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Safiya Makeeda Vanessa Sydnee

Plus Size in the City at Club 40/40

Latoya Evans Deshon Calhoun

Interview with CEO of Phat Girl World Magazine

Exclusive Interview with with Song writer and singer SUKARI

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Plus Size in the City at Club 40/40

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Interview with CEO of Phat Girl World Magazine Interview with song writer and singer SUKARI

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TALENT Spotlight with

TALENT Spotlight with Sukari One of the must see people at plus thread fashion show was the entertainer for the night: Sukari, a singing voice from Brooklyn New York. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SINGING? Sukari: I began singing and performing in the school’s local choir at the early age of nine. It is here that I discovered my newly found talent. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE GENRE? Sukari: Pop, some rock, hip hop, jazz, blues, R&B and reggae I love all type’s of music my favorite artist are Anita Baker, Patti Labelle, and Luther Vandross. They were my inspiration to perform in local talent shows where I came in first and second place. That is where my talent turned into a lifetime dream. DID YOU WRITE, "I DON 'T KNOW WHAT YOU BEEN THINKING, ALL I KNOW IS I LOVE YOU"? Sukari: Yes I did compose and sing this song as well its one of my favorite And many others I have composed I sing. The music was produced by DJ BLACKS from Doubleshotta HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WRITING? Sukari: I have been writing since I was 18 years old.. HAVE YOU EVER GHOST WRITTEN FOR ANOTHER ARTIST? Sukari: I have never written songs for any other artist because I am not a ghostwriter, but I do try I have co –writers for some of my songs. Pre–Daily wrote for me and Uniqe-Bing is new on board as one of my co-writer and ghost writer, china black wrote the hit song “BABY SURRENDER”. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PERFOMING LIVE? Sukari: I have been performing live since 1996 to the present. I have been featured on several Public Access Broadcasting shows, acting gigs including the Inter Planetary Rapper, (public access television show from Bronxnet), B C A T, BS TV, VH1, and an African film called “Chippo” up to 2003. Later I hooked up with David Livingston, and started hosting an internet broadcasting show called “The We Know What You Wanna Know Show” engi-

neered, edited and produced by DJ blacks. I also performed at Club Shrine, Club 133, Club in 1999 With my hit song at that time “BABY SERRENDER” Vida Social club, Mocha lounge , and Side Walk Café ” in 2008. It is through my hard work, dedication, persistence, and motivation that got me where I am today. DO YOU HAVE PLANS TO GO ON ANY TV SHOWS LIKE AMERICAN IDOL? Sukari: Not really, but I do have a Modeling attitude with some R&B flavor (Who some might call miss in to everything the world has to offer and I’m taking it!) So I am looking forward to bigger and better things in my future. WHERE CAN WE PICK UP A COPY OF YOUR LATEST ALBUMN? Sukari:, boomboommusicproductions WHAT CAN WE LOOK FORWARD TO FROM SUKARI IN 2009? Sukari: In 2009 I’m looking forward to going on tour, and getting my music and new video on the road; more shows and films. As well I have a radio show online at realtalkafterdarkradio On Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9-11pm EST listener’s can call in on 646-200-3396. WHERE CAN OUR READERS LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC? Sukari: Here are my video links and live shows at IFE lounge in Brooklyn, NY 2007 more v=FfXEzc0TTM0 v=W4srUN7r1U4 v=aXiu6u4pHx0 weknowwhatyouwannaknow boomboommusicproductions

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Solid Top Models have said it all in one pose!

There’s nothing like a sweet peach on a hot summer day, With a cold glass of milk in 100 degree weather, with a cat a on a hot tin roof. She’s the wind that blows you away!

Mekeeda Cambell



Ms. Winter K. Tamakloe ARLINGTON, TX WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START PHAT GIRL WORLD? Winter: I love magazine and I’m an avid subscriber to them… I started P.H.A.T. GIRL WORLD because I wanted to see articles to appeal to a woman of size. A plus sized woman these days is just a normal woman… nothing more, nothing less, just a woman no doubt. She wants to see flattering fashion, shopping tips, and style tips just the same as a woman who happens to be a size 6 and who is accepted more in America. WHAT IS THE MESSAGE PHAT GIRL WORLD MAGAZINE IS SEEKING TO DELIVER TO THE WORLD? Winter: If you are woman there is something that you can take away from every article, it’s not all about size, it is about empowering women in general, but we do emphasize women of size.

you aren’t subscribed to P.H.A.T. GIRL WORLD , you are definitely sleeping. One day in the near future I don’t think I will have to try so hard to get people to join my site, because they will want to. God has shown me this time and time again and he blessed me with all my gifts so that I can help people. I was elected a plus-sized advocate way back in the day… Lol! WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST BENEFICIAL PART OF DELIVERING ISSUE AFTER ISSUE? Winter: The feeling that I get when I have new subscribers or women that actually read my articles and take something positive away from the magazine. That makes my day, I currently don’t get paid for having my own plus-sized fashion magazine, but my spirit is rich because I know I’m doing my part to help change people perspectives & make the world accept us. WHAT DO YOUR READERS LOVE MOST ABOUT PHAT GIRL WORLD MAGAZINE? Winter: I think they like the fashion the most. I always get compliments from women at work and on the street about the way I dress so I wanted to show my sistas that there are so many more options for them than just run of the mill fashions. I show my readers how to step their fashion game up on any budget! I know that they love it, because the show me the things that they buy. They are fast learners… LOL! WHAT CAN READERS EXPECT FROM PHAT GIRL MAGAZINE IN 2009? Winter: In 2009, PGW readers can expect big things… they can expect more great fashion tips, new health & beauty info, and more advertising from up and coming businesses like yourself. We are about being all inclusive and not trying to be in a segregated market.

HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATE IN PHAT GIRL WORLD MAGAZINE? Winter: My readers can support PGW by sending invites to people, mentioning the website to WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST DIFFICULT friends and family members & also giving feedPART OF DELIVERING ISSUE AFTER IS- back and advice on new and upcoming topics that they want to read about. This way we will all be SUE? Winter: I want people to believe in my vision as involved in making the magazine better so it much as I do. If you are a plus-sized queen and won’t just be from my point of view.

EYE TO EYE WITH Ms. Winter I also like people to write articles, blog comments, sign the guestbook, send pictures & SUBCRIBE TO THE SITE! (If they send them I will post them if they are tasteful) All subscribers will guarantee a free 6 month subscription if they subscribe before March 1, 2009 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PARTICPATION PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CANTACT ME EMAIL: SEXIPHATGIRL@GMAIL.COM URL:


Cover Model

Cover Model Latoya Evans “Let that inner beauty shine through on the outside with confidence and spunk!”

I have been in the modeling industry for about five years. A friend of mine was part of a plus size modeling group called Plus Size in the city ran by Keir Walker. I auditioned and made it into the group and history was made. I never give up so once I didn't get the cover once I decided to try until I actually won. Persistence is key. I would say I am both a model and activist in the plus size community. I try to empower women and let them know big, small, white, or black we are all beautiful in our own way. So let that inner beauty shine through on the outside with confidence and spunk. Whenever i see a woman with that uumph in her walk I always see if they are interested in modeling and I refer them to the right outlet. Over the last few years of my modeling career I have done an Ashley Stewart in store Fashion show. I was 1st runner up in the Ms. Voluptuous Beauty pageant in Boston, and I received a plaque for model of the year from Plus Size in the City. In 2007-2008 I was in a

few fashion shows for my current group Exotic Elegance in Tampa Florida run by Rhonda Gray. Just last summer I was actually picked to be one of the 50 woman from across the United States to be a part of The Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas in February. I will be ripping the runway very soon so look out for the big girl in a town near you very soon. My advice to a new model would be never give up. Just because one door closes doesn't mean they all stay locked. You have to break down doors and make your own opportunities. When I hear no it makes me more determined to hear a yes. You feel me so?? Stay dedicated in all you do and have faith in God and miracles do happen!!Never give up. The photographer of my winning photo was Marcus Aurelius of New York New York. Thanks Solid Women’s Magazine for this experience!!!


lus Size in the City Networking Event at Club 40/40 in New York City Plus Size in the City’s CEO, Keir Walker hosted a fun filled networking event; in New York City at the famous Club 40/40. Many people showed up to pass out cards, make new business partners, and friends. The night was enjoyed by the likenesses of Plus Size in the City Models, Sharon Quinn, Marry Moore, Chanel Clark, Catherine Shuller, Christina Menendez, Tiffany Braxton, Crystal Designs and many more. As you can see we had fun. Don’t miss the next Plus Size in the City event. To find out more visit

CEO of Solid Women’s Magazine

Rachel McCain, Michelle Harrell, Shamika Torres, Vanessa Thomas, Keir Walker, Freida King, Heather Stewart, Latoya Currence(CJ) Safiya Greene, Iv Sopale. CEO OF Plus Size in the City surrounded by Models of PSITC

Victoria Falk, with the Winner of the Raffle (Vacation give -away) Sharita Thompson of Harlem, NY. She was happy to choose a vacation package of Cancun, Bahamas', Poconos, and Canada. She chose the Poconos!

PSITC Model Vanessa Thomas

Shon Wright, IV Sopale, Keir Walker, Keya Odom

Group Photo

Henry Silvie and Sharon Quinn

Marry Moore and Sharon Quinn

Theresa Randolph of Ms. FullFigured, guest & Catherine Schuller

Heather Stewart and Safiya Greene

Keir Walker, Mark Anrhony Jinkins of Black Singles Magazine, and his partner.

Ms. Iv Sopale, Safiya Greene, Freida King, Heather Stewart, and Rachel McCain

Safiya Makeeda Vanessa Sydnee

Plus Size in the City at Club 40/40

Latoya Evans Deshon Calhoun

Interview with CEO of Phat Girl World Magazine

Exclusive Interview with with Song writer and singer SUKARI

Solid Womens Magazine Fall 2008