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CRAFTS FOR CHRISTMAS PG8 MONDAY MARKET ALL YEAR ROUND 10 – 2pm Los Alcazares - opp Consum & Lidl


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Mediterranean Beach International Bar & Grill

The Home of great home cooked food

Serving a variety of traditional Spanish dishes such as tapas, Paellas alongside a selection of pies - curries Menu del Dia served every day 10€ Birthday Person Eats Free With 5 Friends or more T&C’s apply Traditional Sunday Roast 2 course and glass of wine 8€ Cod Offer 2 Large Cod Chips Peas and bottle house wine 19€ Or 4 small cod chips peas and bottle of house wine 20€ every day Christmas Day 5 Courses. Bookings now being taken. 35€pp includes wine, beer & soft drinks with the meal. The only English restaurant on the seafront of Puerto de Mazarron Paseo Marítimo 51 (sea front) Puerto de Mazarrón

968595902 – 619500555


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The ‘Doctrina Parot’ The ‘Doctrina Parot’ will not benefit criminals in the Región de Murcia The decision of the Strasbourg Court to nullify the retroactive application of the ‘Doctrina Parot’ which has opened the prison doors to some of the most ruthless predators country, will not be applied in the region of Murcia. The ‘Doctrina Parot’ can be applied to criminals whose sentence is more than 30 years, and were given after February 2006, when the doctrine came into being. This would apply, for example, to Jesus Enrique Campuzano, ‘Kike’, who has a terrifying criminal record. A resident of Cabeza de Torres, he was only 15 when he committed his first crime; the brutal murder of a young girl, Pilar Toledano, and for which he was detained in a juvenile facility. In 1999he was arrested after a young girl denounced him for rape and attempted strangulation. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and was released in 2006.


Hr remained free until June 2008, when he was sentenced for the brutal murder of Priscilla Rodríguez, a Dominican prostitute, and rape two other women. Currently he is serving sentences totaling 37 years, and is awaiting trial for other alleged multiple sexual assaults. Campuzano, and three others serving sentences in Murcia, could have benefitted from the ‘Doctrina’.

An illegal gun network disbanded 12 have been arrested in an operation that commenced over one year ago.

Repsol is “leading the way” Repsol is “leading the way” in the reduction of greenhouse gases The Comisión del Cambio Climático del Congreso (Climate Change Commission) applauded the company’s plan to reduce the emission of carbon dioxideby 22 %. The Repsol refinery in the Valle de Escombrerasis the ‘leader’ in Spain and Europe with its program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO2 ), which enhance the greenhouse effect, in the opinion of the Comisión del Cambio Climático del Congreso de los Diputados, María de la Luz Bajo. The plant represents an investment of 3.150 billion euros and employs 800 employees. It also has a Technology Centre where they have spent 220 million and in which 400 people are employed on research.

51 stolen bicycles in San Andrés The Policía Nacional displays 51 stolen bicycles in San Andrés The aim is for citizens who have been victims of theft to identify their bikes. The 51 bikes will be exhibited at the Comisaría de Distrito de San Andrésfrom Monday 18th November to Friday 22nd, from 9 to 14 and from 16 to 20 hours. All bicycles that can not be returned to their owners will be given to a local charity. ‘Día de la bici’ in Javalí Nuevo

The gang bought fake guns, replaced the barrels and chambers and resold the weapons on the black market for five times the original purchase price.

This is a family session for leisure and sports organised by the Junta Municipal. Attendees will participate in a tour that will leave at 10 am from the Plaza de la Ermita, to which it will return.

The Policía Nacional havearrested twelve people; nine alleged members of the network, including its alleged ringleader, and three of its customers.

Snacks and beverages will be offered to participants, and there will be a children playground.

The gang was based in Alguazas, Ceutíand Alcantarilla. During the operation14 firearms and 6,310 rounds were seized. In addition to enabling the weaponsthe network was responsible for supplying ammunition to their clientele. This tasklay with another detainee, a resident of Alcantarilla, who had a license to store at his home 750 bullets, 150 for every weapon for which he had a license. In the search of his home officers found about 6,500 bullets, some of them armoured ammunition - which is not permittedwith his license. The arrests took place when officers surprised the alleged ringleader selling two guns with the serial numbers erasedto a group of known criminals in Benejuzar. Subsequently the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía made six arrests in Alguazas, Ceutí and Alcantarilla; seized 13 firearms, 6,310 rounds, several kilos of bullets, a kilo of powder, machinery for processing the weapons and an Audi A-6, used to transport the modified weapons.

The heroes of the 12th floor Two local police were applauded by onlookers as they rescued a man from falling from the ledge of a building. ‘We jumped a wall, removed some skewers implanted to prevent seagulls from roosting, and grabbed his legs. Another second and ... ‘ ‘Everything went very fast . We jumped a low wall, broke some skewers of those that are placed to scare away seagulls, went out to the ledge, hooked the man ‘s legs and pulled him onto the roof. Another second and it surely would have been too late. But luckily everything went well. Some residents began to applaud from the windows and balconies - It’s one of those interventions you will not forget for all your life.’ Officer Rego, of the Policía Local, spoke of the successful rescue of an old man over 80 years who lived on the twelfth floor of a building on Calle Jiménez de la Espada. Officer Rego and his partner Ripoll were on patrol on Paseo de Alfonso XIII when they received a ‘desperate’ call. When they reached the apartment block from which a neighbour had called the man on the roof ‘was half a metre into space.’

Condemned for insulting her ex by text TheAudiencia Provincial de Murcia confirmed the judgment of the Cartagena Court against a woman who for more than four months sent insulting messages to her ex-husband. In one message she said that she had been unfaithful “because he deserved it.” She sent the messages between November 2012 and March 2013; in one of them she said that her partner had a “mosquito brain”.

Accused of lying about an accident Three people were brought before the Sección Quinta de la Audiencia Provincialbased in Cartagena. They are accused of allegedly lying in court on behalf of one of them, who had suffered a traffic accident, so as toreceive greater compensation. They are accused of fraud, and falsifying an official document.

Injured after being hit by a car when changing a wheel

A youth suffered an anxiety attack after running over a motorist on the side of the A-30. The motorist was injured in the early hours of the morning when he was hit by a car while

repairing a fault on his car at the roadside. The accident occurred on the A- 30, at the Archena exit. The man, 39 years old , was taken to hospital Morales Meseguer in Murcia, where he was admitted with serious injuries . The Centro de Coordinación de Emergencias de la Región received a call from the Guardia Civil de Tráfico of an accident, and medical assistance was requested for a person at kilometre

‘In such a case you do not know how you will bring about a successful outcome. At first you go with a lot of adrenaline in the body to help the person in danger, but you can not stop to think; if you look down you get instantly paralyzed. You have to react quickly, because the life of a citizen depends on you.’ Said Rego.

120 of the A -30 towards Albacete.

In this case, the officer added, when the elderly man was taken to receive medical attention, and had calmed down, he admitted that he lived alone, had become confused, and sought to draw attention to his plight.

him. The impact caused the victim to fall down the highway embankment.

Despite 11 years of experience, (Rego was also a Guardia Civil) he recognised that it is always a source of pride to help someone.

Servicio Murciano de Saludtransferred him to Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia.

‘We don’t just fine people. We do our job as best we can, but to be recognised in this way is very rewarding; sometimes the image of the local police is not the most correct.’

The accident occurred when VPD, aged 19, ran over the man, who had got out of his vehicle when it developed a puncture. He was changing the tyre when the other driver hit Firefighters based in Molina de Segura rushed to the sceneand rescued the wounded man from off the embankment, and slope of the highway and a Unidad Móvil de Emergencias del The young man had to be treated for an anxiety attack and transferred by ambulance to another hospital in Cieza.


A great end to the year´s fundraising for MABS Mazarron


Bid to stop the cleaning strike in Madrid

A meeting has resulted in an agreement between management and unions to reduce the number of redundancies. The Responsable de SaneamientoUrbano de ComisionesObreras en la Comunidad de Madrid, Félix Carrión, has confirmed that an agreement has been reached between employers and unions in the negotiations. Unions and employers have agreed on a new collective agreement in the sector, explained Carrión, since the number of layoffs will be discussed throughout the day in a workplace inspection. Initially a group of trade unionists left the meeting and proclaimed victory, but it was not until later that an agreement was confirmed.

This weekend saw yet another fantastic series of fundraising events for MABS Mazarron, on Friday 8th November the HARLEQUINS ROCK CHOIR put on a first class show at Mariano´s to raise funds for MABS Mazarron. This was the biggest event the choir had organised so nerves were twitching and the atmosphere was electric with anticipation but the nerves were unnecessary they were brilliant! There was an added bonus with the children from MURCIA DANCE accompanying the choir with some initiative and unique routines. A great night topped only by the amount raised, an amazing 1191.10€. Then on Saturday 9th November at the same venue THE ARTISAN FAYRE rolled into town with a fantastic array of unique, hand-made items made by a very creative group of people. There was everything from sliver to china; ceramics to metalwork; cards to jewellery and everything in between. Nearly 400 people came along to browse the available merchandise and purchase that unique and exclusive Christmas Gifts for their friends and family. The MABS Team were on hand to give advice and support to

those in need as well as sell, their now infamous cakes and preserves; while others sold bespoke MABS items and hand crafted cards made by their weekly Craft Group to raise funds. The raffle, with a chance to win a Christmas dinner as first prize was a sell out!! The day raised a fantastic 1563.60€ MABS Mazarron would like to thank Ann Thompson and the HARLEQUINS ROCK CHOIR; the children and parents from MURCIA DANCE and Matt and his friends from ARTISAN KRAFT GROUP for raising 2754.70€ this weekend – wow!!!! MABS Mazarron would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors and supporters who have given so generously this year; our volunteers for their sterling work throughout the year and of course all of you who have supported our events during 2013 – THANK YOU. We will be back next year with a new calendar of events, but until then we wish you all a very


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Homer Simpson will get a Spanish friend The friend, Eduardo Barcelona, appears in the last episode aired in the United States (the fourth of the season 25) and does not give a flattering impression of the Spanish. The character is dressed throughout as a bullfighter, and there are constant allusions to his sexual exploits, even boasting that he has 200 children.

Snow alert for the Noroeste and the Altiplano The AgenciaEstatal de Meteorología (Aemet) set a Yellow alert for snow level in the regions of the northwest and the Altiplano. Tthere may be snowfall with accumulation of up to 3 inches thick.

Snow alert for the Noroeste and the Altiplano A man sentenced to 96 years in prison for six counts of rape of his children is to be releasedunder the ‘DoctrinaParot’. The La Audiencia Provincial de La Coruña gave “final discharge” to the man, who was convicted in 1999. He was found guilty of sexual abuse of his daughter when she was 9 years old until she was 13. His defence was that ‘everyone did it, and it was to make her a woman”.

Solar electric systems Solar hot water systems Buy direct - no middle men no sales people - no subcontractors Quality European products Guarantees backed by 10 years of training in Spain Complete solar systems from only 1500€ including installation 10% price beater promise we will beat any other like for like price


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barnes bulletin

Rob Barnes moved to live in Spain, 7 years ago. In the UK, amongst other things, he was the Chair of the Midlands Regions, Independent Television Commission. His hobbies include Industrial Archaeology, Mine exploration and photography (Sierra Minera) and is on a quest to get a quality cast conditioned real ale here in Spain! Email Rob at


Sport ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT, SMELL OF THE CROWD, AND A RATTLE THROUGH A GATE. Without a fanfare of well polished brass coach horns, or ceremonial cutting of ribbon, the newly refurbished entertainment “Sala Duplex”, in Pilar De La Horadada, has quietly opened it’s doors for business. The pleasant reception area, where patrons can enjoy drinks and a tasty snack, before passing through to the main auditorium, was busy Saturday night, as a mainly Spanish audience prepared to take their seats to enjoy a film, the first, it is hoped, of many such evenings. One film I noticed advertised as due to be shown very soon here, is “Gravity”, staring, amongst others, Sandra Bullock. Live shows are now taking place on the much improved stage, many of interest to children over the Christmas period. Owner Diego, is keeping his fingers crossed that the cinema side at the complex, will attract sufficient audiences, to ensure it’s financial sustainability. One of Diego’s thoughts is to the formation of an “Association of friends of the cinema / Amigos del cine”, with each member paying a subscription each month. In an ideal world, funding may well have been offered from the local authority, or from the government in Valencia, for such a worthwhile project that Diego, with his own funding, has created and opened, here in Pilar De La Horadada. We can only wish you success sir.

Well over 1000 people attended “I Jornadas Inerculturales Para Ciudadanos Europeos”, or in old money, the “Intercultural Meeting For European Citizens” in the new square at Pinar De Campoverde. A meeting, chaired by Jose’ Fidel Ros, Mayor of Pilar De La Horadada, started the mornings activities. With the Mayor, was British Vice-Consul, Lloyd Milen, taking time to answer questions from the floor. Following this meeting, time was set aside, by the British Vice Consul, to discuss any problems from the U.K. expatriates. Winter fuel allowance seemed to crop up a number of times, along with questions on being able to vote in U.K. elections. With the serious side of the event, passed, it was time to party. Coro Pilar first took to the stage, followed by Grupo Baile “Asco. La Amistad”, with fascinating dance routines, including Flamenco. Working the audience then was Elvis Presley, a.k.a. as Brian Jenkins, splendid stuff! Ballet “Raquel Pena” as ever, professionally ,brought the stage events to a close. As visitors tucked into a giant paella, cooked within an enormous dish, under a roaring wood fire on the car park, the excellent “Reef Band” took to the square, playing well into the late afternoon. All agreed the day was a success, and look forward to a similar, “Bit of a do” in 2014.


The government team within the “Big House” in Pilar De La Horadada, headed up by Mayor Jose’ Fidel Ros, announced on Tuesday 12th., November, that vehicle tax in Pilar, will be reduced by 20%. The proposal, which has the support of all local groups, will be noticed at the SUMA office, in 2014. Jose’ tells me that the 20 per cent reduction in vehicle tax, does not compromise the economic equilibrium, because thanks to the good work of government team, since coming into office at the last elections, they have sufficient margins, within the municipal coffers. Jose’ added “ In Pilar, we do not spend more that what is entered” I think I know what you mean Mr Mayor, and it sounds like common sense to me.

A SIGN FOR THE BETTER. O.k., it’s not attractive, but as the M.D. at J.C.B., United Kingdom, is oft heard saying about the excavator his company produces, “ Agreed It isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done”, and so it can be said concerning the latest news, regarding the “Welcome To Campoverde” greeting, that has featured in my jottings over the weeks. A local television company from Pilar De La Horadada, took measurements of the vandalised column, returning to fix a protective shield around the damaged panels. I’m certain that this communication company, dropped into see Mayor Jose’, offering to provide this service, and for so doing, have received the “Thumbs Up” from the Association of Friends of Campoverde”, and, I’m sure, from readers of Sol Times, also. All that remains now, is to find the true owners of the sign. Mayor Jose’ is on the case. Watch this space.

25’95 €


of registration. This certificate will remain valid for no longer than five years, at which point it must be renewed. PHOTO:


How to register

What’s the difference between a NIE number & a certificate of residency/resident registration certificate?

Simply - a NIE number is available to anyone with financial interests in Spain, whether they are resident or not - it is required, for example, to purchase or inherit property. A resident registration certificate is what EU citizens need if they intend to live here or have lived here for 90 days or longer. It’s a record that you have registered as resident, as required by the Spanish authorities. In most cases a NIE number will be issued at the same time as the certificate if the applicant doesn’t already have one, although in some areas they expect you to get a NIE number first This quick answer is from A much fuller answer, as well as details on other related matters, what forms are needed, and where to get them, is from Angloinfo

Registration and the Residence Certificate

Any EU citizen intending to stay in Spain for more than three months is obliged to register (within three months) to be added to the central register of foreign nationals (registro central de extranjeros) at a foreigners’ office (oficina de extranjero) or local police station (policia nacional) if there is no foreigners’ office in the area in which they intend to reside. A Registration Certificate as an EU resident (certificado de registro como residente comunitario) is issued. This document certifies residence in Spain and includes the holder’s name, address, nationality, and foreigners tax identification number (número de identificación de extranjero - NIE) along with the date

The following documents are required in order to apply for a residency certificate: • valid passport or national identity card • signed application form EX18 (solicitud de certificado de registro de residencia comunitaria) • proof that payment has been made (a bank-stamped modelo 790 payment form). If an NIE number has previously been assigned, take the certificate as proof of payment. If all paperwork is in order, the Residence Certificate is issued immediately and is valid indefinitely. However, the relevant police or foreigner’s office should be notified of any change to personal status (marriage, divorce, change of address) using the same form EX18 and following the same process. The Residence Certificate is a piece of paper which contains the NIE number. It is not an identity document and the certificate should be carried with identification (such as a passport) at all times.

Providing evidence of financial means and healthcare insurance

Legislation that came into force in July 2012 requires all EU citizens who wish to live or stay longer than three months in Spain to provide evidence of sufficient financial means to support themselves and any dependents. They may also be asked to provide evidence of having public or private health insurance.

Family members of EU citizens

The rights of the EU citizen are extended to their family members (irrespective of nationality). This includes the spouse by marriage, a partner by civil partnership (or marriage equivalent), dependent children under 21 and dependent grown children and parents. Application should be made for a residency card for EU citizen


family members (tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la unión) at the foreigner’s office (oficina de extranjeros) or local police station in the province of intended residence. The following documents are required: (others may also be requested): • valid passport (or a copy of a renewal application) • signed application form EX19 (solicitud de certificado de registro como residente o tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la union) • proof of family relationship with the EU citizen (such as a marriage certificate, proof of partnership registration, birth certificates for children) • identification (passport) or DNI (Spanish citizen) of the EU family member • three recent colour passport photographs If a marriage certificate is used as proof of family relationship, the Spanish authorities may insist that it is only valid if issued within the last 90 days. If the applicant’s marriage certificate is older, it may be possible for them to confirm its validity via the Embassy or Consulate of the issuing country - in this regard, Spain may be acting against EU directives.

Divorce, separation or death

The ministerio del interior website has information regarding what procedures must be followed in the case of divorce, legal separation or the death of an EU citizen.

Renewal of the residency card

A residency card will remain valid for no longer than five years, after which it must be renewed. The following documents must be presented: • valid passport (if expired, present a copy of the renewal application) • proof of valid marriage/proof of an on-going marriage with an authentication of marriage certificate issued no more than three months prior to renewal application. If not in Spanish, it must be officially translated • EU family member’s registration certificate, valid passport or photo ID (or DNI of a Spanish family member) • dependent children under 21 and dependent adult: proof of family relationship or dependency • three recent colour passport-size photographs (on white background) • proof of payment of the fee for issuing the card (a bank-stamped modelo 790 payment form)

id’s v a D


Benidorm for Christmas

If you are still unsure where to spend Christmas this year here is the answer. How about a large comfortable 4* hotel which sits in it’s own beautifully kept grounds Access to an indoor swimming pool , a room with a balcony, good entertainment every night, a large ambient bar which leads out on to a pleasant sun terrace. Smiling helpful staff book us in at reception. The food is buffet and offers lots of choice. The dining room has an air of quality about it. Then on Christmas day a slap up Christmas lunch served to the table with plenty of wine to wash it down. After Christmas lunch there is afternoon and evening entertainment to look forward to. On the doorstep sits all the attractions of Benidorm including an optional night out at Benidorm Palace. During the day there is the esplanade and beaches, lots of shops, a good selection of all types of bars, Mundomar theme park is nearby if you fancy taking in a dolphin show, or sea

lion show or even a parrot show. Benidorm is always full of life. Add to that the festive spirit and the company of lots of fun loving people in the superb “Palm Beach hotel”, and it seems to us that the Christmas excursion to Benidorm run by David’s Coachtrips SL is a superb way to spend this important time of year. The price of only 265€ for 5 days (22-26 December) , which includes full board, plus the Christmas gala dinner makes this such brilliant value for money. Complimentary transfers to Benidorm from in and around the Torrevieja are included. Or you can come in your own car if you wish. With almost 300 people already booked on to this deal we suspect it won’t be long before the “Sold Out” sign goes up, so you do need to book soon.. This is definitely not one to miss. Reservations can be made by calling “David’s Coachtrips” on (0034) 966785910.

Visit us Or call us direct on 966 785 910 Christmas bookings now available

picking up from Albox*, Alfoquia*, Puerta Lumbreras*, Totana*, Valle de sol, Balsica, Los Alcazares, San Pedro & Arboleas* *15€ Supplement

christmas in benidorm 4* hotel all rooms with balconies, Indoor & outdoor pool & gym.

