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Semana Santa...

Los Alcazares...


Cartagena will be staging processions every day of Holy Week, (25th to 31st March). The two most spectacular and important processions will be on Wednesday 27th known as the Californios, and Friday, with the enacting of the meeting of Christ with his mother, and will take place in the Plaza del Lago.

Lorca Lorca’s Semana Santa processions are listed as of International Tourist Status, with thousands of people coming from not only all over Spain but also from Europe to watch the enactments of biblical scenes on the enormous floats, which are built only inches narrower than the streets through which they pass, and reach up as much as 3 storeys high. Actors and display teams of horsemen and women from all over Spain intersperse with marching bands, groups of Penitentes in their pointed headgear, and the huge and magnificently crafted and decorated Tronos of the Cofradias provide a 4 hour long spectacle. The two major protagonists are the Paso Blanco, representing Nuestra Señora la Virgen de la Amargura, and the Paso Azul, representing the Virgen de los Dolores. The main processions, which pass along the main street, are best viewed from the tiered seating along the side of the main road, and tickets for these can be bought from the Paso Blanco Museum; for more on the Paso Blanco, the Embroidery Museum, or to buy tickets go to or phone 650 242 004


The locals, who have been complaining for years about the dirty state of the beach at Los Urrutias, between Los Alcazares and La Manga, are delighted that at last the authorities have acted to clear the rubbish and plant debris from the beach. They have been campaigning for years for the beach to be maintained in a sanitary state, pointing out that those who bathe from this beach regularly suffer from ear and skin infections as well as stomach upsets, which they claim are caused by the unhealthy state

of the beach and the water. However, not everyone is happy. Ecologists in Action claim that the clean-up was too drastic, and undertaken without any thought for the ecology of the area. They claim that many delicate ecosystems have been destroyed by the wholesale removal of weed from the beach and low water areas. Ecologists in Action feel that a proper survey should have been carried out, using divers to investigate the underwater flora and fauna, with the possibility of conducting a much more sensitive clean-up that did not destroy entire habitats.

Murcia Murcia starts its processions on the Friday before Holy Week (22nd March) with the Santisimo Cristo del Amparo (Christ of the Homeless) a recently formed Cofradia. Wednesday is the Colorao procession of Cristo de la Sangre, where the predominant colour is red, but the main event is the Friday procession, where the priceless sculptures of Francisco Salzillo are paraded. Known as the Procesión de los Salzillos, these images are so emotive in their representation that many are moved to tears by their poignancy.

Mura - Moratella Mura celebrates Holy Week with the Noche de las Tambores (Night of the Drums). Participants, who come from the surrounding villages as well as from Mula itself train for weeks for this gruelling demonstration – the drumming starts in the Plaza outside the Ayuntamiento at 12 midnight on Holy Tuesday and continues without break until 4 pm on Holy Wednesday. There is a break until the morning of Good Friday, when the drumming commences once more, reaching a crescendo in the evening of Easter Sunday. This is a completely unique celebration, with the status of International Tourist Interest.


The Oliva Nova resort is the venue for the first leg of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour. Weather, with torrential rain and storm force gales, disrupted the first day, Thursday, but by the week end two of the three arenas were rideable, with all three being good enough to be used for the Sunday’s Finals. Respect was shown to the French event rider Bruno Bouvier,

who was killed during a recent horse trials in Portugal. A minute’s silence was held in his memory. Tuesday, March 19 will be the next competition date, with the major events to be held between Friday, March 22 and Sunday, March 2 The second leg of the Tour will run until Sunday 7th April.

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Lights out for British

property owners AUAN press release 11th March 2013

In the latest twist to the saga of illegal properties in Spain, authorities in Andalucia have ordered the disconnection of electricity and water to 19 homes occupied by elderly British retirees, even though the same authority has already agreed that the properties can be made legal. Each couple spent between 160,000 and 265,000 Euros of their life savings on a retirement home in the area of El Fas in the small town of Cantoria , Almeria only to discover that the Dutch promoter had constructed the properties without planning permission in full view of the town hall. The promoter, Southern Spain Consultants C.B., was convicted of planning crimes in 2011 in a judgement that acknowledged that the homeowner’s who had assisted in the prosecution had acted in good faith. However, no order was made that they should be compensated and the promoters received a minimum sentence and fine. In 2012 the regional government, the Junta de Andalucia, agreed that the properties could be legalised under the terms of a new Decree which, they promised, would bring order to some 300,000 illegal properties in the region. In spite of this agreement, the same authority

continues to pursue proceedings against the properties and has ordered disconnection of all public services which, apparently, cannot be reconnected until the properties become fully legal, a process which can take many years. Facing the prospect of more legal bills and life on an electricity generator, many have decided to give up the fight and abandon their homes to their fate. Adding insult to injury, the only property on the estate of 19 houses that continues to enjoy public services is the one owned and occupied by the developer. Maura Hillen from AUAN, an organisation that campaigns on behalf of homeowners impacted by the problem of illegal houses in Spain , said “These people have invested more than 3 million Euros in Spain and in return they are being treated disgracefully by a system that simply does not function to protect homeowners. And I am sorry to say that this is not an isolated case. Many thousands of illegal homeowners live in fear of disconnection and the regional government’s latest legal ‘solutions’ have simply served to make matters worse”

Seven Spanish airports to charge a euro for using luggage trolleys

Airports in Spain will start charging a euro for passengers to use luggage trolleys, according to AENA. In a report by ThinkSpain, it appears that they intend to start doing so in Madrid’s Barajas airport and then gradually extend the move to six other airports. These will include Tenerife South, Alicante, Barcelona’s El Prat airport, Palma de Mallorca, Málaga and Gran Canaria – all the major flight destinations for Spain’s most popular holiday resort towns. The State-run airline

governing body, AENA, says this is part of a plan to claw back 3.2 million euros and clear its debts. It has defended the decision by saying Madrid airport’s luggage trolleys currently cost 3.7 million euros a year to maintain, but this will reduce to 500,000 euros if they charge per use – a saving of 3.2 million. And the same action has been taken in other European airports already, including Germany’s Hahn, Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf; Italy’s Milan, Genoa, Torino and Rome-

Fiumicino, and Athens. Also, a euro per trolley remains considerably less than the charge made in certain UK airports, including Manchester, Bristol, Luton, Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff, where it costs between one and two pounds a time. One in four airports worldwide charge for the use of luggage trolleys, particularly those in the USA where the price is as high as 1.50 to four dollars (1.19 to 3.18 euros). An exact timescale for the charges to be implemented has not yet been decided upon.


The representatives of the Comisiones Obreras on the staff of the Policía Local do not want officers to take part in Court eviction orders that affect local residents. The delegate of the CCOO has taken a stand in defence of those affected by foreclosures, Stop Evictions, and last November gave written notice to the Ayuntamiento that police do not have to assist at evictions. Jesús Valero, Union Representative of the CCOO, said that at present police officers are obliged to assist at evictions ordered by the Court, often leaving the evicted in situations of helplessness and vulnerability. He said that the CCOO has launched a campaign against a practice that is unfair, and against which various associations of judges, political parties, representatives of law schools and civic associations as well as the police unions themselves had spoken out in opposition. The move has been welcomed by the Plataforma Antidesahucios, who hope and expect that other public bodies will adopt similar agreements. They point out that the evictions are a violation of human rights, even putting lives at risk.

ORIHUELA protests necessitates 600 police attendance Protests against the Banks, the Government, both regional and central, cuts in health, education and social services were voiced at a rally attended by at least 1,000 people, with 600 police drafted in to oversee the protesters.

Measures taken by the executives of the Partido Popular were the catalyst for the Plataforma de Convergencia Contra los Recortes to convene various groups from the city and the Vega Baja to the rally. Representatives from Rabaloche marched under the banner of protest against cuts in public health and from the IES Gabriel Miró and Thader with collective representation supporting education, aid to dependents and the halting of foreclosures. The marchers converged on the Glorieta Gabriel Miró, but were unable to remain there due to the Feria Outlet and the Saturday mercadillo. Slogans and banners covered the themes of protest against copayment, lack of ambulances, need for a designated Health Centre in Rabaloche, the maintenance of aid to the disabled and dependents. Representatives from the Socialists and Ecologists were represented including the Alcalde, representatives of the Callosa PSOE and the Secretary General of the Socialists in the region, the rafaleño Manuel Pineda. Many residents of Rabaloche marched under the banners of: La Asociación de Vecinos Oriol, La Plataforma en Defensa de la Ley de la Dependencia, la Asociación de Discapacitados Adis Vega Baja, Albatera No al Vertedero and Union Representatives of the PCPE, carrying Republican flags - the numbers

were even swelled by nationals from Venezuela. IES Thader provided the greatest number of marchers from the Avenida de la Estación and the first section of the Duque de Tamames. Here representatives of the Núcleo Estudiantil de Resistencia de Orihuela (Nero), the Social group Orihuela Sin Barreras, Mujeres Clara Campoamor, la Asociación para la Defensa e Integración del Enfermo Mental de la Vega Baja (Adiem), las Ampas del Tháder, del Colegio Miguel Hernández, la Federación de Ampas Enric Valor, la Plataforma de Afectados por las Hipotecas de Almoradí o Guardamar, as well as the leader and sympathisers of the CLR, with their spokesman Pedro Mancebo.

The last group came from the IES Gabriel Miró with the Izquierda Unida de Orihuela and representatives of the Comunidad Educativa de Torrevieja, who went up from the Calle Calderón de la Barca to meet up with those who were protesting about the cuts in the education service. At the close of the protest a declaration was read underlining all the headings covered on the banners, urging the Government to keep its promises, and urging all to work for a true democracy. Key issues were the need for Spanish banks to eradicate fraud and tax havens; to eliminate military spending; to raise taxes on the wealthy; reduce working hours and lower the age of retirement to sixty. The protest ended after two hours streets with applause and shouts of ‘Sí podemos’ (Yes we can!).



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Creation of New Companies up 11.3% in January

In January this year, 8,853 new companies were created in Spain, which is 11.3% more than in the same month of 2012, the National Statistics Institute reported on Friday. Meanwhile, the number of commercial companies dissolved in January came to 3,482, representing a drop of 12.9% compared to January last year. Of these, 78.7% did so voluntarily, 8.6% were due to mergers and the remaining 12.7% were for other reasons.

balance, with 142 companies created.

The capital subscribed for the establishment of these new companies exceeded 1,089 million euros, representing an increase of 44.3%.

Regarding the number of trading companies dissolved in the month, the regions with the most were Madrid and Andalusia (with 713 and 536 respectively).


The average capital subscribed (123,084 euros) represented an increase of 29.6% year-on-year. Furthermore, in January 4,764 trading companies expanded their capital in January, 7.5% less than the same month of 2012. The capital subscribed in the increases registered an increase of 205.5% year-on-year, and exceeded 23,966 million euros. The average capital subscribed in these operations (5,030,686 euros) increased by 230.4% year-on-year. 22.2% of the companies created in January corresponded to Trade and 17.8% to Construction. Regarding the dissolved companies, 22.1% were in Construction and 20.9% in Trade. The economic activity with the greatest net balance of all the new companies created was in Trade, with 1,237 companies. Administrative and support service activities presented the lowest net

El Economista reported that in January 2013, the regions with the largest number of commercial companies created in the month were Madrid (1,782) and Catalonia (1,722). In contrast, the regions where least commercial companies were created in the month were La Rioja and Navarra (with 42 and 91 respectively).

The regions which reported the least number of companies dissolved were Murcia (20) and Navarre (26). The largest increases in new companies created, year-on-year, were recorded in Cantabria (+70.9%), Castilla y León (+38.2%) and Aragón (+33.1%). The greatest decreases were registered in the Canary Islands (-9.8%) and Galicia (2.5%). As for the number of companies dissolved in January, Navarre registered the highest rate increase, year-on-year (116.7%), followed by La Rioja (78.3%) and Castilla y León (62.1%). Meanwhile, the Balearic Islands registered the greatest decrease, year-on-year (-21.9%). FOR THE LATEST PROPERTY NEWS GO TO: WWW.KYERO.COM

Rome Are You In The Know? conclave: We want to hear from you!

Cardinals FAME & FORTUNE AWAITS! begin (well, maybe only ‘fame’!) voting for We are looking to develop our new Pope Local News Content for the

Costa Calida & Costa Blanca editions and we want to hear from YOU if you would like to submit news articles on a regular basis... won’t earn a cent but you will get your name in print in every issue, complete with a byline to promote ‘you’ every week - you’ll become an overnight


Cardinals have entered the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, where they will begin voting to elect a new Pope. The 115 cardinal-electors were locked in the chapel after swearing an oath of secrecy. They will vote four times daily until two-thirds can agree on a candidate. The election was prompted by the surprise abdication of Benedict XVI. There is no clear frontrunner to take over from him as head of the Roman Catholic Church. The 85-year-old Benedict

Spain in World’s Top Ten for Tourism

Spain has risen to fourth place on the list of the world’s most competitive countries for tourism, only behind Switzerland, Germany and Austria, thanks to its price competitiveness, customer experience and the official commitment of the sector. This is indicated in the biannual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, published last Thursday by the World Economic Forum (WEF), in which Spain climbed four places compared to the 2011 report, according to a report by The report establishes the tourism and competitiveness ranking according to a wide range of variables, such as national legislation, environmental sustainability, security, infrastructure, political priority or cultural resources. Spain stands out for its cultural heritage, a chapter in which it ranks first, thanks to its significant number of world heritage sites, and excels in its capacity and preparation to hold many trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as the variety and modernity of its sports facilities. In terms of tourism infrastructure, Spain stands in fifth place, contributing to this classification with its hotel capacity, car rental facilities and the large number of ATMs that accept Visa credit cards. It also scores well in terms of air and land transport infrastructure, where it ranks tenth. The report, published under the theme “Reducing Barriers to Economic Growth and Job Creation”, examines 140 economies from all around the world and seeks to highlight the importance of the tourism sector in the economic development of a country. In this regard, the report stresses that tourism is “even more important today” than in previous decades and in an environment of crisis, stepped down last month saying he was no longer strong enough to lead the Church, which is beset by problems ranging from a worldwide scandal over child sex abuse to allegations of corruption at the Vatican bank. His resignation and the recent damage to the Church’s reputation make the choice of the cardinalelectors especially hard to predict. They will weigh pressure for a powerful manager to reform the Vatican against calls for a new Pope able to inspire the faithful. Last Tuesday morning, the cardinals attended a “Mass for the Election of the Supreme Pontiff” in St Peter’s Basilica. They filed in wearing bright red

because of its important role in job creation. The report stresses that the Spanish Government gives significant priority to tourism, a sector in which the country makes great efforts to attract tourists through “solid promotion campaigns and destination marketing.” These efforts are continuing, “even when the Government is struggling to overcome a great debt,” said Thea Chiesa, WEF Director of Tourism and Aviation. “The strength of Spain in this industry is incredibly important and is traditionally a major employer of young people, and their success here could present a credible solution to the unemployment crisis,” said Chiesa. The WEF report indicates that Spain’s improvement over 2011 is due to the implementation of specific policy measures, such as those which make it easier and cheaper to start up a business, according to data from the World Bank, and also to the lowering of hotel prices. Chiesa insisted that “the price competitiveness and customer experience remains a problem for some of Spain’s neighbours, as well as taxes and a lower priority by governments, issues that also contribute to the movements in the ranking.” With all this background and improvements in the country, Diario Sur reported that Spain climbed four places to rank in fourth position, ahead of its position of two years ago when it dropped two places to stand in eighth position, and compared with the sixth position it occupied in 2009. The United Kingdom, the United States, France, Canada, Sweden and Singapore complete the top 10 of the most competitive countries, sorted by their position in the ranking from fifth to tenth.

vestments to the sound of Gregorian chanting. In his homily, the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, praised the “brilliant pontificate” of Pope Benedict and implored God to grant another “Good Shepherd” to lead the church. He outlined the mission Catholics believe was given by Jesus Christ to St Peter the first Pope - emphasising love and sacrifice, evangelisation and the unity of the church. The BBC’s Michael Hirst in Rome says the speech was more measured in tone than the address given in 2005 by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict,

which featured a fiery attack on the “dictatorship of relativism”. A few hundred people watched the Mass from St Peter’s Square on giant screens in thunderstorms and pouring rain. At 16:30 local time (15:30 GMT), 115 cardinal-electors - all under 80, as those over 80 are excluded - entered the Sistine Chapel for the secret conclave to select Benedict’s successor, chanting the traditional Litany of the Saints. Once they had taken an oath of secrecy, Msgr Guido Marini, papal master of ceremonies, called out the words “Extra omnes” “Everybody out” - and the chapel doors were locked to outsiders.



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Motorway speed limits may increase

but reduce on B-roads

Speed limits on motorways could go up to 130 kilometres per hour – but on secondary roads, these could drop to 70 or even 50 kilometres per hour. And speed camera detectors could also be made illegal. Single-carriageway roads of 6.5 metres in width or more would have a speed limit of 90 kilometres per hour, but narrower ones between 70 – where there is an unbroken white line in the middle - and 50, where there are no markings. Motorways will continue to have a maximum speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour, but the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is seriously contemplating increasing this to 130 for cars, with signs differentiating limits applicable to motorbikes, lorries and three-wheeled vehicles. The higher limit will only apply on roads where

maintenance and safety is optimum and weather conditions permit it without creating a danger. But built-up areas could see limits of as low as 20 or 30 kilometres per hour rather than the current 50. Fatalities involving pedestrians in towns, and crashes on secondary roads are much higher in number than those in highspeed motorway pile-ups, the DGT reveals. Cars with in-built detectors warning of speed cameras could become illegal, even where these do not interfere with the camera signals. At present, it is only against the law to fit devices that block speed camera signals so that these do not capture details and speed of the car. But some vehicles carry detectors which do not affect the camera, but warn the driver to slow down when there is one

coming up.

These may outlawed.



Seatbelts in all seats will become compulsory with no exceptions. Currently, belting up is obligatory except in cases of serious medical emergency or disabled people who cannot physically wear a belt, delivery drivers, taxi drivers and passengers, and passengers in emergency vehicles such as ambulances. But all of these would now be expected to wear a seatbelt.

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Children under four would be required to use specially-adapted seating and sit facing the opposite way to the direction of the car.


Finally, under-18s of a height of 1.35 metres (4’5”) or shorter will not be allowed to travel in the front seat.


US arrests Bin L aden ‘spokesman’...

A man described as a spokesman for Osama Bin Laden has been arrested in Jordan and will appear in a New York court on Friday, the US confirms.

Call for gun reform after shootings...

A coroner calls for gun licensing reform af ter verdict s of unlaw ful killing at the inquest of three women shot at a house in Count y Durham..

Barcl ays paid 428 staff £1m-plus...

A total of 428 employees of Barclays earned more than £1m last year, the bank discloses.

Queen to resume official engagements...

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The Queen will attend her first of ficial engagement, on Monday, af ter she was treated for gastroenteritis.




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Prince Felipe to attend spain’s Minister for Economy: Chávez’s funeral “IVA, petrol tax and retirement age will not go up, whatever EU says”

Prince Felipe of Asturias will represent Spain at the State funeral for Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez Frías, who died of cancer on Tuesday morning at the age of 58. The heir to the throne, who is standing in for his father, will literally make a flying visit to the South American country – he left last night immediately after a concert to fly to Caracas, and will be back on a plane the minute the funeral is over. Last night, the Prince had been attending a concert at the National Musical Auditorium in Madrid tribute to victims of terrorism. King Juan Carlos is unable to go because he is still in hospital recovering from an operation on a discal hernia caused by age-related stenosis of the spine. Numerous international leaders, mostly from Latin America, are expected to be at the funeral today, including the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Secretary of State for Central and South America, Jesús Gracia. Prince Felipe has a close relationship with Latin America, having attended all the presidential inauguration ceremonies for heads of State in South America in the last few years.


Despite demands from the EU that Spain should increase IVA and fuel tax and up State retirement age yet again, economy minister Luis de Guindos stresses that this will not happen.

Government vice-president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría has travelled to Berlin where she will fight Spain’s corner against pressure from Europe to impose measures that would cripple the country’s economy even further. Europe does not believe Spain will meet its obligations concerning the State deficit, which currently involve reducing it to 2.8 per cent of the GNP by 2014. It currently stands at 6.7 per cent, and has reduced in the past year. But De Guindos insists that these measures are not obligatory and will not be applied – at least not this year. He was unable to comment on what may happen in 2014 or 2015, saying it would depend upon how Spain’s economy grows, or otherwise, and whether the EU was prepared to relax its pay-back requirements. Until 18 months ago, top-rate IVA was 16 per cent, but this increased to 18 per cent in summer 2011 and a year later to 21 per cent.

Lower-rate IVA went up from eight to 10 per cent and many goods were reclassified making them subject to higher-rate tax – school and office material, funeral services and cinema tickets, among other things, therefore saw their IVA go up from eight to 21 per cent. Income tax shot up, rising from 15 to 21 per cent for the self-employed, and Social Security payments for these people jumped from 230 euros to 270 euros. These moves have led to increased business closures, unemployment rising to over 26 per cent or six million, and between five and 10 homes a day repossessed as their owners cannot afford to pay their mortgages. State retirement age is also due to go up on a sliding scale from 65 to 67 years. Luis de Guindos says the ‘Troika’ – the Central European Bank (BCE), International Monetary Fund (FMI) and European Commission – cannot expect any more than this. Although the government has taken note of the Troika’s demands that the country increase tax on petrol and other fuel, this ‘does not mean it will happen in the foreseeable future’.

madrid zara staff locked in store man threatened to blow up the shop

Terrified shop assistants were locked in a branch of Zara in Madrid last Monday by a man threatening to blow up the building.

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The accused, José J.A., 55, secured the door of the shop in the city’s so-called ‘Golden Mile’ with chains to stop staff from getting out. He began to shout that he was ‘going to cause havoc’ and that the employees should ‘call the television’. Workers say he was carrying two bottles of fluid that he said was combustible fuel and that he was going to blow the shop up. One of the staff managed to call the police, who broke the chains to get into the building and took the man into custody, charging him with false arrest. Officers found that the bottles contained six litres of water and paella colourant to make it look like flammable fuel. An ambulance attended the scene and four women working at the shop were treated by paramedics for shock and panic attacks. Police say the accused is a Spanish national who has no criminal record, but who appears to have mental health problems.

Valencia out of Champions League

Valencia went out of the Champions League last night 3-2 on aggregate, after a 1-1 draw with Paris St. Germain at the Parc des Princes in Paris. The French side have not made the last eight of Europe’s elite competition for 18 years, but secured their passage in the second leg after taking a 2-1 lead into the match following the first clash in Spain last month. Neither side managed to break the deadlock during the first half, although the PSG goalkeeper was kept considerably busier than his Valencia counterpart, with Soldado having the best chance of the half after a neat one-two with Jonas. A bullet-like strike from Jonas to open the scoring ten minutes into the second half gave Valencia some hope, but PSG levelled through Ezequiel Lavezzi on 66 minutes to dump the two-time finalists out of the competition. David Beckham watched the game from the bench, whilst PSG’s other big name, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was unable to play through suspension.



Gürtel accusations affirmed by party-planning companies

Party planners have told a judge that they were paid by the ringleader of the Gürtel corruption scandal for organising events for health minister Ana Mato and her exhusband. In a report by ThinkSpain, Interglobo and El Zurdo say they were paid 1,720 euros in 2002 for a birthday party and 1,580 euros in 2005 for a communion party for one of the daughters of Sra Mato and the father of her children, Jesús Sepúlveda, ex-mayor of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). The two companies say they never dealt with Mato or Sepúlveda at any point, and were paid for their services by Gürtel

leader Francisco Correa via his various organisations. Bosses of both party-planning firms told judge Pablo Ruz, who is handling the Gürtel case – as well as the slush fund trial involving ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas, who is also implicated in the famous corruption trial – on Thursday. Police reports say Sepúlveda received at least half a million euros ‘in kind’ from the Gürtel racket between 2002 and 2005, part of which related to parties – with bills of several thousand euros for confetti alone – and also holidays, at least two cars including a Jaguar and a four-wheel drive vehicle,

and luxury goods such as Louis Vuitton handbags. These top-of-the-range accessories, together with airline tickets and hire cars were found to be in the name of the health minister herself, who is now separated from Sepúlveda. The latter has been called to testify but exercised his right to refuse to do so. He said various ‘official reports’ which ‘affected his alleged involvement’ remained outstanding and had been requested on the day of his being called into the dock. “I am, and always will be, at the disposition of this court, but I shall not make any kind of

statement until all the reports are to hand and I am fully aware of all actions of which I am accused – at which point I shall provide the necessary explanations,” Sepúlveda stated. Ana Mato has not been called to testify and Sepúlveda remains insistent that his exwife is innocent. This week so far, statements have been taken by judge Ruz from former Bancaja manager in Miami, Guillermo Martínez Lluch, and Bárcenas’ second-in-command Iván Yáñez Velasco, in relation to more than 38 million euros being ‘concealed’ in Swiss bank accounts.

