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The Solid Wood Cabinet Company Kitchen Cabinets Are Now All KCMA Certified When looking for kitchen cabinets in New Jersey, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company ensures that their cabinets will now withstand the test of time with the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association Certification Program. When homeowners purchase cabinets with the blue and white seal, they will know that they are getting kitchens cabinets and bathroom vanities that are of the highest quality. When investing in one of the most important rooms in the home, it is nice to know that the material has gone through testing in order to ensure it will last a lifetime. The Solid Wood Cabinet Company is proud to offer kitchen cabinets in NJ that have this seal. Going through 13 tests, the cabinets must pass them all in order to be qualified as a KCMA certified. Since 1955 they have been known as the standard for cabinetry. They are a non-profit organization that represents manufacturers and suppliers in North America. The professionals from The Solid Wood Cabinet Company believe it is very important that every homeowner has the most durable and reliable cabinetry installed that will be able to remain beautiful for years to come. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Certification Program has thought of it all when it comes to testing, such as ensuring cabinets can withstand a lot of weight, pressure, and drop tests. This ensures that every customer purchasing kitchen cabinets from The Solid Wood Cabinet Company will be able to go about their daily tasks in the kitchen without having to worry about damaging the cabinets from the weight of dishes, or if they drop a can by accident. All of these rigorous tests are all for the benefit of the homeowner. By making such a large investment into the heart of the home, it is nice to know that the product has been tested to withstand the daily wear and tear that occurs. For more information on their KCMA blue and white label cabinets, contact The Solid Wood Cabinet Company today or visit one of their many showrooms. About the Company: The Solid Wood Cabinet Company is a fully stocked warehouse headquartered in Levittown, PA where they provide only the highly quality of woods. Out of their 160,000 square foot warehouse they have readily available cabinets in stock for homeowners to choose from. Not only in Pennsylvania, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company has showrooms in New Jersey and is expanding into others areas as well. They value their relationship with a client that is why quality, price, and speed are the three main elements that make this business successful. To learn more visit

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