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• More Lifeguards For Roquetas Beaches This Year • Illegal Blue Fin Tuna Fishermen Arrested • More Flexibility Called For By Urbanisation Traders And Residents • Regeneration Plan Proposed For Old Municipal Stadium • Festival Of San Isidro Opened by Mayor

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martin shortland Reports ON PAGEs 11 & 20-21

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Enjoy Pierre’s French Cuisine Kitchen open: 12.30 - 3.00, 7.00 - 10.00. Closed Thursdays Plaza Los Jazmines 10, 04740 Roquetas de Mar Opposite Playa Capricho in the car park

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Taxes for Businesses & Individuals Payroll and Social Security Services for residents & non-residents Vehicle Transfer & Matriculation

the largest selection of second-hand goods in the area HOUSEHOLD ANTIQUES GARDEN FURNITURE HOUSE CLEARANCES

NEW OFFICE OPENING IN MOJACAR Manager Required ...The individual must have experience in tax consultancy, legal work, book keeping and other administrative services. Spanish and English speaking essential. An additional language is advantageous

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Sales rooms OPEN DAILY FOR sales 73 Ctra Lorca - Baza, Albox, Almeria 04800 ON THE LONGO’S SITE

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The Juzgado de Instrucción 2 of Baza has released with charges the ex-secretaria of the Ayuntamiento of Cortes de Baza. She has been charged with siphoning money from public coffers for the benefit of her and her partner. Both were charged, but have been released with charges pertaining to forgery and embezzlement of public funds for her, and one charge of embezzlement in the case of her husband. The former secretary and her husband, who were arrested by the Unidad Orgánica de Delitos Urbanísticos de la Guardia Civil de Granada, were charged with the disappearance of more than 200,000 euros from the City coffers. The arrest was ordered by the Juzgado de Primera Instancia and Instrucción 2 de Baza, who investigated the case following a denuncia filed last year by the Consistorio, at that time governed by the Andalucista Práxedes Torrecillas.


Greenpeace protesters arrested after climbing Congress building Eight Greenpeace activists who went up onto the roof of the Congress building to protest against the Coastal Law reform have been released after spending the day in custody. According to a report by ThinkSpain, the demonstrators scaled the outside wall of the centre via the scaffolding while the PP government was debating the reform inside. Divided into two groups, one went up the back of the building and the other climbed the front. Once on the roof, they held up a massive banner reading ‘The PP is selling our coast’. They could face up to five years in jail but, in the meantime, are expected to report to the court once a month. An investigation is being opened into the security measures around the Congress centre and to work out how the eight activists managed to get past the police on guard. Congress president Jesús Posada and Congress spokesman for the PP, Alfonso Alonso, both say this issue is ‘very serious’ but shrugged off the actual


protest tactics used, stating, “at least Greenpeace is a peaceful organisation.” Although long overdue for a radical overhaul, the new Coastal Law (Ley de Costas) is not thought to be a great improvement on the existing one, which has seen literally thousands of homeowners lose their properties. Where a house is considered too close to the beach, the Ley de Costas meant it would be demolished without any compensation to the owner or, in most cases, instead of knocking it down, the General Directorate of Coasts (Dirección General de Costas) would take over title to the property and allow the owner to carry on living there for a maximum of 30 years. This meant owners could not carry out any renovations or repairs – even essential maintenance work such as fixing a leaky roof – and were unable to remortgage, sell or bequeath their own homes. The reform has extended the 30-year stay of grace, or usufruct, to 75 years, as well as allowing ‘owners’ to carry out repairs if they seek permission from Costas, and permitting them to

Carpenteria Metallica Juan Chacón

Carratera Lorca - Baza, 56 (Albox) Tlf: 950 431 738 Email:

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Exterior gates & fencing Electronic opening gates Rejas for fire escapes in various designs from 150€ Ornamental metal gazebos next to Bazar Oriental motorised up & over garage doors T&T Fixed or concertina window & door grills Specialists in Stainless Steel Spiral staircases CTRA. Lorca - Baza

sell the property or leave it to someone in their will – although they would never be able to recover title to the home and it is unlikely a house with a maximum occupancy period and no financial return after this time would be a saleable commodity. ‘Too close to the beach’ was decided periodically by

Costas where coastal erosion was considered a problem and, where the invisible and often arbitrary boundary was moved further back inland, any properties which subsequently ended up on the wrong side of it would be retroactively considered ‘illegal builds’ and either demolished or title to them passed directly to the

government. This is because any land on the water side of the boundary is considered ‘public’, and properties on ‘public’ land are automatically owned by the State. Homeowners would still owe their mortgage loans to the bank, despite no longer owning the roof over their heads.

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Tigerturf Almeria tel: 950 431 624 / 635 652 745


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‘Highly dangerous’ British armed Two years after Lorca earthquake and 5000 are still homeless robber arrested on Costa Blanca

A British fugitive said to be violent and dangerous has been arrested in Calpe, Alicante, after a six-year search in both countries. According to a report by ThinkSpain, Andrew Terence Moran, 32, from Salford, near Manchester, was arrested after he and his accomplices held up a Royal Mail Post Office security van carrying the day’s takings from a well-known UK supermarket at gunpoint, beating the driver over the head with iron bars and making off with 25,000 pounds (about 30,000 euros) in cash. This was back in 2005, when the accused was aged just 24, and he was arrested in 2007. Upon his sentencing in February 2009 at Burnley Crown Court, Moran attacked four court security officials, leapt over


the dock barriers and fled. He was known to have escaped to Spain and was on the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)’s list of Britain’s most-wanted criminals in the country. Spanish police caught up with him in Los Alcázares (Murcia) in November last year and, during their attempt to catch the escapee, he rammed their two camouflaged patrol cars with his 4x4 vehicle and managed to get away again. On Friday, however, he was traced to a villa in Calpe where he was living with a partner, and where 60 rounds of ammunition, two handguns and a machete were also found. This time he was detained and remains behind bars while decisions are made as to whether to extradite him to the UK.

Victims of the devastating earthquake in Lorca (Murcia) say there are still thousands of homeless families – two years on to the day. Saturday marked the second anniversary of the tremor which reached 5.6 on the Richter scale and left several dead, including an 11year-old boy, as well as tens of thousands of homes reduced to rubble, leaving their owners on the street. And residents of Lorca marked the occasion with a protest march, saying, ‘this is not bureaucracy, it’s just inefficient’, and ‘where am I going to sleep tonight?’ ‘Can you sleep in the churches?’ The cost of repairing and rebuilding the homes is covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium, or Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, which deals with widespread damage caused by natural disasters such as freak storms, floods and earthquakes, meaning these incidents are not normally covered by a household

insurance policy. Also, the government supplied 25 million euros in aid to help rebuild Lorca, but 110 people have to pay for the demolition of what is left of their homes and have no idea how to cover the cost, whilst a total of 5,000 – according to protesters, or 3,500 according to official figures – still have no home. The health centre and school are still bare plots of land two years after the quake. Demonstrators say politicians are hiding behind the economic crisis as an excuse not to rebuild the city, and that their proposed ‘recovery plan’ has a deadline of 2020 – possibly meaning another seven years before people who have lost their houses have somewhere to live again. And mayor Francisco Jódar did indeed blame the recession for the fact that Lorca’s recovery from the catastrophe is moving at a snail’s pace.


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EU opposes new regional law to save repossessed homeowners from a life of homelessness

Andalucía’s regional government says it has no intention of withdrawing a new law allowing it to expropriate properties from banks to prevent defaulting owners from being thrown out on the street, despite Brussels announcing it may not be legal.

Regional minister for the economy Antonio Ávila says the new law is ‘perfectly sound’ and has the full support of the public, but that the EU claims it might not be ‘compatible’ with the conditions imposed on Spain when it was granted bail-out funds for its banks. And, according to press reports, regional president of Andalucía José Antonio Griñán says he ‘does not understand this lack of sensitivity’ and that if Brussels wants to go down this route, then ‘the EU is not worth it’: “I am pro-Europe and cannot believe they would bow down to the financial markets to this extent,” Griñán

states. He says he also believes Brussels has rejected the proposal by the PSOE to create a ‘cash flow’ fund for small and medium-sized businesses.

“If both these situations are as such, then I will be very worried because they cannot tell the people of Spain that they have to spend their own money to pay back the debts of the banks, and yet apply terms and conditions to the people of Spain rather than to the banks. “I do not understand it – the law simply allows us to pay the mortgage lender a fair price for properties that would otherwise be in disuse, so that they are then owned by the regional government and the owners can rent them from us and continue to live in them rather than having to sleep on the street because their home has been repossessed. “If we cannot do this because of conditions imposed on Spain as a result of the bail-out funds for the banks, then two things need to happen: Firstly, for Rajoy to tell us once and for all if there were any conditions to these funds being granted or not – since he has always maintained there were none – and secondly, to reconsider whether all this is worth it. “There is no logic in the fact that nobody bats an eyelid when a bank that has been bailed out subsequently pays 88 million euros in retirement pension to one of its top managers, and yet a socially-conscious law such as this one can be declared invalid.” Brussels has apparently written directly to the central government rather than to the regional Parliament of Andalucía, which says it has not been officially notified of

the EU’s possible objection to its expropriation scheme. The new law means that where homeowners in Andalucía face repossession and would be left homeless as a result, the regional government will compulsorily purchase the property from the mortgage lender, and then allow the original, defaulting owner to live there for a heavily-reduced rent, in order to prevent them from losing their homes. This legislation has been welcomed by residents in the region

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Spaniard to design US-based ‘space airport’

A Spanish architect is in the process of designing a ‘space’ airport which will make it possible to cover long-haul flights in under two hours. Luis Vidal, 44, from Barcelona, is waiting for a licence to build the airport-space station in Colorado, USA, which he says will take a few months to come through. Once the airport is up and running, planes taking off will go up much higher – into space – and then come back down on a different continent. The height and distance will mean that the Earth appears much smaller whilst in flight, and the longitude covered will be greater than if flying at a lower level, Vidal explains. He won a competition to enable him to design the space port in conjunction with North American engineering firm HDR, along with his own firm, Luis Vidal + Arquitectos (LVA), beating nearly 80 other firms when entries were taken two years ago. It will take a year to design the space port, for which he will first need official approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to turn the existing Front Range airport in Colorado into a space centre. Vidal wants to bring back the ‘excitement’ and ‘romantic nature’ of travelling by air which was present when planes first began to carry commercial passengers, now that flying has become routine and almost mundane in the same way as catching a bus or train. He is striking out into the unknown, since there is no existing project or installation to base the new airport-space centre on. The terminal will have to be ‘somewhere comfortable and inviting’ since it will be ‘the gateway to another continent’ and ‘should leave good memories behind’. It will include a flight simulation centre,

museum, visitor centre, pilot training academy, and children’s activities in a bid to revive the fascination for flying that society lost decades ago, and ensure that ‘even if not every part of it is visitable, it should at least be visible’. The project will be developed in three phases – the first involving space tourist trips which take off from and land in the same airport: “Go up, see the earth as a blue marble, and go back down again.” Then the second phase will involve experimental flights, with laboratories to study the effects of zero gravity, and the third will be commercial intercontinental flights. The whole thing should be open for business within about five years, Vidal reveals. “After taking off, the planes will leave the Earth’s atmosphere and go up into space and, taking advantage of the rotation and angle of their re-entrance to Earth, will be able to link up two points of the planet in a very short time, such as a couple of hours,” the architect explains. He does not even believe it will take long before such flights are considered ‘routine’. “If you take into account the speed of technological development in the last few years on the internet, where in a very short time giant leaps have been made that once would have taken centuries, it does not have to be long before space flights become a normality,” says the inventor. “All five continents need to get cracking on this to be ready for the future.” Vidal is confident about securing ‘public and private’ sponsorship, since “building such facilities needs this kind of cooperation to succeed.”

Iberia causes quarterly losses to soar for IAG

International Airline Group (IAG) has announced huge losses due to troubles with Iberia wiping out British Airways’ success. The company which owns both the UK-based and Spanish airlines says its net loss in the first quarter of 2012 was 129 million euros, but in the same period this year has rocketed to 630 million euros. Iberia’s restructuring cost the company over three million euros, given that the Spain-based carrier is facing financial troubles as a result of the ongoing recession and losing business to low-cost airlines. And cost-cutting measures imposed by IAG on Iberia, which included the loss of 3,000 jobs, were what has led to a series of strikes

over the past year by pilots, cabin crew and ground staff, costing Iberia millions of euros on each day they took place. But CEO Willie Walsh said the losses made were not due to falling passenger numbers – in fact, income from air travellers rose by 3.9 per cent, reaching 3.34 billion. Also, a rise in first-class and business-class passengers meant British Airways was in profit in the first three months of 2013. IAG’s immediate plans include a takeover of Spanish low-cost airline Vueling, of which the firm already owns 46 per cent and which will carry on running under its own name, and to buy 18 Airbus 350s and 18 Boeing Dreamliners for BA to replace its older planes.

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pause for thought

Along with many others, I’m having considerable difficulty learning to speak Spanish. I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve been to lessons, read books, listened to tapes and mixed as much as possible with our Spanish hosts. I can get by to an extent, using a mixture of pidgin Spanish and miming, but try as I might, I simply can’t manage to master the vocabulary, frequently seeming to forget words quicker than I learn them. Maybe it’s an age thing, as I seem to forget English words with alarming regularity too! If only I could have a language chip implanted in my brain, so that I could become instantly fluent with no real effort! That difficulty I and many others have with language learning lends dramatic impact to the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles at the feast of Pentecost, as recorded in Acts chapter 2 in the Bible. These largely uneducated men suddenly found themselves speaking fluent Greek, Aramaic, Latin and other languages they had never learnt, so that everyone around, regardless of nationality, could understand them perfectly as they told of salvation through Jesus Christ. And this example of one of the most amazing aspects of the Christian faith illustrates the fact that we do not merely worship Almighty God, we believe that in the form of the Holy Spirit, He actually lives within us, giving us access to His immeasurable power. Few of us perhaps have received the gift of languages as the Apostles did, but that same power is available to us, not for personal gain but to enable us to direct attention towards Jesus Christ. So every Christian has access to abilities, and strength to cope with situations far beyond their natural capability, through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. It can be very exciting and a real challenge if we will but dare ask God to fill us with His Spirit, particularly as we celebrate this wonderful event on Pentecost, or Whit Sunday, which is May 19th this year. Further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site www.mojacarchurch. org . Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

~ Who are Age Concern Almanzora (ACA)? ~ Age Concern Almanzora (ACA) is a newly-formed, fully legal charity which is affiliated to Age Concern España and which aims to provide support services to ex-pats aged 50+ living in the Arboleas, Zurgena, Albox, Partaloa, Cantoria and Albanchez regions of the Almanzora Valley. They are now in a position to develop their services further and are looking for additional volunteers. They also want to hear from anyone in this catchment area who feels that they would benefit from ACA support.

What Services will ACA provide? ACA currently have a stock of mobility equipment, including wheelchairs, walking frames, portable ramps etc. which are available on loan, for a small deposit & a non-returnable donation to ACA. The donations are used to maintain existing stock and to purchase additional equipment. An inaugural meeting of a Carers Support Group was held recently and ACA are hoping to extend this further in the near future with activities to support not only the carers themselves, but also the person they care for. The current volunteer recruitment drive aims to enlist and train a team of befrienders who can offer practical support e.g. shopping services, befriending etc. All volunteers will be fully trained and have had references taken. Age Concern Almanzora will not, however, be offering hands-on personal care. ACA are able to liaise with many local voluntary and professional organisations, as well as having strong links to Town Halls, so are able to provide, or seek out, information which may help the client to find solutions or support for problems they are experiencing. It is also planned to offer Bereavement Support (on a group or individual basis) in the near future. ACA already have a thriving shop in Arboleas (adjacent to the roundabout) which sells top quality, fully laundered second-hand clothing & accessories, books & much more. The shop is open Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat from 10.00 – 1.30. The fund-raising team have a number of exciting events planned for the coming year, including a charity auction in the near future and the Almanzora Bake Off in September - watch the press and noticeboards for further information, or contact ACA to be placed on their mailing list.