Stray dogs from Spain ‘may have been used to make pet food & animal feed’

Stray and abandoned dogs taken from the streets of Spain may have ended up in pet food and farm animal feed, it has emerged.

According to a report by Mail Online, the authorities in Spain have not ruled out the possibility that protein or fats from the carcasses may even have been used in some processed human food. Britain’s Food Standards Agency says it is aware of the

Man cleared over Tenerife drowning A man accused of killing a tourist in Tenerife by throwing him overboard from a boat in 1996 has been cleared by a jury on the island. Garry Walton, 21, of County Waterford, Ireland, drowned on an excursion off Playa de Las Americas in November 1996. Businessman Darren Saptead, now 38, of Chelmsford, Essex, denied homicide. The case centred on the testimony of two sisters who had changed their account. Mr Sapstead was acquitted by a jury at Santa Cruz court in Tenerife. The family of Mr Walton, who grew up in Leeds and moved to Ireland with his parents at the age of 15, were in court for the trial and verdict. According to a report by the BBC, the defendant clapped his hands in delight as the translator relayed to him the verdict. The jurors said they had based their decision essentially on the “many contradictions” in the testimonies of Katie and Lucy Smethurst, who incriminated Mr Sapstead nearly a year after the incident. Katie Smethurst told Manchester Police in September 1997 that she

had seen Mr Sapstead “grab Mr Walton, around the knees and push him into the sea” over a rail at the back of the boat. About 50 young British and Irish tourists were on board a party cruise. Her sister Lucy told the court that the defendant had visited their hotel shortly after the drowning “to warn them to keep quiet about it”. In their written verdict the jury said “the sisters changed their story many times between 1996 and today whereas the defendant has always given the same version since the beginning”. Speaking outside court, Mr Sapstead said: “This has cost me a business and nearly 17 years of my life. “I spent time in five different Spanish jails after my extradition. “The Spanish justice system is a joke.” Mr Walton’s father, Robert, said: “All we ever wanted was a trial and we got that. “A guilty verdict wouldn’t have brought back our dear son. “But we’re still no nearer knowing why he died, so in that respect we’re where we were nearly 17 years ago.”

investigation and it is liaising with its counterparts in Spain. A spokesman said: ‘We are aware of these reports and are in contact with the Spanish authorities about their investigation.

‘We are currently not testing food for meat from dogs. Our priority is to test beef products for gross contamination with horse meat because that is where the problem clearly is.’ A criminal gang in Spain apparently took the bodies of dogs and other animals from animal sanctuaries, vets, zoos and farms, which should have been incinerated, and then processed them to create protein and fats that could be sold on. Evidence has been found at warehouses and processing plants in Galicia and Salamanca. Last year, police found a warehouse filled with 15 tons of dead stray dogs which they believe were going to be processed into animal feed, in the Galician town of As Neves. Similar grisly discoveries have been found in warehouses elsewhere in the north of Spain. Seprona, the environmental arm of the Guardia Civil, has sent dozens of samples of commercial pet food to the Anfaco-Cecopesca laboratories in Vigo, Galicia, after a judge received reports from an industry whistle-blower. According to laboratory tests performed in one of the processing plants based in the town of Aldeaseca de la Frontera, in Salamanca, fat samples destined for animal feed had DNA traces of both sheep and dog. A major police investigation has been underway since March 2012, according to a report in Spain’s El Mundo newspaper.

even cat meat is found in British processed food or farmed animal feed. British supermarkets have been selling horse meat to consumers for years without knowing it, so what else has been on sale? They will have no idea unless they Read the full report at specifically test for it.’


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The pressure group Viva, which campaigns against meat eating, is writing to UK supermarkets to ask them to test their food for the presence of dog and other species. Its campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell, said: ‘It is a horrifying possibility that dog and rat meat might have entered the human food chain, but given the depth of ineptitude shown and the EU-wide fraud the horse meat scandal has exposed, it seems entirely plausible. ‘It may only be a matter of time before dog, rat and perhaps

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music with mark Carlos Augusto Alves Santana (born July 20, 1947) is a Mexican and American rock guitarist. Carlos became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, Santana, which pioneered rock, salsa and jazz fusion. The band’s sound featured his melodic, blues-based guitar lines set against Latin and African rhythms featuring percussion instruments such as timbales and congas, instruments not generally heard in rock music. Santana continued to work in these forms over the following decades. After a lull through the 80s he experienced a resurgence of popularity and critical acclaim with the album Supernatural in 1991, and has been prolifically releasing albums up to this day. In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine listed Santana at number 15 on their list of the 100

Greatest Guitarists of All Time. He has won 10 Grammy Awards and 3 Latin Grammy Awards. Santana’s star arrived in the era-defining late 1960s San Francisco Bay Area music scene with historic shows at the Fillmore and other storied venues. The group emerged onto the global stage with an epic set at the Woodstock festival in 1969, the same year that its self-titled debut LP “Santana” came out. Introducing Santana’s first Top 10 hit, “Evil Ways,” the disc stayed on Billboard’s album chart for two years and was soon followed by two more classics — and Billboard 1 albums “Abraxas” and “Santana III”. Among many other honors, Carlos Santana received Billboard Latin Music Awards’ 2009 Lifetime Achievement honor, and,

You can listen to Mark Davies on Costa Calida International Radio, Mon, Wed and Fri evenings 7.00 till 9.00 on 90 and 100 FM or

Local medical clinic wins top award

Medcare GP and health clinic has won a top international customer service award.

The award was presented by WhatClinic. com, which works with hundreds of medical providers around the world, helping thousands of patients make informed choices about their medical care. Just a few clinics are chosen each year to win the coveted Customer Service Award, with the title only going to clinics that have an excellent record of service and customer satisfaction. Medcare’s practice manager, Amim Hasan, said: “We are delighted to win this award because it means our customers are happy with the service we provide. “We always strive to give the best quality at the best prices with a friendly and efficient team of doctors, dentists, health practitioners and customer support staff. This award is confirmation that we have got it right.” The popularity of Medcare’s services at both its Benijofar and Alfaz del Pi clinics is reflected in the demand it is getting from patients both

in Spain and from overseas. “We are seeing patients from all over Europe now,” said Amim Hasan. “We have people coming to us from the UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway and many other countries for dental work, medical procedures, general and cosmetic surgery. They all tell us they choose to come to Medcare because we can offer the same levels of safety and quality they receive at home but at a much lower price.” As well as providing a British GP service, Medcare has a dental practice offering all aspects of dental work including cosmetic dentistry and implants. Medcare also works closely with a top cosmetic surgeon, can offer safe, legal Botox and filler treatments and provides complementary health services ranging from osteopathy to chiropody, massage and psychotherapy. For more details on Medcare or to take advantage of its many great offers, including free dental checks, free massage and free consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, call Medcare on 966 860 258, email or visit www.

office in Bolnuevo (near Farmacia) next to Cafe Colonia


he was bestowed Billboard’s Century Award in 1996. He has also been cited by Rolling Stone as 20th on the magazine’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. Santana’s crystalline tone and clean arcing sustain make him the rare instrumentalist who can be identified in just one note.” And, with the 2010 release of “Guitar Heaven - The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time”, Santana joined the Rolling Stones as one of only two music acts in Billboard history to score at least one Top Ten album in each decade from the 1960s on. Ever since, for more than forty years and almost as many albums later, Santana has sold more than 100 million records and reached more than 100 million fans at concerts worldwide. To date, Santana has won 10 Grammy Awards, including a record-tying nine for a single project, 1999’s Supernatural (including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for “Smooth”). In 1998, the group was ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, whose website notes, “Guitarist Carlos Santana is one of rock’s true virtuosos and guiding lights.” Delivered with a level of passion and soul equal

to the legendary sonic charge of his guitar, the sound of Carlos Santana is one of the world’s best-known musical signatures. For more than four decades—from Santana’s earliest days as a groundbreaking Afro-Latin-blues-rock fusion outfit in San Francisco—Carlos has been the visionary force behind artistry that transcends musical genres and generational, cultural and geographical boundaries. I love the music of Carlos Santana and his cover version of Fleetwood Macs “ Black Magic Woman” is my favourite track of all time.

Swing Sensations

Fabulous Swing, Jazz and Big Band Sounds with a Nostalgic twist!

This unique tour will bring together the fabulous Patti Ross, Darren Jones and Jukebox Legends. Patti was the singer with the Andy Ross band on BBC TVs Come Dancing programme and Darren is an International swing music star. This combination, with support by Big Band singer Fiona McLean and Peter Day (both of Jukebox Legends) brings together a fabulous collection of music that will be great for everyone! If you enjoy swing, big band, ballroom and jazz style music - You will LOVE this!!! www. or call 695135134 for more details. Shows dates & venues (all shows start at 8.30pm and end at 11.15pm): Tuesday 2nd - La Marina Sport Complex 966 796 389 Wednesday 3rd - The Club, Quesada 966 717 028 Friday 5th - Bar San Miguel, Cooperativa Murla, Xalo Valley 633 076 588 ** Saturday 6th - The Lounge Bar, Torrevieja 966 922 134 Sunday 7th - The Rendezvous, Campoamor (nr La Fuente Centre) (Tickets for this show are 10€ and include buffet 608 467 597 Monday 8th - Emerald Isle, La Florida 965 327 138 ** Tuesday 9th - The Club House, Camposol Golf 968 978 855 Wednesday 10th - Costa Narejos Hotel, Los Alcazares 965 400 188 Thursday 11th - Rocajuna, Punta Prima 664 591 795 / 965 997 260 ** These shows have a major feature on Darren Jones, Fiona McLean and Jukebox Legends and do not have Patti Ross as she is unable to appear on these dates Tickets are 8.50€ (unless stated) and available at the venues NOW! Alternatively, you can book online at This website will also give you further show information or call 695135134 Please book early for this unique tour. Don’t be disappointed - Tickets are limited at all venues!! This is a fund raising tour for Help at Home (CB), RBL and MABS. Patti Ross Darren Jones BBC TV star of Come Dancing International Crooner and Swing sensation


beacon of light

Ladies who Lunch diversify!!

On Thursday 28th March The Beacon of Light will be holding a special fund raising event at the Function Room at Condado del Alhama. This will start at 8.oopm with the door closing at He will be working with Clairsentience of flowers. Everybody is asked to bring a flower if possible.

The April meeting for Ladies who Lunch was held at Restaurant Sofia on The El Raso Urbanisation which is situated just off the Lemon Tree Road in Guardamar Campo.

James McArtur Born and educated in Edingburgh, He began his spiritual journey from the age of 8yrs old when he first saw Spirit whilst attending a neighbours funeral, wondering why he was with us in the congregation!

A very acceptable Menu del Dia was served to thirty three ladies, complemented by wine and coffee. The surprise of the afternoon for the ladies was a visit from Teresa Sancho who was representing the new cancer charity Afecancer which was inaugurated in November 2012 in Torrevieja. Teresa thought that she was coming to ask us to help raise some money for the new charity when in fact we had €500 ready to present to her, for which she was surprised, delighted and excited, all at the same time!

As a teenager he went to study in development circles linked to the Spiritual Church with my mentor and teacher Arthur, to whom James will be eternally grateful for his wisdom and guidence. All his adult life he has been involved with the Spirtualist movement constantly developing his mediumship and psychic abilities.Now as a reader and teacher continuing his work in Spain, specialising in the Clairsentience of flowers. In 2010 James was privileged to work with the Princes Trust in the U.K. to raise funds for their cause, and I visit the U.K. regularly to do his work. He also continues to raise money in Spain for charity The tickets for this evening are 5 euros which can be reserved. Details are available on or phone 620 877 326

EVENTS: Thursday March 28th James McArthur Fundraising Event Condado del Alhama 5 euros Wednesday 3rd April Anna -Marie Wednesday 10th April Marilyn Webb Wednesday 17th April Debbie Blevins Tuesday 23rd April Barbara Almond Fundraising Event Conado de lAlhama 5 euros Wednesday 24th April Barbara Almond


The total amount raised during the afternoon was €227.30 plus a large bag of ‘pesky coins’ which have not been counted yet! This wonderful amount is all due to the generosity of the members and their men folk who also contribute to the coin collection as well as support in other ways. This group was formed during the summer of 2010, by Janine Williams who used to be an active member of Quesada Bowls Club but unfortunately because of ill health had to stop playing ‘the wonderful game’. Later in 2010 Maddie Pinfold became Janine’s ‘assistant lieutenant’, helping with all aspects of running the group as well as being a very active club member. The group have supported Paul Cunningham Nurses since their inauguration and will continue to do so but as the generosity of the members is so immense they will also help other local charities as and when they have the funds to spare. For details of the group please telephone: Janine Williams on 966 261 359 or Maddie Pinfold on 966 078 646


Tel: 966 717 028

Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada

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The Cadillacs 4.30pm - 6.15pm - 5€ Singo Bingo 7.30pm Fun Quiz 8.30pm Closed from 6pm for private parties Book yours now! Saturday See guide below Sunday 24th March Rising Stars 8.30pm


Wed 20th March 8:30pm

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Tribute show with a difference

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harry valentino band

THE CABALLEROS SHOW Cliff Richard, Barry White, Abba, Tina Turner, Madonna and many more SHOW ONLY €6 Pre-show meals available 7.30pm





The Costa’s Newest

the fantastic

with Chris 2€ entry

Judged by 3 professionals For more info or to enter call 625 298 377 or collect entry form from The Club All entries need to be in by Monday 18th March


sat 16th m

, ayla & s e n o j m o t j Helen0€ D ,+ e i h p o s 8pm 1

eal + Show M e s r u o C 2 9.30pm 3€ Show Only


sat 23rd m

bison r o y o r / y gene pit j Helen 0€ 1 tribute + D Show 8pm eal + 2 Course M 9.30pm 3€ Show Only


sat 30th m

rmed € i f n o c e b 0 to how 8pm 1

eal + S 2 Course M 9.30pm 3€ Show Only



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HELP Murcia Mar Menor LOS PALACIOS GARDEN GROUP Forthcoming Events Wednesday 10th April Spring Fair at the Arches restaurant, Los Alcazares starting at 12.30 a.m. There will be a fashion show with Zigi’s ladies and the clothes will be for sale, plus stalls Thursday 25th April Dinner / dance at the Costa Narejos Hotel, Los Alcazares. For €40 per person you arrive any time after noon, there is an evening meal in the dining room, then dancing to the Big Band Swingtet & singers, Paul Alan and Patti Ross, an overnight stay and breakfast in the morning. Wednesday 1st May MAY-DAY CARNIVAL at La Zona Bar, Los Alazares from 5 p.m. till late. Games for the children plus Morris Dancers and the Spangles Chorus. Tuesday 14th May Quiz with a difference at El Carmoli restaurant, El Carmoli near Punta Brava at 7 for a 7.30pm start. Tickets are €11 which includes a chicken and chips supper HELP Murcia Mar Menor Luncheon Club There will be a lunch for all members and friends on the third Thursday of each month at Diamante’s in El Mojon at 1.30 for 2 p.m. €10.50 a person Every third Tuesday in the month HELP MMM’s general meeting takes place at Las Claras, Los Narejos at 11.30 for 12 noon (except in March when the AGM and general meeting take place on Wednesday 20th March because 19th March is a holiday and Las Claras will be closed) Tickets or information about events available from Joan Mitchell 868 185 685 or 678 135 467, Janice Clark on 968 134 355, or the office 968 570 059

Friendship Group

On 22nd March we meet at the Asia Restaurant, San Javier at 1 p.m (a week earlier than normal) On 3rd May we will meet at the Golf Deluxe on the road to Torre Pacheco at 11 a.m. for mini-golf and then lunch Ring Doreen Sykes on 637920882 or Janice Clark on 968134355 if you are interested in attending any of the Friendship Group’s events.

It gives pleasure to start off with a well-done to the part of our group who are responsible for the land opposite the medical centre and upper car park by the commercial area, on Los Palacios. What was once, a “ Piece of land “ is now a very pleasant garden.

generosity of , Luz Del Sol, who provided the new book shop sign, The March meeting,[for which I must apologise for the starting time confusion] was again very well attended was held in The Vista Bar, to who we give our thanks.

I am sure this will give inspiration to others. The Chairman and group secretary Joce Grant, had a meeting with the mayor of Camposol, Jose Navarro, where the subject of the bus shelters was discussed he agreed that there should be shelters, he then completed the appropriate forms , which the chairman submitted to the town hall, the next day.

One of the first items, was the main project for 2013, Welcome Signs, at each entrance to Los Palacios ,at this stage the Chairman, was able to show the meeting a suitable design.

Another bit of good news, is the shed, has now become “ The Book Shop “ thanks to the

For which there was much enthusiasm. It was pointed out that the date for the next meeting April 1st, is a bank holiday, therefore it will be on Wednesday April, 3rd, 10 o,clock , at the Vista Bar. Everyone is welcome. For further information contact,646 557 887


fast - update

A coffee morning was hosted by Cathie and Billie a.k.a. “Nurse Gladys” and 325 euros was raised on behalf of FAST. A big thank you from all in Fast for your continued support and to the Support Team for all your efforts. Year 2013 As some of you may or may not know FAST, as of the 1st June will have been operating on Camposol for two years. To mark this occasion FAST will be holding a Spring Ball & Second Anniversary function in the Amapola Restaurant, Hotel Playa Sol, Bolnuevo on the 25th May 2013, tickets and for this fantastic evening are on sale at the FAST Bookstall and FAST Support on Fridays, Camposol ‘B’ Commercial Centre priced €25. During 2012 FAST had a total of 103 shouts(call outs), to assist Camposolers and visitors in need of emergency assistance. Of the 103 shouts 73 also had an ambulance in attendance. You can see from these figures that the FAST volunteers are kept fairly busy and in order to maintain a high standard of proficiency and skill in administering Emergency First Aid the volunteers go through stringent training in Basic Life Saving techniques under the watchful eye of the Cruz Roja. This is then supplemented by additional training in dealing with Heart Attacks, Angina, Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke, Wounds and Severe Bleeds, Burns, Fractures and the list goes on....Additionally The volunteers are given training in the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Oxygen Therapy or administration. These additional training courses are approved and certified by the Murcia Health Authority thereby ensuring the highest standard of training available to no-medical personel. FAST also hold training sessions three times a month at different times of the day in order to accomodate the needs of its volunteers. It must be remembered of course that FAST Responders are not professionals and therefore not permitted to give medical advice save a recommendation to seek professional medical advice. The FAST volunteers work a variety of shifts in order to fit in their individual needs but at the same time cover 24 hours a day 7 days a week thoughout the year ensuring there is always two volunteers on duty at any given time. As FAST is a volunteer organisation all its members, Committee, Responders and Support Personel give of their time freely and without any recompense even down to using their own vehicles to attend shouts or transporting materials to and from fund raising events. Some people have asked quite rightly so what do FAST use the donations and funds for?, where does the money go?? Quite simply we could not operate without the generosity of the businesses, organisations, clubs and individuals who support us in our endeavours to help the people of Camposol. To give you some idea of where the money goes, during 2012 the money you all so generously give to FAST was used to purchase the following items and equipment essential to the services we undertake and again this list is not exhaustive: Training Costs: €2638.12 Equipment Medical & Oxygen €3271.75 Uniform €556 Administation & Stationary €760.14 Telephones: €100 Publicity; Keyrings, Magnets, €463 Leaflets, Banners, Boards, Posters, Phone/Car Stickers As stated this list is not exhaustive and does not include solicitors fees, costs obtaining charity status, registration of FAST Logo, Bank Service charges etc etc. The costs involved in running FAST are quite extensive however we feel it is money well spent and the FAST committee is dedicated, determined and steadfastly resolute to ensuring the best possible service will be provided by its volunteer responders. In order to do this FAST is organising a number of fund raising events throughout the year which we hope you will support and enjoy starting with the Easter Fayre to be held in Marianos 23rd of March 2013 starting at 11.00am at a cost of €1. Followed by a Sponsored Fun Walk and Easter Bonnet Parade on Sunday 31st March starting at 11.00am with a prize for the best Bonnet....There are many other events taking place and information is available from the FAST Support Team every Friday on Sector ‘B’ Commercial or look out for the posters giving all the information. We are hoping to have over 30 Trader stalls at the Fayre for you to peruse and FAST will have their exquisite Cake stall and Tombola, there will also be a display of wonderful prizes to be won in the raffle and a demonstration table of FAST Response Equipment where individuals can try their hand at CPR on our famous model Resuci Anne. FAST will also be doing 10 minute tasters on Indian Head Massage etc by a qualified FAST Responder. Come and see us, support us and find out what we are all about and maybe even join us and become a FAST Responder. No special qualifications are needed, only that you are capable of carrying out the tasks required to administer Emergency First Aid. FAST Future Project: FAST are hoping to purchase two vehicles kitted out with the equipment and materials to carry out their duties for use by the responders In order to do this FAST will allocate 50% of all money raised to achieving this project, the other 50% will be used to ensure continuance of the unique service provided for the Residents and Visitors of Camposol. Rosemary and John and the bingo group at Tels Bar have once again donated 140 euros to FAST. This monthly donation is by and large used to replenish our oxygen supplies and maintain the equipment. Can we all at FAST thank you very much for helping to make Camposol a safer place


Modular park home, 80 sq metres, 3 bedrooms, 2 fully tiled shower rooms, lounge and fully-tiled kitchen diner. Excellent construction and condition. Currently sited on a small residential park near Fuente Alamo, can be lived in on the park, or moved to your own land.

Excellent Value at 35,000€ For more information

Telephone 968 130 571/686 210 374


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This column has been brought to you by Personal Wellness Practitioner, Drew Ryder B.SC. Psych. Hons, IIHHT, ThAT, MAAMET, an experienced practitioner of EFT and other disciplines.


Few people pay much attention to their feet; that is of course unless they experience pain in one or both feet. Feet take a severe beating and walk many, many miles; thousands upon thousands, in a lifetime. It is said that by the time we reach the age of 70 years, our feet have covered on average 70,000 miles!! That´s a lot of pounding!! By comparison how much attention is paid to our feet, other than how good the latest pair of shoes, trainers or boots look? The answer quite simply is not enough. Feet especially to a reflexologist tell a myriad of stories. Feet represent the body – inside and out. Problem areas on the feet relate to problem areas within the body. Feet therefore, are the key to revealing where imbalances lie within the body and as a result, play an essential role in the enhancement of general health and wellness. Feet come in all shapes and sizes. People often have strange attitudes with regard to their feet and are embarrassed about `the state of them´. Perhaps this is one reason why people fail to use reflexology to attain

and maintain a balanced healthy body and mind. To a trained reflexologist, feet are simply maps of the body! And those come in all shapes and sizes as well as colours! A trained reflexologist can help you to attain a state of wellness and balance in your life by reading “your maps” to help you get to your destination, - that of good health. How do they do this? They do this by “interpreting your feet”, (as stated earlier, feet tell a reflexologist a myriad of stories). For example, tense feet indicate tension within the body, dry skin could indicate poor circulation, as do bluish or reddish feet. The first treatment always begins with a full health check by means of a health questionnaire. This is carried out in a relaxing environment, as relaxation is of prime importance in enabling the body to heal. Following that, the receiver of the treatment (the client) is seated comfortably in a soft supportive chair enabling the reflexologist to access your feet whilst maintaining eye contact. Your feet are examined and interpreted and treatment then begins.

