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Belgian boy, 12, manages to fly to Málaga with no passport or ticket


There has been a report of the attempted abduction of a 10 year old child from a car park in Oliva Pabellon de Deporte. The attempt was thwarted by the boy’s brother, who heard him calling for help. He rushed to his brother’s aid, and was able to release him by kicking and hitting out at the abductor. The incident took place on a Friday evening, when crowds of children were playing after school at the Centre. The Gandia Ayuntamiento said that the Guardia Civil could find no trace of the man, who was reported as driving a white vehicle. However, the Gata de Gorgos Police website carries a warning to parents to be alert after reports of a man, between 40 and 50 years of age and bald, who has tried to abduct children in the Palma de Gandia, Ador, and Oliva area. He targets children of around 10 to 12 years old, saying that he is a friend of their parents. He is Spanish speaking, and drives a white car with tinted rear windows. The Police have confirmed that there have been three recent attempted abductions, including this latest one, and they urge parents to be vigilant when children congregate together in large numbers. For their part, the Police have stepped up their patrols at school gates and outside Sports Centres.


A 12-year-old boy managed to jump airport security and fly from Brussels to Málaga without a ticket or passport. Border police took the Belgian boy in when they became suspicious after seeing him wandering ‘erratically’ around Málaga airport, and found that he had managed to get past security in the capital of his own country and board the plane unnoticed. The child had apparently decided on Thursday to skip his classes at school and fly to Spain, without telling his parents. But his adventure ended when he reached his destination as he will now have to be returned home to his family. Spokeswoman for Brussels National

Airport, Nathalie van Impe, told television reporters in Belgium that authorities were going to investigate how the child could have got onto the plane, since under-18s are not allowed to fly without an adult unless they have formal permission from their parents or guardians. And Florence Bruyère, spokeswoman for the company Jetair, with whom the little boy flew to Spain, confirmed his presence on the flight and says a full investigation will be carried out into ‘how such a security lapse could have occurred’. Both airports are going to examine their CCTV cameras to ascertain how he got away with it. (

Moravit, Moraira

The Teulada Moraira Ayuntamiento has caused a storm with their plans, or the lack of them, for a cycle lane along a 500 metre stretch of road between Moraira and Calpe, in front of a line of roadside shops in Moravit. At present customer’s cars and delivery vehicles are able to pull up in front of the shops. However, when the cycle lane is built there will be no shopfront parking, and the owners maintain that trade will suffer. Apparently there are plans to create a loading bay, but this will still not provide convenient access for deliveries to all the shops, and does nothing to encourage customers, who will have to park elsewhere and walk to reach the shops. The traders affected have asked the Ayuntamiento for a view of the plans, but their request has fallen on deaf ears.

r e t n i W ers Warm from

Spanish Women Raped In Acapulco Recognise Two Of Their Attackers

Six Spanish women who were raped in a beach resort in Acapulco, México have identified two of their attackers. They say they could not see their rapists clearly after they broke into their rented holiday villa on Playa Bonil, but clearly recognised one of them by his face and another by his voice. Four others have been arrested and all six were found to be working in restaurants in the Barra Vieja area of the city, a popular seaside holiday destination. Family members of the suspects have made formal complaints about aggression on the part of the police and mistakes in interpreting the facts of the case, claiming the accused men have merely been targeted so as to ‘calm the wave of indignation’. They have been used as scapegoats to stop people from abandoning resorts in Acapulco, believing the area not to be safe, and to stop the mass fury sparked amid fears that the attackers would probably get away scot-free. Vice-mayor of the town of Lomas de Chapultapec, near the resort, Adrián Sánchez Silva, insists the men are being tortured into saying they are guilty just so that everyone things justice has been done, and that he will personally ‘carry on breaking down doors’ until the culprits are found. But the governor for the State of Guerrero – which has the third-highest incidence of violent crime in México – Ángel Aguirre, denied the ‘scapegoat’ accusations. “We are having to be very responsible and look after people’s human rights. We are not going to present innocent people for trial just because we want to earn a medal by saying we’ve resolved the case,” he stated. King Juan Carlos of Spain has recently telephoned the police force in the area to thank them for their efforts in attempting to find the rapists. A week ago, a gang of ‘at least five’ masked and armed men broke into the villa in the middle of the night where six Spanish women, one Spanish man and his Mexican wife were staying. They were all tied up, beaten and robbed, and the six women were raped repeatedly. (



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Latest home repossession suicide: 56-year-old Basque man

Yet another homeowner facing repossession has committed suicide – a 56-year-old man who is the second in the Basque Country since September and the sixth in Spain in the same time. According to a report by ThinkSPain, his electricity and water had already been cut off because he could not afford to pay the bills as he was unable to find work, say members of the pressure group Stop Desahucios (‘stop evictions’) in the Basque province of Vizcaya. The victim, who lived in the town of Basauri, had left a note for his family saying he ‘could not cope any more’. Stop Desahucios has not given details of the deceased’s identity, nor how he committed suicide, but they said he had made contact with their office in the town of Sestao and was due to pop in and chat to them. Amaia Egaña, a woman in her 50s from the same province, living in Barakaldo, killed herself by jumping out of a fourthfloor window in early November just as her home was about to be repossessed. Another three people, all in their 50s, committed suicide between September and Christmas for the same reasons – two by jumping out of a window and a third by hanging himself. The most recent victim was at the end of last week, a 36year-old father with an eight-year-old daughter who hurled himself out of his window just as the bank foreclosed on his mortgage.

Ten Spaniards among candidates to replace Pope Benedict XVI UP to 10 Spanish Cardinals could be elected as Pope when Benedict XVI leaves his post on Thursday, February 28 after resigning due to ‘old age and health problems’. Following the Pontiff’s startling announcement yesterday, speculation has been rife as to who his successor will be. In theory, any man who is celibate and has been christened can become Pope, but the leader of the world Catholic Church is normally one of 120 Cardinals elected. Among the 62 European members of the electing board are five Spaniards who could also become Pope – Carlos Amigo Vallejo, aged 79; Santos Abril Castelló, aged 78; Antonio María Rouco Varela, 77, who is the Archbishop of Madrid; Lluís Martínez Sistach, 77, and Antonio Cañizares Llovera, 67. Cañizares Llovera and Rouco Varela have both heavily criticised abortion, with the former claiming it was ‘worse than child abuse’, and the latter is known to be very anti-gay marriage. Another five Spanish Cardinals who are eligible to become Pope but are not allowed to vote on the new one because they are over 80 years old are Julián Herranz, former president of the Pontificate Council for Legislative Texts; Francisco Álvarez Martínez, Archbishop Emeritus of Toledo; Ricardo

Snow brings Spain to a standstill Most of the north of Spain is knee-deep in snow and over 1,500 kilometres’ worth of roads have been closed. Madrid, the Basque Country, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja and Navarra are the worst-hit regions, as are parts of Castilla y León – including Palencia, Ávila, Burgos, León and Segovia; and the provinces of Cáceres in Extremadura; Lleida in Catalunya, and Zaragoza and Huesca in Aragón. In the far south of the country, all of Andalucía except for the Sevilla, Cádiz, Huelva and Málaga provinces, and Murcia in

the south-east have either already been hit by snow or are expected to in the next few days. Snow-chains are needed to drive anywhere outside of major cities in all these areas, and lorries have been banned from the A-1 and A-6 westbound in Madrid. Numerous B-roads have been closed for safety reasons. In the north-western region of Galicia, snow in remote areas has reached up to a metre and a half (five feet) in depth. Mostly, however, snowfall has not gone above 10 to 15 centimetres (four to six

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María Carles Godó, Emeritus of Barcelona; Eduardo Martínez Somalo, former Camerlengo (‘Chamberlain’) of the Holy Roman Church, and José Manel Estepa Llaurens, Military Archbishop Emeritus. To date, four Popes have been Spanish, with the most widely-known being members of the infamous Borgia, or Borja dynasty – Calixto III, born in Valencia and whose real name was Alonso de Borja y Cavanilles, between 1455 and 1458; and his nephew, Alessandro VI, born in Xàtiva (Valencia) and who was really called Rodrigo de Borja, from 1492 to 1503. The first was Dámaso I, from ‘Gallaecia’ – as the north-western region of Galicia was then known – from 366 AD to his death in 384, the ‘author’ of the ‘Hallelujah’ formula and the only Spanish Pope to have been made a Saint, despite having been accused of murder. Spain’s most recent Pope was Pedro Martínez de Luna y Pérez de Gotor, known by the more succinct title of Benedict XIII of Avignon and born in Illueca (Zaragoza province). The only Spanish Pope Benedict, known as ‘the anti-Pope’ because of his non-conformist ways, reigned from 1394 to 1423. He lived to be 96 years old, having escaped numerous attempts on his life by poisoning.

inches). The Met office predicts snow in all areas of 300 metres above sea-level or higher, except in the Mediterranean basin. High winds of between 80 and 100 kilometres are expected to hit all of the above areas, as well as the provinces of Tarragona and Málaga, the Balearic Islands and the Comunidad Valenciana. The cold snap is predicted to stay until at least midweek due to a polar wind crossing the mainland.

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Spanish Mortgage Laws Come Under Urdangarín Fire By Ecuadorian Authorities fails to pay 8.2million bail release Ecuador is taking action against Spain’s mortgage laws in the European courts, given how many of the country’s citizens have been affected by repossession in recent times.


The King and Queen’s sonin-law Iñaki Urdangarín and his business partner Diego Torres have failed to come up with the 8.2million-euro bail-bond imposed on them in the Nóos Institute case. This means the court will proceed to embargo their assets up to this amount to cover possible liabilities if they transpire to be guilty of the corruption and money-laundering charges they face. Both could face up to 20 years in jail if this is the case. Although they are not the only parties involved, both men have a joint obligation to deposit 8,189,400 euros with the courts for allegedly receiving regional government funds fraudulently from Valencia and the Balearic Islands, by setting up the Nóos Institute as a non-profitmaking entity when it was in fact anything but. They are also believed to

have used the company to launder money and escape their tax obligations.

Case notes claim Urdangarín and Torres plotted for the former to take advantage of his status as husband of the King and Queen’s daughter, the Infanta Cristina, to attract donations to their organisation, and to be seen representing charitable causes to generate good PR.

Some have been left homeless in Spain due to rigid and abusive clauses in home loan agreements, or banks’ refusal to negotiate at the first sign of non-payment due to job loss.

Others who have returned to Ecuador, having had their homes taken off them, are being pursued by the Spanish authorities for repayment of the outstanding loan. The Ecuadorian Citizens’ Ombudsman has applied to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to amend legislation covering mortgage agreements in Spain to redress the power balance between lenders and customers. It is using the case of homeowner Luis Solórzano and his wife Fabiola as its starting point – a couple who have exhausted all possible legal remedies and yet are still facing losing their home, which they bought around 10

years ago.

They moved to Spain in 1999 and once Luis got regular work as a builder and Fabiola in house-cleaning, applied for a 173,000-euro mortgage to buy their flat, which came under the heading of Vivienda de Protección Oficial – a type of council-subsidised purchase. But they did not realise the small print said the bank could annul the VPO status at any time and demand full repayment of the loan, or that it could repossess the property if it was let to third parties. When redundancy meant the couple fell behind on their payments, the bank foreclosed. Ecuadorian authorities say Spain’s mortgage procedures are leading to clear breaches of human rights, as they allow loopholes that can quickly leave homeowners in financial trouble out on the street without a roof over their heads. Calling these ‘abusive financial practices’, the Ecuadorian government says its ‘fight for justice’ will start in Spain but they hope to take it further and ensure fair practices are adhered to worldwide.

The Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma, has been cleared of any involvement in the case. Her husband, Duke of Palma – who has been banned by Palma de Mallorca city hall from using this title ‘socially’ – will appear in court again on Saturday, February 23, and Torres and his wife will testify once more on Saturday, February 16

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Carnival Queen contestant ‘in serious FAME & FORTUNE AWAITS! condition’ after costume catches fire We want to hear from you! (well, maybe only ‘fame’!)

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A candidate for Carnival Queen in Tenerife suffered 40 per cent burns when her costume caught fire, causing flames of up to 10 metres in height, say witnesses. Saida María Prieto, 25 (pictured), was backstage at the time and was seen frantically trying to strip off

her costume, which carried a huge pair of ‘wings’ like a peacock’s feathers and was strapped to her. A television reporter who was present at the time said: “The scene was horrific, terrifying. A curtain caught fire and in less than a second, flames of 10 metres in height

reached the ceiling.” Saida was transferred to the burns unit at Sevilla’s Virgen del Rocío hospital, where her condition is said to be ‘serious’. She is, however, conscious, and has been throughout the ordeal. Another four people had

to be attended to by the Red Cross for first-degree burns. In the end, Saida came seventh for her costume based upon the theme of ‘Isis, Queen of the Gods’. The blaze is said to have been started by a firework.

Five dead in cruise evacuation drill practice tragedy

Five people have died after an emergency rescue drill practice on board a cruise ship went wrong in Santa Cruz de La Palma (Canary Islands). Another three have been injured, two of them critically. Witnesses say a lifeboat carrying eight crew members, who were practising an evacuation drill, fell from a height of 30 metres and capsized as it hit the water. The identities of the victims have not

been revealed, although the three deceased crew are said to be from Indonesia, the Philippines and Ghana, and the injured parties include one Philippine and two Greeks. A 32-year-old Greek man and another man of age 30 suffered multiple bruising and were taken to hospital, and a third was treated on site by paramedics. The bodies of the other five have been recovered by rescue workers. They are all crew members on board

the Thomson Majesty, which belongs to the British company Thomson Cruises and is based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, carrying out cruises in the Canary Islands and Madeira. Santa Cruz de La Palma is one of its regular Sunday stopping points. Around 2,000 passengers were on board the cruise-liner when the incident occurred just after noon, but none of them were injured.

Miguel Carcaño to pay costs of searching for Marta

The self-confessed killer of Sevilla teenager Marta del Castillo Casanueva has had his sentenced increased by just one year and three months following a reopening of the case called for by the victim’s family. Miguel Carcaño, who was 20 at the time of the murder in January 2009, was imprisoned for 20 years and all other suspects involved in the case released. His jail term has now been amended to 21 years and three months, with the extra period being for an ‘attack on moral integrity’ and the suffering caused by Marta’s parents at not knowing where her body is. Carcaño will also have to pay the costs, around 616,000 euros, borne by authorities for searching for the missing youngster, whose whereabouts remain unknown, since the killer continually changed his story about what he had done with her. One of his friends who was initially acquitted of covering up the murder, Samuel Benítez, is due to



face sentence at Sevilla Provincial Court. Another friend, known by his nickname of ‘El Cuco’ – who was 15 at the time of Marta’s death – spent two years in custody during the initial trial and is now free, but has an injunction preventing him from going within 50 kilometres of

Sevilla. Carcaño’s older stepbrother, Francisco Javier Delgado and this man’s girlfriend María García, have been acquitted. The family’s appeal for the original sentence to be declared null and void and a retrial carried out has been rejected by the judge on the grounds that no

breach of procedures or of the Constitution that could justify a repetition of the process was involved in the first trial. Carcaño’s first version of the incident was that he and Marta, then 17, who was his ex-girlfriend at the time, had had an argument after she arranged to meet him about rumours she had heard he had been spreading about her, and that he had thrown an ashtray at her in temper, knocking her unconscious. Fearing her dead, he panicked and dumped her body in the nearby river Guadalquivir. But dredging the river produced no sign of the body, and it later transpired Marta was gang-raped and strangled. Carcaño and the other accused parties then claimed Marta was on a landfill site near Sevilla – but again, no trace of her was found. After confessing to the killing, he was originally facing 52 years in jail – two of which were for failing to reveal the whereabouts of Marta’s body – but the fact no remains had been found meant evidence was limited and led to his final sentence being reduced to just 20 years.

‘Kamikaze’ driver travels 23 kilometres in the wrong lane of the motorway

The second ‘kamikaze’ driver in the space of a week has been arrested in the Comunidad Valenciana after travelling for 23 kilometres in the wrong direction down the A-7. Police received around 15 calls in as many minutes from panicked motorists, and ended up having to pursue the driver at high speed for nearly 20 minutes. He was finally caught at the exit for Alquerías del Niño Perdido (Castellón), although he had driven past several sliproads he could have taken to get off the motorway in the meantime. Terrified motorists had to brake and swerve at a split second’s notice to avoid a head-on and almost certainly fatal collision. Once officers caught up with the driver 23

kilometres later, they identified him as M.P.C., from Lora del Río (Sevilla province) and said he tested negative for alcohol and drugs. His motive for driving down the left-hand side of the motorway instead of the right is not known. This is the second time in a week that a driver has been caught travelling down the wrong lane, with an earlier one arrested in Ibi (Alicante) on Sunday. But the most high-profile case involved a man who killed two people on the AP-7 near Valencia and has been given a complete reprieve by the government, escaping a 13-year prison sentence. The family of the victims have appealed against the ‘kamikaze’ driver’s pardon in a bid to get justice for their loss.

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EU proposes new cybercrime reporting rules Over 40,000 firms, including energy providers, banks and hospitals could be required to report cyber-break-ins under new rules proposed by the EU

It is part of a move to intensify global efforts to fight cybercrime. According to a report by the BBC, Digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes said that Europe needed to improve how it dealt with cybersecurity. But firms are concerned that reporting online attacks and security breaches might damage their reputations. The EU is keen that member states share information about attacks

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and shore up their cyberdefences. Under the proposals, each country would have to appoint a Computer Emergency Response Team and create an authority to whom companies would report breaches. These new bodies would decide whether to make the breaches

public and whether to fine companies. Announcing the changes, Ms Kroes said: “Europe needs resilient networks and systems and failing to act would would impose significant costs on consumers, businesses and society.” According to the EU, only one in four European companies

has a regularly-reviewed, formal ICT security policy. Even among ICT companies, the figure is only one in two, it said. A recent study by accountants PwC suggested that three quarters of UK small businesses, and 93% of large ones, had recently suffered a cybersecurity breach.

are discouraged by recent data.

In its monthly report, the Bank of France said: “Forecasts point to a modest rise in [industrial] activity in February.”

The bank added that the business confidence indicator for industry had risen to its highest level in nearly a year.

French economy to avoid recession, says central bank

The French economy will avoid recession this year, according to the country’s central bank. Find us at Los Carasoles Zurgena (Almeria) On the Baza Road

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It predicts growth of 0.1% in the first three months of 2013, a more upbeat outlook than that of many economists, who



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A recession is usually defined as two consecutive quarters of contraction.


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But many experts have made gloomier predictions - partly because of January’s manufacturing data, which showed the sharpest fall in output since March 2009. Initial economic growth figures for France are due out on 14 February. The government’s official forecast is for 0.8% this year.

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French President Francois Hollande (pictured) is trying to make France more competitive. He recently called for more currency stability, arguing that the French economy “could be destroyed by the rising value of the euro”


MADELEINE MCCANN: Police took DNA sample from New Zealand girl to prove she is not missing GIRL

A New Zealand school girl repeatedly mistaken for missing Madeleine McCann has given police a DNA sample so Scotland Yard can confirm that she is not the youngster. She has been consistently pointed out as the youngster, who went missing in May 2007 while on holiday with her parents and twin siblings. The New Zealand girl bears a striking resemblance to Madeleine, and is believed to have a mark on her right eye similar to the distinctive one on the British girl’s iris. Police launched a five-day investigation in January when a Queenstown retailer became suspicious of a man and the young girl. The sample was requested following a reported sighting of Madeleine on New Year’s

This pictured - released by police last year - shows how Madeleine might look five years on Eve. Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished from her family’s Portuguese holiday apartment in Praia da Luz as her parents, Gerry and Kate, ate dinner at a nearby tapas restaurant with friends. The case led to a

worldwide search amidst fears the girl had been snatched, but despite a number of leads coming to light no trace of Madeleine has every been conclusively found. Since the disappearance, officials have from time to time issued digitally altered images showing

Jardin Rural

what she might look like over the passage of time. Portuguese police stopped formally investigating the case in July 2008, but Madeleine’s family have never given up their quest to track down their missing daughter. Mrs McCann has ploughed £1million from sales of her book back into the search. The bestseller, entitled simply Madeleine, was published in 2011 on the day of her eighth birthday. Madeleine’s Fund hit £1.8million shortly after the three-year-old vanished from her family’s holiday. But by 2011, after four years of searching, it had dwindled to £125,000. Official papers filed with Companies House show all the money raised from the 384-page book went to the fund. The fund’s directors said: ‘Income from the book has significantly improved the position.’

Mass gathering for Tunisia funeral... Tens of thousands gather in Tunisia’s capital as tensions rise ahead of the burial of assassinated opposition politician Chokri Belaid. Polio vaccinators killed in Nigeria... Nine female polio vaccinators have been killed in two shootings at health centres in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano, police tell the BBC. Iconic painting vandalised in France... French police detain a woman who defaced an iconic Delacroix painting, Liberty Leading The People, at a regional branch of France’s Louvre Museum. Baugur ex-head guilty of tax evasion... The former boss of failed Icelandic retail group Baugur is convicted of tax evasion. Ex-LAPD man hunted for killing spree... Los Angeles area police launch a major manhunt for a sacked officer who is suspected of killing three people, including a former colleague. Ex-US President Bush emails hacked... A computer hacker steals personal emails and photographs belonging to former US President George H W Bush and his family, US media report. Boeing gets permission for Dreamliner test flights... The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has allowed Boeing to carry out test flights of 787 Dreamliner planes. Mandela granddaughters in TV show... Nelson Mandela’s granddaughters, Swati Dlamini and Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway, are to star in a new reality television programme called Being Mandela

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music with mark Mary Isobel O’Brien (16 April 1939 – 2 March 1999), known professionally as Dusty Springfield and dubbed The White Queen of Soul was a British pop singer whose career extended from the late 1950s to the 1990s. With her distinctive sensual sound, she was an important white soul singer, and at her peak was one of the most successful British female performers, with 18 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 from 1964 to 1970. She is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the U.K. Music Hall of Fame. International polls have named Springfield among the best female artists of all time. Born in West London to an Irish Catholic family that enjoyed music, Springfield learned to sing at home. She joined her first professional group, The Lana Sisters, in 1958, then formed the pop-folk vocal trio The Springfields in 1960 with her brother Dion Her solo career began in 1963 with the upbeat pop hit, “I Only Want to Be with You”. Among the hits that followed were “Wishing’ and Hoping’” (1964), “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” (1964), “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” (1966), and “Son of a Preacher Man” (1968). A fan of American pop music, she was

the first public figure to bring little-known soul singers to a wider British audience, when she created and hosted the first British performances of the top-selling Motown artists in 1965. By 1966, she was the best-selling female singer in the world, and topped a number of popularity polls, including Melody Maker’s Best International Vocalist. She was the first British singer to top the New Musical Express readers’ poll for Female Singer. Her image, supported by a peroxide blonde beehive hairstyle, evening gowns, and heavy make-up, made her an icon of the Swinging Sixties. The marked changes in pop music in the mid1960s left many female pop singers out of fashion. To boost her credibility as a soul artist, Springfield went to Memphis, Tennessee, to record an album of pop and soul music with the Atlantic Records main production team. Released in 1969, Dusty in Memphis has been ranked among the greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone and VH1 artists, New Musical Express readers, and a Channel 4 viewer’s polls. The album was also awarded a spot in the Grammy Hall of Fame. After many years in the wilderness not only because of popularity decline but also because of self imposed retirement in America, Dusty decided to get back into the music scene. She had met Neil Tennant

You can listen to Mark Davies on Costa Calida International Radio, Mon, Wed and Fri evenings 7.00 till 9.00 on 90 and 100 FM or

J Galvez Renero S.L.

