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Any Starter Any Main Course Any Rice or Naan Soft Drink, Small Beer or Glass of Wine/Bottle of Wine per Couple ONLY 13,50€ LUNCH 9,95€ MENU


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Arts and crafts in the Lumberjack Festival in Cofrentes

On 3 May Cofrentes celebrates its La Maderada festival for the seventh time. That same weekend Amata will organise, for the second year running, an Arts and Crafts market. Perhaps Cofrentes is not just around the corner, but the combination of wandering round a pretty village, watching the Lumberjack Festival activities and visiting an original craft market makes for a good excuse to spend a weekend here. As the name suggests, the festival has something to do with wood (madera in Spanish). In the 18th and 19th century most people in Cofrentes earned a living by floating timber along the rivers Cabriel and Jucar to the coast. On Saturday 3 May the good burghers of Cofrentes don colourful black smocks and a gaily coloured neckerchiefs, pick up their punting poles and march to the banks of the river Cabriel. There the rafts and their crew are blessed,

and then ferried across the river to the other side of the village. All very colourful and quite authentic. Now the real feast starts, with an extensive breakfast of “tortas” and “pasteles” washed down with “zurracapote” (a local version of sangria), followed by folk dancing and a giant paella, a lot of music and the odd outburst of frivolity. And of course there is a lovely Arts and Crafts fair, with all its attractive wares. The craft fair is organised by Amata, the same craft association that brought some thirty stalls to this village last year. Besides the people who came last year with leather chess boards, artfully carved rings and hair pins from bone and wood as well as a smith with realistic forged and hammered roses, there are people with wooden toys (makes a change from all those colourful mass-produced plastic

toys), puppets, ceramic ware, decorated boxes as well as jewelry using macramé and semi-precious stones, aluminium, enamel, copper and cunningly wrought iron. All made by the people on the stall not for nothing has Amata registered the slogan Artesanía de Autor! The market is held next to the castle and is open Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 May from 11 to 2 and from 5 to 9. This year the market has the circus as theme; two acrobats show off their skills accompanied by two enthusiastic drummers. Young visitors can pick up the odd skill in various workshops and their parents can restore the inner man (and woman) in the small tavern that forms part of the market. The village of Cofrentes is itself worth a visit, with small picturesque streets more suitable for heavily laden donkeys than modern cars. There

are magnificent views of the river, the lake and the surrounding hills; there are thermal baths nearby, a golf course and an adventure play park. Or you can explore the surrounding countryside on horse, foot or mountain bike; you can cruise over the lake or take a tourist train through the Cabriel valley. The really tough guys can take a raft or canoe along the river Cofrentes lies on the border between Valencia and Albacete, half way between Almansa and Requena. If you want to find out more about the craft market, ring 639 979 678 and ask for Elvira, who speaks English, or take a look on (also in English). If you want to stay the weekend, whether in a 3-star hotel or a simple pension, ring the tourist office on 961 894 316 (open every day of the week, also on the weekend, or so they claim) or look at

                                                   

                                         


euro Sunlife Solar Solutions new Head Office opened in Punta Prima last year and employs a knowledgeable team of multi lingual staff, to answer any of your queries. With Solar installations currently being fitted from Mazzaron to Denia, complying with the current registration process, the company is going from strength to strength. “Unfortunately, there are several companies trading at the moment, making bogus claims to potential customers in order to achieve a sale. If you would like genuine and informative advice, a bespoke system designed for YOUR needs, installed correctly first time and then legally registered by our Solar Registered Engineers, then visit our new offices, visit our website or just give us a call.” The rapidly growing Renewable Energy company also supplys and installs many new innovative Solar products, from vertical wall mounted ultra slim panels to the latest in hot water and pool systems. If you are interested in Solar, then contact Sunlife Solar Solutions, they will have the Solution for you.



we buy used spas

longest established spa dealer in this part of spain Spas from 2500€ Large Selection of Used & Ex-display Spas Supplier of Spares & Filters We repair all makes of Spa

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office in Bolnuevo (near Farmacia) next to Cafe Colonia


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local News

Cala Mosca - The Real Truth Cala Mosca as it stands right now is an eyesore, inaccessible to residents and visitors who would like to enjoy what it has to offer. Our green party mayor, the Claro leader and PSOE’s Carolina Gracia made headlines this week with the impression that they were “Saving Cala Mosca” which has already been aesthetically destroyed by the developer but no one in the current green government has done anything positive in the last 3 years and the Claro leader has not proposed or pressed for any measure to finally improve Cala Mosca in a satisfactory way.


The green party mayor went on a jaunt to Brussels to demand that EU force the Spanish government to do more to help Cala Mosca; this is a blatant smokescreen because over the last 16 months the green party mayor has not lifted his pen to furnish the Spanish government with the environmental impact study that is required. The Valencian Environment Authority demanded that the Orihuela Town Hall prepare and undertake this study in November 2012. This unashamed lazy green party

By Raymond Kearney CLR Supporter’s Group, Orihuela Costa President

mayor has done absolutely nothing to improve the situation except have photo opportunities on Cala Mosca and demanding that the European parliament do the work that he should be doing. Claro leader Bob Houliston has not done much more and instead of flying off to a photo opportunity in Brussels he could exert pressure his third ally to do the work required to finalise the long awaited environmental impact report which will be needed to adjust the building project drafted by the developer. Why are the residents of Orihuela Costa paying for this headline catching jaunt to Brussels for these 3 councillors who will no doubt claim that they were on council business of the highest importance. The mayor and his minority government should do their well-paid jobs here first. They should urgently organise the report and send it urgently to Valencia so the Spanish authorities can forward it to Brussels. Many onlookers are asking if this jaunt is a reward for the two people who illegally saved the mayor from being removed from office. The Claro leader spent months criticizing the green mayor because he did nothing to expedite the problems at Cala Mosca but since Christmas he has wholeheartedly supported this shamelessly lazy publicity seeking mayor. There is rarely public sympathy for property developers but to be totally fair to the developer Gomendio, he did pay good money for seafront land; he legally got planning permission and put in the infrastructure as requirement by planning permission. The developer wasn’t stopped from building by the Orihuela town hall; it was the huge drop in demand for property that stopped the

construction. The developer would probably sell the land back to the town hall but they don’t have the money or the desire to pay for it, nor does the Claro leader. Suggestions of swapping this prime land for other land is another green party smokescreen, what developer in his right mind would swap a unique piece of seafront land for inferior development land? What is needed is less publicity seeking headlines, more work by the green mayor and his Claro Cala Mosca expert and to hold fair and open discussions with the developer about how to maximize the frontage to the sea for the residents and visitors to enjoy at the same time respecting the environmental needs. It is hard to imagine that the green party’s communist background would raise its ugly head and force the land from the developer “for the good of the state”. It would be much more 21st century thinking to allow the developer to install a beautiful seafront paseo, build tasteful buildings that buyers could be proud of and to build Cala Mosca pedestrian bridge as previously agreed as a matter of urgency for public safety. Claro’s president Houliston at a Pleno meeting in Orihuela last year rejected a proposal from the CLR-Claro municipal group leader Pedro Mancebo to insist on the building of this pedestrian bridge without delay. Claro and the green party need to be aware that Cala Mosca is not a political football; it is part of the heritage of Orihuela Costa that we will pass on to future generations.

25’95 €

SOLTIMES april 2014

New 1100m2 furniture superstore now open in San Javier The Summer season will be upon us before you realise and everyone should now be thinking of long lazy days enjoying the Spanish climate. Does your patio or terrace area need a facelift, fed up with the old lumpy sunbeds you’ve been meaning to change for years, need a nice outside dining set or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a nice water feature to fill that empty corner? At Siesta Group we pride ourselves on having one of the largest collections on the Costa Blanca of both garden and home furniture at realistic affordable prices. The name maybe new but the company certainly isn’t. Siesta Group (formerly known as Iron Art Factory Outlets) have been trading for over 15 years and we continue to strive in a very difficult financial climate. We attribute our success to our buying team who carefully s e l e c t products w h i c h are both stylish and comfortable but most importantly are affordable

to you, our customers. As new urbanisations and developments continue to increase we realise that more and more people are travelling quite a distance to visit our showrooms in the Torrevieja area and it was decided perhaps we could move a little closer to you and make your shopping experience a little less stressful therefore, April 19th 2014 saw the opening of our fourth Outlet. The store is located on the main N332 at San Javier, Murcia, opposite decathlon (just down the road from the Dos Mares shopping

centre) and will boast more than 1000m2 of showroom space. You will be able to comfortably peruse our vast selection of garden loungers, patio sets , dining sets, parasols, swings, gazebos, water features etc or if its inside the house you want to spruce up you will find quality leather and fabric sofas and chairs, as well as rugs, mirrors, clocks etc Business hours will be Mon- Fri 10.0018.00, Sat 10.00-14.00 Sun Closed all day. You can also view all of our furniture products online at our brand new website from the comfort of your own home. Call our sales hotline on 0034 966 726 891 for more information or email web@ siestagroup. com.

Package Holidays Hotels Ferry & Flight Bookings Cruises Day trips to local festivities Round-the-world Benidorm & Murcia Shopping Trips Short-Breaks Departing from Camposol & Puerto de Mazarrόn Find us in Camposol Sector A Commercial Centre Local 30

Telf. 968 199 021 Email:


oom r ow h S 2 PEN m O 0 0 W 1 O , 1 N r e i New v a J n Sa

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Sewol sinking As South Korea mourns those lost in the ferry Sewol disaster, the captain has been arrested and a guilt-racked teacher has taken his life. The vice-principal of Danwon High School in the Seoul suburb of Ansan hanged himself yesterday, tortured with remorse and guilt for having been rescued from the ship, leaving behind more than 300 of his students, most of whom never made it off the vessel. “Please put all the blame on me,” Kang Min-kyu, wrote in a suicide note. “I cannot go on living when the lives of so many students are not known. I was the one who carried on this school trip. Please burn my body and shred it over the scene of the accident.” After he was rescued Mr Kang, 52, repeatedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” while refusing medical attention. A diabetes sufferer, he was trying to help students get off when he collapsed and was rescued unconscious by helicopter. Part of the transcript of exchanges between Jeju Vessel Traffic Services Centre (VTS) on Jeju Island and the ‘Sewol’ have been released by the Ministry of

Ocean and Fisheries. 8:55am ‘Sewol’: Harbour affairs Jeju, do you have reception of the ‘Sewol’? Jeju VTS: Yes, ‘Sewol’, this is harbour affairs Jeju. ‘Sewol’: Please notify the coastguard. Our ship is in danger. It’s listing right now. 8:56am Jeju VTS: Where’s your ship? Yes, got it. We will notify the coastguard. ‘Sewol’: The ship has listed a lot. Can’t move. Please come quickly. ‘Sewol’: We’re next to Byeongpung Island. Jeju VTS: Yes, we got it. 8:58am Jeju VTS: ‘Sewol’, this is harbour affairs Jeju. Do you have reception? 8:59am ‘Sewol’: Harbour affairs Jeju, this is ‘Sewol’ Jeju VTS: ‘Sewol’, this is Harbour affairs Jeju. Channel 21, please. 9:00am Jeju VTS: What’s the current situation? ‘Sewol’: The body of the ship has listed to the left. The containers have listed as well. Jeju VTS: OK. Any loss of human life or injuries? ‘Sewol’: It’s impossible to check right now. The body of the ship has tilted, and

it’s impossible to move. Jeju VTS: Yes, OK. Please wear life jackets and prepare as the people might have to abandon ship. ‘Sewol’: It’s hard for people to move. Jeju VTS: Yes, got it. 9:05am ‘Sewol’: Harbour affairs Jeju, do you have reception of ‘Sewol’? Jeju VTS: Yes, this is harbour affairs Jeju, ‘Sewol’. ‘Sewol’: What’s going on with the coastguard? Jeju VTS: Yes, we have notified the coastguard. Currently we are calling Jindo VTS and Wando VTS. Please hold for a moment. The transcript seems almost matter-of-fact on both sides - there was no indication of immediate alarm as harbour control advised: “Please wear life jackets and prepare as the people might have to abandon ship.” Even the next words: “It’s hard for people to move,” only prompted the response from Jeju “Yes, got it.” Reports after the ship began to list indicate its 475 passengers and crew – including 325 high school students and 15 teachers – were all getting off in orderly fashion. A teacher assured anxious parents at Ansan that their sons and

daughters were safe. Then, suddenly, reports of a successful evacuation ceased. First the Korean Coast Guard admitted an error in counting those taken off the boat - in the confusion, some people had been counted two or three times. Minutes later, more than two hours after the initial loud thuds, which are speculated might have been the ship hitting a submerged rock, or veering suddenly causing the cargo to shift, it capsized and slipped beneath the surface within sight of a rocky island three kilometres away and 20 kilometres south of the small port of Jindo. As the extent of the disaster became clear, the whereabouts of the captain and crew and their reactions to the unfolding situation and what action they had taken to speed up the evacuation were queried. First reports said the captain had ordered everyone to “abandon ship,” to jump in the water if none of the small craft now swarming the area were available. Then came word that crew members had told many of the passengers, notably the students, accustomed to stern discipline in their classrooms, to stay where they were, on crowded

corridors, possibly even return to their cabins, while awaiting their turn to get off, and most of them complied. It is thought that the shipping company Chonghaejin had not trained the crew in evacuation procedure, or provided enough life vests for all those on board. The crew were not instructed that the best course of action is an evacuation scenario was to get everybody on deck as quickly as possible. A safety drill for passengers was also not carried out. It became clear that the captain, Lee Joon-seok was not on the bridge when the ship, which had strayed off its prescribed course with the third mate at the wheel, jerked suddenly, whether after hitting a rock or to avoid one is unclear. He was winched off by helicopter before the ship began to list too far for aerial rescue, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves. Captain Lee and two crew members have been arrested. The captain faces charges including negligence and violation of maritime law. It is thought that as well as the 475 passengers and crew 180 trucks and cars were aboard the Sewol along with 1,000 cargo

containers when the ship was loaded at Incheon. There is no exact records as the company seems not to have saved the records. Korean shipping companies are supplying cranes to lift the ship from the depths. Teams of divers are trying to work their way inside, slowed down by swift currents, high winds and poor visibility. The sinking of the Sewol, a 6,300-ton vessel plying the route from Incheon down the west coast of the Korean peninsula to the scenic island of Jeju, has thrown immediate blame on the shipping company, on the captain of the ship and his crew and on authorities for failing to act swiftly enough. For South Korean vacationers, the southern island of Jeju is regarded as the Korean Hawaii, which last year attracted 8.5 million domestic tourists. The disaster comes at a time when Jeju has been trying to become more than just a local destination. The island is only about 90 minutes from Shanghai by plane, which puts Jeju in the right spot to benefit from an influx of increasingly affluent Chinese travellers. Of the 2.3 million foreign tourists who visited Jeju last year, the Chinese accounted for 78 percent. Autoconsumo “Mini kits” these plug and play new systems will be available form next week. Incredibly easy to install and you can just keep adding as and when required. Using the highest quality panels from Eurener (Spanish manufactured in Alicante)

250W Complete kit with cables and fittings - everything only 595€ 500W Complete kit with cables and fittings - everything only 1045€ 1000W Complete kit with cables and fittings -everything only 1495€

Start small and keep adding as you save money on your electricity bills!!! Utilize free solar energy and save money in the process!!

Special Offer 5kw complete system with batteries. Only 6995€ A generator or mains electricity can be wired into this system also 5Kw 48V/5000W.../50A Inverter charger/built in solar charge controller 9 x 240W Panels (25 year warranty) Panel mounting structure for 9 panels (Inox aluminium) 4 x 12V/250Ah Tabs batteries (48V/250Ah @ C100) Cables, breakers and fuses. All for just 6995€ Alternatively, you can have this system with 8 Trojan L16G-AC batteries (6V/433Ah = 48V/433Ah) for an additional 1495€

Special Offer 3kw complete system with batteries. Only 4995€ A generator or mains electricity can be wired into this system also.

ECOCORP are proud to support Vera & District Lions Club 3Kw 24V/3000W/...50A Inverter charger/built in solar charge controller Helping local charities 6 x 240W Panels (25 year warranty) & other good causes Panel mounting structure for 6 panels (Inox aluminium) Welfare 4 x 12V/250Ah Tabs batteries (24V/500Ah @ C100) Call 634 338 322 Cables, breakers and fuses. All for just 4995€


Alternatively, you can have this system with 4 Trojan L16G-AC batteries (6V/433Ah = 24V/433Ah) for an additional 795€

Contact us via the web for a FREE, no obligation consultation and survey, alternatively call 950 930 187, 671 716 597 or for UK numbers call 01332 896510 We now accept all major credit cards !!!


