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Workshop based in La Pinilla Only ten minutes from Camposol Car valeting Small Bodywork Repairs Undertaken New I.C.E. Computer Diagnostic & Fault Finding Servicing Courtesy cars available for certain jobs: Pre ITV Checks Available And we can even take your car for its ITV test too! Air Conditioning Repairs & Re-gassing

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24 people, including two children and a pregnant woman, have been rescued from a patera seven miles from Cabo del Agua, off the Cartagena coast. The Salvamento Marítimo was alerted at 11 o’clock at night by a Guardia Civil patrol, who had seen the small craft. The ‘Salvamar Mimosa’ with five Guardia Civil officers was launched, and by 1 a.m. the occupants had been brought to Cartagena port. They were examined by members of the Cruz Roja, and found to be in good health.

Sport Murcia

DNA tests conducted in the central laboratories of the Madrid Police have confirmed that bodies exhumed from the vegetable garden of a secluded house at El Fenazar in Molina de Segura, are of the Dutch ex-volleyball player Ingrid Visser, 36, and her

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with the Dutch couple, who threatened him when he asked for explanations about laundered money. He also claimed that he was afraid of Lifante, and said that he had received threatening messages and calls, and had even received an email of a picture of a gun with the word ‘Nice’ in English next to it. Cuenca claimed that he did not return to the crime scene until the next day, 14th May, when the couple were already dead, and had been buried in the vegetable garden by the two Romanians.


The Policía Nacional of Cartagena has conducted raids on the barriadas of San Ginés, Las Seiscientas and La Unión, which resulted in the detention of 11 people, and which has dismantled a network for the sale and distribution of cocaine. The raids were conducted simultaneously at 10 p.m. on seven houses in the streets of Carrera de Irún, Padre Manjón and Esteban Bernal Velasco. Drugs, cash and a weapon were seized. The drugs seized were 1,200 grams of cocaine of high purity, ready to be cut and sold. Also, the security forces found 12 kilos of material used routinely to adulterate narcotic substances, 30,000 euros in cash, a stun gun and three laptops. Also seized were three cars and two powerful motorcycles; it is suspected that these had been purchased with the profits from the distribution and sale of illegal drugs. Several of those arrested are known to the police for involvement in drug trafficking, in particular two men known as ‘El Capa’ and ‘El Primacho’. In the first five months of this year the drug squad, led by Comisario Alfonso Navarro, have dismantled 39 drugs rings, more than double the mid-year average, and have arrested more than 80 people.

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boyfriend Lodewijk Severein, 57, who disappeared on May 13th. The Delegado del Gobierno in Murcia, Joaquín Bascuñana, confirmed yesterday that the couple had died between 14th and 16th May from injuries caused by a blows to the head. It is believed that the couple were lured to the house by a ruse. According to a statement to the police given by the ex-delegado of the Club de Voleibol, Juan Cuenca, the vist was ostensibly to discuss discrepancies surrounding a common business interest. Cuenca revealed how, en route to the house, he picked up 2 Romanians in Valencia. Then later in the journey they stopped at a shop to buy items which were later used to clean blood from the murder site. He told how he had texted a female acquaintance, asking her to buy him cleaning buckets, bleach, hydrochloric cleaner and garbage bags. However, the woman told him that she could not do this, so Cuenca made a detour to acquire the cleaning materials himself. This fact alone suggests that the double murder was pre-planned. Despite this admission, Cuenca tried to avoid any responsibility for the execution of the double murder. He claimed that when the Dutch couple arrived at the house, he left the premises. He stated that it was the former owner of the Club de Voleibol, Evedasto Lifante, who had set up and who ran the meeting. Cuenca said that Lifante and Severein were partners in several businesses, including trading diamonds between Central Africa and Amsterdam. However, Lifante robustly denied this, claiming that Cuenca was using this as a ruse to incriminate him in the crime. Cuenca admitted that he had experienced ‘problems’


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Cartagena, Cabo Tiñoso

A helicopter from the Dirección General de Seguridad Ciudadana y Emergencias, based in Alcantarilla with the Grupo de Rescate Aéreo del Consorcio de Extinción de Incendios y Salvamento de la Región de Murcia was called to the Collado de la Aguja, between El Portús and Cabo Tiñoso (Cartagena), to rescue a man of 60 years of age, who became ill while hiking. The 112 service was alerted by members of the hiking group, who reported that one of their number had become ill. The helicopter took the patient to a place of safety, from where he could be transferred to the Hospital de Santa Lucía, in Cartagena by the Unidad Móvil de Emergencias del Servicio Murciano de Salud.


Four people, including a baby, had to receive emergency treatment by the Servicios Sanitarios de Emergencias before being transferred to hospital after their car left the road and overturned. The accident occurred on the Autovía A-30, heading towards Cartagena, at the Ronda Oeste de Murcia. The 112 Services were called to the scene, between the exits of Barrio del Carmen and Ronda Norte. The caller gave the information that at least three people were in the car, including a baby, and three ambulances carrying medical personnel from the Gerencia de Emergencias Sanitarias del Servicio Murciano de Salud rushed to the scene. Having treated and stablised the wounded they were transferred to the Hospital ‘Virgen de la Arrixaca’.


A man in his 50s died when the car he was driving left the road and overturned. The accident occurred in the very early morning on

the RM F-20, which runs from Balsicas to Avileses, on the outskirts of Murcia. The car left the road about 1 kilometre from Balsicas, and the incident was witnessed by another motorist, who called the 112 services. The Guardia Civil and medical personnel from the Unidad Móvil de Emergencias del Servicio Murciano de Salud atended the scene, but were unable to determine whether the man died previous to, or because of, the accident.


The Gobiernos of the Región de Murcia and Aragón have signed an agreement to work together to promote and improve the international pilgrim route ‘El Camino de Vera Cruz’. This is an important cultural and tourists route for walkers and cyclists, and links Roncesvalles and El Camino de Santiago with the sacred site of Caravaca de la Cruz at the Navarran town of Puente La Reina. The Consejero de Cultura y Turismo, Pedro Alberto Cruz, a co-signator to the agreement, described the signing as ‘an agreement by the five Comunidades Autónomas - Navarra, Aragón, Castilla La Mancha, Comunidad Valenciana and the Región de Murcia, to promote, design and implement this project, which has beneficial value for all, and is intended to economically revitalise the areas through which the Camino de la Vera Cruz passes.


exchange for the broken cigarette would receive a carnation flower. The theme for this display was this year was ‘Cambio de olor’ (Change the smell) and nobody could deny that a carnation smells much nicer than a cigarette! As well as the carnation, the recipient was given a leaflet on the harmful effects of tobacco, and how to quit smoking. The display was so successful that the stall ran out of carnations!

to Advertise your business Call our sales office on 950 121 936 (calida) or 966 719 647 (blanca)


To promote the Día Mundial sin Tabaco the Concejalías de Sanidad and Política Social set up a publicity display at the Alameda de la Constitución. Staff had prepared 200 white carnations, and the deal was that members of the public would give a member of the staff a cigarette, which was destroyed, and in

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barnes bulletin Sport Evening all! Graham Knight, Director, Oficina de Atencio’n al Residents International, tells me that he has received information from Scott Blair, the Press and Communications Officer, for the Neighbourhood Watch, here in Spain, that there would seem to be an increase in “Distraction theft” cases, taking place. It would seem that as the tourist season starts, this low life, once again, crawls out from whichever rock they have been hibernating under during the winter months, and begin their activities. “Distraction theft” tend to happen where

people gather, such as markets, A.T.M. at banks, supermarkets, airports and the beach. A most recent case involved a visitor from Sweden. On arrival at Alicante airport, he decided to visit the local Mercadona, before heading off for his home. As he walked down one of the aisle, he was distracted by a young women, who asked him some question or other, the conversation lasting only a few seconds. Unfortunately, the few seconds were all that were needed, for her accomplice to open up a buttoned down pocket, in our visitors

“Safari” style shorts, and remove 800 euros holiday money. By the time it was noticed that the pocket was open, and the notes gone, the miscreants had made their escape. One of the least expensive and successful ways of preventing this type of theft, has been to wear a money belt, under a shirt, and then to only carry enough cash to cover the shopping trip, or day out. Not easy if you have just arrived and need to do “A shop” before heading to your holiday home. Not mentioned by Scott, but friends arriving by plane, have been know to conceal folding money in their shoes, until able to reach hotel or holiday home. Another tip mentioned by the Neighbourhood Watch, concerns the hire car, often targeted by opportunist “Highwaymen”. Don’t advertise you are driving a hire car. Carefully remove the company’s sticker from the rear window. This action alone, will increase your safety. Mind how you go.

Carlton Kitchens & Bathrooms The Design & Installation Company Over 200 styles New Kitchens or replacement doors for that new look We provide an extensive range from traditional hand built kitchens to the most up to date Linear designs

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More notes for the diary! Four choirs that will be busy during the early part of June, are the Sagrado Corazon, The Concert Francisco Vallejos, the Nuevo Amanecer and the Maestro Ricardo Lafuente Choir. Sagrado Corazon will be gathering in the Plaza de Oriente on Friday, 7th, of June at 7.30 pm, for a celebration of mass. Just after 8 pm., they will be involved in the “March of the new Roman Century”, around the Plaza de Oriente and the La Punta

neighbourhood. Wearing a toga is optional. Visitors can enjoy a mobile disco., from 11.30 pm, until late, again, in the Plaza de Oriente. On Saturday June 8th, celebration of mass accompanied by the voices of the Neuevo Amanecer choire, from Torrerlamata. This mass, starts at 7.30 pm., with the evening ending with a disco., at 11.30 pm. The Sacred Heart Festivities draw to a close on Sunday

I REMEMBER IT WELL The Rascals, with a proud history of 20 years performing at theatres and cultural centres, all in the aid of charities, the length a breath of the Costa Blanca again took to the stage of the most delightful cultural centre in Benijofar, Saturday evening, on June 1st., and did not disappoint. With the first half running to 22 numbers, and the second house to 25, if was

a welcome relief, I’m sure, to reach the interval break, for both cast and audience. The cast deserved an Oscar for high speed costume changes. From the Wild West with The Deadwood Stage and Oklahoma, to a mosquito infected jungle to “Meet the Gang” with a fine rendition of Whispering Grass by John Harrison, through to Michelle Grocutt with her delightful

Cathy’s curiosity corner All granite and laminate work surfaces available All leading appliances Professional installation service Modernisation of existing kitchens Local customer references available

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the 9th, again with a march of the New Roman Century around the Plaza de Oriente at 12 noon. At 8 pm., there will be a celebration of mass by the voices of the Maestro Ricardo Lafuente choir. At 9.15 pm, the Sacred Heart procession accompanied by the Sociedad Musical Los Salerosos, will come to an end for 2013, with a grand firework display. Saturday June 15th., a concert by Francisco Vallejos, for the benefit of the Torrevieja branch of A.F.A.. will take to the stage of the Music Palace in Torrevieja at 8.30 pm., and will cost you just 3 euro. Tickets for this concert can be obtained from the Municipal Theatre box office, Tuesday to Friday, between 11 am and 1 pm.. If you have yet to visit the Music Palace in Torrevieja, do try and attend a concert there. The acoustics are excellent, with all seats providing a good view of the stage. “Wouldn’t it be Luverly”, and lots in between. Following the interval, “Send in the Clowns” with Mo Quirk, and “Feed the Birds” by Jean Bowden, slowed the pace a little, but before long, if was back at the sprint again, with such numbers as “Can’t help loving that man of mine” from Showboat, three James Bond Themes, very skilfully performed, to “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”. Bringing this splendid show to a close, was, with audience participation of course, “When you’re smiling”. One last chance to catch this “Musical Memory from 20 Years of The Rascals” is on June 13th., at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre, in Torrevieja. I thoroughly recommend it.

Rob Barnes moved to live in Spain, 7 years ago. In the UK, amongst other things, he was the Chair of the Midlands Regions, Independent Television Commission. His hobbies include Industrial Archaeology, Mine exploration and photography (Sierra Minera) and is on a quest to get a quality cast conditioned real ale here in Spain! Email Rob at garfieldglencroft@




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Anti-Troika Demonstration In 80 European Cities Includes 11 In Spain

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Hundreds of thousands of people joined in a protest march in 80 European cities on Saturday evening against the ‘catastrophic policies’ of the Troika. Madrid hosted the largest demonstration on the continent, with several thousand people setting off from the Plaza de Neptuno at 18.30hrs. The international callup for protesters said the Troika – made up of the Central European Bank (BCE), the International Monetary Fund (FMI) and the European Commission (EC) – had, through its economic and financial

decisions, caused ‘poverty, home repossessions, hunger, cutbacks, labour reforms and privatisation’. Their banners read ‘we don’t owe, so we’re not paying’ and ‘Rescatan al banquero, desahucian al obrero’, which translates as ‘they rescue the banks and then repossess the workers’ homes’. As they passed the national PP headquarters, they called for president Mariano Rajoy to resign. Europe has demanded Spain increases taxes even more and puts up IVA beyond its current 21 per

cent, makes cuts in pensions and in the minimum wage – but Rajoy says he does not intend to do this. And although he says he will ‘take on board’ the Bank of Spain’s recommendations that the long-term unemployed should be taken on in full-time, 40hour-a-week jobs at less than the current minimum wage of 645 euros, and that State retirement age should be increased to 67 immediately, Rajoy insists the government will stick to its existing plans. Leader of SIRYZA, the Radical Left Coalition in

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Greece, Alexis Tsipras, and João Camargo, head of the Portuguese pressure group Que se lixe a Troika (literally, more or less ‘throw the Troika in the bin’, but in the sense of ‘may the Troika fail’) joined the protest in Madrid as did leader of Izquierda Unida (‘United Left’) at national government level, Cayo Lara. The anti-Troika march in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital, organised by pressure group Blockupy, involved violent confrontations between police and a small group of demonstrators, and several towns and cities in Portugal – including the capital, Lisboa – a country where the unemployment figure of 18 per cent is the highest in living memory also joined the Europe-wide protest. Back in Spain, Valencia, Barcelona and Zaragoza staged demonstrations, as did A Coruña, Vigo, Lugo, Ourense and Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, and Vitoria and San Sebastián in the Basque Country. Protests took place elsewhere in Europe – in Brussels, outside the BCE, in France, The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, England and Northern Ireland.

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JAGUARS - Big Cats Rule Written by Eric Arnold The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club in Spain got together again on Sunday 2nd June, what a fabulous day in all respects. Perfect weather for taking that cherished classic out on the road. Back to restaurant Los Almendros in Torrellano this time, the huge car park makes it easy to organise the Big Cats into an impressive display. Not such a big turnout this time (the curse of the summer visitor and the “snow birds” returning home), but we still had 16 beautiful examples of Jaguars automotive engineering and 37 people for lunch. May I take this opportunity to thank all those that attended especially the new members. I would also like to express my gratitude for the response to the request for donations towards club funds and the enthusiastic buying of past issues of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Magazine. A total of 82.20 Euros was raised. While I am on the subject of “thanks”, a big thank you to Ian for all his hard work in organising the events. The superb selection of Jaguars at this meeting would make the pulse of any “petrol head” race. The line up also attracted a lot of admiration from other people visiting the restaurant line. Chris Fox bought along his beautifully restored red XK120 from the 1950’s, whereas at the other end of the scale was a superb example of the new XK’R’ drop head and a new XKF. We were also graced with

two E Type drop heads which both attracted a lot of attention. XK8’s, XJ’s, a fabulous gold XJS Convertible and Ian’s (Events Manager) beautifully polished S Type, just coming up to it’s 10th birthday but still looking like new were just a few of the complete line up. Here is the deal of a life time, I have just heard through our contact at Jaguar Diplomatic Sales here in Spain that for non EU residents, who may holiday in Spain, they can purchase the new Jaguar F Type for 55,000.00 Euro’s, that is a saving of 30,000.00 Euro’s, unfortunately there is a catch, the car will be registered on a Tourist Plate and it can only be used on Spanish roads for a total of 90 days in any one year. Contact me for more details. Our next meeting is on Sunday the 14th July, something special this time “ A Country Cruise”. We will be visiting Restaurant La Torretta near the town of Elda. Members will have the choice of meeting at Los Almendros in Torrellano and then travelling in convoy to La Torretta or meeting at the restaurant. La Torretta is a small country restaurant that takes pride in the quality of the produce used. A culinary experience that you will not forget. I have negotiated a special price for the members of 23 Euros per head. Details of the menu and arrangements will be finalised nearer the time, but in the meantime please let our Ian know if you are interested in attending. Another date

for your diaries, Saturday 14th September, JEC Spain has agreed to support the Royal British Legion in their Poppy Day Appeal, this will include a cruise out to The Manor at Pinoso - not an official JEC Meeting, just a run out to help support a great cause. Other events for this year include a visit to a golf club and a presentation on taxation for expatriates including vehicle historic registrations. The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club is the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs, apart from joining in the fun at the meetings, members also benefit from a glossy 132 page A4 monthly magazine, Jaguar spares department and a technical advice service second to none. If you live in Spain and own a Jaguar you should be a member of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. The JEC in Spain is organised by Eric Arnold and Ian McMenemy. Eric can be contacted by email at or by phone on 609931647 or alternatively check out the JEC web site Our Events Manager, Ian McMenemy can be contacted at

Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital.

