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Equestrian Order of the HolySepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland Vol 3 №3

In This Issue: 2 Notes to Members Dame Nora Walsh Prayer Card Projects Funding Advertising New Backdrop Making the news Death of a member.Insignia Change of contact details:

October 2018

Dear fellow member, The advent of this edition of our Newsletter assists me to focus on a number of matters.

Enclosed you will find a special letter from our Grand Master on current

issues besetting our Church. To paraphrase him: support the priests in our local community and indeed in the Lieutenancy, struggling daily to be Christ for us. They are suffering greatly.

Amongst the memories I brought home from Maynooth was the excellent

4 A reflection on the Holy Father’s Pilgrimage to Knock

presentation given to us by our Belgian confrere Peter Nédée, on trying out new approaches to attract younger members. In that regard we shall hold a morning seminar in early December for those members interested in exploring new directions and approaches in this vital area. Our Secretary shall send out the invitation in approx 6 weeks and we shall meet for a few hours and see what eventualises.


Many members participated in the August World Meeting of Families. The

3 World Meeting Of Families 2018 3 Syria and the World Meeting of Families

Bishop Tom Deenihan

6 New Knights Invested At Maynooth 7 Pilgrimage 2019 8 Homily at the Mass for Knights and Dames of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem 9 Dublin Regional Mass At Clarendon Street 15th September 9 ‘Still full of sap, still green’ 10 Lieutenancy Welcomes “The Living Stones” to World Meeting Of Families 2018 12 Letter from the Cardinal Grand Master 14 De Profundis Psalm 129 16 Book Review

Upcoming Events October 5th Feast Day: Bartolo Longo October 6th Western Region Mass, Cong October 28th Feast Day: Our Lady Queen of Palestine November 10th Day of Recollection November 2019 Pilgrimage to Holy Land

joy of the events gave great heart to all. I am delighted that so many members took part, and in particular those who gave time to transport our overseas visitors. Another highlight was the reception we held in Eccles Street for the Pilgrims who came from the Holy Land, led by Bishop Giacinto- Boulos Marcuzzo, Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem. I know that they were delighted to meet us and share their stories. It would be remiss not to thank our Fr Timothy Bartlett for providing us with tickets to both the Saturday night show and to the papal Mass. I am conscious that we had many members in Knock and it was fantastic that Fr Kevin Laheen was in the Apparition Chapel for the period of prayer and reflection with the Holy Father. Next February please God he reaches the 100!

The Consulta of the Order is the Order’s main advisory body. Under the

presidency of the Cardinal Grand Master, all the highest offices of the Order, the Grand Magisterium, the Lieutenants and the Magistral Delegates, a representative of the Secretariat of State and a representative of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches take part. It shall meet in Rome just after we pray in Emmaus. I, together with His Excellency Nicholas McKenna, member of the Grand Magisterium, shall attend. You might keep us in your prayers at that time.

Turning to works of our own initiative, we shall meet in Emmaus on 10

November for a period of reflection. Its structure this year will be different to previous years, so book the date. In late October 2019 we proceed to the Holy Land. I urge you to make every effort to participate, meet the Living Stones and visit projects you have made a contribution to.

In advance of the Feast of Our Lady Queen of Palestine, Deus lo Vult

Peter Durnin Lieutenant. Deus lo Vult

Notes to Members Dame Nora Walsh Dame Nora Walsh is a new member of the Lieutenancy who has transferred from the

United States and has taken up membership at once. We are delighted to add her to the roll of members. We all look forward to greeting her and welcoming her as one of our own at events in the future. Nora is a retired nurse who resides in Co.Kilkenny.

Prayer Card A brand new credit card style prayer card will be issued to all members in the new year this is to ensure the longevity of cards for members.

Projects Funding To date in 2018 the Lieutenancy has transferred €242,313 to Rome of which €110,000 went to Aleppo.

These funds were raised by Frank Hearns. The balance of €132,313 was transferred for normal use including the funding of the kindergarten in Bethany.

Advertising The Order ran a three week advertising campaign in the Irish Catholic newspaper associated with the Holy

Father’s visit. Copies were also distributed at the R.D.S. on each day of the W.M.O.F. The purpose was to raise consciousness of the Order.

New Backdrop A new pull up has been designed and will now be displayed at all Order events (see Page 9). It was used first and fittingly at the reception for the families and Bishop Marcuzzo from the Holy Land at Eccles Street.