Luz del Sol

new properties s.l.

Call us on 968 199 068

Centro Comercial #34, Sector A, Urb. Camposol, Mazarron 30875, Spain


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personal wellness


What then does this entail? It entails the gentle application of the reflexologists hands upon your feet and, by applying a light pressure he `works´ every system within the body such as the endocrine system, the skeletal system, respiratory system and so on. It is done using a series of movements to include `walking movements´ using the thumb, to gentle massage. Light, gentle pressure is applied to reflex points which can produce a variety of sensations to include the feeling of something sharp being pressed into the foot, to a dull ache, tightness or discomfort. This indicates to the reflexologist that there is an energy blockage that needs to be freed. This blockage weakens as treatment progresses with the object of completely removing the blockage to restore balance in the area indicated. The whole process is always effective and usually leaves a person feeling relaxed, with the body

either back in balance, or on its way to being. It can be thought of as a fine tuning process similar to that of tuning a car. The difference being a car can easily be replaced, your body cannot. (Although with today´s medical advancements some parts can be!!). Better to look after the vehicle (body) you have been provided with, in which to live your life, rather than undergo surgery don´t you think? So, if you have resolved to have a healthier lifestyle in 2013, consider reflexology as a way of attaining and maintaining just that. For more information or an informal chat to see how reflexology may benefit you, please call 660326194 or 968978876. Alternatively send an email to info@ with your query or questions. Look after your vehicle for life and let 2013 be the year you fine tune your body!



cafe ambulance viewing day

On Saturday the people of Mazarron were shewn the ambulance that will be donated to them on April 20th. This super vehicle costing 57536 Euros has been made available by the generosity of the expat contingent in the area who have raised some 45142 Euros in their C.A.F.E. effort, that’s Community Ambulance Fund Espana. The balance of the money will be raised throughout this year with a Concert in September and by the fund raising of the areas oldest established registered charity PALS (Protection and Life Saving). This ambulance is for the use of everybody in the area and will be administered, staffed and maintained by Cruz Roja, but will remain permanently in the area as the vehicle purchased by CAFÉ will be owned by the Ayuntamiento. PALS also presented on that day equipment to the Mazarron Ayuntamiento in the value of 11281,61 Euros including 3 new defibrillators and other equipment including batteries for those previously presented. In their 12 years of existence PALS have now donated to the local emergency and health teams a fantastic 188414 Euros worth of essential life saving and health equipment and in addition were leaders in a raising 6400Euros after the Lorca Earthquake. PALS have a programme of fundraising events, trips, days out, holidays and thi scan be accessed on or call 626 460 465. PALS DO IT 4U!

CAMPOSOL “D” GARDENING AND COMMUNITY GROUP I am pleased to announce that our group has now achieved the status of Asociacion with the Mazarron and Murcian Regional Ministries of Economies and Neighbourhoods. Our official title is: Asociacion de Vecinos Camposol D Gardening and Community Group. Our Registration Number is 11.281/1a. Our CIF No. is G30872998. We will have our bank account opened soon with Santander. The Composition of the Asociacion’s Officers are as follows: President: Michael Drummond Secretary: Leslie Thomas Crook Treasurer: Robert Owen. This is a précis translation of the main Article defining the Aims of the Asociacion: Promote the interests of all members Organise better representation of the neighbourhood Develop cultural, social, urban values Organise cultural, educational and recreational activities. Represent the asoc. In dealing with civil service, government institutions. PROMOTE THE SOCIAL, ECONOMICAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT TO CREATE A MORE HABITABLE AND COMFORTABLE PLACE. Take part in discussions affecting our statutory position Improve the local participation of the

neighbourhood Promote the best co-existence between neighbours and the social integration of foreigners This Asoc has only local representation and is independent of any political, economical or religious group. Contribute to the values of solidarity, freedom and social justice. After the announcement at our recent committee meeting it was agreed by all the reps that we would now make determined and more positive measures to encourage more residents of D to take a more active part in the upkeep and maintenance and progression of our community. A newsletter is to be produced along with a questionnaire asking residents how THEY wish us to proceed. Our new gardener is making tremendous inways into keeping our perimeter roads and gravelled areas free from weeds and is soon to commence the trimming of our trees that follow the central reservation on the dual carriageway. A digger is to be brought in again to clear large weeded areas, improve our drainage ditches around the perimeter, shift large areas of silt and mud and generally make improvements. Our social events are yet to be fully booked for the year but a BBQ is planned along with a Halloween Night both to be held in the new Clubhouse with whom we now have

a very workable relationship and understanding. Both Colin and Stewart have helped and encouraged us and it is anticipated that we will have many enjoyable nights ahead of us. I am also pleased to report that our new Group Vehicle is now legally insured taxed etc, and that Alan and June Muncaster have agreed to act as our coordinators for the use and booking of the car and trailer. This vehicle and the two trailers will be used by our gardening and concreting teams but are also available to members of our group to borrow for tasks such as removing green waste from gardens, getting rid of bulky items to the eco park, collecting supplies from such places as builders yards etc. All residents of D are entitled and encouraged to join the group and then make use of another innovative facility. Residents of D are asked to contact any member of the committee or their poligono reps if they have ideas on how we can further improve our neighbourhood, wish to help, and generally take an interest in our activities. They are also urged to join our website, details of how to do this can be found on the noticeboard or by contacting the committee or reps. Mick Drummond President.


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• Curtains, Voiles & Blinds • Poles, Track & Accessories • Throws, Runners, Rugs, Cushions • Tablecloths, Placemats, Coasters & Trays

Closer than you think the

yorkshire linen co.

home furnishing specialists

Free parking above Mercadona, opposite Lidl Monday to Friday 10.00 - 18.00, Saturday 10.00 - 14.00 Centro Comercial la Pirámide, Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia Call: 968 595 946 / 650 857 619 -

Introducing T. J Carpentry


Our bespoke kitchen cabinets are manufactured and pre-assembled in our workshop using 18mm colour matched board with a solid back panel. As well as our huge range of kitchen door colours and styles we have a huge range of worktops, solid wooden block, granite and laminate are available. As with all our products our kitchen units can be manufactured any size. All cabinets, as well as any storage options are purpose made to your requirements.We have no set size doors widths or heights.

We offer a design, manufacture & installation service with an exceptional level of quality & service at a competitive price. We are able to design, manufacture & install a huge range of kitchen furniture to suit your needs, with over 700 door styles & colour combinations we cater for every taste tradition to modern. We have something for everyone & remember its manufactured to your requirements.

For a FREE home measure & quotation please contact Trevor on

619 584 405

Based in Albox, but will cover all areas

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British Bedding

ASSSA - your private health insurer in Spain

Change from your current health insurance to ASSSA –

Currently, many European citizens are experiencing changes which are bringing the effects of the crisis in Spain much closer to home. Some of you may be losing your entitlement to a SIP card, or if privately insured and dissatisfied with premium increases, no customer service in your language, your insurance company has radically reduced and changed their services? Are you in this situation? Would you consider a reasonably priced private health insurance with ASSSA so that you can visit local, English speaking doctors in Spain? ASSSA offers you impartial advice and tailor-made solutions with special offers available and special conditions for those transferring in from another private insurer. Personal advice and support even after signing your contract? With our insurance company, this comes as a matter of course. ASSSA has, for over 75 years, offered its customers in Spain excellent private health insurance at an affordable price. For the last 20 Years we have specialized in meeting the private health insurance demands of our European fellow citizens along the Costa. In order to achieve this superior customer service and customer proximity, we have set up a chain of customer service offices along the coast.

ASSSA - Experience, Expertise & Customer Service

Our personal service is unique. Our friendly, multi-lingual employees are pleased to inform you of both our achievements and policies without any obligation to purchase. Our philosophy is to answer all client queries fully and with complete honesty. Many of our clients join us on recommendation from existing ones, which is a clear indication of our unique service. After joining ASSSA you are allocated a personal contact that speaks your language and assists with any questions that you may have. Your personal contact will deal directly with you for medical assistance, offering her personal empathy, help and support.

Doctors and Hospitals

We offer our customers an extensive directory of private clinics, GP´s and Specialists working from some of the best private healthcare hospitals. In order to comply with the wishes of our clients, we make contracts with facilities most of whom speak your language or offer a free translation service. For this reason, we have many English speaking medical professionals under contract with ASSSA.

Quality insurance

We provide flexible levels of health insurance - depending on the cover level and premium best suited to the client’s requirements - from a supplementary insurance (from 44,25 € a month) to a more fully comprehensive insurance cover (from 84 € a month). During the current economic crisis we are pleased to be able to offer the following discounts until the 10.12.2013, of 12% for the entire contract lifetime at our Summum level; 10% on our Plus or Master level cover; 50% discount for children under 16 insured with parents, plus comfortable monthly payment without surcharge. In addition, we offer dental insurance reduced by up to 20% (from only 68 € per annum).

Insure your health!

The benefits of ASSSA insurance: ASSSA offers a variety of unique, written, contractual guarantees. The age at which you sign your contract is always used as the basis on which to calculate your premiums, i.e. the premium does not increase due to increased age. In addition, ASSSA provides protection against policy cancellation from the first day of insurance. Contracts with ASSSA are of course, in your native language as transparency is important to us.

Visit us for a chat and without any obligation, receive a personal premium calculation. Our employees will be pleased to answer all your questions. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09: 30-13:30 Later appointments or home visits by arrangement

We look forward to your visit! Customer service office: VERA Tel. 950 392 487 Louise Zarb



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Nobody Is Perfect The moment I first saw Laurence in the prosaic surroundings of Domestic Appliances in Hyperocio it was love at first sight - I knew I wanted him. My rapture knew no bounds when he condescended to take up residence with us. In fact, in the humble surroundings of Casa Biggs he shone even more gloriously – purple and magnificent he commanded centre stage in every room he entered. I am a woman satisfied as I follow Laurence devotedly throughout the house, though Pete is less enraptured; the entry of Laurence into a room heralds the exit of Pete. Despite his flamboyant outward appearance and his imperial demeanor he has fitted in to our family with an ease that speaks of good breeding. He is not a demanding guest, insisting only on access to a power source. His personal needs are straightforward and minimal; cleanliness, both internal and external are essential for his continued cooperation, and for that reason I have bought him a special soft bristled long handled brush for getting into all the nooks and crannies that might otherwise get overlooked. Laurence and I have an accord; I anticipate his

By Jos Biggs

viewpoint path, preceding his entry into each room by clearing chairs, tables, sofas and all movable sundries out of his way to ease his passage through the house. Then, when the majestic entourage has passed, I put them all back again! But recently a tiny cloud has appeared on the horizon of this blissful relationship. Nobody is perfect, and I have encountered a flaw in Laurence’s purple perfection. This dent in Laurence’s omnipotence has become obvious through the Dog That Is Not Ours, who is moulting. She is quite a small dog, about the size of a Fox Terrier, yet every day she leaves behind on our one and only carpet enough hair to cover a large Alsatian. How so much hair can come off such a small dog is beyond me, but it does. Cue Laurence, whose primary task in life is to remove this hair. This he does, calmly, efficiently, and with no loss of dignity. He remains Lord of the Dance – except for his head, which becomes covered in dog hair! The electrical charge between Laurence’s head and the dog’s hair causes the latter to stick to the former, and I then have to vacuum his head. It’s not much of a task, but it annoys me to vacuum the vacuum cleaner. I am going to write to Laurence’s creator, that master of lateral thinking, James Dyson, and suggest that in future all Dysons be manufactured with non-dog-hair-sticky heads.

Deliver Us Our Daily Bread

Our local SuperValu supermarket has had a major refurb recently and apart from the change of name to DialPrix and the new vivid green decor - which would make Robin Hood feel right at home - there is a much better use of space and a nicer display generally. Business is always brisk and it’s a good example of how smaller retail outlets can maintain their market share in the face of the big boys by giving a wide selection of goods and friendly service. That is a refreshing change in this day and age when customer service is a dying art. But it also got me thinking about those presupermarket days, when shops specialised in specific produce

and goods, and when impeccable customer service was the norm. We still have bakeries and long may that be the case, but in the UK there were butchers, newsagents, fish mongers, green groceries, sweet shops & tobacconists, all trading side by side. Of course, we have the ubiquitous markets here in Spain, where fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance and where fresh usually does mean fresh, having come straight off the fields - unlike some of the third rate produce that can be found in English markets. I can remember as a young lad seeing my Mum struggling up the street, loaded down with her weekly shopping, having had to catch the trolley bus into town four miles away and then back again. In addition there was a small parade of shops within walking distance, consisting of a butcher, who would

By Colin Bird :

also oblige by making deliveries if necessary, a newsagents & confectioner and a chippie - an essential part of 1950’s life. And I would often be volunteered to rush off to pick up this or that. The daily delivery

ser vices of the milkman and baker were something that you could always rely on, and this was augmented in our neck of the woods by a grocery service called Premier. There was not a huge selection on this van, but it certainly helped to be able

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m.

pool Repairs ~ Terraces ~ Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

to pick up the odd essentials without a trip to the shops. In addition, other services were familiar visitors in the streets of the estate. The coal wagon was a frequent caller and would stop on request to drop off the odd sack of coal here or a bag of coke there. The Rag and Bone man who gave plastic bags filled with water and a solitary goldfish in exchange for bundles of old clothes and bric-a-brac. Over the years we acquired a number of fish in this way, and those that weren’t enjoyed with chips, went on to live long and happy lives in their fish bowl on the window sill. Most of these deliverers it must be said, used horse and cart and it was only later that they became mechanised. It was always a race with the neighbours into the street with a bucket and shovel if the nag had dropped-a-load in the course of its journey. The results could be seen by way of some spectacular displays in the rose beds of neighbouring gardens. In addition to these we had the usual Mr Whippy and Mr Softee ice cream vans and a colourful Italian character called Giuseppe. The vehicle he used was an ancient motorcycle combination. The bullet shaped sidecar had been converted to a freezer and was painted white with the name ‘Giuseppe’s Cornetti’s’ on one side and the standard slogan of all ice cream vendors - ‘Stop Me and Buy One’ - on the other. The rumour

ALQUERIA - Uggaby, the visit John MacDonald (El Sordo) -


The Alquerian delegation blinked at their first sight of Britain. It was grey, overcast and raining. Manuela wondered why the sky was so low. A chill wind ripped through the group as they made their way to the waiting transport. A minibus which had certainly seen better times. The number-plate sported a crest with the letters RoU, Republic of Uggaby. Sid Bognurdler the driver, welcomed them in a strange strangled fen accent which Blythe Gruntmore vaguely recognised. He responded in his Geordie English and Bognurdler thought, ‘What a strange language Spanish is’. Manuela, Gruntmore, Rodriquez and Poyato enjoyed the journey north. The view through the window of the minibus was of a dank green countryside, so different from the sun bleached Alquerian Valley. Manuela was on her best behaviour. The others were worried about her attitude problem and sent her to an ‘anger management’ specialist. However after her first consultation the ‘specialist’ himself was seeking professional help. Uggaby’s history is on a parallel with that of Alqueria’s. It was founded by time-expired men of the VI Victrix Roman legion. Their descendants lived in peace, their way of life changing little until the summer of AD820. In that year the Viking, Sitrik the Putrid was exiled to Uggaby. His successors have ever since been a constant source of aggravation to the dark-eyed descendants of the Victorious 6th Legion. With the River Waveney to the north and Sitrik’s stream to the south Uggaby was technically an island. Both the Suffolk and Norfolk County Councils used the island status to wash their hands of the place. On application to central government for clarification they too denied responsibility. Uggaby became an independent republic. A reception at the Uggabian Town Hall offered traditional village fare. Unfortunately this was also on a par with Alquerian food and therefore virtually inedible. An acquired taste, Pugh the Mayor had said, however this was a euphemism for ‘ruddy awful’. A particularly sticky moment occurred when Manuela, champion of the Alquerian Hill People met Marta, the Uggabian matriarch. Dark eyes examined dark eyes. The girls circled each other. They could find no fault. They became firm friends, a union of anarchistic souls. The relief in the hall was almost akin to rejoicing. Homing pigeons brought from Alqueria were released. Seizing their chance for freedom they headed north east towards Scandinavia and were never seen again. To put this new found alliance on an official footing a treaty was signed. The Treaty for Autonomous Republics and Territory Security (T.A.R.T.S) came into being. A contented hush fell over Uggaby as it and its guests settled down for the evening. The only sounds were the gurgling of the Waveney along with Marta and Manuela giggling in the dark. was that Giuseppe had previously been a professional barber, so it’s possible - bearing in mind what it is that all barber’s stock for their male clients at the weekend – his catch phrase might then have been ‘Buy Me and Stop One’. But that’s just my mind working overtime. Giuseppe sported a waxed moustache turned up at the ends and always wore a red striped apron and a straw boater with a feather. He would pull up in each street and with the aid of a loud hailer, bawl out, “I’m ‘Ere!” at the top of his lungs. Another regular caller was the

Corona man, who delivered our weekly requirement of four bottles of pop in varying flavours and took back the previous weeks empties. Then if we were really lucky, there was a rare visit from the Muffin & Crumpet man. Always on foot and balancing a large tray on his head, he advertised his wares by ringing a hand bell as he marched through the streets. Talking of which, I quite fancy a crumpet for my tea. I’ll just nip down to DialPrix. Must be careful not to wear anything green though. I could get lost!


lo ok g o o d f eel g r ea T

Meditation Mantra

If you have ever tried Meditation and struggled that’s perfectly normal for ALL of us at any given time “even the hardened Meditators”. Here is a wonderful and simple technique to use every day and its works wonders when you sit quietly in Meditation. This is a mantra you are saying internally to yourself (over and over as you breathe in/out). I AM BREATHING IN I AM BREATHING OUT. That’s it! So simple and yet effective! This mantra I AM BREATHING IN I AM BREATHING OUT not only helps the body to relax it will top up your energy and life force. As you do this you may feel light headed only because most people do not breathe properly, most people do not recognise that this is true either until they start Yoga or try some simple breath work. BELOW are some basic guidelines before you begin. Posture: Different postures affect how the energy flows through the body and how alert the mind is in meditation. For most meditations, we suggest sitting upright with the spine erect while still being comfortable. How Long to Meditate: Usually 15-30 minutes is a good meditation time, although if you are new to meditation, you may want to start with 5 or 10 and build up. If you meditate regularly, it can be helpful to meditate about the same number of minutes each time. When to Meditate: When you meditate will partly depend on what kind of meditation you are doing and the purpose of the meditation. Although you can meditate at any time, the ideal times are usually in the morning as a start to your day, or in the late afternoon/evening in order to unwind from the activity of the day and be refreshed for the evening. If you do a meditation which energizes you, it’s better not to do it before bedtime. Some meditations, however, are specifically designed for falling asleep and many people find listening to many of our guided meditations helps them relax into sleep. Meditations which are deeply relaxing are best done on an empty stomach or at least a couple of hours after a meal. How often to Meditate: The ideal frequency of meditation may vary from person to person depending on many different factors. Generally speaking, once or twice a day is ideal. A regular routine of meditation is invaluable. Thoughts in Meditation: Thoughts arise spontaneously in the mind. They are a natural part of meditation. The goal of meditation is to become more at ease, relaxed and at peace with whatever is happening. Therefore, it is important to not resist anything that comes in meditation, including thoughts. Don’t try to push out thoughts or resist them. Simply notice that thoughts are present and let them go the way they come — effortlessly. When you find that the awareness has been caught up in a train of thought, easily come back to the focus of your meditation. It’s important to understand that you have not made a mistake when thoughts come or the mind has become absorbed in thought. It’s a natural part of meditation. The mind may get caught up in a “story” about what is happening in our life, or even what is happening in meditation — what has happened or will happen. Likewise, we can let go of that. Don’t purposely follow the train of thought. Let it go. Let go of the meaning of thoughts. Let thoughts be a meaningless activity in the mind! Our experience of thoughts may change as we Meditate; as we disengage the gears of the mind, the mind has an opportunity to settle down. We may experience more subtle levels of the thinking process. Thoughts may become more vague, or may even be an intuitive felt sense of something — a knowing that does not get translated into words and concepts. Allow this process of the changing experience of One to One Meditation Sessions and Group Classes available please contact Tracy Hughes at telephone 968583979 or 672567627 for more information. Classes currently running every Monday at - Ascention Holistic Centre in Los Alcazares.

centro óptico

Avda Pio XII, s/n 04800 - Tel: 950 121 991

A Months Supply of One-Day Lenses Graduated Lenses

Only €18.90

Hard of Hearing? Come and have a free test!! All accessories and various models available

1 pair

Get Your Eyes Tested For FREE


2 pairs:


28€ Single Vision 96 € Varifocal

30% discount 30% discount off all for OAPs

Designer Sunglasses


thoughts to happen. Sometimes you may experience a kind of dream-like state, somewhere between being asleep and awake. This also is a natural experience in meditation. There may also be times when there is a state of “no thought”. No matter what happens just take it easy — take it as it comes! Falling asleep in Meditation: Hopefully in meditation we enter a state of “non-resistance”. This would include not resisting sleep if it comes. Therefore, if sleep comes, let it come. As the body relaxes, it will take the opportunity for sleep if it is needed. If you find that you fall asleep frequently in meditation, it may mean that you need more sleep at night and is a good reminder to make sure you are getting enough rest. Strong emotions: When we enter into a state of relaxation in meditation, strong emotions can sometimes arise. This can happen for several reasons. When the mind settles down in meditation, we may become aware of an emotion that has been “under the surface” while we are busy and focused on other things. It may also be that the deep relaxation of meditation causes a kind of “unwinding” or purification, so that any emotion that has been held in the body is released. The meditative state can be much like the dream state in which various issues are being processed. If we are uncomfortable with a particular emotion, such as grief, the tendency may be to want to push it out. Emotions are a flow of life energy, and if we resist that flow, the energy becomes “stuck”. If you notice resistance to emotions, let the resistance go. Allow the emotion to be experienced fully and the energy of the emotion can flow and resolve. On the other hand, when a strong emotion arises, the mind may become very busy trying to work it out and making a story about it. If anger arises, for example, the mind might pick up on something that happened in the past, or imagine something happening now as the cause of the anger. This involvement of the mind in the emotion intensifies and feeds it, and also obstructs it from moving through easily. When we become aware of being caught up in a train of thought or a story, let that go and bring the awareness easily back to the focus of the meditation. (The focus will depend on the meditation you are doing.) If the emotion or thought is so strong that you cannot easily come back to your focus, then simply allow the mind and body to feel the emotion. Let the awareness locate a physical sensation in the body that is associated with the strong emotion (or thought). The key is to not over analyse simply continue to feel that sensation in the body. With the awareness easily on the sensation, it will eventually dissolve and the mind will be free to continue with the focus of the meditation. Ending Meditation: It’s important to take time to come out of meditation slowly. When we are deeply rested in meditation, it can be jarring to suddenly get up and start our activity. Remain with your eyes closed for a minute or two. Stretch, move around a bit, and gradually become more active. When you are ready to open your eyes, you can open them downcast at first. Take your time! Please email me and let me know how you get on, I would love to hear your comments!