Welcome GO SATELLITE! Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Welcome GO SATELLITE! GO SATELLITE was set up 8 years ago by husband and wife team Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than 20 years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´S Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the “stars”, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving SKY, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before moving to Spain.

WHERE ARE WE? GO SATELLITE is based in Ciudad Quesada and covers most of the Costa Blanca. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! Over the past 8 years the company has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities. The Go Satellite system uses highest quality

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Ian said “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It’s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing.

We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their needs”. CUSTOMER SERVICE Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the service. Added to that is the fact that GO SATELLITE is a fully legal, Spanish registered business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free no obligation site survey. Go Satellite is going from strength to strength! COME AND MEET US!

They have now opened a new office in the Business Centre Calle Los Arcos No7 Ciudad Quesada. So you can now come and meet us and we will endeavour to help you with all of

your TV queries.

OTHER SERVICES Go Satellite not only provide television but are also able to provide internet and telephone services. Packages are available to suit all with a switch on/off service available for non residents. DISH ISSUES? Here at Go Satellite, we use only Top Quality Portugese dishes and Invacom LNB’s. Sky Packages are also available. If you do not have room or do not wish to have a dish, give us a call as we have a solution! At Go Satellite, we will endeavour, to provide TV for everyone.

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big band night

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All change..

for the CUEVAS DEL RODEO markets.. (a.k.a. the artists’ caves in Rojales)

For July, August and September, the monthly arts and crafts markets will be moving to the evenings because of the heat; and they will be changing to Saturdays too. AND a return of the popular evening music concerts at the caves’ bar too!? The first evening market will be on July 13th - as the first Saturday the town is in fiesta with Moors & Christians - and there will be music, drink, food & flamenco dancing! The August market will be on the evening of Saturday August 3rd & the September one will be Saturday 7th evening. If you’ve never visited this unique venue, these will be a great time with artists & craftsmen displaying/selling their work & demonstrating/ running workshops too. However, many people have complained that the caves are not easy to find and although we have asked the town hall for more signs that Brits will understand, there are many of the usual small brown signs round the town saying ‘CUEVAS DEL RODEO’ ; And there are also directions and map on the CostaArt.Net website too.

Living abroad and need an English base? Then look no further than...

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Do you have a home abroad or in the UK & would like to have a secure, luxury holiday home in England. We are open 11 months of the year & can supply most makes of luxury caravans & lodges. Woodcarr Park is in the small Lincolnshire village of Belton. We are just 20 mins from Humberside & Doncaster airports. Contact Barry or Jean Williams on:

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By Susan Ward The sun was shining and the heat not too hot to dance, just perfect to enjoy The Crazy Ladies Tap Dance Group. The Village Fete at Los Alcazares was sponsored by Legs & Co retail shop, for the MABS Cancer Support Group. This was the 4th year that the fete took place and the 2nd year that the Crazy Ladies have taken part.

They kicked of with “Putting On the Ritz”, the costumes complimenting the music perfectly with the very stylish top hat, black tails and green bow tie. Wow..This was followed by “We’re in the Money”. their gloves covered in gold coins....Next was “IJpside Down”. A fun number with gorgeous hats with eyes and a gliuery red ball of tinsel at the back. The Crazy Ladies T:shirts are new this year and looked brilliant with white shorts for the “Rolling in the Deep” dance. All good things have to end and the last show stopping performance was an energetic “Pencil Full of Lead” dance. The 4 ladies in this dance,


swirled, twirled and swished in their Charleston style costumes. They are clearly ladies who love to dance and to show their skills to the public. Their enthusiasm is matched with the professional performance they achieve due to the teaching of their leader Georgie. The ladies were able to change costumes in the Legs & Co shop while the audience were entertained with a song from Kathy in between dances. The ladies thank Legs & Co for the use of their changing room.The audience were very


Tel: 966 717 028

Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada


appreciative with enquiries regarding their next performance.. The 11 ladies taking part were Georgie, Liz,Maureen, Joy, Janet, Juli, Cristel, Sue, Diane \M, Diane B and Wilma. You can catch another amazing time - being totally crazy with the ladies - at Playa Flamenca on June 15th.Should you love to have the Crazy Ladies at your fiesta, cabaret, party or any other type of event then please contact either Georgie on Tef 968 171 356 or Susan Ward Tel 966 189 513

This was the question put by Carmen Verdu Garcia, Mayoress of Guardamar del Segura, to David Farrer, Treasurer of the Gilbert and Sullivan society as they both signed the handover documents. Guardamar had been during their 18yrs, the cultural home of the Gilbert and Sullivan society. In recognition of all the help that the cultural authorities had given to them in providing facilities to put on G&S shows every March and concerts in November in the Casa de Cultura, they decided to donate their piano/ keyboard and accessories to the town of Guardamar.

all you need in one place Monday Thursday Fridays

The Cadillacs 4.30pm - 6.15pm - 5€ Pop House 8.00pm Fun Quiz 8.30pm Closed from 6pm for private parties Book yours now! Saturday See guide below Sunday Karaoke with Richie Sparks 9pm

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Tickets €8.50 Pre-show meals available 7.30pm



every monday 8pm ‘ I DARE YOU TO TRY IT AND NOT LIKE IT’


Every Sunday with Big FM’s Richie Sparks at 9pm

‘Put on your dancing shoes’

ne SAT 8TH ju ”

pop house

karaoke’s back

19th june 8.30pm


Unlike the society, which is coming to an end, the keyboard will continue to provide musical entertainment and encouragement within the cultural and educational facilities of the town. This presentation follows on from their recent final show at which they donated a total of 3000€ to the charities AECC and HAH. This brings the overall total to 50,000€ donated to local charities since 1995. This means that they have disposed of everything bar any residual cash after paying the solicitor, which will be donated to AFA.

ne SAT 15TH ju bison ey & roy or

gene pitn lus DJ Helen € tribute p OW 8PM 10


22nd June Saturday nfirmed to be co

10€ SHOW 8PM + L A E M E S 2 COUR 9.30PM 3€ SHOW ONLY


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Camposol C

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• 2 bedroom/2 bathroom finca.

• 3 bed/3 bath Neptuno style villa.

• 2 bedroom/2 bathroom villa.

• Set in orange groves.

• 8m x 4m private garden pool.

• Great sea views.

• 5m x 5m private pool

• Inner stairs to master bedroom with ensuite.

• 5 mins walk to beach and facilities.

• Bespoke BBQ area with log oven.

• Close to Sensol Spa Hotel & Golf.

• Fully fitted & finished to high standard.

CAMPOSOL C Holiday Lets From €425 p/w Ref No: 0128

Camposol D Ref No: 0003

Camposol A Long Let €650 + bills PCM CAMPOSOL D Holiday Lets from €600 P/W Ref No: 0096 Ref No: 0119

Holiday Lets From

Ref No: 0139

• 3 bed/3 bath Neptuno style villa. • 8m x 4m private pool. • Fully furnished & equipped. • Close to Camposol Golf & Sensol Spa Hotel.

Long Let

€375 + bills PCM

• 2 bed/2 bath Rosa style villa.

• 5 bedroom villa can sleep 14.

• Sat TV/AC plus much more.

• Close to facilities on A Sect.

• 8m x 4m Private Pool.

• 10m x 5m swimming pool.

• Large games room.

• Ideal for 2 families or ext family.

• 3 bed/2 bath Cibeles style villa. • Large landscaped plot. • Private 8m x 4m kidney shaped pool. • Fully furnished & equipped.


“ Agents for James Villa Holidays”

paramount resort villa rentals

Your choice

Now sourcing quality villas for Summer 2014. your way For further information (0034) 608 631 700 contact us

golf villa sales Your dream your future your way

your holiday



Ref No: 0021

Camposol Sector D


• Exceptional 2 bath Fortuna style villa.

• Large plot in sort after area.

• Fully glazed front terrace.

• Oil fired central heating throughout.

• 8m x 4m private pool.

• Must be viewed to appreciate value.

• To be sold fully furnished.

Ref No: 0127


camposol commercial b


Ref No: 0128


• 4 bedroom/3 bathroom villa.


(0034) 671 188 808

Ref No: 0010

Ref No: 0061


camposol a


Camposol Sector D


Ref No: 0005

• 3 bed/3 bed Neptuno style villa. • 10m x 5m pool in 650sqm plot. • Extended top box with kitchen. • Detached garage/storage/outdoor kitchen. El Coto, Aledo

• Investment opportunity • Shop/Office prime Camposol area. • Large display/office area & more. • Amazing commercial offer.


Camposol sector b

Ref No: 0084

Ref No: 0053




• Ext 3bed/3bath Fortuna style villa.

• 2 bedroom Rebecca style villa.

• 3 bedroom/2 bathroom modern villa.

• 3 bed/3 bath Neptuno style villa.

• Large 800 sqm plot in sort after area.

• Glazed front terrace.

• 6,500m plot, Sierra Espuna foothills.

• 650 sqm plot close to shops & bars.

• 8m x 4m private pool & garage.

• Presented in exceptional state.

• Large underbuild parking/storage.

• Full sized games room.

• Must be viewed to appreciate value.

• To be sold fully furnished.

• Amazing views.

•10m x 5m private pool.


Many more can be seen on our websites office spain (0034)

968 970 614

office Uk (0044)

1733 592 002



First corner crash doesn’t keep Anthony Ford-Dunn down The Supermoto racing brothers from Murcia were in action again over the weekend for the latest round of the Valencian Supermoto championship held at Villena in Alicante. Both brothers qualified their ‘Advance Moves International Removals’ Supermotoland SML450 race bikes on the front row of the gird for the first of their two races.

position overall in the tougher SM Open category. With both brothers never finishing off the podium in any of their races this year it looks like they are both looking strong for championship honours, with Mat holding 1st in the Valencian SM Masters, and a close 3rd in the Spanish SM Masters championships, and Anthony currently 2nd in the Valencian Open championship.

It was former Spanish champion Israel Escalera who took the early lead with Anthony Ford-Dunn chasing hard in 2nd place followed by former Belgium champion Lionel Deriddier and then Anthony’s older brother Mat Ford-Dunn in 4th. Israel’s pace was just a little too quick for Anthony and the pair finished a close 1st and 2nd , whilst Mat caught and nearly passed Lionel in the closing stages to finish 4th. Anthony knew that a good start was required in the second race so that he could challenge Israel for the lead and overall win. When the race started the pack charged into the first corner with the first three riders locked together as they all aimed for the same part of the track. Anthony was caught in the middle of the scrap and his bike was flicked into the air sending him sliding down the road. Despite being winded and down for a lap Anthony remounted on his rather second hand looking bike to mount a charge through the pack that took him back up to 5th position. Meanwhile Mat was charging hard and after missing the first corner carnage he settled into 2nd position and built up a healthy lead over the riders behind him. The brothers results from both races gave Mat the overall win in the SM Masters class and Anthony a brave 3rd

Dry Cuts €8

Senior Gentlemen €6 Wash and Cut €12 Dry Cut and Sculpturing €8 Children under 5 years €5 Children under 16 years €7 Ladies Dry Cut €8 Hot Towel Shave €20 Highlights €29 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm Saturday 9.30am - 2.00pm Walk in service, no appointments needed Camposol Sector B, opposite TJ Electricals

Tel: 664 051 612


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r u o y y enjo s r a e y n golde HIRE A HUSBAND

Professional, reliable, handy man available... ...for all the jobs he doesn’t get round to, including Van Removals, Painting Exterior/Interior, Small Plumbing Jobs, Shelves, Garden Clearance, All Outside Work - Walls, Stone Cladding, Rendering etc... Property Maintenance Good hourly/daily rate - 7 yrs in the area.

Call Jim 677 557 190 Evenings 950 930 596 References available & Pics of work completed

Gecko Legal Services 950 475 959

617 611 140

• Deeds • Wills & Inheritance • Tax Returns • Legal Services • Power of Attorney • Insurance & Financial • Accounting • Payroll • N.I.E & Resident Certificates • Conveyancing • Contracts • Vehicle Registration • Licenses

Opposite Ferreteria Lopez, Mojacar Playa Free delivery within the radius of 50km of Arboleas


in Arboleas

Tel: 650 626 460 / 950 951 823

Locally-based Rental & Sales of: Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking aids (frames, tri-walkers, rollaters and crutches)

Other mobility aids: Call for availability.

Servicing and repair of all types of mobility aids Call us for our range of mobility products

Now available at Sophia Wellness Centre

One of Spain’s biggest appeals is the quality of life on offer. Retirement in Spain offers expats yearround sunshine, stunning countryside and beaches, and a low cost of living. Retirees are attracted here by the fulfilling post-retirement lifestyle that is on offer as well as the financial benefits that arise from inexpensive housing and healthcare. Living Expenses: Spain remains a relatively cheap place to live, especially when compared with other western European nations, and will offer retirees a good standard of living for their money. Healthcare: Spain has a well-developed national health system that is available to all, even those from abroad, although there are some limitations to this latter group. However, the health service here does

experience high demands for services and there are often long waiting lists for treatment and operations. Many people opt for private healthcare in order to avoid this and people who are seriously considering retirement in Spain may want to research the cost and availability of such care. Housing: The housing market in Spain, as with many countries throughout the



by Maria van Enckevort

Talleres de escultura Where? In Los Alamos in MI CORAZON When? On Tuesdays & Fridays from 10.00 till 14.00

On Thurdays from 17.00 till 21.00 150€ for a course of 10 sessions incl. use of tools, coffee or tea. Various stones for 1,50€ per kilo Call: 950 064 669

world in recent times, has suffered from over speculation and there is now a shortage of affordable homes. Retirees may wish to delay intended house purchases until the housing bubbles have been fully resolved. Spain is extremely popular as a retirement destination for Europeans, many of whom choose to settle in the Costa del Sol, part of the Andalucia

province.Thisareaisparticularly attractive to retirees as it offers an excellent infrastructure together with a proliferation of English-speaking service providers. However, this area is often criticized for feeling more British than Spanish and retirees who are seeking a more Spanish experience often opt for areas in and around Benicassim.

1st Lesson FREE Newcomers Workshops Tuesday & Friday El Molinico Turre, 7pm

NULINE is a great way to learn dance whilst enjoying a low

impact physical & mental workout and is suitable for all ages, no partner required. NULINE offers a method of teaching routines danced to allgenres of music: Latin, Waltz, Jazz, Pop, Celtic and Country so that you can learn more advanced steps at an early stage. NULINE A better class of dance

Mob: 660 472 334 / 617 712 036 Instructors of NULINE

Combining care & support for those that need it

Why struggle with daily life when help is just a phone-call away?

Personal Care

Assistance with Personal Hygiene

Domestic Support

Cleaning & Household Tasks

Sitting Service

Are You Caring For A Loved One? Are You In Need Of A Break? For a free consultation to assess personal requirements call Elle on 674 509 382 who will work with you to create your individual care plan

NVQ qualified with over 20 years experience in Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Learning Disabilities




Forget the Mediterranean diet, NORDIC foods could be the key ‘A health-enhancing regional Nordic diet has therefore been proposed as an alternative to the Mediterranean diet.’ The diet has already been nicknamed the Noma diet - after the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, ranked as the world’s best three years in a row. The study featured 166 obese people from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, some of whom ate their regular diet and some who adopted the Nordic diet. Both sample groups ate the same number of calories but those on the Nordic diet ate meals packed with

Osteopath Naturopath For years, the Mediterranean diet with plenty of olive oil and vegetables has been lauded as the key to health and longevity. But it seems that a Scandinavian nation’s cuisine could actually be better for you. Scientists have found that eating a diet based on that served up traditionally in Denmark could significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. Nordic cuisine is usually made up of fresh berries, fish and game - foods that thrive in colder northern climates. Professor Matti Uusitupa, from the University of Eastern Finland,told The Daily Telegraph: ‘The Mediterranean diet, representing the diet traditionally eaten in southern Europe, has long been related to improved health and prevention of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and type two diabetes. ‘Acceptance of the Mediterranean diet has not been easy in other parts of the western world, probably due to difficulties in changing dietary patterns, cultural differences in taste and limited accessibility to various foods. Monica Algañaraz Over 40 years experience in physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment. General postural assessment and holistic health checks available English spoken

hair & beauty

Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

For that special occasion, your hair needs to be

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children


...from the perfect colour, with deep conditioning treatment, to the elegant up-do - our experts are here for you!

• Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions

950 930 167 or 628 669 456 located opposite Pricebusters

kim clark benefits consultancy

Electronic Cigarettes Starter Packs from €20 Delivered to your door Easy to order

Do you suffer from mobility problems, breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles?

Tel: 9  62 839 156 or 635 706 359 Use Discount Code: GIVEME20 to get 20% off your first order

You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568 or visit

Sophias Spring Couples treat

centro óptico

For you and your husband or you & your friend - together

Facials only 10€ 1 Week free trial Hopi Ear Candle only 12.50€ for men and Back Massage only 15€ women on the Or all 3 for 35€ toning tables

Appointments necessary - treatments take approx 1 hour per couple For more information call Sophias on 950 449 451 email: or call in to see us in Arboleas

dry cuts at 9.50€ gents from 6€ colours starting from 28€ these fantastic prices are always available

Mon: 9.30am-3pm Tue-Fri: 9.30am-5pm Sat: 10am-2pm

Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

Do you need help washing / dressing or supervision?

For more information or appointments call 695 355 381 Ctra. Baja no. 29A 1o c. Olula Del Rio

fish, locally sourced vegetables and whole grain products. Poultry or game was consumed rather than red meat. While those who stuck to their regular diet showed little difference in their levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol after 24 weeks, those on the Mediterranean diet had seen LDL-C levels drop four per cent with an increase in ‘good’ cholesterol. Unlike the Mediterranean diet, the Nordic version also reduced chemicals that cause inflammation in the blood that are linked to heart disease.

Avda Pio XII, s/n 04800 - Tel: 950 121 991

A Months Supply of One-Day Lenses

Graduated Lenses

Only €18.90

1 pair


2 pairs:


Hard of Hearing? Come and have a free test!!

All accessories & various models available

Get Your Eyes Tested 28€ Single Vision For 96 € Varifocal FREE!

30% discount 30% discount off all for OAPs

Designer Sunglasses


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Three more Sundays for cantabiles Thank you to the Craft Fair in La Nucía la siesta church

The weekly Craft Fair that has been held in the Old Town of La Nucía, every Sunday morning since the beginning of February, is coming to the end of its first season: only three more to go. Although they could have done with some more public, the reactions have been very positive and the participants are already planning to continue after the summer with new ideas and more stalls. Every Sunday morning some ten or twelve stalls are set up in the lovely square in front of the church and the Town Hall, offering

a wide choice of good quality hand made goods. And every week some new craftsman or artist joined the group that is taking turns so as to offer as much variety as possible. On the 9th of June there will even be three “new” stalls: one from the painter Antonio, another with jewellery and faces cut from the stones of avocado pears and one offering brooches and little boxes decorated with intricate quilling. Ricardo is coming back with his chess games made of leather (even the pieces!); there will be lamps and rag dolls, enamels and hand painted glass, soap, jewellery and crochet. In the web page of Amata, the organizing craft association, you can see who is coming these last three weeks (the list is completed as the participants book their places); html is the direct link to this list and at you can see photographs of previous weeks. More information (also in English) on 639 969 678.

Cantabile female voice choir rounded off a highly successful season with a concert of Sacred and Secular music featuring songs from Vivaldi, Vangelis, Dvorak, Carly Simon and Bjorn Ulvaeus(Abba) at La Siesta Church on Saturday, 1st June. Soloists were Alicia Muddle(Ombra Mai Fu), Jennifer Morton(Solveig’s Song), Pat Yardley(Pie Jesu), Patricia Flint(Art Thou Troubled) and a duet by Pat Yardley and Eve Day( Panis Angelicus). Cantabile, as always, wish to add their heartfelt thanks to La Siesta Church for allowing rehearsals at the church. OPEN AFTERNOON: Any members of the public and especially would-be singers

are cordially invited to attend the choir’s last rehearsal before they disband for the summer. This is on June 14th in the church from 3-5pm. Further information: email: jen-morton@ tel: 966796866 or Phyl Webb on 965 077 457.

Busy week at the Centre The EHCRC Foundation, a home for 52 horses, ponies and donkeys, opened its doors to take in another two new rescue horses last week. Both cases were very bad. The first was a two year old horse which has been named Jett. Said Sue “We were contacted by a concerned member of a walking club, who had come upon a malnourished young horse with severe deformities in both hind legs. Arrangements were made by a third party to persuade the owner to hand the horse over to the centre, which thankfully he agreed to do. We had no idea how bad his condition was till we arrived with the trailer to pick him up, not since Faith have we faced had such a huge challenge. Already extensive x-rays have been done to determine the extent of his deformities which we think were caused by him contracting a virus as a new-born foal that miraculously he survived, however it caused him to develop septic arthritis in his joints which through neglect and combined with malnourishment in his short two years of life, has led to these horrific deformities that we are now trying to work with. Aided by Gasper our Surgeon in Barcelona, our Farrier Enrique will be creating special supportive shoes to help support his joints whilst he continues growing. If this is successful, in two years it may be

possible for surgery to help correct part of his deformity”. Sue also went on to say “This young horse has survived everything bad that man can throw at him, amazingly he is full of life, he doesn’t know he’s deformed and more importantly he is in no pain, therefore we will give him every chance possible to have a good life here with us at the centre”. The second horse they have named Crystal, she is a beautiful grey mare that is absolutely skeletal. She was found by a German lady who has a riding school in Guadalest, she was looking to buy a horse for her school and came upon Crystal. Seeing the horrific condition she was in she couldn’t walk away, so she bought her to save her and then contacted the rescue centre to see if they would give her a home. Sadly because of the crisis, there are thousands of brood mares that are now simply being left to starve to death because there is now no demand to buy young horses anymore. “Maybe you can’t change the world by saving one horse, but you can change the whole world for the horse that you save”. Please visit us our rescue centre or our charity shops and help us to help them. If you have any questions on any animal welfare issues or for more details of the work of the EHCRC call Sue on 652 021 980 or visit www.


Europe warns Spain over hospitals’ refusal to accept EHIC cards from tourists

Spain has been sanctioned by the European Commission for refusing to accept EHIC cards from tourists who need medical treatment. The EHIC is valid for emergency or ongoing routine treatment in any member State during a temporary stay. But a large number of holidaymakers have reported being asked for a credit card and health insurance when attending hospital or a doctor’s surgery, and being made to pay if they have neither. Others who thought they were being treated on their EHICs found out later that a bill had been sent to their health insurers. Some say they have been told that if they have health insurance, their EHICs are not valid for treatment. Private health insurance policies are not valid for using the

Spanish State to buy toll roads in debt

State service which, if an EU citizen is visiting Spain or any other member State, requires a EHIC. The EC says it believes that hospitals in Spain are denying free public healthcare to holidaymakers from the EU and telling them they can only be treated privately, and then billing this to either health insurers or, in most cases, to the patient. Insurance companies offering health policies have been reporting this matter to Brussels, as have tourists forced to pay out of their own pockets. The EC has been attempting to resolve this problem with Spain since 2010, with limited success, and the number of complaints continues to rise. To this end, Brussels has decided to send a written warning to Spain giving them a deadline to comply with EU rules.


RENTALS - SALES -MANAGEMENT - MAINTENANCE “We have 15 years experience of the local coastal property market, with an unrivalled reputation for reliable, honest advice and value for money and we urgently need more properties to sell and rent. We believe our commission charges are unbeatable - check us out.”

Toll roads in serious financial trouble will be ‘rescued’ by the State, although the companies which have the franchise for maintenance and repair in exchange for charging tolls will still retain a slice. Nine toll firms are in debt and facing bankruptcy, but the ministry of public works intends to buy their deficits and take over ownership of these roads, mostly motorways. It is not yet known whether this will mean tolls are scrapped on major international trunk roads such as the A-7/AP-7, which runs from the French border down to the south of Spain via the east coast, or whether drivers will continue to pay but the toll money will go to the government instead. The ministry says it plans to set up a private company to buy most of the 3.5-billion-euro debt the toll road concessionary companies are struggling to pay off. They say the plan is ‘complex but viable’ and that it will involve ‘concessions and sacrifices’ by all parties involved. Among the problems the ‘rescue’ presupposes is the fact that the motorway debt affects 52 banks or finance companies, and that landowners whose plots were compulsorily purchased in whole or in part to build new trunk roads have still not been paid. Among the conditions given to Spain by the European Commission on Wednesday for increasing the deadline for paying back its State deficit was that of ‘reducing contingent debits in public finances deriving from non-profitable transport infrastructures’.

British Bedding BELLEDORM LUXURY 200TC EGYPTIAN COTTON Fitted Sheets 15.95€ Flat Sheets from 21.95€ Quilt Covers Just 25.00€ Pillow Cases 8.95€

MORE ITEMS AND A WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS AVAILABLE TO ORDER Ref:LA/GK - 3 bed 1st fl. apt, 3 pools & gardens. 300m to beach, tennis, lift

MOJACAR - reduced €124,950

Ref: mt/mc - 3 beds, 2 baths, terrace, 2 pools, built area 70 m2, close to golf/ beach

MOJACAR -bargain €69,950


16” Platform Valances 31.95€ 12” Box Fitted Sheets 15.95€ 15” Box Fitted Sheets 21.95€ 18” Box Fitted Sheets 26.95€



We now deliver your order to The Sol Times office in Los Carasoles near Cucador

for just 5€

Please call for more information

• Pillows, Protectors, Quilts & Toppers • Quilt Covers, Bedspreads & Blankets • Sheets, Valances & Pillowcases • Towels, Bath Mats & Shower Curtains

Ref: pr/Mg 2 bed 1.5 bath, 1st floor apt, terraces, solaruim, a/c, nr beach, pool

MOJACAR - reduced €84,950

Ref: OA/HM Stunning 2 bed, 2 bath apart. on Oasis de Mar, solaruim, pool

MOJACAR - NEW €169,950

Prices stated are fixed for 7 days mininum from the time of going to press, include sales commission and exclude taxes and notary or other legal charges and fees

Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best Indalo)

Tel: 950 478 612 / 610 808 631 


COOLNIGHTS PILLOW PAIR “A natural way to a cooler healthier & more comfortable nights sleep”

Tests show up to 21% decrease in temerature


• Curtains, Voiles & Blinds • Poles, Track & Accessories • Throws, Runners, Rugs, Cushions • Tablecloths, Placemats, Coasters & Trays

Closer than you think the

yorkshire linen co.

home furnishing specialists

Free parking above Mercadona, opposite Lidl Monday to Friday 10.00 - 18.00, Saturday 10.00 - 14.00 Centro Comercial la Pirámide, Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia Call: 968 595 946 / 650 857 619 -


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Due to a huge increase in sales we


require properties in Mojácar & surrounding areas. If you are thinking of selling please contact us. We offer a free valuation. Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563

property group


If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic, please e-mail

Q: P  lease explain the situations in which a resident qualifies for non-payment of capital gains tax.

A . The first thing is to be able to prove to the notary the day of the sale that you are in fact a Spanish tax resident. It is very important to realize that having what everyone calls the “residencia” issued by the police does not in fact prove you are a tax resident of Spain , and that if this is the only document you take to the notary to prove tax residency , the notary will consider you a non resident and you will be subject to a 3% retention. To prove you are a tax resident your solicitor needs to request a certificate from the tax authorities, which can then be taken to the notary. If you suffer the nasty surprise of them saying that in fact you are a non resident, you will need to get this amended by proving to them that you are in fact a resident before they will issue you with the correct certificate for the notary. The best way to secure tax residency status is making a resident income tax declaration in Spain in June of every year. If you are going to sell shortly, request this certificate in advance to avoid last minute surprises. 1. The possible total or partial exemption from capital gains tax due to reinvestment (roll-over ): If you are a resident and sell one property to purchase another of the same or higher price you can claim 100% exemption from capital gains tax. To benefit you have to have been a resident for at least 3 year before the sale takes place, and you must purchase the next property within 2 years of the sale. If you are moving to a smaller property, you can claim exemption of a percentage of the capital gains tax. 2. Claim of total exemption if you are over 65 years old: If you are over 65 and sell your main home (where you must have lived for at least 3 years as a resident), you can claim 100% exemption from capital gains tax even if you do not reinvest. If the property is owned by a couple and one member is over 65 and the other is not, you are allowed to claim the exemption in respect to half the price.




Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


Eco Build Spain



june 2013

• VILLAS • APARTMENTS • QUADS • Eco Build are specialists in wall insulation and damp proofing, we have 20 years experience in the UK and in Spain now thanks to our success in northern Spain (Costa Brava) over the past 3 years we have recently opened our second branch in the Costa Blanca. Cavity wall insulation has existed in the UK for many years and is a necessity to any home. However here in Spain, weather conditions make traditional methods of insulation unusable to effectively keep the home cool in the heat of the summer and to retain the heat during the cool winter nights. But now a new polyurethane based foam that recognises and maintains the internal and external temperatures is here.




having problems with your roof? have a leak or a draft? we have the solution call now for a free quote´

634 009 109 or 965 319 512


The sixth newsletter since Christmas! Where does time go? The weather is warming up but seems a bit late this year? Writing in mid May the oracle “Google” is forecasting storms in two days ! But that fierce sun will arrive soon and the dormant swimming pools will become active for 3 months ! Many will know we inherited terrapins from various sources who seemed to live happily with our fish in the pond although many said the fish would be eaten ! The fish seemed OK but the plants were devoured ! So the terrapins have been moved from pond to an old bath where they wintered happily – however with the warmer weather they do not seem to be eating as they usually have – the fish have been eating some weeks now and don’t believe anyone who says fish have no memory – at 8am on the dot each day they are surfacing for food and just walking by the pond sends them “frantic” until the food is available ! Pets ........... Who would have them ! Matt (half of Rainbow Satellites and an accomplished artist) is organising an ARTS AND CRAFT FAYRE on 8th June – 11 to 3pm – at the Golf Club House on Sector C Camposol. ALL the exhibitors hand make ALL the items displayed/for sale and there will be craft demonstrations and a chance for kids to get involved with art projects...please support... TV news....all you sport lovers may well have heard that BT in the UK are aggressively buying sporting transmission rights ........They have many FOOTBALL games (38 Premier League games) , ALL the Premiership Rugby and international women’s tennis. Word seems to be that the viewing will be available on SKY (and not just BT connected TV viewers) but just how we are not sure..........anyone any information ? I expect it will be another SKY channel (like ESPN - although we understand BT has purchased ESPN) and yet another fee to pay to view? ........... As soon as we get information on the availability in Spain we Article sponsored by RAINBOW SATELLITES – the company for ALL your TV needs in the Murcia region of Spain. Contact Alan or Matt for free friendly advise – or (0034) 686 358 475. Our website has some good basic information on TV in Spain.

will let you know. STOP PRESS ………Just heard that Subscriptions will be needed and can be done from 1st August 2013. FREESAT slowly adds channels to its line up .........6 channels recently added - The Travel Channel, MTV’s VIVA, Kiss, The Box, Smash Hits and Kerrang - 405, 146, 518, 519, 521 and 524 are the respective numbers. Will “DAVE” and “SKY SPORTS NEWS” be coming as is rumoured ? Russians and Scandinavians who read this may be interested to know that we can now offer their home TV by internet (as we can UKTV) with NO dish being needed. The national TV for these countries is very difficult to get by satellite and dish........ Either huge dishes needed or in country subscriptions. If you have good internet then you can watch your home TV............. ask us for more details. If you use an old SKY box just for FREESAT why not consider upgrading to an official FREESAT digibox ? None of the rebooting required after a power outage and HD (high definition) channels to get the best from that new flat screen TV you have. All the same main channels and available either “plain and simple” or as a ”PLUS” recording box ........ Watch one channel whilst recording another, pause live TV etc etc. House sales seem to be slowly on the up ........ are you thinking of buying or moving? If TV is important to you consult us before you finally buy to just check that the TV you want can be available in the property ......... a free service if we are in the area. Also if you are staying put but extending don’t forget the TV cables required – we recently went to a superb underbuild extension with flat screen mounted on the wall and all cables hidden and asked to connect up to the satellite dish - surface run cables did not please the owner ! Contact us for FREESAT, SKY or any other national TV ........ We can assist with most countries TV – even if we cannot speak to you !




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Do you feel like your home could do with some modernisation? then call into Homes & Beyond in Garrucha Modern designs for your kitchen, lounge, bedroom & terrace.

