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What is a Classification Essay? • A Classification Essay is an essay in which you select a category, genre, or large idea and separate it into appropriate categories • A classification essay organizes things, people, places, etc. into categories/classes/types/kinds and presents examples and qualities of the subjects things matter that fit into each class.

Here Is An Example… • What’s wrong with this classification?

– The following are classifications of houses: • brick • wood • big

Big doesn’t fit. Adobe fits. Big belongs to a different basis of classification—size rather than style.

Classification Essay Structure:

• I. Introduction – States thesis

• II. Body

– Identifies, in separate paragraphs, the various categories, with examples

• III. Conclusion

– Restates the categories of the thesis and, as a significance—or answer to the question “so what?” implied in any composition, stresses the value of this classification system

What is Division Essay? • Division, or analysis, breaks a thing down into parts so that they can be restructured to form something new, or a synthesis

Here is an Example‌ • Discussing the key components of a championship sports team, for instance, would be a division; for that matter, discussing the components of a successful division essay is also division.

Division Essay Structure • • • • • • • • •

I. Introduction · States thesis (idea or object to be analyzed, and to what end) II. Body · Renders the parts, in separate paragraphs, with examples and with transitional materials to provide a sense of their interrelatedness III. Conclusion · Restates the parts of the thesis and (the significance—see Classification outline, part III) attempts a synthesis or new understanding of the constituent parts

So What’s the Difference Between Classification and Division? • While classifications are separate, even disparate items brought together under some common denominator, divisions are much more explicitly parts of a single whole.

Another Example…. • Classification of Essays: – Argumentative – Informative – Analytical

• Division of an Essay : – Intro – Body – Conclusion

What Should We Be Looking For? • • • • • • • • •

S- Speaker O- Occasion A- Audience P- Purpose S- Subject T- Tone ER- Rhetorical Devices S- Style Devices


classification essay ppt  

classification essay ppt