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Level 2 Coaching Session Plan

Conditioning Games - SHF



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Seng Kang


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Senior , U21, U18

Solly, Sunil, Fred, Ali

Balls, Cones, Whistles, Mini Goals



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16/01/2012 7:00pm


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Sticks, Shinnies, Mouthguard etc...


Introduction back to hockey, get some touch whilst also working on defensive and attacking concepts. Key is to work hard in 10 min sessions to get some conditioning. Time

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Coaching Points

Practice to learn the principle of the 1/2 court press

The defending team forms a line on the half way line of the pitch (in this case the 23m line). Any player from the opposition that runs beyond the line of defence, should be very tightly marked while inside the 1/2 court. Every time the attacking player runs back out. The defender should stop on the defensive line. Every time the team playing 1/2 court gains possession of the ball they should have a fast break situation. It is important that only 2 out of the 5 players should take the opportunity of this break, and not the whole team, because on losing the ball you still want to be able to continue playing the 1/2 court. Set the defending team a target to hold on to a lead of 1 - 0 for 5 minutes.

Closed Zones

The aim of this exercise is to encourage the players to attack down the wings. The attacking team is not allowed to pass or attack through the zone. Defenders, on winning the ball, have to try and get the ball out of the 23m area, also wide of the zone. Players can go anywhere, but the ball is not allowed to go through the zone set out with cones. This zone can be set out anywhere on the pitch to stop a team going the same way each time, by putting up the zone the team has to come up with an alternative solution.

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16/01/12 3:11 PM

Endzone 4 Vs 4

Set-up the pitch as shown. Place one player from each side in the opposite End Zone. Players have to try and get the ball to the player in the End Zone for them to then score a goal. Only the designated players are allowed in the End Zone. Progression: The player in the end zone can exchange places with one of the players on his/her side (as long as their is always one player in the end zone.

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16/01/12 3:11 PM

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16/01/12 3:11 PM

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16/01/2012 7:00pm Seng Kang Advanced None Senior , U21, U18 Sticks, Shinnies, Mouthguard etc... Balls, Cones, Whistles, Mini Goals Solly, Su...