How can ACA be contacted? Age Concern have an office opposite the Town Hall in Arboleas, adjacent to the supermarket, which is open Wednesday 10-1 and Friday 10-11. Appointments can be made to discuss welfare-related problems by contacting us by e-mail: ageconcernalmanzora@ There is also a telephone number for enquiries:- 634333544.

What can I do to help Age Concern Almanzora? Anyone who would like to offer their services as a volunteer would be made very welcome. You can use either this e-mail address or telephone number. Full training and support will be given and hours can be arranged to suit the individual. All help would be very much welcomed and appreciated. We are always delighted to receive donations of clothing or other items for sale in our shop, items suitable for raffle prizes, or any mobility equipment which you no longer require.

British Family-Run business based just outside the pretty mountain village of partaloa ~ BHS Qualified

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Traditional Takeaway Fish & Chips The Chippy in Vera is Moving

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ALMERIMAR & surrounding area El Ejido...

The government team of the City of El Ejido intends to undertake improvement works to a water supply system that was built more than a decade ago in Almerimar that was never put into operation. The PP-led council included the improvement of this infrastructure in provincial plans for the year 2012 and also the year of 2013. The improvements will be possible thanks to a project that has a total budget of 627,000 euros that will be funded 25% from the Province of Almería and 75% by the local council. Municipal sources confirmed to IDEAL that during the first year contracts will be awarded worth approximately 125,000 euros and the rest, in early 2013. It is estimated that the new water tank in Almerimar will be operational in the spring of next year. This new facility, which has a capacity of 13,000 cubic

YACHT BROKERAGE BOAT CARE & MAINTENANCE INSURANCE/TAX ADMINistration Puerto Deportivo de Almerimar Dársena 1 - No. 42, 04711 Almerimar (Almería) Tel.: (+34) 950 497 825 Fax: (+34) 950 607 713


Cafe Bar Ray & Kay welcome you...

Est 2005

to their small and friendly cafe bar for breakfast, lunch & drinks

Between Gula Bar & Ankara 25th may live music, outside bar, paella etc Open: Mon - Sat 10.30am - Close Open: Sunday 2pm - 10pm Tapas served daily 12 noon - 5.30pm (except Sunday)

Sky Sports / ESPN for all sports Tel 610 900 320 Darsena 3, Almerimar - next to pharmacy



New Bar - Very Different - All Welcome Breakfasts, Tapas, Racions, Cakes, Pancakes C/ Fragata, no10 Plaza Batel (Almerimar) Tlf: 950 60 92 57



MacGowan’s Bar & Restaurant

Guinness, Murphy’s Cider, Heineken, Large Selection of Spirits

This Thursday

Final Jam session of the season

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Tlf. 950 609 546

metres, can not work now because it has many flaws. Some caused by lack of use and its state of disrepair. Specifically, the tank has corrosion on its structure and deficiencies in the covering slab that are not admissible in a human supply infrastructure such as this. Rainwater penetrates with a risk of pollution and there is a lack of fencing around the facility. The improvements that will be undertaken by this 627,000 euro project are sanitary and structural repairs to damage caused by the passage of time and neglect. When the new facility becomes operational, the El Ejido council will consider what to do with the current reservoir that today supplies water to the 7,000 residents and many tourists who come to this point on the coast during the summer. The Department of Public Works recognise that the current reservoir for Almerimar is not at its best so if the situation is not resolved by the estimated date it could be a case of running out of water storage for town. Once the new reservoir is in operation, thus ensuring the supply to the coastal enclave of El Ejido, the local council will address whether it is feasible to improve the old reservoir, both technically and economically. ARTICLE: WWW.ALMERIMARTODAY.COM

Friday Golf Society

10 may: It was a hot, cloudy and muggy day

in Almerimar last Friday and 36 golfers including 5 guests enjoyed the warm weather. This week we played a best 2 stableford competition with 2 hidden holes. The winners with a magnificent total of 95 points were Peter Edgington, Chris Perkins (2nd week in a row), Colin Haworth and Elaine MacMillan (for the first time ever). In last place, with a not so good score of 74 points, were the team of Jacqui Mays, Doug Kemp, Rita White and Ivan van Driessche. Nearest the pin with a distance of 4.13m was a guest of Mr and Mrs Sly called Dan. Thanks to Mr President for giving out the prizes this week. Don’t forget that we have the away day to the Top Banana competition at La Envía coming up next month on 21 June. Please get in touch if you want to take part You can see the full results at: If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the pro-shop or contact info@

expat vets

Landline: 958 830 155 Mobile: 603 121 631 24hrs Home visits and surgeries, spaying and castrations, blood tests, x-rays etc. Portable surgery equipment including anesthetics, X-Ray machine and more... Language skills: Spanish, English and French.

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stumble inn - live entertainment 9pm Friday Golf LEO’S - FISH’N’CHIPS




10am – 1pm: Almerimar Walking Club - Meet at Mercadona SECOND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH ‘RASTRO-MARKET’ IN CAR PARK OPPOSITE LEO’S


11am – 1pm: Ladies Coffee Morning - Yachting Golf Restaurant 5pm – 7pm: Jeu de Boules - East Beach


Tuesday Golf




almerimar local information keep up to date with what’s happening in Almerimar:

El Ejido Bowls Club

Monday and Thursday - 5pm to 7pm Ring Alison on 677 317 920 to book or for further information

El Ejido Rugby Club

Based in Almerimar, we are always looking for new players and have training sessions starting at 21.30h every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Players of all abilities welcome. The team is very sociable and after have players from beginner to experienced. We are currently in Andalucia Regional Division 2 and just about to start the second phase of the league. Home matches are usually at 12.30 on Sundays at the grass rugby pitch in Almerimar. For more information call Jonathan on 695 635 078


news update Reports & PHOTOS by Martin Shortland


Regeneration Plan Proposed For Old Municipal Stadium

Flexibility And Vision Called For By Urbanisation Traders And Residents

The annual general meeting of the Urbanisation Neighbours Association of Roquetas was held last Friday. The association was established some years ago to represent the views of both traders and residents in what is now a large town in its own right. In her opening address, association president Melanie Homborg was critical of the help the local council has given over the last five years, she said, “We have gone downhill in recent years and there are many contributing factors. There were more flights and therefore more tourists and those tourists were more affluent because the exchange rate was better.” However, every effort should be made to encourage businesses to provide the sort of entertainment tourist enjoy. She went on to say that far too often, premises intending to hold events including music were often prohibited from doing so by the council. She quoted examples of visitors complaining of being bored. The urbanisation is after all a holiday destination, where people go to have fun, but in the urbanisation the choices are limited. Member of the association and socialist town councillor Ana Belen Zapata compared the level of tourist entertainment available in resorts like Benidorm and Malaga, he said, “The council should look very closely at how these town operate their tourist areas and use that as a model for the urbanisation. Far too often, the council puts obstacles in the way of progress and we are now seeing the detrimental effect this is having.” Other members felt the standards of cleaning and maintenance throughout the urbanisation had fallen and also the number of closed hotels and shops did nothing to enhance the image of the area. Levels of surveillance were also criticised and it was felt this has attributed to the increase in crime recently. A council representative explained the numbers of police patrolling the urbanisation have been almost doubled this year and this has been reflected in a large number of arrests for burglary and robbery. The association, whilst critical of the council, still supports them but called for more flexibility in their approach to the urbanisation. They said they wanted the council to be more active in its thoughts and more responsive to new ideas when they are proposed. This forthcoming summer season will be a challenging one for the area and it is hoped the views of the association are taken on board by the Town Hall.

The town council is inviting architects and designers to enter an international competition to bring about a radical change to the towns former football stadium. The ground has been largely unused since a new all purpose arena was opened on the outskirts of the town almost ten years ago. It was one of a number of stadia built in the region to hold different events when Almeria and Roquetas staged the Mediterranean Games in 2005. The municipal stadium was built many years ago when Roquetas was much smaller and at the time, it too was on the outskirts of the town. But with the huge growth which has taken place in the last thirty years, it now occupies a prime town centre site, with the bull ring a close neighbour. At a press conference to announce their latest plan, a spokesman for the council said the stadium is located at the nerve centre of the municipality and when open to the public, “it will offer alternative cultural, sporting and leisure activities for all ages. It will be the cornerstone for the

recreation of Roqueteras families.” The competition will initially set out to find the best five projects; all entries will be judged by a technical committee made up of lecturers from the Almeria college of architects, design consultants and members of the council. Those five will receive 5,000 euros to expand their plans, which will go before the jury again, who will then select the eventual winner. The brief is quite complex, having to incorporate a wide variety of elements in different areas including, sporting facilities, an auditorium, snack bar, skate park, childrens play park and somewhere for pets – to name but a few! The Town Hall is clearly excited by their latest scheme which has received grudging support from opposition parties; they had feared this large town centre site would be built on. Certainly, in the current financial crisis and with hundreds of vacant developments throughout the town, more of the same would have been a disaster. A statement from the

Illegal Blue Fin Tuna Fishermen Arrested

Three men were arrested in Roquetas yesterday and charged with illegally catching blue fin tuna. The Guardia Civil had received a tip off that two men were fishing from a private boat out of the port of Almerimar. Agents from the fisheries protection organisation Sepora carried out a surveillance operation on the boat when it returned to the harbour. The fish were transferred to a refrigerated van which was then driven to Roquetas, where the third man was waiting. The police confirmed the men had no legal documentation for the fish and they were arrested. Tuna fishing is now strictly controlled and can only be carried out by fishermen with the correct license and from an authorised port. The licenses are issued annually at the start of the tuna season and not all ports or boats receive them. Of the thirty boats based in the port of Roquetas, only ten were granted licenses this year. The five fish caught illegally weighed 360 kilos and would have been sold for over 3,000 euros. The fish were taken to a charity organisation in Almeria.

Martin Shortland is a freelance journalist, living in Spain since retiring from a career as a broadcaster, writer and radio journalist. He has worked for the BBC and in commercial radio, most recently as Programme Director and Head of News for large radio group in the South East of England

mayors office was almost poetic in some of its wording; “This project will create a new way of how we understand our town centre, being a place that will change the habits of everyone. It will be a model of fun, unknown not only to the people of Roquetas, but throughout the region.” Heady words indeed. Town centre open spaces are notoriously difficult

to plan and even more difficult to maintain for the use they were intended. They can so often attract the wrong kind of people and become centres for drinkers, drug users and vandals. It’s an exciting project which will undoubtedly benefit the community, but the council need to get this one right, very right.

The Charity Shop Calle Galera No6, Almerimar (Behind Bar Ankara)

Please help me find my forever family! Pebbles is 3 /4 months old and is looking for her FOREVER family. She will only be a small dog about 5kgs


If you can help me PLEASE Contact the Charity shop on 950 497 193

Monday - Fri 10am-2pm Saturday 11am-2pm In Association with Animales de Berja



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could HAPPINESS be the reason you’re piling on the pounds

Many people who overeat do so because they are happy, according to new research Until now, so-called ‘comfort eating’ was been linked with negative feelings such as depression, boredom, loneliness and anxiety. But experts believe that emotional eaters are actually more likely to gorge on unhealthy snacks when they feel happy rather than sad. New research shows that people whose eating habits reflect their moods actually take on more calories when they are cheery and upbeat than when they are down. The findings, by a team of Dutch psychologists, suggest

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

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so called ‘happy eating’ has been largely overlooked as a risk factor in the global obesity epidemic. Latest government figures show 24 per cent of men and 26 per cent of women in the UK are now classed as obese - up from 13 per cent and 16 per cent respectively ten years ago. Emotional eating is recognised as one of the reasons why some people struggle to keep their weight under control. During times of stress, food can provide short-term comfort. Experts estimate that up to 75 per cent of overeating is caused by emotions and binging on unhealthy grub is often used as a prop when people feel unhappy. But researchers from Maastricht University in the Netherlands wanted to explore whether emotional eaters who binge when they feel down have no need for the same habit when they feel positive. They recruited 87 students

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after each scene. The results, published online in the journal Appetite, showed that, contrary to expectations, those students classed as emotional eaters scoffed more after watching a positive clip than a negative one. In a report on their findings the researchers said: ‘Most emotional eating is related to negative moods. ‘However, volunteers did not overeat in response to negative emotions but did overeat in response to positive ones. ‘These findings could be of value for the treatment of obesity. They underline the importance of positive emotions on overeating, which are often overlooked.’ Rose Aghdami, a Berkshirebased psychologist who specialises in treating emotional eaters, said being happy can indeed increase calorie intake as much as being unhappy. But she said the difference is happy eaters tend to over-indulge during social functions and in the company of others, whereas unhappy eaters are more likely to shut themselves away in order to binge. ‘These people have an unhealthy relationship with food and are using it for all the wrong reasons,’ she said.

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and assessed each one for their eating habits as well as their mental health, using well-established questionnaires designed to score each one. They then carried out a series of experiments where the students were shown clips from different films or TV shows in order to evoke a positive, neutral or negative mood. For example, to get them in a positive mood, researchers showed the students two scenes. One was from the TV comedy Mr Bean, starring Rowan Atkinson, in which he tries to copy answers from his neighbour during an exam. The other was the classic scene from the film comedy When Harry Met Sally, in which Meg Ryan simulates an orgasm in front of fellow restaurant diners. To get them in a neutral mood, the students were shown part of a documentary on fishing. And for the negative mood, they watched a movie clip from The Green Mile, starring Tom Hanks, in which an innocent man is executed in an electric chair. Immediately after viewing the clips, volunteers were provided with large glass bowls full of different flavoured crisps and white, milk or dark chocolates. Researchers measured their total calorie intake

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You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568 or visit Dra Monica Algañaraz Over 40 years experience in physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment. General postural assessment and holistic health checks available English spoken For more information or appointments call 695 355 381 Ctra. Baja no. 29A 1o c. Olula Del Rio



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Redheads: increased risk of skin cancer

even with minimum exposure to the sun

Redheads have a greater risk of developing skin cancer than people with dark or blonde hair even if they do not spend time in the sun, according to new research.

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‘Redheads should get more frequent body checks,’ Jeanine Downie, a spokeswoman for the Skin Cancer Foundation, told Medical Daily. ‘If they have no family history of skin cancer, they should still be checked at least twice a year, rather than the annual check we recommend for everyone else. If they have a family history of skin cancer, they should be checked every three months.’ The researchers wanted to compare the impact of pigment with that of sunlight on fair skin so they ‘turned off’ a receptor in mice that caused their hair to turn red. The mice with the ‘turned off’ receptor developed skin cancer without being subjected to UV light. This suggests that the pheomelanin pathway is what causes skin cancer in redheads.

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findings provide more evidence that redheads should take extra care in the sun.


Scientists have discovered that the production of red hair pigment causes an increased risk of melanoma. Until now it was believed that people with red hair were more prone to skin cancer simply because of their fair skin, however, the new research suggest that there is more to it. According to Medical Daily, scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Cutaneous Biology Research Centre have two theories as to why red pigment causes a vulnerability to skin cancer. They say that cells make two different pigments – dark brown eumelanin and red/ orange pheomelanin. Their first theory is that the production of pheomelanin – as seen in people with red hair - is linked to oxidative stress and that this could cause cancer cells to develop. Alternatively, they say pheomelanin creation could use up skin cells’ antioxidant stores which would increase cancer risk. Either way, the researchers say that the

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...take care of your pets...

Help Your Cat Beat the Heat

Don’t Take Chances with Heatstroke and Sunburn

You know the drill: the sun is blinding, relentlessly beating down reminiscent of a Stephen King novel. If you don’t have air conditioning, you seek out shady spots and sigh in relief from the slightest breeze, otherwise you huddle inside. Your thirsty body craves fluids, and the beverage of choice suddenly becomes water.


