels pounced as in the course of my research I stumbled upon the Spirit of Ecstacy; the iconic bonnet ornament. She has

REVIEW it...

The Assassin’s Mark by David Ebsworth “The dead are sacred. Impartial. Unbiased. So Franco runs his tours on the strength of them. And just being able to run them shows that the Nationalists are legitimate. Winning.” It’s hard to imagine going on a tour of northern Spain during the Spanish civil war in 1938 and being guaranteed a safe passage? Was that possible when the war was still raging? On the one hand there was plenty of evidence of the abject poverty and devastation although the tourists generally had lavish accommodation, experiencing the wonderful Spanish cuisine whilst others starved. Living in this luxury inoculates us from the horrors of it all . The tours had been organised by Franco and boasted of witnessing atrocities in defeating and annihilating the Reds. A one-sided lesson. It’s even harder to imagine being taken hostage and used as a pawn in a deadly political game. Seeing history in the making or being a part of that history where your life is endangered. This is what makes this book riveting from beginning to end. It is deemed a crazy assignment for Jack Telford, a socialist reporter, 30 years of age, working for Reynold’s News, down to earth, sensitive and determined to discover the real truth not Franco’s propaganda. He is an interesting character, extremely credible but haunted by his father’s suicide. His father’s ghostly presence and his taunting of Jack’s pacifistic views eventually drive him over the edge. “ It’s unusual for battlefield tours to be organised while the war’s still being fought.” But it did happen. Jack’s companions, on first sight appear to be fascists with affiliations towards Franco and Hitler but all is not what it seems. This is what I liked about the story. The reader discovers the truth at the same time as Jack and usually it is too late to do anything about it. Trust no-one. Betrayal is the key word: Not everybody on this little adventure is exactly what they seem. An enigma but who is able to unravel it? His editor Sydney Elliott wants the real story not propaganda and Jack decides to write about the common man-the people’s revolution not about Franco. You never saw such a gap between rich and poor. Ordinary people fighting a feudal aristocracy and a feudal church. The itinerary covered towns such as San Sebastian, Durango, Bilbao, Santander, Gijon, Ovieda and Guernica. At the start of the tour Jack is disturbed by the inexplicable and gruesome death of one of the tourists which has a profound effect on him and he imagines a hooded figure holding out the poisoned apple towards him . Suspense builds up with the revelation that a man half hidden in the shadows appears to be watching the group closely and following their every move. The suspense is chilling and the first major climax happens at the Cueva de la Santina in Covadonga, a religious shrine where the dwindling group are held

hostage by the Machados and treated like bargaining chips or hostages of war by the Vice Consul in San Sebastian, Fielding. Tourists under threat. The panic and fear feels real beyond words. Ironically, Jack’s article emerges from this terrifying experience as he surprisingly gains the trust and friendship of the Machados with his Esperanto, learning the full extent of their hardships and brutal losses, their persecutions. It’s a painful story but a necessary one to tell. There are hints of assassinations shrouded in mystery until the end. The guide, Murphy was tied to the rails, arms spread-eagled, crucified in a sitting position against the railings with his fascist uniform removed by the Machados. He was a sitting target, a sacrificial lamb. A human barricade . What a startlingly shocking and pessimistic outlook for Jack and companions. The brutal conclusion was that in war there was simply one truth: You identified your mortal enemies, those who would KILL you without hesitation, and you killed them first? Simple survival ethics-KILL OR BE KILLED. With this realisation Jack’s world became an empty void . Terror, bedlam and hysteria dominate this climax which is frighteningly credible. More martyrs dying for a cause, a touch of romance and rivalry between a Reuters journalist, Carter-Holt based on Kim Philby’s early espionage career that Jack is paradoxically attracted to and repelled by. The final climax culminates in a visit to Santiago to meet Franco in person and a mad cap plan involving an Agfa camera that is foiled. Is this the attempted assassination? The Assassin’s Mark? At the end, Jack’s life becomes meaningless and his soul becomes shattered and destroyed. He is driven on by his demons to fight instead of remaining the pacifist coward sitting on the fence. He had been gullible and drawn into a web so he put into practice his maxim of: kill or be killed. His article was published and he successfully managed to expose the lies being perpetrated by Franco’s propaganda team in relation to the legitimate Republic Government. We live like animals. We have lived like this for five hundred years. The story is moving, realistic and frighteningly accurate. This was the ultimate sacrifice and you’ll have to read it to understand what I mean! Publisher: Silver Wood Books.. ISBN: 978-1-781-32-100-3 Also available as an ebook: ISBN: 978-1-78132-101-0