4* Hotel Full Board inc Gala Christmas lunch & wine Only 269€ 5 days, 22nd - 26th December

christmas & new year in benalmadena 3* Hotel Full Board inc wine & water Buffet Christmas lunch & Gala New Year’s Eve meal inc free bar after the bells Excellent value at 485€ 9 days 24th Dec to 1st Jan

Includes excursions to Granada, Nerja & Mijas


All inclusive cruise, sailing from Valencia inc Port Taxes. Visiting Rome, Naples, Sicily, Split, Venice, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Malta & Tunisia. Cabins from 899€ 15 days, 25th Oct - 8th Nov 2014.


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Cantoria Demolitions

The Ayuntamiento de Cantoria reconsiders the suspension of the demolition of two houses and reverses its decision. The Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio (Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning) gave notice to the Fiscalía de Almería (Planning Office Almería) of the resolution of the Alcalde of the Ayuntamiento de Cantoria yesterday submitted to the Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio (Ministry of Environment and Planning) of a letter by communicates a resolution of the Mayor, Masegosa Gaspar Garcia , which resolves to revoke a decision by the Ayuntamiento City on October 16 last, which paralyzed the works of demolition of two homes that were carried out in Las Terrenas. With this resolution, the Consistorio (City Council) reverses its decision, so the Consejería (Council) may conclude the pending demolition work and the task of clearing the debris left in the area after the blockade of the demolition. On 21 October, the Junta de Andalucía informed the Fiscalía de Almería (Planning Office in Almería) of the decision of the Ayuntamiento de Cantoria to paralyze the demolition, in order to clear up the criminal responsibilities which could have been incurred the local

authorities and the people involved in these events. The demolition of houses was done in execution of two administrative resolutions by the Audiencia Provincial, (Provincial Court), and ratified by the Tribunal Supremo (Supreme Court). The Administración autonómica (Regional Administration) presented the facts to the Fiscalía to consider whether the Ayuntamiento was acting within its rights, which already conform with the law applicable to administrative decisions regarding the restoration of legal urban planning, which do not require any municipal license. The Consejería (Department) believes that the Ayuntamiento has given full information of all the steps that have been taken by the administración autónoma (autonomous administration) that was convened at a coordination meeting prior to the execution of the works of demolition at the Delegación Territorial de la Consejería de Agricultura, Pesca y Medio Ambiente (Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture , Fisheries and Conservation), the inspección urbanística (Inspection of urban environment) and the State security forces. Also, the demolition project can rely on the relevant technical and construction management.

Training for Torrevieja Andalucía Feria by Mike Walsh

Following summer’s traditional break, Raquel Peña, celebrated flamenco artiste and choreographer, is offering lessons to Sevillana novices. The dance, a light form of flamenco, has its 18th Century origins in Seville’s April Feria. The maestra’s affordable classes welcome learners of all ages and nationalities, lessons are in English and Spanish; men are welcome too. The ever easy-going Raquel says, “Why not come along and see if it is for you?” The studio at Pilar de la Horadara is easily accessed. Close to the N332 it has free and easy parking. The lessons are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The fees are just €25 per month. The steps are easy to learn. These include La pasada, el paseo, la zapateado, el coreo and las vueltas. Known as the Bien Parado, a feature of Sevillana is the dramatic pose the dancer takes at the close. Raquel Peña’s Sevillana dancers, when trained, raise substantial funds for local charities. They also have the best time possible at Torrevieja spring Andalucía’s feria and other fiestas. Contact Raquel at 630 689 431 or email

Lane closures on the N-344a in Almería

As I lay me down to sleep, I know there is no need to weep, Friends and family free from worry, No need to spend a heap of money, With a pre-paid plan that is free of VAT Plus Interest free instalments on top of that A wise man I most surely am, For putting my trust in Iberian.

A practical way to help reduce the financial strain on loved ones. Prices are fixed from day one, so you know exactly how much you have to pay. The services outlined in the plan are guaranteed to be carried out in full. Acceptance to the Funeral Plan is guaranteed, whatever your age of health situation. Your family will receive personalized attention, compassionate guidance and complete support. All details handled with discretion and care. Fully transferable to the UK or any other EU Country. Prices Start from €3390 Iberian Funeral Plans SL Phone 952 595 691/952 490 690/951 203 994 e-mail: Iberian Funeral Plans SL, Edifico Los Jardines, Bloque V, Local 1-B, San Luis de Sabinillas, Manilva, 29692 Reg/CIF no: 11138305/B93156107

From the 18th to 22nd November, 2013, the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico has given notice of ditch clearing work on the N-344a, in the section between the Puente de Los Molinos and the roundabout of Los Picos. Temporary traffic lights will be in operation during lane closures.

A Gym for the Elderly and a Memory School has been opened in Pulpí The Concejala Delegada de Igualdad y Bienestar Social, Fina García Parra, has announced new courses for 2013 to 2014 featuring the Escuela Municipal de Gerontogimnasia and the Taller de Memoria. They will commence on Monday November 18th. These are for people from Pulpí and the surrounding districts. There is an attendance fee of 5 euros, and classes will be held in the various villages on the following days and times: Pulpí.- In the Pabellón La Legua, Tuesdays Sótano del Centro de Día, Wednesdays La Fuente.-In the Centro Social, Thursdays La Gasolinera – In the Centro Social, Mondays Pozo Higuera - In the Centro Social, Mondays El Convoy - In the Centro Social, Tuesdays San Juan de los Terreros.- In the Centro Social, Thursdays All classes are from 17:00 hours to 18:00 hours

Lions aid for the people of the storm ravaged Philippine Islands Lions Clubs from around the world are mobilising and fund raising to help those people most in need following Typhoon Haiyan, that ravaged the Phillipines. Lions Club are being urged to donate funds immediately to the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)for onward distribution providing food, shelter, water, clothing and medical supplies. By Friday 8th November LCIF had donated 500,000 USD, (Approx 370,000 euros). This is only the start and each Lions Club will boost these figures ten fold and more in the very near future. There are over 12,000 Lion members in the Philippines and around 380 Clubs, Lions are already on the ground and although many have been affected by the outcome of Typhoon Haiyan, they are coming together to help where ever possible. You can help the Lions International Foundation by helping your local Lions Club to raise funds, details on how to submit funds are available by contacting Lions Club members or by contacting Lion Secretary Iain Bennett on idsbennett@hotmail. Alternatively you can go online on www. and follow the instructions on how to donate directly. All funds donated via Lions Clubs goes directly to provide aid, no money is wasted on administration or spurious expenses.

900 or so Roma families People who live and work in the Page Hall suburb of Sheffield have been utterly overwhelmed in the past three years the 900 or so Roma families who have settled there. This week Mr Blunkett, who grew up in Sheffield, said Roma groups were acting like they lived in a ‘downtrodden village’ without basic sanitation, and that the suburb could ‘explode’ into ugly street warfare. Locals have accused the newcomers of anti-social behaviour, thievery, and even trying to sell their own babies. Daily Mail

Simon Cowell condemned Simon Cowell condemned as ‘irresponsible and stupid’ by Education Secretary Michael Gove who blasts X Factor star’s advice not to bother with school Simon Cowell was branded ‘irresponsible and stupid’ by the Education Secretary yesterday after suggesting children shouldn’t bother about school and just hope to ‘get lucky’. The media mogul claimed he didn’t take work seriously until he had left school. The key to success, he said, was often simply being in the right place at the right time. But Michael Gove hit back, saying: ‘This is an irresponsible and stupid thing to say. Teachers strive every day to ensure children understand the importance of learning, hard work and discipline. Simon Cowell’s comments undermine their efforts.’ Cowell told a US radio station: ‘I left at 16 and I didn’t have any qualifications. I was useless. ‘The secret is to be useless at school and then get lucky.’ But the X Factor impresario appeared to backtrack last night, when he claimed his comments were ‘a joke’. Read more:

A French driver gets his custodial sentence reduced. A driver who was on the wrong side of the road has had his sentence commuted, despite causing the death of another driver. This is because he ‘forgot he was in Britain’, say judges. The judges decided that Alexis SebastienFleury had ‘lower culpability’ for causing the death of 62-year-old David Crane than a British driver would. Mr Crane, of Rolvenden, Kent, was on his way home from work at 11.30pm on August 3, 2012,when his Skoda Fabiawas hit head-on by Fleury’s grey Renault Laguna. Mr Crane, a Charity fundraiser who was a carer for his disabled wife, suffered multiple injuries and died at the scene.


Drinking strong coffee

Drinking even one strong coffee in the afternoon can knock an hour off your sleep. The stimulating effects of caffeine last for up to six hours, and the findings suggest coffee should not be consumed after about 5pm. Be it frothy-topped, laced with alcohol or taken as a warming accompaniment to the cheeseboard, coffee is seen as the drink that makes a meal complete.But those late-night luxuries could be the reason for a sleepless night ahead, research has shown. According to scientists, drinking two or three cups of coffee, even six hours before bedtime, could cost you up to an hour’s sleep. Researchers from Wayne State University, Michigan, followed the sleeping habits of 12 people who were given pills containing 400mg of caffeine – the equivalent of two or three coffees. Over four days, the trial members took their doses six and three hours before bedtime and another when they turned out the lights. One of the three daily pills was a placebo, with no caffeine in it, and on one day all three pills were placebos. The results, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, revealed the pills made users toss and turn and lose up to an hour’s sleep – prompting a warning to avoid caffeine after 5pm. Psychiatrist Professor Christopher Drake, of Wayne State University, in Michigan, said: ‘Drinking a big cup of coffee on the way home from work can lead to negative effects on sleep just as if someone were to consume caffeine closer to bedtime. ‘People tend to be less likely to detect the disruptive effects of caffeine on sleep when taken in the afternoon. Sleep disturbance was measured subjectively with a standard sleep diary, and objectively using a home sleep monitor. Dr SafwanBadr, of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, said: ‘Sleep specialists have always suspected caffeine can disrupt sleep long after it is consumed. ‘This study provides objective evidence supporting the general recommendation avoiding caffeine in the late afternoon and at night is beneficial for sleep.’ The research published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine is the first to investigate the effects of a given dose of caffeine taken at different times before sleep. The results suggest caffeine generally should be avoided after 5pm in order to allow for healthy sleep. Experts have found caffeine, the stimulant in coffee, interrupts the flow of melatonin –the chemical that actually sends us to sleep. Secreted by the pineal gland deep in the brain, the hormone helps control body rhythms and tells our bodies when to sleep and when to wake. A previous study in Israel showed caffeinated coffee halves the body’s levels of the sleep hormone and leads to an hour and a half less sleep a night. Britons spend about £850million a year on coffee. Researchers at Bristol University have shown drinking several cups each morning helps people to work more efficiently. But heavy consumption of more than four cups a day has been linked to ill health Read more:


Fabulous clothing & accessories Web: Email: info@

Fleury, 25, was acquitted by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court of causing death by dangerous driving but was convicted of causing death bycareless driving in July and jailed for 18 months. Yesterday Lord Justice Lloyd Jones, Mr Justice Irwin and Mr Justice Green, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, halved that sentence to nine months – meaningFleury will walk free next week. The court heard that Fleury from Orleans, central France, was driving to visit his English girlfriend, Emily Crick, in Wadhurst, East Sussex. He had travelled from France through the Eurotunnel. Fleury performed a U-turn and was driving down the wrong side of the road, when he crashed head-on into Mr Crane’s car. The Frenchman had been awake for 16 hours and had been driving for six and a-half hours at the time. But his lawyers argued that there was ‘no evidence’ that he had been tired, because he napped on the shuttle through the tunnel. Fleury said during his trial: ‘I missed my turning and decided to do aU-turn. I was driving for a few seconds and saw headlights just in front of me and boom.’ Mr Justice Irwin said: ‘This young man made a mistake at the end of his journey. As a Frenchman, used to driving on the right-hand side of the road, he remained on the righthand side of the road after his U-turn. He did a U-turn in the dark in England and, for moments or minutes, forgot that he was not driving in France.

La Siesta Ladies Friendship Group

‘The culpability of a British driver in the same circumstances would have been very high indeed. For somebody from France, the culpability mustbe reduced.’


Fleury’s lawyers said outside court that the reduced sentence means he will be releasedfrom prison at the beginning of next week. Mr Justice Irwin expressed his sympathy for Mr Crane’s family, saying: ‘He was a very good and loving father to two daughters, and a husband who looked after his disabled partner. ‘They are all terribly distraught about their loss. It is clear that he was a good man and his death has caused great loss and pain.’ Read more:



Bric-a-brac, jewellery, raffle, home baking, mulled wine, mince pies, hot dogs, auction, linen, books, games, tombola, tea & coffee etc. Proceeds to local charities.


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Crafts for Christmas

It gets dark earlier, there’s snow on the mountains and Christmas looms. Well, no problem these days getting the pudding or the turkey, and you can buy those nice English Christmas cards in lots of places along the coast. Remains that old problem of what to get the man or woman who already has everything. You can walk into a department store with your bank card, but then it’s a choice between ties and socks for the man, or a silk scarf and bath salts for the woman. Ugh! Amata, the craft association in Alicante, has come up with a suggestion. Rather than spend an hour fighting your way through the department store, why not have a leisurely stroll through their Sunday morning market in La Nucia? Each week some 10 to 15 craft stalls set up shop in the Plaça dels Músics, a square to one side of the main road through La Nucia, and display a variety of goods in which you’re bound to find something really different. Something unique, something you won’t find in any store; you might find it in a gallery, but not at this price. All of it genuine craftwork or, as Amata puts it in their registered slogan, “Artesanía de Autor”. Each Sunday different people turn up; there might be Chema with his hand-bound replica medieval books, Sonja with unusual designs in silver jewelry, Malcolm with steam jewelry (old watch movements mounted as ear rings), Almudena with hand painted cushions and wall hangings, Amparo or Elena with

patchwork, apliqué animals and aprons, Vito with beautifully forged iron, Carmen with artistic pottery or Joan with wooden toys and puzzles. They set up at 10 and leave for a well-earned lunch at 2. Some of them will be working beside their stall and you can watch, ask questions (quite a few can speak English) or place an order for a unique piece of work you can pick up the week after. As the organisers are there every weekend and speak several languages, they can translate for you or they can put you in touch with other craftsmen and women who happen to come another weekend. So now nobody can sport the excuse: “I couldn’t really find you anything that you haven’t already got”. Have a look at the Amata web site (www. which is also in English) or look at LaNucDom.html to see what has been on offer the past few weeks, or on http://www.amata. es/LaNucPart.html to see who’s coming this Sunday. There’s a nice cafetería on the square and most Sundays the market is enlivened by the musical string puppetsMaxiandDixi. More information (also in English) at 639 979 678.

Living abroad and need an English base? Then look no further than...

Woodcarr Park

Do you have a home abroad or in the UK & would like to have a secure, luxury holiday home in England. We are open 11 months of the year & can supply most makes of luxury caravans & lodges. Woodcarr Park is in the small Lincolnshire village of Belton. We are just 20 mins from Humberside & Doncaster airports. Contact Barry or Jean Williams on:

Tel: (0044) 1427 873 487 Mobile (0044) 7939 114 123

or email:


don’t forget to send your news & views to editor@ soltimes. com


Camposol Lower C Long Term Let €700 + bills pcm Ref No: 0160

Camposol D Holiday Lets from €350 pw Ref No: 0023

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• 3 bed/2 bath Cibeles style villa. • Private 8m x 4m pool. • Furnished & equipped to exceptional level. • Close to golf course & hotel spa.

• 3 bed/3 bathroom Neptuno style villa. • 6m x 4m kidney shaped pool. • Bespoke BBQ & al fresco dining area. • Furnished & equipped to high standard. Camposol D Holiday Lets from €750 pw

• 3 bed/3 bath Neptuno style villa.

• 3 bed/3bath Neptuno style villa.

• 8m x 5m private pool & terrace.

• 6m x 4m private pool.

• UK Sat TV & video system.

• Close to Golf Clubhouse.

• Close to golf club & spa hotel.

• Fully fitted & equipped Camposol D Long Term Let €550 + bills pcm Ref No:0153

• 3 bed/3 bath Neptuno style Villa.

Ref No: 0096

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Camposol D Long Term Let €500 + bills pcm Ref No:0145

• 3 bed/2 bathroom Cibeles style villa. • 8m x 4m private pool & terrace. • Set on large landscaped plot. • Log burner, AC & central heating.

• 4 bed/4 bathroom Ext Neptuno • Glazed naya • 8m x 5m pool • Jacuzzi

• 2 bed/1 bath Fortuna Style Villa • Fully covered front terrace. • Amazing pool with jacuzzi area. • Fully furnished & equipped to high standard.

Camposol D Long Term Let €650 + bill pcm

Feature Property



villa rentals

- Your choice - your way - your holiday

(0034) 608 631 700

• Well maintained & furnished • 8m x 3m private pool. • Quiet location

Camposol D Long Term Let €500 + bills pcm. Ref No: 0161

• 2 bed Fortuna style villa. • 7m x 4m private pool with jacuzzi spa. • Glazed full front terrace. • Furnished & equipped to exceptional level.


Camposol D Long Term Let €500 + bills pcm

Ref No: 0004

Ref No: 0149

Ref No: 0119

Ref No:0155

• 3 bed/3 bath extended Rosa style villa. • Private 8m x 4m pool. • Oil fired central heating & AC. • Close to golf course & hotel spa.

• 2 bed/2 bathroom Rosa style villa. • Fully glazed front terrace. • 8m x 4m private pool & terrace. • Fully furnished & equipped to high standard.

• 5 bed/2 bath ext Fortuna style villa. • 1000 sqm landscaped plot. • 10m x 5m private pool. • Bespoke under build open plan apartment.

• • • •

Camposol D Long Let €325 + bills pcm Ref No: 0158

Los Solanes Long Term Let €600 + bills pcm Ref No:0123

Camposol D Long Term Let €500 + bills pcm. Ref No:0031

Camposol B Long Term Let €650 + bills PCM Ref No: 0156

• 2 bed Classico style villa. • Immaculate condition. • AC & heating. • Close to small shop

• 2 bed/2 bathroom Spanish finca. • 2,500 sqm enclosed landscaped gardens. • 6m x 6m private pool in courtyard. • Set in orange groves close to Alhama.

Camposol A Long Term Let €650 + bills pcm ‘Camposol A ’Long Term Let €700 + bills pcm

• 3 bed/2 bath Carmen style villa. • Glazed front terrace, great views. • 8m x 4m private pool and terrace. • Large landscaped plot.

 bed/3 bath Neptuno Delux 3 Well maintained & furnished 9m x 5m Private Pool Close to Bars/Shops/Restaurants

• 4 bed/3 Neptuno De Lux Villa. • Sought after location, amazing views. • Large 10m x 5m private pool. • Close to bars & restaurents.

Many more can be seen on our websites office spain (0034)

968 970 614

office Uk (0044)

1733 592 002



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What makes a house a home?

Fighting the Winter Blues with Neater Heater

With winter now upon us many people will be deciding how best to keep their homes warm. The choices seem endless, confusing, and contradictory. There is no simple answer, or single best solution. Tony and Richard at Neater Heater have, however, got one solution that deserves serious consideration. There are many reasons to choose electricity as your heating option. It is clean, requires no effort to maintain, and has a comparatively small installation cost. In fact Tony and Richard claim to be able to install a five-to- seven heater system for the same price that many people pay just to have a gas bottle casita built. But once you have decided on electricity then you have even more choices to contend with. The Neater Heater team sympathise with you, because that is exactly where they were four years ago. After discarding the unhealthy Gas Estuffas, and deciding to “Heat Electric” they tried various options - as customers-and realised one thing. There were no affordable good electric heaters on the market. Electric heaters tended to fall into one of the following categories. • Very expensive (€400-€800) but make a virtue of being economical, • Cheap to buy (But horrendously expensive to run) oil-filled heaters, • Economical to run (but inefficient) panel heaters. With a great stroke of luck, it was while actively looking for a heater for his son’s room that Tony came across, and installed, some Norwegian BEHA convector heaters. That decision was life changing. Discovering just how good these heaters were, Tony saw a business opportunity and approached his friend Richard Winter and between them they started Neater Heater. As Richard explains; “The beauty about Neater Heaters is that they are simple but are built to the highest quality. It also helps that they look good. They use modern, state of the art technology, such as extruded Aluminium for the element, and a highly sensitive thermostat. This produces an affordable no-nonsense heater that works efficiently and economically to keep your home warm through those long cold winter nights”. If you can’t get to one of our outlets, Neater Heaters are now available for free home delivery throughout Spain if ordered direct from us. To view or purchase Neater Heaters or for a site survey contact..............



