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FIND YOUR DREAM BOY For the sporty and the funny girl Hi, if you are the girl that likes to sport and hang out, contact me! I am a boy and my name is Alexander. I’m 18 years old and I play hockey. I spend most of my time at school and the gym with my friends. I have brown and straight hair. I have well-built muscles and I’m long. I’m known for always being happy and funny. My eyes are green with thin eyebrows. I mostly wear casual clothes at school and home. If you are a happy and sporty girl, I would really like to get to know you and maybe go on a date. It’s a plus if you look good and have a good temperament. Another plus is that if you have a good sense of humour and play any instrument, I will surely like you. If you are interested please contact me. We can maybe meet up somewhere and do something.

Hi. I am a boy and am 20 years old and I like to play ice hockey. I am very kind, caring, clever and funny guy. I have bald head, tattoos all over my body, piercing on my lip, in my nose and in my ear. I wear shabby cloths because I am very poor because I have spent all my money on tattoos. I`m looking for a girl that is in the same age and like to workout and do sports. You should have blond hair, perfect ass and be skinny and not so tall. you should now have to cook and clean the house. you should be kind, caring, clever and funny.

The perfect girl

// Alexander Hey Im a boy and my name is Oskar. Im 21 years old and I like to play hockey and drink. I´m a person that is very nice and cute. I have many spots in the face and I have glasses. I have long brown hair. My dad is very rich so I can give you 200€ every day. I want a girl that likes to see my hockey games. My girl must be brunette and be good to make food to me. She must be kind and caring. She must like to play sports.

FIND YOUR DREAM BOY Hi, my name is Peter and I’m 26 years old and I’m an electrician. I am in to motor sports and all of my friends sees me as funny. I train a lot so I keep me fit and Im good at cooking too. I’m searching for a girl that is between 22 and 29 years old and loves to watch movies at night after work and to be out and have fun. If you think this ad is interesting, you can call 090 115 and we can meet in a restaurant or a café for a dinner or coffee. My treat!

Hello I am a boy and i’m 14 years old. I like to pick potatoes. I’m kind and attractive. I’m also very funny and smart. I have a piercing in my nose. I wear black shabby clothes and I’m very poor. I’m very skinny. I’m looking for a girl between 13-14 years old. You should have blond hair and be shorter than me. You should be a girl who likes to sport. You should be smart, funny, kind and cute.

Hi I’m twenty-two year old guy and I am looking for a girl. I am happy and optimistic. During my free time I’m like to be with my dog and relax. I am well trained and have long hair. I’m the one you are looking for. I’m looking for a girl that is about fifteen years old. I want her to be funny and smart. I want her to have brown or black hair and not so thick. I want her to be kind and pretty.

Hi I’m a twenty-two year old guy and I am looking for a girl. I am happy and optimistic. During my free time I like to be with my dog and relax. I am well trained and have long hair. I’m the one you are looking for. I’m looking for a girl that is about fifteen years old. I want her to be funny and smart. I want her to have brown or black hair and not so thick. I want her to be kind

FIND YOUR DREAM GIRL A perfect match Hello I am a girl who is 18 years old. I have blue eyes and long dark hair. I am not that tall and thin. My favourite things to do are training, clothes and to be with my friends. I am kind, caring, a good friend, funny and honest. I am looking for a boy who is18 years old with brown short hair and blue eyes. Not tall and fat. Who is interested in sport so we can train together. He likes to be with his friends and is a good person, kind, smart, caring and has a great humour.

Hello my name is Linda I’m 12 years old I’m a kind girl not selfish My interest is that I like to feed cows I’m Live on a farm with my whole family my dad’s name is Peo and my mom’s name is Marie I also got a brother and a sister. Half of my family is from china I’m half chinese. I got black hair I’m white. I also play soccer and basket-ball I have got number seven on my tshirt. I’m looking for a girl who likes cows and who is very sport interested and has dark hair and who also want to move to farm with me and get a family there. I’m looking for a girl who is 10-13 years old and I also hope the girl I’m looking for has a Zlathan nose.

