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A charity football match at the Pitiu Rochel sports stadium, held in aid of the Asociación Abriendo Camino (Opening Doors) was brought to an unexpected tragic conclusion when 21 year old Alejandro Benito collapsed and died of a heart attack during play. The incident occurred shortly after play had begun. Alejandro, who had an existing heart condition, and who was due to have a heart pacemaker fitted during this coming week, had been urged by his family not to take part. The organisers called for help from Hércules FC, who were training at their ground right next door at the time of the incident. Hércules FC’s doctor, Jeroni Llorca, administered first aid until the ambulance arrived, but despite efforts with CPR and defibrillators, Alejandro could not be revived. Asociación Abriendo Camino is a charity which was set up to provide food for those people struck by the effects of the Crisis, and donations of non-perishable food and the entry fees for spectators to the match were given to the Charity.

Sport Alicante:

The Alicante Ayuntamiento has published the Plan Integral Barrios Zona Norte. This is the Programa ecológico-social 2013 de actividades juveniles (2013 ecosocial program of youth activities). The Concejalía de Acción Social and the Club de Montaña Evasión (Department of Social Action and the Escape Mountain Club) are launching a year long program to boost educational and sports activities in the natural environment. It is aimed at young people between 10 and 20 years of age from the Zona Norte of Alicante. The program will run throughout the year in the Zona Norte parks of Alcoy, Dénia, Ibi, Onil, Petrer and Calpe, among others, and includes eleven multisport trips in which participants will practice sports like hiking and climbing, abseiling, zip wire and archery, as well as the development of environmental education, promoting understanding and respect for the mountain and its surroundings.In addition, there are seven planned excursions to recreational areas for young people and their families, as well as seventeen multiactivity days in the parks of Lo Morant and Pedro Goitía. These activities are free, and last year over 800 young people participated. For more information go to:


The Moors and Christians Fiestas are the Province of Alicante’s most important festivals and are held in five different areas of the city on different dates. They are a spectacular reenactment of the Province’s recapture from Moorish hands. One of the highlights is the parade through the city centre on 6th December in celebration of the patron saint of Alicante, San Nicolás. The principal dates are: The El Palamó Moors and Christians festival (Villafranqueza) in March; the San Blas Moors and Christians festival, second week in July; the El Rebolledo Moors and Christians festival, also in July; the Altozano Moors and Christians festival, 12th – 16th August; the Jose Antonio district Moors and Christians festival, August. For more information go to the Alicante Ayuntamiento website


Becoming a Spanish National could possibly be more difficult in the future. According to Europa Press, the Government is considering plans to include the ability to read, write and speak Spanish for those applying for Spanish nationality. This is at present only a notional idea, originally proposed in mid-2012, at which point the Ministry of Education had not decided what form the tests should take. However, the Partido Popular is right behind the idea, and has re-ignited the drive for better command of the native language by those who wish to consider themselves Spanish. If they have their way, and the proposal becomes law, then it could affect up to 100,000 people each year.


Joaquín Quiralte, Allergist at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla, who is also a Member of the Junta Directiva de Alergosur has revealed that this spring is expected to rate ‘moderate to severe’ for Andalucians who suffer seasonal allergies, ‘mainly to olive pollen and grass.’ Quiralte explained that rainy autumns and winters are usually associated with profuse spring flowering and therefore, with high rates of pollen. However, he pointed out that the rains of recent weeks are delaying the appearance of the first cases of allergies. ‘In the cases of patients allergic to grasses, the first cases should have already started, as they tend to coincide with the start of Holy Week, but the rain has caused a delay.’ Regarding the time of day with the highest incidence of pollen allergy, in general, the highest concentrations usually occur in the morning due to pollen emission by plants, and at dusk, when the air cools and the pollens tend to fall from high in the atmosphere to ground level. Therefore sufferers are advised to avoid afternoon walks and to keep windows closed. Pollen concentrations in large cities are generally lower than in the surrounding rural areas thanks to the ‘barrier effect’ caused by tall buildings, and by the ‘street effect’ produced by heat from the cement and asphalt producing updrafts, thus drawing many pollens up beyond breathable heights. The main allergens for inland Andalucia are grass and olive, while mites are more present in coastal areas.

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Semana Santa CELEBRATIONS...

Due to this year’s unpredictable weather many of the Cofradias have invested in a Sistema Antilluvia to offer their priceless images protection from the weather. It is a major blow to the Hermandades if rain falls during the Easter period of processions. Many of the sculptures are not only priceless but also very ancient, and to expose them to rain would inevitably lead to their terminal deterioration. The only alternative has been to forego the procession, and remain within the church. However, this leaves thousands of worshippers disappointed – many of them will have travelled from other parts of Spain to be in their ‘home’ town for the procession, and with the best intentions hundreds will be left unable to partake of the ceremony within the church by sheer press of numbers. However, engineers from Jerez de la Frontera have constructed a cover that can be easily and quickly put over the whole Trono, protecting it from rain and wind. The design, which has been patented, consists of a made to measure aluminium frame which attaches to the pedestal of the Trono, and is covered in a specially designed plastic which has special water shedding properties, ensuring that the raindrops run immediately down the sides and do not create a fogging effect, as would be the case with normal plastic. It has been designed by a company known as Sispromet 23 SL, weighs 60 kilos, is stable in winds of up to 120 kph.It is claimed that it can be put over the whole edifice in just 3 minutes, and is completely secure for the lifting and carrying of the Trono, even up or down steps.

Corvera Airport - TIME TO PLAY HARDBALL!

Pedro Alberto Cruz, the Delegado Regional de Murcia has intimated that the Government is prepared to play hardball with Aeromur over the conditions of the contract awarded to them regarding their mandate to operate Corvera Airport. Cruz hinted that ‘other options’ could be available to ensure that the airport did become operational, and that Aeromur was not the only player. Aeromur maintains that although the work on the airport was finalised 15 months ago, they have been given no means of repaying their loans until the airport becomes operational. Another stumbling block is that Aeromur will have to negotiate with AENA and the Spanish Aviation Security Agency (EASA)in order to transfer operations from San Javier Airport, including the reclassification of airspace and flight paths for the approach to Corvera. This is an oversight that was not forseen when the project was commenced in 2007. It seems highly unlikely that Corvera Airport will open this summer.

The 70th Anniversary of The Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA)

On Easter Monday 1st April, the Costa Blanca Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association marked the 70th Anniversary of the Association with a Service of Celebration at the La Siesta Community Church. As one of the longest standing service charities, RAFA has been proud to have helped and continues to help the whole Royal Air Force family, by providing friendship, help and support to current and former members of the RAF and their dependants. The kind of welfare support is wide ranging; everything from providing home visits and respite care breaks, and working closely with the RAF Benevolent Fund in providing financial assistance in times of difficulty. The majority of this work is funded purely from the generosity of the 65,000 membership worldwide, and the generosity of supporters. In Spain there are three RAFA Branches, the Costa Blanca Branch in the Torrevieja area, North Costa Blanca Branch, to the North of Benidorm and Benalmadena Branch in the South, who continually monitor the needs of ex-RAF members and their families who live in Spain to try and ensure any needs are met. Although one of the lesser known charitable organisations, especially here in Spain, the welfare and social ethos of the Association’s past 70 years will continue to be at the forefront of actions and will , hopefully, continue to be so for a long time to come. If you would like to find out more about the work of the RAF Association please visit



CLAIMING DISABILITY LIVING ALLOWANCE IN SPAIN The Welfare Reform Act of 2012 sees the biggest shake-up to the welfare system since it’s introduction and introduces a number of changes to existing benefits that will have far-reaching effects for many claimants. Steeped in controversy, it throws up the inevitable debate as to whether people will be better off, whether claimants are being ‘taxed’ and whether the changes are fair. The government claims that the introduction of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) to replace Incapacity Benefit (IB) has already reduced the number of claimants. What it conveniently ignores is that fact that those claiming contributions-based ESA can now only claim it for 365 days unless put in the ‘support group’. This clearly penalises those people who have paid into the system by working but are no longer able to work. The government will point to the fact that they can continue to claim ESA on an income-based basis once the 365 days are up but this will reduce the household income of a couple where one member is earning a wage which precludes this. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is gradually being phased out to be replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for those aged 16- 64. Most people will have face-face consultations with health professionals provided by private organisations as part of a longer and more complex decision-making process which will doubtless put a lot of people off claiming. The worry is that many people who qualified for DLA will miss out on the extra income they so desperately need. Current recipients of DLA under the age of 65 will be contacted sometime after October 2015 to be re-assessed for PIP unless their award runs out prior to that or they have a change in circumstances. Those aged 65 and over on 8th April 2013 can continue to receive DLA for as long as they are eligible. At present children under the age of 16 can continue to claim DLA.

Those living outside of the UK and in receipt of affected benefits will be contacted by the DWP to be re-assessed. I receive an increasing amount of enquiries concerning the transfer from Incapacity Benefit to ESA and a lot of people are having their benefit cut due to the 365day rule. This is because income-based ESA is not payable outside of the UK and this also has implications for those claiming disability benefits. Disability benefits such as DLA, PIP and Attendance Allowance can now be claimed by people living in an EEA member state such as Spain but they must have what they term a genuine and sufficient link. This in broad terms means that they or a family member must be in receipt of a contributions-based payment such as state retirement pension or contributions-based IB or ESA. Many of those are taken off ESA will therefore also lose their entitlement to DLA. I also receive a lot of calls from people wishing to claim DLA or Attendance Allowance only to be told by the DWP that they cannot do so if living in Spain. This is wrong. Others are told that they must have spent 26 weeks out of the previous 52 in the UK prior to claiming. This is also wrong. My advice to people is to not be put off by this misinformation and to put in claims regardless which will be assessed under current legislation. For further information contact: Kim Clark Benefits Consultancy +34 950 169 729, +34 663 297 568 See the main advert on page 18


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barnes’ bulletin

Chairman Bob, finally lets go!

Do something amazing: Give Blood

Pilar De La Horadada Health Centre dropped an email into the “Bulletin” box, asking if I would mention their latest blood donor event. Not a problem there, pleased to be of help, but it’s a little close to the event. The date is April 6th., and it all takes place at the Centro de OCIO Para Mayores, which in old money is the Recreation Centre for Seniors, alongside the bus stop / Taxi rank in Pilar De La Horadada, near the park. Times are 10AM to 2PM and 4PM to 9PM. Matron tells me that all that call in, will receive a gift (Perhaps in addition to a cup


of tea and a biscuit) and entry into a prize draw for a nights stay in a hotel and spa! I do remember that the Spanish Health Authorities at one time, issued a directive that anyone having lived, at any time, in the U.K. from 1980 onwards, would not be able to donate blood, due to the worry of contamination from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or B.S.E. as we knew it. Perhaps as it’s such short notice, best to drop in, if so inclined, and ask the question. I’m sure you’ll be offered some tea and biscuits!

Freewheelers Go Underground

Freewheelers historic, vintage, veteran and car “Ordinarius” Club, took to the mountains above Alicante, for their March day out, then promptly went underground, on foot I might add! Before heading off to the hills, and the Cuevas del Canelobre, members and friends enjoyed coffee and hot buttered toast in La Marina Old Town. The caves are located some 23 KMS above Alicante, with the entrance 700 meters above sea level, and are estimated to date back some 100,000 years, moderately young where the study of speleology is concerned! The cave, located above Busot, in the foothills of the Golden Ox, takes it’s name from the truly splendid candelabra stalagmite within the 70 meter high cavern. During the Spanish Civil War, the system was used to build and store aircraft engines, but luckily, very little damage was caused to the interior of the cave. After thanking the excellent tour guide, members made their way down the ridge, to enjoy a splendid lunch at the restaurant of “The Brothers”, on the outskirts of Busot. More information on Freewheelers can be found on their website: freewheelers08@yahoo.

After 3 years as Chairman of the Torrevieja U3A, Bob Hill hands over the badge of office, to Penny Godfrey, who now takes on the role of President. The Torrevieja U3A now boasts some 500 members, and meets on monthly basis, in Torrevieja. Among the dozen or so “Sections” within the local U3A, are armchair travel, walking and trekking, a computer group, Spanish history, painting and art appreciation. If you find the works of the Bard of Stratford Upon Avon, William Shakespeare, of interest, then there is even a discussion group to welcome you, here at the U3A. A recently formed “Cinema” club, visits the IMF Cinema Complex in Torrevieja, on a Thursday evening, to watch films with English soundtrack, and after the show, call into a local bar, for some tapas and a glass or two

of Vimto. A recent communication from the U3A, tells me of events outside the immediate area of Torrevieja. Visits to Cartagena and Alcudia are planned. Four days in Madrid, six days in Northern Ireland and nine days in Morocco are now arranged, with bookings now being taken. White Water Rafting (For those who dare), beach parties during the Summer months, and even a Grand Ball, to see the season out. For more information on the Torrevieja U3A, visit their web site on: www.torreviejau3a. org I have a feeling they will make you very welcome. My picture shows Chairman Bob, on a recent U3A gentle walk, not letting go (Thank goodness).

Feria de Minerales y Fossiles

Rob Barnes moved to live in Spain, 7 years ago. In the UK, amongst other things, he was the Chair of the Midlands Regions, Independent Television Commission. His hobbies include Industrial Archaeology, Mine exploration and photography (Sierra Minera) and is on a quest to get a quality cast conditioned real ale here in Spain! Email Rob at

Living abroad and need an English base? Then look no further than...

Woodcarr Park

Do you have a home abroad or in the UK & would like to have a secure, luxury holiday home in England. We are open 11 months of the year & can supply most makes of luxury caravans & lodges. Woodcarr Park is in the small Lincolnshire village of Belton. We are just 20 mins from Humberside & Doncaster airports. Contact Barry or Jean Williams on:

Tel: (0044) 1427 873 487 Mobile (0044) 7939 114 123

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The little town of La Union, was the place to be, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 28, 29 and 30th. if fossiles, minerals and everything in between were your forte, and by looking at the crowds within the Antiguo Mercado Pu’blico, word had got around. Minerals from all over the world were on offer. On show, and again, for sale, were beautifully crafted models of many of the head frames that can be seen, from the road between Cartagena and Los Nietos. The keen collector could buy sanding machines, and rotating barrels for

polishing the odd diamond or ruby, that the wandering prospector can drop on, wandering the Sierra Minera, above La Union and Portman. A number of deals were being undertaken from car boots, with rocks of various sizes, being either bought or just swopped. That’s it for another year then. My cap lamp is charged, and the rope is in good order. The only problem now is to find that elusive mine, up in them there hills! Wish me luck.

mabs mazarron events

Tues 2nd April RACE NIGHT - The Club House Camposol. First race 8 pm Food available beforehand from 6.30 until 8pm. TICKETS 3€ - available at the MABS bookstall on Fridays on Camposol B, the MABS Shop in Totana or by ringing 689 052 123. Every Tuesday MABS COFFEE MORNING - MABS CENTRE - 396 Avda de los Covachos Camposol Sector B4 – 10 UNTIL 1 Cake stall, books, come along meet some of our volunteers have a chat, a cup of coffee or snack. For further information please ring 620 582 418. Tues 23rd April ST GEORGE’S DAY CELEBRATIONS - La Vida Bar, El Pareton – 3.00 pm St George will arrive by horse to start the celebrations. There will be stalls, children´s games and face painting, tombola, raffle etc. The MABS shop will also put on a fashion show. Food will be available, pie and mash, burgers etc. NO ENTRY FEE and the proceeds will go to MABS Cancer Support, Mazarrón. Friday 26th April - JIGSAW BEREAVEMENT GROUP Cats Bar Sector A Camposol – 12.00 pm The MABS Mazarrón Bereavement Group meets on the last Friday of the month at Cats Bar, Sector A, Camposol. Call 620 582 418 for further details. Tuesday 30th April - VOLUNTEERS MEETING Trevi bar, Camposol Sector B - 11.30 am If you would like further information about how you can help MABS come along to our meeting. For further information please ring 634 362 954. Last Friday of month The MABS Mazarrón Bereavement group meets on the last Friday of the month at Cats bar Sector A Camposol. Call 620 582 418 for further details. Every 2nd & 3rd Friday BOOK SALE – Camposol Sector B Commercial Centre Keep watching the press or visit our website for forthcoming events



COUNTRY MUSIC COMES TO CAMPOSOL The new propietors of the Club House (Camposol Golf Club ) suggested that we arrange a Country Music night ¸so a meeting was called for those who would probably be interested in assisting with this , 30 people turned up , and they all suggested that not only should one night be arranged , we should also do this on a regular monthly basis, so this is what has been done ---There will be a country music night in the golf club on the first Friday of each month The 1st night would take place on Friday 1st March - The Prospectors, a “hillbilly “ band from Benidorm , were booked - Now all we had to do was to have sufficient people attend - Would enough people come along? Our concerns proved to be totally unfounded - Tickets were printed, and sold within 2 days. A significant number went to the local Line Dance group, and another block booking went to the “snowbirds”, who come to a local mobile home park for the winter. One “snowbird “couple delayed going home until after our 1st night, and they said they were glad they did so. They even ordered tickets for October 4th, when The Beagles go Country As dancing is an important part of any Country Music event. We decided to have a limit on the amount of tickets sold, to ensure a large dance floor, so we must say sorry to the people who wanted tickets, but could not obtain one. We hope you understand. The 1st night had to be just right . and boy was it. Starting at 7.30 Ann taught a fun line dance, which was really easy, but the music got faster and faster. It was a sight to see. 50 people, many who had never line danced before, starting off ok, but getting into a real tangle when the music got faster, but hey, who cares –That’s what makes line dancing fun Tom and Helen then taught a partner dance, where you changed partners, so those taking part were introduced to strangers through dancing.

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We are looking to develop our Local News Content for the Costa Calida & Costa Blanca editions and we want to hear from YOU if you would like to submit news articles on a regular basis... won’t earn a cent but you will get your name in print in every issue, complete with a byline to promote ‘you’ every week - you’ll become an overnight


9pm time for the Prospectors. What a performance, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and guitars going amongst the crowd whilst playing, singing songs we would only describe as “old chestnuts “ but everyone new them loved them and sang along to them. As a “wind up“ Sylvia was presented with an Oscar, for her recent performance at Los Canovas play , called “play on” She had tough competition in this category “Best supporting female British Artiste” Judi Dench. Maggie Smith, but Sylvia pulled it off We are aiming to buy our own sound equipment—amplifier/speakers/Microphone/ Computer-- when funds allow On becoming aware of this, the Prospectors reduced their fee. A lot of people also brought along raffle prizes, so to everyone who helped in this, a sincere thank you!. Particular thanks also go to Ann / Roy and Ann / Tony for helping to arrange our 1st night If / when coming along, should you have anything suitable for a raffle prize, this would be really welcome. The less expenses we have the sooner we can buy our own sound system From the 1st night’s “profit” speakers and speaker stands were purchased.