Making the news Chev. Frank Hurl was featured prominently in the Sunday Times on the weekend

of the Papal visit. It’s a striking picture and has lead to many enquiries about the Order since its publication. Well done Frank !

Death of a member. It is vital that you pass on news of death or serious illness of a

member as soon as you receive it. The three critical persons to be informed are Frank Hurl 087-2903037, Rodney Leonard 086-8114636 and Mairead Walls 0044-7889379509.

Insignia Have you mislaid or lost some item of insignia or beret. If you have, contact the Chancellor to obtain a replacement.

Change of contact details: Do we need to alter your address, insert an eircode, change your mobile number or email address. If so

please contact our Secretary, Ivan Healy, at or at 39 Ashdale Road, Terenure, DUBLIN 6W.


Deus lo Vult

World Meeting Of Families 2018

H.E. Peter Durnin and his wife Nora were received by the Holy Father at the Papal Nunciature shortly

before the Popes departure to Knock. This is a proud moment for the Order and of course it was fitting to see our member and Papal Nuncio Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo at the Pope’s side during most of his visit.

The Order played a pivotal role in the recent Papal visit. The transport of Cardinals was our main function

as well as attending both the Croke Park event, the Papal Mass itself and the Papal visit to Knock. The highlight was indeed the reception of the “living stones” from the Holy Land at Eccles Street. Much thanks goes to our Chancellor Chev. Thomas Lynch for organising this.

(Top to bottom L to R). Reception team of Chev. Sean Lynch and Chev. Rapheal Kelly with Bishop Giacinto - Boulos Marcuzzo and some of the families from Nazareth. Chev. Brian McCarthy with Luis CardinalTagle of Manila. Chev. Rodney Leonard with Charles Cardinal Bo of Myanmar. H.E. Peter Durnin with Bishop Richard Moth of Arundel and Brighton at Croke Park, Dame Catherine Concannon with Father Kevin Laheen S.J., KCHS and Sister Thérèse Kearney of the Holy Faith Convent in Knock Apparition Chapel, and the members of the Lieutenancy at the Papal Mass in Phoenix Park.

Syria and the World Meeting of Families

During the World Meeting of Families members Sean Lynch, Raphael Kelly, Vincent McGrath, John Morgan,

Peter Durnin, Roddy Leonard and Brian McCarthy provided transport for various visiting dignateries. John Morgan amongst other tasks drove Mario Cardinal Zenari (Apostolic Nuncio to Syria) to the grave of his friend Nuncio Archbishop Michael Courtney (5 February 1945 – 29 December 2003). From Nenagh Archbishop Michael entered the Holy See's diplomatic service in 1980. In December 2003, as he returned to Bujumbura from pastoral duties, gunmen fired at his car as he passed Minago, a town about 30 miles south of the capital. Archbishop Courtney suffered gunshot wounds to the head, shoulder and leg and died from haemorrhaging during surgery. Archbishop Courtney had been instrumental in the previous month's signing of a peace agreement between the Burundian government and the main opposition Hutu group. Deus lo Vult


A reflection on the Holy Father’s Pilgrimage to Knock

Each January the Knights and Dames of the Irish Lieutenancy of EOHSJ make a pilgrimage to the Shrine

of Our Lady of Knock. In doing so, we take some time apart from the ordinary events of every day to reflect and to pray, and we also place ourselves, and the important work of the Order, under the maternal protection of Our Lady for the coming year. It’s a noble and a worthy thing to do.

Of the over one million annual pilgrims to Knock each year, one pilgrimage drew the attention of the world’s media - the visit of Pope Francis to the Shrine on 26 August. Of course, he wasn’t the first Bishop of Rome to go there, and there are at least two canonised saints numbered among those who visited Knock in living memory: Pope St. John Paul II in 1979, and St. Teresa of Calcutta in 1993.

In his message of welcome to Pope Francis on this occasion, Archbishop Neary captured succinctly both the essence of what a pilgrimage actually is, and the purpose of this particular pilgrimage by the Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Jesus Christ.

Firstly, and most importantly, the Holy Father travelled to Knock to pray.

We know that Pope Francis has a strong devotion to Mary the Mother of God, never leaving Rome for any of his Apostolic Journeys without first going to the Basilica of St. Mary Major to ask Our Lady for her blessing on his Journey. He also goes back to give thanks after he returns. On the occasion of his visit to Ireland for the WMOF2018, it was no real surprise, then, that the Holy Father personally chose to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock to pray. We know from what he said afterwards that he prayed for many things: because he was attending the WMOF2018, he raised up all families before Our Lady; he prayed for those who suffered abuse and asked Mary to comfort them; he prayed for forgiveness for the sins and the scandal of abuse; he prayed for peace and the peace process in Northern Ireland, and he prayed in thanksgiving for the continuing work of ecumenism.

