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In This Issue: 2 Investiture celebrations 3 Education and demographic shifts in the Holy Land 4 Events 5 Humanitarian and Emergency Relief 6 Dublin Festival of History 6 New Assessore for the Order 6 Our website 7 St John’s Day service and reception 7 An Irish Armorial 8 “Much is Expected”

Centuries of Service to Christians in the Holy Land Upcoming Events October 5th Western Region Mass in Cong October 25th– November 2nd Pilgrimage to the Holy Land November 16th Day of Recollection, Dalgan Park, Navan January 1st, World Day of Peace Mass January 24th & 25th, Knock April 5th, Spring Mass, Cork

October 2019

Dear fellow member, In a few weeks’ time we shall be on Pilgrimage to the Land of Jesus. While there we shall travel extensively, pray together and meet the Living Stones. Over the last few years you have supported a considerable number of projects. In 2018 we assisted in the construction of a church in Jubeiha and the Mar jal Hamam convent and funded refurbishment works at St Mary’s Kindergarten in Bethany. This year we have funded works at a youth centre in Gush Halav (we hope to celebrate Sunday Mass there this year), undertook work at the Rosary Sisters convent in Zababden and a multi-purpose hall in Birzeit. These works will materially assist our fellow Christians and especially children and pupils in areas of great disadvantage. Why not get out an atlas (or “google” it on your computer) and see where these objects of your charity have been disbursed! Then tell your friends and those interested in the Holy Land what we do! Any member of Council can elaborate on these projects so give them a call. A recent requirement is that of the need to provide humanitarian and emergency relief aid. In recent weeks we forwarded more of your donations for that purpose. Last year nearly 600 people benefited from this fund, which included aid to patients from the medicine program which is run and managed by the Latin Patriarchate. In that context I know that those who attended the Chapter in Maynooth in July were touched by our key note speaker, Sr Bridget Tighe, who is now based in Jerusalem with Caritas Jerusalem. Again, another person we hope to meet in Notre Dame. I had the opportunity to participate at all our events, all but the Dublin Region Mass, this year. I was in Lourdes on the latter occasion and remembered your intentions in front of the reliquary of former Grand Master, Pope St Pius X and was struck by the remembrance in Lourdes, again in the underground Chapel of Pius X, of a tableau of Blessed Bartolo Longo, a beatus of our Order. Turning to the various events, the music rendered in Derryvolgie would only be described as heavenly. Maynooth as usual was magnificent and I wish to pay tribute and thanks to Council and others for devoting so much energy and time in undertaking that most important series of events in our calendar. I hope the guests of our new members: Judy, Aindreas, Fr Robert, Pat, Paul, Mark, John and Dominic, left Maynooth having enjoyed themselves and become more knowledgeable about the work of our Order. Our website contains photographs of all our events as well as the memorable homily, preached in Maynooth, by H.E Jude Okolo. Why not access it and see what’s new. Shortly after our return from the Holy Land we shall meet in Dalgan Park for the Feast of Our Lady Queen of Palestine. Please mark Saturday 16 November in your diary, it will be a fantastic commencement to the Christmas Season and remember to bring a friend. In concluding I ask that you remember our ill members in your daily prayers. Deus lo Vult Peter

Remember our Day of Recollection is Saturday 16 November in Dalgan Park which is situated three miles south of Navan Deus lo Vult

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Investiture celebrations 2019 Candidates for 2020 If you have a name in mind,

contact our Chancellor Tom Lynch-his details are on the back page. Candidates must attend an information session: Dalgan Park or Knock. Please give special thought to Lady candidates. New members with the Grand Prior, the Vice Governor General and the Lieutenant

Sr Bridget Tighe addressing Chapter in the Renehan Room

Guard of Honour

Dame Sarah Rogers and husband Mike

Greta McKenna and Joan Hanley

Joseph Merrick and the Grand Prior reciting the daily prayer of the Order

Flag Officer David Williams

Sword bearer Flor Madden

Custodians of the Insignia Damien Walls and Thomas Kilduff


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Deus lo Vult 23/09/2019 09:49

Education and demographic shifts in the Holy Land

It is self-evident that The Holy Land continues to be a place of uncertainty and discord where complexities and difficulties for Christian communities continue.

daily the

What is sometimes less clear to the general public is that Palestine is an area in which the persecution of Christians has become part of daily life. This is now on a scale which verges on a definition of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing”. 60 years ago 47% of the population was Christian; and it is now around 1%.

