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Dealers who Expect the Best of the Best Hire the Professors not the Students

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n n n n OVERVIEW

How We Help Our Staffed Event Sales are designed to direct traffic to your dealership, increase your gross profits, maintain high levels of customer service and improve your lender relationships!

Here is what we do in 5 days:

Sell on average 35% of your used car inventory


Average gross profits front and back $3650


Train your staff to do this every day


Build effective partnerships with you

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We only offer Solid Solutions


What They Are Our Staffed Event Sales are designed to direct traffic to your dealership, increase your gross profits, maintain high levels of customer service and improve your lender relationships!

How Much Does it Cost? It will cost you nothing. We find most dealers are averaging about $2,000 front and back gross on the average car deal. Solid

Do the Math!

Solutions averages $3650 per unit delivered,

If your dealership were able to reproduce the

and delivers approximately 35% of your

same number of units sold during the same

front line inventory during a 7 day event.

period of time:

On average the dealer will spend $13,000 in

n 35 Units x $2,000 dealership average = $70,000 in gross

advertising to support such an event and pay Solid Solutions 19% of the total gross profit produced through such an event.

n 35 Units x $3650 Solid Solutions Staffed Events average = $127,984 n

Gross Profit: $127,984

n Less 19%: $24,316.96 n Less Advertising: $13,000


n GROSS PROFIT: $90,667.04 -vs- $70,000

That‘s OVER $20,000 additional gross in ONE week! There Must be a Reason! Find out why some of the most profitable dealerships in America today are hosting Solid Solutions Sales events and pocketing more money and selling more inventory than ever before.


One Week is All We Need to:


n Sell on average 35% of your used car inventory n Average gross profits front and back $3650 n Train your staff to do this every day n Build effective partnerships with you

We Are Automotive professionals with extensive experience in Secondary finance, and knowledge of all facets pertaining to the automotive retail environment. Ability to create positive work environment where pride and emotion create results. Expertise in areas of management, sales, and

How to Have a Great Event!

finance. While having the ability to solve

We will work together with you to employ

problems and multi task, and revitalize

a campaign that suits the needs of your

under performing operations. A proven

dealership. Depending on different variables

track record of achieving outstanding profit

including area demographics, inventory, and

margins and top CSI scores.Using firm

advertising budgets, we will be sure to create

but fair leadership and training principles

a campaign that maximizes your dealership‘s

that allow us to gain the respect and

success. The campaign method we offer is

confidence of any staff. We motivate staff

a staffed event promotion: we will provide

to perform at full potential while keeping

your dealership with a highly knowledgeable

morale at a high level.

staff, quality and ethical service, and a variety of resources to develop and conduct the

If you‘re serious about making your

planning, advertising, and management of

dealership better, we can help.

your promotion.

Contact us today!

Whether you decide to take advantage of our staffed event promotions or simply allow us to

Tim Pendergast / President

facilitate your Direst Mail needs for your sales

207-469-8415 Cell

or service departments, we guarantee that we

Jerry Eisenband / Vice President

will drive traffic, increase units sold, and simply

908-451-8023 Cell

Build Your Bottom Line!

Hayley Pendergast / Comptroller 228-282-9285 Cell 207-902-1108 Office 5

Action Plan


This is an exciting event that brings great traffic.


Recommended Sales Event Action Plan Following is the sales event action plan for our customized event to take place at your store during the week of TBD thru TBD. This is an exciting event that brings great traffic. Furthermore, it has a proven record around the U.S. We look forward to having a great sale with you!

DIRECT MAIL: NOI Letter, Envelope, Postage, Distribution (Pre-Owned Piece)........................................................ 30,000

Solid Solutions agrees to provide Your Dealership with $5,000.00 in upfront direct advertising to your local market area to ensure your events extreme traffic and ultimate success. THE REMAINING $5,000.00 OF THE ADVERTISING BUDGET DUE AT CLOSE OF SALE.