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Office located opposite Mercadona car park in Puerto de Mazarron We are once again in a New Year and not sure ” 3 where one went to! There are always 01 “ things tothedoprevious which are put off until another day


and yet suddenly another year has passed. NOW is the time to attend to those jobs and make sure that when living in a foreign country that your affairs are in order.


Do you have a Spanish Will or does it need revising? Are you making a tax return either as resident or non resident? Has your residencia expired and needs renewing? Are you thinking of selling your property and need advice on costs and taxes? Does your home insurance need revising? At J Galvez Renero SL we can assist and advise on all of the above and more. Please call by our office or telephone for free no obligation advice. Do not let another year pass by with things to do tomorrow!

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Dusty Springfield of the Pet Shop Boys and he had said what a fan he was of hers, the seed was sown then for a return to making music In 1987, she accepted an invitation from the Pet Shop Boys to sing on the single “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” and appeared on the promotional video. The record got to number 2 on both the British and American charts. The song appeared on the “Pet Shop Boys” album “Actually and both of their greatest hits collections. Springfield sang lead vocals on the Richard Carpenter song “Something in Your Eyes”, recorded for Carpenter’s album Time. Released as a single, it became an adult contemporary hit in the United States. Springfield also recorded a duet with legendary singer/songwriter B.J. Thomas, “As Long as We Got Each Other”, which was used as the theme song for the American sitcom Growing Pains. A new compilation of Springfield’s greatest hits, The Silver Collection, was issued in 1988. Springfield returned to the studio with the Pet Shop Boys, who produced her recording of their song “Nothing Has Been Proved”, commissioned for the soundtrack of the film Scandal. Released as a single in early 1989, the song gave Springfield a UK Top 20 hit. So did its follow-up, the upbeat “In Private”, written and produced again by the Pet Shop Boys. She capitalized on this by recording the 1990 album Reputation, another UK Top 20 success. The writing and production credits for half the album, which included the two recent hit singles, went to the Pet Shop Boys;

while the album’s other producers included Dan Hartman. Sometime before recording the Reputation album, Springfield decided to leave California for good, and by 1988 she had returned to Britain. In 1993, she was invited to record a duet with her former 1960s professional rival and friend, Cilla Black. The song “Heart and Soul” was released as a single and appeared on Black’s Through the Years album. Provisionally titled Dusty in Nashville, Springfield started recording the album “A Very Fine Love” in 1993 with producer Tom Shapiro. Though originally intended by Shapiro as a Country music album, the song selection with Springfield pushed the album into pop music with an occasional country feel. While recording the album, “A Very Fine Love”, in January 1994 in Nashville, Tennessee, Springfield felt ill. When she returned to England a few months later, her physicians diagnosed breast cancer. She received months of radiation treatment, and for a time the cancer was in remission. In 1995, in apparent good health, Springfield set about promoting the album. Cancer was detected again during the summer of 1996. In spite of vigorous treatments, she died on 2nd March 1999. She died in Henley-on-Thames on the day she had been scheduled to go to Buckingham Palace to receive an OBE for her contribution to music. Before her death, officials of Queen Elizabeth had given permission for the medal to be collected by Springfield’s manager, Vicki Wickham, and it was presented to the singer in the hospital in the company of a small party of friends and relatives. Her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, had been scheduled for 10 days after her death. Her friend Sir Elton John helped induct her into the Hall of Fame, stating ‘I think she is the greatest white female singer there has ever been.’ Springfield’s funeral service was attended by hundreds of fans and people from the music business, including Elvis Costello, Lulu and the Pet Shop Boys. It took place in Oxfordshire, at the ancient parish church of St Mary the Virgin, in Henley-on-Thames, the town where Springfield had lived during her last years. A marker dedicated to her memory was placed in the church graveyard. I agree, and who am I, to disagree with Elton John and think she was and always will be the best white female vocalist ever.

Torrevieja Costa Lions

Celebrate with new sponsors Lions Club President Janette Bennett was delighted to visit the IBEX Insurance offices in La Zenia last week. The staff and customers were celebrating the first anniversary of the opening of the La Zenia branch and Janette went along to present customer service advisor Jaimy Gubbels with a certificate of appreciation following IBEX sponsorship of the Lions. Jaimy received the bronze award for the office and she is also keen to become a member of the Torrevieja Costa Lions. Should you require further information on sponsorship packages contact Iain on 966 731 495. Should you wish to join the Lions please contact Membership Director Dave on or go to the Lions website on


uk prepares for more snow

fed up with spending a fortune every year on electricity, gas or diesel? Forecasters warn of severe cold weather and icy conditions with temperatures dropping dramatically to -5C next week

-€ Energy prices rising -€ Solar prices falling - € Reduce your outgoings -€ Free Electricity -€ Free Hot water

This group of sheep huddle together and feed in fields on the North Downs near Woldingham in Surrey

The Met Office has issued a Cold Weather Alert and said the freezing conditions will cause chaos on roads and be potentially dangerous for vulnerable people. It says the snow will be ‘disruptive’ and warns of temperatures dropping dramatically. Strong winds are also expected. Up to four inches of snow is expected too! The Met Office has issued warnings this morning for ice across southwest England and the West Midlands and warns of a risk of icy

conditions on untreated surfaces across the rest of the UK. Weather experts say ‘heavy’ snow will fall across Scotland and eastern parts of England, especially the north-east, throughout Sunday afternoon and night. Gareth Harvey, a forecaster for MeteoGroup, said: ‘The next few days will only see a few light snow flurries affecting mountains in Wales and Scotland and the Pennines, in northern England, while temperatures will stay cold.

Dale Cregan ‘Fired 32 Bullets In 31 Seconds’ The man accused of killing two police officers handed himself in afterwards saying: ‘I’ve just done two coppers,’ a court hears

Dale Cregan fired 32 shots at his unarmed victims in 31 seconds then handed himself in confessing: “I’ve just done two coppers,” a court has heard. Dale Cregan unleashed a hail of bullets at PC Fiona Bone, 32 and PC Nicola Hughes, 23 - many as they lay injured on the ground, Preston Crown Court was told. The jury heard how Cregan later handed himself in to police at Hyde Police station telling them: “Sorry about those two that have been killed, I wish it was men. He allegedly went on: “I’ve dropped the gun at the scene and I’ve murdered two police officers. You were hounding my family so I took it out on yous (sic). I’m wanted by the police and I’ve just done two coppers.” The jury was shown video of the moment Cregan was arrested at the front desk of the police station. He is seen speaking on his mobile phone, cradling it, after a police officer jumps over the front desk and handcuffs him. Relatives of the two murdered police officers wept as they watched footage of the pair leaving the police station for the last time. The court was told how On September 18 last year, Cregan was in hiding in a house in Abbey Gardens, Hattersely, Manchester. He made a 999 call to police claiming there was a burglary and when told an officer was on the way, Cregan replied: “I’ll be waiting,” said the prosecution. Nicholas Clarke QC told the jury: “He had carefully put in place a plan that he knew would ensure that an unsuspecting police officer or officers would be sent to the door, to attend to a household who had been the victim of damage to his house. “Cregan knew that the officers who attended would have no idea what would be waiting for them.” PC Hughes and PC Bone were assigned the call and made their way from Hyde Police station to the address. “On arrival, the two officers stepped out of their van and walked forward the short distance to number 30. Cregan’s carefully laid plan had been successful,” said Mr Clarke. “He had lured two unarmed officers to his door and he was armed, ready and waiting for them. As Nicola and

Fiona walked through the small front garden, he opened the front door and immediately fired his Glock.” The jury heard how both officers were shot in the chest. The body armour they were wearing protected them and the bullets did not penetrate, the prosecution said. The officers, the court heard, made a “tactical retreat”. “PC Fiona Bone moved to the right, getting out of the line of sight and PC Nicola Hughes turned to run up the path. As they retreated more shots were fired. PC Hughes was shot just below her armoured vest in the middle of her back and was immediately paralysed causing her to fall forwards onto the path. As she was falling or lying flat on her stomach she was shot three more times. Cregan then turned his attention to PC Fiona Bone. She was trapped in front of the lounge window and he discharged 24 shots at her. Some struck the officer others the house,” the court heard. She managed to draw and fire her Taser but it was discharged into a hard surface, probably the paving, the jury was told. The court was told that only a matter of 31 seconds had passed between PC Hughes switching off the engine of their vehicle and PC Bone firing the Taser. Mr Clarke said: “Most of the bullets struck her body armour or the wall at the front of the house but she was the central target.” PC Bone was shot between five and eight times receiving a total of eight gunshot-related injuries, the prosecution said. “As she turned and fell one bullet managed to get through under her arm. She was killed by a perforating shot to the upper left side of her chest which caused fatal injuries to the top of her heart. Cregan wasn’t finished. He turned his attention to PC Hughes and fired three more shots into the back and side of her head. She was shot eight times causing a total of seven gunshot-related injuries,” the jury heard. The court was told that Cregan fired a total of 32 bullets at the two unarmed police officers. Mr Clarke added: “Before he fled Abbey Gardens he made sure he left his usual calling card. He launched a fragmentation grenade back towards the garden of number 30 where the two police officers were lying on the floor.”

-€ -€ -€ -€ -€

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Bowling ∙ Snooker ∙ Darts Quiz Nights Pool Table Social Dancing Comedy & Entertainment Nights

Open 10am - late

Late licence (3.30am) if needed The Cadillacs 4.30pm to 6.15pm , Entry 5€

tuesday Ballroom Dancing 8pm -10pm Thursdays FUN QUIZ 8.30pm Friday Closed from 6pm for private parties.



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lennon & mccartney tribute 2 course meal + show 8pm 10€. Show only 9.30pm 3€

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CHER TRIBUTE plus SANTANA + DJ HELEN 2 course meal + show 8pm 10€, show only 9.30PM 3€


FUN QUIZ 8.30pm Start

with ROB

(Ex. of The Sportsman)

966 717 028



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One of the highlights of the ADAPT year is the San Pedro Carnival. This year´s theme was Jolly Chefs which was easy for us as we sometimes got the routine a bit mixed up which made us laugh a lot and was very amusing for the spectators. As usual we were well received and cheered on our way. Our ´Dance Routine´ was simple and involved a lot of banging tin mixing bowls with wooden spoons, twirling with spoons held high and pretending to flick the contents of our bowls at the spectators. Of course there wasn´t anything in the bowls but Ooops! somewhere along the way some of our drinking water ended up in there. But not for long!!!

It´s quite a long walk for us who are not so young and sprightly anymore and it gets very cold as the sun goes down but with age comes wisdom. Hence the head to foot costumes. While the youth were shivering in their admittably beautiful outfits, we were cosy in our layers and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were rewarded with drinks and sandwiches in the marquee near the port. It´s an honour to be invited by the San Pedro Town Hall to take part along with the local community and is appreciated by ADAPT Association. The next meeting of ADAPT is as usual at the Pensionista Hogar, San Pedro on Saturday March 2nd at 10:30. For further information see our website www. or Tel. E Winskill 966 18 94 02


advertising feature

Gemenis goes from strength to strength

Gemenis owners, Debbie and Billy have lived in the Benidorm area of Spain seven years. They started in selling clothes on local markets to see if there was any demand for quality British clothing. They quickly found out that there was and the venture soon became a highly successful business. They opened their first shop in Albir more than six years ago and the couple opened a further store in Benidorm 3 years later. They realized that a lot of customers were travelling to their stores from the South Costa Blanca area and so decided to open a store based in Ciudad Quesada. The store, named Gemenis II opened in 2012, located next to the Quesada Fish and Chips and Yorkshire Linen and was an immediate hit. Not surprising really as they carry a superb stock range for men, women and a small amount of children’s fashions all at incredible prices. The stock range includes some of the top names from the British high street, such as Marks & Spencers, Next, Miss Selfridge, Cherokee, TU, George, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Matalan, Burton, British Home Stores and Dunnes Stores – all at greatly discounted prices. Telephone 664 261 446 OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm Sat 10am – 4pm Can be seen at Facebook : Gemenis Benidorm Call into Gemenis II today and grab yourself a bargain.

Find us next to Quesada fish & chips and Yorkshire linen. Turn left before The Arches. Gemenis has 1 branch in Benidorm.

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Every Wednesday ART WORKSHOP Café Golf, San Javier 10am - 12pm Bring out the art in you! Informal workshop to get you started on water colours. Donation of 2€ per head for MABS. For further information call Geoff on 968 192 768. Friday 15th February SHARE & CARE GROUP - MABS Cancer Centre, San Javier 11am An informal get together for anyone affected by cancer. Come along for a coffee and a chat. For more information call Anne on 693 795 247

Tuesday 19th February EBONY & IVORY LADIES’ LUNCH CLUB, Diamante’s Restaurant, El Mojón - 1.30pm for 2pm. Three course lunch with glass of wine and entertainment...10.50€. Raffle in aid of MABS. Come along, dress up and meet and make new friends. Book your place with Diamante’s 965 352 947 Wednesday 6th March VOLUNTEERS MEETING – Las Claras, Los Alcázares - 11am. If you would like to find out more about how you can help MABS, come along to our meeting. For further information please ring Bev on 693 362 823 Wednesday 13th March ChariTEA – Centro Civico, San Javier – 5pm to 8pm. Tea with scones and cakes provided by Café Golf. Music provided by The Conservatory of Music with individual performances throughout the evening. Other charities attending include Help Mar Menor, Aidemar and Connexia EOISJ. Raffle tickets on sale at MABS Cancer Centre from 15th February at just 1€ each. Thursday 14th March RACE AFTERNOON -Time Out Bar, San Javier 1.30pm (Cheltenham Festival) For further details please call 968 192 418 Saturday 16th March OPEN GOLF DAY, ‘The Eddie Allen Trophy’ – Las Pinaillas - 12pm. 45€ includes buggy and coach at 9.00 am. Prize presentation, buffet and music after the game at Campbell’s Bar in Roda. Proceeds of hamper draw (2€ per ticket) and donations to MABS. 20€ secures a place, ring Stan Allen on 968 575 467 or Ciaran on 692 038 643 or call at Campbell’s Bar in Roda. Tuesday 19th March Diamantes Ladies Lunch, El Mojón- 1.30pm for 2pm Three course lunch with glass of wine and entertainment...10.50€. Raffle in aid of MABS. Come along, dress up and meet and make new friends. Book your place with Diamante’s on 965 352 947 Sunday 31st March (Easter Sunday) LUNCH Time Out, San Javier – 1.30pm Lunch with entertainment by Andy Jones. Hamper being raffled in aid of MABS. Booking required, please call 968 192 418 EVERY SATURDAY BOOK SALE - The Arches Restaurant, Los Alcázares 10am - 1pm (weather permitting)

The MABS Book Stall is a regular feature at The Arches Restaurant on a Saturday and is popular with book-lovers from Los Alcázares and the surrounding areas. Browse the stall and enjoy a coffee or bargain breakfast while you choose your books.

Keep watching the press or visit our website for more events For further details, please call 634 362 826

MABS EVENTS IN FORTUNA (EAST) Every Other Monday Sew’n’So’s - Sewing Group with Jan Gough 2pm Urb. Las Kalendas, Fortuna 1st Tuesday of the month Auction at Bob`s Bar - 2pm Carretera Pinoso, Fortuna Tuesdays & Thursdays “Pick, Try, Choose, Buy & Donate” second hand store 10.30am - 12pm Apartamentos Maruja, across the cycle path, opposite Las Palmeras, Baños de Fortuna. 2nd Wednesday of the month Fortuna Ladies’ Luncheon Club - 1.00 pm Las Palmeras Restaurant, Baños de Fortuna Last Wednesday of the Month MABS Fortuna Meeting - 11.30am La Carcelera, Urb Las Kalendas. Fortuna.

FUTURE EVENTS Saturday 16th April Spring Fair - Whitehouse 12pm to 3pm Monday 6th May Hog Roast with Entertainment - Castle Bar from 1pm For further information on Fortuna events, please contact: mabsmurciane@


Saturday, 16 February VALENTINE’S DINNER DANCE – Bar Cantero, Gran Via Calasparra – 7.30 pm With Tony Kelly (a tribute to the Rat Pack). Tickets 20€ each. Tickets available from: Sandra: 628 792 687, Lyn: 622 751 273, Pat: 676 541 146, Astrid: 628 744 906 or any MABS volunteer. First and Third Friday of each month MABS Market Stall in Calasparra Market 9am - 1pm Situated opposite the Gran Via café Second Wednesday of each month MABS Murcia NW Volunteer Monthly Meeting 5pm New volunteers welcome. Call 648 518 158 for further details. Last Friday of every month MABS Book Stall – 11am – 2pm Outside the Trevol Bar/Cafe on Urb. Tierra del Sol, Calasparra. (This is held the last Friday of every month)

For further information on Calasparra events, please contact:



It was a well attended and successful launch on Friday morning 8th February when Bernard Ash, President of HELP Murcia Mar Menor, welcomed guests and everyone to the official launch of the new initiative, The Listening Ear Team (LET). He particularly welcomed the British Vice Consul, Mr. Lloyd Milen, and Lady Elisabeth Hebdige, HELP’s Honorary Patron, as well as representatives from the press and media, along with members of HELP MMM. The launch took place in a tent outside HELP’s office in Los Alcazares kindly provided by Pepe of the Roblemar Restaurant. Lady Elisabeth said she was proud to support the initiative and encouraged more volunteers to get involved in this worthy cause.

Elaine Dale, speaking on behalf of the team, then gave an outline of what the LET hoped to provide. She emphasised that it was not in their remit to offer money but to provide help and support when needed, with the overall aim of helping people to be able to help themselves. She explained some of the problems we may expect to encounter, for example in the current economic climate, people may have financial problems and although we cannot provide money, we could enable people to access financial expertise. We have volunteers with a wide range of knowledge and in addition we have access to many sources of information on range of problems, which people can encounter living in Spain. She thanked Janneke Chambers, of Caring Services, for putting together information folders for use by the team. These will provide a source for the “Listeners” to be able to use the “I know a man who can” approach to some problems. She gave credit to June Barrie, office manager and initiator of the idea. She finished by thanking members of the Samaritans present and felt that forging such strong links will prove fruitful in the future. In response, Mr. Lloyd Milen, Vice Consul, said that it was very important for the British Consul that a charity like HELP MMM took on such work, which will prove immensely helpful when the Consul is asked to help with individuals. He also said that it was the aim of the British Consulate to help people to help themselves and congratulated HELP on the way it has developed and expanded.

What is the Listening Ear Team initiative? The Listening Ear team is a group of friendly, non-judgemental people who are willing to listen to those who may need to talk for a variety of reasons:1.Health problems 2.Bereavement 3.Physical or sexual abuse 4.Lonely or feeling isolated 5.Depression 6.Financial problems Confidentiality is guaranteed. Telephone number 634 348 376 Office Phone/Fax: 968 570 059 Emergency phone: 654 632 077

Phone - A - Friend Elaine round things off by introducing a new card system by which members can leave their own contact details and those of a relative or friend to be contacted in an emergency. This will be kept in the office. A copy of this card would also be placed in a prominent position in the person’s house. A member of the audience suggested we call it “Phone A Friend” this will be extended to the general public. This is prompted by reports that some people are tending to become isolated in the own homes.



MAZARRON EVENTS FOR February and March 2013 Friday 22nd February JIGSAW BEREAVEMENT GROUP Cats Bar Sector A Camposol 12.00 pm The MABS Mazarrón Bereavement group meets on the last Friday of the month at Cats bar, Sector A Camposol. Call 620 582 418 for further details. Tuesday 26th February VOLUNTEERS MEETING- Trevi bar, Camposol Sector B - 11.30am If you would like further information about how you can help MABS come along to our meeting. For further information please ring David on 634 362 954. Tuesday 5th March MABS COFFEE MORNING - MABS CENTRE - 396 Avda de los Covachos Camposol Sector B4 – 11am Cake stalls, books, come along meet some of our volunteers have a chat, a cup of coffee or snack. For further information please ring Diane on 689 052 123. Friday 29th March 2013 JIGSAW BEREAVEMENT GROUP Cats Bar Sector A Camposol 12pm The MABS Mazarrón Bereavement group meets on the last Friday of the month at Cats bar, Sector A, Camposol. Call 620 582 418 for further details. Every 2nd and 3rd Friday BOOK SALE – Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre Event tickets on sale at the book stall Between 9.30 am and 1.00 pm, from the MABS Information Centre on Sector B Camposol, or by calling 620 582 418

FORTHCOMING EVENTS Race Night Camposol Golf Club – 2nd April – 8.00 pm La Vida Bar El Pareton - 23rd April, St George’s Day Spring Fayre - 25th May - Camposol B Summer Dance - 8th August - Mazarrón Country Club with meal & entertainment Keep watching the press or visit our website for more events For further details, please call 620 582 418

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This column has been brought to you by Personal Wellness Practitioner, Drew Ryder B.SC. Psych. Hons, IIHHT, ThAT, MAAMET, an experienced practitioner of EFT and other disciplines.

maintain a balanced healthy body and mind. To a trained reflexologist, feet are simply maps of the body! And those come in all shapes and sizes as well as colours! A trained reflexologist can help you to attain a state of wellness and balance in your life by reading “your maps” to help you get to your destination, - that of good health. How do they do this? They do this by “interpreting your feet”, (as stated earlier, feet tell a reflexologist a myriad of stories). For example, tense feet indicate tension within the body, dry skin could indicate poor circulation, as do bluish or reddish feet. The first treatment always begins with a full health check by means of a health questionnaire. This is carried out in a relaxing environment, as relaxation is of prime importance in enabling the body to heal. Following that, the receiver of the treatment (the client) is seated comfortably in a soft supportive chair enabling the reflexologist to access your feet whilst maintaining eye contact. Your feet are examined and interpreted and treatment then begins. What

Luz del Sol

new properties s.l.