The Catholic Church continues to support and promote much work there, and does so to ensure that there remain Christians in the land where Jesus was born, lived, and died for us. In particular the Order of the Holy Sepulchre provides resources and services in education, humanitarian aid, and pastoral care of all the people there. Those in greatest need are served without reference to their religion.

In the schools the work of The Order is clear. In areas such as Galilee the pressure towards secularisation is

very strong. The prevalent value system then comes from the dominant Jewish communities. The Christian pupils and families are pressurised to abandon their heritage and ideals in the face of economically driven modernity.

In such cases Christianity comes under threat. Christian communities become increasingly fragile and begin

to splinter. There is then a dilemma for the Catholic Church. Does it seek efficiencies by rationalisation of schools and parishes – knowing that every closure is the closure of a community? This would simply wipe out Christian communities since numbers are now so small.

Through the continuing work of The Latin Patriarchate there is a Christian presence and a Christian identity. The Order of the Holy Sepulchre Christianity maintains its commitment to offer resources to stabilise and support Christian communities. Of course, maintenance is not enough. It must thrive and provide a high quality of education of which The Christian communities can be proud.

Ireland has long known the value of good education and good schools. The Irish Lieutenancy is passionate

in its commitment to supporting the Christian schools of The Holy Land, and urges its members to continue with the generous donations, and fervent prayers, so that when peace comes- as surely it will one day - there will be a civic society educated in Christian values and formed through hope, love and justice.

Prof. Bart McGettrick, GCHS, Chairman of the Holy land Commission

H.E. Peter Durnin, Lieutenant, with Grand Prior HE Sean Cardinal Brady with guests in Maynooth: Bart McGettrick OBE, President of the Holy Land Commission; Sr Bridget Tighe, Director Caritas Jerusalem and Vice Governor General, Jean-Pierre de Glutz-Ruchti

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Northern Region Mass

Northern Mass celebrated in May in St Brigid’s Derryvolgie Belfast. The celebrant of the Mass was Knight Commander Vy Rev Feargal McGrady, Lieutenancy Archivist.

St Bridget's Derryvolgie: Sue Falls, Maria McGee, Chris Nolan, Rev Dr Edward McGee, Rev'd Commander Feargal McGrady PP, Thomas Kilduff, Mairead Walls and Eleanor Hurl.

At the May Northern Mass: Noel Burke, Brendan Sinnott, Chris Nolan, Peter McGovern, Andrew Sheehy, Eddie McGee and Thomas Kilduff.

Attendence of members and friends at St Bridgets in Derryvolgie where Dame Margaret Mooney had just been informed of the conferral of a Palm of Jerusalem.

St Oliver Plunkett Procession

Members at the procession in honour of St Oliver Plunkett Drogheda 7 July 2019.


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Eastern Region Mass

Members in the Sacred Heart Church Donnybrook on September 1st, 2019 for the Eastern Region Mass. Holy Mass was celebrated by Msgr Lorcan O'Brien

Deus lo Vult 23/09/2019 09:50

Humanitarian and Emergency Relief

Year by year, Palestinians in the Holy Land experience different economic and social challenges as a

result of the social and political reality. Life is becoming more expensive in the region and particularly in Jerusalem. Challenges include high rates of unemployment, high taxes, inability to pay bills, and covering rent and tuition fees for their children. In East Jerusalem, the majority of Palestinians live under the poverty line. Christian families struggle to make ends meet even with the most basic needs for their families. The Church is playing an important role in the life of Christians because it is helping them to be steadfast and remain in their homes and the Holy Land during difficult economic, social and political situations. The Latin Patriarchate’s (LPJ) doors are always open to the Christian families who are in desperate medical, social and financial need and have nowhere else to turn to. Some of the programs are outlined under.