NEW CUSTOMER BONUS: FREE SCANNER UPGRADE!............................................ N/C

Solid Solutions will provide a minimum of (2) managers including (1) floor closer and

the agreed upon sales force needed to

professionally handle the large influx of phone, and floor ups, along

TARGET MARKET SATURATION To the Following Zip Codes: These will be determined prior to sale and review of Dealer Sales by Zip Report............ N/C

with unit deliveries Solid Solutions advertising will generate. . Your Dealership will be expected to have a minimum of 60+ pre owned vehicles front line ready and on property by the start date

INSURANCE: $30,000 CASH PRIZE Or Vehicle........................................... 1

of this sale. Solid Solutions will expect your dealership will maintain a pre owned unit count of 45 or more to ensure this promotions strongest selection and potential for its success. Upon our research

INCENTIVES: Dealer Supplied Lottery Tickets....................................$1.00

of your dealerships used auto inventory, Solid Solutions feels there will be more than enough used car inventory available along with your new car inventory we expect to sell 30 – 45 vehicles in a 4

LEAD GENERATORS: Sales Event Website and (Mass Texting Daily ™)............ N/C EXTRA’S: Colored Balloons, Full Color Mirror Tags, Registration Cards, BDC Scripts, Copies of Direct Mail Piece, 40 $50.00 No Hassle Gift cards............................. N/C

day event.

Simple compensation on a performance structure $0 to $80,000.00 = 17% / $80,000.01 and up 19% When each increment of gross is reached all commissions due Solid Solutions by Your Dealership will be due from dollar one of

NEW CUSTOMER PRICE................................... $10,000.00

this promotions earnings. Thank you, in advance for your business.



Our Performance Service Program is a great way to pull profit from customers in your neighborhood.

Mrs. Jones Owns: Toyota Camry Color: Silver Miles: 35,000 Last Serviced: 2-23-2012



Would you like to turn $ 2000 into $50,000 + next month? Try our PROVEN Performance Service Program It has a Low cost and an Awesome ROI! SCAN YOUR BARCODE TO SAVE ON YOUR NEXT OIL CHANGE!

We pull your database from any computer system (or you can save a few dollars &

Bring in this card to Automotive Group USA’s Service Department to have your barcode scanned to reveal your personal coupon amount!

Oil & Filter Changes as low as $4.99

provide it yourself) and mail them a variable discount offer which is based on their last date of service between 0-12 months.







INCLUDES: • Up to 6 Quarts of Premium Motor Oil • Oil Filter • Top-off Fluids • Diesels and Synthetics Slightly Higher

Scan Your Barcode to Reveal Your Coupon Amount STD. PRSRT POSTAGE





We provide a complete Performance Report every month which includes all responders, last date of service category, amount of RO,

The cost varies depending upon size of

ROI, etc.

your database and CONQUEST targets available, but roughly about 66 cents per

We Handle Everything to Ensure Success n Compile List n Performance Reporting

piece for a small (3000-5000) database and less for larger database, which includes

n Conquest List Update

all of the reporting and data work. This has

n Printing

a monthly schedule to follow to maintain

n Mailing

consistency and accuracy, but NO OBLIGATIONS to continue. You can see by the

Every 3 months, we suppress your database

attached “ACTUAL” Performance Report,

from the National Automotive data base &

the cost is insignificant compared to the

pull a “CONQUEST” list which we combine


with your database & mail a second version to Conquest & LOST (no service in over 12

Call or email me any questions about this,

months or purchased & never serviced). This

or any other program we offer!

is the one that makes you the most $$$$$, around 10,000% ROI! Don’t get me wrong,

Ready to fill your service bays and keep

they all make you tons of money, but this

your dealership in the black? Call or email

one typically has the best ROI.

me now! (207) 902-1108. 9

Once You Work With Solid Solutions You‘ll Never Think of using another Event Company Again. Thank you for considering Solid Solutions marketing and events for your next event sale. It will be our mission to prove to you allowing us your valuable business is the right choice for your dealership. At your event sale you can expect we will liquidate more than 50% of your on ground preowned inventory. We regularly provide sales that achieve between $100k - $250k in gross profits. We will liquidate your aged inventory not at a loss, but at a profit!! You can also expect to move a fair percentage of new vehicles as well. In our teams of management and sales people, you will find nothing but professionalism. Solid Solutions only recruits from the most talented of people in our industry with the strongest of references. We assure you the staff we provide you will treat your store as if their name was on the sign. We look forward to building a long lasting and profitable relationship between our two companies. Please find our material attached.