Tel: 950 132 458

info@homes& Urb La Solana Del Mar Local18, Garrucha,04638

H&B Homes & Beyond taking the pain out of finding your ideal furniture for over 9 years



Bedar, 04288 (next to Miramar Restaurant)

Tel: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466



Monday - Friday 10am - 3.30pm

Sales office now open in Bedar



As a company we have over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry and have been doing pension transfers since inception in April 2006. We are now in a position to offer Expats our services due to a new product launch which allows a much larger tax free lump sum for any purpose regardless of age. We understand that times are tough in the UK and overseas, and that people need cash NOW to sort out their personal lives. We are told every time we speak to clients “I would rather have my money now rather than wait until I retire” we completely sympathize and understand your feelings. We now have several options to help our clients release money NOW from the pension fund. It is a very simple process and takes only a short time to release your cash.

This immaculate 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms Villa has a spacious living area, a modern fully fitted kitchen and a lovely outside area with large private pool and great views.



lubrin(El Fonte)’s all in the detail BEDAR


This incredibly large property is situated minutes from the village of Bedar with all its amenities. This is a unique villa with land, views, private pool and stables.



A superb reformed Cortijo in an area of outstanding beauty, finished in December 2012. This fabulous 3 bed property has an additional large annex and 2 large ruins to reform.


bedar (El Pinar)

This new and spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse is located in the popular village of El Pinar, just 5 minutes from the beautiful village of Bedar and under 15 minutes from Mojacar.

NOW ONLY 80,000€


Contact us now on 950 064 584 Mob: 677 667 722

450€ pcm


Villa in la Aljambra 3 bed/2 bath, unfurnished, large elevated plot 1,500m2, build 120 m2, large lounge/ diner carport, pets welcome



Arboleas 3 bedroom , 2 bath , 110m2 build, swimming pool, garage, 600 plot , glass curtains , close to all amenities

350€ pcm


Village House in Almanzora 2 bath, garage fully walled and gated



Partaloa 3 bed , 2 bath , detached garage , 9x5 pool 1,300m2 plot, immaculate throughout must been seen recently reduced

3 bedrooms , 2 bathroom , 600m2 , 8x4 pool , a/c , immaculate throughout must be seen recently reduced

SOL002 400€ pcm



Town House in Taberno Fully furnished, 5 bed/4 bath, fully reformed, large terrace area, must be viewed to be appreciated, pets welcome



Partaloa 3 bed - 3 bath, large house reformed to high standard , full of character 3000m2 plot beautiful location

325€ pcm

We Want Your

Rentals 99.950€


Partaloa 3 bed/2 bath, needs minimal work to finish, garage, roof terrace, lovely location on 3000m2 plot


Cortijo in Rambla de Oria 3 bedroom/1 bathroom fully furnished great family retreat



Albox 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, 120m2 build ideal location 1500m2 plot must been seen




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MABS Mazarron

it´s good to share After several years of fundraising MABS Mazarron recently decided it was time to purchase a new vehicle to take the people they are supporting to and from hospital and treatment appointments.

Slippery Floors? Tel: Martin 659 232 507

Suitable for ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, marble, stone, concrete and more...

It was a tall order to find a vehicle that could fulfil all of the needs of the patients – higher seating to make of easier to get into and out of the car; plenty of leg room, good head height, space for wheelchairs or other mobility equipment and additional features to maximise the cars usage like folding seats for collection of donated items and a tow bar to pull the MABS trailer. With the help of their trusted translator Adena, the team searched all the major dealerships and eventually found the perfect vehicle – Citreön Berlingo Multispace. Bartollo and Urusla at Citreön Al Mazarron were delighted to help and went out of their way to ensure the vehicle was fit for purpose and even donated a fully fitted tow bar as a gift to MABS Mazarron. Rosemary and the supporters of The Welcome Group very generously funded the insurance and Dario Pinturas of Mazarron offered a generous donation in return for advertising his business on the car. MABS Mazarron Treasurer Bev Thompson and Stan Laird one of the longest serving Driver volunteers in MABS Mazarron took delivery of their new vehicle on Friday 17th May. It is now being used regularly to take patients to their appointments. The ´old´ car has not been discarded, on 6th June it will be taken to the MABS Murcia N.W. group based in Calaspara where it will continue to be used to transport patients to hospitals. MABS Mazarron were only too pleased to help a smaller less established MABS group out and readily agreed to the request for help. MABS Murcia NW co-ordinator Peter Law is delighted to be receiving the car and intend to show it off to their volunteers and supporters at their

forthcoming Garden Party on the 9th June.. MABS is a registered charity dedicated to supporting local people and their families who have been affected by cancer. They provide:• Transport to and from hospital appointments • Translators to ensure the patient fully understands the diagnosis and treatment • Buddies / Carers to support them through difficult times • Trained counsellors • Care in the home when needed • Loan of equipment like hospital beds / wheelchairs etc. If you would like to know more about MABS and how you can help please call into our Information Centre, Avda de los Covachos, Camposol B4 or call 620 582 418



Our first F.A.S.T Spring Ball was a truly magnificent event and a real night to remember. Over 100 people attended our Spring Ball which was held in the beautiful setting of The Restaurante Amapola in Bolnuevo. They provided us with an excellent 4 course meal with the superb service that we have come to expect from this ever popular venue.It also gave us all the chance to dress up in our evening wear which only made the event that little bit more “special”. With 2 coaches from Camposol and many others coming from the Puerto De Mazarron and surrounding villages, everyone was able to relax and enjoy a drink or 2 as well, which only added to the great party atmosphere. The entertainment courtesy of “The Wildcat” also went down extremely well as they cover a variety of artistes including Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Cher, to name but a few. We will definitely be inviting them back to future events as they had everyone up on the dance floor before the meal was even finished! We raised over €600 from this event and would like to say a big thank you to all the FAST supporters who made this event possible,and to J J Puppies for their donation to the raffle,we could not provide this invaluable service without you. Watch out for our future events in the “Whats On Section” every month.

HELP MMM donate €1250 to Holidays for Heroes Justin Farrier thanked everyone for the generous donation and said that the €1250 donated by HELP MMM will pay for flights for 12 individuals and a villa for 3 months or 3 villas for one month.

Holidays4heroes was formed in 2008 by ex soldiers, who had been injured and fell upon hard times themselves and wanted to give something back when life became better for them. Though independent from Help for Heroes, Justin confirmed that they do get referral from them. They have strong links with the rehabilitation centre at Headley court, BLESMA, RBL, SSAFA, RAFA, Royal Marines and all the Regimental associations. Applicants are generally amputees, injured in other forms or bereaved families; there is no need to verify beyond the obvious when considering those applicants. More careful selection goes into the hard time and welfare cases, where a more rigid selection is used. If they are independent, they will hire their own vehicle to use, if not Justin picks them up and makes sure they have enough food for when they get here and then take them shopping. He takes them to the beach, into Cartagena to visit the monastery and other places of interest. Justin was a soldier for 8 years and 14 years in the fire service and is an unpaid volunteer. Accommodation



gifted. However they do take out long term rentals on several properties, purely for ease and control and obviously to cater for larger numbers. These Villas are generally owned by generous UK residents, who can afford the peppercorn rent that is offered as payment. At Bar-B-Q’s volunteer help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help, do please contact Justin on mobile (m) 633102479 or by E-mail:- jsaf67@ Their web site is: - www.holidays4heroes. org Photo:- The photo shows our president, Bernard Ash presenting the cheque to Justin Farrier.


ASSSA - your private health insurer in Spain –

Customer satisfaction is both the basis of our success and the goal of ASSSA - your private health insurance company in Spain.

Experience, expertise & customer service

Back in the early 90s ASSSA developed a strategy especially designed to meet the needs of our international clientele. That strategy has been implemented in an impressive way since then: specifically with regard to the provision of good customer service, both before and after signing the initial contract. Customer Service offices have been established along the coast in Mazarrón ,Vera, Denia, Moraira, Altea, Orihuela Costa, Alicante (our headquarters), Ciudad Quesada and Los Alcázares. Our friendly, multilingual staff can provide information and advice. After taking an insurance policy, you will have a contact person who speaks your language to help you if you have any questions; we can also arrange doctor’s appointments for you.

Client testimonials

Many customers come to us on the recommendation of insured persons who appreciate our knowledgeable, caring customer service. Here are some excerpts from the experiences of some of our valued clients: Tony Brumham, ASSSA insurance number: 19129 Moraira: “I recently had an extremely serious accident in which as a result of a fall I fractured the top 3 vertebrae in my spine and was close to being paralyzed or worse. Whilst no experience of this nature is to be welcomed, ASSSA with its input and organization lessened the extreme seriousness of the occasion with its prompt action in processing my admittance to Levante Hospital and subsequent follow ups with my family, medical staff – the specialists who carried out the operation and the nursing staff who nursed me for the 3 ½ weeks of early recuperation. In particular I would like to say a huge thank you to Kate Taylor of the Moraira office of ASSSA without whom the whole process would have been prolonged mentally as

well as physically debilitating. Thank you again to everyone involved and giving me my life back for which I am truly grateful.” Liam Smyth, ASSSA insurance number: 25584 Orihuela Costa: “I’ve been insured for many years with ASSSA and more than satisfied. Since then, I have received treatments to insert a stent in heart surgery, cataract operations on both eyes, prostate treatment, physiotherapy for back problems. In addition, I am still being treated for clots in the brain. In respect of the brain clots, I cannot thank Katrin enough for her swift action in referring me to the neurologist Dr Lecanda Garamendi in Medimar Hospital. I have not had any problems since then. Thanks ASSSA.” To both in particular, our warmest congratulations and best wishes for their recovery.

Our doctors and clinics

The evidence: It is especially necessary in the field of health insurance, to provide the prompt help and the professional advice of trained staff, who then quickly transfer the patients to the best specialists and hospitals. We offer our customers an extensive medical directory with the best private clinics, with general - and specialist physicians. We have many English-speaking doctors listed in our medical directory.

Insure your health!

We offer flexible health insurance levels - depending on the medical and financial requirements of our customers – from a supplementary insurance (from €44 per month) up to more comprehensive insurance (from €88 per month). Visit us without obligation and we will calculate your premium during a personal conversation; discounts included and collect a welcome gift we have prepared for you. For our new customers: great deals of up to 30% discount. Our staff will inform you. We are looking forward to your visit! Customer service office: Mazarrón: Tel: 968 153 396 Diane Nolan.

Visit us for a chat and without any obligation, receive a personal premium calculation. Our employees will be pleased to answer all your questions. Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 09: 30-13: 30, later appointments or home visits by arrangement.

We look forward to your visit! Customer service office: Diane Nolan Tel: 968 153 396

advertising feature

The FAST Ball


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...take care of your pets...

big or small... furry or feathered... young or old...

Palomino Kennels

Exclusive Boarding Kennels/Cattery Glad t me to hey sent Pa Kenne ls whi lomino back t e they wen o t wet En cold & gland !

Offer a Warm, Friendly Environment in a secure Countryside Setting. All Diet Requirements Catered for. Daily Exercise in 10 Acre Estate, Vet on 24/7 standby. (25 years Experience).

Call 662 668 423 or 950 067 051


Comercial Carmona


e h I j o s



Ready your tanks and get them looking the part for the first




competition to hit the area

See next weeks adVERT for more details ... oR call Ben on 687 497 892

to enter – simply send 2 photos

Huge selection of fish & Equipment Top quality pet foods always in store Full range of all pet accessories All breeds of birds from only 3€




(As far north as Manchester) DOOR TO DOOR / DAILY UPDATE



Tel: 0044 (0) 1323 301 991

woodhouse boarding kennels & cattery arboleas

Small friendly kennels 24hr vets service pet transporting arranged welcome to view ministry approved

Tracy 650 211 952

we look forward to hearing from you

JUNE OFFERS whole corn .......25kg ....€8.00 barley ..................25kg ....€8.00 broken corn .....25kg ....€8.30 wheat ..................25kg ....€8.90 Rabbit food …... 25kg .€10.00 Hen Food ….........25kg ...€11.65

Animal feeds AT special prices


olula del rio

dog food 20kg..€14.95

From Albox on A334 do not turn off for Olula Mercadona, take the turning after the Tanatorio

tanatorio 54





Bichon Maltese

of your tank to us – one picture must include you standing by your tank, the second is to be a full picture of just the tank. also write a small description of which fish and plants are in the tank and which equipment you use - please send to

English Speaking Tel: ben 687 497 892

Warehouse & Pet Shop - Olula Tel: 950 613 130

Open: Monday - Friday 8.30am-2pm & 3.30pm - 8.30pm, Sat 8.30am - 2pm

Olula Fines del rio




baza 4


We are here comercial carmona warehouse & petshop

Ken & Jackie Let us transport your loving friends to and from the UK & Europe in comfort with loving care in our air-conditioned van Tel 950 092 096 or 661 402 493 - Email

Dog & Cat Sitter service

• Your home or ours • Honest & trust worthy • 5 years experience of all types of animals • References available on request

676 389 592

Est 25yrs





Mondays 10.00 - 13.30 & 16.00 - 19.00 Tuesdays - Fridays 9.30 - 13.30 & 16.00 - 19.00

Members of the National Association of Estate Agents Overseas

We are able to organise Energy Efficiency Certificates at very competitive prices Contact us for more details All properties listed with Price Brown comply with the consumer protection act - decreto 218/2005 11 Octobre (Andalucia).

Members of the Agrupacion Tecnica Profesional



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an introduction...

If you’re not familiar with iTunes and its family of products, you are missing out on a world of fun! From music & movies to apps & cloud services, the range and ingenuity of iTunes products really pushes the boundaries of entertainment technology.

iTunes breaks down their services into three main categories: • iTunes player • iTunes store • iTunes everywhere Inside each of these is a wealth of facilities But it can be a little confusing, even daunting if you’re not familiar with it or don’t have an apple device - so here’s a quick overview of the iTunes range.

iTunes Player The iTunes player keeps all your music, movies, and TV shows all in one place. Instead of going through stacks and stacks of CDs, you can import them into iTunes and quickly browse your whole collection. You can it any way you want, the way that reflects your musical tastes. You can move it onto any of your devices. There is even a “Genius” that makes mixes of songs that go great together.

iTunes Store It’s the world’s number 1 music store but is about much more than just music. You can shop for movies, TV shows, apps, games, and books. Load up on podcasts. There’s even iTunes U, where you can download lectures, videos, and more from top

universities, museums, and other cultural institutions. The features keep growing and it’s a good indication of where home IT technology is heading.

iTunes Everywhere Cloud really sets iTunes apart, because your music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, and more can be accessed live not just on your computer, but on all your other devices, too. Even music you haven’t purchased from iTunes can be stored in and played from iCloud, thanks to iTunes Match. So wherever you are, your favourite entertainment is always right there with you.

More... But there’s so much more to discover! Apple TV, iPhone apps that turn your phone into a remote control for your media, iTunes Match - the features go on and on. You don’t need an apple product to use iTunes, you can download and install a Windows version and use it fully - although when you link your iTunes account to an iPhone, iPad or iPod, it really comes to life. Next time we’ll talk you through setting up iTunes , creating an account and getting that music collection uploaded! Remember if there’s any particular subject you would like us to cover, or if you any questions about iTunes, Apple or IT in general then feel free to contact us on Till next time...

Solar electric systems Solar hot water systems Buy direct - no middle men no sales people - no subcontractors Quality European products Guarantees backed by 10 years of training in Spain Complete solar systems from only 1500€ including installation 10% price beater promise we will beat any other like for like price

Paul Saunders develops apps and mobile websites for small to medium businesses. For more information contact him on


property guide.... Property Sales • Property Management • Long & short term rentals • Insurance

We Urgently Need Quality Properties Both For Sale & Rent We Have Clients Waiting... 309 Paseo del Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa (50m from Ferreteria Lopez)

Tel: 950 478 834

O Olive


Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466

C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm


A rare opportunity to buy a ruin with a sea view. Set in 23,000m2 of beautiful land. We can not guarantee that this ruin can be rebuilt under the current laws however this would make an ideal location for a log cabin or mobile home..


selecciones displaying a great selection of new & used furniture

new in!!! moroccon pots in all sizes we also stock Sportswear supplied direct from the UK

Find us in Turre near the Fundraiser. Summer Opening Times Mon - Sat from 9am - 3pm

Tel: 634 347 295

Returning to UK?

MODERN PARKHOME (NW Leicestershire)

Private sale of this lovely home on a secure, well established, residential park and at an extremely attractive price.

00 £6o9.n,0.o. > 2 Fitted Bedrooms > Large lounge/diner


> Inclusive fitted kitchen > Luxury shower room/WC

UK: 01455 293603

large farmhouse to restore

•180.000m2 land •electricity •water from a well •good access 30 min from Almeria city & airport.