Our aim is to bring the best Country Music entertainers that we can afford to Camposol, and provide subsidised transport to visit other clubs/events etc (or anything else suggested by regulars) After the sound equipment is bought, all funds will be directed 100% toward these objectives In addition to our normal monthly dances , Country Music charity events will also be arranged. We will join forces with local charities to organize these The 1st Charity event will take place on Saturday 3rd August. This a joint venture with “Go Mad”. Full details to follow Although we will normally meet on the 1st Friday of each month, the 1st Friday in April is not available to us , so our next night at the Golf Club will be Friday 12th April , when Lenny Mitchell will be “going Country“. Tickets are only €3. If there is sufficient room you could turn up on the night, and pay at the door, but by that time ticket holders will be in the best seats Food is available at affordable prices. If you want to know more. and /or would like to come along to a night of good food, drink , music, dance, a bit of fun and leave with a smile Phone or text Tom/Helen 610 632 152 or e mail

TEL: 968 199 226 mobile: 617 435 218 Find us on Camposol Sector A

Lunch menu served between 12 noon to 15.30 Option 1.

Choose from a small beer, a glass of wine or any soft drink Choice of any chicken curry dish served with rice and naan bread Only 5.95€ per person

Option 2. Choose from a small beer, glass of wine or any soft drink

Appetiser.....Poppadoms served with chutneys Starters......choice of soups, onion bhaji, aloo, chicken tikki, pakora, gobi pakora, or ring pakora Main course....Choose any one of the following - Any chicken curry, or lamb curry dish.....served with either plain rice, pilau rice, plain naan or garlic naan bread

Only 9.95€ per person

Early bird Menu served between 18.00 to 20.00 Choose from a small beer, a glass of wine or any soft drink or bottle of house wine per couple Appetiser.....Papadoms served with chutneys Starters....Choose any 1 of the following - Fish pakora, prawn cocktail, onion bhaji or vegetable pakora Main course.....Choose any one of the following - Any chicken curry, lamb curry, fish curry or vegetable curry dish.....served with either pilau rice, plain rice, plain naan or garlic naan or cheese naan bread

Only 12.50€ per person

Free Home Delivery service available in all sectors of Camposol, Candado de Alhama and the Country Club


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Help for the helpers MORE than 1800 euros was raised for the local charity Help at Home Costa Blanca during special events during Easter.

Firstly there was an X Factor Charity Night at the Emerald Isle, La Florida, when 800 euros was raised and local performers demonstrated their many talents.


Pablos International Bar ‘Stars in their Eyes’ charity event raised 470 euros was raised by locals voting for the best entertainers and won by the Local Supremes. Their €100 prize was donated to the charity.


The Easter Fayre at The Emerald Isle was well attended, people being entertained

by the Flamenco For All Dancers, The Happy to Help Trio, Dave and Cindy Country Singers, Dan and Stephanie the girl with the Golden Voice, plus a fashion show. The event raised €332. Finally La Terraza Bar at Bigastro held a Country & Western Night, where resident DJ Pete and Guest Performer Ruth Britton performed for the event and raised €104 on the night. The money is much needed to allow volunteers to help a growing number of people in and around the Torrevieja area.


Year Contract from €199 Dual Contract Murcia & Alicante Airport

∙ New: Now indoor parking too!! ∙ 100% secure and insured, 1 week parking €29 ∙ Meet & greet valet parking service ∙ Only 2 mins from the terminal (closest airport parking) ∙ 24 hr short/long term parking

Tel: 965 040 315 Email: 200 metres BEFORE petrol station ‘Galp’ along the airport road, N338 easy website booking system!

older than everyone else quiz ! No. 1 By Alan Gilchrist - Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

Everyone loves remembering trivia about the past so I thought I would devise an ongoing quiz that (almost) everyone can join in. For the younger ones / those young at heart just say the words to your partners or parents and watch their faces light up. Then just sit back and listen to their stories about what it meant to them! Count all the ones that you remembernot the ones you were told about by your parents! The Woodentops Twizzel Blackjacks Twink Hair products Car 54 TV Programme Monopoly with wooden pieces Tide Washing powder Glass lemonade bottles Sweetie cigarettes Radio Caroline Esso Blue Paraffin Paper Aeroplanes Fyfe Robertson Ban the Bomb badges Coffee shops with jukeboxes Home milk delivery in glass bottles Inkwells on your desk in class Murray Mints Newsreels before the main film Telephones with the thick cords Peashooters Snuff Dr Finlay’s casebook Sunday Night at the London Palladium 45 and 78 RPM records Green Shield Stamps Cliff Michelmore Nit Nurse “ Don’t say brown say Hovis” Metal ice trays Blue flashbulbs for cameras 8 Track car stereos Carnation Condensed milk Roller skate keys Cork popguns Nut Brown Ale Toy dogs with nodding heads on the back windows of cars

Spud Guns

Eagle Newspapers Wagon Train


The corner shop scales Gibbs S R Toothpaste Wash tub wringers

Using hand signals for cars without turn signals Leg clips for bicycles without chain guards Match box and Dinky toys Strings on mittens Spangles Old English Esso Petrol Tigers Tails Tricycles Jelly Veal Birdie song Gas Street Lamps Bubble cars Mr Pastry


Judy and Bunty Magazines Arthur Askey Salt and shake crisps Pre-fabs

If you remembered 0-10 = You’re still young If you remembered 10-25 = You are getting older If you remembered 25-40= Don’t tell your age If you remembered 40 - 60 = You’re older than everyone ! If anyone wants to send in their suggestions, send them to me at

Alan and Jonathan Gilchrist holds his Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar, Benidorm and Fortuna. Also in Spanish with Jonathan! Alan is also the Originator of the Stop Smoking in under 30 minutes Fast Track Hypnosis Session For an appointment, Brochure, or free of charge initial consultation, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408. Jonathan on 691 784 954 Visit his web site or

Cantabile Female Voice Choir

On Sunday 7th April at 8 p.m. in the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Torreta 2, Torrevieja, Cantabile Female Voice Choir are presenting A Concert of Sacred and Contemplative Music including works by J. S. Bach, Faure, Handel, Karl Jenkins, Mascagni and Vivaldi. There will be a collection held in aid of church funds. For further info, contact Jennifer on 966 796 866 or Phyl on 965 077 457. E-mail: jen-morton@ or check the website: w w w.c a n t a b i l e




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Tony Ellis




k c i u q ng i l l e s y hurr park of nations 

calle san luis

tony ellis avda. diego ramirez

tony ellis

calle villa madrid

calle bibao

620 998 997


to campoamor & pilar

tony ellis La Zenia


10am – 2pm and 5pm – 8pm MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10am – 2pm SATURDAY

New opening times for Diego Ramirez Store


punta prima

to torrevieja

Avd. Diego Ramirez, No. 19 Torrevieja Tel:


cabo roig



c.c. Bellavista Cabo Roig monday – friday 10am to 9pm - no siesta Tel: 669 412 236 saturday 10am to 2pm

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WHAT A FANTASTIC ‘COUNTRY’ NIGHT OUT! What a superb night’s entertainment last Friday night at Lion Country’s Nightspot in La Molata! Their first evening with a ‘double’ billing was a brilliant success and attracted a ‘capacity’ attendance. Both artists coming all the way over from NW England, Cactus Jack and Eddy Miller, simply ‘blew the audience away’ with their wonderful, well balanced, mix of traditional and modern country music songs – the dance floor was never empty! Hopefully they’ll both be back again next year? Staying with the subject of brilliant entertainment, our next cabaret evening on Friday 19 April heralds the return of another of our favourite Country Music songbirds, Miss Cherry K. Originally one half of the terrific Country Music duo, ‘Country Kittens’ and, more recently, the outright winner of Costa Blanca’s hard fought, X Factor Competition, as a solo artist, this little lady is definitelygoing places! Appearing at LION COUNTRY NIGHTSPOT La Molata, nr Los Munoces on Friday 19 April, the fabulous Costa Blanca X Factor Winner...!

Region. Boasting a large dance floor, the venue is also a licensed premises, with drinks at Spanish prices and their hosts, Antonio & Cheryl, maintain a superb kitchen. The ‘fish and chips’ are, reportedly, ‘to die for’, and Cheryl is shortly hoping to add ‘Cajun Chicken’ to her styles of chicken already available. Advance bookings for food is strongly recommended to avoid being disappointed on the night, and should be made direct to Cheryl on 619 003 022 – allowing her plenty of time to ‘buy in’ the appropriate stock. Also in attendance during the evening, should you want to ‘top up’ your line dancing or western regalia – or just need a new pair of boots – will be ‘Cody’s Corner’ Western Stall. With the multi-talented Marty Ross scheduled for Friday 17 May, and the fabulous, four-piece CM Band, The Grumpy Old Men lined up to appear Friday 21 June, a bright future’s on the cards!

‘FIRST’ FRIDAY’s COUNTRY DISCO RE-OPENS 05 APRIL Entry €5.00 couples, €3.00 singles Doors open 8.00pm KEEP IT COUNTRY!


Doors Open at 8.00pm Entry just €5.00 per person at the door With it’s new sound and lighting system in place, ‘Lion Country’ is – by far – the biggest, and best Country Music Venue in the Murcia



Tel: 966 717 028

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EVERY SUNDAY Come and support tomorrows STARS In the COSTA’S NEWEST SINGING COMPETITION Judged by 3 professionals





help mmm agm

The AGM was attended by over fifty volunteers and the treasurer, Robin Bayliss, confirmed that at the end of 2012, the financial position was satisfactory. The president, Bernard Ash reported that €7500 was to be donated to the following Good Causes:Caritas, Butterfly Children and Holidays for Heroes - all very worthy causes. Bernard Ash, Cynthia Sherry and Elaine Dale were ratified in their current positions as President, Secretary and Membership Secretary. Pat Massingham and Joan Mitchell agreed to continue in their roles as Vice president and Chief Fundraiser respectively. This was followed by the monthly General meeting and one amusing item was raised under A. O. B. Not Wanted on Voyage! There was a late plea for help with “Ricky” from a lady member who had booked a cruise for one. Poor “Ricky” was not wanted on voyage. She was worried that she would have to give him away. Happily a temporary home was volunteered for her beloved “Ricky” the Canary! Photo shows members at the AGM

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The Cadillacs 4.30pm - 6.15pm - 5€ The Game 8.00pm Fun Quiz 8.30pm Closed from 6pm for private parties Book yours now! Saturday See guide below Sunday Rising Stars Competition 8.30pm


GIRLS’ ‘BROADWAY THE from ts i h e th l Al als + c i s u m e th Dj Helen

every monday 8pm ‘ I DARE YOU TO TRY IT AND NOT LIKE IT’



4:30PM-6:15PM ENTRY 5€


PLAY ‘the game’



sat 6th ap



sat 13th A

dy tribute d a w y d d a Show n Plus DJ Helwe 8pm 10€ eal + Sho 2 Course M 9.30pm 3€ Show Only

sat 20th APRIL


8 eal + Show 2 Course M 9.30pm 3€ Show Only




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music with mark









ALARMED AND FULLY INSURED 1000 M2 WAREHOUSE Contact us for a non-obligation quote and more information or visit our warehouse near to BEDS BEDS BEDS in Formentera

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Bon Jovi are an American rock band from Sayreville, New Jersey. Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi consists of lead singer and namesake Jon Bon Jovi (real name John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.), guitarist Richie Sambora, keyboardist David Bryan, bass player Alec Such and drummer Tico Torres. The band’s lineup has remained mostly static during their history, the only exception being the departure of Alec Such in 1994, who was unofficially replaced by Hugh McDonald. The newly formed band began playing showcases and openings for local talent, and they caught the attention of record executive Derek Shulman, who signed them to Mercury Records , who was part of the PolyGram company. Jon Bon Jovi wanted a group name, and Pamela Maher, a friend and employee of band manager Doc McGhee, suggested they call themselves Bon Jovi, following the example of the other famous two-word bands such as Van Halen. This name was chosen instead of the original idea of Johnny Electric.(Good choice I think). Pamela’s suggestion of the name was met with little enthusiasm, but two years later they hit the charts under that name. The band’s debut album, Bon Jovi, was released on January 21, 1984. The album included the band’s first hit single, “Runaway”, reaching top forty on the Billboard Hot 100. The album peaked at number forty-three on the Billboard 200 album chart. The group found themselves opening for The Scorpions on their tour of the U.S. and for Kiss when they toured Europe. In 1985, Bon Jovi’s second album 7800° Fahrenheit was released. The band released three singles “Only Lonely”, “In and Out of Love” and the ballad “Silent Night”. The album peaked at number thirty seven on Billboard 200 and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). While the album did not do as well as they’d hoped in terms of sales, it allowed the band to get out on the road touring

again. In May 1985, they headlined venues in Japan and Europe. At the end of the European tour, the band began a six-month run of U.S. tour dates.. In the midst of that tour they managed to make appearances at the Texas Jam and Castle Donington’s Monsters of Rock concerts in England. Jon Bon Jovi also did a solo appearance at the very first Farm Aid in 1985. The band achieved widespread recognition with their third album, Slippery When Wet, released in 1986. Their fourth album New Jersey, which was released in 1988, became just as successful as its predecessor. Bon Jovi went onto achieve thirteen U.S. Top 40 hits between 1986–1995, including four number-ones with “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “Livin’ on a Prayer”, “Bad Medicine”, and “I’ll Be There for You”. Other Top 10 hits included “Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Bed of Roses” and “Always”. Their 2000 single “It’s My Life”, successfully introduced the band to a younger audience. Bon Jovi use different styles in their music, including country for their 2007 album Lost Highway which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, as did their next album, The Circle, in 2009. Their latest album, What About Now, will be released in 2013. Throughout their career, the band have released eleven studio albums, three compilation albums and one live album, and have sold 130 million records worldwide.[3] They have performed more than 2,700 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 35 million fans.[4] Bon Jovi was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2006.[5] The band was also honored with the Award of Merit at the American Music Awards in 2004,[6] and as songwriters and collaborators, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora were inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2009. I love their music and regularly play tracks on all my shows. My personal favourite would have to be Wanted Dead or Alive. Living on a Prayer is more an anthem and they will give fans much more great music for a long time to come.

You can listen to Mark Davies on Costa Calida International Radio, Mon, Wed and Fri evenings 7.00 till 9.00 on 90 and 100 FM or



GREEN BAIZE Snooker & Pool Hall | Quesada

Hot & Cold Food - Great Beer - Breakfasts - Great Prices ONE MEAL €3 OR TWO MEALS €5

• Full Size Snooker Tables • Match-play Darts Boards • Pool Tables • Sky Sports Screens • Special Food Menu’s • Great Family Venue


CHOOSE FROM Liver and Bacon, Mash, Veg and Gravy Sausage, Egg and Chips Ham, Egg and Chips Pork Steak, Mash, Veg and Gravy Sausage, Mash, Veg and Onion Gravy Homemade Chicken Curry and Rice Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice Pasta Bake and Garlic Bread BURGERS Beefburger and Chips €5.50 Cheeseburger and Chips €6.00 1/2lb Cheeseburger and Chips €7.50 Bacon cheeseburger and Chips €7.00 Chicken Burger and Chips €6.50 Spicy Chicken Burger and Chips €6.50 Vegetable Burger and Chips €6.50 Veg/Cheeseburger and Chips €7.00 Hawaiian Burger and Chips €6.50 Cod Fillet Burger and Chips €6.50 All served with Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Relish and Mayo


2 rashers bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, 2 hash brown, black pudding, mushrooms, beans or tomatoes with toast and butter



Bacon and Sausage Bacon, Sausage and Egg BLT Bacon Sausage Cheese and Red Onion Tuna and Mayonnaise Ham, Salad and Coleslaw

€4.00 €4.50 €3.50 €3.00 €3.00 €3.00 €3.00 €3.00


1 rasher bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, black pudding, beans or tomatoes with toast and butter


WRAPS Cheese/Ham, lettuce, onion, tomato and Mayo Kebab Meat, lettuce, onion, red cabbage, tomato, Garlic Mayo and Chilli Sauce Cajun Chicken, lettuce, red pepper, red onion and Mayo Tuna/Sweetcorn, lettuce, cucumber and Mayo

€3.00 €4.50 €4.50 €3.00


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Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you & re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates



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FL912 OW FRE622E434 Pest Control Services • Cockroach Extermination • Drain Rat Extermination

Drainage Services • LeakyTaps • Toilet Siphon Units • Low Water Pressure • Boiler Repair & Replacements • Blocked Pipes & Toilets

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In early April each year, the world and its media descend upon Aintree Racecourse for three of the biggest days in the British sporting and social calendar, the John Smith’s Grand National, which in 2013 will take place from Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th April. A British sporting institution, the Grand National attracts over 154,000 racegoers for three days like no other, which includes Grand Opening Day, Ladies’ Day and a day which needs no introduction, John Smith’s Grand National Day. Over 11 million viewers tuned in to watch the 2012 race on the BBC and were witness to many firsts; a photo finish deciding the winner and a first Grand National victory for champion trainer, Paul Nicholls. Neptune Collonges victory over Sunnyhill Boy also added Neptune Collonges to the history books as only the third grey to have ever won the race in its rich 165-year history. Since the inaugural running in 1839, when Lottery etched his name on the roll of honour, victory in the Grand National has been the pinnacle of ambition for owners, trainers and jockeys worldwide. Hollywood actors, moguls, pop stars, comedians, coiffeurs, celebrities of all hues, sporting heroes, politicians, aristocrats, business people of every variety, Kings, Queens and Princes have all tried for success; just a fortunate few have succeeded. It is the most famous chase in the world and one of the biggest tests for racehorse and rider around two circuits of the Grand National course - with 30 fences to be jumped as four and a half miles is covered. There are numerous famous landmarks which are an integral part of Grand National folklore; Becher’s Brook, the Canal Turn, Valentine’s and the Chair are fences known around the globe. Familiar phrases of commentators such as “crossing the Melling Road” are built into people’s subconscious, while there is the ‘elbow’, with the winning post in sight, where many a potential victor has felt the last reserves of stamina ebb away and with it, immortality. And there is nothing quite like that sensation of heart-clutching, wriggling expectation as the 40-strong field



for the John Smith’s Grand National is persuaded into a fair line, ready to tackle the long run to the first fence. Whether at Aintree or at home watching the peerless television coverage, a general hush falls until the starter calls the runners into line. The tape is released and then a roar - the most anticipated race of the year has begun. The sense of excitement begins at such a great height, tumbles and hurtles onwards throughout nearly 10 minutes of breathtaking action and often afterwards. Betting slips, carefully clutched, are not to be celebrated until the result has been officially announced. Many are the reversals of fortune in the 465 yards between the last fence and the winning post, with replays avidly studied to determine what happened where to each of the runners and riders. Devon Loch’s inexplicable collapse in the 1956 Grand National, a mere 50 yards from victory, serves as a constant reminder that the race is often won and lost in the final run from the ‘elbow’. Once-a-year punters come out in force on John Smith’s Grand National day, studying the list of runners to locate their selection from the office/shop sweepstake, or placing their wager on a horse with a name they like or one linked to a topical event - Party Politics was a popular choice when he won the great race in 1992, with the nation on the brink of a general election. At 4.15pm on Saturday, April 14, 2012, the scheduled off-time of the John Smith’s Grand National, there will be few bookmakers willing to lay odds about what many in Britain, and plenty more throughout the world, will be doing for the next quarter of an hour. Not only is the great race compellingly demanding - the feeling of even completing is one cherished by all involved - but it is also financially rewarding. Millions and millions of people in Britain bet on the John Smith’s Grand National each year, making the race easily the biggest single turnover event, and the most anticipated. Whether in one of Britain’s 9,000 offcourse betting shops, over the telephone, through the internet or interactively, regular punters and the annually curious will be out in force. Bookmakers e s t i m a t e that around £500 million is wagered in Britain on the day, with the John Smith’s Grand National accounting for the bulk of that.