Carol Naylor - writing exclusively for the Sol Times... &

Spirit of Ecstasy

The two horse - bonnet ornament

stood on the bonnet of nearly every Rolls-Royce motor car that’s been built since 1911. Charles Rolls started manufacturing cars in 1904 with Sir Frederick Royce selling them from his showroom in Fulham. Their partnership became the Rolls-Royce Company in 1906. The first cars only sported a badge and customers added their own often tasteless and gaudy ornaments which horrified Rolls-Royce. John Montague was the editor of Car Illustrated magazine; he later became the 2nd Lord Montague of Beaulieu. He was a friend of Rolls and Royce and suggested that they ask John Sykes an artist friend of Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles his to design a bonnet ornament are posted on there too...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: stephen@ for Rolls-Royce. Montague had Telephone: 636 266 641 already used Sykes to design an

ornament for his own Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. As a car enthusiast John Montague was one of the first members of the Automobile Club in London (now the RAC) and a young lady worked there called Eleanor Thornton, Montague was instantly attracted to her. He was however married and so they kept a respectable distance. Then in 1902 Eleanor became his secretary at Car Illustrated and their love affair started. Apart from close friends their relationship stayed secret, as the Edwardian vagaries of class distinction meant they could never marry as Eleanor was simply too ‘common.’ Eleanor bore his illegitimate daughter in 1903 but she gave her up for adoption. Eleanor modelled for Sykes in the designing of Montague’s bonnet ornament. The result is a woman wearing long flowing robes or a nightie according to rumour, pressing a finger to her mouth, a sign of their secret love. It was named The Whisper and it can be seen at the Beaulieu motor museum, Hampshire. Rolls-Royce wanted to define their brand, traits like grace and silent speed. John Sykes said ‘here’s one I made earlier’ and altered it subtlety, so the Spirit of Ecstasy or ‘Emily’ came into existence As was often the norm with ‘those upstairs’ Lord Montague’s wife Lady Cecil Kerr tolerated the relationship between Eleanor and her husband, so when in 1915 he was asked to go to India as the Advisor on Mechanical Transport Services, Eleanor was allowed to accompany him instead of his wife. On Christmas Day the left on the SS Persia, but tragedy struck five days later the ship was hit and sunk by a U-Boat torpedo. The lovers hit the water together but a wall of water made him lose his grip on her and he was pulled underwater. When he got to the surface she was gone. Montague was rescued 2 days later and when he returned to England he had the good fortune to read his own obituary. He searched for his beloved Eleanor for years, never believing she was dead. Heartbreakingly he wrote ‘I should have got a stronger grip on her!’




relatively straightforward to conduct this awkward manoeuvre in the Suzuki. The boot is large enough for the tandem pushchair and on our return from Brighton it transports a rocking horse with ease. Rather than lifting upwards, the boot lid opens like a traditional car door, which is generally helpful unless you park by the side of a road and another driver


CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER The word ‘grand’ is slowly creeping into motoring parlance. Only recently I tested the Chrysler Grand Voyager, which was certainly a large and capable people mover. So now I find myself confronted by another big vehicle, this time in the guise of the Suzuki Grand Vitara. It’s not as cumbersome as the Chrysler but the Japanese manufacturer uses the adjective to distinguish this large five-door model from the smaller three-door. Now that I have two little daughters each with bulky car seats such sizeable vehicles have become increasingly appealing. Inside the Vitara there is plenty of room and the black leather interior is stylish and robust, like the vehicle in general. With its burgundy finish and distinctive chrome Suzuki logo on the grille it is certainly eye-catching as you can see