TEL: 678 527 602 

...CALL 902 750 190



the world’s cheapest and most over-valued property markets ...UK house prices are still 31% too high

House prices in Britain are overvalued by 31 per cent compared to rents and 21 per cent too high against incomes, according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Britain is named as one of many of the world’s property markets that still have overpriced housing stock but are also seeing values continue to rise. The research compared prices with local wages and rents and according to the OECD there are still more overvalued than undervalued markets, including many European countries where the post-crisis housing market correction is still ongoing - most notably Spain. It says property values in Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and one non-European country, Australia are increasing, despite being overvalued. Most of these country’s are heavily reliant on their property market and have seen households build up big mortgage debts. The OECD report said: ‘While price corrections in these countries are necessary, they are also concerning as they weaken households’ financial health.’ It suggests Belgium, Norway and Canada, where the new Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has been head of the central bank, are the most expensive markets compared with their own long-term averages, followed by New Zealand, France and Australia. For valuations, if the price-to-rent ratio - a measure of the profitability of owning a house - and the price-to-income ratio - a measure of affordability - are above their long-term averages, house prices are said to be overvalued, and viceversa. The data found house prices differ widely across OECD countries, both with respect to recent changes and to valuation levels. A change in the real price compared to a year earlier is used to tell whether prices are rising or falling. There are a number of countries where houses prices are undervalued and still falling, according to the data. This category includes European countries hit hard by the crisis – Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – but also Japan. Two countries – Germany and Switzerland – have houses which appear undervalued but are rising. The OECD points to strong growth in household disposable income and favourable financing conditions for the price boost in these two European countries. It says a handful of countries have properties which are broadly correctly valued. This category includes the US, where prices have started rising again after a substantial correction during the financial crisis. It also points to Italy where prices are falling rapidly, Austria, where prices are rising and Iceland, Korea and Luxembourg where prices are roughly flat. House prices in Britain fell drastically in the wake of the financial crisis but have been steadily rising in the last few years – many house price indexes are reporting prices which are racing towards pre-2008 levels. But the British property market is being propped by London, which is in turn being propped up in its most expensive areas by an influx of foreign buyers. The Battersea Power Station development for example has sold out of most of its 866 luxury apartments – but all to Singaporean investors looking for a safe haven. Average prices in prime central London have hit £1.4m, the latest Land Registry all sales data analysed by specialist London Central Portfolio shows, up 13 per cent on a year ago. Meanwhile, prices in suburban London are also shooting up, with monthly Land Registry figures showing Camden up 11.8 per cent, Hackney up 10.3 per cent and Hammersmith and Fulham up 11 per cent. According to the Nationwide house price index for May, confidence in the economy and an increased availability of cheap mortgages pushed average house prices to their highest level in nearly two years. It found prices rose 1.1 per cent on a year ago, its fastest rise since November 2011, and 0.4 per cent on the previous month. The average property is now worth £167,912 - the highest level since July 2011 when the average house cost £168,731. (

Spanish explorers find three-million-year-old Martian meteorite in Tunisian desert

A meteorite found in the Tunisian Sahara desert by two Spaniards has turned out to be a lump of Martian rock. It was discovered in 2010 but the finding has been kept secret until now as researchers at Catalunya Polytechnic studied it. According to a report by ThinkSpain, head of the Faculty of Nano-engineering, Jordi Llorca, stated the composition of the meteorite – which weighs just over half a kilo – is identical to that of two other rocks found in Morocco and in Los Ángeles (USA) which form part of meteor shower which permanently orbits Mars. The meteor shower originated through a collision by an asteroid against Mars some three million years ago, and it frequently travels close to the Earth. Its origin is the deepest yet in the Martian crust, and is a KG-002, of the Shergottita type, which is the 17th most significant of all interplanetary rocks found. Physics graduate David Allepuz, from Corbera de Llobregat (Barcelona province) who works for La Caixa bank and geologist José Vicente Casado, who owns a mineral shop in León, search for meteorites as a hobby and found this one in the Sahara desert in Tunisia. When they gave it to Llorca for analysis, they were told not to say anything about their discovery, in the hope that other, similar rocks would turn up. It is the only one of 57,000 meteorites found by Europeans outside the Antarctic and the sole space rock of which there is audio-visual footage of its discovery. Of these 57,000 rocks, a total of 117 are from Mars, but this is the one found to have come from the deepest location in the surface of the planet and has revealed fascinating information about the atmospheric and geological makeup of this other world. It shows that 120 million years ago, Mars’ centre became solid rather than boiling liquid and had a dense atmosphere. Llorca believes the meteorite is the result of ‘the greatest cosmic catastrophe’ in the history of the solar system. Allepuz and Casado, authors of the book Meteorites: Introduction and guide to recognition, have carried out six international space-rock search expeditions and recovered 16 meteorites, most of which have come from asteroids. The Ksar Ghillane area of southern Tunisia is recognised as an ‘Area of Concentrated Meteorite Collection’, of which there are only 40 in the world. Even so, one meteorite per square kilometre falls every 10,000 years and only one in 10,000 come from Mars, which means finding a Martian rock ‘is like winning the lottery’, Casado and Allepuz explain. They recommend searching in deserts, particularly those with white sand, since black rocks show up better – and most meteorites are black because they burn as they pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, the two authors explain.

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coffee break

Down 1 Exchange (5) 2 Atomic (7) 3 Gospels (7) 4 The anvil bone in your ear (5) 5 Exerted physically (9) 6 Corrosive (7) 7 Stir up (7)

8 Steadily (9) 13 B  odily process of converting food (9) 14 T  ype of sweaters (9) 17 W  ithout direction (7) 18 Adds air or oxygen (7) 20 Supply of weapons (7) 21 Quizzing (7) 23 Snow hut (5) 24 T  he ability to see (5)

manner (10) 7 Seem a quiet fruit (6) 14 Reverence alternatively, they say (3) 15 Pliant Nato arrange where you might see crops (10) 19 Answer: move linos out (8) 20 Daily Star? (3) 21 Requirements of French man - does heartlessly (7) 23 Foreigners lie in half-answer (6) 24 Metal pig? (6) 28 Shape one hundred and one (4) 29 Require in one edition (4)

Down 1L  ist the Italian in famous race (4) 2C  ompetent in parables (4) 3S  care ref with thing (unusual) (8) 4P  hysical Education making harps, maybe (7) 5P  art of poem (Laurel) with heartless Zambia (6) 6C  ruel fly he served up in an upbeat

Very Hard!




Across 8 Wood in East - I’m berserk! (6) 9 Consume American and French outside (3) 10 Headless food joints (4) 11 F  ortify street with (non-English) green arrangement and the North (10) 12 English youth leader (editor) looked at... (4) 13 ...vehicle, domesticated animal and rug (6) 16 Stage of shoes? (8) 17 In controls, mother stays (7) 18 Don’t employ so many - it’s not helpful! (7) 22 Role left in ice for tiny thing (8) 25 Placing new inlay, graphic initially (6) 26 G  reeting books clue (4) 27 R  ehearsing Public Relations on stage outside Channel Islands (10) 30 F  acts in Foreign Office (4) 31 F  inish in French Delta (3) 32 W  eights of big cats? (6)


23 Asserts (7) 25 Momentum (7) 26 Connecting (7) 27 Where birds live (5) 28 Limelight (9)

Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

Across 1 A citrus fruit (9) 6 Seat (5) 9 Antiquated (7) 10 Dodging (7) 11 Comes out (7) 12 A marsh plant (7) 13 Abandoned ships (9) 15 Shout of approval (5) 16 A tropical fruit with a pink pulp (5) 19 In a beaming manner (9) 22 Japanese warrior (7)






Caribbean colours and rhythms welcomed summer on May 31st at Torrevieja Christian Fellowship church. The TCF Singers arrived on stage first to create a rainbow of colour. Then Crescendo International Choir surprised us with a new outfit – sparkly red jackets giving way to colourful scarves creating the impression that each lady was wearing her own individual rainbow, these colours represent Crescendo’s own logo. The men wore various coloured ties. Pastor Roy got in on the act with a Caribbean shirt looking as though he had embarked on an exotic cruise. Forget sombre churches – this was all about colour and joy, outfits and songs to uplift and propel us into summer. Crescendo opened with Martin Luther King’s word ‘I Have A Dream’ set to music and a song telling us to smile. We all joined in with ‘White Cliffs of Dover’. I reckon some of our kith and kin who live close to and beyond those white

cliffs would appreciate a hamper full of our summer sun. The sentiment of the words of this old song “There’ll be peace ever after when the world is free” still unfulfilled and very apt. TCF Singers regaled us with 2 gospel songs to remind the audience that actually with God, all things are possible. After a united rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’, Crescendo went Spanish with ‘Besame Mucho’ and English with ‘Memories from ‘Cats’. Then we all reiterated that we have choices in life and sang ‘My Way’. Pastor Roy took us to Wales where we listened to the authentic Welsh words of ‘Myfanwy’ in story and song followed in contrast by a trip to the USA with the Elvis song ‘Old Shep’. Be assured that this Pastor is the antithesis of “stuffy”. The audience’s turn came next with Elvis’s favourite hymn, “How Great Thou Art”. Crescendo practiced their Spanish again with ‘Guantanamera’ and the Habaneras rhythm of ‘Torrevieja’ followed by the Barcelona Olympic song ‘Friends for Life’. TCF Singers regaled us with ‘Behold The Lamb’ before we belted out ‘We’ll Meet Again’. After the raffle we flew first class to the African sun and ‘Siyahamba’ sang us out to the words ‘I am singing in the light of God’. YOU CAN VIEW CRESCENDO’S NEW RIG OUT AND LISTEN TO THEIR SONGS IN A DIFFERENT CHURCH SURROUNDINGS AT BENIJOFAR SQUARE ON SATURDAY JUNE 8th AT 8.15 p.m. AT A FREE CONCERT. THIS WILL BE AN OPPORTUNITY TO THANK JOSE ALBERTO FOR STANDING IN AS A VERY ABLE ACCOMMPANIST FOR TONY WHO HAS BEEN IN FAR OFF LANDS STUDYING THE HARPSICHORD. TONY WILL RETURN WITH CRESCENDO AFTER THE SUMMER. HAVE A GOOD ONE!

Puppies needing homes

MARA is trying to help these 2 adorable little puppies who are being cared for by the kind person who found them living in a field. These puppies are not going to be very big when full grown. They are very timid but getting braver every day. If you can give either of these a home them please contact Tausha 682 798 328. Mara also have a selection of dogs, button is a very small terrier in need of a loving home, for more information about the MARA dogs please call Marion on 628 811 187

ORIHUELA COSTA RBL GO GOLFING The members of Orihuela Costa and District RBL had a great afternoon on Thursday 30 May. It started with Mini Golf on the roof above Super Cor in Playa Flamenca. A lot of the members had not been to the venue before and were most impressed. The winners of the competition were Sylvia Tanner and Bernie Hall who were presented with bottles of wine. After golf the golfers joined other members of the Branch at Rockys Arena for an afternoon of drinks and a very nice B-B-Q in the lovely sunshine overlooking the sea. A great time was had by all. A raffle was held and a donation was


received from Patrice Satur who recently celebrated his 80th bithday with over €130.00 raised towards the Poppy Appeal on the afternoon. If anyone is interested joining The Royal British Legion please go to our web site You can also just come along to one of monthly meetings held at the Olympia Restuarant on the 3rd Thursday of each month 7pm for 7.30pm you will be most welcome. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE EX SERVICE TO BECOME A MEMBER

Sale of Summer Clothes & Accessories Tombola, Raffle, Live Music & More!! All proceeds to “Making A Difference” Helping those in Need Tickets available in advance via 6 Calle Alicante or GOmaD shop, Mazarron 634 321 161


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Would you try the world’s hottest curry?


Bar Menu & Snacks Home-made puds

Burgers, Lasagne, pies, Omelettes, chilli plus

All Day Breakfast from 9am


onl y €

2 Courses


served 12 - 3 except Fri & Sun

Includes FREE Tea or Coffee

friday & SATURDAY

Cod ‘n’ ChipS

Beerfrom battered 5.95€ Atlantic Cod, Homemade Chips, Mushy or Garden PeaS SERVED 12-9pm

Friday & Saturday

Our Restaurant is Open 6pm-9pm

A restaurant in New York is serving up a curry so fiercely hot chefs have to wear gas masks to prepare it. Touted the ‘world’s spiciest curry’ the Phaal contains eight of the chillies in the world including the Bhut Naga Jolokia, which is used to make tear gas by the Indian Military. The curry which is being served to diners at The Brick Lane Curry House in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, registers at a mind-blowing 1million units on the Scoville Scale - 200 times hotter than original Tabasco sauce. The fiery feast has left diners sweating, crying, shaking and vomiting. Some have even hallucinated while attempting the eye-watering meal while others have collapsed and been taken to hospital by ambulance. The curry is available with chicken, lamb, goat, paneer cheese or vegetables; every customer who manages to clear their plate is awarded a free beer, certificate and place in

the restaurant’s Phaal of Fame. Dhiraj Tiwari, 33, manager at the New York curry house, said the curry was so hot even he couldn’t manage it. He said: ‘India is known for its spices and we wanted to create a dish that combined Indian spices with the world’s hottest chillies. ‘The curry contains the Bhut Naga Jolokia, which measures 1million on the scoville unit. The Indian army use this chilli to make tear gas, it’s excrutiatingly hot. The curry does have flavour but it has a spice that lingers and continues to burn your mouth for a long time after. We have to get diners to agree to a verbal disclaimer before they try the curry because it contains so many chillies it can be dangerous. We have to really convey the intensity of the heat to customers before they order it but I don’t think anyone realises just how hot it is until they take a mouthful.’

Los Mellizos Restaurant La Alfoquia, Zurgena

EVENING from MENU 5.95€

Traditional SUNDAY LUNCH

Delicious & Home-cooked nl y o served A Choice of Topside Of Beef & 12.30 - 5pm Yorkshire Pudding; Roast Pork With Crackling And Apple Sauce Tender or Roast Chicken With Stuffing - all served with Locallygrown Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables & a Glass Of House Wine, Tubo of Beer or a Coffee

6.95€ to include a FREE Drink

Starters, Puddings - 2€ each



Activities at Monday

Line Dancing with Gillie 2:30pm Rock’n’ Roll 7:30pm


Quirky Quiz - 7:30pm


Line Dancing with Carrie 7:30pm


Ceroc Dancing & Fun Social Night 7:30pm

PLUS... Art Classes (held most days)... Computer Club ...Keep fit & slimming classes

check the board for times



BP Garage


BAZA → OPEN 9AM-LATE MON-SAT 10-6 SUN ← ARBOLEAS Av•••AL . L BO ep an X → to

950 120 718 / 610 641 567

ecials Daily sp 4€ r details) frobm o oards f (see

Open Mon - Fri 8am - late. Sat & Sun 9am - late

Tlf: 667 919 025

NOW OPEN THE “ALL NEW” LA ALFOQUIA CHIPPY!! Serving all your traditional favourites

including Cod, Haddock, Pies & Pasties, Sausages, Peas, Gravy Burgers, scampi, plus much more

Eat in or Takeaway! Regular Entertainment will be held on our sunny patio

Saturday 8th June free entry

Justin Sane

Plus Sunday afternoon Entertainment when the Los Mellizos restaurant visits the summer patio area!

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 noon – 3pm & 5pm – 9pm (Closed Tuesday’s and Sunday’s)

Tel: 667 919 025 for more information!




el Cucador


Enjoy Wonderful Views over the Olive Groves



our main menu includes 16oz steaks ~ mixed grills ~ Fresh Fish


sunday lunch

menu changes weekly

served 12.30PM - 5PM

Dine in our Candelit Restaurant wed - sat evenings

includes a complimentary coffee & chocolate


booking recommended




5-7PM FROM 6€


TO INCLUDE SALAD, BREAD & ALI- OLI chicken schnitzel Fillet of chicken coated in homemeade breadcrumbs with sage, pan fried and served on wilted spinach

in the Bar

herb infused pork Loin of pork pan fried in rosemary and thyme fresh poached salmon fillet Served with caper, lemon and butter sauce

Beer-battered cod

homemade chips & peas FRIDAYS 12.30pm - 9pm


tapas choice of 10 all 1€ 12:30-9pm

lite menu

Homemade Starters

salads, burgers, wraps

2.50€ each


Scrumptious Homemade Puddings

12:30-3:30PM 6€

all 2.50€ each!




