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Association of Papal Orders in Ireland

Volume 1 - Edition 4 - October 2019

Patron: Seán Cardinal Brady Daily Prayer Lord Jesus, make me a loving and courageous member of the Pontifical Order of Blessed Pius/ Saint Gregory / Saint Sylvester. May I ever be an inspiring example to others to be faithful to you, your teaching and the teaching of your Church. May I look on those teachings as your very own and, when necessary, have the courage to defend them against attacks from any source. After a life of faithful service on earth, may you welcome me to your Heavenly home and the happiness of eternal life. Amen. (This is also on our website, and a credit card size hardcopy is available from the Secretary.) New Mass Cards We have developed an Association Mass card which is now available for purchase at a cost of €12.75 per pack of ten. It will be up to the user to have the Mass offered by a local priest. Please contact the Secretary.

Diary 2019-20 Friday, 18th October, 2019 Mass and dinner McKee Barracks, Dublin Wednesday 1st January, 2020 Mass for Peace Sunday 23rd February, 2020 Mass for persecuted Christians, Mulhuddart Saturday 18th, April, 2020 AGM, Mass & period of Recollection with Luncheon, Mullingar

From the President: Dear Dames and Knights, In his recent homily marking the 140th anniversary of the Knock Apparition (21 August 1879), Archbishop Michael Neary drew attention to the fact that in our contemporary situation we are tempted to become totally inculturated in the present, thereby losing our sense of identity as followers of Jesus Christ. The Knock Apparition, though silent, continues to “speak”, especially to the Irish people, and constantly leaves open prayerful consideration of the terms of its particular message for our time. The inclusive nature of the Apparition, featuring Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, the Lamb on the Altar of Sacrifice with the Cross in the background incorporate a spiritual landscape of the most significant richness for which, we as a people, should never cease to be grateful. St. John, deliverer of the gospel word and messenger to Mary’s silence at the Cross on Calvary, St. Joseph, man of silence and human head of the Holy Family and the Eucharistic theology contained in the Appearance, bringing to mind the profound relationship of the Church and the Eucharist, have so much to remind us. As papal Knights and Dames, we can recall that those of our people who witnessed the Apparition lived in exceptionally difficult times locally, facing the hard facts of life, very ordinary people, with little of the goods of this world-but their Faith was strong and they were all faithful members of the Church. We should reflect in our time on the meaning Our Lady intends to bring to us through this Apparition and have recourse to her. We should also thank her for this exceptional National Treasure she has provided to us. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, with your guests, on Friday 18th October next. Bishop Kevin Doran, Bishop emeritus Ray Field and Monsignor Francisco Tenza, recently appointed First Secretary and Deputy Head of Mission at the Apostolic Nunciature, will be our special guests. John B Morgan KSG

The logo of the Association (top-left) is designed by Thomas Ryan RHA. The crests of the various Papal Orders are displayed on the top-right. PapalOrders-Newsletter-E3-V1-2019.indd 1

Reservations for the Annual Mass and Dinner to be sent to Gerard Walsh, 77 South Park, Foxrock, Dublin 18 no later than Wednesday 9th, October.