SPECIAL perm 49.95€ cut & Blowdry


Gelish nails 15€ a set or 25€ fingers & toes

Soak Off 5€


express facial + file & polish only €25

march Specials

.00 5 2 €

His & Hers Cut & Blow DrY



Tuesdays Mens Cut


Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona)

Call for an appointment Monday - Friday 9.00am - 6pm open sat 16th march FREE WiFi Late appointments available on request

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

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TURRE C/Avda de Almeria 17, 04639, Turre, Almeria, Tel: 950 47 96 46

Restaurante pizzeria

Mari Cruz

Special ia menu del d

starter Spinach, Parmesan & Bacon Salad or Delicious Potatoes with Salmon & Cream Cheese main course chuletas de cabrita with Mint Salsa or calamares romana on

dessert or coffee

Find us on “Pizza Mari Cruz”

ly 9€

Special menu de la noche only 12€

Evening special

free Bottle of Cava when ordering 2 courses from the Menu - min 4 people


Super Corner




950 479 502

broadband internet, New wireless internet

service available 4&6mb from €24.95 p/m No landline required Call us for details if you are a part time resident. to find out if your area is covered go to

computers ~ laptops Distributor for mobile phones, sales, repairs & unlocking full repair service printers ~ inks area distributor for Photo papers hits sim cards routers ~ monitors Don’t lose your TV channels wireless devices Android TV boxes available internet dongles at low cost No Satellite dish needed

Call into our shop in Turre town square just along from the Cajamar bank



FITNESS 4YOU Now arrived the only boxing ring in the area! Come & join our club the best fitness training for complete toning of the body. Learn the discipline side of boxing skills & discipline yourself. You will gain good goals to where you want to be. Yes, hard work, but worth it! Boxing in the UK is a big thing but I see more people wanting to learn the skills of boxing & self defence & have peace of mind. Try it, Boxing for fitness. If boxing isn’t for you come & try body combat. Same moves as boxing, but kicks, blocks, punches, twists & a great cardio workout, ages from

18 – 60 plus. Follow us on Facebook: open glove boxing club Turre at fitness 4 you gym. DONNA’S BOUTIQUE has a fabulous collection of quality & affordable clothing all from the UK, catering for sizes 8 - 28 which are constantly being updated. There are also many accessories to admire inc sparkly costume jewellery, hats, handbags & shoes to name a few, all at excellent prices! Donna’s eye for fashion makes every lady feel good in their outfit & that’s why her customers come back time after time! If you cannot go to the shop the shop will come

to you! Private parties are catered for, minimum 10 persons! Donna has a face book page which keeps everyone updated, so type in Donnas Boutique & hit the LIKE button, to see what’s new in! Donna can deliver to you anywhere in Europe!!!! SUPER CORNER has opened earlier this year under the friendly ownership of Simone and Nabil. You can shop for all your British branded supplies whether the food you require is tinned, frozen, packet, or fresh, all at bargain prices. Open everyday. If your missing all your favourite British foods

pop into Super corner & treat your tastebuds. CONNEXIONS has been up and running now for 10 years and is constantly keeping up to date with modern technology. Ken and Gill offer a great service. There is a wide range of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, books as well as art piece . Also in store is the new Android TV box, no satellite dish needed just an internet connection of at least 2mbs. If you need a new TV to cope with the swap over we can help! We still do a full repair & upgrade service. Come and visit their shop for more info and to see it working.

Probably The Largest Range of English Products In Spain


(Next to Max Co-op Supermarket on main road) Tel: 950 479 487

quality branded electricals with in-house guarantee and helpful personal service

ge of New ran ps just table lam& huge arrived ion of select s clock

Steam mops from €65! Best selection of upright & cylinder hoovers for miles

Massive selction of kitchen tools & gadgets, knives etc

The most e comprehensivre & a range of cookwywhere n a s houseware

Up to 30 different usually in stock fr kettles om Toasters,irons, frie 20€. steamers, blenders rs, food processors &, mixers, much more. Absolu much te best range in the arly the ea!

Fruit trees & bushes, rose bushes, seed potatoes, onion sets, seeds etc

Sandtex, Weathershield exterior paints, Crown Dulex & Johnstones Sum interior paints & brushes, now mer duvets in fillers, sealants etc covers, p, new duvet illows, protectors, ma pillow Garden tools protectors, 3 q ttress of sheets, pillo ualities now in & plan w t towels in 15 co cases, foods, compo s t, cushions, curt lours, growbags, ga ains & rd hose & fitting en b li n d s s etc

Quality saucepan sets from Raymond Blanc, A Worra l Thompson, Ready Steady Cook, Bialetti etc

TEL: 950 479 487 open Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 10am - 4pm No Siestas



...TAKE A TRIP TO TURRE FOR ALL YOUR SHOPPING NEEDS MARI CRUZ is situated in Turre high street. It has a lovely outside terrace and roomy indoor area. Specialising in grilled meats, fish all cooked on BBQ & regional dishes as well as a great variety of wine, beers, tapas and an excellent variety of freshly homemade pizzas & pastas is available to eat in or take away. There is Lounge for meetings, company dinners, small events & birthdays. Come & buy any pizza to take away and get a free margarita pizza absolutely free. Special menus of the day are available changing every week and if you fancy something special try the evening menu, 2 courses min 4 people and receive a free bottle of cava. GILLEE’S BAR is the bar to go for all football, English/ Spanish & major sports events. Food menu includes Full English breakfasts, served all day, Friday is Fish & chips day and on Sundays a traditional roast dinner is served. They now cater for private functions & parties call in for more information you will definitely receive a warm welcome STYLES has been in Turre 18 months now. Thanks to the commitment of Michelle and Wendy, they do their best to offer their clients up-to-date hairdressing & beauty treatments. Now in stock are the new micro hair extensions, the latest new technique to apply hair extensions by using micro ring instead of glue. It also benefits from the light weight & is very easy to use. It is very safe for the natural hair. Tooth gems &

hair gems are also available. You won’t be disappointed with any of the treatments they offer. Calling all you men haircuts are now from only 5€

you are guaranteed a professional job from start to finish. Give us a call on 627 907 207 / 634 319 882 or Email: solshaders@live.

Solshaders has been operating in this area for more than 7 years & is a fully legal Company. Their fantastic range of Awnings (which can protect your terrace from the wind), Insect Screens and Internal Blinds are available in a variety of colours & styles with a sign writing service also available. Justin is committed to giving all his clients 100% satisfaction & offers a free on site quotation without obligation & with his outstanding prices & excellent after sales service

FUNDRAISER’s Adene is involved in helping to raise monies for a number of local charities in the local area. They are always welcoming quality clothes, hangers & plastic bags aswell as books & all household items.The Vera shop has now moved next to the Guardia Civil and the Chinese Shop.


644 496 198 678 992 093

come in for our new range of tooth new micro hair hair gems extensions gems

Lose inches, drop dress sizes the easy way

crazyfit massage machine

The Fundraiser Charity & Community Shops

The people’s charity, The Peoples Choice

Run totally by volunteers

Helping the disabled Cancer Research Vera Orphanage We put our hearts Asprodalba into helping and many more

vera shop has now moved to just before the guardia civil & next to the chinese shop

Opposite Super Turre in Turre & Just before the Guardia Civil in Vera Open 6 days a week... times on shop doors Contact 664 620 288

Fabulous clothing & accessories sizes 8 - 28 catered for

Big sale Tel: 677 542 931 coming so on

find us on

up t

Donna’s boutique o

50% off Th e N o .1 su pp li er

only 15€ per month unlimited use!

call us for more info or visit

ar ea in stal le r in yo ur

find us on

Tanby Piscinas

Dean White

• Maintenance • Repairs • • Service • Chemicals • • Equipment • Solar Heating • Tel: 950 468 230 Mob. 609 888 549 Avda de Almeria 17. Bajo, Turre Trading in this area for over 30 years

friday Fish & chips only 7 .50€

Fitness 4you


our prices cannot be beaten


Established 5 years with 100% customer satisfaction

Turn your outside area into a dry & wind free enclosure & enjoy the outside while still being inside P.O Box 133, Cortijo Cabrera, Turre Almeria, SPAIN

Tel: 627 907 207 / 634 319 882 Email: Web: opening hours Mon - Fri 8.30am 2pm & 5pm - 10pm Sat 9am - 2pm

Turre, Almeria

Gymnasium & Boxing academy

Membership only 25€ per month no joinning fee

Fully Equipped Gym With Classes inc Zumba • Boxercise • Body Combat Spinning • Yoga • Dance • Boxing For Kids

all day breakfasts from €3.50 2 courses 10€ 1 course €7.50

KASH BAR has been up and running now for 6 weeks. After a full refurbishment, Ashley welcomes everyone and is anxious to please. Serving

tyles hair & Beauty

Cafe Sports Bar - Avenida de Almeria 55, Turre, Almeria

Sunday Roast

all day breakfasts, snacks & special dishes cooked by their Russian chef, there is plenty to choose from. Their wide range of beers, ciders and wine is next to none and you can enjoy sitting on their sunny terrace or watching any of the live football games on one of the HD TV screens. A separate room featuring a pool table is also available to play on as well as a game of darts.

private parties & functions are now catered for speak to tina for more info

telephone: 634 309 540

new boxing ring now here!!!

Ladies - all treatments half price in March & free beauty treatment if you join the gym! 665 706 880 •


ash barturre

open Every day 9am - late • Monday 3pm onwards

rts Live music Special o p s all wn Find me nus us on o h s darts

Large selection of drinks


pool tab


tel: 950 479 593 or 634 311 163


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always look on the bright side of life it may reduce your cholesterol!

elax evive

ejuvenate retreat elax El Cucador

Relaxation Class

Beauty Therapy

Our new therepist Abigaile

is here on Thursdays, Call to on Tuesday Liz Hill afternoons arrange your FREE hand or foot massage 667 979 445 March Advanced back, Specials face & scalp only Full Body Massage 20€ treatment 20€ Hopi Ear Candle 13€ Powerful stress

with Call for more details

releasing treatment, works on deep seated tension & restores balance to vital energy points. Initial deep cleansing back exfoliation followed by back massage, facial includes massage ,application of intensive face mask & Oriental head massage help clear the mind, calm the spirit & ease tension. Result is rehydrated, nourished & soothed skin combined with a sense of deep relaxation.

Holistic Massage

 elissa, who is UK fully-qualified with over M 10 years experience, offers a range of relaxing massage treatments: from a simple Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage to Hot Stone treatments.

Reflexolgy with UK qualified therapist Melissa

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People with a sunny disposition are less likely to have high cholesterol, new research suggests. Middleaged optimists were found to have better levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, which has a protective effect on the heart and helps cancel out ‘bad’ cholesterol. They also had lower levels of triglycerides, the fatty molecules involved in hardening of the arteries, said the researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health. Part of the reason may be due to the optimists’ tendency to have a healthy body weight and a ‘prudent’ diet, say the researchers. The report, published in Mail Online, indicates they analysed data from the Midlife in the United States study, which included phone interviews and lab tests for 990 people aged 40 to 70. Based on the interviews, participants’ levels of optimism were rated on a scale from 6 to 30 depending on their

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agreement or disagreement with statements such as ‘in uncertain times I usually expect the best’, and so on. People with higher optimism scores also had more high-density lipoprotein (HDL) the desirable form of cholesterol that is believed to protect against heart disease. For every increase of five points on the optimism scale, HDL in the blood increased by one milligram per deciliter. That same HDL increase would translated to a three per cent reduction in the risk for heart disease, the researchers said. For comparison, regular exercise can decrease heart disease risk by six per cent. But there was no connection between optimism and total cholesterol levels, or to low-density lipoproteins (LDL), the bad’ cholesterol.

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Lead study author Julia Boeh said: ‘It is one additional piece of evidence suggesting that our psychological health and physical health are intertwined, and that viewing the world optimistically may have some tangible benefits for our health.’ Previous research by Boehm and her colleagues had shown a link between optimism and lowered heart attack risk, so they decided to look at whether there was an independent connection between optimistic or pessimistic outlooks and cholesterol, which is known to play a role in heart attack risk. Franz Messerli, a cardiologist at St. Luke’sRoosevelt Hospital in New York, who was not involved in the study, said: ‘It’s still impossible to say whether optimism causes a change in cholesterol, or cholesterol influences outlook, or both are subject to some third variable.’ The Harvard researchers did try to account for other influences, and when they factored in lifestyles, including diet and alcohol consumption, and body weight - the link between optimism and blood fats became weaker. That suggests that optimists’ tendency to have healthier lifestyles and weight may explain ‘in part’ the differences in their blood lipids, researchers said. Conversely, the risk of heart attack and stroke goes up in depressed people, Messerli said. ‘But nobody has shown the opposite, that all of a sudden if you go from a pessimist to an optimist your risk goes down.’

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REVIEW it...

The Major - Stephen Lawrence

“Unfamiliar territory, not knowing what lies ahead.” Betrayal and murder dominate from start to finish. Stephen Lawrence adopts the mystery, thriller and suspense genre and admits to being influenced in his writing by James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin and Clive Cussler. Pete, as the protagonist in this thriller is an interesting mixture of aggression and brutality combined with a sense of guilt and wrongdoings or what I would simply call humanity. He almost becomes a real life James Bond ! The mystery is this. Pete longs for the camaraderie and the adrenaline rush, the thrills and spills of army life but he has been medically discharged and he seems to be in retirement mode, happily married to Jess, a talented freelance architect. Okay so far? Something is missing. He wanted to recapture his SAS days in the Glorious Glosters craving the excitement and danger of former times. He reflects on his Falklands’ experience in June 1982 with hand to hand combat and death. The air was filled with smoke and fumes of cordite. Atmospheric. He had strayed past the enemy line and came face-to-face with his enemy. He killed him of course. That’s what he was trained to do. Once a killer, always a killer. How can a mercenary settle for a mundane, domesticated life and existence? A suburbanite, a retiree who longed for that unfamiliar territory, not knowing what lies ahead, that danger. Pete was beginning to feel trapped and admitted that he wasn’t really content with his life. His salvation, the well-needed tonic arrived on his 45th birthday, a late mid-life crisis halteda proposition, an offer too good to refuse special operations, highly confidential work. Very tempting. To digress, we have a steamy sex scene after Pete’s birthday bash. He was knocked out in the barn, bound to a chair, hooded with a gag tied round his mouth and stripped of his clothes. When he started to return to part-consciousness he thought back to his days of being trussed up ready for interrogation OR torture OR EVEN WORSE execution! Horror. He thought it might be a sexual, deviant or ritualistic torture. You can probably work this bit out for yourself. X-rated. Inevitably, Pete agrees to work for the Major. His senses became hyper and after making the decision, he felt confident that it would give him a purpose in life, self-belief and restore his shattered confidence. He goes into each of his assignments metaphorically blindfolded, uncertain as he performs his role of playing God or more accurately, playing the devil’s advocate. There were many moments when Pete simply felt out of his depth and wanted OUT. Could he? No. Pete was stupidly caught in a compromising position so the Major blackmailed him in such a way that it could have jeopardized his marriage and endangered his family. Having to eliminate a person unnerved him, it clawed at his insides. He assassinated his victim by shooting him through the heart, followed by a clean hole in the back of his head followed by a third bullet in the centre of his bare back. That’s what I call thorough. If you enjoy a bit of horror you’ll like this: Pete knew his face would have blown away and his heart would be in shreds. This is the Spanish connection-Guardamar del Segura. A cold-blooded killing. Anger and hatred gnaw away at his insides as his bank balances explodes and Pete’s mission, in fact his sole purpose in life is now to locate the monster and destroy him. A tall order. In his pursuit of this fiend he also discovers the truth of what really happened to his brother Mark who had been allegedly killed in a freak car crash. The heat had been so intense that nothing recognisable remained. The narrative builds up to a dramatic and unexpected climax with a number of surprises or shocks to keep you on your toes from start to finish. Is it all’s well that ends well? Well not quite so in this case but ENJOY! Publisher: Author House UK. ISBN: 978-1-4772-4342-8 Carol Naylor - writing exclusively for the Sol Times &

If you are one of those people loving the sight of flames and the smell of gunpowder, the Valencian famous festival known as ´Las Fallas´ is the event for you. This unique celebration is characterised for being smoky, loud, crazy and rowdy while the city is literally set ablaze. This well-known Valencia event began as a feast day to commemorate St Joseph, the patron of Valencia and the saint of carpenters.

The Valencia Fallas have developed into a multifaceted festival also celebrating ´fire´ with a population swelling to three million of flame-loving people. Las Fallas´ centre of attraction are the creation and destruction of the ninots, which are statues made of huge cardboard, wood and plaster located over 350 places like parks and key intersections all over Valencia city. The lifelike ninots frequently and satirically portray current events and bawdy scenes (Spanish celebrities and lampooning corrupt politicians are especially liked). Crafted by neighbourhood organisations, they are quite expensive and take about six months to build; many ninots are quite a few stories tall with cranes needed to move them into position. The ninots remain in place until St Joseph´s Day, 19th March, when they are burned during “La Cremá.” Young men with axes chop holes into the ninots and put fireworks inside them in the early evening. While the street lights are turned off the spectators chant; then at exactly the stroke of midnight all the ninots are set on fire. The local firemen have devised over the years unique ways to protect Valencia´s buildings from burning alongside the ninots: for instance, by covering storefronts neatly with fireproof tarps. Also one of the ninots is spared from burning into flames each year by the crowds´ vote and will be exhibited in the local ninot museum along other years´ favourites. The Valencia Fallas festival origins are

somewhat obscure, though they are thought to be the evolution of pagan ceremonies of the celebration held on the planting season and spring onset. Also in the 1500s the city of Valencia only used street lights during the long winter nights, street lamps that were hung on wooden structures or ´parots´. When the days were longer, since the parots were not needed, they were customarily burned on St Joseph´s Day. Even now Las Fallas have kept their working-class satirical roots, while the upper classes and the faint-of-heart often leave the city when it is the actual time for this celebration. Apart from burning the ninots, there are also other activities during the Valencia Fallas festivities; there are a wide range of beauty pageants, paella contests, parades and bullfights daily all throughout the city. Besides, during the days leading up to “la cremá”, improvised displays of fireworks happen. Finally another highlight of Las Fallas in Valencia are the 2pm daily “mascletá” held in the Town Hall square, where the ground literally shakes for the 10 minutes following the ignition of a huge pile of firecrackers. Article courtesy of


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Last December I visited my new bank in Vera. It’s blue instead of the old yellow as they had bought my old bank for just a Euro. The bank typifies the arrogance the banking sector is famed for; I was scolded for daring to come in just before Christmas when I told them I had not received a letter informing me of my new account number. They explained that my post man is dishonest or lazy, or both as he had burnt, stolen or eaten the letter. I returned in early January as my business banking charges doubled after the takeover. I was brusquely told that nothing could be done so I asked to close my account. Suddenly the man smiled and said ‘you can have free banking if you deposit 800€ a month into your business account!’ Times may be hard in the property sector but if I couldn’t pay in 800€ then I would be sweeping the streets. I was also offered a mouth-watering inducement of a Repsol charge card giving a gigantic 2% discount on fuel purchases. My knees went weak as I imagined how I could spend my new found savings. Of course I said yes to the man from Del Monte. Then every fortnight I would pop back to the bank and stand in line for ages only for the computer to say ‘no, no card yet!’ One time even the man who had originally tempted me with the devilish wonder checked and said ‘no, not yet try next week!’ I now know never to book any other appointments if a bank visit is on the cards and to take a flask, sandwiches and sleeping bag. Then, one day the most senior and most grumpy lady looked for my card. Ten minutes of fruitless

searching later and victory was at last mine – not a card but a meek ‘sorry’ followed by an almost inaudible ‘very sorry!’ Senior grump had to admit that the man had never ordered the card in the first place. A new card was promised in a weeks’ time. Knowing Spanish efficiency is non-existent unless nabbing our money via taxes and fines I left it a fortnight before girding my loins and donning battle dress for a return trip. My face dropped as the queue was again almost out the door. Never mind I thought, I will speak to senior grump as she will certainly recall her earlier capitulation. No such luck and I was told to stand in line. So I explained that I was only here due their earlier mistakes. Senior grump still said no. So I asked for the complaints book! Sparks flew from her feet as she sped into the bank managers’ office swiftly returning with the forms. The poor woman seemed grateful that I was officially moaning about their snail’s pace of service, all due to a lack of staff. Then I had to deliver the form to the Trading Standards office. I found the building where I thought they may be and entered an office only to be told that they were the Diputacion of Almeria and I needed the office opposite, the Junta de Andalucía. So I went up to the door and checked the opening hours which said Mon-Fri 10-2 and as it was only 1pm I turned the handle and of course it was locked! Back at the Diputacion they helpfully shrugged their shoulders, so I posted the form under the locked door wondering if Trading Standards have their own complaints book. At least I finally have the discount card now!

Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles are posted on there...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: Telephone: 636 266 641

braben’s blog...

I was lying in the bath last night thinking, isn’t nature funny, but that’s beside the point! Whilst in there I had an idea. I often get good ideas in the bath but we won’t go there at the moment. In amongst all that I was thinking, isn’t it just as well we’re not all the same and enjoy the same things. Food for example. Imagine if we all loved steak, there’d be mayhem at the Mercadona everyday as we all lay siege to the meat counter. But thank goodness we do all like many different things, some more weird than others. For example there are certainly some seventies wild children who still play their Little Jimmy Osmond albums to this day, which is sad because probably even Little Jimmy Osmond doesn’t play them now! But when it comes to food I’m firmly in the I don’t like shellfish camp. Lobster. I know it’s a delicacy and that many many people clamour for it, but really, apart from the taste, I can’t imagine eating something that you need an instruction manual for. If you must eat it, beware because when you read the instructions there is often a warning about the green stuff you may find inside. Call me unadventurous but I’m not really of a mind to devour something which, upon being decapitated by me, reveals squishy green stuff. No thank you. And quite apart from anything else, from certain angles they are the spitting image of that nasty creature that knocks lumps out of the crew in the film “Alien”. Of course, as I said, we’re all different and many people love seafood and especially Sushi. The Japanese have brought the world so much that is good and I am especially partial to their home theatre systems, but I am yet to be converted to Sushi! An example of why I have an aversion to it is Nazersushi. Yes it sounds like is married an evil army from Lord of the Rings but it is in fact a Graham to Helen and has Sushi dish that you eat after it has been stuffed with a daughter, Alice. salt and squashed with a stone for six months. Yes six He lives part of the year near Albox, months. but works in Qatar, So it’s not just nature that’s funny, our taste buds teaching. If you wish Graham are a little odd too! But it’s okay that people are all so to contact regarding this different and that some like really unfathomable things, article email: helenandg@yahoo. it means my fabulous Mantovani records are safe!


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I have heard that I need to present a declaration to the tax office declaring my assets in

other countries. Surely this cannot be true?

A. It is correct. Orden HAP/72/2013 of 30th of January has brought to life form 720, which needs to be filled

in by all residents of Spain who have assets abroad worth more than 50,000 euros. This form must be presented before the end of April with severe penalties for not doing so. All resident of Spain shall provide the Spanish tax administration with the following information: 1. Information of bank accounts you may have abroad, already in your name, or have authorization or rights to at any time of the year which corresponds to the declaration. The information shall include: • The full name and address of the bank. • Full identification of the accounts. • The opening or cancellation date, or if applicable, grant and revocation as authorized. • The average balances of the last trimester and the corresponding average balances for the last trimester of the year 2. Information on securities, assets, values or rights representing the equities of all types of entities, or transfer own equities to a third party, of which they own and are abroad, as well as life insurance and life annuity policy holders or beneficiaries of temporary policies. In this case, the information must include, in addition to the identification of the entity, the balance on December 31st, the number and class of such assets. 3. Information on real estate located abroad. This last section will contain the following statement: • Type of property. • Property location: country, city, street and number. • Date of purchase & Value of purchase. The presentation in subsequent years will only be required when the value of the assets and rights have experienced an increase of over 20,000 euro on the determined value of the last statement made. The information shall be declared in the new model 720 from February 1st to April 30th 2013 for the data of the fiscal year 2012. Starting from the next fiscal year the declaration should be presented between the dates January 1st & March 31st. Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.

Est 25yrs




99,000 € Mojácar Playa A1101 225,000 € Mojácar Playa A1010 Lovely 1st floor (top floor) apartment of 46 m2 with 35 m2 terrace & solarium of 46 m2. Furnished & with A/C the property enjoys good sea views & overlooks the community pool & gardens.

Superb furnished apartment of 90m2 + 49m2 terrace, superb sea views, 2nd line complex. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,. Underground parking, storeroom & lift access. Community pool & gardens.

165,000 € Mojacar Playa A1097 150,000 € Mojácar Playa LV623

235,000 € Mojacar Playa LV581 295,000€ Mojácar Playa LV617 Superb spacious townhouse, high quality front-line complex, 133m2 + 44m2 private garden, 22m2 terrace & 9m2 porch. 3 beds, 2.5 bathrooms, roof terrace. Off street parking, 3 community pools & gardens.

