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Your Belgian Estate Agent for the inland area like Arboleas, Albox & surroundings.

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We Urgently Require Properties for Rental & For Sale in Quesada area. Tel: 966 717 043 Mob: 693 455 807 Avda. de los Naciones 1/C, No. 10 Cuidad Quesada, 03170 Rojales, Alicante email:



Very nice villa with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool with beautiful views! Price is 149.000€

Albanchez Nice villa on a plot of 852m² with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pool. beautiful views. Price is 140.000€

Willemsens Karel web: email:

Tel: 950 090 875 Mob: 648 505 938


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SOLTIMES march 2014


Health Charges and changes

The Regional health authority said this week that in 2013 it had issued bills totalling almost €300,000 to foreign visitors who needed medical treatment and who did not have any form of insurance cover. In the case of visitors from other EU states it was their failure to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that led to them being charged for the treatment they received. The regional health authority in Valencia has announced a new scheme for obtaining healthcare.

Under its Convenio Especial - a scheme that is part of wide ranging reforms to the health system - anyone who currently lacks the right to state healthcare can now get themselves


Passport fees for British nationals overseas reduced by 35%

The scheme is open to working age The fees for a UK passport for British people - those under 65 - and those citizens applying from overseas countries, people over the age of 65 who for including Spain, will fall by 35% from any reason have no access to public next month. healthcare. James Brokenshire, Immigration and However, it is by no means a ‘free Security Minister, has announced that handout’. In the case of people under from 7th April the passport fee for 65, the cost of the insurance scheme customers applying for a UK passport is €60 per month while those over 65 from overseas will be reduced by £45 for will have to pay €157 per month. adults and £28.50 for children. British Consul in Alicante Paul The new fees are: Rodwell has welcomed the implementation of this new scheme · Adult 32 page passport £83.00 which provides a solution and peace · Child 32 page passport £53.00 of mind to a significant number · Jumbo 48 page passport £91.00 (Adult of British residents on the Costa / Child / Veteran) The 35% decrease in passport fees Blanca. is the result of efficiency savings made Martyn Standing of the healthcare over the last three years by bringing back team at the consulate in Alicante the processing and issuing of overseas said: “This is great passports to the UK, including from the news. It means almost former passport processing centre at the everyone who currently British Embassy Madrid. lacks the right to state healthcare can now get Will Middleton, Consular Director for Spain, said: themselves covered.”




TEL: 966 184 805/634 174 978

Information and forms for this scheme (Spanish only) are available on the regional government website: http://www. procedimientos?id_ proc=17044

“This is good news for British citizens applying for a UK Passport from Spain. The repatriation of overseas passport centres means overseas applications can now be handled more efficiently and at significantly lower cost. “The new fees will benefit some four million Britons living overseas, including many of the estimated 800,000 who live

in Spain for all or part of the year.”

If you need a new or replacement passport, go to the Overseas British passport applications page on www.GOV. UK where you can make an overseas application. You need to apply and pay online and send your supporting documents direct to the UK (no longer to the nearest Consulate or Embassy). The turnaround time is four to six weeks, and applications are accepted up to nine months before the expiry of your current passport. The new fees for overseas applications remain marginally higher than the equivalent fees for UK-based applicants because on average overseas applications take longer – and therefore cost slightly more - to process. This is because it is often less straightforward to establish whether or not an overseas applicant is entitled to a UK passport. Overseas customers will also continue to pay a courier charge in addition to the passport fee. British nationals can get more information and advice on living in Spain by “liking / following” the British Embassy’s popular new social media channels on: Facebook - www.facebook. com/BritslivinginSpain or Twitter - www. Source: fco.

SOLTIMES march 2014

euro Sunlife Solar Solutions new Head Office opened in Punta Prima last year and employs a knowledgeable team of multi lingual staff, to answer any of your queries. With Solar installations currently being fitted from Mazzaron to Denia, complying with the current registration process, the company is going from strength to strength. “Unfortunately, there are several companies trading at the moment, making bogus claims to potential customers in order to achieve a sale. If you would like genuine and informative advice, a bespoke system designed for YOUR needs, installed correctly first time and then legally registered by our Solar Registered Engineers, then visit our new offices, visit our website or just give us a call.” The rapidly growing Renewable Energy company also supplys and installs many new innovative Solar products, from vertical wall mounted ultra slim panels to the latest in hot water and pool systems. If you are interested in Solar, then contact Sunlife Solar Solutions, they will have the Solution for you.



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longest established spa dealer in this part of spain Spas from 2500€ Large Selection of Used & Ex-display Spas

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office in Bolnuevo (near Farmacia) next to Cafe Colonia


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SOLTIMES march 2014

barnes bulletin


Immigration & Security Minister, James Brokenshire, announces, a month too late for your scribe, that the cost of a new or replacement UK Passport is, from April 7th., reduced by 35%. This means that the new fee for an adult 32 page passport will be £83.00., with a child 32 page passport, now costing £53.00. James tell us that this reduction is possible due to efficiency savings made over the last three years, and by bringing the processing of overseas passports, back to the U.K., from the British Embassy in Madrid (Why doesn’t that surprise me!) Bill Middleton, Consular Director for Spain, explains that this fee reduction will benefit some four million Britons living overseas, including some 800, 000 who live in Spain. To obtain a new or replacement passport (It’s all done on line these days) go to the GOV.UK, tapping into “Overseas British Passport Application” page.


Rob Barnes moved to live in Spain, 7 years ago. In the UK, amongst other things, he was the Chair of the Midlands Regions, Independent Television Commission. His hobbies include Industrial Archaeology, Mine exploration and photography (Sierra Minera) and is on a quest to get a quality cast conditioned real ale here in Spain! Email Rob at


Should you ever have wondered who is watching you, through the fifty or so cameras l o c a t e d upon lamp standards and buildings along the high street in Pilar De La Horadada, get on the e-mail, and ask the question! Actually it’s this chap in the photograph, and a colleague or two, in the police station in Pilar. The Police Local have now set up a face book page, which has over 4000 followers. The site has information on road blockages, traffic flow, public events, law enforcement and hints on road safety. Chief of public safety in Pilar, Lancharro Francisco, explains that this electronic communication medium, was set up by the Police Local themselves, and that his department and council as whole, thank the officers for their forward thinking. Mind how you go.


Students of mixed ages, completed their final year in Computer Sciences and Management recently in Pilar De La Horadada, and were pleased to receive diplomas from Deputy Senior Councillor, Elizabeth Marcos. Bill Gates had better watch out! Well done to you all.


Although going under the name “La Siesta Ladies Friendship”, this friendly group take an interest in events across the locality, and are always on the lookout for new members. The association, which is affiliated to La Siesta Church, recently donated 500 euro to Judy Ferris for the work undertaken with Alzheimer’s patients. More fund raising enabled some 500 euro to be passed to the treasurer of La Siesta Evangelical Church, to help the needy in the group of churches to which their local church belongs. The ladies ask that I mention that their Annual Christmas Fayre (I know, but it’s only 9 months away!) is scheduled for November 29th.. at 10.30 a.m. For more information on the girls at La Siesta, contact

SOLTIMES march 2014

Russia has promised not to attack east Ukraine

Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu promised his US counterpart Chuck Hagel in a telephone call on Thursday that Moscow would not assault eastern Ukraine.

Hagel voiced concern about Russian military movements but Shoigu assured him that “the troops he has arrayed along the border are there to conduct exercises only and they have no intention of crossing the border into Ukraine and that they would take no aggressive action.” Hagel also asked how long the military “exercise” would last but Shoigu “didn’t have a firm time frame for that.” Hagel also renewed US calls for Russia to de-escalate tensions and restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Washington has watched a Russian buildup on Ukraine’s eastern border with growing concern after Moscow’s intervention in Crimea. Moscow’s promise to Washington came as Ukraine warned it would respond with military action if Russia tries to seize the country’s mainly Russian-speaking eastern regions. Nato secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Wednesday the alliance was concerned Russia might push beyond Crimea into eastern

Ukraine. President Barack Obama announced fresh punitive sanctions earlier over Moscow’s annexation of Crimea, while Russia responded by issuing its own list of sanctions against nine US officials. Amid the worst East-West crisis since the end of the Cold War, Obama has ruled out the use of military force in Ukraine while vowing to isolate Moscow through diplomacy and sanctions. Russia’s lower house of parliament on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a treaty to annex Crimea from Ukraine, leaving just one legal obstacle for the Black Sea peninsula to cross before it is formally absorbed by Moscow. Only one deputy in the almost full chamber of the State Duma voted against the treaty, which was passed by 443 to 1, and the Federation Council upper house is expected to complete ratification on Friday, signed by President Vladimir Putin and Crimean leaders on Tuesday. The Crimean port city of Sevastopol is home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Russian forces are now in control of the peninsula, which has an ethnic Russian majority and voted for union with Russia on Sunday. Approval of the treaty in the rubberstamp parliament had never been in doubt once it was signed by Putin.

The Rain is Spain!

The almost non-existent rainfall registered in the Valencia Region since the summer has left watering deposits at critical levels and created a severe fire risk in the mountains. In addition, the regional farming trade is complaining of severely dwindling crops and grazing problems for livestock. Citrus fruit, artichoke, cauliflower, broccoli, olive, almond and grape plantations are suffering from lack of water and abnormal weather that has led them to flower before time. This week’s light rain has done little


Suspects have included pesticides, disease-bearing parasites and poor nutrition. But in a first-of-its-kind study published in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists at the University of Maryland and the US Department of Agriculture have identified a witch’s brew of pesticides and fungicides contaminating pollen that bees collect to feed their hives.

While neonicotinoids have been linked to mass bee deaths this study opens up an entirely new finding that it is more than one group of pesticides, but rather a combination of many chemicals, which makes the problem far more complex.

Up to 11 districts have been placed on alert in northern Valencia Province and southern Castellón. In Andalucía the statistics show that the province as a whole is graded as Very Dry in the north and west, with the rest of the province coming in as Moderately Dry, tending to be nearer to normal towards Almería City.

Overseas Retirees Hoping For A “Friendly” Budget

Wealthy pensioners will see their lifetime allowance decrease when new rules kick in next month and there are concerns pensioners could be targeted further at Wednesday’s Budget, a move that would affect anyone planning an overseas retirement. Richard Way, Editor at The Overseas Guides Company said: “The cap for lifetime pension wealth will fall to £1.25million from £1.50million in April, with any excess being taxable a rate of up to 55 per cent. For expats in France and Spain, a smaller pension pot and subsequent smaller income has heightened effect, as they are also exposed to exchange rate fluctuation. “The fear is the Government could curtail a re-introduction of the higher threshold or even reduce it further from

£1.25million. There are also calls to maintain – or even rise - the threshold for trivial commutation, which allows holders of smaller pension pots to claim the cash value of their pension pot back, rather than be forced to invest it in a poorly performing annuity. “Let’s hope Osborne takes into account how dismal savings and pension annuity rates are at the moment, and decides that further punishment of those already affected by these rates – including anyone considering overseas retirement – would be unjust”, concluded Mr Way. Source: com

The findings break new ground on why large numbers of bees are dying though they do not identify the specific cause of CCD, where an entire beehive dies at once. The researchers behind the study, Jeffery S. Pettis, Elinor M. Lichtenberg, Michael Andree, Jennie Stitzinger, Robyn Rose, Dennis vanEngelsdorp collected pollen from hives and fed it to healthy bees. The pollen they were fed had an average of nine different pesticides and fungicides, and the bees had a serious decline in their ability to resist a parasite that causes Colony Collapse Disorder. Further, the researchers discovered that bees that ate pollen with fungicides were three times more likely to be infected by the

The discovery means that fungicides, thought harmless to bees, are actually a significant part of Colony Collapse Disorder.

It is not just the types of chemicals used that need to be considered, but also spraying practices. The bees sampled by the authors foraged not from crops, but almost exclusively from weeds and wildflowers, which means bees are more widely exposed to pesticides than thought. While the overarching issue is simple - chemicals used on crops kill bees - the details of the problem are increasingly more complex, including what can be sprayed, where, how, and when to minimise the negative effects on bees and other pollinators while still assisting in crop production. It will still likely be a long time before solutions are uncovered and put into place. When economics come into play, an outright halt in spraying anything at all anywhere is simply impossible.


to calm concern over the fact that this winter has seen 85% less rainfall than usual.

Scientists discover another cause of bee deaths

Scientists have struggled to find the trigger for so-called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that has been decimating bee colonies throughout the world over the past several years.


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SOLTIMES march 2014

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SOLTIMES march 2014

More about Pensions

Pensions are being radically transformed under plans announced in the Budget. From April 2015, savers will be given total freedom over how they withdraw pension money. In the meantime, temporary measures will be put in place to ease the strain on those seeking a retirement income. Here we explain how the changes affect savers: What is changing now? From March 27, the Government will introduce arrangements to give savers greater access to their pensions. Savers whose total pension savings amount to £30,000 will be able to take the entirety as cash, which will be taxed at marginal rates. Savers with larger amounts in pension savings will be able to take up to three pensions worth £10,000 each as cash, rather than two worth £2,000. Savers who use “income drawdown” will be allowed to take larger sums as income. This is likely to be several thousand pounds extra a year from each £100,000 in savings. An individual will need just £12,000 of secured pension income from other sources to make unlimited withdrawals through “flexible drawdown”. When can I make full withdrawal? The temporary reforms introduced next Thursday will fade away in April 2015, when savers will be able to access the entirety of their pension at any time after age 55, subject to income tax at marginal rates on three-quarters of the

money. The ability to take the whole pension as one lump of income would mean someone with a £100,000 pension could take £25,000 tax-free and then withdraw the remaining £75,000 to spend or invest as they saw fit. The £75,000 would be treated as income for that tax year, pushing the individual into the higher-rate tax band for the year. Will I be able to withdraw more slowly to limit tax? The alternative will be to take the money in annual lump sums. This might mean keeping the money invested in the stock market and going into “income drawdown”. From April 2015, there will be no cap on the amount of money that savers can withdraw from this arrangement, so income can be varied to stay within the basic rate tax or even nilrate threshold for the year if desired. Will I still be able to buy an annuity? Yes. Those who want to guarantee an income for life will still be able to purchase an annuity. The difference is that they will now do so on their own terms, rather than effectively being pushed down this route due to the restrictions on accessing small pots and the high costs and caps on income drawdown. Insurance companies have for many years made sizeable profits from selling annuities. Some of the biggest margins are on selling poor value contracts to those in poor health, who should qualify for a boost to account for a lower life

British woman to ride motorbike around the world

A North Wales woman is gearing up for a round-the-world challenge that will see her become the first woman to ride a motorbike on all seven continents. During her epic trip Steph Jeavons, 38, from Colwyn Bay, will visit 42 countries and travel 56,000 miles. She will be riding a lightweight Honda CRS 250 on the ride, which has been given the title ‘One Steph Beyond,’ and her £10,000 budget gives her just £5 a day for food and supplies. The trip will take her 15 months to 2 years, and she will be avoiding all motorways and main roads and living mainly in her two man tent with only the things she can carry on her bike. Ms Jeavons will be raising funds for Rally 4 Life, a charity set up to raise money to help tackle the problems of third world poverty. Beginning her trip on March 23, she will leave from London before heading across

the Channel. After covering Europe, Ms Jeavons will travel through Turkey, Iran, UAE, India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, South America, North America and Canada before heading across to Africa and eventually home. She said: ‘It’s something I’ve wanted to do for more years than I care to remember, and so after much deliberation I finally decided that this is the year.’ “The support I’ve had from everyone has been amazing and while I’m no stranger to riding off-road or remotely, having been an off-road instructor for several years and travelled extensively overseas, it is still a very daunting prospect given the extremities of the terrain and climates I’ll be riding through.” To find out more about this remarkable woman and her truly epic journey go to

Getting his own back!