Call us on 968 199 068

Centro Comercial #34, Sector A, Urb. Camposol, Mazarron 30875, Spain


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Reflexology... Few people pay much attention to their feet; that is of course unless they experience pain in one or both feet. Feet take a severe beating and walk many, many miles; thousands upon thousands, in a lifetime. It is said that by the time we reach the age of 70 years, our feet have covered on average 70,000 miles!! That´s a lot of pounding!! By comparison how much attention is paid to our feet, other than how good the latest pair of shoes, trainers or boots look? The answer quite simply is not enough. Feet especially to a reflexologist tell a myriad of stories. Feet represent the body – inside and out. Problem areas on the feet relate to problem areas within the body. Feet therefore, are the key to revealing where imbalances lie within the body and as a result, play an essential role in the enhancement of general health and wellness. Feet come in all shapes and sizes. People often have strange attitudes with regard to their feet and are embarrassed about `the state of them´. Perhaps this is one reason why people fail to use reflexology to attain and

personal wellness


then does this entail? It entails the gentle application of the reflexologists hands upon your feet and, by applying a light pressure he `works´ every system within the body such as the endocrine system, the skeletal system, respiratory system and so on. It is done using a series of movements to include `walking movements´ using the thumb, to gentle massage. Light, gentle pressure is applied to reflex points which can produce a variety of sensations to include the feeling of something sharp being pressed into the foot, to a dull ache, tightness or discomfort. This indicates to the reflexologist that there is an energy blockage that needs to be freed. This blockage weakens as treatment progresses with the object of completely removing the blockage to restore balance in the area indicated. The whole process is always effective and usually leaves a person feeling

relaxed, with the body either back in balance, or on its way to being. It can be thought of as a fine tuning process similar to that of tuning a car. The difference being a car can easily be replaced, your body cannot. (Although with today´s medical advancements some parts can be!!). Better to look after the vehicle (body) you have been provided with, in which to live your life, rather than undergo surgery don´t you think? So, if you have resolved to have a healthier lifestyle in 2013, consider reflexology as a way of attaining and maintaining just that. For more information or an informal chat to see how reflexology may benefit you, please call 660326194 or 968978876. Alternatively send an email to info@ with your query or questions. Look after your vehicle for life and let 2013 be the year you fine tune your body!




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British Bedding

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• Pillows, Protectors, Quilts & Toppers • Quilt Covers, Bedspreads & Blankets • Sheets, Valances & Pillowcases • Towels, Bath Mats & Shower Curtains

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Ref:LA/GK - 3 bed 1st fl. apt, 3 pools & Ref: PM/JC - Fantastic 1 bed apt, large gardens. 300m to beach, tennis, lift terrace with sea views, a/c, pool

MOJACAR - new €134,950


Ref: IA/MA Front line 3 bed apt, a/c, terrace, sea views, modernised, pool

Ref: OA/HM Stunning 2 bed, 2 bath apart. on Oasis de Mar, solaruim, pool

MOJACAR - reduced €99,500

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Prices stated are fixed for 7 days mininum from the time of going to press, include sales commission and exclude taxes and notary or other legal charges and fees

Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best Indalo)

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Our bespoke kitchen cabinets are manufactured and pre-assembled in our workshop using 18mm colour matched board with a solid back panel. As well as our huge range of kitchen door colours and styles we have a huge range of worktops, solid wooden block, granite and laminate are available. As with all our products our kitchen units can be manufactured any size. All cabinets, as well as any storage options are purpose made to your requirements.We have no set size doors widths or heights.

We offer a design, manufacture & installation service with an exceptional level of quality & service at a competitive price. We are able to design, manufacture & install a huge range of kitchen furniture to suit your needs, with over 700 door styles & colour combinations we cater for every taste tradition to modern. We have something for everyone & remember its manufactured to your requirements.

For a FREE home measure & quotation please contact Trevor on

619 584 405

Based in Albox, but will cover all areas



...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES



I was driving into Albox when I spied a little old man leaning heavily on a walking stick and weaving his way more or less along the side of the road. Alert to the fact that his haphazard course could at any moment bring him into my path, and not wishing to mow down one of Andalucía’s smaller elders, I slowed to a cautious crawl. As I drew level, his thumb, on the end of his outstretched arm, appeared from nowhere. I do not as a rule give lifts to hitchers, but as he bore very little resemblance to the front man for a gang of vicious highwaymen, I stopped and opened the window. He lurched over and leaned in the window. ‘Alboch?’ He queried. I verified, and asked him in Spanish if he would like a lift. Without hesitation his stick arrived through the open door, followed by his feet, followed by the rest of him, then his hat and a strong agricultural aroma. I left the window down, and as we drove on I asked him where he wanted to go: ‘Aeibouereoaeseoeu’ he replied. I realised that I was giving a lift to someone who only spoke in vowels. ‘I’m going to the

By Jos Biggs

viewpoint Plaza Mayor.’ I said, hoping for an answer that would give me a fighting chance of understanding him. ‘Eouiweayeiaoseaiur’ he said, adding ‘Ieoewiaujerisoeaoweia’ just to clarify his meaning. By the time we had reached the outskirts of Albox, he was babbling away happily and desperation was creeping in to my demeanour. ‘You must tell me when you want me to stop.’ I told him, as I slowly cruised through the old part of the town. ‘Aoeiyneiujwo’ he urged; I think that meant ‘not here.’ I crawled through the narrow streets, my eyes peeled for anyone who looked as though they had lost a grandfather, and would like to give a home to the one currently using the Biggs taxi service. ‘Eiwoeiujanoea’ he explained cheerfully. He was enjoying his car riding experience. I was not. Suddenly he waved his stick and began to wriggle in his seat. ‘Juwoaeiweuoaenya’ he exclaimed joyously. I stopped and put the hazard light on, determined to try and oust him from my car before his family contacted the police, and I was arrested for grandadnapping. He exited in the exact reverse manner of his entry – hat, body, feet, stick, though the aroma lingered a little longer. He turned, reached in again, took my hand and as clearly as any Rada-trained actor said ‘Muchas Gracias, y mucha suerte.’ I wonder what the rest of our conversation had been about?

Roses Were Red, The Air Was Blue

As far as I can recall, I have never received a Valentine card in my life, which will come as no surprise to those who know me. I have sent a few of my own in the past, but even that came to an abrupt end years ago, after a recipient of my attentions – the gorgeous Sabrina Wicks – confronted me as I entered the pub, waving the card around for all to see and proceeded to tear into me big time. “What the hell is this?” she stormed and she read aloud the poem on the front of the card. “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, When I Rogered Your Mum, I Was Thinking Of You.” Well okay, it wasn’t Wordsworth,

but it was funny . . . or at least, so I had thought at the time. So did the other occupants of the bar it appeared, as they spluttered and choked over their drinks. “But”, I countered,“How do you know it was from me?” “Well,just three little clues gave it away”, she bawled. “Number one, who else would send something like that; secondly there were beer stains on the envelope and thirdly . . . you signed it!” Ah, it was the beer stains that gave it away then. “Look it was just a joke, I mean, your mums as ugly as sin and . . .” I didn’t get any further. Sabrina glared at me as she downed the rest of her Guinness in one swallow, tossed back the whisky chaser, stubbed her Senior Service out on a beer mat and elbowed past me as she charged out of the lounge bar of Ye Boar’s Head - her red stiletto’s clattering on the wooden floor. “That went well”, sniggered my pal Ray who hitherto had kept his head well down.

By Colin Bird :

“I hate people with no sense of humour” I told him. “But I’m glad ‘cos I can’t afford to keep her and her mum in drinks”. Many years later and to my eternal shame, a friend and I sent another suggestive Valentine to an acquaintance in our village. We signed it ‘Bubbles’ and we made a slight deliberate spelling mistake with the address on the envelope, in order to divert suspicion away from us. T h e following morning, we bumped into Neville on his way to work and were shocked at his appearance. His hair was a tangled mess and there were dark rings around his eyes; his face was a

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m.

pool Repairs ~ Terraces ~ Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

deathly grey and he looked as if he had just completed twelve rounds with King Kong after being up all night. In effect, that is exactly what had happened. His wife, being suspicious of the envelope that had arrived for him the previous morning – the splash of Kouros after-shave on the card, probably helping – had opened it and waited impatiently seething, for his return home later in the day. A c c o rd i n g to him, she had ripped into him the moment he set foot inside the front door and continued her tirade of screaming accusations into the night, demanding to know who Bubbles was and how long the affair had been going on. He was threatened with violence and divorce, and immediate castration, with his genitals in danger of being fed to the cat. He had just escaped the shrieking banshee who had once been his loving wife when we saw him. Still wearing his disheveled work clothes from the day before; he looked like a cast member straight off the Thriller set. I was on the verge of revealing all and offering to go cap in hand to his wife, when I detected a slight shake of the head from my partner in crime. It was best to let sleeping dogs lie he later informed me and besides, just imagine what she would do to us. Also and more to the point, what Neville might do, because as my friend pointed out, he was the owner of a double barreled shotgun that he

ALQUERIA - The space programme John MacDonald (El Sordo) -


Life was boring for Antonio Poyato. The premium prices his Remitroot products brought kept him in the height of luxury. He employed most people of working age in the village and had a robust management structure in place. He had everything he needed. Even his new solid gold combined back scratcher and ravioli cutter failed to hold his interest for long. His leisure time became taken up with finding new uses for Remitroot. He had eaten it, drunk it and smoked it, put it on cuts and abrasions and rubbed it into his scalp. It seemed to be efficacious in most cases but he was forced to discontinue its use as a suppository. Woven into cloth it was indestructible and as fine as the best silk. Unfortunately it emitted an odour indistinguishable from the pheromone of the male Iberian Mountain Goat. This led to some interesting but expensive compensation claims. A thinner woven fabric with random fibre direction made a durable and tear resistant paper. The Minister of Finance, Briefcase Fred decided to print Alqueria’s twenty Raro note on this type of paper. Among Remitroot’s many qualities, that of an aphrodisiac is perhaps the most prized. The Alquerian twenty Raro note, when chewed enhanced this effect. Clandestine twenty Raro note chewing parties took place at the dead of night. The bank note was soon in short supply and still much sought after. It was changing hands for a hundred Raros. Monetary confusion followed and the note had to be withdrawn. In his laboratory Poyato subjected the root to every possible test. Remitroot Liquor failed to freeze at -114 Celsius the temperature at which ethanol alcohol should freeze. Even liquid hydrogen failed to turn it into a solid. Finally Poyato passed an electric current through it. The result was impressive. It burnt at a rate proportional to the applied current. Two, five, ten and then twenty metres a second. With the full electrical potential applied a brilliant orange and yellow flash filled the room. After a deafening explosion Poyato lost his eyebrows along with most of his laboratory equipment. He knew there must be a use for this attribute of his Remitroot. Still smoking and singed he made his way to the Bar La Casa Devante. Horacio the landlord looked at him in alarm, then poured him a shot of his strongest liquor. “Go easy with that it’s like rocket fuel” he said. Poyato took his drink into the plaza and looked up at the heavens. His eyes glazed over and with a lopsided grin stood motionless. ‘Where can I get hold of a good second hand rocket?’ he thought. used for pigeon shooting. Nevertheless, for Janet and me, the 14th of February marks our wedding anniversary and we will be celebrating with friends and recounting for the millionth time, that day all those years ago when we had to fight our way through snow drifts to tie the knot. The torrential rain the night before had turned to snow as the temperature dropped

ten degrees overnight, and we awoke to a white world and had to dig our way out of the house to get to the car. I still don’t quite know how we made it to Newmarket that day, but we did eventually and what is more, made it safely back to our cottage later that night. I don’t anticipate similar conditions this Valentine’s Day in Villamartin.


take a trip to turre

DONNA’S BOUTIQUE has a fabulous collection of quality & affordable clothing all from the UK, catering for sizes 8 28 which are constantly being updated. There are also many accessories to admire inc sparkly costume jewellery, hats, handbags & shoes to name a few, all at excellent prices! Donna’s eye for fashion makes every lady feel good in their outfit & that’s why her customers come back time after time! If you cannot go to the shop the shop will come to you! Private parties are catered for, minimum 10 persons! Donna has a face book page which keeps everyone updated, so type in Donnas Boutique & hit the LIKE button, to see what’s new in! Donna can deliver to you anywhere in Europe!!!! SOLO SAT is the number 1 company to use for all your satellite TV, air conditioning installations & repairs. Nik has been establishes for 12 years and his experience of fitting all types of satellite TV systems & air con units domestic & commercial second to none. He is always happy to answer any queries you may have at anytime. 1.9 m dishes can now be installed & delivered to your door on a van that can so call now! SUPER CORNER has opened earlier this year under the friendly ownership of Simone and Nabil. You can shop for all your British branded supplies whether the food you require is tinned, frozen, packet, or fresh, all at bargain prices. Open everyday. If your missing all your favourite British foods pop into Super corner & treat your tastebuds. CONNEXIONS has been up and running now for 10 years and is constantly keeping up to date with modern technology. Ken and Gill offer a great service. There is a wide range of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, books as well as art pieces. Also in

store is the new Android TV box, no satellite dish needed just an internet connection of at least 2mbs, Come and visit their shop for more info and to see it working

MARI CRUZ is situated in Turre high street. It has a lovely outside terrace and roomy indoor area. Specialising in grilled meats, fish all cooked on BBQ & regional dishes as well as a great variety of wine, beers, tapas and an excellent variety of freshly homemade pizzas & pastas is available to eat in or take away. There is Lounge for meetings, company dinners, small events & birthdays. Come & buy any pizza to take away and get a free margarita pizza absolutely free. GILLEE’S BAR is the bar to go for all football, English/Spanish & major sports events. Food menu includes Full English breakfasts, served all day, Friday is Fish & chips day and on Sundays a traditional roast dinner is served. Come & play bingo & play your cards right on a Tuesday afternoon. They now cater for private functions & parties call in for more information you will definitely receive a warm welcome

STYLES has been in Turre 18 months now. Thanks to the commitment of Michelle and Wendy, they do their best to offer their clients up-todate hairdressing & beauty treatments. Now in stock are the new micro hair extensions, the latest new technique to apply hair extensions by using micro ring instead of glue. It also benefits from the light weight & is very easy to use. It is very safe for the natural hair. Tooth gems & hair gems are also available. You won’t be disappointed with any of the treatments they offer. Solshaders has been operating in this area for more than 7 years & is a fully legal Company. Their

fantastic range of Awnings (which can protect your terrace from the wind), Insect Screens and Internal Blinds are available in a variety of colours & styles with a sign writing service also available. Justin is committed to giving all his clients 100% satisfaction & offers a free on site quotation without obligation & with his outstanding prices & excellent after sales service you are guaranteed a professional job from start to finish. Give us a call on 627 907 207 / 634 319 882 or Email: solshaders@ telephone:

tyles hair & Beauty

Lose inches, drop dress sizes the easy way

crazyfit massage machine only 15€ per month unlimited use!

call us for more info or visit

coming so on up to

50% off

Fabulous clothing & accessories sizes 8 - 28 catered for


Turn your outside area into a dry & wind free enclosure & enjoy the outside while still being inside P.O Box 133, Cortijo Cabrera, Turre Almeria, SPAIN Tel: 627 907 207 / 634 319 882 Email: Web:

C/Avda de Almeria 17, 04639, Turre, Almeria, Tel: 950 47 96 46

Restaurante pizzeria

Mari Cruz

Specialising in grilled meats, fish & regional dishes Pizzas & pastas to take-away A great variety of wine, beers & tapas Lounge for meetings, company dinners, small events & birthdays...

Buy any take away Pizza and get Margarita Pizza FREE Now you can follow us on facebook. Find us as “Pizza Mari Cruz”

The Fundraiser Charity & Community Shops

The people’s charity, The Peoples Choice

Run totally by volunteers

Helping the disabled Cancer Research Vera Orphanage We put our hearts Asprodalba and many more

into helping

winter stock now in Opposite Super Turre in Turre & Maxi Dia in Vera Open 6 days a week... times on shop doors Contact 664 620 288


Super Corner

OPEN MON-SAT 9:30-6PM & SUN 9:30-1:30PM

Cafe Sports Bar - Avenida de Almeria 55, Turre, Almeria

friday Fish & chips only 7 .50€


Enclose your terrace with a Drop Down Awning System this winter.

Office: +950 528 334 E-Mail:


Donna’s boutique

our prices cannot be beaten - guaranteed

+34 699 909 737 Established for over 10 years


Established 5 years with 100% customer satisfaction

Chief Technician


677 542 931 Th e N o .1 su pp li er in stal le r in yo u r ar ea

Nick Howe

find us on

Big sale

find us on

to advertise on this page call Sophie 677 993 717

644 496 198 678 992 093

come in for our new range of tooth new micro hair hair gems extensions gems


all day breakfasts from €3.50

Sunday eyes down tuesday 4pm & play your cards right Roast private parties & functions

2 courses 10€ are now catered for 1 course €7.50 speak to tracy for more info

telephone: 634 309 540


950 479 502

broadband internet, New wireless internet

service available 4mb €24.95 p/m No landline required Call us for further details. vacation packs for part time residents NOW IN ALBOX , arboleas, almeria AREAS &

coming soon to Cantoria

computers ~ laptops Distributor for mobile phones, sales, repairs & unlocking full repair service printers ~ inks area distributor for Photo papers hits sim cards routers ~ monitors Don’t lose your TV channels wireless devices Android TV boxes available internet dongles at low cost No Satellite dish needed

Call into our shop in Turre town square just along from the Cajamar bank


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ejuvenate retreat elax El Cucador

elax evive

Advanced back, face & scalp treatment

Powerful stress releasing treatment, works on deep only seated tension & restores balance to vital energy points. Initial deep cleansing back exfoliation followed by back massage, facial includes massage ,application of intensive face mask & Oriental head massage help clear the mind, calm the spirit & ease tension. Result is rehydrated, nourished & soothed skin combined with a sense of deep relaxation.


Holistic Massage

february offers 14€ Eyebrow Wax &Tint - Eyelash Tint Beauty Therapy

Our UK fully-qualified therapists are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am to 1.30pm to pamper you… We offer a full range of Facials plus Waxing, Tinting, Manicure, Pedicure or a set of Gelish Nails from 15€!

Melissa, who is UK fully-qualified with over 10 years experience, offers a range of relaxing massage treatments: from a simple Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage to Hot Stone treatments. Reflexolgy with UK qualified therapist Melissa - 1h session or discounts for a course of 6. Melissa is only working on Saturdays 9.30 - 5pm throughout February, March & April

Mini Facial plus a full Manicure


A Set of Gelish 15€ Nails Sandra will be away from Feb 22nd next appointments Wed 13th March

661 858 949

626 144 680

We are a self-contained private suite of rooms on the right hand side of La Vida Cucador, with its own entrance, plus disabled access and good parking If you are a fully-qualified therapist and want to know more about us or to book a room, email Become a friend on Facebook & see our monthly Special Offers!

Wednesday 27th February - from 10am

beauty without surgery with Dr. Helena Benson

Anti Frown Treatment, Juvederm, Radiesse Permanent make-up, Fillers, Permanent make-up for eyes and lips Helena Benson qualified as a medical doctor at the First Medical Academy in Moscow in 1986. In 1989 Helena came to England. During the 1990’s she worked at Harley Street and from her clinic in North London. She has been practicing natural herbs, iridology and nutrition. In the late 90’s she became involved in medical aesthetics, and now treats patients across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. Helena is the founder of the London School of Permanent Make-up, one of the leading schools in the UK.

Anti Frown treatment Juvederm, Radiesse Permanent make-up available on the day. Improving your skin or fixing the line may not necessarily fix your life., but wouldn’t it be nice to get back what you thought you might have lost forever?

Dr Benson specializes in aesthetic medicine and facial rejuvenation, not requiring cosmetic surgery, or so called ‘lunchtime cosmetics’.Treatments for wrinkles and skin peels can become part of your grooming routine, like going to the hairdresser, doing your nails or even buying new clothes.The best modern cosmetics come in syringes, not jars!

And as Oscar Wilde said “It is only shallow people who don’t judge by first impressions”.

If you can look good and feel great about it, then why not do it? A desire to improve your appearance is not about vanity. It’s about confidence and your self-esteem.

Helena Benson will be at rretreat, Cucador on

Wednesday 27th February Call 647 379 878 to book your appointment or email: for more information

Rretreat (next to La Vida) Cucador

to book your appointment call 647 379 878 or email: for more information

see la vida advert on page 35 for directions

Gift Vouchers always available

perm cut 49 .95€ & Blowdry Gelish nails Soak Off 5€

15€ a set

Fingers + Toes


February Specials

His & Hers Cut & Blow DrY


Tuesdays Mens Cut


Luxury Pedicure Including Paraffin Wax Treatment only €20 Sandra is on Holiday from the 18th and will be back on 11th March

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona)

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm Saturday 9.30am - 3pm. No siesta

Call for an appointment

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

look g ood feel g rea T Could a ‘Star Trek-style’ headband help banish migraines?