Supermoto kicks off in Alicante

The first round of the Spanish supermoto championship takes place at the Chicharra Karting circuit in Villena, Alicante on Sunday 27th April. With both of the Ford-Dunn brothers from Murcia competing in the open and Master championship classes the action is sure to be fast and exciting. The Chicharra race circuit features a variety of both high and low speed corners before the riders fire themselves off one of the faster curves into the off road section with high speed jumps and turns before rejoining the circuit to complete the lap. The racing is always close in the tight and technical circuit. Mat and Anthony Ford-Dunn have been busy already this season with both brothers taking a double win each, in their respective classes at the first round of the Catalan championship held back in March. But their next biggest challenge comes over the Easter weekend when the brothers travel to France for the first round of

the world championships where they take on the world’s best supermoto racers. The learning curve will be steep but what better way to prepare for the following weekends Spanish championship round at Villena. As usual the Supermotoland race team with their sponsors Advance Moves International Removals and Stratton Motorsports, will be in the race paddock to welcome anyone wishing to attend the Villena race meeting, with racing starting at 10.00 hrs on the Sunday 27th April and the circuit is easy to locate on the CV81 road from Villena to Yecla. More information and directions can be found at and

Table-top sale at Lui’s Lounge bar raises €339

The table-top sale held at Lui’s lounge at Caravan Camping, San Javier, on 5th April raised €339 for the charity, HELP Murcia Mar Menor. As no assistance from provincial or local government is received by HELP M.M.M., all time devoted and donations received are greatly appreciated. Doreen Sykes expressed many thanks to members of staff at Lui’s lounge and everyone who donated items or assisted at the sale. The Friendship Group met again at

Lui’s Lounge on 11th April when a fish and chip lunch, which was brilliant, was followed by a UNOcard game, won by Fred and Claire. The next event for the Friendship Group is lunch at the Asia restaurant, San Javier on 9th May, meeting at 1 p.m. Come along and join us! Ring Doreen on 637920882 if you would like to attend or just for information. For your selection:The picture shows Joan Mitchell and Doreen Sykes receiving the money from Sharon & Toni, supported by Carol, Sheila and Pam.



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Reforms Architectural Service & Plans Painting Decorating Construction & Maintenance Interior Design Legally registered family business Quality workmanship guaranteed Tiling, Flagging, Electrics, Plumbing, Aluminuim, Swimming pools, Key-holding & Maintenance

680 851 376

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homes & gardens NASTURTIUM

There are varieties for almost every gardening purpose: bushy plants for borders and edges, trailing plants for walls and containers and climbers to add dramatic height in a garden. The leaves and flowers are edible, with a peppery tang, and even the seed pods are used as a substitute for capers. Nasturtiums plants grow very full, with spots of brightly coloured blossoms poking out of masses of foliage. Leaves are rounded, like a water lily. The flowers are an open funnel shape with a curious little claw or spur on the underside. They are most often seen in rich shades of yellow, orange, pink, red and mahogany but there are also varieties in subdued shades of butter yellow and cream. The ‘Alaska’ Series and the climbing ‘Jewel of Africa’ have variegated leaves. Nasturtiums will spill beautifully over walls and onto pavers, when used as edging plants. They also hold up very well in containers. Climbing varieties, will amble up and through shrubs. Bushy, ground hugging plants will fill in blooming gaps among complementary coloured day lilies and roses. And you can use clusters to brighten up the vegetable garden. Suggested Varieties... Nasturtiums are loved for their Alaska Series - Bushy, dwarf plants with heavily rich, saturated jewel-toned colours. variegated foliage; the blossoms are held above the They are fast and easy to grow and, in foliage. fact, do best with a little neglect. Jewel Series - Bushy, dwarf with double and semidouble blooms; flowers can tend to get lost under the foliage. ‘Peach Melba’ - Busy, dwarf with semi-double Established buttery yellow flowers splashed with orangey-red 40 years centres. Good for containers. pool covers, heatpumps & safety fencing in the UK Propagation… 400 MICRON COVERS 500 MICRON COVERS 500 geo BUBBLE COVERS Nasturtiums are usually started from seed, so you won’t often find them available as plants, at 6x3m...................180€ 6x3m................250€ 6x3m...........310€ nurseries. However, the seed germinate quickly and 8x4m...................290€ 8x4m................385€ 8x4m...........410€ the plants will be up and blooming in little time. Seeds 8x5m...................360€ 8x5m................450€ 8x5m...........495€ can be sow directly in the garden, when the soil has 10x4m.................360€ 10x4m..............450€ 10x4m.........495€ warmed, or started indoors about 2-4 weeks earlier. Nasturtiums don’t especially like being transplanted, 10x5m.................460€ 10x5m..............550€ 10x5m.........610€ so starting indoor seedlings in peat pots will reduce Small Roller.......220€ Large Roller 370€ transplant shock. Once planted, they tend to take All the above prices include supply and fitting care of themselves. Take shoot tip cuttings during the summer and pot protect-a-child pool safety fencing available them up. Keep them frost-free over winter and plant out the following spring, after the last of the frosts. Britannia dream heatpumps The perennials aren’t completely hardy and need 10Kw 1,750€ 18Kw with soft start 2,800€ digging up, with their top growth cut off, for storing 12.5Kw 2,200€ 23Kw with soft start 3,400€ over winter in a cool, dry, frost-free garage. They can also be divided at the same time to create new 15Kw 2,450€ 28Kw with soft start 3,900€ plants. supplied & fitted electrics included Maintenance... For more prices & information Nasturtiums like regular weekly watering. They will trade enquiries survive some drought conditions, but flowering will Ian 966 765 378 : 664 367 512 welcome diminish and the foliage can begin to look ratty. Deadheading is not usually necessary, unless a plant has been stressed and is holding on to spent blooms. They do, however, thrive in lean soil. Don’t feed nasturtium plants at all during the growing • 39 years experience in soft furnishings & re-upholstery season; fertiliser causes them to put out more • Foam (All densities) superior quality, foliage and less flowers. cut to any shape or size Pests & Diseases... • Curtains and Blinds all made to measure Nasturtiums are very prone to aphids and are • Loose covers that fit like upholstery made for all sometimes used as a types of furniture indoor and out trap crop in vegetable gardens. A strong blast of • Hundreds of fabrics to choose from water is usually enough to get rid of the aphids. Opening Hours - Mon-Fri 10am to 4.30pm Sat - 10am to 1.30pm They can also be prone to All our work is professionally made at our premises in... flea beetles, slugs and the The Interior Centre, 1 Calle Portugal Los Maromas Pol, Ind Almoradi 03160 caterpillars of cabbage white butterflies. Contact Kim & Rick on 625 716 063 or email


The Mosquito Screen & Window Co

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Manufacturers & Installers of Insect Screens, Aluminium & UPVC Windows & Doors Tel: 966 716 329 or Spanish Mob: 722 763 055 email: Find us at Moncayo Market on Saturdays & we are pleased to announce we are now at Lemon Tree Market on Sundays



local News A St. George’s Day Arts & concert crafts with Cantabile weekend at the caves

CANTABILE female voice choir are pleased to present a St. George’s Day concert at La Siesta Church on Wednesday April 23rd, starting at 7:30pm. Entrance is free with a retiring collection. Cantabile’s music will be a mixture of sacred, classical and traditional songs, ranging from Mozart, Schubert, Brahms and Handel to more modern pieces by Vaughan Williams, Ronald Binge, John Williams and Howard Shore. The choir is accompanied by Christine Eames and conducted by Jennifer Morton. If you enjoy singing to a good standard, Cantabile are always on the lookout for new members. In particular at present, we need more sopranos, though mezzos and contraltos are equally welcome. Rehearsals take place at La Siesta Church on Fridays, 3-5pm. Anyone interested in hearing more about the choir and their concerts should contact Jennifer on 966796866, or email

The monthly arts & crafts market at the Cuevas del Rodeo (Rojales artists caves) will be expanded into a 3 day fiesta in May. Starting at 7pm on Friday 2nd May and continuing until 8.30pm on Sunday 4th May, there will be a full programme of music concerts, craft dance workshops, childrens’ shows, a hunt, treasure historic battle retapas enactment, bars, as well as all the artists caves being open and the usual arts & crafts market. Directions to the caves can be found on the website: www. CostaArt.Net/caves. html

Solar electric systems Solar hot water systems Buy direct - no middle men no sales people - no subcontractors

Quality European products Guarantees backed by 10 years of training in Spain Complete solar systems from only 1500€ including installation 10% price beater promise we will beat any other like for like price

Pauline and Sue Welcome You to Trevi’s for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and a Great Time Enjoy a 4 Course Menu del Noche at Trevi’s for ONLY €9,95 or Order from our Al A Carte Menu any evening and get a FREE Bottle of Wine per couple. Simply present this voucher when ordering Open 7pm # - 10pm


now open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7 - 10pm




St Georges day 23rd april from 2pm Karaoke with Eddie B

Wednesday’s 5pm - 7pm

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Disco and Karaoke with Eddie B


Full Carvery in our Upstairs Restaurant with Panoramic views of the Beautiful Surrounding Area.

Not Forgetting the Menu del Noche for just €9,95!

Eat Inside, Outside or in our Upstairs Restaurant Full Sports Coverage Every Day!

Urbanisation Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre, Tel: 968 199 939



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april 2014


Well spring has really sprung in Murcia ! We had a mini heat wave mid April with temperatures nearly touching 30 ! And I noticed some of our holidaying visitors swimming in pools ! ……. Brrrrrrr still be July before I get in ! We have had so little rain this winter that I wonder how the water supplies are ……… have heard no remarks about possible shortages but ……….. I think I have had to water the garden every week this winter ……… normally I do get nature doing that once in a while ! The UK seemed to get our share and more ! And what we did get had the Sahara Red dust in it and I have still not fully cleared up all the outside from that !!! TV NEWS ……….. keeping on the Red Rain Dust story ……… the week we got it and it went all the way up in the atmosphere to northern Europe – yes Brits had red rain - I had lots of calls about bad TV reception ……….. Which disappeared after the dust “storm” went ……….. With our signals so low now that dust did have an effect on signals and thus reception. The new signals we have from the new satellite are so much weaker than before ……….. Any weather disturbance – and that can be turbulence you can not see in the SKY – will affect your reception. Have you been flying when the plane hits turbulence without warning that the pilot could not see ? Well if that turbulence is between your dish and the satellite you may have a reception issue until it passes over. I have said this before but at least we do have some UK satellite TV after the massive changes of a few weeks ago ……. Further down the coast to the west they have no mainstream UK TV signals at all ! - Holiday makers come to Murcia where your favourite soaps are still available ! Beware of so called satellite TV “installers” coming out of the woodwork with promises of returning your TV to pre change quality with “magic” tools and “magic” boxes ………… if there is money to be made the rogues will be there and they will take your money and oddly not answer the phone after that ! Use an established TV supply company who have been around a while and will stay around after this all settles ……… if there are magic boxes and magic tools available we will all know about them and have them in our armoury of fixes ! At the end of the day it’s all about getting enough signal into a decent digibox tuner to produce a decent 24/7 picture. That now means big satellite dishes and decent quality equipment all the way down the cable to the TV. We at Rainbow consider that the only correct option is to turn your TV on and watch what you want, on the region you want whenever you want. That with the new weak signals we have is not entirely a 100% option but we can get very close to it. Swapping regions at various times of the day …….. Watching on a plus1 channel ……….. is, for us, not decent TV. Those of you with FREESAT HD boxes will have noted that the BBC have prioritised the HD channels i.e. moving BBC2HD to the 102 slot and BBC2SD relegated to the old HD slot of 109. Fine but for us generally the HD channels are weaker signals and may have some issues …………. If you find that then search around - all the old stronger signal SD versions are tucked away in the listings somewhere ! We still have great value Sports and Movie packs available …….. Just ask for details …………. And finally if you have no where for that huge dish now required we have a variety of internet TV packs ……… no dish required but good internet is …………. Again ask for details. Article sponsored by RAINBOW SATELLITES ……. The Murcia Company for all your TV needs. Contact Alan or Matt for free friendly advise – rainbowsats@gmail. org or (0034) 686 358 475. We still have not updated our website after the significant changes but we will soon ……….. It still has some good basic information – www.rainbowsats. org.

You would think butter would melt in their mouths. Do not be fooled these are murderesses ! Only in Rascals new show The Best of Times is now. This lively colourful show is a true variety with different genres of song and dance interspersed by comedy items to put a smile on your face. Snippets from other popular musicals, Oliver, Chicago & the Blues Bros are included in this production. The Spice Girls even pay a visit. Another big scene is when you visit Talk of the Town where you will meet Crystal Gayle, Lady Gaga, Adele, Susan Boyle Michael Buble and Amy Whinehouse and enjoy a Bollywood Dance in authentic costumes.. The cast have had the best of times rehearsing

this show and they will make sure you do too. To enjoy this experience book tickets via Sue on 96 678 4874 or look for ticket outlets. First performances are at the School of Music & Culture in Montesinos on Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th May followed by further performances on Thursday 29th May at the Casa de Cultura Guardamar and Sunday 15th June at the Virgen del Carmen, Torrevieja. All performances start at 7.30 pm and tickets are 6 Euros. To find out more about Rascals look on

3 Charities All for One & One for All

It is Three volunteers taking on a challenge for Three charities. Bernard Ash, Janneke Chambers and Lynda Fleming are walking to raise funds for Three charities: - HELP MMM, CARITAS and DEBRA (Butterfly Children). The Three are fully prepared for the Camino Ingles Walk, having spent many weeks training by walking 30 kilometres per day several times a week. They leave on Sunday 13th Apr. Between 15-19th.April 2014, the Three will be walking the 120km. “Camino Ingles Pilgrims Walk” from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Visit the web route-camino-ingles.htm for more info. They are looking to secure both Individual & Business Sponsorships. In return they are offering Businesses some excellent advertising in Press, Radio & TV, plus, of course, the satisfaction of helping these very worthwhile charities. They would like to hear from any individual or business to add to the €5,000 already secured. A new longer term sponsor, Your Car Mar Menor S.L in Torre Pacheco has been added, Tel: 0034 968 579 Mob: 0034 678 987 668. Remember that your donations go to help local charities, which address very

real local needs. To make a pledge or to request further details please contact Bernard Ash via..... e-mail:- bernardhelpmmm@gmail or telephone 659751611. You can also contact the office on Tel: 968570059 and forms are available in the office behind Roblemar Restaurant in Los Alcazares. Euro Millions Lottery for a year Any person who pledges €10 sponsorship for the Camino Ingles Pilgrims Walk is entitled to a card. The cards are individually numbered and this number should be entered on the sponsor form alongside the person’s details. This card is valid from 15/04/2014 for one year. The numbers on the card have been entered into the Tuesday and Friday draw in the Euro millions Lottery. Should all 7 numbers come up the card holder will be entitled to a share of the jackpot. Assuming all 1,000 cards are allocated each person will be entitled to €1,000 for each million in the jackpot e.g. in a Jackpot of €35,000,000, the share will be €35,000. Any small wins will accumulate and will go to the Charities. If you would like one, please use the contacts above. If you’re not in, you can’t win! Pilgrims queuing to pass through the Porta Santa which is only opened in Holy Year




Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. about us

offer help with Internet and Telephone.

GO SATELLITE was set up 8 years ago by husband and wife team Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than 20 years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´S Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the “stars”, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving SKY, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before moving to Spain. SERVICES WE OFFER We are here to help!!!! We can arrange Installation of TV direct from the satellite with no monthly subscription. We are able to make repairs to existing satellite systems, potentially saving you from additional costs. We are suppliers of Sky and humax receivers direct from the UK. You will find we are the cheapest on the Costa Blanca. Ask us about Sky cards and subscriptions as well as Al Jazeera cards for bars enabling viewing of Premier League Football matches. Our latest additional service is VPN routers, pop in to the office or give us a call for more details. We are not only here for

WHERE ARE WE? GO SATELLITE is based in Ciudad Quesada and covers most of the Costa Blanca. WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? Ian said “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It’s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing. We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their needs”. CUSTOMER SERVICE Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the service. Added to that is the fact that GO SATELLITE is a fully legal, Spanish registered business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free no obligation site survey. Go Satellite is going from strength to strength! SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! Over the past 8 years the company has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities. The Go Satellite system uses highest quality Portuguese-manufactured dishes and requires NO monthly payments. Packages are available to suit everybody´s requirements and budget. GO SATELLITE offer expertise, reassurance and a proven track record, which can be backed up by many a satisfied customer.

OTHER SERVICES Go Satellite not only provide television but are also able to provide internet and telephone services. Packages are available to suit all with a switch on/off service available for non residents. COME AND MEET US! We have an office in the Business Centre Calle Los Arcos No7 Ciudad Quesada, so you can now come and meet us and we will endeavour to help you with all of your TV queries. DISH ISSUES? Here at Go Satellite, we use only Top Quality Portugese dishes and Invacom LNB’s. Sky Packages are also available. If you do not have room or do not wish to have a dish, give us a call as we have a solution! At Go Satellite, we will endeavour, to provide TV for everyone. So, if you are fed up of missing your favourite programs or you have lost your TV signal and do not want to lose out any more, then call Ian or Deborah on 965 725 670 or call into our office to find out more about GO SATELLITE and its services. Alternatively check out the website:www.

