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Welcome, welcome to the fourth edition of Living Wellness magazine. It’s been a year since we first launched and what a full and fabulous year it’s been. We’ve enjoyed an exciting and challenging journey as we’ve developed Living Wellness, expanding on our mission to bring wellness to the world thinking globally, acting locally. It’s been a joy and privilege to meet and work with the growing network of passionate local wellness professionals as we’ve collaborated to fill the pages of Living Wellness with inspiration, insight & empowerment. We look forward to continuing to bring you more of the best of all available local wellness resources both through the magazine and now also through our very first Women’s Wellness Live Event! We’ll be bringing Living Wellness to life at a very special celebration of all things wellness, Sunday October 14th. Ladies join us for this afternoon of interactive wellness fun (details page 18 & 19). Wellness is an art. It’s not a destination but a way of being along the journey. Wellness is a way of life. Real wellness is experienced only when we consistently turn inward to feel what it is our body, mind and spirit is telling us moment to moment. It’s about learning to listen to and be guided by our own inner wisdom. Flowing beautifully between inspired action and rejuvenating rest & relaxation. This Spring I encourage you to take the time to explore & discover your passions in life. What brings you alive? The happy, healthy and vibrantly alive feeling that is wellness exists when we consistently take wonderful care of ourselves and engage our passions to make our own unique creative contribution in the world. What is the positive difference you came to make? And in what small way can you put this into play in your life today? In this edition of Living Wellness you’ll find loads of ideas and inspiration to support you on your path to wellness. Plant some seedlings and grow your own


........................................................................................ urban food garden, discover some new complimentary therapies and take in ‘a word from the Good Doctor.’ Enjoy another tasty recipe curtsey of Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Australia. And of course make sure to check out all the details and get your tickets for our very first Women’s Wellness Live Event. I hope to see you there!


A step in the right direction for health & balance

Christine Spencer Ph 0412 813 700


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Wellness is.........- an Urban food garden A word from the Good Doctor - “to sleep, perchance to dream...” Body wellness - put your back into it!

Best books in wellness One Magic Square: Grow You Own Food on One Square Metre Lolo Houbein

Energetic wellness - Reiki revealed by a Master Dyslexia wellness - A difference not a disability Outside The Magic Square:

Bowen Therapy? Wellness Service Directory - The best people in wellness A wellness poem - Keep breathing

A Handbook for Food Security (Wakefield Press, Kent Town SA) Lolo Houbein

What’s on in wellness - Calendar of events ` Fibromyalgia Well-Being`

Cupping any body? - What it is and how it helps What’s on in wellness - Ongoing groups & classes Learning to “listen” - Your body’s wisdom Good Cooking - Quick Salmon Tikka with cucumber yogurt Coming Event - Women’s wellness afternoon


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shares a personal journey embracing a focus on body mind - spirit along with the importance of addressing multi systems as result of symptoms. A support tool for anyone undergoing a health challenge and may assist Families, Carers and Health Practitioners - The book provides encouragement to seek alternative ways of coping and growing, through challenges. Books may be purchased via Dee`s Facebook page `Fibromyalgia Wellbeing` (available in Ebook version and soft cover) RRP $24-99

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Spring ~ Summer 2013

Wellness is..... An Urban Food Garden Are you home-bound, out of work, or down in the One day you pick your first salad, or a stirfry of greens with dumps? The last thing on your mind will be the wonders spring onion. Your tastebuds come back to life. Organically of nature. Yet, nature may be the solution to some of your grown food tastes like nothing you can buy. problems. if you will give it a hand up. Nature is waiting right now for you to bring it to life. From here on your tiny urban food garden becomes your job that you joyfully attend to. You discover what makes How would you like to become a farmer? Have no farm? plants flourish. You observe the whole biodiversity show Be an urban farmer. Have a backyard? Dig up one square working together to make it happen and that feels so good! metre and take all the weeds and roots out. Have no Happiness comes from Mother Earth. backyard? Get a styrofoam box from the greengrocer, punch draining holes if it has none, or line with newspaper if it has too many. Put the box somewhere in the sun. Now you need soil, anything weed-free will do. Next is fertiliser. Have little money? Collect human urine and dilute with water 10:1. Urine is a phosphate fertiliser. Prepare your plot or box one week before planting. Meanwhile start composting. It’s easy. Get a library book to learn how. Think of getting a worm farm too! What is your favourite vegetable? Invest in seedlings and a wateringcan with spray-rose. Plant seedlings and pat the soil down firmly. Water well. Gather mulch (leaves, small dry sticks, straw) and spread around plants. Seedlings are tiny infants, they need tucking in, regular feeding and protection from cats, dogs and birds. You’ll find a way to do that. These infant plants begin to work on your mind so that you can’t forget them. Every day they call you out for an inspection in case they need anything. Talk to them and they’ll do better than average. While your first plot or box grows your first crop, prepare another plot or box. Start thinking ‘manure’, where to get it for free. Or you could make enzymes for fertiliser. Save two-litre flagons with screwtop lids. Save clean healthy fruit peel of citrus, melon, apples, pineapple, etc. Cut small enough to put in bottle. Fill with 10 parts water (not quite full so you can shake it), 3 parts peel and 1 part dark brown sugar. Shake daily. It takes three months to ferment. Open tops every few days to let gases escape. Affix label: ‘Ready 25/11/12’. On the ready date, strain the liquid, apply residue as plant food. Dilute enzymes with water 1000 : 1, approx. one tablespoon per wateringcan. Spray vegetables and soil once a week. Check it out on which also has a video of Vandana Shiva on her Dehra-Dun organic farm to motivate you to become an urban farmer!

