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Solihull UNISON Pensions Update: N30 special

All out on strike in Solihull! ‘We haven’t seen anything like it before’ said someone in Human Resources describing the level of support for this coming Wednesday’s strike. In the last week alone, Solihull UNISON has received over 20 membership applications and numerous offers of support on the strike day. We know of whole workplaces where everyone will be out on strike and the large majority of schools will be closed. In Solihull we will be striking alongside colleagues from the GMB, UNITE, NUT, NASUWT, ATL and NAHT. And joint picket lines are planned with the GMB and NUT in a number of workplaces.

“There is a crisis of pensions in the UK but it’s not that we’re living too long or that pensions are ‘ unaffordable, it’s a crisis of fairness…A fair pension for all is affordable in the sixth largest economy in the world, if we choose it to be. “ From Fair pensions for All

UNISON and the GMB are finalising Emergency cover arrangements for key services in Adult and Children’s social care with senior management. These are based on ‘Christmas day’ levels of cover. It is management’s responsibility to staff these emergency arrangements with non-union workers. We expect all UNISON members including managers to be on strike without exception. Jolyon Jones, Solihull Branch secretary said “there is a widespread mood of support for this strike. Workers are seeing their living standards slashed through the pay freeze and now face a proposed 50% hike in their pension contributions. We know many members can’t afford to lose a day’s pay but they also know they must make a stand and can’t afford not to strike!”

Why we are striking over pensions?     

The Government is proposing up to a 50% increase in our pension contribution (none of which is paid into our pension fund) Up to a 25% decrease in the pension payments we will receive when we retire The age of retirement will rise up to 68 years for younger workers. The Pension funds will go belly up if significant numbers of workers opt out because they can’t afford the contributions. This attack on our pension rights coincides with a pay freeze and, for many, the threat of redundancy.


Strike arrangements in Solihull Join the Picket lines on N30 Please join us on the day and support the picket lines. We want the picket lines to be fun and safe for all. Some members will be bringing their young people. We need to communicate a positive message to the public, there will be leaflets for you to give to passers by. We want to constructively persuade workers from going into work before they take the walk of shame! Our priority is to win the argument over pensions! Be aware there will be some members with agreed exemptions, There will be placards, whistles and vuvuzelas, so do make a noise! There will be a steward for every picket and picket co-coordinator to deal with any difficulties.

If you need any advice or guidance about N30 please contact us @ Solihull UNISON and by phone on 704 6048 Find us on the web and find our Solihull UNISON Facebook group

Please take photographs of the picket lines and upload them to our Solihull UNISON facebook page. The 30th November will be a historic day and will be the largest national industrial dispute since 1926. Be part of history on Pensions Justice day!

N30 TUC Demonstration: 11.30am assemble behind the Solihull UNISON banner @ Lionel Street in Birmingham city centre N30 TUC Rally: 1.30pm National Indoor Arena in Birmingham city centre

Paying for the Banking crisis!

N30 Strike Day

“There is an economic crisis inTogether the UK,we butare it stronger. Together we can win. Join a picket line was not caused by excessive public spending or the ‘gold-plated’ pensions and pay of Report to the Council House and Asda’s public sector workers. It was caused by a Car Park, Pine Square for 7.30am recession triggered by the banking collapse of 2007. Now there is another crisis: a crisis of fairness in which those who caused the economic mess are forcing everyone else in society to pay for it. It is clear whose side Cameron’s cabinet of millionaires is on.” from ‘Fair pensions for all’

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