Dra. Ellen Sobry

If you stay in the sun too long you may become dizzy, have heart palpitations, and increased internal temperature, all signs of impending heat exhaustion. Consider this: before you ever reach that point, your cat may also be showing signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Although heat stroke is more

Small friendly kennels 24hr vets service pet transporting arranged welcome to view ministry approved

Tracy 650 211 952

water, but to pique kitty’s interest in drinking. Strangely enough, cats affected by external heat may refuse to drink water, exacerbating the problem of dehydration, so you may want to “force” water by using an eyedropper or syringe. Be careful not to shoot the water down his throat as it can enter his lungs and/or cause choking. Just dribble a drop or two at a time in the corner of his mouth, which will help hydrate him and draw his interest to drinking on his own. If your cat exhibits any of the signs above that lead you to think he is suffering heat exhaustion, cool him down as quickly as possible by immersing him in cool water, and then wrapping him with wet towels. Then get him to the veterinarian immediately. This is a serious, potentially fatal condition. White cats, or cats with white ears and faces, are particularly susceptible to sunburn. Over a period of time, repeated exposure to the sun can cause squamous cell carcinoma, a cancer found most often on the tips of the ears and nose. Early signs are a sore that does not heal, or that bleeds.

Palomino Kennels

Exclusive Boarding Kennels/Cattery

Clinivet now has a new digital x-ray which will provide a faster and higer quality of care to 0034 950 069 780 their furry 0034 626 171 999 Avenida de Almeria 1 Bis local 2, Edf la para, 04639 patients Turre, Almeria

woodhouse boarding kennels & cattery arboleas

commonly discussed in dogs, because of people’s propensity to leave them in parked cars, cats can be affected too. Cats can’t always tell you they’re not feeling up to par, but they sure can show you. Early symptoms of heat stroke and the accompanying dehydration are: Panting, Anxiety, possibly demonstrated by pacing,

Increased heartbeat, Respiratory distress or hyperventilation (Breeds with flat noses may exhibit this earlier because of compromised airways.), Dark red gums, Lethargy, Increased internal body temperature Your cat’s internal temperature should be between 100.5° and 101.5° F. A temperature of 104° or more is a definite warning sign You can help your cat survive extremely hot weather by keeping him indoors in a cool interior room. Rubbing him down with a damp towel will help; so will immersing his feet in a tub of cool water. Wrapping a cold compress under the cat’s neck will also help cool him off. He may fight at first, but most likely will appreciate it once he gets used to the idea. Try wrapping a plastic bag of frozen peas in a towel, and placing in in his bed for a cool spot to lie. The peas will rearrange themselves to fit his contours and he’ll have a “custom spa” for cooling off. The optimum water bowl is an automatic water dispenser. There are a variety of them on the market, but after testing many over the years, I have returned time and again to my favorite, the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain I have three of them in my home - one in the dining room, one in my bedroom and one in my son’s bedroom. As anyone who has ever dipped a toe in a mountain spring knows, fresh, flowing water stays naturally cool. Lacking an automated fountain, make sure your cat has several bowls of cool water available. It doesn’t hurt to drop an ice cube in once in awhile, not only to cool the

Glad t me to hey sent Pa Kenne ls whi lomino back t e they wen o t wet En cold & gland !

Offer a Warm, Friendly Environment in a secure Countryside Setting. All Diet Requirements Catered for. Daily Exercise in 10 Acre Estate, Vet on 24/7 standby. (25 years Experience).

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Along the stunning Costa del Sol about 50 kilometres east of Málaga, lies the town of Nerja. The area of this town now known as the ‘Balcony of Europe,’ was once a Moorish fortress prior to Spain’s war with the Moors.

After the town had been subject to an attack by British marines in 1810 and a devastating earthquake in 1884, King Alfonso XII visited this area, giving it the name as ‘Europe’s Balcony’, before he passed away. To commemorate his honour, the eastern side of the balcony hosts a life-sized bronze statue of the King looking out over the ocean. Neatly lined with palm trees, cafés, bars and restaurants, the entrance boulevard is a buzzing spot of street entertainers and liveliness till late hours of the night, particularly during summer time. Throughout the year, Balcón de Europa is also the main location for various fiestas, concerts, dance shows and other performances, as well as its spectacular New Years fireworks displays. With the balcony running along the edge of a rocky cliff, high above the Mediterranean sea, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the of beaches and coves surrounding the Andalusian town, which is enhanced by the visitor binoculars and benches provided around its surrounding railings. Balcón de Europa is also famous for its sunsets and sunrise, during which times both the boulevard and balcony itself get the most crowded. The town of Nerja stretches over 13 kilometres of beaches, which undoubtedly contributes to its thriving tourism. Attracting activities like scuba diving, canoeing, sailing and water skiing, together with its traditional beauty of old monuments and historical buildings such as its caves, its Castle dating back to 1509 and its Parochial Church; the popularity of the town amongst both visitors and locals continues to expand. Candice Parsons is a writer and avid Spain and Spanish culture lover from Melbourne, Australia. ‘Like’ my Facebook page: www.facebook. com/pandemicrhapsody and follow me on Twitter @MiLlamoCandi


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Q. Is this the right time to purchase in Spain? A. This is not a legal query, but we frequently receive e-mails with precisely this question. Nobody has the magic ball to know for certain what will happen in the next year or two, but their is no doubt that their are extremely good opportunities and that it is presently a buyers market. Their are definitely many more transactions happening this year in Almería compared to last year . Those who where waiting to purchase have realised that they cannot wait fore ever and the sellers have reduced their price expectations in line with the market. The bank are also offering properties at greatly reduced prices, with generous finance if you purchase one of their properties. The market though is full of disparity regarding prices. In the same estate agent´s windows you will find properties with prices more appropriate for 2007 then 2013, and yet in the same window you will find a property priced by a motivated seller at a reduction of 50% on the 2007 prices. As long as you have the patience and are prepared to put some work into the property hunt I would say that is is an excellent time to purchase a property in Almeria Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.

THE SPAINIAC | Balcón de Europa | Candice Parsons



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TYRE KING The Best Deal for Miles

ly furniture company Koala Furniture A friend lising in leather sofa in Antas Ind. Estate specia th a huge selection of and garden furniture. Wi ric range of sofas with fantastic leather and fab al recliners or fix, in electric recliners, manu response to your needs. ty garden furniture Fantastic range of quali r, ke aluminium, mosaic make with synthetic wic new bed? You can find or wood. Looking for a r home and have all all that you need for you sses + memory foam the best quality mattre m with a solid base mattresses , combining the storage it depending , electric base or divan to what you need. oom and look at our Come along to our showr and garden furniture, special offers on home you. Call 950 392 307 a warm welcome awaits Lifestyle enclosures......more than just an enclosure company: the company was formed back in 2005 and their name is now synonymous with Florida style fly free enclosures and all types of insect screening. Since then, many more lifestyle enhancing products have been added to their range. They are the area’s leading installer of glass curtain systems, working closely with three manufacturers to ensure that they have a system to suit your requirements and budget. Frameless glass curtains are ideal to turn your outdoor terrace area into a winter suntrap, when the sun is very warm they open up fully and stow neatly away.

Shop a new Integral Auto Car Wash & Estate. Full ial ustr business opened on the Ind car - motorcycle - van - 4x4 Out Only And de Car Wash Valet Cleaned Insi Motorhome quad - trailer - wheelbarrow aning, Cle l rna Inte 18 euros. Hand Washing, shing, Poli & Upvc and aluminium glazing systems are also part ● All new tyres supplied have xing Upholstery Cleaning, Wa tion, tora Res ht of their growing portfolio. From a porch to a patio dlig manufacturers warranty Engine Cleaning, Hea d Han ond Sec . tion enclosure, lifestyle enclosures have a solution to ● Computerisedtracking Xenon Lights and Naviga vice Ser y iver Del & enhance your outdoor living. As Andalucía’s only including 4x4s Cars For Sale. Collection approved stockist of Flo-plast rainwater systems, Integral ● While you wait service Available. lifestyle enclosures offer several colours and styles ● Motorbike tyre specialists Auto Pol Ind El Real de TYRE KING - the place of guttering for DIY or a full installation service is balancing - computerised laser tracking - punctures Antas C/Ventevacio to come for all your tyre available. A range of awnings, toldo’s and blinds are Nave 12 Tel 950 459 needs. Competitive Poligono El Real, Calle El Garcel F19, Antas also available. A full range of fabrics and designs prices, expertise and 304 Tel: 950 459 253 e: experience, but also can be viewed in the showroom. Open: Mon - Fri: 9.30 - 17.30 service and honesty are at the core of this family Come along D’Carlos Mobiliario - can assist you in to our run business. Now in showroom furnishing and supplying a quality range of goods its 3rd year they have Beds, Furniture, to create your new home. Carlos the owner who invested in a state of Mattresses, Sofas, Lounge the art wheel alignment does speak English has been in the business for & Bedroom system that can now Furniture 14 years and has been in his own showroom for the & manufacturers track the majority of of sofas last 8 years. “We believe in customer satisfaction vehicles including 4x4´s. and building our business by recommendation”. Advice is always given honestly and freely, if you We are here to help with completely furnishing would like your tyres and your home. Everything you need to furnish each tyre pressures checked, room. -.From Sofas to Beds & Dining Tables to please call in: Poligono Garden Furniture. Beds, Furniture, Mattresses, Industrial El Real, Calle El Garcel F19 No2, Antas Sofas, Lounge & Bedroom Furniture. Come along Parque Industrial El Real, Antas E14 04628, Tel 950 459 253 to our showroom and look at our prices. We are Hours: Mon - Fri : 09.30 on the Poligono Industrial Estate along by Costa Poligono Ind. El Real c/Fuente Bermeja no.20 04628 ANTAS (Almeria) - 17.30 A7 Coches : Tel 950 459 037 Mobile 667 658 059 Next to Costa Coches Tel: 950 459 037 OR 667 658 059 eja 20 c/Fuente Berm


Albox RBL – more to come!

Full Car Wash Valet Cleaned Inside & Out

Special Price from 18€


wet wednesday special offer free Second Hand car polish with Cars For Sale every car wash Hand Washing - Internal Cleaning - Upholstery Cleaning - Waxing & Polish Engine Cleaning - Headlight Restoration - Xenon Lights - Navigation

Taller DAYDO

The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of the lowest price forgotten opening hours: Mon to Fri 9am-2pm & 4pm-7pm & Sat 9am-1pm - Poligono El Real de Antas, Calle Lugerici Viejo, 04628 Antas

Most s le Vehic ed Ser vic85€ from


Get your car le


Complete Import Service Homologation / ITV / Headlights & All Paperwork




Present this co upon in our office & we wi ll re-gas your Car air-condi tioning


All Work Guaranteed - Diagnostic Service, Emision Test (Petrol Cars) Paint & Bodywork Done By Experienced Sub-contractor

The Albox branch of The Royal British Legion is a busy and sociable Branch with loads to offer. This month there is a Treasure Hunt on the 19th May starting from the car park next to La Parrilla Hotel and ending at a secret location where the 10 Euros for member and 11 Euros for non-members entitles you to a roast dinner of pork or beef. Tickets are available at the meeting on the 16th or from Bob Cowan on 608049490 or email him at At the monthly meeting on the 16th at the usual venue of La Parrilla Hotel & Restaurant in the main square of Albox the guest speakers will be from the Angels Nursing Group (not to be confused with Almeria Angels) who will be bringing along a nurse for free health checks for some of the lucky members and guests who will attend. Tickets can also be bought for the epic ‘Summer Evening of Musical Memories’ being produced by the Piedra Amphitheatre on the 23rd June and sponsored by Ibex with all proceeds going to the RBL and MACS charities. Amongst the acts will be Voices of Almanzora, Independent Theatre Group, Jill from jj music, Sweet Charity Group, and more. There is a car boot sale at the location from 10.00 to 14.00 then a BBQ from 18.30 with the musical evening starting at 1900. The reasonable price of only 10 Euros a ticket also includes the cost of the BBQ. Tickets are also available from MACS outlets or from Bob Cowan on 608049490 or email him at This is just a selection of the social activities planned by this busy and friendly Branch, so why not come along to one of our regular meetings (coffee morning 1st Thursday of each month, monthly meeting 3rd Thursday) at La Parrilla and if you like what we do join us in our goal of providing welfare help and support for serving and ex-service men & women. You do not have to be ex-services to join and if you served in one of the armed forces for at least 7 days you will be entitled to our support. If you require more details for any of the activities and events for the Albox branch contact the chairman, Peter Phillips, on 693483392 or email peatpee@, or visit the branch website,

Tel & Fax 950 459 116 - Mob 607 373 298



By Tony Matthews

Regarded as one of the greatest managers in the history of the game, Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement as Manchester United boss on 8 May. Born in Glasgow on December 31, 1941, ‘Fergie’ scored 171 goals in 317 League games for six Scottish League clubs, including Rangers, and managed East Stirlingshire, St Mirren, Scotland and Aberdeen before taking over from Ron Atkinson as manager at Old Trafford on 6 November 1986. Over the last 26 years and eight months, he has guided United to 38 trophies, 28 of them major, including 13 Premiership titles, two Champions League triumphs and five FA Cup final victories. He has won the Manager of the Year award a record 10 times; received an OBE in 1983, a CBE in 1995 and a knighthood in 1999 (all for his services to football) and he is also a Freeman of the City of Aberdeen. ‘Fergie’ will celebrate his 1,500th game in charge of Manchester United on Sunday, away to West Bromwich Albion…. and millions, worldwide will, for sure, in heart and mind, say ‘congratulations, well done and good luck’ to one of football’s finest managers, certainly from the last half-century. David Beckham told me: “He wasn’t just the greatest and best manager I ever played under, he was also a father figure to me from the moment I arrived at Old Trafford until the day I left. Without him I would never have achieved what I have done in my career. Thank you boss and enjoy the rest!” Here, here. Everton’s David Moyes will take over the managerial duties at Old Trafford on 1st July.



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The Festival Of San Isidro Is Opened By The Mayor

The first of the seventeen festivals celebrated in the municipality of Roquetas de Mar took place last weekend in El Parador. The mayor Gabriel Amat switched on the lights at the opening ceremony and he was accompanied by ten members of the town council.

Should The Wealthy Pay More Tax? Expatriates living in Europe could potentially be hit for even more taxes in future. As reported in The Telegraph, Germany’s council of economic experts, senior advisers to Chancellor Angela Merkel, have proposed that if and where more bailout funding is needed, better off households in that country will have to contribute towards the cost. This would be through the imposition of a wealth tax on properties and other assets. So, if the Spanish government eventually needs a bailout – as some analysts believe is possible - residents with higher end properties or other assets could have to pay some sort of tax on this wealth, probably over and above Spain’s existing wealth tax. German economists argue that richer home owners in Spain, Portugal and Greece have not paid their fair share towards rescuing the beleaguered Euro. They believe there is enough

wealth held in property and private assets in the southern European states to cover their bailout costs. Professor Bofinger, one of Mrs Merkel’s chief advisers, believes that it would be better to tax less transient assets, like property. He told Der Speigel magazine: “For example, over the next 10 years, the rich should give up a portion of their assets”. As Bill Blevins has warned in his articles, the Euro crisis is a significant threat to wealth preservation because it has led to the imposition of higher and higher taxes on capital and wealth, particularly for wealthier families. And now private capital may be targeted even more, this time to directly contribute towards bailout costs or funds to save a failing economy. Tax authorities are also demanding higher levels of disclosure, attacking offshore tax havens and closing many tax exemptions.