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Lolo Houbein’s books One Magic Square: Grow You Own Food on One Square Metre and Outside The Magic Square: This editions Best Books In Wellness show many plot plans and tell you everything you need to know to become selfsufficient in fresh food.

Spring ~ Summer 2013

A word from the Good Doctor


"To sleep, perchance to dream..." When asked to write a piece concerning a health issue that held sway with me I first thought of sleep. Curiously, most of us take sleep as a given & largely pay it little mind. Yet, over 20 years of practice it has become evident that quality sleep is a fundamental for good health. As we are about wellness here let’s think of how we can encourage a good sleep pattern in ourselves & our children. We talk of sleep hygiene. A curious term in my mind but loosely it speaks to the environment & circumstances we create in trying to get off to & stay asleep. By and large we as a society stay up way too late. The industrial revolution & electricity enable us to freely ignore our natural diurnal rhythms & stay up as late as we wish. Not that long ago really, ordinary people could not afford to burn oil or candles late into the night & hence went to sleep shortly after their poultry. We do not.

In the natural order of things, as the sun sets a hormone called melatonin rises & causes drowsiness which if allowed place would send us to bed. Conversely, in the morning, if we expose ourselves to light, the melatonin drops & we waken. (Interestingly a new generation of antidepressants mimic this pattern by synthetically boosting melatonin levels). To encourage this natural rhythm one needs to put in place night rituals which allow a winding down & hence a slide into sleep. For instance, sitting listening to music, reading, gentle handicrafts or evening spiritual pursuits as a way of winding down. We might use a modest amount of alcohol or warm milk to assist this process. It’s best to avoid the temptation to have electronic media in bedrooms, especially children's, as this confuses the role of the bedroom which is primarily for sleep. Over the years I have observed a great deal of ill health due to poor sleep. Of course, at times we are forced to have little sleep - mothers with nursing infants, shift workers, caring for sick family etc. But my belief is that in as much as we consider good nutrition, exercise or avoidance of harmful drugs as pivotal to good heath then so is striving for enough quality sleep. Switching to an illness model let me mention a major health issue in our society in obstructive sleep apnoea. This disorder describes the holding of one's breath whilst asleep causing a drop in oxygen levels in the blood & a rousing (without wakening) & hence disruption to the natural (restorative) pattern. The result is excessive

............................................. daytime sleepiness, loss of motivation & drive, increased blood pressure, depressive symptoms & an increased risk of cardiac events & sudden death. Largely related to overweight it is also present in people with a "crowded" oropharynx- ie not a lot of space between the back of the tongue & the neck. If you notice family who snore loudly or seem to breath hold whilst asleep or are excessively sleepy then you should discuss this with your GP. Well, I hope you are all still awake at this point and that you learn to enjoy a good night's sleep.

Dr John Salagaras MB BS (Adel), DRACOG Gawler Medical Clinic Telephone: (08) 8522 1844 Page 5

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Body Wellness Put your back into it!

Correct posture reduces stresses on the spinal joints and optimises breathing and the circulation of bodily fluids. Poor posture causes increased stress on the spine and commonly results in back, neck and/or chest pain and headaches.

