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Is Human life a question mark?

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Bandi Issac Is Human life a Question Mark ? as it is told above, it can’t be shared “Oh! Dear your life is a by others. question mark? “ when this The reason for this question in triggers in you, it addresses directly your heart is just because of your to you which is secretly hidden and ‘GREED’. The greed is different concealed to the near and dear from DESIRE. Desire has no ones . It ruffles in your memoir business with secrecy, it need not be once again. kept in privacy matters but this What is that question? It’s greed sometimes becomes a big known to you throughly, Then why question mark in ones’ life and you never able to share it with your takes on him/her in self conflict wife, mother or father? why aren’t and at times may lead to suicide. you taking help from them?. Then, the question in you is very ‘private’ When a ‘greed’ is fulfilled or unfulfilled it stays as a question. Its


condition will always remain as question. Above all it’s twined with FEEAR. ‘Greed violates the divine principles and human law and principles, it interferes in others lives. You greed for things that are meant to be enjoyed by others but not you, for which you go beyond your limits and enter into other territories to plunder and to enjoy. This will become a big question in your life.

Dear Readers! as you understood so far: you have remained as Question but not as person. • Who has given a chance to this question? • on Which base this question is operating?

The reason behind this question is ‘greed’. Where is the place for greed?. On which base this greed took place? The root cause behind these are the ‘lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and the pride of life. These are the natural instincts of the body of every human being. The God is above these things. He has no sin in him, he is sinless and Holy. God has made man to be truthful, for example: when we add some water to the milk the quantity is raised but the quality is decreased or when we added buttermilk with milk, though the quantity of buttermilk is very little it breaks the entire milk in the pot. In the same manner Lord has given His quality of being truthful - The man who should be satisfied with this base : failed by Satan’s impact and his tricks and words ate the forbidden fruit which shouldn’t be desired for and shouldn’t be touched; eventually lost the ‘truthfulness’ and gained ‘lust and greed’ turned as Natural base. According to James 1:15 “ Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin when it is full grown, gives to birth to death. (NIV)

So, the question mark, which remained as question and eventually couldn’t find the answer, release and victory and leads to DEATH which is an end to human life This is not time dear ! The answer for your question is not DEATH but ETERNITY for you. He was born as human, shed his blood on Calvary. In that blood. He has forgiven your sins, conquered the DEATH, The question of yours answered by ‘Resurrection’ . He fought on behalf of you - To make ETERNITY as your answer, He became the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE

Is Human life a Question Mark?  

Human life, Destiny and Eternity

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