By John McCann, Senior Partner, Blevins Fr anks To preserve your wealth you need to seek experienced and professional advice on the most tax efficient ways to hold your assets –many expatriates pay much more tax than necessary. As tax planning has become much more complex, expert advice is essential to ensure that you get it right, that it is based on the latest tax law, and fully legitimate. Speak to a firm like Blevins Franks which has specialised in effective tax planning for British expatriates for decades. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website www.



the british legion adventure continues (part 2)

Our journey continues on from Ronda, as we say farewell to our English-speaking Ronda guide, in the safe hands of Cristian, our very able driver. This takes us further over the tops to Antequera, which sits next to the A92 Motorway, a journey of about one and a half hours and more information from Veronique during the second-leg of day one! The first night rest-stop is at the Antequera Golf Hotel, which is not next to the golf course, but is a very modern hotel. Another meal awaited us, following check-in and another drink to get us in the mood for dinner! Next morning, after a large breakfast, it was back on

the coach and off to visit the Dolmen sites of Antequera. The Spanish say Dolmenes de Antequera, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and current theory dates them back some 6,500 years! The group enjoyed free admission into the visitor centre and a twelve minute video explaining all about the Dolmens and the theory of their creation, which is thought to have been for ritual and funerary purposes etc. Then a short walk up the hillside to take a peek inside THE MENGA CHAMBER. To find out more, why not Google the Dolmens and learn a little more about the megalithic landscape of Antequera. A must visit if you are in the area! These Megaliths are prehistoric Europe’s first form of monumental architecture and demonstrate a wide variety of architectural techniques and solutions, but they are generically characterised by the use of large blocks of stone to create chambers and enclosed rooms covered by lintelled roofs or false cupolas. So, used for ritual and funerary purpose. Photos of the group can be seen outside the Menga Chamber. The groups next item was a visit to the City Museum of Antequera, located in the town centre and surrounded by many churches! And, for one €1.40, it was well worth a visit to the museum. After all this excitement and energy sapping sightseeing, it was time to take a break and have a well-earned cup of coffee before we ventured forth to Cordoba, the jewel-inthe-crown of our three day tour.

More Lifeguards For Roquetas Beaches This Year


The Town Hall announced last week it will be recruiting 20 extra lifeguards for the forthcoming season. The summer season officially starts on 1st June and runs until the end of September and this year the beach department is increasing the number of people who patrol the beaches to fifty. This is in addition to the large number of volunteers from organisations such as the Red Cross. Roquetas has maintained

one of the highest standards for its beaches in the whole of Andalucia and this latest initiative falls in line with the councils ongoing commitment to raising those standards. The council considers the beaches to be the most important reason people choose to spend their holidays here and put every effort into ensuring not only the beaches, but the facilities around them are in perfect condition. Roquetas was the first municipality in Andalucia to receive the ‘Q’ for quality award for all its beaches, as well as the coveted blue flag award for excellence; it was also recently incorporated into the so called ‘Eco beach’ scheme; beaches which are worthy of note for their ecological and environmental upkeep. As I reported a few weeks ago, new equipment has been introduced to improve the level of beach cleaning this year and staff recently attended a course to raise their understanding of environmental issues

affecting this coastline. This year will also see an increase in the number of areas on the beaches set aside for people with disabilities. New access routes have been installed along with new specialist equipment such as chairs and sun loungers, hoists, showers, toilets and shaded areas. Professional staff and volunteers provide a daily care service in these areas and people wanting more information about this service can find it on the council website: And in recognition of the efforts the council has made to cater for the needs of people with disabilities, Roquetas has now been included on the list of holiday destinations recommended for the disabled. The Spanish Confederation for People with Disabilities released the new list last week and praised the work that has been done in Roquetas to fulfil the requirements set out in their guidelines document issued to holiday destinations last year.

More next week, so adios and look out for part three!


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Sundance Spas

Pool Maintenance S.L. Open: Monday - Thursday 9am - 2.30pm & 4pm - 7pm, friday 9am - 2.30pm & 4pm - 6pm Closed Saturday & Sunday

Spring into a New Sundance Spa this summer Professional swimming pool cleaners our company has been maintaining pools for over 20 years. from routine cleaning to acid washes & grouting from pump repairs to leaking joints

ooms r show r ou o t Come along Sundance Spas Lots of Special Offers on Genuine Also Good Selection of Second Hand Spas

We Purchase Your Old Spa Cash Paid

Up To 50% Off Selected Spas

Mojacar Showroom, Paseo de Mediterraneo, 171

Tel: 950 472 845 •


property group

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563 You can find us on mojacar playa



turre reduced

South facing refurbished 1 bed / 1 bath apart with balcony within 100 meters to beach & amenities. No community fees. Ref. 1348

2 bed / 1 bath Penthouse with solarium within walking distance to amenities. Central air con. Fully furnished. Ref. 1108

nr Cuevas



el calon


Nice ground floor 2 bed / 1 bath Apartment on lovely community only 50 meters to beach. Fully furnished. Air con. Ref. 1057


mojacar playa

mojacar playa


2 bed / 2 bath Apartment with sea views within walking distance to beach & amenities. Terrace 18 m². Communal pools. Ref. 1070

mojacar playa



3 bed / 2 bath Penthouse with mountains & sea views. Terrace: aprox. 50 m². Store room. Parking & Communal pool. Ref. 1167

Large 4 bed / 3 bath Townhouse with garage on quiet hamlet within 15 minutes drive to beach & Desert Springs Golf. Ref. 1165

nr Antas


agua nueva reduced

4 bed / 3 bath Villa with pool and garage on plot of 500 m² close to beach & amenities. Central heating. Ref 1495

3 bed / 1 bath charming detached Cortijo with garage in small hamlet within 25 min drive to beach. 2 plots: 558 m². Ref. 1082

Mojacar Playa reduced


End of terrace south facing 2 bed / 2 bath Townhouse. Sea views. Walking distance to beach. Communal pool & parking. Ref.1235



2 bed / 2 bath charming Villa with amazing coastal views. Plot 180 m². Air con & fire place. Communal pool. Ref 1035

Mojacar playa Bargain


3 bed / 2 bath spacious Townhouse with private garage within 200 m to beach. Small gated community with pool. Ref 1483

Mojacar Playa charming


3 bed / 3 bath large semi detached Townhouse within 5 min walk to beach and amenities. Terraces & solarium: 96 m². Ref 1137

velez rubio reduced


4 bed / 1 bath lovely countryside House with garage and store room on plot of 36.500 m² with fruit trees. Ref.1252

mojacar playa reduced


2 bed / 2 bath new built Villa. Underground garage. Plot of 400 m². 2 terraces & solarium. Build: 71 m². Garage: 50 m². Ref. 1169



3 bed / 3 bath spacious Townhouse. South facing. Garage, terrace, solarium Plot 116m². Air con. No community charges. Ref 1053


3 bed / 2 bath charming detached Cortijo with garage set on the Huerta de Abajo on plot of 7.000 m². Bargain! Ref 1196

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.



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City & Guilds & ACS qualifications, CORGI registered with 10 years experience

for business


Chris: 637 82 97 87 / 618 06 20 80 Gas & Oil Fired Central Heating - Gas Appliances Plumbing - Servicing - Repairs - Installations FREE QUOTATIONS & ADVICE


New Walls New Roofs Structual Alterations

All Building Work Undertaken

professional bricklayer Building for you Phone Gerard - 626 730



Mosquito Screens & Blinds

• Pull down / Sliding Blinds replacement windows & doors & Screens, Windows & Patios Aluminuim & UPVC fitted • Vertical Blinds & made to measure • Security Grills Supplying & fitting windows • Awnings & doors for 25 years

All areas covered ~ speedy Response Call now for your no-obligation quote

Tel: 600 049 515 Get The Best For Less

Garages, Patios, Boundary Walls, Cladding Driveways, Tiling plus more... Painting & Decorating ( from 50€ per room including paint) Also All Exterior Painting and Damp-Proofing GUARANTEED TO BEAT ANY QUOTE For free estimate or advice please call Steve on 950 930 536 or 634 306 690

British Plasterer

• 8 years in Spain with 25 years experience • Quality work guaranteed • References available

Tel: 634 327 201 / 661 129 028 Email:

Clean Team

swift transport • Deliveries to / from UK • Monthly runs • Local deliveries also available

Wayne English

spain-uk-spain 07857 484886 Uk +34 618 511 234 Spain

full / part loads uk shopping

pucker plastering & tiling Damproofing and SIKA TANKING Specialist Guaranteed British quality internal plaster finish

covering all aspects of:

Rendering, Plastering, Floor Screeding, Morticem, Partition Walls, Tape & Joint, Dry-Lining, MF Ceilings, Re-Skims, Coving, Cornice & Mouldings 28 years Experience in the trade 9 years in Spain English & Spanish Fluent

697524238 covering Baza to Mojacar

Digger Hire available references available

call lee on 636 092 632

m fro

€ 35 .0 0

Tel: 950 930 652 Mob: 634 332 502 E-mail:

Coastal Mosquitos Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh

Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings

tel: 950 930 900 968 969 962

construction & drainage • walls • paving • extensions • cladding

Holiday ers Change Ov

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700

elite plant hire • general builders • jcb 3cx hire • patios • roofing

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services Quality Cleaning at an Affordable Price 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Regular or One-Off Service No Job Too Big or Too Small All Areas Covered

Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

Solar Oil Gas Solid Fuel pellet

fully legal company with public liability insurance • Cortijo Pipa, Avda de Limaria 1, Limaria, arboleas


This month’s offers are

1 x tub chlorine plus 1 x jolly gel - only 30€ 2 x Mix and match tubs - only 36€ Glass medium sand change (up to 5 sacks) - only 200€ Normal silica sand change (up to 5 sacks) - 80€

FIND US In Longo’s Courtyard

Shop: 950 104 345 or Maintenance: 637 582 696


RENTALS - SALES -MANAGEMENT - MAINTENANCE “We have 15 years experience of the local coastal property market, with an unrivalled reputation for reliable, honest advice and value for money and we urgently need more properties to sell and rent. We believe our commission charges are unbeatable - check us out.”

property guide.... Property Sales • Property Management • Long & short term rentals • Insurance

We Urgently Need Quality Properties Both For Sale & Rent We Have Clients Waiting... 309 Paseo del Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa (50m from Ferreteria Lopez)

Tel: 950 478 834 Ref:LA/GK - 3 bed 1st fl. apt, 3 pools & gardens. 300m to beach, tennis, lift

MOJACAR - reduced €124,950

Ref. BG/GAV – Price to sell 1 bed apt, modernised ,beach 100m, A/C, terrace.


O Olive


Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466

C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm


Bargain price for Bedar village. Brand new apartment, 2 bed, 1 bath with huge terrace, underground parking and fabulous sea views.

Ref: pr/Mg 2 bed 1.5 bath, 1st floor apt, terraces, solaruim, a/c, nr beach, pool

MOJACAR - reduced €84,950

Ref: OA/HM Stunning 2 bed, 2 bath apart. on Oasis de Mar, solaruim, pool


MOJACAR - NEW €169,950

Apartment For Sale on golf course

Prices stated are fixed for 7 days mininum from the time of going to press, include sales commission and exclude taxes and notary or other legal charges and fees

Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best Indalo)

Tel: 950 478 612 / 610 808 631 

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen with white goods, Nice views of golf course parking, Mojacar approx 7 mins

now only


T: 664 291 793

Returning to UK?

£69,000 ono

MODERN PARKHOME (NW Leicestershire)

Private sale of this lovely home on a secure, well established, residential park and at an extremely attractive price.

> 2 Fitted Bedrooms

The number of Spanish people who have emigrated to the UK has trebled in the past decade, recent studies claim. Around 11,000 moved to Britain in 2002, compared to 30,000 in 2011, according to head of the High Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC), Amparo González. But she does not believe the economic crisis in Spain is the main driving factor. Although González, an expert in sociology, says the number of Spanish people who got their first National Insurance numbers in the UK to be able to work went up by 6,000 in just one year between 2010 and 2011, which shows an ‘evident’ impact caused by the recession in their home country, she says moving abroad is ‘a costly and risky exercise’ that requires resources such as a human support network, sound knowledge of the language of the destination country, enough money to get settled until they find stable work and get their first pay packet, and no financial or family ties in Spain. Research shows that the typical profile of a Spanish migrant to the UK is aged 35 to 44 with high qualifications and financially comfortable, armed with plenty of information and usually with a job offer in the shape of a promotion already in hand. There is no real distinction between gender, since there are as many men as women moving to Britain to work. “Put another way, people who have been unemployed for two years or more, for example, are less likely to leave Spain because they generally do not have the personal or family resources to do so,” explains González. “The current level of Spanish migrants is a new situation, but is largely due to the fact that those who do so are much more highly-qualified than those who moved abroad in the 1960s or 1970s, and that they are tending to aim for countries where the move goes much more smoothly thanks to the rights every European Union citizen has in any of the other member States or countries in the wider European Economic Community [such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, which are not EU members], although the likelihood of their returning to Spain in the future is difficult to assess. “The government’s refusal to recognise that emigration is rising rapidly is very worrying.” Numbers of Spanish people who have left the country for the long term or for good are likely to be considerably higher, however, González adds. According to the Census of Spaniards Resident Abroad (CERA), a total of 176,770 people have moved to another country in the last five years, but this is very probably just a fraction of the true figure. “Only a minority of those who leave Spain register as residents with the Spanish Consulate in their new countries and, of the few who do so, this is rarely at the very same time as they leave but rather, in general, several years later when they are already established there. “To this end, at best the figures we have help us to detect emigration trends – albeit with some delay – but will never allow us to assess the true magnitude of the exodus of Spaniards,” concludes González.



Spanish emigration to the UK rises threefold in 10 years


> Large lounge/diner > Inclusive fitted kitchen > Luxury shower room/WC

UK: 01455 293603 





cALL 663 977 230 EMAIL:

Vera Playa Apartment

...CALL 902 750 190


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coffee break

Across 1 How much you’ll get for your money elsewhere - possible clue for a forest? (5,2,8) 9 Decadent iron over rough feet (6) 10 Aren’t tea breaks for an animal? (8) 11 Unusually chilly at local building (4,4) 14 Base in chalk alignment (6) 17 See 3 Down 20 Excessive tray smashing in longing for what a young child might need (5,8) 23 Without question, destruction of Iraq’s outside American country (6) 25 Making nomenclatures easily memorable, only needing initial characters, perhaps (8) 28 See 3 Down 29 Go back over her return as Hungarian leader (6) 30 Flag carriers for usual animals (without hesitation) (8-7)

hundred holders for smokers (9) 17 Build a nest for stakes (5) 18 Rule Niger again (5) 19 Saying I’m without Princess at beginning of October (5) 21 Reach at mutated part of body (7) 22 Rub up outside one good southern part of California (3,3) 24 Rotated about right turn down (5) 25 Firm use dampeners to hide thought (5) 26 English queen that is strange (5) 27 Different mums avoid M&S (5)



Down 1 Examine (6) 2 Amply (6) 3 Classical music theatre (5) 4 Appearing (7) 6 Incites (9)

7 Disputant (8) 8 Most intelligent (8) 11 Tangelo (4) 15 Intersection (9) 17 Wolverine (8) 18 Supposedly, a policeman’s favorite (8) 20 Seeded (4) 21 Realistic (7) 22 Manly (6) 23 Prove true or correct (6) 26 An old gold coin (5)

Very Hard!




Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

1 Dolphin (8) 5 Slaps (6) 9 Shot up abruptly (8) 10 Capital of Canada (6) 12 Scavenging (9) 13 Barf (5) 14 Shadow (archaic) (4) 16 Purposes (7) 19 Romantic (7) 21 Passport (4) 24 Coops (5)

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food & & drink don’t forget to send your recipes to


l Supermercado

ouch T A of Italy

Tel: 950 43 00 43

Sol Supermercado is a supermarket specialising in British products, including dry foods, frozen and chilled foods, household items, toiletries and pet foods/treats. Due this week we have a large delivery from England, containing all your favourite products and more besides! We have many new lines in our freezers, come in and have a browse and check out our low prices. If there is a particular frozen item you would like us to try and get in for you, please let us know. This month, due to customer requests, we are re-starting our ‘spend €20 or more and receive €10 worth of goods in-store promotion’. By the way we are still waiting for number 132 to claim their prize! Dig deep and check your purses and wallets!! Based in Avda Lepanto in Albox, we are located close to  Mercadona the front entrance of Mercadona. Open We are Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm and here Saturdays 10.00am – 3.00pm.