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The Worlds Greatest Jump Race

The first official races at Aintree were organised by a syndicate, headed by the owner of Liverpool’s Waterloo Hotel, Mr William Lynn. He leased the land from Lord Sefton, set out a course and built a grandstand. Lord Molyneux laid the foundation stone on February 7, 1829 and placed a bottle full of sovereigns in the footings. The first Flat fixture was held five months later on July 7. A horse called Mufti won the opening race, the one and a quarter mile Croxteth Stakes. Crowds of up to 40,000 people attended Aintree’s three meetings a year. Aintree Jumping: The course staged its

initial jump fixture in 1835. On Tuesday, February 26, 1839, Lottery became the first winner of the Grand National. In those days the horses had to jump a stone wall, cross a stretch of ploughed land and finish over two hurdles. The race was then known as the Grand Liverpool Steeplechase. Mr Edward William Topham had been a prominent member of Lynn’s original syndicate. But in the 1840s, Lynn’s ill health blunted his enthusiasm for Aintree. Topham, a respected handicapper, began to exert greater influence over the National. National Handicap: He was responsible for turning the National into a handicap in 1843 after it had been a weight-for-age race for the first four years. Topham took

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The person charged with bringing the course into modern times was Tophams’ chairman, Mrs Mirabel Topham. Before joining the board in 1934, she had been an actress of some repute. A forward thinker, Mrs Topham built a new course within the established Grand National course. She named it after Lord Mildmay, a fine amateur jockey and great supporter of the Grand National. The Mildmay Course, which stages races over conventional fences and hurdles, opened in 1953.



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“R“ s r

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(over 20 years experience)

over the lease of Aintree in 1848 and became Clerk of the Course. The Topham family owned substantial tracts of land around Aintree and in 1949 they bought the course outright from Lord Sefton.


History of the Grand National


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The “What Makes You Happy?” Book Project Campaign per cent positive, even the very successful motivational life coaches and business people of the world get days where they need a helping hand to pick themselves up. Books like these have helped me in the past and I know that they can help others too. Along with encouragement from friends / family and other activities like sports or hobbies, these self-help books can provide people with support via beautiful words. There seems to be more and more happiness projects cropping up throughout the world, which is a fantastic sign of things to come!

Would you like to help billions of people worldwide? What is The “What Makes You Happy?” Book Project all about? I started this book project back in August of 2012. The idea just came to me, as I wanted to do something that would help hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions of people around the world. The idea is that people send me a quote about what makes them happy. It can be simply a word, a sentence or a paragraph about what makes them happy. I have received such wonderful words from people, all around the world and the quotes are continuing to come through on a regular basis. Some people have even sent me poems, which I really want

to include in the book, as they have taken the time to put these together for me. I have also received photos from people, both personal and ones that they think I may like to see on the facebook group and page. This is brilliant, as I will want visual images for the book and personal ones are lovely to receive to go with the quotes. I am more than happy to have these sent to me, along with any other images that people feel may be good for the book. I can only use images that have been OK’d to use copyright–wise if they are not personal photos / images from the quote givers. We all have days where we do not feel 100

From what I have learnt so far, materialistic things seem to come very low down on people’s lists of priorities in what makes them happy, despite what we may feel we want; these things are not the main affects in what brings us happiness. I am looking for help to get this book put together as quickly as I can, so that it can reach the intended people and start to have a positive effect on as many individuals as I can reach. I think that the route for me firsthand will be selfpublishing until I can get the right publisher on board. Any contributions would be so greatly appreciated and I would be more than happy to mention those who have contributed financially to this The “What Makes You Happy? Book Project in the book itself, for those of who would like to be included. Of course, anonymous contributions are also very much welcome. Thank you so much in advance to all who do so, either via name or anonymously. This will have such a dramatic effect on so many people, as even the positive feedback before I had a publisher interested a few months back was extremely encouraging. People need books like these, I feel, something that they can pick up time and time again and get a warm feeling from. Other people can help those that they do not even know by projects such as this one. My greatest thanks go to everyone that has contributed so far with their wonderful quotes. I will do my best to keep everyone posted on my progress via facebook and Twitter etc. Thanks again to all! Below are all of the links to my social media sites and my email details for quotes to come through on. Thank you! Please send all monetary contributions to Ali Watts who runs SpainLINKED on line magazine via his PayPal account at: For those of you who do not have a PayPal account, I will provide bank details asap for any money to be transferred into it. Thanks again to all! Please post all quotes to my profiles / pages or on the group wall or via Twitter or email (as I often miss the notifications when people post on the groups / sites I put these posts on).

Here are all the links for those: Email:


facebook profile: https://www. or

ht tps://w w lawrenceii The “What Makes You Happy?” Book Project group on facebook 444899825554628/?ref=ts The “What Makes You Happy?” Book Project page on facebook h t t p s : // w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / TheWhatMakesYouHappyBookProject Clare Lawrence Author III h t t p s : // w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / ClareLawrenceAuthorIII h t t p s : // w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / p a g e s/C l a r e - L a w r e n c e - A u t h o r III/196401540488536 Clare Lawrence Celebrity Journalist III Clare-Lawrence-Celebrity-JournalistIII/158561497563297 New page!!! Clare Lawrence (Public Figure) Clare-Lawrence/443166629059252

Here are a few sample quotes for the book project: “Sitting with my feet in a stream with my daughter sitting next to me telling me about the clouds.” Benjamin F Jones “What makes me happy is happiness itself!!!” “Happiness is making a woman smile.” “Happiness is Music. No Music. No Life.” Barry Tomes “Seeing some of the lovely and sad, hello and goodbyes at Murcia Airport, makes me smile, to know the human race still needs real {no online} hugs and contact with each other. It’s nice to know that where ever we are in the world, we are either thinking of someone, or being thought about. Makes you realise you may be on your own, but you are never alone, in someone’s heart.” Lavender Retreat Sue Yoga makes me happy. It gives me a sense of freedom and lightness of my spirit; all the tensions of life disappear. When I meditate I feel close to God and divine energy and this is my bliss xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” Serena Morris “Knowing my kids are happy makes me very happy xx” Amanda J Carrington “The smell of fresh cut grass.” Amanda Rockford Thank you so much in advance for any contributions to this fantastic book project! Clare




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oldest hot cross bun is 192 years old pause for thought World’s A woman has the world’s oldest hot down through our family and we get it day. It has been preserved in a box for

One of the great benefits of being a Christian is the certainty we can enjoy that death isn’t the end, but that life continues beyond the grave. I’d really struggle to offer any real comfort to the bereaved were it not for my Christian faith, but I love the passage written by St Paul to his Christian friends in Thessalonica: “Since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with him at his coming all that have died, who trusted in Jesus. So we will be with the Lord forever.”

Now there, I suggest, is real comfort – though it does depend on our acceptance of the Easter story that Jesus didn’t just die, but he overcame death and rose again. That he died, is easy to believe, but it does perhaps take a little more faith to affirm that I believe he really did come back to life again. But what a promise St Paul bases on that step of faith. “If you can believe” says Paul, “that he came back to life, then in just the same way, God will bring back to life all who have died, who trusted in Jesus.” What Paul is saying here is that what God has done for Jesus, in raising him from the dead, He will also do for anyone else who trusts in him. The condition, he says, is not that we’re very religious; nor that we lead a good life; but simply that we trust, or believe in him. So no wonder Easter’s a day of great rejoicing for Christians everywhere. Believe that message that Jesus died in my place and then rose to life again, and the promise is there – God will raise me after I’ve died, just as surely as He raised Jesus, and I will live with Him eternally, together with all who share that faith. No wonder then that St Paul concludes that passage “therefore encourage one another with these words.” So I trust you’ve had a very happy Easter.

Further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site www. Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

cross bun - baked on Good Friday in 1821 and passed down through five generations. Nancy Titman, 94, keeps the 192-yearold bun in a box and amazingly it still has a cross on the top and shows no traces of mould. The fruity bun, which has even retained its smell, was made by Nancy’s great, great, great grandfather William Skinner, who owned a bakery in London. It was made in the same year as Napolean died, George IV was crowned king, poet John Keats passed away and John Constable painted his famous Hay Wain picture. “It’s a relic which has been passed

out every Good Friday,” said Nancy. “It is rock hard like a fossil and the currants have disintegrated, but it still smells and looks like a hot cross bun, with the cross on the top.” Nancy was given the bun, which has the date March 1821 on the base, by her mum and she plans to hand it down to her own daughter Anthea and her 10year-old granddaughter Hannah. “My mum said our ancestors worked in a baker’s shop and they believed buns baked on Good Friday didn’t go mouldy, which this has proved,” added Nancy, from Deeping St James, Lincs. “I think it was kept as it was made on Good Friday, which was a very special

ancient version of darts baffling indian officials

A bizarre ancient version of darts where players dream up the winning score is baffling gambling officials in northern India. The game - called Thoh tim - involves locals in remote Meghalaya state betting on how many arrows they and their competitors can make stick in a single target. And they gamble using only numbers that have come to them the night before a game - in dreams. “If you dream of football match, that’s 22 for the number of players,” explained a local expert in the regional capital, Shillong, known as the Scotland of the East. “Two people in an erotic act, well that could be 69 or 11 depending on the act. If both feature, that could be 90. It can get quite complicated,” he added. Local gambling officials have been trying to crack down on the tournaments but have been baffled by the game’s vague rules. “Winning relies on interpreting the dreams accurately and that’s a skill, not luck,” admitted one. Experts say £15,000 can change hands in a single tournament. Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute general secretary Perekh Lahoo said: “A lot of cash changes hands every day.”

When the Tigers Broke Free

Eric Fletcher Waters of the Royal Fusiliers was killed at the Battle of Anzio, Italy on February 18th 1944. His son Roger immortalised the loss of his father in the haunting song with the above title. Planned to be the opening track of the Pink Floyd album The Wall however the other band members thought it too personal. Instead it’s in the Alan Parker film and on the reissued Final Cut CD.

Operation Shingle (its official name) was conceived by Winston Churchill and commenced on January 22nd 1944; it was an amphibious landing of a large Allied force in the Anzio area of Italy. Its intention was to strike east, drawing German forces from the fierce fighting at Monte Cassino with the possibility also of allowing the Allies to strike

north to Rome.

This area of former marshland was drained in 1930 on Mussolini’s orders and turned into an agricultural area. It’s surrounded by mountains so a quick advance was essential or the enemy would reinforce, surrounding the attackers from above. The Appian Way passes through here and a Roman Army in 321BC had befallen this exact fate. Though the landing was a success with almost no opposition found, US Major General Lucas fatally chose to dig a defensive line instead of advancing further as he expected a counter attack. German Field Marshall Kesselring immediately sent 20,000 reinforcements from Rome with 20,000 more arriving the following day to surround the Allies, Kesselring knew the Allies would succeed if they continued to advance on the first days; instead Lucas’s needless fear of being caught in a trap condemned many men to die including Eric Waters over the next four months. In Lucas’s diary of the time he refers to the same ‘amateur’ being in charge as was at Gallipoli. This was a direct reference to Churchill who had been heavily involved of the planning of the 1916 debacle, where there had

nearly 200 years now. “It’s a rather unusual family heirloom, but I’m proud of it and we still get the bun out of its box every Easter.” Hot cross buns with their combination of sweet, spicy and fruity flavours first became popular in Tudor times and have long been an Easter tradition, with the pastry cross symbolising the crucifixion. In the 19th century many people believed that hot cross buns baked on Good Friday would not go mouldy and had special healing powers. They thought the buns could be used as a cure for medical complaints such as indigestion.

Cinema pool screens Jaws A swimming pool in Yorkshire has been transformed into an unusual swim-along-cinema. A large screen was installed at one end of the pool at Bramley Baths and people were able to enjoy the film either from front-row balcony seats - or while in the water itself. Meanwhile, speakers streamed the soundtrack both under and over the water. First up on the bill, which followed a watery theme, was Finding Nemo. However, only the brave remained in the water for the 2nd film, which was Jaws. Previous quirky events at Bramley Baths have included a floating orchestra and an underwater art exhibition. At the start of the year a group of locals took over running the 109-year-old Edwardian bathhouse following fears that it would have to be closed. It is now run by a community group known as the Friends of Bramley Baths on a not-for-profit basis.

been half a million casualties. Fiendishly the Germans stopped the pumps that drained the marshes and the area slowly flooded so inviting mosquitos to help with their defences too. They bombed and shelled the Allied positions for the next month. By February 20th it was stalemate after attack and counter attack with over 40,000 casualties from both sides, some positions changed hands eight times. Churchill remarked that he had hoped a wildcat had been hurled at the shores and instead they had got a stranded whale. Lucas was relieved of his command with the British and more attacking minded Major General Truscott appointed. It was the depth of winter so fighting mostly took place at night when the ground froze and tanks and guns could be moved. In the day it was too boggy and the soldiers rested. Some Allied soldiers nicknamed these months their ‘Dracula Days’ as they drew blood at night and slept by day. By May the Allies had 150,000 soldiers and the breakout was on. On the 23rd battle commenced with the initial plan to head east to stop the Germans escaping to Rome from Monte Cassino. Instead Lieutenant General Clark of the US 5th Army felt that they ‘deserved’ to liberate Rome and ordered the advance to turn 90 degrees north. This Yankee vanity allowed tens of thousands of Germans to escape and prolonged the war. On June 2nd the Americans reached an almost deserted Rome as Hitler fearing another Stalingrad had ordered a retreat. Clark the glory hunter blocked the roads to stop the British Army from getting close and held a press conference outside the Town Hall!

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To the Ends of the Earth and Back


Stagestruck! March2013

Well to the end of the ancient world anyway. Starting on May 31st, Len Allen (from La Marina) is taking on the challenge of the Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage known as ‘The Way’ starting in Pamplona and travels all the way to Santiago a distance of approximately 800km. Not satisfied with this, Len is then going to continue on to Finisterre, which was widely believed to be the end of the Earth until Columbus discovered America. This will take his total distance to 900km. Len who will turn 60 later in the year wanted to do something extra special for this milestone and when in Santiago last year he saw people finishing the walk he thought “this is something I could do”. Len a seasoned marathon runner in the UK who moved to Spain in 2000, will be joined in this ambitious challenge by one of his old running partners John Cripps. “I have been training since Christmas and hopefully I will be ready by mid-May”. Len will then have a week or so of rest before setting off. This involves taking an overnight coach from Alicante to Pamplona and then the walk begins. Len added “I will be staying in the pilgrim hostels along the way each night and I am really looking forward to hearing the tales of the other walkers and their reasons for taking on the challenge”. He is planning to walk some 40 km a day and with a few rest days to make sure he gets to the other end and expects the walk to take 23 days in total. Len is doing this walk in aid of the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre Foundation based in Rojales. His wife Ann who has been a great supporter of EHCRC for many years thinks he is mad but will be on hand to give him encouragement “however I’m not doing it with him”. David from Easy Horse Care said “when we were approached by Ann about Len doing this walk I just had to meet him, I have to agree with Ann in thinking her husband is mad” he added “however I take my hat off to him and ask everyone to support him. Like Len I used to run marathons but the idea of walking 900 km’s in less than a month is truly a remarkable challenge and a fantastic achievement”. Len can be sponsored by either contacting him direct on 620 180 002 or by going in to any of the EHCRC Charity Shops in Guardamar, La Siesta, La Zenia , Montesinos or Quesada. Alternatively you can sponsor him at the rescue centre on Sundays during the open day or contact Easy Horse Care by email .There will also be sponsorship forms in several locations around La Marina including News 4U, Serafins & Cuts R Us.