349€ one off payment

your TV and Satelite solutions, but are able to

1.4 metre dish with HD mini receiver


Come and visit us in our office based at: Calle Los Arcos No 7, Ciudad Quesada Open: Monday – Friday

Tel: 965 725 670

all major credit & debit cards all major credit & debit cards accepted accepted


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Electronic Cigarettes Starter Packs from €20 Delivered to your door Easy to order Tel: 962 839 156 or 635 706 359 Use Discount Code: GIVEME20 to get 20% off your first order

Medical Massage for treating Sciatica Posture Problems Muscle Imbalances Repetitive Strain Disorders Frozen Shoulder Rehabiliatation Exercises And many more Age Related Disorders/Injuries affordable treatments 1 hour massage from 25€



Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

kim clark benefits consultancy Do you suffer from mobility problems, breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles? Do you need help washing / dressing or supervision? You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568 or visit

t a e d r o o G G l e k e o o F L 4 Steps To Get Your Beach Body Part 2 ... continued from last issue AL432

3. Move as often as possible. I call this active recovery in my program or slow movement. It doesn’t mean you need to literally move slowly like Tai Chi… it just means that the more you move your body throughout the day outside of the workouts, the better off you’ll be. Some people have a hard time doing this without being scheduled into a weekly routine… and if that’s you, try to walk an hour a day. It doesn’t need to be all at once; you break it into 3 x power walks better than just plodding along for hours!!! … any which way you can squeeze in walking in a day just do it and leave the car at home. Some experts have given specific number 10,000 steps a day. If you have a pedometer, you can use that as a daily goal if you’d like. Personally I try and walk minimum of one hour a day……. 5 x a week. It’s a great way to burn calories from fat and promote blood flow to your muscles for active recovery between your workouts. Check out your footwear though and remember your foot gait not in flat flip flops!!! 4. Perform interval cardio training 1 - 3 time as week if you have time. Interval cardio is probably the most popular method to lose weight. Although if you’re lifting weights (with proper intensity) and doing other forms of activities daily throughout the week (combined with proper diet) you don’t need to do interval cardio training, again this all depends on your fitness levels. But if you can include it, you’ll get results… even quicker. Keep in mind that if done properly, it’s hard and very strenuous on your body… so you’ll need to make sure that you get proper recovery. But if you can manage to squeeze it into your weekly fitness routine, it will be very effective in increasing your fat loss process. Healthy Fats are: While it’s a good idea to limit saturated fats (found in cheese, meat, butter, sausage and desserts), you need fat to aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, E, D and K,” says Registered Dietician Patricia Bannan, author of Eat Right When Time Is Tight. A bonus: Fat makes you feel full for longer periods of time. The key is focusing on the good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and eliminating the bad fats (trans and saturated fats). Avocados: Sure, avocados are high in fat -- perhaps that’s why they’ve earned the nickname “butter pears” - but most of the fat in an avocado is monounsaturated, the heart-healthy kind that actually lowers bad cholesterol. In recent years, the U.S. government has even revised its official nutrition guidelines to urge Americans to eat more avocados. Moderation is still key, since one medium avocado boasts 30 grams of fat. Try substituting butter for cream cheese, or replace the mayo on your sandwich with avocado slices. Eggs: Eggs are an inexpensive and easy source of protein. People often think eggs whites are a healthier option than whole eggs because they contain less fat, and while it’s true that the egg yolk contains some fat, it’s also packed with important nutrients. One whole egg contains 5 grams of fat, but only 1.5 grams are saturated. Whole eggs are also a good source of chorine (one egg yolk has about 300 micrograms of chorine), an important B vitamin that helps regulate the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system. And while there’s a lot of buzz about the cholesterol in eggs, research has linked moderate egg consumption to improved heart health. A whole egg is a balanced egg!!! Olive Oil: Olive oil is commonly used in the Mediterranean diet (one of the most recommended for a healthy lifestyle), and we’ve all heard that olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and certain types of cancer. However, it still packs 100 calories per tablespoon, so

Monica Algañaraz Over 40 years experience in physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment. General postural assessment and holistic health checks available English spoken PLEASE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT MONICA ALGANARAZ: 695 355 381 Email: In Commercial Centre No. 3 Next to Valle del Este Hotel

moderation is important if you’re watching your weight. A recent study published in Neurology found that cooking with heart-healthy olive oil and using it for salad dressing may cut stroke risk …… but check them out certain Oils are not suitable for cooking with. Nuts: Your best bets for nutrition are almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Almonds are the richest in vitamin E; walnuts contain a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid; and pistachios have lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids important for eye health. Research shows nut eaters are generally thinner, less likely to develop type 2 diabetes and have a reduced risk of heart disease to boot. In terms of getting the most from your snack, pistachios win hands down. One of the lowest-fat nuts, you get 49 pistachios in a 1-ounce serving, compared to 23 almonds or 14 walnut halves. Nut Butter: Nut butters are another source of healthy fats, and peanut butter is just the beginning -- try almond or cashew butter if you’re feeling adventurous. All of these butters boost protein and fibre intake. Just be forewarned, some are high in added sugars. Choose all-natural nut butters with as few ingredients as possible. Almond butter is very pure if they contain “dry roasted almonds” as the sole ingredients. Some may also contain sea salt, all good in moderation again. Fatty Fish: The term “fatty fish” may sound unappealing, but actually, these are the healthiest and most delicious foods from the sea. Oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout are full of omega-3 fatty acids -- good fats, unlike the bad saturated fat you find in most meats. According to the American Heart Association, people should eat at least two servings weekly of lake herring, lake trout, mackerel, salmon, sardines or tuna for the healthy omega-3 fats they contain. Don’t wait… I’ve given you the steps you need to take to start getting in shape today! Stay Lean – and make exercise your music of your life … Inner Sunshine and lots of Smarties!!!!!!!!! Simple Fat Burn Exercises/Add into Circuit Training • Jogging on the spot /Add Mountain Climbers for higher intensity • Mummy Kicks or Belt Kicks • Ski Jumps, Log Jumps or Skaters side to side land on one leg • Post the Parcel or Basket Ball Jumps for higher Impact • Scissor Runs or Jumping Jacks taking the intensity UP UP UP into Power Jacks • Step ups and Skipping or Shuttle runs start with 30 seconds each exercise build up to a minute Anything that gets your heart rates up high for 5 minute bursts in between your Main workout. Don’t forget to re-hydrate when your thirsty it is too late!!!!! Always do your Stretches after your cool down really important not to just stand still after high intensity workouts take your heart rate back down or you may feel giddy ……….. Listen to your body and treat the Heart like the engine of the car going up the gears and then down the gears. Most of all “have fun” Debbie James our fully qualified Pt Instructor will be at hand for you and help you jump any hurdle or stumbling block that you feel may prevent you from doing daily exercise so please contact her on 687 619 239 for a full gym induction No costly membership, Pay as you go and only small group Private Training Affordable Prices


almeria angels

Here comes the sun!

as this can be an early sign of cancer. Sun Awareness! The earlier skin cancer is caught, the It is important to regularly self-examine yourself to check for skin cancer and check easier it is to treat, so see your Doctor or for new moles and melanomas especially an Angel as soon as possible. Be safe in the sun now living in the sunshine! • Spend time in the shade between 11am Skin cancer is one of the most common and 3pm. cancers , and it’s a growing problem. • Make sure you never burn. Here’s how to protect your skin and reduce • Aim to cover up with a T-shirt, hat and your risk. sunglasses. Skin cancers are caused by damage from • Remember to take extra care with the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Protecting children. the skin from the sun can help prevent • Then use factor 15+ sunscreen. these cancers. How does the sun damage Source: Almeria Angels skin? UV rays penetrate deep into the skin and damage cells. These cells are then at risk of becoming cancerous. You can’t feel UV damaging your skin and it happens even when the sun doesn’t feel hot. Getting sunburnt causes the top layers of skin to LA VIDA DULCE SWEETIE SHOP release chemicals that 46 Avenida Lepanto, Albox make blood vessels swell (Next door to Jacks bar) From 10:00 am and leak fluids. Skin turns red and feels hot and SHIATSU BY WENDY painful, and severe sunburn (Providing and understanding to Shiatsu Therapy and its can lead to swelling and benefits For Humans, Equine & Canine) blisters. After you’ve been sunburnt, the skin peels to get rid of INTERNATIONAL PSYCHIC KAREN damaged cells. Eventually, (Tarot, Crystal Ball & Colour Reads) it will heal and look healthy, but permanent damage may have been done. Some AROMATHERAPY & SPORTS MASSAGE experts believe that just (Promotion by Amanda) one episode of blistering sunburn before the age Not forgetting Wendy’s Traditional English Sweeties of 20 can double your chance of getting malignant melanoma. Who’s at risk? Skin cancer can affect anyone, but people most at PLUS ECLECTIC EMPORIUM OF GOODIES risk have: • fair skin that burns in FREE TEA AND COFFEE.....CUPCAKES €1 EACH strong sun • red or fair hair • a lot of moles or freckles • a personal or family history of skin cancer Fast to your door Kits ‘Classic’ 5€ • already had sunburn, .9 3 1 from especially when young All E-liquids In Stock People with naturally brown or black skin are less Revolutionary New Product Now In! likely to get skin cancer as Refillable Automatic E-cigarette darker skin has some Button To Press!!! No Hassle!!! No protection against UV rays. However, skin cancer can Refillable Black still occur. from System Pink Check moles for € 5 15.8 Silver Kits change Keep an eye on any moles or freckles you have. If they We also specialise in wholesaling to shops change at all (for example, Pay on-Line, One Page Checkout get bigger or begin • 659 679 990 bleeding), see your Doctor


elax evive


open 9-3pm mon-thur

El Cucador


now in shellac gel polish

56 shades to choose from


Beauty by Sandra

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Be Pampered & Revived

Teri is fully qualified with over 20 years’ experience Salon open Wed &Thur from 9 am Call 619 467 295

Benefits of massage include: Luxury Elimis Facial Feelings of deep relaxation 1h 15min Relief from stress and anxiety Brisa Sculpting Improved sleep pattern Gel Nails Treatment Reduced muscle tension and joint pain Improved blood circulation Pedicure Gel Enhanced sense of health and well-being Nails, Waxing Hopi Ear Candle Treatments Priadara 1hr facial 17€ - 30 min massage 12€ Monday - Thursday 9am to 3pm

Abilgale - 632 779 082 Tues 9am to 3pm

Call Sandra 661 858 949

Formally Cutting Edge, Albox

We are a self-contained private suite of rooms on the right hand side of La Vida Bar, El Cucador

Today Weds 23rd April 10am Onwards

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Designer Sunglasses

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Avda. Guillermo Reyna Huercal - Overa

salas opticos





Daily Lenses FOR ONLY


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Hello and welcome to CanDu Computer Bytes. Before I get started today I would like to say a big “thank you” to a superb bloke that turned up to my clinic on Friday afternoon, at Jack’s Bar in Albox (advertising finished) and after saying he had been reading my articles for the past 2 years he then expressed his amusement about my attitudes, nailing it beautifully on the head, concerning my getting ‘On My Soapbox’. I would like to say “Lesson learned”, but I will try to keep my passions (pet hates) under better control :-) (at least until next week). Let’s get started with something that I read about earlier this week concerning DropBox checking out what was in YOUR box. Did you know that every time you use ‘Dropbox’ to upload valuable files that you wish to share with everyone else in you group, Dropbox, without the slightest breach of your personal rights, can read the contents of you dropbox for propitiatory software and anything else that they have been asked to look out for. Doesn’t Dropbox, and for that matter just about every other ‘online’ storage facility encrypt your information? Yes, they do, to ensure that even the employees of the storage facility can not ‘just have a quick look’! Most claim that it takes a document issued by the courts before they would even consider releasing ‘sensitive’ information (YOUR INFORMATION) to an outside authority. Google and Microsoft make similar claims but recent history would indicate the fallacy of that statement (the soapbox is out again – sorry!). So how does Dropbox know that you have something that ‘Big Brother’ says you shouldn’t have? Hashing! This isn’t the process of turning meat and potatoes into something

simple but delicious (sorry any vegetarians out there), it is the process of calculating a very long resulting number by an even more complicated calculation. We have touched on it before under the section of encryption and passwords some time ago but now is a good time to actually understand how hashing can allow you to read something without actually reading anything! Confused? Just wait, it gets better! Breaking hashing down to a very simple example. I created a simple ASCII text file of 1 letter (‘a’) NOT (‘A’). The result of the calculation was very different from the letter (‘b’) or (‘A’) or (‘B’). a == 0cc175b9c0f1b6a831c399e269772661 A == 7fc56270e7a70fa81a5935b72eacbe29 b == 92eb5ffee6ae2fec3ad71c777531578f B == 9d5ed678fe57bcca610140957afab571 Now consider a word, a phrase, a paragraph, a complete novel or even the collected works of Shakespeare. Every last one would generate a UNIQUE number. Change 1 letter in any of the above and you would generate a different UNIQUE number to the one it had! This method works just as well with binary files as it does with ASCII files. So using this method, anyone can check out anything, WITHOUT having to open the file, simply by comparing the generated number to a list of hash numbers already created and find out whether it was the same one or not! The comforting thing is that no matter what the file might contain, your rights to privacy haven’t been in the least bit violated! So on that note I will say Adios and wait for my next new client to call. Have a lovely week.

For further information or advice on computing,contact Trevor on 689 892 745 or

Al ‘Scarface’ Capone Alphonse ‘Al’ Capone was born to respectable Italian parents in Brooklyn in 1899; one of nine children he left school at 14 after hitting a teacher in the face. He worked in a bowling alley where he met Johnny Torrio a gangster who recruited him to his James Street Boys gang. Torrio mentored Al teaching him to always project a smart and respectable image. He got the nickname Scarface after he insulted a woman and her brother Frank Gallucio had attacked him with a knife. Torrio ordered Capone to apologise to the family and later Capone employed Frank as a bodyguard. At 19 Capone married an Irish Catholic Mae Coughlin; then under 21 his parents had to give permission. Johnny Torrio had previously relocated to Chicago to run a brothel business for his boss Big Jim Colosimo. In 1919 shortly after marrying, Capone moved to Chicago to assist Torrio. Big Jim was soon killed (reputedly by Capone), with Johnny taking over. Prohibition started in 1920 giving new opportunities for Capone and his boss. Chicago, on the edge of Lake Michigan made it easy to import Canadian whiskey. Only a day’s drive away are New York

braben’s blog... Food Glorious Food

Did you know, in March the biggest hot dog in the world was grilled? Apparently it weighed over 125 pounds. My advice is though, don’t do it! No, really don’t. Don’t eat either that hot dog or any other of the species. Yes, they’re unhealthy, yes they may have more excess calories than you can shake a stick at, but they’re not the reasons why you should avoid them like the plague. People have choked trying to swallow their hot dog...whole! Like me, you probably find it difficult to imagine how anyone could swallow a hot dog whole. A peanut I can understand, a liquorice allsort I can just about imagine, but a hot dog? Yes I know a snake can do wondrous things with its jaws to swallow prey twice its size, but even they may think twice about swallowing some of those huge hot dogs on offer-especially the one that weighed in at 125 pounds! Once I’d stumbled upon this fact I couldn’t resist looking for some more dangerous foods. I wanted to find examples of some seriously dangerous food that‘s eaten, voluntarily around the world. It didn’t take me very long to find some! Sannakji. This is Wriggling Octopus to you and I, but to diners in Korea, where the still moving legs of a baby octopus are eaten raw, it is heaven. Sounds awful doesn’t it. What’s really scary about this though is that the suckers still function and can stick to the insides of the person enjoying the meal-if enjoying is the right word! According to statistics, around six people a year die this way. I think it’s about time they risked McDonalds! Then there’s African Bullfrog. If you’re ever in Namibia, there are places you can get this delicacy . But be warned, first of all it’s illegal and secondly, it’s lethal! You have to make sure that you cook this after the third rain and then be sure to check mating season has finished. Look as hard as you like, you won’t find instructions like that in Delia’s books! But never mind wriggling octopus tentacles, poisonous bullfrogs or giant hot dogs, I’ve found the most dangerous food and it’s in most peoples’ kitchens. Kellogg’s Frosties. One look at that stuff and, in an instant, you’ve got a huge rampant tiger frolicking about in your kitchen scaring the kids-now that’s what I call dangerous! Graham is married to Helen and has a daughter, Alice. He lives part of the year near Albox, but works in Qatar, teaching. If you wish to contact Graham regarding this article email:

Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles are posted on there too...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: Telephone: 636 266 641

and Atlantic City so Rum and Scotch whisky were smuggled in. Two of Al’s brothers worked for him, Ralph ran his beer brewing and bottling business, Frank was sharp suited like Al with a reputation for violence and was his enforcer. By chance a third brother James became a prohibition agent, In 1923 a new Chicago Mayor started to clean up the city and Torrio sent Al and his brother Frank to a suburb called Cicero were they infiltrated the Republican run council putting the leader Klenha and others on the mob payroll, then it was easy to transfer brothels, gambling dens and speakeasies to the area. Al appointed Frank as council liaison, so when in 1924 the Democrats tried to win local elections Frank had men armed with machine guns and shotguns at polling booths to ensure locals ‘voted right.’ In response Chicago Police sent plain clothes reinforcements. Al and Frank mistook the policemen as rival gang members and a shootout ensued leaving Frank dead. Al was heartbroken at the loss of his brother and retaliated by kidnapping officials killing one of them and stealing ballot boxes

ensuring Klenha won again. Torrio retired and returned to Italy after a failed assassination attempt and left the business to Capone. By this time even the new Mayor of Chicago was being bribed and Capone’s businesses were turning over a $100 million a year. Capone courted the press and was often photographed at restaurants and

the opera. He was a philanthropist too setting up soup kitchens during the Great Depression and gave lots of money to charity. Once after a failed attempt on his life had resulted in the injury of a mother and son, he paid the hospital bills. Strangely the police never had enough evidence to convict Capone on any charges. He used cash for everything to avoid a paper trail but after buying and renovating a mansion in Florida the government used that as evidence to jail him for 9 years in 1931 for tax evasion. Capone almost got away with it but his plan to bribe the jury was discovered and the jurors were switched at the last moment. Capone bought special privileges whilst inside at first but then got transferred to a new prison - Alcatraz. Here he couldn’t communicate with his gang and with prohibition ending in 1935 business dried up. Capone suffered from syphilis and was released in 1939 to Florida a very sick man. The disease attacked his brain leaving him with a mental age of a child. He died quietly at home surrounded by family in 1947 aged just 48!




