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Equestrian Order of the HolySepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland Vol 3 №4

In This Issue: 2 Blessed Bartolo Longo KGCHS 4 One of our Projects for 2019 5 News in Photos 6 Canonised and Beatified Members of the Order 7 The annual Mass for the World Day of Peace 7 Knock Pilgrimage 2019 8 The Acts of the Apostles 9 Sr Bridget Tighe Director of Caritas Jerusalem to Address the 2019 Chapter meeting 10 Obituaries:

Fr. Donal O'Callaghan KHS Dame Marion A. O'Byrne DC*HS Fr. Kevin Laheen KCHS Margaret (Gretta) Dorgan DC*HS Loughlin J. Sweeney KSG, GCHS

12 Pilgrimage 2019, Order Wine & Decorations

Upcoming Events May 11th Feast Day: Bartolo Longo and Northern Region Mass, Belfast June 11th-12th European Lieutenants’ Meeting, Rome June 20th Corpus Christi June 29th Council Meeting July 7th Procession in honour of St Oliver Plunkett July 19th-20th Vigil, Promotion and Admission of Postulants, Maynooth September 1st Dublin Regional Mass


May 2019

Dear fellow member, As we know, the Order is a family and new members are admitted to it by approval of the Grand Master.

Mid February I had a happy occasion, probably the only one any Lieutenant in Ireland or perhaps Order-wide will experience, to visit Fr Kevin Laheen, SJ, KCHS in Drumcondra a day in advance of his one hundredth birthday to give thanks for his service and extend good wishes on that auspicious occasion. As indicated elsewhere, he was a frequent pilgrim to the Holy Land. Amongst his claims to fame is that he was author of the daily prayer of the Lieutenancy. A few weeks later I attended his funeral Mass, accompanied by two of his past pupils Eamon Walsh and Fintan Flannelly, together with members of the Lieutenancy. That weekend together with a very large representation of members I attended the funeral of Dame Marion O’Byrne in Trim. A lady in all senses of that word she was a frequent pilgrim to the Holy Land and was a pleasure to serve with. Please remember them, Fonsie her husband and Dame Mary her sister in law, and our other deceased family in your daily prayers.

These words are written on Palm Sunday when the Christian and other

faith groups will focus on the Holy Land, our mission objective. In the last few months Council has approved three new projects to support – one of which is explained at some length in this edition. Your charity gives hope to our fellow Christians and its long-term impact cannot be under estimated. Whilst these are “concrete” manifestations of your donations, we have commenced in a modest way to forward funds for humanitarian aid to the Holy Land, last Christmas and the start of Lent. Such aid assists in the purchase of medical treatment, drugs etc by those living in jurisdictions where state-aid is not provided. During our end year Pilgrimage we shall visit some of the projects you have funded. Incidentally our youngest Pilgrim shall be 14, our most mature over 80!.

I anticipated in the last edition a seminar on recruitment. This was

held in Eccles Street in December and participants raised a number of possibilities which are being followed. This year will see, thanks to Our Lady Queen of Palestine and a number of members, a substantial admission of new members to join us in our mission to aid our fellow Christians in the land that Jesus determined to be the place of his birth, death and Resurrection.

September 14th Council Meeting

I look forward to seeing you in July for the ceremonies in Maynooth,

October 5th Western Region Mass in Cong

Deus lo Vult

October 25th– November 2nd Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Peter Durnin Lieutenant.

November 16th Day of Recollection, Dalgan Park, Navan HS-Newsletter-April-2019.indd 1

if not before!

Deus lo Vult 19/04/2019 12:07

Blessed Bartolo Longo KGCHS (1841-1926)

Homily Notes of Very Rev. Patrick J. Mangan KCHS It can be said without any shadow of doubt that Blessed Bartolo Longo is

the founder of the modern city of Pompeii in southern Italy. Blessed Bartolo Longo was born in the year 1841. His loving and devout mother died when Bartolo was only ten years of age. What an irreparable loss to the young child. The loss of a mother is a cruel blow and Bartolo felt that loss. She it was, who gave him life and taught him his prayers. She loved him and nourished him by word and example.