We are currently well into rehearsals for latest original Production which is called Bullocks. Set in a Hotel owned by the Bullock family it features the tangled love lives of the staff and the hotel guests. The show will feature lots of familiar songs as well as Dance routines and lots of laughs. Our new members mean that the group is becoming international with both Dutch and Spanish members in the cast. The show will take place on May 23rd,24th and 25th at 8pm in the brand new Casa de Cultura in Benijofar and tickets are 6 euros which includes a

e l s b 4 e u 3 M

complimentary glass of wine. Tickets can be obtained at The Card Place in Benimar or from Stella on 966 786 154 or Ellen on 627887010 All the profits from the performances will be evenly split between two worthy causes; The Benijofar Social Services for needy families and The Alzheimers Association . The attached photograph (which is exclusive to your paper) is of a cast call on the opening day of rehearsals Thank you for your ongoing and much appreciated supportsupport Bob Lear








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...the unexpected health benefits of chocolate! First up, it’s good for your heart. The antioxidants in the cocoa in chocolate – four times as much as in tea – lower the risks of developing heart disease – as well as lung and prostate cancer and type-2 diabetes, according to research at the Netherlands Institute of Public Health and Environment. These antioxidants, catechins and phenols, reduce the presence of free radicals that damage cells and DNA, and are thought to prevent fatty substances in the bloodstream from clogging the arteries. And on a lighter note, the amino acid phenylethylamine in chocolate gives you the feeling of being in love, and acts as an aphrodisiac. Which could be why, in the 18th century, French doctors prescribed chocolate for women with a broken heart and why the Milk Tray man is an enduring role model. And for the morning after the night before, phenylethylamine also helps ease a hangover. Still on the heart health front, chocolate lowers levels of both total and LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol, thanks to the oleic acid in the cocoa butter. It has also been found to reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension, in a US study reported in ‘Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association’. As we know, women have a deep love for chocolate – about 50% prefer it to sex – and chocolate has a couple of benefits just for us. That premenstrual craving for industrial quantities of the sweet brown stuff has physiological causes. The Chocolate Society reports that our magnesium levels can drop

just before a period, and chocolate is extremely rich in magnesium – and that’s why WE WANT IT, OK? If you’re pregnant, eating chocolate could mean you have a happier baby, according to a University of Helsinki study. Chocolate-eating mums said their babies smiled and laughed a lot, were more active, and less fearful in new situations. Got a cold? Chocolate could work better than medicine at controlling a cough. Theobromine, found in chocolate (and coming from the Greek for food of the gods – wise people, the ancient Greeks…), is nearly a third more effective at stopping coughs than the leading treatment, codeine. And the last reason to eat chocolate is hardest to believe: it fights tooth decay. Yes, we know it contains sugar but, apparently, its make-up prevents the bacteria that cause tooth decay from sticking to the enamel. Don’t believe us? Do a completely unscientific study yourself by comparing how furred-up your teeth feel after eating boiled sweets and after eating chocolate. One thing: these benefits only apply to chocolate that’s over 70% cocoa solids, so all you Dairy Milk devotees will have to develop a taste for the plain stuff. And, no, Bournville (36%) isn’t dark enough. To hit the mark, go for Lindt Excellence, Green & Black’s Organic Dark or Waitrose Organic Plain Belgian Chocolate. And it goes without saying: overconsumption will do you no favours. Chocolate is a high-fat, high-calorie food, but the good news is that it takes less dark chocolate than milk to satisfy your craving… sorry, to get the health benefits… because it’s richer and has a more intense flavour. So, if you want to eat chocolate – and who doesn’t? – make it plain.


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advertising feature Since I was knee high to a grass hopper I have loved animals and worked hard through school to gain the exam results to work as Veterinarian or RSPCA Inspector, Marine biologist, and so forth, but I just did not gain the qualification’s needed. I wrote a small book called The Journey when I was about twelve which I still remember clearly as my mum illustrated it for me, it was about me as an adult going to different countries trying to care for the most amazing animals, gorillas tigers, elephants and the black rhino. I was far too young to understand about publishing at this time. From then on I was surrounded by pets; my First dog was called Sunny, he was my best friend, but became very aggressive on walks, not towards me or my family but to everyone and their dogs that came close (living in an enclosed street which didn’t help) so after much heart break we rehomed him and off he went to live on a farm, we kept in touch with the farmer to make sure he was ok, Sunny loved his new home and the miles of land to run and play in, as he was a Collie cross. Through the years I watched and visited every animal park I could, and watched and read endless animal documentaries and books. Later in my life I finally was able to work at an animal rehoming centre in Cyprus, this was a dream come true to me. Most of the animals were severely neglected but I worked for three years with the RAF Dog trainers and helped rehome hundreds of cats and dogs. One case always stays with me. Rugs was a rescue white poodle cross who was starved and beaten, the morning he came in, as small as he was, he was very vocal barking bearing teeth heckles up, his body shook with fear. I worked for 6 months with him, gaining his trust, I sat for hours just outside his pen, then just inside his pen either in silence or talked softly making no eye contact, the staff could not believe the time and more than that the patience that I had with him. I just seemed to have a way with problem animals. Rugs my dog was a great little character (and the best burglar alarm you could have) and I ended up bringing him home - he became my new best friend. His aggression went he was loving and amazing with children and other dogs. My Heroes of that time were famous dog trainers called Jan Fennell, and Cesar Millan. So thanks to them, as some of their techniques helped a great deal. I strongly believe in the theory that most pet problems are actually us as humans that are the cause


through lack of knowledge and care and understanding. Upon returning to the UK, I helped friends and family with all kinds of training problems with their dogs and cats (many of the cats were wild that we got at the rehoming centre). I trained to become a paramedic with the army for a short time but suffered terribly from homesickness so was about to leave when my Sergeant pulled me to one side and begged for me stay, and revealed to me that in my Paramedic and Team Building exam results which I had not been optimistic about - I averaged 97%! I realised I could read all I wanted but what I was really good at was ‘hands on’ work. So from there I continued with life and helped friends with personal problems or pet problems. Looking back, I realised I am a good listener and did wonder about a career in Counselling but my personal desires for a family were a priority - now with my partner and my two beautiful girls daughters, I moved to Spain to live with my parents and my two brothers, partly through ill-health on my part but also through my continued desire to do something practical yet useful and through the love and help from my family I am on the mend - I have struggled with not being the helper, but I am getting there. Over the last year I have been working with Healing crystals, and first used them on my self and I have felt so much better (but still continued with any medication prescribed by the doctors). I have always made jewellery which has received praise from family and friends but now I’ve decided to combine this practical skill with the healing crystals to provide help to people and pets too. ‘Adore Jewellery’ feels right! I have been working with a professional healer and by combining my jewellerymaking skills with healing crystals, I have helped a number of people and with illnesses of all kinds as well as helping to re-train pets with my special animal pendants. So that’s all about me, now what about you or your pet? Drop me an email and if I can help with my healing jewellery I will! Email: Also ‘Like’ my page on Facebook: AdoreHerJewellery - and look out for special offers too!

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The Romanian Moated Shower

viewpoint alqueria - The trade agreement

his labours, but it was not only the lungPART 2: My heart sank as Pedro, searing smell that had me breathless silhouetted against the setting sun, as I surveyed the scene of destruction bearing a tool box the size of a family before me. suitcase and a silicone gun which The screens were held in place by might have seen previous service an array of screws of various size and as a ground-to-air missile launcher, length, protruding at all angles from marched purposefully up our drive the screens, as if the shower tray had on a mission to fit the shower screens been the scene of a fight to the death on top of the perfectly proportioned between a pair of porcupines. work of art in Marine Green that is And Pedro had certainly deployed our new shower tray, courtesy of the silicone gun – there was silicone Francisco. on the window, the washbasin, the After a spell of interment in the bidet, the shower tray and most of family bathroom, accompanied by the the floor surface. Miraculously, he had sound of drilling, and broken only by almost completely missed most of the his need to borrow a varied selection joins between the screen panels and of Pete’s screwdrivers, Pedro emerged, the shower tray. announced that he had finished, and I closed the door firmly on the departed into the darkling eve. Armageddon within, and waited with Next morning steely resolve for Juan to come for his I braved the money. overwhelming whiff After a week of our family bathroom of silicone to inspect being out of bounds as a toxic hazard area, Juan arrived, full of innocently smiling expectation. I didn’t want to pull height, weight

By Jos Biggs

and rank as a dissatisfied customer on Juan, so I beckoned him inside. ‘You had better look.’ I opened the door to the forbidden territory. Juan entered, and the smile fell from his face with an audible thud. He stood, dapper and disappointed amidst the sticky shambles that was our bathroom. ‘I fetch Pedro.’ He said without prevarication. He fetched Pedro. The bathroom door closed on the pair of them, and what ensued behind the door remains a secret. In the fullness of time the door opened, and Juan announced that ‘is good now.’ I looked round. It was good now. Moreover, Juan remained dapper and smiling while Pedro remained large, cheerful and Romanian. I don’t know how, but without bloodshed or bad language the silicone and random screws had disappeared, and a neat and functional fully screened shower remained, which I enjoyed to the full that evening!

Vote Common Sense if You Can Find a Candidate I scan the British newspapers whenever we have coffee at Patti’s Tapas down the road – I begrudge paying a small fortune for them and Patti’s loans them for free to regular patrons – and I invariably become agitated at the nonsense that has become commonplace in the beloved homeland. I don’t know why I bother reading them really; it’s not good for my health and once I have wiped away the dribble from the

corner of my mouth and calmed down a little with the aid of more caffeine, I still have the urge to pick up my pen and stab a few passing holiday makers before drafting an article about the sheer craziness that I see in the headlines before me. But that would be in breach of my verbal contract with the Sol Times - the article not the stabbings - because when I was head-hunted by the paper’s editor four years ago, I was told that my brief was to pick any subject I liked, just so long as there was an element of humour in there somewhere. When I say head-hunted, the fact of the matter is that nothing better was available to the editor at the time and I found myself By Colin Bird :


a columnist by default; if a dyslexic gerbil had volunteered its services at the time, it would probably have got the nod over me. That and the fact I had pestered the lovely Claire to such an extent, we struck a bargain that if I refrained from sending menacing letters and jamming the switchboard with obscene calls, she would allow me a few column inches. But how can you possibly find anything amusing about Messrs Cameron, Clegg or Miliband. Well alright, Miliband would not be a problem, but you take my point. The latest stand-up comic routine was last week when the snappily suited David Cameron made a long winded speech about the reforms he intends to implement regarding immigrants

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and the benefits system. This had most of us nodding our heads solemnly in agreement and rightly so. But why now. Why hadn’t something so obvious been enacted years ago, as the majority of the British people have been demanding for years and that common sense dictated. And why is it that with this and many other issues, we the majority of the British people can see the blindingly obvious, but politicians cannot. Well it’s simple isn’t it . . . a certain Mr Farage and his party have been advocating such moves for a long time now, and with the votes of the Eastleigh by-election indicating that many people are now leaving the main stream parties en mass in favour of UKIP, it’s become not so much a matter of principle with Dave and Co, as the acquisition of votes. And of course the scary eyed Miliband and his sidekick the pudding-basin coiffured Ed Balls are taking note and adjusting their own thinking accordingly. It’s all about self interest and the desperate need for power – politicians are as two faced as a station clock. But we should be grateful that it was Cameron not Clegg who made this latest pronouncement. When a Lib Dem politician gets to his feet to make a speech, there is an audible groan of despair as the stampede for the exits begin. It’s a fact that whenever a leader of that party – past and present – has pompously pontificated in Parliament about this or that (the party should be re-titled

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -


The SS Founder lay hove-to twenty miles off the Spanish coast. Her rust streaked hull pitching and rolling in the heavy swell. The journey from Harwich had been a tedious one, three weeks of mechanical failures and navigation errors. A permanent list to starboard meant the vessel had a tenancy to sail in a great arc if the helm wasn’t corrected regularly. Registered in Turkmenistan, the craft is no more than a perambulating shipping hazard. By some miracle however it arrived off the coast of southern Spain and with it the trade delegation from the Republic of Uggaby. With the Alquerian borders with Spain closed the sea-bound Uggabian representatives have to be smuggled up the Río Verde to the village. A dilapidated twenty four foot rived cruiser ‘La Arruinada’ came alongside with Antonio Poyato at the helm. To say Poyato is brave would be an overstatement, he wore goggles and a crash helmet to play Ludo, but here he was piloting the flimsy craft back to Alqueria. The explanation is simple, Poyato had been drinking his own Remitroot liquor. Who he imagined himself to be and what he though he was doing is something only someone else under the influence of Remitroot would appreciate. The massed bands of Alqueria, well two guitars, a trumpet and Arián Pérez doing strange things with a tea-chest which seemed to have no musical connections whatever welcomed the guests as they steeped ashore in the old olive grove. The Uggabians seemed pleased with their reception, it made a change from being welcomed with bricks and insults which was their norm. This was essentially a trade mission. The Alquerian government wanted to sell Remitroot products to northern Europe. If things went well Uggaby would be the centre of their sales drive in Britain. To this end the premier chef of Uggaby, Salmonella Sid accompanied the group. The day was spent at Antonio Poyato’s smallholding sampling the famous Remitroot wine and liquor. Faircourt, the delegation’s leader overindulged and was found sitting bolt upright under Poyato’s Adelfa Tree with a confused expression. He was signing a song about a naval vessel named after a Roman goddess and with a figurehead of a rather sporting you lady. Gruntmore tried to translate the lyrics which Manuela found particularly interesting. The appeal of the plant soon became obvious, Remitroot Real Ale and Remitroot Scrumpy were just two liquid variations suggested. It was left to the imagination and expertise of Salmonella Sid to fully realise its potential. The next time you are in a restaurant in Britain look out for the choicest of dishes. Remitroot in a basket, fried Remitroot and chips and that old favourite Remitroot Roly Poly.

the PPP) the sale of Scotch has rocketed in the Common’s bars, with MP’s queuing up on the terraces to throw themselves into the Thames. I am constantly amazed at the lack of quality within our political system and why it is that the profession is so attractive to the wrong kind of people? Well it’s that word again – power, and of course their conviction that they possess superior brain power and the absolute certainty that they know best in all things. But the present parlous state of our once proud country is irrefutable evidence that they

most certainly do not. Then you have the duffers who sit in the ‘other place’ – the house of Lords. Many of whom are there by an accident of birth or the fact that they chose at an early age to don a cassock and conduct services on a Sunday. Yes let’s have a second house in order to keep those other morons in check, but at least let it be a house elected by the people. Take a look at the Parliamentary channel sometime; I swear that half of those who bother to attend only do so to grab a nap and to mutter an occasional heeear . . . heeear, just to show they are still breathing.






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We have had a busy time at Casa la Pedrera this last week and have experienced some good and some bad moments ! It was great fun setting out the clues for the Easter Egg Hunt and the children and the parents all seemed to have a good time. Not only did we have them searching for treats but we had a word search and a ‘spot the owl’ competition. All those who found the ‘wooden owl’ , would be put in a draw, to win a special prize sponsored by a local business and radio station, so one parent thought he would be devious and stack the odds in his favour. Whilst taking out one of the children on a pony ride, this little boy whispered to a staff member, Do you want to know a secret? Now we hear all sorts of things from these kids and he continued with: My Daddy disobeyed my Mummy, and took the owl and buried it beneath some big stones!

the rocks for something special to remind us of this important event.” Amongst the rocks, I had hidden some little crosses that I had made from the leaves of the many palms that we have growing in the garden. The Internet is a fantastic tool to use in this instance and I had found a video on you tube on how to make them. These crosses are fiddly, but easy to make, but it gives me a new appreciation of the skill of the craftsmen and women who take these simple palm leaves and create the masterpieces that they parade through the streets on Palm Sunday, for all the world to see and appreciate.

Rumbled!! It never ceases to amaze me what members of the public can get up to. I had been doing the activities and events for about 6 years now, and I had thought I had come across most things, but this really floored me. Yes, it was funny in the way the ‘secret’ was divulged, and we all had a good giggle, but it does amaze me that someone would go to those lengths to ‘win’. Believe me, he buried it so well, when we went to retrieve the clues, we could not even find it. It took a couple with some teenage girls who had gone on the last trail of the day to uncover the hiding place!!

What is the name of the special Spanish song that is sung during Holy Week? A. una saeta B. un santo C. una silla

Whilst we were busy with the Easter Festivities one of our favourite ponies took ill and was taken to Alicante Hospital with impaction. I have only ever had experienced mild cases of colic, but this was awful to see. The girls were up all night with him, but he was deteriorating so quickly and unable to even stand, the decision was taken by the vet to rush him to hospital for more expert care. Fortunately, as I write, he is recovering well and we hope it will not be necessary to have an operation. This little episode has cost us thousands and although it is worth every penny as he is such an amazing pony, however I do think it is time to look into some ‘Pet Insurance’. Recently we have lost one of our dogs with a similar thing, but the impaction was due to eating the rabbits that they hunt in the campo. Our local vet said he comes across at least 2 or 3 dogs in a week with this problem.. Eating the rabbits with the fur and bones, sometimes results in constipation. Unfortunately whilst treating him, he took himself off to ‘die’ and for weeks I had no idea where he had taken himself to. I found him unexpectedly when I stopped to show some clients on a quad trail, a huge oscillated lizard, that had just scuttled across the path, and there, under a pine tree, he lay. Fortunately they did not notice him, but I got such a shock that it took everything in my power not to break down in front of them. I must confess I did find it difficult to negotiate the trail, with the tears streaming from my eyes!

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Last week I wrote about, Palm Sunday, which is the first day of Le Semana Santa, know in Spanish as el Domingo de Ramos. The word ‘ramos’ means ‘bouquets and brances’ so I thought it would be fun to incorporate it, into the Easter egg hunt. I have written in the past about my Andalucian Donkey, Bernando, who is almost extinct and is only one of a hundred left in the world today, so one of the clues was the following. “What am I looking for? Not only did this animal carry Mary to Bethlehem, but he also carried Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Look amongst

Call 660 816 620

Doing these clues for the visitors and the tourists it has prompted many questions about the Easter Week here in Spain so for all of you who need to understand and perhaps learn a bit more about this important religious occasion, so to find out just how much you know here are some fun qustions, for you to test your knowledge.

What is the name of the Spanish Easter cake that is decorated with coloured feathers and chocolate figurines? A. misa de Pascua

B. mona de Pascua C. amigo de Pascua

What is the name given to the men who carry the heavy floats in the Easter processions? A. costaleros

B. corderos

C. conejos

and finally Which meat is traditionally eaten on Easter Day in Spain? A. beef (la carne de vaca) (el cordero)

B. chicken (el pollo)

C. lamb

Answers can be found on my website at which has a link to my face book page. Remember we are open over the Easter Period for all activities and the tea garden and craft shop is open daily from 11am - 4pm. We hope to see you soon Feliz Pascua.... Jenni



THE SPAINIAC | The Alhambra (Part I | Candice Parsons after becoming frustrated from all the walking in the 40+ degrees heat.

