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Equestrian Order of the HolySepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland

Vol 2 №7

In This Issue: 2 Catholic schools in the Holy Land 2 Holy Land 4 Bishop Shomali: “Yes. I’m afraid. “ 5 Christians in Holy Land 5 Northern Regional Mass Belfast. 6 Day of Recollection Emmaus, November 2013 6 Germany 7 Spring Mass Killarney, April 2014 8 Eddie McGrady, KCHS

Spring 2013

Installation of Charles Kelly KGCHS as the 5th Lieutenant of the Lieutenancy.


Friday the 24th January 2014 Charles Kelly was installed as the new Lieutenant to succeed H.E. Nicholas McKenna at Mass in Knock. The Mass was concelebrated by H.E. Archbishop Brown the Apostolic Nuncio, the Archbishop of Tuam Dr. Michael Neary and the Bishop of Achonry Dr. Brendan Kelly, together with many Order and local clergy. The Grand Master H.E. Charles Kelly, with H.E. Bart was represented by H.E. Bart McGetterick, and Lieutenants of Honour, McGetterick, who presented the Joe McDonnell and Nicholas McKenna. new Lieutenant with his brief of appointment. A large gathering of Knights and Dames of the Order, together with spouses and other guests attended at the Mass and later at the special dinner held in Knock House Hotel. This function was incorporated into the annual Pilgrimage to Knock by the Lieutenancy.


8 H.E. Declan Lawlor, GCHS

Charles Kelly addressed the members and guests and expressed his thanks for the tremendous support he had received and also complimented H.E. Nicholas on a very successful period as Lieutenant. A most enjoyable evening was had by all, some even adjourning to the local “Burns night” held in the Sanctuary Café.

8 New Council of the Lieutenancy.

Upcoming Events 2014: 31st May, London, 75th Anniversary Celebration. 19th June, Corpus Christi procession 6th July Feast Day of St Oliver Plunkett, Drogheda 18th & 19th July Vigil and Investiture of members Maynooth 6th to 15th September Holy Land Pilgrimage Western Region 11th October Mass in the Church of St. Mary of the Rosary, Cong, Co. Mayo 8th November Day of Recollection, Emmaus

Archbishop Neary with Fr. Mitchell preparing the candidate for installation.

H.E. Bart McGetterick robing the new Lieutenant.

Deus lo Vult

Catholic schools in the Holy Land

March 3, 2014. The 118 Catholic schools in the Holy Land are among the many institutions that the Church

runs for the good of all. They are a particular source of pride because of their excellent educational level.

There are 46 Catholic schools in Jordan: 23 are administered by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, 11 are administered by the Greek Catholic Archeparchy in Jordan, 1 is administered by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land In addition:3 are administered by male religious congregations. 8 are administered by female religious congregations. There are 40 Catholic schools in Palestine: 12 are administered by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem 6 are administered by the Franciscan Custody

of the Holy Land 3 are administered by the Greek Catholic Patriarchate of Jerusalem, 1 is administered by the Syrian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate. In addition: 3 are administered by male religious congregations 15 are administered by female religious congregations.

There are 32 Catholic schools in Israel: 6 are administered by the Greek Catholic Archeparchy

in Galilee, 5 are administered by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem 5 are administered by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land and 1 of them is administered by the Maronite Archeparchy of Haifa. In addition: 3 are administered by male religious congregations12 are administered by female religious congregations. The Church also administers special schools. There are 6 schools for dependent children (orphans and abandoned children) administered by female religious congregations (4 in Palestine, 1 in Israel and 1 in Jordan).

There are 5 schools for handicapped children with

special needs administered by female religious congregations and one administered by a male religious congregation (4 in Israel, 2 in Palestine). These schools have both Christian and Muslim pupils and staff. In a few of them in Israel, there are also Jewish pupils and staff. In all three countries, the Catholic schools are among the best in their respective countries.