Bartolo was a bright child and when he finished primary and secondary

school he went to university, a secular institute where his faith was tested and lost for some time.

Anti-clericalism was a strong force in Italy at that time. He had already begun to question his faith and all his mother had taught him, and hate and ridicule set in. Bartolo embraced that secular culture of the times and that is where his real troubles begun. He influenced his fellow students, many of them turned away from the church. He did continue his studies; he was a bright student and qualified as a lawyer. His father died, Bartolo became very depressed and was a troubled young man. But it was the prayers of his mother and some good friends that helped him to return to his faith. But it was a tough battle. It happened like this; One night Bartolo felt he heard the voice of his father crying out to him and saying “Son return to God”. The young man was stunned and frightened. He sought a friend, a former professor of his university who was a man of faith and lived close by. The professor looked at him and said - “Do you want to die and be lost forever?” The professor Vincenzo Pepe was thinking of all the wrong choices Bartolo had made and though his words were stern, they cut through to the heart of Bartolo.

Next day Bartolo went to see a priest, Fr. Alberto Radente of the Dominican Order. It was slow work, it

took several weeks of regular meetings but at the end of much dialogue, prayer and counselling Bartolo went to confession. A new life began for Bartolo. He began to pray, to lead a Christian life and bore great witness to Christ - and to the many people he had led away from the faith and from the church. He kept in touch with his Dominican priest friend and even took vows as a lay Dominican on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

He became a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. But Satan did not give up on trying to tempt Bartolo to return to his sinful past. The devil never gives up. Bartolo had to fight another spiritual battle. But his devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary and his consecration to her was not wasted. He won the battle. He now realised that his path to Heaven was by teaching others to pray the Rosary. He moved to the ruins of Pompeii and with the help of a local Countess, rebuilt the shrine of Our Lady there. She was a woman of faith, wealth and integrity. She and Bartolo finally married with the guidance of Pope Leo XIII. They entered a celibate marriage and they continued to serve the poor of that most impoverished area.

For the next fifty years, Bartolo preached the Rosary, established schools and orphanages etc. for the

children of criminals and transformed a city of decadence and death into one of love and life dedicated to the Mother of God. Every action was motivated by his deep faith.

I have had the privilege of leading many pilgrims to Pompeii and of offering Mass in the Chapel of Blessed Longo beside his mortal remains in that great majestic Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary.

And as I offered the Holy Mass, I was deeply conscious of the power of prayer, the power of the Rosary

and of course the power of the Holy Mass. As I reflected in my homily there, I got a glimpse of the faith which prompted Blessed Longo to accomplish all that he did. To him his faith was an anchor in the midst 2

HS-Newsletter-April-2019.indd 2

Deus lo Vult 19/04/2019 12:07

of chaos. Faith gave him the vision to know right from wrong. and faith gave him the courage to express it. Faith was the staff that supported him as he struggled to face the many obstacles placed in his way. Faith gave him a hope which was the primary factor in his survival.

Bartolo Longo was beatified in 1980 by Pope St. John Paul II when he declared and proclaimed that Blessed Longo was a true and devoted child of Mary. We must pray fervently for his canonisation. In conclusion after my Mass, I did promise that I would encourage many souls to come, to pray, at the shrine. So I hope all our Knights and Dames will make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary at Pompeii.

Prayer for the Canonisation of Blessed Bartolo Longo God, Father of Mercy, we praise you for having sent into the history of humankind Blessed Bartolo Longo, ardent apostle of the Rosary and shining example of a layman deeply involved in the evangelical witnessing of faith and of charity. We thank you for his extraordinary spiritual journey, his prophetic intuitions, his tireless endeavours on behalf of the poorest and the neglected, the devotion with which he served your Church and built the new city of love at Pompeii. We beseech you, grant that Blessed Bartolo Longo soon be numbered among the Saints of the universal Church, so that everyone may follow him as a model of life and benefit by his intercession. Amen.