A Bristol man ripped off by a Gumtree seller got his revenge by texting him the entire works of Shakespeare. Edd Joseph, 24, was furious when he bought a PS3 games console for £80. However, the vendor failed to deliver the goods. So Mr Josephs decided to take his revenge by texting the entire works of the Bard to the fraudster - all 30,000 words, reports the Bristol Post. Mr Joseph discovered he can copy the words from the internet and paste them into a text message - without costing him a penny on his unlimited mobile phone package. He sends it as one text but his victim can only receive them in 160 character chunks - meaning the 37 works of Shakespeare will buzz through in 29,305 individual texts. So far Mr Joseph has sent 22 plays including Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello, which have

been delivered in 17,424 texts. He reckons the remaining 15 works will take another few days to send - meaning his adversary’s phone will have been constantly beeping for nearly a full week. Mr Joseph said: I’m going to keep doing it. If nothing else I’m sharing a little bit of culture with someone who probably doesn’t have much experience of it. “I’m not a literary student, and I’m not an avid fan of Shakespeare but I’ve got a new appreciation you could say - especially for the long ones.” Mr Joseph bought the console and bundle of games by direct bank transfer - giving him no protection when the seller failed to send the goods or provide a refund.


News expectancy. With this revenue stream now under threat as annuity sales tail off, the danger of firms trying to sell these contracts inappropriately is as strong as ever. The City regulator is investigating and is acutely aware of the need to protect customers. The plus point could be a rise in annuity rates as providers are forced to compete to attract a smaller pool of customers. What’s the catch? The price for savers will be that access to their pension pots will be pushed back, at the same pace as the State Retirement Age. Initially it will move to age 57 in 2028. This could affect those around age 40 and under. What if I have already taken a pension income? The millions of savers who have purchased an annuity already will be tied to that contract. They will be trapped in the old system. Those who have gone into income drawdown will be able to increase their incomes by calling an emergency “review” with their pension provider or financial adviser. However, this can only take place on the anniversary of the last review. What will happen to other assets? From next April, there could sudden drop off in annuity purchases; pensioners who withdraw the money instead will be able to spend it how they wish. This could be other investments, such as buy-to-let property, but equally it could

involve paying down debt. Those on interest-only mortgages will have the chance to square off debts left by poorly-performing endowment policies, for example. Others may want to spend a small amount of the money on a holiday or to give an early inheritance. The average amount of money in defined contribution pension savings is £30,000. How do I decide which is the best route? The new rules could trigger a wave of demand for independent financial advice. While the Government is giving £20m to insurers and other pension providers to give “impartial face-to-face guidance”, it remains to be seen how this will work in practice. Each individual’s circumstances will be different. I’m just about to buy an annuity, should I wait? Yes, at least until Thursday. Seek financial advice with a qualified expert through and Look for “chartered financial planner” status. If you have access to guaranteed annuity rates which are only available for a short period at your named retirement date, it may be worth purchasing. For others, there is no requirement to take an income. Explore the temporary measures, but also consider waiting a year – if you can – for the full reform. Some annuity providers, including LV and Partnership, will accept cancellation if you are in the cooling off period. LV has extended this window to 60 days.



homes &gardens

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The Vega Baja Garden Club

The March meeting of the Garden Club was opened by Val Duckworth, who welcomed members new and old. Val gave a run down of the tasks that should be carried out in the garden in March in preparation for the new summer season.

Reforms Architectural Service & Plans Painting Decorating Construction & Maintenance Interior Design Legally registered family business Quality workmanship guaranteed Tiling, Flagging, Electrics, Plumbing, Aluminuim, Swimming pools, Key-holding & Maintenance

680 851 376

Established 40 years in the UK

616 214 713

Britannia pool covers, heatpumps & safety fencing

400 MICRON COVERS 500 MICRON COVERS 500 geo BUBBLE COVERS 6x3m...................180€ 6x3m................250€ 6x3m...........310€ 8x4m...................290€ 8x4m................385€ 8x4m...........410€ 8x5m...................360€ 8x5m................450€ 8x5m...........495€ 10x4m.................360€ 10x4m..............450€ 10x4m.........495€ 10x5m.................460€ 10x5m..............550€ 10x5m.........610€ Small Roller.......220€ Large Roller 370€ All the above prices include supply and fitting protect-a-child pool safety fencing available

Britannia dream heatpumps 10Kw 12.5Kw 15Kw

1,750€ 18Kw with soft start 2,800€ 2,200€ 23Kw with soft start 3,400€ 2,450€ 28Kw with soft start 3,900€

supplied & fitted electrics included For more prices & information Ian 966 765 378 : 664 367 512

trade enquiries welcome

The Mosquito Screen & Window Co

Serving the Coast and Inland for over 10 Years

Manufacturers & Installers of Insect Screens, Aluminium & UPVC Windows & Doors

Tel: 966 716 329 or Spanish Mob: 722 763 055 email: Find us at Moncayo Market on Saturdays & we are pleased to announce we are now at Lemon Tree Market on Sundays

Val thanked the Club’s Social Sectretaries, Carole Williams and Carol Bass, for organising the Annual Club Lunch in February. This was held at “La Boheme”, a restaurant in Quesada. It was a resounding success and much enjoyed by all who attended. Everyone greatly appreciated all the effort that had gone into organising the event and making it such a pleasant afternoon. Val then welcomed Dick Handscombe, the guest speaker for the afternoon. Dick is well known throughout the Costa Blanca for his many excellent books covering aspects of gardening in the Mediterranean. He spoke about the many ways in which gardens can be designed and used according to individual needs and interests, for instance to provide shade, areas for recreation and dining, and for growing herbs and food crops. Dick spoke very enthusiastically about the ways in which even small areas can be used to grow vegetables, in containers or raised beds, if the ground is unsuitable, or if you live in an apartment and have no garden space. He described the many benefits of eating freshly picked home grown raw foods, of the many uses for various infusions that can be produced from herbs, and of the heath benefits of being actively involved in the garden. He gave many growing tips and gardening ideas, including ways to control pests and how soils can be improved. Dick answered many questions from members and signed copies of his books. His excellent and inspirational talk was very much appreciated by everyone. Dick Handscombe signing a book for a member. There was then the usual raffle of plants. A competition for the next meeting was announced. This will be for potted plants; one category for flowering plants and another for foliage plants. If you would like to enter the competition, please bring your plants along, they must have been in your possession for a minimum of six months and be in a container no larger than 11 inches or 28 centimetres in diameter.

Soft Furnishings & Re-Upholstery

Fabric Flair

• 39 years experience in soft furnishings & re-upholstery • Foam (All densities) superior quality, cut to any shape or size • Curtains and Blinds all made to measure • Loose covers that fit like upholstery made for all types of furniture indoor and out • Gazebo covers made in a waterproof canvas fabric from customers original template • Hundreds of fabrics to choose from

Opening Hours - Mon-Fri 10am to 4.30pm Sat - 10am to 1.30pm

All our work is professionally made at our premises in... The Interior Centre, 1 Calle Portugal Los Maromas Pol, Ind Almoradi 03160 Contact Kim & Rick on 625 716 063 or email

The next meeting will be held on Monday 7th April at 1.45 for a 2.00pm start, at Los Rosales Restaurant on the CV895 Lemon Tree Road, Campo de Guardamar. If you are interested in gardening and would like to attend the meeting, you will be assured of a warm welcome. For further information, please contact Val Duckworth, Tel. 966 716 527.



£20m egg found on market stall

It is something all antique enthusiasts dream about - unearthing a rare gem at a market that turns out to be worth millions. And for a man in the US the dream came true when a golden egg he bought from a bric-a-brac stall in the Midwest so he could sell it for scrap turned out to be a Faberge egg worth about £20m ($33m). The scrap metal dealer, who has not been named, paid just £8,000 ($13,000) for the treasure. He planned to sell it for scrap value, but the egg was saved from destruction when nobody would match his initial outlay. The egg, which has a Vacheron Constantin watch inside it, was given by Alexander III to his wife, Empress Maria Feodorovna, in Easter 1887. However, its new owner, frustrated by his lack of success in selling the egg, tapped “egg” and “Vacheron Constantin” into Google, to find that it might be a Third Imperial Faberge Easter Egg made for Russian royalty. The internet search led the scrap dealer to Kieran McCarthy, director of Wartski, the London-based Royal Warrant-holding experts on Carl Faberge’s work. The owner flew to London to show

Mr McCarthy pictures of his purchase, which convinced the Faberge expert to fly to the small Midwest town to confirm the egg was genuine. He found it sitting on a kitchen table beside some cupcakes; “It’s the most incredible discovery,” Mr McCarthy said. “We have had so many discoveries but none of them are as momentous as this. “It has travelled from Imperial St Petersburg to the rust belt of America. It’s a story that deserves to be told because it could so easily have slipped away.

After a successful exhibition in Belgium, we are urgently looking for Legal properties for clients that are coming to buy.

“For the Faberge community and the historical community, it is a wondrous event because the Easter egg is the ultimate target for every antique dealer and every enthusiast. “It may never be seen again and it may disappear into the deepest, darkest vaults of a collector somewhere.” Wartski bought the egg for a private collector and it will be on display for four days in London from April 14. The egg was last seen in public in March 1902 at an exhibition in St Petersburg.

APAH APAH is looking for a long-term foster home for a special dog. Born in May 2010, Leo is a lovely dog, who charms everyone who meets him. Sadly, Leo has a health issue which puts many people off giving him the loving home he so deserves. His health has been stabilised, and to look at him you wouldn’t know there was a problem. If someone would offer him a home environment, APAH will cover any future medical costs. To meet Leo, please contact Yvonne on 630 422 563.

Your Belgian Estate Agent for the inland area like Arboleas, Albox & surroundings.


Space for a little one?

Cucador Very nice villa with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool with beautiful views! Price is 149.000€

Albanchez Nice villa on a plot of 852m² with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pool. beautiful views. Price is 140.000€

Willemsens Karel web:


Tel: 950 090 875 – Mob: 648 505 938

Solar electric systems Solar hot water systems Buy direct - no middle men no sales people - no subcontractors Quality European products Guarantees backed by 10 years of training in Spain Complete solar systems from only 1500€ including installation 10% price beater promise we will beat any other like for like price



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A cloudless, blue sky greeted owners and pooches on Sunday, 16 March, as people gathered to support Cruz Azul Murcia’s first major event of the year, a ‘Walk on the Barkside’, at the Esplanada Barnuevo in Santiago de la Ribera. There were tall ones, small ones and

in between ones, and that was just the dogs, who had brought their owners along for a nice stroll along the 3 Km route on the promenade. The tallest dog was Maddie, who came with her owner, Pam Clough, and the tiniest (and youngest) was 11 week old rescue puppy, Tomás, who brought along his mummy, Karen Rubio Vuckovic. The oldest pooch was Billy, at almost 14 years; Billy can’t walk very far, so his owner, Victoria Brook, borrowed a pushchair so that they could take part. First over the finish line was Ella, an enthusiastic Beagle, who ran all the way with her young owner, Liam Taylor. Each of the participants received a ‘doggy bag’ containing treats, dog waste bags, water with bowl and a special medal, with water stations provided at various points along the route. “We’re delighted to see so many people for our first major event” said Cruz Azul President, Lyn Baines. “The success of this annual event is down to the great work by the Cruz Azul team,

the help from our Spanish friends, San Javier’s Voluntariado BT, and all our lovely supporters.” Sponsorship money is still coming in and Cruz Azul anticipates a total fundraising effort of around 750€. Cruz Azul is run along similar lines to the PDSA in the UK and its mission is to provide veterinary care for the sick and injured pets of people in need and to promote responsible pet ownership. As a new association, Cruz Azul’s priorities will be to: Provide and maintain veterinary services on a stable, sustainable and long-term basis. Expand these services, in line with a clear and controlled Business Plan as funds and circumstances permit. Encourage funding, by raising awareness and developing an understanding of their work. Deliver pet health initiatives. In addition to fundraising events, the Cruz Azul shop, next door to Yorkshire Linen in San Javier, is open daily and sells clothes, accessories, jewellery, furniture, household goods, bric-abrac, etc. The shop is open Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 to 14.00 each day. Manager, Sue Thomason, will be delighted to see new customers and to receive donations for the shop. They are always in need of furniture

and Cruz Azul can arrange collection of large items. You can email Sue on or call her on 693 017 616. Cruz Azul’s Volunteer Co-ordinator, Barbara Burks, would love to hear from anyone who has some time to spare and would like to help with fundraising. You can email Barbara at: volunteers@ or you can call 693 017 616 for more information. Cruz Azul Murcia is a registered charity (No. 11.720/1a) and exists to provide veterinary care for the sick and injured pets of people in need and to promote responsible pet ownership. If you or someone you know needs help, or you would like to volunteer or donate, please call 693 017 616 or visit their website:

Lions Club Upcoming Activities Busy as ever the Torrevieja Costa Lions Club are pleased to announce their upcoming fund raising activities in aid of those in the community most in need. The Club are holding a Fun Charity Race Night in the Stray Sod, La Fuente Commercial Centre on Thursday 27th March at 2000 hrs. The evening is really good fun with the opportunity for everyone not only to take part in the Race activities , but as well as enjoying the evening everyone will know that they have contributed to help the most needy in our community. Get there early to get a table or book a table for you and your friends to enjoy the food drinks and hospitality before the fun starts. On Saturday 5th April why not treat yourself to a night out with the Lions. The Lions Celebrate their 9th Anniversary of their Charter with a Dinner and Dance at the Clubhouse

La Marquesa Golf, for more details on menus and prices and how to book, phone Iain on 966 731 495 or go to The next event is one not to be missed by those who appreciate an evening of music and entertainment. JB Brass the only traditionally English Brass Band here on the Costa Blanca in association with the Barbershop Harmonisers, the largest group of Barbershop style singers in the whole of Spain, are performing in Teatro Municipal Torrevieja on Thursday April 24th at 2000hrs. For a light hearted evening with excellent music, harmony and entertainment this one is not to be missed. Tickets priced at only 5.00 euros will be available from the Theatre box office or online at www. very shortly. For more information on what Lions do locally and Internationally visit www.

SOLTIMES march 2014


Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital.

Welcome GO SATELLITE! Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Welcome GO SATELLITE! about us GO SATELLITE was set up 8 years ago by husband and wife team Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than 20 years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´S Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the “stars”, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving SKY, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before moving to Spain. SERVICES WE OFFER We are here to help!!!! We can arrange Installation of TV direct from the satellite with no monthly subscription. We are able to make repairs to

existing satellite systems, potentially saving you from additional costs. We are suppliers of Sky and humax receivers direct from the UK. You will find we are the cheapest on the Costa Blanca. Ask us about Sky cards and subscriptions as well as Al Jazeera cards for bars enabling viewing of Premier League Football matches. Our latest additional service is VPN routers, pop in to the office or give us a call for more details. We are not only here for your TV and Satelite solutions, but are able to offer help with Internet and Telephone. WHERE ARE WE? GO SATELLITE is based in

Ciudad Quesada and covers most of the Costa Blanca. WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? Ian said “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It’s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing. We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their needs”. CUSTOMER SERVICE Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the service. Added to that is the fact that GO SATELLITE is a fully legal,

Spanish registered business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free no obligation site survey. Go Satellite is going from strength to strength! SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! Over the past 8 years the company has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities. The Go Satellite system uses highest quality Portuguesemanufactured dishes and requires NO monthly payments. Packages are available to suit everybody´s requirements and budget. GO SATELLITE offer expertise, reassurance and a proven track record, which can be backed up by many a satisfied customer. OTHER SERVICES Go Satellite not only provide television but are also able to provide internet and telephone services. Packages are available to suit all with a switch on/off service available for non residents.

COME AND MEET US! We have an office in the Business Centre Calle Los Arcos No7 Ciudad Quesada, so you can now come and meet us and we will endeavour to help you with all of your TV queries. DISH ISSUES? Here at Go Satellite, we use only Top Quality Portugese dishes and Invacom LNB’s. Sky Packages are also available. If you do not have room or do not wish to have a dish, give us a call as we have a solution! At Go Satellite, we will endeavour, to provide TV for everyone.

