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Feat. Pageant Queen Mary E. Hanna


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Celeb Inspired Style The “Wendy Williams” Look


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Dream Girls USA

National Elegant Ms 2010

What is your name? Mary Elizabeth Hanna Where do you represent being from? Keller, TX

Dream Girls USA National Elegant Ms 2010 Mary Elizabeth Hanna

nate is amazing and worthwhile! However, it is my personal feeling that it should start at home. There are families and children that are in need right here in my own hometown of Keller, TX. The Keller Community Storehouse (my favorite!!) does an amazing job of helping families through their resale shops run completely on donations, Food Pantry (again, run on donations from individuals and local business), lending library and various youth camps throughout the year. It is for this organization that I do canned food drives and physically work on site as much as I can. I also promote Music in Public Schools by donating my time as a music educator to those students who desire private music lessons by cannot afford them. Several of my students have been with me for years and I love them so much! I emcee benefit pageants, perform musically, and speak publicly for a number of different causes throughout the Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX area, the state of Texas, and surrounding states.

Lastly, being part of Dream Girls USA is not just being a pageant girl/lady. We are truly a family. I can't count What is your role as Dream Girls USA National Ele- the times that we've gathered together at the last minute to help out acquaintances of Dream Girls Queens just gant Ms 2010? As Dream Girls USA National Elegant Ms. 2010, my because we care! We support one another at the Homerole is what I make of it. I have been honored with the town Queen level, State level, and National level. There title, and now it is up to me to make something good of are no boundaries! I have worked with my sister queens it. I believe it is my role to present a positive image for here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, South Texas, LouisiDream Girls USA natural pageants, to be a positive role ana, surrounding states and would go further if needed. model to other young ladies and women who might as- It's part of being a national queen and my year is only pire to earn pageant titles/honors, and to promote my half over! I'm looking forward to another exciting 6 platform of Community Service using my crown to months!!! draw the attention of others to join in serving their communities. Do you consider yourself a plus size community advocate? I consider myself an advocate for the inner What are you going to do with your title Dream Girls beauty in all women. We all come in various sizes and USA National Elegant Ms 2010? I was crowned in St. shapes. One would be very surprised to learn just how Louis, MO, at the Dream Girls National Pageant in July, many women have self worth and self confidence issues 2010. Our director, Melissa Richley, encouraged us to for a variety of reasons. Dream Girls USA is not a plus make our year long reign spectacular but that it would sized pageant. Dream Girls USA is a pageant for all be what WE, as individual queens, chose to make it. I women! Beauty is not just outer appearance. It must have spent MY year thus far, working to promote Com- come from a loving heart, a generous spirit, and a kind munity Service, Music in Public Schools, and of nature. Plus size women do tend to have the most Dream Girls Pageant Family! ble realizing this and as a plus size lady myself, with this lovely crown and banner, I do believe it is an obliI believe that ALL service that benefits those less fortu- gation of mine to share this message with them.

How will you advocate for the industry of full figured women as Dream Girls USA National Elegant Ms 2010? For me, it is simply a matter of getting out there into the public eye and conveying that message. It's amazingly easy to smile, love, and encourage plus sized women and all others, for that matter, in just about every situation! Over the last 4 years that I have been pageanting and performing, I can't count the number of women, both plus sized and other, that have told me what an inspiration I've been to them and how I've helped them have the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams, pageant and otherwise. I'm more honored than I can say when that happens. And it only happens because, with my husband and children's support, I have the courage and confidence to put myself out there in the public eye in different ways.

What are your plans after you pass on your crown? It is my hope to be crowned Dream Girls USA National Queen of Queens so I can continue to work in the same capacity for another year. If not, though, I will still reach out to my community both locally, statewide, and nationally to promote my platforms and Dream Girls USA on a regular basis. And, I will continue to compete in natural pageantry as I believe there is so much good to be done and wearing a crown and banner just opens doors through which to do it! I will be appearing at the Texas Choice Pageant Miss Mary Christmas Pageant as a judge on Dec 12, 2010 This is a benefit pageant collecting toys for “Toys4Tots�, then dream girls will be touring nursing homes in Houston, TX taking holiday cards to home guests and singing carols! Fun! On Dec 20, 2010

When do you pass on your crown? I will crown the My daughter, Kirstin, is Texas Dream Girls USA Royalty Supreme 2010, and will be competing again this year for a national title. Dream Girls USA offer Mother/ Daughter and Mother/Daughter/Daughter titles, as well as division titles from ages baby to 50+, Spokes model, Fashion Modeling, and Talent titles. Individuals should contact their state director to find out how to become a Dream Girls USA Hometown Queen. My next appearance will be in the Keller Holly Days Parade of Lights with a float-load of Hometown, State, and National Dream Girls Queens and then at the Texas International Junior Miss Pageant, March 19-20, 2011 at the Renaissance Hotel in Richardson, TX. Sherry Hubbard, Director Melissa Richley, Director next Dream Girls USA National Elegant Ms in July of 2011 in St. Louis, MO at our national pageant. How do you feel about passing on your crown? Being Dream Girls USA National Elegant Ms 2010 has been such an honor and a privilege that I just know I will have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I crown the next National Elegant Ms. 2011. I will be so happy for her, knowing what amazing things could be in store for her during her reign, and I will sincerely hope that she will do good for others in every way she can!

