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Solomon Choi Industrial Designer

Pet Dryer

“A Pet Dryer specially designed to make it easier to dry your pet at home.�

This project about creating a new line of handheld product to an existing brand. The design process is focus on researching in technology, ergonomic, and market.

Pet Dryer

Pet Tooth Brush

Pet Clippers

Pet owner oftern uses low power hair dryer to dry their dog which may not be the best choice.

Dog + Slippery + Low Air Flow = Time


High Cost

Low Cost


soft silicon grip Dog’s Palm

Bowling Pin

Heat sencitive painted grill, an indicator reminding owner not to point it to the pet’s face

Triangular Shape handle increase the comfort on the hand

Aero Dyrnamic

Different air intake location


a stand inspiried by banana stand




Second Model is being made to improve the overall form and details

E-Ink Badge

“A Badge that helps empolyees gain privacy in public”

E-ink Ba This is a project about helping individual enchancing their privacy in the public


Confrence badges are - disposable - bad looking - cumbersome to hide

High Hi Hig igh Styling Stylli Styl

High Cost Low Tech

High Tech

Ningbo N Ni ngbo n bo b Wemagnet We Co., Ltd.

Shuoying Industrial (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd

Low Tech Low Styling

Low Cost

Honest Reliable Human

Vizplex Imaging Flim

Active Matrix


E-ink require no power to retain their image, it is ideal in this application which require a long lasting bright display.



Easy on/off by sliding up and down the screen

Magnetic clip or other attachment

Docking Station for charging and syncing




Finish Line

“A sport watch that help keep track of your goal”

Finish Lin This is a Alias autostudio project. My goal is to get familiar to the software


Thank You

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First Portfolio  

This is my first industrial Design portofolio