in the video at Dubbed a ‘soft roader’ Suzuki first introduced its rugged Grand Vitara in 1988, when I was still at school. Twentyfive years on and there are a plethora of 4x4s to choose from manufacturers that once shied away from this marketplace such as BMW, no doubt swayed by Suzuki’s success. And so it is somewhat gratifying to note that Suzuki has stuck to its guns with the model name and not decided to replace it or radically change the vehicle. Externally this third generation model doesn’t really seem to have changed much at all although perhaps looking slightly bulkier and modern; testament to a strong design in the first place. I wonder did Land Rover draw inspiration from this model for its Freelander? There do seem to be similarities in its styling. The last time I drove a Grand Vitara it was fitted

with a punchy but quite thirsty petrol engine. This time I am presented with a more frugal diesel unit. A decade ago it was hard to find a Suzuki with a diesel engine but now they are readily available across the whole range. The manufacturer claims that the 1.9 litre diesel unit fitted to this vehicle returns almost 40mpg and that it travels almost 400 miles on a tank. A journey to Brighton allows me to put it through its paces and it proves to be a competent motorway cruiser with very little buffeting despite relatively high winds. The steering wheel mounted cruise control is easy to operate. In these days of six and seven speed gearboxes it is quite surprising to only have a five-speed manual but this low ratio version enables it to be far more productive off road, when required. This becomes useful when my oldest

Three in four drivers in Spain still have all their points on their licences

Seven years on from the introduction of the points-based driving licence, three-quarters of motorists in Spain have all their points intact. This translates to 20 million drivers in the country. Just 0.6 per cent – 167,517 in total – have lost their licences altogether through having all the points confiscated. And 0.3 per cent, or just over 80,000 only have three points remaining, having lost all the others. New holders of Spanish licences, and those who acquired one when the points system was launched, had 12 points, which would then rise to 15 over the next three years if the holder did not commit any traffic offences. Unlike the UK system, where licences are pointfree but infractions can lead to three, six or nine points being imposed – and the licence being withdrawn once 12 have been accumulated – in Spain, a licence starts with 12 points and these are lost, usually in threes, where the driver is in

breach of road regulations. And whereas in the UK, points are automatically removed after a certain number of years, to reover lost points in Spain, the licence-holder is required to take courses at a local driving school. Police say the number of fatal accidents on the roads has fallen in the last seven years, since the thought of losing points on their licence appears to act as a deterrent to drivers. This is seen by the fact that the number of drivers losing their licence altogether through the loss of points having plummeted in recent times. In 2010, this happened to 42,000 motorists and was a record year for licence losses. But it went down to 28,023 in 2012, and in the first six months of this year 7,000 drivers lost the last remaining points on their licences. If this trend continues for the rest of the year, the number of drivers who have lost all their points in 2013 will be half that of last year

daughter suddenly alerts us to the fact that she wants to go to the toilet. We happen to be passing a field and the gate is open so no better time to do a spot of off-roading and find a suitable venue. At one point on our journey it becomes necessary to reverse into a tight driveway and down a sharp incline. It proves

follows behind you. When daughter Harriett decides to mess about while daddy is driving and try her hand at opening the electric windows in the rear, it is helpful to be able to lock them at the touch of a switch from the front. All in all the practical Grand Vitara should score highly with families who demand more than just an average estate car.

specification 2012 onwards New price range:£15,995 - £23,875 Used price range: £3,742 - £17,854 Facts at a glance: 0-60mph: 12.8secs Top speed: 106mph Economy: 37mpg Power: 127bhp Watch the video at Advanced motorist Tim Saunders is the former Business and Motoring Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo. His regular test reports appear in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the UK, Ireland & Gibraltar - and now here in Spain! For more information contact Tim on:


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VALLE DEL ESTE GOLF SOCIETY Another great week for golf at Valle Del Este and the scores reflecting how good a condition the course is in at the moment. Friday and with 28 players taking part in our monthly medal comp the winner on the day was Paul Sedge with an excellent round of golf.

(hcp20) nett 73. There were 12 other players on the day scoring a nett 80 or less.

1st Paul Sedge gross 75 (hcp8) nett 67 2nd place Peter Denham gross 88 (hcp17) nett 71 3rd place John Clements gross 93

Tuesdays results where we had two divisions in the best two scores from three to count the winners were Sean Halligan, Earl

A few Spanish golfers joined us on the day and were very pleased with our golf set-up and joined in socially afterwards. No doubt the will join us again in the near future.