Your spine is one the most important structures in your Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral (from side-to-side) curvature body so it is vitally important we maintain a healthy spine of the spine. It usually develops during childhood and can progress rapidly during the early teenage years. Mild to ensure overall wellness. scoliosis is quite common and easily managed with The spine is made up conservative treatment, stretches and exercises but more of 24 small bones severe cases of scoliosis may require bracing or surgery called vertebrae and need to be identified early as treatment is more which join together effective in the early stages. to form the strong and flexible structure Chiropractors are trained to assess posture and can usually that is your spine. identify abnormalities of posture, such as scoliosis, utilizing This structure a short postural assessment. Chiropractic treatment can protects the delicate also help to improve posture by adjusting the spine to spinal cord and reduce stress, improve flexibility and reduce spinal pain and provides a support headaches. to which your head, arms and legs attach. Yoga, Pilates and core strengthening exercises are also a The spinal cord great way to maintain good posture. divides into millions Regular postural assessments, exercise and early of nerves which exit chiropractic treatment is a simple and effective means of through small gaps in maintaining optimal spinal health, preventing back pain the vertebrae called foramina. These nerves are then and injury and maximising overall well-being. distributed throughout the entire body innervating all of your muscles, joints and organs. Your spine has a series of curves from front to back which are normal and allow us to stand upright in a balanced position. The slight C-shaped curve present in your neck and low back is referred to as a lordotic curve (or lordosis) and the reversed C-shaped curve in your mid-back is referred to as a kyphodic curve (or kyphosis). These curves are a very important component of posture.

Dr Lisa Brown Bsc (Chiro), B. Chiro

Posture is described as the neutral alignment of your body and limbs which creates optimal balance and is one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy spine.

........................................................................................ Top tool for wellness ~ Get your journal on! Regular Journaling helps you live your life from your own authentic essence which is essential for wellness. As 2012 draws to a close set aside a moment or two to reflect on, learn from & give thanks for the year that was. And as 2013 comes into view take the time to get clear on where it is you’re heading and what changes you’d most love the new year to bring. Some journaling prompts: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

What I’ve loved most about 2012 is.......... My greatest challenge this year has been............. In 2012 I’ve learnt ......................... I’ve changed for the better by............... The support that I’ve enjoyed in 2012 has been..................... Where am I heading next year...........

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What I’d most love to create & experience in 2013 is........... What I’m most looking forward to next year........................ What I’m planning to do differently in 2013................ In 2013 I’d like to try...................... The support that I would most like in 2013 is................ I’m most grateful for......................

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Energetic Wellness Reiki revealed by a Master We Humans are amazing Beings. Our bodies are made up from the elements of our Earth – and our bodies are empowered by a Living Life Force Energy from the Universe. This Life Force is able to be measured, photographed and interpreted to assist in maintaining and or creating optimum health. When people ask me about how “healing is done” using this Energy, I always hesitate in my reply, for how can I adequately explain something that is innate within us all! Because, from my perspective, I am that Living Life Force Energy – and so are you! Reiki is not something that we do, it is something that we are! Whether you call that Energy Reiki, The Reconnection, Attunement, Chakra Balancing, Pranic Healing etc., it still really is becoming one with this Life Force Energy, and using it for balancing and healing!

ways! We can decide to work with our natural gifts in healing ourselves and others! We can let go of expectations and just allow the Universe to facilitate our highest and best in regards to healing, sense of peace, sense of connectedness, of One-ness. We can let go of expectations and have faith and trust in a power greater than us humans. Whatever course we choose, as with all things, it is always wise to follow our hearts! There are a quite a few studies being undertaken here in Australia regarding the benefits of Reiki. If you are interested in reading these research articles, you may like to log on to the Reiki Australia website to check them out!

Once a person has had training in how to recognise and work with this Life Force Energy (whatever name we chose to call it), it usually affects their life in profound ways. In short workshops, participants learn to “feel” the energy as it shifts and changes within them. They then learn to understand the ways in which messages can be interpreted to assist in a healing session. These attunement workshops are often life changing! When a client comes for a healing session, the practitioner asks if it’s okay to “tune into” their Highest Good – and facilitate their healing Reiki treatment. It is really important to understand that the practitioner is not really involved in this process! The Universal Energy directs their hands, in a sense, they are without ego – without thought – without expectations! There is a sense of surrender! Clients lie on a table, fully clothed, and receive the universal Energy. They usually experience a deep sense of peace within, feel totally relaxed, at “One with All that Is”, and feel a sense of quietness within their minds. They may experience visions or colours, and they may receive messages from their angels. However – it is always best to just surrender – to allow the Universe to provide exactly what It knows to be in your highest good. The Universe will give you exactly what you need at that time. We really do have a choice regarding our health and sense of well being! We can choose to connect with the Universal Life Force Energy in truly beautiful and healing