Very spacious linked villa 169m2. on 219m2, few minutes walk from the beach. 3/4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, ample terraces, Jacuzzi,superb village & sea views. Private garage & parking. No community fees.

170,000 € Turre DV1017

89,500 € Cabrera SDV583

Charming apartment of 80m2 in a very popular complex with huge community pool & gardens. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & sun terrace. Garage available at extra cost. Close to the beach.

Very pretty townhouse of 100m2 just 5 mins walk from local beaches. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, private terraces, garden, off street parking, & community pool. Furnished + A/C.

Lovely well maintained detached villa of 100m2 on 400m2 10 mins drive from the local beaches. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private carport, gardens & pool. Top quality fixtures & fittings.

Pretty townhouse of 80m2 + terraces in the heart of the village. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Parking space & share in the Oasis pool. 20 min. drive to the local beaches.

95,000 € Mojácar Playa A1066

135,000€ Mojácar Playa A1106

79,950 € Vera A1159

149,995 € Cabrera DV1214

Charming apartment of 59m2 + panoramic sea views near to the ‘fuente’ (natural springs) in the village. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom & sun terrace. Furnished + A/C. Community pool.

Very nice ground floor, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, apartment of 69m2 + terrace of 55m2. Adjacent to the golf course & in walking distance of the beach with garage & community pool.

Quality ground floor apartment 63m2 + 42m of garden & terraces. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, furnished. Undercover parking. Outdoor and heated indoor pools. 5 min. drive to the local beaches.

Outstanding opportunity to purchase a fine detached villa of 75m2 on 130m2 with direct access to the superb community pool. 2 bed, 2 bath. Allocated parking. Breathtaking views. Tel: +34 950 478 915 Fax: +34 950 478 963

Mondays 10.00 - 13.30 & 15.00 - 18.00 Tuesdays - Fridays 9.30 - 13.30 & 15.00 - 18.00 Members of the National Association of Estate Agents Overseas

All properties listed with Price Brown comply with the consumer protection act - decreto 218/2005 11 Octobre (Andalucia).

Members of the Agrupacion Tecnica Profesional

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The Benefits of a G

We spend roughly one third of our life sleeping. This fact is lost on most people when they think about their mattress. A mattress lacking in back support reinforces poor sleeping posture, strains muscles and does not help keep the spine in alignment, and therefore sleeping on the wrong mattress has nothing but negative consequences. Two main factors to consider when choosing a mattress are comfort and support. Both are equally important, and choosing one that provides both will help reduce low back pain, allowing the structures in the spine to really rest and rejuvenate during the night.

fed up with spending a fortune every year on electricity, gas or diesel? -€ Energy prices rising -€ Solar prices falling - € Reduce your outgoings -€ Free Electricity -€ Free Hot water

-€ -€ -€ -€ -€

Quality products all with guarantees Nine years trading in spain Excellent return on your investment Saving you money from day one Covering the whole Murcia region Complete systems from only 1500€ installed call keith now: 659 315 130 • fully legal & installing in spain since 2004

Sleeping on a good and comfortable mattress is the easiest way to ensure a full night’s sleep. Because sleep is so important for people’s health, there are a large number of health benefits to making sure your mattress is comfortable. One of these is the issue of back pain, which can severely affect the quality of life of older people. A comfortable memory foam mattress means that there will be a large reduction in the amount of back pain, and memory foam mattresses that are available are designed to mould to the sleeping position of the user’s body, so that aches and pains may be alleviated altogether. Apart from the obvious fact that the person will no longer suffer the physical pain, there are other benefits. Older people will be able to have fuller and more active days because of the relief from pain, and this in turn will lead to less stress in their lives. A more comfortable mattress will also lead to lower stress levels in all types of people, as one of the main reasons for stress is lack of sleep. Once the problem of sleep deprivation is eliminated, stress levels will go down because the user will be better rested and much more able to function. Mattress design and technology has never been more innovative. We offer a wide range at prices to suit every pocket. Open spring mattress: This remains the most commonly used springing system in the world. Border rod or wire gives the mattress a firm edge and helps retain its shape. Pocket spring mattress: These are more luxurious, with individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets. Springs work independently to respond to individual body weight. Ideal if there’s a considerable weight or size variation between you and your partner! These need to be turned regularly to ensure even settlement. Foam Mattress: Memory foam mattresses adjust to the contours of the body when someone sits or lays on them, however they are slow to expand back to their natural shape making middle of the night adjustments uncomfortable. Latex mattress: Similar to foam but they don’t take as long to recover! Resilient feel with excellent durability and are ideal for anyone with allergies as they are labelled hypoallergenic with anti-microbial properties. They conform to your body’s contours, breathable, so you won’t overheat and require no turning, but occasional rotation will distribute the wear evenly! Visco-elastic mattress: Very high-tec, your body heat reacts with the foam to soften it; the mattress then moulds and re-moulds to your body’s contours. Provides excellent support and enables natural movement during sleep. Helps to maintain correct posture and align spine horizontally when lying on your side and are hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties. Occasional rotation is necessary to distribute the wear evenly.


Good Mattress


Brussels Calls for More VAT Increases & Continued Reforms

Earlier this week the European Commission called on Spain to limit the application of the reduced VAT rate and raise fuel taxes in order to reduce the deficit, in addition to continuing with the labour and pensions reforms, delaying the effective retirement age. These demands collide with the ideas defended previously by the Spanish Government, of not carrying out any further adjustments and of lowering taxes in 2014.

In a report by, Brussels also called on the Spanish Government to apply more strictly the budgetary stability law on the autonomous regions in breach of their deficit targets, and accelerate the implementation of the office of budgetary control. These recommendations appear in the second evaluation report of the bank bailout for Spain, drawn up by the European Commission, in collaboration with the European Central Bank. The report contains the findings of the inspectors who travelled to Madrid from 28th January to 1st February. This report is in direct contrast with the European Commission’s recent message on the budgetary efforts required by Spain, when the Head of Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn, demonstrated his willingness to relax the pace of deficit reduction for the country if the data confirms that Mariano Rajoy’s Government fulfilled the structural adjustment demanded in 2012.

Eurozone GDP Fell 0.6% in Fourth Quarter of 2012

The statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat) confirmed this week that the eurozone economy contracted by 0.6% in the fourth quarter of 2012, compared with the previous three months.

According to a report by, year-on-year, the gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 0.9%, which is in line with the first estimate and forecasts of the analysts. The data represents an acceleration in the economic downturn for the region, since the economy fell by 0.1% in the third quarter, and 0.6% year-on-year. El Economista reported that in the whole of 2012, the GDP of the seventeen countries that share the single currency fell by 0.6%, while that of the European

Union declined by 0.3%. Among the eurozone countries for which data are available, only Estonia (+0.9%) and Slovakia (+0.2%) were able to maintain some expansion in their business activity, albeit at a slower pace in the third quarter, while the most notable declines were observed in Portugal (-1.8%), Italy (0.9%) and Spain (-0.8%). Thus, seven of the seventeen eurozone member countries (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Finland) were in recession in the fourth quarter, in addition to Greece, whose data has not been updated, while Luxembourg, which recorded a contraction in activity in the third quarter, has not yet submitted its fourth quarter data, making a total of nine countries of the eurozone which may have ended 2012 in recession.

Brussels admits that the increase in VAT applied since last September (from 18% to 21% for the basic rate and from 8% to 10% for the reduced rate) is “progress” towards improving the effectiveness of the Spanish tax system. “However, there is scope to limit the application of different low VAT rates and to increase environmental taxes, especially on fuels,” states the report. “The recurring deficits in the social security system should also be checked,” says Brussels. In 2012, the deficit amounted to 1% of GDP, instead of the balance that the Government had previously estimated. “Plans to introduce a sustainability factor in the pension system and to increase the effective retirement age would be important steps in this direction, but have yet to be adopted,” said the Commission. The report does note that the labour reform approved by the Spanish Government last year “may be starting to have an impact”, as can be seen in the moderation of wages and increased layoffs. “The reform has the potential to strengthen the link between wages, the economic cycle and the position of the companies,” says the Commission. However, Brussels said: “the duality in the labour market remains unchanged” and that “the severity of the labour market situation requires monitoring and continuous review of the impact of the reform.” The Spanish authorities have agreed to carry out a review during the first quarter of the year and the Commission has asked them to focus on “the impact on wage dynamics, labour market segmentation and employability”. In addition, El Economista reported that the European Commission have called for the Government to increase spending on education, labour market integration and retraining, to modernise public employment services and improve national and regional coordination.

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Suitable for ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, marble, stone, concrete and more...


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property guide.... Foreign Property Buyers in Spain Continue to Flourish

38,312 non-residents bought properties in Spain last year, almost on par with 2007 levels. According to a report by, the latest data from the General Council of Notaries revealed a substantial 28.4% increase in the number of foreign and non-resident buyers of Spanish property in 2012. “The situation on the ground here in Spain over the last 12 months is in many ways different to how it has been portrayed to the rest of

Many can do it well... Some can do it very well... but only a few do it like us... always with the customer in mind Camposol Business centre sector a, camposol mazarron

TEL: 968 592 679

the world. Far from Spain being ‘in pain’, the second homes market in 2012 experienced a real revival with more buyers from more diverse countries seen since 2007″ said Marc Pritchard, Sales & Marketing Manager of Spanish house builder, Taylor Wimpey España. Taylor Wimpey’s own activity has shown a similar increase. “We experienced an overall 31% increase in sales to foreign buyers in 2012 with Russians up 27%, Brits 24% but also notably Scandinavian buyers

O Olive

Lubrin (El Marchal)


Vera Playa Apartment

Returning to UK?

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm

MODERN PARKHOME (NW Leicestershire)

£69,000 ono

Private sale of this lovely home on a secure, well established, residential park and at an extremely attractive price.

00€ 0 , 8 1

> 2 Fitted Bedrooms > Large lounge/diner > Inclusive fitted kitchen > Luxury shower room/WC OLV633


UK: 01455 293603

Apartment For Sale on golf course


cALL 663 977 230 EMAIL:

Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466

C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

New to the market, this large property with garden for reform has been priced to sell.


up a massive 311%” commented Pritchard. Looking ahead to 2013, he is confident of continuing improvement, “Sales in Mallorca are already up 100% in February 2013 compared to last year, while buyers in the Costa del Sol for the same period have increased by an impressive 183%. With prices remaining competitive, new frontline projects such as our La Vila Paradis development on the Costa Blanca and the proposed new residency law expected to come into place shortly, I remain confident in the Spanish second homes market in 2013.” concluded Pritchard.

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen with white goods, Nice views of golf course parking, Mojacar approx 7 mins

now only


T: 664 291 793

large country properties needed

in the Los Velez area

genuine clients waiting to view

...CALL 902 750 190 OR 950 121 936 ~ EMAIL: SALES@SOLTIMES.COM


3 bedroom penthouse on mojacar playa €99,950 Great opportunity to purchase a 3 bed / 2 bath penthouse apartment with a large terrace with sea views and within walking distance to the beach, promenade, bars and restaurants.

development benefits from a swimming pool, gardens and lawned areas. It also benefits from allocated parking.

3 bedrooms, bathroom and separate shower. The terrace is approximately 50 m² and the store room is 9.65 m². All in all The penthouse apartment is the property has a total built area 77.80 m² distributed between of approx. 87.47 m². The apartment is part of a living/dining room, kitchen, The property is priced to sell

and an early viewing is highly recommended. For more information or to book a viewing appointment please visit our office or contact us via phone or e-mail. Ref: 1167

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563

property group



What the Color of Your Living Room Says About You! willingness to put themselves ‘out there.

brown If you love rich browns in your decor, you take your obligations seriously, are industrious, and value the respect of those close to you.

black Dare to go with dramatic black? You’re elegant, comfortable with formality, complex, a bit mysterious. Precise in your thinking you quickly understand concepts, connect ideas, and envision ways to make things happen.

bright green Bright green lovers are someone who exudes positive energy and a ‘we can make it happen’ philosophy. With a discerning sensibility and an innate desire to put others at ease, this person is a natural when it comes to social endeavors.

Yellow Bright sunshine yellow has the same high energy as you do when you set your mind on a goal; a unique mix of several bold colors says that you make you own rules — and you inspire others with how you experience life fully.

blue As tried and true blue, you bring a nononsense attitude to most endeavors, and your strong belief in the things you undertake is often the key to their


light green Celadon indicates that you are a good listener, have genuine compassion, and allow others to express their hopes and fears.

pink If you’re drawn to bright pink, you’re maybe a bit tempestuous, someone who seeks out new experiences and surroundings. Easily bored by the mundane, you live life with a


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ECOLOGICAL LAVENDER FARM CASA LAVANDA OPENS FOR PUBLIC Tucked away in the hills of El Valle lays the lavender farm Casa Lavanda. Set in a dazzling environment, just a stone’s throw away from Melegis and Restabal, the Dutch owned farm grows 1.5 hectares of ‘lavandula angustifolia’ organically, taking advantage of all the natural resources the Lecrin Valley and Sierra Nevada offers. Being the only ecological lavender farm in Andalusia, Casa Lavanda finds itself back in a unique position. Amongst snow-topped mountains, neighbouring pueblos blancos and countless citrus, almond and olive-groves, Casa Lavanda cultivates more than 20.000 plants on the breathtaking cortijo Buena Vista. Planting, maintenance and harvesting is carried out by hand and the production of the organic essential oil takes place at the farm itself. By using a traditional copper alembic still for steam distillation, Casa Lavanda restored an old Andalusian craft skill and sets back hands of time while enjoying the golden liquid, extracted from one of the worlds most authentic and medicinal plants. Due to the fertility and richness of their ancient soil, Casa Lavanda produces

ecological oil of excellent quality. Lavender and its oil aids relaxation, is a great skin toner, improve quality of sleep, relieves headaches, eases muscle pain and contains many other health benefits. Because of its characteristics lavender oil is one of the most used oils in holistic- and aromatherapy. Casa Lavanda offers a broad range of own branded lavender based products. A quick glance reveals; fresh and dried flowers, lavender sachets, bath salts and oils, soaps, massage-, body- and facial oils, hydrolytes and lavender mists for body and mind. The pure essential organic oil vaporised is set back the mind, distresses and comforts body and soul. The farm tells the story and advantages of lavender through field walks, workshops, harvesting and distilling demonstrations, lavender picking days, high teas, fairs and/or customized arrangements on request. If it is just a one hour visit, or a long stay around the purple glowing fields and the beautiful Lecrin Valley, feel welcome at Casa Lavanda. With the 1th Spring Home & Garden Lavender Fair at 28 April; a flower/plant, antique, brocante, art and culinary market starting at 11.00 a.m. and lasting till sundown – the ecological farm opens the lavender season at their premises. Casa Lavanda opens for public from May till October at Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am till sunset. For groups and/or other private options pls. contact the farm. For more info and arrangements visit www.casalavanda. es or find us on Facebook (casa.lavanda). For direct contact call Femke; 692 534 949 or Erik; 634 849 633

Sol Insure A New Ray Of Light For Insurance

Looking Around for Insurance or Renewal Due?

Sol Insure

Let find the best policy for you! Providing the best cover at competitive rates

950 472 098



SPANISH CLASSES with native Spanish speaking professional!

All levels, all ages, and all levels welcome. Maximum group up to 7 people. All study materials provided Limited spaces available.


Enquiries : Sam 636 411 540 / Raquel 678 888 477 / Betty 679 207 545


Low cost cultural trips to many historical Spanish cities starting soon. Professional tour guide – 18 people maximum.

Enquiries Tel: 622 288 750


At the Pink House

Now serving

homemade pizza 1€

(plus topping of your choice for 50 c extra)




TEL: 681 095 096 or 679 207 545



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showbar & restaurant

The Irish Rover Your No1 Entertainment Venue in Mojacar for All the Family

17th March

Back by Popular Demand

The one and only ‘Morgan’ also, Irish Folk Singer Mark Nugent plus...Tommy McCarthy Tuesday 19th March

The Ultimate Showman

MORGAN Tickets €5



Chicken, Chips, Salad & a Bottle of Wine per 2 People

12€ Eagles Tribute Friday 12th April Only

telephone: 950 473 135

mojacar playa between Lua & Moma Beach Open 10am till late 7 days a week



Irish Beef Stew Ingredients Method

1½kg stewing beef, cubed 175gstreaky bacon 3 tbsp olive oil 12 baby onions, peeled 18 button mushrooms, left whole 3 carrots, cut into quarters salt & ground black pepper 1 tbsp chopped thyme 2 tbsp chopped parsley 10 cloves of garlic, grated 425ml red wine 425ml chicken/beef stock For the roux 50g butter - 50g flour


2tbsp Butter 8oz Self-raising flour 6oz mashed potatoes 4tbsp Milk 5 x apples Brown or white sugar 2 cloves Juice of 1/2 lemon 3tbsp Cider


Mix the butter into the hot mashed potatoes, add a good pinch of salt, and the flour, and mix well, then add enough milk to make a soft, slack dough. Roll out and line a 1-qt bowl with some of it, reserving enough for the lid. Fill with the apples, peeled and cored and finely sliced, and sweeten to taste with sugar. Add 2 whole cloves, the lemon juice and the cider, taking care not to make it too wet. Dampen the pastry edges, lay the lid on and press down. Cover with foil and secure well. Steam, or cook set in boiling water up to the rim, for 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Serve cut in wedges with cream or home-made custard.



Grea tF T rie d nds o YELLOW Go s e m i

Everyone’s a little bit Irish on St Patrick’s Day, so why not mix and match a few of our favourite Irish recipes and raise your Guinness to all things green.

Brown the beef and bacon in the olive oil in a hot casserole or heavy saucepan. Remove the meat and toss in the onions, mushrooms and carrots, one ingredient a t a time, seasoning each time. Place these back in the casserole, along with the herbs and garlic. Cover with red wine and stock and simmer for one hour or until the meat and vegetables are cooked. To make the roux, in a separate pan melt the butter, add the flour and cook for 2 minutes. When the stew is cooked, remove the meat and vegetables. Bring the remaining liquid to the boil and add 1 tbsp of roux. Whisk the mixture until the roux is broken up and the juices have thickened, allowing to boil. Replace the meat and vegetables, and taste for seasoning. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve


Enjoy Al-Fresco Dining In Our Fly-Screen Enclosure Breakfast

served 9 ~ 12


Take-away available

Daily Specials

Mobile top ups @ bar

12pm~ 2.30pm

2€ or 5€

Parties & Special Events

catered for Ask at bar

free Wi-Fi


see bar

~ opening hours ~

Mon ~ Sat 9~9ish ~ Sun 12pm~7pm

for bookings call PAUL: 634 332 178 Find us in Piedra Amarilla (Formerly The Grapevine) For more information and phone orders call Paul: 634


← Albox

Fines →

332 178

Yellow Stone 1km Piedra Amarilla →

Los Mellizos Restaurant

La Alfoquia, Zurgena

We have a new chef and a new Menu !

Ingredients 170gself-raising wholemeal flour 170g/6oz plain flour

Preheat the oven: 400F/200C/Gas 6.

½ tsp salt Tip the flours, salt and bicarbonate of soda into a ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda large mixing bowl and stir. Make a well in the centre and pour in the buttermilk, mixing quickly with a 290ml/½ pint buttermilk large fork to form a soft dough. (Depending upon the absorbency of the flour, you may need to add a little milk if the dough seems too stiff but it should not be too wet or sticky.) Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead briefly. Form into a round and flatten the dough slightly before placing on a lightly floured baking sheet. Cut a cross on the top and bake for about 30 minutes or until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped. Cool on a wire rack.

happy have a very day and st patrick’s r photos send us you . to editor@soltimes r u com of yo & food celebrations


Traditional Takeaway Fish & Chips Opening Hours

Mon:12:30-3pm, Tues-Fri 12.30-3.30pm & 5-9pm Sat: 12.30-3.30pm & Closed Evening Opposite Iceland Car Park,Vera

Tel: 667 333 361 Eat in or No more sitting in your cars to eat... Take-Away The Chippy now has tables & chairs

Live Entertainment this Friday


plus mixed grill & steak menu

Open Mon - Fri 8am - late. Sat & Sun 9am - late

Tlf: 667 919 025


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Bar Menu & Snacks Home-made puds


Burgers, Lasagne, pies, Omelettes, chilli plus

All Day Breakfast from 9am

onl y €

2 Courses


served 12 - 3 except Fri & Sun

Includes FREE Tea or Coffee

friday & SATURDAY Fridays &

Cod ‘n’ ChipS

Beerfrom battered 5.95€ Atlantic Cod, Homemade Chips, Mushy or Garden PeaS SERVED 12-9pm

Saturdays The Restaurant is Open 6pm-9pm MENU FROM 5.95€

Traditional SUNDAY LUNCH

Delicious & Home-cooked nl y o served A Choice of Topside Of Beef & 12.30 - 5pm Yorkshire Pudding; Roast Pork With Crackling And Apple Sauce Tender or Roast Chicken With Stuffing - all served with Locallygrown Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables & a Glass Of House Wine, Tubo of Beer or a Coffee

6.95€ to include a FREE Drink

Starters, Puddings - 2€ each


BREAKFAST Friday Night Activities at with

Traveling Acoustics

Robin & Acoustic Friends Musicians

& Floor Singers

all levels welcome to come along, All Welcome bring your instruments and join in

8pm Start

A Night of Music to Enjoy



Monday Rock ‘n’ Roll - 7:30pm Tuesday Quirky Quiz - 7:30pm Wednesday Line Dancing 7:30pm Thursday Ceroc Dancing & Fun Plus Social Night 7:30pm

...Art Classes (held most days) ...Computer Club ...Keep fit & slimming classes

check the board for times



BP Garage


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950 120 718 / 610 641 567

St Patrick’s Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Most importantly, to those who celebrate its intended meaning, St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide.

Who Was St. Patrick? St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is one of Christianity’s most widely known figures; but for all his celebrity, his life remains somewhat of a mystery. Many of the stories traditionally associated with St. Patrick, including the famous account of his banishing all the snakes from Ireland, are false, the products of hundreds of years of exaggerated storytelling! It is known that St. Patrick was born in Britain to wealthy parents near the end of the 4th century and is believed to have died on March 17, around 460 A.D. Although his father was a Christian deacon, it has been suggested that he probably took on the role because of tax incentives and there is no evidence that Patrick came from a particularly religious family! At the age of sixteen, Patrick was taken prisoner by a group of Irish raiders who were attacking his family’s estate. Transported to Ireland, he spent six years in captivity, during which he worked as a shepherd, outdoors and away from people. Lonely and afraid, he turned to his religion for solace, becoming a devout Christian. After more than six years as a prisoner, Patrick escaped. According to his writing, a voice - which he believed to be God - spoke to him in a dream, telling him it was time to leave Ireland. Patrick walked nearly 200 miles from County Mayo, where it is believed he was held, to the Irish coast. After escaping to Britain, Patrick reported that he experienced a second revelation - an angel in a dream tells him to return to Ireland as a missionary. Soon after, Patrick began religious training, a course of study that lasted more than fifteen years. After his ordination as a priest, he was sent to Ireland with a dual mission - to minister to Christians already living in Ireland and to begin to convert the Irish. Familiar with the Irish language and culture, Patrick chose to incorporate traditional ritual into his lessons of

Christianity instead of attempting to eradicate native Irish beliefs; these included bonfires to celebrate Easter and he also superimposed a sun, a powerful Irish symbol, onto the Christian cross to create what is now called a Celtic cross, so that veneration of the symbol would seem more natural to the Irish. Although a small number of Christians were already entrenched when Patrick arrived, most Irish practiced a nature-based pagan religion, centering on a rich tradition of oral legend and myth. When this is considered, it is no surprise that the story of Patrick’s life became exaggerated over the centuries-spinning exciting tales to remember history has always been a part of the Irish way of life! St. Patrick’s Day is therefore celebrated on March 17 - his religious feast day and the (alleged) anniversary of his death. On St. Patrick’s Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived and people would dance, drink, and feast on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place not in Ireland, but in the US. Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City on March 17, 1762. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by people of all backgrounds. In modern day Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day traditionally remains a religious occasion; up until the 1970s, Irish laws mandated that pubs be closed on March 17. Beginning in 1995, however, the Irish government began a national campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to drive tourism and showcase Ireland to the rest of the world. Last year, close to one million people took part in Ireland ‘s St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin, a multiday celebration featuring parades, concerts, and fireworks shows.