Arboleas BP

Garage  Baza

showbar & restaurant

The Irish Rover

Your No1 Entertainment Venue in Mojacar for All the Family

Fantastic New menu of the Day only 10€ per person

friday 28th june

Chicken, Chips, Salad & a Only Bottle of Wine per 2 People 15€

The Return of


with his Rat Pack Tribute

Friday 31st May

Rich Lucas

telephone: 950 473 135 mojacar playa between Lua & Moma Beach

Open 10am till late 7 days a week

s Fish & Chip with tter d a Bre & Bu


Restaurante Pizzeria Nautilus WEEKEND PIZZA


Tel: 950 132 890

Onpl/yp €8

YELLOW STONE BAR Food Around The World Dining Group on Sunday 26th May welcomes you to:



Friday Evening 17th May Saturday Lunchtime 18th May Sunday Lunchtime 19th May

Main Courses

Paseo Maritimo Urbanizacion Mary Cielo, Local 18, Vera Playa

nSaturday Friday Evening 7 - 12 e p Lunchtime 11.30 - 12 O Sunday Lunchtime 11.30 - 12

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Salad


Homemade Minestrone Soup, just like Mamma used to make it! Antipasto – a selection of cheese & cured meats served with olives & not forgetting cherry tomatoes & olive oil

Chicken Milanese with Mushroom Marsala Sauce served with baby roast potatoes & a cold pesto, tomato & pasta salad

(Chicken can be replaced with Veal but it must be pre-ordered and will be charged at an extra €2,50)

Minced Beef & Aubergine Melanzane alla Parmigiana served with Farro Salad with Roasted Peppers & Fresh Herbs. (A glass of White, Red or Rose wine will be served with your main course)


Torta di Mele – a moist Apple Cake served with cream Panna Cotta & Mixed Berry Compote €11,95 per person

Bookings Mandatory (€5 reservation deposit per person) Telephone 634 332 178

find us using GPS Co-ordinates Lat: 37.38738 Long: -2.201018

Tues - Sat: 9am - 9pm, Sun - Mon: 12 - 7pm



BOOKING s only

BOOKING s only

Bread & Ali-oli, Salad PAELLA (Fish Or Meat) 20€ FOR 2 PEOPLE

Bread & Ali-oli, Salad Half a Spit-Roast Chicken, served with Chips


14.95€ FOR 2 PEOPLE



Open Tuesday - Sunday

10am til Late

Fantastic ALL YOU CAN EAT Pizza You won’t go home hungry

Mixed salad, chips, 6 x variety of Pizza (thin cut) Eat as much as you like in the evening

Pre - Starter


FISH’N’CHIPS - 5.50€



Tuesday: Art Class 2-4pm Wednesday: Speak Spanish With Antonio 1:30pm-3pm Soft Ball Cricket 6pm Thursday: Quiz Night 8pm TAPAS & OTHER FOOD AVAILABLE


CALL 637 061 489 (ENG) OR 678 834 747 (ESP)


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES



Bar Menu & Snacks Home-made puds

Burgers, Lasagne, pies, Omelettes, chilli plus

All Day Breakfast from 9am


onl y €

2 Courses


served 12 - 3 except Fri & Sun

Includes FREE Tea or Coffee

friday & SATURDAY

Friday & Saturday

Cod ‘n’ ChipS

Our Restaurant is Open 6pm-9pm

Beerfrom battered 5.95€ Atlantic Cod, Homemade Chips, Mushy or Garden PeaS SERVED 12-9pm

EVENING from MENU 5.95€

Traditional SUNDAY LUNCH

Delicious & Home-cooked nl y o served A Choice of Topside Of Beef & 12.30 - 5pm Yorkshire Pudding; Roast Pork With Crackling And Apple Sauce Tender or Roast Chicken With Stuffing - all served with Locallygrown Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables & a Glass Of House Wine, Tubo of Beer or a Coffee

6.95€ to include a FREE Drink

Los Mellizos Restaurant

La Alfoquia, Zurgena

Starters, Puddings - 2€ each



Activities at Monday

Line Dancing with Gillie 2:30pm ROCK’N’ ROLL 7:30PM


Quirky Quiz - 7:30pm


Line Dancing with Carrie 2:30pm-4:30pm & 7:30pm


Ceroc Dancing & Fun Social Night 7:30pm

PLUS... Art Classes (held most days)... Computer Club ...Keep fit & slimming classes

check the board for times



950 120 718 / 610 641 567


BP Garage


← ARBOLEAS BAZA → Av•••AL . L BO ep an X → to


ecials Daily sp 4€ r details) frobm o oards f

Open Mon - Fri 8am - late. Sat & Sun 9am - late

Tlf: 667 919 025

...recipe of the week...

Herbs with a twist! Mackerel with coriander and parsley

Serves 4 4 cloves of garlic, peeled A large handful of coriander A large handful of parsley 1tsp coriander seeds, freshly ground 2tsp cumin seeds, freshly ground 1½tsp tumeric A pinch of chilli flakes (to taste) 1tsp sweet, smoked or regular paprika 1tsp salt 1 preserved lemon Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon, plus 2 lemons, sliced, for the fish cavities 4tbsp olive oil 4 medium whole mackerel Rice, couscous or salad, to serve

Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas 6. Pound in a pestle and mortar (or pulse in a food processor to roughly chop) the garlic, fresh herbs, coriander and cumin seeds, tumeric, chilli, paprika and salt. Quarter the preserved lemon , remove and discard the flesh, then finely chop the skin and add it to the paste with the fresh lemon zest and juice. Add the oil to loosen. Slash the flesh of the fish on both sides and place into a large roasting tray. Season, add the lemon slices to the cavities and smear some of the herb and spice mixture all over. Roast for 1520 minutes until golden and cooked through – the flesh should turn opaque. Serve with rice, couscous or salad.




el Cucador


Enjoy Wonderful Views over the Olive Groves



our main menu includes


16oz steaks ~ mixed grills ~ Fresh Fish

sunday lunch

menu changes weekly

Dine in our Candelit Restaurant wed - sat evenings SATURDAY EARLY BIRD MENU

served 12.30PM - 5PM includes a complimentary coffee & chocolate booking recommended

5-7PM FROM 6€

TO INCLUDE SALAD, BREAD & ALI- OLI Apple & Sage Pork Fillet 7.45€ Medallions of fillet Pork stuffed with apple & sage dressed with a cider sauce



5.95€ in the Bar

Baked Dorada 7.45€ Oven-baked locally sourced Dorada infused with lemon, dill & butter

Beer-battered cod

Creamy Chicken 7.95€ Chicken on-the-bone braised in white wine with fresh herbs & mushrooms

homemade chips & peas FRIDAYS 12.30pm - 9pm


tapas choice of 10 all 1€ 12:30-9pm

lite menu

Homemade Starters

2.50€ each

salads, burgers, wraps


Scrumptious Homemade Puddings

12:30-3:30PM 6€

all 2.50€ each!




Tuesdays 6 - 9pm

cod, chips & peas only or chicken curry & rice 5€

wednesdays 1/2 roast chicken, or gammon chips & peas OR SALAD

6 - 9pm

thursdays pie night! 6 - 9pm

Open Every Day 12pm - Late

Tel: 950 634 562

delicious homemade pie, chips & peas



only 5€

We are here

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia

only 5€


La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

book the Venue

For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


be a  part  of it 

Monday - saturday 12 noon - 4pm & 7pm - close Sunday : carvery 1pm - 5pm Thursdays - closed

3 Course Meal 10.95€ Adrian’s Home Made Cake Available Daily

Mini meals

 

Main Meals 6.95€

1.50€ Every Friday fish chips & peas €3.95 Large Cod, Chips & Peas €5.50 Every Lunchtime

Sunday Carvery €6.95 Now with Salad Bar Sunday Special 2 Carvery with jug of beer or tinto de verrano €15 Served 1pm til 5pm

OPPOSITE THE PLAYA LUNA hotel, roquetas urb

Burty’s BAR Playa Serena, roquetas de mar

sun - fri from 11am - 6pm Closed saturday

huge sunny terrace us bar and spacio Come and Catch the Winter Sun Tuesday pie night 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Steak & Ale, chicken, Bacon & Mushroom or Mince, Onion & Potato with chips & mushy peas or potatoes & vegetables. €6.95 Booking essential by 6pm Monday

ual s u as open every thursday Every Thursday urbished f re g quiz bein Special Steak Night 5pm – 8.30pm currently 6oz Sirloin Steak, Real Chips, Fried Onion, Mushrooms & Mixed Salad Only 8.95€ Larger Steaks & Baby Fillet Available

Booking Essential By 6pm Wednesday

Tapas served from 1 pm Next Table top Sale

26th may call to reserve a table

Josh suffers a severe blow in his hunt for a new home

Josh, two years old in June, is a good looking Belgian Shepherd mix, with lovely shining black fur. He weighs about 30 kilos and stands 50 cm high. Josh was abandoned at the dog shelter at the tender age of 3 months. Despite this difficult situation he has turned into a very sociable, friendly dog and has learned to walk well with a leash. However, Josh’s outgoing nature suffered a severe blow when an announced adopter just did not turn up. The carers had groomed Josh for the occasion. He noticed for sure that something big was going to happen in his life. Then the big let-down happened! Nothing changed in his life and it continues to be boring, without challenges or adventures. There has been an influx of puppies into the shelter recently. First of all are what the shelter call the ‘X-MEN PUPPIES’. These are six puppies that were found by a policeman in a garbage container. You can view a Video of these puppies; taken on 5th May, 2013 at http://youtu. be/CnzXah0Hu-M the approximate birth date of these puppies, pending confirmation by a veterinary, is April 4th, 2013. There are 3 male dogs and 3 female dogs. Another batch of puppies has been labelled ‘THE TOMATO PUPPIES’, so-called because they were left outside the dog shelter in a tomato box, covered in red felt. The covering was fastened with wire so the puppies could not escape from the box. A video of these puppies can be viewed at: in this batch, are 4 male puppies and 5 female puppies of unknown race or parents. They were left at the end of March and so far they have all survived. Their birth date is about March 1, 2013.

Served All Day 12 noon - 10pm

Tel: 659 683 447

josh needs a forever home

2.15pm prompt


bingo 2.30pm

anglican church service 3rd thursday of the month 11:30am

next service 16th May

Opposite Playa Luna Hotel between Oasis & New York New York. Tel: 679 156 715

However it’s not all bad news. An English lady adopted Ushi on 6th May and chauffeured her away in a white Jaguar with white leather seats. What luxury! The carers at the shelter were left open mouthed. They wished they had been able to film this great event. What a fairy-tale ending for Ushi! If you want to help the shelter, please send an email to Geoff at and he will reply to you straight away.



ROQUETAS DE MAR Happy Birthday

Hadley lots of love from Granddad and Joan xx

what’s on

Bar Southern.................................... Every Thursday Bingo 3pm Last Saturday of the month - Jackpot Money Quiz 8pm 1st Friday of Month: Ladies Do Lunch! from 2pm (Menu del Dia 7€) Burtys Bar........................................ Tuesday - 2:30pm Bingo Tuesday - Pie Night Thursdays - Quiz 2:15pm Thursday - Steak Night Table Top Sale - 26th May


Bar cARDIES................................... NOW OPEN!! See our advert on the BACK PAGE!

Over twenty Legion members and friends attended the event and enjoyed a good belly-aching laugh and a few drinks! The afternoon raised the grand total of €53.55 for the appeal and thanks also to JON and DEBRA at Bar Chaplin’s for allowing us to use their facilities.

bar Chaplins..................................... Opening Hours: Open 1pm til’ close Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm til’ close Monday Wednesday: Rib Night Friday: Chip Shop Day - Fish’n’Chips etc served from 1pm, Quiz Night Saturday Night - Buy One Get One Free on ALL MEALS plus 1€ Drinks! TEL: 950 335 022 lady lay.............................................. Tuesday Night - Curry Night Wednesday - Quiz - twice monthly Saturday - Super Saturday Special Sunday - Sunday Lunch from only 3.50€

The Committee of the Roquetas De Mar branch of the Royal British Legion would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those people that supported the second ‘Comedy Afternoon’ held as part of the ‘2013 ROYAL BRITISH LEGION POPPY APPEAL’ at Bar Chaplin’s in the Urbanisation of Roquetas De Mar.

Further Poppy events and luncheons will be held throughout the year, in addition to the main POPPY APPEAL in October / November. Details can be obtained from Barry, the Poppy Appeal Organiser on mobile 605 313 590. New members are welcome to join in the fun at Royal British Legion branch meetings held at: The Lodge, Calle Americo Vespucio in Roquetas De Mar, the first Tuesday of each month at 3.00pm. Contact the Chairman on 950 328 469 for further details.

Help For Heroes

Orphan Ted Orphan Ted helping behind the bar at Y Da Wakes, Roquetas De Mar! Watch this space to see what he is doing next week…

NEW YORK, NEW YORK........................... Friday - Fish’n’Chips Sunday - Carvery 1pm-5pm Revita Natural Health and Relaxation centre.......................... Calle Tortola 4, Roquetas De Mar Tel 950 333 048 Tai Chi - Tuesday & Thursday 10am pb’s - the return coming soon! Y Da wakes......................................... SKY SPORTS Monday 8:30pm Bingo Roquetas Bridge Club........................ meets on Monday’s at 15.00. For more information please contact Alison Ferguson 950349749 or Sue Barlow 950 333 344 the Royal british legion................... forthcoming events Fundraising for 2013 poppy appeal 13th June – Open Pool Competition – 6pm registration for 6:30pm draw – The Lodge – call Barry on 605 313 590 for further details

FTG Notice

The ‘Friday Tapas Group’ meet up at 1pm each week (Friday) and the venues for the next three weeks are as follows:

17th May Bar Jaen, on Av.Meditteraneo 24th May Marley’s, in the Urb 31st May Bar Estampa, (Lily’s) in the Urb.

Anyone is welcome to join in and have a laugh, exchange views and ideas. The more, the merrier and the bar owners enjoy it too!