Secondly, by making a pilgrimage to Knock, Pope Francis, in Archbishop Neary’s words, “planted the

seeds generated by the WMOF2018 in the sure and certain hope that they will blossom into ‘an invitation to Christian families to value the gifts of marriage and the family, and to persevere in a love strengthened by the virtues of generosity, commitment, fidelity and patience.’” (Amoris Laetitia 5)

Thirdly, after the magnificent Festival of Families, Croke Park soon returned to its normal life as GAA HQ;

after the Papal Mass, the specially constructed altar in the Phoenix Park was deconstructed, and the Park is just the Park again. Knock, however, is now the enduring image of the spiritual legacy of the WMOF2018 because the Holy Father made that link through his silent prayer in the Apparition Chapel. He allowed the world to see that Knock, as Archbishop Neary said, “is a place where everybody is welcome to come to drink from the oasis of peace and renewal that exists there.”

Finally, by going to Knock “to bow down in prayer before the scene of the Apparition in which Jesus the

Lamb of God is central,” Pope Francis was silently and through his own example, inviting – no challenging – us all to put Jesus, the Lamb of God at the centre of our lives too. It’s not just good enough to shout out and claim publicly “I am for Jesus”, “I am a good practicing Catholic”, when what I do in my professional and private life proclaims something completely different. Therefore, the essential characteristics of all Shrines, as identified Sanctuarium in Ecclesia by Pope Francis: the proclamation of the Word of God, the sacrament of Reconciliation, and the celebration of the Eucharist, are the means by which we can bring our lives into harmony with God’s will for us. by Rev. Francis Mitchell, Ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies


Deus lo Vult

Bishop Tom Deenihan

Members of the Lieutenancy attended the Episcopal Ordination of our fellow member Bishop Tom Deenihan at Christ the King Cathedral, Mullingar. on September 1st.

Deus lo Vult


New Knights Invested At Maynooth

The Grand Prior Seรกn Cardinal Brady was the chief celebrant at the Investiture Mass. He was joined by the

Most Reverend Michael Smith retired Bishop of Meath, Most Reverend Thomas Deenihan Bishop elect of Meath, Most Reverend Denis Nulty Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Most Reverend Bishop Raymond W. Field DD Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin, His Excellency Jude Thaddeus Okolo, Apostolic Nuncio and other clergy members. Due to a small health problem Bishop Giancinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, Vicar for Jerusalem could not attend and sent his apologies. The homily was given by Bishop elect Thomas Deenihan and was simply magnificent. A copy will be available on the Order website soon.

Chev. P.J.Finn and Chev. Peter Moylan

Chev. P.J.Finn and Chev. Peter Moylan

Dame Maureen Jones, Mrs. Christopher (Rose) Nolan, Sir Cyril Woods and his wife Lorna, Professor Richard Conroy.

The Apostolic Nuncio Bishop Jude Theos Okolo and H.E. Joe McDonald

Chev. Francis Murray and his wife Rose with Chev. Patrick Durcan

(Left) The investiture team with Sean Cardinal Brady and Chev. P.J.Finn and (Right) Chev. Jack McFadden with the flag party.


Deus lo Vult

The ceremonies took place in Maynooth over 2 days on Friday 13

and Saturday the 14th of July and was very well attended finishing with the gala lunch on Saturday evening. On Friday evening following the Stations of the Cross promotions were awarded to the following people: th

Fintan Flannelly. . . . . . . . . . Grand Cross

John Patrick Dickson . . . . . . . . Grand Cross Gerard Anthony Tallon. . . . . . . KC*HS Ivan James Healy . . . . . . . . . KC*HS Thomas Gerard Lynch. . . . . . . . Knight Commander T, Gearoid Williams . . . . . . . . Knight Commander Mairead Walls. . . . . . . . . . . Dame Commander Raphael John Kelly. . . . . . . . . Knight Commander John Paul McKenna . . . . . . . . Knight Commander Colonel Eiver O’Hanlon. . . . . . . Knight Commander James Holohan . . . . . . . . . . Knight Commander Peader O’Mordha. . . . . . . . . Knight Commander

H.E. Peter Durnin, Chev. Damien Walls, Dame Mairead Walls and Bishop Michael Smith

Congratulations were extended to Bishop elect of Meath Rev. Thomas Deenihan, on his appointment as

Bishop of Meath. Congratulations were also extended to the Most Reverend Michael Smith KC*HS on his retirement as Bishop of Meath.

