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A Specialized Approach for Improved Application Testing Management Companies that undertake IT application development processes face storage and server challenges especially during the testing stage. Each application requires large sized multiple database clones to perform the testing, upgrading, migrating and training processes for developers and quality teams. There is a large amount of pressure to increase the storage facilities and efficiency which affects costs to a large extent. Creation of these database clones requires increased manual labor, and this lowers the productivity of the data center. To overcome the challenges the IT companies need reliant and competent solutions that can deploy processes for faster generation of database clones with highly secured data that leverages data center productivity. The employment of enterprise data management software is a wise decision as it automatically creates and manages the database clones. The management process is a centralized one and can be configured by the user for application testing purposes. The software provides integrated and secure services for single pass cloning with subsetting to reduce the size of the clones and enforces effective data masking procedures for ensuring the security of data. The solutions for test data management help in creating smaller sized data subsets for testing of applications. These can be easily configured with fewer requirements for any manual assistance, and the possibility of errors and security risks are also considerably reduced. The application metadata is defined for deployment of multiple subset policies. Thus users are allowed to configure each clone’s subset on the basis of the requirement. The solutions provide potent data masking policies for removal of confidential information during the preservation process used for supporting the tests. The test data management solutions are capable of managing clones for multiple applications used across enterprises. Due to the single pass cloning methodology the time required for creating clones is reduced and the resources are optimized. The storage requirements are invariably reduced and this results in enhanced total cost savings. The automated processes employ the best subsetting methods, and provide support for database, applications and schema cloning. Application testing and development stage is crucial and to observe positive results organizations have to eliminate time consuming and expensive methods. The enterprise data management software provides thorough and complementary support for IT application testing and development. Costs are reduced. Assets are resourcefully utilized. The requirement for human intervention is minimal. Errors are minimized. Secure testing practices are enforced for data protection. Efficiency is improved and the organizations are provided with profitable results.

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A Specialized Approach for Improved Application Testing Management