BENIJOFAR: Vincent Real Estate Tel. 966 712 440 TORREVIEJA: S J & A. Digital Tel. 966 319 253 For home inspections in North Torrevieja, call Colin Tel: 636 537 338 For home inspections in South Torrevieja call Edmund Tel: 966 765 552 Playa flamenca: Buster’s Bar Tel: 678 063 268 BLUE LAGOON: The Electrical Shop (Euronics) Tel: 966 188 169

A straw poll of friends threw up similar themes: ‘it holds all my favourite things and my favourite person in one place’, ‘it’s about having cool, smooth sheets but also feeling free to make a mess’, ‘it’s the place I retreat to for peace from the frenetic, bossy outside world’, ‘it’s where I can spend the whole day in my pyjamas watching Mad Men, if I so choose’. It seems that for most of us, creating a home is less about the building itself, its look or the area it is in, and more about the emotional connection and sense of comfort we’re able to create behind closed doors. This notion of private space is key to our sense of wellbeing and self-expression, believes Simon Moore, environmental psychologist at London Metropolitan University. ‘Personal space allows thinking space,’ he says. ‘It’s a good thing we don’t know what goes on behind

closed doors. It allows people to do what they want and truly to be themselves – whether that’s vacuuming naked or playing back-to-back video games.’ And while the property you live in might be far from your ideal, even design experts agree that making a house a feel-good space is not about it being worthy of an interiors magazine, but ensuring it reflects who we are and how we live our lives. You can live in student digs or a luxurious penthouse, but it won’t be your own unless you are aware of your emotional response to your surroundings. ‘Some people are very sensitive to visuals, so when things are out of place, it can affect them almost as if they have been slapped in the face,’ says psychologist Averil Leimon. Other people might be more sensitive to sound or harsh lighting or room temperature, yet most of us never take the time to figure out what impact our surroundings are having on us. ‘You need to work out what kind of person you are and what matters to you,’ says Leimon. ‘Is it having a peaceful place to sit? Is it having somewhere you can listen to music? What about the smell? Are you a tactile person? If so, what textures do you prefer?’


COSTA calida

LOS ALCAZARES: For home inspections call Edmund. Tel. 966 765 552 BALSICAS/ SAN JAVIER Sierra Golf Tel 968 018 257 san Javier DFS Spain Tel: 968 334 194 MAZARRON Camposol B. La Red Solutions (Mapfre) Tel. 968 199 025 NEATER HEATER DISTRUBUTORS:


ANTAS. Iron Art Factory Outlet. Tel: 637 259 033 Tel: 634 312 171

concrete imprinting


Garden & Ground Services

Swimming pools built

10x5 12.095€ Special Offer 8 x 4 11.450€ Special Offer

The prices shown above for swimming pools includes licence, Roman steps, Mosaic tiles, Pump house. Artificial rocks, Cave bars also showers can be customised to suit your needs and much more.

swimming pool with gunite any shape concrete repairs all made with Gunite Retaining walls Slopes Block walls e com ee s rendering and at the boleas ise al ar rther n e d cladding tion for fu pm rna 1 inte turday 7am - e of r a house extensions a d it b n ry s matio r webs tructe r e v e r s u fe o n o f t in co eat of u BBQ Landscaping s o i l r ck che ur poo uch a g yo t’s s Concrete printing w o i h why and underpinning structural crack repair system


Also see ua at Camposol Sector B Alley Palais Bistro Mazarron Every Other Friday Tel: 628 408 197

we always try our best not be be beaten on price but we will not be beaten on quality all the patterns and colours created are permanent with no fading, sinking and best of all no weeds


mazarron area

Telf: 628 505 733

611 611 858 Excavators with Driver to Hire

•Skip hire

•Garden clearance

•Garden /land clearance •Demolition •Footings

& follow on Construction Equipment

maintenance, from simple pruning to large tree removal

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m.

pool Repairs ~ Terraces ~ Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299

SOLTIMES NOVEMBER 2013 Belle Robinson, co-owner of Jigsaw and lifestyle emporium The Shop at Bluebird, agrees. ‘When creating a home, you should be ruled by your heart, not your head,’ she says. ‘If you love something, it will make you happy, which will create a warm atmosphere. My motto is, “Don’t be afraid of clutter” – what is clutter to one person can be another’s life story.’ At its core, the idea of what makes a house a home is rather primitive. ‘The notion of “home” is about the place you feel safe and where you feel connected to other people you like,’ says psychologist Linda Papadopoulos. ‘From an evolutionary point of view, it was about keeping warm and safe and having somewhere to gather and to bring up a family. You can add to that the fact that we are socialised into our expectations of what home means – many of our significant memories are now created around our homes.’ As the memory bank fills, our homes should subtly evolve over time to reflect the different stages of our development, or that of a family as it grows – and how we use our house will change accordingly. ‘Our personalities aren’t fixed – we’re changing all the time, and it makes no sense, from a psychological point of view, to stay static. Your surroundings should reflect that,’ says Moore. ‘People can get into a routine about things: having a favourite chair, or their side of the bed, or a certain spot on the sofa. It can be good to shake these things up, so they don’t become too habitual. Rearranging and redecorating a home is no bad thing – change can be good and stimulating.’ What we do and how we behave outside the home can also influence how we feel within it. ‘In an ideal life, we would have a total balance between work, family and socialising,’ says Leimon. ‘We would leave our house with joy, and return to it with joy at the end of the day. Sadly, that’s not what everyone experiences. People can be bent out of shape by the constant expectations and pressures of their work and social lives. So, home is the one place where we can be off duty.’

Wh izzz !

Housework! It has to be done, but there are so many other things to do that are more fun! So streamline it - spend a few super-efficient minutes of daily cleaning, rather than leaving it all for a marathon, and usually exhausting, weekend job. Many of thehouse cleaning tipsthat follow offer an extra bonus: not only do they save time and effort, but your house will actually stay cleaner and tidier, which has a surprisingly potent effect on your overall wellbeing. Speed cleaning: Kitchen For most of us, kitchen cleaning requires the most daily attention. The key to keeping it under control lies in the mantra ‘Clean as you go’. Clear away pots and pans, food ingredients and parings as you cook, instead of doing (or not doing) one big cleanup after supper. Put pots in the dishwasher or a sink of soapy water. A simple house cleaning rule that keeps larger chores from getting out of control: the “one-of” rule. When you’re vacuuming, do one bookshelf. When you clean the counters, wash one cabinet front. If you do this, these surfaces will magically stay clean, almost by themselves and your house cleaning routine will thank you! Speed cleaning: Bathroom No one likes toclean the bathroom. But a clean as you go attitude can help make it less work. Keep a package of disposable cleaning wipes under the sink to wipe off everything from glass, tubs and sinks to the outside of the toilet; even kids seem to enjoy using them. Spritz the shower with cleaner each time you use it, while it’s still wet. Rinse with the handheld shower or run the shower for a minute, and you’re done. Use a squeegee to clean the shower door, to prevent water spots. Run the toilet scrubber around the inside of the toilet, with a squirt of cleanser if desired. Put away everything you use straight after you’ve used it. Former Style at Home editor Gail Johnston-Habs once wrote about an anti-clutter habit she had formed as a child – it’s so simple, yet it’s amazing how few of us do it: If you take it out, put it back. If you take it off, hang it up (or fold it in the drawer, or put it in the laundry hamper). If you mess it up, tidy when you’re done. If you make this a habit, the morningbedroomtidy need be little more than making the bed and tidying bedside tables. But if you’re not a perfect practitioner of Gail’s rule (and even she admitted she wasn’t), make sure clothes are put away, the vanity table is tidy and the floor clear. Quick-vacuum traffic areas, and, if you’re so inclined, pass the vacuum under the bed and do a “one-of” dusting to a bookshelf or drawer front Instead of a weekly marathonlaundry session, do one load a day. Gather a basket of whatever you’re washing that day as you tidy each room, and toss in the washer when you’re done. Speed cleaning: Living and family rooms Unless the living room is verydisheveled, it’s a breeze compared to cleaning thekitchen and bathrooms. After decluttering, put remotes where they belong, recycle or put away reading materials, give traffic areas a once-over with the quick vac, and give a ‘one-of’ dust to a bookshelf or the TV. If you have a little more time or energy, vacuum one upholstered piece. If every piece is done in rotation about every three weeks or so, that’s all they usually need. These tips won’t entirely replace a deeper house cleaning every week or two, but it will make that chore much easier, and keep your house clean enough for company every day—well,almost.

AA FREE ENGLISH TV BBC1, BBC2, ITV1,2,3,4,C4,Sky News + more. No monthly subscriptions direct from satellite. Full installation including receiver from... OVER 200 Channels ALL FREE






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One off payment Internet connection needed ITV BBC CHANNEL 4-5 Dave Pick Yesterday

Call for installation quotations in your area

606 297 825

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kim clark benefits consultancy

Monica Algañaraz Over 40 years experience in physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment. General postural assessment and holistic health checks available English spoken

Do you suffer from mobility problems, breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles?


Do you need help washing / dressing or supervision?


You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568 or visit

Wednesdays: Mojacar Playa Valle del Almanzora: Olula Del Rio

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

perm cut 49.95€ novem b SPECIALer

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gift vouchers always available n o w ta k i n g x m a s a p p o i n t m e n ts

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Tel: 9  62 839 156 or 635 706 359 Use Discount Code: GIVEME20 to get 20% off your first order

Look Good Feel Great

Breathe Your Way to Good Health You can help alleviate stress through the simple practice of yogic breathing. Among other things, breathing loads your blood with oxygen, which maintains your health at the most desirable level. Shallow breathing doesn’t oxygenate your blood very efficiently. Consequently, toxins pile up in the cells, and before you know it, you feel sluggish and down. Take high-quality breaths Before you jump right in and make drastic changes to your method of breathing, take a few minutes to assess your current breathing style. Ask yourself the following questions: Is my breathing shallow? Do I often breathe erratically? Do I easily get out of breath? Is my breathing laboured at times? Do I generally breathe too fast? (men take an average of 12 to 14 breaths per minute, while women take 14 to 15) If you answered yes to any of these questions, try yogic breathing. Even if you didn’t answer yes, conscious breathing still benefits your mind and body. Relax with a couple of deep breaths Think about the many times you’ve heard someone say “Now just take a couple of deep breaths and relax.” Well, it really works! Yogic breathing is like sending a fax to your nervous system with the message to relax. Try the following exercise: 1. Sit comfortably in a chair. 2. Close your eyes and visualize a swan gliding peacefully across a crystalclear lake. 3. Now, like the swan, let your breath flow along in a long, smooth, and peaceful movement. Ideally, inhale and exhale through your nose. 4. Extend your breath to

& Blowdry cap highlights

Electronic Cigarettes

tuesdays with becca Gents/child haircut


luxury pedicure

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open saturdays in december Call for an appointment Appointments now being taken 950 633 086 Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) iFi 722 294 384 Monday - Friday 9.00am - 6pm FREE W Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

its comfortable maximum for 20 rounds; then gradually let your breath return to normal. 5. Afterward, take a few moments to sit with your eyes closed and notice the difference in how you feel overall. Practicing safe yogic breathing Here are a few safety tips to help you enjoy your experience. If you have problems with your lungs (such as a cold or asthma) or heart disease, consult your physician before embarking on breath control, even under the supervision of a Yoga therapist. Don’t practice breathing exercises when the air is too cold or too hot. Avoid practicing in polluted air, including the smoke from incense. Whenever possible, practice breath control outdoors or with an open window Don’t strain your breathing — remain relaxed while doing the breathing exercises. Don’t overdo the number of repetitions. Don’t wear any constricting clothing. Reaping the benefits of yogic breathing In addition to relaxing the body and calming the mind, yogic breathing has a spectrum of other benefits. Here are some: It steps up your metabolism (the best way to prevent weight increase). It uses muscles that automatically improve your posture. It keeps the lung tissue elastic, which allows you to take in more


beaut y without surgery son with Dr. Helena Ben

centro óptico

Avda Pio XII, s/n 04800 - Tel: 950 121 991

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30% discount 30% discount off all for OAPs

oxygen. It tones your abdominal area. It strengthens your immune system. It reduces your levels of tension and anxiety. The late T. Krishnamacharya — one of the great Yoga masters — is a classic illustration of the benefits of yogic breathing. On his 100th birthday celebration, he initiated the ceremony with a 30-second-long continuous chant. He also sat perfectly straight on the floor for many hours every day during the festivities, which lasted several days. Not bad for a centenarian!

Breathing through the nose

No matter what anybody tells you, yogic breathing is typically done through the nose, both during inhalation and exhalation. For traditional yogis, the mouth is meant for eating and the nose for breathing. Here are three good reasons to breathe through the nose: Since you are breathing through two small holes instead of one big one, it slows down your breathing. In Yoga, slow is good. The air is hygienically filtered and warmed by your nasal passages. Even the purest air contains dust particles and pollutants. According to traditional Yoga, nasal breathing stimulates the subtle energy centre, which is located near your sinuses. This location is the meeting place of the left (cooling) and the right (heating) current of vital energy that act directly on the nervous and endocrine

Designer Sunglasses


What if I can’t breathe through my nose?

Yoga is always flexible. If you can’t breathe lying down, try sitting up. If your allergies bother you more in the morning, do your Yoga in the afternoon. If you’re still not comfortable breathing through your nose, try inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth and don’t worry about technique. Worry is counterproductive.

Should I breathe through my nose all the time?

Every exercise has its own guidelines that you need to follow. The majority of aerobic activities — running, walking, weight lifting, and so on — recommend that you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. And breathing through the nose while swimming can be downright dangerous! In the beginning, save yogic breathing for your Yoga exercises. Down the line, when you become more skillful at it, you may want to adopt nasal breathing during all normal activities. Then, you can benefit from its calming and hygienic effects throughout the day. Remember: Bad breathing isn’t as easy to cure as bad breath: You must retrain your body through breath awareness.

Sophia S.L EW


Open 8am till Late Next to the Municipal Pool in Arboleas

A-Z guide of fitness, beauty & wellbeing

*Acupuncture *Brazilian Blow Dry *Chiropody *Dance Classes *EMS (Electro Magnetic stimulation) *Facials *Goals to acheive *Hair design * *JuiceBar *Kids Classes *Lean&Mean *MMA *Nail Design *Opi Ear Candles(sorry!) *Pilates *Queen of fitness Michele *Reiki *Sophia So Spa *Taebo *U will love it here *Visit us and see for yourself *Waxing *Xcellent value for money *Y not join us *Zumba

ical doctor Helena Benson qualified as a med Moscow in y dem at the First Medical Aca and. Engl to e cam na Hele in 1986. In 1989 ey Harl at ked wor she ’s 1990 the During . don Lon th Nor Street and from her clinic in s, herb ral natu g She has been practicin 90’s she iridology and nutrition. In the late cs, heti aest ical med in lved invo became ed Unit the ss and now treats patients acro the is na Hele n. Spai Kingdom, Ireland and Permanent founder of the London School of ols in the scho ing lead the of one , Make-up UK c medicine Dr Benson specializes in aestheti iring requ not , tion vena and facial reju me cosmetics’. Treatments for chti ‘lun d calle so or ery, surg cosmetic part of your grooming routine, like wrinkles and skin peels can become nails or even buying new clothes. going to the hairdresser, doing your e in syringes, not jars! The best modern cosmetics com not necessarily fix your life. may line Improving your skin or fixing the lost what you thought you might have But wouldn’t it be nice to get back do not why then it, feel great about forever? If you can look good and nce is not about vanity. It’s about eara app your rove imp it? A desire to as Oscar Wilde said “It is only And confidence and your self-esteem. by first impressions”. shallow people who don’t judge

t this friday 22nd November Helena Benson will be at RRetrea as. for her last clinic before Christm 379 878 To book an appointment call 647

elax evive

open 9-3pm Mon-Fri

ejuvenate retreat elax El Cucador


Helena Benson will be here this friday 22nd November for her last clinic before Christmas. To book an appointment call

25 €

647 379 878 1Hr Full Body Massage with Full Consultation 20€ EVERY TUESDAY 9AM - 3PM


632 779 082

Full Body

And sooo much more, Find us next to the Municipal

Hot Stone Massage

Swimming Pool in Arboleas. For more information visit

29€ or call 950449451

Luxury Facial 25€ Friday’s 9.30am - 6pm


Telephone 950 449 451 Email:


TEL: 626 144 680


Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm


TEL: 661 858 949

ladies hair salon

Call Teri to book an appointment from 9am

Wednesdays & Thursdays Fully Qualified Uk Trained

call 619 467 295

Steves barbers 30 Years Est. in UK

Mens Cut only Call 634 379 175



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! a d a s e u Q in r e v e t n e v The biggest charit y e On Saturday 23rd of November Goyo´s bar and Restaurant together with Radio Nova and HiFX Money Exchange is holding a big charity event on the outside terrace of the Radio Nova Studio´s next to the Quesada Town Hall Square. All staff, Dj´s, and artists will be working for free and all profits will be donated to Mabs Cancer Support Group, Help at Home Costa Blanca and Easy Horsecare Rescue Centre in a 3-way equal split. The 3 charities will have stalls at the event on the day. Beer, Wine, food and Raffle prizes will be donated by various bars and establishments: Goyo’s Restaurant in Quesada - Donating Home Made Quiches, Spanish Omelettes, Wine, and soft drinks along with 2 menu del dia´s for one of our raffle prizes. The Dutch Butcher in Benimar is donating Burgers and meats to Barbeque on the day. El Mundo’s Party Centre in Benimar is donating 6 cases of various wines Brewery Ceresa in Daya Vieja donates their equipment to use, wine, cups and other items. There will be some great Radio Nova prizes to give away on the day as well! THERE ARE LOTS AND LOTS OF GREAT RAFFLE PRIZES

Financial Freedom

Any mums out there who are looking for a flexible income around the kids?? Want to Work from home, flexibly and earn an income of €200-€2000 per month?? We all know how hard the Winter season is in Spain and surrounding areas. So get in touch if you want more info. Call: 902 907 910 Mobile: 629 293 042 email:

DONATED BY: Goyo’s Restaurant, Bar Don Carlos, Amstelleria, Easy Horse Care charity shop, Gama Jumarca Supermarket, Patagonia Steak House, Discount Electrical, all in Ciudad Quesada The Treasure Chest in Ciudad Quesada and Villamartin Right Move insurance in Ciudad Quesada and Playa Flamenca Home and Garden Imports and the World of Mobility in La Marina The Christmas Shop in San Luis, Torrevieja EVERYTHING we sell on the day will be just 1 euro each, apart from soft drinks which is just 50 cents for the children. So buy a burger with fried onions, or some barbecued chicken or home made cakes for just a euro, or a glass of beer or wine for a euro and there’s more on the day… Everything will be just 1 euro and ALL profits will be donated to the charities. Soft drinks are even less, just 50 cents per glass If you are a business and you want to donate items, food or drink for our charity day, please call 965 997 222. Entertainment The whole day will be live on Radio Nova on 87.7fm for Quesada areas, and 97.7fm for Cabo Roig and La Zenia areas, as well as worldwide on via our listen live link. The Radio Nova presenters´ on the day will be Kevin Webster, Martin Dean, Dave Cooper, Darren James, Chris Ashley, Andrea Gomez, Sharron Taylor and Jason Saduko. They will be presenting the entire day live on Radio Nova. The following great local singers and bands will be performing live from 2 pm onwards: Woody and the Peckers, Celena Deans, Johnny Fox, Robert Bonovox, Bobby Dazzler and Vinny Mack. You’ll have a great day of truly wonderful wine, beer and food with the best entertainment anywhere on the Costa’s on Saturday the 23rd of November from 2 till 7 pm on the Radio Nova terrace, opposite the Quesada Town Hall. All day in aid of Help at Home (for the elderly), Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre and Mabs Cancer Support.