Janice Haugen, Reiki Master/Teacher, Journey Practitioner, Reconnection Practitioner, Spiritual Adviser/Palmist Email:

Hot Tip for W

ellness Stop worrying ab out others opinio ns and focus on your ow n life and values . Be true to yourse lf. Sophie Lamento Page 7

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Dyslexia Wellness A difference not a disability It is estimated that 10 % of Australians have dyslexia, from mild to severe. The biggest challenge for dyslexics is getting through the education system without losing their self-esteem, as school focuses on literacy and this is something that is always hard for dyslexics (they have to work 4 times harder than their colleagues). Dyslexia is a learning preference that is not well recognised, diagnosed or managed. Dyslexia implies right cerebral hemisphere dominant learners . Brain research has shown that while it is common to use the “verbal” left side of our brain to understand words, dyslexic people use the “pictorial” right side - making them slower to process and understand language, but stronger in creative areas like problem solving ,empathy and lateral thinking. These observations have critical importance in terms of how information is presented to dyslexic students, and how long they are given to understand it. A teacher should never ask a dyslexic student to read aloud (unless the student has had time to prepare and wants to) and they should never be kept back at recess or lunch to “catch up”. As a problem, incorrectly addressed dyslexia can lead to disruptive classroom behaviour, truancy, depression, suicide, drug use and crime. As a solution dyslexia can become a key driver for creative thinking and produce the kind of innovation and entrepreneurship sorely needed in an increasingly ICT (information computer technology)-led world, and in challenging economic and environmental times. Famous dyslexics include:

teachers and students. These events aim to disseminate and share best practice information and to provide impartial and objective advice to support dyslexic students and their families. I work as a General Practitioner at Gawler Medical Clinic, and unfortunately hear the story too often from families that their child hates school, has self esteem issues, probably has dyslexia, but they cannot afford to have their child assessed ($600) and often the school they are attending does not cater for their child’s different learning style. It is luck as to whether their teacher has any useful understanding of dyslexia as their undergraduate training does not include this in its curriculum. Dyslexia is not categorised as a disability, so there is no funding or financial support for families . Speech therapy, occupational therapy, private tutor, eye specialists, educational psychologists, laptops and soft -wear are some of the major expenses that families have to provide for. More often than not, dyslexic students drop out of school and struggle through life with a low level of literacy. Our aim is to raise the profile of dyslexia, to demystify it , to up skill teachers and Principals, and to allow these kids to know they are normal but have a different style of learning. Ultimately dyslexics should be proud of their “difference” and society as a whole needs to see the advantages of supporting dyslexics.

Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson, Kerry and James Packer, Billy Connelly, Jessica Watson, Winston Churchill, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs,Whoopi Goldberg.

Currently, however, the majority of dyslexic students are failing at school as teachers have not been taught how to look for signs of dyslexia and don’t know how to modify their teaching to cater for this “right sided” thinking. I’ve become a member of the Dyslexia Action Group Barossa and Gawler Surrounds ( DAGBAGs), our aim is to support local schools to become more dyslexic aware, and to raise the profile of dyslexia. We plan to do this by continuing to organise forums and conferences for parents

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Dr Sandra Marshall Chairperson Dyslexia Action GroupBarossa and Gawler Surrounds For Further information Sandra Marshall, Gawler Medical Clinic 85221844 email Phone Kylie Fotheringham 0410404476 email

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Bowen Therapy? Over the last few months I have had many people ask me the question, “So what is Bowen Therapy anyway?” It would seem there are many people who have not heard of this unique but highly beneficial complementary therapy. Bowen Therapy is a ‘hands on’ bodywork technique that is relatively gentle and can be very relaxing. It is noninvasive and non-manipulative and is safe for anybody including newborns and the elderly. It was originally developed by the late Tom Bowen (1916-1982) of Geelong Victoria. A 1975 Government report found that he was treating some 13,000 patients per year with over 80% success. A Bowen treatment consists of a series of rolling moves applied at specific locations over muscles, tendons ligaments, nerves and fascia. These moves stimulate specific receptors that encourage the body itself to correct problems and to return to balance, resulting in lasting relief from pain and discomfort. A typical session can take up to an hour and the Bowen moves are generally done through light clothing.