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SOLTIMES april 2014

Home Sales on the Increase

Tel: 950 478 935 Property Sales • 31 years experience • Multi Lingual Team • Resales • Offices in Mojacar • Maintenance • Property Vigilance


Mojacar Playa - Ref 5513 89,000 euros

Sierra Cabrerra - Ref2208 215,000 euros

First floor apartment 80,7m² in walking distance to the sea on a quiet complex with large communal swimming pool and gardens. The property comprises of 2 good size double bedrooms with built in wardrobes, new bathroom, loungediner with American kitchen, and large larder/ storeroom/laundry room.. Easy parking in front of the entrance door.. 2 Bedroom(s) - 1 Bathroom(s) – 2 Terraces

Beautiful detached villa (165m² on a plot of 535m²) superb mountain and sea views overlooking Cortijo Grande Golf. The main house comprises entrance hall, very large lounge with dining area (50m²) and open plan kitchen, 2 bed (bedroom 3 is in annexe with own shower room), family bathroom, cloakroom and walk-in wardrobe. Inner courtyard and utility room. Terraces, storage room, private pool and carport for 2 cars. 3 Bedroom(s) - 3 Bathroom(s)

The housing market appears to be entering a new phase after several years of depression. According to the latest statistics from the General Council of Notaries, based on actual transactions, the number of home sales in February rose by 39.8%, to 26,602 transactions, compared to the same month of 2013. Prices also increased, by 0.6%. “The rebound in home sales in recent months (in January they surged by 59.2%) can be explained, in part, by the normalization of the figures after the end of the income tax deductions for home purchases at the end of 2012, but also reflects a stabilization in the monthly sales”, said the Notaries’ press release.

The increase in transactions is reflected in all segments of the residential property market. Sales of private apartments soared by 38.5% (41.4% in used homes and 24.1% in new homes) and transactions on individual family homes registered growth of up to 50.5%. With regard to apartment prices, El Mundo reported that the Notaries recorded a slight increase in the cost of housing transmitted during the second month of 2014, of 0.6%, although much less than the increase recorded in January, when it was 8.9%, which they say “appears to show some signs of stabilization in the market”. Thus, they put the average price of the homes sold at 1,189 euros per square meter. By type, in the case of apartments this increase amounted to 0.4% and, within this segment of housing, the free price apartments did not register any

increase in their prices per square meter, remaining at 1,307 euros. The price of second-hand apartments stood at 1,261 euros per square meter (-0.2% year-onyear) and the price of new apartments was 1,575 euros per square meter (0.7% year-on-year). The average price of an individual family home was 972 euros per square meter, with an increase of 3.2% yearon-year. In the case of free price family homes, the average price was 976 euros per square meter (+2.5% year-on-year). According to the notaries, “in line with the growth in purchases”, the contracting of external financing is also increasing. The number of mortgage loans for home purchase has climbed by 35.9%. Mortgage values, on the other hand, have reduced their average amount by 6.8%, to stand at 104,157 euros. The notaries also stated that the percentage of the home purchases financed by a mortgage stood at 34%, and that with this type of purchase, the amount of the loan assumed an average of 75.6% of the price of the home, slightly more than in recent months. In light of the recent data, the notaries pointed out that “February again registered a recovery in terms of yearon-year rates for housing purchases and prices, which could be an indication of a turnaround in the sector or at least the end of the depressive spiral”. Source: www.


WITH MICHAEL DAVIES, ABOGADO/SOLICITOR If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic, please e-mail VERY IMPORTANT: A NEW DIRECTIVE FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION MAKES IT NECCESARY FOR ENGLISH PEOPLE RESIDENT IN SPAIN TO REVISE THEIR SPANISH WILLS. Q. A solicitor spoke the other day on television about the new directive 650/2012 explaining that is was essential that people retired in a country different of their country of nationality within the European Union revise their wills. What is all this about? A. This regulation of the EU 650/2012 deals with different things, but the reason English citizens need to look at their will is that this new Regulation of the EU establishes that: When a person dies resident in one country of the European Union but national of another, the law applicable to his inheritance will be the one that he/she has established expressly in his will and not the one established by the International Norms of each country (which may be in conflict). This is good news because an English national living in Spain can establish that he/she wishes English Law to rule his/her inheritance and this will avoid any possible risk of claims from children against the spouse on the basis of the system of obligatory heirs established in Spanish law, which has always caused worry and concern in the case of children from different marriages etc. If a person passes away after the 17th of August of 2015, unless he has said differently on his will the legislation applicable to his inheritance will be that of his country of last residence. This is very important for English people living in Spain, because under Spanish

law you cannot leave everything to your wife as 2/3 of the estate have to be left to children. In other words if you are resident of Spain, have children and do not establish on your will that you wish English Law (your national law ) to rule your inheritance your Spouse will not be allowed to receive his/her full inheritance as it would contradict the Spanish rules of obligatory heirs which would be applicable automatically because of the new regulation. Consequences: 1. If you have children but have made a will leaving all assets to your spouse, make sure that you have clearly stated on your will that you wish your national law (English law) to rule your inheritance. If you have not, then you need to speak to a solicitor about this new European directive and add this statement to your will. 2.If you are married and you have been concerned with possible claims by your spouses children against your estate this risk can be completely removed by your spouse stating on her/his will that it should be English law that rules the inheritance. Conclusion: Due to the substantial changes that it introduces the directive allows up to August of 2015 for it to be in force and therefore giving all those affected (anyone national of a European Union country resident in another) time to have their wills changed accordingly. The sooner you make sure that your will is in order the better. Michael Davies. Abogado.

Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Andalucia  since 1993.  He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid. For a short period of time leading up to 2007 he was also Honorary British Consul.


FAST wishes to convey thanks to some of the many people who have made contributions recently

To the gentleman who handed over a small bag of coins in appreciation for the treatment given by FAST on an emergency call out, to all the businesses helping to collect money from the public by displaying the FAST

tins. We wish to thank the ‘CAMPOSOL GOLF ASSOCIATION’ for organizing such a great evening at the Club House, holding a ‘Charity Race Night’ with the proceeds of € 685 being shared between FAST, MABS and

CRUZ ROJA. Thank you all for such an enjoyable evening too! Jim Underdown M.B.E. recently presented FAST with another donation - a cheque for €234.00 this being the final amount following the closure of the ‘LIONS COUNTRY CLUB’. Thanks also to the Club House for paying half the entertainment costs for ‘BEAT THE BUZZER’ night making €70 profit for FAST. Thank you Keavy for donating the amount of €540 to FAST- taken as entrance fees to the ‘ARTISAN FAYRE’ in March, to Jose Navarro for inviting FAST to carry out a demonstration at the Fiesta De San Jose at El Saladillo – such an enjoyable day shared with so many friendly local people, to Gina Barker, and the LEOS for the opportunity to be involved with their Sponsored Walk- FAST thanks you all! Don’t forget to buy tickets for the ‘MAY BALL’ on FRIDAY 16th MAY at the ‘AMAPOLA RESTAURANT’ dancing to ‘TERRY JAY’. Enjoy a 3 Course Meal with wine for €25 per person. Coach available - €5. PLEASE NOTE: that due to unforeseen circumstances it has been necessary to alter the date of the ‘FAST MAY FAYRE’! This will NOW be on SATURDAY 17th MAY at ‘MARIANOS’. For info, to book or purchase tickets for Events and Raffles visit – Brenda, Jean and Team - Sector B, Friday mornings or phone: Brenda: 680 174 499/Jean: 646 737 479. Contributions will also be gratefully received towards a FAST Tombola or the forthcoming TABLE TOP SALE – Saturday 28th June at Avenida de los Covachos –D8 Neptuno 1512 – 10.00


a.m. Visit the FAST RECRUITMENT STALL on Sector B, where Val Taylor and other members of the FAST Team will be happy to chat to you. You can learn more about First Aid, perhaps try out your skills and obtain information about becoming a FAST Responder? To be part of the FAST Team is such rewarding voluntary work! Full Training is given with no previous experience required, choosing the hours to fit in with your personal life and providing so much to the Camposol Community! DEMONSTRATIONS by Members of the FAST Team can be booked to show and teach simple emergency first aid procedures. Always useful to be able to carry out something rather than nothing! COMPLAINTS to, or about FAST are extremely rare! Recently two Responders, on separate day duties, were questioned as to why the FAST cars were being used whilst awaiting a possible call out. We wish to remind everyone that when on duty, all emergency calls are, and have always been, given priority over anything else! FAST Members give their time voluntarily, with some on duty for 84 hours plus, each month. Businesses on Camposol are used to seeing a FAST Responder suddenly leave goods behind on receiving an emergency call and returning later on to continue shopping! Visit: Paddy & John Snell


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Legal Matters

Help for Expats in Spain

Many of us ask ourselves how to renew the Spanish driver’s license; after all, it’s been 10 years since we got the last one.

Your Belgian Estate Agent for the inland area like Arboleas, Albox & surroundings. After a successful exhibition in Belgium, we are urgently looking for Legal properties for clients that are coming to buy.

What do I have to do to renew my Spanish driving license? First, you have to go to a Recognised Medical Centre for drivers and get a few tests done -coordination of both hands, anticipation, reflexes, they check if you take medication, and they do a simple medical check (blood pressure, eye test, ear test, etc). Basically, they make sure that you are healthy and able to drive. Once you get the medical certificate, you can do two things: • Present it personally to the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico). • Let the Recognised Medical Centre deal with it for you.

Arboleas Nice villa on a corner plot of 2.000 m² with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and room for a pool The price is 155.000 €

Partaloa Nice villa on a plot of 830 m² with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & private pool with nice views!! Price is 169.950€

Willemsens Karel web:


Tel: 950 090 875 – Mob: 648 505 938

(We would recommend that you let the Recognised Medical Centre deal with it to avoid driving to your nearest DGT, queuing up and having to understand why the person behind the desk won’t take your paperwork and is pointing towards the door, saying “El Ordenador dice que NO!!!”). Whatever option you choose, you will receive a provisional permit to drive and after a month (or sometimes up to 3 months), you receive in your post box the new driving license.

How to renew the Spanish driver’s license Where is my nearest Recognised Medical Centre?

ALBOX • C/ Ramón y Cajal 6, bajo Almanzora Building II. • C/ Duque de Ahumada 54 ALMERIA • Pta. de Purchena, 7 • Canónigo Molina Alonso, 6 • Fr. Bernardo Martínez Noval, 1 • Hermanos Machado, 18 • Padre Méndez, 113 • Avda. García Lorca, 50 • Lopán, 83 • Ctra. de Ronda, 196 • Jesús Durbán Remón , 2 • C/ Maestro Padilla, 2 - 2º • Paseo Cervantes, 15 CUEVAS DEL ALMANZORA • Aire, 10 EL EJIDO • Crta. de Málaga, 4 • Gardenia, 5 • Oasis, 148 (Sto. Domingo) • Conde de Barcelona, 1 • Dos Hermanas, 15 GARRUCHA • Paseo del Malecón, 156 • C/Mayor, 28 PULPÍ • Avd. Andalucía 23 ROQUETAS DE MAR • C/ Velero, 4 • C/ Benito Pérez Galdós, 16

Information provided by:

For all your legal needs Tlf. 646 844 708 E:


MOJACAR HOLIDAY SERVICES Established in Mojacar since 1990

Mojacar Holiday Services is one of the leading self catering holiday companies in Mojacar

If you are looking for a hard working, trustworthy team to manage and look after your villa in Mojacar, then look no further! Chris and I are here for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that whilst you are away your beautiful” home away from home” will be looked after by us, as your home will treated like it was our own.




We urgently need more properties for sale and rental for waiting clients Properties of the week

If you are not happy! We are not happy!

Ref: INT/JM - Beautiful 3 bed/2 bath house on 2 levels, parking, pool & gardens, 300m from beach

Ref: GV/EB Perfectly located, furn, 1 bed 1st floor apart, a/c, pool, UKTV, parking, 50 metres from beach

Ref: SO/PP - Beautiful det villa, 4 bed, 3 bath, pool & sun terr, peaceful village near Mojacar.

Ref: LA/GK- Fantastic modern, 1st floor 3 bed, apart, 1 bath, pools, tennis court, elevator, parking

MOJACAR - reduced €169,950

MOJACAR - reduced €69,950

We pride ourselves on offering you hand picked quality accommodation at an affordable price. Chris and I are here to offer you the service you expect from a company which is arranging your all-important vacation accommodation. We deal directly with you on line, on the phone or face to face in our office on Mojacar Playa. Our personal service is something we take immense pride in.

Paseo de Mediterraneo 77, 04638, Mojacar Playa, Almeria, Spain

Tel +34 950 699 947


Office hours 9.30am until 3pm


Contact us now on

950 064 584 Mob: 677 667 722 / 635 979 829 400€ pcm


Villa Albox 3 large double bed, 2 bath, Utility room, 1800m2 plot, fully furnished, pets welcome


SOL 134

Villa Partaloa country house full of character 2 beds 2 bath 900m2 urban land beautiful location only 10 mins from the coast

550€ pcm


villa terrena alcaina 4 bed 2 bath 12x5 pool plot of 3,000 fully walled and gated unfurnished pets welcome


SOL 130

antas beautiful large country house 200m2 build 3bed 2 bath private gargens & terraces lovely location only 10 mins from coast

SOPALMO, reduced €268,950

MOJACAR - reduced €119,950

Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best Indalo)

Tel: 950 478 612 / 610 808 631 


Houses Wanted in Huercal Overa/Vera Urgently Required & surrounding areas For Sale & For Rent 500€ pcm


Villa Retemar 3 bed, 2 bath, 8 x 4 pool, unfurnished, A/C, Pets welcome



rambla de oria reformed cortijo full of character 3 bed 2 bath beautiful location stunning views

525€ pcm


cortijo oria 3 bed 1 bath fully furnished large roof terrace pets welcome



cantoria large reformed country house 200m2 build 10,800 plot 4 bed 2 bath pool must be seen to be appreciated



albox stunning village house of 156m2 reformed to high standard, 5 bed 2 bath internal courtyard ideal location

109,950 €


huercal overa reformed country house internal coutyard 4 bed 2 bath 7000m2 plot



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B.D. Security Big enough to cope, small enough to care


Call for a free quote for all your metalwork and security needs phone david on: 679 360 744 email:


servic Professional Wig Specialist & Tricologist Specialists for medical illness and hair loss problems

Are your security grills/gates rusty?

We offer different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees, & wigs.

Do they need a professional facelift so they look like new again? We take away your existing grills, sandblast them back to bare metal removing all old paint and rust. We then prime and powder coat them to your required colour and taste.

The salon also incorporates a Hair & Beauty Salon Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 or visit our website We speak English, Swedish & Spanish call into our salon in Lomos Playa III, La Mata, Torrevieja

Bill Stroud


Reforms Architectural Service & Plans Painting Decorating Construction & Maintenance Interior Design Legally registered family business Quality workmanship guaranteed Tiling, Flagging, Electrics, Plumbing, Aluminuim, Swimming pools, Key-holding & Maintenance

680 851 376

616 214 713 Dr Hans C. Madsen DC

(over 21 years experience with lasers)

Member of the Danish, Spanish & European Association

“Laser therapy specialist be free from pain”



966 185 242 - 693 371 616/617 C/Federico Garcia Lorca, No.90 –L8, 03178, Benijofar (Opposite the Citroen Garage) Monday & Wednesday 10am - 1.30pm 3pm - 6pm Tuesday & Thursday 3pm - 6pm Friday 10am - 1.30pm

More than 20 years Experience English & Spanish Speaking Private & Community Gardens Call for a free quotation

699 682 630

or email:

Ciudad Quesada - Torrevieja - Orihuela Costa

Plumbing & Heating co 11 years in Spain

All plumbing work. New Bathrooms. Summer offers on Solar heating hot water systems State of the art, cutting edge specialist leak detecting equipment as used by major . Insurance Companies

Call Tony 617 055 100

Free Quotes all work guaranteed and certified to Spanish Regulations





from 379€ inc iva


In spain for over 11 years Commercial zone 3, San Luis

tel: 619 963 018





With retirement savings dwindling, more and more of us are wondering if we’ll be able to retire as planned. Many baby boomers, especially, will have to keep working long past traditional retirement age just to make up for the beating their retirement plans have taken in recent years. Or maybe not...

take up a new activity once they move.