In 2018 the LPJ was able to support 217 students in universities, college and schools throughout the Holy

Land. The main beneficiaries are students who are unable to afford paying their education fees. The student/ family has to cover 40% of their tuition fee.

The Family Support Program works with families and communities to cover rents, water and electricity bills and land taxes. 134 cases were supported by this program.

The Medical Support Program assists individuals suffering from chronic diseases or in need of urgent

medical intervention, such as heart problems, kidney failure, cancer etc. In 2018 the LPJ was able to support 124 patients, mainly from the West Bank.

The Medicine Program is provided to marginalised Christian families. 119 beneficiaries received aid in

2018 in Zababdeh, Birzeit, 5 cases in Jerusalem et al. The patients receive medication following a home visit, social case screening, new medical report and prescription and the prescription has to be renewed every six months. The social worker receives the medication from the pharmacy, checks the medication and hands it to the patient.

An example of a relief case in 2018: K.A. is a five year old girl from Beit Jala (located 10 km

south of Jerusalem, on the western side of the Hebron Road, opposite Bethlehem), one of 4 in the family. Her father is a teacher in Beit Jala Latin school and her mother works in the Good Shepherd School. The total family income amounts to €1900 per month. K suffers congenital problems in her left eye. While she underwent several operations her situation did not improve. To save her eye she underwent critical and sensitive surgery at Hadasah Hospital (is an Israeli medical organization established in 1934 that operates two university hospitals at Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus in Jerusalem). Because they are from the West Bank and have no insurance for an Israeli Hospital they were forced to pay the whole amount. The total cost of the operation came to €7300 which is a significant sum. In cooperation with Christian groups the LPJ was able to donate €1300 to allow this little girl to undergo the surgery and return home cured.

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem GENERAL ADMINISTRATION

Humanitarian and Emergency Relief Aid Fund January 2018 – D ecember 2018

The full report is available from the Members’ Area of our website. https://www.holysepulchre.ie.

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F inal r eport a pril 2019


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Dublin Festival of History

The Dublin Festival of History takes place in various locations in Dublin from 1 to 20 October.

Amongst lectures are

• 1 October Buck Whaley's Jerusalem Adventure in Raheny library • 19 October The Crusades by Dan Jones in Dublin Castle • 19 October Dominion: how Christianity shaped the western mind Dublin Castle

New Assessore for the Order Archbishop

Tomaso Caputo Prelate of Pompei and Pontifical Delegate at the Shrine has been appointed as Assessore in succession to Archbishop Lazzarotto. The body of Blessed Bartolo Longo, KC*HS, is located in the Shrine.

Our website

For the past 8 years, our Lieutenancy has a strong presence on the internet. Our website is regularly updated with photos, articles and news that members of the public and some members visit regularly.

Since the beginning of the year, over 2,300 visitors have read 7,750 pages on the site. The visitors come from all over the globe as the map below shows. As you probably know, a secured area with a wealth of news, photos and information is available to members only. Do not hesitate to contact our webmaster@holysepulchre.ie for technical support.

Menu for all visitors (R) and menu available to Members (L)

Visitors per country. Data collected from 01/01/19 to 17/09/19


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Deus lo Vult 23/09/2019 09:50

St John’s Day service and reception All over the world, on Saturday 22

June, members of the Venerable Order of St John join together to rededicate themselves to the Order and its objectives in the provision of healthcare in countries where such services are needed. In Dublin, members of the Irish Order congregated at St Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate evensong, conducted by the Dean of St Patrick’s, the Rev Dr. William Morton. Members of the Order of St John were joined by representatives from the Lieutenancy, Denis and Mary McGivney-Nolan and Knight, John Stanislaus Coleman as well as representatives from the Sovereign Order of Malta. nd

Members of the Orders proceeded through the Cathedral

under the banners of the Order of St John and took their places in the Canon stalls before the Altar under the heraldic banners of Knights of St Patrick.