So, if you are fed up of missing your favourite programs or you have lost your TV signal and do not want to lose out any more, then call Ian or Deborah on 965 725 670 or call into our office to find out more about GO SATELLITE and its services. Alternatively

check out the website:

Stop Wasting


1.4 metre dish with HD mini receiver

3 4 9€

one off payment Come and visit us in our office based at: Calle Los Arcos No 7, Ciudad Quesada Open: Monday – Friday

Tel: 965 725 670


all major credit & debit cards accepted


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Cuts from

Modern & Traditional Gents Hairdressing


Call Darren The Barber Tel: 616 592 887 Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am- 5pm OUT OF HOURS BY REQUEST

Drive through Quesada Arches up main street, take left fork at Parque Acuatico sign. Continue to Consum sign and turn right onto Avenida Costa Azul, continue uphill and take right turn onto Calle Toledo. Country Club / Barber is 200mtrs on right - Look for Childrens Play Area.

Quality e-Cigarettes Fast to your door Kits ‘Classic’ 5€ .9 3 1 m o fr All E-liquids In Stock

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We also specialise in wholesaling to shops Pay on-Line, One Page Checkout • 659 679 990

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New At Vibra Gym

Non Surgical Face Lifts Call Lisa On 603 317 111 Cambridge Diet Consultant To Help With Weight Loss Minamino Drinks Containing Many Health Benefits E-Cigarettes

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Personal Fitness Instructor & Spray Tanning

cc/ Torregrosa next to Consum & Lidl between San Luis & Quesada on the Crevillente Rd

Lorraine Call: 693 268 139 Getting Fit Just Got Easier

Ross At studio six

Unisex Stylist Over 29 years experience S.R.H “Senior Stylist” City & Guilds of London

also Rosa ~ Beautician Tel: 966 714 970 Mob: 677 897 788

Avda del Romero Local 6, Urb. Montebello, Algorfa Open Tuesday - Saturday (incl.) from 9am 03176

Near Zoco Market Late night opening AP7 Junc 745 by appointment only

t a e d r o o G l G k o o Fee L Dementia – signs and symptoms

Dementia often develops slowly and is not always obvious in the early stages. Symptoms similar to dementia can be seen in other illnesses. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell apart dementia from the usual mild forgetfulness seen in normal ageing. You should see your GP if you or your family and friends are worried about any changes in: • Memory • General mental functioning • Ability to carry out daily tasks • Personality Your GP will be able to either reassure you or, if necessary, refer you to a specialist. Diagnosing dementia early is important to allow you to get the right help and treatments and to plan for the future. Everyone with dementia will experience symptoms in their own way. Other types of dementia include Alzheimers, vascular dementia and dementia with Lewy’s bodies and frontotemporal dementia. Other signs and symptoms of types of dementia include: • Regularly forgetting recent events, names and faces. •Regularly misplacing items or putting them in odd places. •Confusion about the time of day. • Disorientation, especially away from your normal surroundings. • Getting lost. • Problems finding the right words. • Reduced judgement, for example, being unaware of danger. • Mood or behaviour problems such as apathy, irritability, or losing confidence. • Becoming slower in thinking. • Disorientation, especially away from your normal surroundings. • Difficulty finding words or using inappropriate words. • Memory problems like regularly misplacing items or putting them in odd places. • Becoming more emotional. • Difficulty walking or a change in the way a person walks. • Variation in attention, alertness and confusion. These fluctuations can be very noticeable from hour-to-hour or day-to-day. • Visual hallucinations. These can often involve seeing people or animals that aren’t really there. • Parkinson’s-type symptoms, like slow movement or difficulty walking, stiffness in the limbs and sometimes tremor. • Movements during sleep and vivid dreams. • Symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s, including memory loss and disorientation. • Fainting and falls. • Personality changes, such as loss of inhibition, rudeness, apathy, impatience or inappropriate

Kim Clar k benefits consultancy Do you suffer from mobility problems, breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles? Do you need help washing / dressing or supervision? You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568 or visit

Shani’s Lingerie

The largest retailer of top - quality branded British lingerie in the Costa Blanca. With over 2000 branded bras, underwear and nightwear, including Naturana and Marks & Spencer at bargain prices Specialising in bras up to 48J Find us on facebook email me: Telephone: 622 280 043

Where to find us: at Zoco sunday Market and Now at playa flamenca market

As you walk into Zoco, turn immediate left, walk toward the very end, turn right and we are the 2nd stall on the right

behaviour, of which the person is often unaware •L  oss of emotional warmth and empathy for others. The person may seem selfish and unfeeling. • Decline in language abilities – including difficulty getting words out or problems with understanding less common words and people’s names. • Overeating or changes in dietary preference, particularly cravings for sweet food. • Changes in sexual behaviour. • Day-to-day memory remains intact in the early stages, but the decline in the ability to communicate may give the impression of memory problems. Alzheimer’s, dementia with Lewy bodies and frontotemporal dementia are all neurodegenerative diseases. This means that the symptoms get worse over time. This is usually the case with vascular dementia too. The speed of change varies between people and also between different diseases, but in most dementias symptoms progress slowly over several years. Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are complex. It’s becoming clear that they don’t have a single cause. It is likely that a mixture of our age, genes, environment and lifestyle contribute to whether we develop dementia. The risk of developing most dementias increases with age. That means as we get older, we are more likely to develop dementia. About one in 20 people over the age of 60 have dementia, but this rises to about one in five people over the age of 80. Dementia is not a normal part of getting older or an acceleration of ageing. Dementia is caused by different diseases – most commonly by Alzheimer’s. We can’t change our age and there is currently no way we can completely prevent dementia, but research suggests there may be some simple things we can all do that might help lower our risk. A risk factor is anything that can increase your chance of developing dementia. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease (like heart disease and stroke) are also risk factors for all types of dementia. So it’s a good idea to keep healthy by: • exercising regularly • not smoking • achieving and maintaining a healthy weight • controlling high blood pressure • reducing your cholesterol level • controlling your blood glucose if you have diabetes • eating a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and low amounts of saturated fat. Some studies suggest that enjoying an active life, with lots of interests and hobbies might be beneficial. Other researchers have found that spending more time in education is associated with a lower risk.

business for sale in turre Busy Modern Hair & Beauty Salon

Existing Clientel, Low Rent All Fixtures & Fittings Included

Legitimate Reason For Sale phone for more details 644 496 198

& Superhair beautycare

New Hair and Beauty Wholesalers Open Trade and Public welcome

Tel: 637 473 190

Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca No 88 Benijofar Opening Hours 10am - 6pm MON TO FRI



Three Events Raise €875 for HELP MMM It was “Céad Míle Fáilte” in a prequel to St. Patrick’s night when it was celebrated at Paddy Singh’s bar in Los Urrutias on Sunday the 16th March. Forty nine people supporting HELP MMM attended plus many others and enjoyed a meal and entertainment provided by father and son group called “Austin Friar” band. They originate from the North of Ireland and engaged with the very full audience performing many well-known Irish melodies. Though not the objective, €100 was raised for the charity. It was also a promotion night for Budweiser with two charming ladies distributing gifts to drinkers. Elaine’s Quiz with a Difference was held at Lui’s Lounge in San Javier. Once again it proved to be challenging to the participants and raised a further €190. On Friday afternoon the HELP MMM charity auction attracted many people to La Zona bar, where Joanne Scott did a marvellous job as a bilingual auctioneer. There was a wide range of items and some really good bargains were picked up. This event raised a total of €585 thanks to the efforts of everyone involved. The next event is a Race Night at Casa Rufino in Los Beloneson 2nd April at 7 for 7.30p.m. The cost is €10 which includes a meal of chicken, chips, salad, bread and a glass of wine. Tickets from Joan Mitchell (m) 678135467 Office Tel: 968570059

GAS CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM 5 radiators of any size, combination boiler with gas bottles and all certificates. All system sizes and designs, gas, oil & pellet systems. No hidden charges

Complete gas system installed for 2995€


Cosy Casa are specialists in all Solar & Heating

All our work is Legal & Guaranteed

654 593 372 or 968 584 562

Ready for the summer

FOR MORE than five years, Plane Parking has been a pivotal point of contact for visitors coming to and going from Spain at San Javier’s Murcia Airport and at Alicante Airport. As the company has grown and the number of flights and facilities expanded, Plane Parking has matched the demand for those wishing to leave their car at either airport, and now have more than 40.000 square meters of secure parking making Plane Parking the largest airport parking company with space for over 2,000 vehicles. Both sites located less than 2km from the airport coupled with a secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service. CCTV, alarm and fully insured. Clients can leave their car at one airport and pick it up at the other, giving their clients total flexibility on flights. They also have land at the new Corvera, Murcia airport. Plane Parking were the first to offer parking facilities at both airports,

the first to offer a complete car care package, repairs, can obtain a new ITV for your car, have it serviced, re-sprayed or even changed from Spanish to English plates, all while you are gone and even transfer your car between airports if needed. Plane Parking offer a unique MEET and GREET service at Alicante`s Airport departures and at San Javier Airport clients drop their vehicle to them but on their return they will be waiting at the airport with the clients vehicle and further more your car will receive a complimentary external clean. Call (0034) 966 840 289 or e-mail info@ to enquire about their unique dual airport contracts, fly into Alicante and out of Murcia or vice versa or book for a short week end stay.


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SOLTIMES march 2014

braben’s blog...

Hello and welcome to CanDu Computer Bytes. First an apology. Sol Times had to reprint a previous article due to my negligence. The article you read last week was supposed to have been emailed for inclusion. So next week’s article is about how to make sure you have attached your attachments and not “do a Trevor” :-) Today I am writing this from a country who’s corruption make the Spanish attempts at corruption seem infantile. Where am I? England of course. Why such an opinionated opening? As you might have come to understand from reading my articles over the years, I’m very much for the freedom to choose. I choose not to have speed cameras every 300 yards, not because I am a speed merchant but because I’ve learned that getting somewhere 2 minutes sooner by travelling 20 MPH faster isn’t worth it (what can you do in that 2 minutes – part boil an egg!). By the same token, I choose to be able to use the internet without being told where I can and can’t go! So what in the name of Sam Hill has gotten under my skin? I am using the technology that is “torrent” to download, from a friend, an enormous package of programs that he has spent the past 3 years writing. I am one of a number of people who is trusted enough to test, “to destruction”, his programs and offer suggestions in the re-coding to resolve these problems. Because of the size of these files it is easier for a number of testers to download parts of the files from him and the rest from each other, thereby making downloading much faster, easier and allows us to really get on with what we are there for – helping my mate produce effectively. Richard Branson has been bullied by the courts, who have in turn been manipulated by the film and music industries to prevent access to the websites that are used as an

access point for the dissemination of these programs. The arguments used in court are that the people downloading movies and music are in breach of copyright laws. Let’s ignore, for now, the fact that there are people who do this, because it is a fact that this goes on! We can ignore the fact that music and film companies have, over the many years that they have had the unrestrained monopoly, now completely lost control! Although both of these statements are completely true and in other circumstances would be a wonderful fireside debate, today we have to consider the following statement: 1) It is wrong to prevent the access to any place, physical or electronic, where lawful and proper interaction is accepted and acceptable? 2) Further, should the legal system be able to create a sweeping statement (law) that prohibits the actions of all because of the actions of a few. 3) Should we, the lawful taxpayers, allow this travesty to continue because it is “the law”? I’m classed as a trouble maker in england by the authorities because I, not only, dare to think “outside of their box”, but tell the world and his best mate my thoughts! Forgive me but I was under the strange impression that being able to share files was sacrosanct, an act of free expression that is only compromised in Neo-Socialist and Communist countries. Welcome to the Soviet Socialist State of Lesser Britain and you are welcome to it! I will be back at Jack’s bar in Albox on Friday 21st March for the computer clinic. Bring your computer related problems for: free advice; free assessment and clearly priced solutions (more than most can / will offer you)!

For further information or advice on computing, contact Trevor on 689 892 745 or

Vladimir Putin

Putin was born in 1952 in Leningrad (now St Petersburg) to a factory working mother and a Navy conscript father. During WWII his father served in the feared NKVD; forerunner to the KGB. Putin had 2 older brothers, both died before he was born. Other than a grandfather, a chef not much is known about Putin’s ancestry. Putin was/is a keen sportsman enjoying judo at school. He attended Leningrad State University and joined the Communist Party; he joined the KGB after graduating in 1975. After training he monitored foreigners in Leningrad. He married an ex Aeroflot hostess Lyudmila (Putina) in1983; moving to Dresden in 1985 working alongside the East German Stasi (Secret Police). Putin recruited students from Dresden Technical University, aiming to send them to the US as agents once graduated. BND (West German intelligence) records show that ironically his wife spoke to a BND agent in Dresden saying her husband was violent towards her and had affairs. The couple returned home in 1990 at the collapse of the East German Communist regime. Putin was stationed at his old university in Leningrad again as a recruiter. He resigned a year later when the KGB tried to overthrow President Gorbachev. Politically this was a sound move as he then worked for the Mayor’s Office in St Petersburg. There have always been rumours of Putins’

Spare Time Suggestions!

Stuck for something to do in your spare time? I know that many of us are satisfied with simply enjoying being a couch potato. But even that has its competitive edge. Earlier this year three fit young chaps in Las Vegas broke the world record for sitting watching television. They lasted over 85 hours before they ran out of the room, gibbering wrecks! Can you imagine, sitting in front of the television for so many hours. I wonder how many times they lost the remote control. But, if spending endless hours in front of the television isn’t your thing, don’t despair. I’ve been doing a little research and found all manner of fascinating frivolities to help while away the hours. How about Yak farming? You’ve never considered it? Well, consider away. Yak meat is supposedly delicious, according to that well known body, the International Yak Association no less. Okay, not everyone is a Yak fan so, if, for some unaccountable reason, Yak farming doesn’t grab you, how about a far more sensible suggestion? Mooing. Mooing, as in the noise various cows famously make, is a popular hobby in America- the land of plonking yourself in front of the television for over eighty hours! Not only do people enjoy mooing, with other consenting mooers, they can also compete for a prize of 1000 dollars at the Wisconsin State Fair. They’re not so daft after all! I know that spending your spare time mooing may not be everybody’s cup of tea-or mouthful of grass. In that case, how about extreme ironing? Now ironing is my least favourite thing in the world so I find it very difficult to understand why some half-baked people go to dangerous locations to do their ironing When I say they’re half-baked, I think I ‘m being kind. They iron whilst hanging by ropes, from a sheer cliff face, on a surf board and even on top of moving cars. I’m Graham is married not sure what they get out of it; certainly to Helen and has a not nice creases, their irons aren’t even daughter, Alice. He plugged in! lives part of the year So, next time I’m sitting by the pool near Albox, but works relaxing, or simply reading a book, I’ll in Qatar, teaching. If think of those people who might be tearing you wish to contact dementedly after a Yak across a muddy Graham regarding field, ironing on top of a speeding car, or this article email: mooing for all they’re worth, and just be helenandg@yahoo. glad that I enjoy sensible things. Now, where’s my Buzz Lightyear costume?

Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles are posted on there too...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: Telephone: 636 266 641

vast hidden wealth and here maybe the start. An investigation recommended Putin be fired after he approved $93 million of exports of which payment was apparently never made. Strangely he kept his job for another five years. Then in 1996 came a potentially lucrative job in Moscow transferring property assets from the old USSR to Russia. A year later, Boris Yeltsin made him Deputy Chief of Staff. At the same time Putin bought a 7000m2 Dacha (Country estate) on the lake shore in Solovyovka. 7 friends also bought locally and they all built residences there gaining planning permission to turn it into a gated community. Putins neighbours include Yuri Kovalchuk (net worth $1bn), Vladimir Yakunin (President of Russia Railways), Andrei Fursenko (Govt Aide) and his brother Sergey Fursenko (President of Zenit St Petersburg FC and director of a Gazprom subsidiary). In the wake of the annexation by Russia of Crimea, international financial sanctions were announced recently on people close to Putin (his inner circle) including those above. Others becoming obscenely wealthy under Putins patronage have also been targeted. The winter Olympics in Sochi cost $50bn to construct and stage, Putins friend and ex judo partner from the 60s Arkady Rotenberg won lucrative building contracts for the

games and has sanctions against him as does Gennady Timchenko. Timchenko is co-founder of Gunvor an energy trading company responsible for nearly 10% of all oil and gas deals worldwide. The Americans say they have proof that Putin is an investor in Gunvor. Putin was Prime Minister in 1999 and Yeltsin named him as his successor; he was President of Russia from 2000-8 but the constitution prevented him assuming a third term. So Putin became Prime Minister instead. Whilst still President, Putin changed laws in anticipation of this, transferring more powers to the PMs Office. Since 2012 he again has been President, this time for longer as he changed the constitution to enable a 6 year term. Putin is separated from his wife Putina and although they have 2 daughters, they have never been seen in the press. One lives in Holland with her Dutch husband. Putin has been linked romantically to an ex ballerina and Anna Chapman who was arrested in 2010 as a Russian spy in New York. Putin recently granted Snowden temporary asylum in Russia and Chapman asked Edward Snowden to marry her via her twitter feed. Putins wealth is officially reported as $150,000 although it’s alleged it’s closer to $70bn!



LEGAL CORNER WITH MICHAEL DAVIES, ABOGADO/SOLICITOR If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic, please


Q. Please explain the situations in which a resident qualifies for non-payment of capital gains tax.

A . The first thing is to be able to prove to the notary the day of the sale that you are in fact a Spanish tax resident. It is very important to realize that having what everyone calls the “residencia” issued by the police does not in fact prove you are a tax resident of Spain, and that if this is the only document you take to the notary to prove tax residency , the notary will consider you a non resident and you will be subject to a 3% retention. To prove you are a tax resident your solicitor needs to request a certificate from the tax authorities, which can then be taken to the notary. If you suffer the nasty surprise of them saying that in fact you are a non resident, you will need to get this amended by proving to them that you are in fact a resident before they will issue you with the correct certificate for the notary. The best way to secure tax residency status is making a resident income tax declaration in Spain in June of every year. If you are going to sell shortly, request this certificate in advance to avoid last minute surprises. 1. The possible total or partial exemption from capital gains tax due to reinvestment (roll-over): If you

are a resident and sell one property to purchase another of the same or higher price you can claim 100% exemption from capital gains tax. To benefit you have to have been a resident for at least 3 year before the sale takes place, and you must purchase the next property within 2 years of the sale. If you are moving to a smaller property, you can claim exemption of a percentage of the capital gains tax. 2. Claim of total exemption if you are over 65 years old: If you are over 65 and sell your main home (where you must have lived for at least 3 years as a resident), you can claim 100% exemption from capital gains tax even if you do not reinvest. If the property is owned by a couple and one member is over 65 and the other is not, you are allowed to claim the exemption in respect to half the price. Michael Davies. Abogado.

Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Andalucia since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid. For a short period of time leading up to 2007 he was also Honorary British Consul


ECB supervisory Nouy rejects EU ‘split’ over banking union

one of the three elements of the eurozone ‘banking union’ created in the wake of the debt crisis. The SSM allows for direct supervision of the eurozone’s largest banks, notably those with assets of more than €30bn and those that have major cross-border activities.

The newly appointed chair of the European Central Bank’s supervisory board has said she is making it a “personal issue” to ensure that the creation of a eurozone “banking union” does not lead to a split between eurozone and non-eurozone countries. Giving evidence to the Economic Affairs Committee on 18 March 2014, Daniele Nouy told MEPs she was keen to encourage non-eurozone states to optin to the so-called single supervisory mechanism (SSM). She insisted, “the best way of making sure this will happen is for the SSM to do a very good job”. The supervisory board which Ms Nouy chairs oversees the SSM, which is

Other elements of the banking union include a single resolution fund and a common method for winding up failing banks at minimal risk to the taxpayer. Responding to a question from Portugal’s Elisa Ferreira, Ms Nouy said the timescale towards setting up a fund, which could be as long as ten years, was “far too long”, saying she would like the fund established within three to five years. Ms Nouy joined the Bank of France in 1974, and became the country’s senior bank regulator in 2003. She was appointed as the first Chair of the Supervisory Board last November, for a non-renewable five-year term. Source:



We urgently need more properties for sale and rental for waiting clients Properties of the week


Ref. PC/SK beautifully refurbished, very large 1st flr apt, 300m to beach, pool & a/c.

MOJACAR - €149,950

Ref. LR/TS Spacious 3 bed, 1.5 bath, duplex 100 metres to Mojacar beach, gardens/ terraces front & back, parking, a/c. MOJACAR - €164,950



Ref. JP/CH Beautiful, 3bed, 2.5 bathroom, duplex with garage, terraces, pools, garden, a/c, 200 m from beach.


Ref.CB/BS Very pretty 2 bed, 2 bath, terraces, pool share, pking, a/c, mountain location and views, 20 mins Mojacar


Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best Indalo)

Tel: 950 478 612 / 610 808 631 


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The only auction in Spain that: • Provides free transport • Immediate Cashpay on arrival or 3 day payout • 100% Guarntee sale option Now accepting goods for forthcoming auctions on 14th April and 28th April


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REST. Balabona & Petrol Station


E15/A7 Motorway A

x lbo

Vera/Mojacar EXIT 543

La Concepcion

We are here


Directions: we are only 5 mins from Arboleas, Zurgena, 10 mins from Albox, Huercal Overa and 20 mins from Mojacar & Vera. From A7 jct 543, direction to La Concepcion for 3.5km on the right.


The Right Way To Buy A Home Abroad

What is the biggest mistake you could make when buying property in a foreign country? Why pay for an independent lawyer when you’re already using a notary? Viewing trips – do they really take much planning? Exactly how can exchange rates affect your buying power abroad? Powerful questions like these will be tackled at the A Place in the Sun Live show this month, when international property experts, including Richard Way of The Overseas Guides Company, take centre stage for a seminar about the right way to buy a home abroad. “These free seminars are an ideal way for propertybuyers to get free advice and ask any niggling questions – and we all have them – about an overseas purchase,” said Richard Way, Editor at the Overseas Guides Company. “Deciding to spend your life savings on a home abroad can be as daunting as it is exciting, so it’s incredibly important to get reliable, first-hand information and meet the right people from the outset. Bringing together experts from different fields of the international property





Call Spencer on 637 090 665 MECHANIC WORKSHOP PHONE JAMES on 672 532 758

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the Pro be bab ly s on t ser Co the vice sta s

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Free home quotations mobile showroom covering

costa blanca Covering the Costa Blanca loose covers & re-upholstery 677 825 149 965 699 305

over 30 years experience

industry creates the perfect environment for buyers to do just that and do invaluable research.” A Place in the Sun Live takes place from 28th-30th March at Olympia in Kensington, London. The “How to buy overseas property the right way” seminar, featuring Richard Way and other trusted overseas property experts, will take place on all three days of the event in the exhibition’s central hub, where visitors will also be able to watch live interviews with the presenters of the Channel 4 A Place in the Sun TV series. “The Overseas Guides Company will be shining the spotlight on Spain at this year’s show, complementing the seminars by bringing together experts from the Spain Buying Guide and offering free, info-packed leaflets and guides to anyone who registers on our stand at the exhibition,” continued Richard Way. “We’ll have literature on buying safely, how to get the most from a viewing trip, currency exchange and more. And along with members of our knowledgeable resource team, visitors can come and chat to our recommended bi-lingual Spanish lawyer, Raquel Perez, who has helped hundreds of British people purchase safely in Spain.” Visit Richard and the Overseas Guides Company team on Stand A53 at A Place In The Sun Live, 28th - 30th March, or contact the Resource Team for more information on 0207 898 0549. Source:

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Professional marble polishing • Marble floor restoration & repairs • Marble floors cleaned & buffed to a high sheen • Marble stairs, worktops & fire places renovated • Rugs & upholstery cleaned Call Mike: Day 691 649 515 Eve: 966 721 331 Alicante to Cartegena & the Murcia region

Glamour distributers

Hair & Beauty Products C/Acequia del Rio no 27 03179 - Formentera del Segura (Alicante)

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REMOVALS Over 25 years experience Regular trips SPAIN-UK-SPAIN

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DAVID THE PLUMBER Prompt and reliable service, no job too small. Full bathrooms or just makeovers and handyman service. 24 hour call out Boilers: 80 litre fully installed from 160€

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CURTAIN & BEDDING STORE Quality Textiles For Your Home Sewing Service At Los Dolses Commercial Centre, Villamartin Next to the card shop near the canal.

SARAH & TONY TURLEY 966 848 980 or 642 308 654

costa blanca conservatories cracked or misty glass & double glazed units replaced call now for a free quotation over the phone

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factory outlet beds, garden, sofas

Large Range of Fabric and Leather Sofas, Leather Beds & Garden Furniture

Electric and Manual Recliners

Calle Fusters 49, Industrial Estate Santa Ana, Guardamar Tel 677 444 683




DELIVERY Calle Ferrers 81B, Ind Estate Santa Ana, Guardamar del Segura, 03140 (Next to Pick and Pay) Tel: 690 947 048




volunteers urgently required ! apah cattery on the brink of closing due to lack of volunteers could you spare a few hours a week?

The latest results from the end of the obedience courses are now in and the winners have been presented with their certificates and trophies at the Polideportivo sports ground in Pinar de Campoverde. Our congratulations go out to all who passed their final examination. The CCC was formed in July 2000 and since then many owners have benefited from expert tuition, by a Home Office approved Instructor, and are now proud of the way they are able to control their best friends. As far as the trophies are concerned it was a very close run affair with very few marks separating the top places:1st place in the Basic Class went to Pat. Frewin and her Lab/Belgian Shepherd “Bailey” with 108.4/110 marks. Second place went to Paul Eyre and his GSD “Chico” gaining a total of 107.8 marks. Paul gained the 2nd spot well ahead of the rest of the class In a well deserved first place with a magnificent score of 130.8/140 was a

Poodle, “Charlie”, and his proud owner Chris Parkes. Well done to you both on a magnificent effort. “Charlie” seems to be in the winning mode as he finished in top spot in the basic class. The second place in the Intermediate class was won at a canter by Dave Hook and his GSD “Mata” To get Mata up to standard took a lot of hard work and patience. Dave and his wife travelled 70 kilometres each way to the training ground, showing his determination to get the best he could for “Mata”. His owner Dave Hook should be over the moon with the progress made by his dog. Once again well done and congratulations to you all. New courses will be starting very soon. If you are interested in training your four legged friend:Please telephone Roy on 966762265 …..or …….. email:campoverdecanineclub@


Torrevieja Branch, meet at 1700 on the first Wednesday of each month at the Restaurante El Paraiso, Urb. Jardin del Mar 3, (behind Carrefour), Torrevieja. The aim of the Association is to bring together not only ex-naval personnel but anyone with an affinity to the Royal Navy. We enjoy a full programme of Social Events, Menu del Dia’s, Day Trips and Dinner and Dances. We support the other local ex-service associations and charities. So come along and meet us, we are a friendly bunch. Contact Mike Wright, Chairman 966 722 895 or Margaret Forshaw, Secretary 966 921 996.


After 14 years of caring for and rehoming hundreds of abandoned and homeless cats and kittens, APAH is being forced to make the tragic and dramatic decision to close its Cattery; located in Pinar de Campoverde, just outside Pilar de la Horadada, with the sad loss of the 60+ cats currently in its care. A decision that no Animal Rescue Charity, committed to the care of animals in need ever wants to be forced to make, but despite numerous appeals on APAH’s Facebook site and Posters appealing for volunteers in local shops and vets surgeries, the dwindling number of people willing to give a few hours a week, has meant that keeping the Cattery open is becoming almost impossible. APAH has a small number of wonderful volunteers, some of whom are willing to travel long distances to make sure that APAH’s cats are well cared for, but this small amount of people, no matter how willing, are currently not enough to maintain the high level of welfare needed to keep rescued animals happy and healthy. In previous years, APAH’s Cattery has operated on a twice daily system; morning and evening, where volunteers work seven days each week cleaning and feeding the large number of cats and kittens. Recently because of a lack of people, this has been restricted to seven mornings and two evenings each week. Even this is becoming impossible to maintain, so the only alternative open

Solar electric systems You can now sell excess electric back! Complete system 1.2kW per hour with wifi so you can monitor your savings anywhere in the world on line only 3500€ Fully legal and registered.


Fund Raising Event

STUDIO 32, following the success of their pantomime Aladdin in December, are in full swing with rehearsals for their next production SWEET CHARITY. Set in 1960’s New York,it tells the bittersweet story of Charity who works as a hostess in a dance hall who falls in love too easily.Backed by a cast of extreme characters the show is both sad and humorous,backed up by famous songs including BIG SPENDER and RHYTHM OF LIFE made famous by Shirley Bassey and Sammy Davis Jr. Performances will be at the Cardenal Belluga theatre San Folgencio Thur.5th Fri.6th and Sat 7th June Tickets 6 euros For tickets call Ann 966 318 019 or email Merf 966 711 137 or email (spanish speaking) Plus the following outlets The Card Place Benimar Benijofar 966 713 266 Cards And More La Marina 966 790 954 Kennedys Supermarket Los Montesinos 966 720 006 Redz Tearoom Quesada 966 718 374 B H Stores Catral 966 787 891 Ticket proceeds donated to the Alzheimer association of San Fulgencio

to APAH is to close its Cattery. With all other Animal Charities unlikely to be able help due to the amount of cats and kittens they are already caring for themselves, the future of APAH’s cats is bleak. The only way APAH can secure the future of its cats and kittens is to have enough volunteers willing to donate a small number of hours to help care for the beautiful cats and kittens who are the innocent victims of abandonment, neglect and abuse. If you are willing to help please call 630 422 563, or contact APAH through its Facebook site ApahRescueSanPedro, or visit one of APAH’s two Charity Shops in Pilar de la Horadada or San Miguel de Salinas. If you leave your name and a contact number, someone will call you back. Your involvement will make a huge difference to securing the future lives of APAH’s cats and kittens.

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490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Alan 662 249 159

B.D. Security Big enough to cope, small enough to care


Call for a free quote for all your metalwork and security needs phone david on: 679 360 744 email:

Are your security grills/gates rusty? Do they need a professional facelift so they look like new again? We take away your existing grills, sandblast them back to bare metal removing all old paint and rust. We then prime and powder coat them to your required colour and taste.

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Roller Shutters & Persianas Mosquito Roller Blinds All Styles of Mosquito Nets Replace Materials for Toldos Glazing Work

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INDOOR MARKET AND CAR BOOT SALE Saturdays & Sundays Sellers Set up at 8am BUYERS AT 9am.

At The

“Black Seven House”

Situated on the CV 945 in Montesinos


AUCTION Every Monday All Items Booked in 10am till 1pm Public Aution Starts From 2pm Please Do Not Park On The Road Use The Car Park At The Rear

one for the boys


To Los Montesinos


To Quesada


To Torrevieja

Black Seven House

For Further details Contact GRAHAM on 0034 689 762 990



To advertise on this feature please call the Costa Bl anca office

Tel : 902 750 190 EXT: 330





from 379€ inc iva


In spain for over 11 years Commercial zone 3, San Luis

tel: 619 963 018


buy 4 tyres & get free oil & filter change


(offer valid until 31st March)

Ken Brooks Douglas 645 162 808 654 907 247 Behind Zoco Sunday Market



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Annual Easter Fayre

“Torrevieja Christian Fellowship (TCF) are holding their Annual Easter Fayre on Saturday, 5th April 2014 between 2.0 pm. and 4.00 pm. at Avda Cortes de las Valencianas 68, Torrevieja 03183. There are items to suit all tastes handmade Easter cards and other crafts, jewellery, hand-knitted scarves and children’s cardigans, home-cooked scones and cakes and jams, brica-brac, white elephant stalls with electrical and household items and nearly new clothes. Bargains galore! D o n t miss it!”