Holy Land

From March 17-23, 2014, the Holy Land Commission of the Grand Magisterium of the Equestrian Order of

the Holy Sepulchre visited the Holy Land for a review of different projects of the Latin Patriarch currently in progress.

The Holy Land Commission of the Grand Magisterium of the EOHSJ regularly visits Palestine, Israel

and Jordan, to assess the needs and project developments of the Latin Patriarchate. Bi-annually, in fact, members of the Grand Magisterium Commission go there to monitor the progress of projects funded by the Order, visiting works in progress or completed, and giving consideration to future projects.

Each project is carefully studied and presented to the Grand Magisterium, which, after analysis, decides to

support such proposals according to the priorities of the Patriarchate. Followed up by specific reports and regular visits to monitor the work in the presence of Father Humam Khzouz, General Treasurer of the Latin Patriarchate.

The delegation consisted of Prof. Tom McKiernan, the new President of the Commission to the Holy Land,

Dr. Heinrich Dickmann and accompanied by his wife Barbara, and without Prof. Bart MacGettrick, unable to travel at this time. They were accompanied by Fr. Humam Khzouz. The Knights met His Beatitude 2

Deus lo Vult

Patriarch Fouad Twal and Bishop William Shomali, Patriarchal Vicar in Jerusalem. The Patriarchate administration then presented plans for various projects.

The Commission went to Jordan accompanied by the General Treasurer and visited projects in Na'our.

There they monitored the progress of work on the parish rectory and the convent of the Sisters of the Rosary. They also visited the school in Al-Ashrafieh and the Fuheis rectory, now fully renovated.

In Jordan, the Knights also visited the Our Lady of Peace Center (The Irish Lieutenancy financially supports this centre), a place for people with disabilities and also for diocesan activities, especially for the youth. Finally, they came to the baptismal site on Jordanian side.

The journey continued to the Palestinian side where they came to Taybeh to see proposed plans for restoration of the rectory. Then on to Jifna, Ain Arik and Ramallah. Ten Patriarchate sites were visited in a few days. An exciting program for the Knights whose love and

support for the Holy Land are infinitely valuable to the local Church.

Pope’s Visit to the Holy Land

ROME, March 28, 2014 - The Catholic Center for Media Studies (CCSM) issued a statement Thursday

unveiling the programme of Pope Francis' visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at the invitation of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein.

The statement, published in conjunction with the announcement of the Vatican today and signed by Father

Rif'at Bader, the official spokesman for the visit on behalf of the Catholic Church in Jordan, said that the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Jordan on May 24 includes official meetings with His Majesty King Abdullah as well as meetings with senior officials during which His Holiness will deliver his first speech.

He will then head to Amman Stadium to celebrate Mass as his predecessors John Paul II did in 2000 and

Benedict XVI did in 2009 where a large number of accompanying cardinals, patriarchs, bishops and priests as well as huge masses of the faithful from Jordan and abroad will take part. Pope Francis will also deliver the homily during the Mass.

Fr. Bader said that Pope Francis' itinerary also includes a visit to the Baptismal Site which will be the

fourth time in half a century that a pontiff visits the Jordan River; where the first visit was by Pope Paul VI in January 1964 when King Hussein Ibn Talal received him at Marka Airport and then drove him to the Jordan River.

He added that the visit to the Baptismal Site includes viewing the blessed waters of the Jordan River; then His Holiness will meet with ill and disabled youths and children, as well as those who care for them. His Holiness will also meet with Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and deliver a special speech on this occasion.

Fr. Bader said that the visit of four successive Popes to the Kingdom signals entrenching the relations of

friendship and cooperation between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Holy See where this year commemorates the 20th anniversary of the declaration of official relations which were launched in 1994.

He also referred to the efforts of the Vatican to preserve the flourishing Christian presence in the Middle

East and called for reinforcing efforts aimed at consolidating the position of Jordan on the map of global religious tourism.

Fr. Bader said that the preparations for the fourth Papal visit are in full gear being carried out in coordination

with all competent authorities.