19th Hole Golf Society Cucador. Thursday 4th July saw 21 members of the 19th Hole Golf Society arrive at Playa Macenas course to play this Pairs Betterball with the teams, and The Ghost, briefed on the rules off we went on this perfect day for golf. Dave Denyer was on a high, fresh from the 19th Hole’s surprise victory at Lorca in a Spanish Federation invitation day. Dave and Terry Caddick represented the 19th holers and secured an easy win scoring 47 points in this Pairs Better ball. But the stars of today’s show without doubt were the wining team of Pat McArdle and Geoff Smith with a brilliant score of 45 points, just shading the team

of Nigel Greenwood and Tony Slinn into second place with 43 points. Nigel also collected two Twos and a Nearest the Pin. Nigel felt that Tony completely misunderstood his efforts in encouraging Tony to hit the ball better, the term “take a leaf out of my book” was translated by Tony on the 17th to “I can hide my ball under a leaf on the fairway”. It took a good 5 minutes to locate the little white thing lying as snug as bug under a leaf. Roger and Sylvia Kaye scored a creditable 40 points to secure third place. Results: - Pairs Better Ball 1st Pat McArdle/Geoff Smith 45 points 2nd Nigel Greenwood/Tony

Harris, & Harry Wilson. In the other comp with the three best scores from four to count the winners were Martin de Bruin, Charlie Clark, Drew Simmons & Alan Byran Valle Del Este golf resort has been chosen for the Father & Son European finals later in the year and will be covered by Sky Television, what a coup for the best golf course in the area, is covered this.

in 3rd place was Dave Jones also 37pts Nearest the pins went to Darren Swift, Greg Knight and 2 to Tony Waldren Forthcoming Fixtures are: Wednesday 10th Valle de Este, Wednesday 17th Desert Springs Wednesday 24th Valle de Este, Wednesday 31st Macenas Badgers Golf Society also plays

with beachcomber john


Slinn 43 points 3rd Roger and Sylvia Kaye 40 points Twos:Roger Kaye Hole No 1 Nigel Greenwood Holes 3 & 14 Nearest the Pin:9th Hole Don Harbron 14th Hole Nigel Greenwood 18th Hole Nick Pogson The 19th hole G/S is now arranging weekly games at various courses in the area, our home course, which we play fortnightly, is Aguilon. If you are interested in joining the 19th hole give the secretary a ring on 610340653. Or email

Good Day’s Golfing at Macenas for Badgers On Wednesday 3rd July, Badgers Golf Society visited Macenas Golf for their weekly competition. With the greens getting back to their usual good condition, scoring was inevitably going to be good. Wining the days competition with 39pts was Paul Adams, with Second place going to Richard Jones with 37 pts on count back from

angling news

every Saturday at Macenas for their weekly roll-up. Please book in at Badgers. Guests are welcome to join the society on both Wed and Sat comps and can book in either at Badgers Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or by phone on 950478525. Fixtures can be found on www.


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Boat Fishing. I hear albacore (Tunas) are being caught up around Javier so come on lads get out there as soon as this wind stops. Saying that we should take into account we are in a bay whereas Javier sticks out well into the Mediterranean and where migrating fish will pass a lot closer. See photo. The same lads caught a 249lb Tuna; I’m guessing a blue fin as it’s not clear in the photo I have. Shore Fishing. ‘London Bill’ got out only once and had a couple of Atlantic mackerel spinning at Macenas. The ‘Albox F.C’ fished Macenas beach by the tower. Eight Members = Graham, ‘Dizzy John’, ‘Tony A L’, ‘Tony Take your time’, ‘Rock steady Eddie’, ‘Dennis the Menace’ and ‘Squiddly Sid’ and ‘Bodo’ who came along to watch! The sea was very rough, big rollers, too rough to hold bottom, so a lot of gear was lost. Two fish were caught with Eddie having a 10” saddled bream and ‘Tony A L’ a striped bream and one small octopus. Not a good day. Coarse Fishing. I had a pleasant surprise when ‘Casa Verde Barry’ called to see me at the Beachcomber and we chewed the fat for quite a while. Barry and ‘Birds Nest Phil’ fished Puentes and they had a good day catching barbel and carp to 8lbs. I had another pleasant surprise when my mate ‘Big Steve’ rang to say he has found a new lake just off the Motril to Granada road with carp caught on his last trip from 14lbs to 28lbs. Steve also told me friends of his are still getting Andalucian coarse

