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Equestrian Order of the HolySepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland

Vol 2 №5

Spring 2013

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On 13 March last Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Supreme Pontiff and adopted the name Francis.

1 Visit to Grand Magesterium


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Twal has spoken about Holy Land Commission visits how he knew the new Pope: "I met Pope Francis when he was still the Patriarchate sites Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Christian joy and hope at Aires," he said." That was on the the empty tomb occasion of my visit to the Palestinian diaspora in Argentina about two New Archbishop of Tunis years ago. Cardinal Bergoglio, as he then was, knew the situation of Spring Mass Ennis March the Palestinians in Argentina and 2013 other Latin American countries very well."At that time I gave a talk in July 1990 Investiture Holy his presence in which I called for a Cross Abbey just peace in the Middle East and for mutual respect and tolerance between Christian Unity Week 2013 the different peoples there. Cardinal Revision of your Will Bergoglio expressed his agreement.

The media are reporting that Pope

Francis intends to visit Jerusalem in the coming year together with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. The Pope had accepted a suggestion to this effect from the Patriarch when the latter travelled to Rome for the inauguration. The Church leaders thus intended to recall the historical meeting between Pope Paul VI and the then Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras in the Holy City 50 years ago. However the Vatican has not yet confirmed this trip. The Pope with a delegation of Bishops from the Holy Land on April 15th, 2013

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Upcoming Events 2013: 4th May Northern Area Mass Belfast 30th May

Corpus Christi procession

7th July Feast Day of St Oliver Plunkett, Drogheda 19th & 20th July Vigil and admission of members Maynooth 16th to 20th September Pilgrimage to Rome 5h October Western Region Mass in the Church of St. Mary of the Rosary, Cong, Co. Mayo th 9 November Day of Recollection, Emmaus

Visit to Grand Magesterium

Sean Lynch KHS and Fr. Tim Bartlett

KCHS who are pictured on a visit to Rome (19th -22nd February 2013) were received by His Excellency Count Agostino Borromeo the Governor General at the Order Headquarters. They were given a tour of the Headquarters, which are located 200m from the boundary with the Vatican City State. Sean reports that His Excellency could not have made them more welcome and stated that “I would ask others going to Rome to call in. Please let them know that you are coming well in advance”. Deus lo Vult

Holy Land Commission visits Patriarchate sites From March 7

to 11th, 2013, the Holy Land Commission of the Grand Magisterium visited several projects of the Latin Patriarchate supported in the Holy Land by the Grand Magisterium. Father Humam Khzouz, General Administrator of the Patriarchate accompanied them to the sites. th

They visited the new Church in Aqaba, the Convent of the Rosary Sisters in Sweifieh, the American

University of Madaba. The three members of the Holy Land Commission were: Dr. Christa von Siemens, Thomas McKiernan (who attended the Maynooth Ceremonies in July 2012) and Dr. Michael Whelan, who through four days visited ten projects supported by the Grand Magisterium of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Dr. von Siemens, President of the Commission, said she was “very impressed with the level of work and finishing.”

The choice of a project to be completed

“Regularly,” Dr. von Siemens explains, “we come to the Holy Land to evaluate the needs of the projects

proposed by the Latin Patriarchate.” Once the studied projects with their relevant dossiers have been presented to the Grand Magisterium, they are analyzed, and decision is taken to support a particular project, according to the priorities of the Patriarchate. Precise reports and regular visits follow to monitor the work progress, led by Father Humam Khzouz, General Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate. Twice a year, members of the Grand Magisterium visit the projects in the Holy Land that are funded by the Order: projects just initiated, in progress or completed.

This visit focused on Jordan. Of the recently completed projects, the Commission is amazed “by the pure beauty” of the new Church of Stella Maris in Aqaba, which was inaugurated on December 14. Emotions were high at the parish Mass on Sunday, March 10, where families, young couples and children in Church came together. Dr. von Siemens said she was impressed by this visit which was an opportunity to perceive “Christianity lived in these places.” The group also visited Bishop Laham, Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan, where another project, the new Vicariate in Amman, was completed a few months ago. The Commission also visited several convents and rectories recently restored, thanks to the support of Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre, places such as those of Ruseifeh, Misdar, Hashimi, and the convent of the Rosary Sisters in Sweifieh.