Concluding the statement, he said that a large number of journalists and media from Jordan and abroad intend to enroll in the media coverage. He continued that that Papal plane will as usual carry 70 journalists representing major international media agencies. Deus lo Vult


Bishop Shomali: “Yes. I’m afraid. “ Posted on Nov 21, 2013 in Politics and society. Interview – The meeting of Catholic Patriarchs of the East at the Vatican coincides with an escalation of violence in Lebanon and Egypt. Bishop William Shomali, Patriarchal Vicar in Jerusalem confides his fears and calls for the urgent need of a solution in Syria, to avoid irreversible regional conflagration.

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt will they blow up the Middle East?

The situation is quite complex and increasingly dramatic: the confessional division between religious and secular and between Sunnis and Shiites. In Iraq, the situation is still dangerous. In

Syria, I see no signs of peace. Instead, the confrontation continues inexorably. In Egypt, the recent attacks in Cairo and Sinai plunge the country into a spiral of violence. As for Lebanon, it has been unstable in recent years. Its balance is precarious because it is based on sectarianism.

Besides, Syria was a stabilizing element because before the Arab Spring, its word was respected in Lebanon.

Today, in the Lebanese population, there is no force necessary. It is certain that the pacification of Syria is what we want more than anything else, would have a positive reflect on Lebanon in addition to being geographically close, presents a social, religious and demographic components similar to Syria.

So, I join the Patriarchs gathered in Rome, with the Holy Father, to reinforce and renew an appeal so that the war in Syria ends as quickly as possible . We must stop the senseless killings and confrontations that until now have declared no winner. All are losers. Are you afraid? Yes. I am afraid. The situation in Syria and Iraq may be repeated elsewhere and it will be worse. I feel that

the Middle East is like a burning forest. Who can stop the fire?

All parts of the Middle East are terribly affected, especially the most vulnerable, including us Christians. As Christians, what should we do? Our prayers should always accompany the men of good will, there are many, who are working for peace. During this time preceding Advent, the readings and Gospels describe the apocalyptic events that will

precede the return of Christ. The texts warn of signs of the end times: wars, conflicts, famine, persecution … many of these signs are now in our Middle East. In his proclamation, Christ said, “When these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand. ” (Luke 21: 28). We do not understand everything, but we know that the current silence of the Lord is not for long. You have to believe, even if we do not know today how and when that day will come.

Interview by Christophe Lafontaine

Deus lo Vult

Christians in Holy Land

How many Catholics in the Holy Land? The Catholics make up an important proportion of the Christians in the Holy Land.

In Israel, they constitute about 67% of the Christian Palestinians and in addition there are very large communities of Latin (Roman) Catholic migrants, a small community of Hebrew speaking Latin (Roman) Catholics and communities of Eastern rite migrants, Eastern Europeans, Indians and Africans. In Palestine, Catholics constitute close to 50% of the Christians. In Jordan, the Catholics constitute about 45% of the Christians. In addition there are large communities of Roman Catholic migrant workers and other Catholic refugees from Iraq and Syria. In Israel, the breakdown of Catholics is estimated at:

Greek Catholics 48,000 + about 2,000 Greek Catholic migrants from Eastern Europe, Latin Catholics 2,000

+ about 60,000 Latin Catholics among the migrants from Asia and Africa + hundreds of Latin Catholic Hebrew speakers. Maronites 8,400 + about 3,000 from Lebanon. In addition there are a few Syrian Catholics and Armenian Catholics but no communities. There are larger groups of Ge'ez rite Catholics (from Eritrea) and Eastern rite Indian Catholics.

In Palestine, the breakdown of Catholics is estimated at: Latin Catholics 17,850 Greek Catholics 4,650. There

are small communities of Syrian Catholics, Maronites and Armenian Catholics.In Jordan, the breakdown of Catholics is: Latin Catholics 80,000 + 50,000 Latin Catholic migrant workers. Greek Catholics 32,000. There are small communities of Maronites, Armenian Catholics and Syrian Catholics as well as thousands of Chaldeans from Iraq.