COMIC RELIEF – FUNNY FOR MONEY Red Nose Day is back and bigger than ever before with an unmissable night of TV on Friday 15th March on BBC One

Red Nose Day is back on BBC One on Friday 15th March with a fantastic evening of unmissable TV: Comic Relief – Funny for Money. A star-studded line-up of the nation’s favourite comedians will be doing something funny for money as Red Nose Day celebrates its 25th anniversary with a TV extravaganza. A stellar line up of presenters – Michael McIntyre, Rob Brydon, John Bishop, Zoe Ball, Lenny Henry, Davina McCall, Jack Whitehall, Nick Grimshaw, Jonathan Ross, Dermot O’Leary, Claudia Winkleman, Alan Carr, David Walliams and Russell Brand – will entertain from start to finish, with original sketches from the stars of the comedy firmament promising to keep the nation roaring with laughter. Here is a taster of what will be shown live on the night - there will also be further announcements about more exciting sketches in the coming weeks! For one night only viewers will be treated to a comedy special of the nation’s favourite TV drama, Call the Midwife. Miranda Hart, Jessica Raine, Pam Ferris, Jenny Agutter and the other midwives struggle to get to grips with a particularly unusual birth! Rowan Atkinson will be donning a cassock for the occasion and addressing the nation as the new Archbishop of Canterbury. The Archbishop will be sharing his views on the importance of fundraising for “Red Nose in Need”, in a script written and directed by Richard Curtis.Peter Kay will be pushing himself to his physical limits and taking on the ‘toughest challenge ever undertaken for Red Nose Day’ as he forces himself to sit down for practically a whole week. The highs and lows of Peter’s gruelling adventure will be shown on the night, with the comedian hoping to make a triumphant arrival live at BBC Television Centre. Slough’s most famous salesman, David Brent, will be back for a Red Nose Day special and this time the legendary businessman will be employing his talents as a music producer in a not to be missed sketch. Viewers will also be treated to Comic Relief does MasterChef, with comedians Jack Whitehall and Micky Flanagan going head-to-head in a cook off for the one and only Dame Edna Everage. There will also be two sketches from Comic Relief legend David Walliams, one of which will see David share an intimate secret with some of his celebrity friends. The loudest and proudest mother in Ireland Agnes Brown, from Mrs Brown’s Boys, will be telling the nation all about the ways she has raised money for Comic Relief, whilst Russell Howard has filmed a special Good News which will feature some of his favourite funny moments from the last year. Award winning magician Dynamo will also be performing a mindboggling trick that promises to leave viewers awestruck. Pop sensation Jessie J will finally be taking on her big ‘Dare’ and will be shaving her head down to 0.5mm live on the night. Jessie J is part of a team of celebrity Fun Raisers who are hoping to encourage the nation to do something funny for money this Red Nose Day. Miss Piggy who has been encouraging the nation to ‘Dress Up’ will also make a live appearance. The night will also feature a performance from the world’s biggest boyband One Direction who have recorded this year’s official Red Nose Day single ‘One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)’ - a mash up of Blondie and The Undertones. There will also be highlights from Fresh Meat’s university challenge; Fresh Meat does Comic Relief.The cast will travel to five universities on the ‘banter bus’ and take on various fundraising activities in the hope of raising as much money as possible for Comic Relief. All the celebrities who battled their way down the Zambezi, Dara O Briain, Melanie C , Jack Dee, Chelsee Healey, Phillips Idowu and Greg James, will be live in the studio on the night as we hear more of what they went through in the name of Red Nose Day. Highlights will also be shown from Mark Watson’s 25 hour stand-up gig and Comic Relief’s Big Chat with Graham Norton. There will also be powerful reminders of the serious side of Red Nose Day, with moving appeal films from John Bishop, Brenda Blethyn, Rob Brydon, Davina McCall and Bill Nighy to show how the money raised could help change lives both here in the UK and in Africa Don’t miss it!

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1 Consuming ground I’ve made (9) 6 Reptile company supporter (5) 9 Official officer? (7) 10 Top dog awake in ‘Morse’ alternative (7) 11 Extra sleep (more than once), that’s in fifty-second surroundings (3-3) 12 About employment journalist made anew (8) 15 Test weapon up at Maidenhead (4) 16 Variation if French queen’s in retreat with church (10) 19 Application of science for cogent holy development (10) 21 Competent sailor left England... (4) 24 nearly make hay with wife for years inside weapon (8) 25 Unusual exit? (3,3) 27 Sorted pure God out (7) 29 Doorman for a ball? (7) 30 Fabric returning river with time (5) 31 What could happen to one planet, perhaps (9)

nil ideal start with bad end (5) 13 Image of fruit in eastern heartless fairy (6) 14 Edge up and down cushion (6) 17 Strange celery - almost a lot of voting? (9) 18 Good from weapons happened without writer and without form (8) 20 Come out of cannabis dessert (7) 22 British inch or new tubes (7) 23 South African bird, reportedly god! (6) 24 Starts to take innocent Germans how terribly mean! (5) 26 Assist a stake (4) 28 Princess and Prince go down (3)


Down 1 A metamorphic rock (6) 2 Selfish (6) 3 Insect stage (5) 4 8th planet of the solar system (7) 6 Xmas (9)

7 Rebel (8) 8 Receptacles for cigarette ash (8) 11 Animal companions (4) 15 SW (9) 17 Specified individually (8) 18 Standards (8) 20 Inheritor (4) 21 Apprehending (7) 22 City in Turkey (6) 23 A group of six (6) 26 Ease (5)

Very Hard!

CRYPTIC crossword





Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

1 Petrol (8) 5 Dross (6) 9 An engraved inscription (8) 10 In England, it’s a spanner (6) 12 Autograph (9) 13 A sweetener (5) 14 Small island (4) 16 An unspecified future time (7) 19 From end to end (7) 21 Where birds live (4) 24 An exact duplicate

(5) 25 Disequilibrium (9) 27 Naughts (6) 28 Confuse (8) 29 Not airtight (6) 30 Aubergine (8)



1 Softening of French animal books caught inside (9) 2 Type of word, in French a plant (7) 3 Release a French worker (6) 4 Not doing anything, I led astray (4) 5 Fuel for a tennis player without a second identity at first (3) 6 100-up, reportedly tired of storage space (8) 7 Succession of pots in burglary (5-2) 8 Refrain from a five-


coffee break





British Church that feeds 100’s, now officially registered



VidaRestaurant&Venue ST. PATRICK’S night saturday 16th march

tapas 1€

in the bar





A British Christian church that feeds hundreds of people is now a legal entity. It took the Turre Evangelical Church three years to finally become officially registered last December by the Spanish Ministry of Justice. It’s independent, not belonging to any religious network, and has a truly handson philosophy. As well as running a Food Bank, mother and toddler group and a Ladies’ sewing circle, the church members sponsor two children in Guatemala through the Toy Box charity, and support Send a Cow, helping people in Africa to become self-sufficient. Stepping Stones, a group for carers and those they care for, uses the church as a venue for their weekly gathering on Thursday mornings. Around one hundred families of different nationalities, get rice, oil, milk and other staples every week from the Turre Food Bank. The initiative began in November 2011, and is run by church members and other volunteers. Alan Bishop of the church said that the Lions Club, Dames of Turre, Community of Cabrera, The Fundraiser, the Ladies’ sewing circle and countless individuals have all given, and continue to give generously. Donations big and small are always needed because more and more families are being affected by the recession. Margaret Freeman who coordinates the Food Bank said that it doesn’t open until 10am on Fridays but that people often start queuing rain or shine, from 8am or even earlier. She said her team of volunteers aim to provide families with a weekly bag of essential items and that some families have three of more children and elderly or disabled people to take care of. The majority are unemployed and don’t receive any state benefits. One volunteer said that the people who come to the Food Bank are very thankful and appreciative of the British people’s support. The church holds a weekly Sunday service at 10.30am and lifts can be arranged, including for people in wheelchairs. There are children’s activities during the service, and hot drinks afterwards. Activities such as quiz nights, boules games and bring and share lunches are open to all. For more information, or to make a donation, please contact Margaret on 610064989. For transportation call Alan on 617914156. For Stepping Stones contact Fanny Davis on 950 472 822 -

Bay ay b bistro istro B Next to Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa

The Fresh Food Restaurant Menu del Dia Deli Sandwich Sunday ONLY 9.95€ Menu Lunch Menu de la Noche from 6.95€ ONLY 12.95€ Full a la open e Carte daytim gs n Menu & eveni Available

closed tuesday’s


3 Courses Including Roast of the Week

Only 9.95€

this saturday 16th march Private Function - All Day & Evening

628 Tel:Tel: 950 450 199761 • 628391 761 391

To avoid disappointment please call and reserve your table

3 course irish themed dinner

All Selections 1€ Each

Tuesday Bar

Specials 6 - 9pm Chicken Curry & Long Grain Rice


or Cod, Chips ‘n’ Peas

Finish the evening with a large helping of J & J Music’s rock & roll

call for menu & to book

Thursday night special Enjoy Wonderful Views delicious homemade from our pies , Homemade Chips & Peas Restaurant Candelit wed - sat evenings Opens 6:30 - 9:30pm Includes complimentary filtered water, bread & alioli


Beer-battered cod,

homemade chips & peas

Starters Ask for today’s choice of Starters, €2.50 each Mains

served 12.30pm - 9pm from


Pork Cordon Bleu €7.45: Tender pork stuffed with cheese & ham coated in breadcrumbs. Served with a mushroom sauce Hunter’s Chicken €7.45: Delicious chicken breast topped with bacon & cheese served with a homemade barbecue sauce Poached Salmon €7.95: Succulent salmon with a lemon sauce served on a bed of spinach

in the Bar


Gammon & Pineapple or Egg €7.95: Juicy gammon steak served with a choice of pineapple or fried egg, hand-cut chips, peas & salad Atlantic Cod ‘n’ Chips €7.95: Beer-battered medium Atlantic cod served with hand-cut chips & peas Mixed Grill €14.95: 4oz Steak, chicken fillet, pork sausage, onions, mushrooms, fried egg with grilled tomato, hand-cut chips & garden peas Surf & Turf €12.95: 4oz Entrecote steak & deep fried Scampi, served with salad garnish, grilled tomato, hand cut chips & garden peas Juicy Sirloin Steaks 16oz €18.95 ~ 12oz €15.95 ~ 8oz €12.95 Cooked to your liking, with a Peppercorn or Roquefort sauce on the side with onion rings, grilled tomato, handcut chips & garden peas Slow-Roast Shoulder of Lamb for 2 people to share €24.95 Served with roasted vegetables & potatoes (Must be pre-ordered 24hrs in advance)

booking advisable


sunday lunch

12.30PM - 5PM a to include e in w f o glass or tubo

Sides: Ask your waitress for our choice of side dishes, 1.50 each Scrumptious Homemade Puddings Ask your waitress for the specials of the day, all €2.50 Cheese & Biscuits Selection A selection of Cheeses served with biscuits & homemade chutney €3.50

Open Every Day 12pm - Late

Tel: 950 634 562




booking advisable

We are here


Zurgena La Alfoquia



La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

book the Venue

For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.


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IN and around spain...

in and around espana...

Ávila de los Caballeros is the capital of the province of the same name, and is most famous for two things - the birth place of St. Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582), and at 1117 metres (3665 feet) above sea level, the highest provincial capital in Spain. Built on the flat summit of a rocky hill which rises abruptly from the middle of a vast, arid, treeless plain, enclosed by high mountains, the climate is extreme, with very hard winters, and short summers. The main feature of the city is the medieval city walls - Las Murallas - constructed from brown granite in 1090. With eighty-eight cylindrical towers and nine gateways, all in excellent repair, the walls are over 2km (1.5 miles) long, and average 12 metres (40 feet) in height. The nine gates are formed by two towers, each over 20 metres (66 feet) high, and linked by an arch.

Ávila de los Caballeros

decorative facades and coats of arms. The Monasterio de Santo Tomás is a Dominican monastery founded in 1482, but greatly expanded in the following decade by Fernando and Isabel, whose summer palace it became. Inside are three exceptional cloisters, the largest of which

The most imposing of these gateways, the Puerta de San Vicente and Puerta del Alcázar, are on the east side of the city, Avila’s weakest defensive position due to the lie of the land.

In the church is the elaborate tomb of Prince Juan, Fernando and Isabel’s only son, whose early death opened the way for Carlos V’s succession, and whose death caused his parents such grief that they abandoned their home here.

You can walk along the top of the wall from Puerta del Alcázar to Puerta de Rastro, you have to pay a small fee - but it is well worth it.

It was damaged by Napoleon’s troops, who stabled their horses in the church.

The Gothic cathedral, built between the 12th and 14th centuries, has the appearance of a fortress, with embattled walls and two solid towers, and is integrated into the city’s defences. Construction began in the 12th century but was never completed. Most notably, the tower remains missing from the main entrance. The Romanesque interior parts of the cathedral are a strange red-and-white mottled stone, though the main structure is pure white stone and Gothic in form. Around the cathedral and Santo Tomé el Viejo, which is just outside the northeast corner of the walls, there are many impressive Renaissance mansions with

IN and around spain...

The Museo Provincial is in the sixteenth-century Palacio de los Deanes originally home of the cathedral’s deans.

contains an oriental collection, an incongruous but interesting display collected by the monks, representing centuries of missionary work in the Orient. On every available surface are carved yoke-andarrows motifs of the Reyes Católicos, surrounded by pomegranates, symbol of the newly conquered kingdom of Granada (meaning “pomegranate” in Spanish).

The exhibits include archeological remains, ceramics, agricultural implements, traditional costumes and furnishings from around the Ávila province, some fine Romanesque statues and a wonderful fifteenth-century triptych depicting the life of Christ.

A beautiful city, remarkably well preserved. But be warned – take a wide variety of clothes, the weather is not its best asset!


Tuesday 23rd April – ST GEORGE’S DAY – La Vida Bar, El Pareton Further details to be announced at a later date – reserve the date in your diary! Saturday 25th May –SPRING FAIR 396 Avda de los Covachos Camposol Sector B4 – 12.00 am to 3.00pm Our regular Spring Fair is in the planning stage, but please add it to your diary. Every 2nd & 3rd Friday – BOOK SALE Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre – 9.30 am – 1.00 pm Event tickets on sale at the book stall Between 9.30am and 1.00pm or from the MABS Information Centre on Sector B4 Camposol or by Calling 620 582 418 Keep watching the press or visit our website for more events For further details, please call 620 582 418



send your emails to MABS CANCER SUPPORT GROUP

MURCIA - MARCH/APRIL 2013 MABS EVENTS IN FORTUNA (MURCIA Every Wednesday - ART WORKSHOP - NORTH EAST) Café Golf, San Javier 10.00 am - 12.00 pm Saturday 16th April - Spring Fair Bring out the art in you! Informal workshop Whitehouse 12pm to 3pm. Come along and to get you started on water colours. Donation help raise funds to help all those affected by of 2€ per head for MABS. For further info cancer in the Murcia North East area. call Geoff on 968 192 768. Every Other Monday - Sew’n’So’s Friday 15th March - SHARE & CARE GROUP Sewing Group with Jan Gough 2pm. Urb. Las MABS Cancer Centre, San Javier 11am An informal get together for anyone affected Kalendas, Fortuna by cancer. Come along for a coffee and a 1st Tuesday of the month - Auction at chat. For more info call Anne on 693 795 Bob`s Bar - 2pm Carretera Pinoso, Fortuna 247 Tuesdays & Thursdays – “Pick, Try, Saturday 16th March – OPEN GOLF DAY, Choose, Buy & Donate” second hand store ‘The Eddie Allen Trophy’ – Las Pinaillas - 10.30am - 12pm Apartamentos Maruja, 12pm. 45€ includes buggy and coach at 9.00 across the cycle path, opposite Las Palmeras, am. Prize presentation, buffet and music Baños de Fortuna. after the game at Campbell’s Bar in Roda. Proceeds of hamper draw (2€ per ticket) and 2nd Wednesday of the month - Fortuna donations to MABS. 20€ deposit secures a Ladies’ Luncheon Club - 1pm Las Palmeras place, ring Stan Allen on 968 575 467 or Restaurant, Baños de Fortuna Ciaran on 692 038 643 or call at Campbell’s Last Wednesday of the Month - MABS Bar in Roda. Fortuna Meeting - 11.30am La Carcelera, Tuesday 19th March – Diamantes Ladies Urb Las Kalendas. Fortuna. Lunch, El Mojón- 1.30 pm for 2pm Three course lunch with glass of wine and MABS EVENTS IN CALASPARRA entertainment...10.50€. Raffle in aid of (MURCIA NORTH WEST) MABS. Come along, dress up and meet and First and Third Friday of each month MABS make new friends. Book your place with Market Stall in Calasparra Market 9am-1pm Diamante’s on 965 352 947 Situated opposite the Gran Via café Sunday 31st March (Easter Sunday) Second Wednesday of each month - MABS LUNCH - Time Out, San Javier – 1.30 pm Murcia NW Volunteer Monthly Meeting 5pm Lunch with entertainment by Andy Jones. New volunteers welcome. Call 648 518 158 13.95€ to include 3 courses, glass of wine for further details. and coffee. Hamper being raffled in aid of MABS. Booking required, please call 968 192 Last Friday of every month - MABS Book Stall – 11am – 2pm Outside the Trevol Bar/ 418 EVERY SATURDAY – BOOK SALE - The Cafe on Urb. Tierra del Sol, Calasparra. (This Arches Restaurant, Los Alcázares - 10.00 am is held the last Friday of every month) - 1.00 pm (weather permitting) The MABS For further information on Calasparra events, Book Stall is a regular feature at The Arches please contact: Restaurant on a Saturday and is popular with book-lovers from Los Alcázares and the surrounding areas. Browse the stall and enjoy a coffee (Camposol A) (puer to de mazarron) or bargain breakfast while you choose your books. Keep watching the press or visit our website www. for more events For further details, Private or trade letters to editor for birthdays or announcements Drop your details into them and we will print them in the next edition of the paper please call 634 362 826


March 24th - Annual Treasure Hunt. See parts of our region you normally wouldn’t go to and answer the questions en route. Always an afternoon of good fun, and not too much falling out!! €8 including a buffet at a mystery location. April 10th - Monthly Dance with Dan Davey and Angie McKay. €9. May 11th - Cruise to the Norwegian fjords. Overnight in Madrid, flight to Copenhagen, 7 nights aboard MSC Poesia, fully inclusive of all meals and local drinks, returning on 19th via Barcelona and Alicante. Special discounted prices including insurance. TRIPS September 16th - 20th, Sevilla, staying at the Hotel Becquer B & B, near to the city centre and all attractions. Many bars and restaurants close by. Includes a stop in Granada on the outward journey, a trip to Huelva and a jamon factory, and time in Cordoba on the return journey. €350. October 14th - Our annual Trip to Benidorm, staying 3 nights half board in our favourite Hotel Helios. Includes a day trip. €140. Christmas in Benidorm, leaving on 23rd December for 4 nights in Hotel Helios, full board, with a gala Christmas lunch. €230, including all transport. For more details of all events, ring Rosemary on 620105179

The Beacon of Light

Centre for Spiritual Awareness

Meetings held every Wednesday from 7pm - approx 8.30pm: The Old School House Canadas del Romero

dates for Our guest mediums: March 13th - Sammy Fitzsimmons March 20th - Morag Bullock March 27th - Jimmy McArthur

For more info please call 620 877 326 email:

PALS (Protection and Life Saving)

17th April Coach to Mojacar Market and town, lunch in Bedar and visit to ICELAND Coach from Puerto de Mazarron, CountrtyClub and Camposol 25 Euros 28th May Coach to Alhama de Murcia Market visit the Roman Baths then up and into the middle of the Sierra Espunas for lunch at the traditional La Perdiz. Same pick up points same price 25Euro 24th May 4 places only left for three nights Salamanca, Segovia and Avila 210 Euros 6th October the trip of the year 5 nights in the Basque country, full board, 4 star hotel excursions everyday included 285 Euros Details from626 460465 or visit PALS on A Saturday on Camposol B at the Trevi from 11 till 1.30 or at SARALARAS in Puerto de Mazarron each Wednesday from 1 till 3 PALS DO IT 4 U, full details on


the New Royal Bar & Restaurant

market tavern & cm construction

are drop off points for soltimes

community news

Tel 968 595 864

Our food is full of flavour & freshly prepared Breakfast ~ Menu Del Dia ~ A la Carte Friday Fish and Chips from €6.00



16th – Suzy G – Singing and Dancing Cabaret Show


23rd – Barry Manilow Tribute Show 30th – Dee – All round Entertainer and Singer

Sunday’s at The New Royal

Sunday Lunches from € 8.50 Menu de la Noche Mon - Thurs 7 - 9pm 10€ per person

3 Courses plus 1 bottle of Wine per couple

Menu del Dia

An Amazing For ONLY




All Live Sporting Events Shown On 3 BIG Screens

Healing is available after the service by request. Funding for the meetings will be raised by donations collected during the evening... Join us on Facebook: Beacon of Light Murcia

We Are Open Every Day Mon - Thurs 10am - 11pm, Fri - Sun 10am - late

(El Alamillo Plaza, 200mts from the Beach – Pto De Mazarron)



SOLTIMES see us online everyday

BY TELEPHONE Between 10am & 5pm

Monday to Friday 902 750 190 ext 330

966 719 647


Send your advert or Classified lineage to


Quesada Business Centre, calle Los Arcos No 7, ciudad Quesada Mon to Fri 10am - 5pm


VISA ,Paypal, bank transfer & Cheques made payable to MATHEWS mEDIA s.l

DEADLINES All adverts Friday at 5pm prior to publication

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car hire

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE REPAIRS Repairs to Washers, Dryers, Electric Cookers, Dishwashers, Fridges and Freezers

All makes, Torrevieja and surrounding areas 20 years experience fast reliable service Call Stewart on office

966 785 451 / 654 939 202 hours 10 - 4 FREE CALL OUT

Small call out on Fridges


Sweet Dreams


B O A T I N G LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Owntuition on Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, boat La Planta, Playa Flamenca sail and power. If you have a yacht Tel: 965 321 701 or powerboat get qualifiedandcertified. Furniture Contact Richard +34 638 056 224 est 2006 Email: enquiries@ sl s e r e n i t y s a i l i n g . ROJALES SPECIALIST OF PRE - OWNED FURNITURE com or visit: www. & AccESSORIES AT SENSIBLE PRICES house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE

hearing aids

ALUMINIUM GATES Double & Electric Sliding. Guaranteed no rust. Call Tracy on 966 726 891

See our Advertisement on page 19 for more information

Pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, darts. Tel: 666 933 726 www.spainpool. com Sony wide angle lens VCL-0637H 37mm thread 25€ Duracell DR5 video camera battery 10€ Fotima professional video/camera case 10€ Tel: 635885062 Camposol

Furniture first

WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

businesses for sale/rent freehold local for sale Bar/cafe in a busy urbanisation living accomadation in a 2 bed, south facing apartment included in the price Annual turnover gross 280-300,000€ net profit - 50,000€ For more info call 672 033 676

electricians Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.

glass curtains

garden services

A1 Group

glass curtains Complete Garden Maintenance Create more living space, no unsightly frames, reasonable prices.