Weight-loss hypnosis: Does it work? Is hypnosis effective for weight loss? Hypnosis can definitely help you shed extra pounds when it’s used along with other weight-loss methods, such as a good diet and exercise program. Generally, people see a hypnotist, because they have trouble becoming motivated to stay on a diet or exercise plan and hypnosis can allow them the extra push they need to succeed.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, where it is usually achieved with the assistance of a trained hypnosis counselor or hypnotherapist that uses verbal repetition, mental images and many other techniques.. When you are experiencing hypnosis, your mind is highly focused and you’re more responsive to suggestions, including behavior changes that will help you lose weight. After some easy training, you can also perform selfThrough the 80 + years of research, numerous studies have evaluated the use of weightloss hypnosis. Most found positive weightloss results, with an average weight loss of about 6 to 30 pounds. The studies that do conflict have shown that it depends on the person performing hypnosis and what techniques they use. That it is why researchers have recommended seeking out a hypnotherapist/hypnotist that you are comfortable with and who has had extensive training. If you have tried dieting and exercising but are still struggling to meet your weight-loss goals, you may want to consider weight-loss hypnosis. I know that your choice in which hypnosis and mind-body counselor you decide to work with is a very important decision. I understand that you need help in sorting out the mysteries of hypnosis and how it can help you. I realize you need someone capable and experienced to work with.

That's why I’m here. I can help you accomplish what you desire. Contacting me does not obligate you in any way. Only when we decide to work together are you considered a client. AIM Center Alternative Integrative Medical Center 1 Sears Dr. Fl#3 Paramus, New Jersey 07652 Dr. Robert Galarowicz, ND Naturopathic Doctor, Clinical Nutritionist Hypnosis and Biofeedback Counselor



Many people make a New Year’s Resolution to be fit by the Summer time, and find themselves after the New Year not making any effort towards their resolution because it seems so overwhelming. One way to take the first step this year is by walking the steps in the park, the mall, your apartment building, your house, the subway, or your place of work. The Awake November 2009 reports a practical way to improve your health is simply by taking the stairs regularly. According to a report in the British medical journal The Lancet, 69 Employees were asked by researchers to refrain from using the elevators at their place of work; only take the stairs. The researchers studies showed the workers mortality risk was reduced by 15% after taking the steps only for 12 weeks. As well their aerobic capacity increased by 8.6%. The employees also noticed improvement in their health conditions such as cholesterol and, blood pressure,. They also saw improvement in their fat mass, waist circumference, and overall weight. So you can check off losing weight on your New Year’s resolution list b taking the first step on the stairs!

“ This year I vow to take the steps instead of the elevator, (when I don’t have the stroller)

how about you?” Keya Shareece

Mobile photo taken by: Serenity Elliott-Odom

“Inspired” Style The “Wendy Williams” Look Black and Ivory Pearl Ribbon Tie Back Necklace $14.00

3/4 Sleeve Button Front Corset Blouse $49.99

Sequin Mini Skirt $49.00 Sofft Avant Black Patent $88.00

Silver Rhinestone Pave’ Diamond-Shaped Ring $12.00

COVER MODEL 2010 Winter CONTEST WINNER SAFIYA How many years have you been modeling in ferent floor in seclusion or they pay the straight size models and not the plus size modthe plus size community? I've been modeling for 2years. els. I've seen it all. And I am having none of it. A lot of the plus models complain but feel helpless so someone has to stand up and spell What sparked your interest in Plus Size Modeling? the offenders names out in bold red ink! lol! I've always been into fashion. I've always Whenever I stand up and say something, a lot prided myself in having my own style and of the models are like "oh girl, I can't believe dressing out of the box so modeling seemed you put them on blast like that". People are like a way to express that side of me. afraid. But we can't expect better if we keep accepting the crumbs that they're giving us. What made you give the contest a chance? I thought it would be nice to be on the cover of What were the highlights of your modeling a magazine. Especially one that I enjoy readcareer for 2010? ing. This was actually my first time entering Modeling has brought out a confidence in me your contest. Go figure! that I hadn't had since becoming a plus size woman. I've always had loads of confidence Do you consider yourself and activist in the but I had too many hang-ups, brought on by others. Here I was, I wouldn't wear a short skirt plus size community or just a model? lol! That is a funny question. I'll tell you why. in my daily life because of an insecurity someWhen I began this journey 2 years ago, I one who really didn't matter had given me, but thought I'd get to wear some cool clothes, take I'm on stage in a thigh high mini. All of my pictures, meet new people. I immediately be- insecurities went out the door! I was literally gan to realize that along with those things I reborn. I've done tons of runway this year. HAD to become a plus size activist. I realized People generally know me for my walk and that plus size models are not treated equally. my style of dressing. I've done shows for AshAnd being the person that I am, that was com- ley Stewart, JC Penny, Lord & Taylor, Queens pletely unacceptable. Fashion Week, Harlem Fashion Week, Fashion on the Hudson to name a few. I was selected to be one of the Goddess by Juanita Kelly models. I'm a fit model, I've done showroom. I was If yes how do you activate for the plus size on the cover of the novel "Praise Be To The community? I take it upon myself to expose anyone treating Plus Sized Sister". I've also gotten a lot of the Plus Size community unequally. Recently I press this year which is always exciting! But wrote a letter regarding one specific event that what really stands out is when the legendary took place where the plus size models were John Blassingame came up to me after an audiasked to participate and then told that our show tion. He left the audition room, came out into would be at the mall and the straight size mod- the hallway after me and said "You have an els would be participating in an event held at amazing walk, can you model in a show I'm an elegant, mansion-like chateau. Then, they doing tomorrow in Jersey". I didn't even know cancelled the Plus Size show altogether and where at in Jersey, I said YES! lol. What a excluded us completely from their event. (This compliment. And of course getting the cover letter is in my notes on my facebook page). for Solid. This is my first magazine cover so You have one of my letters published in your I'm overjoyed to say the least. magazine also. There are too many stories like this. Where plus size models are put on a dif-