La Grappa

Authentic Italian Restaurant

• Pizzas • Fresh Pastas • Fresh Fish • Argentinian BBQ’d Food On The Terrace



Open 12 - 4pm 7 - 12.30am Av. Playa Serena, 37 Roquetas de Mar

950 334 188 609 337 316

to reserve your table

Property management Sales & Rentals Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Almerimar, Vicar, La Envia Golf

Services include Key Holding, Maintenance, Furniture Packs, Cleaning & Laundry, Apartment & Post-box Checks

Mobile: (0034) 663 426 921

estampa apas T


y outdoor n n u s s u io c Spa ating 24 e s e c a r r te SKY TV


Tapas/Snacks English Breakfast Fish & Chips Coffees & Cakes Cocktails/Sangria

sky sports and espn shown here Open 10am - late (Closed Tuesday)

FREE WI-FI Next door to Zurimar 678 202 160

Naturopathy Phytotherapy Organic Food Reflexology Osteopathy Diet and nutrition

Treatments Include: Podiatr y Foot Care Anti Stress Massage

Pasaje Zoraida, Pasaje 11 Urb. Zoraida, Roquetas de Mar 11 Roquetas de Mar C.PUrb. 04740 C.P 04740 (Almeria) (Almeria) Tel. 950 328 152 Tel. 670 950 356 328 370 152 670 356 370 email: email:


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


SOL CLASSIFIEDS SOLTIMES Air-con see us online everyday FOR SALE

advertise all your unwanted items for sale in this section any single item up to 300€ free of charge


Wii single headboards. replacement Zurgena area buyer power supply. Only to collect 35€ Tel: 20€ Please call for 636 938 404 further details Tel Gas fridge / 634 127 290 freezer - large - vgc. Wheelchair in Buyer to collect. excellent condition Lubrin area. €600. 50€ Tel: 666 684 Tel: 600 707 607. 593 Roquetas / Bed settee x 2 Almerimar - vgc €55. Lubrin SKY sd receiver area. Tel: 600 707 boxed unused 607. THOMSON model: Humax High dS14214R 80€ Definition Freesat o.n.o Tel: 655 337 Receiver and 055 remote. Superb condition. Boxed Satellite Dish with instructions. 1.2 metres with Only 100 Euros Twin LNB plus Sky Digiplus Box Tel 634 127 290” Humax High plus White Sky TV Definition Freesat+ Card all Freeview plus Receiver 500 Channels Gb Hard Drive. Remote can be working Works like Sky seen Plus but without 150€ Tel: 666 684 s u b s c r i p t i o n . 593 Roquetas / Pause/rewind live Almerimar TV, watch 1 channel Oil Filled while recording Radiator 3 heat another etc remote setting plus & instructions. thermostat 50€ Superb condition. 666 684 Only 250€ Tel: 634 Tel: 593. Roquetas / 127 290 Almerimar Wh i te the a l u m i n i u m Above pool window frame ground complete incl. circular 15 ‘ x 42” shutter, mosquito as new boxed 100€ blind. size : 1.20m (Mojacar) Tel: 634 x 1.35m Reja and 311 915 marble sill for Interior Pine above window 45€ 2 panel door incl. Tel: 950 439 234 complete frame/ or 634 368 461 architrave. 60€ (Arboleas) Tel: 950 439 234 wanted Nintendo Wii or 634 368 461 Complete set-up (Arboleas) incl 2 remotes, and Shower base commercial instructions (Ceramic), mixer/ kitchen oven all standard items. shower complete Excellent condition must be in good with sliding shower working order, and full working screen 65€ Tel: 950 order Only 110€. can collect Can be seen 439 234 or 634 368 call 609 199 394 w o r k i n g . S p a r e 461 (Arboleas) w a n te d Airport services tiles mosaic small swimming A i rport pool tiles small odd www. tr a n s f er s bits & pieces, can Tel: 639 081 067 collect,for a mosaic pick up all areas, wall any colour, Cheap competitive rates. 647 379 878 Airport Parking For a quote please T ro u s er press wanted, Alicante Almeria Murcia visit www. spanish r e a s o n a b l e New estateagent.c om condition. Tel: 671 Servicing / Repairs 754 825 or call 661 143 871 1200 Old Roof Tiles. Buyer Collects 475€ Tel: 676 381 349 Trailer 1m x 1.5m. Good condition, hardly used. 299€ Tel: 950 478 499 SKY sd receiver boxed unused THOMSON model: dS14214R 80€ o.n.o Tel: 655 337 055 E xerc i s e Bike with speed, distance, timer, calorie counter and heart rate monitor. Purchased from Decathlon and in new condition – 100€ Tel: 669 117 939 Sky+HD High Definition Digibox with hard drive. Latest version in mint condition. Complete with remote. Ideal replacement for faulty box. Only 70€ Tel: 693 818 244 Teak outdoor patio dinning table and four chairs in very good condition only used twice 150€ ONO Tel: 634 316 072 single bed bases Spanish style, 1 single mattress & 2



MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L.


City & Guilds Fully Qualified F-Gas Certified



25 years sole experience in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

online at

not a jack of all trades

For all your installation or service MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L offers requirements including our latest telephone

for more information Telephone 950 121 936 or 902 121 936 ext 332

950 432 110 / 607 364 917

Mat Murray 647 841 750


established in spain for 14 years

607 364 917 or 950 432 110

alternative energy Solar Wind Power Solutions. Over 15 years installation experience. established 12 years in Spain. Call Phil for competitive prices 636 261 240 email:info@ s un e r g ya l m e r i a . com www.sunergy

c a rlo s s a l i e n te plumbing & heating for solar pool heating, solar hot water installations and repairs. call 950 930 900 or 968 969 962, email carlos.saliente@

baby equipment hire

domestic water filter kits

Barry & Graham now fitting

domestic water filter kits (with no waste discharge not like some others)

easily fitted in kitchen unit

(if space) compact & affordable


Graham 620 112 193 Barry 667 853 062 drainage

Cleaning of Septic Tanks ▪ Emptying of septic Tanks & Cesspits, with high pressure cleaning ▪ Small unblockages of pipes & drainage

business opportunity

Pool Cleaning & Water Tanks

looking for a new venture

genuine reason for sale

25% share of well established wellness centre that is due for expansion.

for further information telephione

634 353 862

genuine enquiries only

Contact: 675 838 808

Drainage Solutions

• Emergency Drain Cleaning • High Pressure Water Jetting • CCTV Surveys • Drainage Repairs • Location of Cesspits • Qualified Engineer • Expert Reports

Established 7 years in spain


Tel: 616 531 283 or 670 088 966

WILDWOOD Bespoke Joinery


For all your carpentry requirements

Knowles & Abbott no.1 for electrics and plumbing. Re-wires, free Tel: 634 328 574 to air UK satellite systems 950 137 208 or 638 010 691 Fast, efficient,competitive service.


Steve Hayes Informatica

Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs on-site callout / tuition. Consumables Albox, Almeria

Tel: 950 120 900

equipment hire

fully legal

Professional Baby Equipment Hire Free delivery & collection All our equipment has been purchased from new Tel: 615 806 126


Now offer our Classified advertisers 5 LOCAL EDITIONS


25 years experience

Full City & Guilds


insured & legal

Boletins supplied

Tel : 687 245 569

BABY HIRE Everything for the visiting baby Car seats,high chairs, stair gates, cots etc Tel: 950 436 581 or 666 375 688 expectingababy@




sofas kitchens bedroom furniture Arboleas 950 120 630


landscape gardening

• Block work • Balustrades • Paving Driveways & Paths

Call Graham & Barry now for free estimate 620 112 193 or 667 853 062 potty finca services professional tree felling & pruning, including all types of palm trees

strimming of overgrown gardens & hedge cutting spanish registered. logs available ring john on 616 855 294 or 950 163 930

heating neater heater See our main ad on the news pages Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! Tel: 968 969 962


33 health & beauty


avon cosmetics


claire Tel: 691 987 454 house clearance


Immediate Cash. Quick decision. * We cover all areas * We turn up, give cash & carry * We buy almost anything – The Highest Cash Prices Paid **ONLY serious & immediate sellers should call please**

Tel: 679 207 545 or 636 411 540





Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Alan 662 249 159

Elaine’s Wools

quality UK wool &


accessories. Come & view my display Also at

available Camposol,

Mazarron Call 667 273 889 elaines

glenn & jayne

have great offers on Life Insurance same people same great service new name

Tel: 950 121 943

iron/metal works T & T Metals For all quality metal works, including gates, railings, rejas, staircases, gazebos & chain-link fencing Tel: 950 431 738

The Metal works

Grills, railings, gates of all types, security/ sliding/roller, rejas, concertina doors etc. Tel: Keith Wood on

638 900 949


If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic in our regular space on pg 16, please email locksmith Phil the Pick Locksmith 24 hours. Locked Out? Locks fitted/upgraded house safes. Arboleas & surrounding area. Special weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181

Optica Albox All your optical needs, eye tests, hearing tests, contact lenses Tel: 950 121 991


painter & decorator

over 25 years experience

give your property or business a fresh look this summer

Tel: 649 186 107 or

email For all your painting needs inside & out contact Graham on 620 112 193

now covering mainland spain

commercial & major retail painter’s

expert quality workmanship visit our website for more info


calle tortuga boba, 69,

4 sexy girls erotic and relaxing massages. Discreet PETS SECTION

lilacs,blues, greens & yellows - aviary bred males & females only 10€ Ready Now! 647 379 795

woodhouse boarding kennels kennels & cattery or cattery arboleas Small friendly kennels, Pet sitting in 24hr vets service, pet your own home, transporting arranged, Arboleas & welcome to view ministry approved local area. No need for

Call Vanessa on 637 061 482

friendly mare 9 years old 14.3hh 1.50m 500€ telephone 678 838 547 PLASTERER


CARLOS SALIENTE Plumbing and Heating offer Julie, Jenny, Karen machined boiler Sexy bodies, erotic and relaxing massage, decals for gas water Discreet outings, hotels heaters for just €65 – aguafuerte is not and home visits for the answer! Call 950 Men & Women 930 900 or 968 969 962, email carlos.

(Spanish Flag in Window)

Tel: 631 402 850

German Shepherd Cross Puppies Absolutely Gorgeous Free to a good home. 8 weeks old and ready to rehome Telephone 634 357 434

young budgies for sale

B r i t i s h All plasterer “Readers of a sensitive work guaranteed Tel disposition may find some of the Paul 634 327 201


Your property will appear as shown above and be seen by almost 55,000 Sol Times readers!

Call Paulette TODAY on 950 121 936 or 902 750 190 Ext 332

Tel: 687 891 515


ads in this section offensive”


personal cont...

Tracy Mobile 650 211 952

stables Rancho Luz Del Sol, Retamar, Partaloa. One to one or group lessons, latest EN standard hats provided. Escorted hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Drew on 678 838 547

plumbing cont...


From just 10€ per week! Reduced €39,950

Apartment For Sale

cortij0 grande golf course

1 bed, 1 bath apartment fully fitted kitchen, white goods, parking, lovely views. Ideal golfing holiday apartment. Close to Mojacar / Turre.

T: 664 291 793

TELEPHONE: 950137197 / 606807797

For all your plumbing needs Fully Qualified heating engineer contact barry 667 853 062 or graham 620 112 193

in Cucador Self contained 1 large bed casita, bathroom, lounge & kitchen area, partly furnished, A/C, Private, Fabulous views, use of pool & jacuzzi

60€ a week plus utilities (suit lady, small dog welcome)

Call 647 379 878

for SALE detatched cortijo

20mins from mojacar, 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views.

Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200m²


Tel: 649 186 107



No 1 for Plumbing & Electrics All types of Plumbing

Central Heating Gas/Oil - Solar Hot Water Boiler Servicing, Repairs & Replacements Water Leaks - Sewage Blockages Water Deposit Tanks 500-8000l Pool Pumps - Septic Tanks Osmosis Systems

Property for rent

Price 200.000€

San José (Cabo de Gata, Almería) Duplex, 5 bed 2 bath. Fitted kitchen. Sea view within walking distance to beach. Terraces & balcony Private garage on plot of 280 m2

Call: 610 700 805


self contained 1 bedroom apartment with B & B facilities offered starting from 25€ per night, walking distance of Arboleas & Zurgena

Tel: 950 449 074 or 634 368 071

Long term rentals also considered 175€ + bills


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


are you a trade Business? advertise in the classified section & reach over 30,000 potential customers Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Paulette on 950 121 936 or 902 750 190 ext 332 recruitment

motoring section

bar/restaurant management opportunity WE REQUIRE

An experienced couple to manage all aspects of the bar & venue to include front of house, kitchen & activities in the venue in our busy town location. To include contract with salry and bonus. This full time position is demanding as long hours are required but if you have a happy personality, service with a smile attitude then the results will be rewarding

for more information call 609 199 394 Gestoria Salvador

Cutting Edge

a consulting company established in Almeria since 1969 is opening a

require a

new office in Mojacar and requires a Manager with excellent communication skills and knowledge of the Mojacar

Qualified Beautician to work within the busy salon

area. The individual must have experience in tax consultancy,

Please call for details

legal work, book keeping and other

950 633 086

administrative services, Spanish and English speaking is essential. An

swimming pool safety

additional language is advantageous. Send your CV with photo to our email

NEATER HEATER See our main advert on the news pages Tel 950 237 155


A1 Sky Television Systems Satellite TV installations, alignment of dishes etc. Also Spanish “freeview” systems supplied & installed

Tel Dave: 628 607 778

solar power system at ecocorp we do not just sell you a system we deliver, install &

guarantee everything for up to 10 years

Solar Power System kits Telephone 671 716 597 or 950 030 187

for UK phones 01332 896510


’s & international a m i L REMOVALS e Local, National

removals D Quality Second hand


furniture showroom

263 Paseo del Mediterraneo Mojacar Playa, Next to Sal Marina Hotel Mon-Sat: 10am-2pm Call Marc on 647 006 183 or Jo on 600 344 565 or e-mail

HUGE 265m2 Showroom


DAVE’S TRANSPORT 7.5 Ton, Lorry Part loads, Self load/Unload Minimal rates, Owner Driver Spain/uk/Local Storage available, based “Los Gallardos” &”hertfordshire”

Call now 0034 620 049 524 (Es) 00 44 794 3135 214 (UK)

UK - SPAIN - UK From a parcel to a small house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389


Friendly Reliable Service Fully Legal Special deals from UK - Spain Office: 968 564 298 Mobile: 696 621 884

new box van leaving from the UK to Spain

Telephone Dave on 693 251 562 email: davendonc@

for sale

3.5 ton nissan cabster tipper

year 2004, full spanish legal, 12 months itv, 12 month tax, 79.000km, ideal for building material & logs up to 2.5 ton


Tel: 687 147 991


Ford Focus 1.8Cdti ghia 100bhp Silver Estate: 144,000km 2003/04, LHD, tow bar, Electric Mirrors & front windows, CD, AC, good condition, ITV till Aug 2014 Recently serviced

3.300€ o.n.o

Call 633 234 635 or 677 849 153 email: Citroen Berlingo Multispace Forte, 1.9 Diesel (2002) 148000miles. On UK plates, ITV until end Oct 2013, ideal if returning to the UK. Area: Almeria. Contact: 634 087 653 1000€ ono

mobile mechanics

Mikes Mobile Mechanics All types of service, repair & ITV testing Fully qualified & legal with over 35 years experience Ring Mike or Chris 628 350 178 or 636 824 974

Do you have a caravan, vehicle, or motorbike for sale To advertise your vehicle in the motoring section & reach over 32,000 readers

call paulette on

950 121 936 or 902 750 190

car & van hire

Van hire


UK to Spain or Spain to UK



TEL: 667 235 205

Pick up/drop off locations Throughout UK, France and Spain

car parts cheap motorbike tyres & parts Tel: 697 524 238

Car parts

Need quality new parts for any car

for sensible prices on all parts Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Free quote go online or phone

or telephone 692 930 326 wanted URGENTLY REQUIRED


TEL: 636 411 540 OR 664 619 819

This size advert is only 10€

This size advert is only 10€


It was a half expected but nevertheless severe shock when the vet pronounced that Lucy, The Dog That Is Not Ours, had Leishmanns. Her treatment consists of a daily pill and injection, and in order to fulfil this requirement we have to go through a daily routine of Good Cop, Bad Cop. Pete is the Good Cop, he does all the holding and soothing, while I am the Bad Cop, the inflictor of pain, the giver of the injection. Lucy is a Spanish dog, and thus has the full Spanish range of expression – euphoric highs and desperate lows. Also she is not stupid, so by the second injection she had worked out what was going on, and begun to put avoidance strategies in place. However, she seems to know that it must happen; the dread hour approaches, and no matter how discrete I am, she sees the dreadful syringe, rolls herself into as small a ball as possible and sits on my feet, her brown eyes fixed on mine in a mute plea for mercy. I scoop her up and give her to Pete to hold. She squirms d e s p e r a t e l y,

By Jos Biggs

viewpoint alqueria - Immigration

craning her neck round in an endeavour to keep her eyes on the frightful instrument of torture. In a desperate attempt at avoidance she endeavours to upend herself and lie on her back so that I can’t get at her scruff. It is at this point that she starts to scream. It starts as a pitiful ululation, rising in pitch and volume as soon as I actually touch her scruff, and accompanied by vigorous wriggling. Having got hold of as much scruff as possible I give it a good rub, trusting to distraction techniques to disguise the actual moment of puncture. By now the whimper is a hearty yowl, and she has transformed into a 9 kilo hairy eel. I hang on, waiting for a moment when she is relatively upright, and insert the needle at the appropriate angle. As I do so she lets out a scream that would curdle yogurt, and redoubles her escape efforts. However, the agony soon passes, and the instant that the lifesaving liquid is within her skin she transforms into a manic embodiment of pure joy. Her wrigglings become wrigglings of glee, and she performs several laps of honour round the kitchen, as if to assure herself that she has survived the fate worse than death. She is all Spanish over-the-top emotion, making a drama out of a crisis - a brave little soldier she is not!