The ecumenical services commenced with the Magnificat and readings from the Gospels. The Cathedral organ was played by Mr Stuart Nicholson and the chorister who performed even-song was the same boy soprano, who sang for His Holiness Pope Francis on his visit to Ireland last year.

At the close of service, the procession followed the banner down the Cathedral and afterwards, those

attending, repaired to the Kildare St Club for a reception. Members of the Equestrian Order of Holy Sepulchre were made most welcome and a convivial evening was had by all.

An Irish Armorial

Heraldry is a system of identification using Coats of Arms: hereditary pictorial devices that include a

shield shape. There are examples of proto-heraldry from earlier, but European norms of heraldry came to Ireland around the end of the 12th century. The Chief Herald of Ireland (whose Office is part of the National Library of Ireland, and succeeded that of Ulster King of Arms) is the Heraldic Authority for the island of Ireland.

Dr Frank Hurl KCHS has compiled an Armorial, or collection, of Irish Coats of Arms in the Equestrian

Order, available to members. It contains not only the Arms of those current members who are armigerous (i.e. who have established a right to the Arms by grant, confirmation or inheritance) and who supplied details, but also the Arms of notable Irish former members of the Order from even before the foundation of the Lieutenancy.

This Armorial

lists details of each Coat of Arms, with a picture, a description in heraldic language (‘blazon’), and the Authority that makes it legitimate. It also contains a summary of the Constitutional heraldic privileges of Knights, Dames and Ecclesiastics.

By Dr Peadar Ó Mordha

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“Much is Expected”

Fr. Francis Mitchell "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required." The King James translation of the Bible has a particular appeal to the person with a love for well spoken

English. It brings to mind recent contributions in the British Parliament's House of Commons by the Right Honourable Jacob Rees-Mogg. The Leader of the Commons has a magnificent command of the language and uses it to maximum effect, and whether or not one agrees with what he has to say, still one will be curious to hear how he says it and will often be at least amused by it.

A more blunt rendition of Lk.12:48 might read: "those to whom much is given, much is expected". There

are no linguistic distractions in this translation and the reader is left in no doubt about its meaning. The Christian is someone to whom much has been given. Through Baptism we have been given a share in the very life of God, and by becoming members of the Church and through the sacramental life of the Church, we are invited and enabled to prioritise this relationship with God above all else. However, human nature being what it is, we find it much easier to nuance the Lord's words in St. Luke's Gospel, and we somehow convince ourselves that either they don't apply to me, or that I'm already spectacularly in credit in this regard. In our more honest moments we can see and admit that neither defence will withstand much scrutiny.

We must never despair of our shortcomings and our sinfulness, however. St. Luke's Gospel, according to the scripture scholars, reveals the evangelist's understanding of Jesus as the one who reconciles God and humanity, and his Gospel has been described as the "Gospel of Reconciliation". Indeed Dante - the thirteenth-century Italian poet - referred to Luke as the "scribe of the gentleness of Christ". Couple this, then, with St. Paul's declaration in his Second Letter to the Corinthians: "God in Christ was reconciling the world to himself, […], and he has entrusted to us the news that [we] are reconciled" (5:19), and what he says in his Letter to the Romans: "the Spirit comes to help us in our weakness […]" (8:26), we soon recognise that for the serious Christian, while the challenge of discipleship is great, we have the wind to our backs.

"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."

In the Apostolic Nunciature at a reception to commemorate the first anniversary of the visit of Pope Francis: Gerald and Martina Harbinson, Roddy Leonard and Pat and Fionnula O'Byrne

The Holy Land Commission visit the construction site of new Church in Jubeiha - see Lieutenant’s foreword

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