Three “Glory” Be to the Father Book review Two years of travels and meetings to make a journalistic investigation on the relics of Christ. The result of such work of journalist and essayist Grzegorz Gorny and of photographer Janusz Rosikon is a book just published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana: “Witnesses to Mystery.

Among those studied and photographed in this volume, are — beside the most known Holy Shroud — the Holy Cross, the nails, the Crown of Thorns, the Column of the Scourging, Christ’s tunic of Argenteuil, the garment of Treviri, the Veil of Manoppello, the Shroud of Oviedo and others.

The two authors follow the trail of the relics of the Lord’s Passion in several countries of the world, and

gather a rich documentation on the specific objects that have remained from ancient times up to today. They scour the archives, talking with historians and meet with world renown scientists to know the results of their work. They don’t accept anything on faith but starting from historical sources they seek to find confirmation of the authenticity of the relics in scientific researches.

The book was presented at Rome in the Palazzo della Rovere, headquarters of the Equestrian Order of

the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, on March 28. Intervening were the authors themselves and the Governor General of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Leonardo Visconti di Modrone, and Fra Giulio Cesareo OFMCap., Editor-in-Chief of the Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

Deus lo Vult HS-Newsletter-April-2019.indd 3


19/04/2019 12:07

One of our Projects for 2019

The Lieutenancy is Supporting This Year : Rehabilitation Works of the Multi-Purpose Hall in Birzeit, Palestine. Birzeit Village is 73 km North of Jerusalem.

A traditional Christian village, Birzeit’s ruins date back to the Byzantine era and beyond, a part of the

historically Christian region north of Jerusalem. A massive refugee camp was set up on Church-owned property and is now home for almost 10,000 people which is located a few miles from the town. In 1967, more people were displaced across the country. The demographics of the town began to change as Christians opted to emigrate to the West seeking economic opportunities and political and social freedom. The town is noted for its university that was funded by the Nasser family, supported by friendly governments who wanted to help provide the education necessary for economic survival.

Birzeit Parish and school hall being originally a hall with multiple steps (auditorium style) prevents being

used for other purposes than being a theatre. There is a current need to remodel the hall to a flat multipurpose hall with all the relevant works needed. After rehabilitating the hall, it will be used for all parish and school related activities. This will facilitate in engaging Birzeit children, youth, students and elderly in the parish activities to serve the community.

The project will require 4 months of different electrical, technical and mechanical works for the parish hall to be operational and functioning.

Beneficiaries 1. School students

and teachers that will conduct all the school-related activities like ceremonies, gatherings, lectures, parties in the hall.


Parishioners, youth, church communities and societies, elderly people, scouts and faithful will be


Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem that strives to provide the best for its people and to allow the continuity

directly benefited from the new rehabilitated hall. It will provide them with a safe and welcoming environment to conduct all their activities, gatherings and meetings. of the LPJ biblical mission in serving its communities in the Holy Land.

Total cost for the project is estimated at USD 24,856.00


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Deus lo Vult 19/04/2019 12:07

News in Photos

Members at a recent function: John Harrington, Chancellor Tom Lynch, Dr Roderick Maguire, Eamon Walsh and Eugene Ward. In the background is a portrait of Cardinal Cullen.

Bygone days, Larderello in Tuscany 1930

Chev Joseph Tiernan, representing the Lieutenancy, at the Madrid Investiture.

Membership Seminar Mater December 2018 Dublin l to r Dr Donal Lydon, Michael Howard and H.E. Joe McDonnell

Congratulations. Áine & Brendan O’Reilly with Cardinal Brady who have become members of the Papal Order of St. Sylvester, Pope and Martyr.