For a free estimate Tel: 646 111 825

heating NEATER HEATER See our main advert on the news pages

horse riding Horse back riding Murcia,

cartagena Telephone 679 572 690


no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con, electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487

for sale

& Property Services We cover Mazarron & surrounding areas

Telephone 628 505 733 jewellery


English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

free ofin thecharge



Large quantity of DVD’s and CD’s, reasonable offer Quesada area Tel: 654 666 686 evenings only Single Folding Metal Bed, good condition 20€ Quesada area Tel: 654 666 686 evenings only One double mattress with protector cover 30€ ONO Quesada Offer Tel: 654 666 686 evenings only Thule Karrite Car Roof Top Box, White, in good order. 60€ ono Location Cuidad Quesada, Tel 965725573 / 659013882 Foggarty Carl Shark replica crash helmet, size small, 1998 approx, as new, collectors or enthusiast’s item open to offers. Tel 965725573 Cuidad Quesada. Computer Monitor 15” flat screen with built in speakers model L5EX-TA complete with power cord, VGA cable and audio cable only 25€ Cuidad Quesada, Tel 965725573 / 659013882 BOOK SALE 100 + Best Sellers €25 Quesada Tel: 966 716 599 Large Garden Table (130 x 100) Seats 6 €20, wall Mirror (80 x 65) Cane Surround €10, Cane Basket Chair €5 Quesada Tel: 966 716 599


39 property for sale / rent

leak detection

Reduced Reduced Reduced

pool & water leak detection & repair specialists

don’t let your pool & water bills drain you!! tel: 627 752 965 • 622 400 365 • 966 194 179


musician Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, international, professional, solo act. lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. tel: 658 321 891 or email


902 750 190

pet taxi ext 330 insurance

asssa medical insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, Tel: 968 153 396, mazarron@asssa. es


(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862


only€39,950 Apartment For Sale

cortij0 grande golf course for SALE detatched cortijo

1 bed, 1 bath apartment, fully fitted kitchen, white goods, parking, lovely views. Ideal golfing holiday apartment. Close to Mojacar / Turre.

T: 664 291 793 or email:

reasonable priced properties / RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa & Costa Calida

We have clients enquiring in this area


tel: 965 325 601

20mins from mojacar This is a unique spanish cortijo with 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views.

Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200m²

immaculate 2 bed, 1 bath ground apartmant situated in the very nice area of Lomas de Campoamar golf resort. very spacious accomadation of 86m2, furnished, walking distance to La Fuente Commercial centre, 24 hour security, includes use of communal pools, tennis courts etc, 395€ + bills, no offers

ring now on 648 111 779 for immediate viewing

FOR SALE Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi,Costa Blanca


Tel: 649 186 107

thunderpaul2003@hotmail.ccom for rent, 3 bed, 3 bath spacious semi-detatched house with garage situated in the popular area of La Zenia, walking distance to shops, beaches and the new La Zenia Boulevard, Furnished, Long term, 550€ monthly plus electric & water, perfect family home Tel: 966 733 079 or 619 098 543

4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings. Overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, church & mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course Private Sale €75,000

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978 pets

24 HR EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH Window / Shutter / Door locks Opened, Changed & Fitted Telephone: 653 145 300

Pets In Spain

Don’t miss the biggest BARGAIN yet!

Bobby is approx 2 yrs old and was rescued from a Perrera. He is a very playful, happy dog, good with other dogs and weighs only 6 kilos.

We have a key-ready block of apartments in Los Montesinos with full finance!

All you pay is €3,000 to complete. ATTACHED TOWNHOUSE DOÑA PEPA

Special Deals for Urbanisations

Call: 645 469 253

personals “Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive” ELEGANT SLIM, house visits Tel: 693 massage bed. Very SEXY ITALIAN 357 526 discreet. Call 677 676 LADY availanble natasha , 554 San Policarpo home/house visits. diverse No. 87 Apt 1-17 Torrevieja, La Manga, Divorced, Cerca Calle Orihuela. Torre Pacheco & super sexy, private Can accommodate Mazarron. Escort apartment, complete one person or with accompanied. available home & massage



902 750 190 ext 330

plastering E N G L I S H PLASTERER internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. FULLY LEGAL IN SPAIN. Call Chris 671 444 246 / 965 078 866 email: c_pettit@


3 Bedrooms 1 with Balcony, 2 Bathrooms, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Large Living & Dining Room, W Double glazed Terraces, Wonderful Sun Terrace/ Solarium, Satellite TV, Furnished, Communal Pool, 104 M2 Build, 110 M2 Plot €123,000

tel: 693 806 409

Should you be able to re-home, foster or sponsor one of the adorable dogs please contact – Eleanor


Arry is a 4 year old German Sheppard who is house trained and well trained! His owner had to give him up due to a disabling accident. He is chipped, castrated and all his vaccinations are up to date.

Ringo is looking for his forever home. He is approx 1 yr old, weighs around 9 kilos and is a bodeguero andaluz cross, he is good with other dogs and very friendly.

Call: 634 330 134

Buster Is a 4 month old Rottie , he is a very gentle dog who just loves people and other dogs. He is very friendly and playful and already responds well to his name and simple commands. If you can give Buster a home Please contact K9 or PHONE 600 84 54 20 for more info


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trade Businesses can advertise in the classified section

Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Christine 902 750 190 ext 330 or 966 719 647

UK - SPAIN - UK From a parcel to a small house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389

VANTASTIC 3.5 tonne removals or any handyman & van service inc furniture collection & assembly tel: 693 251 562 e mail: davendonc@aol. com

LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email: van.

simply removals Spain ‹ UK › Spain • Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON

UK-SPAIN-UK fortnightly service fortnightly ESP: 914 143 164 UK: 01773 service 513 013



902 750 190 ext 330

Full or part loads

Motorbikes & Caravans

EARN 50€ - 100€

PER WEEK • Part-Time • Flexible Hours

Working with a British PLC

want to know whats Linen Mills in the Express news? UK Spain Uk Europe

Call mandy

Irwin Removals

965 726 544 car parts

Car parts

Bright, enthusiastic person with an outgoing personality to join our sales team in Mazarron/ Camposol area and leap into spring with us. Experience not essential as full training will be given as long as you’re organised and can work to deadlines. Send your CV to rosemary@soltimes

Papers arranged

5€ per week for 5 cubic metres cheapest on the Costa Blanca Safe & secure

looking for

Personal, friendly door 2 door Service - Van & Trailer

Pets Welcome

storage storage storage


beechdale Removals Spain - UK & Return Local Moves




Office: 965 326 920 email Mobile: 666 847 648

Brian Torrevieja

620 582 063 weekly service

Need quality new parts for any car

for sensible prices on all parts

Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Free quote go online or phone

or telephone 692 930 326 Vehicles registration


satellite tv Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or Sky Digibox Pace with sky card BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 ITV1, 2, 3, ch4 & 5 60€ can deliver. Tel: 667 235 205

swimming pool safety NEATER HEATER See our main advert on the news pages


902 750 190 ext 330



Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable

Salon Margarethas 24 years in WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION Torrevieja hair / For a full service contact: wig specialist for Alan 662 249 159 medical illness and hair loss problems. vehicle imports & We offer different and competitive hair replacements, rates. call 687 845 730 top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. For re-registration of cars, Natural & artificial motorbikes and motor homes hair & much more. contact Graham Shelton Also fashion / Who after re-registering over festival accessories. 1000 vehicles will put you on the TV/TS are welcome right side of the road. to our service. Call 605 319 889 or 966 753 375 Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.


body work

Vehicles wanted



Cars, Motorhomes, 4x4’s, Boats, Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics

FOR CASH Telephone:

Anything considered telephone Tim on 662 211 993



Telephone: 902 750 190 ext 330 mechanic




610 078 940


Best prices paid Spanish English

699 805 995



wanted cars for cash


Cars, Vans, Bikes Damaged or Scrap Reliable Cars Bought For Cash

All vehicle repairs, servicing, small bodywork repairs, ITV and paperwork needs. Ken Sherwood, British Mechanic - Tel: 679 646 859 (Costa Calida area only).

902 750 190

603 100 692

CASH CASH CASH Same day collection

We pay instant cash same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, caravans, trailers, absolutley anything!

Call Phil: 607 848 332

van hire Van hire


UK to Spain or Spain to UK



TEL: 667 235 205

Pick up/drop off locations Throughout UK, France and Spain


jet skis urgentely wanted any condition

From 1€ to 10,000€








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Protect your property Heavy duty 110 decbel Alarmed Padlocks

Ideal for doors - garages - sheds pool pump houses - rejas - trailers etc

only 15€ each available from


l Supermercado


tel: 950 930 900 968 969 962 Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

Solar Oil Gas Solid Fuel pellet

fully legal company with public liability insurance • Cortijo Pipa, Avda de Limaria 1, Limaria, arboleas


OPEN for business

Minister for the Economy, Luis de Guindos, says he ‘hopes’ the government will be able to reduce income tax ‘if it is compatible with the reduction of the State deficit’. Income tax was increased dramatically in September last year and will remain at the same level for 2013. Self-employed workers saw their tax rising from 15 to 21 per cent overnight. According to a report by the BBC, De Guindos assures that this will be one of the first elements to be reduced once the nation is back in the black, and has dismissed out of hand any likelihood of IVA rising again, despite the EU’s insistence. The minister believes Europe looks set to be more flexible about Spain paying back its debt, but says the deficit has now reduced and the economy is healthier now than last year. He does not believe Spain will need to apply for an EU bail-out, but reveals that in 2012 ‘there were some delicate moments’. De Guindos, who calls the IVA hike from 18 to 21 per cent – just two years after it had already gone up from 16 to 18 per cent – ‘the lesser of the evils’ applied by the government to reduce Spain’s debt. He remains convinced that the moves made by minister for taxation Cristóbal Montoro are ‘excellent’ and ‘among the greatest successes of the government’s economic policies’.

Economy minister:

‘Income tax might be able to go down again’


Need a Translator?... or help with NIE, Cadastre etc?

Working in conjunction with Lawyers & Spanish officials ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

domestic & commercial supplied & fitted many colours & styles all areas covered free quotations signwriting service FOR COMMERCIAL

Tel: 627 907 207

pucker plastering & tiling Damproofing and SIKA TANKING Specialist Guaranteed British quality internal plaster finish

covering all aspects of:

Rendering, Plastering, Floor Screeding, Morticem, Partition Walls, Tape & Joint, Dry-Lining, MF Ceilings, Re-Skims, Coving, Cornice & Mouldings 28 years Experience in the trade 9 years in Spain English & Spanish Fluent

697524238 covering Baza to Mojacar


Professional, reliable, handy man available... ...for all the jobs he doesn’t get round to, including Van Removals, Painting Exterior/Interior, Small Plumbing Jobs, Shelves, Garden Clearance, All Outside Work - Walls, Stone Cladding, Rendering etc... Property Maintenance Good hourly/daily rate - 7 yrs in the area.

Call Jim 677 557 190 Evenings 950 930 596 References available & Pics of work completed


New Walls New Roofs Structual Alterations professional bricklayer Building for you Phone Gerard - 626 730

Translation Services

• Technical Manuals • Legal Contracts • Reports & Certificates • Notary / Court appearances (Vera only) • and many more

other Services

• NIE & Residencias • Cadastre • Conveyancing of properties • New Building Declarations • and many more!

Tlf. 646 844 708 Mojacar and surrounding areas

TYRE KING The Best Deal for Miles

car - motorcycle - van - 4x4 - motorhome - quad - trailer - wheelbarrow


● All new tyres supplied have manufacturers warranty ● Computerised tracking including 4x4s ● While you wait service ● Motorbike tyre specialists balancing - computerised laser tracking - puncture Poligono El Real, Calle El Garcel F19, Antas - 950 459 253 e: - Mon - Fri: 9.30 - 17.30

Solar Panels

Tel: 619 744 516

• New and secondhand solar products bought and sold • Battery Reconditioning and installation service available • Full solar systems available from 350€ Solar • 3000 watt inverter charger 850€ Swimming SOLAR • 230 watt solar panels 230€ Pool POWER • Solar charge controllers from 35€ Pumps • MPPT from 100€ up to 30%more power • Batteries from 60€ inverters from 60€ for 700watt inverter • 2v Traction batteries from 275€ set of 6 � Double insulated 4mm solar cable 1 per mtr • 690watt grid tie system no paperwork needed just plug in a socket and save money easiest system on the market 999€


All Building Work Undertaken Garages, Patios, Boundary Walls, Cladding Driveways, Tiling plus more... Painting & Decorating ( from 50€ per room including paint) Also All Exterior Painting and Damp-Proofing GUARANTEED TO BEAT ANY QUOTE For free estimate or advice please call Steve on 950 930 536 or 634 306 690


Over 300,000 demonstrators across Spain: “Six million reasons to protest”

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets again last weekend to voice their discontent over ‘all that’s wrong with Spain’. Unemployment, funding cuts in social welfare, the decline of the health service and education system, corruption and frittering away of the taxpayer’s money whilst increasing taxes to pay for excesses and squandering were just a handful of reasons given by those who marched across most of the country’s provincial capitals chanting and carrying banners. According to a report by ThinkSpain, over 60 protests took place today all over the country, with at least 66,000 people turning out in Catalunya, 50,000 in Madrid, 30,000 in the Comunidad Valenciana and 20,000 in Asturias – among others. Many carried banners reading: “Against unemployment,” and “Báñez resign,” - naming minister for employment, Fátima Báñez – both statements qualified with, “Six million reasons,” referring to the fact that Spain’s jobless total is now pushing six million people. Unions were among the 300,000 or so reportedly out on the streets today, and say that a full year on from the government’s labour reform, which was designed to make it easier and cheaper to fire workers ‘in order to boost employment’, the only results have been that wages have plummeted, new jobs have not been created

and the dole figures have continued to rise. Banners and chants slammed the fact that millions of people in Spain have no income whatsoever – anyone who lost their job before March 2011 and has not worked since will have seen their dole entitlement expire – that the few jobs out there are insecure with increasingly longer hours, greater demands and lower pay, given that the long-term unemployed will take anything in desperation – and calling the minimum wage of 641 euros before tax for a 40hour week ‘violence’. “Violence is working full-time for 641 euros,” union banners proclaimed, together with “pocketing what the taxpayer sweats for is theft,” and “they’re stealing our health;” “your cash in hand is our food on the table,” in reference to allegations that high-level PP members received up to 2,000 euros a month ‘off the books’ in addition to their legal wages for 10 years up to the year 2008; “How about a bail-out for the people rather than the banks;” and calling for “elections now.” Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Murcia, Barcelona, and all provincial capitals in Andalucía – except Almería – saw crowds ranging from 500 to 20,000 chanting and waving banners at once.

City & Guilds & ACS qualifications, CORGI registered with 10 years experience

Chris: 637 82 97 87 / 618 06 20 80 Gas & Oil Fired Central Heating - Gas Appliances Plumbing - Servicing - Repairs - Installations FREE QUOTATIONS & ADVICE


elite plant hire construction & drainage

• general builders • jcb 3cx hire • patios • roofing

• walls • paving • extensions • cladding

Digger Hire available references available

call lee on 636 092 632


FREE KINDLING WITH EVERY LOAD - Grade a Olive - No Roots - Best Prices Available

Tel: 687 314 775 Same Day Delivery & Stacking Service Available

Tel: 950 930 527 & 646 341 575

James & Son Removals / Storage

UK, France & Spain personal shopping from the UK (Argos, Screwfix, Wickes etc)

Pet Transportation & Competitive Rates 950 529 731 / 627 968 434

Clean Team British Plasterer Brighten up your Walls! Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services Quality Cleaning at an Affordable Price 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Regular or One-Off Service No Job Too Big or Too Small All Areas Covered

Holiday ers Change Ov m fro

€ 35 .0 0

Tel: 950 930 652 Mob: 634 332 502 E-mail:

• 8 years in Spain with 25 years experience • Quality work guaranteed • References available

Tel: 634 327 201 / 661 129 028 Email:

Stunning Prints & GIANT posters A3 x 9 100’s to choose from or email your own photos...

Tel: 634 388 243


665 517 643


610 905 173

Fully Legal & Experienced Builders All Building Work Undertaken No Job Too Big or Small!! Phone or email for a no obligation quote


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Most of the thirty plus golfers arriving at Villamartin well before 9am on what have become recently known as “Wet, Windy & Wild Wednesdays” could hardly believe the conditions…..dry, sunny and warm!! Maybe after all, the arrival of March is going to go down as a milestone in the local weather conditions. There were even a few of the San Miguel Golf Society who must have actually believed the weather forecast earlier in the week which mentioned a midweek high of 22º and to celebrate they decided to give some white legs a bit of an airing! It was a big surprise to the vast majority who had spent all day Tuesday scraping and hosing half the Sahara off porches, paths and patios. As a golfer of many years I understand that mixing a little sand in with the rain makes it ideal to be sprinkled quite liberally on the area’s courses as it nourishes the grass and fills in the divots simultaneously. But to randomly drench all the neighbouring properties and cars with such a mucky mixture seems grossly unfair, modern technology should be adapted in some way to direct such conditions only where they are welcome. Anyway, back to the golf – I can’t report that the beautiful Spanish weather caused a

high-scoring day as not one player in the whole field broke par. Mid to high twenties in Stableford points appeared to be the popular range with quite a few even struggling to reach into the 20’s. Alan Gilbert took the honours for best guest player with a mere 23 points while NTP sleeves of balls were awarded to Graham Cockayne (6th), Marg Birtwistle (9th), Chris Hamblett (13th) & John Osborne (17th). Silver division’s top 4 were Ellen Drakesmith (26 C/B), Chris Hamblett (28), Les Wilton (32) & Ian Parkinson (36). Gold division’s winners were Alan McDonald (29), John Osborne (31), John Drakesmith (32) & Brian Staines with 35. To keep things in the family Jenny Staines picked up this week’s “Abacus” award with her “not so good” points tally earning a fine bottle of vino! Well done to all the prizewinners. El Plantio and Roda are our next 2 meetings with full details of these and more on or, with Barry away on another holiday, give Phil B. 659 439 074 or Ken F. 616 079 790 a quick buzz. Visitors are always made very welcome. Photo: Some of this week’s happy winners.

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TORRY SUFFER A FRIDAY NIGHT SETBACK IN CASTELLON Last Friday Torry made the long trip to the far north of the Valencia region to play the “biggest” and best supported team in the Division, CD Castellon, who have a long history but have fallen on hard times. A consortium of local businessmen took over the club at the start of the season and appear to have stabalised the ship but they obviously still have large debts from the past still to be cleared. The game had been switched to a late Friday evening because of the local fiesta. CD Castellon had won 8, drawn 3 and lost 3 at home going into the game. They had lost their last 2 games so there was hope for Torry who were unbeaten in their last 4.Torry were again without the injured Koeman, JuanFran and Abel so the manager had to again put out a bit of a makeshift team. Luis Carlos returned from injury but found himself on the bench along with Manolo with Javi Tur again preferred to him in goal. Torrys starting line-up: Javi Tur, Vicente (Jose Manuel, min. 68), Jorge, Rafa, Dani Meseguer, Burguillos, Sergio (Luis Carlos, min. 46), Cuco Ros (Mati, min. 79), Manu Amoros Villanueva, Gasch In front of a crowd of around the 800 mark, down on the usual gate of around the 2,000 mark, the match kicked-off under lights. The game started evenly with Torry having some success down the flanks but the crosses were comfortably dealt with by the Castellon central defenders. On 11 minutes a mistake by Vicente gave the Castellon wide left player the chance to scamper clear down the left and deliver a cross which was struck into the back of the net by a Castellon forward for a GOALLLLL 1-0 to Castellon. A set back for Torry but they responded well and edged out Castellon in the first half with strikes from Gasch and Cuco Ros forcing excellent saves from the Castellon keeper. Torry took off Sergio at half-time and brought on the more attacking minded Luis Carlos. Torry continued to have the upper edge until the 57th

minute when Castellon made a substitution to bolster their midfield and started to gain control of the vital midfield area. In the 61st minute Javi Tur had to make a good save from a fiercely struck effort to prevent Castellon extending their lead. In the 63rd minute, the referee stopped the game for 2 minutes after a local idiot threw a firecracker onto the pitch in the direction of Torry goalie Javi Tur. Hopefully this will have been noted by the ref and action taken against the individual and the football club. Torry took off defender Vicente in the 68th minute and introduced another forward, Jose Manuel, in attempt to add a greater threat in the final third and try and get something out of the game. However, in the 73rd minute Javi Tur spilled the ball and it was gleefully stroked into the back of the net for a GOALLLLL 2-0 to Castellon. Castellon were then content to play out the game but got a 3rd GOALLLLL in the 87th minute, after a defensive error by Torry and it was game, set and match. The 30 score-line was flattering to Castellon as overall the play was even with the difference being that Castellon were more clinical in front of goal and took their chances. There were no “cards” issued to Torry players. Torry are now 15th in the table and now hover just 2 points outside the relegation zone. On Sunday Torry entertain Gandia who are comfortably placed in 9th place in the table but like most teams are in financial trouble. They lost at home to league leaders Novelda 10 last Sunday. Hopefully one or two of the injured Torry players will be back, most notably Koeman to give Torry much greater potency up front. Torry quite simply need to win the game. It is again being played at the Nelson Mandela and kicks off at 5.00 pm. Try to be there. A disappointed Darrylldinho following his adopted team in Spain lose. It you want to read more about FC Torrevieja access the Torry Army supporters club website


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MAZARRON FC 2 A.D. SOHO-MEDI 3 Despite an improved performance, Mazarron suffered their third successive defeat against promotion-seeking A.D. Soho-Medi. After a slow start, Mazarron almost took the lead after 6 minutes after good work by Barrachina. The full back’s cross fell to Cecilio whose fierce left foot shot on the turn was tipped on to the crossbar by the Soho-Medi goalkeeper. Mazarron keeper Jose Iker came to his team’s rescue when he dived at the feet of a Soho-Medi forward to prevent what seemed a certain goal and then, after 17 minutes Jose Ruben latched onto a bouncing through ball but couldn’t control his shot which went harmlessly over the bar. On 19 minutes, Iker made another fine save but the ball rebounded to the edge of the penalty area and Sergio struck a low shot into the corner of the net to give Soho-Medi the lead. Eight minutes later it was 20 when a shot from the left by Ortiz bounced in front of Iker and over his despairing dive into the corner of the net. For once Mazarron heads did not go down and five minutes later Baeza pulled a goal back after a quick free kick by Jose Ruben. After 35 minutes another long ball out of the Mazarron defence deceived the onrushing goalkeeper and Jose Ruben coolly ran on to equalise from a difficult angle. Mazarron could have taken the lead five minutes before half time when Panocha’s tantalising cross from the left was met with a spectacular

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overhead kick by Jose Ruben but the ball flew just wide of the post. Soho-Medi regained the lead early in the second half when Hurtado met a cross from the right with a looping header that gave Jose Iker no chance. Mazarron continued to press forward and had the better of the chances in the second half. After a foul on Jose Ruben, substitute Toni drove a powerful free kick into the chest of the visiting keeper. The rebound fell to Alfonso who was unable to control the awkward bouncing ball and his shot went wide. On 74 minutes, good interplay between Alfonso and Ruben saw Ruben unleash a fierce drive which was parried by the keeper but fell agonisingly short of the Mazarron forwards and was cleared to safety. The defeat means that Mazarron slip to 11th in the league. There is no game this weekend and the next home game is against EMF Fuente Alamo, scheduled for Sunday 24th March Team: Iker, Barrachina, Diego, Pepelu, Perico, Santi (Toni), Baeza, Alfonso, Panocha (Ahmed), Jose Ruben, Cecilio (Pollo) Man of the Match: Jose Ruben



cd montesinos

TMGS Match Report, Las Ramblas, 6th March 2013. At last, no wind, no gusts no gales, just sunshine and an almost perfect day to play golf with gusto on what is known as the “Marmite” course of Las Ramblas where we were slightly fortunate in having a late start and it meant we got the best of the day’s sunshine and some even ventured out in shorts, a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner. Although conditions were damn near perfect, you could still hear the expletives reverberating around the course as balls found their way into the many valleys, gorges and what have you. Really Ladies, you must curb your language on the golf course, some men have very tender dispositions! As the scores came in, it wasn’t any surprise to see that a low 30 score was going to be very good, as it always is on this course. That was until the Scandanvian’s came swaying in and where Norwegian Roger Neilson romped the Silver Division with 35 points, a full 3 points clear of our Austrian lady member, Olga Haubner who took 2nd place with 32 points, 5 points clear of3rd placed Ally Murray on 27 points. Rogers 35 was a very good score, but Swede Arne

Hansson who was in the same 3 ball as Roger, led the way home in the Gold division with an excellent 38 points and will now be playing off less next match than he was today! It seems that the “foreign” contingents like Ramblas, as in 2nd place in the Gold Division with 32 points was our Hungarian member, Alex “Big Boy” Alfoldy and to continue with the foreigner theme, in 3rd place was one of our Brummies, Captain Alan Rickers who sneaked 3rd place with 31 points. For once, all 4 NTP prizes were claimed with Darren Hancock and Mike Fearnehough claiming the Gold pins while Ernie Wilson and Sandra Twentyman claiming the Silver pin prizes. It nearly cost Sandra a round in the bar as her ball clattered the flag, sadly rebounding to a few feet from the pin. Photo is of the Silver Category winners. Our next game, Wednesday 13th March 2013, see’s us at the La Finca golf course, so if you fancy a game just look at our website or call the Fixture Secretary on 966719604. We also run small matches on Friday’s at VillaMartin so if you fancy a fun knock around, contact Steve Higgins on 968 978 188.