The whole purpose of my visit to Granada was to visit the Alhambra, and considering the current status of my ankle, I was slightly concerned I’d not be able to explore all I’d hoped to. Nonetheless, I ventured through the streets of Granada at around 8:30am the next day, and of course, typical of Spain, the atmosphere was mostly quiet with very few people around and no businesses open this early. In Arabic, ‘qa’lat al-Hamra’ means ‘red castle’, and so is where the name of Granada’s signatory palace and fortress complex originates its name ‘Alhambra’ from. You won’t go too long in Andalusia - or Spain for that matter - without hearing of or being recommended to the Alhambra. The Moors, nomadic people from North Africa

who had converted Islam, ruled Spain throughout the eighth century. This exquisite palace built under their empire, stands as a statement of their last refuge and their crowning glory. I’d met a girl from Brisbane, Australia the previous evening at the guesthouse I was staying in, after arriving back from the almost ten

hour hike of El Albaicín with my injured ankle. She’d just returned from visiting the Alhambra, which I’d booked tickets for a few weeks back to visit the following day. She recommended I get there by 10am at the latest, explaining how she’d done the same yet still hadn’t been able to cover all ground of the complex, and left early

I followed my city map that took me to the bottom of the steep, winding hill which led up to the Alhambra. There was a frequent bus transfer that took visitors to the front entrance, but despite my injured ankle, I decided the physical strain would be punishment for the amount of paella, croquetas and ice cream I’d consumed over the past week. I knew I’d see more by walking than

I would from a bus anyway.

The lush, trees and greenery surrounding the pathway up this hill, lined by ancient aqua-ducts and large pebble stone walls, created a mysterious feel as I continued my way up. The trees were so high, full and leafy above the path, making it almost impossible to see where exactly the Alhambra was and how much longer I had till reaching the entrance. But my wandering mind was somewhat sedated by the silenced world below me. With each step, the sound of trickling water, soft breeze and singing birds separated me further and further away, drowning out any queries or thoughts attempting to surface my mind. Soon enough, this serenity was interrupted,

and in the distance I could see more people, who were all heading towards the entrance marked ‘tickets’. Large crowds were everywhere and long queues filled the outdoor foyer area for either ticket purchase or collection, headset commentaries, tour bookings, and Alhambra souvenirs. It made sense as to why pre-booked tickets are encouraged on the website, and allocated time slots are held for viewing certain parts of the palace. Upon collecting my tickets and headset, I limped along with my now much more painful ankle towards the Palacio de Generalife; an extension to the Alhambra, which was the summer palace and country estate of the Nasrid Kings during the early 13th century... (To be continued in Part II)

Candice Parsons is a writer and avid Spain and Spanish culture lover from Melbourne, Australia. ‘Like’ my Facebook page: www.facebook. com/pandemicrhapsody and follow me on Twitter @MiLlamoCandi


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I have heard that I need to present a declaration to the tax office declaring my assets in

other countries. Surely this cannot be true?

A. It is correct. Orden HAP/72/2013 of 30th of January has brought to life form 720, which needs to be filled

in by all residents of Spain who have assets abroad worth more than 50,000 euros. This form must be presented before the end of April with severe penalties for not doing so. All resident of Spain shall provide the Spanish tax administration with the following information: 1. Information of bank accounts you may have abroad, already in your name, or have authorization or rights to at any time of the year which corresponds to the declaration. The information shall include: • The full name and address of the bank. • Full identification of the accounts. • The opening or cancellation date, or if applicable, grant and revocation as authorized. • The average balances of the last trimester and the corresponding average balances for the last trimester of the year 2. Information on securities, assets, values or rights representing the equities of all types of entities, or transfer own equities to a third party, of which they own and are abroad, as well as life insurance and life annuity policy holders or beneficiaries of temporary policies. In this case, the information must include, in addition to the identification of the entity, the balance on December 31st, the number and class of such assets. 3. Information on real estate located abroad. This last section will contain the following statement: • Type of property. • Property location: country, city, street and number. • Date of purchase & Value of purchase. The presentation in subsequent years will only be required when the value of the assets and rights have experienced an increase of over 20,000 euro on the determined value of the last statement made. The information shall be declared in the new model 720 from February 1st to April 30th 2013 for the data of the fiscal year 2012. Starting from the next fiscal year the declaration should be presented between the dates January 1st & March 31st. Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


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Property... Returning to UK?

10 reasons to buy in Spain!

£69,000 ono

MODERN PARKHOME (NW Leicestershire)

Private sale of this lovely home on a secure, well established, residential park and at an extremely attractive price.

1. Everyone still wants to visit Spain. Between January and October 2012 52 million tourists went there - a 3 per cent rise on the same period in 2011.

> 2 Fitted Bedrooms > Large lounge/diner

2. Plenty of people still want to buy there. Brits are leading the way (30 per cent), according to the Ministry of Public Works, but Russian, Scandinavian and Benelux buyers are also major purchasers according to Knight Frank.

> Inclusive fitted kitchen > Luxury shower room/WC Email:

UK: 01455 293603

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen with white goods, Nice views of golf course parking, Mojacar approx 7 mins

now only


T: 664 291 793




cALL 663 977 230 EMAIL:

Vera Playa Apartment

Apartment For Sale on golf course

3. Proposals by the Spanish government to offer residency rights to non-EU buyers who spend more than 160,000 euros will be positive for the market if it goes through in 2013, according to Barbara Wood of The Property Finders.

O Olive


Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466

C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm


This fabulous 2 bed apartment has a spacious living room and lovely terrace. It has a large communal area with Bar B Q and use of communal pool.


We Urgently need realisticly priced properties, sales + rentals for waiting clients

Pretty modernised townhouse of 60m2 + 20 m2 private terrace with lovely views. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Off street parking. Beautiful community gardens. Less than 5 mins walk to the beach. Tel: +34 950 478 915 Fax: +34 950 478 963

For more information call us on:

950 431 855 / 661 143 871 Visit our website:

Find us on Avenida Puente, Albox Caja Granada ↓ Todo Shop


80,000€ Mojácar Playa LV657

5. There are many reasons why it’s nice to live there: superb climate, great beaches, affordable dining out, the best football in Europe… 6. You can now reach Barcelona and that fine football by a new fast train from London. The new link-up will reduce the journey time by 1.25 hours and make the Costa Brava easier to reach too. 7. Properties are cheaper than they have been since 2002. You can get an apartment for under 50,000 euros and a villa with change from 100,000.



4. It’s also easier to get there. New flights include new British Airways routes to Alicante, Barcelona, Palma and the Canaries; whilst Monarch are now flying from East Midlands Airport as well as new routes to Ibiza and the Canaries.

Suicide ↑ Junction We are HERE

8. You can get a bargain ski property. Spanish ski property is down by 50 per cent. Tapas on the piste? What could be better. 9. The overseas market is growing. There have been five straight quarters of growth, in contrast with the domestic market which is stalling. 10. New-build properties in prime locations are selling. Whilst Taylor Wimpey Espana have sold 60 per cent of two of their new developments offplan, Savills sold the same of a new apartment block in Ibiza Town.

article courtesy of



...HOME & GARDEN photo: www.

Frankie’s Garden

a day in advance if I am using liquid feed as it absorbs better and immediately after if I am using dry pellets. The second half of the month is ideal for checking equipment and stock. It is better to ensure that all is in perfect order before you need it and to replace anything which has seen better days rather than be held back from a task later. Check ‘use-by’ dates feeds, weedkillers etC.


Keep Insects Away! Basil

Ants in the kitchen drove me mad last summer - until I discovered that basil is Ant Kryptonite. Buy a pot & stick it on the window sill. Water sparingly and replace every few months. It keeps the ants away - and it smells nicer than Raid!


Flies hate it! Little bunches, hanging in windows or left on top of tall furniture, work well. Replace when the lavender smells of nothing but twigs. It seems to me that “true” lavender is much more effective that lavendula (the “cheaper” stuff, which has squatter, slightly pinker blossoms) - but this could be mere horticultural snobbery!

Is the wheelbarrow wheel fully inflated? Are all the garden tools clean? Do the secateurs and loppers need sharpening? Has the perished?



Do any of the irrigation bits need cleaning out?

QUESTION: Please can we have a list of jobs we should be doing now – it’s always a help to be reminded! ANSWER: Yes, of course. In my book, this is a month of two halves with a list of different tasks in each! The first half is still good for new planting and the earlier in the month the better. This will ensure that roots get a good hold before the sun is too baking hot and they don’t dry out as fast now. It’s advisable to make sure anything you buy in a pot is soaked well before putting in a prepared hole in the ground or even in another pot, then water well in; if ‘dry’ planted it will struggle to absorb moisture later. In most areas now, danger of frost should have passed and you can safely remove any dead bits on shrubs such as roses etc. which have been attacked over the

winter months. To check if it is dead first rub a thumbnail down the bark - if it is still green underneath it is still alive; if not, prune just below the first green bit you find and it should soon start to sprout again. As your plants begin to come to life again after the winter sleep they will be hungry so make sure you give them a good feed to set them on their way. I find it is better to water



Now is a busy time outside and as the weather, hopefully, is getting a bit kinder, it is a delightful time to be doing it!

send your gardening questions to Frankie c/o editor@

634 360 179 *16cm deep mattress, 25mm memory foam *135mm high density support foam *Contours to your body shape & relieves pressure points *Removable, washable cover *Dust mite resistant *Suitable for any divan or bed frame *No turn mattree with 1 year guarantee *Made in the UK *Delivery available

Established 40 years in the UK

8.2kw heat pumps at 1,700€ 12kw heat pumps 2,000€ small ROLLERS FROM 200€



6x3m.................165€ 6x3m.................220€ 8x4m.................270€ 8x4m.................355€ sooner 8x5m.................330€ 8x5m.................420€ in a 10x4m...............330€ 10x4m...............420€ warmer 10x5m...............420€ 10x5m...............520€ Pool 12x6m...............600€ 12x6m...............750€ For more prices & information Trade Enquiries WELCOME Alan 966 765 378 / 649 784 193



Tel: 627 752 965 | 622 400 365 | 966 194 179

Reforms Architectural Service & Plans Painting Decorating Construction & Maintenance Interior Design Legally registered family business Tiling, Flagging, Electrics, Plumbing, Quality workmanship guaranteed Aluminuim, Swimming pools, Key-holding & Maintenance

680 851 376

616 214 713

Installation & Maintenance

Your Local AirConditioning Experts!

Visit: Office: 965 720 512 Mobile: 603 877 683 or 616 926 446 We also supply and fit electric boilers



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Great Gatsby fever ‘Bloody Mary’: the drink of 2013

This summer is set to see a bloody revolution - with the red-hot tipple of choice being the Bloody Mary cocktail. Bartenders across Britain are hailing the tomato and vodka concoction as the hottest drink of 2013 - and the spike in popularity is thanks to Great Gatsby fever. Premiering on May 15 at the Cannes Film Festival, Baz Lurhmann’s hotly anticipated film is set during the jazz age, when the Bloody Mary was first mixed. The Prohibition era saw speakeasys become the high of fashion - and cocktails were key - with powerful flavoured

mixers used to mask the taste of bootlegged booze. Ninety years on our love affair with dimly lit drinking dens and the spicy and salty Bloody Mary continues. Thanks to Leonardo Di Caprio, Tobey McGuire and Carey Mulligan - the stars of latest adaptation of The Great Gatsby – you won’t just be drinking it with your eggs benedict. The history of many classic cocktails, the origin of the Bloody Mary is widely debated. Some claim it was crafted by bartender Fernand Petiot in 1921 at the famous Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, a favourite with American expats including author Fitzgerald, while others believe a waitress named Mary who worked at a Chicago bar called the Bucket of Blood was the creator. Either way, the drink has exploded in popularity across the UK. It’s no longer only seen as a modern hair-of-the-dog hangover cure but has attracted the attention of mixologists who are rethinking the recipe ahead of the summer. Plus, it’s packed with veggies, so we count it towards one of your five a day. Thierry Brocher, Head Barman at The Sanderson Hotel’s Long Bar says: ‘It is the perfect cocktail as its one of those drinks you can enjoy any time of the day, even for breakfast without feeling guilty. The magic and mandatory ingredient is Horseradish, it bring more texture to the drink and helps blending all ingredients together, also 5ml of tio pepper makes a difference. But if you’re bored of the traditional recipe, there are


numerous variations on the drink from The Bloody Maria with tequila to the infamous Red Snapper with gin.’ The beauty of the Bloody Mary is its versatility so you’ll find every bar has its own take on the classic recipe. The era of cocktail glamour is most certainly coming back, people are becoming more educated on spirits and so bars are constantly updating their own recipes to ensure they’re ahead of the new trends.



• Monday Evening - Crib Night • Tuesday Evening - Darts • Wednesday Evening - Live Music with the Fabulous Michelle • Thursday Afternoon - Neil’s�Cards • Thursday Evening - Ken’s�Crazy�Quiz - Fish�‘n’�Chip Night • Fryday Evening Saturday Evening Live Music with the Fabulous Michelle • Sunday Lunch Traditional�Roast & good old “singalong” after 4pm • All�Sports�Shown�Daily • Outside�Catering • Offers�on�Drinks All�Day�Special�Breakfasts • home�Cooked�Menu find us on



c/Beasain�Commercial, Phase�3�San�Luis�Torrevieja

Fantastic Manhattan spring 3.70€ Quality HomeFood Restaurant SPECIALS “The best kept secret in Cabo Roig” BOARD €4.50 Hidden Within La Rotonda Aparthotel Cabo Roig 5 2 f o e c i Truly Fabulous C ho , g in it c x e S s y RSE Always fresh, alwa MAIN COU lue! Homemade ys incredible va a lw a 20 9 Item English Breakfast

Served 9.30 till 5pm (Sunday till 12)

Changed twice weekly

C hoice of DESSERTS

Real Hand Cut Chips  Mouthwatering Steaks  Delicious Homemade Pies  Fabulous Homemade Desserts Finest Teas & Coffee  Homemade meals from €4.50 We Are HERE

Ct ra A


rr er


Po n



dessert lic




ar ta



Zenia Boulevard

food at pocket friendly prices

SUNDAY at MANHATTAN NEW For the first time EVER!

W A wide selection of Menu Favourites are now available on Sundays NE Including – Fillet of Salmon, Steak Pie, Lasagne, Chicken Pie, Ham off the Bone & many more…

Tel: 966 111 605 Perfect for a relaxing lunch after shopping at Zenia Boulevard 5 mins away

Available till 9pm

And of course, we will still be serving our magnificent Sunday Roast

1 course €5.95

(1€ extra for Beef)

2 course €6.95

Serving from 9.30am to 9.30pm Mon - Sat throughout September Sunday 9.30am to 7.30pm

3 course €7.95

3 course HOMEMADE Menu del Dia €7.95 served 12 till 9pm


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to Advertise your bar or restaurant Call our costa blanca sales office on

966 719 647

North Staffordshire Oat Cakes are in Spain Visit Bill & Rita at Los Alcazares Market - Monday La Marina Market - Thursday Moncayo Market - Saturday El Zocco Market - Sunday

Tel: 676 527 348 Email

stars in bars DATE ARTIST

5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 6th 6th 6th 6th 6th 7th 7th 8th



Lynden B Morgans Just Bono Bar Amsterdam JJ Soulman JP’s Samantha Curtis Hillside Dee The Final Whistle Woody Lo Marabu Shirelle Manuels Restaurant Andy Balsamo Banana Tree Just Bono Rayz Bar Andy Jones Hogs Head JJ Soulman Pals Social Club Shirelle White Rose Restaurant Lenny Mitchell Snug Lynden B Mulligans Bar Soul Power Celtic Drop

Cake-Expectations Novelty Cakes, Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes Made to Order.


El Galan Comedy Show La Marina Mil Palmeras La Marina La Marina Dona Pepa Los Balcones Quesada El Raso La Marina La Siesta Playa Flamenca Torre de la Horredada La Manga Golf Flamenca Beach 10pm

gig guide

We specialise in individual designs personal to you.

Visit the website for more details Tel: 634 360 179

CARVERY The inn at the green every Sunday Wednesday

from 1pm

Fish‘n’Chips 3 courses + wine or water

only €4-95

per person cv-95

commercial centre

Booking advisable as space is limited


inn at the green

san javier

ap-7 los montesinos

Live ainment


€ 6-95

de salinas

Menu del Dia

10th April

includes a glass of wine, small beer or water

san miguel



friday & saturday from 9pm

677 617 434 672 033 676 Every Sunday Kabaroke with Matt Christian 9pm


email your favourite recipes to

Potato Salad With Watercress, Cucumber & Radish


...FOOD & ENTERTAINING Spaghetti With Roasted Cherry MAIN Tomatoes

INGREDIENTS (For 4 people) For the salad: Sea salt and pepper 1 lb fingerling potatoes 3 pink radishes, finely sliced (use a mandolin) 1 cup finely sliced English cucumber (use a mandolin) 1/2 tablespoon blond cane sugar 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 6 green or purple asparagus tips, sliced finely Dash of ground coriander Handful of watercress leaves, thoroughly cleaned Crumbled semi-hard goat cheese, to taste For the dressing: Sea salt and pepper 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 Meyer lemon 1 tablespoon tahini nut butter 3 tablespoons olive oil Chopped coriander or parsley


METHOD Steam the potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes, or until easily pierced with a fork. Let them cool. When they are cooled enough to be handled, peel and sliced them; set aside. In a colander, add the cucumber and sprinkle with salt. Let sit for 30 minutes so that the cucumber release water. Drain and transfer to a bowl with the radish. In a small bowl, combine the sugar and rice vinegar and stir well. Add to the cucumber and radish and toss well; set aside.

In a frying pan, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium heat. When warm, add the asparagus and a dash of coriander. Season with salt and pepper and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes; set aside. In a small bowl, add a pinch of salt and pepper, and add the mustard and lemon juice. Stir and add the tahini and olive oil; whisk to emulsify. In a large bowl, toss the potatoes, cucumber and radish, asparagus, goat cheese. Add the dressing and coat the salad with it. Add the watercress leaves and toss gently. Serve.

Red Currant Pistachio and Brown Butter Cake INGREDIENTS


(for 6 muffin-like cakes) 51/2 tablespoons (80 g) unsalted butter 1 vanilla bean, split open and seeds scraped out 70g pistachio meal (use shelled unsalted pistachios that you grind in a food processor) (20 g) millet flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 large egg 50g sugar 1/4 cup buttermilk 60g red currants* 6 raspberries* 6 black currants* *Combine any kind of seasonal berries

INGREDIENTS METHOD Preheat the oven to 350 F. Place the cherry tomatoes in an oven dish; set aside. In a bowl, combine the garlic, lemon thyme, honey and add 6 tablespoons olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Coat the cherry tomatoes with this marinade. Bake the tomatoes for about 20 minutes; keep warm on the side. Blanch the julienned carrots for 1 minute in boiling salted water and rinse them under cold water. Cook the spaghetti al dente in a large volume of salted water. Drain and transfer to a large bowl. Add 1 tablespoon olive oil and toss gently. Toss in the carrot, cherry tomatoes and marinade, crumbled feta and add a generous amount of grated Parmesan (to taste). Divide the pasta between four plates and add watercress leaves in each plate. Add a squeeze of lime juice and drizzle with honey and olive oil. If you have fresh parsley handy, add some too.

