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Cake Off Rules At least 2 Fairtrade ingredients must be used to make the cake. The ingredients must be declared on the day on the placement sheet. Fairtrade Content Special recognition will be given to the way entrant use Fairtrade and tell us about it. Judges will be looking for:  

Fairtrade ingredients used in an imaginative and interesting way! Information presented about the Fairtrade ingredients – tell us about the ingredients (where they were bought, where they come from in the world , why you used them or anything else). The information presented in an interesting way! E.g poster, picture, essay? Song? However you want…

There will be a prize and certificate for the best in each category.

Categories Childrens  

Cup Cake – upto 11 years old – make and decorate 4 cupcakes – let your imagination go wild… not too much help from mum and dad (just a bit!) Family Favourite – upto 16 – make (and decorate) a family favourite cake.

Adults  

Family Favourite cake Celebration/showstopper cake

Prizes   

There will be prizes for first prize in each category. Prizes TBA. They will also receive a certificate and a rosette. There will be a prize for the best Fairtrade entry which includes the presentation of information about Fairtrade. Second place will receive a rosette and certificate

Judging criteria: • Judge appearance as appropriate to that style of bake (creative/inventive) – we suggest the cake stand or vessel is not part of the judged criteria • In general, cakes should have a flat or slightly rounded top • Ingredients should be well distributed throughout the cake • For cakes, texture should be moist, fluffy and velvety, but not undercooked • There should be no air tunnels within the bake • Flavour should be consistent, balanced and be of well chosen combinations • Iced bakes should have a uniform colouring with no burning • Iced bakes should be iced with consistency and skill, and should not be sticky, tacky or crystallised • Bakes should not taste of fat, oil, etc, unless this is a feature of the bake – for example, olive oil bread or buttery brioche

When considering skill and originality: • How difficult or inventive was this bake? • How difficult was the bake presentation to achieve? • Is the presentation appealing and appropriate? • Does the skill in presentation match the bake quality, or vice versa? • Do the original elements work, or is this an unsuccessful experiment? Volume & General Appearance - Product should display symmetry and volume, presentation and cleanliness, character of spring, soundness, bloom, colour, general character and uniformity. Texture - Evenness of internal texture, cell size, shape fineness of walls, holes, softness, crumb stability. Aroma - the internal smell of product. Colour – should be appropriate to the product. Most bread products should have a creamy white internal colour, display brightness and have no streaks. Technical Difficulty - Level of skill required to produce entry. Originality - Incorporation of own and unique ideas, techniques. Fairtrade.

Marking the bakes: • All contestants should receive a score out of ten in each of the three categories: Taste, Look and Bake. This means a contestant will receive a maximum of 30 points each round • Taste is the flavour of the bake • Look is the overall appearance of the bake. Consider how it looks when sliced as well as overall style • Bake represents the technical quality of the creation, including texture and how well cooked it is.

Rules 2017  

Draft of the rules for the 2017 Solihull Fairtrade Cake Off

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