The Chapter meeting was attended by Tom McKieran and Prof. Bart McGettrick from the Holy Land

commission and also in attendance was His Excellency Jude Thaddeus Okolo, Apostolic Nuncio along with a packed room of members. The main points were our support for the kinder-garden in Bethlehem and also financial statements were read by our treasurer Anthony Harbinson.

Pilgrimage 2019

Under the leadership of HE Peter Durnin the Lieutenancy will be travelling on pilgrimage to the Holy

Land in the Autumn of 2019. We will depart on Friday 25th October and return on Saturday 2nd November. Our first three nights will be spent following in the footsteps of Our Lord in Galilee, and then five nights in Jerusalem. After a days rest we will visit the Holy Sites of the City, the Latin Patriarchate and the Franciscan Custody, and of course spend time with the Living Stones of the Christian Community in Bethlehem and other venues.

Our pilgrimage is organised this year by Marian Pilgrimages. Information Leaflets and Booking Forms

will be available shortly. A maximum of fifty pilgrims will be travelling, with twenty five having already registered their interest. Please keep this special opportunity in mind when making your plans for 2019!

Deus lo Vult


Homily at the Mass for Knights and Dames of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare. Canon Tom Deenihan. KCHS. Bishop Elect of Meath. Saturday, July 14th 2018.


the Lieutenant asked me to preach at today’s Mass, he suggested that I would address the recent Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate, literally ‘rejoice and be glad’. It is, essentially, about the call to holiness, the call of every Christian.


theme is not out of keeping with our gathering today. The concept of Jerusalem is one that is familiar and dear to each one of us. We see it as a city, and a troubled one at that, a place of pilgrimage and a place that is in need of assistance. As members of the Equestrian Order, it is a place that we support materially and spiritually and we pledge to go as pilgrims there. [...] Read the entire Homily on our website

After their investiture with (l-r) Fr.Francis Mitchell Ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies, Bishop Ray Field Archdiocese of Dublin, Bishop Micheal Smith Diocese of Meath, Chev.Peter Moylan, Chev. P.J. Finn, Sean Cardinal Brady Grand Prior, H.E Lieutenant Peter Durnin and Bishop Denis Nulty Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin.

Deus lo Vult

Dublin Regional Mass At Clarendon Street 15th September

The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Raymond W. Field and the homilist was Fr. Francis Mitchell our

ecclesiastical master who spoke inspiringly on the the challenges the Church faces today. A gala dinner was held in the auspicious surroundings of the Kildare Street & University Club where the Order wine was served. Raphael Kelly was also presented with his insignia as a Knight Commander having missed Maynooth. Guests were treated to an impromptu speech by guest on the night Judge Patrick Clyne who explained the good that the Order was doing and how relevant it is today. A huge thank you is extended to the Carmelites of Clarendon St. Church and to Chev. John Paul McKenna, Chev. Frank Hurl and Chev. Ivan Healy who put enormous work into the very successful evening. A special mention also to Chev. Raphael Kelly who chanted the vespers before the Mass in a very prayerful and moving gathering.

Dame Marion O’Byrne, Chev. John McGrath and Dame Mary McGivneyNolan

H.E. Nicholas McKenna, H.E. Peter Durnin and the members line up for the procession

‘Still full of sap, still green’

This verse from Psalm 92 describes the Most Rev. Bishop Michael Smith, who recently retired as bishop

of Meath. Since his consecration as bishop at the age of forty-three, bishop Smith has spent many years working in the vineyard of the Lord. While studying in Rome for a doctorate in canon law, he attended all 168 days of the Second Vatican Council as a peritus and was secretary to the Irish Bishops’ Conference before becoming bishop of Meath. For the past twenty years he has been a Grand Officer of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, officiating at many ceremonies, and supporting the Order through his prayer, presence and commitment. At the 2018 Admission Ceremony of the Order, Bishop Smith’s successor, the Most Reverend Thomas Deenihan, while quoting an old English hymn, based on Ephesians 6:10 described well Bishop Smith’s tenure as both Bishop and Knight:

Let faith be my shield and let joy be my steed ‘Gainst the dragons of anger, the ogres of greed; And let me set free with the sword of my youth, From the castle of darkness, the power of truth.

by Chev. Brendan O’Reilly

Deus lo Vult

Lieutenancy Welcomes “The Living Stones” to World Meeting Of Families 2018

Bishop Marcuzzo of Jerusalem lead a contingent supported by the Lieutenancy to Dublin where a reception

was held at Eccles Street. The day was enhanced by the Sisters Of Mercy from the Mater Hospital who were also in attendance with members of the Order. I was speaking to Sister Eugene who was delighted to attend and lest we forget the contributions they have given to Christianity around the world. She had been in Kenya for more years than she would care to remember. The struggle in daily life and missions which she spoke of were just fascinating. It created a link between the Christians from the Holy Land in the room and other disadvantaged and persecuted areas around the world, which they could identify with in a huge way.