Conditions that respond well to Bowen include frozen shoulder, lower back pain, neck, shoulder and head tension, sciatica, headaches, migraine, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, dizziness and many more. However, it is not necessary to have a specific problem to experience a Bowen treatment. Regular Bowen not only feels good, it helps to keep the body supple and in shape, provides release from stress, and encourages relaxation and balance across physical, mental and emotional planes. So, why wait a moment longer? Treat yourself to the powerful natural benefits of a Bowen Therapy session today!

Cynthia Helbig has a Diploma in SMART Bowen Therapy ( & is registered with the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia Cynthia’s Bowen Energy Practise is based in Greenock, where she also offers Attunement, Reiki and regular meditation classes. Visit Cynthia’s Bowen Energy Facebook page for more information.



You are invited....... to enjoy the of a session today! Relieve your stress & pain

Experience the difference this gentle, effective, holistic treatment can make for you.


Mention this ad to receive a 20% discount on your first appointment

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Spring ~ Summer 2013

Wellness Service Directory All Area’s


The Best People in Wellness Locally

CERTIFIED ORGANIC HOME DELIVERY Huge range of Fruit & Veg, Grass Fed Beef, Chicken, Dairy, Dry goods and grocery items.

A divine bridge to healing the self Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Land & House clearings,

Barossa Valley & Surrounds

Teaching Reiki, Meditation, Psychic Development & Channelling

Alison Gilgen 0417 865971 ENERGY & SPIRITUAL HEALING Meditation Classes KAPUNDA Phone Jy 0409 131 038

INTUITIVE ANIMAL THERAPY For All Creatures Great and Small Please phone Ilona McQueen 0427 053 275 Email:

Miessence ORGANIC



Attunement, Reiki, Meditation, Stress Management. Cynthia’s Bowen Energy Greenock phone Cynthia 0409 908 235

Melissa 85244389 or

Sandy Creek Ph Soli Goodes 0413 926 653.

....................................................................................... To live a healthy lifestyle we need to clear and cleanse our environment as well as working on ourselves. Alison specializes in ~

Land & House Blessings and Clearings Alison Gilgen - Reiki Master, Healer, Teacher.

For further information please ring Alison on 0417 865 971 Ladies, do you feel tight and tense through your back, neck & shoulders?

Full service Hair, Beauty & Wellness salon

Relaxation Massage, Reflexology & more!

Packages & Gift Certificates available Phone 85 235 011

Relaxation massage

is the ultimate in stress and tension relief for tight, sore muscles.

Treat yourself to a divine 45 minute back, neck & shoulder massage for only $50 Phone Soli 0413 926 653 Gift Vouchers available

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10 Union St, Gawler

Proud sponsors of

Ladies�Fashion�Parade���� Raising funds

Supporting young women in education scholarships, options, choices

7.30pm�Friday�November�16th��������� �������Gawler�Jockey�Club�������������������

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Wellness Service Directory The Best People in Wellness Locally DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE

Gawler & Surrounds

Phone Services

For all your aches and pains. Ph Gordon Marshall Dip RM

0409 697 857 ah 8522 1848 Health Rebates and discounts Feel Better, Move Better, Sleep Better!


Christine Spencer For an appointment phone Christine on 0412 813 700 Email: COUNSELLING, JOURNEY THERAPY & HEALING

Clairvoyant Tarot readings, Development classes, meditation, workshops and more

Call Deborah : 0466 831 709

Feel Good Be Free If you are feeling stuck and unhappy, Faster EFT will bring a quick and lasting change that leaves you feeling great. Call Kim: 04121 92076

CHIROPRACTOR Back In Health Centre 18 Adelaide Rd Gawler Phone 08 8522 3233 HOT STONE, RELAXATION & INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE & REIKI Massage & Pyschic Parties Ladies only. GAWLER Phone Skye 0403420711 NATUROPATH Danielle Schuster ND

Shop 4 Cheeky Shopping Centre Gawler East

Phone: 08 8523 5566 Mb: 0437 770 069 email:

Like to ALTER THE STATE You’re In? To discover how to be happy and free? To turn your life around no matter what?

Then Phone Susan Marshall Breathwork Practitioner/Rebirther 0418 802 688 or 8522 1848

ATTUNEMENT Spiritual Alignment for Wellness Ph 8523 1329 E:

Want a more passionate life? Discover your untapped potential with Inspired Life Energy Coaching FREE ½ hour sample session by phone Email:

Playford Area & Surrounds

Wellness Business Opportunties Lisa Brown Bsc (Chiro). B.Chiro

FUTURE LIFE EXPERIENCE Feeling Stuck? Blocked? Negative? Tried everything? Could be a FUTURE LIFE experience. Contact Margaret Saunders, Energy Coach Ph 03 59873438

Naturopath, Acupuncture ,Reiki & Massage Synergy Holistic Health 55 Fosters Rd Greenacres Ph 8261 6062 $15 Voucher to trial any service HEALING ON ALL LEVELS Reiki Master, Energy healing, Development Classes, Palm readings, Kids healing workshops, Spiritual advisor.