Tuesdays 6 - 9pm

cod, chips & peas only or chicken curry & rice 5€

wednesdays 1/2 roast chicken, or gammon chips & peas OR SALAD

6 - 9pm

thursdays pie night! 6 - 9pm

Open Every Day 12pm - Late

Tel: 950 634 562

delicious homemade pie, chips & peas



only 5€

We are here

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia

only 5€


La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

book the Venue

For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES



Every Saturday starting 1st June - MABS COFFEE MORNING & BOOK SALE - MABS Centre - 396 Avda de los Covachos Camposol Sector B4 – 10.00 am - 1 .00 pm Home-made cakes and savouries, books: come along, meet some of our volunteers have a chat, a cup of coffee or a snack. For further information please ring 620 582 418. Friday, 7th June – Tennis Tournament – The Bahia Sports Centre, Puerot de Mazarron Entry 5€ per person, Registration required by 5th June - Tennis; Padel and Badmington contests. For further details contact – Aurelio (Spanish) 616302472 or Adena (English / Spanish) 699320027. Saturday, 8th June – Rock & Roll night – TEL´s Bar / CAT´s Bar, Camposol Sector A. Live music, Bernie Mac and Martin Ross, BBQ; Jive competition. Starts 8.00pm 1€ will reserve your seat. Thursday, 11th June – Cliff & Elvis Show – The Clubhouse, Camposol. Tickets 8.50€ food available 3 courses for just 10€ booking essential. Tickets available from The Clubhouse Friday 31st June - JIGSAW BEREAVEMENT GROUP Cats Bar Sector A Camposol 12pm The MABS Mazarrón Bereavement group meets on the last Friday of the month at Cats bar Sector A Camposol. Call 620 582 418 for further details. Every 2nd and 3rd Friday – BOOK SALE – Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre FORTHCOMING EVENTS Wednesday 7th August - Swinging Summertime Dance - Mazarrón Country Club - 8pm with 2 course meal & dancing to Woody, supported by Christine. Ticket price 12€ - available from the MABS Information Centre or call: 689 052 123 Event tickets on sale at the book stall Between 9.30am and 1pm.Also available from the MABS information centre on Sector B Camposol, the MABS Shop in Totana or by calling 620 582 418 Keep watching the press or visit our website for forthcoming events

steve gilmore memorial golf championship

boxers gs

Saturday July 6th 2013 - A Great Day To Remember A Great Friend & Golfer To Celebrate Steve & Promote Golf in Almeria / Over €4,000 of Sponsored Prizes Entry only €35 Includes: 18 holes / Prizes / Buffet with Wine & Beer Open to golfers of all standards with a registered handicap (proof of handicap by Federation Licence, UK handicap certificate or certified by Society)

The overall winner will be presented with The Steve Gilmore Trophy (Sponsored By Liberty Seguros)

1st, 2nd & 3rd in each division will receive engraved trophies + Prizes - The Best Senior Golfer (over 55) will be awarded a trophy + Prize ALSO TO BE PLAYED FOR 82 Nearest the Pin Prizes of Green Fees for All the Main Golf Courses in the Area

Prizes for longest drive nearest the line - Additionally there will be a card draw with many more great prizes!!!

9.00am - 18 Hole Shotgun Start ( Individual Stableford )

Entry details are available at all sponsoring golf courses and through all local Golf Societies but you will have to hurry entry will be limited to 120 players ...& don’t forget proof of handicap!

Friends and family are welcome at the prize-giving – a charge of €10 pp will be levied to cover the buffet

AcáCharl Adrian Thomson Aguilon Golf Alboran Amigos Alboran Finns Alboran Golf Alboran Seniors

Almerimar Golf Badgers GS Blue Sky Pools Building Solutions Desert Springs Golf Forum GS Hacienda del Alamo Golf Juan Casinello

La Envia Golf Macenas Golf Marina Golf Marina Phoenix GS Media GS Playa Serena Golf PitStop Garage Oria

Restaurant El Albir Richard Measures Roda Golf Santa Clara Golf Spain Property Finder Ultimate Almeria Valle del Este Golf

For more information email: - General enquiries call Tony Redston 605 49 46 69



community news

Uncle Nick

Big Hugs from Felicity & Jessica xxxx An Afternoon At THE RACES THURSDAY, 13TH JUNE 2013 1 for 1.30pm for lunch (optional) for €7.50, followed by racing VENUE: Viva bar and restaurante by the sea, Los Nietos Tel 968 133 111 Ring Joan Mitchell on 868185685 for details Or just turn up PROCEEDS TO HELP MURCIA MAR MENOR

fast - Future Events 2013

F.A.S.T Bookstall is back – 2nd & 4th Friday every month Camposol ‘B’ Commercial Centre Saturday - 15th June: Camposol Fiesta – F.A.S.T Tombola Stall & CPR Demonstration Stall 12th July: Western Theme Night & BBQ Camposol Golf Club House. Sector C €10 24th Aug: Flamenco Show Oscars Camposol B. Commercial. 8€ incl Basket meal 11th Oct: Comedy Cabaret Night with “Justin Sane” The Club House Sector C 8€ incl Raffle 23rd Nov: FAST Christmas Fayre Mariano’s Sector A €1 11th Dec: FAST Christmas Party Night. Hot & Cold Buffet. Entertainment Bernie Mac. Steak Out Commercial Sector B 10€ Event tickets will be on sale from the F.A.S.T bookstall Camposol ‘B’ Commercial Centre 2nd & 4th Fridays each month. Keep watching the press for updates and new events. For information about F.A.S.T please call: 634 314 386 or 626 465 847 or 634 327 730

Welcome events

July 23rd - Welcome dance outside at Mariano’s, Camposol Sector A. Entertainment by PDQ, 3 fantastic musicians playing all our favourites who are sure to get everyone singing and dancing under the stars. Just €8 and €5 for chicken and chips. August 27th - Welcome dance again outside at Mariano’s in aid of AGE CONCERN. We never know when we might need to call on this worthwhile charity, so come along and give your support. Entertainment by the B-Boppers playing music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Only €8 and €5 for chicken and chips. October Benidorm trip - still a few places left, leaving our area on 14th for 3 nights half board at Hotel Helios. Just €140 including coach and a day trip out. Call Rosemary on 620 105 179 for tickets and more information.

Next Event...................

Tel’s & Cat’s Bar

Rock ‘n’ Roll Night

Happy 4th Birthday


lots of love Granddad & Joan xxx

Age Concern Costa Calida

Wednesday 5th June, 1.30pm. Social at Camposol Cultural Centre Thursday 20th June. Menu-del-dia at Bar Peyma (near tourist info), Puerto de Mazarron 10€ Friday 28th June. Tabletop Sale at B Sector Commercial Centre, Camposol Tickets from outside Mercer’s, B Sector, Fridays 11am to 1pm Cultural Centre Wednesday & Thursday 10am to 1pm Telephone: 634 336 484

€1.00 a ticket (to guarantee a seat) and all ticket proceeds to be split between F.A.S.T and MABS

also visit us at

The Beacon of Light

Centre for Spiritual Awareness

Meetings held every Wednesday from 7pm - approx 8.30pm The Old School House Canadas del Romero

Mediums for the following dates: Wed 5th June: Healing is Sammy Fitzsimmons available from Wed 12th June: Jimmy McArthur 5.30 pm before Wed 19th June: service by Morag Bullock request Wed 26th June: Debbie Blevins

Funding for the meetings will be raised by donations collected during the evening For more information: http://beaconoflightmurcia.webs´.com/ Tel: 620 877 326. Also on facebook

Food served

Forthcoming Events................

daily 10 – 3pm

Fish and Chips

8th June Wednesdays 6-9pm with fun quiz Eddie B from Costa BOOKING hosted byCalida Rock and Roll Radio ADVISABLE Sunday lunch 22nd June 666 188 353 spanish served 12-3pm 20th July Camposol Sector A Soul & Motown Telephone: 634 143 088 10 August Daily menu available from 10am until 3pm Carnival and on Thursdays 8.30am until 3pm. Traditional Sunday Lunch 12.45 - 3.00pm 31 August Small €4.50 large €6.50 Hawaiian end of Booking advisable summer party

the New Royal Bar & Restaurant


The Ex Servicemen´s Association of Mazarron District (ESAMD) are meeting at Sienna Restaurant for a meal on 12th June 7pm for 7.30pm. This function is open to all members of ESAMD and their invited guests. For more information please contact the Social Secretary on - 968 437 074 or 618 591 298 Any Ex Service personnel wishing to join, should contact the Membership Secretary on 629 818 611.

Fancy Dress Optional Sat 8th June 6pm - 12am

with dj bernie mac martin ross bbq jive competition

Tel 968 595 864

Our food is full of flavour & freshly prepared Breakfast ~ Menu Del Dia ~ A la Carte Friday Fish and Chips from €6.00




Our Royal Performances

JUNE ENTERTAINMENT 06 June - Elvis 08 June - Stevie Spit (Adult show) 09 June - Just-in Sane 15 June - Keely 22 June - El Alamillo Festival featuring G N T 29 June - Adele

Sunday’s at The New Royal Sunday Lunches from € 8.50


Menu del Dia

An Amazing For ONLY


All Live Sporting Events Shown On 3 BIG Screens



We Are Open Every Day Mon - Thurs 10am - 11pm, Fri - Sun 10am - late

(El Alamillo Plaza, 200mts from the Beach – Pto De Mazarron)


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES



for sale

Sweet Dreams See our Advertisement on page 19 for more information

ALUMINIUM GATES Double & Electric Sliding. Guaranteed no rust. Call Tracy on 966 726 891

Pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, darts. Tel: 666 933 726 www. La Planta, Playa Flamenca

Tel: 965 321 701 CALL

electricians Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.


966 719 647


no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con, electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487



Furniture first

est 2006



house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

asssa medical insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan,

968 153 396 mazarron@

hearing aids

cd/dvd drives, floppy disc drive, several usb ports, digital tv network card, keyboard and mouse. Suitable for spares or adding new hard drive. 40€ ono. Camposol B Tel 655095242, 968199242

Refrigerator Baumatic (as new) C omputer boats 80cm x 50cm 60€ monitor. Not flat Quesada Tel: 966 screen - old style. SERENITY SAILING - SUMMER TEENS 716 599 Install disc. 20€. SAILING CLUB & YACHT CHARTERS (4 Camposol B. Sit back, sip bubbly & enjoy the Med Books boxes) 100 plus on our pristine yacht. Skippered yacht Tel 655095242, best sellers 20€ charters available for the whole family Quesada Tel: 966 968199242 this summer. Alternatively, sign the kids 716 599 C omplete up for our sailing camp this August, Packard Bell beginners set they will finish up with an internationally computer. Hard golf clubs. Right recognised sailing license & you can chill drives removed for out for a change! Contact: enquiries@ data protection. hand mens golf / Anna: (0034) 6802 Last Donnay ran on set. 97955 / windows xp. 2 international, drivers, putter, sand counselling wedge , complete irons , bag. Camposol B . 60€ Tel 655095242, 968199242

633 161 555

TELEPHONE: 966 719 647 leak detection

pool & water leak detection & repair specialists

don’t let your pool & water bills drain you!! tel: 627 752 965 • 622 400 365 • 966 194 179


garden services

A1 Group

Complete Garden Maintenance & Property Services We cover Mazarron & surrounding areas

Telephone 628 505 733 jewellery


24 HR EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH security grills & gates / electric roller shutters & all cars opened / Window / Shutter Door locks Opened, Changed & Fitted

Telephone: 653 145 300 Special Deals for Urbanisations

personals “Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive”

English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and Golf trolley, coins good condition. 20€ Camposol B. Tel 655095242, 968199242

Masa small armchair. Blue and yellow fabric. Pine arms and frame 30€ or will swap for IKEA type chair in good condition. Camposol B Tel 655095242, 968199242 Ladies Golf Shoes Leather size 6 UK/ 39 EU. Brand new never been worn still in the box 25€. Camposol B Tel 655095242 /968199242


966 719 647


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

house clearances

quick cash house clearance

cars & motorcycles also wanted transport in 1 hour

tel: 669 723 709


Cased Gazebo Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, Metal Framed, international, easy to assemble professional, solo act. lenny Mitchell & 50€ Quesada Area his musical time Tel: 654 666 686

machine invite you on

WHITE SINK with a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to pedestal stand play in any venue. plus Bidet 50€. tel: 658 321 891 or Quesada Area Tel: email lennymitchell@ 654 666 686

WANTED wanted commercial kitchen oven

must be in good working order


plumber natasha, Divorced, diverse super sexy, private apartment, complete massage with massage bed. Very discreet. Call 677 676 554 San Policarpo No. 87 Apt 1-17 Cerca Calle Orihuela. Can accommodate one person or accompanied. NEW in the business NEW in Monique’s team Salma ,English spoken 25yrs, Canarias girl, slim, sexy , Without time pressure.654 319 142 Venezuelan CARLA, super sexy curvy, long black hair, natural big breast, black eyes, South American temperaments. For all your fantasies. Oral give/receive. Carla; 655 364 723 ELEGANT SLIM, SEXY ITALIAN LADY availanble home/house visits. Torrevieja, La Manga, Torre Pacheco & Mazarron. Escort available home & house visits Tel: 693 357 526


ENGLISH PLASTERER internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, can collect good rates. FULLY LEGAL IN SPAIN. call Call Chris 671 444 246 / 965 078 866 609 199 394 email:



All plumbing work undertaken, from full bathroom installation to small leaks. Need a plumber in an emergency then call now

966 763 633 650 587 361


33 property for sale / rent



for SALE detatched cortijo 20mins from mojacar This is a unique spanish cortijo with 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, well as a workshop, courtyard front Orihuela Costa Playa Flamenca & back & room for a pool. Mountain views. Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², We have clients Plot 1200m² €150,000 Tel: 649 186 107 enquiring in this area thunderpaul2003@hotmail.ccom


tel: 965 325 601

FOR SALE Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi,Costa Blanca

LONG TERM RENTAL - 2 Bed, 1 Bath Upstairs duplex with private roof solarium in Torrevieja. Furnished. Walking 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, distance to local school, Habaneras Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished Shopping Centre and Torrevieja Town. inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living 300€ monthly + bond + bills. Tel: 0034 Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings. Overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, church & 966761189 / 0034 619098543.

satellite tv


(0034) 648 111 779

LONG TERM RENTAL - Large 2 Bed, 1 Bath Ground Floor Apartment with private garden and terrace situated on the edge of the golf resort of Lomas De Campoamor, walking distance to La Fuente Commercial Centre. Furnished. 425€ monthly + bond + bills. Tel: 0034 966761189 / 0034 619098543

***FOR SALE***


mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course Private Sale €75,000

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978

UK - SPAIN - UK From a parcel to a small house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389


Salon Margarethas 24 years in Torrevieja hair / wig specialist for medical illness and hair loss problems. We offer Rainbow Satellites for all your TV different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees needs with clients all over the Murcia & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion / Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call 475 or Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.


CLASSIFIED 966 719 647


Just Removals Friendly Low Cost

Full or part loads spain-uk-spain

Local Van & Pets Welcome Moves Trailer Motorbikes - Caravans Call Brian 965 326 920 - 666 847 648 email:

Linen Mills

Express UK Spain Uk 620 582 063 weekly service

Large 22 cubic metre van with tail lift available for all removals & deliveries call Dave on 693 251 562 email davendonc@aol. com

LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email: van.


CLASSIFIED 966 719 647


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trade Businesses can advertise in the classified section

Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Christine 966 719 647

removals cont...

De Lima’s removals Local, National & international REMOVALS & STORAGE Quality Second hand furniture showroom

263 Paseo del Mediterraneo Mojacar Playa, Next to Sal Marina Hotel Mon-Sat: 10am-2pm Call Marc on 647 006 183 or Jo on 600 344 565 or e-mail


simply removals Spain ‹ UK › Spain • Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON

Man with a van

furniture deliveries etc

Travelling from the south of England to South East Spain at the end of June

Call George on 0044 7432023679

car parts

motoring starts here

Car parts

Need quality new parts for any car

Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Free quote go online or phone

new box van leaving from the UK to Spain

Telephone Dave on

693 251 562


FOR CASH Telephone:




Cars, Vans, Bikes Damaged or Scrap Reliable Cars Bought For Cash

jet skis urgentely wanted any condition

603 100 692


Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Alan 662 249 159

For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes contact Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 1000 vehicles will put you on the right side of the road.

605 319 889 or 966 753 375

All vehicle repairs, servicing, small bodywork repairs, ITV and paperwork needs. Ken Sherwood, British Mechanic

Tel: 679 646 859 (Costa Calida area only).

wanted cars for cash Best prices paid Spanish English Anything considered

telephone Tim on 662 211 993 Mitsubishi L200 TwinCab Sport II 2002 - Twin Cab 2.5 Turbo Diesel 150,000 kms, 3 owners Fully serviced A/C, Alloys, PAS, ABS Front fog lights, CD E. windows/mirrors Bull bars, Rear liner Chrome roll bar Tow bar Met black over silver


Ford Focus Dec ‘04 - 5 door hatch 1.6 TDCi 61,000 kms, 2 owners Full service history A/C (Climate) PAS, ABS, Cruise Front fog lights E. windows/mirrors CD, Rear sun blinds Remote locking High spec model! Light metallic blue


GOING HOME RIGHT HAND DRIVE 2007 - Mondeo Estate 2.0 TDCi Ghia 6-speed 115,000 miles, 1 owner Full service history A/C (Climate), PAS, ABS Multi-spoke alloys, CD Roof rails, Cruise Touch screen nav Rain/Light sensors Auto fold mirrors, Isofix High spec, MOT/Tax Metallic silver

BMW 318 Cabriolet 2003 – Cabriolet 1.8i 106,000 kms, 3 owners Full service history A/C (Full climate), ABS E. windows/mirrors Multi Airbags Multispoke alloys Xenon lights with wash Black power hood Heated/Memory seats Metallic blue/grey Full grey leather Choice of 4

600 726 221 965 687 976


600 726 221 965 687 976

Same day collection

We pay instant cash same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, caravans, trailers, absolutley anything!