It’s quite possible that you can still retire as planned…and maybe even retire earlier than expected. How? By retiring overseas... A foreign retirement isn’t for everyone, of course. Family obligations may be an issue for some people. Others might not be comfortable in a place where they don’t speak the language. But if you’re the adventuresome type…or if you’ve dreamed of living in an exotic location–maybe on a sultry tropical beach, in a pristine mountain hideaway, or in a sophisticated, culturally rich city–with better weather and a lower cost of living, retirement overseas may be for you. If you dream of moving overseas, you probably look forward to a low-stress, affordable lifestyle. It’s likely to be a healthier lifestyle, too. Here are some reasons why....

Warm climate

If you’re near the sea, for instance, swimming or strolling the beach may become part of your new routine. If you live in a city, you may soon be walking to shops and markets, or just exploring your new home town on foot. When adventure or fresh discoveries lie around every corner, long walks don’t feel like exercise.

Healthy eats

With a warm climate comes a long growing season for fruits and vegetables. Expats often praise the quality and freshness of the produce they can buy locally. You can choose to eat junk food if you want. But fresh, exotic produce can tempt you to eat more healthily. If you do, your health—not to mention your taste buds—will thank you.

Most of us dream of retiring someplace warm. Snow and cold are things we gladly leave behind with our old 9-to-5 lives. And when the weather is warm and sunny, it’s easy to spend more time outside in the fresh air.

Of course, in warm weather it’s also tempting to lie by the pool and just do nothing. That’s okay, too—it lowers all that unhealthy stress.

Before you know it, you may ease into an active lifestyle with lots of exercise…which health experts agree is key to keeping us looking and feeling young.

Fresh air and sunshine can also help you make friends. (Health experts say that social networking helps us live longer, too.) Ever stayed home from a social event because you couldn’t face a cold, wet night out? In your new warm-weather home, you’re more likely to ask, “Where’s the party?” and enjoy the evening stroll there and back.

Some expats actually choose an overseas destination because they can practice a favorite sport there, such as golf, hiking or fishing. Others

Social life


Lezsonja’s Boarding Kennels

... made easy

Residencia Canina Sax

Also Installers of IP TV

All weather kennels with around the clock security

Installations,Maintenance & Repair Service

Tel. 966 182 838 Mb. 677 343 653



online ce i r p u k p aw sesrp o r t o l renewal New

Freeview / SKY High definition receiver fully installed

Professional friendly service with over 8 years trading in the Costa Blanca. Systems to suit all budgets. 12 MONTH FREE Maintenance contract with all New Installations.

Tel 687 684 815



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Home Sweet Home property SERVICES



Clock Ticking On France’s Tax Discount For Second Homeowners

Brits looking to sell a second home in France are being urged to ramp up their efforts to find a buyer by summer, in order to benefit from a reduction in capital gains tax (CGT) that comes to an end at the end of August. Richard Way, Editor at The Overseas Guides Company, publishers of the France Buying Guide, said: “As part of an initiative to kick-start France’s

slow property market, last year President Hollande introduced a 25 per cent discount on the rate of CGT levied on second homes, valid on transactions completed between September 1st 2013 and August 31st 2014. With a little over four months of the discount period left, vendors are reminded that time is running out to wrap up a sale, especially as much of France traditionally goes on holiday in July


Property to rent, long-term. Must be unfurnished and have a garage or at least, secure parking. One or two bedrooms only necessary. Mojacar, Garrucha, Vera, Turre, Antas areas - or I might consider elsewhere if suitable. Please call 634 357 250

and August. “Vendors that do make a sale and qualify for the reduced CGT are being warned not to throw away that saving – considerable in some cases – by not repatriating the proceeds of their sale in the most cost effective way. More specifically, sending money back to the UK is best done through a currency exchange specialist, such as Smart Currency Exchange, David

665 517 643 Steve

610 905 173

and not your bank. Currency specialists typically offer more competitive exchange rates and a more efficient service than banks, who do not view currency transfers as key to their customer service offering. “There are signs that the French market has improved in the first quarter of 2014 compared with 2013, with agents reporting a rise in viewings.”

O Olive

Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466 C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant) Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm Fully Legal & Experienced Builders All Building Work Undertaken No Job Too Big or Small!! Phone or email for a no obligation quote

bedar El Pinar 59,950€ This new and spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse is located in the popular village of El Pinar, just 5 minutes from the beautiful village of Bedar and under 15 minutes from the beaches of Mojacar. ****ONLY ONE LEFT AT A KNOCK DOWN PRICE****


Clean Team

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services Property Management All areas General Property



Tel: 950 930 652 Mob: 634 332 502 E-mail:


Urgently wanted properties for sale in the Huercal-Overa, Zurgena, Taberno & San Juan de Los Terreros areas. Call 0034 950 616 827 / 0034 678 002 006 155a Carretera Estacion, Huercal Overa.100m from LIDL


cALL 663 977 230 EMAIL: Vera Playa Apartment


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Clock Ticking On France’s Tax Discount For Second Homeowners

Brits looking to sell a second home in France are being urged to ramp up their efforts to find a buyer by summer, in order to benefit from a reduction in capital gains tax (CGT) that comes to an end at the end of August.

FOR BUSINESS NEW YEAR NEW BUSINESS? Call the sales office on

902 750 190 (EXT: 330) OR EMAIL YOUR ADVERT TO


in Sp n ai

Le Would you like to make an income from your property when your not using it? We urgently require holidays and long term rental properties in your area. Clients waiting!

Richard Way, Editor at The Overseas Guides Company, publishers of the France Buying Guide, said: “As part of an initiative to kickstart France’s slow property market, last year President Hollande introduced a 25 per cent discount on the rate of CGT levied on second homes, valid on transactions completed between September 1st 2013 and August 31st 2014. With a little over four months of the discount period left, vendors are reminded that time is running out to wrap up a sale, especially as much of France traditionally goes on holiday

R in g air Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Heating Installation, Service & Repair

Office: We also offer very 966 774 152 competitive key holding, cleaning & property Mobile: 695 340 589 maintenance services

Foam cut to size

(sofas-boats-caravans etc)

Free home quotations mobile showroom covering

costa blanca

Covering the Costa Blanca loose covers & re-upholstery 677 825 149 965 699 305

over 30 years experience

Internet anywhere

the Pro be bab ly s on t ser Co the vice sta s

20M Internet from €29.90 - No phone line required!

• Pc Sales & repairs • Virus Removal • Data Recovery • We come to you

• Denia to Mazarron & Inland

• Save money with our VoIP telephone service

• Why pay more for less?

Call Clive NOW on 969 260 403 / 648 883 202 or visit

Translation Services

• Name transfer on all types of vehicles 50€ •R  egistering of vehicles from English to Spanish 80€ If you have already

done your driving All Trafico Work licence through me but not received Also available to do notification,please all types of translations get in touch with me 20€ first hour, 10€ every hour after

Please call Ashley McCulloch 638 899 350

Tel: 966 716 859 Mob: 669 605 173 THE READY MADE Est. 2006

CURTAIN & BEDDING STORE Quality Textiles For Your Home Sewing Service At Los Dolses Commercial Centre, Villamartin Next to the card shop near the canal.

SARAH & TONY TURLEY 966 848 980 or 642 308 654

DAVID THE PLUMBER Prompt and reliable service, no job too small. Full bathrooms or just makeovers and handyman service. 24 hour call out Boilers: 80 litre fully installed from 160€

Call David on 634 286 590





Call Spencer on 637 090 665 MECHANIC WORKSHOP PHONE JAMES on 672 532 758

in July and August.

“Vendors that do make a sale and qualify for the reduced CGT are being warned not to throw away that saving – considerable in some cases – by not repatriating the proceeds of their sale in the most cost effective way. More specifically, sending money back to the UK is best done through a currency exchange specialist, such as Smart Currency Exchange, and not your bank. Currency specialists typically offer more competitive exchange rates and a more efficient service than banks, who do not view currency transfers as key to their customer service offering. “There are signs that the French market has improved in the first quarter of 2014 compared with 2013, with agents reporting a rise in viewings.”

COMPANY, OLD VALUES - ACCIDENT REPAIRS - REPAIRS AND GENERAL PAINT WORK - GENERAL MECHANICS / ENGINE / GEARBOX -CLUTCH / AC / BRAKES -HEAD LAMP POLISHING Free estimates for private and insurance work Pol. Ind. Casa Grande C/Acacio Rebagliato Pamies, 43 03183 Torrevieja (Alicante)

Tel. 865 67 10 22


REMOVALS Over 25 years experience Regular trips SPAIN-UK-SPAIN

Call NOW for a 617 500 876 competitive quote 0044 7722 77 9062 Pets also carried - Fully Insured

We will move it!!

Pets, boats, caravans, trailers Full and part loads. Full roof-rack for long loads 3 long wheel-based vans/twice per month Travelling to South/North UK Based in Mar Menor, Murcia

Spain-UK-Spain Tel: (0044) 7783 222 251 / (0034) 634 360 846


NICK THE TILER Call Nick for all your tiling & laminate floor requirements.

Tel.. 605 305 405


book review

He was “The little boy from Wales who always wanted to sing. The opera of my life” is what he called this biopic. Directed by David Frankel ( The Devil Wears Prada) the film has a good cast of well-known stars. I’m not a fan of James Corden but must agree that he excels himself as Paul Potts with Alexandra Roach as Julz who is endearing with her humour and supportive outlook. Julie Walters is a down-to-earth, lovable mum full of encouragement although Colm Meaney as Roland, Paul’s father is discouraging, a typical working-class Alpha male. Paul’s story begins in 1985 in Port Talbot, Wales and it covers the period up to his success on BGT in 2007 with Nessun Dorma. It is based on a true story with a number of embellishments for our entertainment and amusement. It has been compared to Billy Elliott with the rags to riches and feel-good factor. As a child, he seemed prone to accidents and bullying so we see him as a 9 and then a 14 year old running away from the same bullies. Matthew is the leader and he uses a bike chain to scar Paul. A ruthless thug. Since he was a child he had wanted to sing and listen to opera and this was probably one of the reasons why he was bullied. “The more I sang the more they bullied me.” Roland, his father was disappointed in him. He wanted him to get a proper job like working in the steelworks but this didn’t suit our boy so he continued to work at the Car Phone Warehouse selling mobile phones. It was Braddon,

One Chance Film Review based on the rise to fame of Paul Potts

his boss who became a bit irritated with his lethargic attitude towards Julz, a relationship that existed of texts and emails so he arranged an actual meeting and the relationship took off. Opera was about expressing feelings. It was beautiful, exciting and dramatic and very different from Paul’s mundane life. He was only truly happy immersed in it. Julz was delighted for him. He wanted to visit Venice and be coached professionally. There was also the possibility of seeing his idol Pavarotti. He won a local talent competition dressed as Canio a clown which enabled him to visit Venice. You can imagine the jeering he tolerated before captivating his audience and receiving a standing ovation. You’ll see some stunning scenes in Venice. He did meet Pavarotti but in One Chance his audition did not impress the maestro. He is deflated and beaten feeling that he has blown his one chance although he is given an opportunity to play the leading role in Aida when he has an appendicitis. Once they stop the bleeding they discover a tumour on his thyroid and Paul faced the possibility of losing his voice. Six months later his singing voice returns and he is so excited that he becomes careless and gets knocked down by a car and sustains some serious injuries leaving him on disability for more than a year and dependent on medication. And it’s when he is recovering that he sees a pop-up poster advertising BGT in 2007 that he tosses a coin. Should he enter? Julz is delighted when he is called to audition.

Amanda Holden was sarcastic and the audience jeered as he stepped on to the stage but once he began to sing Nessun Dorma( None Shall Sleep) the audience and judges were mesmerised by this talented man. Simon Cowell told him “This was a complete breath of fresh air.” He received a standing ovation and went on to win BGT. As you all know, he then recorded his first album and went on tour. The highlight was performing in front of the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall. It’s an enjoyable film, good all-round family entertainment even if you don’t like opera! REVIEW it by Carol Naylor. / www.carolesleynaylor.wordpress. com


pause for thought I do hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Easter, and not feeling any ill effects from eating too many Easter Eggs! We spent the run-up to Easter at our daughter’s on the outskirts of Preston, encouraging our grandchildren as they decorated boiled eggs ready for the egg-rolling competition, which, in a centuries-long tradition, attracts many thousands of visitors to Avenham Park each Easter Monday, when various groups compete to see who can roll their eggs the furthest. A fascinating custom, which is of course loosely based on the amazing Easter story of the moving of the stone that sealed his grave when Jesus rose from the dead. The birth, life and death of Jesus are comparatively easy for us to accept in this sceptical age, but his resurrection, so pivotal to Christian faith, is much more of a challenge. Yet each of the four Gospel writers agree that it happened. Jesus died, his body placed in a tomb, which was sealed with a very large rock, which was then guarded by soldiers to ensure no-one could steal his remains. Yet 40 hours later the rock had been moved aside, the body was missing and the Guards were asserting that in dereliction of their duty, they’d fallen asleep, allowing the followers of Jesus to remove his remains without waking them! To be honest I find the Biblical explanation that an angel moved the stone and Jesus came back to life rather less difficult to believe. And his followers were so certain of his resurrection that they refused to modify their story even under torture and threat of death. So I’m pretty comfortable with that Gospel account, accepting that, by definition God must be beyond the power of death. And that one, small, entirely logical step of faith, brings with it the bonus of trusting him with those who’ve died, confident that all who had faith in him will with him in due time be raised themselves, so that we shall be forever with the Lord. Details of a number of English Language Churches are given in Sol Noticeboard; for any wishing to Worship, whilst additionally, further information about the Anglican Church in this area may be seen on the web site www. Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

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Fun Brain Teasers with Answers to Challenge your Mind 1. Which Joan starred in ‘What ever happened to Baby Jane’? .......................................................................................... 2. Which part of your body does an orthodontist look after? .......................................................................................... 3. Is Sweden a Kingdom or a Republic? .......................................................................................... 4. What type of plant is associated with a viticulturist? .......................................................................................... 5. Which film contains the song ‘Hi Ho’? .......................................................................................... 6. For which country did Gavin Hastings play Rugby Union? .......................................................................................... 7. Which ice dance partnership performed to Ravel’s Bolero? .......................................................................................... 8. Which song contains the line ‘Feed the World’? .......................................................................................... 9. What are the initials of the painter ‘Lowry’? .......................................................................................... 10. What ‘flock together’? .......................................................................................... 11. What relationship is Queen Elizabeth II to Prince William? .......................................................................................... 12. In which continent is Mount Kilimanjaro? .......................................................................................... 13. What did ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ keep in her cupboard? .......................................................................................... 14. What meat is used in Cock-a-Leekie soup? .......................................................................................... 15. What do Americans call a dinner jacket? .......................................................................................... 16. William Claude Dukenfield used his first two initials to become who? .......................................................................................... 17. What are Cobol, Java and Fortran? .......................................................................................... 18. Which sporting trophy did Bradford jewellers ‘Fattorini’s’ make? .......................................................................................... 19. What are secateurs used for? .......................................................................................... 20. How many leaves are there on a shamrock? ..........................................................................................

Brain Teasers Answers


logic puzzle

strange but true

• Every day 20 banks are robbed. The average take is $2,500! • The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad! • Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating! • Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult! • One car out of every 230 made was stolen last year! • The names of Popeye’s four nephews are Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye! • Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia! • The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other’s shoulders! • When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second! • A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun’s surface! • A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of wood! • It is estimated that 4 million “junk” telephone calls, phone solicitations by persons or programmed machine are made every day in the United States! • It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times!