It’s In Our Hands

If ever you are out walking, or taking a morning drive near the beach and you see a large splodge in the distance that ranges in colour from yellow to lime green and is apparently floating at speed above the ground, don’t worry. There’s no need to call Ghost Busters, because it’s just the group from Running Wild in their flamboyant tee shirts, out on one of their regular gallops. Often on a Sunday, they are already at their customary refreshment stop in Hellies Bar when number one wife and I arrive for our caffeine interlude on the return leg of our morning pavement inspection of Villamartin. And so it was last week. The group seem to be of a certain age if I can put it that way, but oh boy, are they a fit looking bunch, which comes as no surprise to me because their leader is an old acquaintance from my days spent at the gym. Crecia was my personal torturer during my exercisemad period, before I made my escape to a more sedate life

style. I asked her once if her name was a shortened version of Lucrecia, but was assured quite indignantly that it was not, after I explained that my assumption was based on the fact that the original Lucrecia – Lucrezia Borgia – was the infamous poisoner and crucially, another sadist. That didn’t earn me any brownie points and my fitness regime was adjusted upward several notches as a result. I jest of course. I enjoyed every minute. Anyway, there they all were enjoying well earned soft drinks and coffees, and a good old natter - and a few bawdy jokes judging by the decibels they were chucking out - when another chum, Jane, shouted across that perhaps we should consider joining their Sunday morning jaunt. Not that I heard her above the din, but she repeated it to me after I made my way over to their table ‘Run? I barely made it from there to here’, I quipped, indicating my wife seated barely ten feet away. ‘We get exhausted just watching you lot’. We exchanged a few more pleasantries and from further down the table Crecia nodded ominously in my direction, which prompted me to call a cab to take me back to my seat.

By Colin Bird :

‘You’re deep in thought’, wife Janet said to me a few minutes later. And I was. I had been thinking about what Jane had told me. Jane and her husband Aidan own the Quicksave mini market just across from where we were sitting. I go in to collect my copies of the Sol Times each week, which they kindly keep for me and I purchase other bits and pieces from time to time - and of course dazzle them with my devastating repartee. But I had not seen her for a couple of weeks and she told me this was because she now travels to the UK every fortnight to work as a live-in carer. Two weeks on and two weeks off is the work pattern, which is a heck of a lot of travelling and must play havoc with her Spanish home life and - here’s the kicker – which has now become a necessity. I was shocked. Well, shocked at first, but this rapidly changed to a deep sense of shame as I began to see these hard working and obliging people in a totally different light. Because their shop is an integral part of the scene in Los Dolses, we tend to simply take it for granted and assume everything is fine and dandy and it will still be there tomorrow, the day after and this time next year. But of

course they, like many others, are feeling the squeeze. The shame I felt was because I tend to talk the good talk when it comes to sermonising about supporting small businesses, but when I sat down and thought about it seriously, I realised that we do little to put our money where our mouths are – quite literally. Most of us tend to opt for the easy life and get our weekly shop under one roof for convenience sake. We also tell ourselves that it is cheaper, but I’m not so sure that it always is. But even if that were true, there are a lot of people like us, who although not rolling in cash are nevertheless reasonably comfortable and could – if we chose – frequent these businesses more often. For our part, we have promised ourselves that from now on, we will give more of our patronage where it is deserved. There would be much wringing of hands if Quicksave and others like it were to disappear and what we have to realise is, that their futures are entirely in our hands

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -

Brave Little Soldier


Alqueria’s chief and only immigration officer Guillermo Trenca wasn’t exactly overworked. The only individual to apply for immigration into Alqueria was one El Chiflado who turned out to be clinically insane and now acts as policy advisor to the Cameron Government. He did once receive a bulk application but this turned out to be from the Dangerous Sports Club of Lower Wigtwizzle Wiltshire, who were hoping to break new ground. The thought of residing in Alqueria however broke their resolve and the application was withdrawn. Guillermo spends his time draughting criteria for non-existent immigrants. He covers the more thorny issues, issues which have brought down more than one Home Secretary. Regarding religion. Alqueria practises religious freedom. They could hardly do anything else. Over ninety percent of the Village’s women visit church weekly while only two percent of men believe in any superior being apart of course from Manuela, Alqueria’s own ‘femme fatale ‘. The Village priest, Sacerdote del Semblante Lánguido is an Existentialist and therefore an atheist, however this hasn’t stopped him tending to the spiritual needs of the villagers. Guillermo developed the concept of ‘Alquerianess’, producing a prototype Alquerian as a model for the prospective immigrant. Alquerian Spanish is a vital part of this model and must be learnt by those wanting to settle in the Pueblo. The local dialect puts fierce emphasis on consonants which makes “¿Cómo estás? ” sound like a declaration of war. While practising this inflection a squeegee should be kept handy to gather excess moisture and spittle. Regarding race, this was never a contentious issue in Alqueria. The promiscuous behaviour of most of the population has provided a remarkable mixing of races. Individuals of most ethnic groups are represented including several unique to Alqueria alone. The political persuasion of hopefuls isn’t even a moot point. The freedom enjoyed by the anarchic people of Alqueria is contagious and wins over the most ardent political animal. After two weeks in the Pueblo even the most law abiding can be seen hurling bricks at the town hall on a Saturday night. Guillermo Trenca is the most popular politician in the Republic of Alqueria. If questioned on his immigration policy by the more xenophobic in the Village he simply quotes the immigration figures. Zero. If however questioned by the liberal community he hands them a copy of his Immigration Criteria. His department is held as the most successful in the Alquerian establishment even though it serves none and does absolutely nothing. Perhaps it is only when politicians start to mess about with the lives of real people that problems start.


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Last time we started to examine why files that are “lost”, well, not actually “lost”, and how to get them back easily. We also found a way to more permanently remove these files from your system. Even though, in this state of “Fully Deleted”, they can still be recovered. Today, I will explain why, when a “Windows” file is “deleted”, it isn’t actually deleted! In the days of yore, when men were men and sheep quivered, Windows used a “File Attribute Table” or FAT system. Think of this very much like a normal book. At the front is an index telling you what each chapter (“Directory” in the old days and “Folder” now) is called and what page number (Disk sector / cluster) to go to, there is extra information about how long the file is (which you and I would figure out by subtracting the next chapter page number from this one – Told you computers were stupid :-)). To “delete” (erase) a file, Windows would do 2 things. 1) In the index it would mark the first letter of the file name with an unprintable character (E5 – this is a Hexadecimal number (0-9 a-f)) and then go to the file length and mark it as having a length of zero (0) bytes. All the information would still be sat there on your hard (or Floppy) disk. As the information is still on the disk you should be able to get it back. Wait a minute! I thought that we had deleted it! All of the past 10 years financial and tax reports that you thought that you no longer want or needed ARE needed! This is why the innovative “Undelete” program was such a boon to everyone who “had a lapse in concentration”! The “Undelete” program that came with MSDOS version 3.3 onwards quite simply allowed you to replace the modified first character, then using the index information, and a quick check (as every file has an “end of file” marker), reset the length back to what it should have been. Microsoft’s method of using the next unused free space, wherever possible, meant that you had a really good chance of getting back any files that you had accidentally deleted. There are times when this method just isn’t enough! Last week, I was handed a laptop with the request, “Can you get back some very important files as …. has ‘lost’ them and can’t find them again.”. In defence of the “other person”, they hadn’t lost them all by themselves. There were fragments of a virus that had attached itself to the files (very rare) and could have been the cause for the data to be ‘lost’. So Not always “User Error” :-) Using software similar to that used by the forensic departments of the police forces around the world, I was able to get back much of the data that hadn’t been corrupted but was inaccessible to standard recovery methods. It was the software, written by extremely talented writers – not me – that did the clever stuff. I just used it appropriately. Next time we find out why it is still possible to recover files that have been overwritten, and counter-measures to prevent people like me being able to recover truly sensitive personal information. So until next time.... For further information or advice on computing, contact Trevor on 689 892 745 or

Some things seem to have been around for forever; The Queen, Steven Gerrard, Ryan Giggs, and of course old Fergie himself. I was just 20 when he first took over as manager of Manure, sorry Man Utd. Now 26 years and 1499 games later he is hanging up his hair drier to spend more time with his wife, his wine and his racehorses; quite possibly not in that order. Sir Alex Ferguson is known to all whether or not the ‘beautiful game’ is followed and English football will miss the man. People don’t like change and I am no different; as for seven years Movistar have treated my bank account as their own personal piggy bank. Yet I stuck with them reasoning its better the devil I know. Weeks of my life have been lost listening to that awful ‘are we happy’ song that’s played

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The Seamstress by Maria Duenas

This wonderfully exciting story is set during the Spanish civil war and moves into the second world war. Duenas spent some time researching the period thoroughly and she has successfully managed to integrate historical characters such as Franco, Beigbeder and Serrano Suner into a compelling fictional novel about a young seamstress known as Sira which chronicles more than six turbulent years in which her mettle is tested and she develops a resilience and courage to outwit adversity. An incredible transformation from a naïve 12 year old living in the poorer quarters of Madrid with many constraints placed on her, fatherless, growing into a wiser, self-assured woman with determination to succeed as a business woman. Within the novel, the protagonist Sira proves a testimony to bravery and determination. By the end of this epic novel, she feels more in control of her life, no longer allowing herself to be manipulated like a puppet or like someone moving a pawn on a chessboard. People are NOT political pawns. In the early days her life seems mapped out-apprenticed as a seamstress which she describes as her logical fate. Her talent was soon recognised by the owner Dona Manuela Godina and Sira’s “greatest joy” was in taking the finished garments to exclusive residences in Madrid where Sira witnessed lavish and affluent surroundings, trappings of wealth which contrasted sharply with the poverty that surrounded her. She refers to it as the “incongruity” that existed in society. The reader is made to feel that Sira will yearn for life’s riches too once she becomes an accomplished seamstress owning her own atelier and dressing wealthy European women which in fact is what will eventually happen. Ignacio was the first man in her life and because Sira was unambitious and without any professional expectations, girls like her had few options other than getting married, settling down and having children. She did feel intense affection and described him as “sweetly gentle as a pillow” but she had not discovered passion until her engagement and imminent wedding. It was in the shape of seductive and alluring Ramiro Arribas that she tasted the forbidden fruit. Their first meeting is sensual and evokes passion. Sira was unaware that he was scrutinising her body: “He had absorbed the outlines of my body and the slow cadence of each of my movements.” She is naïve and still chaste although she recognises the dangerous signs when she compares him to a wolf that scented food or danger in the way he imposed himself on her. His caresses gave her goosebumps and she felt on the “threshold of paradise” but simultaneously and worryingly perhaps heading towards the “slaughterhouse?” She

became so obsessed with his powerful seduction that instead of opting for comfortable domesticity she chose to launch herself into the void out of desire, nothing more. He desired me, he revered me and clung to me as though my body were the only mooring in the turbulent oscillations of his existence. Unbounded love is how Sira describes it. When the political situation is about to explode, Sira and Ramiro relocate to Morocco. It is March 1936. Amidst the height of their passion, Sira’s soul becomes battered and an unscrupulous con man emerges, one who can disappear and reinvent himself to take advantage of other unsuspecting victims like Sira. She is left devastated during those penurious times: useless, unfit to face life, unable to survive. Candelaria Ballesteros known as the Matutera offers a sanctuary followed by a dangerous plan to escape from their poverty trap and salvation. But everything comes with a price. A heavy one. The story then takes on a different dimension with espionage: Discreet campaigns of resistance. Observing. Infiltrating. Obtaining information and strengthening a network of underground collaboration. The civil war divided and destroyed the peninsular causing starvation, broken families, mistrust, suspicion and people prepared to sell their souls to the devil to survive and feed their already emaciated and helpless families. It gave the Germans and British an opportunity to exploit and infiltrate into political activities. Some of this was achieved by undercover agents acting as spies. What are the options for a metamorphosed Sira to continue surviving and surviving well? Should she play with fire and get mixed up with espionage, throw caution to the wind? Yes, she certainly grows up and learns to profit from this dirty art of war but she compromises her integrity and risks her life. Once the story moves from Morocco to Madrid then Lisbon you will find it riveting and it ends on a sentimentally, romantic note! Publishers: Penguin - ISBN: 978-0-670-92003-7

Carol Naylor - writing exclusively for the Sol Times &

All change!

when put on hold for eternity. Operators have kept me on the line for hours only to find out later that everything that was agreed mysteriously never happened. Once I had a Movistar internet dongle that when I tried to cancel they said it could only be done if I knew the dongles phone number. It’s a dongle not a phone I fruitlessly explained time after time, so after months of trying I cancelled the direct debit. I received my first solicitors’ letter from them a few weeks later with a new one popping onto the doormat every fortnight each time demanding 72 quid. This went on for two years and kept me in firelighters as my solicitor advised they would never take me to court. Finally when I needed to upgrade my phone they had me by the short and curlies so I paid up knowing some solicitor in Madrid had charged them a fortune in legal fees. Last year when I first threatened to change operators they put me on this amazing tariff, 40€ all in apparently. All was fine the first month and then the bills climbed higher again. Finally after paying a 240€ bill for April last week – yes that’s right 240 bloomin Euros I vowed to change. Well Mrs Amore told me to in truth!

Suddenly Movistar couldn’t be more helpful, calling and texting me repeatedly, imploring even pleading with me to stay. As switchover day loomed the offers got even better. Finally when they offered me free weekly full body massages by Kylie, a Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the chauffeur to and from work articles are posted on there too...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a each day, a free trip to valuation: Telephone: 636 266 641

Disneyland and an iPhone 5 I grudgingly called them. Now I realise we live in Spain and yes I do speak reasonable Spanish but negotiating a new contract and arranging flights and hotels to see Mickey Mouse has to be done in English or they may have cheekily booked me into Disneyland Paris. Movistar however, in their infinite wisdom don’t have a single English speaker in the anti-defection department, so the great escape was back on and I metaphorically clambered over the barbed wire and ran across the minefield to Vodaphone and freedom. I will have to have my picture taken with Mickey and Minnie another time. Mrs Amore and I now have 2 very posh Android phones and a free dongle. Revenge is sweetened further as Movistar have to pop round to Casa Amore to fit a phone line so that Vodaphone can also supply us internet. I would seriously advise all stock market investors to sell their holdings in Movistar as their balance sheet will be much the poorer without me on it and the share price will surely nosedive!




hatchbacks with serious style and decent driving dynamics. Vauxhall’s offering has an emphasis on driving enjoyment, with the hightech front suspension setup from the Insignia VXR employed and a wider track utilised to vastly improve traction and agility.”


