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Free Download Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) 1.3 apk This Document are Distribute by Bengkel Blogger. Any kind of Copy Paste are not allowed and against the Law Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) is certainly one of ought to have applications for your android device. Just to inform you a couple of days back this application up-to-date to new version Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) 1.3. As usual, if you’ve installed this app on your android device, you simply should to update it to the newest version. Open your Play Store application > My Applications and select Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) then update it. If not yet, you can also download it directly from Play Store. Some sites also provide link to download Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) 1.3 apk. Then, here’s detail of the application.

New Features of Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) 1.3 Android


There are some changes in the latest version of Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian). Surely, it is gonna be better than earlier version. Listed here are major features of the application based on Play Store official page. Complete Al-Quran (Arabic with Indonesian and 38 other Translations). Great features, user friendly interface & verse by verse synchronized audio in beautiful, breath taking voices of famous Qaris from all over the world. Now with TOPIC INDEX and GLOSSARY for easy search of related ayahs. TRANSLATIONS: Albenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czeck, Dutch, English (DrMohsin), English (Pickthall), English (Yousaf), Finnish, French, German, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Malayalam, Maranao, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Swahili, Tatar, Thai, Transliteration, Turkish, Tamil, Urdu and Uzbek. QARIS: 1- Ahmed Al Ajmi 2- Ali Al-Hothaify 3- Maher Moeqali 4- Mohammad Ayoub 5- Saad Al-Ghamdi 6- Sheikh Sudais 7- Waheed Zafar Qasmi FEATURES: ~ Easy navigation using Surah Index, Surah Slider and ‘Go To’ options ~ Topic Index and Glossary of Terms for better understanding and research purpose ~ Surah information: Ayahs, Rukus, Juz and Makki/Madni ~ Unlimited Bookmarks, very user friendly book marking ~ Easy Recitation and Reading mode switching ~ Multiple Repeat options while recitation ~ Adjust Arabic and Translation text size ~ Change Arabic and Translation text color ~ Set Background, Highlight and Bookmark color ~ Show Arabic, Translation or Both ~ Easy audio data download and save to SD card —- BUY FULL VERSION FOR ALL QARI AUDIOS —May Allah Bless you all.


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Download Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) 1.3 apk Android Then, are you interested to download and install this app in your android device? Download Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) 1.3 from here directly from your gadget and after that install it to enjoy all the new features. This Document are Distribute by Bengkel Blogger. Any kind of Copy Paste are not allowed and against the Law No Results Follow This Link To Get Discount Up To 90% any Items

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Free Download Al Quran (Al-Zikar Indonesian) 1.3 apk