Annexes Assorted Awfully Bides Blimp Brains Buried Caved Covert Dessert Evolves False Fanciful Farther Ferry Fines Folks Forebode Fries Garbs Gender Groves Guppy Hikes Hipper Humbles Later Miles Names Natty Nepotism Night

Just last week, Stacey’s nieces and nephews met up to go to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster. From the clues below, can you determine the order in which they stood in the ticket queue? Sam was in front of Sarah. Stuart was behind Sandra and Sally. Sally was in front of Sharon and Steve. Sabrina was behind Stuart, Simon and Steve. Steve was in front of Sabrina, Simon and Shane. Shane was behind Simon, Sharon and Sabrina. Sandra was in front of Sarah. Simon was in front of Sam, Stuart and Sandra. Sarah was in front of Sharon. Sabrina was in front of Sam and Shane. Sarah was behind Sandra, Sally and Sabrina. Stuart was in front of Sarah. Simon was behind Sally.

logic puzzle solution: Answer: Marty Jones


Sally - Steve - Simon - Sandra - Stuart Sabrina - Sam - Sarah - Sharon - Shane



Parka Peaces Peals

Prong Repel Romantic

Sells Shady Shaping

Spore Tales Tweed


1) Crawford 2) Teeth 3) Kingdom 4) Vines 5) Snow White and the 7 dwarfs 6) Scotland 7) Torvill & Dean 8) Do They Know It’s Christmas 9) L S 10) Birds of a Feather

11) Grandmother 12) Africa 13) Nothing – the cupboard was bare 14) Chicken 15) Tuxedo 16) W C Fields 17) Computer programming languages 18) FA Cup 19) Pruning 20) 3

SOLTIMES april 2014


ACROSS 1 He composed song where Grieg composed (6,8) 10 An actor with a minor role may be superior (5) 11 Endless greeting after wine and cheese (4-5) 12 An Asian making money carrying a letter from Greece (7) 13 We blame knitter for small woolly jumper (3-4) 14 Poles suffer internally they’re hard (5) 16 I’m to intercede without delay (9) 19 Glasses for ships (9) 20 Haley’s book provides moral support (5) 22 Name of girl training otter in Los Angeles (7) 25 Seek trail (2,5) 27 Disgusting attack (9) 28 Instrument on top of tree or shrub (5) 29 Unfinished bit of geometry - trigonal problem - way out west (3,6,5)

ACROSS 2 Repulse (5) 4 Prolonged (9) 6 Deadlock (7) 7 Tripod (5) 9 Answer (8) 11 Rare (8) 13 Additional (5) 14 Abjure (7) 16 Unwilling (9) 17 Shinbone (5)

Down 1 Character set (8) 2 Hazards (5) 3 Lamp (7) 4 Protagonist (9) 5 Discordant (9) 6 Publication (5) 8 Demarcation (5) 10 Type of onion (7) 12 Melting pot (8) 15 Crown-like headdress (5)



Down 2 His stable is unstable, it’s found (9) 3 Severely criticize cook (5) 4 Dear spouse that was thoughtful (9) 5 Weird eastern lake (5) 6 English poet holding us responsible for hold-up? (9) 7 Fred’s wife was in Luanda meeting Angola’s leaders (5) 8 Famous for being incompetent? (7) 9 Buster, in silent movies, is to take a tongue-tied part (6) 15 A contractor builds or he rents (9) 17 Arranger of mere songs put in the shade (4,5) 18 With greater reason for a riot I riot (1,8) 19 “Betrayal” is a theatrical success (7) 21 Recoil from a psychiatrist (6) 23 A weapon as plunder (5) 24 Getting old drink in silver container (5)


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

squiggle SUDOKU

standard SUDOKU


CRYPTIC crossword






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28 SOLTIMES april 2014

Lemon chicken with sugar snap peas

Method 1.In a small bowl, mix together all the sauce ingredients except the lemon slices, then set aside. 2.Heat a wok with the 2 tbsp oil. Season the chicken and sprinkle with the five-spice and flour. Shake off the excess, brown in batches, then remove from the pan. Add the remaining 1 tsp oil and the ginger, and sizzle for 1 min. Add the sugar snap peas and the chicken. Toss for a few mins, then add the sauce and lemon slices. Keep tossing for 2-3 mins or until the chicken is cooked through and the sauce is thick. Serve with the spring onions sprinkled over.

10 Healing Benefits of Ginger

Rustle up this midweek stir-fry that rivals any takeaway. The tangy sauce is flavoured with Chinese five-spice and lots of ginger Ingredients 2 tbsp vegetable oil, plus 1 tsp 3 skinless chicken breasts, cut into long strips ½ tsp Chinese five-spice powder 2 tbsp plain flour thumb-sized piece ginger, shredded 250g sugar snap peas 2 spring onions, sliced


For the sauce 3 lemons, 2 zested and juiced, the other thinly sliced 1 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp liquid chicken stock 2 tbsp clear honey 2 tsp cornflour, dissolved in 1 tbsp water



el Cucador


Sunday British Breakfasts

served from 10am - 12pm

Ayurveda gives ginger the status of a virtual medicine chest. That’s because this wonder spice has time-tested, digestion-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous other health benefits. In India, ginger is liberally used in daily life. Ginger-infused chai is a household favorite, and it’s grandma’s antidote of choice for battling cold and flu. On millions of dining tables in India, you’ll see matchsticks of fresh ginger that have turned a soft pink from being soaked in lemon juice and salt: a zingy accompaniment to any cooked meal. Let’s give this knobbly root a closer look. 10 Terrific Benefits of Ginger

1. Haven’t been feeling hungry? Eat fresh ginger just before lunch to stoke a dull appetite and fire up the digestive juices. 2. Ginger improves

the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. 3. Ginger clears the ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body, including the pesky sinuses that tend to flare up from time to time. 4. Feeling airsick or nauseous? Chew on ginger, preferably tossed in a little honey. 5. Can’t stop the toot-athon? Gas—oops—guess what?! Ginger helps reduce flatulence! 6. Tummy moaning and groaning under cramps? Munch on ginger. 7. Reeling under joint pain? Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory

properties—can bring relief. Float some ginger essential oil in your bath to help aching muscles and joints. 8. Just had surgery? Chewing ginger postoperation can help overcome nausea. 9. Stir up some ginger tea to get rid of throat and nose congestion. And when there’s a nip in the air, the warming benefits of this tasty tea are even greater! 10. Bedroom blues? Try adding a gingery punch to a bowl of soup. (Psst...the Ayurvedic texts credit ginger with aphrodisiac properties)

from om fr

5.9 5€


fish n chips atlantic Cod home-made chips & mushy peas

FRIDAYS 12.30pm - 9pm

bar evening specials 6pm - 9pm

Mon: Chili Night €5 Tues: Cod & Chips / Chicken Curry €5.50 Wed: Chicken & Chips / Gammon & Chips €5.50 Thurs: Is Pie Night €5.50

Tel: 950 634 562

Hot and cold buffet - €6 Doors Open 7.30pm Entertainment from 9pm PRE BOOKING ESSENTIAL


menu del dia

2 Courses 12:30 - 3:30pm


Burgers, Wraps, Lunch 12-4pm

open every day 12pm - late






Fridays & Saturdays From 12 - 9 PM

Desserts from 2€

SUNDAY LUNCH 12noon - 5pm

2 Courses from 3 Courses from

6.95€ 8.95€




Book our function room with private patio garden for your parties, weddings, birthdays etc.

9AM-LATE MON-SAT (Tues 8:30) 10-6 SUN

950 120 718



Ingredients: 2 Bars of Nut Chocolate (300g) Dried fruit


Ginger Chocolate Balls

Mash up the packet of ginger biscuits into crumbs. Melt the two bars of nut chocolate Add small chopped up dried fruit...apricots, or sultanas, or dates.

Best kept in the fridge.

Mesón de



Free Bottle of wine Valid only with this voucher dinner 19.00-22.00 until 30th april

By Violet King 

spring crazy offer

per couple to take away after having our night menus

They are delicious!!

el Cucador


served 12.30PM-5PM


Served 2nd Sunday of each month (2€ Supp)

Served last Sunday of each month

Home cooked with all the trimmings includes a complimentary coffee & chocolate

booking recommended

Your No1 Entertainment Venue in Mojacar for All the Family

menu Del e h c o N



A choice of 5 Starters 5 Main Dishes 5 Desserts

La Vida



Junc 547

Huercal Overa

Tel: 950 634 562


10 .95€

Jeff our new Chef welcomes you to experience our Menu del Noche


La Alfoquia

The Irish Rover

visit our new garden room with wonderful views

We are here



showbar & restaurant

now open

8.95 €

gammon #

Mix it all up together, then make into balls by rolling them in your hand. Put on a large plate, and when finished put the plate into the fridge to go hard. When they are cold you can put them into a container.



Pack of Ginger Biscuits

All home-made. Includes Glass of Wine or Tubo

Thursday - Saturday 6pm - 9pm



Eagles 1st May Michael Buble 17th May Abba 6th June new childrens games now open

lots to entertain them

homemade specials for just


all major sports events shown here inc gaa sports

telephone: 950 473 135 mojacar playa between Lua & Moma Beach

Open 10am till late 7 days a week


4 COURSES WITH WINE & COFFEE Monday to Saturday inclusive Lunch 1pm - 4pm



sunday roast menu del dia

4 courses with bottle of ESTE wine per couple & coffee included: Roast Lamb Shoulder & Pork Knuckle, 16oz Entrecote, 20oz T-Bone, 12oz Pork Tenderloin, Roast Potatoes & Fresh Vegetables Freshly Baked Bread SERVED 1pm - 4pm


0 0 0 , 8 €


uktv available in all homes



TEL: 950 396 908


vegetarian menu available

HOMES TO RENT Available from 300€ per month

MOB: 629688153 / 669557487

Childrens menu available


OPEN 7 days a week Booking Recommended

Spanish Speaking 950 430 145 English Speaking 647 730 103

Poligono Industrial Albox, Near the ITV Garage w w s onde i r e


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Charity Event at Villamartin Plaza

All they need is a loving home !

can you help? riley

Riley is a 1 year old Border Collie cross. He is a real joy to be around and a very appealing dog. He is highly intelligent, house trained and eager to please.Call: 645 469 253.


Suzy is a wonderful, quiet little spaniel cross, she has semi long hair and has she has such a gentle nature, she will fit into any family situation and just needs someone to give her some love. Call: 645 469 253.

pets in spain Call: 645 469 253

On Saturday 12th Of March the business owners at the ever popular Villamartin Plaza held a charity fun day in the centre of the Plaza ground floor with a whole afternoon of free entertainment organised by Lionel, the bass guitarist of Soul Power . The entertainers who all provided their time completely free of charge once again were as follows, Classical singer Paul Michael, 5 piece soul band Soul Power, award winning male vocalist Dan Davy, female vocalist’s Ashley Tweddle, Gemma and female duet Venus, the sounds were once again

supplied and produced by DJ Snoopy. It was a great days free entertainment and the crowd were wowed by the fabulous sounds of the entertainers and danced away in the beautiful sunshine. The day was a fabulous success for the charity also as 943.45 euros was raised on the day by Maria and the Pink Ladies and Panthers on behalf of the AECC cancer charity to help with their early detection program, apart from the importance of raising much needed funds this

was also an opportunity once again for members of the public to book an early detection screening test with the Pink ladies and quite a number of people did so on the day.

stars in bars




24th Samantha Curtis La Vida Sunset Bar Dona Pepa 24th Cherry K The Lounge Bar La Marina Start 5pm 25th Lynden B Captain Morgans Eagles Nest Comedy Show 25th Just Bono El Mundo’s Benimar 25th Gemma Hillside La Marina 25th JJ Soulman Que Pasa Villamartin Plaza 25th Andy Jones Emerald Isle La Florida 26th Vinny Mack Arches Cafe Bar Los Alcazares 26th Andy Jones The Club House Camposol Golf 26th Just Bono Fitzpatricks Lo Pagan Start 10.30pm 26th Diverse Pablos Bar Playa Flamenca 27th Lenny Mitchell The Snug Torre de la Horredada 27th Lynden B Inn at the Green Entre Naranjas 27th Cherry K Camping International La Marina Village Start 1pm 27th Nikki G Lansdowne Playa Flamenca 29th Lynden B Arches Cafe Bar Los Alcazares

BE SEEN 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR, with an entry in the

SOLTIMES business directory From just €15 for 3 months

Tel: Christine on 902 750 190

Andy Wilson Photographer


SAN JUAN DE LOSS TERERROS. The Great Kon Tiki Raft Race (organised by San Animal) will take place on 15th June from the beach at San Juan de los Terreros from 12noon. Teams of 2, 3 or 4 crew members are invited to make their own craft from “non-marine” parts and race for the coveted San Animal Kon Tiki Trophy. There will be separate races for Under 17,s and seniors. Further details and rules are available from Richard and Elina on 950-466-248 and



community news mabs events

APRIL Tuesday 29th April - VOLUNTEERS MEETING Trevi bar, Camposol Sector B - 11.30 am If you would like further information about how you can help MABS come along to our meeting. For further information please ring 620 582 418 or call into the MABS Information Centre JUNE Saturday 14th June - The MABS Shield Open Golf Competition – THE CLUBHOUSE, Camposol Playing format and entry info to be announced later. Thursday 19th June - ASCOT LADIES DAY – MABS CENTRE Camposol B JULY BBQ – 25TH July - MABS CENTRE Camposol B FORTHCOMING EVENTS MAY MUSIC MARATHON - Cañadas del Romero with Byron September dance date T.B.A. 26th October MABS Race for Life MABS Christmas Fayre - T.B.A. Event tickets on sale at the book stall between 10.00am and 1pm or from the MABS Information centre on Sector B Camposol or by Calling 620 582 418 Keep watching the press or our Notice Board for more forthcoming events

AGe Concern Friday 25th April: Tabletop sale at Camposol B Tuesday 29th April: Day trip to Aguilas. Pick-ups from Port, Country Club & Camposol. 10€

PALS Forthcoming events trips and excursions


APRIL 23RD: St Georges Day at Mariano’s Camposol. Music with 6 acts from 3pm till midnight. Stalls,Horse Racing,Raffle and much more. Food and Drink available.Entry just 5€. Tickets from CCIR Radio,Janes Salon ,Bolnuevo and Forget Me Not Committee members. May 6th: A one mile fun run to commorate the 60th anniversary of the first sub four minute mile by Sir Roger Bannister. Race starts 20.00hrs and prizes for best dressed (fancy) and for the professional runners. Sponsor froms available from Committee members, CCIR Radio and local bars etc. June 22nd: SUMMER SOLSTICE fun day at Mazarron Country Club starting 6pm The Salon de Celebraciones in the Taberna will host this event. Entrance is just 5€. Two music acts,Steve Fisher and Magnetic Surf each performing two sessions. Again stalls, a raffle and horse racing compliment SWINGTET – PLUS’ the music. .. are back – with BIG BAND DANCE NIGHTS – at Tickets from Janes Salon Bolnuevo,CCIR Radio and the Hotel Costa Narejos, Los Alcazares PALS (outside Trevi,Saturday mornings and outside The first event for this season will be on Thursday, Ratataouille in Puerto de Mazarron on Wednesday 24th April. The best of the best, of this kind of Big lunchtimes). Band, Swing, and Latin music. Music to dance to, or sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. Always an enjoyable evening of first class musical entertainment from this very talented band of musicians, with vocal support from Mr. Paul Allen. Tickets are available at the hotel reception 8 euros – these can also be reserved by Tel; 968 583 980. Call us on 968 199 068 There will be a raffle, to give support for HELP Centro Comercial #34, Sector A, Murcia Mar Menor For any other details or information please call 868 Urb. Camposol, Mazarron 30875, Spain 182 406. 27th April - 1st May. A trip half board to our Andalucian adventure. CORDOBA, SEVILLE< GRENADA, and a visit to the white villages and RONDA. Centrally located hotels. From Pto de Mazarron, Country Club and Camposol. 320 Euros in double sharing. 18th October - 25th October only a few cabins left for a suoper trip all inclusive cruise, gratuities, port taxes, drinks, entertainment, food and transport to Valencia from just 690 Euros. Visit Palma de MALLORCA, ROME, FLORENCE,SARDINIA and CORSICA. If this is your first cruise it wont be your last!!! PALS information 626 460465 or Tickets Saturdays 11 till 1.30 at The Trevi on B Sector Camposol or Wednesday 1 till 3 La Ratatouille in Pto de Mazarron.

Luz del Sol

new properties s.l.


Wednesday 30th April: Menu-del-dia at the New May 14th: Our monthly dance held at Marianos restaurant,Camposol, dancing to a three piece live Royal. 10€ With music from Harry & Julie band called Done n Dusted. With a wide variety of Wednesday 14th May: Age Concern Open Day at music the dance floor will be full all night 8€ the Cultural Centre Camposol. 11am to 1pm. Come June 11th: Our summer ladies day held at the Club house,Camposol. An afternoon of fashion show, along for a coffee, see what we do and how you bingo, stalls and a lovely buffet. 10€. Finish the afternoon off dancing to Woody can help. June 25th: Our Summer Ball at Le Cumbre Hotel, DIARY DATE: Puerto Mazarron. Champagne reception, 6 course Black & White Ball at Puerto de Mazarron marina. meal,drinks included, and dancing to Terry J 30€ Tickets on sale 1st May 2014 Coach available for 5€ Friday 11am - 1pm: Outside Bar Salud, Camposol B For more details call Rosemary 620 105 179 Camposol Cultural Centre Wed / Thu 10am - 1pm Names Are Now Being Telephone: 634 310 215 Other areas: 634 336 484 Taken For Our Christmas Stay In Benidorm 5 Days, 4 Nights, Staying F.A.S.T Fundraising At The Very Central F.A.S.T 2014 Fundrasing dates for your diary Helios Hotel Saturday May 10th May Fayre at Mariano’s This Is On A Full Board Friday May 16th The May Ball at The Amapola Basis Including The Gala Restaurant entertainment “Terry Jay” Christmas Lunch With Fri Aug 1st Rock N Roll Bar- B- Q at The Clubhouse Drink. Coach From This Area Sat 11th Oct Buffet Dance at The Trevi restaurant 240€ A Few Rooms Left. Sat 29th Nov Xmas Fayre at Mariano’s Restaurant Friday 5th Dec Xmas party at The Clubhouse Nicholas All tickets for F.A.S.T functions are available from St. the bookstall 2nd and last Friday of every month or E c u m e n i c a l We hold telephone Brenda 680 174 499 Jean 646 737 479. Church services each week at Many thanks 10.30am on Camposol, Everyone is CHURCH OF ENGLAND COSTA CALIDA & Mazarron. welcome to join us. For ALMERIA further details, call Rev. Priest: Reverend Pauline Williams 950 956 166 / 687 Maureen Kent 968 970 250 860 637


Have A Drop Off Point Here For Payments Private Or Trade Advertisers, Birthdays Or Other Announcements

Finca La Castellana

Animal Welfare Centre - San Miguel de Salinas Suzie

This cute little “BIG” dog has been with us for 6 months. She loves being with cats, kids and ‘grumpy’ men! She is like one of the family but really needs a home of her own. Many thanks to all the people that have already supported us by adopting or fostering one of our rescue dogs. Here at the Finca we have many different dogs all of which have unique personalities and histories to match but with one thing in common, all of them are looking for a loving home. If you can re-home, foster or sponsor one of the adorable dogs please contact me on my mobile 610 188 349





see us online everyday BY TELEPHONE Between 10am & 5pm Monday to Friday

handy man


966 719 647



550€ electricians Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.


