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Life in a big city (Sidney, Canberra and Melbourne)

Life on a cattle station

Ayers Rock and The Great Barrier Reef

Geography and climate

Food, sports and culture



26 februari 2013

C U L TU RE Australian Culture ********************** Traditional music

Famous movie star in australia(Actors)

We all know this song who calls ”Waltzing Matilda” A popular folksong in Australia. Written by Andrew ‘Banjo’ Paterson. The most people thought that this song was a song of freedom. +paterson&hl=sv&safe=active&as_st=y&biw=1280&bih=603&tbs=sur:f&tbm=isch&tbnid=HKuUReoc wm6hnM:&imgrefurl= 2072405&docid=hCXnROyB06ldSM&imgurl= 02/07/24/2072405_931dbc5e.jpg&w=640&h=489&ei=JjGKUILFNcnk4QTAs4GIAQ&zoom=1&iact=rc &dur=357&sig=115268118868506659588&page=1&tbnh=140&tbnw=184&start=0&ndsp=3&ved=1t: 429,r:0,s:0,i:77&tx=139&ty=53

Ronja Dancers


AC/DC is a rock band from the capital of Australia, Sydney. ”Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Hells Bell.. and so on” These songs are very popular songs, who AC/DC has create. AC/DC means ”Alternate current/ direct current” In sweden we call it ”Växelström/ Likström” The australian people called AC/ DC for Acca/dacca. I don’t actually really know why they call them that. But it must be a reason behind it. Alexandra

famous for his musical talents, like ”the boy from OZ” and here in this video link you can see that one:



Kym Johnson is a ballroom dancer, model and telivision preformer. She lives in Sydney, Australia. In 2004 to 2005 she danced in ”dancing with the stars” But know 2012 she is placed in Calefornia for ”dancing with the stars” she has been in . Kym is also dancing in the film ”strictly ballroom”

One of the most famous actors in Australia is Nicole Kidman. She has been in a lot of movies like: Australia, Batman Forever, Eyes wide shut and so on. Here is a link where you can look what the movies are about When Robbie Kmetoni was 18 old he fought hard to win kidmans-10-basta-filmer/ ”so you think you can dance”. He was the only boy around his friends that was interested in dance. Sometimes he thought about giving up and go back to soccer. But he didn't. Robbie was Traditional art the winner of the last season of So you think you can dance 21 Australian indigenous(Australian april 2010 in Australian. He Aboriginal) art is the oldest proved that you never should traditional living art in the whole give up on your dream. world. Rock carvings, body painting and ground designs (included in the art) is art who /Ronja are made by the indigenous people of Australia. In the Aboriginal life, art has always been a very.. very important thing. Some of this rock shelters paintings is over 20,000 years Hugh Jackman is famous in old, which means that they’re Australia for de movies he has very old! Alexandra done. Hugh was in the movie Australia too and X-men and many more. But he is also kind of




26 februari 2013

ME LBOU RN E Life in Melbourne Where is the city? The city Melbourne is down in the south inthe coast above the island Tasmania.

How many people live in Melbourne? Research have said that it lives about 8 million people in Melbourne 2012

What do most of the people in Melbourne work with? Like other big cities there are many working places to choose from here.

What climate has the city? In Melbourne it the weather changes a lot. If you are visiting Melbourne I recommend to take an umbrella because all of a sudden it can start raining. In the summer it can be hot. It can be up to 25°C. In Autumn its similar to the summer because it can be 20°. In winter it’s Not as warm but still warm. It can be up to 14°C. In Spring it can be really hot too. It can be 20°C.

Adiam condimentum ahmet

What type of sport activities is popular here? Some of the sports in Melbourne are: Soccer, Australian football, Rugby and cricket.

26 februari 2013

M E L B O U R N E What kind of events and festivals can you attend? Australia's largest keel boat regatta is Festival of Sails. The first held in 1844. It's also the oldest sporting event in Victoria. The event make up to 450 yachts and over 4,500 competitors, with thousands of spectators coming to enjoy the festivals.

What is it like to live in this city? Melbourne is according to a study is the world’s best city to live in. It has very good stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education and infrastructure Interesting facts 48% who lives there is under 35 years old.

There are many dogs in Melbourne. Every day 90 tons of dog poo is picked up from the streets. Untill 1966 in melbourne closed the pubs at 6.00

26 februari 2013

C A N B ERRA Life in Canberra Where in Australia is the city The city Canberra is 150 km from Australian’s East Coast Canberra is in the state New South Wales

How many people live here 2008 had canberra 345 257 locals the city has a local population on 428 locals per square kilometre •

What do the most people work white The most people in canberra works whit it network and Registered nurse

What climate has canberra canberra has 4 season of year summer is hot and dry and winter is cold with a thick mist sometimes it can come a little snow.