Presentation of diploma of promotion by Archbishop Michael Neary Grand Officer to Commander Peadar Ó Mordha in Knock

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19/04/2019 12:07

Canonised and Beatified Members of the Order 1


2 4





Blessed Andrea Cardinal Ferrari, Archbishop of Milan (1894 – 1921), feast day 2 February. Blessed Aloysius Cardinal Viktor Stepinac (1898 - 1960), feast day 10 February Blessed Pius IX (1792 - 1878), feast day 7 February Blessed Giuseppe Benedetto Dusmet Archbishop of Catania (1818 - 1894), feast day 4 April Saint Pope Pius X, Grand Master (1835- 1914), feast day 21 August, Blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Cardinal Schuster (1880 - 1954), Grand Officer. Archbishop of Milan, feast


Blessed Bartolo Longo (1841 - 1926), Grand Officer, feast day 6 October.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

day 30 August

New members

The future wellbeing of the Lieutenancy and, consequently, our aid to the Holy Land, is dependent on

ongoing suggestions of new members. Where you have identified a possible new member, please seek an application form from our Chancellor, Thomas Lynch KCHS, San Marco, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18 tel: 087-3770007 email chancellor@holysepulchre.ie. The name and address of the candidate should be indicated. Prior to seeking the form the candidate should be advised of the Catholic nature of the Order, its activities in Ireland, and our works in the Holy Land. The recently issued leaflet issued to each member will assist in candidate familiarisation. Candidates should be advised of the requirement to attend an Information Meeting. The next such event shall be in St Columban’s, Dalgan Park, Navan Co Meath on Saturday 16 November 2019 for year 2020 admissions.


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Deus lo Vult 19/04/2019 12:07

Knock was well attended once again this year with over 50 members participating in spiritual exercises led by our Ecclestical Master of Ceremonies Fr. Francis Mitchell, JCL, KCHS. In addition to spouses and friends we were encouraged to have 5 aspirants in attendance, part of 7 who will be admitted in Maynooth this year. At the luncheon H.E.Peter spoke about Pope Francis addressing the Consulta meeting in Rome of all the Lieutenancies In addressing the Consulta of the Order in November last he made a number of points •the principal aim of your Order resides in the spiritual growth of its members. Therefore, any success of your initiatives cannot be separate from adequate religious formation programmes addressed to every knight and every dame •you are not a philanthropic entity committed to promoting the material and social improvement of recipients. You are called to place the evangelical love of your neighbor as the final aim of your works, to witness everywhere the goodness and care with which God loves everyone.

The annual Mass for the World Day of Peace

This was held at Our Lady Queen Of Peace on Merrion Road Dublin on the 1

January 2019. It was a fine

turnout with a good number of Dames representing•Itthe Order. It was celebrated is a good sign that your initiatives in the field of training and health care are open to all, regardless of the communities by Dr Diarmuid Martin Archbishop of they belong to and the religion they profess. In this way, you help pave the way to the knowledge of Christian values, the promotion of interreligious dialogue, mutual respect, and Dublin and theto theme chosen by Pope mutual understanding. Francis this year was “ Good politics with your meritorious commitment, you too offer your contribution to the construction of the path is at service of peace”. that will lead, we the all hope, to the achievement of peace Chev. throughoutFrank the region. Hurl Lay Master of Ceremonies was on hand to process the 25 members.

Knock Pilgrimage 2019 Knock

was well attended once again this year with over 50 members participating in spiritual exercises led by our Ecclestical Master of Ceremonies Fr. Francis Mitchell, JCL, KCHS. In addition to spouses and friends we were encouraged to have 5 aspirants in attendance, part of 8 who will be admitted in Maynooth this year. At the luncheon H.E.Peter spoke about Pope Francis addressing the Consulta meeting in Rome. In addressing the Consulta of the Order in November last, Pope Francis made a number of points:

The principal aim of your Order resides in the spiritual

You are not a philanthropic entity committed to promoting the material and social improvement of