Monday, March 17th 2014 it was the third consecutive year that Torrevieja Pipes & Drums have been honoured leading the parade. Thousands of spectators as well as different representators of honourable organisations enjoyed the big fun day. Vintage cars, heavy bikes, brass bands, drum corps and acrobatics have been presented at its best and it ended as a great day out. Torrevieja Pipes & Drums would like

to thank the organizing committe and invites you all to join the party in 2015. If you are interessted booking the band for any venue or even become an active member of the band please contact Barry on +34 626 839 951 or via e-Mail : waddingtonjoan@gmail. com. And YES, the band welcomes beginners. Report by: Torrevieja Pipes & Drums Press Officer.

An Evening of European Music

In what will be a first for Vivace Classical Choir members, they will be hosting a visiting Danish choir – The Lyngby Kammerkor - for a joint concert of European music. Vivace is already an international choir, with singers from many European countries, and the music chosen for this combined concert will reflect a truly international theme. The Lyngby Kammerkor is based in Copenhagen, and has been introduced to Vivace by choir members Tomas and Tove Andgren, who sing with Vivace in the winter, and with the Lyngby Kammerkor when they return to Denmark in the summer months. The varied programme will include music by Purcell, Elgar, Lange-Müller and others, sung by the Danish choir, and by Bach, Fauré and Rutter sung by Vivace. For the Grand Finale, the choirs will join together to sing, “The Hallelujah

Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah, conducted by Vivace’s Musical Director Tom Pargeter, and accompanied by their accompanist, David Ward Campbell. This concert promises to be a most enjoyable international event, and will take place in the Casa de Cultura, San Miguel de Salinas, on Friday 28th March at 8.00pm. For more details call 96 572 0919. Entry to the concert is free. After this, Vivace members can’t rest on their laurels, as they will be presenting extracts from Handel’s Messiah the following weekend! On Thursday 3rd April in the Casa de Cultura in San Miguel, on Friday 4th in La Siesta Church, and on Sunday 6th in the Colegio de Santo Domingo in Orihuela. Information on these concerts can also be got from the above telephone number.


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On Sunday 6th April 2014, the third trekking day “Vuelta a Rojales” will be held, the longest trekking route in the Vega Baja region: 30km, 7 hours and medium-low difficulty.

The “Vuelta a Rojales” belongs to an iniciative of the Local Department for Sports, which is included in the scheme “Rojales paso a paso” through which the Town Council will signpost different trekking routes within the Municipality of Rojales. According to the Councillor for Sports, Pedro Llopis, the participants will walk 30 km on the municipal area of Rojales in a no competitive race. The aim is to show people living in the municipality and visitors our landscapes and different districts and urbanisations of our municipality within a nice day of comradeship for trekking lovers. As in previous editions, the Councillor expects 400 people participating.

The route starts on the weekly market grounds and will continue to the Segura River, Cabezo Soler Hill, the “El Recorral” Park towards “la Mata” Natural Park. At this point, the first provisioning spot will be located, where participants will have at their disposal fruit and water. Following, the route will continue through Ciudad Quesda till the Natural Spot “Hoyo Serrano”, where the participants will find the second provisioning spot, to go on through Heredades, Segura River towards Rojales to end by the weekly market grounds, where the hikers will enjoy a snack. Local Police officers as well as Protección Civil volunteers will go with the hikers for the whole route. Just to point out that the organization has a civil liability insurance and an accident insurance. The deadline to register is the 3rd April 2014 at the information desk of Rojales Town Hall or in

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Our new website has been running for a while now, and this column is to introduce the new additions, explain what’s already there and to answer any questions you have... Based on the rising number of website hits, many of you are just discovering the new site...I’m not surprised as I included FREE to air TV! Basically, if you have an internet connection you can watch UK TV absolutely FREE. The channels available are BBC 1 and 2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV 2/3/4, E4, More 4, Dave, Really and for the children CBeebies. Below the channel links you will also find a TV guide. Soltimes FREE to air TV was designed as a secondary TV service which can be viewed anywhere around the home and even on the go (with a smart phone). If you have any questions or ideas please email me at



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Mountain View

Cat hotel Hondon de las Nieves/Frailes

Centrally-heated houses with large individual runs Love and care will be lavished during your cat’s stay My 29 years of experience in animal and veterinary care will give you piece of mind

Pick up & delivery service offered for coastal areas

Telephone: 966 195 816

Answerphone - we will call back: Mobile 654 155 473

Domino Pet Hotel

animal corner

The Importance of Giving Your Dog Affection Love is one of the greatest gifts we can share with our dogs.

Dogs are affectionate animals. Touch means a lot to them, both in their natural world and when they live with us. However, affection that hasn’t been earned and is shared at the wrong time can be detrimental

to a dog. Here are a few of my thoughts on sharing affection. Give affection - but at the right time! Remember anytime you give affection, you

Domino Petshipping worldwide

The local pet hotel where your beloved pet goes when you are on holiday or just away... Domino Pet Hotel offers cattery with warm and cosy beds, daily grooming guaranteed! Large comfortable dog kennels, large exercise park, doggie wellness weekend Fri - Mon 25€ incl. Wellness bath, Short / long term stay. Professional trained team

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reinforce the behavior preceding it. Reward stability. Share your love when your dog is in a calm-submissive state. Share affection after a dog has... exercised and eaten,

changed an unwanted behavior into a behavior you asked for, responded to a rule or command, or entered a calmsubmissive state. Don’t share affection when your dog is... fearful, anxious, possessive, dominant, aggressive, whining, begging, barking, or breaking a household rule. Don’t forget exercise and discipline. Prove your love by giving your dog what he or she needs: long walks; rules, boundaries, and limitations Give your dogs as much love as you have! Give as much love as your heart can handle and then some! But please give it at the right time.

EASY HORSE CARE - The Horse Too Late To Save

Two weeks ago the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) Foundation based in Rojales were involved in a major, much publicised rescue of 14 horses from a horse dealers premises in Callosa De Segura. And it never stopped there. The following night they were called back by two officers from a division of Callosa Policia Local called U.R.M.A. (Unidad Rural y Medio Ambiente). These two officers are serious about animal welfare and are similar to the Guardia Civil Seprona division, responsible for animal welfare and the environment. Someone had sneaked into the abandoned premises and tied a malnourished horse to a tree using a piece of string. One day later and another call from U.R.M.A. to rescue a mule abandoned in a small concrete box sized pen located in a crumbling abandoned factory unit also in Callosa. The next rescue though was tinged with sadness and disbelief. On Wednesday March 19th Sue and Rod Weeding, co founders of the EHCRC received three telephone call asking for assistance from officers of the Guardia

Civil Seprona Division Orihuela and the Guardia Civil from Alicante and also Torrevieja about the plight of a horse in what can only be described as a walled yard with derelict buildings inside. The police had been alerted by a concerned member of the public. Sue and Rod raced to the premises to be met by the Guardia Civil Seprona officers, They were confronted with the sight of a young horse close to death lying prostrate on the ground he was obviously severely malnourished and dehydrated. They immediately administered some water and made him as comfortable as possible until Dorothea their vet and other members of the EHCRC team could get there. Explains Sue, “ Sadly when Dorothea arrived and after examining him she confirmed our worst fears that he was beyond further help. The attending police officers gave Dorothea permission to put him to sleep. Further investigation revealed the other equines being kept there, two horses, two ponies a donkey and a mule. One of the horses is in desperate need of help and we are on standby to get it out when the police call us. The other five equines there are in reasonable condition and we have been advised that they all have different owners. The Guardia Civil Seprona are actively trying to trace these owners and also the proprietor of the premises, all believed to be gypsies, to find a solution for these creatures and to get the installation closed down once and for all. This is not the first time we have been called to this place as we rescued two horses and two donkeys from there three and a half years ago. We are finding now that there is a huge advancement in animal welfare with the police and we have been called out to and worked on several cases

with officers from many towns and villages on the Costa Blanca even as far away as Benidorm. It is important that the EHCRC Foundation continues to grow and find a way to fund the ever increasing amount of animals that need our help and continue to give the police the support they need in fighting animal cruelty. ” concludes Sue. The EHCRC would welcome any donations or sponsorship to support the work that they are doing. If you are a bar owner or business that wants to hold a charity event to support the Rescue Centre please get in touch with Sue Weeding on 652 021 980 or email David East, PR volunteer on The EHCRC will ensure that your event receives the maximum press and radio publicity plus coverage on their Face book site prior to and after the event. Every single cent donated to the EHCRC charity or spent in any one of their five charity shops located in La Zenia, Los Montesinos, La Siesta, Ciudad Quesada or Guardamar goes towards the upkeep and care of the horses, donkeys and ponies in their care. Large items such as furniture that is donated can be collected from your house and likewise delivered after purchase from their charity shops. Contact the charity shop hotline on 636 062 000 for this service and also if you would like to become a volunteer and work for a few hours or days in any of the shops including the new one due to open on La Marina Urb. in a couple of weeks. Why not visit the centre on their open days every Sunday between 1 pm and 4 pm where refreshments and tasty food are available in the garden café. Entrance is free. The first horse tour commences at 2 pm where you can get close to, and meet the residents and see first hand where your money is spent. For more details about the EHCRC and directions to the centre just outside Rojales visit www.

SOLTIMES march 2014

book review Divine Damages by Georgia Varjas.

“ The air tortured her skin. She felt daggers attack her and pierce her flesh but she resisted. ‘ I know what you did, I saw you. Now, I am your tormentor.’ “ This is an interesting selection of 10 modern, tongue-in-cheek stories of feminism taken to an absurd extreme using male and female caricatures. In Stalking Patty we are looking at revenge and female empowerment. Patty is approaching middle-age and we discover how gullible she was at 17, discovering boys and sex for the first time. What ensued inevitably, was an unplanned pregnancy followed by a tragic miscarriage. A simple D&C was needed to clean her out but she was left infertile and with permanent psychological damage.

Whilst under the anaesthetic she remembered the nurses laughing at her and the surgeon wielding a huge carving knife. Consequently, she was doped with medication for the next decade when her self-esteem had reached rock-bottom and full of despair. In time a new relationship with Brian petered out when she was unable to conceive leaving her feeling angry, guilty, depressed and of course, abandoned. She blamed Dr Death for her misery. In time life improved. Patty weaned herself off the medication, got a job and put on weight. Things started to look up until that fateful day at the British Museum. It was a chance encounter, twenty years later: “This was the man who had crippled me, spoilt all my chances of happiness and fertility. Winthrop had permanently crucified it.” How sweet is revenge? She wanted to hound him, torment him. Exploitation and ultimately ruin were her objectives. She adopted the role of the femme fatale. “I got him and I damaged him and the satisfaction was all mine.” But did she succeed in regaining some personal power and inner strength? Was revenge really so empowering for Patty?

You decide….

Sweet Claudine shows a woman completely detached from her marriage and husband. She is self-sufficient and happy to bake and promote her business. She takes relish in the sun sparkling over the sugary coatings of her pastries but lacks the warmth or passion to engage in a romantic or sensual relationship with Didier, her husband. Didier marries for selfadvancement wanting an indolent lifestyle. Over time he became critical and insulting at work gaining a reputation of being mean and arrogant. Inevitably, he became bored with his dead-end job and Claudine. As a sharp contrast she became successful and popular. People praised her business prowess. This just fuelled his resentment and frustration. He demeaned her business as a silly hobby. His mind was pre-occupied over his future-a luxurious life in the south of France-once he has sold her house, her delivery van and her business. But single not married or tied down. Does he manage it? There is a twist to the finale and Varjas introduces a touch of the supernatural and a dramatic climax. For one of them there is freedom; the other is doomed. But is that the full story!? And for a dose of sexual frustration there’s Righteous Val who seems to have lost her way and behaves in the most crude and unrighteous manner. At 49 years of age we can initially sympathise with her plight-abandoned by a Lothario of a husband who shacks up with a 20 years old babe from Essex- frumpy, fat and altogether, shabby. You can see why the husband absconded can’t you? But he does leave her with a generous alimony and a lovely house.

“How does a woman get what she wants? Wasn’t I kind and considerate?” Perhaps it’s just the injustice of being “dumped” or boredom that motivates her into cleaning up the streets and preventing physical abuse to women or children. A crusader. Armed with a small hammer, a pair of pliers, a Phillipps screwdriver, sharp kitchen scissors and masking tape.

Seriously, she was on the warpath confronting drunks and ugly schoolboys believing they would give the least resistance. She saw herself as a bit of a saviour without the religious connotation-a version of Mother Theresa or a Batman without the ridiculous costume of course. And then it went a bit pear-shaped. It seems that she gets easily turned on by attractive, foreign males called Carlos. Why are the pretty ones always called Carlos? Enough is enough. Let’s have some fun. So how does she tackle her “cream cake in the bathtub variety” with rusty methods of seduction? Does she have to knock him over the head to entice him into her lair or boudoir? And why does Varjas end the tale with a mischievous hint (or is it a moral?) about using a “plentiful supply of Viagra?” It sounds kinky to me. Publisher: Wordplay. ISBN: 978-1482796-858

REVIEW it by Carol Naylor. / www.carolesleynaylor.wordpress. com


pause for thought We do of course all like to be popular and necessarily therefore many of us are sometimes tempted to pull off some sort of stunt to grab attention. Trouble is however, that as I’ve often noticed from watching television ads, there are times when a dramatic performance can actually detract from the ad itself, leaving me remembering the advert, but having no idea what product was actually being advertised. So Jesus, during his 40-day period in the Wilderness, which as mentioned before, we Christians remember during this period of Lent, similarly faced the possibility of throwing himself from the top of the highest building in the area and walking away unscathed. Some publicity-stunt that one; bound to make people sit up and take notice! But Jesus rightly rejected that option as one that would lead people to believe in and follow him for all the wrong reasons, remembering the stunt but missing His message completely. And how often, sometimes in very subtle guise, we who claim to serve Him find ourselves tempted to use the power of His Holy Spirit to glorify ourselves rather than Jesus Christ, our Lord and master. It’s so easy to speak or write aiming to please others, hoping they’ll think well of me, whereas my task as a Christian is to make much of Christ and nothing of myself. For as John the Baptist remarked, “He must increase whilst I decrease.” So whenever called upon to act, speak or write on His behalf, I always pray to be spared that temptation, using the words of a hymn learnt years ago: “Not I, but Christ, be honoured, loved, exalted. Not I, but Christ, be seen, be known and heard: Not I, but Christ, in every look and action: Not I, but Christ, in every thought and word”. For if I leave others with a clear impression of myself and little of Jesus, then I have failed; whereas if from my words/actions others learn of Him, but little of myself, then indeed I have succeeded in my task. Details of a number of English Language Churches are given in Sol Noticeboard for any wishing to Worship, whilst additionally, further information about the Anglican Church in this area may be seen on the web site www. Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

properties for sale houses and land can be separated with own escrituras or sold as one lot.

Two detached villa shells built up to and including roofs 125m2 built on flat 3000m2 plot. Secluded position, unspoilt countryside views across orange and lemon groves front and rear.

Fully Legal & with Full Title Deeds

• E ach villa spec: 3 beds / 2 baths. Size 125m2

•S  pace for pools (12mx6m) • E xceptional uninterrupted views of orange and lemon groves to front & rear •S  ituated between Almanzora & Arboleas overlooking Almanzora valley • 1 0 minutes to nearest town with all amenities • I nland country setting, but only 30 minutes to coast. • I deal for builder to complete internals.