(For 4 people) Sea salt and pepper 2 pounds ripe cherry tomatoes 2 large garlic cloves, finely minced 1 teaspoon finely chopped lemon thyme 1.5 teaspoons honey + more to serve 6 tablespoons olive oil + more to serve 2 large carrots, peeled and julienned finely 12 oz spaghetti Parmesan cheese, grated (to taste) 4 oz crumbled feta cheese or goat cheese Handful of fresh watercress leaves Drizzle of lime juice

method Preheat the oven at 400 F and grease 6 muffin molds (or line a muffin mold with paper cases); set aside. Place the butter in a pot and bring to a simmer. Cook on low to medium heat until the butter turns and tastes like hazelnut. Stop the heat and add the vanilla bean and seeds; leave to infuse for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain and discard the vanilla pods. In the meantime, in a bowl, combine the pistachio meal, baking powder and millet flour. In another bowl, beat the egg with the sugar. Add the dry ingredients to this wet batter, and beat until well combined. Add the melted butter and then buttermilk. Divide the batter between the muffin molds and stud with the fruit. Bake the small cakes for 20 to 25 minutes, or until golden. (Optional) When cooled, dust with icing sugar.

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trust (9) 22 A supernatural spirit (7) 23 Glanced at (7) 25 Stress (7) 26 A particular point in time (7) 27 Social status (5) 28 Exerted physically (9) Down 1 Not left (5) 2 Relaxed (7) 3 Acmes (7) 4 Keen (5) 5 Divided (9) 6 Linguistic rules (7)

7 Dappled (7) 8 A supplementary component (9) 13 Puzzling (9) 14 Wealth (9) 17 9 in a baseball game (7) 18 An ancient middleeastern people (7) 20 A creation of high excellence (7) 21 Published once a year (7) 23 Strike (5) 24 Met romantically (5)

Down 1 Article on a bb-band (4) 2 Haul up without soldier - very sad (6) 3 Bird one thousand and one, wife number one! (4) 4 Good man and a good animal (4) 5 Parading on new instrument


Very Hard!




Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

Across 1 Harshness (9) 6 3rd letter of the Greek alphabet (5) 9 Looking with amazement (7) 10 Molded synthetic material (7) 11 Sturdier (7) 12 Wanders (7) 13 According to Mencken, a striptease artist (9) 15 Cowboy sport (5) 16 From Ireland (5) 19 Relating to a legal

7 “Lawyer got naked without resistance.” Is this initially right? (9) 8 Relative speed of Vera Tennyson? (4) 10 Making smooth guy nothing over in Germany twice (8) 11 New leader - total maniac! (6) 12 Disreputable family member doesn’t have hospital in British (English) record (5,5) 16 Boy, yet head’s a woman! (4) 17 Shelter in port entrance? (4) 19 Animal backs a load of shops (5) 20 Cover creature, flesh first (4) 22 Hits back for fight (4) 24 Brought in or inducted, perhaps (10) 26 A church in Gateshead causing pain (6) 27 Obstruct a bloke with CD, maybe (8) 30 Against a stake, we hear (4) 31 Employ in houses? (3) 32 Beach boy? (5)

(5,5) 6 Dry leaf initially in shrub which is more easily broken (8) 9 Incline to go without right fashion (5) 13 Boy not facing wind? (3) 14 Betraying trade in disease (10) 15 Precise claim (as due) (5) 18 Make a mistake if in twitch - great! (8) 21 Single, on top of everything (3) 23 Nut from dope Candy (5) 25 A French relative with daughter is cruel (6) 27 British always drink! (4) 28 Force out American in head office with Tory leader (4) 29 One of these with this will be sometime soon (4)


coffee break





The Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Jukebox Promotions Patrons of Help at Home (Costa Blanca)

our T ensations Swing S “First Costa Tour NOW”!!

(April 2013)

Starring Patti Ross, Darren Jones and Jukebox Legends

Despite the threat of rain the Gilbert & Sullivan society was able to raise 500€ from their sale of costumes and props. Thanks to all the local groups who attended and gave generously. After a brief tour of the AFA facilities to see the wonderful work being done at the centre, David Farrer (Treasurer of the G&S society) presented the money to Matilde Sanchez (AFA President) accompanied by Cristina Camillo (psychologist). After 18 years entertaining the people of

Torrevieja with colourful and beautifully staged musical shows the G&S society will be giving their last performances on the 11th and 12th May 2013 at Casa Ventura Restaurante, San Luis, Torrevieja. The show called “The Rederring Women’s Institute Goes Wild In Europe” costs 8 euro and includes a savoury Pick & Mix Platter. Tickets available from Casa Ventura Restaurante or by telephone 966198396 or email

Freewheelers visit the Caves of Chandeliers Palm Sunday saw a group of Freewheelers head off to the Cuavas del Canelobre, the Cave of Chandeliers near Busot. Turning off the N332 at the Vila Jiosa turning and heading inland and up the mountain the drive is scenic and exhilarating. The road itself is newly resurfaced and very good, full of twists and turns, a route much loved by ‘bikers. This is not the shortest route from La Marina but it is by far the most interesting. The views on the way are fantastic as they are from the top. Group discount meant entry was €3.50 instead of the normal €6.00 which included a English speaking guide. The guide is most probably a safety measure as there is not a lot you can say about a cave but our guide did keep us entertained with his humour. He did however tell us that the temperature is a constant 17deg C summer and winter alike, that the cave was used as a factory during the civil war, employing 200 people in two ten hour shifts when the present entrance had to be dynamited to get equipment in and out.

The humour came in the form of trying to recognise the resemblance of various forms, I must not have a very good imagination as I recognised very little, least of all Bart Simpson alcove or the princess although the jelly fish were a lot easier. We also learnt how long it takes for the stalagmites and stalactites to grow which gave some idea of how old the caves must be. I have seen stalagmites before but never as tall as these. The cave is evidently the tallest is Spain and with 146 steps down I can well believe it, on the good side there are only 135 on the way back up! Thankfully there were plenty of viewing places where we could pause and regain our breath. In spite of my scépticism I did enjoy the visit and would recommend it to anyone. Go there and enjoy, then go back down the road a couple of kilometres and do as we did and enjoy an excellent lunch at a very fair price


Patti has appeared with Jack Jones, Sacha Distel, Matt Munro, Bruce Forsyth, Cleo Laine, Elton John, Sheena Easton, Jane Macdonald, Danni Mynogue and many other great names in entertainment. Regularly on TV and also on the Miss World competition held at The Royal Albert Hall & Royal Festival Hall organised by Eric Morley and his wife Julia. She was also the singer with the Andy Ross band on BBC TVs “Come Dancing”! Now, she is here on the Costas for this fabulous tour with Jukebox Promotions Darren is an International swing music star. His smooth voice will amaze and music style is so refreshing. This combination, with support by Big Band singer Fiona McLean and Peter Day (both of Jukebox Legends) brings together a fabulous collection of music that will be great for everyone! or call 695135134 for more details.

Remaining Show dates & venues: Wednesday 3rd

The Club, Quesada 966717028

Sunday 7th

The Rendezvous, Campoamor (nr La Fuente centre) (Tickets for this show are 10€ and include buffet 608467597

Tuesday 9th

The Club House, Camposol Golf 968978855

Wednesday 10th

Costa Narejos Hotel, Los Alcazares 965400188

Thursday 11th

Rocajuna, Punta Prima 664591795 / 965997260

Please book early for this unique tour. Don’t be disappointed - Tickets are limited at all venues!! Tickets at the venues NOW!!! We will accommodate dancing at as many venues as possible but some may be restricted!!

Swing Sensations (Two show special) Starring - Darren Jones, Fiona McLean and Peter Day This show will visit two venues additional to the feature above and it will truly illustrate the fabulous voice that is “Mr Swing” Darren Jones. If you haven’t seen Darren then you MUST book and if you have, you will want to come back again and will know how good this show will be. Lovers of swing, ballroom and big band!! THIS IS FOR YOU!!

Dates & venues Friday 5th

Bar San Miguel, Cooperativa Murla, Xalo Valley 633076588

Monday 8th

Emerald Isle, La Florida 965327138 Tickets just 8.50€ are at the venues now!! This show will start at 8.30pm and end at 11-15pm. or 695135134 for info

Coming soon (end April / early May) From the UK!!! International tribute star - THE BEST you will see in Spain TONY LEE is Gene Pitney and Roy Orbison See for dates & Venues


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Oh Dear What a Charity The Actors Studio is very busy rehearsing for their next performance, Charitable Acts, to be performed at the Casa De Cultura San Miguel on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April. The evening will consist of two one act plays, both with the common theme of charity. As usual both comedy plays are written and directed by David Whitney. The first comedy play follows the petty daily happenings of a group of workers doing voluntary work in a charity shop. David has clearly used his vast experience of voluntary work when writing this play which highlights the silly issue of a little

power going to someone’s head. The shop is well overstaffed with workers, some of them competent, and others who have an exaggerated concept of their own abilities. The ending shows the consequences of jumping to unfounded conclusions. The second play follows the trials and tribulations of attempting to put on a charity show. Again David Whitney has used his excellent experiences and perceptions when developing his leading characters. The usual characters involved in Church related charity shows are there including the bumbling

space for a little one? Billy was born in February 2012, so he is just over a year old. He has been in kennels with his brother Bobby, since they were rescued as three week old puppies. He is a big dog, but very friendly and playful.


Brother and sister Tom and Geri are two lovely, cheeky kittens who were rescued when they were only a few weeks old. They are very fond of each other, so could be homed together or singly. To arrange to meet Billy and Bobby or Tom and Geri, please contact Yvonne on 630 422 563.


tom & Geri

Every week 2 lucky couples can win a fabulous, 3 course meal, from our Winter Specials Board menu, with a bottle of wine … and … 1 couple can win a delicious, 9 item English breakfast, including tea or coffee (between 9.30am – 5pm)

FREE competition



village vicar, the major and of course the rather stuck up and opinionated leader of the charity event. The incompetence of this rag tag committee in organising the event are saved at the last minute by a visiting DJ who ropes his entire family into contributing to the charity show. Come along and meet these new characters and enjoy their antics as the engage in Charitable Acts. Tickets are available from Bargain Books, San Miguel, or contact David on 96 670 4097. All proceeds will go to AFA Alzheimer’s Association.

Choirs prepare to bring “ELIJAH” to Costa Blanca


BREAKFAST FOR 2: Yvonne Ashford

The combined choirs of Vivace and Chorale are bringing over from the UK two well-known singers – Arthur Berwick and Rodney Porter – as their guest soloists in two performances of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah”. The soloists take on the roles of Elijah and Obadiah, and both are known for their performances in “Carmina Burana”, the “Messiah” and “Dido and Aeneas” in previous visits here with Vivace and Opera San Miguel. The Oratorio was first performed in Birmingham in 1846, a year before the composer’s death. It rapidly became one of the top favourites in the choral repertoire, and portrays the dramatic struggle of the prophet Elijah to win back the Israelites’ faith in God. There will be two performances. The first in the Iglesia Ntra. Sra.del Pilar, in Pilar de la Horadada at 8.30pm on Friday 12th April. Admission is free and there will be a collection afterwards. The work will also be performed in the Teatro Circo in Orihuela on Sunday 14th April at 7.30pm. Tickets at five euros from 966 718 623, enquiries 966 772 192. Both concerts are in aid of Manos Unidas




Visit of NTU Chamber Choir .... NEXT WEEK !!!

charity extravaganza “DANCE, DANCE, DANCE”

Strictly Dance

Paso A Paso Dance Club

NEXT WEEK, Matthew Hopkins, son of local professional singer and conductor, Nigel Hopkins, is bringing his famous NTU (Nottingham Trent University) Chamber Choir to La Zenia for a singing tour. You can experience the NTU on Wednesday 3rd April at the Palacio de Musica in Torrevieja at 8pm - Free Entry and also on Saturday 6th April at La Zenia church at 8pm – tickets are 5 Euros with proceeds to charity. Tickets available from CallNet Internet Cafe behind Consum, next to Paddy’s Point, La Zenia. The programme will be a variety of liturgical and popular music sung in superb harmony by the 28 members of this award-winning choir, conducted by Matthew Hopkins - son of the well-known conductor and singer, Nigel Hopkins. This will be the third visit of the NTU Choir to Spain, and musiclovers should make these ‘must see’ dates in their diaries! ‘Strictly Dance’ Ballroom & Latin Tuition every Monday at ‘The Palms’ Punta Prima (next to the Go Kart Track N332) 8:00 - 8:45pm Beginnery & Intermediate Tuition, 8:45 - 10:15 Social Dance Time. Every Tuesday at The Wok Royal, Benijofar (Old La Ruidera) 8:00 - 8:45pm Beginner & Intermediate Tuition, 8:45 - 10:15 Social Dance Time. NEW - Starting 6 April Don your dancing shoes for our ‘Anything Goes’ dance night and dance the night away at The Wok Royal, Benijofar 8:00 - 10:30pm Enquiries: Lyn 966188430 or 635584431. New courses every 3 weeks, singles welcome.


Meets at The Dojo, Avenida de las Naciones, Quesada. We hold a Sunday Service at 11.30 a.m., a Tuesday Evening of Mediumship at 7.30 p.m. And every Thursday there is an Open Circle where you can develop your skills commencing at 7.30 p.m. Spiritual healing is available every Sunday and Tuesday after the service. Ray Bailey, will take the Divine Service with Mediumship on Sunday, 7th April. On Tuesday 9th April there will be an Evening of Mediumship with David Doherty. The Divine Service with Mediumship on Sunday, 14th April will be taken by Debbie Blevins. Please support your church. Everybody welcome. Contact Wendy on 965323028.

GHOSTLY GOINGS ON AT ADHOC Following another brilliant Rockin’ Rollin’ night with ‘WOODY & THE PECKERS’ last week, ‘ADHOC’ Theatre Company are now well into rehearsals for their next stage production – a ghostly comedy called ‘BEDWITCHERY’. The play centres around a haunted bed, a mysterious locket, the ghost of Nell Gwynn & a right ‘Charlie’. ‘BEDWITCHERY’ promises to be another hilarious show, as is now to be expected from ‘ADHOC’. Performances will be on 2nd, 3rd and 4th May at The Casa de Cultura Teatro in Benijófar. This Theatre has recently been extensively refurbished to an excellent standard, and offers modern, comfortable and accessible facilities for all. Tickets are available from:Cards & More in La Marina; The Post Room Benijófar; The Card & Gift Shop in Quesada; The Card Place in Benimar and Kennedy’s Supermarket in Los Montesinos. You can also call the Bookings Hotline on 966 712 382. Ticket prices are just 7 euros.

TUESDAY 30th APRIL 2013 LOS ROSALES, LEMON TREE ROAD 7pm for 8pm Ticket 15€ includes: 3 course served meal with drink and coffee “Thru the decades” with Dance Xtreme “Paso a Paso” a Cerocstyle Modern Jive with Maxine and Adam and learn to “Line Dance” and “Salsa” with Adam Music by: Fakers Quo plus others. Hosted by Pattie Tickets/menu available from the HELP offices in San Miguel tel: 966 723 733 & Torrevieja tel: 965 704 282 La Marina tel: 966 443 002 (ask for HELP desk) Los Rosales tel: 965 727 207 The Studio in Quesada tel: 966 716 727 Proceeds to HELP Vega Baja By popular demand,we have been asked to trial our dance classes in La Marina. We commence classes at The La Marina Sports Complex on Tuesday 9th April at 5.30pm for a four week trial. . These classes are aimed at total beginners, even if you have never danced, or have no partner just come along. There is very little footwork to worry about, but we do try to make it the first class you will be jiving.......and whats even better you will be dancing to all kinds of music. So do come along, the hardest bit is coming through the door for the first time....the rest is easy. Only €4 pp.. See you there, no need to book please tell your friends, the more the merrier, interest shown we will be also holding dance socials in La Marina. Maxine and Adam Paso A Paso Dance Club. Email

Successful Slimming

Tuesday: Quesada,10am at Goyo’s Restaurant, opposite the town hall. Thursday: La Marina 11am at The Hillside Bar. A healthy eating food plan with very good results. Only 5 euros weekly with no joining fee or charge for missed weeks. For more information please ring Sian on 965 496 209 / 658 271 553. All are welcome

SEND your birthdays, events and announcements TO: EDITOR@SOLTIMES.COM & WE’LL PRINT THEM FREE OF CHARGE!




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VISA ,Paypal, bank transfer & Cheques made payable to MATHEWS mEDIA s.l

DEADLINES All adverts Friday at 5pm prior to publication

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for sale

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE REPAIRS Repairs to Washers, Dryers, Electric Cookers, Dishwashers, Fridges and Freezers

All makes, Torrevieja and surrounding areas 20 years experience fast reliable service Call Stewart on office

966 785 451 / 654 939 202 FREE CALL OUT

hours 10 - 4

Small call out on Fridges



Four complete single beds with wooden head and foot boards and thick mattresses 190 x 90 cm €100 Local transport Pool tables, possible. Quesada. snooker tables, Tel 966 718 214 table tennis tables, E xtendable darts. Tel: 666 round ( 90 cm ) 933 726 www. dining table with 4 chairs €75 Local ALUMINIUM GATES Double & Electric Sliding. Guaranteed no rust. Call Tracy on 966 726 891


Furniture first

est 2006

B O A T I N G sl LICENSES ARE ROJALES SPECIALIST OF PRE - OWNED FURNITURE & AccESSORIES AT SENSIBLE PRICES NOW A LEGAL house clearance specialist R E Q U I R E M E N T FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE IN SPAIN Serenity WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Sailing RYA Training Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 Centre, Competent C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales Crew to Yachtmaster, PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923 Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, VHF & ICC. La Planta, Playa Flamenca boat tuition on sail and power. If Tel: 965 321 701 you have a yacht hearing aids or powerboat get businesses for sale/rent qualifiedandcertified. Contact Richard steakhouse +34 638 056 224 Email: enquiries@ serenitysailing. com or visit: www.

