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Secure Testing: Making Of A Reliable Enterprise Today’s digital age that is made up of highly complex IT applications demands equally good enterprise applications with quality and reliability as dominant factors. To combat the demands of the customers the team of software developers and the quality assurance professionals work on a number of full size database clones to test each application on its performance, migration and upgrade capabilities. This led to the requirement of additional storage, improved application efficiency and security issues when handling the database clones. Streamlining and securing test data or the clones have been made possible by the development of the test data management process. The software developers have designed the process in such a way that it would reduce the costs of maintaining the clones significantly and moreover automate the process of creation and management of database clones. The process involves the use of central enterprise data management software for testing of the application based on user-defined business regulations. Through automated cloning and subsetting, this process helps to reduce the clone size. Integrating this with the data masking software provides for a secure testing of the critical organizational data. Further the smaller data subsets which are created through the process ensures efficient configuration and lesser manual intervention thus paving way for error free and reduced exposure to cyber threats. The secure testing procedures with test data management software reduce the pressure on storage and resources, maintain referential integrity and increases IT productivity. Further, this software facilitates the users to deploy subset policies based on the requirements. The data masking tools used in collaboration with the secure testing process eliminates unauthorized access to sensitive and confidential data while managing the data format for tests. Besides reducing the cloning times and storage requirements, this software also manages clones for multiple enterprise applications. Secure testing of the applications is achieved with help of end-to end test data management, along with data masking, data archiving, and data application retirement components of Enterprise data management software. This not only shrinks the footprints of the non-production system but also improves the quality of the test data and provides a secure and compliant test environment. Also read on - Improve application performance, Telecommunication solutions

Secure Testing: Making Of A Reliable Enterprise  

The secure testing procedures with test data management software reduce the pressure on storage and resources, maintain referential integrit...

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