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What Are The Vitamins That You Can Take During Summer The summer time is intended for some rest and relaxation, so if you have a couple days to just go do your own thing and chill out for a while - please do! We all need it, no matter who we are or what sort of a lifestyle we have! Even though you are taking a break from your kids, your house or your job, it is still a good idea to keep up with eating properly and taking the right vitamins and herbal supplement as often as possible. The supplement I'm about to list are nice for increasing energy, and getting the right vitamins and supplement into your system. It ought to be duly noted that you would be able to buy vitamins on line at a variety of places. These stores should have both an herbal supplement and a vitamin supplement and they ought to have a variety of products to select from! First off is a multi-vitamin. There are many popular brands available. But, the chief point here is to make sure it has essential vitamins and minerals in them. Also, what is even better is if you can find one for your specific sex - vitamins for women and vitamins for males even vitamins for children. Everyone requires that extra boost! Next is vitamin B-complex. This is an inexpensive method to keep your stress levels down, but it's also a terrific means for bodybuilders and possibly individuals who get colds and flu's easily. B complex does have Vitamin B in it, but it also has vitamin C to keep off any colds, especially nice in the time of winter. Next is Vitamin C! There are a couple methods you can get Vitamin C or Vitamin C supplement. They come in capsule form, chewable shape, liquid form and the new powder form which has a incredibly sour flavor (not like the chewable), but you would be able to place it right inside liquid and drink it that way - great for on the

go when you don't have time to take your vitamin C capsules or drink orange juice or if you just can’t drink orange juice. Last on the list is Iron. Ensure, however, that if you’re taking a multi vitamin with iron that you don't mix the two. You will end up overdosing on Iron. Iron overdose could injure heart and brain and other storage sites in the body and lead to heart attack or stroke.

What Are The Vitamins That You Can Take During Summer