Sweet Dreams See our Advertisement on page 19 for more information

restaurant for rent

fully equipped low rent great opportunity for the right people

contact mark 966 714 318

freehold local for sale Bar/cafe in a busy urbanisation living accomodation in a 2 bed, south facing apartment included in the price Annual turnover gross 280-300,000€ net profit - 50,000€ For more info call 672 033 676

electricians Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.

glass curtains

For a free estimate Tel: 646 111 825

heating NEATER HEATER See our main advert on the news pages


no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con, electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487

Coffee table with glass top and shelf 80 x 40 cm €15 Local transport possible. Quesada. Tel 966 718 214 White IKEA cupboard 60 x 70 x 30 cm with 3 drawers €20 Local transport possible. Quesada. Tel 966 718 214 One Double Mattress, nearly new with protective cover 30€Quesada area Tel: 654 666 686 Evenings only. Folding Single Metal Bed, good condition 20€ Quesada area Tel: 654 666 686 Evenings only. C ute convertable cot/bed till age 7 with matching Winny The Pooh bedding, Area Villa Martin, can Deliver. Pictures aviliable email ivd1968@ 688 222 112, cost 50€ Baby safety , 2 black metal stair gates adjustable. 20€ the pair Tel: 688 222 112 BOOK SALE – 4 BOXES = 100 + best sellers €25, Wall Mirror (80 x 65) Cane surround €12, Cane Basket Chair € 8 Quesada 966 716 599

glass curtains Create more living space, no unsightly frames, reasonable prices.

transport possible. Quesada. Tel 966 718 214

garden services

A1 Group

Complete Garden Maintenance & Property Services We cover Mazarron & surrounding areas

Telephone 628 505 733 jewellery


English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

Large 2 Seater Blue Sofa. Excellent Condition. 120€ Tel: 968 131 522 From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

free of charge in the



39 property for sale / rent

leak detection

Reduced Reduced Reduced

pool & water leak detection & repair specialists

don’t let your pool & water bills drain you!! tel: 627 752 965 • 622 400 365 • 966 194 179



966 719 647

musician Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, international, professional, solo act. lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. tel: 658 321 891 or email


pet taxi


asssa medical insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, Tel: 968 153 396, mazarron@asssa. es


(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862


only€39,950 Apartment For Sale

cortij0 grande golf course for SALE detatched cortijo

1 bed, 1 bath apartment, fully fitted kitchen, white goods, parking, lovely views. Ideal golfing holiday apartment. Close to Mojacar / Turre.

T: 664 291 793 or email:

reasonable priced properties / RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa & Costa Calida

We have clients enquiring in this area


tel: 965 325 601

20mins from mojacar This is a unique spanish cortijo with 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views.

Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200m²

immaculate 2 bed, 1 bath ground apartmant situated in the very nice area of Lomas de Campoamar golf resort. very spacious accomadation of 86m2, furnished, walking distance to La Fuente Commercial centre, 24 hour security, includes use of communal pools, tennis courts etc, 395€ + bills, no offers

ring now on 648 111 779 for immediate viewing

FOR SALE Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi,Costa Blanca


Tel: 649 186 107

thunderpaul2003@hotmail.ccom for rent, 3 bed, 3 bath spacious semi-detatched house with garage situated in the popular area of La Zenia, walking distance to shops, beaches and the new La Zenia Boulevard, Furnished, Long term, 550€ monthly plus electric & water, perfect family home Tel: 966 733 079 or 619 098 543

4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings. Overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, church & mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course Private Sale €75,000

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978 pets

24 HR EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH Window / Shutter / Door locks Opened, Changed & Fitted Telephone: 653 145 300

DENNIS was bought into, our shop by the local police who asked us if we could help and take him in, He is about 4/5 months old and very friendly. He will be a small dog , smaller than a spaniel please contact K9 for more info The K9 Club Tel: 600 84 54 20

Don’t miss the biggest BARGAIN yet! We have a key-ready block of apartments in Los Montesinos with full finance!

All you pay is €3,000 to complete. ATTACHED TOWNHOUSE DOÑA PEPA

Special Deals for Urbanisations




“Readers of a sensitive E N G L I S H disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive” ELEGANT




LADY availanble home/house visits. Torrevieja, La Manga, Torre Pacheco & Mazarron. Escort available home & house visits Tel: 693 357 526

natasha, Divorced, diverse super sexy, private apartment, complete massage with massage bed. Very discreet. Call 677 676 554 San Policarpo No. 87 Apt 1-17 Cerca Calle Orihuela. Can accommodate one person or accompanied.

PLASTERER internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. FULLY LEGAL IN SPAIN. Call Chris 671 444 246 / 965 078 866 email: c_pettit@



902 750 190 ext 330

Should you be able to re-home, foster or sponsor one of the adorable dogs please contact – Eleanor

3 Bedrooms 1 with Balcony, 2 Bathrooms, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Large Living & Dining Room, W Double glazed Terraces, Wonderful Sun Terrace/ Solarium, Satellite TV, Furnished, Communal Pool, 104 M2 Build, 110 M2 Plot €123,000

tel: 693 806 409


Freddie was found Freddie was found sat in the road in the rain, luckily he was rescued but it would be great to find him his forever home. He is a fox terrier cross, approximately a year and a half old, castrated with all his vaccinations up to date

Pets In Spain

Boycee was brought to us after he was found in a Basura bin. He is approx 8 weeks old and will be medium size when fully grown.

Call: 659 274 573

Monty is a gorgeous boy! A neutered, chocolate point Siamese type with lovely blue eyes, Monty is about four years old and has all his vaccinations. If you would like to meet Monty please phone Joe (The Cat Man) on 966719272 or speak with Rose inside the shop


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trade Businesses can advertise in the classified section

Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Christine 902 750 190 ext 330 or 966 719 647


UK - SPAIN - UK From a parcel to a small house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389

VANTASTIC 3.5 tonne removals or any handyman & van service inc furniture collection & assembly tel: 693 251 562 e mail: davendonc@aol. com

LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email: van.

simply removals Spain ‹ UK › Spain • Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON



are looking for A

Bright, enthusiastic person with an outgoing personality to join our sales team in Mazarron/ Camposol area and leap into spring with us. Full or part time o position available. hop int w e n Experience not a future essential as full training with will be given as long as es sol tim you’re organised and can work to deadlines

Send your CV to rosemary@soltimes

SOLTIMES EARN 50€ - 100€

Now offer our Classified advertisers 4 LOCAL EDITIONS costa blanca costa calida Almeria Roquetas De mar

...Let the Soltimes team help you... Also available online at

UK-SPAIN-UK fortnightly service fortnightly ESP: 914 143 164 UK: 01773 service 513 013

for more info

Telephone 950 121 936 902 121 936 EXT 332

Just Removals Friendly Low Cost

Full or part loads spain-uk-spain

Local Van & Pets Welcome Moves Trailer Motorbikes - Caravans Call Brian 965 326 920 - 666 847 648 email:

Linen Mills

Express UK Spain Uk 620 582 063 weekly service

PER WEEK • Part-Time • Flexible Hours

Working with a British PLC wigs Salon Margarethas 24 years in Torrevieja hair / wig specialist for medical illness and hair loss problems. We offer different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion /festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.

satellite tv Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or

Sky Digibox Pace with sky card BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 ITV1, 2, 3, ch4 & 5 60€ can deliver. Tel: 667 235 205

swimming pool safety NEATER HEATER See our main advert on the news pages

car parts

Vehicles wanted

Car parts


Need quality new parts for any car


Cars, Motorhomes, 4x4’s, Boats,

for sensible prices on all parts Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics

Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Free quote go online or phone

or telephone 692 930 326

want to know whats in the news?

FOR CASH Telephone:

699 805 995 C AR S 4 CASH


Cars, Vans, Bikes Damaged or Scrap Reliable Cars Bought For Cash

jet skis urgentely wanted any condition

603 100 692

CASH CASH SameCASH day collection Vehicles registration


We pay instant cash same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, caravans, trailers, absolutley anything!

From 1€ to 10,000€

Call Phil: 607 848 332


Ed’s mobile


Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Alan 662 249 159

vehicle imports & and competitive rates. call 687 845 730



610 078 940

Van hire


UK to Spain or Spain to UK



TEL: 667 235 205

For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes contact Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 1000 vehicles will put you on the right side of the road.

605 319 889 or 966 753 375

Pick up/drop off locations Throughout UK, France and Spain

wanted cars for cash Best prices paid Spanish English Anything considered telephone Tim on 662 211 993

All vehicle repairs, servicing, small bodywork repairs, ITV and paperwork needs. Ken Sherwood, British Mechanic - Tel: 679 646 859 (Costa Calida area only).

body repairs


cars for sale Looking for a car we have a good selection of LHD & RHD vehicles available for sale or exchange.

Mazda 5 7-SEATER 2008 - 7 Seater 2.0 CRTD 16v D.I. Sportive Model 136,000 kms, 1 owner Full Mazda History A/C (Full climate), ABS Cruise, Parktronic Twin sliding side doors Rear privacy glass Keyless entry/start 17” sports alloys Top of the range! Pearl Grey

Telephone 600 726 221 965 687 976

want to know whats in the news?


600 726 221 965 687 976

Seat Leon Copa Auto/Tiptronic June ‘11 - 5 door hatch 1.6 TDi DSG Auto/Tip 33,000 kms, 1 owner Still under warranty! A/C (Climate), Alloys PAS, ABS, Navigation Front fog lights Traction control 16” Alloys, Isofix High spec model, CD Cornering lights Metallic black

Ford Ka 2010 - 3 door hatch 1.3 TDCi 38,000 kms, 1 owner Full service history A/C, Alloys PAS, ABS Front fog lights E. windows/mirrors Rear luggage cover CD player Remote locking Rear head restraints Super economical


600 726 221 965 687 976


600 726 221 965 687 976

From a pocket watch to a piano....

If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

free of charge






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animals D


Baby seal found in forest 4 miles from sea



Experienced Mobile Dog Groomer Based in Quesada Collection Service Available Pamper Your Dog For Only 17€ Ring Sue on:

659 458 161 Mountain View

Cat hotel Hondon de las Nieves/Frailes

Centrally-heated houses with large individual runs Love and care will be lavished during your cat’s stay My 29 years of experience in animal and veterinary care will give you piece of mind

Pick up & delivery service offered for coastal areas

Telephone: 966 195 816

Answerphone - we will call back: Mobile 654 155 473

Domino Pet Hotel

The local pet hotel where your beloved pet goes when you are on holiday or just away...

Domino Pet Hotel offers cattery with warm and cosy beds, daily grooming guaranteed! Large comfortable dog kennels, large exercise park, doggie wellness weekend Fri - Mon 25€ incl. Wellness bath, Short / long term stay. Professional trained team

• Professional Pet Shipping Worldwide - UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand… • We take care of all documentation • Travel Crates in all sizes from small up to extra large (best Price guaranteed) • IPATA Member

Tel: 654 168 366

A baby seal has been discovered in a forest four miles away from the coast by a perplexed walker. A member of the public was strolling through Uppsala in Sweden when they made the shock discovery. Officials are baffled as to how the animal got there. ‘A somewhat confused person called and said he was out walking in the woods where he had found a seal pup. I thought he was joking at first,’ said local policeman Henrik Pederson, according to The Metro. The pup was released into a nearby river. Robert Sandefors, who made the discovery, said: “He must have gotten separated from his mother and gone in the wrong direction.”

Horse ends up in a hole lot of trouble

A pony ended up in a hole lot of trouble when she fell down a giant drain after escaping from her stable. Startled passers-by dialled 999 when they saw the trapped horse’s head sticking out of the hole in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Fire service spokesman Martin Kasal explained: “The problem was that the horse was so firmly wedged into the drain, that it was very difficult to get any kind of harness around her.” “So we had to dig very gently to widen the hole and then fix up a harness we made ourselves attached to a builder’s digger,” he added. The mud-covered mare was then checked over by vets before being taken back to her nearby stables. “She was a bit mucky and bruised but otherwise OK,” said her owner.

HELP FOR HEROES AND HELP FOR HOMELESS VETERANS THE 50+ SOLOS GROUP started supporting HELP FOR HEROES approximately 6 years ago. Before that we sent parcels to the military in Afghanistan (Forward Operating Bases). In all a total of 550 parcels were sent over 3 years with the help of friends here and my family in Beverley. Our support for HELP FOR HEROES was at a time when little was known by the public of their work and attitudes were in some cases of total disinterest in the conditions and events our military were facing. Heartbreaking sometimes. This has changed. Due to the fact that I was taken seriously ill whilst on a visit to the family in 2011 and bedbound for virtually 8 months. in England followed by a long recovery period here in Spain, I have made a heartfelt decision to stop supporting HELP FOR HEROES, who now have the facilities and the public’s support, and devote our fund raising to a small registered charity called HELP FOR HOMELESS VETERANS based near Barnsley. They are contacted by outside agencies, or find homeless exmilitary who need help, be it a home, a job, medical, psychologically or have no family to help them. Many have not served

long enough in the Forces to qualify for aid. At present the charity is helping 12 people - found in as many weeks. I am so pleased to have met a lady called Lyn Zaber who is actively supporting HELP FOR HEROES in the Torrevieja area so the support is still there, even stronger. Makes my decision easier - Good luck Lyn. I could not have raised awareness or received so much money without the help of THE PAPERS, THE LOCAL RADIO AND TV COMPANY, LOCAL BARS AND BUSINESSES and not least, my special friends and the 50+ SOLOS who have supported me over 6 years plus. To receive a letter from the Warrant Oficer in charge when they had more important things to do meant so much. Whilst in hospital in England and later in the area I met several ‘CASUALTIES’ , one BLIND. one DEAF and one an AMPUTEE with bad leg injuries..... very courageous people. I also met one a Casualty who desperately needed help after living rough for 5 years. He just cried and was mid-30s but looked 50! MY VIEW IS THAT IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE CHARITY IS CALLED BUT WHAT THE CHARITY DOES.... Ruth Reid

The Actors Studio Our next show “Charitable Acts” will be performed at the Casa de Cultura San Miguel de Salinas on Thurs/Fri 11th/12th April at 7.30 pm. Tickets 6 euros are available from Bargain Books San Miguel, The Alzheimers Charity Shop Torrevieja or on the door each night. The show consists of two one act original comedies written and directed by David Whitney as per usual. The show is bound to attract many of The Actors Studio’s fans who made their last show “Funny Business” such a success and it is hoped that they will increase their fan base with this new offering. By supporting The Actors Studio you also support the AFA Alzheimers Association Torrevieja.For further onformation about the show or the group please contact David on Tel 966 704 097.



p re p are f or w i n t er Guttering

Plumbing & Heating

Cleaning Services C & M Cleaning services upholstery cleaning specialists

Plumbing & Heating co

11 years in Spain

All plumbing work, Winter offers on central heating, heating gas or oil Solar heating hot water systems new bathrooms State of the art, cutting edge specialist leak detecting equipment as used by major Insurance Companies

Call Tony 617 055 100

Free Quotes all work guaranteed and certified to Spanish Regulations


Drainage Services

FLOW FRE622E434 912 Pest Control Services • Cockroach Extermination • Drain Rat Extermination

Quality suppliers of • • • •

conservatories carports sliding roofs gates & fencing in alumium • frameless glazed terraces contact Paul on 662 196 024 Office: 966 766 273

Drainage Services

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fairwayz gs

What a glorious day today was, got my shorts on at golf for the first time this year. Some may call me a wuss, but it has to be at least 25 degrees for me to show my legs. And i wasn’t the only one there with very white ones!! We played at Vistabella today. The course was lovely but the greens were like lightning and hard to judge. Who cares, the sun was out and we didn’t have to wear all that clobber. The results were as follows:Gold Category. 1st - Ali Rich 32pts. 2nd - Graham Lawrence 30pts. Best front 9 -Roger Inwards 17pts. Best back 9 - John Pedersen 15pts. Nearest the pin - Nobody. Nearest the pin in 2 - Ali Rich.

Silver Category. 1st - Tony Macmillan 25pts. 2nd - Paul Smith 23pts. Best front 9 - Phil Bowditch 14pts. Best back 9 - Gerry Williams 17pts. Nearest the pin - Graham Butterworth. Nearest the pin in 2 Nobody. 2 ball competition - Nobody. Thanks to all for a good turn out. Our next game is at Alenda on 4th April at 09:50 1st tee. The following week 11th April we are at Altorreal. 1st tee is at 10:15. Please be at the courses 1 hour prior to 1st tee time. New members and guests always welcome. Please call Tony on 966785781. Thanks, Steve Lawrence.