One of the most important projects is the American University of Madaba. It is an undertaking that the

committee has known for several years. On Monday, March 11, the commission visited the University in operation with its students for the first time. The President of the Commission made no secret of being struck by the good relations that exist among the more than 850 students of different nationalities and religions. Further north, the group also visited the Wahadreh site (the construction of a new parish house) just started and is expected to be finished by the end of this summer.

The Commission then visited Fuheis, a site that in 2013 will be a new project. Within a few months, work will begin on the complete renovation of the parish house.


In the course of a few days, in the ten sites visited: an image of a Church of the Holy Land whose stones survive and are beautified, thanks to the continued support of the Grand Magisterium. Dr. von Siemens, once again struck by her encounters with the Christians of the Holy Land, concluded her trip with the words “we, not the East, we must be very grateful to the local Christians for their presence in this land.” Father Humam Khzouz, who led the members of the Commission through the different sites, has expressed gratitude to the Grand Magisterium on behalf of the Patriarchate,: “Without the Grand Magisterium these restorations would not be possible.” 2

Deus lo Vult

Christian joy and hope at the empty tomb

by Rev. Fr. Mark Mohan KHS Some time ago I heard an amusing story about a boy who, on his way home from Mass one Sunday morning asked his father “are horses Christian?“. The father, not wanting to sound dismissive asked the boy why he would ask such a question and the boy replied “Horses have long faces just like the people at Mass!”

I often wonder why our churches are full on Good Friday and when Easter Sunday comes along we are left with those whom Blessed John Paul II termed the “semper fidelis”.

So many love kissing of the Cross on Good Friday but when it comes to the Easter Day, the day of Resurrection and the joy of the empty tomb so many are unconvinced. As I look down the Church I often feel like asking why are your faces downcast? You are like the two Apostles on the road to Emmaus!

In Romans chapter 5:5 we read: “The empty tomb speaks to us of hope, the hope that does not disappoint because it is the gift of the Spirit of life”.

When His Holiness Benedict XVI went to the Holy Land and stood at the Holy Sepulchre he said: “Standing in this holy place, and pondering that wondrous event, how can we not be “cut to the heart”

(Acts 2:37) Here Christ died and rose, never to die again. Here the history of humanity was decisively changed. Here Christ, the new Adam, taught us that evil never has the last word, that love is stronger than death, that our future, and the future of all humanity, lies in the hands of a faithful and provident God”.

His Holiness encouraged us to place our complete trust in Christ who is living, he is no longer dead. There

is no doubt that the Good Friday liturgy leaves us with an almost empty and fatherless feeling. Yet like the Apostles and Mary in the upper room, we have much to ponder and consider. The joy of Holy Saturday night will still come. The Paschal Candle will once again burn brightly in the darkness, reminding us that Christ never leaves his sheep untended. The faithful and provident God is always with us.

On Easter Sunday morning we chant the Victimae paschali laudes: some lines, in Latin, ask Mary Magdalene what she saw in the garden that Easter Sunday morning.

“Tell us, Mary,

what thou didst see upon the way? I saw the sepulchre of the living Christ, and I saw the glory of the Resurrected one: The Angelic witnesses, the shroud with grave-clothes resting. Christ my hope, has risen, he goes before you into Galilee.

This is Christian joy and the promise of

the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Christ is risen, He is our hope! No need for long faces!

New Archbishop of Tunis

The Holy Father has appointed Fr. Ilario Antoniazzi as Archbishop of

Tunis. The Archbishop was born in Rai, Treviso, Italy and was ordained a priest in 1972. He has served in several pastoral roles in the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, most recently as pastor of Rameh in Galilee. Members who have been on recent pilgrimages have visited Rameh, where the Irish Lieutenancy supported the construction of a new school. Members will recall that the current Patriarch H.E. Fouad Twal was Archbishop of Tunis prior to his appointment to the Latin Patriarchate. Deus lo Vult


Spring Mass Ennis March 2013

Almost 80 members and guests attended in Ennis over the St. Patrick’s weekend where a preparatory

meeting was held on the Saturday for potential new members, followed by Mass in the Local Poor Clare Convent co-celebrated by Fathers Patrick Mangan, Ray Murrin and John Leonard. Later a dinner was held in the Old Ground Hotel where the guest of honour was the Bishop of Killaloe, Most Reverend Dr. Kieran O’Reilly. Both the Lieutenant and the Bishop addressed the members and their guests. On Sunday, the members formed a guard of honour outside the cathedral while the Bishop presented shamrock to members of the Defence Forces and then processed into the cathedral for 12.30 Mass, at which a very warm welcome was extended to the Order by Bishop O’Reilly.