What to do ? if you don’t know what to do in canberra you can always visit this places -Animal attractions -Art galleries -Fun attractions -Historic buildings -Museums -Park and gardens wkipedia,,-australian-capital-territory.aspx

26 februari 2013

S Y D N EY Lifestyle in Sydney: Sidney has a warm climate and there are many, many things to do. For example: arts/culture, shopping, events, beaches etc. In Sidney you also find good education, high levels of safety and health care.

What kind of attractions are there? You can find a very famous opera house/building with a special design in Sydney. You can see theatres, operas and concerts in there. You can also visit Bondi Beach, if you want some time to relax and take a bath. Links: http:// sydney-lifestyle Sydney /Arvid

Sydney Opera house

26 februari 2013

S Y D N EY • What climate has the city? Sydney have warm summers an cool winters. the warmest month is january and the coldest is july. In january the temperature is about 26 celsius. In july is the temperature about 16 celsius. • What kind of events and festivals can you attend?

Every year sydney have a festivals with many events. the festival is january 5-27 2013 • What types of sports activities are popular here?

Base boll is a very popular sport in sydney. Links: /Peder Where in Australia is the city? Sidney is on the east coast in New South Wales. it is 15963 km between Stockholm and Sidney. it takes at least 23 hours to fly from Arlanda to sidney • How many people live here? 4.5 miljoner people live in the city. more than 190 nationalities live here • What do most people in this city work with? Most of the jobs in Sidney are like the jobs in other big cities.. /Jonte

26 februari 2013

G EO G RA P H Y A N D C L I M A TE I N A U TRA L I A N Australia has got some lakes too. The biggest of them is lake Eyre. Australia has got wet and dry periods instead of summer, winter, autumn and spring. When it’s the dry period, some lakes become white because there’s so much salt in them. During this period, some lakes don’t have any water at all. One of the lakes that always has got water is called Murray. It’s about 1700 km long.

A special animal in Australia is the kangaroo. You may have seen them in some movie, book or maybe at a zoo. Another special animal is the platypus. It looks very strange with a body like a beaver, a tail like an otter and a beak just like a duck. The platypus can swin, but it has its eyes open. It seeks its quarry at the bottom of the rivers with its beak. An animal they also have is the dangerous crocodiles. The Movie ”Crocodile DunDee” is set here.

A mountain range in the north of Australia is called the Australian Alps. It’s pretty much like the Lappland Alps in Sweden. They also got a mountain in the south that is their highest mountain and it’s called ”Mount Kosciusk”. This mountain is about 2000 meters high and has got snow on the top all the year around. - Lovisa

Australian Climate

In Australia there are many sorts of climates because Australia is a huge country. In some parts of Australia there is hot all the year round and in some parts there is climate like it is in the south part of Sweden. The most part of the country is desert climate Australia is the lowest continent in and dry but there are a few more the world. Most of the land is at climates, tropical, subtropical and least 180 meters over the ocean. temperate climate. In the north part Three huge oceans surround the there is tropical climate. In the continent, the Indian Ocean, the middle of Australia there is a big area Antarctic Ocean and the Pacific of desert climate. Around the desert Ocean. climate is the dry area. To the left and the right of the dry area there is There are 22 620 600 people in subtropical climate. In the east of the Australian and it’s one of the south there is temperate climate. smallest continents. Because of the desert climate, not many people live here.

Australian Geography klimat_australien.php

In the tropical climate there is hot, it depend on that the equator is so near. The earth axis bend make the sun shining right on the equator and till the tropic. The temperature is about thirty degrees. If you want to visit a country where it is tropical climate you should go there in may, june, july, august, september or october. If you don’t like rain you shouldn’t visit the country in december or february. In the desert climate is it also hot. A normal summer day can the temperature reach forty degrees. It is very dry because it doesn’t rain so often, sometimes it can delay years before it rain next time. Can you guess what the weathers like in the dry climate? Dry of course, it is hot like it is in the desert and tropical climate. The subtropical have long, warm summers and short, mitigate winters. The temperate climate has the same weather as those who live in the south part of Sweden. - Emilia

26 februari 2013

Ayers Rock and The Great Barrier Reef Ayers Rock

The places is The Great Barrier Reef is located 10-200 kilometres from the main land. The Great Barrier Reef is located in the north east Australia.