For Israel and Palestine, these numbers rely on the studies published by Diyar Publishers in Bethlehem: "Arab Christians in Israel", edited by Johnny Mansour in 2012 and "Palestinian Christians in the West Bank", edited by Rania Al Qass Collings, Rifat Odeh Kassis and Mitri Raheb in 2012.

Northern Regional Mass Belfast. The

annual Northern Regional Mass was held in Saint Peter’s Cathedral Belfast on Saturday the 3rd May on the feast of Saints Philip and James, and was celebrated by the Most Rev. Anthony Farquhar, Auxiliary Bishop of Down and Connor. Some fifty Knights and Dames were led by the Lieutenant H.E. Charles A. Kelly. After Mass the party dined at Belfast Castle, under the direction of Carroll and Susan Falls, where a most sociable event was enjoyed by all who attended. The Bishop in his homily reminded the congregation that “You with your specific commitment to the Holy Sepulchre and to the Holy Land are called surely in a special way to be witnesses to the future.”

Vincent McBrierty KCHS, Bishop Farquhar, Fr. Enda Murphy KHS.

Flags bearer: Damian Walls & Frank Hurl

Deus lo Vult

Day of Recollection Emmaus, November 2013 Some

80 members and guests attended the annual Day of Recollection in Emmaus, where apart from the preparatory meeting for aspirants, H.E. Nicholas McKenna presided over his last function as Lieutenant. The Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown celebrated Mass. Contributions were made by Fathers Derek Darby and Mark Mohan on Prayer, and after lunch by Brendan O’Reilly on the development of an Irish Catechism. During Mass the 45th wedding anniversary of Eugene and Mary Ward were blessed by Archbishop Brown. Diplomas were presented to Archbishop Brown, Fr. Derek Darby, Dr. John McCullen, Gearóid Williams and Thomas O’Keeffe. Archbishop Brown blessing Eugene and Mary Ward and presenting John McCullen with the scroll of membership


Eleven members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy

Sepulchre, Lieutenancy of Germany, will participate in this year’s St. Oliver Plunkett procession, and be accompanied by 10-12 others.


Rosettes for ones lapel, miniature medals and Order

cuff links may be purchased, cash with order, from Gianluca e Roberta Guccione, Via dell’Orso 17-18, 00186 Roma email: (note the new email) tel.: 00390 6 68307839.

Mounting of Medals:

Murty Quinn a retired member of the Artillery and Military Police Corps, 087-9394680 27 Oaklawns, Mullingar, Co Westmeath email: provides this service. You must provide the decoration(s) and appropriate ribbon, as well as indicating in writing the order of precedence of the decorations. Price €35 for three full medals, or €25 for 3 miniatures. The Lieutenancy provides this information as a courtesy only and takes no responsibility for work performed. Why New Members?

A steady stream of new members allows us to prepare for the future, and gradually increase our support to

the Christians in the Holy Land. Thus if you intend to suggest aspiring friends or colleagues for admission in 2015, now is the time to start working on the matter. Remember they must attend a number of Order events during their period of candidacy.

When considering potential candidates for membership please keep the following issues in mind: • minimum age not less than 25 • consult H.E. the Lieutenant in the event that you are considering a cleric. Remember, clerics are required to pay the normal passage and donation fees. • each candidate must be a practicing (Latin-rite) Catholic, Orthodox Catholics are ineligible for membership. • the person nominated must be in a financial and social position to meets the obligations of membership without strain. • the aspirant’s ability to proceed on an Order Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Application forms may be obtained from the Chancellor, Peter Durnin “Rosaire”, Moneymore, Drogheda,


Co Louth or by email:

Deus lo Vult

Spring Mass Killarney, April 2014

Just over 60 members and guests attended at the Spring Mass and preparation meeting for postulants

in The Lake Hotel Killarney over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of April. After the preparatory meeting for postulants, Mass was celebrated in Muckross Church, by Father Francis Mitchell, assisted by Fathers Patrick Mangan and Ray Murran. H. E. Charles Kelly leads the members into the Cathedral on Sunday the 6th April in Killarney. Sunday Mass was celebrated by Bishop Brown in the Cathedral, where the Knights and Dames present were given prominence, and an especially warm welcome by Dr. Brown.