Private sale - Priced to sell Must be viewed to appreciate this golden opportunity

Tel: 609 199 394 / 647 379 878 / 950 064 801

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1. Tom’s mom had three children. The first was named May, the second was June. What was the third childs name? 2. The manufacturer doesn’t want to use it, the buyer doesn’t need to use it and the user doesn’t know he’s using it. What is it? 3. The word CANDY can be spelled using just 2 letters. Can you figure out how? 4. Bill bets Craig $100 that he can predict the score of the hockey game before it starts. Craig agrees, but loses the bet. Why did Craig lose the bet? 5. What is the next 3 letters in this sequence? o t t f f s s _ _ _ 6. FOUR is HALF of FIVE. Is this statement True or False? 7.A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be? 8. What do these 3 have in common? Superman, Moses, The Cabbage Patch Kids 9. What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away? 10. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? 11.I can sizzle like bacon, I am made with an egg, I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg, I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole, I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole, What am I? 12. This is an unusual paragraph. I’m curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it! In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out! Try to do so without any coaching! 13. Hi! Ma and Pa told me I’d better say that all the two-letter words in this paragraph have something in common ...... or else! What’s the common factor here? 14. What falls but never breaks? What breaks but never falls? 15. This one’s a tuffy! There is a common English word that is seven letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains a common English word - from seven letters right on down to a single letter. What is the original word, and what are the words that it becomes after removing a letter at a time? 16. In olden days you are a clever thief charged with treason against the king and sentenced to death. But the king decides to be a little lenient and lets you choose your own way to die. What way should you choose? Remember, you’re clever! 17. What is it that when you take away the whole, you still have some left over? 18. What six letter word in the English language contains ten other words without rearranging any of its letters? 19. Name an English word of more than 2 letters that both begins and ends with the letters “he” in that order. There are two possible answers. “hehe” is not acceptable. 20. A man was found murdered on Sunday morning. His wife immediately called the police. The police questioned the wife and staff and got these alibis: The Wife said she was sleeping. The Cook was cooking breakfast. The Gardener was picking vegetables. The Maid was getting the mail. The Butler was cleaning the closet. The police instantly arrested the murdered. Who did it and how did they know?

Brain Teasers Answers


Amazing Facts on the human body

APPENDIX TO LIFE: Recently it has been

discovered that the appendix is very useful to the bacteria that help your digestive system function. They use it to get respite from the strain of the frenzied activity of the gut, somewhere to breed and help keep the gut’s bacterial inhabitants topped up. SUPERSIZED MOLECULES: Practically everything we experience is made up of molecules. The biggest molecule in nature resides in your body. It is chromosome 1. A normal human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes in its nucleus, each a single, very long, molecule of DNA. Chromosome 1 is the biggest, containing around 10bn atoms, to pack in the amount of information that is encoded in the molecule ATOM COUNT: It is hard to grasp just how small the atoms that make up your body are until you take a look at the sheer number of them. An adult is made up of around 7,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms. GOOSEBUMP EVOLUTION: Goosepimples are a remnant of our evolutionary predecessors. They occur when tiny muscles around the base of each hair tense, pulling the hair more erect. With a human’s thin body hair, it just makes our skin look strange. EYELASH INVADERS: Depending on how old you are, it’s pretty likely that you have eyelash mites. These tiny creatures live on old skin cells and the natural oil (sebum) produced by human hair follicles. They are usually harmless, though they can cause an allergic reaction in a minority of people. Eyelash mites typically grow to a third of a millimetre and are near-transparent, so you are unlikely to see them with the naked eye.


logic puzzle

After a local Post Office burglary, five suspects were being interviewed. Below is a summary of their statements. Police know that each of them told the truth in one of the statements and lied in the other. From this information can you tell who committed the crime? Brian said: It wasn’t Charles, It was Alan Derek said: It was Charles, It wasn’t Alan Charles said: It was Brian , It wasn’t Eric Alan said: It was Eric, It wasn’t Brian Eric said: It was Derek, It was Alan

logic puzzle solution:


Moods & Emotions Find and circle all of the words that are hidden in the grid. The remaining 11 letters spell an additional word.

Answer:The hidden word is: DISCOURAGED

Fun Brain Teasers with Answers to Challenge your Mind

Answer: Derek was the culprit


Looking at Brian’s statement if it was Charles, then Brian was lying in his first statement, which makes the second statement true. Which would mean that it was both Charles and Alan. So it can’t be Charles. Which means Derek was lying in his first statement, which makes the second statement true. Therefore it can’t be Alan. So Eric’s second statement must be false, meaning his first statement was true, therefore it was Derek.


1. Tom Tom’s mom had three children, June, May, and Tom. 2. A Coffin 3.The answer: C and Y 4. Bill said the score would be 0-0 and he was right. Before any hockey game starts, the score is always 0-0. 5. “e n t “ They represent the first letter when writing the numbers one thru ten. 6. It’s True. The Roman Numeral FOUR (IV) is in the middle of the word Five: F(IV)E 7. The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry. 8. They were all adopted! 9. The answer is Charcoal. In Homer Simpson’s words: Hmmmm... Barbecue. 10. Sure you can:Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow! 11. A snake.

12. The letter “e”, which is the most common letter in the English language, does not appear once in the long paragraph. 13. All the two-letter combinations are abbreviations of U.S. States: Hi:Hawaii, MA:Massachusetts, PA:Pennsylvania, me:Maine, in: Indiana, I’d: Idaho, or:Oregon 14. Night and Day! 15. The original word is “Snowing”. It decomposes to: sowing, swing, sing, sin, in, and I. 16. I think I would have chosen to die of “old age”. Did you? 17. The word Wholesome. 18.The word is Spared. The ten words are: Spa, Spar, Spare, Pa, Par, Pare,Pared, Are, Re, and Red. If you got this one you are good! 19. Headache or Heartache. 20. It was the Maid. She said she was getting the mail. There is no mail



ACROSS 1 Diabolical cast in a play (7) 5 One eating little head of lettuce held by cook in hot water (7) 9 Aquatic plant providing a variety of materials (5,4) 10 Carrying on thus, for some reason I create a sort of boom (5) 11 One who takes after beggarman (5) 12 Able to contend, not being disheartened (9) 13 Noble start to resistance in French resistance movement (7) 15 They teach large groups of swimmers (7) 17 Object for trial (7) 19 Refuse to reveal how old clothes are (7) 21 Form of address valued for the auditor taken unawares (9) 23 Argue about something boring (5) 25 Record left by teacher in Siam (5) 26 Page with scope for truism (9) 27 Mount seen the day before the others (7) 28 Thrash Elia a second time (7)

ACROSS 1 Counting device (6) 4 A forceful consequence (6) 9 Deport (5) 10 Relished (7) 11 Act of deliberate betrayal (7) 12 Movable staircases (5) 13 Easily handled or managed (6) 15 Lithe (6) 19 Device in a brass wind instrument (5) 21 Oval (7) 23 Slowly moving ice mass (7) 24 Large artery (5) 25 Throws out (6) 26 Sternutation (6)

Down 1 Turned away or aside (7) 2 Similar (5) 3 Kitchen implement (7) 5 Commissioned military officer (5) 6 Unfathomable (7) 7 Periodic rise and fall of sea level (5) 8 Deceive by mock action (5) 14 Assemble in proper sequence (7) 16 Scoundrel (7) 17 Promote (7) 18 Prolonged period of time (5) 19 Undefined (5) 20 Live (5) 22 Sum of money offered as a prize (5)



Down 1 A sign Tommy’s upset about patrol leader (7) 2 Bones sailors found on island (5) 3 Instrument making snout feel odd (4,5) 4 Risks making Chinese detective dry up (7) 5 Sausages from a Greek island (7) 6 Publication for children (5) 7 Curiously, Maine’s not an American state (9) 8 Eric, having set off, repeats something memorized (7) 14 Reading or writhing in river (3,6) 16 Flora collected metal she owns (9) 17 Father’s wise migration (7) 18 Drunkard turns to observe drunkard (7) 19 Duck turning up initially looking like a Walt Disney animated goose (7) 20 Art deserving a pledge? (7) 22 April keeps providing material for a poet (5) 24 A couple upset after end of big cheese (5)


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

squiggle SUDOKU

standard SUDOKU


CRYPTIC crossword







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Tasty food for everyday, special occasions and for sharing with friends Grilled Asparagus & Red Onions with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar



Preparation method

Booking essential

Avda Costa Azul, Ciudad Quesada (at the top of the hill)

Tel 965 999 973

Ingredients 2 medium red onions, peeled 1 ½ pounds asparagus (about 24 medium stalks), ends trimmed* 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper ½ teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, best quality 1. Preheat grill to high. 2. Prepare red onions: Cut onions in half from root to tip, then cut halves into ½-inch slices. Pull slices apart and tumble into disposable grill pan; toss with 2 tablespoons olive oil, ½ teaspoon kosher salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper. 3. Prepare asparagus: Place spears in baking dish and toss with 2 tablespoons olive oil, ¼ teaspoon kosher salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper. 4. Place pan of onions and asparagus spears on the grill (be sure to place spears perpendicular to grates so they don’t fall through!). Set asparagus dish next to grill (do not clean). Cover and cook vegetables for 2-3 minutes. Open cover and turn asparagus (use

t t h a e n g n r i ee n e h T bar

tongs to press and roll). Cover and cook 1 -2 minutes more, until asparagus spears are nicely browned and tender-crisp. Remove asparagus from grill and place back in baking dish. Stir onions, cover, and continue cooking for about 15 – 25 minutes, stirring every few minutes, until tender and caramelized. In the meantime, transfer asparagus spears to cutting board and cut into 1½-inch pieces. Place back in baking dish and toss with finished grilled onions. Add sugar and balsamic vinegar and toss well. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary (I usually add a good ¼ teaspoon more salt). Transfer to serving platter and serve hot or room temperature.

New to Benijofar

Urbanizacion Laguna Green Entre Naranjos

Tel: 677 477 554 Open 11am till late daily

Weekly Events: saturday 29th march 9pm Monday 2pm Dominoes Tuesday 9pm quiz night with ken thursday 9pm - pop quiz with lynden b saturday 9pm - live entertainment all live sports shown on large flatscreen tvs DIAMOND MUSIC DUO

san miguel de salinas


commercial centre


laguna green

 inn at the green

san javier

ap-7 los montesinos


Sunday Karaoke 9pm

9.30am til close everyday OPEN FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND EVENING MEALS 2 x 8oz Steak Meals & Bottle of Wine 22€ 2 x Gammon Steaks Meals & Bottle of Wine 18€ Or Mix & Match for 20€

Tel: 688 489 096

Avda Federico Garcia Lorca No 76 Benijofar


Route 66 Diner in Benimar celebrated it’s first year anniversary of opening last Saturday 22nd March 2014 with entertainment with Debbie Slater. Since being taken over by new owners Lisa and Rob it has gone from strength to strength. They have given 150% to get the Diner to where it is today. They are a well known couple with three other successful businesses on the Costas and know how to build good customer relations. Route 66 has a true all American feel with memorabilia and photos from the USA and even a Jukebox in the corner. Customers are particularly fond of the American style buster breakfast, burgers, ribs, 12 noon - 3pm steaks, hot dogs etc. 3 courses plus glass of wine or small beer There is a new edition to their menu, Sunday or soft drink - 8.95€ pp Lunch is now available from 12pm to 6pm. Lisa and Rob would like 6pm - 8pm to thank old and new 4 courses including any starter, any curry, customers, friends and rice or naan, coffee or ice cream, plus not forgetting the staff at Route 66. bottle of wine per couple - 13.95€ pp Opening times are 8.30 Avenida de las Naciones No. 57 till late 7 days a week. Next to La Taberna Kitchen open all day, Cuidad Quesada Centre booking is advisable. Tel: 686 701 894 Tel: 966 715 825

Menu del Dia

Menu de la Noche


american breakfasts salads snacks

Jacket Potatoes Steaks & Ribs, Etc... now taking bookings for

mother’s day and easter

open 7 days a week 8.30-late tel: 966 715 825 • 616 646 006


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All they need is a loving home !

can you help? romeo

Romeo is a 2 year old Chihuahua cross and weighs just 6 kilos, he is very good with other dogs and cats, is house trained and very faithful.

sebastian & chanel

Sebastian and Chanel were found in a shallow canal last week, they are approx 10 weeks old, good with cats and other dogs and will be medium size when fully grown.

pets in spain Call: 645 469 253

Ides of March 2014 Humanist Walk The 24 walkers started just off the RM-D4 Morata Road where there were no loos nor hot coffee (shame). A gentle stroll along a smooth wide track where a loose Doberman did not attack the group. The walk wound around and up to the mine buildings of Coto Fortuna, which were started by the Romans in 200 BC and lasted into the 1950s (The Romans only lasted until 400 AD, others took over after that). The Romans smelted lead to make coins and later miners extracted alum to add to cosmetics. There were no gato montes (wild cats) to be seen but a very colourful caterpillar two foot long did attract attention from Xavier’s dog. The walk continued round the site and ended at the San Carlos Shaft, which has been partly renovated by the owner of an adjacent olive plantation who did the work when he retired. Lunch was taken in Restaurante La Siena where a reasonable meal and loads of wine cost only 10euros. In recognition of his hard work in the setting up the Humanist


SAN JUAN DE LOSS TERERROS. The Great Kon Tiki Raft Race (organised by San Animal) will take place on 15th June from the beach at San Juan de los Terreros from 12noon. Teams of 2, 3 or 4 crew members are invited to make their own craft from “non-marine” parts and race for the coveted San Animal Kon Tiki Trophy. There will be separate races for Under 17,s and seniors. Further details and rules are available from Richard and Elina on 950-466-248 and

Andy Wilson Photographer

Group, John Blakey and Martin Ruston presented Richard Ward with a certificate and life membership, saving the annual 5euro fee. The next walk will be in the San Juan area on 12 April 2014. For more information on the Humanists of Murcia go to www. and to contact the Humanist Celebrant for marriages, naming ceremonies and funerals call 634 025 711


with an entry in the

SOLTIMES business directory

From just €15 for 3 months

Tel: Christine on 902 750 190



Campoverde Reef Band


The Campoverde Reef Band played at the Lo Monte Hotel Pilar de la Horadada, on 15th March, to raise funds for AECc and its continuing fight against cancer. Everybody had a great night and a fantastic total of 534 euros was raised. Particular thanks go to the wonderfully professional Reef Band and to Tish Hirst who represented AECC at the event.

Fast events

Friday 4th: April Beat The Buzzer Quiz show at The Clubhouse, Camposol 5€ Saturday 10th May: May Fayre at Mariano’s Restaurant 11o/c 1€ entry Friday May 16th: May Ball at The Amapola restaurant 3 course meal Wine/Water Dancing to Terry Jay 25 Euro’s Coach available Friday 1st August: Rock n Roll Bar -B -Q at The Clubhouse Saturday 11th October: at Trevi Bar Buffet Dance Saturday 29th November: Christmas Fayre at mariano’s Friday 5th December : Christmas Party with Barrington at The Clubhouse

La Bamba’s - Ballroom / Latin / Sequence Dancing

Los Rosales Restaurant, Guardamar CV895 [near Lemon Tree Sunday Market] Monday - SOCIAL DANCE 8.30pm 10.30pm [SEQUENCE CLASS 7.30pm - 8.30pm] Friday - SOCIAL DANCE 7.30pm 10.30pm Wednesday - New Beginners Class 2pm -3pm Intermediate Class 3pm - 4pm Intermediate Plus Class 4pm - 5pm For more information contact Andrea and Brian 616 478 157

Torrevieja Costa Lions Club

Come and join our club members on one of our “ Business meeting nights” and see what we are doing this year to raise money for charities. You may have seen us in the local papers over the last few weeks because of the large amounts of money that we have raised and donated to people and countries in need of help and assistance. We are growing in numbers every month so if you feel like helping us then we can be found on the second Thursday in every month at the Cabo Cervera Hotel in La Mata near Torrevieja, Meetings now start from April at 19.30 hours. If you like what you see and hear, then you will be invited to join us at our next social night event later in the month, where ever and what ever it may be you can be sure of a good night. Contact me on or via our web site on membership@



Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs. 10-1pm. For information ring John McGilvray on 966 786 774 or Mobiles 634 658 506 / 695 871 707 or e mail carolejohn_3@


Mazarrón District (Founded 1 May 2006) Tuesday 15th April: Visit to Military Museum in Cartagena + Menu-del-dia Wednesday 7th May Amapola, Playa Sol Hotel Bolnuevo AGM + Dinner and Dance (Music by Itchy Fingers) Membership enquiries, Ian 629818611 or


(formerly Spiritualist Church, Quesada) Meets at NEW ADDRESS: with immediate effect at Hamilton´s Bake House, 62 Calle Vicente, Blasco Ibañez, Benijofar 03178. We hold a Sunday Service at 11.30 a.m., a Tuesday Evening of Mediumship at 7.30 p.m. And every Thursday there is an Open Circle where you can develop your skills commencing at 7.30 p.m. Spiritual healing is available every Sunday and Tuesday after the service. Lesley Pickering will take the Divine Service with Mediumship on Sunday, 30th March. On Tuesday 1st April, there will be an Evening of Mediumship with David Darnbrough. Morag Bullock will take the Divine Service with Mediumship on Sunday, 6th April. Everybody welcome. Contact Wendy on 965323028. www. New email is Identificacion Fiscal G54713789

Strictly Social Club

“We are the Strictly Social Club, meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wed of each month, 14.30 for 15.00 at the New Asturias Restaurant in Punta Prima on the N332. We are looking to recruit new members to our club. Our activities include, a quiz, with a guest speaker from time to time, and is primarily a place for people to meet and make new friends. Each Christmas, we hold our annual lunch which is always well attended, and good value for money. During the year, we also organise trips out to places of interest. So, if you would like to join our merry throng, please contact: Margaret on 966 730 569 where you will made to be very welcome.”