fishing licenses, with or without nies by taking an in date English fishing license and passport to Granada. 4 members of the ‘Grumpy Old Men of Los Gallardos’ went to the Puentes Lake in Lorca this week. Even though the water has dropped they were unable to get round by the pump house. Dave had 70 carp on the pole, Keith 31, Malcolm 18 and ‘40 Watts’ 14. They lost no end of fish, some off the hook and some from bites that seemed to go to the bottom then nothing on the strike. Top weights on two Murcia match venues were 85lbs and 21lbs. All details are available on their website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965328368 Spain is to have a single hunting and fishing license to cover all of Spain. (Coarse fishing I’m guessing and this is a Google translation) “The reform will facilitate the recognition of permits between communities and reducing the administrative. Mariano Rajoy’s government will change the current law regarding hunting and fishing for a single license that activities may film géticas in all communities. The current regulation is prompting the resignation in 2009 of the then Minister of Justice, Mariano Fernández Bermejo. The socialist was forced to leave his post in the Executive after news that participated in a hunt in Jaen with Judge Baltasar Garzón ‘forgetting’ the limits of your personal license hunting, enabled only to Castilla La Mancha. The report prepared by the

Commission for the Reform of Public Administration (CORA) proposed to correct this deficiency so that in Spain there is a “mutual recognition of hunting and fishing license unity between communities” . This amendment would streamline administrative procedures and allow the citizen economic and hunted throughout Spain without further ado that the payment of the prescribed fee”. Whether a test is going to be required I don’t know. Watch this space. The Albox fishing club meets every two weeks or so at Bar Wassy. For details of the next meeting tel Sid 634 313 650. Latest license information. There is a new loophole for those without a nie number who want an Andalucian beach and/or boat fishing license. It will mean a trip in person to Almeria with a friend who has a nie number and has a 50/50 chance of working! The other loophole for fishing the beaches and boats in Andalucia without an NIE document is to make a trip to Murcia. There is now a loophole for those wanting coarse fishing licenses for Andalucia who don’t have NIE documents or/and don’t want to do the 24 hour course in Spanish, see me for more details. I’m pleased to report the Beachcomber’s three web cams are working again and the other good news is they work on both 32 and 64 bit systems and on any browser so checkout Mojacar’s weather and Mediterranean Sea conditions here. www. b e a c h c o mb e r m oja c ar.c o m/ beachcomber-webcam/ For up to date information on any of the above see John at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. You can also contact me on Facebook @ ‘John Beachcomber Mojacar’. Tight lines, Beachcomber John.

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Taekwondo Mojacar victory at World Championships During 24th - 30th June 2013, the 9th Global Taekwondo Federation World Championships were held at the Ataturk Sports Complex in Nicosia – the capital of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 15 countries from all round the world including Turkey, Spain, Scotland, Chile, Kazakhstan, Albania, South Africa, India, Russia, Ukraine and Argentina competed against one another in up to 4 categories: Combat Sparring, Patterns, Special Technique and Destruction. Students from Taekwondo Mojacar - home to the GTF Spanish National Team, entered into 3 of the 4 categories, and after gruelling fights and a lot of sweat, won 4 medals – a fantastic achievement for the club and the country. World student

Champion Junior Havana Thompson

(yellow / green belt) won Gold in combat sparring and gained a Silver medal in Patterns. The club’s assistant instructor Jodie Escott Dewrée (red / black belt) won Silver in both Sparring and Patterns – under the helpful and supportive coaching of the club’s Head Instructor Mr Serge Dewrée.