Following his recent visit to Rome, our

Most Rev. Dr. Kieran O’Reilly

Brendan and Aine Fitzgerald O-Reilly

confrere Sean Lynch KHS presented a

Bishop of Killaloe addressing the

at the dinner in Ennis.

paten with the Order crest, for use at our

members in Ennis

religious ceremonies.

Frank Hurl and Damien Walls preparing to lead the members into Ennis Cathedral on Sunday the 17th March 2013.

July 1990 Investiture Holy Cross Abbey In 1990 the Order was privileged to welcome H.E. Dr. Patrick Hillery, the President of Ireland at the Investiture ceremonies that year in Holy Cross Abbey. Dr. Hillery was a personal friend of the then Lieutenant H.E. Tom Sheahan.

The Grand Prior H.E. Archbishop Thomas Morris, H.E.

Fonsie McEntaggart, H.E. Dr. Patrick Hillery, President of

President Patrick Hillery and H.E. Thomas Sheehan

Ireland, Dame Moira McGrath and H.E. Michael McGrath.


Deus lo Vult

Christian Unity Week 2013

To mark Christian Unity Week 2013 the Lieutenancy

was invited, with others, by the Vicar Rev Andrew McCroskery, on Sunday 20th January to Choral Evensong in St Bartholomew’s Church of Ireland, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

The format of the service was biblical readings, the recitation

of the creed, choral music and prayers. Amongst the prayers read by His Excellency Nicholas McKenna was the following

“Walking with Christ in the way of the cross, we are conscious

of the many places in our world that are torn apart by sorrow and suffering. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for all communities where there is division and distrust. Grant to them O God, your peace which passes all understanding and prosper the work of those who work to establish your reign of peace.”

Rev Andrew McCroskery with H.E. Nicholas McKenna after the Service.

Making or contemplating revision of your Will

You may wish to remember the Lieutenancy in making your will. Where a testator/testatrix is making his/ her Will and wishes to include a charitable Bequest as part of it, it is important that great care is taken to describe properly the Charity in question so that the gift/property can be passed to the intended beneficiary. A gift to the Order can consist of either personal or real property or a straight forward money gift. The following wording might be used:

"I Give and Bequeath the sum of ? (or else described exactly the property which is being given) to the Lieutenant for the time being of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Lieutenancy of Ireland for the specific purpose of utilising this gift for its charitable objectives and purposes".

If a member has already made a Will, and wishes to make a gift to the Order without changing their

Original Will, they can add a Codicil to their Will incorporating such Gift. However such Documents should be handled with care and should not be attempted without firstly seeking the advice of the Solicitor who drew up their Will in the first instance.

A successful website

In the past 12 months our website has experienced a very high “hit rate”. In that time 4,380 visitors came to the site to browse up to 20,000 pages in total. Our visitors are coming from a wide range of countries, mostly Europe, the Americas and Australia, indeed we are very big in Guam. Several visitors found our site using links on other Lieutenancy’s sites, we aim to reciprocate and send them back visitors. Our site follows the contemporary trend of being browsed on mobile devices. We welcome all your comments on improving the site, please contact our webmaster:

Deus lo Vult

Pilgrimage to Knock 2013

The fourth Lieutenancy Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady Knock Co Mayo took place commencing Friday afternoon 25th January, 2013 and concluding at lunchtime Saturday 26th January.

Following on the preparations organised by Chev Charles Kelly and Chev Donal Burke the Lieutenancy gathered at the Marian Shrine of Knock to prepare spiritually for the coming year. The acting Lay Master, Chev Donal Burke, assisted by Comdt Frank Hearns, gathered the members and accompanying spouses and friends for the Evening Prayer of the Church.