Call Phil: 607 848 332


Vehicles registration


From 1€ to 10,000€

699 805 995

or telephone 692 930 326

vehicle imports & and competitive rates. call 687 845 730


Cars, Motorhomes, 4x4’s, Boats, for sensible prices on all parts Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics

UK-SPAIN-UK fortnightly service fortnightly ESP: 914 143 164 UK: 01773 service 513 013

Vehicles wanted

600 726 221 965 687 976

€ 7,950

600 726 221 965 687 976

Ed’s mobile

Looking for a car we have a good selection of LHD & RHD vehicles available for sale or exchange. Telephone 600 726 221 965 687 976



610 078 940


966 719 647 Renault Megane Gran Scenic 2006 - SEVEN SEATER 71,000 kms, 2 owners 1.9DCi (130bhp) Full service history A/C (Climate), Alloys, PAS, ABS, Cruise Front fog lights E. windows/mirrors High spec model, CD 6 speed gearbox. Isofix Rear picnic tables Metallic grey


600 726 221 965 687 976

recruitment Sales Position in established Estate Agency located in the Mazarron/Condado/Camposol area. This is a commission only position. For further details ring 671 188 808.



are looking for A

Bright, enthusiastic person with an outgoing personality to join our sales team in Costa Blanca based at our office in Quesada. Full or part time sales position available. Experience not essential as full training will be given as long as you’re organised, enjoy meeting people & can work to deadlines Send your CV to cmm@soltimes


Pete doesn’t like eggs, but I do. This gives rise to a kitchen anomaly; if I want an egg, I have to cook it myself! This is where it gets complicated. I have no interest in cooking; to me it is a chore along the lines of dusting and hoovering. Add in to the equation that I will eat and enjoy almost anything that is put in front of me and you end up with someone who has a very undomesticated outlook on life. Take eggs for instance. They have to be bought six at a time, and eaten before they go off. This means that there are six occasions between buying and going off when I will have to cook one of them. Usually this ends up as six occasions when I can’t be bothered to go through the faff of getting the necessary utensils out, waiting while the egg cooks, and then washing the whole lot up afterwards, not to mention the extravagance of the electricity used, and all for just one egg! Of course I could hard-boil the whole lot in one go, but I’ve tried that, and the result is either that I forget about them completely and they fester in the fridge for weeks, or I forget that I have hard-boiled them, and boil them all over

By Jos Biggs

viewpoint alqueria - Los tres fantasmas

again. For me cooking eggs has a number of pitfalls; if I boil the eggs, I find that my mind wanders, I go off on a tangent and forget all about them. Frying them necessitates a frying pan, which is never fun to wash up afterwards, and oil, which needs disposing of carefully – it can be neither chucked nor recycled. Then there’s scrambling, a good end result, but hardly worth the effort. This leaves poaching, and I hadn’t got a poacher. Until Barbara, who is up there with the domestic elite, bought me a poacher for my birthday. I celebrated its addition to the Biggs Culinary Department by buying six eggs. I then cajoled the cooker into action, readied the poacher, and christened it with two eggs. As the egg whites turned white it occurred to me that I had no idea how to tell when the egg inside was done, so I appealed to the expert. ‘How do you know when they are done inside?’ I queried. ‘You time them.’ Pete replied. Oh. That hadn’t occurred to me. I took the lid off and peered at them. They looked done. With trepidation I tipped them onto their toast, and made the first incision. Perfect! Two perfectly poached eggs, cooked entirely by guesswork!

Does Your Scone Measure Up?

As many who read this column will know, one of my joys in life and a luxury that I miss dearly as an English exile in Spain, is the authentic Cornish or Devonshire cream tea. Preferably the Cornish variety though, because that’s a part of the country where I spent two glorious years of my life and represents a portion from my past that invokes many happy and poignant memories. There is also a subtle but distinct difference between these two counties – both of whom claim to be the originator of the cream tea - in the manner with which it should be served up. In Cornwall the jam is traditionally applied first before walloping on the clotted cream - and quite right too - while in yer‘tis country, it’s the cream that is trowelled on prior to the jam. But basically, who really gives a toss? Well apparently somebody does, because a senior lecturer in pure mathematics at Sheffield University - bearing the good old West Country name of Dr Eugenia Cheng – has not only come out firmly on the side of the Cornish

method, but has also calculated the exact quantities, dimensions and ingredient ratios to make the perfect cream tea centre piece. My first thought when I saw the headline was that here was another anorak researcher, wasting more public money on the latest useless study. But on reading more of the article, I discovered that in fact Dr Cheng had been commissioned by the world’s oldest producer of clotted cream: Rodda’s of Scorrier in Cornwall. Dr Cheng has since Tweeted that she was not paid to conduct this mini item of research, which begs the question: just who did pay for her time? But to be fair I reckon that the amount of work needed to reach her formula was probably minimal – especially to a math’s whizz of her standing. Then I thought: but hang on, none of us buy scones already slathered with jam and cream – in whatever order – because when we purchase a cream tea, we are given the makings and construct the things ourselves. Moreover we as cream tea consumers are limited to the supplies that we are given, which I have to say in some of the less salubrious tea rooms, are woefully inadequate. I hasten to add however, that I have only ever come across these particular establishments outside of the two counties

By Colin Bird :

mentioned and on one notable occasion in the wilds of Essex (where else) where I complained about the starvation rations of jam and cream that accompanied my digestive biscuit-sized scone. I was told to kindly take my business elsewhere if the offering was not to my liking . . . or words to that effect. I didn’t mind being told to sling my hook so much as the sight of the ash falling off the end of the proprietor’s ciggie into my tea as she glared down at me. Anyway, getting back to Dr Eugenia, the ideal ratio is 21-1; in other words half the weight of both jam and cream to that of the scone. To prevent dripping, there should be a 5mm rim of scone exposed after the application of jam and cream; the ideal thickness of the jam should be 2.3mm with a 4mm coating of cream . . . all of which is based on a scone that has a diameter of 60mm and a thickness of 28mm. Sigh. The Cornish method of application emerges as the victor here, because she states that jam should be applied first because of its density. Putting it on after the cream could cause the jam to run off causing sticky fingers, a mess on my shirt and another rollicking from my wife. Finally the good doctor states that the clotted cream should be the preferred product, due to the extra volume of whipped

cream that would be required. But I thought that this was a done deal anyway; no self respecting cream tea should include the wishy-washy whipped stuff should it? So there you have it. The research findings are of course useless and merely a clever marketing ruse by Rodda’s. A good one too, because the publicity has been international with Dr Cheng having already been interviewed for Australian and Canadian radio. And at little or no cost to themselves, Rodda’s marketing director is to be congratulated. For my part, I will do what I have always done: spoon almighty dollops of jam and cream onto the two halves of a jumbo sized scone and present it to my slavering mouth - completely oblivious to density, volume, weight or any other mathematical consideration. And if it drips off the scone, then I will just lick the plate as always and if necessary, the table cloth!

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -

Perfectly Poached


Tales of the supernatural abound in country areas and Alqueria is no exception. Hauntings and other manifestations which traditionally go bump in the night have been as a plague to the Pueblo. Many nocturnal rattles and bangs have been traced to Manuela but some still remain unexplained. Alquerian psychic activity appears to be centred in the Castle to the west of the town Plaza. Its proximity to the Bar La Casa Devante with its stocks of Remitroot Liquor have accounted for quite a number of these apparitions but by no means all. Tradition suggests that three spectres have, over the years taken up residence within the castle battlements. The first occurred while the castle and village still sat on the hilltop. He was a Moor and how he met his untimely end is not recorded. However while the defunct Moor was out on some ghostly assignment the castle was rebuilt in the valley below. Returning to find his home gone he wanders the Sierra Alhamilla buttonholing terrified travellers and asking about his former residence. A semi-transparent figure can still be seen on summer evenings carrying stones to the hilltop. It is either our long dead Moor or Poyato smuggling Remitroot into Spain. Our second insubstantial resident, by legend arrived one stormy night. Some misdemeanour led to his demise and caused him to wander abroad, an itinerant manifestation. Finding the Alquerian fortress unoccupied he gratefully moved in. This second occupant was more or less the industrial standard for hauntings. Nightly wanderings, midnight howlings and other ghostly benchmark activity. It did get the reputation for being a good listener though. Locals who had committed some sin or other preferred the castle at midnight rather than Sacerdote del Semblante Lánguido’s confessional box. The Ghost was usually both less harsh and less drunk than the Priest. Manuela told the invisible entity all of her secrets, the only person or rather non-person she could confide in. One day however she asked a Monseñor from Almería to exorcise the spirit. When asked why she said, “He knows too much.” The third and present incumbent was a priest who died of drunk and debauchery. His presence in the village is still much debated as he would fit seamlessly into Alquerian society passing for one of the more substantial members of the community. On a Saturday night there would be a dozen or so contenders all apparently mimicking the ex-priest’s behaviour. No-one admitted speaking or seeing this wayward vision apart from Loco Paco. He swears he saw and spoke to the supernatural being, but then Paco swears to having had meaningful conversations with Constantine the Great over a Tinto Verano.

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braben’s blog... Do you ever look at the ridiculous predictions that are made every year and wonder who comes up with them? Is someone sitting in a room somewhere making up outlandish things, after a few wines, then selling them to the press for a small fortune? Remember the recent impending doom when the Mayans were supposed to have predicted that the world was to end? That turned out to be on a par with Mystic Meg’s lottery predictions! Neither the Mayans nor Mystic Meg seemed to be able to get their predictions anywhere near correct, so I’m going to have a go; I think I can predict some things with

pinpoint accuracy! First of all, diets. Out of a world population of about 7 billion, I predict that approximately 5 million will be on a diet at any one time! Five million! What do Cadburys say about that I wonder? It isn’t just they they are on a diet, but it’s the weird diets that some people take up which is nothing short of amazing. The air diet for example, so called because dieters exist on, well, air! In other words nothing! Honestly, I’m not making this up, it really happens. There is a downside though; when rigidly followed you definitely are substantially thinner but unfortunately, categorically, decisively and incurably,

dead! Then there’s another one that caught my eye, the caveman diet. Yes, really, it’s true. By following the diet that cavemen allegedly would have eaten-no, not raw dinosaur sillysome think that they lose weight quickly. Actually, if you were to follow that diet strictly you would soon discover precisely why cavemen evolved pretty sharpish and got on with the job of inventing McDonalds! Interestingly, on the same theme, scientists have recently carried out a study to ascertain which dinosaur would have made the tastiest meal. Are you thinking the same thing as me right now...why? Why go to the trouble of investigating this, unless there really is a Jurassic Park somewhere, preparing some bizarre prehistoric foods for those extreme


eaters amongst us to sample in moments of madness. Oh! Just in case you’re interested, or peckish, the answer to the tastiest dinosaur Graham is married conundrum is-and to Helen and has I’m sure you’ve a daughter, Alice. lives part of the guessed it anyway- He year near Albox, an Ornithomimosaur, but works in Qatar, which according to the teaching. If you wish to contact Graham scientists was similar regarding this to an ostrich, except it article email: helenandg@yahoo. was a dinosaur! Next time we have Sunday lunch at Welcome Stranger, I know what I’m ordering!

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The world’s scariest tourist attraction?

A 12ins wide cliff pathway in China has been declared among the world’s most dangerous tourist attractions. Daredevil visitors queue up to navigate the extremely narrow and treacherous walkway at a scenic mountain in China’s Shaanxi Province. The Chang Kong Cliff Road was built more than 700 years ago by hermits seeking ‘immortals’ they thought were living deep in the mountains. The walkway is only a foot wide and has been built clinging to the absolutely vertical cliff. One misstep could see you fall hundreds of meters down the stone valley. Those brave enough to naviga te the path have to wear a special safety harness.


Mazarron FC 5 Beniajan CF 0

Mazarron ended the league season with a comprehensive 5-0 home victory over Beniajan CF. It was Diego’s last game as a Mazarron player after three tremendous years’ service to the club, latterly as captain. However, it was leading marksman Jose Ruben who completely dominated the game with another superb performance, both as goalscorer and goal provider. He destroyed the Beniajan defence on countless occasions and put in a never ending succession of pin point passes. Many of these were wasted until the 26th minute when, at the second attempt, Alfonso converted one of them to open the scoring. Ruben continued to take matters into his own hands and scored a beautiful goal when he lobbed the Beniajan keeper from around 30 yards to make it 2-0 and he continued to supply excellent crosses, one of which was converted by Diego Junior to give Mazarron a convincing 3-0 lead at half time. In the second half Mazarron used all the substitution options open to them but the game continued to be dominated by Ruben who scored again after 55 minutes. Shortly afterwards, Mazarron central defender Chicho decided to audition as next season’s goalkeeper with a marvellous save with his hands and received the inevitable red card.

Mazarron keeper Jose Iker saved the resultant penalty kick and kept a clean sheet for the rest of the game. After 60 minutes Ruben completed the scoring and his own hat trick to take his tally for the season to 19, the second highest scorer in the league. Captain Diego was substituted with five minutes remaining and received a standing ovation from the crowd. He will be sorely missed. All in all this was a very successful end to the season in which Mazarron finished in 9th position in the league and the man of the match was obviously Jose Ruben. Team: Jose Iker, Alfonso (Pollo), Diego (Pepelu), Jose Da, Toni (Poyato), Jose Ruben, Cecilio (Santi), Perico, Barrachina (Matt Clarke), Chicho, Diego Jnr. Next Saturday, 8th June, Mazarron host a friendly match against visiting English team, Holbrook Sports. Holbrook are in the East Midlands Counties Premier Division and the game at the Estadio Municipal kicks off at 5 pm with admission free.

MAZARRON BOWLS CLUB Friday 31st May Mazarron BC played away to the Country Bowls “Badgers” in week 8 of the SABA league. Mazarron were still holding top position on the league table after their match last week, could they possibly hang on in there. There have been some very nerve wrecking games this season and Fridays match was no exception. The weather conditions were initially blustery to say the least and some unusual deliveries were deployed to bring ones bowls remotely close to ones own green and jack. After some time into the match the wind did abate

slightly enabling players to play their normal game. Mazarron went on to win 4 rinks to 2 and 98 points to 85. Mazarron are still top of the league and will be continuing their quest to stay there on Monday 3rd June when they will be playing at home against La Siesta “Hornets”. If you would like to come along and join us and play this frustrating enjoyable game then check out our web site :- mazarronbowlsclub.webs. com or Tel Club Captain :- 637 461 038 or Club Secretary :- 968 199 011 Report by Wendy Reynolds


CASAS MANUEL SUMMER PETANCA LEAGUEon the deck etc. just to get us by Susan Ward


La Marquesa Press Report. 64 players took part in today’s competition which was the Ken Wilson’s Memorial Trophy. The format of today’s competition was a Fordmed i.e. the first nine was played as a Stableford compettion, the second 9 as a medal, then you deduct your Stableford score from your medal score to get the final result. Following the competition some of Ken’s family joined Eurogolf members to scatter Ken’s ashes on the 5th tee. Ken was a founder member of our society, who was well respected and took an active role in the society for many years during the time he played with us. Unfortunately he had to retire due to ill health, but still joined on the social side of the society whenever possible. He will be sorely missed by the older members of the society. The results were as follows: Gold Division: 1st Alan Caithness 17 2nd Will York 23 c/b 3rd Bob Buckeridge 23 Silver Division: 1st John Holland 16 2nd Rachel Leckey 20 c/b 3rd Harry Armstrong 20 Bronze Division: 1st Frances Buckeridge 20 2nd Orlando Ferrol 21 c/b 3rd Chris Stanley 21 Best Front 9: Sandy Holland 19 c/b Best Back 9: 18 c/b

Nearest the Pins: 5th Alan Caithness, 12th Marylin Eckersall, 11th Alan Caithness, 15th Tony Hitt, 17th John Cross Football Winners: Robin Richards, Tony Stanley, Dave Nicholls & David Blanchette. WINNER OF KEN WILSON’S MEMORIAL TROPHY - JOHN HOLLAND TOFF’s Results Tuesday 28 May 2013 Overall Winner –Dave King Toff’s competition this week was the Fred Thompson and George Weir Memorial Trophy Gold Division 1st Terry Sharley 34 points 2nd Bill Martin 33 points 3rd Mike Young 33 points Silver Division: 1st Dave King 37 points 2nd Tony Stanley 33 points 3rd Morag Turner 32 points Bronze Division: Gill Britten 34 points Pat Jackson 34 points Nearest the Pin: 5th Stan Low , 15th Dave King, 11th Sandy Holland, 17th Tony Stead Longest Drive Men : Robin Richards, Longest Drive Ladies: Jan Shorley There are a few spaces left for the next away day on Sunday 23rd June – contact John Fairhurst to put your name down.