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The Irish martyrs

Msgr Eoin Thynne, Chaplain The Irish Martyrs include hundreds of priests, religious and lay people who are remembered for giving their lives for the Catholic faith in Ireland between the years 1537and 1714. Religious persecution of Catholics in Ireland began under the reign of Henry VIII, 1509 - 1547 when the English Parliament adopted the Acts of Supremacy, which established the king’s supremacy over the Church, independent of the Pope. In England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland bishops, priests and lay people who continued to recognise the pope were tortured and killed. Further legislation laid down that any act of allegiance to the pope was to be considered treason. The list of Irish martyrs alone is very long and happened over several reigns. They began, as mentioned, under King Henry VIII but continued until the reign of Queen Anne, 1660 - 1714. Unfortunately, the details of their endurance in most cases have been lost. Bishops and priests who gave their lives for their faith had the best chance of being remembered. Bishop Patrick O’Healy is remembered as the first bishop to have been put to death and Father Conn O’Rourke is remembered with him. The laity were not so exposed as bishops and clergy, so there were fewer martyrs among them. In the list of causes however, is one woman, Margaret Ball (nee Birmingham), the widow of a wealthy merchant of Dublin and a group of working men from Wexford. There was a long delay in starting the investigations into the causes of the Irish martyrs for fear of reprisals. In addition, investigation was hampered by a lack of records which were either destroyed or not drawn up because of the danger of keeping such evidence. Following Catholic Emancipation in Ireland in 1829 when the Catholic religion could again be freely practised, the cause of Oliver Plunket, Archbishop of Armagh was taken up. His cause was the first to be completed. He was beatified in 1920 and canonised in 1975 by Pope Paul VI. The man noted for reviving interest in the Irish martyrs was Father Patrick F. Moran during his time as vice-rector of the Irish College in Rome, in the 1850s. He had access to the papal archives where he found much to encourage him to put together the story of the Irish martyrs. Moran had the enthusiastic support of Cardinal Cullen (1852 - 1878) but it was during the episcopate of Archbishop William Walsh (1885 - 1921) that efforts were made to present the cause with the rigorous accuracy required. The first steps were taken in 1892 and it soon became clear that there were great difficulties. A considerable number had claims for consideration as martyrs, but even when these claims were well based, the documentation was sometimes slender. In 1905 the cause was ready to be transmitted to Rome. A total of two hundred and fifty-seven (257) causes were approved for introduction - too many to begin with as the overall documentation still needed much processing. Even when, in 1936, the Roman authorities asked that a short-list be complied, it proved difficult to escape from the intractability of the documentation. It was only when the late Archbishop Dermot Ryan of Dublin (1972 -1984) set up a Diocesan Commission for Causes in 1975 that a workable short-list emerged - twelve (12) causes, totalling seventeen (17) named persons. The following are the seventeen (17) martyrs beatified by Pope John Paul on Sunday 27 September 1992. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Bishop Patrick O'Healy- 13 August 1579 Father Conn O'Rourke - 13 August 1579 Mr. Matthew Lambert - July 1581 Mr. Robert Meyler - July 1581 Mr. Edward Cheevers - July 1581 Mr. Patrick Cavanagh - July 1581 Archbishop Dermot O'Hurley- 20 June 1584 Mrs. Margaret Ball née Birmingham - 1584 Father Maurice MacKenraghty - 20 April 1585

10. Brother Dominic Collins - 31October 1602 11. Bishop Conor O'Devany- 01 February 1612 12. Father Patrick O'Loughran - 01 February 1612 13. Mr. Francis Taylor- 30 January 1621 14. Father Peter Higgins - 23 March 1642 15. Bishop Terence Albert O'Brien - 30 October 1651 16. Father John Kearney - 11 March 1653 17. Father William Tirry - 02 May 1654

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Investitures of Áine and Brendan O'Reilly, Ashbourne as Dame and Knight of the Order of St Sylvester Pope and Martyr

John Howard, a great champion of Eucharistic Adoration, with his wife Margaret, Bishop Thomas Deenihan of Meath and the Apostolic Nuncio, H.E. Jude Okolo.

John McCaffrey, new Knight Grand Cross of St Gregory

Stan Cosgrove

Professor Peter Finn, KSG Principal St Mary’s University College, Belfast

In Memoriam

Knight Commander of St Gregory (Knight 30 January, 1995; promoted to Commander 3 April, 2003. Stan was born (September 3 1927 - 29 August 2019) at Newbridge, Co Kildare, one of six children of a GP who also ran a pharmacy. After schooling at Newbridge College, he went to University College Dublin to read Veterinary Medicine, qualifying in 1952. Stan was one of the most eminent vets in horse racing, and became known to the wider world in the aftermath of the kidnapping of the great dual Derby winner Shergar. Cosgrove served as a Turf Club steward in Ireland. He also served as president and chairman of the Irish Thoroughbreeders’ Association. He was elected a president of the British Equine Veterinary Association. His papal knighthood was presented by Bishop Jim Moriarty at the Kildare Racing Academy and Centre of Education (RACE).

