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Ensure Data Security through Data Masking Databases are the lifeblood of any company or organization as it plays a crucial role in all business operations. Companies and organizations store all kinds of sensitive and critical data ranging from customer details, employee details to company information on the database. No matter if the company is big or small; databases are targeted by hackers for credit card details, social security numbers, company confidential data and so on. This makes database security a high priority for all companies and organizations. Today database attacks are growing at an alarming rate. It is a growing menace that the companies and organizations need to be wary of. Almost all companies and organizations have faced attacks of some kind both internal and external. With cyber attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, a lax attitude would prove costly for companies and organizations. Surveys prove that internal attacks are as menacing as external attacks. Since internal attacks are carried out by employees within the organization who are familiar with all security measures implemented by the company, it is very difficult to detect and curb internal attacks. In such a scenario, there is no doubt that internal attacks would go on increasing until and unless companies and organizations take some strict security measures to protect their databases. In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, companies and enterprises cannot allow data security breach of any kind as they have to face whole lot of issues such as legal fines, lawsuits, loss of credibility, negative brand recognition, decline in stock prices, loss of customer loyalty and so on. Moreover there are industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS and GLBA that the organizations need to comply with. Hence companies and enterprises must take all the necessary steps to protect the sensitive data from falling into wrong hands. Almost all companies and organizations secure production environment but forget to secure their non production environment such as test, development, Quality and Assurance. Testing and development projects normally require copies of production data, which amplifies the chances of data leaks. And therefore the best way to secure data in non-production environment is to use the data masking tools. Database masking is the process of masking or de-identifying sensitive data so that it can be used safely in non production environments as well. Database masking thus ensuressecure testing as the entire data is obfuscated for use by the tester. Database masking is thus a very useful solution for enterprises in securing their sensitive data, in meeting compliance requirements, and in increasing customer confidence. Investing in effective enterprise data management software can help companies in ensuring data security.

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Ensure Data Security through Data Masking