A band worn across the forehead for twenty minutes a day could zap migraines that blight the lives of millions. The device - which ‘looks like something out of Star Trek’ - delivers electric impulses to the supraorbital nerve that controls sensation in and around the eye. A study found those who used it were suffering about a third fewer debilitating headaches after a couple of months. The number of people whose migraines were reduced by half or more were also tripled, according to the findings published online in Neurology. Professor Jean Schoenen said: ‘The device consists of a thin silver band that looks like something out of Star Trek: ‘It is hooked over the ears and worn across the forehead like futuristic sunglasses. Patients don it once daily for 20 minutes.’ A similar technique has worked on patients with pain in other parts of the body such as the back. It involves connecting the device to the nerve responsible and sending an electronic pulse to prevent it from causing pain. Prof Schoenen, of Liege University in Belgium, was also pleased there were no side effects from the treatment. He said: ‘These results are exciting because they were similar to those of drugs that are used to prevent migraine. But often those drugs have many side effects and frequently they are bad enough that people decide to quit taking the drug.’ In the study 67 people who had an average of four

migraine attacks a month were followed for four weeks with no treatment. Then they received either the stimulation 20 minutes a day for three months or a sham device where the electric impulses delivered were at levels too low to have any effect. Those given the stimulation had fewer migraine days in the third month compared to the first - falling from seven to five while there was no change for those given the dummy. The study also found 38 per cent for those who had the stimulation saw their symptoms halve compared to 12 per cent in the control group. Around one in four women and one in 12 men experience migraines which can be set off by alcohol, stress, fluorescent lighting and foods such as chocolate, red wine and caffeine. The World Health Organisation rates migraines as a major cause of disability worldwide and it has been estimated to be the most costly neurological disorder in Europe. Some researchers have linked them to hormonal changes while others have argued a fall in air pressure reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. Lower oxygen levels may cause blood vessels in the brain to dilate - triggering a persistent pain. It has also been speculated a drop in pressure affects the fluid protecting the brain inside the skull - leading to increased pressure on brain tissue. The device, known as Cefaly, is CE marked and costs around £260. It has been submitted to the FDA in the U.S but has not yet been approved.

Meditation: why bother and what’s it all about? Learning meditation is processes of self- discovery, whereby many simple techniques help assist integration between the mind, body and soul, bringing about a more balanced life. It’s my own understanding that most people are just a fragment of themselves and through meditation the fragmented parts start to come together across space and time. Regardless of our own beliefs and background anyone can meditate to bring about internal change. It is through internal change that the external can move into our own reality. Meditation soothes away the tensions of modern day life so that you are not affected by continual ups and downs. With personally prescribed meditation techniques you can reach deeper levels of yourself and draw on more life supporting energies that reside there. The theory is that everything is within us and meditation will put us in touch with the very essence of our being. Meditation improves health and wellbeing and gives one a general sense of standing on a firmer foundation than before – meaning that we feel stronger and able to face challenges as they present themselves. Meditation aids concentration, calms anxiety and worry in turn helps you to sleep. It lowers blood pressure and over time you will find yourself dealing with things more easily. It’s also energising when you have had a hard day, you become more centred and stop fighting yourself. Scientists have found the brain waves of meditators show why they are healthier. Neuroscientists have found that meditating will shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex – brain waves in the stress-prone right frontal cortex move to the calmer left front cortex in other words, they are calmer and happier than before. Meditation isn’t so mysterious after all. This mental shift decreases the negative effects of stress, mild depression and anxiety, which at some point can visit us all. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Meditation is the deep relaxation experienced by the body and the central nervous system. Daily Meditation connects you to you... On-Going Meditation workshops for all to experience Beginners and Advanced in Los Alcazares, please contact Tracy Hughes (British School of Meditation qualified) at for further information on 968 583 979 or 672 567 627






It’s official!

men are worse at reading emotions than women Edinburgh University researchers showed a group of men and women photographs of faces, then asked various questions about them. Their brains were scanned as they came up with their answers, and their responses were timed. When asked whether those in the photographs were male or female, or how intelligent they seemed, there was little difference in how the men and women performed. But when asked to decide how approachable the people in the photographs were, the men took longer. And, despite eventually coming to the same conclusion as the women, they seemed to find it more difficult to formulate their opinions. Brain scans showed a rush of blood to the region known

to be involved in making judgments about emotions. This, the researchers said, suggests that the male brain has to work harder to make social decisions, to compensate for the fact that it naturally finds these sort of judgments trickier. Professor Stephen Lawrie, who led the study, said it was designed to give the men enough time to come up with the correct answers. But, faced with snap decisions in real life, they might start misjudging others’ thoughts. The results, published in the journal PLoS ONE, could lead to new treatments for people with autism, as they often have difficulty in reading faces and in distinguishing between different emotions. When the researchers carried


Do you want your child to burn off some energy and keep fit? Would you like your child to participate in a sport in a disciplined and fun environment? OR would you just like an hours rest? If so, then bring them along to Girasol Gymnastics Club, where they can also work to achieve Proficiency Awards (also known as BAGA badges)


For further information call Claire on 639089170 or Stacey 678207205 Girasol Health Shop, Calle Malaga Albox, discount for siblings (on the same road as Puppy Rescue)

kim clark benefits consultancy

■ if you suffer from... ■ or you need...

• mobility problems •h  elp with washing/ • pain/breathlessness dressing • falls/stumbles • supervision rule changes mean that you could now be entitled to extra income by claiming UK Sickness/Disability Benefits while living in Spain For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568

Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic, which should make it a little easier to get out of your warm bed on cold, dark mornings. Your body’s defences will also benefit. There is some limited research suggesting that moderate exercise can strengthen the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of coughs and colds. However, more research is needed in this area. If the shorter days are affecting your mood, being active can improve your sense of wellbeing. You may be tempted to eat more during the colder months. Exercising will help you manage your weight better and keep your body in shape.

Chaps, the next time the woman in your life yells at you for not knowing what she’s thinking, here’s your answer...You can tell her she’s right – but you can’t help it! Scientists have confirmed that men really do find it harder to read others’ emotions.

Tel: 695 355 381 Olula Del Rio

Hair & Beauty Studio La Alfoquia

Tel: 683 479 261

centro óptico

out the same study with men who had a condition related to autism, the rush of blood to the emotional judgment area of the brain was even greater. Professor Lawrie said: ‘Our findings suggest that men have developed strategies to cope with their lesser natural empathy by over-activating the parts of the brain that understand social cues. ‘As this pattern is also seen in people with autism-linked conditions, it suggests we could devise new tools to help patients learn social rules and enhance their skills for engaging with other people.’


Dra Monica Algañaraz –has over 40 years experience in physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment. General postural assessment and holistic health checks available English spoken

Avda Pio XII, s/n 04800 - Tel: 950 121 991

A Months Supply of One-Day Lenses

Only €18.90

Hard of Hearing? Come and have a free test!! All accessories and various models available

1 pair

Graduated Lenses

Get Your Eyes Tested For FREE


2 pairs:


28€ Single Vision 96 € Varifocal

30% discount 30% discount off all for OAPs

Hair&Beauty Formerly J.D. Hair Design

look good, feel good

with our full range of treatments including Jenny from •HAIRDRESSING

•BEAUTY �manicures �pedicures �hopi ear �candling �theraputic hot wax inc massage & exfoliation

Affordable prices telephone 645 560 367

Designer Sunglasses

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Albox Rambla

Mirador Toni’s Bar


El Cordobes

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


Chris Stewart’s works are known to many readers; Driving over Lemons was his first book and I read it back in 2004 whilst searching for a home in Andalucía. I still smile when fruit is lying on the road and hear it exploding under my tyres. His second book is called A Parrot in the Pepper Tree, so this week’s title came to me last week in Duquesa near Estepona, as come sunset there was a huge screeching from the parakeets, as they flew into the palm trees to roost for the night. The looky-looky men work 365 days a year in that neck of the woods and it’s always Africans with big smiles on their faces trying to sell the most bizarre of items. I wonder if they bet amongst themselves as to who can find the most gullible buyer. The other day one of the guys had a huge mirror shaped as a guitar. Fishing reels are popular and the must have item at the moment is the bow and arrows set. Moroccans have cornered the market in rugs, lighters and dodgy l o o k i n g chainsaws

A Parakeet in the Palm Tree

and Orientals have the Spanish concession for selling pirate DVDs. Staying on the Costas, a colleague of my wife recently had her car broken into. The thieves did not break a window or use a file hidden in a cake but instead lurked nearby with a device that cloned the radio signal when she used her zapper to lock the car. Then they simply waited for her to disappear round the corner and unlocked her car using their fiendish contraption. Since then I have made sure nobody is lurking whenever I have locked my car. Fuel prices are again on the rise yet huge price differences can be found. Around Albox a litre of premium diesel varies between 1.36 a litre and 1.47. Further afield I have seen it priced at over 1.50 a litre. I get ribbed at home when I mention fuel prices yet shopping around can save us all a lot of money. Cheap filling points can be found on the Santa Maria road near Huercal Overa (the Lidl junction I call it), also on the opposite side to Longo’s on the A334 near Albox (diesel only) and by far the best are the three fuel stations that all opposite the ITV

on the A334 near Partaloa.

Authorities especially in Britain are always shoving health and safety warnings down our proverbial throats. The ‘Wet Floor’ sign is a classic example yet it is a product rarely seen in Spain and so we simply tread carefully whenever we see a wet floor. I wonder if accidents are higher in Spain because of these absent signs – probably not! Cotton buds are another example as they carry a warning not to poke them into our ears! What else should we use them for? And lastly, I wonder when the lady mayor of Mojacar will finally get lynched in a dark alley, now looking much more likely since she turned half the street lights off. She recently cancelled a public meeting, set up discuss her latest scheme to kill of Mojacar by banning live music at beach bars. It’s all to stop the kids having fun for free at ‘botellons’ on the beach. Surely another solution can be thought up that won’t further screw up an already fragile local economy.

Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles are posted on there...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: Telephone: 636 266 641

braben’s blog...

What has Tina Turner got to do with Air Traffic Control? What has a Teletubby got to do with Sony’s new television and what on earth have MI5 got to do with anything? Nothing? Not quite. Recently an airfield in Gloucestershire was plagued by huge numbers of birds, interfering with landing, messing up planes, machinery and people in the process. They tried all sorts to get rid of them until hitting on a successful deterrent. Tina Turner. Not the lady herself, but her recordings; “Simply The Best” blaring from a moving truck frightened them off never to return, allowing planes to land safely. Almost. I believe there were a few aborted landings when the pilots actually thought they were heading for a river deep or mountain high! If Tina Turnering the birds is unusual, Sony, who should know better, have really been stretching things! They’ve brought us a television with a 90 inch screen! I’ve worked that out, without a calculator, as being seven and a half feet. What I can’t work out is why anyone would have a screen the size of a small family car in their home. Imagine, you’ve had another night of musical beds with your toddler. As usual, the little bundle of energy wakes at the crack of dawn full of life and demanding Teletubbies. One of you stumbles to the lounge, puts on the television and immediately falls into a deep sleep, only to be woken shortly afterwards by a scream of delight. What’s the first thing you see? A seven foot wide menacing, babbling Teletubby staring at you from across the room. I think that’s about as welcome as Norman Bates volunteering to check the temperature on your shower! It doesn’t take the Intelligence Service to tell you that the Teletubby incident would be a bizarre, even life changing, experience. Talking of the Intelligence Service, I think that name should be subject to the Trades Descriptions Act. Why? Apparently MI5 once considered recruiting radio controlled Graham is married to Helen and has pigeons which were to become lethal weapons when fitted a daughter, Alice. with explosives. What happened? It’s obvious! The pigeons He lives part of the year near Albox, and MI5 were no match for Tina Turner. but works in Qatar, I’ve got a theory that could make sense of all this nonsense. I teaching. If you wish think that “The Goon Show”, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” to contact Graham regarding this and other such programmes weren’t comedies at all but article email: groundbreaking reality shows showing how silly we really are! helenandg@yahoo. Now there’s a thought!

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The Geneveh Project BY Quentin Cope

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” (Ancient Persian proverb) spoken by the Head of the I.R.G. “I am that thorn.” Such a precarious situation. Middle East volatility and American aggression, protecting their own interests. Many of the events are based on fact and Cope has created a fast-moving, tense political thriller that exposes megalomania, corruption and greed on a damning scale with devastating results. No winners, just losers. The stakes are high. This is about oil in the Gulf. Set towards the end of the war between Iraq and Iran in the 80s the Iraqis were preventing the Iranians from exporting oil and so the latter were being “strangled economically.” They needed nothing short of a miracle to survive the war and this is where self-made British tycoon Declan Doyle comes into the picture, a rich, successful entrepreneur motivated by greed to make 20 million dollars out of a “hair-brained scheme” with “too many unknowns, too much risk” and of course, it is far too expensive. Depicted more as an anti-hero it is a challenge, a deadly game that he wants to win at any price to feed his ego, increase the power stakes and satisfy his greed to fund his already lavish lifestyle of private boats and planes, first class travel and all those trappings of wealth that most of us dream about but never achieve. Paddy Doherty, ex Secret Intelligence Service like Doyle and retired Colonel acts as gobetween/negotiator on behalf of the Head of the mercenary Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Mohsen Raza, the second most powerful man in Iran after the Ayatollah Khomeini, extremely dangerous and feared by all. Menacing and ruthless. Doyle comes up with an innovative idea to export the oil in spite of the risks too great to consider and seems prepared to risk “committing commercial suicide.” And so this risky game is on! Many lives are at stake. Many lives will be lost. Soon we discover that there are “dark forces” working surreptitiously in the shadows ready to sabotage Project 112/406, the Iraqis and the Americans with the Russians and British Secret Service watching from the sidelines and even the Israelis supplying top secret information to the Americans. No love lost. World Politics is a dangerous game. “Whatever the Israelis know, the Americans know. Whatever the Americans know, the Iraqis know.” Failure to accomplish this daunting task would result in the execution of Doyle. This is the MURKY world of espionage and no-one is ever safe. Suicide bombers indoctrinated with the prospect of being a Jihad and achieving Mujahid status, letter bombs, missiles and assassins, CIA or SIS, double-crossings. Trust noone. In spite of the penalties and Doyle was well aware of them, he still went ahead and embarked on his “last ditch project” to get oil out of Iran at the mercy of Raza, the second most powerful man in Iran but the MOST dangerous. Politically it WAS a volatile situation and still is. The story is exciting and Doyle walks the tightrope more as a political pawn rather than an accomplished acrobat. He is out to succeed but he is unknowingly, competing against the superpowers who want to destroy the Geneveh Project and cripple the Iranians. They are too powerful and more determined to succeed. For a man who was “hungry for a dollar” how was he going to survive in a “dog eat dog” world? Was he going to survive? Intriguing enough for you to discover for yourselves! Enjoy! Available on Kindle or from ISBN: 978-147-834-7-224 Carol Naylor - writing exclusively for the Sol Times &



The History of St Valentine’s Day

Every February, chocolates, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? The history of Valentine’s Day — and its patron saint — is shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has long been a month of romance. St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with this ancient rite? Today, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men — his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured. According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first ‘valentine’ greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl — who may have been his jailor’s daughter — who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed ‘From your Valentine,’ an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It’s no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France. While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial — which probably occurred around 270 A.D — others claim that the Christian church may have decided to celebrate Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to ‘christianise’ celebrations of the pagan Lupercalia festival. In ancient Rome, February was the official beginning of spring and was considered a time for purification. Houses were ritually cleansed by sweeping them out and then sprinkling salt and a type of wheat called spelt throughout their interiors. Lupercalia, which began at the ides of February,

February 15, was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus. To begin the festival, members of the Luperci, an order of Roman priests, would gather at the sacred cave where the infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were believed to have been cared for by a she-wolf or lupa. The priests would then sacrifice a goat, for fertility, and a dog, for purification. During the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of birds’ mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of February — Valentine’s Day — should be a day for romance. The oldest known valentine still in existence today was a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt. The greeting, which was written in 1415, is part of the manuscript collection of the British Library in London, England. Several years later, it is believed that King Henry V hired a writer named John Lydgate to compose a valentine note to Catherine of Valois. In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated around the 17th century. By the middle of the eighteenth century, it was common for friends and lovers in all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes. By the end of the century, printed cards began to replace written letters due to improvements in printing technology. Ready-made cards were an easy way for people to express their emotions in a time when direct expression of one’s feelings was discouraged. Cheaper postage rates also contributed to an increase in the popularity of sending Valentine’s Day greetings. Americans probably began exchanging hand-made valentines in the early 1700s. In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland began to sell the first mass-produced valentines in America. VALENTINE’S FACT: According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion valentine cards are sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest cardsending holiday of the year; an estimated 2.6 billion cards are sent for Christmas!


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Buyers of property in Spain naturally find the formalities and procedures involved, strange and confusing and this is often compounded by problems of language and difficulty in obtaining local professional advice that they can understand. The wise thing to do is to take on the services of a qualified professional; of which there are many in all the tourist-orientated resorts who speak good English or who at least have English-speaking secretaries. The Law Society in each province controls the work of Spanish solicitors in Spain. Here is a very general outline of the work that goes on behind the scene, so that you have a rough idea of what to expect. 1- Request of the copy of the seller’s escritura. A study of the first notarial copy of the sellers Escritura de Compraventa will indicate whether all the tax and registration procedures have been completed on the previous transfer. The registration details entered on the Escritura will enable the lawyer to do a complete search in the Register, and therefore make sure that the seller has a proper title and ensure there are no hidden charges or encumbrances affecting the property. 2. Make sure there are no outstanding bills. 3. It is normal for a deposit to be handed over to reserve the property until the signing of the Escritura de Propiedad can take place. When the deposit is handed over your lawyer will draw up a solid contract to secure both parties until the day of the signing. . 4.If you are a non-resident the Spanish Ministry of interior requires you to obtain a certificate of non residency (which in turn determines your fiscal number) so that you can sign the escritura. It will also be required later on by the Tax Authorities. This is known as the NIE number. 5.If you buy from a non-resident you must hold back 3% of the price stipulated on the escritura which

your lawyer or in this case yourself will pay to the Tax Authority on behalf of the sellers capital gains tax. (The lawyer will not be able to register your property until he has obtained the receipt from the tax office for this money,). If he is accustomed to dealing with foreigners, he will point this out, if he does not, watch out. 6. When deciding where, when and how you are going to pay for your house in Spain it is very important that you seek advice on your particular case, because the Spanish Law concerning foreign investment does not permit the payment to be made in any old way. If your lawyer is used to foreign conveyance, he will automatically point out the correct way of handling this. 7. Your lawyer will draw up a rough draft for the notary to prepare the title deed. (By contrast to England, in Spain each time a transaction takes place a new title deed is drawn up). 8,when the escritura is signed there are taxes and fees to be paid, which your lawyer will do for you, on receiving appropriate funding. 9 Order the property register to inscribe your title deed. 10.Aprox. One month from the signing of the escritura you will receive your escritura with the registers stamp on it, and receipts for all the payments made on your behalf. (I recommend you staple them to your title deed forever, because when you go to sell they can be used as deductions against capital gains.) Congratulations, you now have your final title deed. I want to take the opportunity to say that even though all this sounds complicated, the Spanish legal system in what concerns the buying of property when used properly, gives both the seller and the buyer total safety.

Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.

THE ONLY WAY2GO - helping your money go further

Way2go was founded because there was a gap in the market between ‘cash in hand’ man with a van and large expensive removal companies. It quickly became apparent in these trying financial times that a more cost effective and flexible service could be offered to help people move from one country to another with the minimum amount of stress. Way2go now have four depots in Javea, Malaga airport, Swanley and Burton-on-Trent adding more value and convenience to our service and if these don’t suit then we offer a delivery and collection service. We also offer one day`s free hire on all bookings, no charges for credit or debit cards transactions and additional drivers are free of charge. We can also offer discounted rates when using Brittany Ferries between Spain and the UK where you can transport your pets for as little as £40.00. It is worth remembering when traveling selfdrive, you don’t have to pay for expensive flights as with conventional removals. So, if you don’t fancy using a removal

company to handle and deliver your personal belongings and want a more cost effective option, Way2go is perfect for you. Pack and load your own prized possessions, take full control of your schedules whilst taking in the beautiful scenery of Spain, France and of course, the UK. Rest assured that all Way2Go vehicles have commercial insurance with Lloyds of London which is essential for self-drive hire companies. Beware of alternative insurance being offered where the wrong insurance is as good as having no insurance! If self-drive hire isn’t your cup of tea, relax and let us take the responsibility for you. We will include all the overheads along with a full UK invoice offering you peace of mind and us accountability for the service we are providing. Please remember that Way2Go never tranships your consignment onto third party subcontractors’ articulated lorries which has become common practice within the industry. The same helpful and professional driver loading your consignment will be the same making the delivery at your destination. We feel that this old fashioned, tried and tested method is hard to find these days unless you pay large organisations huge sums of money. We are confident when quoting ‘apples for apples’ that Way2Go can’t be beaten on value or service. After only five years we are proud to announce the expansion of Way2Go Hire with the two new depots and eight brand new vehicles. This now means half our fleet are left hand drive, where over the next year we will be working hard to open more depots and only operating left hand drive vehicles. For all the above reasons, along with a great hardworking team, we find ourselves providing our customers with a most cost effective quality service for all your requirements which is reflected in our testimonials. Way2Go Hire would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, past and present. To find out more on our services please visit w w w.w ay 2g o h i r e.c o m . Or give us a ring on UK 0208 090 4292 or ES 965 794 682.







Our main menu full of mouth watering meals from the VEG CURRY served with cous cous and rice, the MIGHTY JACKET POTATO with all the fillings you can think of. The hot crispy freshly baked BAGUETTE with your choice of filling. The Italian SPAGETTI & MACARONI with our authentic Italian Bolognese & béchamel sauce. And of course our HOUSE SPECIALS with our secret flavours, A: The TASTY KOUSHERY everyone’s favourite.

B: FALFAL “Veg Burger” and the newly introduced Middle Easterns most popular meal C: FOUL full of protein. TOGETHER with Our homemade soup of the day ~ Our delicious freshly baked cakes – carrot,

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E15/A7 Motorway ox A lb 


Now offering a huge range of mountboards and mouldings

2nd to none framing service, that is in quality, low in price and fast in WITH OUR high service. You are assured of the best professional advice, with over 35 years experience of frame making. You simply NAME


We will frame photographs, paintings in oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastels etc, tapestry, needlework, papyrus, batik, fans, shirts, coins. Flowers etc.


to artists and photographers on bulk orders


681 095 096 OR 636 411 540 REST. Balabona & Petrol Station

Vera/Mojacar EXIT 543

La Concepcion

We are here

€ € € € € € € € € € € € €


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Latest Fantastic Deals



Fantastic penthouse bargain. 2 bed 2 bath apartment on El Valle Golf resort. Large lounge with separate kitchen. Two large double bedrooms with built in wardrobes. All white goods included. Two large outside terraces one fully glazed with glass sliding curtains and glass roof and the other with lovely patio seating area. Fully double glazed, gas central heating, air conditioning, The apartment has recently been decorated throughout. Underground garage. Communal pool.