Henry Murray

Knight of St. Gregory ( 15 september 1999) (1928 obit 1st July, 2019). Harry was born the 6th child into a family of 8 children to parents Peter and Mary. He decided to study for the priesthood in the diocese of Dromore. After 5 ½ years studying at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth he decided on a change of vocation. He became a successful accountant and opened his own practice, Henry Murray & Co, which still continues today. He held the position of Chairman of the Ulster Society of Chartered Accountants. Harry was a board member of N.I. Electricity and the Seed Potato Marketing Board for many years. Harry prayed the Divine Office – the breviary each morning and evening. He explored and gave lectures on the spirituality of Cardinal Newman.

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New Conferrals 2019 Mairín Ní Shúilleabháin, DSG (Cork & Ross)

Áine Fitzgerald O’Reilly, DSS (Meath) Brendan O’Reilly, KSS (Meath) John Howard KCSG (Meath) Promotion: John McCaffrey, Knight Grand Cross of St Gregory (Down and Connor)

Feast Days associated with recipients of Papal Orders Blessed Pius IX: February 7th St Gregory the Great: September 3rd

In Memoriam

Feargal Quinn

Knight of St Gregory (5 March, 2005) 27 November 1936 – 24 April 2019, Feargal, who was an active member of the Association, was born in Dublin, into a family with its roots in Newry. Feargal was educated in Newbridge College, as was Stan Cosgrove KCSG, and studied commerce at University College Dublin. After working in France in his youth he founded the Superquinn chain. He set up Quinn’s Supermarket in Dundalk in 1960 at the age of just 23, changing the name to Superquinn in the early 1970s. Elected to the Senate on the National University of Ireland panel in 1993 he served as a senator until 2016; for 10 years in the 1980s he served as chairman of An Post. He chaired a steering committee on the reform of a key element in Ireland’s education system. He was the organizer of the Knights of St Columbanus annual Christmas Day dinner, formerly held in the Mansion House and latterly in the RDS Ballsbridge. He received his 50 year gold medal as a Knight of St Columbanus in 2005. Feargal is buried in St. Fintan’s Cemetery Sutton, as are papal knights Commandant Brendan Houlihan, President Patrick Hillery and John McLaughlin.

St Sylvester: December 31st

Council of the Association 2017-2019 John B Morgan KSG President James McDonald KC*SG Chancellor Peter Durnin KC*SG Secretary Gerard Walsh KSG Treasurer Thomas Lynch KSG Member Msgr Eoin Thynne Chaplain The Association may be contacted through its Secretary, Peter F Durnin, “Rosaire”, Moneymore, Drogheda, Co Louth. A92 RF6F email: Kindly designed by: Eric Dumas (

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T. Val O’Connor

Knight Commander of St. Sylvester (11 June, 2000). 10 February 1929 – 7 August 2019. Val, who was a great supporter of the Association, was one of Cork’s most accomplished businessmen being a funeral director and businessman. O’Connor Bros was established in 1887 and Val was a grandson of the founder. O’Connor Bros opened the first funeral home in Ireland in 1967. He was a founding member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors and a graduate of the Renouard College, New York City. In the mid-1990s the late Bishop Michael Murphy asked Val to take on the responsibility to raise funds to renew and revitalise the Cathedral and for four years Val chaired that finance committee and accumulated funding from at home and abroad to transform the inner-design and appearance of St. Mary and St. Ann’s Cathedral in Cork.

Further details on past members can be found on our website.

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