Janice Ph 8396 6461 Modbury

TGA listed Wellness Products Get results

*Free Set-up *Immediate website presence, *Full Training *Home Based

Trevor Averay M. 0411 427 783

Find us on Facebook. We LOVE to connect! The Wellness Hub & Living Wellness Magazine.

Food for thought Life isn’t about how many breaths you take, it’s about the moments that take your breath away


Directory listings from $30 Page 11

Spring ~ Summer 2013

A wellness Poem KEEP BREATHING Keep breathing, keep breathing Go inside and allow, What is your deepest inner truth To surface here and now. Keep breathing, keep breathing FEEL the body move now That’s it, just go with it, Allow, allow, and allow. Keep breathing, keep feeling Be it anger, joy or fear This stuff inside the cells Yearning for release from here.

Keep feeling, keep loving Let the heart now open wide Letting in the Love of I AM I have no need to hide. Keep loving, keep loving It’s by feeling more I see There’s no shame that can bind us Unless I do it myself to me. Keep loving, keep still A change begins to move From energy, now to stillness There’s nothing I have to prove Keep still now, keep still Know my place in Life’s design I am One with the Source of All And I accept that destiny as mine. Dr Andrew Horwood GP, Gawler Medical Clinic Program Director Riverdell Spiritual Centre

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Keep feeling, keep feeling Let the energies finally come free Cleansing as they leave me now Replaced by waves of glee.

Spring ~ Summer 2013

What’s On in Wellness 19th Stillpoint Daytime Fee: $5 per session Ph 8523 1329


October 2012 October 2012

Health and Healing Talk

Thursday 7.30pm – 9.00pm CWA Hall Tod Street Gawler Ph: 8523 1329

Health and Healing Talk

Thursday 7.30pm – 9.00pm CWA Hall Tod Street Gawler Ph: 8523 1329


Blue Light Disco Gawler

7pm -10pm Starplex Ages 8-17 cost $6 theme Gothic, Ghosts, & Ghouls Ph 8568 6614 for any queries.


20th & 21st See page 18 & 19 for details

You Think You 26th SoCan’t Dance?


Fun & movement with Vicki Edwards 5 wkly sessions

(in conjunction with the Celtic Music Festival)

from 10am to 5pm both days Ongoing talks included in $5 admission * Great stalls * Talented Readers *Professional Healing Practitioners *Full catering available. for further information Ring Jan 0408 819 826

Latvian Hall, 4 Clark Street, Wayville A fun, family-friendly event promoting over 50 local businesses in the health, wellbeing, holistic and organic industry.

Early bird tickets $35 at the door $45 Includes beautiful attendance gift & goodie bag.

Daylight Savings starts.

Remember to put your clocks forward an hour!!

or $10 at door, children under 12 yrs free.

Thursday 7.30pm – 9.00pm CWA Hall Tod Street Gawler Ph: 8523 1329

Sunday October 14th 1-5pm Para Rd Evanston

Enlighten Adelaide Festival Celebrating Health & Wellbeing in SA Sunday October 28th 10am-5pm Admission $8 if pre-paid online

Health and Healing Talk

14th Women’s Wellness Live Event!!

Enjoy BYO lunch with inspirational speaker! Thursday 1pm – 2pm Ph: 8523 1329



Lunch with TED


November 2012

Inner peace and serenity can be yours Wednesdays 10 -11.30am.


November 2012



October 2012

September 2012

Calendar Of Events


7pm-8.30pm Synergy Holistic Health Greenacres ph 8261 6062

16th Fashion Parade Zonta Club of Gawler Supporting young women in education scholarships, options, choices. Gawler Jockey Club $30pp ph Naomi 0401 123 214 or Patricia 0408173101


Fridays 10-11.30am $5 per session Ph: 8523 1329

Oz 27th Moonboot Concert

Enjoy dinner & the unique sound of Moonboot Oz 6pm for dinner $30pp bookings essential Ph: 8523 1329

Lunch with TED

Enjoy BYO lunch with inspirational speaker! Thursday 1pm – 2pm Ph: 8523 1329

10th Stillpoint Guided Day Retreat Take time to slow down, reflect & renew. 9.30am - 5pm fee $100 ph 85231329