SPECIFICATIONS Vauxhall Astra GTC New price range: £18,920 - £26,535 0-60mph: 8secs Top speed: 137mph Power: 177bhp Economy: 39mpg Watch the video at Today, it seems that straight lines are frowned upon in car design. An advocate of this trend is the Vauxhall Astra, which started life as little more than a box more than 30 years ago. Introduced in 1979, over time the angular hatchback developed into a curvaceous beauty as witnessed when the sixth generation was launched in 2009. Due to its age many of us will undoubtedly have come into contact with an Astra. For instance, when I was growing up my family had a booted version, the Vauxhall Belmont and I recall it had a poor three speed auto gearbox and embarrassing performance, if you could call it that. Friends’ parents had standard hatchback Astras and often mentioned their reliability and the fact they were good workhorses. One of them had a brown example and was proud of it. Others, with more cash, owned the sportier more tasteful black or red GTE versions, typically as powerful second cars. The Astra has evolved and as I’m presented with the GTC Turbo SRi, it is a pleasing package. This is the modern equivalent of the old GTE, its sweeping curves and bright red paintwork command attention as it sits in the car park. It is a supremely sporty car and its slightly protruding rear haunches help it look the part and elude to great performance. In fact this increases expectations that

it is at least fitted with a pokey 2-litre petrol engine. However, to my surprise there’s a modest 1.6-litre 16-valve unit under the bonnet. But then you learn that Vauxhall has fiddled with it to produce 177bhp. It takes just eight seconds for this hot hatch/coupe to reach 60mph from standstill and its top speed exceeds 130mph. This punchy performance allows me to safely overtake a car and a slow moving lorry as I move away from a roundabout, up a hill. In these days of high fuel prices it will return over 35mpg even with enthusiastic driving. Its smooth six speed manual box and excellent driving position help ensure that this Vauxhall delivers an enjoyable driving experience time and time again. With its comfortable cabin and leather seats, driver and passengers are sure to arrive relaxed and invigorated at the end of a journey. The driver’s seat is particularly comfortable with an excellent lumbar support, making driving a pleasurable experience for someone with a temperamental back, like me. The front seats are even heated, a really useful feature on a cold morning. But the driver has to really

stretch back to reach the seatbelt. Despite having just three doors, it is possible to place two bulky child seats in the rear as you can see from the video at testdrives. biz. Simply pulling a lever at the top of the front seats slides and tilts them forward and allows for access to the back. The boot only seems to open by pushing the button on the keyfob. Fitted with an electric handbrake there is automatic anti roll but it does still seem to roll a little on occasions requiring some nifty footwork with the clutch and accelerator, which is slightly unnerving. I still prefer a traditional handbrake. Cruise control is simple to use – just push the small lever on the left of the steering wheel down to set the speed – but it doesn’t prevent it from picking up speed when travelling downhill. “This striking brute is the third incarnation of the current shape of Astra, lining up alongside the fivedoor and Sports Tourer models,” says Parkers, the car experts. “It has its sights set on the likes of Volkswagen’s Scirocco and the Renault Megane Coupe; both attractive three-door

Advanced motorist Tim Saunders is the former Business and Motoring Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo. His regular test reports appear in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the UK, Ireland & Gibraltar - and now here in Spain! For more information contact Tim on:


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sport angling news

with beachcomber john There is a new loophole for those without a nie number who want an Andalucian beach and/or boat fishing license. It will mean a trip in person to Almeria with a friend who has a nie number and has a 50/50 chance of working! Boat Fishing. ‘Pugwash Pete’ has been out a couple of times this week. First time was with Jerry, his son in law and grandson. They caught loads of red snappers to 2lb, a dozen or so mackerel and a good size trigger fishing about 4lb. Second trip out was with Jake, Liam, Callum and Sid, good fisherman in the making. They all caught mackerel to a good size, some red snappers, pickerels and pandoras. See photo of the boys with a mackerel each. I went out with ‘Orca Steve’

and was joined by ‘Moody Kev’, ‘Chef Jeremy’ and ‘Mac the Hat’. A great day was had in ideal conditions. We drifted from 50 to 70 feet and also anchored in 70 feet opposite the Repsol garage on the Mojacar to Garrucha road. We didn’t catch any big fish but had lots of pandoras to 2lbs, at least 100 pickerels, weavers and mackerel and Jeremy caught another new species to add to his list, a lizard fish. Jeremy was frustrated by a trigger fish that came to the surface and was interested in his baits but unlike mine last week, refused to be drawn into making a mistake, another new species lost for him. An hour’s trolling produced just one mackerel for me. Coarse Fishing. ‘Puentes Ray’ made another visit to the Puentes Lake in Murcia, weather was warm and sunny. Water levels appear to

be dropping fast and must have gone down 3.1/2 feet since the floods. Ray started fishing using an old Daiwa Sensor Z 11foot Swing tip rod; he hasn’t used it for years and set it up with a swim feeder and hair rig using corn as bait. He landed a couple of small carp but found it not sensitive enough so went on his Preston 11 foot Feeder rod with 1oz tip and immediately started getting more fish. He fished with the feeder until afternoon and then decided to have a go with float rod. The set up was a Shimano Antares 13 foot match, 8lb line and a Polaris Stillwater float and lead with size 16 barbless Kamasan B911 and 1 grain of sweet corn. I enclose piccy of first bite, it took about 10 minutes to land, was a real scrapper and weighed in at just over 8lbs, Ray’s personal best for Puentes. After that he continued to catch carp with the biggest about 3lb, he finished the day with 20 carp and a big smile on his face. Ray tells me he is looking forward to fishing here as it gets warmer. Top weights on two Murcia matches were 16lbs and 9lbs. The Albox fishing club meets every two weeks or so at Bar Wassy. For details of the next

AGUILON GOLF MEMBERS Many of our members are about to return to their countries of origin for the summer period but are missing out on what is the best time of year for golf in our adopted home RESULTS Wednesday May 1 – Monthly Medal On a lovely day the scoring was exceptional considering it was the dreaded “medal” round with many below par scores being returned and a few handicaps to be amended. 1st Derrick Stephenson 7914=65 2nd Gordon Ross 93-25=68 3rd John Bridgen 76-7= 69 Twos: Derrick Stephenson

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meeting tel Sid 634 313 650. Latest license information. There is a new loophole for those without a nie number who want a beach and/or boat fishing license. It will mean a trip in person to Almeria with a friend who has a nie number. There is now a loophole for those wanting coarse fishing licenses for Andalucia who don’t have NIE documents or/and don’t want to do the 24 hour course in Spanish, see me for more details. The only loophole left for fishing the beaches and boats in Andalucia without an NIE document is to make a trip to Murcia. I’m pleased to report the Beachcomber’s three web cams are working again and the other good news is they work on both 32 and 64 bit systems and on any browser so checkout Mojacar’s weather and Mediterranean Sea conditions here. www. beachcomber-webcam/ For up to date information on any of the above see John at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. You can also contact me on Facebook @ ‘John Beachcomber Mojacar’. Tight lines, Beachcomber John.

x2 4th and 12th and Alan Chippendale (visitor) 4th Wednesday May 8 – Individual Stableford The weather and good course conditions has made for unusually high scoring and the handicap secs red pen is working overtime. 1st Mike Hill 42pts 2nd Dave Simpson 40pts on a card play off 3rd Les Raufer 40pts Twos: Pat Sayer and Dave Simpson 4th, John Bridgen 17th Guests and visitors are welcome to join us on a Mon, Wed and Friday For information contact 634 641 199

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installed to meet your individual requirements. “Hi Vic, Just a quick note to tell you that the Victron Multiplus Solar System is working really well. We have been more than pleased with the service that Ecocorp has given us during, and since, the installation of the inverter, its solar panels and batteries. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that “does what it says on the tin”, and it is also clear to us that customer care is a high priority for Ecocorp. This is obvious in the way you are unafraid to make regular follow up phone calls to ensure we, your customers, are happy and not sitting on small niggles. You and your staff have responded quickly and very helpfully on the occasions when we have called or sent an e-mail, regardless of time, or day of the week. We cannot recommend Ecocorp highly enough, thank you so much.... Trevor and Christine (Rambla de’Oria)”

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• Congratulations to Wigan Athletic, 2013 FA Cup winners. A crowd of 86,254 saw Roberto Martinez’s £20m team beat mega-rich Manchester City 1-0 in Saturday’s final, courtesy of substitute Ben Watson’s 90th minute header. This was the biggest final upset for 25 years - and they deserved it. • However, it could be ‘farewell’ to the Premiership for Wigan who had to win at Arsenal last night to have any chance of avoiding the drop! • The PL season ends on Sunday when Sir Alex Ferguson takes charge of his 1,500th and final game as Manchester United manager, away at WBA. His first was a 2-0 League defeat at Oxford in November 1986. • Also this weekend, the FL1 and FL2 play-off finals take place at Wembley. • Tonight it’s Chelsea v. Benfica in the Europa League final (live on ITV) and the first England-New Zealand cricket Test starts tomorrow at Lords.Round-Up • Alex Ferguson and David Moyes both celebrated victories in their final home games with their present clubs. Rio Ferdinand netted his first goal for five years to earn Manchester United a 2-1 win over Swansea while Everton beat West Ham 2-0. • Moyes has signed a six-year deal worth £30m and takes over at Old Trafford on 1st July. • Frank Lampard is now Chelsea’s all-time record scorer after netting his 202nd and 203rd goals in a 2-1 win at Villa Park. • Spurs kept alive their hopes of Champions League football in 2013-14 with victory at Stoke and Norwich retained PL status by thumping WBA 4-0. • Wayne Rooney wants to leave Old Trafford and Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini could be replaced by Malaga’s Manuel Pellegrini. • Aston Villa’s Stillyan Petrov, in remission, recovering from cute leukaemia, has announced his retirement; so too has Paul Scholes for the second time! He’s made 717 appearances for Manchester United and won 66 England caps. • Barcelona have won their 22nd La Liga title; Juventus are Italy’s Serie ‘A’ champions for the 29th time; Bayern Munich claimed their 23rd Bundesliga crown; Paris St-Germain clinched their third French League title; Ajax and Anderlecht lifted the Dutch and Belgian championships respectively, each for the 32nd time, and Porto are set to retain the Portuguese title. • GB’s Olympian sailor Andrew Simpson was killed in a catamaran accident in San Francisco Bay last week. The 36 year-old from Dorset, won gold at the 2008 Beijing Games and silver at London 2012. • Fernando Alonso won the F1 Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona; Kimi Raikkonen was second and Felipe Massa third. • Also in Spain, Rafael Nadal (his 5th title of 2013) and Serena Williams (with the 50th championship victory of her career) won the men’s and women’s singles titles at the Madrid Open. • GB’s Andy Murray, is now world number 2, behind Novak Djokovic. • Sir Bradley Wiggins can still win cycling’s Giro Di’Italia. • Leicester will play Northampton in rugby’s Aviva Premiership final • England hooker Tom Youngs is Premiership Player of the Year. • Scot Ricky Burns beat Puerto Rican Jose Gonzales to retain the WBO lightweight title and Doncaster’s Jamie McDonnell defeated Mexican Julio Gelo to take the IBF world bantamweight crown • Tiger Woods, with the 78th PGA victory of his career, won the Players’ Championship at Sawgrass, Florida, beating Sergio Garcia by two shots. • Usain Bolt pipped fellow Jamaican Kemar Bailey-Cole by TWO inches to win his first 100m race of 2013 in the Cayman Invitational. • And finally…only three players have been sent-off in a Wembley FA Cup final: Manchester United’s Kevin Moran v. Everton in 1985; Arsenal’s Jose Antonio Reyes v. Manchester United in 2005 and Manchester City’s Pablo Zabaleta v. Wigan last Saturday.


SALES HQ: 902 750 190/950 121 936 OPEN: Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm Fri 10am-4pm ALBOX, ARBOLEAS, ALFOQUIA ROQUETAS, ALMERIMAR coastal & mojacar areaS EDITOR: ~

19th Hole Golf Society Thursday 9th May, 27 place overall with 33 points. members of the 19th Hole rounded on Macenas Golf Course at Mojacer. The task for the day was to play a singles stableford and a Team Waltz at the same time. Most achieved this task admirably with the noticeable exception of Don Harbron, Terry Caddick, Dave Denyer and John Ball, all of whom played so far off their handicaps they required counselling. Nigel Greenwood had a good round scoring 35 points only to discover that he had been beaten into 3rd place by a really in form Zeta (Her in Doors) Denyer on count back, but relief flooded in when he was told that we had a Ladies Division. Reno Palagano found a fine bit of form scoring 36 points and taking the overall win. The waltz was won with 80 points by the team of Roger and Sylvia Kaye, Reno Palagano and John Boulter, again our Nigel was the bridesmaid with his team being beaten into 2nd place with 80 points on countback. Great to see Charlie Brookman taking Nearest the Pin with the 2nd shot on the 15th, I have never seen Charlie string two good shots together consecutively before!!! And he carried the form on to take 3rd

Well done Charlie just goes to show you are never too old to perform. Lee Coxen and Peter Dow took Nearest the Pins on 9th and 18th holes, with Lee converting his nearest the pin into a Two whilst Syd Walker grabbed aTwo on the 18th. The Ladies division was one by Her in Doors with Sylvia Kaye having a really good round scoring 32 points, well done Ladies. Results: Singles Stableford. Mens 1st Reno Palagano 36 points (23) 2nd Nigel |Greenwood 35 points (18) 3rd Charlie Brookman 33 points (29). Singles Stableford. Ladies. 1st Zeta Denyer 35 points (36) 2nd Sylvia Kaye 32 points (38) Team Waltz 1st Roger Kaye, Sylvia Kaye, Reno Palagano and |John Boulter. 80 points Nearest the Pin. 9th Hole Lee Coxon 15th Hole (nearest the pin with 2nd shot) Charlie Brookman. 18th Hole Peter Dow Twos:9th Hole Lee Coxon 18th Hole Syd Walker.

Marina Phoenix Golf Society Monday 6th May was an individual stableford at Marina, Mojacar, played in perfect conditions despite a few temporary greens due to tining and top dressing. The ladies division was won by Maxine Mayhew with 34 points from Rosalie Fardon (30) and Margaret Budd (28) third. The mens division was closely fought with Ali Mahmud returning 39 points to win, by one point, from Terry Oliver (38) with Jim Budd (36) in third. Thursday’s team game was a Texas Scramble played in fourballs resulting in a comfortable margin for the winning team. 1st Glennys Oliver, Maxine Mayhew, John Lally and Jim Budd 58.9 2nd Rosalie Fardon, Linda Sol Times Almeria is independent of political parties, private investment and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. Sol Times Almeria is an independent publication. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Almeria. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement.

Almeria Edition AL-344-2005/Roquetas Edition AL 956-2010


King, Ali Mahmud and Brian Mayhew 63.4 3rd Margaret Budd, Tony King, Wolfram Hahn and Terry Oliver 64.5 Next Thursdays game will be an away day at Lorca Golf Club. To play with us Mondays (individual) and Thursdays (team game). Ring Jim on 950 162 727 / 600 353 670 or Rosalie 950 397 117/ 697 512 882.


Huercal Overa CF 0 La Hoya de Lorca 5 The final game of the season saw the champions turn on the style at “El Hornillo” With Huercal Overa CF safe from relegation worries and injuries mounting up there was only going to be one winner and to be fair clearly deserved as La Hoya Lorca finished the League campaign on a high. With some slick moves and positional awareness that wasn’t dealt with by the Huercal Overa lads saw the Away side run out scoring 5 and should have had some more. With injuries dictating the selection for the home side it was a display to forget quickly! And time to move onto next season. It was not all doom and

gloom for the Red Army as a presentation was made prior to kick off to the “Expat Army” a plaque was presented by the board of directors for Unconditional Support both at Home and Away, never missing a game! The club would like to thank everyone who has supported the club this year and very much hope to see you all next season as we look to improve on this year’s achievement. For more details on how to get involved contact Lee Rickard Graham lee@r-gconsultants. com. www.huercaloveracf. com.. Vamos Rojos

VALLE DEL ESTE GOLF SOCIETY GOLF PLAYED BUT NOT AS WE KNOW IT. Our overall winner on Fri hit his ball on the 15th (index 1) out of bounds onto the roadway where it bounced 3 times before bouncing back into play and resting on the internal pathway, he then played his next shot into the greenside bunker, where he chipped in for a birdie, meanwhile the rest of the players were trying to hit the

fairway. It not how but how many that count. Well done Dick Hull 38pts and 1st place Second Alan Townsends 36pts Third Malcolm Cleife 33pts. Nearest the pins 2nd shot on the 5th Lloyd Dean and on the 12th Sean Halligan. QUOTE: The most important shot in golf is the next one. Play and enjoy good golf at Valle del Este.

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