Los Palacios Gardening & Community Group

Remembrance Service There was an inspiring atmosphere when I stepped into the circle of the Memorial Garden (Camposol A/Los Palacios) on the 11th November at 11.20 am on Monday morning. Although a vigorous wind had sprung from nowhere the night before, The Rev. Len Eaton was not phased and said that other years had seen the same weather pattern. His sermon was very poignant and I personally found it very moving and inspiring. Our thanks to Malcolm Rushton for supplying the sound system, also under difficult conditions with laptop screens not being the most readable under strong sunlight. David Senior-Peake did his usual great job on the organisation front and many thanks for every

contribution, both financially and in many other ways. There was a fantastic sense of camaraderie, as I listened to the ex-servicemen chatting amongst themselves. For those of us who have lost someone close - it was also a time to reflect and remember. The Service commenced at 11.30, followed by a 2 minutes silence at 12.00 am to bring us in line with English time. It is humbling to imagine this simple tribute being observed in so many places. As usual, we were pleased to see representatives from the Council, who donated 3 Acacia trees, which we will be able to enjoy for many years to come. This year they were: Maria Martínez, Social Policy, Equality, Health, Heritage and Museum; Magdalena Mendez, Agriculture; David Fernández, Citizen Participation, Environment, Trade and Transport & Tatiana Andres, Camposol Office/Social Centre Sector B. A very enjoyable lunch followed the Service with Flamenco guitarists at the El Saladillo Restaurante providing excellent entertainment. (Also organised by David Senior Peake) Judging by the “buzz” that I observed during and after the meal, a good time was had by all. The following poem is written by Jamie Renolds - a pupil of Shipston PrImary School: Remember Every poppy for a life that was given, Mothers said goodbye to their sons, Everyone joined together to save our country, Memorials stand today so we don’t forget, Brave, innocent men who gave their lives, Each and everyone of them, Remembered. Article by Joce Grant - Secretary for Group


Torrevieja U3A were treated to an extremely interesting and entertaining talk from Ignacio Marcos Ramon (Nacho) a Civil Engineer with RENFE, who spoke about the railways in Spain and in particular, about the new high-speed train line. Of particular interest was how the engineers managed to resolve the considerable problems of putting in a new train line under Valencia, where just 6m below the surface you hit water, and going round waterfalls and a major motorway. Some fantastic feats of engineering have gone into this project. Having shown us a picture of the new AVE trains, Nacho was happy to tell us that they have been christened ‘the Duck’ because of the shape of the front of the trains! Having cut the journey time to Madrid to 2h 20 mins and with some excellent discounts available, a day trip is now certainly on the cards for us. Rosario MartínezChazarra, Councillor for Citizenship & Youth, and InmaMontesinos Pérez, Councillor for the Elderly, Third Age, Statistics & Census,also came along to the meeting with a team from the Torrevieja Padron Office to talk about the importance of registering on the Padron, as this can affect the funding a town receives and as both resident and non-residents we all make use of the facilities on offer in Spain Whilst Rosario was on the stage we also pressed her into service to present Bob Hill, our former Chairman, with his new badge of office, which she was very happy to do. Bob has been appointed as the first U3A Ambassador to the Torrevieja Cultural Committee. We did, however, stress to the members that we had disappointed Bob somewhat by telling him a limo with flags was not provided with the role! So once again another well-attended and busy meeting. Our next meeting is on Monday 25 November. Doors open at 10.00 a.m. and our speaker will be Francisco Morales, Guardia Civil Officer, who is talking about driving in Spain. Membership renewals for 2014 start at the meeting too.For further information about the U3A please visit our comprehensive website www.torreviejau3a. org or just come along to the next meeting; (at the CMO Building near Las Habaneras Commercial Centre) you can be assured of a warm welcome.

The rainbow spiritual awareness centre Costa Blanca

The rainbow spiritual awareness centre was founded by minister trish Doherty and is situated in a function room at the rear of sacos bar av gran avenida in el liminar which is just of the cv 905 torrevieja to rojales road Although it was only consecrated in October this year it has already attracted many large congregations and people have travelled from as far away as albox in Almeria to take part in the various workshops being run by trish International mediums are often on platform and travel from as far away as the uk they have taken part in the divine service on sundays as well as evenings of mediumship held on wed evening and there are always local mediums in attendance at the weekly functions, healing is always available after the service should anyone be in need

Sunday service starts at 11am and runs for aprox 1hr, anyone interested in spiritual awareness or development is invited to the open circle which is held every wed and starts at around 5.45 pm and is followed at 7.30 pm by an evening of mediumship once again healing is offered to anyone in need Should anyone be interested in developing there healing skills trish would be happy to talk to you and could help with your development As the centre grows the organisers intend to hold many different types of spiritual advents throughout the year including psychic fairs etc , should anyone be interested or for further details please call trish on 966 844 795 Refreshments are always available at sacos bar from 10 am until late Directions Sacos bar gran avenida el liminar just off the cv 905 torrevieja to rojales Check it out on google maps




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Wanting to sell?

We are currently looking to expand our portfolio. For more information please call us on, Spain 0034 699 271 709 or UK 0044 7919215925 email:

Property of the Week

* Cortijo Grande * 2 Bed/ 2 Bath * Townhouse * Fantastic views

* * * *

Los Gallardos 2 Beds / 2 Baths Community pool Fully furnished

* Arboleas * 3 Bed/2 Bath * Private pool * Garage

* * * *

Sierra Cabrera 3 Bedrooms Private Pool Sun spa jacuzzi

* On golf * Terraces * Small complex * 5 mins to Turre









* Cortijo Grande * 3 bed/2 bath * near golf * on one level

* Private pool * 2 roof terraces * Country property * Seperate apartment

* * * *

Sierra Cabrera 3 Bedrooms Large underbuild Private pool







* Albox * 1/2 & 3 Beds * Central Location * Ideal 1st home

* * * *

Cortijo Grande 2 Beds /2 Baths Near Golf Fantastic views

*Sierra Cabrera * 3 Bed/3 Bath * Seperate annex * Various terraces

* Sierra Cabrera * 3 Bed/3 Bath * 1450sqm Plot * Stunning views

SCL0127 from








* Zurgena * 3 Bed/2 Bath * 100% Mortgage * 71sqm

* Cortijo Grande * 3 bed/2 bath * on golf * Private pool

* Mojacar Playa * 4 bed/2 bath * Sea views * On golf course

* Sierra Cabrera * 4 Bed/4 Bath * 1600sqm plot * Infinity pool

SCL0129 from




SCL0081 from



694.000€ email :

Tel : 950 091 830 / 699 271 709



The Launderette

Lowest Prices in the Area

We offer washing, ironing and folding for a cheap all inclusive price


Tel:616 719 207


Calle Isla Sophia Wellness Centre Global Cars

◄ Cartagena N332


Foam cut to size

(sofas-boats-caravans etc)

Free home quotations

mobile showroom covering Covering the Costa Blanca 677 825 149 965 699 305

costa blanca

loose covers & re-upholstery

over 30 years experience


24hrs 607 811 958


Low Cost Storage & Removals Storage From 5€ Per Week Safe Secure & Fully Insured Outside Storage Cars, Boats, Caravans Etc

Call Mandy 965 726 544


Emergency door & safe opening Fitted Cupboards 1 key system Made to Measure Kitchens new house new locks Internal & External Doors window locks Supplied & fitted all types of locks All Carpentry Work supplied & fitted Undertaken upgrade single locking to City & Guilds multi point locking 36 Years Experience

CALL MARK 634 365 944 Complete Auto Services Total Vehicle/Marine Repairs All Mechanical or Electrical/ Diagnostics Undertaken at very Reasonable Prices We fix all makes but are VW & Audi Specialists Benidorm to Murcia

Call Andy 653 126 874

Tackle op s ’ Sh TIM


Z HerZ




Tel: 672 571 745 OPENING HOURS: MON -THURS 10 - 6PM FRI 10 - 8PM SAT 10 - 2PM


Find us next to Quesada fish & chips and Yorkshire linen - Turn left before The Arches

Country The taste of home Kitchen

Taking care of your meal times! tel Number 603 135 387 or 868 082 067 Email Feeling under the weather, temporarily housebound or just too busy to cook? Country Kitchen has the answer. We deliver tasty, nutritious meals, fresh, frozen or chilled - starters, main meals and desserts. check out our price list.

How to order.....easy as 1, 2, 3

DENISE: 628 408 197

Internet anywhere


1. Visit us at 2. Select your meal and place your order by phone or email. 3. Delivery date confirmed, followed by delivery to your door.

20M Internet from €29.90 No phone line required!

Pro b se ably rvi ce the Co on bes sta the t s

• CCTV Security Systems • Pc Sales & repairs • Tablet PC’s & Mobiles •Save money with our VoIP • Virus Removal telephone service • Data Recovery • Why pay more for less? • We come to you • Denia to Mazarron & Inland • Callshops from €59.95

Call Clive NOW on 969260403 / 648883202 or visit



Quality Textiles For Your Home Sewing Service At Los Dolses Commercial Centre, Villamartin Next to the card shop near the canal.

SARAH & TONY TURLEY - 966 848 980 or 642 308 654






Call Spencer on 637 090 665 MECHANIC WORKSHOP PHONE JAMES on 672 532 758


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• VH591 €245,000 Reduced • Large 4 bed, 2 bath Quality Villa • 165m2 build plus conservatory • 15,160m2 of land & dog kennels • 10m x 5m swimming pool • 2 mins drive to amenities


• VH418 €135,000 Reduced • 2 bed, 1 bath Coastal House • San Juan de Los Terreros • 1km to the beach • Front & rear garden • Communal pool with 6 others


• VH364 €119,950 negotiable • ¾ bed, 2 bath Country House • Includes separate apartment • 6552m2 of flat land • 5 mins drive to Huercal Overa

• VH555 €69,995 Reduced • 3 bed, 1 bath Village/Country House • Quality Renovation • 800m2 garden • 5 mins drive to Zurgena

Cortijo Las Toscas


3 bedroom (room for more), 2 bath character, 230m2, country house renovated to a very high standard with 1,128m2 of land with 5m x 6m swimming pool and landscaped gardens. There is an attached part of the house that could be converted to make more bedrooms etc to provide an apartment. Less than 10 mins drive to Huercal-Overa and 40 minutes to the coast.

• VH576 €79,950 NEW LISTING • 2 bed, 2 bath Semi Detached Villa • Back to back style • 200m2 plot • 6m x 3m swimming pool

€259,950 • VH590 €249,950 Reduced • Large 4 bed, 4 bath Quality Villa • 165m2 build plus conservatories • 23,000m2 of land & double garage • 10m x 5m swimming pool • 2 mins drive to amenities


property of the week BARGAIN Semidetached villa with 3 double bedrooms, 2 baths, plus large sun terrace with Fantastic Mountain Views, living/dining room, private drive way, A/C hot & cold, beautiful communal pool & private garden well maintained, Bargain price. Bank Valuation of 185.000€.

Ref 655 los gallardos

bargain 109,000€








Beautiful new villa with beautiful mountain views, 100m built on a 400m2 plot, 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sun terrace, space for a pool, preinstalled A/C, reduced from 200.000€, absolute bargain.









Wonderful, fully renovated village house, set in a peaceful location with easy parking and lovely country views, only 20 minutes to the coast.3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms, large roof terrace and patio garden. Offers very spacious accommodation.

BANK REPOSSESSIONS, apartment in immaculate condition, with 2 beds, 2 baths, with garden, 70m constructed, living/dining room, A/C hot & cold, beautiful swimming pool, private secure parking, close to amenities.



san juan




A wonderful large family home, with 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, divided into main house of 4 beds, 3 bath, & independent apartment with own access of 3 beds, 2 bath, 2 lounges, 2 kitchens, private pool and sun bathing area, reduced for quick sale.

In the heart of San Juan, bright immaculate villa, of 127m2 built with private pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, independent kitchen, sea and mountain views, in an excellent condition, mature garden, A/C, electric gates, drive way, A/C, Alarm, 8 years old.

Brand new Penthouse apartment with 3 beds, 1 bath, fabulous mountain









views, kitchen, living/dining room, 80m private solarium, in the central of Turre, walking distance to all amenities.





terrace. 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,cloakroom.2 terraces, off-street parking.

Immaculate large house, stone throw away to the beach, 3 double beds, 2 bath, 110m² south facing, spacious living/dining room, fitted kitchen, patio, Front garden, Private locked Garage & Store room, swimming pool, fantastic sea view.

A wonderful, totally renovated cortijo, full of rustic character and charm, set on a 5000m2 plot in a very tranquil location, yet only 10 mins to the beach at Las Negras. 138m2 built - 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Solar power and own well.




A beautiful duplex in very good condition, set in a quiet residential location, only 5 mins drive to the beach at San Jose. Lounge/dining room with doors to



Wonderful opportunity - huge property(779m2) divided into 3 houses(2 renovated and one ruin)-main house has 4 beds & 2 bathrooms,2nd house - 2 beds,2 baths,2 cloaks. Beautiful 5000m2 plot, walking distance to the village, only 20 mins to the coast.



A beautiful villa full of light and charm, built with high quality materials and set on a wonderful plot of 5,000m2 with superb views.3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms - 135m2 built. Peaceful location but close to all amenities - 15 mins to Arboleas.



Superb village house in excellent condition, full of rustic character and charm, light and spacious.2/3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms, large terrace, patio garden, easy parking in a great location, only 25 mins to the coast. Satellite TV, and internet.



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EU negotiators clinch deal on 2014 budget (Sourced by

Negotiators in Brussels have clinched a deal on the 2014 EU budget after a night of hard talks, cutting spending by about 6% compared to 2013. Spending will total 135.5bn euros (£113.3; $181.3bn), or 0.5bn less than the Commission sought and 0.9bn short of the European Parliament’s target. However, the budget is 0.5bn euros bigger than what austerity-conscious government leaders were demanding. It reflects stricter new terms agreed by EU leaders in February. There will be greater funding for economic growth, jobs, innovation and humanitarian aid, Lithuania’s Deputy Finance Minister Algimantas Rimkunas said in a statement. His country currently holds the six-month rotating EU presidency. EU agencies dealing with migration, asylum and border control will also be strengthened, as will the European financial supervisory authorities, he added. About two-thirds of the budget will go on subsidies for farmers and on development projects in the EU’s poorer

Open Mon-Sat from 9am Closed Sunday Tel: 634 31 32 32

Eat i Takeor n away

regions, as in previous years. But the spending on such projects - called the “cohesion” budget - is being cut by about 7bn euros. Four governments voted against the compromise deal - the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden, German ARD television reported. They wanted the EU to make deeper cuts. The Economic Secretary to the UK Treasury, Nicky Morgan, said the deal showed that Prime Minister David Cameron’s influence was “genuinely bearing down on EU spending”. “However, the final budget wasn’t low enough to gain UK backing. When governments and families across Europe are taking difficult decisions to make savings, it would be wrong and irresponsible for the EU to not show similar restraint,” he said. The deal was reached early on Tuesday after 16 hours of negotiation, and still requires final approval from the parliament and EU ministers next week. ‘Step in right direction’ The UK Conservative leader in Europe, Richard Ashworth MEP, welcomed “what is an effective freeze of the EU budget - headline spend is still set to fall by 6%”. He said that “alongside the historic 3.8% reduction which

A wide selection of delicious food available including hot and cold baguettes etc ... Excellent Coffee

Come and enjoy a Pint or Bottle of Estrella Beer, A Glass of Wine or Tinto from 1.50€ We have now moved Find us next to Consum, Camposol Sector B

Hair, Beauty & Nail Salons

Unisex hair salón

Cut & Blowdry 17€ Colour & Blowdry 17€ Foils & Blowdry 32€ Half head foils & Blowdry 22€ Perm & Blowdry 24€ Brazilian Blowdry From 50€

The Salon & The Salon 2 The Salon Camposol (Sector C2) Tel: 691916717 The Salon 2, Totana Tel: 686 354 232

Christmas Offers!!!!

Available at both The Salon & The Salon 2 Full pedicure inc normal polish & Shellac shape & polish on fingers All for 20€ Eyelash, Eyebrow tint & Eyebrow shape All for 10€ Shellac shape and polish & 45 mins collagen non-surgical face lift facial for 20€ Mink Incividual Eyelash Extensions 20€ Many more treatments available at both salons!!!

we have secured on the EU’s long-term budget, this is further evidence of us bringing genuine discipline to EU spending”. “It is particularly welcome that money has been switched away from less-useful budget headings to the important areas of research and development, education, training and jobs,” he added. He called the budget “a step in the right direction”. For the UK Liberal Democrats, George Lyon MEP said the budget deal boosted research and development funding by 200m euros compared to the original Commission proposal. “That means more money for UK universities, who currently receive more EU research funding than any other country,” he said. Derek Vaughan MEP of the UK Labour Party urged the government to spend EU funds on “important infrastructure, training and research projects, and to help combat youth unemployment”. There remains some opposition to the deal in the European Parliament, however. Helga Truepel MEP of the Greens said it was “a bad deal that will continue the perpetual cycle of EU under-budgeting”. “With the budget to be reduced 6% compared with 2013, the outcome is not only devoid of ambition, it will also lead to a situation again next year where the EU is facing budget shortfalls compared with programmed spending.” The deal, once signed off, should pave the way for the European Parliament to adopt the EU’s long-term trillioneuro budget for 2014-2020. At the same time, the negotiators in Brussels agreed to allocate an extra 3.9bn euros to pay outstanding bills for 2013 incurred in cohesion projects. An additional 400.5m euros will also be spent from the EU “solidarity” fund to help areas of Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Romania which were hit by flooding this year.



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Home Sweet Home

The Spanish Property Market While the Spanish property market has suffered at the hands of the global recession, this is actually good news for buyers of Spanish homes. Many sellers in Spain are accepting prices far below the asking price, meaning buyers can snap up some real bargains throughout the country. Whether you’re looking for a villa a stone’s throw from the beach, an apartment in the heart of a bustling city or a country retreat, is here to help you find whatever it is you’re looking for in Spain. Why Buy in Spain There are many reasons why people may want to buy a property in Spain, especially now while property prices are low. Many people opt to buy a villa or a holiday home which can be rented out to other

holidaymakers for part of the year. These tend to be situated around the most popular tourist resorts, such as Malaga, the Balearic Islands and the ever-popular Marbella. Not all of these areas have been affected as badly as others by the recession, so anyone willing to pay a higher price for a premium tourist-friendly location will not be disappointed. Business workers may find themselves seeking a property in or around one of the major cities. The economy in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia remains relatively strong, and those making frequent business trips to one of these cities may choose to buy a property in the area. While prices in the city itself may remain high, there are many locations around these cities which are more accessible to firsttime buyers in Spain. Alternatively, there are some stunning towns in northern Spain which are dotted with beautiful farmhouses in swathes of Spanish countryside. How To Buy a Property in Spain There are a few things to remember if you’re planning to buy a property in Spain. Firstly, you should get to grips with the full buying process. For example, signing a reservation agreement means you have a set amount of time to pay the full amount (on top of your reservation fee) before you lose the house. There are several different contract types which may or may not suit you, so be sure to decide exactly what you want from your contract in advance. There are additional fees for the administration process of buying in Spain, and many buyers run into difficulties if they attempt to alter the property without permission or if there is a dispute with the builders, so get everything agreed and signed before you allow any work to happen on your new property.



Bedar, 04288 (next to Miramar Restaurant)

Tel: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466



Monday - Friday 10am - 3.30pm

Sales office now open in Bedar


Uleila del Campo

This wonderful and unique property is situated just over 1km from the beautiful village of Uleila de Campo boasting a stunning new Cortijo, wonderful mature gardens and over 700 Olive trees set in over 40,000m2 of land.




A fabulous village house situated at the edge of Lubrin, retaining much character this 3 bed/2 bathroom property is an enviable position with views to open countryside and a pretty roof terrace.

44,950€’s all in the detail



This beautiful property commands one of the best locations outside Bedar village, walking distance to the village with fantastic village views. The property has 3/4 bedrooms and a private pool within a lovely courtyard setting with original features throughout. 349,000€



This truly beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse is located in the prestigious and popular development of Harbour Lights in Villaricos, known for its exceptional build quality and stunning communal gardens and pool areas.




Deborah Cubel fisher

“on parle francais”

7 years experience in this area legal & fiscal advice for residents & non-residents Tax Payments and refunds

• Wills and Inheritance process • Translations / Interpreter • Purchase / Sale private contracts • NIE’s, Residencia, Medical Cards.... • Land property and Catastro • Vehicle registration / driving registration licenses licenses • Conveyancing / Notorial documents • Mortgages • Taxes (local rates, rubbish collection, vehicle, tax returns for residents and non residents and refund of the capital gains tax)

Special offer !!!