Very large villa front line golf just down from the club house on El Valle Golf resort. Features 3 large bedrooms, large walk in dressing room, separate kitchen new with all white goods included. Plot size of 800 sq meters. Large 8 x 4 pool with off road parking for 3-4 cars. The property id available with up 110% mortgage with 2 years interest only (subject to status) Original price 880,000 euro’s now less than half price call no for more details.

Price offers around 760,000€

Unique 4 bed 4 bath villa Offers are invited for this lovely very large extended El Valle golf resort property with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathroom villa on a large plot of over 1200 square meters. The villa boasts landscaped gardens 8 x 4 swimming pool. Situated on a quiet corner of this popular golf resort next to a small park area but overlooking the mountains backing onto the resort. 4 very large bedrooms all with fitted wardrobes, two of the bedrooms have a en-suite in fact the extension makes a superb ‘granny flat / au-pair room with own facilities.

Lovely 3 bedroom villa on the popular resort of Aqua Y Sol. Very large plot of over 650 sq meters. 3 Large double bedrooms all with built in wardrobes. Large lounge with wood burning stove and dining area just off the separate well quipped kitchen. Storage building are included and the large satellite dish. Double glazed throughout with modern alarm system and security grills on all windows. Beautiful terrace and landscaped garden surround the 8 x 4 pool. Parking for 3 cars.

Up to 110% mortgages available on many properties 2 years Interest only No deposit. Assistance with your NIE, bank account, re location, schooling and medical assistance available Mortgages are offered subject to status and are not guaranteed.

Ref EV 033 Price 220,000€

Cheapest ever fully furnished El Valle golf resort villa, 3 bedrooms with own pool Extended lounge and kitchen area with fully double glazed in covered BBQ area over 3m x 7m extra lounge area. Lovely large vaulted ceiling lounge and dining area that have recently been decorated. Three pairs of French doors leading to the pool area. High level arch feature windows. Lovely marble floors throughout makes this is a light and airy property and very cool in the summer months.

Price only 98,000€ for quick sale

El Valle front line golf 2 bed 2 bath apartment, Cheapest ever A superbly located, high quality apartment in a peaceful, relaxing location, five minutes from town centre and close to beaches. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, lovely laminate light wood flooring. Mortgage available on this property. You are overlooking the swimming pool and views on to the par 5 7th fairway and also the par 3 9th. Well appointed kitchen with base and wall units. Electric fan oven and induction hob. Separate utility room

285,000€ Ref EV 021

Luxury 3 bedroom villa with marble floors villa on El Valle Golf resort. Two bathrooms one is en-suite. Lovely corner plot South West facing next to a children’s play area. Private pool. Separate kitchen and utility room. Gas central heating and full air conditioning. Gated development. With fantastic 18 hole golf course, 2 minutes walk from club house , restaurant and super market, paddle and tennis courts. Viewing Highly recommended!!!


Front line golf exclusive villa, El Valle Golf resort Fantastic 3 bedrooms, 3 bathroom villa Adarga on a large plot of over 800 square meters. Heated 8 x 4 swimming pool with electric cover. Landscaped gardens with lemon tree in raised garden on rear terrace. Front line golf overlooking the 3rd fairway and views to the club house which is only 5 minutes walk away. It is in a great position opposite a park area and comes with a double garage with electric up and over door.

All prices are plus taxes at the current rate, an Agency fee may be payable with certain properties For further details and arrange a viewing pleas email or tel +34 654431052 many more properties available.



Decklid Auto Services

Mazarron, Murcia

Dave The English Mechanic is now based in Mazarron New workshop, computerised diagnostics, pre ITV checks, ITV’s arranged Courtesy drop off service ...always professional and friendly...

WE HAVE MOVED to Avenida de las Moreras (The Old Ford Dealership)

telephone: 626 678 840 email:

Slippery KRUGER CANOPIES Floors? • Pergola Covers • Carports • Shade Sails • Polyethylene • Spa Covers • Sail Shades

Tel: Martin 659 232 507

Suitable for ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, marble, stone, concrete and more...

Come to see us at ‘Steak Out’ sector b, Camposol, mazarron every 2nd & last friday of the month or every Saturday at moncayo Market at the procomobel Home Centre on the N332 at guardamar

TEL: 968590258 667879399 654245056


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yorkshire linen co.

home furnishing specialists

Now Even Bigger, Brighter And Better!

One of the most popular stores in the Mazarron area has now expanded to give its customers even more choice and space. Extending into the unit next door has increased the floor space to over 200 square metres. Peter and Karen, who own the business, said “We had outgrown the existing shop and really needed more space. We decided to invest in the business due to the growing demand for specialist soft furnishings products. By listening to our customers, we think we know exactly what they want in terms of stock on the shelves, plus the environment they prefer to shop in. We are in our eighth year of business and have gained an envious reputation for providing customers with a wide range of home textiles and decorative accessories for every room in the house, at fantastic prices. We can now offer our customers a greater range of home furnishings with the emphasis firmly on value.” Customers will find even more choice of products with new ranges such as dried flowers and vases, ornaments, pictures, candles, lampshades and rugs.” advertising feature

The Yorkshire Linen Company success is built on the ‘customer being king’ and they take great pride in providing outstanding products backed by an extremely high standard of customer care. Their motto of ‘expect more, pay less’ encapsulates their whole philosophy. A real success story, The Yorkshire Linen Company

property guide.... Many can do it well... Some can do it very well... but only a few do it like us... always with the customer in mind Camposol Business centre sector a, camposol mazarron

TEL: 968 592 679




cALL 663 977 230 EMAIL:

Vera Playa Apartment


Parking is easy above the Mercadona at the commercial centre in Puerto De Mazarrón, opposite Lidl. For more information call 968 595 946 or 650 857 619. See the latest collections on the NEW website at

Apartment For Sale on golf course

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen with white goods, Nice views of golf course parking, Mojacar approx 7 mins

now only


T: 664 291 793

Almería Estate Agent Vision Vision Investment Investment Property Property Almeria Almeria •

Paseo del Mediterráneo, 22b Mojacar Playa 04638, Beside the Red Cross on the Beach front.

Spanish Office: (+34) 950472524 / 950102006 Fax / Tel: (+34) 950 950 231

The persistence of the crisis, and the new capital requirements contained in the two decrees of restructuring of the financial sector approved by the Government in 2012, were two of the reasons for the acceleration of sales by these organisations. This also influenced the creation of the Sareb or so-called ‘bad bank’, which is already underway, and whose role will be to manage the real estate assets that remain, most likely with some discounts even greater than those mentioned, which these institutions have used extensively to dispose of these properties. El Mundo reported that in order to sell homes and other assets, the banks also used other relevant factors as incentives to buyers such as the end of the tax relief for first-time home purchase, on 31st December 2012, or the increase in VAT from 4% to 10% in 2013. Almost all these entities noticed an increase in sales in the last quarter of the year in order to benefit from the tax relief for house purchases, which ended on 1st January, 2013. They also had the incentive of falling house prices in Spain, which in the second quarter of 2012 alone decreased by 15.2% from a year earlier, and was the country in the European Union (EU) where prices fell most since, according to data from the European Statistics Agency (Eurostat), prices fell on average by 1.9%. For all the latest property news, go to:

O Olive

Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466

C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm

lubrin - 55,000€ Fabulous townhouse in the middle of the village of Lubrin. Two bedrooms, living room and kitchen. plus a small outside space for sitting in the sun.


with lovely mountain and valley views


CALL 609 585 969

Yorkshire Linen is open Monday–Friday 10am6pm & Saturday 10am–2pm.

The four major banks that have been, or are, in the hands of the State – CAM Bank, NCG Banco, Bankia, and CatalunyaCaixa – last year sold nearly 40,000 real estate assets amounting to more than 5,000 million euros, with discounts reaching 60%.

Restored, large Cortijo in Almanzora Valley



is an established and influential retail operator in the UK and has more than 40 stores and employs over 300 staff. There are now 9 stores in Spain and Portugal. As franchisees, this allows Peter and Karen to pass on great choice and value to their customers. With regular deliveries from the UK and other suppliers in Spain and Germany, a lot of the collections are unique to the Yorkshire Linen Co and customers know that they can buy something a bit different for their homes. This, alongside their excellent level of service and advice, has seen the business grow into one of the most popular shops in the area. Peter, Karen and their staff would like to welcome new customers from the Almeria area and look forward to serving you in 2013. Many customers from Almeria make a day out to Puerto de Mazarron to visit Yorkshire Linen and enjoy the beautiful beaches, marina and paseo. There are many bars and restaurants to choose from for a leisurely lunch before you travel home.

Nationalised Banks Offload Over 40,000 Homes in 2012

• 3 Double Bedrooms • Spacious Kitchen/Dining Room • Roof Terrace 45m2 • Large Covered Front Porch • Garage • 1500 metres garden • Walled and gated • Fully legal • Mains water & electricity

large country properties needed


English Tel: 0044 1952 246 476 Email:

in the Los Velez area

genuine clients waiting to view

...CALL 902 750 190 OR 950 121 936 ~ EMAIL: SALES@SOLTIMES.COM


Turn On The Style With Tiles


…the one great thing about living in Spain is the choice of tiles available for every room! Tiles – in ceramic, slate, natural stone and a variety of other materials – have become an increasingly popular covering for floors and walls not least because they are hygienic and easy to clean. This means that they can be incorporated as an element of kitchen design, or bathroom design, for example, where they are less likely to harbour allergens than some other floor or wall coverings. Not only that, but tiles are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and so can add a touch of elegance to any room... Ceramic tiles, for example, are no longer restricted to neutral white, cream or grey, as was once the case and are available in brighter, warmer colours in a choice of unglazed, glazed, mosaic and porcelain finishes. Glazing –the application of liquid glaze to the surface of a tile by high pressure spraying or direct pouring – followed by firing in a kiln at a temperature above 1,000°C, creates a hard, water resistant surface.

article courtesy of - for all the latest property news

Spain: Biggest Annual House Price Drop in Europe

In the third quarter of 2012, the price of housing in Spain registered a drop of 15.2% year-on-year, which is the biggest drop recorded among all the European Union countries, which experienced an average decrease of 1.9% compared to the same period in 2011. These results are taken from data published by the European statistical office, Eurostat, which has published, for the first time, homogeneous data on the evolution of housing prices between the 27 member countries. This negative percentage rises to 2.5% in the Eurozone countries. According to Eurostat’s data, the year-on-year drop in Spanish house prices accelerated throughout the year, reaching 12.5% in the first three months 2012, and 14.4% in the second quarter. In quarterly terms, house prices in Spain dropped by 3.7% in the third quarter, above the average decline of 0.7% in the Eurozone and 0.4% in the whole of the EU, coming only behind the declines of 4.2% and 3.7%

experienced and the respectively.

in Romania Netherlands,

Specifically, among the States for which data was available, the largest yearon-year increases in house prices were registered in Estonia (+8.4%), Luxembourg (+7.1%) and Finland (+2.1%), while the largest declines were recorded in Spain (15.2%), Ireland (-9.6%), the Netherlands (-8.7%) and Portugal (-7.7%). Regarding the second quarter of 2012, the largest increases in house prices were recorded in Estonia (+2.6%), Latvia (+2.3%), United Kingdom (+1.7%) and Ireland (+1.6%), while the largest decreases were registered in Romania (4.2%), the Netherlands (3.9%) and Spain (-3.7%). El Mundo reported that, with the announcement of the data on the evolution of housing prices in the EU in the third quarter of 2012, Eurostat is “responding to the demand for reliable and comparable statistics” on developments in the housing market nationally and in the


The statistics agency said: “The evolution of housing prices is important for the purposes of our economy and monetary policy, particularly to monitor macroeconomic imbalances and risk exposure of the financial sector, and well as being relevant for households, to measure changes in prices of the most important component of families’ expenditure and wealth”.

Mosaic tiles, although essentially manufactured in the same way, are made from pigmented clay, so that the colour extends throughout the tile, making them more resistant to wear and tear. Mosaic tiles are often sold mounted on paper, rather than loose, and although the intricacies of the production process do make them more expensive than some other type of tile, they are, nevertheless, water resistant and highly durable.

Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tile, but the use of porcelain clays means that they have a much lower water absorption rate – typically less than 5% – than other ceramic tiles, and, when glazed, are much more durable and hard-wearing. Porcelain tiles can be used to reproduce the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

Whatever you choose will add a touch of style to your home! Many can do it well... Some can do it very well... but only a few do it like us... always with the customer in mind

TEL: 968 592 679 Camposol Business centre sector a, camposol, mazarron

We urgently require properties for sale or rent, Orihuela Costa & surrounding areas for waiting clients Please contact

Sitara Properties Tel: 966 723 437 or 636 615 716

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If you have any questions or ideas please email me at webmaster

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Villa with pool in Mojácar playa for €299,950 Hostel Rosa is a very attractive property set in a typically Spanish residential area of Mojacar Playa. In total the property has a built area of 211.75 mts2 built on two levels on a 725 mts2 freehold plot. The main property has a built area of 97.45 mts2 divided between dining living room, large kitchen, hallway, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is also a covered

terrace and part of it has been made into a conservatory. The separate edification where the guest quarter is based has a total of built area of 114.30 mts2 - 68.80 mts2 on the ground floor and 45.50 mts2 on the first floor. Both ground and second properties are self contained apartments with their own completely entrance. The property also benefits from a roof terrace with sea

and mountain views as well as private swimming pool. The beach is literally down the road no more than a 2 minutes brisk walk. There are plenty of parking spaces for parking, etc. This property is ideal from those who is looking for a comfortable property they can live in whilst generate a reasonable income by either renting the 2 apartments as self contained properties or running as a Bed &

Breakfast place. There is a bus stop a few minutes walk down the road and the property is also within walking distance to bars, restaurants, supermarkets, butchers, travel agents and so on. An opportunity to be grabbed! For more information or to book a viewing appointment please visit our office or contact us via phone or e-mail. Ref: 1060

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria property group

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563

Do You Have A Property For Sale?


3 bed 2 bath detached farmhouse Oria €125,000


3 bed 1 bath fully reformed village house Arboleas €65,000

2 bed 1 bath villa with garage and pool Arboleas €139,000

5 bed 4 bath farmhouse on 3000m plot Albox €175,000

Is it getting the viewings it deserves from your current agent? Is it realistically priced?

If so give us a call urgently. We are a local agent and one of the most pro active advertising on all of the key search portals to reach the maximum level of buyers of property in the area.


January has been an exceptionally busy month in terms of sales and we have a large database of Belgian and Dutch clients looking to purchase over the next few months

We urgently urgently require require We


If you are looking to sell your property then please do get in touch to see how we can help you.

Calida Homes Property Consultancy Tel: 950 430 763 or 697 875 717 Email:


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food news. . .e asy news

Horsemeat scandal:

Beef products ‘pose no health risk’ All processed beef products are safe to eat but consumers must be prepared for more unwelcome news in the ongoing horsemeat scandal, the government says. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said “nothing seen so far presented a health risk”. According to a report by the BBC, Mr Paterson, who is to update MPs later on the latest development s, said it looked as if an “extensive” c r i m i n a l conspiracy may have taken place. Legal action is set to begin in continental Europe

on Monday, he added.

Mr Paterson has already said a moratorium on EU meat imports, which has been called for, is not allowed under EU rules. In France, the government has summoned meat industry representatives to talks and some ready meals were withdrawn after horsemeat was found in some beef-labelled foods sold in Europe. Mr Paterson said reports from France suggested the problem had been pinned down to two abattoirs in Romania. The controversy surrounding contamination of meat products has spread all over Europe, affecting countries including Sweden, Poland and the Republic of Ireland. Last month, Irish food inspectors announced they

Bay ay b bistro istro B

open day time & evenings



Menu de la Noche


New for Sunday!!! Sunday del Dia Special 3 Courses


Mr Paterson told the BBC a factory in Luxembourg, which has been linked to the French cases, had to issue warnings to 16 different countries. He said he did not know how widespread the problem was but “we have to be prepared for more unwelcome news”. Tests were continuing and it was the responsibility of the retailers to “convince their consumers of the validity and quality of their products”, he said. Mr Paterson added that the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) advice was to continue buying and eating processed beef products, but if any evidence of a serious threat to health emerged “we will act very swiftly”. The FSA has ordered food businesses to conduct authenticity tests on all beef products for significant levels of horsemeat and the

deadline for the first set of results is Friday 15 February. Last week Findus UK took its frozen beef lasagne, made by the Comigel food processing company in France, off the shelves after some were found to have up to 100% horsemeat in them.

“A La Carte” & “Deli Sandwich” Menu closed tuesdays

Safety issues • Experts say horsemeat itself should be no more dangerous than beef to eat and is safe • The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has ordered food businesses to check for horsemeat in all beef products, such as beef burgers, meatballs and lasagne. The first set of results are expected on Friday 15 February • There is concern that some horses are given a drug called bute (phenylbutazone) which can be dangerous to humans

The FSA has asked Findus to test their contaminated beef lasagne for the veterinary drug phenylbutazone as animals treated with “bute” are not allowed to enter the food chain. The results are expected in the next few days.

• In rare cases it causes a serious blood disorder known as aplastic anaemia where the body does not make enough new blood cells • Animals treated with phenylbutazone are not allowed to enter the food chain for this reason

The Chief Medical Officer for England, Dame Sally Davies, said: “It’s understandable that people will be concerned, but it is important to emphasise that, even if bute is found to be

• The Food Standards Agency has ordered Findus to test their beef lasagne that contains horsemeat for bute • Results are expected in the next few days

how much caffeine is too much?

A large cup of Starbucks coffee contains more than three quarters of a person’s ‘safe’ daily dose of caffeine, according to a report. According to a report by the Mail Online, the 16oz ‘Grande’ coffee is said to contain nearly double the recommended limit for a pregnant woman, while a typical home-made 8oz cup of coffee is well above a 10-year-old’s daily allowance. But scientists stress that such statistical averages can vary widely from person to person, with factors such as gender and genetics having an impact on tolerance levels. A person’s tolerance can also be affected by other drug use, with women who take the contraceptive pill breaking down caffeine slower, and smokers process the stimulant faster than non-smokers. A study by the government regulatory agency Health Canada concluded that the average person can have up to 400mg of caffeine a day

winter warmer menu To include

Also available...

present at low levels, there is a very low risk indeed that it would cause any harm to health.”

Findus UK said the only product on sale in the UK using ingredients from the French supplier had been its beef lasagne and all other beef products on sale in the UK had been DNA-tested and cleared.

Homemade Steak Pie, Chips & Gravy Sausage & mash Gammon Steak, Chips, Peas & Pineapple


Tel: Tel: 950 450 199 761 • 628391 761 391 628

had found horsemeat in some burgers stocked by a number of UK supermarket chains, including Tesco, Iceland and Lidl.

Changes Daily & from only 4€ Music on Friday 8thFebruary disco & music from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & 00

without experiencing negative affect, such as anxiety or heart problems. The average allowance for a pregnant woman is 200mg, according to the Food Standards Agency, and 75mg for a 10-year-old. A 16oz Starbucks coffee has 330mg of caffeine, according to a table compiled by Chemical and Engineering News. However, Starbucks deny the findings, saying their Grande contains just 140mg - still more than a third of the daily recommended limit. This is compared to an 8oz cup of brewed coffee, which contains 133mg, and an 8oz cup of instant coffee, which has 93mg. An 8oz can of Monster Energy has 92mg, while an 8oz Red Bull can has 83mg. A bottle of Coca-Cola contains 58mg of caffeine, while a an 8oz cup of decaf coffee has 5mg and hot chocolate has 9mg.

667 919 025 Café Bar


new Sunday lunch menu only



Available every day

Open Monday - Friday 8am til late Saturday & Sunday 9am til late


send your recipes to d o o G



Grea tF rie nds YELLOW

s e m i


Enjoy Al-Fresco Dining In Our Fly-Screen Enclosure Breakfast

served 9 ~ 12 Parties & Special Events

Valentine’s Day has, over time, become synonymous with food and the potential aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods; scientifically, an aphrodisiac is anything which increases sexual desire.

catered for Ask at bar

Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable with many aphrodisiacs gaining their reputation from what they symbolise - ahem!!! Food seems to be able to ‘create’ the desired result purely because we want it too – the ‘placebo’ effect; medical science has not substantiated any claims that a particular food can increase sexual desire or performance. Most common aphrodisiacs today include:

• Banana: due not only to its shape(!), but also its creamy, lush texture, some studies show its enzyme bromelain enhances male performance! • Caviar: is high in zinc, which stimulates the formation of testosterone, maintaining male functionality. • Champagne: viewed as the “drink of love,” moderate quantities lower inhibitions and cause a warm glow in the body. • Chocolate: contains both a sedative which relaxes and lowers inhibitions and a stimulant to increase activity and the desire for physical contact. It was actually banned from some monasteries centuries ago. • Figs: seasonal crops were celebrated by ancient Greeks in a frenzied copulation ritual. • Ginseng: increases desire for physical contact - allegedly!

• Perfumes: made of natural foodstuffs such as almond, vanilla, and other herbs and spices act as a pheromone to communicate emotions by smell. • Puffer Fish: considered both a delicacy and an aphrodisiac in Japan. If the poisonous gland is not properly removed, the tiniest taste is deadly. The flirt with death is said to give a sexual thrill. Not recommended. • Oysters: Some oysters repeatedly change their sex from male to female and back, giving rise to claims that the oyster lets one experience the masculine and feminine sides of love. • Radish: considered a divine aphrodisiac by Egyptian pharoahs, most likely because its spicy taste stimulated the palate. • Truffles: probably due to its rarity and musky aroma, it has long been considered to arouse the palate and the body. To sustain his masulinity, an ancient lover in lore was said to have gorged himself to death on Alba truffles during the wedding feast.

M ob i le to p u p s @ bar

Daily Specials

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see bar

~ opening hours ~ Mon ~ Sat 9~9ish ~ S un 12pm~7pm

for bookings call PAUL: 634 332 178 Find us in Piedra Amarilla (Formerly The Grapevine) For more information and phone orders

• Alcohol: lowers inhibitions and increases confidence; however, over-indulgence has a sedative effect not conducive to a romantic tryst! • Asparagus: three courses of asparagus were served to 19th century bridegrooms due to its reputed aphrodisiacal powers.