The Rosary was recited by Nicholas McKenna, Charles Kelly, Brendan O'Reilly, Con Power and Jack

Fadden and concluded with Benediction. The prayerful meditation was conducted by Ecclestical Knight Vy Rev Alan Burke.Afterwards members and friends gathered in the Knock House Hotel for communal dinner. During the course of his remarks the Lieutenant, His Excellency Nicholas McKenna, announced that the Presidency of the Order had communicated to him earlier that day the promotion of two dames, Dame Geri Walsh to Dame Grand Cross, and Dame Aine O'Reilly to Dame Commander. He also stated that members should be conscious in their prayers of the ill health of a number of members. Concluding he stated that a Pilgrimage would be formed for 2014 to progress to the Holy Land.

The next day members gathered in the Parochial Church, abutting the Apparition Chapel for Morning

Prayer of the Church and subsequently the Stations of the Cross. Afterwards members processed to the Apparition Chapel where Mass was celebrated by Vy. Rev'd Alan Burke, Vy. Rev'd Francis Mitchell, Vy. Rev'd Anthony Gillespie, Fr. Donal O'Callaghan, Fr. Mark Mohan and postulant Fr Derek Darby. The liturgical reading was undertaken by Chev Vincent McBrierty and Chev Frank Hurl led the prayers of the faithful, which included the Papal petition for January "That the Christian communities of the Middle East, often discriminated against, may receive from the Holy Spirit the strength of fidelity and perseverance".

Fr Burke in the course of his homily (the full text of which is in the Reflections area of the Website) said

"Christian hope is also that which allows the credibility of what we believe in to come to the fore. Some social commentators today point to what is termed a "crisis of credibility" with regard to the content of our Catholic Christian faith. Personal holiness, which has been rooted in the virtue of Christian hope, is an absolutely indispensible part of the Christian enterprise......There is an urgent task before us now in the context of the renewal of the Catholic Church in Ireland so longed-for by Our Holy Father of presenting the rich treasures of our Catholic faith in such as way that they are considered credible by those who are searching; to suggest that living by the compass of faith is a valid way for any person to live their life; to call all women and men to full, active membership of the ecclesial Body of Christ, the Church.....Christians hope for a better future underscored by Gospel values because we have hope in the victory of Christ, confirmed to us through his Resurrection, evidenced by the empty Tomb and made accessible to us in the mystery of the church of our time".


Deus lo Vult

World day of the Sick 2013

At the invitation of Dr Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin and Primate

of Ireland, the Lieutenant led a party of 14 members to attend the Annual Mass for the World Day of the Sick in the Church of Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road, Dublin on 10th February 2013.

During the course of his homily, Archbishop Martin recalled that the Great

Jubilee of the Year 2000 was one of the most significant events in the life and ministry of Pope John Paul II. He personally recalled on more than one occasion that immediately after his election as Pope the aging Polish Primate, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, had said to him that he would most likely be the Pope who was to lead the Church of Jesus Christ into the Third Millennium. Pope John Paul took that responsibility very seriously and he used the occasion of the Millennium to call for a worldwide renewal of the life of the Church. The celebrations of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 became then indeed an event with wide-ranging and worldwide influence in the Catholic Church.

Pope John Paul hoped that the Jubilee Year would become a stimulus for renewal of the Church and a

pattern of renewal for the subsequent years as a new century and a new Millennium unfolded. He wrote an Apostolic Letter to the entire Church in that sense. It was a clarion call, a call to mobilization and courage on the part of the entire Church, a call to renewed energy and enthusiasm to all Christians to develop a new climate of prayer and reflection and action to ensure that the enthusiasm of the Jubilee Year would not just be a passing emotion, but would lead to a vigorous renewal in the life of the Church. That call is still valid today, even though perhaps our energies have sometimes dried up.