Searching a partner Hi! I’m a 18 year old girl and I’m searching for a prefect guy. But first I’m going to tell a little bit about me. I like to hang out with my friends, shopping sometimes...but it’s more fun when I go shopping with my friends but otherwise I hate shopping. I like to gym too, it’s so fun! If you wonder how I look like then I will tell you! I am 1.69 meters tall, have brown hair and brown eyes. You maybe wonder how my personality is too, so I will tell you that if you want to know. I’m kind but sometimes I get angry for no reason! My friends tell me that I’m sympathetic, I maybe am, you wanna find out? I’m not going to tell more about me, you can find out how I really am in real life, I challenge you! ;) Now I’m going to tell how a prefect guy has to be. You have to be tall, taller than me! You have to be really kind and the one that doesn’t care about other girls than your ”girlfriend” You have to be willing to do anything for me, not like ”go and die” not like that! You just have to be nice, a sweetheart, a guy that cares about me and not think about other girls that looks prettier than me. But if you have a best friend that is a girl then it’s okay! I prefer blue eyes on a guy, but it really doesn’t matter! You don’t have to look like a ”bodybuilder” to get me to like you. Just a normal body and what I mean with that is you don’t need to have 6 pack, a small guy...but not smaller than me. I want a guy with nice personality, the one that makes me smile and laugh a lot I want a guy that is happy every time he se me, makes some random and crazy stuff with me and surprises me with adorable things. The one that I can think to be together with until we are old. That is the guy I will fall for.

FIND YOUR DREAM GIRL The girl you are looking for. Hello! My name is Emily. I’m 16 year old girl and I live in a big beach house in California with my parents. I like to go and fish with my grandpa and I’m really good. I’m long, have long dark hair, blue eyes and I have many friends because I’m funny. I search for some guy who is between 16-18 years old and is taller than me. I like guys who are nice, respect girls, have funny humour and it will not hurt if you sport. If you are long, have dark hair, nice eyes and play football you are welcome to me.

Looking for the perfect love. Hello, my name is Felicia and I am 25 years old. I have brown long hair and blue eyes. I love to go in the sunset, cook food and do sports. I want to meet some guy that has blond hair ´ blue eyes is taller than me,and has a kind personality, he should not to be a data geek.

If you wants a family and get married, read over here! Hello there! My name is Jane. I am 20 years old, I am that girl who loves to train, to run is the funniest part. I am interested in food and I love long, late summer nights. If I would describe myself with five words I would say: Smart, careful, optimistic, honest and I always keeps secrets. I have short blonde hair and ice blue eyes, I am tall and skinny. I looking for the man who is honest, romantic also you have to be kind and positive. I want to get married and build a family, I think it’s important that you want the same as I. It is a bonus if you are attractive, the main thing is your personality. Keep in touch, with all love from Jane.



Hi! I am a cheerful 15 years old high school girl. I have a huge interest for romantic but is unfortunately single. Beside the romantic I enjoy cooking. I am an indoor girl in winter and does not like to go out in the cold. During summer I am an outdoor girl and love to be out the whole day when it is sunny. I have a bad temper if I lose in something, but otherwise I am an big optimist. My sense of humour is like the worst ever. I laugh a lot but that could be a good thing. The way I look like is like most guys in my age wants. I have long blond and soft hair. My eyes are shining blue, you would melt if you looked into them. I am about 170 centimetres tall and my weight is about 110 Ibs. My bra-size is 75DD and my shoe-size is about 38 EU. I am a real beauty. My teeth are crystal white and shines in the light. I am looking for a charming guy with same bad sense of humour as me. I want him to give me respect and tell me he is sorry, even if the problem was my fault. He needs to be sympathetic if he wants to be with me. He can not be a very serious person, he needs to take some things as a joke and laugh a lot. He need to sacrifice some things sometimes, like computer games etc, so he can be with me instead. Not always, but sometimes. He has to be an upbeat boy! Not an dark guy who wears black clothes and listens to sad music. He need to be loyal to me, all the time. Even if it is about how he feels or anything else. If he can not be faithful to me, then I can not date him. It is a plus if he has brown/green eyes, brown hair, is tall and is a little muscular.

FIND YOUR DREAM GIRL The perfect match

Hello, I am a girl that is 15 years old. I’m a funny girl who is really caring and kind. I like to hang out with my friends and family. I also like to play football. I like all sports actually. I like to eat a lot of good food and have cosy dinners. And I like animals. My skin in naturally sun tanned. I have long blonde curly hair. My eyes are dark brown and a little bit green around the pupil. My lips are quite big and light pink with darker pink around the edges. I’m looking for a guy who is in my age I think. I want a guy who is a sport-guy who maybe plays soccer or hockey. He needs to be really caring and kind and take me for who I am. He don’t need to be with me all the time. I want that him to hang out with his friends too. He doesn’t need to have some special look, but I think I want a guy with a fit body.

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