It is a good sign that your initiatives in the field of training and health care are open to all, regardless

With your meritorious commitment, you too offer your contribution to the construction of the path

growth of its members. Therefore, any success of your initiatives cannot be separate from adequate religious formation programmes addressed to every knight and every dame. recipients. You are called to place the evangelical love of your neighbour as the final aim of your works, to witness everywhere the goodness and care with which God loves everyone.

of the communities they belong to and the religion they profess. In this way, you help pave the way to the knowledge of Christian values, to the promotion of interreligious dialogue, mutual respect, and mutual understanding. that will lead, we all hope, to the achievement of peace throughout the region.

Deus lo Vult HS-Newsletter-April-2019.indd 7



19/04/2019 12:07

The Acts of the Apostles

After to trauma of the crucifixion and death of Jesus, celebrated liturgically during Holy Week each year,

comes, in a burst of light and joy, the Resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday and the constant refrain thereafter, Alleluia. This event is so significant and important to the Church that its celebration is stretched out over fifty days until Pentecost in an attempt to do it justice. Throughout this time, known as Eastertide, we are invited to listen to excerpts from the Acts of the Apostles. This biblical text describes the beginnings of the Church after the Resurrection, and shows how the Church continues the work of Christ in the world. Every page of the Acts of the Apostles demonstrates that the power at work in and through the apostles and the fledgling Christian communities is none other than the Holy Spirit. The Acts of the Apostles is a text that still has relevance and much to say to us today.

Scripture scholars tell us that the Acts of the Apostles is, as it were, the second volume of St. Luke’s

Gospel. The vocabulary and style are so similar it is reasonable to conclude that they come from the pen of the same inspired author. In fact the opening line confirms this: “In my earlier work, Theophilus, I dealt with everything Jesus had done and taught from the beginning until the day he gave his instructions to the apostles he had chosen through the Holy Spirit, and was taken up to heaven.” (Acts 1:1-2) Here we see that while in his Gospel Luke wrote an account that had its focus set on the great events in Jerusalem, here in his second book his focus is outward and away from Jerusalem in ever widening circles as the Good News flows down from the cross and out to the very ends of the earth. (Acts 8:1-8)

One of the most important themes which runs like a golden thread through the entire text is the fact of the

movement of Christianity away from the Chosen People, the Jews, to the pagan world, the gentiles. The Acts of the Apostles is keen to emphasise again and again that belief in Jesus – crucified and risen from the dead – is reasonable and logical, and that it is in fact the fulfilment of the promise God made to the Jews long ago. At the same time it presents examples of where Judaism will not accept the Gospel, and where the apostles turn their attention to the pagans with a considerable amount of success. The reader will also notice, for example, that Peter does not make this move towards the pagans on his own initiative but is instructed and guided by the Holy Spirit to admit them to Christianity. (Acts 11:1-18)

A second golden thread is the author’s determination to demonstrate that secular and political powers and

authorities have absolutely nothing to fear from Christianity. Its core message is one of love, tolerance and forgiveness, and these characteristics ought never to be perceived as a threat to anyone.

Interestingly, there are glimpses in the Acts of the Apostles of controversies and dissensions within the early

Christian communities too. These are spoken about more clearly in other New Testament texts, but Acts is careful to stress that these disturbances do not damage the overall peace and harmony of the community, which is exemplified by the way in which the early Christians held everything they owned in common: “The whole group of believers was united, heart and soul; no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, as everything they owned was held in common. […]. None of their members was ever in want, as all those who owned land or houses would sell them, and bring the money from the sale of them.” (Acts 4:32, 34)

Controversies and dissension continue in the Church today, but, like before, they will never do irreparable damage because the core message is the same today as it was in the earliest days of Christianity. The Gospel message is still one the world struggles to accept but longs to hear. And the world waits for us, an Easter people, to proclaim the kerygma anew in our time. Alleluia. by Rev. Francis Mitchell, KCHS


on Henry Wansbrough “Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles” in McNamara, Martin (Ed.), Making the Most of the Weekday Readings (Dominican Publications, Dublin, 1977), pp.46-47. 8

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Deus lo Vult 19/04/2019 12:07

Sr Bridget Tighe Director of Caritas Jerusalem to Address the 2019 Chapter meeting

Ballindoon Co. Sligo Irish missionary, Sr Bridget Tighe was

presented recently with a Presidential Distinguished Service Award by President Michael D Higgins. The award is a recognition of her 40 years of ministry and service to the poor and vulnerable in the Middle East.

