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Solin Des Étoiles Solin Des Etoiles was founded by the Lesalaisa brothers in 2007. Their passion for high quality clothing coupled with their love for street wear and haute couture led to the founding Solin Des Étoiles. Solin Des Étoiles is focused on high end luxury clothing. The lines consists of t-shirts, sweatshirts, denims, knitwear, shirts and accessories. There are plans to launch a luggage department. All of the items are produced in very limited quantities, using high quality materials. Our cuts are made with both male and females in mind . The brand is known for it’s global style, incorporating bright colours and designs. All the garments are influenced by art, classic design and vintage styles from around the world. The clothier is synonymous with it’s Trois Bloc design to celebrate the iconic trois étoiles. However, it has moved away from the Trois Bloc and now explores more diverse designs. Solin Des Étoiles unveiled it’s blog site aptly named AfterDef Museum in November 2008. Glamour, elegance, hard work, perseverance, fun and endurance are the core values of Solin Des Étoiles. Our dedication to high end luxury fashion is unravelled by none. Our partnerships are evidence of this, Solin Des Étoiles always seeks icons who represent these values and build relationships with these icons. It is constant changing ideal held by Solin Des Étoiles

Contact details: +27 (0) 776 597 8111 | +27 (0) 84 604 7085 Propriety of Solin Des Étoiles LLB©

Solin Des Etoiles  

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