29th AHHA Full Moon Connections The Mystic's Path, Dr Andrew Horwood 7-9pm - $5 Gawler area, All welcome! Call Deborah 0466 831 709

Do you have a wellness event coming up? Let us know. Free events list for free contact

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Spring ~ Summer 2013

Cupping anybody? What it is and how it helps What is cupping? reports that cupping is an effective way to reduce the muscle stiffness associated with the disorder. Cupping loosens the muscles and brings an influx of blood to the area and softens the underlying muscle tissues, leading to increased flexibility and a better sense of mobility. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine reports that cupping is much like the inverse of massage - rather than applying pressure to muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull them upward. For most patients, this is a particularly relaxing and relieving sensation. Once suctioned, the cups are generally left in place for about ten minutes. In some cases, the cup may be moved while the suction of skin is active, causing a regional pulling of the skin and muscle, this is called myofascial cupping or sliding cupping. To allow easy movement of the cups along the skin, oil is applied. There is some friction generated with Myofascial Cupping, so that there is a small but significant amount of heat applied by the method (

Like other massage modalities, cupping can be incredibly relaxing. The therapist might move the cups around the body, mirroring the strokes that you would receive during a standard relaxation massage. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine explains that “Toxins can be released, blockages can be cleared, and veins and arteries can be refreshed within these four inches of affected materials. This treatment is also valuable for the lungs, and can clear congestion from a common cold or help to control a person's asthma. In fact, respiratory conditions are one of the most common conditions that cupping is used to relieve.

Five minutes of cupping is equal to 15 minutes deep tissue massage due to its concentrated blood flow.

What are the benefits of cupping? As mentioned, cupping is one of the best therapies available for pain relief. An article on the benefits of cupping at, says "Massage Magazine" reports that clients who received cupping sessions, found that it relieved chronic pain and helped improve range of motion to injured areas. The clients who experienced this pain relief reported that the effects lasted longer than the pain relief associated with other massage modalities.

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Adrian O’Dea Remedial Massage Therapist and Owner of Adrian’s Massage – Gawler East and Greenwith Dip RM (Dip Remedial Massage), Cupping and Bowen Certification Phone: 0421 494 132

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Wellness Service Directory Ongoing Groups & Classes

Barossa Valley and surrounds

Be inspired and share a spiritual energy balancing 1st Sunday each month at Riverdell Spiritual Centre Ph 8523 1329 10 – 11 am followed by morning tea.

Networking, speakers, meditation & a cuppa

Monthly -Thursday evenings 7-9pm - $5

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Yoga for beginners Thursday nights, 7.45 till 9PM Hewett Community Centre 28 Kingfisher Drive, Hewett

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instantaneous and possibly lethal. It's the reason behind Debra Ashton N.D, R.N. .M.A.N.P.A., MFNTT carrying an epi pen. This reaction is an anaphylactic Adv Dip Nat Med (Naturopathy) B. Nurse reaction. A sensitivity can show in a different part of the blood Naturopath called the IGG. This leads to different kinds of symptoms · Eczema/Psoriasis Dear Deb such as digestive trouble, IBS symptoms, hay fever, · Immune Disorders headaches, muscle aches, sinus problems, and skin Can you please tell me what is the · Digestion / Weight loss problems. The list is quite varied and is not necessarily difference between an allergy and a obviously connected to the item that triggered it. · Stress/ Anxiety/Depression sensitivity? The distinction is important to understand because often · Headaches/Sinus/Hay fever Thanks Fiona people are having reactions to food, or environmental · Women’s & Children’s Health. triggers, but do not understand that they are reacting. Hi Fiona · Life Coaching/ Flower Essences When they ask a professional for help and they do tests · Herbal Medicine/Nutrition/Iridology That is an excellent question, because and nothing comes up, because they are not having an there is a difference and many people do allergic reaction (IGE reaction) often mistakenly people 55 Fosters Road Greenacres SA 5086 not understand. When practitioners talk are believing that there is no cause for their symptoms. Ph 08 8261 6062 Fax 08 8261 1726 about allergy and sensitivity it's based But really all the professional is saying is that you are not upon 2 different types of reaction. having an allergy reaction, and not that there is no Generally speaking - if someone has an problem at all. In fact in this case it is highly likely that you allergy to something it appears in a part are sensitive to something. of your blood called the IGE. This kind There are now Food Sensitvity Tests that can be done by Debra Ashton of reaction is what happens when your health practitioner that are fairly quick. This test will Naturopath someone is stung by a bee, or eats pick up sensitivities to many varied sources including peanuts, or sea food. The reaction when grains fruits veg meat and crustations. ND RN MANPA MFNTT everything swells up and it is