Members will hear firsthand accounts of the significant issues in living in the Holy Land. We shall also meet Sr Bridget on site during our October Pilgrimage.

By way of background, when she was 17, Bridget Tighe emigrated to England to study nursing at Whipp’s

Cross Hospital in East London. She entered the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood at Ladywell on 25 June 1965, and after being professed she served Palestinian refugees in Jordan as a nurse and midwife. She studied theology at Cambridge University, and specialised in health economics at the London School of Economics. She launched the prestigious Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology in Cambridge in 1993 and served as vice rector of Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem.

Sr Bridget has served almost 40 years in the Middle East. More recently she has been working with the beleaguered Palestinian communities in Gaza and Jerusalem. She led the Caritas Jerusalem medical centre in Gaza where the population has suffered from repeated attacks by the Israeli military.

Based in the Holy Land, Caritas Jerusalem is a humanitarian and development organization that represents the socio-pastoral service of the Catholic Church in Jerusalem. It was founded in 1967 in the aftermath of the Six-Day War, to respond to the overwhelming needs of Palestinian refugees.

The number of its beneficiaries, from all religious denominations, is approximately 30 000 in the Occupied

Palestinian Territories. Since its inception, Caritas Jerusalem has been active with responding to humanitarian emergencies caused by the ongoing conflicts in the Holy Land.


Jerusalem operates in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem through five main departments. Caritas Jerusalem also founded in 1990 a Day Care Center in Ramallah that takes care of 65 isolated and underprivileged elderly persons. The centre monitors closely the health of its members and renders regular medical check-ups to screen for eyesight, diabetes and blood pressure level. It provides them with hot meals three times a week. In year 1999, the Old City Counselling Center (OCCC) was established with the aim of helping the increasingly impoverished population of East Jerusalem and focusing more specifically on drug abuse issues.


Jerusalem headquarters is located in Jerusalem and it employs approximately 72 people. In addition, in 2005 Caritas Jerusalem initiated a volunteer programme to empower young people and facilitate activities. Caritas Jerusalem is present in 10 parishes around Ramallah and Bethlehem and is present in schools in Ramallah, Taybeh and Birzeit (see our project for a multi-purpose hall).

Sr Bridget Tighe and President Michael D. Higgins

Deus lo Vult HS-Newsletter-April-2019.indd 9


19/04/2019 12:07

Fr. Donal O'Callaghan KHS

Called to the new and eternal Jerusalem on 14 June, 2018. Priest of Cloyne and Founder of Muintir Mhuire, Ballybutler, Ladysbridge, Co. th

Cork and late of Youghal Road, Midleton, Co. Cork, Fr. Donal was a great friend to the Medjugorje Council of Ireland and wonderful devotee of Medjugorje.


2003, Fr. Donal set up a community (called ”Muintir Mhuire” (Mary’s extended Family)) and had a house in Ladysbridge, Co. Cork and a house in Medjugorje, solely for young people to take time out from the pressures of life. Muintir Mhuire became that place where they could begin to appreciate all their blessings and come to know the immense love that God has for them. The mission of the community was to ‘offer a place for time out, a retreat, an opportunity for them to develop their spiritual life, through prayer, practical work and study’. Fr.Donal was admitted as a member of the Order in 2012.