Tim Pendergast / President 207-469-8415 Cell Jerry Eisenband / Vice President 908-451-8023 Cell Hayley Pendergast / Comptroller 228-282-9285 Cell 207-902-1108 Office


To whom it may concern, I recently had the pleasure of working with Tim and Hayley Pendergast of Solid Solutions. Our store booked a sale with their company and I am beyond pleased with the results. I’ve never been a fan of “manned events” due to negative past experiences. I’m pleased to say that Tim, Hayley and their team have changed my perception. Everyone who came through our doors were handled in a professional manner and I still can get over the quality of buyer the mail piece attracted. We sold cars, made good grosses and have happy customers. Our past experience with other “Sale Companies” left lots to be desired as it was obvious all they cared about was making a quick buck with no thought about our reputation. Solid Solutions demonstrated that they DO care about our reputation and when they were here acted as though they were employee’s of our store with a genuine interest in the satisfaction of our customer. I’ll leave you with this. I’ve been asked in the past by other sale companies to provided a letter of recommendation. I’m happy to say that this is the first I’ve ever written. I truly and sincerely hope you give Tim, Hayley and their team the opportunity to make a believer out of you. Sincerely,

Randy Ha wkins Randy Hawkins Profile Motors Inc. (603) 662-8149


Secure Future!


Lease To Own provides you with stable, increasing monthly income that compounds as you add more vehicles to your fleet. Lease To Own is the perfect safety net during the “down� times of the Retail Car Business.


Provide a service to your customers that no one else does! n

Positive Cash Flow


High Customer Retention


Easy Sales, Quick Start Up

n Great Support

Sound like chapters out of the Auto Dealer’s Wishbook? These are actually chapters out of the Lease To Own Business Plan! n Dealer owns the Vehicle 100% Your best defense against Repossessions, Bankruptcies, and Delinquent Payers n Meet your Customer’s Needs Get them into a car when other dealers have turned them down. Eliminate the Walk-Aways! n

Five Year ROI Success Scale

These numbers are not speculative. They are acctual numbers from a dealer we helped.

Fact OR Fiction 1) FICTION : Lease Here Pay Here is illegal in my state.

interchangeably in our advertising and marketing material. Some states such as Iowa, Ohio, and New Jersey require that we use only Lease Here Pay Here when referring to our program and we’re happy to comply!

Lease Here Pay Here programs are not illegal. The programs follow the leasing laws within each state which is why we don’t use a one-

3) FICTION : Lease Here Pay Here is

size-fits-all contract. The Consumer Lease Agreements are written

no different than BHPH.

in accordance with each state’s laws to ensure that dealers are in

This couldn’t be farther from the truth! With Lease Here Pay


Here the dealer remains titled owner of the vehicle throughout the term of the lease agreement or until the customer

2) FICTION : Lease Here Pay Here and Rent to Own

chooses to act on the purchase option. Because you are the

are different programs.

owner of the vehicle, you have leverage that BHPH dealers

Rent to Own and Lease Here Pay Here are simply marketing terms

don’t have. Lease Here Pay Here provides you with protec-

describing a profitable business. They are terms that your customers

tion against customer bankruptcies, costly repossessions,

will quickly recognize and be comfortable with. We use these terms

and tax burdens.





4) FICTION : Lease Here Pay Here will tarnish my image.

8) FACT : I can eliminate my advertising expenses.

Lease Here Pay Here will make you the HERO in the community! You’ve

A large portion of your potential Lease Here Pay Here customers are on

been able to help these customers when no one else could. You’ve gi-

your lot already. Instead of turning a customer away because they can’t

ven them the opportunity to move forward in getting their life back on

get financing - turn them into a Lease Here Pay Here customer! Many

track. With a Lease Here Pay Here vehicle they can now get to work, run

dealers spend ZERO dollars on advertising. Lease Here Pay Here thrives

errands, transport their kids to and from activities, etc… Word of mouth

on word of mouth advertising. A satisfied customer results in praise and

advertising from these grateful and satisfied customers will quickly spread

positive advertising for your dealership without spending a dime!

around town!

9) FACT : A customer can return the car at any time. 5) FICTION : I can do Lease Here Pay Here on my own.

Our unique Consumer Lease Agreements contain a clause allowing the

Many dealers have tried and many dealers have been fined and failed.

customer to return the Vehicle at any time, for any reason. This clause

Why risk it on your own when we have the program that’s been used

makes Lease Here Pay Here a win-win situation for both the dealer and

successfully by dealers?

the customer. A returned car is good for the dealer because you can turn around and re-lease it to the next customer and continue

6) FICTION : I don’t need Contingent Liability Insurance.

the payment stream. The return clause is good for the customer be-

Contingent Liability insurance is a critical piece of the Lease Here Pay

cause it gives them flexibility without the chance of further damage to

Here program.

their credit.

