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Solihull UNISON Open meeting

Protect our Pensions! Hands off our local terms and conditions! Speakers include: Tony Rabaiotti, West Midlands UNISON On Tuesday 13th September 2011 at 6pm In the Council Chamber, Solihull Civic Suite,

The meeting is open to all Council staff

All Welcome!

Our Pensions! Our futures! The meeting will include a briefing on the current negotiations taking place between the Government and the Trade Unions over the future funding of our Pension fund and our pension entitlements. The Con-Dem Government is seeking to implement the Hutton recommendations on Public sector pensions. These include increases to our pension contributions, a reduction to the pensions that we are paid, and an increase the age at which we can retire. These changes are not about the viability of the Pensions schemes but are a tax on public sector workers to pay off the deficit caused by the Government bailing out the banks. Any additional pension’s contributions we pay will not be paid in to our Pension funds but will be paid to HM Treasury. If the Government is successful we will all face a poorer old age as a result. Please come along and find out more about this important issue which affects all our futures. We will also discuss future threats to our local terms and conditions and how we should respond

SOLIHULL UNISON PENSIONS UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2011 What is the government planning? 

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In future your pension will not increase by the real cost of living (Retail Price Index - RPI) but by a lower rate (Consumer Price Index - CPI) so it could be 8.5% less by 2017. That’s already decided, though UNISON continues to fight these plans. Even though your pension won’t grow as much, you will still have to pay between 50% and 100% more for your pension, depending on your earnings. The extra money they take from you in contributions will be used to keep council tax low, not improve the LGPS for the future. The government wants to reduce LGPS benefits by 2015, even though we only agreed a new scheme in 2008. These reductions mean that someone working full time and earning £20,000 will see their future full pension drop from £333 to £222 a year. The retirement age will increase in line with the state pension age, so you could have to work until 68 before you can take a full pension – on reduced benefits. And if the government gets its way, you will have to pay more tax and National Insurance for your state pension. If your job moves to a private or voluntary sector employer, the government wants to take away your right to stay in the LGPS or similar pension scheme.

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These changes are not fair and not necessary. Public sector pensions mean the government pays out less in state pensions and benefits. Changing your pension benefits will mean even more pensioner poverty in spite of the government’s view that your pension is ‘gold plated’. Increasing contributions and reducing benefits will mean that the LGPS is unaffordable for many staff so they will leave the scheme. CPI does not include housing costs, so doesn’t reflect your real cost of living. More than £4 billion above the cost of paying for LGPS pensions goes into the scheme from contributions every year. Some people are living longer, but the government’s proposed contribution increase is three times more than needed to cover the cost. You should have the right to stay in the LGPS if you are transferred to another employer.

Pensions meeting flier  

Details of meeting on pensions

Pensions meeting flier  

Details of meeting on pensions