Solid Women’s Magazine Exclusive Interview with SAFIYA

What's next for you in 2011? Actually, before the modeling, I am a Hip Hop artist. I've been rhyming and singing since I was 11 and I have an independent project that is in the works. I'm also a model for Goddess By Juanita Kelly who is about to launch her Plus Size line. We're going to be touring and all sorts of other wonderful things. I'm in talks with producer Benjamin Rosen (from MTV's True Life, Style, and VH1) to participate in his new plus size reality show celebrating the confident plus size woman, unlike those other shows who display selfloathing big girls. This show will be about being in love with your big sexy self! lol! I'll be doing more runway, photo shoots, activism and I'm also a writer so you'll definitely see me contributing to some plus size mags also. Another thing I would like to ad. I book ALL of my own jobs. I am not signed to an agency. Although that would be the ideal situation, just because you don't have an agent does not mean you will not work. Get out there and hustle to get what you want. Look online, network, be your own agent. Invest in yourself and others will eventually invest in you. Be persistent and stay motivated. In your experience of modeling what advise would you give to other plus size models? Network with people that are in the Plus Modeling industry at networking parties, on Facebook and on Model Mayhem. Even if you have an agent, always look for work for yourself. Shoot with many photographers so you can get comfortable in front of the camera and learn your angles and poses. In the beginning, you are going to do a lot of things for free before you get paid, unless you are one of the fortu-

nate few. Even if it is not a paid gig, if it will benefit you then do it. You are trying to build an impressive resume and gain experience. Another thing, if you feel you are ever in a compromising situation, follow your gut. Better safe than sorry. You may hear no more than you hear yes, keep pushing, keep getting better. Learn the ins & outs of your industry. Study everything pertaining to the plus industry. Learn the basics of Photoshop. I am a Photoshop wizard. I edit all of my own photos and do work for other models also. You don't have to be a wizard just learn the basics, it will save you a lot of money. Learn the basics of make-up application & hair styling. I'm a make -up artist and often have to rely on that skill for fashion shows and photo shoots. Often times you will be asked to come make-up and hair ready. And mostly, make sure to let your personality shine. I book a lot of jobs not only because of how I photograph, it's because people enjoy working with me. There are so many beautiful girls in this industry so personality is everything. And remember, we are in an industry that says we are not beautiful so surround yourself with confident big girls. They will motivate you and push you when you feel like throwing in the towel.

By : Daphne Ali

DIVA: Raven Simone

PERSONAL STYLIST AVAILABLE Make an appointment today! Mane Corze Image „N Styling

Dress- $73 Shoes- $30 Faux Diamond Ring- $7 Earrings-$15

Sizzlin' Curve Wear Spring 2011 Sizzlin' Curve Wear was one of four featured designers in the Celebrating Women's Fashion at the Breezeway pub in Roxbury, MA in September 2010. Sizzlin' CurveWear strives to create looks that are fabulous for all sizes, and a variety of clothing to fit any shape. The show was a celebration of women's fashion in general, as well as a debut for several new designs, and updates for some of the classic pieces of the collection. Sizzlin' CurveWear can be found at designer and owner, Sara E. Brenton, is also happy to take custom orders!

“The Runway” SeJoya Thomas

AnToni Michelle collection in The Sychronicity Fashion Show 2010 Fairfield CA

Chinyere Clothing collection in The Strikes Fashion Show 2010 Elk Grove CA

At Last Bra Boutique in The Pink Breast Cancer Charity Fashion Show 2010 Sacramento CA

Style Guide The “Wendy Williams” Look Health 211 Pg 6 Elegant Ms.2010 Mary E. Hanna BGU Fashion Show Sizzlin’ Curve Wear Debut Page 16 SeJoya Thomas

Safiya Daphni Ali

Solid Womens Magazine Fall 2010