12pm~ 2.30pm

2€ or 5€

The Food of Love

Take-away available


call Paul: 634


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Yellow Stone 1km Piedra Amarilla →

showbar & restaurant

The Irish Rover Your No1 Entertainment Venue in Mojacar for All the Family

Forthcoming events......

14th February DISCO PARTY


Closed for for Closed Vacation Vacation 6th –– 13th 13th 6th February February

March 1st

Status Quo Tribute Basket Meals Available

17th March

Back by Popular Demand

Morgan - Irish Folk Singer Mark Nugent and Tommy McCarthy telephone: 950 473 135

mojacar playa between Lua & Moma Beach Open 10am till late (Closed Mon & Tues)


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view us online


Cod ‘n’ Chip fridayS


onl y served 12 - 3 except Fri & Sun €

2 Courses

Beer-battered Atlantic Cod, Homemade Chips, Mushy or Garden Peas… Fridays & Saturdays 12 - 9pm


Bar Menu & Snacks Home-made puds Burgers, Lasagne, pies, Omelettes, chilli


All Day Breakfast from 9am


Includes FREE Tea or Coffee

traditional served 12.30 - 5pm SUNDAY LUNCH

Friday & Saturday Evenings Restaurant Open 6pm-9pm

Topside of beef & Yorkshire pudding roast Pork with crackling and apple sauce tender roast CHICKEN with stuffing local grown potatoes , seasonal vegetables glass of house wine, tubo of beer or a coffee


Delicious & Home-cooked

onl y 6.95€ to include a FREE Drink

starters, puddings


2€ each

15th FEB


Activities at


Rock ‘n’ Roll........7:30pm

Travelling Acoustics


Robin & Friends

Acoustic Musicians & Floor Singers

all levels welcome to come along, bring your instruments and join in

A Night of Music to Enjoy

All Welcome 8pm Start

Quirky Quiz.........7:30pm


Line Dancing with Carrie..7:30pm


Ceroc Dancing & Fun Social Night.....7:30pm Plus


Menu From 5.95€

...Art Classes held most days Pop into the bar for more info ...Computer Club ...Keep fit & slimming classes check the board for times



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BP Garage

950 120 718 / 610 641 567

ban packed lunches!

A ban on pupils’ packed lunches to help prop up the ‘economically bust’ school dinners system is being called for by Government food advisers. Restaurateurs Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent argue that this would save parents £2billion a year which could then be ploughed into school canteens. And they believe that, if they cannot convince ministers to ban packed lunches, schools should police what parents give their children and confiscate unhealthy items such as sweets and fizzy drinks – although they admit it would be an uphill task. Mr Dimbleby said one headmaster said he had ‘other battles to fight’ when he suggested banning unhealthy snacks. The system would rely on revamped school meals to tempt children more than

‘institutional’ meat and two veg and processed food. Mr Dimbleby and Mr Vincent, who own the Leon chain of restaurants, began surveying school meals last year. Cooking lessons at school will become compulsory for children aged seven to 14 from September as the Government aims to ensure they can make up to 20 dishes before taking their GCSE exams. Education Secretary Michael Gove is also considering banning packed lunches as ministers look at new ways of improving diets while they battle with soaring child obesity, reported the Sunday Times. Leon fast food chain founders Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent were tasked last year by Mr Gove, 45, with moving on the campaign for better school meals begun by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, 37 Mr Dimbleby and Mr Vincent




new on tuesdays 6-9pm curry & chips cod & chips

only 5€

all Premier league football all welcome live ladies friendly darts wed 8pm

new tapas menu

only 1€

take away service till 7pm

SAXON REAL ALE ON TAP - ONLY 2.40€ PER PINT blackthorn cider


Open Every Day 12pm - Late Tel: 950 634 562 • book the Venue: For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.

want pupils to be banned from bringing in packed lunches or leaving the premises at lunchtime, at a time when only 40 per cent of children are eating school meals. They suggest parents should spend the £2billion that annually goes on packed lunches on school meals instead, and double the takeup percentage over five years, reported the Sunday Times. ‘Rather than ask government to subsidise a structurally bust system we want the system to become solvent by getting more customers to pay for school dinners,’ Mr Dimbleby told the newspaper. The pair said the majority of packed lunches are normally a sandwich, chocolate bar, packet of crisps and an apple, which is often put back in the lunchbox again and again when brought home by pupils. During tours of school canteens, they were pleased to find no sign of Turkey Twizzlers - famously criticised by Mr Oliver eight years ago - and said the meals have improved over the past decade. But former Eton pupil Mr Dimbleby told the Sunday Times: ‘There’s still too much processed food in school canteens. Some of the meals I ate were a bit institutional meat and two veg.’ The duo added that the Government cannot afford to invest the £60billion required to rescue the school dinner system - and that parents will have to foot the bill to solve the problem. Mr Dimbleby and Mr Vincent’s chain has 13 restaurants in London and the South East, specialises in burger, chicken and fish dishes and has an emphasis on sustainability and providing good nutrition. Article:


email your favourite recipes to


...FOOD & ENTERTAINING Ingredients: For 8 Square Tartlets

tER r a st


Puff pastry (about 9 oz for 8 tartlets) 1 Goat Cheese Roll 2 small aubergines Fresh thyme Honey A few pink radishes

Mussels In Saffron Broth Ingredients: Serves 4 4.5lbs fresh mussels 2tbsp butter 1 red onion, finely chopped 1 stalk celery, finely chopped 1 carrot, thinly sliced Discard any mussels that are chipped. If some mussels are open, tap lightly on their shells; if they stay open, discard them. Clean the mussels under a cold tap, removing the beard on each one; set aside. In a stock pot, melt 1 tablespoon of the butter over medium heat. Add half the onion with the celery, carrot, and thyme. Cook, stirring often, for 3 minutes. Pour in 1/2 cup of the wine, with the bay leaf and mussels.

1 cup dry white wine 1 bay leaf 1 small orange bell pepper, cored, seeded, and finely chopped Pinch of saffron threads Salt & pepper to taste ¼ cup crème fraîche 1tbsp chopped fresh parsley

Cover and cook over high heat for 3 minutes or until all the mussels are opened. Discard any that do not open; set aside off the heat. Meanwhile, in a flameproof casserole large enough to hold all the mussels, melt the remaining 1 tablespoon butter over medium heat. Add the remaining onion and bell pepper. Cook, stirring often, for 3 minutes or until softened. Add the remaining 1/2 cup wine, saffron, salt, and black pepper. Let the mixture bubble steadily for a few minutes. Add the crème fraîche and parsley. Using a large slotted spoon, remove the mussels from the stock pot. Strain the broth into the saffron mixture. Bring to a boil. Add the mussels to the pan. Spoon the liquid over them. Divide the mussels and broth among shallow bowls.

Heat the milk — with the vanilla pods and seeds, lemon zest and cinnamon stick — to a boil, then stop the heat, cover and let infuse for 20 minutes. Remove the cinnamon stick and vanilla pods, and filter the milk. Pour the milk into the pot again and add the sugar and cornstarch; mix well. Bring to a gentle boil, while stirring, for the cream to thicken (a few minutes), and then let it cool

Goat Cheese & Aubergine Tartle ts

3 sprigs fresh thyme



Olive oil Sea salt & cracked black pepper

Method Wash the aubergines and slice them. Place them in a colander and sprinkle with salt. Let rest for 30 min, so that they release some water. Use paper towel to pat them dry. Heat 2 to 3 tbsp olive oil in a non-stick frying pan and cook them on each side for about 2 to 3 min. Add more oil if necessary. Keep on the side. Roll your dough finely into 4 inch squares. Make small holes with a fork, leaving a border. Cover with plastic wrap and place in

the fridge for 30 min. Preheat your oven at 410 F. Take the dough out and place a slice of aubergine on each square. Add one to two slices of goats cheese and sprinkle with some fresh thyme and a dash of olive oil. Season with pepper. Cook for about 15 to 20 min. Once golden in colour, remove the tartlets from the oven. Top each with fresh slices of radishes, salt and pepper and ½ tsp honey. Serve with fresh green salad.

p Pa asst teeiiss d dee n na at ta a

(10 minutes). Then add the eggs, and mix well. Preheat your oven at 480 °F/240°c/Gas 9 Roll the pastry in the shells, and fill with the cream, leaving a little room from the top. Bake for 15 minutes or so, until the top has a nice golden-brown colour. Remove and let cool. You will see the flans deflate, and this is totally normal. Enjoy them at room temperature.

Ingredients: For about 12 to 14 pieces, muffin size 1 package (17.5 ounce) frozen puff pastry, thawed OR fresh 2 cups whole milk 1 vanilla pod, split in halves and seeds scraped Zest of 1 lemon 1/2 cinnamon stick, 1/4 cup cornstarch 3/4 cup sugar, 3 egg yolks + 1 egg



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9 Runner, say at the trouble without the French (7) 10 Ironies becoming louder (7) 11 One rides ones bike, one’s in for journey’s end with frozen spears (7) 12 Improve university parking degree (7) 13 Conceals troubles within slopes (9) 15 Witness head of department taking small money for drug (5) 16 Copper and theologian the French holds close (7) 19 Cunning without women, if given time with 15 (7) 20 Sum up island college’s nice sounds (5) 21 Hard up and going out? Left initially inside making furrows (9) 25 What you’ll be if always without rail disruption? (7) 26 Cost of version of windows in East seen crashing (7) 28 Piece of furniture I catch following taxi (7) 29 Attempts to destroy French forest (7)

6D  utch university housing is good - sulphur can get initially nauseating! (10) 7 Tissue fabric around match (8) 8 Mixing elfin and dry cordial (8) 14 Choices for second votes (10) 16 Compel to hold end of term Monday trade (8) 17 Give an account of violent college derbies (8) 18 See apart, perhaps? (8) 22 Old bishop saw, and did as he was asked (6) 23 Disregard backing part of “Summer on Gibraltar” (6) 24 Foolishly agrees to lubricate (6) 27 Blow up - flipping/very loud (4)


8 Bowler hats (7)


17 A city in Canada (8)

1 Government of the church by bishops (10) 2 Actress _______ Cuthbert (6) 3 A Semitic people (4) 4 Treat (8) 5 Pocketbook (4) 6 Heart rate (5)

12 Muse of lyric poetry (5) 14 Deviance (10) 16 Perfectly (7) 21 Gets pleasure from causing pain (6) 22 Surpass (5) 24 Nemesis (4) 25 A tiny West Indian bird (4)

1 Graduate is in new hospital bar (6) 2 High-pitched, quiet brook (6) 3 Went first up without a bargain (4) 4 Conservative and English, a first student journalist came to an end (6) 5 Searches after fashionable inquiries (8)

Very Hard!




Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

6 Commonly liked (7) 7 Outer (5) 9 Sicknesses (4) 10 Auxiliary (10) 11 Explode (8) 13 Slowly (musical term) (6) 15 Prima donna (4) 17 Substantive (5) 18 Anagram of “Rest” (4) 19 A citizen from Nairobi (6) 20 Saw (8)

23 Expanded upon (10) 26 Technician (abbrev.) (4) 27 Gossiper (5) 28 Ransack (7)




coffee break





Julie Bruce does it again!

The Ribbon for Life in Mojacar was an incredible day, with the multinational community, all pulling together to raise money for such a vital cause. Julie Bruce and her 30 ZumbaChicas (and brave ZumbaChico, John Tolley) were invited to entertain the growing crowds with 6 dance routines from salsa and latin through to hip hop and Bollywood ... so popular that they were asked for an encore! Event organiser, Bronia was thrilled with their display, “Once again Julie, thank you for your

marvellous exhibition of Super Zumba!!!!! As always will ask you and your Zumba girls to assist us in our following event!!! You are all stars!!!!” Julie Bruce, who holds various levels of classes in many different locations, also sold nearly 50 ribbons and raised 150 Euros on their stall. She was delighted to be part of such an important World Record Breaking Day! If you would like to join Julie at one of her classes, please call 697 86 10 71



Enjoy Wonderful saturday 23rd february Views from our Candelit 6:30pm - 9:30pm Restaurant

Opens 6:30 - 9:30pm WED-SAT Evenings

Multi Choice Menu

4 course meal only

€10.95 THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION ALBOX BRANCH - UPDATE February 21st - Monthly meeting at which the guest speaker will come from MACS, the cancer support charity who have recently opened a new shop in Albox, start time 11:00. Come along to La Parrilla and listen to what will prove to be a very interesting talk. It is also an opportunity to see the new range of goods on sale at the Poppy Stall. If anyone has any unused and unwanted Christmas or birthday gifts to donate to the stall this would be much appreciated as all profits are donated to the Poppy Fund February 21st – Bowling at Amigos - a joint venture with Zurgena branch, the event starts at 12:30, lunch is available. For further details please contact Steven Mold, The cost is 11 Euros to include shoe hire, 2 games and lunch. This is an excellent way to follow up the monthly meeting. March 30th – Poppy Easter Bonnet Ball, to be held at La Parrilla. The event will start at 7pm, dinner will be served at 7:30. Dinner will comprise a three course meal with some drinks included in the cost. The cost will be 20 Euros for members and 22 Euros for non members. Music will be supplied by Brendan O’Dee. Prizes will be awarded for the best bonnet, male AND female. For further details, or to book tickets, contact the social secretary Bob Cowan on 608049490 or email him at If you require more details for any of the activities and events for the Albox branch or should you wish to become a member (you do not need to be ex-forces to join) and help with the Legion’s excellent work for British serving and ex-service personnel and their families, both in the UK and here in Spain, please come along to any branch meeting at the Hotel Restaurante La Parrilla (1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month). Alternatively, contact the chairman, Peter Phillips, on 693483392 or email, or visit the branch website,




bookings now being taken Thursday night special delicious homemade please note pies , Homemade saturday 16th february Chips & Peas the venue is closed for a private function

tapas 1€


Beer-battered cod, homemade chips & peas from


in the bar

in the Bar

booking advisable


All Selections 1€ Each

sunday lunch

Tuesday Bar


12.30PM - 5PM

6pm - 9pm



Chicken Curry & Long Grain Rice


Cod, Chips ‘n’ Peas

Open Every Day 12pm - Late

Tel: 950 634 562

5€ Arboleas



booking advisable

We are here


Zurgena La Alfoquia



La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

book the Venue

For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.


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The Golf Club House Camposol

Valentines Dinner & Dance

Friday 15th February

ACAM will be celebrating their 2nd AGM this year and tying it in with a Valentines dinner and dance. There will be a public AGM at 5.30pm followed by Dinner and Entertainment from 7pm. We will be entertained by Kieran Entertainer and his Robbie Williams Tribute, Phil Rushen DJ and Trudy Anne Compare. There will also be a presentation for all volunteers who supported ACAM projects Murcia Dance and Mazarron Festival de Baile throughout 2012. Tickets 10e Adults and 5€ children For more details please telephone Louise on 655 421 120.


First Wednesday of the month: Social activities (Talking Shop) at the Cultural Centre, Camposol Last Friday of the month (except where stated otherwise): Tabletop sale, Camposol sector B, outside Bar Salud/Mercer’s Wednesday 27th February: Menu-del-dia at Viggo’s, with music, Puerto de Mazarron marina 10€ Friday 15th March: Tabletop sale, Camposol sector B Wednesday 20th March: Murcia shopping trip. Nueva Condomina, Thader Centre and Ikea 10€ Wednesday 27th March: Menu-del-dia at the Playa Grande Hotel, with music from Johnny Sparrow 10€ Friday 19th April: Rock n Roll night at Mariano’s, Camposol. Lenny Mitchell’s new rock n roll show 5€ + 5€ for chicken/chips Monday 22nd April: Day trip to Lorca 10€ Saturday 1st June: Summer fayre at El Lagarto Verde, Puerto de Mazarron Telephone: 634 310 215 or 634 336 484


At the Welcome February meeting MABS presented them with a certificate in recognition of their support. Welcome pay for the helpline phone and also the MABS car insurance besides other donations during the year. MABS provide a good service for people in the area affected by cancer. Welcome raise the money at their events. Their next event is a dance on March 13th where they will be entertained by Kevin Tyler and Sandy Fitz. 8€. For more information on Welcome and their future events call Rosemary on 620105179

Arts & Cultural Association of Murcia Murcia Dance makes local history during the past few weeks.

Arts & Cultural Association of Murcia Charitable Project Murcia Dance has made local history over the past few weeks. Not only receiving a license that will enable the local children and young people to access dance activities at their local community centre they have also been involved from beginning to end with the Mazarron Ayuntamiento Carnival Celebrations. On Friday 8th February 6 children from Murcia Dance participated in the Mazarron Muso and Musa Carnival Gala Competition. Dancers Kian Davies, Yale Green, Libby Bullock, Mia Stokes, Megan Bailey and Holly Ryan, wowed the audience with their energetic, vibrant and funky dance skills. It was an honour to be involved in such an exciting

event in the first place. With a very busy two week schedule of choreography, rehearsals and costume making the event got even better with Kian Davies winning the Muso award ~ a fantastic accolade for anyone that is involved in the Gala.

With this award, Murcia Dance held the prestigious honour of leading the Celebration Parade at the Mazarron Carnival on Sunday 10th February. Dressed up in their Murcia Dance uniform and creative make~up by Susie Long, 16 young dancers, seven mums and friends danced through the streets of Mazarron whilst being cheered on by the British community venturing out for the Spanish celebrations. One of ACAM’s Patrons Keith Donavon captured the whole weekend on video. Louise Bremner, ACAM president and Murcia Dance Project Manager states “it’s been just a whirlwind of fun and excitement for everyone involved in the Murcia Dance Project over the past few weeks. Murcia Dance signed papers with the Mayor of Mazarron for a consistent program of dance activity for the community of Camposol. The project can now only go from strength to strength. I am very proud of all the young dancers from Murcia Dance

and the very strong community for families that has been created as a result of dance. We are truly integrated into the Spanish culture, the environment is fun and innovative and we now have a base in the community where we have all chosen to live ~ we are looking forward to more exciting times ahead.” For more details on ACAM’s Murcia Dance activities please telephone Louise on 655 421 120.



community news HELP Murcia Mar Menor - Forthcoming Events Thursday 21st February Bargain Hunt/ Auction at Paddy Singh’s, Los Urrutias. Items for the auction to be brought between 10-12p.m., hammer down at 2p.m. €10 fee for 3 items and €4 for one item. Thursday 25th April dinner / dance at the Costa Narejos Hotel, Los Alcazares. For €40 per person you arrive any time after noon, there is an evening meal in the dining room, then dancing to the Big Band Swingtet, an overnight stay and breakfast in the morning. This is only a foretaste of events planned for 2013. New events will be publicised as soon as they are arranged. The sale of clothes by Help Murcia Mar Menor volunteers at The Arches on Saturday mornings has been postponed

until February. Every third Tuesday in the month HELP MMM’s general meeting takes place at Las Claras, Los Narejos at 11.30 for 12 noon. Tickets for events available from Joan Mitchell 868 185685 or 678 135 467, Janice Clark on 968 134 355, or the office 968 570 059 Friendship Group On 22nd February there will be card games or a quiz (or perhaps even the mysterious Chicken Scratch) at the Café Golf, San Javier at 12 noon. On 22nd March we meet at the Asia Restaurant, San Javier at 1p.m (a week earlier than normal) Ring Doreen Sykes on 637 920 882 if you are interested in attending any of the Friendship Group’s events


Tuesday 23rd April – ST GEORGE’S DAY – La Vida Bar, El Pareton Further details to be announced at a later date – reserve the date in your diary! Saturday 25th May –SPRING FAIR 396 Avda de los Covachos Camposol Sector B4 – 12.00 am to 3.00pm Our regular Spring Fair is in the planning stage, but please add it to your diary. Every 2nd & 3rd Friday – BOOK SALE Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre – 9.30 am – 1.00 pm Event tickets on sale at the book stall Between 9.30am and 1.00pm or from the MABS Information Centre on Sector B4 Camposol or by Calling 620 582 418 Keep watching the press or visit our website for more events For further details, please call 620 582 418

don’t forget we print your announcements free of charge! so EMAIL YOUR events and BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO: EDITOR@ SOLTIMES.COM

the New Royal Bar & Restaurant

NOAHS ARC PARTY NIGHT Camposol Golf club Friday 8th February 8pm til late

Dance to the fabulous Beagles. Tickets 5 euros from the stall on Fridays, sector B or call Sue on 649 302 281

market tavern & cm construction (puer to de mazarron)

(Camposol A)

are drop off points for soltimes

Private or trade letters to editor for birthdays or announcements Drop your details into them and we will print them in the next edition of the paper

The Beacon of Light

Centre for Spiritual Awareness

Meetings held every Wednesday from 7pm - approx 8.30pm: The Old School House Canadas del Romero dates for Our guest mediums: February 13th - Jimmy McArthur February 20th - Sammy Fitzsimmons February 27th - Joy and John Sloman March 6 - Debbie Blevins March 13th - Sammy Fitzsimmons March 20th - Morag Bullock March 27th - Jimmy McArthur

For more info please call 620 877 326 email: Healing is available after the service by request. Funding for the meetings will be raised by donations collected during the evening... Join us on Facebook: Beacon of Light Murcia

Tel 968 595 864

Our food is full of flavour & freshly prepared Breakfast ~ Menu Del Dia ~ A la Carte Friday Fish and Chips from €6.00



16th Feb Let’s come up to date with the fantastic voice of Keely 23rd Feb A tribute to the amazing Adele

Sunday’s at The New Royal

Sunday Lunches from € 8.50 Menu de la Noche Mon - Thurs 7 - 9pm 10€ per person

3 Courses plus 1 bottle of Wine per couple


Menu del Dia

An Amazing For ONLY




All Live Sporting Events Shown On 3 BIG Screens

We Are Open Every Day Mon - Thurs 10am - 11pm, Fri - Sun 10am - late

(El Alamillo Plaza, 200mts from the Beach – Pto De Mazarron)



SOLTIMES see us online everyday

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966 719 647


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VISA ,Paypal, bank transfer & Cheques made payable to MATHEWS mEDIA s.l

DEADLINES All adverts Friday at 5pm prior to publication

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hearing aids

appliaNCE repairs

ALUMINIUM GATES Double & Electric Sliding. Guaranteed no rust. Call Tracy on 966 726 891

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE REPAIRS Repairs to Washers, Dryers, Electric Cookers, Dishwashers, Fridges and Freezers

Pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, darts. Tel: 666 933 726 www.