Furniture first

est 2006



house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

house clearances

quick cash house /bar clearance

cars & motorcycles also wanted garden services transport A1 ground & gaRDEN SERVICES in 1 hour Diggers, Skips, Garden tel: 669 723 709 CALL Re-form & Maintenance CLASSIFIED Telephone 628 505 733 SOLTIMES 966 719 647 PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES

TELEPHONE: 966 719 647

for sale advertise all your unwanted items for sale in this section

any single item up to 300€ free of charge



966 719 647


pool tables,

snooker tables, table tennis tables, darts.

666 933 726


Two Single Mattresses 35€ each, Double Mattress with cover good clean condition 50€, One folding bed with mattress as new 50€, Various DVD’s large amount 50 cents each Quesada 698 468 283 “Drop Leaf Table with 4 chairs stored inside, pine finish, 50€, good condition,(Urb La Marina Ring 690 772 178 Siemen s Gigaset Trio A120 telephones - as new 35€, Morphy Richards breadmaker 25€, De Longhi DE 320 dehumidifier with heater 100€, Ekco hostess trolley 35€, 8 Multi-Fit water filter cartridges 5€, Lakeland kitchen carousel 5€ Nr.Quesada Tel: 966 848 059

€75, Orihuela Costa area, Tel. 966723516 D ou b le porta b le folding bed good condition 20e, Car lockable roof box used twice 45e, Set of lockable car roof bars to ford fusion as new 20e Butane gas portable gas fire needs attention or service otherwise good condition 10e Table with glass top & chair set in white suitable patio or solarium excellent condition 600e new ,175 telephone 865774401 or 685054729

C hild ’ s dolls and accessories in as new condition, Monster High series, 8 different dolls, 1 x armchair, 1 x sofa, 1 x wardrobe, 1 x musical box, 1 x dresser with many small accessories. Over 300 euros new (Christmas). Men bicycle, 100 euros. Tel: almost new, 606 075 644 new €140, anytime.


Blanket Trip Bedding - 2 single bed sets, fitted bottom and overblanket. €250 o.n.o. Telephone 96 570 4843. Mobile 634691118 Hi-Fi - Denon amplifier , Deon Tuner, Mission speakers with stands. 100 o.n.o. Telephone 96 570 4843. Mobile 634691118. Gas Heater with bottle. €60 o.n.o. Telephone 96 570 4843. Mobile 634691118. BLACK AND DECKER jig saw and new blades €15 Tel: 966 716 599 TAP SHOES SIZE 5 and 5 ½ (toe and heel taps) v.g.c. 25€ PAIR Quesada 966 716 599

plastering E N G L I S H PLASTERER internal finishing, e x t e r n a l rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. FULLY LEGAL IN SPAIN. Call Chris 671 444 246 / 965 078 866 email: c_ pettit@hotmail.

locksmith Locksmith locked out!! Call Me Telf: 647 151 972 (24hrs) Put This Number In Your Phone – 24 Hrs Call Out! Commerical, Residential, Cars Locks Changed Dierre Locks Changed - All Locks To Work Off I Key – Motura Gardesa Locks Changed – Window Locks - Cars Opened To Retrieve Keys – Alarms Fitted

musician Lenny Mitchell: Guitaristsinger, professional, international, solo act. Music can range from 60s, 70s pop, rock ‘n’ roll, big ballads, country, blues, classic rock, to 50s standards. Tel: 658321891 or email: or facebook”



(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862

property for sale / rent

RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa Playa Flamenca

We have clients enquiring in this area Contact


tel: 965 325 601


GOLD WANTED asssa medical English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, 968 153 396

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SOLTIMES APRIL 2014 property for sale / rent


FOR SALE Apartment

euro spas Spas at factory prices.

(Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi, Costa Blanca

4 BED, 2 BATH, Large Terrace overlooking Plaza, separate kitchen and utility room, lift, furnished incl. white goods, UK TV. 105m². Close to the town ‘s attractive central square and all other amenities. 10 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar and close to La Finca Golf.

Reduced price 72,950€

(0034) 676 534 978 detatched cortijo reduced


20mins from mojacar, 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views. €125,000 ono 649 186 107 oremail

Used & Ex display models. Spares & repairs. Part exchange Telephone 650 722 905


Tel: 966 719 647 or 902 750 190 ext 330 removals


From a parcel to a small house move Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service

+44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389

satellite tv Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or rainbowsats@

LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email:

De Lima’s removals Local, National & international REMOVALS & STORAGE Quality Second hand furniture showroom

263 Paseo del Mediterraneo Mojacar Playa, Next to Sal Marina Hotel Mon-Sat: 10am-2pm Call Marc on 647 006 183 or Brian on 674 280 268 or e-mail


Van hire


UK to Spain or Spain to UK



TEL: 667 235 205

Pick up/drop off locations Throughout UK, France and Spain

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Just Removals Friendly Low Cost

Full or part loads spain-uk-spain

Local Van & Pets Welcome Moves Trailer Motorbikes - Caravans


Call Brian 965 326 920 - 666 847 648



wigs Salon Margarethas 24 years in Torrevieja hair / wig specialist for medical illness and hair loss problems. We offer different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion /festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.


966 719 647


Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION

jump into april with

SOLTIMES are looking for

For a full service contact:

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“Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive” ELEGANT SLIM, SEXY, NAUGHTY ITALIAN LADY available home/ house visits. Torrevieja, La Manga, Torre Pacheco & Mazarron, Quesada plus all other areas. Escort available home & house visits. Tel: 693 357 526

required due to company expansion.

Tel: (0044) 1323 727 903 email: eastbourne



Marketing Assistants

flexible rotas available east sussex coast location gatwick only 45mins from £450 to £590 per week inc

car repair service

Alan 662 249 159

Bright, enthusiastic sales people with an outgoing personality to join our field sales team in Campasol also Costa Blanca area Based at our office in Quesada Experience not essential as full training will be given as long as you’re organised, enjoy meeting people & can work to deadlines

For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes contact Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 1000 vehicles will put you on the right side of the road.




605 319 889 or 966 753 375



Experienced Live - in carers wanted


Vehicles registration

Costa Blanca North & Murcia Regions


966 719 647


1999 seat cordoba 1.9 TDi, diesel, RHD, Spanish reg, 133,000kms, FSH, A/C, New ITV Cambelt just serviced, transfer paperwork inc Tel: 622 338 515

Basic salary plus excellent or call

Rebecca 966 799 070

Telephone: 699 805 995

wanted cars for cash

Best prices paid Spanish English Anything considered

tel: Tim on 662 211 993

CASH CASH CASH Same day collection

We pay instant cash same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, caravans, trailers, absolutley anything!

From 1€ to 10,000€

Call Phil: 607 848 332

wanted uk cars & vans bought for cash Telephone 667 235 205

cars bought & sold

part exchange welcome full details at

tel: 661 136 136 or UK:+44 7749 543693

This size advert is only 15€

promotional work.

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uk/spanish, lhd/rhd

Full Time position available for

bonus package .

Cars, Motorhomes, 4x4’s, Boats, Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics

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1000€ 1998 opel corsa 1.0, petrol, manual, new ITV, VGC 123,000kms, transfer inc Tel: 622 338 515

Do you have a caravan, vehicle, boat or motor bike for sale PHONE CHRISTINE ON

966 719 647


jobs it is to accumulate interest for the Banco’s faithful account holders were less than frenetically assaulting their keyboards. I stated my monetary requirements to the young man behind the counter, and just in case he thought that I was going to frivolously waste the whole lot on a fascinator, I adding that we were going to Córdoba for a couple of days. ‘Ah! Córdoba! Very pretty!’ He volunteered. ‘We are going for the Patios.’ I expanded. As a man (and woman) the bank staff were immediately electrified. Their enthusiasm for Córdoba knew no bounds; keyboards were abandoned and percentages left uncalculated in an allembracing and inclusive desire to educate me on the delights and sights of this fair city. I was inundated with a wash of information about where to go, what to see,

By Jos Biggs

where to stay, and not least, what to eat and drink, all delivered far too fast and in far too much detail and sheer volume for me to retain - I was in danger of drowning in information! ‘What!’ I said, my face as straight as a Roman road, ‘Surely Córdoba is not prettier than Albox?’ An instant hush fell over the room. All faces were turned towards me, eyes round with astonishment, mouths hanging open. I felt the mood change from astonishment to a worried concern for my mental state. I tilted my head, raised an eyebrow and grinned. The penny dropped, and as a man and woman, they laughed. And laughed! I left the bank cash in hand, uproarious laughter still ringing in my ears. The Spanish are easily amused, and understand sarcasm! But for a minute there, I had them going! Albox


than Córdoba? What a laugh!

I Am Taking a Dramatic Pause As I read through a new script I have just received and draft out a synopsis for a play idea of my own, I wonder, not for the first time, how my life would have been if I had not received a surprise visit from our village Parish Council Chairman one Sunday morning many years ago. It was in late October and in the days when as relative newcomers, we were not yet actively involved in any of the various organisations and events that were a trademark of our village. I was just settling down to read the newspapers having enjoyed a full English, when the councillor came a-knocking. As well as his PC role, he was also the Hon.Sec. of the village Community Council, and with that particular hat on, he took it upon himself to produce the very popular Christmas show each year. Quite apt really, because physically he resembled Mr Fezziwig from A Christmas Carol. “We have just finalised the programme for this years show”, he told me. “Yeeees” I responded, putting on my best suspicious voice, and resisting the urge to follow it up with, “So what?” “And we need a couple of extra people for one particular sketch”, he went on. I remained silent. I didn’t like where this was going. “I wondered if you would take on one of the parts. It’s very simple and there are no lines to learn”, he hurriedly

By Colin Bird :

added. “Okaaaay”. “Wonderful!” “I’ve considered it” “Thank you”. “And it’s a no”. In view of his crestfallen look, I felt obliged to at least offer some semblance of an explanation, and waffled on about how even in school, no one had ever been able to persuade me to get up on stage in front of a load of people, and furthermore no one ever would. I could not bring myself to admit that behind the confident and extrovert facade, I was basically a shy and fairly insecure individual. I had blagged my way through life like this for years, and I was not going to spoil it now. But as the minutes trudged on into a second hour and with the aid of interminable cups of Maxwell House and my stash of chocolate digestives, he doggedly tried every tactic in the book to enlist me for his silly sketch. Finally, with a very real danger of me missing my lunch-time roast beef and him taking root in the dining room floor, I eventually agreed to do the damn part. “You’re not really are you?” my incredulous wife asked, as the beaming Dickensian figure scurried down the garden path. “Like hell I am” I told her. “But how else was I going to get rid of him”. And there and then I decided that I would drop him a note in the morning pleading temporary insanity or the onset of bubonic plague, because there was no way on God’s earth I was getting up on that stage, absolutely, categorically and positively not! But I did. It sounds laughable now, but the sketch in question was for three lady singers to each deliver two verses of ‘Buckingham Palace’ – you know, the Christopher Robin

thing - which they would render having being marched down stage by two busbied guardsmen, including yours truly: Charlie Pillock. We would take one step back as the singer painfully ground out the verses, then step forward on its conclusion and wheel her back up stage while another tuneless song bird repeated the performance with her own guardsmen. Easy right? Well yes it was, but boring as hell and I wasn’t having any of that. So having taking one step back after delivering the poor man’s Nellie Melba to her designated spot and just beyond her field of vision, I proceeded to fiddle around with my disappearing underpants a la Frankie Howard. You either know what I mean or you don’t, but I shan’t go into a lurid description here. Suffice it to say that as Christopher Robin progressed, so did the laughter from the audience. The face of the poor vocalist went redder and redder believing that 200 people were tittering at her efforts, as did the face of the producer who stood in the auditorium ready to bust a gut and with steam coming out of his ears. I was hooked. A seasoned thespian told me at the time that laughter and applause is more addictive than any drug, and he was right. I have been involved with the amateur stage now for a good many years, acting, writing and directing, and can honestly say that here in Spain I have, until recently, been involved with the best bunch of people I have ever worked with. I am however currently in between projects and resting dahling.

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -

Prettier Than Albox Albox is practical, Albox is prosaic, but Albox is certainly not pretty! The charms that drew us to it when deciding where to live were: you can get to it; you can get anything in it, and you can’t get lost in it – pretty was so low on the agenda as not even to make the first page. You can’t live off pretty, but you can live off a handily placed Mercadona and a well-stocked Ferretería! Recently having need of cash we parked in the ample expanse of the Rambla, a hop and a skip away from the guardian of our wealth, the Banco Popular. It was obviously a slow day within its financial environs, the 2 tellers at the counter had nothing to tell, and the investment wizards whose




“Play it again Sancho”

The Bar La Casa Devante is accessed from the Village Square which is to the very north of Alqueria. The owner is one Horacio Stranglardeganso publican and erstwhile adventurer. Horacio has a Humphrey Bogart fixation and has taken to wearing a trilby and trench coat on every possible occasion. In the Winter this isn’t too bad but come the height of Summer and Horacio is suffering. With sweat pouring down his neck he tries his best to mimic the coolness of Bogart. Not that Horacio thinks it is an impersonation. Horacio is convinced he is the persona of Bogart, however “Here’s looking at you kid” doesn’t quite work in Spanish. Wartime Casablanca has very little in common with the Alqueria of the twentyfirst century however Horacio had done his best to recreate Rick’s Café Américain in the Bar La Casa Devante. He even built a casino with a large roulette table in the centre. In an attempt to rig the wheel so selected individuals could win, the mechanism jammed. The same number came up every third spin, it almost ruined Horacio financially. His pianist, Sancho was so bad there was a surcharge on all bills paying him not to play. If anyone questioned it Horacio would allow Sancho to let rip with his full repertoire of three tunes. The chastened customer soon paid up. A treat for Saturday night’s entertainment was Ernesto Muyinestable Alqueria’s very own one legged flamenco dancer. People who hadn’t seen his act wondered how a monoped could possibly dance the flamenco. The answer is quite simple, he couldn’t he falls over a great deal. The audience are always very sympathetic and applaud which encourages Ernesto to perform more and more complicated

routines. Which means he falls over even more. Eventually bruised and dented Ernesto takes his bow and hops back to his dressing-room delighted with his reception. As there are virtually no laws in the village republic of Alqueria goods and services which would be described as black-market elsewhere are exchanged quite openly in the Pueblo. The place to come to buy anything from a barrel of Remitroot Whisky to an aircraft-carrier is the Bar La Casa Devante. Spivs mingle with their potential customers conversing in hushed tones, lurking in corners as deals are struck. A group from the British Ministry of Defence, indistinguishable from the spivs huddle around a bottle filled table. They are negotiating the price of some piece of military hardware or other. It has been rumoured that the 7th Armoured Brigade was kitted out from the Bar La Casa Devante. When the news was leaked and questions asked in the house the British prime minister stated “It is a good deal for Britain”. I was an even better deal for Alqueria.

advance moves

Leading Removal Company reports on strengthening housing market One of Spain’s top removal companies has reported that they experienced a resurgence in the Spanish housing market during 2013 and it looks like 2014 will be an even busier year. Mat Ford-Dunn, the Managing Director of ‘Advance Moves International Removals’ pointed to the fact that many property values in Spain have now fallen to a much more realistic level and this has definitely resulted in increased house sales. This has been noticed in all regions of Spain as Advance Moves operate their relocation services throughout the mainland. Advance Moves has its main warehouse in Murcia, Spain, with an additional warehouse in Kent in the UK and has had to purchase 5 new vans and trucks to cope with the increased demand over the past year. The UK housing market is also in a state of recovery and increased house sales have resulted in more people selling up and looking to buy in Spain. There are many factors that

tempt expats to Spain, not least the recent periods of turbulent weather, which many parts of the UK have suffered. On the flip side, for economic reasons many British Expats are now able to sell properties in Spain and Advance Moves are often the first choice when it comes to repatriating them back to the UK. Mat was also keen to point out that the increase in demand for their removal services was also down to the level of service and expertise that Advance moves offer to their clients and the fact that many clients had already seen the brightly liveried vehicles on the roads undertaking their removal services. Advance moves is also a member of the British Association of Removers and one of only a few companies that export wrap furniture to provide extra protection for international removals. ‘Our clients know that they are getting a more competitively priced, premium removal service, when compared to the rest of the market. The increased volume of removals enables Advance Moves to offer their clients a more regular and flexible timetable for their individual removal requirements’ Mat sees the trend continuing throughout 2014 with the housing market in the UK and Spain continuing to make steady process. Advance Moves are gearing up for another busy year.