Wills €125 / each Including Notary Fee

Yearly contract €149 Including VAT 21%

• Yearlytax returns (no increase if more than one owner, or more than one property) • Legal and fiscal advice FREE throughout the year • Free assistance / advice for any visitors staying at your property • Free visit from a technician / architect to offer independent expertise on matter such as: putting in insurance claims, confirmation of the legality of an extension / building work, free estimate for any work to be carried out

If you introduce another client to us you will not be charged your next annual fee

C/ del Mar, 33 - Galeria Alcana Local 11 Vera 04620 (Almeria) Tel: 950 39 06 21 Fax: 950 39 02 12 email:

Ref:LA/GK - 3 bed 1st fl. apt, 3 pools & gardens. 300m to beach, tennis, lift

Ref:INT/MJ - 3 bed/2bath house private gardens , garage, com pool 300m to beach

Ref: PM/TW beautiful 2 bed/ 2 bath apt in Puerto Marina, pool, large terrace, sea views, garage, a/c, furnished.

Ref:VA/TL Fantastic 1bed/1bath apt, A/C, com pool, parking, F/F, 300m to beach

MOJACAR - reduced €119,950

MOJACAR - NEW €119,950

MOJACAR - new €189,950

MOJACAR - new €69,950

Ref: IND/JL fantastic front line 2 bed/2 Ref: IA/SP/302 - 1 bed/1bath apt, F/F, 50m to bath apt.,pool, large terrace with sea views, beach, sea views A/C, com pool, good rental garage, a/c, furnished.

MOJACAR - NEW€169,950

MOJACAR -reduced €57,950

Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best Indalo)

Tel: 950 478 612 / 610 808 631 



Contact us now on

950 064 584 Mob: 677 667 722 / 635 979 829 300€ pcm


Village house in Taberno, 5 bed,1bath fully furnished, 170m2 build. Close to all facilities



Rambla De Oria 3 bed, 2.5 bath quiet location, 145m2 build, 200 m2 plot 10 years old

450€ pcm


albanchez cortijo 3 bed 2 bath pool pets accepted



Albox 5 bed, 2 bath reformed Cortijo 156m2 build, 536m2 plot Stunning throughout



Houses Wanted in Huercal Overa/Vera Urgently Required & surrounding areas For Sale & For Rent 450€ pcm


arboleas 3 bed 2 bath fully furnished pool fully walled & gated



Cantoria 3 bed 2 baths 8x4 pool garage, 611m2 plot Immaculate through out

From 250€ p/wk


Various self contained apts in Los Pocicas Set in a stunning location, 2 bed, 1 bath access to private pool area situated 10 min out side of Albox.



Cucador 104m2 build 650m2 plot 3 bed, 2 bath 8x4 pool too many extras to list Ideal location MUST BE SEEN!

400€ pcm


3 bed, 2 bath in Partaloa Fully furnished, fully walled and gated 360 degrees Mountain and Countryside views



Vera Campo 4 bed,2 bath,140m2 build, 5000m2 plot, 8x4 Pool Beautiful terraces with stunning views - Exc location


Charming Townhouse in Mojácar playa

for €150,000

Immaculately presented east facing townhouse located some 500 meters from the sea with private front and rear terraces, roof terrace with 360 degree views, and a large lockup garage / store room.

The property itself has a built area of area of 60,30 mts2. 74,70 mts2 distributed 1 level which is comprised of a spacious lounge/dinner, The property offers panoramic sea and fully fitted kitchen, a larder, a family mountain views including a view to the bathroom, a master bedroom and a double picturesque Mojacar Pueblo bedroom. For more information or to book a viewing The property is located on a well kept appointment please visit our office or development with a large communal The garage has a built area of 28,80 mts2 swimming pool and communal gardens. and the front and rear terraces have an contact us via phone or e-mail. Ref: 1548

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563

property group


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‘Strictly Line Up for 2013’ wee k 8 By Lyn Aspden of ‘Strictly Dance’

This was the week the celebrities were all excited to take part in as it was coming from the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, a room which is 10 times the size of the studio in London so it gives the dancers room to move much more, but also it can make it much more difficult for the celebrities to try to fill and I was interested to see which of the celebs would be able to cope with the size of the floor and I have to say that I was delighted with the standard of this weeks show.

him an 8 and the judges 35. Following were Ben Cohen and Kristina with an American Smooth. Nicely performed with some clean lifts and transitions but the Viennese Waltz section uncovered his still awkward posture and basic errors. He was snatching his side closes which made him look like he was skipping instead of a smooth action which would have been solved with a slightly softer knee action.

Opening were Sophie Ellis Bextor and Brendan with their Quickstep. Sophie gave a much improved performance from last week and actually looked as if she enjoyed herself. She still needs to work on her frame and posture but this was her best dance to date.

I awarded him 7 and the judges 32. Following were Ashley Taylor Dawson and Ola with a Paso Doble. He displayed great characterisation with nice lines and arm attitudes but he needed to straighten his legs on the Paso Doble walks which were very weak. I gave him a 9 and the judges 35.

I awarded her 8 and the judges a total of 34. Next out were Patrick Robinson and Anya with a Samba. Patrick oozes latin rhythm and solo he is fantastic but unfortunately he is still terribly flat footed and this really showed up for me on some of the basic figures, that said I gave

Fiona Fullerton and Anton then danced an American Smooth. This was beautiful choreography but as much as Fiona tried to get into character, her weak frame shape and poor core left her with no line extension and lifts which looked very heavy. I gave her 6 and the judges 29.

Next to perform were Abbey Clancy and Aljaz with their Quickstep. This was fast, furious and displayed a superb variety of complex choreography. She danced extremely well with a super frame which just started to give way a little towards the end of the performance, nevertheless great. I awarded her a 9 and the judges 37.

Next were Mark Benton and Iveta with their Jive. Although Mark always enjoys his performances, this dance wasn’t for him. He was carrying his weight too far back and was flat footed and stompy throughout and the kicks and flicks didn’t happen. I awarded him 6 and the judges 29. Next were Susanna Reid and Kevin with Paso Doble. They used traditional music (yeah!! what a difference this makes). She really captured the flamenco flavour of this dance, with characterisation and intensity throughout. Susanna is definitely the dark horse of this competition really coming to the fore

over the past couple of weeks.

I gave her 10 and the judges 39. Closing the show were last weeks injured Natalie Gumede and Artem with their Charleston. Artem was carrying a neck injury which meant that they couldn’t do as many lifts as were initially planned but performed to a number from the Great Gatsby this was a Charleston with a difference. It showed some well finished choreography with quirky tricks and was an extremely enjoyable performance and a great ending to the show. I awarded her a 10 and the judges tied her for first place on 39. So in my bottom 2 and the judges were Mark and Fiona. They also proved to be the public’s bottom 2 and after the dance off with a 3-1 vote, Fiona ended up leaving the show because nerves got the better of her and she went wrong several times during the dance off. Next week back to the studio and with only a few weeks of the competition left, who will up their game to try to claim that glitter ball trophy? Tune in next

animal corner... animal corner... animal corner

Best Dressed Dog?

Domino Petshipping worldwide

The local pet hotel where your beloved pet goes when you are on holiday or just away...

Domino Pet Hotel offers cattery with warm and cosy beds, daily grooming guaranteed! Large comfortable dog kennels, large exercise park, doggie wellness weekend Fri - Mon 25€ incl. Wellness bath, Short / long term stay. Professional trained team

• Professional Pet Shipping Worldwide - UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand… • We take care of all documentation • Travel Crates in all sizes from small up to extra large (best Price guaranteed) • IPATA Member

Tel: 654 168 366


Domino Pet Hotel

Do dogs need clothes? While this may at first appear to be a silly question to those who would scoff at the idea of dressing a dog, there are still many dog owners who have seen their dogs shiver violently after exposure to winter temperatures but hesitate to put clothing on their dogs for fear of appearing odd. Well, have no fear. If you are concerned about your dog being cold, there is certainly no harm in putting clothing on him. If you are still on the fence, consider this: Dogs come equipped with their own external layering system, but some dogs have lighter layers of fur than others, and some are not genetically suited to the environments in which they find themselves transplanted. So your dog may in fact be extremely uncomfortable with the winter temperatures — as uncomfortable as you would be if you went outside without clothing. Watch your dog for reactions to the temperature, wind, precipitation and ground conditions, and ask yourself: If that were me, would I put on a coat?

659 458 161



Experienced Mobile Dog Groomer Based in Quesada Collection Service Available Pamper Your Dog For Only 19€ Ring Sue on:

Try it on

Brush your dog’s hair to prevent tangles, or snags on zips, and try the coat on your dog before purchasing it. The first thing to check is whether the jacket easily fits over the head. Many coats and sweaters for dogs are designed with zips in the front or sides, so they don’t have to slip over your furry friend’s head. While sleeves are appropriate for the front legs, they are not necessary for the hind legs. Once it is fully on, it should fit snug and not slip a lot, but not so tight that it hinders the dog’s movements. Any belts or clips must not drag on the ground or come undone easily. And for boy dogs, check out how far back the garment fastens under the belly. They have an extra body part that affects fit! PetMd and




This makes 2 puddings;


1x 1 pint basin 1x 2 pint basin Ingredients: 6oz Glebe Farm Gluten Free White Bread Mix / Plain Flour 9oz Currants 9oz Sultanas 1¼lb Raisines 300g (10oz) Glazed Cherries (Quartered) 6oz Mixed Chopped Candied Peep 2oz Chopped Blanched Almonds (Optional) 6oz Shredded Suet 1 Lemon - Rind and Juice 4oz Breadcrumbs 6oz Soft Brown Sugar 1 tsp Ground Nutmeg 1 tsp Ground Cinnamon ½ Pint Brown Ale 3 Large Eggs ½ tsp Salt

Wash fruit and leave to dry overnight. Mix the fruit and all other dry ingredients into a bowl with the rind and juice of the lemon. Beat the eggs in a different bowl and then add to the mixture. Next mix in the ale. Grease the basins and fill with the mixture. Cover with grease proof paper and wrap a tea towel over the top of the rip and tie. Place the basins in a saucepan, add boiling water to two thirds up the edge of the basins. Boil for 8 hours in a saucepan with the lid on. Keep topping up with boiling water to two thirds up the basins. After 8 hours; remove from the saucepan, remove the tea towel and paper and leave to cool.

25 Autoconsumo “Mini kits” these plug and play new systems will be available form next week. Incredibly easy to install and you can just keep adding as and when required. Using the highest quality panels from Eurener (Spanish manufactured in Alicante)

250W Complete kit with cables and fittings - everything only 595€ 500W Complete kit with cables and fittings - everything only 1045€ 1000W Complete kit with cables and fittings -everything only 1495€

Start small and keep adding as you save money on your electricity bills!!! Utilize free solar energy and save money in the process!!

Special Offer 5kw complete system with batteries. Only 6995€ A generator or mains electricity can be wired into this system also 5Kw 48V/5000W.../50A Inverter charger/built in solar charge controller 9 x 240W Panels (25 year warranty) Panel mounting structure for 9 panels (Inox aluminium) 4 x 12V/250Ah Tabs batteries (48V/250Ah @ C100) Cables, breakers and fuses. All for just 6995€ Alternatively, you can have this system with 8 Trojan L16G-AC batteries (6V/433Ah = 48V/433Ah) for an additional 1495€

Special Offer 3kw complete system with batteries. Only 4995€ A generator or mains electricity can be wired into this system also.

3Kw 24V/3000W/...50A Inverter charger/built in solar charge controller 6 x 240W Panels (25 year warranty) Panel mounting structure for 6 panels (Inox aluminium) 4 x 12V/250Ah Tabs batteries (24V/500Ah @ C100) Cables, breakers and fuses. All for just 4995€

Alternatively, you can have this system with 4 Trojan L16G-AC batteries (6V/433Ah = 24V/433Ah) for an additional 795€

Contact us via the web for a FREE, no obligation consultation and survey, alternatively call 950 930 187, 671 716 597 or for UK numbers call 01332 896510 We now accept all major credit cards !!!

ECOCORP are proud to support Vera & District Lions Club Helping local charities & other good causes Welfare Call 634 338 322 WE SERVE


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coffee break

7 Smiling (8)


Roman numerals (8)

1 Carried (6) 2 Grouchy (6) 3 Flavorful (5) 4 Numerals (7) 6 Gradual wearing down (9)

8 Abandoned (8) 11 Pats (4) 15 Cured or healed (9) 17 Tiniest (8) 18 Eighty-eight in 20 Invalid or zero (4) 21 Nevertheless (7) 22 Practical (6)

Down 2 What may help you up in Budapest airport (5) 3 Number taken in, say (5)

23 Grommet (6) 26 Sea eagles (5)

Very Hard!


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

1 Illumination (8) 5 Drooped (6) 9 Macabre (8) 10 Morals (6) 12 An abnormal condition of the lungs (9) 13 Not outer (5) 14 Colored part of the eye (4) 16 The systematic study of things (7) 19 From Mexico (7) 21 Beep (4) 24 Eighty-five in

Roman numerals (5) 25 In an illegal manner (9) 27 Emigrant (6) 28 Important (8) 29 Three equal parts (6) 30 Bracelet (8)


1 When the French record departed (6) 5 Cutting device that may be used in wrestling (8) 9 Animal’s organ (oak-produced) (8) 10 Over-formality of celebrity church (6) 11 Time chart I made for branch of mathematics (10) 12 Excavates somewhere to live (4) 13 Recreation ground to command instrument (8) 16 Student’s first mode of transport causes injury (6) 17 Church found in games console’s divisions of play (6) 19 Part of the academic year - seems perhaps to come before most of term (8) 21 Shellfish nearly came without a bit of lemon (4) 22 Are insects strange opposition? (10) 25 Street has a country and a verse (6) 26 Choose pricy centre causing great excitement? (8) 27 New students about to go with that girl into French Society (8) 28 Without doubt you are heard in southern city (6)

4 Ancient tomb may drip when damaged (7) 5 Having less length in fish or terrapin (7) 6 Little creatures in religious groups (7) 7 Flags, and a way to enter streets (9) 8 Acknowledge corgi seen at sea (9) 14 It helps you go up a hill after laces break (9) 15 In time, soldiers are taken in by books point to medicated preparations (9) 18 Green, for example, when graduate comes up in nurse’s design (7) 19 Relatives in order? (7) 20 Degree teachers (7) 23 A newspaper queen is following (5) 24 I will be going under church to find coldness (5)




To get the solutions go to



A great end to the year´s fundraising for MABS Mazarron

This weekend saw yet another fantastic series of fundraising events for MABS Mazarron, on Friday 8th November the HARLEQUINS ROCK CHOIR put on a first class show at Mariano´s to raise funds for MABS Mazarron. This was the biggest event the choir had organised so nerves were twitching and the atmosphere was electric with anticipation but the nerves were unnecessary - they were brilliant! There was an added bonus with the children from MURCIA DANCE accompanying the choir with some initiative and unique routines. A great night topped only by the amount raised, an amazing 1191.10€. Then on Saturday 9th November at the same venue THE ARTISAN FAYRE rolled into town with a fantastic array of unique, hand-made items made by a very creative group of people. There was everything from sliver to china; ceramics to metalwork; cards to jewellery and everything in between. Nearly 400 people came along to browse the available merchandise and purchase that unique and exclusive Christmas Gifts for their friends and family. The MABS Team were on hand to give advice and support to those in need as well as sell, their now infamous cakes and preserves; while others sold bespoke MABS items and hand crafted cards made by their weekly Craft Group to raise funds. The raffle,with a chance to win a Christmas dinner as first prize was a sell out!! The day raised a fantastic 1563.60€ MABS Mazarron would like to thank Ann Thompson and the HARLEQUINS ROCK CHOIR; the children and parents from MURCIA DANCE and Matt and his friends from ARTISAN KRAFT GROUP for raising 2754.70€ this weekend – wow!!!! MABS Mazarron would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors and supporters who have given so generously this year; our volunteers for their sterling work throughout the year and of course all of you who have supported our events during 2013 – THANK YOU. We will be back next year with a new calendar of events, but until then we wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR



•• •



TEL: 966 772 153 627 463 523

Professional Family Run Business


Inter nal Local Moves Packing Supplies Available Full/Par ts Loads HOU For tnightly Ser vice S All ite E CLEAR ANC ms Fully Insured CASHconsideredE Fully Alarmed & Secure Storage Facilities PA




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The Sweet Fruits of Autumn

Live band Contagious performing

showbar & restaurant

The Irish Rover

Your No1 Entertainment Venue in Mojacar for All the Family

Fantastic New menu of the Day

only 10€ per person FRIDAY 29TH November

showaddywaddy legend

mid-week carvery starting

Now Available

music every sunday:

see board for details of all entertainment

Nothing says autumn better than the leaves of the chesnut tree as they flutter to the ground in a gently symphony of yellow through to rich tan brown. Nothing sums up autumn better than swishing through the same leaves with boots and a stick, looking for chesnuts in their prickly green cases. Unfortunately we can’t do that here – it is a price we pay for having year-round sunshine and very little rain! However, chesnuts abound in the shops and market stalls, so we can still enjoy them, and enjoy them in many forms –they are a very versatile nut. If you want to eat them straight away, you can eat them raw, but it’s best to roast them. Make a small nick in the bottom of the nut, or use a sharp pointed knife to slice either a horizontal slash or a large X along the flat side before roasting or boiling; they can potentially explode from internal pressure if not pierced! They will open up as they are cooking and it makes them much easier to peel. The Italians like to pour over a little wine or grappa which certainly brings out the flavour! To roast them, put them on a baking sheet in a 400-degree F. oven for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve hot. To roast in a fire, take an aluminum pie plate and punch rows of holes. Make cuts in chestnuts or puncture them to release steam and place on a grill over white hot coals. If you have a chestnut roaster for the fireplace, all the better; you are a serious nut fan! To parboil them, cover them with cold water, bring to a boil, and simmer for three minutes. Remove from heat. Scoop out a few at a time and peel off the shell and skin with a sharp knife. As they cool, they become more difficult to peel, so keep them in hot water until you are ready to peel. Proceed with your recipe using the peeled nuts, making sure you finish cooking them completely within your recipe. To boil and cook them completely in their skins,

simmer for 15 to 25 minutes, then peel and use, but don’t be disappointed if they fall apart as you peel them. This method is best used when you will be mashing the chestnuts or pushing them through a sieve for puree. Storage They will keep until Christmas. Check them thoroughly for holes or cracks, be ruthless at this stage, eat the ones you can’t store! Freezing Blanch them before freezing. Add them to a large pan of boiling water, bring back up to a rolling boil for 5 minutes, drain and refresh in cold water for 3 minutes. Peel them straight away so that the skins come off easily. To store them whole If you want to keep them for roasting at Christmas hang them in mesh (onion) bags. Keep the air circulating round them in a dry environment. If they get damp, they get mouldy quite quickly. Chestnuts work well in savoury dishes as well as sweet ones. They are often used as a substitute for potatoes or pasta due to their high starch content. Mashed or whole braised chestnuts are good partners with sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Mixing minced meat with a mixture of finely and roughly chopped chestnuts gives a variety of texture. They are excellent in a stuffing for any meat. They are also excellent in burgers and go wonderfully well with game and stronger meats. To avoid dry burgers add ground roasted meat to the chestnuts, along with onions, herbs, meat juices and an egg to bind. For a vegetarian treat, apples stuffed with chestnuts and rice are delicious. Perfectly peeled chestnuts can be made into marons glace, and less perfect ones, sweet chestnut puree. Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall Peggy Trowbridge Filippone

Bar la Union

Tuesdays and Sundays Open from 11-7 pm in La Alfoquia Wednesday - Saturday Open 11am until close Closed Mondays Tapas available


Sunday Lunch from 6.95€ Lamb Shoulder

(3€ supp, pre-ordered 48 hrs in advance)

Saturday 30th November

is a Charity Night with Kris Kelly for “The Doghouse” in Huercal Overa Tickets are 8€ each with 2.50€ going to the Charity and Meal choice of Roast Chicken or Lomo with Chips and side Salad or Sausage, Mash & Peas to be pre-ordered upon receipt of ticket.

Saturday 7th December Light Bites & Menu del dia

we have the Twilight Shadows from 8.30pm.