Today we come together to celebrate the World Day of the Sick. I welcome all of you: the sick, those who

accompany you, the priests and religious, the Ambulance organizations, the Equestrian Order, the members of this parish which offers us such a warm and thoughtful welcome. To play its role in society, the Church must always deepen its faith lived out in love. The Church and her institutions must be constantly vigilant not to get trapped into habits which betray the selfless love of Jesus Christ. Like the disciples in today’s Gospel, we have to leave aside everything that distracts from what is central in our Christian vocation and to become “fishers of the men and women” through the message of Jesus, people who go out to embrace and support those in our society who most need the warmth and the support of Christian love.

It is that sense of Christian love which is the driving force of renewal in the Church. Without that love all the “mobilization” and “courage”, of “renewed energy” and “enthusiasm” and “action” about which I spoke earlier will be empty formula and hyper activism and leave our hearts only with an empty catch.

Statement by the Holy See

Vatican City, 16 October 2012 - In response to frequent requests for information concerning the recognition

by the Holy See of Equestrian Orders dedicated to the saints or to holy places, the Secretariat of State considers it opportune to reiterate what has already been published, namely that, other than its own Equestrian Orders (the Supreme Order of Christ, the Order of the Golden Spur, the Pian Order, the Order of Saint Gregory the Great, and the Order of Pope Saint Sylvester), the Holy See recognises and supports only the Sovereign Military Order of Malta - also known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta - and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The Holy See foresees no additions or innovations in this regard.

All other orders, whether of recent origin or mediaeval foundation, are not recognised by the Holy See. Furthermore, the Holy See does not guarantee their historical or juridical legitimacy, their ends or organisational structures. To avoid any possible doubts, even owing to illicit issuing of documents or the inappropriate use of sacred places, and to prevent the continuation of abuses which may result in harm to people of good faith, the Holy See confirms that it attributes absolutely no value whatsoever to certificates of membership or insignia issued by these groups, and it considers inappropriate the use of churches or chapels for their so-called "ceremonies of investiture". Deus lo Vult


Book Reviews:

Keys to Jerusalem: Collected Essays [Hardcover] Jerome Murphy-O’Connor (Author), brother of our colleague, Chev Brian Murphy-O’Connor.

Jerome Murphy-O’Connor has lived in Jerusalem

Palestinian Christians Figures and Trends

in the West Bank Facts

Author: Mitri Raheb Many resources could be found dealing with the

status of Palestinian Christians. However, few of them could be considered comprehensive and up-todate. This has been confirmed by a recent mapping carried out by Diyar Consortium. This book aims at creating a reliable database that is essential in developing a shared, comprehensive and ecumenical strategic vision for Christian support in Palestine, so that Christianity survives and thrives. This book includes different forms of information: statistics, charts and tables about the Christian presence in Palestine, a study on the emigration trends of Palestinian Christians, a study on the attitudes of Christians towards Church-related organizations, as well as a comprehensive directory of all Churchrelated organisations and institutions in the West Bank. • Paperback: 120 pages • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (16 Aug 2012) • Language: English • ISBN-10: 1478397470 • ISBN-13: 978-1478397472

for 48 years, during which time he has taught graduate students its history and archaeology, and also compiled a bestselling archaeological guidebook for visitors.

The current volume provides an initial survey of

the history, archaeology and theology of Jerusalem, but the twelve articles that make up the body of the book deal with problems that the author feels have not been given a satisfactory solution. Thus Murphy-O’Connor discusses the precise location of a number of important buildings, i.e. the Temple, the Antonia and the Capitol and also treat of events in the life of Jesus that are located in Jerusalem; his dispute with the money-changers in the Temple, his agony in the garden of Gethsemane, his route from Pilate to Golgotha. The previously unpublished chapters dealing with the Christian Quarter are perhaps the most original. They describe the creation of the Christian Quarter in 1063 and define its limits relative to the present Old City. Its two most important buildings, the Holy Sepulchre and the great Hospital of the Knights of St John, are treated in great detail. The concluding chapter is a classified bibliography of sources for the study of Jerusalem. • Hardcover: 336 pages • Publisher: OUP Oxford (23 Feb 2012) • Language: English • ISBN-10: 0199642028 • ISBN-13: 978-0199642021

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Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem - Newsletter - Ed.5 Vol.2 - 2013  

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Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem - Newsletter - Ed.5 Vol.2 - 2013  

Newsletter of the Irish Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. More at