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Android Robot Adventure 1.3 apk This Document are Distribute by Bengkel Blogger. Any kind of Copy Paste are not allowed and against the Law Bengkel Blogger One with the most downloaded applications on Google Play Store is Robot Adventure. This application can be so popular and has been downloaded by thousands and thousands people. Recently, the developer of the application updates it to new version, Robot Adventure 1.3. This version brings several new features and improvements. Surely, it is going to make you enjoy it more. If you might have previously installed Robot Adventure on your own android gadget or tablet, you just need to update it. Otherwise, you can also download Robot Adventure 1.3 through the link we provide on this page. However, just before download this application, we advise that you read more what you will get on this app.

Features of Robot Adventure 1.3 Android You almost certainly ask us what you will get using this app. Here’s description of Robot Adventure based on official page on Android Market. Let’s Robot Fly! The dream of the Robot is to have an adventure in the sky. What you can do is to help the Robot fly. You can collect the diamonds, complete the missions to get better equipments help the robot flyi higher and faster. During the flight, be care of the airships, UFO and other flying objects which may hurt the Robot.


32 Missions, 20 equipments, kinds of mysterious props and MILLION OF FUN, Let’s start to help the Robot.

And here are the additional features inside the newest version of the application, Robot Adventure 1.3 apk android: - Increase of 6 mission - Fix crash bug of Android 4.0

So, are you interested to download this app in your android device? Download Robot Adventure 1.3 directly into your android device from this link. What are people said about this Robot Adventure 1.3 Android Application : Good, addictive but L6 way too hard Good game. Very addictive. However, it needs either a save game feature because it’s very easy to accidentally click “new game” & wipe out all your previous achievements & you have to start from scratch! Also, L6 is kinda impossible, with objects just raining down on you. Prease Want super happy fun time? Having super happy fun time is you on this app! This app making happy fun time for you and friendship! Prease downloading, for fun enjoyment! Great overall but… The controls are a bit buggy at times. Sometimes when I’m holding down the throttle button, the left/right buttons don’t respond so well (have to use more pressure on pressing the screen to


see movement), but that can usually be fixed by letting go of the throttle for a sec. Also the direction keys get stuck in the pressed position, but that one is super rare. Biggest complaint is about all of the obstacles RAINING down on me at ~30k altitude. Maybe make them non-collidable with each other? This Document are Distribute by Bengkel Blogger. Any kind of Copy Paste are not allowed and against the Law.

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