All makes, Torrevieja and surrounding areas 20 years experience fast reliable service Call Stewart on office

966 785 451 / 654 939 202 hours 10 - 4 FREE CALL OUT

Small call out on Fridges



B O A T I N G LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, See our Advertisement on VHF & ICC. Ownpage 13 for more information boat tuition on Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, sail and power. If La Planta, Playa Flamenca you have a yacht Tel: 965 321 701 or powerboat get new ex demonstration qualifiedandcertified. models b.t.e only Contact Richard 4 channel aids €250 each businesses for sale/rent +34 638 056 224 Email: enquiries@ 1 pair 8 channel aids €600 a pair serenitysailing. com or visit: www. Popular Cafe Bar in Algorfa Traspaso/Lease for sale full legal license Furniture glass 40 covers inside curtains est 20 covers outside 2006 Fully stocked glass sl Existing business ready for ROJALES SPECIALIST OF PRE - OWNED FURNITURE curtains immediate takeover & AccESSORIES AT SENSIBLE PRICES

Sweet Dreams

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digital hearing tel: 698 418 642

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Local freehold for sale in large urbanisation No competition !

Currently a bar but would make a great fish & chip shop or restaurant.

Freehold 180,000€

Part payment and owner interest free finance.

For more details

672 033 676 electricians

Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.

house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

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A1 Group

Complete Garden Maintenance & Property Services We cover Mazarron & surrounding areas

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no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

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Large amount of DVD’s and CD’s bought or Newspaper type also VHS Videos Quesada Area Tel: 654 666 686 Evenings only Metal folding bed 15 € Quesada Area Tel: 654 666 686 Evenings only ‘ A ntique ’ ornate Sideboard, flame mahogony panels, 4 central drawers 2 cupboards, Queen Anne legs, W 54.5cm x L 170cm x H 90.5cm 35€ Photo Roquetas de Mar 619 253 983 Pine cupboard, art deco influence, 1 long drawer, large under cupboard, L 87cm x W 46cm x H 124cm 25€ Roquetas de Mar 619 253 983

Large powder blue Desk, central opening 2 drawer and shelf each For a free estimate side L 160cm x W 83cm x H 75cm Tel: 646 111 825 15€ Roquetas de Mar 619 253 983 heating

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riding Murcia,

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English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

Karaoke machine 2 tvs, 2 R.C.L.Speakers 2 cable mikes 1000 tracks on graphic CD Discs or with hard drive to computer song books can be seen working as new 500€ ono

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39 limousine hire



RENTAL PROPERTIES for SALE detatched cortijo URGENTLY REQUIRED 20mins from mojacar This is a unique


in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa & Costa Calida

902 750 190 ext 330 insurance

asssa medical insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, Tel: 968 153 396, mazarron@asssa. es

property for sale / rent

Tel: 968 969 648 618 315 933 (eng) 634 321 024 (esp) www.

We have clients enquiring in this area


tel: 965 325 601 Email:


spanish cortijo with 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views.

Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200m²

Window / Shutter / Door locks Opened, Changed & Fitted



(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862 personals

“Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive”

ELEGANT SLIM, SEXY ITALIAN LADY availanble home/house visits. Torrevieja, La Manga, Torre Pacheco & Mazarron. Escort available home & house visits Tel: 693 357 526


Friendly spectacular breasts XXL Domination Erotic Massage with a happy ending expert with beginners, Private. Claudia Tel: 674 615 827 (Torrevieja)


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Apartment For Sale


1 bed, 1 bath apartment, fully fitted kitchen, white goods, parking, lovely views. Ideal golfing holiday apartment. Close to Mojacar / Turre. T: 664 291 793 or email:

We have a key-ready block of apartments in Los Montesinos with full finance! All you pay is €3,000 to complete.

Special Deals for Urbanisations


For more details 672 033 676

Tel: 649 186 107

Telephone: 653 145 300

Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, international, professional, solo act. lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. tel: 658 321 891 or email



Reduced Reduced Reduced



Modern 2 bedroom American Style, ground floor apartment, Huge terrace, Entre Naranjos

3 Bedrooms 1 with Balcony, 2 Bathrooms, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Large Living & Dining Room, W Double glazed Terraces, Wonderful Sun Terrace/ Solarium, Satellite TV, Furnished, Communal Pool, 104 M2 Build, 110 M2 Plot €123,000

key ready block of apartments in los montesinos with full finance. all you pay is €3000 to complete

reduced 0 only 0 2 0 . 9 4 €


Cheaper than renting? All you pay is EUR 3,000 buying costs and the rest is mortgaged at around EUR 250 per month. Cheaper than renting an apartment in the area. Some of these 2 bedroom apartments have 2 bathrooms and some with only 1. It’s a first come, first served basis! Great deal! The apartments do not come with white goods but do have pre installation air conditioning. Quality and location The apartments are finished to a very high quality with communal areas decked out with marble floors and spacious corridors which make the building very light. The location is second to none, on the entrance to Los Montesinos overlooking the Torrevieja salt lakes and every apartment has its own private roof garden but there is no communal pool.

Prices are 59.900 €, the payment plan is 3.000 € deposit and straight to mortgage. If a client wants a 30 year mortgage it works out at 266 € per month and if it is a 35 year mortgage it works out at 242 € per month.

tel: 693 806 409

cortij0 grande golf course

for rent, 3 bed, 3 FOR SALE Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi,Costa Blanca bath spacious semidetatched house with garage situated in the popular area of La Zenia, walking distance to shops, 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, beaches and the new Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished La Zenia Boulevard, inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Furnished, Long Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings. Overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, church & term, 550€ monthly mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk plus electric & water, away from the town’s attractive central square, perfect family home all other amenities are also within easy walking Tel: 966 733 079 or distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course 619 098 543 Private Sale €79,950


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South Facing Apartment on Entre Naranjos, 3 Bedrooms Fully Furnished €55,000 ono For more details 672 033 676 immaculate 2 bed, 1 bath ground apartmant situated in the very nice area of Lomas de Campoamar golf resort. very spacious accomadation of 86m2, furnished, walking distance to La Fuente Commercial centre, 24 hour security, includes use of communal pools, tennis courts etc, 395€ + bills, no offers

ring now on 648 111 779 for immediate viewing


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Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Christine 902 750 190 ext 330 or 966 719 647




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VANTASTIC 3.5 tonne removals or any handyman & van service inc furniture collection & assembly tel: 693 251 562 e mail: davendonc@aol. com

LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email: van.

simply removals Spain ‹ UK › Spain • Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

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Bright, enthusiastic person with an outgoing personality to join our sales team and leap into spring with us. Office & field positions available. Experience not essential as full training will be given as long as you’re organised and can work to deadlines. Send your CV to rosemary@soltimes removals cont...

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beechdale Removals Spain - UK & Return Personal, friendly door 2 door Service - Van & Trailer

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Local Moves

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Motorbikes & Caravans

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Brian Torrevieja

Linen Mills

Express UK Spain Uk 620 582 063 weekly service

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satellite tv

car parts

Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or Sky Digibox Pace with sky card BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 ITV1, 2, 3, ch4 & 5 60€ can deliver. Tel: 667 235 205


S alon M argareth as 24 years in Torrevieja hair / wig specialist for swimming medical illness and pool safety hair loss problems. We offer different NEATER HEATER hair replacements, top fillers, hair See our main advert on the news prostheses, toupees pages & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion / festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.

cars for sale Looking for a car we have a good selection of LHD & RHD vehicles available for sale or exchange.

dead o alive r

scrap metal plastic glass white goods all electricals (working or not working)

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t don’k it c u ch ak e it t i’ll

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ed want

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Working with a British PLC



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Telephone 600 726 221 965 687 976 Opel Zafira 7 Seat Auto/Tip 2008 - SEVEN SEATER 1.9 CDTi Energy 83,000 kms, 1 owner Full service history A/C (Climate), Alloys PAS, ABS, CD player Front fog lights, MP3 E. windows/mirrors High spec model, ESP On-board computer, Rain sensors Metallic black

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clea ra nc



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Irwin Removals

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Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

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For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes contact Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 1000 vehicles will put you on the right side of the road.

605 319 889 or 966 753 375


Vehicles wanted

body repairs



Cars, Motorhomes, 4x4’s, Boats, Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics Telephone:

699 805 995

Anything considered telephone Tim on 662 211 993




610 078 940

All vehicle repairs, servicing, small bodywork repairs, ITV and paperwork needs. Ken Sherwood, British Mechanic - Tel: 679 646 859 (Costa Calida area only).

NOW FULLY OPERATIONAL IN THE REGIONS OF Almeria & MURCIA Turn your old or unwanted CAR into CASH. We will dispose of in our Authorised Depollution End of Life Treatment facility. We also take fridges, washing machines, microwave s, all elect rical appli ances

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Barclays Cuts 3,700 Jobs In Bank Shake-Up

tel: 950 930 900 968 969 962 Solar Oil Gas Solid Fuel pellet

Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

fully legal company with public liability insurance • Cortijo Pipa, Avda de Limaria 1, Limaria, arboleas

Coastal Mosquitos

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Cars available from Mojacar & Velez Rubio supplying Mojacar, Albox, Los Velez, Baza,

Mojacar Office

Vera, Puerto

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Barclays has announced 3,700 job cuts amid plans to cut £1.7bn in costs and improve standards. Of these job losses, 1,800 will be in its corporate and investment bank and 1,900 will be in European retail and business banking. Some 1,600 jobs have already been cut in the investment banking business since the start of the year, Barclays said. Sky News revealed on Monday that thousands of jobs would go outside its investment bank as part of a streamlining programme overseen by the company’s new boss Antony Jenkins. But despite the redundancies, the bank - Britain’s second largest - revealed it would still pay £1.85bn in bonuses to staff. On average, payouts in its investment bank were £54,100, and the average bonus across the group was £13,300 - although these are below 2011’s levels. Mr Jenkins, who became Barclay’s chief executive in August, told Sky’s Jeff Randall the bank had made mistakes in the past “We’ve got to do business in the right way - the right business in the right way,” he said. “I’ll be very honest, we did get things wrong at Barclays in the past, as people in the industry did. “We were too short-term focussed, we were too selfserving and on occasion we were too aggressive.” He also warned the bank will not be as profitable in the future as it has been in the past. It comes as Barclays reports adjusted pre-tax profit of £7.048bn for the 12 months to the end of December - a rise of more than 26% on 2011. Its investment bank performed even better, with profit before tax up 37% at £4.063bn. Statutory pre-tax profit - which includes the fund set aside to compensate those mis-sold payment protection insurance, among other charges - was £248m. Mr Jenkins revealed the outcome of a strategic review at the bank - known as Project Transform - which will

professional bricklayer Building for you Phone Gerard - 626 730

surrounding areas...

149 622


Professional, reliable, handy man available... ...for all the jobs he doesn’t get round to, including Van Removals, Painting Exterior/Interior, Small Plumbing Jobs, Shelves, Garden Clearance, All Outside Work - Walls, Stone Cladding, Rendering etc... Property Maintenance Good hourly/daily rate - 7 yrs in the area.

Call Jim 677 557 190 Evenings 950 930 596 References available & Pics of work completed

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New Walls New Roofs Structual Alterations

Lumbreras and

see the group’s total cost base reduced by £1.7bn to £16.8bn in 2015. The bank also confirmed that its controversial tax avoidance unit would close, as revealed by Sky’s City Editor. “We intend to change what Barclays does and how we do it and have set out clear commitments against which our progress can be measured,” Mr Jenkins said in a statement. He announced he was waiving his bonus for 2012 earlier this month. The bank’s profit comes despite a difficult year at the bank, which saw its reputation - and the banking industry’s as a whole - come under pressure. Last week, Barclays said it had increased funds put aside for mis-selling to consumers and businesses by another £1bn, taking the total to £2.6bn. And in the summer the bank was fined £290m for manipulating the interbank borrowing rate, Libor.

All Building Work Undertaken


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Rendering, Plastering, Floor Screeding, Morticem, Partition Walls, Tape & Joint, Dry-Lining, MF Ceilings, Re-Skims, Coving, Cornice & Mouldings 28 years Experience in the trade 9 years in Spain English & Spanish Fluent

697524238 covering Baza to Mojacar

construction & drainage

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UK inflation stuck at highest level since May

Britain’s inflation rate unexpectedly held steady for the fourth consecutive month in January but there was little respite for consumers as it remained at its highest level since May, official data showed on Tuesday. Annual consumer price inflation stayed at 2.7 percent last month, the Office for National Statistics said, slightly below the 2.8 percent median forecast in a Reuters poll of economists. It is the first time inflation has remained unchanged for four months since records began in 1996, the ONS said. A let-up in the pressure on the strained budgets of British households may still be some way off. Some economists predict inflation will touch 3 percent in coming months. “In terms of the consumer, it certainly means that the squeeze on real spending power remains very much in place but that’s mitigated to an extent by employment having held up relatively well,” said Victoria Clarke, an economist at Investec. The Bank of England warned last week that inflation might remain above its 2 percent target for the next two years. It will publish its latest quarterly economic forecasts on Wednesday. The biggest upward contribution to the annual rate in January came from an 8.5 percent rise in alcohol and tobacco prices. The main downward pressure came from slower rises in the prices of miscellaneous goods and services, such as money transfer fees, as well as clothes and shoes. The ONS also said house prices rose 3.3 percent on the year in December - the largest increase since

James & Son Removals / Storage

UK, France & Spain personal shopping from the UK (Argos, Screwfix, Wickes etc)

Pet Transportation & Competitive Rates 950 529 731 / 627 968 434

November 2010. In November 2012 they rose 2.2 percent. The Bank last year launched a scheme to encourage lending by banks, the impact of which has so far been felt most in mortgages. Persistently high inflation has restrained consumer spending - traditionally a key driver of economic growth in Britain - in recent years. It has also limited the scope for more government bond-buying by the central bank, part of its support for the economy. Separate data released by the ONS showed that factory-gate inflation rose 2.0 percent on the year in January, the slowest since July. Input prices climbed 1.8 percent, the fastest since March last year and pushed up by domestic food prices, possibly a reflection of bad weather which hurt British crops. Earlier this month, the British Retail Consortium found that shop prices inched up in January at their slowest annual pace in more than three years, driven by cheaper clothing and electrical goods.


Stacking service available Free Kindling with every full load

now incorporating “Sammy Sweep”

Small Cut Olive Logs No Roots For The Smaller Fire

619 070 839

(This story was corrected to show inflation rate remained at its highest annual rate since May, not that prices were at their highest level since May)




WE HAVE THE FULL RANGE OF HITS PHONES & SIM CARDS IN STOCK Contact us now on: Tel: 950 064 584 | Mob: 654 590 258 Email: | Web: We also offer all major mobile top ups from our office

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motoring TEST DRIVE: Mitsubishi Outlander

Winter has arrived, there’s a good smattering of frost and ice in the early morning and it seems to get much darker much earlier. This is the time of year when 4x4s really come into their own. So




then to be testing the second generation Mitsubishi Outlander – the third generation was launched in March 2012. Externally I actually prefer this earlier model if for no other reason than the chrome edging around the grille, which has been removed on the

latest version. It’s not the most attractive off-roader on the market but its distinctive design is certainly memorable. There’s a good high up driving position and it will easily transport seven adults in comfort across three rows of

Advanced motorist Tim Saunders is the former Business and Motoring Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo. His regular test reports appear in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the UK, Ireland & Gibraltar - and now here in Spain! For more information contact Tim on:


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seats (third row in the large boot as you can see in the video at over all manner of terrain without a complaint. Inside, the dashboard seems a little stark and minimal, which is actually quite refreshing in this day and age when manufacturers seem to include as many buttons as they possibly can. Even so, equipment levels are high and the heated front seats are greatly appreciated

by both my wife and I during the severe cold spell when the test takes place. There’s hardwearing leather upholstery and the front seats are electrically adjustable, too. The six-speed automatic gearbox is generally easy to use although I must confess that when I first parked up I could not work out why the key would not come out of the ignition. After five minutes of head scratching I finally realised that the Mitsubishi required me to place the gearbox in park mode. I had left it in drive. If drivers prefer the fun of a manual box then the auto unit can be used like this or there’s the addition of paddle shifts either side of the steering wheel, for a similar experience. This helps get the most from the engine and helps combat the delay experienced when setting off in automatic mode. Parkers, the car experts, say: “The second- generation Mitsubishi Outlander is the best car the Japanese company has produced in years. Nearly all models come with seven seats, making it a good choice for larger families, while the interior is

well built and durable. The extra seats are also very cramped and offer little comfort. The Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the better compact SUVs to drive, even though it also offers more than a modicum of off-road ability. It has responsive handling and accurate steering, and it keeps the body under control when cornering.” The Outlander is just the ticket for a family that demands more than just a runabout.

specification Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 DI-D GX3 (Leather) 5d SST New price range: £21,643 - £31,544 Engine: 2.2-litre diesel Economy: 39mpg Power: 153bhp 0-60mph: 10.7secs Top speed: 123mph Fuel tank: 60 litres Distance on a tank: 430 miles Watch the video at:

Dealerships offer bigger discounts to women

Does being a man mean you’re more likely to get some money off a new car? Or do women have the real power of persuasion for making a saving and getting some optional extras thrown in by the salesman? staged their own battle of the sexes to find out, pitting man against woman in a car dealer haggling contest. They sent two reporters – Chris Ebbs and Claire Holden – to the same showrooms representing 10 different manufacturers. Their goal was simple: go in looking to buy a new car, in exactly the same spec, and see what discount, or extras, they could get. But they didn’t just score dealers on the savings they’d give us. They also looked at how long it took for staff to approach them, and then rated their manner when they did. Were they friendly, welcoming and polite? Or stressed and surly about making a sale? Were they informative, patronising or even uninterested? And would they respect the fact that they knew exactly which model they wanted, or try to sell us something different? Finally, they scored the salesman on the

negotiation process based on how open they were to doing a deal, how aggressive they were in their sales tactics or whether they were going out of their way to keep the customer happy.

The undercover reporters used similar tactics in trying to negotiate on the same models, but the results were very one-sided. Claire got a better deal than Chris at six of our 10 showrooms, while Chris had the edge at two, with dead heats at the other two. So dealers clearly seem to favour the fairer sex with their discounts. But while women may be able to negotiate a better deal, they may find – as Claire did – they’re subject to long, patronising discussions in showrooms, with some sales staff even resorting to sleaze; the worst Chris had to contend with was uninterested or cocky sales staff. In addition, the investigation highlighted the gulf in customer service between the best and worst dealers, no matter what sex you are. Read the full report on

(All paperwork taken care of with certificate of destruction)

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San Javier GS

This week we returned to La Serena for our February Medalford game. Another great turn out for us with 32 players and an early start to at 8.40am which was a little nippy but not a lot of wind. In the medal round 9 players returned a nett score of par or below which `was good as it was a windy day 19 points was the best stableford score of the day from Dave Archer also a big well do to Ann Geary who scored 18 points and Jenny O,Neil with 17pts. We only play this format about once a year and it is very tell on the medal half of the game when

you have to count every shot i think the top score of the day that someone own up to was 13. But the winner on the day was Dave Archer with a score of 15 points 34 nett on medal and 19pts on stableford which was a very good score well played Dave. Second place was very close with Mick Hardy and Paul Newman finishing with 18pts with Mick taking second on count back. 1st Dave Archer 15 Pt’s 2nd Mick Hardy 18 Pt’s 3rd Paul Newman 18 Pt’s 4th Barry Geary 20 Pt’s 5th jenny O’Neil 21 Pt’s

MAZARRON WIN 2-0 AT ATHLETICO PULPILENO Mazarron came into this game with four regular players missing and took time to settle. Both teams had difficuty in retaining possesion in the early stages, it was mazarron who were first to show anything of note in the 8th minute when perico shot from the edge of the box straight at the keeper. Pulpi had two corners but both were easily cleared. Ruben was put through by pollo in the 15th minute, his attempt on goal went out for a corner off the keeper. Barrachina was put through a minute later but shot wide and shortly after ruben tried to chip the keeper but didn’t get any hight on it, pulpi then had two more corners followed by a free kick which ikea in the mazarron goal pushed round the post for another corner. In the 35th perico directed a header straight at the keeper, this was followed by cecilio having a great chance in the box but sliced his shot wide. Half time: 0-0 Perico was replaced by panocha and this had an immediate effect in giving mazarron some width down the left side. Pulpi had a chance from close range in the 48th minute but the shot went wide. Mazarronn had a good chance when the ball fell to ruben on the edge of the box but he blasted his effort wide. Ruben was then put through by

panocha but once again shot wide. Pulpi came back into the game and on 63 minutes diego did well to get his head on a goal bound pulpi effort and put it out for a corner, a minute later saw panocha clear the ball off the mazarron goal line. On 65 minutes mazarron captain diego was replaced by jose. Mazarron were by now getting more on top and had several chances that came to nothing. On 74 minutes mazarron finally scored when ruben was put through by cecilio. This was followed by both jose and beaza shooting wide. Mazarron keeper ikea made two fantastic saves in the 85th minute, mazarron then scored their second goal when slick passing by matt, cecilio & jose resulted in cecilio firing in from the edge of the box. Alvaro came on to replace cecilio in the 87th minute. Pupli came close in the dying seconds but pollo cleared the ball off the line. The officials for this game were excellent and no mazarron players were booked. Final score: athletico pulpileno 0 mazarron fc 2 Team: jose ikea, perico (panocha), victor, diego (capt)(jose), pollo, baeza, jose ruben, cecilio (alvaro), diego(2), matt, barrachina. Man of the match: panocha.



I would like to say how well La Serena is playing again the course get better every time we play there. Also the course swallowed a few more balls up as normal. The next Society’s game is on Wednesday, 20th February 2013 at CORVERA. The format will be Individual Stableford. Payday is on Saturday, 16th February 2013 at La Serena (in the bar area) between 11.00 and 12.00 hours.