Dame Marion A. O'Byrne DC*HS

Marion returned to God on the 28 March, 2019 It was no surprise that Marie chose a vocational th

career in nursing. The compassionate nature which she readily displayed stayed with her all her life. A loving smile and warm embrace put us all at ease when experiencing her company. Possessing a strong deep rooted faith which strengthened her strong convictions Marie proved to be a committed member and servant of the Order since her admission in 2006. Extremely enjoyable and prayerful pilgrimages to Lourdes and the Holy Land brought Marie ever closer to understanding the life of Jesus and his Blessed Mother. Marie will be especially remembered by those in need of a compassionate ear and wise counsel and as someone who lived her life constantly upholding and promoting the ideals of the Order which she constantly recalled in our Daily Prayer. During the funeral Mass, her robe and insignia were on her coffin.

Fr. Kevin Laheen KCHS

The death occurred of Fr. Kevin Laheen S.J., K.C.H.S. on Tuesday 26 2019.



He was admitted to the Order in 1990 and visited the Holy Land on many

occasions. He regularly concelebrated at Order events and was assisted regularly by Sr. Therese Kearney. He was 100 years of age and was presented with a bouquet of flowers from the Order on that occasion. He wrote many books and also taught at Mungret, Belvedere and Gonzaga. In his funeral homily Fr.Charlie Davy S.J. said that Fr.Kevin’s association with the Order gave him great support in the latter years and it also shared his love of the Holy Land. Chevalier Gerard and his wife Dame Catherine Concannon had a particular affection for Fr.Kevin and he brought them many moments of joy and spirituality throughout the years. He will be missed dearly by all members especially as a presence on the Altar at Order masses. 10

HS-Newsletter-April-2019.indd 10

Deus lo Vult 19/04/2019 12:07

Margaret (Gretta) Dorgan DC*HS

She went to heaven on the 3 day of May 2018. She was admitted to the Order in 2001. Born in Blackrock Co. Dublin, one of rd

six sisters. Educated by the Dominican sisters and taught through the medium of Irish. She qualified as a company secretary and amongst other duties managed a manufacturing company through difficult times. Gretta and her fellow member Jim married in 1969. Jim used to say that it was Joe Dolan's fault because Joe sang the night they met. Their family was complete with the birth of their sons Chevalier Stephen and Carl, whom she nurtured and mentored, whilst caring/ nursing her parents throughout the late 70s and 80s. While the boys attended Blackrock College, she was active on the parents and social committee's and used to regale in the tales told -by her committee friends, no doubt adding her own little ‘twist’.

She sometimes told the story of a visitor to the house to meet her uncle Dr. Anthony Mc Lysaght (Chief

Herald of Ireland (1943-1954) and last surviving member of the first Irish Senate), years later she realised that the visitor was Eamon deValera Taoiseach. On visiting the crèche in Bethlehem in the Holy Land she was deeply moved, With her friends she devised a way to get support to the crèche. Gretta was awarded the Silver Palm of Jerusalem in 2013.

Loughlin J. Sweeney KSG, GCHS

The death occurred of Chevalier Loughlin on November 30 2018. He was born in Lee, Portarlington, Co. Laois in April 1930 and joined the th

Munster and Leinster Bank which later became part of AIB. He finished his banking career as one of AIB’s executives in charge of Lending. He was author of The Institute of Bankers handbook on lending which was used by those studying for their Banking Diploma. Loughlin was greatly interested in history and especially that of the Sweeney Clan.

He married Dame Mary Sweeney in St Patrick’s Church, Cork on 23

January 1957 and had four children. Loughlin was invested into our Order together with Mary in Holy Cross Abbey in 1994 and subsequently promoted to the high rank of Grand Cross. He served on Council firstly as our Treasurer and subsequently as our Chancellor. rd


worked closely with Tomás Cardinal O’Fiaích on fundraising for St Patrick’s Seminary, Maynooth. He continued as Director of Development in Maynooth. For his years of dedicated service to his parish, Maynooth and our Order, Loughlin was honoured by the Holy Father by being invested as a Knight of Saint Gregory.

