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antoms of bounty shores words by liz illustrations by katie

another obituary message is posted. the condolence beeps on my phone i feel a choking sob - pushing it downwards.

sweaty hands clench the keys and storm away.

i click the radio and hear sounds of dancing queen and bohemian rhapsody. us arguing over which radio channel was better humming to freddie pleading with the angels agnetha having the time of her life. down the freeway with a pounding heart i go. your offkey screaming comes to mind i snicker, and start to sing.

wistfully, i catch myself staring at jade specks uniform to the color of a necklace you once adorned. do branches mourn the loss of their leaflets? doleful for all of the winter weeks; only for spring duplicates to be born. her life was no copy however, if trees never rebirthed their petals surrounded still they’d be with others.

(with love)


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