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play on. Unfortunately, the linesman, who did not appear to be in a good position, was flagging for a goal and after a long delay the referee awarded the goal much to the anger of Mazarron players, officials and supporters.

MAZARRON FC 3 CD ESPARAGAL 3 Mazarron’s run of three successive wins came to an end against CD Esparragal but in a typical West Bromwich Albion match they salvaged a draw and should have won it at the death. There was little to shout about in first half hour but then Mazarron began to play like they had in the last 3 weeks and Tollo missed a sitter from a Jose Ruben cross. Following a corner from the right, Ruben then had two headers cleared off the line before Enrique somehow managed to clear the bar from 6 yards out. However Ruben ran on to Tolo’s through ball and expertly lobbed the onrushing Esparragal keeper in the 43rd minute and repeated the feat two minutes later, this time rounding the goalkeeper before

slotting home to make the half time score a somewhat fortunate 2 – 0 to Mazarron. Shortly after the break a deep corner was met by Ruben but again his header was cleared off the line. At this stage old habits returned and Mazarron took their foot off the pedal and allowed Esparragal into the game. In the 62nd minute the deficit was reduced following a mistake by Dani and then shortly afterwards a penalty saw the scores leveled at 2 – 2. At this stage Esparragal looked the more likely to score again and this proved to be the case. Marcos fumbled a long range shot and the ball bounced towards the Mazarron goal line. He recovered quickly and seemed to scoop the ball to safety with the referee waving


In 1973 Elton John suggested that “Saturday night was alright for fighting” but nowadays this pack of wolves prefer to dine, dance and drink in moderation!!!

So the May Ball was rescheduled from June to April ( it´s a long story but we once had an Irish Captain) and we gathered at our sponsors, Crystals Retaurant, where we were regally fed In the 88th minute Mazarron and entertained by Sean, Agie, Adam and their team. were awarded a very fortunate Prior to this event we had contested for the John Woodey corner when everyone in the Memorial Trophy which was modestly won for the third year in ground except the referee succession by Brian Layden with 33 points after a count back thought the decision should with Bryan Hirst. Gary Edwards was third with 32 points. have been a goal kick and from Next month forty of us are heading to Roquetas de Mar where this corner Ruben completed we will be playing three rounds over the Serena course for the his hat trick to equalise. In the 5th minute of added Wolfpack Open – what stories await ? B.L. time Mazarron should have won the match when Ruben looking (Photo shows Vice Captain Geoff Hollingsworth presenting the suspiciously offside ran on to John Woodey Trophy to Brian Layden) the ball and unfortunately in a one on one situation with the keeper hit a tame shot which the keeper saved easily. On the downside it appears that this could well be Juan Andreo’s last game for Mazarron due to work commitments and he will be sorely missed in the centre of defence. Team: Marcos, Dani (Juanillo), Juan Andreo, Cecilio, Alcaraz, Jose Ruben, Tico, Enrique, Randry, Tolo (Domingo), Gilberto (Fran), Man of the Match: Ruben



new fords available


Calle Mallorca, San Javier Call us: 968 146 158 or 618 628 511

• ferrari f430, challenge car, 4.3l, v8, 2008,

BMW X5 3L<

Diesel, Auto 2006 102,000kms


7,000kms....................................................................... €89,950 • Peugeot 308E HDI, AUTOMATIC, 2012, 18,000KMS NAVIGATION.................................................................€14,950 • sKODA YETI1.2 TSI, 2011 AUTO, WHITE 68,000km €14,950 • renault Grand Scenic 2009, 86,000 km....................€11,950

Peugeot 3008,

2011, 1.6HDI, Sport, 59,000 kms



• renault






31,000km ........................................................................ €9,950

• renault twingo 1.1 petrOL auto, 44,000km, 2009........ ........................................................................................... €7,450 • ford focus 1.8 tdci, diesel, 83,000km...............€6,950 • citroen c4 1.6hdi, 2007, diesel, 128,000km...........€6,950

•R  ENAULT MEGANE SCENIC RX4, 168,000kms 1.9DTi, Diesel, 2001....................................................................€4,950

nissan juke €14,950

• HONDA HRV 1.6 PETROL, 4WD, 1999, 185,000KMS €3,950

1.6 petrol, 2011, • opel corsa 1.3 cdti, 2005, diesel, 113,000km...€4,950 • RENAULT CLIO 1.2 PETROL, 2005, 128,000KMS.......€3,950 25,000km • fiat panda 1.1 petrol. 2005, 88,000kms.............. €3,250

1.7cdti Diesel 2011 95,000kms


• HYUNDAI SONATA 2L PETROL, 1997, 109,000KMS €2,950 • Mitsubishi Carisma 2000, a/c, 143,000kms........ €2,950 • bmw 320 diesel saloon, 1999, 169,000kms .........€2,450 • RENAULT CLIO 1.9 DIESEL, 1999, 127,000KMS....... €2,250 • RENAULT MEGANE 2000, 1.6 PETROL, 180,000KMS.......... ........................................................................................... €1,950



opel agila 1.2 auto 2012, 3,500KMS


........................................................................................... €1,950 • audi a80 1.9,tdi, diesel, 1994, 382,000kms........... €1,950 • PEUGEOT 306 AUTOMATIC, 1999, 134,000KMS ......€1,450

Right hand drive vehicles

• rolls royce silver spirit, rhd, 51,000 miles...€13,950 • BMW 316D, 2009, 79,000 Miles...........................................POA€ • KIA SEDONA 2005, 2.9 TD DIESEL, 113,000 MILES... €4,250 • VAUXHALL ASTRA ESTATE, 2007, 1.3 CDTI DIESEL..€3,950 • mercedes c200, 1994, petrol, 129,000 miles, tax, mot ........................................................................................................€950

Right hand drive - spanish reg

FORD Focus estate auto, diesel,2009 119,000kms



mini cooper

1.6, petrol, automatic, • vwgolf 2.o fsi, 2005, petrol, 75,000km ............€7,950 2005, 75,000kms

•Opel corsa 2004, 1.2 automatic, 106,000kms...€4,950


2L, 2005 38,692kms

• Seat Ibiza 2009 1.6 automatic, 62,000 km.....................€8,950

• renault clio 1.5 dci diesel, 2007 141,000kms .€6,950 DIESEL, AUTOMATIC, 2005, • Mitsubishi pajero 2002 2.5 tdi, 131,000 km..................€5,950 167,000KMS • peugeot 1007 2005, 1.4 petrol, auto, 62,000km €5,950


vw beetle

• CITROEN C2 AIRPLAY, 1.1 petrol, 2007, 58,000 kms........ ................................................................................................€3,950 • MGB GT 1.8 PETROL, 1978......................................... €3,950 • toyota hilux surf 3l diesel automatic,..................... 74,000 mile.......................................................................€2,950 • nissan primera 1998 2L petrol auto.................€2,250

~ RHD / LHD Taken in Part Exchange / purchased for cash

~ Full procurement service


FORD FOCUS ESTATE 1.8 TDcI, 2008, 120,000km


smart fortwo passion

2009, 28,000km


renault clio

1.2, petrol, 2007, 63,000kms


smart forfour 1.5 Diesel 71,000km 2006


ford fiesta st 2.0, petrol, 86,000kms, 2005


opel zafira 1.8 16v, 2000 198,000KMS


Visit our website Over 40 cars in group stock

Call us: 968 146 158 or 618 628 511

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San Javier GS - La Serena - CAPTAINS DRIVE-IN TROPHY RESULTS Hi Everyone, what a great way to start the new season everyone playing in shorts in April in 25c with a golf course to match the weather a great

day was had by all.The Captains drive in for the new man at the top was won by Paul Matthews who play some great golf

approved insurance repairers fully legal - work guaRAnteed

courtesy car available

spring offer ky % fplaain 20 t off

Ken Brooks 645 162 808 - Doug 654 907 247 behind zoco sunday market - near quesada

on the day scoring 38pts with Dave Archer second on 36pts and in third Mick Hardy 35pts. Coming out on top in Division two after some working out when the top 3 all came in with 32pts. On count back after count back Ivor Jones came out on top with Ty Williams second and Joe Flanagan third well played all of you. Nearest the pins where won by the following players Paul Matthews, Barry Beale, Barry Butterworth and Bill McLaughlin. The next Society’s game is on TUESDAY, 22nd APRIL 2014 at VISTABELLA. 1st Tee time - 9.00am. The format is TEXAS SCRAMBLE (22 holes).

Quesada Golf Society Last Wednesday, on a bright and sunny day, the Society played their local course for the first time – La Marquesa. For most players it was a hop, step and jump to the golf course. Our secretary Pam Martin secured a very attractive deal and the members liked it to as there was a full house with members competing in an individual stableford competition for the Spring Cup. The course was in good condition with the greens being in excellent condition. One incident worthy of note happened on hole 13 – unlucky for some and it was unlucky but perhaps lucky for Tony Patterson whose drive hit a railway sleeper in front of the pond which

the drive had to carry and rebounded flashing past his nose and ending up 20 metres behind him on the tee. The overall winner on the day came from the Silver Division. It was Paul Flanaghan with 33 points and he seems to have hit a rich vein of form. In second place in the Silver Division was Terry Smith with 30 points and in third place with 27 points was Keith Armstrong. In the Gold Division the winner was another person in a rich vein of form, Susan Smith with 30 points. In second place with 29 points was Dave Winchcombe and in third place was Brian Smith with 28 points.

The Best Guest was Terry Rogers. The “Roy” for the most shots played and not many points on his scorecard went to David Westerman. Nearest the Pin winners were John King, Terry Rogers, Les Pancott and Les Lindores. After the game the presentations were made by Crystal of the QSD Group on the terrace, by the swimming pool of the recently superbly refurbished La Marquesa Club House complex. The QSD Group kindly sponsored the day and as well as providing the prizes provided plated tasty hot and cold food for which the society is extremely grateful. The next game is another individual stableford at El Plantio on Wednesday 23 April. Anyone in the Quesada area looking to join a very friendly golf society and play golf once a fortnight at a wide variety of courses at very reasonable cost, should contact the membership secretary Les Pancott on 966 716 723.

Club Natacion Torrevieja Last weekend was the last regional league time controls for the younger swimmers from Club Natacion Torrevieja and other regional clubs. It also contained some of the hardest races for the young swimmers. Over 200 swimmers competed the 200 m medley or the 400 m freestyle races. For most this was the first time that they had swam these distances under competition environments. The Torrevieja team was slightly depleted due to illnesses but 9 of the 13 clubs members participated. Paula

Garcia, Vicky Pigneur and Samira Lucumbi all had good swims in their 200 m girls 200 m medley with all 3 girls gaining regional autonomic qualifying times with new PB’s. Skye Burns, nervous, swam the medley for the first time and also had a good swim. Then it was on to the 400 m freestyle races. For the clubs younger members 9 and 10 year olds racing the 16 lengths of the 400 m was a daunting task. Densel Fusha, Vitalio Veres and Amy Connolly all had good swims giving

themselves new times and Polina Maltsev and Konstantin Murskiy swam well in the 200m freestyle. Now the clubs swimmers has a rest over the Easter period and are back with the Masters team next in the pool in Elche on the 4th May. For more information regarding Torrevieja Swimming Club please contact Rosa – 665454126, President Felipe on 609418776 or Vicki 669637015 or by e-mail on info@ clubnataciontorrevieja. com


Café Uno Golf Society. (Formerly Fairwayz GS)

Fourteen members, under our new society name Café Uno, played today Thursday 10th April in the glorious sunshine at Bonalba Golf. The course was in good condition allowing some reasonable scores to be posted. The attendance was low today due to some members having other commitments. Afterwards, we attended Café Uno in Catral, for the presentations and an excellent meal. The results were as follows:1st P.Buckler - 29pts. 2nd J.Pedersen - 28pts. c/b Best front 9 - D.Harwood - 16pts. Best back 9 - D.Barratt 15pts. Nearest the pin S.Hamilton.

Nearest the pin x 2. Nil. Winners of the 2 ball competition, S.Hamilton / D.Barratt. Well done to all our prize winners. Next week Thursday 17th April we are at Vistabella Golf. !st tee time is 09:30am please be at the course 1 hour prior to 1st tee time. We would like to thank Pete and Lisa Bonser, the proprietors of Café Uno (Catral), for taking on our society for the after game functions. New members always welcome, please contact Tony Macmillan on 966785781, Steve Hamilton on 966789438, or Steve Lawrence on 966637449. Thanks, Steve Lawrence.

Ship Hispaniola Gs

(in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) at La Serena on Monday 14th April 2014. For this month’s meeting a group of 20 players visited the established course at La Serena under the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. For 2014 we have joined forces with the Lo Marabu GS who play their monthly ‘social game’ the same days as us so we both benefit from the cost economies of scale for booking a larger group than would otherwise be the case. The weather forecast was ‘spot on’ with clear blue skies and shorts were the order of the day and the course was in good condition although the greens had a light ‘dusting’ of sand. This months competition included a ‘yellow ball’ team event every team lost the ball on the difficult opening hole with the exception of the team of Mike Probert, Tony Robson, Steen Tidemann and Dave Guest who safely brought the ball home 18 holes later. Despite the difficulty of the course there were some good scores on the day and the winners were as follows: 1st – Wayne Matthews – 42 points 2nd – Mike Probert – 40 points

3rd – Darren Holden – 37 points Nearest the pin winners: Par 3 Dave Guest Par 4 Steen Tidemann Par 5 Tony Robson We all returned to the Ship Hispaniola in La Mata for a hearty feed and refreshments prepared by Janet and her team with our thanks. The next fixture is at Mar Menor on Monday 12th May 2014 at 11.00am Anyone wishing to join our society should contact Grant Goble on 667329772 or better still call in at the bar. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our web-site at www. costa-blanca-greenfees. com.

CD Montesinos v Orihuela Costa “A”

CD Montesinos line up CHRISTIAN, DIMITRY, FERNANDO,RUBEN,M A NUEL,RUBIO,OM A R , A NG EL,O ROU K ER ,E DU,VAZQUIHO. SUBS MARCOS LOPEZ,DANI, DARIO, RODRIGO What more could you ask for on a sunny hot day for a game that had it all, with CD 4th & their opponents 3rd a crowd of 380 saw a thrilling match which saw controversy, great goals, and a refereeing display straight out of the new muppet movie. This anticipated game got off to the worse possible start for Monte when after only 90 seconds played, the reliable CHRISTIAN in goal misjudged a bounce and the Orihuela No 9 struck home with ease, 0-1. The very vocal Monte home support rallied their team and they pressured the Orihuela goal. Chances went wasted by EDU & VAZ, then Monte got the breakthrough they deserved when a free-kick from Fernando was headed in by OROUKER,1-1. 10 minutes later, Manu headed wide from a similar position. Constant fouling by Orihuela on MONTES front 2 of VAZ & EDU went unpunished and captain Fernando rightly voiced his concern. With 5 minutes left of first half an innocent clash of heads between Montes Dimitry and Orihuela No 5 resulted in the No 5 going in an ambulance with a nasty head injury. Edu went close before half time but after 45 min’s teams went in 1-1 The 2nd half was


constant Monte pressure, VAZ went close, then after 60 min’s a foul on VAZ ,the 16th consecutive foul by Orihuela that went uncarded by the ref’ saw Montes captain voice his disgust too much and he was sent off. Orihuela scored shortly after and another howler by keeper Christian let the away side gain the lead 1-2. The vocal support of the home crowd rallied the team and EDU missed a golden chance 1 on 1 with keeper but shot against his legs, Monte corner 5 min’s later VAZ fouled in area converted penalty 2-2. With the crowd screaming, 10 men Monte went for the jugular, Rodrigo & Marcos came on for Rubio & Omar, then VAZ produced a fantastic piece of skill to score a goal straight out of the la liga to send the crowd wild 3-2. But the game had yet another twist with 5 min’s Orihuela scored a carbon copy of Monte’s first, 3-3. Monte continued to press for the winner but it ended 3-3. The referee had to be escorted & protected from the pitch by a rough diamond who was probably his minder. No game next week as its Easter but MONTE are away to FORMENTERA on 27th April, kick-off TO BE CONFIRMED. For more info check the website www. or email thefullmonte2011@ VAMOS MONTE


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