All now raised hopefully to the new and eternal Jerusalem Deus lo Vult HS-Newsletter-April-2019.indd 11


19/04/2019 12:07

Death of a member.

It is vital that you pass on news of death or serious

illness of a member as soon as you receive it. The three critical persons to be informed are Mairead Walls 0044-7889379509, Rodney Leonard 086-8114636 and Frank Hurl 087-2903037.


Have you mislaid or lost some item of insignia or

beret. If you have, contact the Chancellor chancellor@ holysepulchre.ie to obtain a replacement.

Order Rosette:

Display it proudly, especially when attending Mass

Change of contact details: Do we need to alter your address, insert an eircode,

Substitute Lay Masters of Ceremonies at funerals In the event that the Chev Frank Hurl is not available please contact:

David Quinn. Mayo . . . . . . 087-2211164 Barry McLoughlin. Mayo . . . . 087-2645420 Chris Nolan. Dublin . . . . . . 087-2857224 Brian Cunneen. Dublin . . . . . 086-8386636 Raphael Kelly. Dublin . . . . . 086-8346088 Eiver O’Hanlon. Westmeath . . . 086-8823277 Michael McCabe. Waterford . . . 087-3579607 We await a volunteer for Northern Ireland.

change your mobile number or email address. If so please contact our Secretary, Ivan Healy, at ivan.healy@ beattyhealy.ie or at 39 Ashdale Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W. You will receive in the near future a letter from the Secretary related to the 2019 membership directory and alterations due to the General data Protection Regulations

Pilgrimage 2019, Order Wine & Decorations

At present and at time of going to press there are two things in limited supply! Firstly the Order wine for last year is almost sold out with 2 cases remaining. There is a new wine or possibly a red and a white of high standard with the Order label currently being prepared for sale in Maynooth.

Secondly places in this years pilgrimage are nearly filled with a very few remaining so please enquire with myself, Rodney,

or Chev. Frank Hurl if you are still looking to travel even at this late stage. Finally Chev Thomas Lynch has a stock of Order decorations and can be contacted regarding any items you may require.

Truth in the news Hopefully you find this Newsletter of interest and of value. It attempts to strike a balance of material in the

areas of Faith, Holy Land and our own activities here. Need one say it is about and for members. Thus if you have material (not more than 250 words) please send me typed copy to communication@holysepulchre.ie. not later than 10 August next for publication in early October. Rodney Leonard

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland

Council of the Lieutenancy

Lieutenant Peter F Durnin, GCHS “Rosaire”, Moneymore, Drogheda, Co Louth A92 RF6F email: Lieutenant@holysepulchre.ie tel: 041-9830278; 087-6591992 Chancellor Thomas Lynch, KCHS San Marco, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18 email: Chancellor@holysepulchre.ie. Tel: 01-2899867 Secretary Ivan Healy, KC*HS 39 Ashdale Road, Terenure, DUBLIN 6 email: Secretary@holysepulchre.ie. Tel: 01-4907554 Treasurer: Anthony Harbinson, KCHS 3 Corrina Park, Dunmurry, Belfast BT17 0HA email: Treasurer@holysepulchre.ie. Tel: 0044 28 90611013

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Eccles Master of Ceremonies: Vy Rev’d Francis Mitchell, JCL, KCHS Lay Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Frank Hurl KCHS Councillors: Stephen Dorgan KC*HS Dame Mairead Walls DCHS Gearóid Williams, KCHS Rodney Leonard KHS (086-8114636 communication@holysepulchre.ie) Lieutenants of Honour: Nicholas McKenna GCHS Charles A Kelly GCHS http://www.holysepulchre.ie Design by: Eric Dumas, Solid Space Printed by: Bethlehem Abbey Press

CHY No. 8617 / Registered Charity No. 20021399 / Northern Ireland registration no. IE0004

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