1-6 pm Tues - Sat

New Years Eve Evening Menu

Disco with D.J. Jonny Slade 10€ per ticket to include buffet

Wed - Sat Served 6-9pm

telephone: 950 473 135

Contact us for details 950 634 533 or 634 388 894 Email Like us on Facebook Bar La Union 2013

Open 10am till late 7 days a week

B o ok ings now b e ing t a ke n for Pre-C hr ist mas Lunch and C hr ist mas D ay


from 4pm

Fresh d Beer Battere s mojacar playa between Lua & Moma Beach Fish & Chip



el Cucador


La Ingredients

For the stew • 500g braising steaks, cut into bite-sized chunks • 2 tbsp plain flour, seasoned with pepper and a little salt • 2 tbsp olive oil • 1 large onion, finely chopped • 450g carrots, cut into chunks • 2 large parsnips, cut into chunks • 1 bay leaf • 2 tbsp sundried or regular tomato paste • 300ml red wine or extra stock • 450ml vegetable stock For the topping • 225g plain flour • 3 tsp baking powder • 140g cheddar, coarsely grated • 2 tbsp olive oil • 150ml milk


1. Heat oven to 150C/fan 130C/gas 2. Toss the beef in seasoned flour. Heat the oil in a large flameproof casserole. Fry the beef over a high heat until browned all over – it’s easiest to do this in batches. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. 2. Add 2 tbsp water and the onion to the pan, stir well over a medium heat, scraping up the crusty bits from the bottom of the pan. Lower the heat and fry gently for 10 mins, stirring occasionally until the onions have softened. 3. Tip in the carrots, parsnips and bay leaf, then fry for 2 mins more. Return the beef to the pan, stir in the tomato paste, wine if using, and stock, then bring to the boil. Cover and cook in the oven for 1¾-2 hrs until the meat is tender. Can be made up to 2 days ahead or frozen for up to 1 month. Defrost thoroughly in the fridge before topping and baking. Take out of the oven and increase the temperature to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. 4. To make the topping, sieve the flour and baking powder into a bowl and add half the cheese. Mix olive oil and milk, then stir into the flour to make a soft, slightly sticky dough. Add more milk, if necessary. Spoon the dough over the meat and vegetables, sprinkle with the remaining cheese and bake for about 15 mins until golden, risen and cooked through. Recipe from Good Food magazine

Bar Unique

Sunday 24th November from 1pm Tony Kent : Golden Sixties Great music from the 50’s to 70’s. Free Entry. Two Course Menu available for 9.95€ Bar Unique House Salad followed by Homemade Chili & Rice Glass of Wine or Draught Beer also included.

All Reservations: or Contact Glenn on 634 393 235 for information on all events.


Dec 12th Cantante Choir All Your Favourite Christmas Carols

Dec 7th

Free Entry

Solid Gold Sixties with Tom Lee 8€ Southern Fried Chicken; Scampi;Lasagne or 3 Course Christmas Menu Available

Dec 14th La Vida Fun Christmas


Quiz (not for serious quizzers)

8€ Hot & Cold Buffet

fr from om

traditional 88.9.955 sunday lunch

Pre-book Your Team (max 6 people)

served 12.30PM-5PM

includes a complimentary booking coffee & chocolate recommended

bookings now being taken for Christmas day and pre Christmas Parties


Dec 21st J&J Music

Christmas Show 8€ Garlic & Rosemary Roast Chicken: Chili Cod & Parsley Fishcake or 3 Course Christmas Menu Available 15€

NOW SHOWING Saturdays &Sundays


el Cucador


Monday special

wednesday supper

TUESDAY special

Thursday Pie Night

Chilli Night


Chicken Curry & Rice or Cod Fillet & Chips

Chicken Chips & Salad Lomo Chips & Peas



Homemade Pies, Chips & Peas



Beer battered cod

homemade chips & peas


5.95€ in the Bar

FRIDAYS 12.30pm - 9pm

lite bite snacks

open every day open for lunch 12pm - 3.30PM 12pm - late specials, burgers, wraps

menu del dia


2 COURSE LUNCH 12:30-3:30PM 6€


Tel: 950 634 562


We are here



La Alfoquia


La Vida

Cucador Junc 547

Huercal Overa



Cut out this voucher - it is valid for an ordinary


between 11.00a.m. and 4.00p.m. on Wednesday 27th November 2013 Hope to see you there….. If you would like your tea served on vintage bone china and a few bite sized sandwiches too - then send an email to and put FREE TEA BONE CHINA in the subject line - the first 20 to reply will be sent VIP tickets

...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES

ExServiceman’s Association Mazarron district LOS GALAYOS PTO MAZARRON The Next ESAMD members evening meal has been arranged at Los Galayos, Pto Mazarron, 7.30pm for 8pm. The menu as follows: Set Menu for the Ex-Servicemen’s Association of Mazarrón District Los Galayos, Pto De Mazarron on Wednesday 11 December 2013

Pan Bread Salad Starter: Carrot Soup, Mixed Meat Plate or Egg Mayonnaise Main: Lamb Shank, Chicken Breast or Swordfish Vegetarian dish of Vegetable Paella Desert: House Dessert or Coffee [choose on night] Drinks Includes a bottle of wine between two persons or small beer (Glass or Jug), any soft drink, no sprits. Drinks acquired prior to or after the meal must be paid when ordered. As this is a evening meal, 19:30 for 20:00, the dress-code for men is long trousers [no shorts or swimwear] and a collared & sleeved top [polo shirt, short/long sleeved shirt but no singlets or t-shirts]. Your adherence to this rule is appreciated. Please email us ( your individual choices and let us know who you would like to be seated with(max table size is 8). No orders can be accepted/changed after they have been placed with Los Galayos on Wednesday 4 December 2013. We look forward to seeing you on the 11th.

Murcia Animal Rescue Association (MARA) charity number 9256.1a

Church Of England. Costa Calida And Costa Almeria

Priest: Reverend Pauline Williams 950 956 166/687250860 Services December 2013 Mojacar: Eucharist Every Sunday At 11:00 In The Church Of St. Pascual, Aqua De Enmedio, Additional Services: Sunday 1st December At 5pm – Christingle. Tuesday 24 December At 23:30 Midnight Mass Wednesday 25 December At 11:00 Eucharist Albox: In The Community Hall Aljambra. Sunday 8 December At 17:00 Children’s Nativity & Crib Service Sunday 22 December At 18:00 Nine Lessons & Carols Roquetas: In Burty’s Bar In Avenida Playa Serena In The Urbanisation. Thursday 19 December At 11:30 Nine Lessons & Carols Costacabana: In The Community Centre, Saturday 7 December At 12:30 Nine Lessons & Carols Mojacar Parish Church Mojacar Pueblo Monday 16 December Joint Service At 20:00 Nine Lessons & Carols Parque Comercial Mojacar Playa Saturday 14 December Carol Singing At 11:00 Details: Church Wardens Eric Dore 950 615 105, Pam Carter 667947573 Or Visit Www.

MARA, is an animal rescue association based in Mula, Murcia. This organization is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who try to help injured and abandoned animals. The plight of such animals increases with the crisis and we receive calls daily for us to help. Recently one of our volunteers went to our Kennels in Mula to feed, clean and walk our animals and whilst they were there someone left a box of 12 - 2 day old puppies at our gate. Sadly because they were so young we were unable to save any of them. Our aim is to try and educate people by way of posters and asking volunteers to give talks in schools to try and get the message across that nuetering is important and will help to stop the cruelty we all see of tiny puppies being taken from their mother and just dumped and left to die and the mother dog left to mourn her puppies. In our kennels we have a large number of dogs and puppies looking for their forever home, if you are looking for a new pet, please contact us for more information regarding the dogs and cats in our care. If you would like to make a donation please visit our Face book page MARA Mula for more details or if you would like to help in our charity shop or at our kennels please call on the number below. This little girl was left in a box with her 8 siblings who have now all been adopted. She has a beautiful temperament and loves a fuss. She is a German Shepherd cross and will be about the size of a German Shepherd when full grown, she will be fully inoculated. For more information please call Marion of 628811187.

community news Welcome events December 4th - Christmas Party Night with Ricky Levazza and the lovely Joanna. €12. New Years Eve - with Dan Davey, Rob Sweeney and our own Christine. €20 to include a buffet January 8th - Games Night. Beetle drive, bingo, quiz and always good fun for only €3. January 22nd - Dance with tributes to Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Barry Manilow and The Everly’s. €8. 2014 TRIPS February 17th - 4 days 3 nights to Segovia staying B&B at Hotel Acueducto. €150. May 30th - Cruise to the Baltic capitals, including St Petersburg. 7 nights aboard MSC Poesia, fully inclusive, overnight in Madrid on the outward journey, flight to Copenhagen, and all meals and drinks during the cruise. Special discounted prices. HOT NEWS - September 15th - 6 days 5 nights to Galicia. Overnight in Salamanca, home to Spain’s oldest university, 3 nights in Santiago De Compostela, staying B&B at Hotel Hespera Gelmirez, with optional included trips to A Corruna, Vigo and Pontevedra, and overnight on the way home in Avila staying at Hotel Palacio De Valderrabanos. Reserve now as this is selling fast. €310. Call Rosemary on 620105179 for tickets and more information.



Paso A Paso Dance club winter times

Mondays 5pm La Mosca Minigolf, Playa Flamenca. Tuesdays 2pm The Club, Quesada Special Class for Couples Tuesdays 5pm. La Marina Sports Complex, La Marina Urb. Thursdays 5pm Los Rosales Rentaurant, cv895 Guardamar. Members FREE dance social Thursdays, Los Rosales from 7.30pm. All welcome. Non members €2. The evening you get to practice all those new moves and dances. No Partner-Never Danced-No Problem LEARN TO LINE DANCE WITH ADAM Mondays 3pm La Mosca Minigolf. €4 Wednesdays 11.30am Entre Naranjos Community Centre. €4 Absolute beginners in all the above classes please arrive on time. Classes €5 unless stated . Please call 670711408 for all info. Or Face book Maxine Goodie (yellow banner) JAM SESSION & OPEN MIC WITH MAXINE TRUDIE AND FRIENDS EVERY WEDNESDAY 5pm8pm EL LIMONARIO, (Old Castilla Bar) CV895, Lemon Tree Rd, Guardamar STARTS 27TH NOVEMEBER 2013 Dust of those instruments and have some fun Even if you’re a novice this session is meant for YOU Or if you feel you could help fellow musicians we need you to Also Open Mic for all you budding singers Come along and support this local free event even if its to lend an ear or want an entertaining afternoon your support would be welcome. Dancers…feel free to have a boogie or two Tel 670711408 for more details or just come along!!

age concern FORTHCOMING EVENTS Wednesday 27th November Menu-del-dia at La Barraca, Puerto de Mazarron 10€ Friday 29th November Tabletop sale at Camposol B Wednesday 4th December 1.30pm Xmas social at Camposol Cultural Centre Saturday 7th December Christmas Fayre at Lagarto Verde, Via Axial, Puerto de Mazarron 1€ includes raffle Tickets from: Friday 11am to 1pm: Outside Bar Salud, Camposol B Camposol Cultural Centre Wed/Thu 10am to 1pm Telephone: 634 310 215 Other areas: 634 336 484

CHURCH OF ENGLAND COSTA CALIDA AND COSTA ALMERIA Priest: Reverend Pauline Williams 950 956 166/687250860 Services December 2013 Mojacar: Eucharist every Sunday at 11:00 in the church of St. Pascual, Aqua de Enmedio.


Wednesday 11th December, Los Galayos, Pto Mazarron Wednesday 15th January 2014, Winter Dinner & Grand Raffle, Costa Celebration Rooms, Mazarron Town Wednesday 19th February 2014, PEKIN 5 Chinese Restaurant, Pto Mazarron Sunday 30th March 2014, Mothering Sunday Lunch, Trevi’s Restaurant, Camposol “B”

Torrevieja Costa Lions Club

Come and join our club members on one of our “ Business meeting nights” and see what we are doing this year to raise money for charities, in our local area and further afield. We are growing in numbers every month so if you feel like helping us then we can be found on the second Thursday in every month at the Cabo Cevera Hotel in La Mata near Torrevieja, Meetings now start at 19.00 hours. If you like what you see and hear, then you will be invited to join us at our next social night event later in the month, where ever and what ever it may be you can be sure of a good night. Contact me on or via our web site on membership@torreviejacostalions. org

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The Beacon of Light

Centre for Spiritual Awareness

Our meetings are every Wednesday from 7.00pm with weekly guest mediums which usually finish at approximately 8.30pm. As always the evenings ends with a friendly chat and a cup of tea and biscuits. All our meetings are funded by donations given during the evening, Our early healing sessions start at 6.00 pm and we are looking forward to starting the course on training new healers commencing in October. For

information please phone 620 877 326 Mediums for the following dates:

Wednesday October 9th Marilyn Webb Wednesday October 16th Jimmy McArthur Bring a flower Wednesday October 23rd Marilyn Webb Wednesday October 30th Anna-Marie Funding for the meetings will be raised by donations collected during the evening For more information: http://beaconoflightmurcia.webs´.com/ Tel: 620 877 326. Also on facebook


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boats IT IS ILLEGAL TO SKIPPER BOATS WITHOUT A VALID LICENSE. If you are caught skippering a power boat without a license you WILL BE FINED Possessing an (internationally recognised) RYA license saves money. Contact us now with NO OBLIGATION: Richard Plaster Tel: 638 056 224. /


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house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

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A1 ground & gaRDEN SERVICES Diggers, Skips, Garden Re-form & Maintenance Telephone 628 505 733

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pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, darts. tel: 666 933 726 www.spainpool. com For Sale two as new cat carriers cost €32 new will sell for €30 the pair. Quesada area 966719272 or email rojo.cats@ NIKON d50 digital slr camera body, good condition yseful back up body 100€ tel: 676 534 978

large walnut dining table with 4 chairs 60 euros. 634 366 987 large coffee table with 4 glass inserts 35 euros. 634 366 987

euros. 634 366 987 gas compressor 300 euros. 634 366 987 clark arc builder 300 euros. 634 366 987 jones sewing machine 50 euros. 634 366 987 Technics SXK500 keyboard. Many sounds and drum patterns. VGC, includes manuals, stand, music stand, cover and carrying case. 50€. Tel 968484151 El Pareton, Totana. Large folding Carrefore Cot Net Sides and padded top rail, New Mattress suit up to 2/3 yrs 50E Leather Motor Cycle Jacket M/L 20E Tel: 965328845 P etanque set, 8 metal balls complete with hard case 15 euros, Electric heated foot massager as new and boxed 10euro, Electric heated body massager with 5 attachments as new and boxed 10 euro, tel 635885062

small side table with drawer & glass plastering inserts 20 euros. 634 366 987 E N G L I S H patio table with P L A S T E R E R 4 chairs & parasol internal finishing, 30 euros. 634 366 external rendering, 987 15 years experience, leather 3 seated good rates. FULLY settee & 2 arm chairs cost 3000new. 150 LEGAL IN SPAIN. euros. 634 366 987 Call Chris 671 444 patio table 246 / 965 078 866 c_pettit@ with glass top & email: aluminium frame 20


GOLD WANTED asssa medical English jeweller wishes to buy broken

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664 890 990

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A LARGE lounge rug 182cm x 275cm, dark blue with beige floral pattern on 2 diagonal corners, in excellent condition.80 euros. ono. tel. 968 974 053.(camposol)

electricians Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.

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Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, 968 153 396



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for sale camposol radiators, 3 x rointe low energy wall mounted t h e r m o s t at i c a l l y controlled oil filled radiators, 1430w, 990w & 770w €300. tel. 966713297 1 mens/1 womens bike helmets new 10€ each, 1 white small oven and grill 20€, 1 spare wheel for trailer 15€, 1 white house phone 10€, 1 womens mountain bike excellent condition 70€ Tel: 602 512 569 Camposol 1 pair of luxury satin lined ready made curtains brand new still in wrapper bought a couple of weeks ago in england return to find they are wrong size red and gold width 90” drop 54” cost £99 bargain 35 euros toshiba video hdd/dvd recorder top of the range hardly used as new cost 700 when new loads of functions with manual can edit, play back at various speeds, time slip dubbing, create chapters,combine originals and loads more perfect xmas present villa martin area email sandra@ or call 619 010 616 price 49 euros ono


Juicin Jack fruit / veg juicer in good condition Quesada area. Tel 669 552 401 Wanted Man’s Mountain Bike must be excellent condition up to 75€ paid. Tel: 698 289 324

locksmith Locksmith locked out!! Call Me Telf: 647 151 972 (24hrs) Put This Number In Your Phone – 24 Hrs Call Out! Commerical, Residential, Cars Locks Changed - Dierre Locks Changed - All Locks To Work Off I Key – Motura Gardesa Locks Changed – Window Locks - Cars Opened To Retrieve Keys – Alarms Fitted

musician Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, international, professional, solo act. lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. tel: 658 321 891 or email



(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862

18 month old male donkey (rescued). kind knowledgeable home with plenty of space ony. 90€ fuente alamo. tel 634334169


mr fix it For all your electrical, plumbing, general appliance & boiler repairs. No call out charge 698 320 434

property for sale / rent


in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa Playa Flamenca

We have clients enquiring in this area


tel: 965 325 601

WANTED cont... two hairdresser salon chairs and other related salon equipment required must be in good condition Tel: 647 379 878


Tel: 966 719 647 or 902 750 190 ext 330

property for sale / rent cont.. for SALE detatched cortijo 20mins from mojacar Spanish cortijo with 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan, kitchen & diningroom,workshop, courtyard front & back reduced €140,000 Tel: 649 186 107 or email thunderpaul2003@

Completely refurbished & available for long let 1 bed ground floor flat with terrace, quiet area, 1 minute to sea, all amenities close by, Marazul/Eliseos playa (close to New2you Torrevieja) Tel: 695 063 890 or 868 182 495 FOR SALE Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi,Costa Blanca

4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings. Overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, church & mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course Private Sale €75,000



Just Removals Friendly Low Cost

Full or part loads spain-uk-spain

Local Van & Pets Welcome Moves Trailer Motorbikes - Caravans Call Brian 965 326 920 - 666 847 648 email:

UK - SPAIN - UK From a parcel to a small house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389 satellite tv

Sky Digibox, Pace with sky card, BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 ITV1, 2, 3, ch4 & 5, 60€ can deliver. Tel: 667 235 205 Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 Tel: (0034) 676 534 978 475 or

Large 22 cubic metre van with tail lift available for all removals & deliveries call Dave on 693 251 562 email davendonc@aol. com LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email: van.

De Lima’s removals Local, National & international REMOVALS & STORAGE Quality Second hand furniture showroom

263 Paseo del Mediterraneo Mojacar Playa, Next to Sal Marina Hotel Mon-Sat: 10am-2pm Call Marc on 647 006 183 or Jo on 600 344 565 or e-mail



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TEL: 667 235 205

Pick up/drop off locations Throughout UK, France and Spain

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Large box van with tail lift for all removals & deliveries inc uk - Spain & handyman

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• Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON wigs

Salon Margarethas 24 years in Torrevieja hair / wig specialist for medical illness and hair loss problems. We offer different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion / festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.


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wanted uk cars & vans bought for cash Tel: 667 235 205

red/black leather interior, fsh, 94K One previous owner New tyres, brakes, discs

Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics

Best prices paid

6995€ O.N.O.

Telephone: 699 805 995



for occasional book keeping in Guardamar

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644 166 347



DIESEL, right hand drive,Spanish reg 5 door hatch, Excellent condition, air con, ABS CL, EW, New tyres , Cam belt, water pump, taxed, ITV June 2014.



jet skis urgentely wanted any condition

603 100 692

are looking for A Tel 672863514 CASH CASH Bright, enthusiastic person with an outgoing personality to join our sales team in Costa Blanca based at our office Renault clio 1.2 SameCASH day collection 2003 Spanish in Quesada. We pay instant cash same day 2 door for cars, vans, bikes, quads, Full or part time sales position available. caravans, trailers, FSH absolutley anything! Experience not essential as full training will be given as 1 lady owner long as you’re organised, enjoy meeting people & can no accidental damage From 1€ to 10,000€ work to deadlines drives like new Call Phil: 607 848 332 2,500€ ono Send your CV to mobile 627 968 442 for the worlds leading health care company with best anti aging product with 18patents, join one of Forbes most trusted companies which is listed on the new your stock exchange.

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“Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive” ELEGANT SLIM, SEXY, naughty ITALIAN LADY available home/house visits. Torrevieja, La Manga, Torre Pacheco & Mazarron, quesada and other areas. Escort available home & house visits Tel: 693 357 526

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Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Alan 662 249 159

vehicle imports & and competitive rates. call 687 845 730

For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes contact Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 1000 vehicles will put you on the right side of the road.

