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MobiLead Method

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Module #1 Selecting Your Targets In this module you will discover: A special search script that you can use to get Google to generate thousands of highly qualified leads for you – and it’s so easy you can have your virtual assistant do all the legwork for you • The #1 mistake virtually every agency or consultant makes when they begin their search for clients and how avoiding this mistake will drastically reduce your competition • A specific marketing strategy that you can use to catapult your website ahead of the competition so you become the only company prospective customers call • A prospecting tactic that will put you in touch with your buyer 93% of the time so that you can make more sales with fewer prospects in your pipeline

What will you get? • • • •

Module #2 Creating a Powerful Story In this module, you will discover: How to create a compelling, differentiating, clientfocused sales story that can be used in all your forms of communication that will gain your prospect’s attention and position you as the expert of choice • How to position your firm in a way that will enable you to charge a premium for the services you provide • How to deliver your message with total confidence so that you never sound like the amateur that can’t land clients

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Module #3 The Best Buyer Sequence In this module, you will discover: How to use webinars to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche and deliver your message in a way that ensures that you achieve the maximum number of buyers attend your webinar A specific webinar invitation sequence that you can easily automate that will allow you to get 3x as many attendees to your webinar A webinar follow up sequence that you can easily automate that will ensure you connect with every possible buyer who attended A 5 step qualification process that will ensure that you are only dealing with the most motivated prospects up front, so you don’t end up wasting huge amounts of time with people who were never going to buy in the first place How to make the phone your friend, and to either outsource or automate the follow up calls so the only thing you have to do is answer the phone when qualified prospects call you A special mindset hack that will ensure you completely overcome any fear of the phone that may be holding you back How to start a call in such a way as to totally put your buyer at ease so you can go on to have a productive conversation that leads to business A powerful technique that will allow you to email complete strangers and easily enlist their help in getting you in touch with the right person A daily activity planner, monthly goal funnel and a list of the right key metrics to track for optimum results

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Module #4 Handling Objections In this module, you will discover: The difference between brush-off objections and real objections so that you don’t needlessly lose out on real opportunities the four main types of objections and how to skillfully handle each one with minimal effort The five key steps to overcoming objections so you can keep the conversation moving forward without sounding (or being) pushy How to handle money objections without lowering your price so you can generate the profits you need to keep growing How to leverage “marketing evidence” that will enable you to make your case so compelling that buyers will look foolish if they choose not to work with you

What will you get? • • • •

Module #5 Delivering Webinars In this module, you will discover: How to create a winning webinar that attracts and converts more buyers so you earn more profits for the same amount of effort • Common mistakes people make with their webinars so you don’t have to duplicate them – and waste valuable time and energy • The best tools for delivering both live and live-simulation webinars so that you can put your lead generation on total auto-pilot and free yourself up to focus on whatever else you prefer

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MobiLead Method is a story of taking a company from zero to hero, without Trent ever having to step foot on SharkTank or Dragons Den. Any...