Each of your Lease Here Pay Here customers are re-

quired to furnish primary insurance coverage but that primary insurance isn’t enough to protect you. Keep in mind that the primary insurance is

10) FACT : I can make more profit than

intended to provide physical damage coverage for the vehicle and liabi-

lity protection for the driver. It does not cover a legal award for damages

If you follow our recommendations on pricing your fleet

brought against the dealer as owner of the vehicle.

vehicles correctly!

For example: Your Lease Here Pay Here customer causes an accident in which someone dies and there is a million dollars in damages. The primary policy has a $50,000 limit. Who pays the rest? As titled owner of the vehicle, they will go after you! In order to protect you, Northland offers Contingent Liability Insurance coverage at affordable premiums. This coverage is intended to protect your interests from a law suit brought against you as a result of an accident with your Leased vehicle. It is NOT a replacement for your Garage Keepers Liability coverage.

7) FICTION : I’ll never convince my banker to finance the cars. Contrary to recent beliefs, banks really do want to lend money. How you approach the bank makes all the difference. You are a leasing company - not a car dealer. You are not asking for floor planning, you are asking for a loan on the wholesale cost of a vehicle to be used in your leasing company. Get the bank to understand the concept and their security on just one vehicle to start. Once they understand the security and benefits of one vehicle, it’s easier to increase additional loan amounts for additional vehicles.


BHPH, Retail, or Wholesale.

The People At the Solid Solutions Group

Jerry has 37 years of automotive expertise and knows every Department in a New and Used car Dealership Expert in Sales, Closing, Desking, Customer Relations, CSI, Service, Parts, Finace, leasing.

Dealer Expess and Profits center. The Solid Solutions Group, Inc. is headed by Tim Pendergast, a nationally recognized figure in the automotive industry. Mr. Pendergast has been active as a consultant for many years, and has provided dealers throughout the country with industry – leading developments and techniques for successful automotive sales and leasing.

Owner Dealer Principal Ford LM Toyota Saab Mercedes Benz Super Mall ,Easton PA Owner Dealer Principal Kia Isuzu Used Car Super Store North Palinfield NJ #1 Kia Volume Dealership in New Jersey ( # 1 volume sub prime Dealership Americcredit NJ) Partner Dealer Principal

Mr. Pendergast was raised in the automobile business, and has held literally every position in dealership operations.

He is recognized for outstanding

achievements in volume and gross profit. In senior management





dealerships, he elevated both volume and gross profit by 50% or better.

Ford Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Springfieeld NJ Partner GMC Kia Isuzu Nissan Carona California General Manager GSM Potamkin New Jersey Auto group N Plainfield NJ Chevrolet Mitsubishi Jeep Yogo • Largest volume Chevy Dealership in East Coast 800 Units a Month ) General Sales Manager

Working within the dealership environment, Mr. Pendergast conceived, designed and implemented an exceptionally effective integration of sales and leasing operations for the showroom floor. That system was developed and refined into Solid Solutions’s very successful “Dealer Turn Around” program, which has achieved national prominence in the field of dealership consulting by demonstrating extraordinary closing ratios and gross profit levels through its focus on professional, step-by-step selling techniques.

Dodgeland Springfield NJ • Largest Dodge Dealer in the World Volume 900 units a month) Isuzu National Eastern Region Dealer AD group President Owner Dealer Jerrys Auto Mart Manville NJ Used cars Owner JMFA Leasing Corp GreenBrook NJ Partner Managing Partner American Export Import Automotive

Mr. Pendergast’s innovative thinking and action has made Solid Solutions, Inc. the largest and most successful dealership consulting firm in the nation.

Ti m Pender gas t

Company Fort Lauderdale FL (Specialized in Export to POLAND GERMANY USSR autos) with Retail centers in Warsaw Poland ,Moscow USSR,Bremenhanen Germany

Jerry Eisenband

We at Solid Solutions believe that Knowledge is power!

45 West Side Drive Verona Island ,ME 04416 Tel: 207.902.1108 Fax: 207.902.1108

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