605 319 889 or 966 753 375

this space for only 15€

Need quality new parts for any car

for sensible prices on all parts

Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Free quote go online or phone

or telephone 692 930 326 PHONE CHRISTINE ON 966 719 647



The cushions on our swingey garden seat had almost lost the battle against old age and exposure to sunshine, but I was determined to get another summer out of them by enclosing them in a duvet cover. Although this made them look like cushions in a duvet cover, I considered their appearance acceptable, for this year at least. Then it rained, very suddenly. I pelted out, scooped the cushions up bodily, and deposited them on top of each other on the living room floor while I rescued other vulnerable items from the outside. When I came back in, The Dog That Is Not Ours was curled up comfortably, if a little precariously, on top of them. One of the very few rules we have is: No Dogs On The Furniture, so I fixed her with an eye. ‘Lucy!’ I said. She gazed back innocently. ‘It’s on the floor, therefore it’s not furniture.’ She reasoned. had to admit, she had a I point; plus it was in a cover, so washable. And she did look so comfortable! Until the weather settled she lay in opulent luxury, snuggled amid the layers

By Jos Biggs

of cushions, a canine version of the Princess who slept on the Pea. However, the sun came out, and so did the cushions; the four legged Princess lost her latest and best bed. Pete remonstrated that we should leave them for her, and buy some new ones for the swingey seat. I pointed out that 2 six foot long cushions was a ridiculous bed for a small-to-medium-sized dog, and that they were in the way in the living room. He countered that we could move the sofa. I ignored him. Then we had that trainee hurricane. It blew the cushions right out of the cover, and deposited them in among an agave. Agaves are bed-tempered plants at the best of times, and this one expressed its ire by ripping a good sized hole in the cushions and allowing the foam stuffing to fly free throughout Limaria. Wearing body armour and big gloves I retrieved the cushions, which were by now only half full of stuffing, thus much smaller. It seemed a shame to throw them away, but they were certainly not mendable. But if I shook the foam together, tucked the empty ends over, enfolded them in a blanket, and slid them into Lucy’s Bed Corner – they would fit perfectly! So now the Princess has her bed back! It’s about 3 foot long, and nearly a foot high!

A Plague on the Flu Jab It’s that time of year again that we are reminded of the onset of winter and the need - for some of us at least - to make an appointment to get our flu jabs. I always regard it as a bit of an imposition, not to mention a hassle, to get myself down to the clinic and stand in line for thirty minutes to receive my yearly protection against the dreaded gripe. But then I thought hang on, let’s get this into perspective. I mean, isn’t it a wonderful thing really that we have the medicine available to protect ourselves from what is potentially a life threatening disease. And not just the flu, but a host of other conditions and ailments that through modern medical science, are now available to us. Then I thought about the Great Plague of London. Well you do don’t you. But what was so ‘Great’ about it? I mean, a lot of people developed boils and got dickie tummies and coughed a lot, and that’s

By Colin Bird :

pretty dire in my book. But anyway, the Plague was a direct descendant of the Black Death that had decimated Europe, and it is estimated that 100,000 people succumbed to the disease in London alone – a quarter of the population. And no wonder that the disease developed and took hold so rapidly when you consider some of the less than hygienic practices of the residents and the complete absence of a sewage disposal system. That’s not quite true of course, because slops and human waste were disposed of by simply tossing the contents of chamber pots into the street or if they were close enough, into the River Thames. My dad used to call chamber pots Jerries – because they resembled a German helmet – or gazunders, because they gazunder the bed. But anyway . . . The stench must have been indescribable - worse than a galley slaves’ loin cloth on water skiing day - and imagine the truly dreadful job of calling for the dead to be brought out and dumped on your cart, and taking them to the plague pits for mass burial. But the plague was not limited to the towns and cities alone and great swathes of the countryside were also laid low by the disease, mostly contracted from the city refugees who believed that they were safer in more rural surroundings. In my village in Suffolk there is a headstone that sits in the church porch and depicts a carved skull and crossbones, the common symbol denoting a victim of the Black Death or plague. Whether

it was an isolated case or just one surviving tip of an iceberg, nobody knows for sure as the script on the stone has been eroded away with age. Who knows, there may have been a plague pit in the village and if the pathetic appearance of my leeks were anything to go by year on year, it was probably under my vegetable garden. And just a few miles away a large tract of agricultural and equine land between the villages of Ashley and Lidgate, was once the site of the village of Silverley. Now all that remains of the aptly named ‘lost village’, is the sad ruin of the parish church of All Saints. The village was abandoned in the 16th century and there is a school of thought that it was to escape disease, but it was certainly not of the Great Plague variety because of the hundred year gap between the two events. The fact remains though, that the disappearance of the entire village from the face of the earth – apart from the ruins of the church – is still a mystery. So called cures and potions to combat the disease were legion, and it must have been a bumper time for quacks and post medieval rip-off artists. Remedies ranged from smoking tobacco to bleeding the victims, or applying leeches - and from simple prayer to bee venom and wearing lucky charms. A certain Doctor George Thomson

Rodriquez: El Hombre

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -

The Princess Bed



Rodriquez was depressed. There are many reasons for depression, money worries, the weather, bereavement, the Tory Party, with Rodriquez however it was lack of respect. Perhaps truer to say he was loathed. When he first took over his Father’s olive mill it was a fine concern. He was rich. He was still obnoxious but the redeeming feature of money bought him respect. Sycophants queued to pay him excruciating complements. He strutted the village certain in the knowledge that money was the key to social success. Under Rodriquez’s careful management the olive mill now employed only one third of the people it did during his Father’s time. The product is now second rate in an ever more competitive market. His employees fiddle and pilfer while the mill metaphorically burns. Even as the mill faces severe financial crisis he still sidetracks 12,000 Alquerian Raros every month to pay for his Abyssinian Goat Shirling obsession. A total collapse of morale occurred when he stopped all bonuses but still paid himself 30,000 Raros each Christmas. The business is in terminal decline and Rodriquez blames all but himself. A stupid man who believes himself to be clever is a dangerous animal. His latest attempt to take control of the Alquerian Parliament had been thwarted by Loco Paco, the village idiot. To be the village idiot in Alqueria is no mean feat in view of the stiff competition that exists. Rodriguez pined for his glory days but was

too stupid to see that he alone was responsible for their decline. Rodriquez thought that drinking large quantities of Remitroot Rum was the answer but that only made him forget the question. He thought losing weight may improve his self esteem but his diet was in addition to and not instead of his usual intake. He became fatter. He decided to recover his fortunes by hard work, but then had the better idea of using guile. His plan was simple, it had to be considering who instigating it. He would falsify the accounts, give the buildings a coat of paint and look for investors. The trick would then be to syphon as much cash as possible out of the firm before the investors twigged. Once he had the cash he could again strut the Village receiving complements from those who consider wealth the greatest of all virtues. Rodriquez, lacking in confidence consulted an English friend who said this syphoning was common practice and considered by some as legitimate business. In fact the British Prime Minister had said in answer to questions raised in the House that it was ‘A good deal for Britain’. Rodriquez’s English friend introduced him to an accountant who specialised in such matters. This was none other than ‘Spreadsheet Sam’ the erstwhile chief accountant of the ‘Little Ball, Big Ball, Bigger Ball-bearing Company’.

took to wearing a dead fish round his neck. He stayed plague free but died from Salmonella poisoning. Salmon . . . fish? I just made that up. It was actually a deadtoad believe it or not. Bell Alley was a poor area on the banks of the Thames and stood in what is Westminster today. It is one of the many areas mentioned in documents from the time and was a depressing slum of crumbling timber houses in a stifling cul-de-sac, separated only by a narrow pavement. Infection was rampant, with the locked doors of plague sufferers marked with red crosses along with the supplication: ‘Lord have mercy upon us.’ Even today a pestilence thrives in this area . . . it is called the House of Commons.


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braben’s blog...


I know they’re a necessity for so many of us, but I’ve never been a huge fan of alarm clocks. They have this really annoying way of exploding into intrusive and noisy life at the most inappropriate times, usually when you’re sleeping soundly not bothering anyone. Unfortunately I’ve heard some bad news, alarm clocks are about to become even more alarming! In the past they’ve have woken us with manic bells, buzzers, or even the sound of tea being made. I used to have a radio alarm clock years ago and even the torture of Tony Blackburn on the Breakfast Show was preferable to the newest generation. Now they’re just downright scary! This new alarm clock will still wake you with an unpleasantly loud noise that could penetrate deep space, but these most unwelcome of inanimate objects also intend giving you an even more shocking start to the day. The clock will display digital readouts telling you the current state Graham is married of your finances, to Helen and has a how popular you daughter, Alice. He are according to the lives part of the year number of Facebook near Albox, but works friends you have in Qatar, teaching. If and even gives you wish to contact you the latest on Graham regarding your probable life this article email: expectancy. What it helenandg@yahoo. doesn’t give is the life

expectancy of the irritating clock which , as far as I’m concerned, will be milliseconds after it started getting clever! I know things are getting more high tech with ready outy stuff on them, but why not give us something useful? I would much rather have a message telling me where I’ve left my keys, saving twenty minutes frantic searching every day! Even more useful for some people would be clues as to the whereabouts of their mobile phones as we’ve found increasingly novel ways of losing them-a builder even bricked his into a false wall he’d been building! If alarm clocks gave us that sort of information then I’d be very impressed! But, according to an Intuitive Counsellornope, I haven’t a clue what one is either- we don’t need know-all alarm clocks just, what she calls, our Psychic Abilities. These abilities include- as I’m sure you all know-Clairaudience. Using this skill we meditate, ask our mobile where it is, then wait for it’s answer-or the straightjacket! Alternatively, she suggests we ask our Dream Master who lives in the ceiling and brings us dreams every night, and he’ll spill the beans in a dream. On second thoughts, maybe I’ll abandon the clock and stay in bed!

Airport Service: Car ready to drive away upon arrival, no waiting in queues on arrival, all paperwork done beforehand!! NO CREDIT CARD BLOCKING!! No hidden extras, price includes damage waiver (excluding vans. Fuel policy – cars full on collection, return full, pay only for what you use. !SAME 2013 RATES! – Autumn rates from 13€ per day, Vans from 48€ per day.

40 New Cars arriving this Autumn Can’t find a flight from Almeria this winter? – our friendly, helpful English speaking staff can arrange a fully legal transfer from either Alicante or Murcia for the best quote ring our Mojacar office. Prearranged collections/returns anywhere in the area available – small charge applies. Long term always negotiable. Always 10 – 15 ex rental cars for sale at Mojacar, all well serviced and reliable. We are, and always have been a budget car rental company, established 6 years, year round low prices with a friendly service you can trust, from an established and reputable company. Book online at

Booking details email us at or call us on 950 459 208 / 950 069 272 to reserve your rental vehicle


King Leopold II of Belgium

Whilst much of Europe was busy colonising the rest of the world in the 19th century, Belgium was left out and their future King, Leopold II, surmised the key to wealth and influence was to annexe foreign lands. Leopold asked Queen Isabella of Spain to sell him the Philippines to which she politely refused, he unsuccessfully tried again on her death and also tried to buy Fiji.

So in 1876 he instead set up the International Africa Society; a supposedly philanthropic body with stated aims of ending the slave trade and improving the lot of Africans. In fact it was his privately owned company with the aim of exploiting Africa’s resources. The explorer Henry Stanley of ‘Dr Livingston I presume’ fame was employed to travel to the Congo and make claim to the area by signing contracts with local chieftains. Within 8 years, 2 million square kilometres lay under King Leopold’s personal control though buying a country is not cheap so the Belgian Gov. kindly granted him a mortgage. At the Conference of Berlin in 1884 the European countries sat down and divided up Africa like a huge birthday cake between them, King Leopold officially took ownership of the now ironically

named Congo Free State (CFS). The Belgian parliament decreed Leopold as the King of CFS who immediately passed laws decreeing all the Congolese people and land were his to do with as he pleased.

He set up the Force Publique (FP), a military white’s only force that at first tackled the slave trade but then started trading slaves to conscript them into the FP. The FP kept the locals under the firmest and most bloody hand Africa has ever known. King Leopold’s business started with ivory trading and then opportunity knocked with the invention of the inflatable rubber tyre as the Congo was full of wild rubber vines. Local men had their families held hostage until they had returned from the forest with crippling quotas of tapped rubber. If the quotas were not met then their villages would be torched and their families murdered. There were frequent uprisings with the mutineers hiding in the jungle. The FP was sent in to exterminate them with instructions to cut off the right hands of their victims as proof they had not wasted their bullets. The soldiers mostly being slaves themselves were scared of their masters and instead cut the hands off any living locals they

met as proof they had killed their quota. So the horrific practice us westerners condemned in the Hutu/Tutsi wars from 20 years ago in Rwanda was in fact a Belgian invention. All the atrocities were hidden from the world by careful manipulation of the Worlds media. Edmund Morel was a shipping clerk with a Liverpool firm that had a contract with the CFS, as a French speaker he was often sent to Africa where he discovered that ships travelling from Belgium only took arms, explosives and chains to CFS and returned with ivory and rubber. Morel suspected foul play so he resigned, starting work as a journalist with the aim of exposing the atrocities. His work proved pivotal as Lord Casement, the British Counsel to Congo was sent inland in 1903 to officially investigate. Public opinion turned against Leopold and in 1908 he handed CFS to Belgium. To hide his despicable actions he ordered all paperwork be destroyed. It’s estimated that at least 10 million Africans were killed in the 30 years that made King Leopold 1.25bn Euros from his exploits, yet he never set foot in the country!

Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles are posted on there too...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: stephen@ Telephone: 636 266 641

I have a client who is wanting to download and store attachments from, and control the organisation of, their email. This client runs a business, and like all business people, to them time is precious. The suggestion that I made was to automate wherever possible. Most people reading this will have been business people at some level and will see the absolute common sense in the suggestion, just as my client did. First, should we use a dedicated email client like Ms Outlook (which usually comes with Ms Office) or choose an alternative client? A further alternative is do what so many of us do anyway which is to leave the emails on the email service provider’s server. I can give you a number of great reasons why either of these options might be suitable, the in the final analysis, you must choose what is best for you. Assuming that you want to leave the mail on the server and just download the attachments, How do you organise this information? As with most businesses, clients are the cornerstone! It then would make sense to allot a place where all attachments and correspondence to a particular client, should go. This means folders (or in my day – Directories). So far so simple. Now back to automation. Having this information on your computer is great but, as I love to harp on (old Yorkshire phase meaning to repeat repeatedly), you need to ensure that you have at least one backup. Here is where I share a suite of programs that work under Ms Windows to create a backup and then monitor changes to your selected folders before making a copy. Surprisingly,

for me, it’s free and called “FreeFileSync” (No imagination needed there!). The suite comprises two 2 programs, the first does the comparing and copying, and the second can set to work in the background synchronising with the backup device. The help pages that come with it are short and sweet because it is extremely simple to use. A synchronisation program’s task is to ensure that you have matching copies of information on 2 separate devices. Should you change a document on the backup device it will duplicate the changes to the computer. What options does this simple program offer? It’s first option is to allow 2 way synchronisation as described above, The next option is called a “Mirror” option that will exactly mirror any changes on your computer – this also mean any deleting will be replicated on the backup device! The safest option is called “Update” which changes and files on the backup that have been changed on the computer and also add any new files to there proper place. This program has 3 ways to deal with deleted files: Permanent (as it sounds); Recycle Bin (much safer) and Versioned (this way you have different versions of the same file with a sequential number in the filename in a separate folder). Although this article has been focussed on one individual and their needs, this software is perfect for you and me to maintain accurate changes to all our files and like you I have 1000’s of ‘em :-) Until next week, Have a good ‘un.

For further information or advice on computing, contact Trevor on 689 892 745 or



San Fulgencio v Monforte CD

Model specs 1970-1976 FORD Cortina Mk III

DO YOU REMEMBER THIS CAR?.... OF COURSE YOU DO..........! Production: 1,126,559 Overview Price at launch: £700 Price (excellent): £4000 Price (good): £3000 Price (average): £1500 Price (project): £600 Performance 0-60mph:12.9secs Top speed:104mph Power:98bhp Torque:111lb/ft MPG:25mpg Engine Configuration:in-line four Aspiration:normal Fuel:petrol Fuel delivery:carburettor Chassis Suspension Front: Independent, coil springs, wishbones, anti-roll bar Suspension Rear: Live axle, coil springs, trailing and semi-trailing radius arms Drivetrain: front-engine RWD Steering: rack and pinion Bodyframe: metal monocoque Transmission: Four-speed manual Dimensions Length: 4267mm Wheelbase: 2577mm Width: 1702mm Height: 1321mm Weight: 965kgs

A new Cortina for a new decade... and the MkIII was ideal for the more flamboyant and funky era that was the Seventies. The ‘Coke bottle’ styling had overtones of American Fords and there was a mass of different options; X, XL, GT or GXL anyone? And would Sir like that with an 1100, 1300, 1600 or 2000 engine in his two-door or four-door saloon or estate? In all, there were 35 variants of Cortina at its launch. Whilst its predecessor had been a MkI makeover, the MkIII was completely fresh, with new coil and wishbone suspension.


As usual it seems we are playing catch-up with the leaders. Today the pressure was on us to win and keep 3 points clear of second place. On a cold and windy afternoon it took a while for the game to warm up but 20 minutes later we had two good runs by Aitor on the right wing but no goal. Six minutes late a free kick taken quickly by our captain Fernando was picked up and crossed to Ismael who made no mistake, 1-0. Bernie attracted

a lot of attention from their defenders going down to some hard tackling. Just before half time a cross from Ismael to Aitor made it 2-0. When from a corner the ball was sent in low our two forwards just missed touching it into the back of the net. A good attempt by Kale only just flew over the crossbar. A rash of substitutions took place in the second half allowing all the team to have a game, and bringing on fresh legs made good sense, especially when Mejias

Torrevieja swimming club

Torrevieja hosts regional swimming competition. This weekend was a busy one for the swimmers of Club Natacion Torrevieja with the younger swimmers in their home pool of Torrevieja and the older ones in the municipal pool Petrer.

Saturday started off in the pool in Torrevieja with 195 swimmers from 7 regional clubs challenged

with 100m backstroke and 200m breaststroke events. The twelve members of Club Natacion Torrevieja got off to a flying start with Victoria Pigneur and Samira Lucumbi knocking 5 seconds of previous personal bests in the 100m backstroke event, earning 5th and 7th positions. Paula Garcia followed with a new best

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scored our third goal, 3-0 to ‘The Saints’. The pressure is now on the rest of the league to stay with us. No ‘Man of the Match’ again this week as they all gave a good account of themselves. More details on our website at ‘www.’. Thanks again to our main Sponsor ‘Mr Motor of La Marina’ Team - Joserra, Kike(19), Sergio, Kike(5) Víctor(17), Kale, Fernando(capt), Gustavo, Berni, Aitor, Ismael. Subs- Víctor(13), Carlos, Antonio, Mejias, Quino,. time which gives her and Vicky regional qualifying times. The boys continued the theme of new personal bests with Elian Del Rio Castillo, Nikita Mikhaylov and Georgy Murskiy all improving on their times in the 100m backstroke race. Younger boys in the club Vitalio Veres, Densel Fusha and new club member Skye Burns had good swims in the 100m backstroke event which they all swam for the first time. Amy Connolly the youngest member of the team also improved on her previous best time. To finish off the morning the older members of the group for the first time swam 200m breaststroke, they all worked hard and gained good results. Then Saturday afternoon it was off to Petrer for the turn of the oldest members of the club. Here the team competed in a variety of different races against 9 other regional clubs and a total of 165 swimmers. A good start to the event saw Louise Brassington knock more than 7 seconds off her 800m freestyle time and she was followed with friends Alexandra Amat and Ruth Brassington improving on their PB’s in the 100m freestyle races. The same happened in the 100m medley with more best times from Alexandra, Ruth and Piroska Rideg. The most outstanding results came from Piroska Rideg in the 200m backstroke 2:38:33 and Zoe Connolly in the 400m freestyle 5:17:98. Both girls had great swims and achieved regional qualifying times in these events. Yuriy Lymar also had a good swim in his 400m freestyle knocking 12 seconds of his previous time. Well done to all the swimmers from Club Natacion Torrevieja! For more information regarding Torrevieja Swimming Club please contact Rosa – 665454126, President Felipe on 609418776 or Vicki 669637015 or by e-mail on


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San Miguel Golf Society It’s always a pleasure to visit and play at this well maintained venue. Our society never fails to receive a warm greeting and it’s a very welcome change to experience more “down to earth” bar prices than is the norm’, especially when the après golf session tends to go on ….and on ……and on, if you get my drift! Around three dozen of us did Stableford battle on this tight track which has its fair share of tricky holes with the stroke 1 third hole being just one of the par fives which demands your full attention.