Lo Crispin Golf3rdSociety Spring Cup - Bonalba John Henderson 33 44 players and guests arrived at a sun drenched Bonalba Golf course for the society’s Spring Cup competition. The game was one of two halves with light wind on the front nine and gale force on the back. The bunkers could have had more sand in them with majority of shots being thinned and on one hole Rick Hards shot hit Bill Croft who was marking his ball on the green, after Rick realised all was well he suggested Bill should have a 2 shot penalty for deflecting his ball, no concern there then. The scores for the day were, 1st Brian Rendell 40 points 2nd Damien Elliott 36 Points


How do you know that Summer has arrived? Its when the Casas Manuel Summer league begins playing petanca again. This year there are 2 divisions in the league, one for teams who want to take the game a little bit more seriously than the other division for whom the evening playing is for laughs - maybe the occasional dressing up or naughty tricks - who knows what the Summer will bring... All teams - 8 in each division - are members of the Las Salinas Winter league. The matches all commence at 18.00hrs when hopefully the weather is slightly cooler. The biggest change between the summer and winter league is that there are 8 games per match in the summer compared with 7 in the winter, not only does that allow for more members of a club to have a game but it also keeps us away from the television, bbq’s, pool, drinks

TORREVIEJA CC 131 for 10 Alfas 2nd 132 for 1 Alfas won the toss and put Torrevieja in to bat. We started off confidently and reached 97 for 4 off 29 overs. What happened next can only be described as a corporal Jones moment as the cry of don,t panic resulted in the loss of the rest of the team for 34 runs off 9 overs. With 4 run outs and 1 player injured, the total was never going to be enough. Alfas lost 1 quick wicket and with the arrival of Jimmi Amir to the crease the game was all over in 18 overs. Amir,s innings wasn,t

hot and sweaty, as sometimes the weather does not play fair and it is just as hot at 18.00hrs as it is at noon. Casas Manuel, who are estate agents based in Benijofar, are once again sponsoring the league and also any tournaments that will be played throughout summer - when we have nothing else to do!!- Thank you for your support and look forward to representatives visiting from time to time. The 1st matches were played last week and the results are as follows;FUN DIVISION Dominos 5 v Amapolis 3 Torre Del Agua 4 v Hideaway 4 El Raso Bandits 7 v Laguna Vista Diablos 1 Los Bandidos 6 v Peacocks 2 SERIOUS DIVISION Rocojuna 8 v Dominos 0 Panthers 4 v Pirates 4 Belgas 7 v Castillo 1 El Rancho 6 v Buddies 2

mercurial as Viv Richards or contrived as Kevin Peterson, it was just plain brutal. Wam Bam Thank you Mam. He finished not out on 104 with only 8 runs being actually run. The only highlights of Torreviejas bowling was again young Ciaran Guichard,s 4 overs for just 4 runs. Torreviejas next match is on Saturday, 8th June at the sports centre athletics track. It is against La Manga 2nd and starts at 11.00 o,clock Spectators are welcome as are any one wishing to join our club or even become a sponsor.

Waxing & body polishing


alloy & chrome wheels

Nearest the Pins

Windows, dashboard & door trims

Hole 4 Brian Rendell

Seats, roof lining & carpets wet washed

Hole 8 Gordon Cobb Hole 11 Rock (The Basher) Hards Hole 14 Nick Capasso Best Guest / New Member – Ann Day 36 Points There was only one winner of the 2 ‘s’ pot - John Dunnion

Hand Car Wash......................................15€

The Free game draw was won by new member Rod Day.

Full Valet (full internal shampoo, and/or leather treatment & full body wax.........50€ Trucks & Trailers from...........................40€

The presentation dinner was held in the Tavern so once again a big thanks to David, Jose and their staff for a great evening. Our next event is Villamartin in 2 weeks.


Mobile Mini Valet in/outside from.........20€

Commercial Vehicles from....................30€ All other outside areas cleaned & restored

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LAS SALINAS PETANCA LEAGUE With a sixth division planned for the winter season, applications are invited from new teams in the area, A team will need 6 players or more,and play once a week starting on November 1st. For further information please call Roger on 698 411 987. The league season will open on September 23rd with a mixed pairs taking place at Villa Salada, entries are invited from all league players. ROCAJUNA OPEN PAIRS A good mix of players from Belgium, France, Sweden Holland and Britain, made for an interesting competition. With all teams playing 5 games, it was home pair of Marie and George who

TORREVIEJA CC 131 for 10 Alfas 2nd 132 for 1 Alfas won the toss and put Torrevieja in to bat. We started off confidently and reached 97 for 4 off 29 overs. What happened next can only be described as a corporal Jones moment as the cry of don,t panic resulted in the loss of the rest of the team for 34 runs off 9 overs. With 4 run outs and 1 player injured, the total was never going to be enough. Alfas lost 1 quick wicket and with the arrival of Jimmi Amir to the crease the game was all over in 18 overs. Amir,s innings wasn,t

emerged with 5 wins, they took the Gold Medals and the cash prize, runners up were Leading Swedish pair Ethel and Lennart Lundall who impressed with 4 wins they won the silver medals and cash prizes. Rocajuna prov ided the third place with Rodrigo and Jacques they took the bronze medals and cash. 4th place went to Fernando and Rene, who just held off Beth and Bob Kellaway. LAKESIDE OPEN The new season will get under way at San Luis, when Lakeside stage a mixed pairs this is open to all players, with entries welcomed. Roger Seymour

mercurial as Viv Richards or contrived as Kevin Peterson, it was just plain brutal. Wam Bam Thank you Mam. He finished not out on 104 with only 8 runs being actually run. The only highlights of Torreviejas bowling was again young Ciaran Guichard,s 4 overs for just 4 runs. Torreviejas next match is on Saturday, 8th June at the sports centre athletics track. It is against La Manga 2nd and starts at 11.00 o,clock Spectators are welcome as are any one wishing to join our club or even become a sponsor.

Rojales Netball Club played host to teams from London, Valencia and Quesada in their Inaugral Tournament on Saturday, 18 May 2013.

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(All paperwork taken care of with certificate of destruction)

The first match of the day saw Quesada take on London but despite some excellent defensive work from Ellen, Sophie and Vee their attack couldn’t benefit from this and the first half score was 8-0.

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At the weekend continued the sevens tournaments, but this time with a difference as this was a special one in order to remember Alan Davies, Shane Williams junior coach at Elche. With teams from Albacete, UCAM and Alicante University as well as Elche taking part. It turned out to be a great day of rugby with a good

turn out in his memory, with Alicante University running out eventually winners from Albacete and UCAM coming in third. Again the main winner was rugby itself with Alan Davies’s brother coming over to do the presentation of the trophies. Also on the day there was a raffle in aid of the Butterfly Children for this seasons

Rojales Netball Club

Breakers yard ooking for runners/non runners l


amigo Ca rs

La Marina

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During the second half Quesada’s centre court of Heather, Mercedes and Jennie started to work together giving the shooters, Wendy and Katie, the opportunity to take some shots at goal and they managed to hold London to a 5-2 half with

an overall score of 13-2. The second match saw Rojales themselves take on Valencia. Their shooters, Jackie and Sam, had a great first half converting the majority of their shots. Tracey and Claire worked tirelessly in defence making some great interceptions enabling the centre court of Louise, Lisa and Ronnie to move the ball up the court into the shooters resulting in a win to Rojales of 8-3. Then it was the local derby of Rojales -v- Quesada. Both teams know each other’s game so well so Rojales had to call on their greater, overall experience and despite Quesada’s efforts Rojales came out

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Ireland shirt which raised 59€, and was donated by Lovell Rugby. This weekend will be the Murcia annual 7’s tournament, 8 June, kicking off at 10.00. Followed by the 2nd Formentera del Segura exhibition rugby 7’s on 29 June, and on 6 July the 1st Guardamar exhibition beach rugby. Any teams that want to take part contact me on the number below. All teams are welcome. This coming week will be the the Lions tour matches at the rugby bar in Rojales, the Steakhouse. Starting of on Saturday Reds v British and Irish Lions at 11.30, then Scotland v Samoa and South Africa v Italy and finally Argentina v England. On Sunday is the start of the junior Rugby World Cup at 16.30. Followed on 11 June NSW v British and Irish Lions at 11.30 and the junior RWC on 13 June from 16.30 onwards. Looking forward to seeing a good

turn out down there for all of the live matches.

winners with an 8-1 result. Next saw Rojales take on the mighty Londoners. This was a game of exciting netball. Rojales had to change their way of play several times during the game as London’s defensive work all over the court was outstanding. Despite playing some of their best netball Rojales couldn’t match the dominance of London with a result of 135 to London. Quesada then took on Valencia. This was a game which saw all of Quesada’s players stepping up to the challenge with the ball going up and down the court at a ferocious pace and Quesada were unlucky not to have got a win out of this game. But as the score of 2-1 reflects it was certainly the closest game of the tournament. Each team then played each other for a second time with both Rojales and Quesada improving on their previous matches. The overall tournament

winners were London and Rojales were the runnersup.

I am back down at the market on 15 June with all of the rugby branded clothing together with new stock. Training is at the Miguel Hernandez University ground at 20.15 on Thursday for the seniors and juveniles. The juniors start at 18.15. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish)

The presentation ceremony followed with both the Mayor and the Sports Councillor of Rojales being in attendance to hand over ‘Best Team Players’ trophies to Sophie of Quesada and Tracey of Rojales and the Winner’s trophy plus individual medals to the overseas visitors, London. This was followed by thank you gifts to the umpires, Mary and Debbie, and the results secretary, Lynn, without whom the day wouldn’t have been possible. A great day of netball which Rojales Netball Club can build on with their much anticipated tournament in October to look forward to. If you are interested in playing netball contact Tracey on 679539995. Rojales Netball Club would like to take this opportunity to thank Rojales Town Hall for their continued support.


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Match Report for Albacete, 29th May 2013. The fairly long drive saw 30 of us arriving at the Las Pinaillas golf course where the digital thermometer told us it was only 19 degrees and that coupled with a bit of a wind it would be evident that it wasn’t going to be a “walk in the park”, and so it proved as can be seen by the scores on the doors below. It must be said that the course is in a condition that many courses “down south” would give their right arm for. The fairways looked and were in an absolute perfect condition and taking a divot was a delight! The greens, undulating, quick and tricky looked as if they’d been cut with a pair of scissors, they were that good. They were also difficult to read, for most anyway. There was also sand in the bunkers, proper sand too! The results mirrored the difficulty of the course and the fact that you need knowledge of the course to avoid pitfalls and traps. The Silver Division was won by “the old boy” George Smith with 30 points, pushing both Colin Marsden and Alan Rickers into 2nd and 3rd place, both with 29 points. 4th spot was claimed by another “senior” member, Tom Jones (no knickers please ladies). The Gold Division didn’t fare any better, scoring wise and it took the same number of points, 30, for Alex Alfody to win, nudging John Eyre into 2nd spot on the countback system. 3rd place was taken by Alan Rixson on 29 points and Theo Boelhouwer 4th with 27 points. It was actually the Visitors that

had the best scores on the day and it was 32 points that gave Kevin Hall the Best Visitors prize, just edging out Ross McGuire on the countback system. For once, all NTP’s were claimed and these were Darren Hancock (who isn’t enjoying his new handicap of FOUR), Alex “The Beast” Alfody, John Eyre and Alan Rixson. John Whittaker kindly donated the Annual Las Pinaillas Trophy and the inaugural winner was the Beast of Hungary, Alex Alfody.Photo is of the Gold category winners including match winner Alex Alfoldy. The new Captain Mick Kennedy, was spotted in the ladies toilet applying cream to his face. He dismisses the idea it was foundation or antiwrinkling cream and he was also adamant that his wasn’t wearing his glasses and that is why he didn’t realise he was in their toilet. I don’t suppose that the lack of urinals gave him a hint that he wasn’t in the gent’s loo. Date for your diary, 3 day golf trip 26/27/28 June, playing El Saler, Escorpion and El Bosque all in Valencia, at the incredible price of €210 per person ( including 2 nights Hotel B&B) visit for full details Our next game, Wednesday 5th June 2013, see’s us at the Alicante golf course, so if you fancy a game just look at our website or call the Fixture Secretary on 966719604. We also run small matches on Friday’s and if you fancy a fun knock around, contact Steve Higgins on 968978188.


Lo Marabu Golf Society

Two silver medals for Torrevieja As the swimming competition season progresses the yearly autonomico regional competitions begin. These bring the best of the Valencian Communities swimmers together. The first of these events took place on Sunday in the Municipal Pool, La Nucia. Twelve of the regions clubs presented 155 swimmers in the Alevin category (11-13yrs). Seven members of Club Natacion Torrevieja participated and over the course of the days races saw some outstanding swims. In the boys races Elian Del Rio Castillo and Nikita Mikhaylov had some great races. Elian excelling in his 400m Freestyle knocking 18 seconds of his previous best time to give him a new qualifying minima of 5:11:68. The girls were just as successful, Eva Kovalenko earning a new best in 100m Backstroke 1:27:91 and Paula Garcia in her 200m Freestyle 2:44:66. This gives Eva an autonomico minima in her 100m Backstroke. Zoe Connolly then won 2nd place and silver medal in her 100m Backstroke. Finishing off the morning the girls then gained 5th place in the 4 x 100m freestyle relay, a real achievement as they knocked 30 seconds off their previous time in this event. After lunch the team were back in action, this time it was Paula who excelled in her 100m Freestyle with 2nd place, silver medal and new best of 1:16:29. This also gives Paula a new qualifying autonomico minima. Zoe also knocked 9 seconds off her 400m freestyle time with a new best of 5:35:46 and the same autonomico minima.

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(in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) at Bonalba 30th May 2013. For this month’s society meeting a group of 24 players visited the established course at Bonalba taking advantage of the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. The weather was superb and the course in excellent condition although putting from the top side of the pin was difficult which kept the scores relatively low. The winning scores on the day were as follows: 1st Julie Blinston - 39 points 2nd Dave Mason - 33 points 3rd Winston Blackwood - 32 points Best Front 9 Dave Belcher 16 points Best Back 9 Dave Blinston 17 points Dog of a Day Trophy – Jim Nicholson Nearest the Pins: Mike

Probert, Paul Hardiman, Graham Freeman and Arthur Walker. After the game we returned to the Lo Marabu, which is located at Dona Pepa, Quesada for a welcome meal prepared by the bar and the prize presentation. Dave Blinston was announced as the Captain elect for next season and he immediately appointed Andy Jones as his Vice-Captain. Our next society fixture is the away trip to Benidorm on 11th and 12th June 2013 and there are just a few limited spaces available Our next official society meeting is at Lo Romero on 27th June 2013. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our web-site at

El Plantio 2 Golf Society It is the last Tuesday of hole, sorry graham, no prizes

Then tired the girls Paula, Eva, Alexandra and Zoe swam in the last event of the day, the 4 x 100m medley relay. Working hard they came 6th. To round off the success of the team the girls team were placed 5th in the rankings of the 12 participating clubs. Well done all! For more information regarding Torrevieja Swimming Club please contact Rosa - 665454126 or President Felipe on 609418776 or by e-mail on info@clubnataciontorrevieja. com

the month so this week’s competition was the Monthly Medal, we had 16 players today, all looking forward to a good days golfing. The weather was lovely, however there was a little uncertainty for all when we discovered that the green’s had been hollow-tined and as a Medal round with all shots counting we expected to see the number of putts contributing to some high scores. Proves how wrong you can be, clearly a number of members prefer putting over a surface that resembles the moon as 2 members came in under Par one on Par and a few more just over. All in all a good days golf was had by almost everyone, Dave Swann’s 10 on the 7th seemed like a disaster, but fortunately Graham Blakeway out did him in style with a 13 on the same

for highest score.

The results this week: Nearest the pin: hole 5 John O’Brien hole 9 Gordon Wayne In third place was Ian Henderson H/cap 7 net score 54 Second place was Frank Stanhope H/cap 10 net score 53 First was Gordon Wayne H/ cap 11 net score 50 Next Tuesday 4th June is the Yellow Ball competition, be here 9:00 for 9:30am Tee off, Visitors are welcome. Please put your name on the sheet in the club house by Sunday 12 noon or telephone Ian Henderson on 966 71 66 16 John O’Brien Secretary


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