The following are some of the comments made by our visitors: Our schools are the best in Israel including Jordan and Palestine we are 2% of the population we have 4%

of presence of schools. We have an academic success rate of 95% the other schools have maybe 62%. If you go to the universities in Israel you will find that 30% of the students come from our schools and we have only 4% of the schools. The people who work in I.T. today are 80% of our students they are without doubt the best schools. But there is a huge contradiction in the law in Isreali law its written that the state supports all the schools which looks wonderful but practically they only give us 30% of what we look for and the families have to make up the shortfall. In Palestine we get nothing from the Government, this is the same in Jordan this is why the Order’s support for the schools there is hugely appreciated, said Bishop Marcuzzo. Our presence as Christians in the country is a big problem and you may or may not know about the latest law in Israel. Now only the Jewish are the legal citizens of Israel so the Arabs who are there for centuries are not citizens of the country. It is a very bad and discriminatory law and we tried to protest along with the Muslims and they say we are the only democratic country in the Middle East, this is simply not true ! Only the Jews are the legal citizens of Israel? So our presence is not really welcome, but we remain we want to stay there and we will stay there. They don't want us to stay there because they want to take everything. We suffer but we stay there and without your support this cannot happen and with it we stay there and I thank you all deeply.

Every Bishop has an Episcopal motto, they are usually in Latin and we all know examples but mine is very

short and very wonderful….to destroy the wall of separation. St. Paul said that in forgiving you create a new man and this is why we must try to destroy the wall. I love the Holy Land but my experience is one of separation and division and war in the families, the villages, the tribes, the individuals and some of the parishes always division. I give you an example that from Nazareth to Jerusalem its about 150km and I had to show my passport 17 times! Every 7 km or so you have to show your passport. Also I have to show what was in my car 11 times. It’s impossible to live like that. Our most important mission as a Church and a social body is to unite the people, unite so many divisions and walls then they even added the wall of separation between Palestine and Israel. It is terrible my land is here but my house can be the other side of the wall, my hospital is there but it’s the other side of the wall also my church could be there also. Every time I go I have to get special permission and the journey is always made difficult. Jerusalem is only a short distance to Bethlehem maybe 9 km. but I tell you there are young people who have never travelled it as it takes months of formalities permission. This is why our best mission is to unite and to get a social structure.

The Nazareth Parish Office Co Ordinator then spoke: I work in the parish office of the church of the Annunciation. Every year we have 15 marriages in the parish,

usually our families thanks be to God are strong and very united, we have only 2% of marriages breaking up or in difficulty. Now there is a big challenge we are obliged to say to the Jewish why we remain Christian we are asked this multiple times per day. They say “why do you remain Christian? Why not Muslim even and become like us 98% of the population? If you remain a Christian you are only 2% of the population!” This poses many problems for family, schools and the future. We are really in a very Muslim and Jewish country which has a huge impact on our Christian families it would be easy to give in but no, we remain 10

Deus lo Vult

faithful to the Gospel and the Church. Instead of going under the influence of the Muslims or the Jewish. You ask why are we still there why have we not disappeared ? Its not going to happen as we remain with our faith our traditions and we remain the same that is the future also. Our Latin parish is 1800 families we talk in families not people this is our tradition. In Nazareth its almost the same about 1500. We identify firstly and strongly as Christian as it is better in numbers and there are denominations of Maronite etc.

He then sung the Ave Maria of Nazareth with such passion you could sense what the Chaldean F a i t h meant to this man and his family, in fact it seemed like everything to him.

A man from a very old respected Nazarene family. They are known as the family of sisters and fathers: We have many churches but we are a minority within a minority we are Arab Christian but we are only 2% in Isreal. Our education is very different to the Israeli system our parents educated us to love everyone and to accept the others and so we as parents teach our children to accept this also. When they go to school and I go to work it’s very difficult for us but we still educate the children with the same principles. They always ask “why are we still here why don't we move? I say with education they accept us and this is our home so we stay in Nazareth.” by Rodney Leonard, Communication Officer (

Chancellor Chev. Thomas Lynch accepts the gift of a wooden icon blessed in the Holy Sepulchre.