Category. RESULTS

Pinch me, is it November? Still wall to wall sunshine and we are half way through November

Gold Category

24 Members and Guests teed off at 08.45am for our monthly Stableford, The course in excellent condition with perfect greens which were exceptionally fast, and they caught a lot of members out.

2nd Les Yates 33 Points

Some very good scores returned but no one broke par. Everyones friend Mick Reeves (Mick the Grip) attended the presentation on behalf of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal which amounted to €95.00.

2nd Ron Chambers 30 Points

Well done lads and lassies. He presented 3 golf caps with a poppy on to the Nearest the Pin winners, and one each to the winners of each

Hole 8: Ron Chambers

1st Arthur Williams 34 Points 3rd Malcolm Anderson 32 Points 4th Mike Davies 32 Points Silver Category 1st Rocket Ron 35 Points 3rd Alan Brooker 25 Points 4th Tom Richardson 24 Points Nearest Pins Hole 4: Mike Davies Hole 15: Malcolm Anderson Longest Drive: Paul Brown

TMGS Match Report

La Finca 13th November 2013. 40 members and guests arrived at La Finca with one eye on the weather and listening to the various reports of the expected wet stuff to fall down, various times were given but in the end, it was pleasing that the rain stayed away and we played in nice cooler conditions. The course itself, is in splendid condition and the greens were on the tricky side with many tales of three putts abound but it appears that 4 people were able to read some greens with 4 members taking the “Two’s” prizes of a sleeve of Srixon Soft Feels each. In the main though, scores were well below par and only 2 members (and one guest) actually achieved a par score of 36. The Best Guest prizes were a family affair with John and Ann Riley coming 1st and 2nd with 36 and 29 points respectively and for their efforts they were rewarded with a TMGS pitch repairer and a TMGS towel. All four NTP’s were secured with a

sleeve of balls going to Ann Riley, Dag Lovas, Peter Wells and Neville Hutchins. The Silver crew found points a little difficult to come by and it only needed 31 points for Alex Goslan to take 3rd spot, one point behind Ray Ewins and, on count back, the Silver Winner, Colin Marsden both scoring 32 points. The Gold Division crowd didn’t fare much better but the top three scored well with Alan Rixson taking 3rd spot with a creditble 35 points. The top two of Arne Hansson and Dag Lovas went to a count back with scores of 36 points and Dag having just a little better back 9 than Arne to take the top spot of the day.Photo – Silver Category Winners Our next game, Wednesday 20th November 2013, see’s us at the wonderful, tricky and hard to find Alicante golf course, so if you fancy a game just look at our website www. or call the Match Secretary on 966719604.

Best Guests: Selina Mckenzie 24 Pts & Janet Davies 22 Pts It was back to Izzy’s Bar for our favourite munchies, and Roxy’s Izzy Chips, all followed by “Rocket” Ron presenting the prizes, the prize giving was delayed due to feast of the Izzy chips and golf. Many thanks as always to Tony, Jackie and Roxy. Next match will be at Font de LLop first tee 10.00 so be at the course by 09.15am. The next League Game will take place at Lo Romero Golf on Friday 6th December, For more information or if you wish to play with the arguably the friendliest Golf Society contact Ron Nicholson on 678849142 or email

After what is hopefully a long right to left drive, your second shot needs to keep well left of the water otherwise the right sloping fairway can soon guide your ball annoyingly into a watery grave. If you manage to stay dry then the third shot into what is virtually an island green with its fair share of undulations, is also laden with pit-falls…….all in all a very thought-provoking and picturesque hole. A big thank you to all members who contributed to San Miguel Golf Society’s poppy appeal, the proceeds of which were handed over on the

Lime Bar Golf Society Los Altos, Orihuela Costa The golf societies venue for the 13th November 2013 was held at the Roda Golf Course. With 30 players in attendance they all assembled on the tee and in respect of Remembrance week a Minutes Silence was observed, with a reading given by Dave Railton.The course was in very good condition but demanding and although a few players had not played it before the scores were favourable. The competition was in the stapleford format and the scores recorded are as follows. Nearest the Pin on the 2nd Hole (par 3) was Les Henderson. Nearest the Pin on the 4th hole (par 3) was Tony Jones. Nearest the pin on the 11th hole (par 3) was Tim Ryan. Nearest the pin on the 16th hole (par 3) was Mike Highway Best guest was Vidal Fjeld with a score of 27. Silver Class 3rd place was Tony Jones with a score of 26 points. Silver Class 2nd place was Barry Shawyer with a score of 26 points (on count-back). Silver Class 1st place was Ken Sutton with a score of 28 points. Gold Class 3rd place was Pat Heaney with a score of 31 points. Gold Class 2nd place was Tim Ryan with a score of 34 points. Gold Class 1st place was Les Henderson with a score of 35

day to “Mick the Grip” in his capacity as the local area representative for the Red Cross. In his brief but sincere acceptance speech, Mick pointed out how all monies collected locally were distributed to the needy recipients here in Spain. Only two NTP’s were won, one by Ken Flaherty and the other by Ivan Hanak, and the best visitor of the day was Martin Pugh

who amassed a very fine 37 points. The Bronze division winners were 3rd place to Norman McBride (36), 2nd to Mike Jordan (37) and top spot to Keith Wraithmell with 38. Silver’s top three were Alan MacDonald (33) in 3rd, Glen Rapley (35) in 2nd and once again, back into top spot, was John Aitchison with a magnificent


points. Shot of the ‘Day’ ! Jim McGregor and ‘Strongest Golfer’ Chris Rowlands explanation unavailable. A very good day in pleasant company, thank you to Captain Mick Slater for organising the event and mentioning Mick’s wife Angie who helps considerably behind the scenes. Also thanks to the Staff at The Lime Bar and ladies for a most enjoyable meal. Anyone wishing Join our friendly society just need to phone Mick on 659866468.

41…..did anyone notice whether he might have gone round twice and played 22 holes? The Gold division (H’caps 16 and under) winners all scored 35 points and some close scrutiny into the count-back situation gave us the final result – 3rd place to Shay Cunningham, 2nd to Steve Fleet and 1st to Tony Smale. Well done to all the players in the prizes!

You can keep up to date with all society matters by logging into or by giving Phil de Lacy a quick buzz on 966 774 197 to find out future Wednesday venues. Visitors are always made very welcome. Caption for photo if needed - “This week’s happy bronze category winners”

amigo Ca r s La Marina

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E03194 (old N332) La Marina Village Email:

965 419 857


CHRISTINE : 902 750 190 (EXT: 330) Claire: 618 530 767 OR ANDY: 693 803 409 email:



LO CRISPIN GOLF SOCIETY Bonalba - 13.11.13

This game was the final major of the year, Nominated Pairs, which was our own choice of partner playing the betterball format. The day was well supported with 44 people travelling up to Bonalba in the grey light of early morning to start the game at 9.36am. As always, Bonalba was well organised with buggies marked and waiting and a starter making the proceeding more official. The course was not in too bad a condition, but the greens were showing the signs of a busy summer season. Our Sponsor for this major was Mick Budd, who presented the trophy and prizes to the winners and was also kind enough to also provided some of the prizes. As is usual with our majors, we gather at the Lo Crispin Tavern in the evening for the presentation and dinner. With 70 people attending in the evening we decided to have something a little different, so an Argentinean Hog Roast was provided, which proved

a great success. Shirelle singer and saxophonist came to entertain us and also provided karaoke for those brave enough to have a go. One of those brave enough was Mick Budd ably assisted on one occasion by Brian Coultate. The winners were: 1st Andy Ayres and Eddy Downing 42pts 2nd Margaret and Padraig O’Brien 39pts c/b 3rd Dicky Claeys and Barny Barningham 39pts NTPs: Martins Collins hole 4, Brian Smith hole 8, Bob Berry hole 11 and Barny Barningham hole 14. Brian Smith was the only one to get a 2. The Free game draw won by Peter Morris Thanks again to Mick Budd and a special thank you to David Dodd for organising such a great evening. The picture shows the winners with Mick in the centre.

Shenanigans Golf Society (in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) at Alenda on 13th November 2013. For this month’s meeting a small group of players visited the established course at Alenda on the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. The venue had to be switched a late stage from El Valle because of insufficient numbers caused in part by a third party incorrectly informing the members that the green fee being charged was too high and that €33 including buggy was the correct price and it just goes to prove that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Anyway at short notice Alenda came to our rescue and we say a big thank you to them. The course was in excellent condition and while the weather threatened rain it held off until we completed the round.

The winners of the individual stableford event were: 2nd – Alan McFarlan – 32 points Nearest the Pins: Mike Probert, Barry Gribble, Charlie Stott and Aiden Byrne After the game we returned to Shenanigans in La Marquesa for well earned refreshments. The venue for the next game on11th December is still to be decided BUT could be Lo Romero and guests and more members are welcome so call Owen Desmond on 659668804 or better still call in at the bar. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our web-site at

Our day was one of excitement all round with everyone enjoying the course and a price we gave for the day that no one could match just another of the feats that TORREGOLF.EU in association with The Full Monte, the Supporters Club of CD Montesinos give to their members to promote more playing

of golf here on the Costa’s and at the same time enjoy football being played by those who enjoy doing what they do. The competition to-day was the usual Stabeleford one with 3 Categories of winners and this resulted in Category 1. 1st. Peter Kerr 34 points on c/b from Norman Pickett and in Phil Brigham with 33. Category 2. 1st. Alan Darby 38 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 37 and 3rd. Joe Curren 35 points. Category 3. 1st. Christopher Rose 35 points 2nd. David Winder 34 and in 3rd. place one of our Danish members Soren Tofte 27 points.


the opening chances Algorfa C.F V’s C.F. Racing Playas de Orihuela 1 - 2 with Sam Broadway, Luiz Gomez & Nico G a r c i a causing the home team problems with their speed and trickery on the ball. Surprisingly R a c i n g g i f t e d Sponsored By: The Gato Pizzeria & Algorfa a penalty due to bad ball The Abbey Tavern Pub. control from a Racing goal kick witch Orihuela Costa’s local team Racing left Racings keeper Brunton having faced an away trip to Algorfa this to rush out from goal to clear the ball week looking to continue from but a slight touch on the advancing last weeks win. Racing started the Algorfa plus acrobatic dive made brighter of the two sides and created the referees decision to award the

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The nearest the pins resulted in only one being reached to-day and that was by a lady member on Hole 5. Rachel Priddle. Our 4th shot NTP on the beautiful Hole 12 to-day going to that man from Kilkenny, Con Moore whose 4th. was just a foot from the hole. The Full Monte prize going to-day to Ian Whitworth, remember, it can only get better. or give him a call on 626 774 157, our next 2 venues are at Vistabella, with a great day coming up at Font Del Llop on the 3rd.December the day before the Spanish Senior Pros. Tournament which takes place at this beautiful course and one of our preferred, on the 4th. Photo of some of the winners in the evening sun of Altorreal.

For more information on our great Club contact David Winder at www. spot kick. The penalty kick hit the Racing post and it was looking like it could be a good day for Racing. Four minutes later keeper Scott Brunton reacted quickly by releasing the ball to Captain Dani Zarkov who delivered the perfect ball to Nico Garcia to latch onto and with his pace which left Algorfas left back for dead slotted the ball into the Algorfa net to give Racing an early lead on 10 minutes. The referee continually call off side to every attack Racing had which frustrated the Racing players and fans especially when not once did he reverse the decision when on the odd occasion Algorfa attacked and also turned a blind eye to some late tackles on Racing players. 1 - 0 at half time and the team talk was simple , not to get involved in retaliation to the decisions of the referee and late tackles but to continue to press and

exploit the home sides weaknesses out wide. Second half saw Luiz Gomez & Sam Broadway switch wings and on 54 minutes this paid off when Broadway struck a great shot past the Algorfa keeper to give Racing a deserved 2 - 0 lead. Algorfa tried to change their tactics and at every oppotuneity launched the ball long to their strikers who did have great pace, but Racings Zarkov, Medina, Cockroft & Valderrama stood strong and dealt with the high balls very well. Racings Lawton, Frost & Gudmundsson tried to play the ball on the floor but were kicked and fouled on several occassions which the referee turned a blind eye to. To Algorfas credit they pushed forward and got themselves back in the game on 67 minutes with a goal and to take the game to 2 -

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Recovery Assistance

607 848 332


1st – Owen Desmond -33 points

TORREGOLF.EU at Golf Altorreal Wow, its winter yet who would have thought it when we arrived at Golf Altorreal on Tuesday. It could have been late Spring with fantastic conditions, a course in great condition, no wind, and temperatures in the mid 20’s. May it continue.



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Asistencia de Grua

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No distance too far

La Marquesa Press Report. 44 players took part in the November Monthly Medal on Thursday 14 November 2013 at our home course of La Marquesa. The numbers should have been greater but the day started off with rain and some thunder and lightening which deterred some members from playing. In the end, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, which was a pleasant surprise to those who took part in the competition. The results were as follows: Gold Division 1st Paul Manning 75 nett. 2nd Mark Williams 76 nett 3rd Jim Weston 76 nett Silver Division 1st Peter Sanderson 73 nett 2nd Tom Hull 73 nett c/b 3rd Ian Stewart 75 nett Nearest the Pins 5th Dave Nichols La Campana 11th Tom Hull Clapton’s 12th Bill Martin 15th Bill Martin Manolos 17th Ian Turner Lo Maribu Thanks to our sponsors. Best Front 9: Mary Sanderson 35

Best Back 9:Malcolm Foskett 35 WINNER OF THE MONTHLY MEDAL: PETER SANDERSON Football Winners: John Barraclough, Dave Curtin, Dave Curtis and Ian Stewart. TOFF’s Results Tuesday 12 November 2013 Overall Winner –Alan Marshall Gold Division 1st Bill Martin 36 points 2nd David Gregson 35 points 3rd Paul Manning 35 points Silver 1st Jim Weston 38 points 2nd Franz Berndt 35 points 3rd Roderick Duff 34 points Bronze 1st Alan Marshall 41 points 2nd Liz Menziest 35 points 3rd Franco Gentili 34 points Nearest the Pins 5th Tony Hill 15th Paul Manning 11th Liz Menzies 17th Brian Heard Best Front 9 Maggie Osborne 19 Best Back 9 Brian Heard 21 Well done to Liz Menzies for the ‘hole in one’ on the 11th hole . Welcome to your new handicap Alan Marshall after a brilliant round.

1. Further chances went narrowly wide from Garcia & Broadway to increase Racings lead and with a further added 4 minutes by the referee Racing held strong to take the victory and three points and continue their rise up the federacion league table.

contact :965 503 915 or George 679 77 44 88. The club have teams competing in leagues for all age groups from 3 years to 18 years and also an Adult team. All coaches are fully qualified and insured and all training takes place at the super facilities of C.D.M. sports centre.

C.F. Racing Playas de Orihuela Cadetes V’s Albertera C.F.Cadetes.4 - 4 Racings younger cadetes got their best result of the season with a terrific display and were very unlucky not to hold out for the win. Goals from James Brown, Omar Canizares & Owen Attwood (2).Special mention for man of the match performance from Cristian Rodriguez For more information on Orihuela Costa’s local football club who are based at C.D.M. Playa Flamenca

Breakers yard ooking for runners/non runners l

Free collection Best prices paid Baja issued

(All paperwork taken care of with certificate of destruction)

NO MORE SUMA BILLS TO PAY Also parts available

607 848 332 Ask for Phil


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CLK 200K, CAB AUTO, 2008, 71,000KMS








opel meriva

1.7 cdti Diesel auto 70,000kms 2011


opel agila 1.2 auto 2012, 35,000KMS


audi a3

2006 93,000kms


• ferrari f430, challenge car, 4.3l, v8, 2008, 7,000kms, .................................................................................................€89,950 • BMW X1 AUTOMATIC, 2.0S, DRIVE, DIESEL, 2011, 15,000KMS....... ............................................................................................................. €26,950 • BMW X1, 1.8 DIESEL, AUTO, 2011, 28,000KMS ....................… POA • MERCEDES ML 320, AUTO, DIESEL, 2006.....................€24,950 • BMW X5 3L, DIESEL, AUTO, 2006, 102,000KMS...........€21,950 • mercedes c220,cdi, diesel, 2009, 70,000km.........€19,950 • Mercedes CLC Diesel 71,000KMS 2009 .................€16,950 • peugeot 308, 2011, 2ltr Diesel, automatic, 32,000kms .................................................................................................€15,450 • KIA SPORTAGE 2L, 16V, 2010, 20,000KMS...................€13,950 • FORD Focus estate, automatic, 2ltr,tdci , Diesel, 2009, 119,000 KMS, 1 owner..........................................€9,950 • MINI COOPER, 1.6 AUTOMATIC, 2004, 92,000KMS........€9,950 • renault clio 1.2 exception, 2011, petrol, 31,000km ...................................................................................................€9,950 • renault twingo, 1.1 petrol auto, 44,000km 2009..€7,450 • OPEL MerIvA 2005 1.6 PETROL AUTO 80,000 KMS ...€6,950 • opel tigra 1.2D 70,000km, 2006.......................................€6,950 • OPEL MERIVA 1.3 DIESEL, CDTI, 2008 112,000KMS......€6,950 • skoda fabia 1.4d 40,000km 2005 …...............................€6,950 • Renault megane scenic 2006 1.6 petrol 113,000KMS.... ...................................................................................................€6,950 • FORD FOCUS 2005 1.6 PETROL AUTO 65,000 KMS.......POA • Hyundai i10 1.1 PETROL, 46,000KMS, 2008..................€5,950 • JEEP CHEROKEE 2.5TD SPORT, 144,000 KMS................€5,950 •R  ENAULT MEGANE SCENIC RX4, 168,000kms 1.9DTi, Diesel, 2001.........................................................................€4,950 • smart  fortwo passion, 1 litre, PETROL, 2001, 51,000KMS ….......................................................................€3,950 • RENAULT CLIO 1.2 PETROL, 2005, 128,000KMS..........€3,950 • HONDA HRV 1.6 PETROL, 4WD, 1999, 185,000KMS......€3,950 • HYUNDAI SONATA 2L PETROL, 1997, 109,000KMS......€2,950 • Mitsubishi Carisma 2000, a/c 1430,000kms............ €2,950 • YAMAHA 350 BRUIN, QUAD BIKE, 2005......................... €2,750 • sEAT CORDOBA 1.4 PETROL,2001, 102,000KMS.........€2,750 • hyundai atos 1.1 petrol, 2002, 93,000KMS.............€2,450 • RENAULT CLIO, 1.9 DIESEL, 1999, 127,000KMS............€2,250 • PEUGEOT 306 SEDAN 1.4 PETROL, 104,000KM, 1998 €1,950

Right hand drive vehicles

vw beetle 2L, 2005 38,692kms


VOLKSWAGON Passat 1.9 Diesel €6,950

• rolls  royce silver spirit, rhd, 51,000 miles....€13,950 • peugeot 207 SW auto, Diesel, 2008, 27,000 miles............... ........................................................................................................€8,250 •R  ENAULT GRAND ESPACE, 2.2 DCi, DIESEL, 2005........€6,950 • RENAULT SCENIC 1.6, 16V, petrol, 2005, 47,000 MILES ............ ..............................................................................................................€5,450 • KIA SEDONA 2005 2.9 TD DIESEL 113,000 MILES.................. .............................................................................................. €4,250 • VAUXHALL ASTRA ESTATE 2007 1.3 CDTI DIESEL...€3,950 • mercedes c200, 1994, petrol, 129,ooo miles, tax, mot.. ............................................................................................................€950

Right hand drive - spanish reg

• CITROEN C2 AIRPLAY, 1.1petrol 2007, 48,000 kms.........€3,950 • MGB GT 1.8 PETROL, 1978.............................................€3,950 • BMW 316i auto 1994.......................................................€1,750

~ RHD / LHD Taken in Part Exchange / purchased for cash ~ Full procurement service Seat ibiza 1.9 TDI Diesel, 2007 107,000KMS


smart forfour 1.5 Diesel 71,000km 2006




ford fiesta st 2.0, petrol, 86,000kms, 2005



2.0L HDi, DIESEL, 2003, 144,000KMS




CITROEN XSARA 2.0 HDi, 2003, diesel, automatic 138,000KMS


FORD FIESTA 1.4 PETROL, 2004, 164,000KMS


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