Mr Serge Dewrée says “It was a great opportunity to represent Spain and be able to compete in this event. We are now looking forward to 2017 Championships in Chile, and the next one in 2015 which we are waiting to hear which country will host it. We are very proud of our students, and to bring home 4 medals. We hope to win many more in the future”. Taekwondo Mojacar – self defence and martial arts for Adults and Children. Indigo Gym, (behind Estanco

Marina Phoenix Golf Society

• It was a ‘Murraycane’ at Wimbledon last Sunday as the 26 year-old Andy Murray won the men’s singles title. The first Scot to win the prize in more than 100 years, Dunblaneborn Murray beat the world number one and top seed Novak Djokovic 6-4, 7-5, 6-4, to become the first Brit since the great Fred Perry in 1936 to lift the coveted trophy at The All-England Club.

Former champion Boris Becker said: “Murray was superb, absolutely brilliant.” Sue Barker added: “He was super-human out there in temperatures topping 40 degrees Fahrenheit”. His opponent Djokovic admitted: “From the first serve, I knew Andy was going to produce something special… and he did”. And PM David Cameron confessed: “It was a privilege to see Andy’s victory.” Marion Bartoli (France) beat Sabine Lisicki (Germany) in the women’s final. • The British & Irish Lions whipped Australia 41 points to 16 to clinch their first series victory down under for 16 years. The Wallabies were battered into submission as the Lions claimed four tries and Leigh Halfpenny landed five penalties and kicked three conversions.

Tobacconist, nr Cajamar Bank), Mojacar Playa, Almeria. Tel: 646 844 708 www.tkdspain. Taekwondo Mojacar (GTF Spain) is a member of the Global Taekwondo Federation.

• The ninth F1 Grand Prix of 2013 at the Nurburgring, was won by championship leader Sebastian Vettel… the first time he has taken the chequered flag on his home track. In an exciting race, Kimi


Compiled by Tony Matthews

Raikkonen was second, Romain Grosjean third, Fernando Alonso fourth and Lewis Hamilton fifth.

• The first Ashes Test between England and Australia starts today at Trent Bridge and Alastair Cook’s players are confident of retaining the coveted trophy. • In football, Nicolas Anelka, once of Chelsea, Arsenal, Bolton and Juventus, has joined WBA on a one-year contract. Former Aston Villa, Manchester United and Republic of Ireland defender Paul McGrath and ex-England, Spurs and Rangers star Paul Gascoigne were both taken into police custody last weekend for separate offences appertaining to ‘unruly behaviour’. Colombia has risen to third in the FIFA world rankings behind Spain and Germany, with England as low as 15th. And ex-Manchester United goalkeeper Jack Crompton, who made over 200 appearances for the Reds and gained an FA Cup winners’ medal in 1948 and a League Championship winners’ medal in 1952, has died, aged 91. • Jump jockey Brian Toomey is still hospitalised after suffering a life-threatening head injury when his horse, Solway Dandy, fell at Perth last Thursday. • Team Sky’s top rider Chris Froome is the yellow jersey leader in the Tour de France. • And Ireland golfer Graeme McDowell claimed his third tournament of 2013 by winning the French Open.

was best in the ladies division, returning 36 points to win from Margaret Budd (31) and Ann Kavanagh (30) in third. There were two’s prizes for Frank Varey (5th) and John Kavanagh (17th). Thursday’s team competition was a Texas Scramble with 8 teams in threeballs. The result was very close with only decimal points between placed teams. 1st Wolfram Hahn, Salva Morales and Jim Budd 64.5

On Monday 1st July an individual stableford, during Wimbledon week and the Mayhews “held court” at Marina, as Brian Mayhew won the mens division with 40 points from Tony Scott (39) with Jim Budd (37) in third. Maxine Mayhew


SALES HQ: 902 750 190/950 121 936 OPEN: Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm Fri 10am-4pm ALBOX, ARBOLEAS, ALFOQUIA ROQUETAS, ALMERIMAR coastal & mojacar areaS EDITOR: ~

2nd John Kavanagh, Tony Scott and Brian Mayhew 64.6 3rd Linda King, Geoff Dixon and Brian Couper 65.6 Marina Phoenix play Mondays (individual) and Thursdays (team game). To join us for a €25 greenfee. Ring Jim on 950 162 727 / 600 353 670 or Rosalie 950 397 117/ 697 512 882.

Sol Times Almeria is independent of political parties, private investment and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. Sol Times Almeria is an independent publication. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Almeria. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement.

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