Busters Golf Society March Competition Friday 8th March we played the greens in

at Alicante Golf Course , the course has usually been enjoyed by our members but Friday the elements played havoc with most of our player’s by means of strong winds that always seemed to be head on , making this course appear longer than normal , we met early and enjoyed tostados and coffee as part of the deal that Alicante was offering , then headed to the first tee for the start of our battle against these prevailing winds , with the conditions being what they were this reflected on our scores ( or lack of them ) with our top score of thirty three points and the only member to break thirty points . The results were as follows , although the course has six par three’s our members only managed to hit four of

regulation , nearest the pins were , on hole three Bill Peters , hole 6 Steve Edwards , and our new member Owen Desmond on holes twelve and fifteen , the prize for nearest the pins was a sleeve of Callaway golf balls , our runner up was Steve Edwards with twenty eight points and our winner of the day was Ron Perkins , both receiving cash prizes , Ron was in our four ball and I have to say he played very well to achieve this score so well done Ron and also to the rest of our players . We returned to the Mini Golf Bar in Quesada for our presentation , a couple of beers and some snacks that were provided by this very welcoming bar . Barry Grinsell Busters Golf society .

Competing with the F.A. CUP, 6 Nations and Mothers Day, a crowd of 152 was a victory in itself. Monte were a goal down after just 3 minutes when a short corner saw the ball whipped into the box for Lopez to palm it onto the crossbar with the rebound going straight to the head of an opposing forward 2 yards out. Monte got out of jail on 20 minutes when goalkeeper Lopez was lobbed only for the ball to bounce onto the crossbar and come out this time to Javier to clear. From then on it was all Monte. After weaving through their defence, Edu managed to get dispossessed on the goal line, and Andres saw 3 free kicks just go wide. Then on 44 minutes when it looked as though Andres had scored, a defender managed to clear the shot off the line. The second half started as the 1st. half finished with Monte on top. Then on the hour Johny got himself sent off and to make matters worse Edu missed a 1 on 1

chance. With only 10 men Monte still pressed forward and on 65 minutes Omar who had come on for Rubio latched onto a defensive error to level the score. Edu once again missed a 1 on 1 then disputing an offside decision we lost concentration and from a punt down the middle from their free kick a Formentera forward lobbed Lopez and we were again a goal down against the run of play. With 5 minutes left M & A broke through to once again to bring Monte level. In injury time M&A put a shot from 6 yards out over the bar and with time running out Formentera missed 2 very good chances themselves. Watching the game with his girlfriend was our little Brazilian star from last season so let’s keep our fingers crossed and wallets open, who knows. Howard Yeats.

Orihuela Costa F.C. 4 V’s Bigastro C.F. 2 Sponsored By : Morgans Bar - Amber Pools - Sunworld Properties - The Shandon Bells - The Central Grille Blue Hill Security Grilles Specsavers Torrevieja - Morgans On The Plaza The Cheers Bar - La Florida Clinica. Costa this week were looking to improve from their opening day result which saw Bigastro take the points from that encounter. On the pitch in front of the biggest crowd of the season Costa got off to a great start with Gummi Gudmundsson finishing from great link up with his new partner Patrick Bass to put the home side 1 - 0 up. The confidence was flowing through out the side and some of the passing and movement from Costa gave the visitors a torrid time. Against the run of play Costa conceded a corner which wasn’t dealt with and Bigastro with their height advantage snatch an equalizer on 15 mins. Costa replied straight away with some great work down Costa’s left wing from Georgie Mint who supplied a great ball into Bigastro’s penalty area which saw the ball land to Ciaran Sullivan to smash into the back of the net to score his first goal at Cadete level despite being an Infantil player. 2 - 1 to Costa and it was to get even better before half time when Gummi scored Costa’s third goal after some slick passing from his team mates. Bigastro though got their second to leave the

score 3 - 2 at half time. Second half costa had to thank their goal keeper Jordan Marshall for a fine double save to keep the score 3 - 2. But with the introduction of Luke Deegan for the injured Georgie Mint saw Deegan chase a loose ball down on the edge of the visitors box and with great strength and a cool finish give Costa a 4 - 2 advantage. Unfortunately the visitors seem to lose their discipline and temper and this resulted in a red card for one of their defenders for shirt pulling in the box. This led to more trouble two minutes later when from a strong but fair challenge from Callum Gildea saw several visiting players throwing punches and kicking the Costa players. Unfortunately the visiting manager was quite happy to allow this thinking the game may be abandoned and a possible replay but the referee for once in this league stood firm and sent off three bigastro players and when their manager told one of his players to go down injured this meant the game had to be stopped , but with Costa being awarded the victory.


Eurogolf, La Marquesa 51 members took part in the March Monthly Medal/Birthday Cup at our home course of La Marquesa on Thursday 7 March. The forecast was for rain from noon onwards, however we were lucky to get away with just a few spots. Although conditions were reasonable, only the winner was anywhere near breaking par. Commiserations to Ian Turner who had a ‘mare of a game’ and was beaten by Bill Martin in the final of the Men’s’ Singles Annual Competition. However, it did make his day when he found out that he had come in with a better score than his other half. The results are as follows: Gold Division 1st Roy Lowe 72 nett 2nd Ian Pegg 76 nett 3rd Ken Brett 77 nett Silver Division 1st Colin Hobden 78 nett 2nd Liz Menzies 79 nett 3rd Chris Stanley 79 nett Nearest the Pins 5th None Supavalu 11th Debbie Weedon Manolo’s 12th Bill Martin Manolol’s 15th David Gregson Bar Sophia 17th Bob Buckeridge Lo Maribu

Thanks to all our sponsors. Best Gross: Roy Lowe 83 gross Best Front Nine: Malcolm Foskett 37 Best Back Nine: Tom Hull 36 (c/b) OVERALL WINNER OF MARCH MONTHLY MEDAL/ BIRTHDAY CUP – ROY LOWE Football Winners: David Curtis, Alan Bacon, Tony Stanley and Frances Buckeridge. There are still a few places left for the Away Day on 14 April at Vista Bella. Speak to Ian next week if you want to be included. TOFF’s Results Tuesday 5 March 2013 Overall Winner –Debbie Weedon Gold Division 1st John Fairhurst 35 points 2nd Bob Buckeridge 34 points 3rd Mike Young 33 points Silver 1st Debbie Weedon 36 points 2nd Bob Shorley 34 points 3rd Ken Brett 32 points Bronze 1st Beverley Fairhurst 34 points 2nd Cindy Green 34 points 3rd Morag Turner 33 points Best Front Nine: Jill Young 18 Best Back Nine: Gordon White - 20

Orihuela Costa Monday night fun darts league Results - Week 20. 04/03/13 Horacio´s A 3 - 6 Liberty´s Concierto´s 5 - 4 Belushi´s Pablo´s 5 - 4 Horacio´s B JJ Belushi´s 1 - 8 Oche-Holics High scores 120+ 145 Jack Maude ( Liberty´s ) 140 Dave “Daddy” Frew ( Concierto´s ) 140 John Kerr ( Belushi´s ) 140 Nigel Blackburn ( Liberty´s ) 140 Alfonso Gonzales ( Horacio´s A ) 135 Clive “Jacko” Jackson ( Liberty´s ) 133 Martin Batham ( Liberty´s ) 123 Clive “Jacko” Jackson ( Liberty´s ) 121 Nigel Blackburn ( Liberty´s ) 121 Damian “666” Lambert ( Concierto´s ) 121 Nick Hunt ( Concierto´s ) 120 Nigel Blackburn ( Liberty´s ) 120 Keith “Yorkie” Powell ( Belushi´s ) League Table 139 OCHE-HOLICS 102 CONCIERTO´S 91 LIBERTY´S 89 PABLO´S 78 BELUSHI´S 59 HORACIO´S A 47 HORACIO´S B 34 JJ BELUSHI´S


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At the weekend we played our last home game against Lorca, looking to get the double over another team in the league. Lorca who have improved a lot this season and have become a force to reconned with, was going to be a strong test and a very good measure how far ITV Orihuela RFC have come this season as well. Lorca came into the game to attack and try and play open rugby, and for once this season at home Orihuela were not able to get a grip on the game from the start. Fortunately a couple of pieces of indiscipline gave Jose the chance to keep his goal kicking going, going into half time 60 up. The first half was about a strong Orihuela defence and organisation, as well as a couple of missed chances to score tries. The second half started off badly for the home side with miss tackles and Lorca breaking

out of defence to score the opening try of the game after about 5 minutes. This seemed to wake Orihuela up and responded quickly with Raffa breaking away to score a try himself and Jose converting. With the game becoming a lot more open, and not good for the coaches hearts, the scores went from one side to the other with Jose converting another penalty, then Lorca scoring another try. Orihuela again responding with a well worked try with the forwards getting involved with Primi and Jose, again, having good hands to set up Adrian for his first try for the club, and off course Jose converting. But Lorca then went over for their third try of the game to set up a very tense finish, but ITV Orihuela RFC held on to win 23-17 in a very exciting match. Again Jose was the match winner, and man of the match,

with some excellent kicking off the tee, but it was a dogged display by all the players that won the game in the end. Lorca can count themselves unlucky not to come away with something from the game, but that is how it goes. They will be a very strong force in the league if they continue to build as they have. With next weekend been the last game of the season away to Cartagena on Sunday, Orihuela are hoping to end the season on a high having already beaten them at home with a try bonus point. It has already been a great season for ITV Orihuela and that would be the icing on the cake. This coming weekend we are televising the final weekend of live 6 Nations rugby matches at the rugby bar in Rojales, The Steakhouse, used to be Tylers Bar. Starting on Friday with the U20’s Wales v England at 20.10. On Saturday, Italy v Ireland at 15.30 followed by Wales v England and finally France v

Scotland. On Sunday is the final of the LV Cup with Quins v Sale at 15.30. Looking forward to seeing another good turn out down there this weekend. I am down at the Moncayo Market on Saturday, with all the rugby branded clothing, so come down and get all your shirts for the final weekend of the 6 Nations. Training is at the Miguel Hernandez University ground at 20.15 on Tuesday and Thursday for the seniors and juveniles. The juniors start at 18.15. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish)


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Match 4 saw us return to the swing, the putting and the Altorreal. The forecast for general all round play on the Hence even Benijofar the day was rain around 4pm. day. First tee saw us on a cloudy, didn’t come in with their usual cold March day so much so set of scores. Nevertheless that everybody thought they we all finished and made our were in England, but the day way back to the Old 9th for was only to get worse, as the some much needed hot fuel. forecast was totally wrong as Many thanks to the Old 9th by lpm we were all playing in for providing us with excellent waterproofs. This of course hospitality at the end of a bad makes a lot of difference to day. Results as below. TEAM SCORES : CLAPTONS GS Chris Gridley / Paul Burletson 34 pts Mick O’Grady / Kevin Williams 27 pts Mike Wyatt / John Harvey 35 pts Ian Faulkner / David Gray 28 pts OLD 9th GS Lew Joss / Keith Wright 33 pts Peter Butterworth / Keith Smith 36 pts Colin Edwards / Alan Gifford 33 pts Phil Harris / Bill Fantom 31 pts BENIJOFAR GS Andy Trefry / Dave Smith 38 pts Larry Kinsela / Michael Swan 33 pts Stuart Tosh / John Fullicks 37 pts John Kemp / Steve Edwards 36 pts LUNES GS Jeff Greswell 25 pts Tony Simmonds / Keith Lowe 34 pts Dave Mace / Phil Docherty 33 pts Geoff Tedham 33 pt Nearest the Pins 5th Steve Edwards (Benijofar GS) 8th Peter Butterworth (Old 9th GS) 10th Phil Harris (Old 9th GS) 17th Peter Butterworth (Old 9th GS) LEAGUE STANDINGS QUESADA GOLF SUPER LEAGUE TABLE 2012-13 TEAM PLD WON DRAWN LOST BONUS PNTS BENIJOFAR GS 16 12 1 3 12 49 LUNES GS 16 7 1 8 6 28 10 3 21 CLAPTONS GS 16 6 0 10 3 21 OLD 9th GS 16 6 0


What a difference a day makes (sounds like the start of a song) yesterday getting soaked for 3 hours and today bright sunshine and really warm. The venue again today, due to the weather was the Eden canal. The competition being the 1st round of the Summer series 6 matches with the best 5 results to count. The river yesterday rose around 6-8 inches and today it still came up some 3-4 inches. When it was pegged, only swims with slack water were used as the river was bombing through. The amount of rubbish that came down you would think there would be no rubbish left anywhere. Best part of the day was, you could lay your gear out and dry it !!!!!!. Top Rods on the day 1st Alan (The Chairman) Reid fishing the feeder using maggot, with 8.42 kilo´s. 2nd Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson fishing the pole using pole with 5.72 kilo´s. 3rd Clive (Golf No More) Cleghorn fishing the pole using bread with 5.12 kilo´s. In spite of the conditions there were only 2 dry nets. PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966 729 293 or 603 535 771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen This week’s 9th round of the Abbey Angling Cup was fished on the 5th March at the Eden Stretch.

Following the heavy downpours of rain the water was really pushing through with the levels rising throughout the match, they are now cutting the bamboos down and are at Rojales at present, and this in turn is putting vegetation in the water which was coming through in big rafts and made the fishing hard going, especially on the feeder. Maggot and corn seemed to be the bait with Mullet being taken on the bread punch. 1st Clive (No more Golf) Cleghorn with 5.200kg fishing the feeder using maggot 2nd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare with 5.120kg fishing the pole using the bread punch 3rd Richard (The Lion heart) King with 4.180kg fishing the feeder using sweet corn All details are available on our website www.abbeyangling. com or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965 328 368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together was to introduce anglers to each other, who otherwise had no one to fish with or didn’t know where to fish. It was successful in bringing together many anglers who established friendships and which continue to this day. No meetings are held now but information is still available through our email address; angler stogether@hotmail. TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE


Pilar Badminton Club celebrated their 10th anniversary on Friday 8th March at the Sunrise Restaurante - Playa Flamenca. Eighty players and guests enjoyed a slap up meal and danced the night away to the fantastic sound of The Pinnacles, a 5 piece band playing music from the 50’s to the 90’s. The Club was started 10 years ago at The Duques de Palma Sports Centre in Pilar de le Horadada. The club started from humble beginnings with 2 makeshift badminton courts marked out on a volleyball court. Masking tape was laid down on Mondays and removed on Thursdays for the first year of the club’s existence. The club now boasts a total of 7 courts with proper line markings and new posts and nets.We cater for more than 100 players 4 days a week from

Monday to Thursday (10.00 am to 1.00pm). All levels are welcome from beginners to experienced players. There is an active social scene in the club and most players retire to the on site cafeteria for coffee and a chat after play. In fact it has often been remarked that this is the most important aspect of the club! Mondays are reserved for experienced playersd and feather shuttlecocks are used. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we use nylon shuttles. So if you want to get fit in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere contact us. We also have some spare racquets which are available to borrow free of charge. Contact for more information John McGilvray 966786774 or e mail carolejohn_3@hotmail. com


DAYA NUEVA 3 v. COX 0 The half time INFANTILS G10s DAYA TOPPLE THE LEAGUE LEADERS The biggest game of the season for both sides, the outcome will probably mean the winners will go on to claim the title. The teams are presently placed first and second with Cox just holding a slender advantage. It was a frantic start by both sides but Cox had the very strong wind behind them and were soon the more dominant. Then on 10 minutes a good clearance from Danni in the Daya goal found Manuel who calmly rounded the Cox keeper to open the scoring. Still the visitors pushed forward using the wind to their advantage but the Daya defence held firm. On 32 minutes Danni put the home side under pressure when from his poor throw out Cox produced a great shot that brought an excellent save from Danni thus redeeming himself.

whistle went soon after with Daya 1 - 0 to the good but the visitors had much the better of the half. With the wind now behind them Daya were in control right from the start of the second period. This pressure paid off on 45 minutes when Cox conceded a penalty. Up stepped Jesus who buried his spot kick for 2 - 0. The visitors did not take this lying down and pushed forward in an effort to get back in to the game. This seemed to be to no avail as on 55 minutes a long ball out of defence was chased down by Marcus who lobbed the advancing keeper for 3 - 0 Daya. Surely now the home side would go on to win the match and put themselves right back in the title hunt ? To their credit the visitors continued to play good football and cause Daya a few anxious moments but they were few


Peraleja Golf Course 06.03.13 Gail Coultate - Correspondent With trepidation and wet suits packed the Society travelled down to Seve’s course at Paraleja, but we need not have worried the sun was shining brightly and all doubts were dispelled. It is a tough little course this, so the AmAm format suited everyone and helped to keep the spirits up after a bad hole. There were 27 of us who held our nerve and resisted to call to cancel on the very wet Tuesday the day before the game. The course was wet in patches but not a problem as we played lift and place on to firm ground and the same with the sandy patches on the fairways on the last few

Hi Everyone, Well it had to happen and on our final Individual stableford of the season it did. What was it you ask Wind and rain for the first time in over 12 months it was very windy and very wet. So well done to everyone that play it was not nice.It was the last match in the player of the year for the society and well done to to the two winners Barry Butterworth for coming out on top in the men’s beating Roy Herbert in who was second by 5 points. In the Ladies The top spot when to Joan Williams from Christine Flanagan in to second place. So well play to you both. I must say the Vistabella was in very good


and far apart. The home side should have added to their total but a combination of poor finishing and scrambled clearances kept the score at 3 - 0. The match official had a very good game, probably the best referee of the season, so far. The very large crowd were treated to a great game from both sides, probably what you would expect from first and second in the table. Man of the Match is difficult to call as all the squad played their part. If pushed I would make Luis David Man of the Match. He tied up the visitors’ very dangerous and prolific scoring number 9. Dava Dave Team Sponsor: Segurab Daya are not now in action until the 7th April.

holes, this said the greens were very good and fast and hard to read. It was nice to have Mick the Grip play with us again, he always adds a positive input to the proceedings and his knowledge of golf is invaluable. The winning teams were: 1st Tony Ellis, Malcolm Morrison, Ian Blincoe and John Henderson 81pts 2nd Gail Coultate, Colin Ranson, John Soderberg and Paul Carter 74pts 3rd George Stewart, Geoff Dowsett, Peter Morris and Bob Bunyon 68pts on countback The NTPs: John Soderberg hole 2, Gordon Cobb hole 9, Mick the Grip hole 12 and Tom Johnson hole 16. There were also two 2s, Mick the Grip and Brian Coultate.

The free game draw was won by Gail Coultate. Our next game is at El Plantio on the 20th March and Bonalba 3rd April. Our much awaited day away to Lorca is now on the website so please put your names down as soon as possible as it is run on a first come first served basis as there is a limited amount of places available. For those wishing to join or have a look at how we do things then go to our website at com/site/locrispingolf/ and read our Members Handbook. Lo Crispin Golf Society locrispingolf/

condition it as also been over a year since we last play there. We had 2 division and in the second the winner was Roger McGeagh in the number one spot with 29pts nice to see you back at the top roger. In second place on count back was the man From The Isle Of Man Les Doherty on 28pts taking that spot from Barry Geary also on 28pts Barry is from The other Island The Isle of Wright. In Division 1 Mick Hardy came out on top with 34pts with d.ave Archer grabbing second on count back from Bill McLaughlin both on 25pts. that is the end of the report from a waterlogged Vistabella.

Congratulations to the Players of the Year 2012-13. Men - Barry BUTTERWORTH & Lady - Joan WILLIAMS. Player of The Year Men 1st Barry Butterworth 223pts 2nd Roy Herbert 218pts 3rd Paul Matthews 211pts Ladies 1st Joan Williams 105pts 2nd Christine Flanagan 96pts 3rd Lyn Gallard 94pts The next Society’s game is on Wednesday, 20th March 2013 at La SERENA. This is the CAPTAIN’S DAY - various prizes of skill in Golf & hopefully will be supported for the last game of the season for Captain Barry. The format is Mystery Pairs plus Individual Stableford for the Captain’s Trophy. 1st Tee time - 10.40am Payday is on Saturday, 16th March 2013 at La SERENA in the bar area between 11.00 and 12.00 hours. Many Thanks Regards Mick

san javier gs


TORREGOLF.EU a Altorreal Tuesday 5th.March To celebrate El Presidente’s birthday we were at Altorreal for a day that can only be described as a bit of a ‘colourful day’ yes, it started with red rain then yellow/ orange sun, grey mist, blue skies, black clouds, green and brown grass more rain and mud, mud glorious mud, but did it deter us NO! some reasonable scores being recorded in what can only be described as not the best day to play golf. Winners then on the day Category 1. 1st. David Watson 32 points 2nd. Ray Tennant on a c/b from Sue Owens 30 points. Category 2. 1st.Phil Brigham 34 points 2nd.Brian Coombes 33 3rd. Mick Heart 31 points. Category 3. Steve James 36 points 2nd .Roger Twigg 35 and 3rd Barbara Watson 34 points. Nearest the pins on the 5th. and 17th. Geoff Betts, fast becoming the winner in our NTP King at the

end of the year. On the 8th it was impossible to find a winner as the distance was exactly the same so 2 winners Sue Owens & Peter Kerr (just as well no one got near on the 10th! as we would not have enough TORREGOLF.EU golf balls to give away) The scratch card to-day for a 20 Euros prize went to Al Warnock with Plymouth Argyle…..sorry Paul H. you lost

out to-day for not playing! Our next outing is Hacienda del Alamo on the 20th. March followed by Vistabella on the 30th and then back to Altorreal on the 4th.April so if you would like to come and join our Club then call David Winder on 626 774 157 or email him at davidwinder. Our picture of some of the winners on the day at Altorreal.

Victor’s goal too little too late as barren run continues

C.F Sporting de San Fulgencio 1-2 Benferri C.F The Saint’s poor run of form continued against a Championship chasing Benferri outfit, who condemned their opponents to a fourth straight league defeat. After an even 20 minutes Benferri opened the scoring, taking advantage of some slack Saint’s defending. A simple ball over the top was converted expertly by their number 7, lobbing a helpless Manuel Llopis. The home side reacted and should have levelled through Aaron Lopez, but the defender glanced his header well wide. At the other end Joaquin Rodriguez denied Benferri a second with an important block when the striker looked certain to score.

The end to end action continued in the second half with both teams having very presentable chances. Another mistake at the back let the visitors in, but the opportunity was wasted. Then, Llopis got down well to push a strike wide and was happy to see a header evade his crossbar moments later. Joaquin was in action again a few minutes later, brilliantly intervening at the last minute with a perfectly-timed tackle. Carlos Sampere then had San Ful’s best chance of the match, but his goalbound lob was hooked off the line by Benferri’s impressive centreback. If the Saints were to equalise, Marco Aurelio would be the man. The top scorer couldn’t quite beat the opposition

goalkeeper with his free-kick though. Spurred on by their keeper’s save, the second placed team ran up to the other end and seemingly finished the game off. A spell of pressure culminated in their striker finishing neatly past Llopis. Marco had another chance with 5 minutes remaining, but his header flew over the bar. San Fulgencio would get a consolation goal and it was Victor Garcia who scored for a second game running, heading in to an open goal. Our next game is away against C.F La Coca de Aspe on the 23rd of March. Thank you to Telecom 900 and the rest of our sponsors. Report by Jordan Lucas


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