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Spring ~ Summer 2013

Learning to “listen” Your body’s wisdom As a physiotherapist, my aim is to assess and treat a wide range of dysfunction. This may vary from a mild ankle sprain to someone who has endured chronic spinal pain for many years. After graduating in 1995 from Uni SA, I must admit to thinking, “Well, thank goodness the learning is over!” Of course, it had only just begun. What I wasn’t prepared for, was the incredible passion that gripped me to learn more about the body and how best to treat it. My path has led me primarily down an osteopathic route, where the body is looked at more as a team, rather than individual joints, tendons or muscles. This was somewhat in contrast to my training as a physiotherapist, where I was taught to treat where the pain was felt. An osteopathic approach tries to determine if the pain is the source or perhaps a compensatory pattern masking a deeper problem. After all, my role is to try and treat the cause of pain, not just provide a band aid for symptoms.

anxiety and stress more than we need to. Often we push our bodies beyond the physical and emotional boundaries it was designed to live in. When this is sustained for a period of time, the gremlins start appearing. It may start with a headache; perhaps the feeling of general tightness in the body, or you may pick up a piece of paper and discover the piercing pain of a torn ligament in your back! Whatever the case, it is important to see a health practitioner that “listens” to your body during these episodes. Choose someone who cares enough to try and break certain patterns or cycles of pain. May I also take this opportunity to invite you to “listen”. Listen to your body before the gremlins grow too big. Listen to the gentle voice asking you to spend more time with the family and less at work. The body is truly an amazing creation. I will certainly spend my career scratching at its surface. As the great physicist Sir Isaac Newton said towards the end of his life……, “I have spent my life paddling in the shallows of a great ocean of knowledge”.

The body has a really amazing way to let you in on what’s going on. Various practitioners will know how to “listen” to their client’s bodies. Acupuncturists will often use the body’s pulse to attain necessary information. Others may look at the eyes (iridology) or the tongue to treat the most appropriate part of the body. For some years, I have used a French technique called “general listening”, that involves placing my hand on a client’s head. The body has a way of gently drawing you to its most problematic area, which guides treatment. This, of course has a lot of “weird” factor to it, but the information gained by the hands of any experienced practitioner is to be trusted.

Wellness involves many factors besides those that are just physical. Emotional and spiritual are the most obvious, as well as good diet, exercise and having a balanced work/social/family life. We all get caught up in worry,

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Daniel Pfitzner Physiotherapist B.App.Sc (Physio) Gawler Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Starplex Ph 85232711

Top Tip for Welln


Remember to brea the! A beautiful bi g deep relaxing br eath is a wellness gift you can give your self right now.

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Good Cooking

Spring ~ Summer 2013

Quick Salmon Tikka with cucumber yogurt (17 minutes) smear the tandoori paste all over each piece (don’t dip your pastry brush into the jar!) • Heat a large frying pan over a high heat • Once hot, add a lug of olive oil, put the salmon into the pan and cook for about 1½ minutes on each side, until cooked through • Place a warmed naan bread on each plate • Top each one with a good dollop of cucumber yoghurt and 3 pieces of salmon • Scatter over a little of the reserved cucumber, chilli and coriander leaves and finish with a squeeze of lemon juice


© David Loftus



• 2 naan breads • 1 fresh red chilli • ½ a cucumber • 1 lemon • 4 tablespoons natural yoghurt • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper • a few sprigs of fresh coriander • 2 x 200g salmon fillets, skin on,scaled and bones removed • 1 heaped tablespoon Patak’s tandoori curry paste • olive oil

• Preheat your oven to 110°C/225°F/gas ¼ • Pop your naan breads into the oven to warm through • Halve, deseed and finely chop your chilli • Peel and halve your cucumber lengthways, then use a spoon to scoop out and discard the seeds • Roughly chop the cucumber and put most of it into a bowl • Halve your lemon and squeeze the juice from one half into the bowl • Add the yoghurt, a pinch of salt and pepper and half the chopped chilli • Pick the coriander leaves and put to one side

• Slice each salmon fillet across lengthways into three 1.5cm wide slices • Spoon the heaped tablespoon of tandoori paste into a small dish, then use a pastry brush or the back of a spoon to

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