What you can do and see. What you can see in the Great Barrie Reef is

different fish

Facts: The ayers rock are called Uluru and it s 600 million years old sandstone monolith. Uluru is a holy place for the Aboriginal people that lives in the area. The first european that discovered Uluru was Ernest Giles and the one that gave the name was William Gosse.

ways to get to the Uluru. How much does it cost to go there? It’s really expensive if you want to go to Uluru. It can cost around $500 per pax to fly there. There’s a 3-day tour from Alice Spring to WestMC, Kings Canyon and Uluru costs $750 per head. :Elise discussion-559094-1-1-Travel-0-0Uluru_National_Park_Ayers_Rock-

The destination of Uluru:


speeches, corals, octopuses and much more.

How to get there. Along Queensland s coast it s offered daly boat trips to get out

The Ayers rock is in the middle of Australia and it s located in the southern part of the northern territory. The top of the big rock is around 869 Meters over the sea.

and see the Great Barrier Reef.

It cost.

What you can do there and see: What_are_some_interesting_things_you_coul d _find_if_you_were_to_visit_Ayers_Rock ile:Ulurumap.png There’s a lot of different tours and %C3%A4rrevet The tour price for a child is 101$ Activities. You can go Hot air ballooning and for a adult it cost 202$ and or you can also watch the sunset at the hl=sv&tab=wl

for a family 505$.

Interesting facts. One interesting fact is 63000 jobs around the Great Barrie Reef. And the Aborigine s have lived in this area about 40 000 years! Fanny.L

Alice springs restaurant. There’s also camel riding tour and you can also take an helicopter flight. If you go there you can see Aboriginal paintings on the rock and animals. If you are going to use an helicopter you can see a lot of beautiful things and you can see the rock from above. How to get there: You can go there by plane and you can also rent a car so you can drive there by yourself and enjoy the wildlife. There’s several different

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Where in Australia are most stations placed? They are placed in the north and the central regions of the Australian Outback. What is school like in the outback? Some people who lives in a cattle station has a long way to school. For some people it can be 35 miles. 70 miles to go to school and back each and every day. So instead of actually go to school they have school on the internet. The teachers sends homework and other data that they will do home. You can call it homeschool. The others who has a shorter way to school go to school just school like normal people, only that you are a lot in the nature and go on day trips at least two times a week. Why the huge size? It’s huge because Australia is very dry and the vegetation is very sparse so if the family’s gonna make a living you have to have a big cattle station so they get enough vegetation. You bigger, you more vegetation.


Cattle Station Australian Cattle Stations Australian cattle stations are the biggest cattle stations in the world. Some cattle stations are even bigger than some European countries. The biggest Australian cattle sation is the Anna Creek Station. Anna Creek Station covers 34,000 km2. Text by: Matilda Eriksson Kock.

A normal day at an Australian cattle station. The days begins early in the

saddle up and get the horse on the

morning. They get breakfast and a

horse truck.

quick packed lunch. The lunch consist of fresh baked cakes, corned beef sandwiches, fruits and

The rest who stays at the cattle station get the mob yarded and watered for processing. A long,

so on. It depends of how much you think you need to ge through the

repetive and important job is to

long day.

separating, earmark, brand, castrate and vaccinate the animals

After that, the men are going to choose their horse to ride for the rest of the day. When they have select their horses the men feed the horses with a nose bag. Then they



who live there. Bulls need to be vaccinated. One of the most important task is the tally book.


It is the manager’s job, it’s a register of how many cattle are in


F O O D A N D S P O RTS Food in Australia Kevin

The Australian meat pie is a traditional food in Australia. its made of mostly diced meat and gravy, but it can also contain onion, mushrooms or cheese.

The food made by host families in Australia is very similar to the food we eat here, cereal, toast or eggs for breakfast and for dinner is a lot about meat, potatoes and sports maybe vegetables of some sort. Popular Daniel livet_som_utbytesstudent/typisk_australisk_mat/

They eat lots of Vegemite in Australia. Vegemite is a kind of �jam� you put on toast.


Rugby is the most popular sport in Australia. There are three different rugby divisions: Super rugby, Australian Rules and Rugby league. One rugby team is 13 players. The best league is NRL.

Kangaroo meat can be bought in Australian grocery stores. It is low in fat, its healthy and its full of protein.

The Ozzie BBQ, or as they call it in Australia, The Barbie is used to barbecue stuff like the sausage sizzle, a sausage with baked onions on a slice of bread usually topped with either tomato sauce or barbecue sauce, or the Australian meat pie. Australians are the best in the world at barbecueing.


Cricket Cricket is the second most popular sport. Most of the australians love cricket. Cricket was formed in 1905. Cricket resembles about baseball.


a magazine about Australia made by pupils grade 8

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