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oysters for dinner by julianna poupard

Everybody has heard the phrase "the world is your oyster," and I think everyone could benefit from reaching and surpassing some more of our perceived limitations. So, let me provide a few pearls of wisdom on how to truly exercise your own freedom. 1. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Wherever you are on this beautifully cruel planet, we all have the freedom to open our mouths and speak our minds. As long as you have working vocal cords, you can use them to whisper, speak, or sing whatever your heart desires. So, tell your friends you love them, tell your crush you like them, tell your boss you want a raise! There is no time for talking like right now. 2. FREEDOM OF RELIGION. In the great USA, we have something called Freedom of Religion, which should mean that people can believe in and worship whatever the heck they want. If you live in the states, or in another nation that allows you to believe whatever you wish, I recommend you find a little magic in the world and put your heart and soul into it. Whether you believe in a loving God, a flirtatious Devil, or a family of bickering Deities, worship them freely! Believe in love, in family, in nature, in science, or literally in anything you can imagine! 3. FREEDOM OF LOVE. While the freedom to love endlessly and openly isn’t written explicitly into any governing laws, I truly believe it is a freedom that the entire human race possesses. We are all free to love, or free to hate. If you had to guess which one would make the world a brighter, kinder, more harmonious place, I’ll give you only one try to answer… it’s LOVE! So, love your family, love your friends, love your weird neighbor that is always talking to her garden hose. In fact, I love you, just for being you! Doesn’t that feel nice? 60

4. FREEDOM OF CONFIDENCE. It’s always summer somewhere, right? In the same thread, we are coming to the beginning of “beach body” season. In my opinion, if you have a body and you go to the beach, then you have a beach body; if you have a body and you are wearing a bikini, you have a bikini body. But, there are powers at hand that wish to brainwash you into thinking otherwise. DON’T LET THEM! Take a nice, long look at yourself in the mirror (bikini optional, but encouraged) and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Better yet, shout out your window or get on top of a building and scream that you are one hot piece of ass and the rest of the world better WATCH OUT! 5. FREEDOM TO ROCK. Music has a way of bringing the most unlikely of people together. Trust me, I have met a screamo-singing boulder of a man and a woman in her thirties, definitely wearing an obscene amount of pink, at the same music festival. So, plan a trip to your favorite music festival, grab a friend and go to a concert, or just have a dance party in your living room. Whatever the venue, just rock out however you want to!!


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