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san javier gs Hi Everyone, This was a great day for the society a good turn out and good weather for the last event of the year for our outgoing Captain Barry Beale. We played at La Serena and there was a little wind blowing on the day so we had to guess how many ball would be lost on the day answer later have a guess. We had the captains trophy to play for in the individual stableford and at the end we would also had a Mystery pairs so lots of prizes to win like nearest the pork pie all good fun. Once again the top prize the Captain’s Trophy went to Christine Flanagan with a score of 35pts beating of the challenge of glen Macrae by one point with Kevin Parker in 3rd on 34pts also.. On the day that was a good score as the wind was strong. This now is the second time a lady as taken the trophy as Lyn Gallard won it last year. 1st Christine Flanagan 35pts 2nd Gen Macrae 34pts 3rd Kevin Parker 34pts 4th Bob Blair 33pts 5th Barry Butterworth 32pts The result of the Mystery Pairs 1st Gen Macrae & Dave

Williams 57pts 2nd Kevin Parker McLaughlin 56pts


3rd Frank Broadhurst Christine Flanagan 55pts

Bill &

I would like to thank Barry on behalf of everyone at San Javier for the great work he as done as Captain this past year. The society as gone from strength to strength we him at the elm. So now it is over Barry you can get back to just playing golf. Well Done Now back to number of balls lost on the day was 152 NEW SEASON - 2013-14 The next Society game is on Monday, 6th APRIL 2013 at La SERENA. The format will be Individual Stableford - which is the 1st Round of the Player of the Year 201314. Spanish Federated game. Payday is on Saturday, 6th APRIL 2013 at CAMPBELL Restaurant, RODA which is also the venue for the Annual General Meeting. Time - 10.15 for a 10.30 start to the AGM. Regards Mick

TMGS Match Report

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Villamartin 27th March 2013. It does appear that, at long last, Spring is around the corner. The wind we have suffered of late seems to have dissipated and maybe, just maybe, we are back to what we class as Spanish weather. It was nice to play in weather that those of us who are lucky enough to live here, have been come accustomed to. Villamartin is a course that is very much chagrined, but only by people that haven’t played it since Sweeny Todd

gave his last shave and that was way before Peter Mason said to his good lady, “I wear the trousers in this house.” The Silver Division was very tight and 3 people tied for the winners spot, but it was our Austrian lady member, Madam Olga Haubner that took the top spot with a 33 point haul, which was the same score as both George Chapman and Ian Parkinson who lost out on the countback system. The Gold Division was a little bit clearer, result wise,

RODS AND REELS This week was the 2nd round of the Summer League and was held on the Embalse de Pedrera. Although we fished the venue the day before, it was generally felt that the feed going in the previous day would increase the fishing. Wrong!!!. One of the learned colleagues within the club, stated that with the full moon that night things would change, and yes they did, with only half the field catching!!!!!. Strangely, as well the predominate species was carp, whereas normally it would have been barbel. The water level still appears to be dropping causing the last meters at the waters edge to be muddy, however one can only assume that they will be filling it up soon as the holiday period will be with us. Top Rods on the day 1st Dave ( The Sweetie Man ) Hutchinson fishing the pole using paste with 11.62 kilo´s. 2nd Ian ( Irish Wizard ) Dalzell fishing the feeder using hemp and maggot with 8.53 kilo´s. 3rd Dave ( Yours Truly ) Hoare fishing the feeder using maggot with 7.03 kilo´s. PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen The first match of the Spring Series was fished at the Embalsa de Pedrera on the 26th March. Although rain clouds gathered behind us and there was a fine skittering of a rain shower across the Lake in the

morning, but on the whole for the rest of the day it remained fine and dry. This is one of the venues that if it does start to rain a fast exit is required as the ground quickly turns into thick mud and neither the Gruas or the local farmers are willing to come down to pull your vehicles out.

and was won by the only golfer to achieve and better his handicap, namely Steve “Fangs” Higgins with 37 points. The Runner-up slot was claimed by Peter Wells with 35 points and third spot with our Hungarian member, Alex ‘Big Boy’ Alfrody. We had 7 guests and it was pleasing to see that their winning prize was taken by a 15 year old with 30 points. However, this is no usual 15 year old and playing off of a handicap of 5, surely Lee Lawson surely must be a name for the future. Make a note of that name. This young man started his golf career at the tender age of 5 and was taken under the wing of the Joe Dean Academy and it is hoped that, in the not too distant future, Lee will obtain cherished scholarship in the USA. Remember people, you hear d the name of Lee Lawson here first. Photo . Nearest the pin winners Once again, all four NTP were claimed with Steve Higgins, George Smith, Shelia Dean and Paula Haggart claiming their sleeve of Srixon Soft Feel balls. In addition to running

Wednesday and Friday matched, TMGS have arranged for a 3 “Day Away” special. This will be a 2 night 3 day golf at El Saler (the venue for the Spanish Open), Escorpian and El Bosque. Two nights. 3 days golf, all in 210€.; so if you fancy a weekend away from “Her Indoors” with a sober Golf Society, give Joe a call on 966 719 604 or look at the website of

The water is still receding which is leaving muddy margins and the temperature of the lake is now 12 degrees, and now with the longer warmer days coming the fish should now start to feed in earnest 1st Stan (The Man) Roberts with 10.400kg fishing the waggler using temp and tares 2nd Andy (Web Man) Stevenson with 9.480kg fishing the pole using sweet corn 3rd Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson with 8.540kg fishing the pole using paste All details are available on our website www.abbeyangling. com or from the Match Secretary on 965328368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together was to introduce anglers to each other, who otherwise had no one to fish with or didn’t know where to fish. It was successful in bringing together many anglers who established friendships and which continue to this day. No meetings are held now but information is still available through our email address; angler s to gether@hotmail. TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

We are also running a bus trip to the Spanish Open at El Saler on 21st April 2013 where, it is believed, that both Sergio and Miguel Anguel Jiminez are both playing. Cost for this for the transport and the entrance fee is 25€. Once again, more info from the website or give Joe a tinkle. Our next game, Wednesday 3rd April 2013 , see’s us at the El Plantio golf course, so if you fancy a game just look at our website or call the Match Secretary on 966719604. We also run small matches on Friday’s (at Villamartin) and if you fancy a fun knock around, contact Steve Higgins on 968978188.


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Orihuela Costa Monday night fun darts league

Results - Week 23. 25/03/13 Liberty´s 1 - 8 Belushi´s Oche-Holic´s 5 - 4 Pablo´s JJ Belushi´s 2 -7 Concierto´s Horacio´s B 5 - 4 Horacio´s A High scores 120+ 140 Alan”Ginge” Marlow (Oche-Holic´s) 140 Nick Hunt ( Concierto´s ) 140 Barry Reynolds ( Belushi´s ) 138 Alan”Ginge” Marlow ( Oche-Holic´s ) 133 Gwenn McNish ( Horacio´s B ) 126 John “Nico” Nichol ( Oche-Holic´s ) 125 Mark “Lloydy” Lloyd ( Oche-Holic´s ) 125 Barry Reynolds ( Belushi´s ) 121 Barry Reynolds ( Belushi´s ) 121 Christine Smiles ( JJ Belushi´s ) 120 Damian “666” Lambert ( Oche-Holic´s ) 140 Graham McNish League Table 157 OCHE-HOLICS; 119 CONCIERTO´S; 102 PABLO´S; 99 LIBERTY´S; 91 BELUSHI´S; 69 HORACIO´S A; 57 HORACIO´S B; 44 JJ BELUSHI´S

Lo Marabu Golf Society (in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) at Alenda 28th March 2013. For this month’s society meeting a group of 35 players visited the established course at Alenda taking advantage of the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. The weather was absolutely beautiful with plenty of sunshine, high temperatures, a course in good condition and many pairs of ‘shorts’ on display. The winning scores on the day were as follows: 1st – Winston Blackwood – 36 points 2nd – Chris Udell – 34 points 3rd – Mick Simpson – 34 points 4th – Mike Probert – 32 points Best Front 9 – Harry Farnell - 18

points Best Back 9 – Steve Hatt - 19 points Dog of the Day Trophy – Rod Allan Nearest the Pins: Mike Probert, Dave Belcher, Steve Hatt and Jim Nicholson. After the game we returned to the Lo Marabu, which is located at Dona Pepa, Quesada for a welcome meal prepared by the bar and the prize presentation. Our next official society meeting is at Altorreal on 25th April 2013 but we have an interim meeting at La Serena on 11th April 2013. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our web-site at www.

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BY STEVE HIBBERD Following on from the main club championships, GBC recently held the mini championships. Jan Pocock lifted the ladies plate, with Beryl Norris taking the runners up slot (the mens plate final had already been played). In the over 65s cup, Grahame Bater lost out to Jeannie Clements in a cracking game (1 set each, then a tie break). The under 65s, saw Jim Wilcock play, and win, his last ever match in this category, seeing off yours truely. Another close encounter (of the handicapped kind!) involved Barry Collins and Mike

Veale, in which the former just came out on top. Finally, in the Mr & Mrs trophy, Brian and Jan Pocock beat Vic & Sue Mahomet, in a last end nail biter! The final winter league game of the season involved GBC hosting champions San Miguel. Although the champs won on every rink, some scores were very close, and its a case of a long summer break before the next campaign starts in October. Although J Collins, H Cork, J Wilcock & M Thomas won their Berleen rink 18-14, the team as a whole lost by 1 shot.


ITV Orihuela RFC are back in training this week after the Easter break on Thursday in preparation for the 7’s circuit. While the U18’s will be preparing ready for Barnet Elisabethians RFC touring team. ITV Orihuela RFC will be joined by players from Albacete so that they are going to be a full squad for the match, which is going to be played on 13 April at 13.00. The touring team is also playing against San Javier on the Friday at 17.00, so a good weekend of rugby in 2 weeks time. This coming weekend we are televising the Amlin and Heineken Cup live rugby matches at the rugby bar in Rojales, The Steakhouse, used to be Tylers Bar. Starting on Thursday with Gloucester v Biarritz at 20.00 and then on Friday Wasps v Leinster at 20.00. On Saturday, Bath v Stada at 13.30, then Clermont v Montpellier then Sarries v Ultser.

On Sunday Quins v Munster at 15.00 and the final match Toulon v Tigers. Looking forward to seeing another good turn out down there this weekend. I am down at the Moncayo Market on Saturday, with all the rugby branded clothing, so come down. Training is at the Miguel Hernandez University ground at 20.15 on Tuesday and Thursday for the seniors and juveniles. The juniors start at 18.15. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish)


Eurogolf La Marquesa Press Report. 72 members took part in the Waltz Competition at our home course of La Marquesa on Thursday 28th March. The format of the game is a simple one, 1 to score on the first hole, 2 to score on the second then 3 to score on the next, and then we start again. How is it that when it is 1 to score everyone has a good hole but when it is 3 to score everyone has a bad hole? The weather was beautiful, although the wind got up a bit for those playing later. It has been an interesting week for some of our lady players. Gloria stepped back off of the buggy path to allow a buggy to pass and promptly fell straight down a manhole right up to her waist. What a trouper, she finished her round before going to the ‘Urgencies’ for treatment, fortunately she had not broken anything. Also, thanks to our Captain and his four ball on Tuesday for helping Janet out when she inadvertently drove her buggy over a water stanchion pipe. Water, water everywhere and the buggy stuck right on top of the gusher. What a pity that our poor Captain, while playing ‘Sir Gallahad’ managed to end up soaked to the skin and covered in mud from head to toe for his efforts, while trying to turn the water off. The results are as follows: 1st Doug Spiring, Graham Cheetham, Ken Brett & Jenny Cheetham 84 points

2nd Mike Young, Roger Richings, Gordon Bourne & Ian Turner 83 points 3rd Robin Richards, Bob Shorley, Bev Fairhurst, & Phyllis Venables 81 points Nearest the Pins 5th Robin Richards 11th Vince Tocker 12th Gloria Manning 15th Paul Manning 17th Rachel Leckey Football Winners: David Blanchette, Rudi Muller, Robin Richards Dennis Cole. There are still a few places left for the Away Day on 14 April at Vista Bella. Speak to Ian next week if you want to be included. Money to be paid by next week. TOFF’s Results Tuesday 26 March 2013 Overall Winner –Harry Armstrong Gold Division 1st Paul Manning 37 points 2nd Bill Martin 34 points 3rd Roger Richings 34 points Silver 1st Harry Armstrong 39 points 2nd Roderick Duff 39 points 3rd Ian Stewart 36 points Bronze 1st Orlando Ferrell 35 points 2nd Mary Sanderson 34 points 3rd Ken Enever 33 points Best front Nine: Tom Hull 19, Best Back Nine: John Barraclough 19 5th Marylin Eckersall 11th Cindi Green 15th Tom Walker 17th Doug Spiring

La Serena Golf – 26th March 2013 It’s was off down the AP7 this week to La Serena Golf at Los Alcazares, it has always been apopular venue and now the greens have been refurbished its getting back to its old self 16 holes with water and all. Talking of greens we now know they are good and so do the reptiles around the course, this was proven when a snake was sunbathing on the 2nd green and had to be gently persuaded to move in order that a putt could be taken. For some it was a reason to get around the 18 holes in just 4 hours As well as the Stableford competition there were four knockout games being played 3 singles and 1 double. It was nearly a repeat of two weeks ago with Alan Moody and Rodney Smith taking 1st and 2nd in the Golf Category and Peter Root 1st and Rocker Ron 3rd in the Silver. Gold Category 1st: Alan Moody 34 points 2nd: Rodney Smith 33 points 3rd: Merv Williams 31 points 4th: Larry Lambe 29 points CB 5th: Arthur Williams 29 points Silver Category 1st: Peter Root 36 points 2nd: Ken Hopkins 34 points 3rd: Ron “Rocket” Nicholson 26 points 4th: Geoff Wild 25 points CB 5th: Tom Richardson25 points Nearest The Pin: Hole 3: Alan Brooker. Hole 9 & 15: Moira Mullen. Hole 17: Les Yates. Longest Drive: Peter Root Best Guest: Alan Brooker. Singles Round KO Results • Alan Moody beat Ron

Nicholson 7 & 6 • Arthur Williams beat Pat Mullen 2 & 1 • Merv Williams beat Larry Lambe 3 & 2 Doubles KO Result • Peter Root/Malcolm Woods beat Geoff Wild/Tom Richardson 4 & 3 The ball sweep (Best estimate of balls lost) 19 players = 94 balls Winner Tom Baldwin 97 to take the money. It was back to Izzy’s Bar where “Rocket” Ron presented the prizes and for our favourite munchies, many thanks again Tony, Jackie and Roxy. Next game is at Vistabella Golf 9th April First Tee 09:00, please be at the course by 08:30. A change of date for Alenda Golf it is now 16th April the following week, as the normal date 23rd they will be hollow tinning. For more information or if you wish to play with the arguably the friendliest Golf Society contact Ron Nicholson on 678849142 or email Photos: Sleepin’ Snake 2nd Green

torrevieja fc

FC TORREVIEJA - TORRY FALL INTO THE RELEGATION ZONE AND NOW HAVE A REAL FIGHT ON THEIR HANDS FOR THIRD DIVISION SURVIVAL Last Sunday morning Torry travelled north to play Alzira who were in 4th place in the table going into the game and pushing for a top 4 finish and a play-off place for promotion to Segunda B. Their home form wasn’t quite as good as their away form and on their home turf they had won 6, drawn 5 and lost 5. There was then, on past results at home this season, almost an even chance of Torry getting something out of the game. Torry had the luxury of a full squad to select from except for the suspended Villanueva. The managed restored Javi Tur to goal in favour of Manolo and had a strong bench which included the fit again Abel and Koeman. Torrys starting line-up: Tur, Vicente, Juanfran, Rafa, Messeguer Dani, Jorge, Burguillos (Abel, 68 ‘), Manu Amores, Cuco Ros (Patri, 81’), Luis Carlos (Koeman, 51 ‘), Gasch. Despite the home side pushing for a play-off spot and a special promotion on offer for cheap entrance to the game, there where only around 100 present when the game got underway. The game was pretty even with neither side creating much in the final third. Alzira at least had a couple of efforts on target which brought saves from Javi Tur. Torry had a Burguillos volley which went over the top to show for their efforts. Alzira opened the scoring after 35 minutes when a long ball over the top was seized on by Verdu and he beat Javi Tur with a cross-shot into the back of the net and a GOALLLL to Alzira 1-0. Torry had it all to do. Just before half-time Alzira should have extended their lead after another long ball found


Peirreck with time and space but he struck his effort into the side netting. 5 minutes into the second half Koeman replaced Luis Carlos for Torry in an attempt to beef up the attack. Torry came more into the game but failed to really create any danger for the Alzira defensive line. It was Alzira who created the better chances and Javi Tur prevented a second goal when he got a hand to the ball after William was put clean through and bore down on him. Verdu then went round Javi Tur but fortunately for Torry defender Rafa got back to clear his goalbound effort off the line. Alzira then had a second goal ruled out for offside. In the last 5 minutes Torry almost got an equaliser when substitute Abel struck the post with a header from a delivery by fellow substitute Patri. If only, but it wasn’t to be and Torry returned home empty handed. The “Man in the Middle” was, as they tend to be in Spain, very fussy and active with his notebook and Yellow Card, brandishing it to no less than 9 players including Jorge, Rafa, Dani, Vicente and Abel from Torry. Torry are now in 18th place in the table occupying the 4th and final relegation spot, having 1 point less than the 3 teams above them including this Sundays opponents Eldense. Torry really do need to win this one. The game kicks off at 5.00 pm at the Nelson Mandela. Try to be there and give Torry some vocal support and help become their 12th man. They need one. A disappointed Darrylldinho following his adopted team in Spain go down to a solitary goal in their quest for survival. For info about Torry visit the Torry Army website www.fctorrevieja. net .


soccer school

ALFIES GOLF SOCIETY On Saturday, March 30th was the day. The first matches ever in the 3 years existing of the soccerschool would be played for children of 8 & 9 years old. The tournament was organized by the hacienda at Fuente Alamo. There were three games on the program. Respectively against Hacienda, UCAM & Los Garres. No one counted on anything because this was the first time that the children w e r e playing games at all. That is why it was a complete surprise that the first match e n d e d in 4-4 . Suddenly the boys got the idea that they could win the trophy . The second match ended in a 8-0 defeat by a fantastic team. But the kids did not go down and they surprisingly won the third game with 4-2. This meant that there where penalties to be taken against the Hacienda. The winner was going to the semi - final. By excellent saves from the goalkeeper Alvaro and well taken penalties by Jaime, George, Ryan, Jack & Alvaro was the semi - final achieved. After a glorious start 0-1 after 1 minute the other team started to show excellent football en the soccerschool eventually


CHRISTINE : 902 750 190 (EXT: 330) ANDY: 693 803 409 OR MARK: 693 775 347 email:


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lost with 1-4. All in all a very nice day for the kids. And a very proud coach.... If you think after reading this story, my son or daughter also likes to play football. Everyone is welcome at the ages of 4 to 14 .... It is very simple just send a email to jelcooosterhof@hotmail. com We speak English, Dutch, German and Spanish

Thursday, 28 March 2013 – Villamartin 35 players set out for Villamartin on a warm spring day for our monthly meeting. No waterproofs needed today and shorts were in order. Teeing off at the 10th, everyone noticed that the course was very busy but no problems arose until nine holes were played and then one or two delays set in. Villamartin is more like an English type woodland course as opposed to some of the newer courses out here but nevertheless still provides a stern test for golfers, with many holes demanding an accurate tee shot, as many of our members found out to their cost! The greens were as always in good condition if a little slow, and the majority of our society will be looking forward to the next time we meet here for the second round of the Eclectic Cup in May. Onto the honours and Nearest the Pins were won by Ian Connell

at the 13th, and ‘Stormin’ Norman Howes at the 9th. Shaun Staplehurst unleashed his R11 at the 16th to take the longest drive prize. There were several stableford scores in the mid thirties but Ian Connell & Mike Morris tied on 36 points for 1st place, with Ian winning this month, due to his having a lower handicap than Mike. Prizes were presented back at Alfie’s Bar, followed by the usual post match buffet (many thanks to Anita & Linda), and not forgetting the copious amount of Estrella consumed by the players! A good day had by all (with more than one or two headaches the following day!) Many thanks also to Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services for arranging our day. Next month’s meeting is at Mar Menor. Roll on Thursday, April 25th! Photo: Winners: Shaun Staplehurst, Mike Morris, Ian Connell, Norman Howes


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