The skies were blue, the sun was shining but unfortunately the wind was up as well, even so 36 members and guests braved another windy day to play a stableford at Alenda Golf Club. The greens were very good and up to the standard that we expect at Alenda, but depending which way the wind was blowing putting was quite a lottery, some would say nightmare. You could be eighteen inches from the hole one minute and if you were not quick enough to mark the ball, end up off the green with a following wind, looking at a twenty footer. Most players took this phenomenon in good spirits, well it was laugh or cry and it is only a game of golf after all! As I have kept saying of the last weeks, there are some people that always play well in the wind and this was the case today. There were numerous countbacks on the back nine for all catorgories, so everyone was pretty close in the end. The results were as follows: Gold Division: 1st Colin Ranson 30pts, 2nd Harry Wilcock 29pts and 3rd Martin Collins 28pts

There were a couple of firsts this week for Greenlands teams. In the SABA league, with over half the season played, our Sycamores only went and won their first game of the season. At home to La Siesta Apollos, there were 3 wins apiece, but they squeezed home overall, taking shots by 7, and a moral boosting 86 victory. Well done: Z Wilcock, M Lockley, B Miller 22-16. G Bater, P Lockley, L Miller 26-9. N Bater, Penny Tomkins, T Upham 22-15. Also at home, but this time in the fed 4s, the bulls hit the jackpot, as they trampled all over Emerald Isles Leprechauns. Although only 4 games into the season, these federated members provided their team with not only a first win, but also an 8-0 whitewash: A Toozer, B & B Sims, D Greenland 2113. S Stead, J Pocock, M Brown, B Pocock 20-11. G Bater, M Mackay, M Veal, S Cantley 22-10. In the other

fed 4s match, Bears put up a tremendous fight at windy Vistabella. F Tilley, C Thomas, P Lockley & A Goodfellow won 16-12, and although the other 2 rinks lost, only 4 shots stopped them getting a draw, as they went down 2-6. Back to SABA league. An excellent performance saw Maples convincingly beat Quesada Pearls 10-4. Get in there: C Thomas, J Pocock, M Brown 20-12. M Mackay, A Toozer, M Fryatt 17-14. T French, S Stead, B Pocock 23-18. B Tomlin, F Tilley, V Mahomet 22-18. A hard game awaited Chestnuts, as they travelled to La Marina to play the Astronaughts. In a very tight match, these 2 rinks earned points for their team, as they went down 410: D Watt, D Thompson, D Webb 18-16. B Norris, L Morris, P Heyes 20-13. Against Bonalba, the winter leaguers made home advantage count. Winning

on every rink, they recorded a 10-0 scoreline, and move up to 4th in the league. Result of the day in the southern league, just has to be Cedars 14-0 victory over El Rancho Raiders. Congratulations: M Beardsall, Z & J Wilcock 34-6. M Kilby, J Redfern, A Brown 32-11. T Hedges, T French, J Wray 20-12. J Webb, H Langlois, J Newel 24-16. N Bater, C Dewar, Pete Tomkins 22-something. F Tilley, Penny Tomkins, T Upham 31-something (computer malfunction!!). Finally, Elms recorded another victory, this time over La Marina Sharks. Winning on 3 rinks, and drawing on 1, these intrepid souls helped earn their team 9 points: S Johnson, S Mahomet, M Fryatt 17-13. B Tomlin, J Westall, K Parker 21-10. N Cork, B & B Sims 18-11. T Coombs, V Mahomet, J Parker 15-15. No news on how Oaks got on


Another windy Wednesday accompanied by quite a noticeable “wind chill” gave a chilly edge to our regular monthly visit to Villamartin. As many of us know, this course can be quite tricky even in the calmest of conditions but strong and cold gusts somewhat raised the degree of difficulty. Flagsticks nearly double, rather akin recent postponed tournament in Hawaii,

bent to a PGA along

Silver Division: 1st Alan Crain 27pts, 2nd Paul Flanaghan 26 pts and 3rd Danny McErlean 24pts Brionze Division: 1st Damien (Wind King) Elliott 29pts, 2nd John Soderbergh 28pts c/b and 3rd David Dodd 28pts Nearest pins: hole 3 Geoff Dowsett and hole 16 Martin Collins (the other 2 par 3s were inaccessible) even by the Wind King. Free game draw was won by Robin Rolfe. Gail Coultate locrispingolf/

Some of today’s happy winners with ball flight and roll being Flaherty (17th). severely affected made the Spoils in the silver category gathering of any substantial were claimed by Ray Ewins, number of points a forlorn 3rd with 30 pts, Marg task….for most of us! Birtwistle, 2nd with 31, and Quite a few sheltered tees at Villamartin sometimes gave the illusion that the weather had calmed, but as soon as your ball cleared the surrounding trees and then proceeded to do a sharp turn – you knew you’d been kidded! From the whole field of over thirty only four players beat 30 points with Barry Roehrig amongst them. Playing with Keith Stevenson, Norman McBride and Norman Padmore, Barry commented that he’d played Villamartin “hundreds of times, but I’ve seen many parts of this course today that I never knew existed!” Keith was quick to point out that being in his 4-ball it was probably the quickest round Barry had ever experienced!! The visitor’s prize went to Pauline Hazell with her 25 points and NTP’s were won by Phil Birtwistle (6th), Keith Stevenson (13th) and Ken

Norman Padmore, 1st with 34. The gold division showed a 5 point gap between 2nd & 3rd. Top spot with 37 points was Ken Flaherty, 2nd was Barry Roehrig with 33 and Ben Price took 3rd with 28 points. The biggest and closest tussle of the day was once again at the other end of the field for the coveted “Abacus” award; the wine is obviously of such a high quality making it a desirable prize. The winner was once again Chris Hamblett who’s swiftly earning the reputation as the Dean Martin of the society…….and it’s NOT for his singing! Just visit or give Barry a buzz on 966 731 033 to get full details of all our forthcoming Wednesday meetings and don’t forget that we always make visitors more than welcome


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As this weeks match was the 4th round of the Gary Smith Challenge cup, it was decided to hold it on the Eden canal. The temperatures had been down overnight to 3 degrees, so we knew that it was going to be tough. Probably overall it fished better than what was anticipated, but still half the field failed to catch. Mick Hill´s top weight was made up of 3 fish with the best being 3.56 kilo´s. He also lost one that was bigger than that!!!. Top Rods on the day 1st Mick ( The Arsenal ) Hill fishing the feeder using maggot with 7.54 kilo´s. 2nd Andy ( The Webman ) Stevenson fishing the feeder using maggot with 4.18 kilo´s. 3rd Terry ( Swing E´m ) Screen fishing the feeder using maggot with 3.28 kilo´s. Overall points on the day Rods and Reels with 8 points Abbey Anglers with 24 points. Accumulative points Rods and Reels 6 points Abbey Anglers 6 points 2 matches to go so it is still anybodys to win.

PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771.

ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen

The 5th round of the Abbey Angling Cup was fished at the Embalsa de Pedrera on the 5th

February. It looks as if spring could be early this year as the House Martins have returned back to Spain, the wind is still blowing strong and the waves are eroding the banks as they are made up of mud stone, it is also making the waters edge very muddy. The fishing is now improving a little with only one dry net this week, and hemp and tares are still the order of the day with anglers beginning to take fish on the waggler. 1st Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare with 4.940kg fishing the feeder using maggot 2nd Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson with 4.920kg fishing the feeder and waggler using tares. 3rd Stan (The Man) Roberts with 4.800kg fishing the feeder and waggler using hemp and tares. All details are available on our website or from the match secretary Terry Screen on 965328368


The objective of Anglers Together was to introduce anglers to each other, who otherwise had no one to fish with or didn’t know where to fish. It was successful in bringing together many anglers who established friendships and which continue to this day. No meetings are held now but information is still available through our email address;


24 hours a day 7 days a week

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Last Saturday Torry made the short trip to the outskirts of Alicante to take on Jove Espanol. Jove Espanol lay in 8th place in the league and had a good home record going into the game having won 7, drawn 2 and lost 3. They had been on a 5 match unbeaten run before losing away to league leaders Novelda last weekend 2-1. Torry had slumped to 15th in the table only 2 points outside the relegation zone after a poor run of form. Torry needed to buckle down and work as a unit, compete better and try and get something out of the game. Jorge was again absent through injury and Cuco Ros out through suspension. Torry were able to welcome back Burguillos and Koeman after suspension. Luis Carlos was surprisingly omitted from the starting line-up with youngster Patri starting. New signing Villanueva was on the bench. Torrys starting line-up: Manolo, Vicente, Rafa, Juanfran, Dani Meseguer, Abel, Manu Amores (Sergio, 86 ‘), Patri (Villanueva, 67’), Gasch (Luis Carlos, 46 ‘), Burguillos, Koeman. The match kicked-off in front of a disappointing crowd of just over 150 including just over 20 of the Torry faithful. Jove Espanol had an offer of 10 euros to watch all of their remaining 8 league games but that didn’t seem to attract many more locals than usual. Torry started confidently and after 7 minutes had a strong penalty appeal turned down after Koeman was man-handled in the box. 6 minutes later Torry won a penalty after Patri was tripped on the left of the box and Koeman tucked away the spot-kick for a GOALLLLL to Torry 0-1. Torry continued to be the better side until Burguillos conceded a needless free-kick on the edge of the Torry penalty area. The free-kick hit the Torry wall and fell to a Jove Espanol player who struck it towards the bottom corner of the net.. Manolo made a “weetabix dive” and the ball struck the inside of the post and rolled along the goal-line and was prodded into the net by a Jove player for a GOALLLL to Jove 1-1. Torry lost their early momentum and Jove, buoyed by the equaliser started to seize the initiative. It remained 1-1 at the break. Torry made an early substitution in the second-half bringing on Luis Carlos for Gasch. It made a real difference with Torry re-gaining control and posing a much greater threat going forward. After 51 minutes Luis Carlos set up Vicente with a clear shooting opportunity in the Jove box but his shot was comfortably saved by the Jove keeper. After 54 minutes Luis Carlos had a good effort from the edge of the box tipped acrobatically over the bar by the Jove keeper. Torry were now the dominant side and after 61 minutes were rewarded when a superbly weighted pass from Dani Meseguer released Koeman who just beat the Jove keeper to the ball and stroked it into the net for a GOALLLLL to Torry 1-2 . After 66 minutes a header from a Jove player from a corner was well blocked on the line by Manolo and hacked away. After 73 minutes Abel had a chance after being played in

Cornish Pride Los Dolses Ten Pin Bowling League Matches played February 5th

by Luis Carlos but his weak effort was easily saved by the Jove keeper. Torry had a close shave when a header from a cross was put just wide by a Jove forward. On 90 minutes Abel was unlucky after his firm header from a corner shaved the outside of the post. In injury time Luis Carlos was put clean through but dragged his shot wide of the far post. A very well deserved win for Torry and a much needed 3 points to Torry after a good team performance. Cautions were picked up by Burguillos, Vicente, Rafa and JuanFran. Torry now climb a place to 14th in the table but now 5 points outside the relegation zone. On Sunday they are at home at 5.00 pm to the team which occupies the final relegation position Denia. The game is I understand, subject to clearance from the Valencian FA, going to be played on the astroturf at the Nelson Mandela. Torry need a repeat of last weekends performance to move to relative safety. Torry need your support so try to be there. A much happier Darrylldinho following his adopted team in Spain gain a well deserved victory.

After all the excitement of watching the ‘perfect’ game being bowled last week, all the bowlers were still in a celebrating mood, when they came to the bowl this week. But before the league started I had to get all the bowlers together, and give them the sad news that one of our most popular league bowlers JUAN VIDAL had passed away the night before. Juan had only been living in the Torrevieja area for about 7 years. He had left his Mallorcan home when he was 22 and moved to England, where he eventually met, fell in love and married Chris. When they decided it was time to leave the UK and move back to Spain, Juan wanted to make sure he carried on with the sport he loved, ten pin bowling. When the Tuesday night trios league was formed in 2008, he entered a team under the name of Los Tres Amigos, that is when most of us got to know Juan and his wife Chris. It’s fair to say that

his team struggled for the first 2 seasons, But Juan’s passion for the sport kept his team going. He changed his team name to Bandoleros in 2010, and the team improved their final league position for the next 2 seasons. But Juan,s proudest moment in our league was last season when he helped his team to win our knock-out cup competition. Obviously nobody was really in the mood to bowl after receiving my sad news, but we carried on because we felt that Juan would have wanted us to. Results on the night, Carp-r-us 0 – Hall y Day 8. Los Bandidos 2 – Team Finland 6. Los Lobos 2 – Bar Mosquito 6. Split Happens 6 – Splash 2. Mixers 6 – Crazy Pinz 2. Caballo Negro 6 – Cornish Pride 2.

Four days of competitive swimming saw the Torrevieja Masters Team win 7 medals in the 19th Winter Spanish Masters National Competition. This year the event was hosted by the CNB Barcelona Swimming Club on the seafront of the previous Olympic village. More than 1000 swimmers took part from 128 different swimming clubs across the whole of Spain. Club Natacion Torrevieja swimmers Beryl Altabas, Vicki Connolly , Gillian McNiece and Adam Stewart worked hard throughout the event to gain 54th position of 128 clubs and in the Female category ranking of 28th of 94 clubs. Adam Stewart crossed new territory and became one of the first Down Syndrome Swimmers to compete in this competition. Well done Adam!! In the events throughout the

weekend Beryl, once again took control of the 65+ 100m Freestyle (1;34:84), 100m Medley(1:53:65), 200m Freestyle(3:22:43), 800m Freestyle(14:34:83) and 2nd in 100m Backstroke(1:49:73) events, winning 4 gold medals and a silver medal. This was followed by Vicki Connolly excelling in the distance events 800m(11:57:22) and 400m(5:47:35) freestyle events winning gold and bronze medals and knocking 15-18 seconds off her previous best times. Vicki then went on to achieve 5th position in 50m freestyle(34:67) and 100m freestyle(1:18:58) and 6th in 200m freestyle(2:49:56). The two newest members of the team Gillian McNiece and Adam Stewart set themselves new personal bests in their events. Gillian excelled in her 100m Backstroke

winning 4th position(1:21:71), 5th in 200m freestyle(2:35:52), 7th in 100m freestyle (1:10:84) and in the last event, 10th position in 50m freestyle (32:28). All times times gave Gillian new personal bests. This was then followed by Adam becoming the first Down Syndrome swimmer to compete in this competition. Adam worked very hard and made three new personal bests in 50m Butterfly(46:60), 100m freestyle(1:25:68) and 100m Butterfly (1:51:33). Well done to all the team!!!

Daya started brightly and were soon in to their stride playing some nice attacking football. On 5 minutes a shot come cross from Manuel caught the goalkeeper out to open the scoring for the home side. To their credit the visitors tried to play attacking football but Daya’s defence was well in control. On 12 minutes a terrible mix up in the Horadada defence allowed Carlos the easiest of chances to double the score. Then on 20 minutes the visitors somehow scrambled away a goal bound effort, it was all Daya now and further goals just had to come ! Horadada did manage a good

attack on 30 minutes but Danni in the Daya goal dealt well with the danger. Half time came with the score at 2 - 0, surely the points were in the bag though. With the second half 10 minutes old and Daya in total control the visitors scored to halve the lead. This goal rocked Daya, they lost their rhythm and concentration. Horadada sensed they could get something from the game and began to push the home side back. Daya hit back though forcing a corner from which Marcos managed to score when the ball went in off his shoulder for 3 - 1. With a 2 goal cushion you would have thought Daya would

regain their composure but they were still nervous and edgy. With just minutes to go Carlos chased a high ball into the visitors’ penalty area to hook in Daya’s 4th goal and calm the home side’s nerves. So a 4 - 1 win puts Daya on top of the league but they made very hard work of it today. Some very strange decisions by the referee had many people confounded. Man of the Match was Jota, whose calmness under pressure saw Daya through. Daya Dave Team Sponsor: Segurlab

Torrevieja Swimmers make a splash in Barcelona

Adios Juan, a good bowler, a good friend, and a good man.

For more information regarding Torrevieja Swimming Club please contact Rosa - 665454126 or President Felipe on 609418776 or by e-mail on info@




TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja

The 1st.February saw us at this lovely course for the first time this year and you would have thought summer was with us. What a great day for both the weather and the golf, yes, perfect conditions to play but once again members were finding it difficult to get more than 30 points in conditions that should have produced many more points. Our Stableford competition split into 3 Categories produced the following winners, Cat.1. 1st. Neil Young 34 points,2nd. Roy Middleton 30 and 3rd. Geoff Betts 29 Cat.2 1st. Peter

Kerr 30 points 2nd. Jackie MacVicar 28 on count back from Vince Lannon. Cat.3 only 2 prizes due to low numbers today, resulted in 1st. Christopher Rose 33 2nd. El Presidente 28 points. Our nearest the pins for those prized TORREGOLF.EU golf balls Hole 2. Alan Darby. Hole 7. Ron Matthews. Holes 9 and 16. Geoff Betts who now goes way into a big lead for our year end prize of a FREE ROUND OF GOLF and Hole 12. Roger Twigg. Our picture to-day shows some of the winners in the evening sun of La Peraleja’s lovely Club

Once again, our Wednesday golf saw us standing on the first tee with Horatio arranging for the wind to blow in our faces and I am sure many had visions of lost balls, broken windows, fleeing ducks as golf balls found their way to a watery grave. Seve was, without doubt, a miracle man with a golf club, but by heck he had a wicked sense of humour when he designed this course. If one was to look

up, I am sure that you would see that smile of the man as he looked down and wanting to take the shot for you; that smile of his beaming as he watched golf balls hit water and flying off into the out of bounds areas. As the day wore on, the wind dropped which allowed at least a few holes to be played in a normal way, until Horatio had seen enough and got the wind up again. Talking of wind, John

House balcony. Our next game is our roll up one at Vistabella on the 9th., last weeks winner being Sue Owens, followed by Alenda on Monday the 18th. and then La Serena on Saturday 23rd. If you are interested in joining our Club that also follows the exploits of CD Montesinos and plays somewhere every week or as a member able to enjoy some of the cheapest rates at many of the courses on the Costa’s then contact David Winder at davidwinder. or call him on 626 774 157.



This coming weekend Orihuela RFC are back in league action after a weeks rest at home to Albacete. With only three league games left for the season they are hoping to end on a high by winning all three. The last two games are away to Cartagena on 2 or 3 March and the final one is at home against Lorca on 9 March. All the teams will be looking to avenge their defeats at the hands of ITV Orihuela RFC earlier on in the season. It would be great to end the season on such a high as it is the 40th anniversary for the club. This weekend ITV Orihuela RFC are playing at next to last home league game of the season against Albacete at

17.00ish, well it is Spain, looking at getting a historic double over them, so let us get plenty of support behind the team. More news hopefully will follow shortly of more touring teams and tournaments that ITV Orihuela RFC will be taking part in after the season has finished. As well as other rugby events and tournaments in the regions, including beach rugby and 7’s, international and national teams taking part from Europe. This coming weekend we are back televising the live Premiership and Pro 12 matches at the rugby bar in Rojales, The Steakhouse, used to be Tylers Bar. Starting on Friday with Dragons v Warriors at 20.00, on Saturday, Saracens

v Exeter at 16.00, followed by Quins v Tigers. Looking forward to seeing another good turn out down there this weekend. I am down at the Moncayo Market on Saturday, with all the rugby branded clothing, so come down and get all your shirts for the rest of the 6 Nations games after a weekend of wins for Scotland, England and Wales. Training is at the Miguel Hernandez University ground at 20.15 on Tuesday and Thursday for the seniors and juveniles. The juniors start at 18.15. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish)

TMGS Match Report Alicante Golf, 6th February 2013 ,

Eyre bent over to retrieve his ball marker and the noise was a tell-tale sign of a curry the night before. However, this was not the case and John’s new nickname will be “PJ” as in PJ Proby. Those of you (us!) old enough will recall PJ’s antics on stage with his tighter than tight trousers. Anyway, once again, the wind prevented most from scoring well and in fact, not one

Busters Golf Society February Competition Friday 8th February saw us playing at Las Colinas , they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse , so with that in mind we booked 20 places all of which were taken . I have played Las Colinas before , the first time being shortly after they opened the course , in those early days the course was in very good condition and proved a good test of golf , regarding our outing there on 8th February I must say that the course is still in excellent condition , and boasts above average club house facilities , and now the course has settled down it’s maybe a tougher test of golf with the greens being very true but slick and sometimes difficult to read , the weather during this event was a major problem for everyone with strong winds and tough pin positions making things more difficult for the average

golfer , this reflected on our scores with the best score of the day being 34 points . Onto our winners , with Las Colinas having five nearest the pins our nearest the pins , on hole 5 and hole 14 , Matt Martin won and chose from a selection of 12 year old Gin , Brandy , Vodka or Bacardi , the other winners were on hole 7 , B Grinsell , hole 10 , Stuart Tosh and Graham ( Bally ) Ball winning on hole 17 . The prize for our best guest was won by Stuart Tosh who received a cash prize, the members runner up was taken by Matt Martin who after taking 2 nearest the pin prizes put his cash prize back into our dinner fund , our winner for the day was Phil Harris with 34 points who also won a cash prize , well done Phil and all of our winners who took part .

I would like to thank Chris Udell and Sam who have recently joined Busters Golf Society for their generous donation of the nearest the pin prizes , thanks also go to Brian Jones for his donation of a dozen balls to be used as prizes in the near future . After the game we returned to the Mini Golf bar in Quesada for our prize giving and a few beers along with snacks which were provided by the bar , the bar always looks after us and I would recommend it to anyone , beer at the right price friendly staff , what more could you ask for . Our next meeting takes us to another favourite of ours , Alicante Golf Club where we are looking forward to a game at one of the areas top courses . Barry Grinsell Busters Golf Society

member achieved handicap although the winner of the Silver Division, Sandra Twentyman was very close with an excellent and top score of the day with 35 points. The runner-up spot was taken by Ally Murray with 32 points, followed very closely by John “PJ” Eyre on 31 points. The Silver Division certainly outscored the Gold Division players and it only needed 27 points from Theo Boelhouwer

to claim third spot from Darren Hancock on a countback. The runner up slot was taken, again, by Steve Higgins on 31 points and the winner and helping in his quest to claim the Order of Merit title, was Alan Rixson on 32 points. Only 4 of the 6 NTP’s were claimed and these were by just two people. Theo` taking the Gold NTP’s of holes 3 and 8 and NTP sponsor Bill Wylie taking

two of his bottles back for holes 12 and 15. Photo, L-R John “PJ” Eyre, Sandra Twentyman, Captain, Alan Rickers, Ally Murray Our next game, Wednesday 13th February, see’s us at the La Finca golf course for our 3rd round of the Captains Trophy, so if you fancy a game just look at our website or call the Match Secretary on 966719604.


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