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My ceiling fan blasts my face, splaying black hair across my pillowcase. I turn my head, shivering from the rain in my dream and squinting at the sudden brightness. A perky yellow sticky note sits on top of a fresh cup of coffee.

Tell Mom I say hello Have an astute life -Andy :P

The word ‘astute’ is underlined three times, making my lips quirk upwards. I set the note back on the dresser, drag myself out of bed, and out of my room. I find my mom in the kitchen. Her head snaps up when I pad into the room, her smile small and a little sad. “I found the letter on the table. Honey, I’m so sorry.” She grabs my hands, squeezing tightly. “We’ll get the next one for sure.” It takes an embarrassingly long time to remember what she’s talking about. The rejection letter- that’s what she’s talking about. My heart tugs a little, but there’s no overwhelming panic that follows it, which is a nice feeling. “Yeah,” I say, “yeah, no, for sure. Hey, do you remember if we donated Andy’s skateboard?” She blinks, tucking away the stray hairs poking out of her messy bun. “I think your father put it away in the garage. Why are you asking?”


“I want to learn how to do a kickflip this summer.” After two more rejection letters, one acceptance letter did eventually come. We celebrated with ice cream in the park, where I showed my mom a kickflip. I think Andy would’ve been proud.

Dear Maya, It is with great pleasure that I offer you a spot at Random University. On behalf of faculty and staff, we welcome you to our community. We hope you fulfill your academic pursuits at our university. We are confident that the unique gifts you share with us will be challenged and developed on our campus. As a member of the graduating class of 2022, it is your responsibility to continuously accomplish the best that you can do. To accept your offer of admission, please refer to the pamphlet attached to this letter. Congratulations again, Random Person, PhD Graduate Advisor

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