50+ SOLOS is open to Ladies and GENTLEMEN over the age of 50 years and on their own either through divorce or the loss of their partner. There are no subs or fees, just the cost of a meal and perhaps a little drink and a chat with likeminded people. We try to choose a different venue for each meal, normally the first and third Saturday of each month? At this moment we have only a couple of vacancies for ladies but several for gentlemen as some of ‘the regulars’ are away for various reasons so places must be held for them. Everyone is very friendly and we are quite a talkative lot at times. We hope to have a 10 pin bowling match in April against another group - nothing serious!! in May/June several want to go to Aguilas again for the day.. including a boat trip. YOU WILL NOT BE BORED. Come along and try us, no obligation. For general information or to make an enquiry about booking contact RUTH on 966 789 063 or ANNE 966 786 281






see us online everyday BY TELEPHONE Between 10am & 5pm Monday to Friday

966 719 647

glass curtains

glass curtains create more living space, no unsightly frames, reasonable prices, for a free estimate tel: 646 111 825

handy man





electricians Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.


Furniture first

est 2006



house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

house clearances

quick cash house /bar clearance

cars & A1 ground & motorcycles gaRDEN SERVICES also wanted Diggers, Skips, Garden transport Re-form & Maintenance in 1 hour Telephone 628 505 733 tel: 669 723 709 garden services

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TELEPHONE: 966 719 647

for sale advertise all your unwanted items for sale in this section

any single item up to 300€ free of charge email:

swimming pool air energy titanium heat pump 3.54 klw ½ hp


tel: 674 482 358 pool tables,

snooker tables, table tennis tables, darts.

666 933 726


Leather 3 Seater And 2 Seater Sofas And Matching Footstool In Dark Blue Leather. Can Email Photos. Fuente Alamo Area Murcia. Tel. 634334169 S atellite Dish, 1 Meter with brackets etc” as new only 15 months old ,Famaval Hi Gain .... great for spanish / german TV 30€ 2 Halogen room heaters as new 10€ each or 2 for 15€ these are in excellent condition hardly ever used Mazarron 634 382 778. U prig h t Bicycle, antitheft device, 16 gears, Dynamo lights, €60 a bargain. Quesada area Tel: 698 468 283 Clean double mattress with cover €35 Quesada area Tel: 698 468 283 Two single mattresses clean with covers Quesada area Tel: 698 468 283 V arious Videos and DVD’s 50 cents

each Quesada area Tel: 698 468 283 4 Butane Orange Gas Bottles for sale 8€ each + 2 regulators 4€ each. Fagor Eco Plus Gas Water Heater 25€ 966717151 (Quesada) Satellite Dish 1.4 complete with bracket €70 Mazarron Area Tel: 699 261 663 sat / dis h 1 metre with brackets etc.”famaval hi gain” ex condition. great for spainish/ german tv. 50€.617 653 087 SOFABED - 3 seater in light blue pattern. 25 euros. local delivery could be arranged. could email photo. fuente alamo area tel 634334169 portable air condition unit as new 80€ golf vw roof bars lockable brand new 40€bread maker breville compact bakers oven 15€ solid brass feature curved fire guard & companion set 20€ gas bottles silver butano x 4 each 15€ bosch jigsaw st 650 20€ steps alluminium 5 tread adjustable angle as new 20€ pump mopping power plus brand new boxed 3500l 1/hr 25€ catral 966 078 608 / 649 539 888

brackets etc””. famaval hi gain”. ex condition..great for spainish/german tv. 50euro Bicycle Upright Type, Good Condition, Dynamo Lights and Reflectors, 28 inch wheels, Saddle Bags and Bell, 16 gears, chain covers, mudguards. New Tyres and Lock. 60€ a Bargain Quesada Tel: 698 468 283 Double Gate Opening Kit, unused, boxed, complete with instructions, 95€ Tel: 690 772 178 (Urb La Marina) “ 80cm satelite dish with wall bracketexcondition 15€ Quesada area 966 716 646. 2 camping gas bottles 1 full 1 empty, complete with regulator 15euro quesada area 966716646 E lectric Hedge Trimmer 16 inch cut, nearly new €35 Quesada 966 716 599 E x te n di n g Garden Shears €12 Quesada 966 716 599 E x te n di n g Loppers €12 Quesada 966 716 599


E N G L I S H PLASTERER internal finishing, e x t e r n a l rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. FULLY LEGAL IN SPAIN. Call Chris 671 444 246 / 965 078 866 email: c_ S atellite pettit@hotmail. dish,1 metre with


Jigsaw saw Black & Decker Jig saw and new blandes €20 Quesada 966 716 599

locksmith Locksmith locked out!! Call Me Telf: 647 151 972 (24hrs) Put This Number In Your Phone – 24 Hrs Call Out! Commerical, Residential, Cars Locks Changed - Dierre Locks Changed - All Locks To Work Off I Key – Motura Gardesa Locks Changed – Window Locks - Cars Opened To Retrieve Keys – Alarms Fitted


Lenny Mitchell: Guitarist-singer, professional, international, solo act. Music can range from 60s, 70s pop, rock ‘n’ roll, big ballads, country, blues, classic rock, to 50s standards. Tel: 658321891 or email: lennymitchell@ or facebook”



(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862

property for sale / rent

RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa Playa Flamenca

We have clients enquiring in this area Contact


tel: 965 325 601


GOLD WANTED asssa medical English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

Books 100 assorted hard back and paper back books. 10 euros. La Siesta area. Tel 966785459

insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, 968 153 396

detatched cortijo reduced 20mins from mojacar, 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living kitchen diningroom workshop, cour tyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain v i e w s . €12 5 , 0 0 0 ono 649 186 107 or email thunderpaul 2 0 0 3 @


Tel: 966 719 647 or 902 750 190 ext 330

property for sale / rent FOR SALE Apartment

(Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi, Costa Blanca




With an entry in the


4 BED, 2 BATH, Large Terrace overlooking Plaza, separate kitchen and utility room, lift, furnished incl. white goods, UK TV. 105m². Close to the town ‘s attractive central square and all other amenities. 10 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar and close to La Finca Golf.

Reduced price 72,950€

(0034) 676 534 978

urb.montebello near quesada

detatched 3 bed 2 bath villa for long term rent, fully furnished, seperate kitchen, air con, internet & satellit tv connection, solaruim & glazed in porches, communal pool,

450€ plus utility bills

tel: 965 724 183 or 616 883 103


business directory From just €15 a quarter

Tel: Paulette 950 121 936


From a parcel to a small house move Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service

+44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389

satellite tv Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or rainbowsats@

Go Satellite

TV Installations and repairs

Humax HDR-1000s only 350€ Sky+ HD Receiver 295€ All latest models fully guaranteed

all major credit & debit cards accepted

Tel: 965 725 670

Or call in to our office on Calle Los Arcos No. 7 Ciudad Quesada

LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email:

De Lima’s removals Local, National & international REMOVALS & STORAGE Quality Second hand furniture showroom

263 Paseo del Mediterraneo Mojacar Playa, Next to Sal Marina Hotel Mon-Sat: 10am-2pm Call Marc on 647 006 183 or Brian on 674 280 268 or e-mail


simply removals

Van hire


Spain ‹ UK › Spain

UK to Spain or Spain to UK



TEL: 667 235 205

Pick up/drop off locations Throughout UK, France and Spain

• Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607 UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON

want to know whats in the news?

go online: www.


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trade Businesses can advertise in the classified section

Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Christine 966 719 647

motoring section

removals cont...

Just Removals Friendly Low Cost

Vehicles registration

Full or part loads spain-uk-spain

Local Van & Pets Welcome Moves Trailer Motorbikes - Caravans Call Brian 965 326 920 - 666 847 648 email:

wigs Salon Margarethas 24 years in Torrevieja hair / wig specialist for medical illness and hair loss problems. We offer different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion /festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.



Contact Christine

966 719 647


For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes contact Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 1000 vehicles will put you on the right side of the road.

605 319 889 or 966 753 375


SOLTIMES are looking for


Telephone: 699 805 995

wanted cars for cash



Bright, enthusiastic sales people with an outgoing personality to join our field sales team in Campasol also Costa Blanca area Based at our office in Quesada Experience not essential as full training will be given as long as you’re organised, enjoy meeting people & can work to deadlines

Send your CV to

or call Paulette on 950 121 936

Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable

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I blame it all on the Spanish lady in a brown coat; last January I had parked quite legally in front of her garage and in doing so invoked her implacable wrath and an undeserved verbal battering. I don’t suffer from road rage, chocolate addiction, or any such normal crosses which we mere mortals have to bear, except for punctuality anxiety. Although I can tolerate lateness in others, being late, or even the possibility of being late myself, makes me snappy and scatty, short tempered and liable to make mistakes. I was not late for my Spanish lesson, but tight for time as I swung Del into a practically deserted Avenida Lepanto in Albox and brought him tidily to a

halt behind my classmate’s car. As I did so I noticed he was smack in front of a small and insignificant side entrance; the spectre of the Spanish lady in the brown coat sprang terrifyingly into my mind. Although I am not faster than a speeding bullet and cannot leap high buildings in a single bound, like Superman I am clumsy and mild-mannered so I engaged reverse and moved Del back a space, considerately leaving the entrance to the side turning open. Then without a backward glance I left him standing in splendid isolation, and in no-one’s way. An hour later, having covered myself in mediocrity and proved beyond a shadow of doubt that I am not linguistically gifted, I returned to find a green paper under Del’s windscreen wiper. I goggled at it in disbelief - a parking fine! I looked down – yes, I had parked

By Jos Biggs

on a yellow line! A yellow line that was exactly one car long, and situated exactly one car’s length back from the side entrance! In an instant Superman was superseded by the Incredible Hulk, and I became ******* Incapable of Normal Expression. I had done wrong, and deserved the fine BUT: I needn’t have parked there at all, there were half a dozen other spaces available, I only chose that one to keep the street tidy (and because it was nearest to my destination and I was on the verge of late) AND: If I had not moved back to free up the entrance, in front of which I could quite legally have parked, I would not be in debt to the Law to the tune of 90€. It is definitely the doing of the Spanish lady in the brown coat. She influenced me subliminally and caused me to park illegally. It is her fault!

Shot In the Line of Fibbing Not many people realise this, but I have a cluster of fading but still clearly discernable scars on my abdomen. I received these many years ago when I happened to be in the street as two masked armed robbers burst out of a Building Society office in my home town. Stupidly and without giving too much thought to my actions, I chased after one of the men as he ran for the getaway car and received a shot gun blast to my stomach for my troubles. But I somehow still managed to wrestle him to the ground and with the help of other passers by, we managed to overpower and subdue both robbers until the police arrived. Being a modest kind of a bloke, I don’t talk about it much and I still have flash backs that bring me out in cold sweats. Good story isn’t it! Bet you’re impressed. My present wife certainly was when I originally recounted the tale to her many years ago in my efforts to grab her attention and win her affections. But it’s all a total load of horlicks! Oh sure I do have those scars on my somewhat less than flat tummy - I used to have a six pack but these days it’s more of a buyone-get-one-free belly - but in point of fact these are actually the result of doctors taking a number of grafts to

By Colin Bird :

pack round my damaged foot after I crashed my motorbike in the 1970 Isle of Man TT race. Yeah well alright, that’s cobblers as well. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth your honour is, I had surgery many years ago for a horrendous ingrown toe nail which was removed along with a significant portion of my big toe. Grafting was deemed necessary before I was allowed to go home and a dozen or so pinchgrafts were taken from my abdomen. A routine procedure under local anaesthetic but one that had me chewing the bed pan in agony once the effect of the drugs had worn off. I wish they had emptied it first. I left the hospital two days later with a throbbing midsection, a pair of crutches and lectures about the perils of wearing winkle picker shoes ringing in my ears. I was 18 years old. The point is we chaps tend to stretch the truth when we are out to impress the ladies and so naturally, when my battle scars were noticed and remarked upon by a ravishing blond nymphet – the future Mrs Bird - on the beach some years later, something instinctively told me that the story of an ingrown toenail was not going to hack it. The trouble is, telling porkies to impress people can become addictive. One of my many jobs over the years was as a driver for a taxi and chauffeured car company, and a regular trip was taking special needs kids to various schools in Bury St Edmunds. When driving children, it is compulsory for an escort to be in attendance to keep an eye on things and help occupy your charges during the journey. It’s

also deemed as necessary security for the kids and driver in these dark times of child abuse. We would listen to Terry Wogan on the radio and have little singsongs on our way to and from school although I am not too sure what the parents thought when they heard verses from The Ball of Inverness being repeated at home. I had told my escort on several occasions that I had once been a singer in a rock band, and that we had cut an album back in the early seventies. I went to the trouble of printing a phony cassette album cover, with all the musical and production credits being given to mates from the past and supposedly recorded at The Fat Pimp Studios in Henley-on-Thames - a totally fictional entity. The cassette inside was of an album by the legendary band Ten Years After and I figured that with this particular lady’s own favourite songs being in the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star category, she would not have heard of them, let alone their music. Alvin Lee to her would probably be one of the Chipmunks. Trouble was when I faked a reluctant agreement to play the tape for her and expecting a look of stupendous admiration, she just sat there with a face like a ruptured duck, slipping me the odd sympathetic glance and shaking her head. At the conclusion of this brilliant album she cleared her throat and said, ‘Yes well, I think you chose the right profession don’t you dear’. It was one of those occasions when I wished I hadn’t bothered. Perhaps honesty really is the best policy.

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -





Ohhh Saturday night

The Saturday night binge is a universal institution or very nearly. After a long week grafting to keep body and soul together the Saturday night blow-out is a safety valve, a reward. Alquerian Saturday nights follow a similar pattern except the term graft has little meaning outside of plastic surgery circles if of course such circles existed in Alqueria.