Bishop Marcuzzo and Peter Durnin

The Mercy Sisters with the Living Stones

Members of the delegation from the Nazareth Parish and a member of the Family of Sisters and Fathers and Sister Eugene of the Mercy Sisters

Deus lo Vult


Letter from the Cardinal Grand Master


Deus lo Vult

Deus lo Vult


De Profundis Psalm 129

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord, Lord hear my voice.

Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleading. If you, O Lord, should mark our guilt, Lord who would survive? But with you is found forgiveness: for this we revere you. My soul is waiting for the Lord, I count on his word. My soul is longing for the Lord more than watchman for daybreak. Let the watchman count on daybreak, and Israel on the Lord. Because with the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption, Israel indeed he will redeem from all its iniquity.

Thanks to the work of Chev Thomas Kilduff, we list hereunder in order of date of death, details of our members who have we hope returned to God in the new and eternal Jerusalem. You are asked to recite the De Profundis for each member as their date comes up. It might be advantageous to cut the listing out and place it in your diary or daily missal. Month January January January January January January January January February February February February February March March March March March April April April April April May May May May May May June June 14

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First Names Joseph (Joe) John Oliver Veronica Philomena C Most Rev Thomas Malachy Bernard Joseph Joseph Hugh Desmond (Des) D. Gordon Margaret (Peggy) The Very Rev Kieran George Pamela Desmond Cardinal Sheila Sean Alphonsus (Phonsie) Dr. Joseph (Joe) Donal Thomas Joseph Mona Finbarr Thomas Feargal Vincent Brendan Margaret Gretta Tomas Cardinal James Edmund J (Eamon) Anna Philomena Fausta Moira Fr Donal


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First Names Richard F (Dick) Mairead Ronald J Daithi P Pierce Seamus Niall Austin Peter Ignatius Dr. Valentine John Francis John Gerard Michael D Thomas Patrick J. Brigid Oliver Kathleen Patricia Gerard Daniel Francis (Frank) Eamon Patrick J Eileen Mary Bernadette Neil J Anthony (Tony) Desmond The Very Rev Aidan G Canon Kathleen Dr. Doreen Kathleen Very Rev Gerard Mary Josephine (Maura) Mary Thomas M Edward Dr. John James Thomas Francis Rt. Rev Monsignor Joseph F Donal P Rev Fr John M Rosena George Desmond (Des) Cathal Professor Eamon Dr. Pamela Cahal Cardinal


Book Review by Chev Dr Con Power KC*HS

Defending Hope: Dispatches from the front lines in Palestine and Israel1 The poignant story of the sufferings of ordinary Palestinians is seen through the eyes of twelve Palestinian and Israeli human rights defenders who continuously “walk a thin line between hope and despair”. Their stories are told against the timeline of major historical events stretching back to the 1917 British occupation of Palestine under a League of Nations Mandate. The plight of ordinary people in the siege situation is described by Eoin Murray, an Irish activist and joint editor of the book - “The mindset of siege is that of thinking so as not to be noticed, of closing down to the pain of the external reality where every move and gesture has to be considered lest it cause offence”. The contributors to the book, including the photographic journalism detailed by Joanne O’Brien, record stories of killings, torture, imprisonment, denial of access to medical care, demolition of property and infrastructure, and human deprivation. The contributors acknowledge that the solution is a political project and human rights organisations can only keep hope alive in expectation of that solution. The narrative shows that there are two sides to every story; a solution needs dialogue and compromise. The most recent political voice is the resolution passed in emergency session by the UN General Assembly on 13 June 2018 ... “deploring the use of excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and particularly the Gaza Strip”2 Condemnation is not enough; the parties concerned must be encouraged and facilitated to achieve reconciliation.

1 2

Murray, M & Mehigan, J, Defending Hope: Dispatches from the front lines in Palestine and Israel (Dublin: Veritas Publications, 2018). Order from: United Nations, Meetings Coverage and Press Releases, General, GA/12028, 13 June 2018.

In Memoriam At

the time of this publication material was awaited and will be included in the next issue.

From Casa Santos Lima vineyards

A specially commissioned red wine is available, contact Rodney at 086 811 4636 or communication@ for details on prices, delivery and conditions.

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