On Saturday night a formal dinner was held in the hotel at which the principal guest was the Bishop of Kerry Dr. Raymond Brown, and also in attendance was his predecessor Bishop William Murphy. Both Bishops have personal contacts within the Order. Below shows H.E the Lieutenant addressing members in Muckross, and across the new Bishop of Kerry, Dr. Raymond Brown.

After Mass H.E. Charles Kelly presented the postulants present with Holy land Crosses.

Deus lo Vult


Eddie McGrady, KCHS Eddie died on the 11

November 2013 aged 78. He was from Downpatrick Co. Down and brother of our members Malachy, uncle of Father Fergal and brother in law of Colette. Eddie joined the Order in 2007 and supported many functions of the Lieutenancy. He was one of the founders of the SDLP and spent most of his life in politics. By profession he was an accountant. th

He was elected an MP in 1987 for South Down, beating Enoch Powell for the seat.

Together with John Hume and Seamus Mallon he played a major part to bring peace to Northern Ireland. He was predeceased by his wife Patricia and is survived by his three children, Paula, Jerome and Conail.

H.E. Declan Lawlor, GCHS Declan died on the 2

February 2014 after a long illness in Vancouver Canada. A native of Monaghan, Declan qualified as a Dentist in Dublin and set up practice in Canada. He joined the Order in Canada and became Lieutenant of the Western Canadian Lieutenancy in October 2003 and after completing his term was appointed a Lieutenant of Honour. Together with his wife Denise they were frequent visitors to our Investitures, both in Holy Cross and in Maynooth. Our sympathies are extended to his wife Denise and children Declan and Tanya and their families on their loss. He was the first cousin of Teresa Murphy, wife of a Sligo colleague, Frank. nd

Declan dedicated 36 years on staff to Children’s Hospital and set up a dental

department at the Sunny Hill Hospital for Children. He was also a member of the Lion’s Gate Hospital board, and a member of the American Academy of Craniofacial pain, as well as a Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute of Dentistry. He was a strong advocate of Pro-Life and spoke out for the unborn.

New Council of the Lieutenancy.

H.E. Charles Kelly has announced the composition of the new Council for the period 2014 to 2017.

Chancellor Peter Durnin, Secretary Ivan Healy, Treasurer Fintan Flannely, Ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies Very Rev. Francis Mitchell, Lay Master of Ceremonies Donal Burke, and Councillors Brendan O’Reilly, Patrick Durcan, H.E. Nicholas McKenna and Monica McGill. H.E. Sean Cardinal Brady continues as Grand Prior. We wish them well in their governance of the Order in Ireland.

Fr. Kevin Laheen SJ now resides at the Highfield Health Care Centre, Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9.

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland Council of the Lieutenancy

H.E. Charles Kelly, Lieutenant H.E. Séan Cardinal Brady, Grand Prior Peter Durnin, Chancellor Ivan Healy, Secretary Fintan Flannelly, Treasurer Vy. Rev. Francis Mitchell, Ecc. Master of Ceremonies Donal Burke, Lay Master of Ceremonies Latest Updates at: Design by: Eric Dumas, Solid Space Printed by: Bethlehem Abbey Press


Brendan O’Reilly Patrick Durcan H.E. Nicholas McKenna Monica McGill

Deus lo Vult

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem - Newsletter - Ed.7 Vol.2 - 2013  

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Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem - Newsletter - Ed.7 Vol.2 - 2013  

Newsletter of the Irish Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. More at