The village republic of Alqueria produces by far the best Remitroot anywhere in the world. The bad drainage is said to be a major contributing factor. The variety of products which can be made from the plant is staggering. Remitroot Whisky and Wine are by far the most popular. Addictive and very strong aphrodisiacs they sell at premium prices on the international markets. Alquerians simply don’t have to work. This of course leaves ample time to plot subversive activities to keep the barrio feud going and adequate opportunity to carry them out. This is the preoccupation of all able bodied Alquerians who owe allegiance to one of the two barrios. So when Saturday night arrives the disruptive folk of the Pueblo believe they have earned their evening’s spree. Saturday night in Alqueria is not for the faint-hearted. Showing the world that they are alive and kicking is a serious business for the

young folk of the Pueblo. The Bar La Casa Devante is thronged with the ablest and most resilient of the Hill People. To the south of the Village similar scenes are played out at the Bar La Golondrina Verde which is besieged by Newcomers. On the fringes sneaking a clandestine drink are those too young to consume alcohol in the eyes of the law. Fortunately the law in Alqueria is in the charge of Jóse Cabrasilbido, and he was feeling no pain. The eyes of the law were bleary and fast closing due to the effects of his favourite Remitroot tipple. Then we have the youngsters of drinking age. Consuming vast quantities and swearing on stacks of bibles that they weren’t in any way intoxicated this pledge was usually taken from the horizontal position. The seasoned drinkers. These leather livered veterans put the world to rights while bemoaning the modern age and all it has to offer. Manuela holds court surrounded by the fittest and most hopeful of the young men. She drinks in moderation as selecting an escort for the evening is a serious business. Especially when you are as dedicated to your task as Manuela is. Sunday morning is a time for the revellers to try and find the roof of their mouths and to try and remember who they need to apologise to.

advance moves

Leading Removal Company reports on strengthening housing market One of Spain’s top removal companies has reported that they experienced a resurgence in the Spanish housing market during 2013 and it looks like 2014 will be an even busier year. Mat Ford-Dunn, the Managing Director of ‘Advance Moves International Removals’ pointed to the fact that many property values in Spain have now fallen to a much more realistic level and this has definitely resulted in increased house sales. This has been noticed in all regions of Spain as Advance Moves operate their relocation services throughout the mainland. Advance Moves has its main warehouse in Murcia, Spain, with an additional warehouse in Kent in the UK and has had to purchase 5 new vans and trucks to cope with the increased demand over the past year. The UK housing market is also in a state of recovery and increased house sales have resulted in more people selling up and looking to buy in Spain. There are many factors that

tempt expats to Spain, not least the recent periods of turbulent weather, which many parts of the UK have suffered. On the flip side, for economic reasons many British Expats are now able to sell properties in Spain and Advance Moves are often the first choice when it comes to repatriating them back to the UK. Mat was also keen to point out that the increase in demand for their removal services was also down to the level of service and expertise that Advance moves offer to their clients and the fact that many clients had already seen the brightly liveried vehicles on the roads undertaking their removal services. Advance moves is also a member of the British Association of Removers and one of only a few companies that export wrap furniture to provide extra protection for international removals. ‘Our clients know that they are getting a more competitively priced, premium removal service, when compared to the rest of the market. The increased volume of removals enables Advance Moves to offer their clients a more regular and flexible timetable for their individual removal requirements’ Mat sees the trend continuing throughout 2014 with the housing market in the UK and Spain continuing to make steady process. Advance Moves are gearing up for another busy year.


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SOLTIMES march 2014


Eurogolf, La Marquesa Press Report. 60 players took part in our March Monthly Stableford Competition on Thursday 20 March 2014 at our home course of La Marquesa Golf Course. Yet another glorious spring day with a little breeze but not enough to cause any major problems. This resulted in some high scoring. Well done to those who managed to achieve this and welcome to your new handicaps. Once again the subject of slow play arose with as many as 4 flights waiting to tee of on some of the par 3s. If, for whatever reason you start to lose ground on the group in front, where appropriate, allow the following group to play through. This will allow everyone to enjoy their game and eliminate 5 hour rounds . Also, we would remind players once again of the deadlines set for the annual competitions. The results were as follows: Gold Division 1st Robin Richards 37 points 2nd Sue Gillettn 36 points 3rd Bill Martin 35 points 4th Ian Pegg 33 points Silver Division 1st Gordon Bourne 37 points 2nd Brian Heard 37 points 3rd Jim Weston 36 points 4th Terry Sayers 36 points Bronze Division David Lewis 40 points Mike Gillett 37points Brian Heard 37 points Tom Corbett 36 points Nearest the Pins 5th John Langford The Clubhouse 15th Dave Nicholls, Lo Malibu

11th Gordon Bourne Bar Sophia 17th Tom Corbet,t Bar Med 12th Stan Low Manolos, Thanks to our sponsors. Best Front 9: Corine Jones 20 Best Back 9: Claire Daye-Gretton 18 WINNER OF THE MONTHLY STABLEFORD - DAVID LEWIS Football Winners: David Gregson, David Gregson, Debbie Weedon & John Hill. TOFF’s RESULTS TUESDAY 18 MARCH 2014 – OVERALL WINNER –BOB BUCKERIDGE Gold Division 1st Bob Buckeridge 37 points 2nd Ian Pegg 36 points

TMGS Match Report

19th March 2014 Villamartin.# On this day in history, Wyatt Earp was born in 1848 and back in Blighty in 1938 The BBC televised its first rugby match, the Calcutta Cup game between England and Scotland at Twickenham. Scotland won 21-16. Must be about the only time they won. The day started well with the weather almost perfect for golf, warm and slightly overcast for the 36 members and guests and our starting tee 10 took its toll on “faded” shots off of the tee. As the day went on, the greens started to dry out and slow turned to “bloody hell” with many 3rd Bill Martin 36 3 putts being recorded. Even though the greens points 4th David Gregson 35 were a little ‘sharp’, there points Silver Torrevieja CC 1st Jim Weston 37 On Saturday, 29th points 2nd Robin Richards 37 March, Torrevieja CC take on the might of the points 3rd John Holland 35 RAF when they face a points touring side from Brize 4th John Jones 34 Norton. points It’s their first visit to Bronze this neck of the woods 1st Claire Daye Gretton and we hope it won’t 35 points 2nd Pat Jackson 35 be the last. points “Chocs away” at 11.00 3rd Jean Jackson 33 am at the athletics points track in the Torrevieja 4th Morag Turner 31 Sports Centre, and it is points hoped both teams will Nearest the Pins 5th Alan Marshall 15th fly high and produce a Bob Buckeridge good game of cricket. 11th Liz Menzies 17th For further information David Blimston TorreviejaBest Front 9– Alan e-mail Venables 20 Best Back c r i c k e t @ l i v e . c o m . 9 –Ian Stewart 19 Best or colingriffiths80@ Guest: John Curran - 29 points


don’t forget to send your news & views to editor@

were a few scores in the 30’s albeit only 2 bettered their handicaps and John Hagart was seen sharpening his scissors. All 4 NTP’s – kindly sponsored by Vernon Brown and his party – were claimed with the

enough for 3rd and Kit Dowse’s 36 took 2nd. Colin Marsden’s 38nwas top score of the day for the winner’s slot in the Silver Division. The Gold Division was just as tight with Alan Rickers taking 4th with 33 points (on countback) and Arne Hannson and Vernon Brown’s 34 points taking 3rd and 2nd place. This left Steve Higgins with 37 points to take the top spot in that Division.Photo: Silver Category Winners

family Hagart claiming 2 Our next game, 28th of them with Bill Wylie March 2014 see’s us at and Dag Lovas the Font De Llop for our last others. round of the Captain’s The Silver chaps (and Stableford event so if ladies) fared quite well you fancy a game just with 34 points being look at our website needed for John Hagart or call to take 4th spot. Per the Match Secretary on Skarnes’s 35 was good 966719604.

TMGS Match Report Our fun day at Alicante on 21st March saw 24 players competing for the Bill Griggs memorial trophy. Competition was fierce and the final scores were close although not particularly high, our captain Jim came out victorious winning the trophy for the first year by one point from runner up Bill Malcolm. Other winners on the day were Colin Fear longest drive, George Marshall Deane nearest the pin in two, Steve Walsh, Kim Hunter Marc Doherty,

J i m McCar thy and Nigel Wright all winning nearest the pin on the par 3’s. T h e longest walk and the football card was won again by Brian Wilson. Back at ruby’s bar where a fine buffet was provided by our sponsor, we drew out blind pairs and this was won by Jim McCarthy and Roy Molyneaux.

CLAPTONS GOLF SOCIETY This months competition was played at La Serena. Everybody was apprehensive due to the fact that this course has 16 holes where the water is in play, and we all know this plays havoc with the head. When we set off on the first tee it was a nice comfortable cool day with the sun showing its face for later warmth. As it was the wind once again reared its head and made play more difficult as the day proceeded, and as usual on this course the water was the winner and many balls were lost. To this end the scores showed everybody had had a difficult days golf

but there were some good shots played and the nearest the pin was successful on all the par threes and even the twos competition was shared with some very close shots. Everybody having finished playing we journeyed back to the Clubhouse for a much needed drink and a meal. There was a difference of opinion in the Clubhouse as to whether we would play at La Serena in the future but this depended on how many balls each individual had lost. Our thanks to Chris and his staff for his usual hospitality. Results as follows. Overall Winner Andy Trefry 35 points

Our next game is a stapleford trophy game at Bonalba on the 4th April anyone wishing to join the society or play as a guest please contact rubysgolf@

Gold Winner Bob Eaton 34 points Gold Runner Up Phil Pettican 31 points Silver Winner Rick Drake 32 points Silver Runner Up John Harvey 31 points on c/b Best Front Nine Tony Wilson 20 points Best Back Nine Dave Pretty 17 points Nearest the Pin: 3rd Mike Wyatt 9th Dave Mace 15th Dave Beale 17th Rick Drake Best Guest Phil Cook 26 points Most Potential I a n Gibson Twos: Mike Wyatt and Rick Drake


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renault gran modus

1.6 petrol, auto 29.000kms


FORD Focus estate auto, diesel,2009 119,000kms


Right hand drive vehicles

• rolls royce silver spirit, rhd, 51,000 miles...€13,950 • BMW 316D, 2009, 79,000 Miles...........................................POA€ • KIA SEDONA 2005, 2.9 TD DIESEL, 113,000 MILES... €4,250 • VAUXHALL ASTRA ESTATE, 2007, 1.3 CDTI DIESEL..€3,950 • mercedes c200, 1994, petrol, 129,000 miles, tax, mot ........................................................................................................€950

Right hand drive - spanish reg

• CITROEN C2 AIRPLAY, 1.1 petrol, 2007, 58,000 kms........ ................................................................................................€3,950 • MGB GT 1.8 PETROL, 1978......................................... €3,950 • peugeot 206cc 2002, 75,000 miles......................€3,450 • toyota hilux surf 3l diesel automatic,..................... 74,000 mile.......................................................................€2,950 • nissan primera 1998 2L petrol auto.................€2,250

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Skoda Fabia Young (2010)

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LO CRISPIN GOLF SOCIETY Alicante - 19.03.14

Well, summer is certainly on the way with temperatures in the top twenties during the day and so it was at Alicante. This venue is always well supported and today there were 40 members and guests making the journey up the AP7. This year we are playing there 4 times and have decided to make things a little different by playing an eclectic along with our stableford with the usual 3 divisions. For those who have entered this competition the results of our efforts are recorded on our website, so it will be easy to see where improvements are necessary when next we

play Alicante. The course itself is undergoing improvements so conditions were a little on the rough side but these things have to be done so on our next visit it will be much better to play. The top of the heap, oblivious of conditions were:


pts c/b NPs: Dicky Claeys hole 3, John Devine hole 6, Stan Earl hole 12 and Brian Leys hole 15.

It was most definitely cooler, cloudier and windier than the local forecast had us believe which must have made quite a few golfers clad in shorts a little chillier than they might have expected. Two doubles matchplay games were played in tandem with the day’s Stableford competition and they resulted in the demise of two very strong pairings. “BO” v “Norfolk Pumpkins” was a closely fought tussle in which the Norfolk Rusts made a spectacular back nine come-back taking the game to the very last green. Congrats to Ben Price & John Osborne who won by the narrowest of margins. In surprising contrast the other match was an easier conquest for the victors. “Long & Short” (Alan

Tuesday Night Trios - Ten Pin Bowling League Week Twenty-Four played 18th March 2014

This week saw the start of our three week Easter Scramble, kindly sponsored by Right Move There were three 2s Insurance of Quesada recorded, Sue Smith, and La Zenia, where Harry Wilcock and Stan bowlers have to string Earl. Stan had a good day strikes together to claim Gold Division:1st Brian raffle tickets, which will as he won the free game Coultate 33pts, 2nd Brian give them the opportunity Smith 32pts and 3rd Dicky draw as well. Our next 18 to claim prizes in the hole game is at Alenda on raffle, to be drawn on the Claeys 31pts. Silver Division: 1st Sue the 2nd of April. For those 8th April. Juans’ Warriors Smith 34pts, 2nd John who play at Vistabella the took on Lucky Strike and, JW wanted Henderson 32pts and 3rd game on the 23 April has although George Stuart 31pts on been cancelled due to the some tickets, it was only c/b of the last three holes, start of hollow tinning the LS that collected four and won the game 6 – 2. The sorry Gordon Cobb. day before. Dreamers Don “I never Bronze Division: 1st Lo Crispin Golf Society can get two strikes in a Dave Keating 32pts, 2nd row” Galley almost single Janet Candlin 28pts and handedly blew away Hall 3rd Margaret Obrien 23 site/locrispingolf/ y Day, managing 5 tickets on the night, ably assisted by David Davies with two and, Allan Flitman with one. Even Lesley Day of HyD managing 2 tickets couldn’t prevent a 8 – 0 defeat. Bar Mosquitos continued ‘laughing the night away’ and comfortably beat The Mixers 6 – 2 and, claimed the team high game handicap on the night of 652. Team Finland had expected another Some of the day’s happy winners. comfortable win over Gilbert & Tony Smale) Two very close Cornish Pride but, finding gallantly admitted that on countbacks were needed the lanes ‘a little difficult’, the day the two Steves to separate the four lost the first game by 16 (“Towie”) were simply too winners in the silver strong for them as they division - 4th was Capt went down 6 & 5. Steve Davis (30), 3rd was The four par 3 NTP’s were John Aitchison (30), 2nd claimed by Ivor Turkington was Alan MacDonald (34) (Hole 2), Ben Price (Hole & 1st place went to Phil de 8), Glen Rapley (Hole 14) Lacy, also with 34.

SMGS at Mar Menor Three dozen members and guests made the trek south into Murcia province to play the oldest of the Polaris courses which is now a sixth part of the “Murcia Golf Experience”.

pins and, if it wasn’t for Olli Leppanens two 200+ games, could easily have lost the other two. As it was they scrambled a 6 – 2 victory out of near defeat, to maintain their grip on top spot. The only draw of the night 4 – 4 saw Caballo Negro continued their recent improvement, by matching Splash. Juanjo Carral of Splash rolling a 224 and 615 scratch game and series, to take the individual honours on the night. Crazy Pinz found Los Bandidos far to strong and were completely outplayed, finally losing 8 Hello

NTP in 3 shots on the par 4’s which were selected for each of the 3 divisions went to Keith Stevenson (Bronze), Alan MacDonald (Silver) & Colin Rust (Gold). The bronze category saw Norman McBride (31) in 4th, Keith Stevenson (32) in 3rd, Ray Ewins (33) in 2nd & Mick Roscoe in top spot with a very commendable 36.

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Countbacks also featured in the high scoring gold division - 4th was Willie Buchanan (34), 3rd was Steve Fleet (37), 2nd was Ben Price (38) & 1st was Ivor Turkington, also with 38.

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– 0 by over 200 pins. Split Happens knew they were in for a hard night and, if Los Lobos had been bowling any other team on the night, they would have taken points. But with Gary Walsh bowling his seasons high series scratch and handicap of 595 and 661, and the SH Team taking the h/c team series of 1821 on the night, took all 8 points. We have no bowling next week 25th March, so we’ll all be back on the 1st April, to continue our efforts for more tickets in the Easter Scramble.

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Only Stealing is Cheaper Don’t spend all that money hiring a car

You can easily buy a well-cared for secondhand one at a bargain price, also without residence. Huge selection of all types of cars, mostly imported Thankst from Germany, lots of A lo automatics...

All serviced with MOT & Warranty transferred into your name without hidden costs E03194 (old N332) La Marina Village Email:

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& Ivan Hanak (Hole 17).



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Sold Last Week

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Sold Last Week

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