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Whether you’re a first year or a fourth year, there’s a lot of stuff you need to know. About uni and the city, about living in student residences or a shared house, about sex and health and sexual health. About making the most of your time here, and making it easier to get a job once you graduate. This guide is designed to help with all that. So give it a read, and keep it somewhere handy. You might want to come back to it later.

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Use your ca mp us c ard to s wipe in on all your c lasses, seminars or workshop s – attendan ce is mon itored.

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mail bling, web For tim eta ke info, ma and course nce of ta in th e acqua ortal: p t n our stude o l.s a www.port @solent.a Check your ur yo ularly – email reg trying might be rs lecture on . ti n ur atte to get yo For essential inf o for newbies, head over to www.portal.solent For university news and info, follo w us on your social media service of choice

Keep this card in your wallet, or pop the contact details onto your phone – it’s one less thing to remember.


meet your solent students’ union


023 8031 9553 | | @solentpresident The spokesperson for the Students’ Union. Represents students at a University, community and national level. Leads the Sabbatical team and oversees the Union delivery of strategic development to ensure that students are getting the best possible service from the organisation. Is a member of the Board of Governors.


023 8031 9553 | | @solenteducation Actively promotes and campaigns to address academic issues that impact on students. Represents students at university board meetings on quality and delivery of education. Works with union staff to support students who face academic misconduct or disciplinary issues.

for more information on your officers and

n officers 2013/2014


students' union


023 8031 9553 | | @solentengage Oversees societies, sports clubs and student media. Actively seeks out and promotes student-led and volunteering projects. Working with both the local community and the university to do so. Aims to provide opportunities outside of study that will boost student CVs.


023 8031 9553 | | @solentwelfare Actively promotes and campaigns to address health and welfare issues that impact on students. Represents students to the local community and businesses on issues related to housing, diversity and the environment. Works with union staff to support students with housing, health, safety and well-being issues.

students’ union, visit

You’ll find academics, researchers, and all the rest of the cogs that keep your uni ticking along nicely. Also the occasional student.

The library Open 24 hours at key times from Sunday to Thursday, and until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays. May contain knowledge.

Student life is

...71% fun

...15% hard work

...10% being a gro wn- up

...3% gut-wrenching ter ror

...2% bad maths

Students’ Information Centre The first place to turn if you need more info about anything. If you need more info about info, take a look at page 33.

What else? • • • • • •

Student essentials shop 3D cinema Sports and gym facilities The union bar and diner Two coffee shops Half a dozen different foodholes

From the sea to the city to the sea An inter-campus bus runs MondayFriday between East Park Terrace and Warsash Maritime Academy (and its watersports centre). 4

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by Yep. Run m ent tech in a rt te n e it sho ws students, 3D th e latest for rs blockbuste th e lf ha less than ular g re price of a t. ke c cinema ti

Check out /sonarfilm or follow @sonarfilm to see what’s on.

Welcome, traveller, to our own little corner of these odd little isles. Sorry about the weather.

Things to do Before you arrive • Learn how the UK works. Read up on its laws and customs at a-z-guide-soton.aspx • Make sure you have your visa, passport and other papers organised. Think about buying travel and contents insurance. • Make sure you’ll have somewhere to live – research, organise and confirm your accommodation. • Visit hellouni to learn about Southampton and the university.

Once you’re in Southampton

Problems? Worries?

• Visit the international office. • Pick up a timetable for International Induction Week from the Students’ Information Centre. • Attend the One World Fair in October, for a splash of local and world culture. • Get to know your new home. Meet new people, practise your English, make new friends, explore the city, and buy a good umbrella.

Visit international-support, email, or talk to our international officer at the Students’ Information Centre in the middle of main campus.


Moving into your very first place is great. You’re completely in charge, and no one can tell you what to do.

However. You’re completely in charge, and no one’s going to tell you what to do.

How about some advice, then? MOVING INTO A SOLENT STUDENT RESIDENCE Know where you’re going. The residences are marked on your map in the middle of this book.

No pressure.

Moving house?

Update your address on the portal, so we kno w how to reach you:

Keep cool. Remember how many other people will be moving in; parking might be tight. Keep cool, stay patient, and don’t unload your stuff until you’ve got a key in your hand. Angels light the way. The Solent Welcome Team is there to help – they’ll direct you where you need to go. Papers? Your paperwork isn’t going to help anyone if it’s at the bottom of a box. First things first. Checking your room inventory is easier before you move all your stuff in. Got a TV? You’ll need a TV licence, then.


MOVING INTO PRIVATE RENTED ACCOMMODATION Don’t rush. Good housemates get on; bad housemates get on your nerves. Choose yours wisely. Don’t rush. Make sure you see the place in person before you sign. Don’t rush. Letting agents might try to hurry you, but take the time to check locks, fire alarms, gas certificates and the house inventory.

Alt. accommodation

If you live locally or have made alternative accommodation arrangements, stay connected with Solent on social media:

We might have mentioned this before, but… don’t rush. Make sure your landlord is approved and accredited by SASSH ( before you sign. Rush. Sort out your services and council tax exemption before you move in. It’s hard to do without gas, water, electricity, phone, TV licence or the internet. Make sure to share the bills – don’t have them all in one housemate’s name.


Don’t make life easy for them. Open doors or windows are an open invitation. Keep everything locked and the keys out of sight.

Take care of it, and it’ll take care of you. Keep it clean, or you’ll be sharing the place with more than just a few housemates. Rats, bugs and other vermin make lousy lodgers, and the landlord or residence manager might not be too happy either.

Insure your stuff. If none of that works and you have the bad luck to be burgled, ensure you’re insured – at least that way you can rebuild your comic book collection.

Keep it secure. If the locks look dodgy, the law’s on your side - your landlord has to provide working locks. Don’t make a tempting target. Stash your valuables where they can’t be seen from the window, and if you’ve bought some new exciting toy don’t advertise it by leaving the box out by the bin.

? Er... help

or un happy If you’re r u bout yo worried a r u e, call o new hom am dation te o a c co m m 1 9435) (023 803 e office: th or visit Building, Andrews or. third flo


Brand your stuff. Register your belongings with, or slap your name and postcode on them with a UV marker. Store your stuff over the holidays. Don’t leave your stuff in an unoccupied house over the holidays – take it home with you, or stash it in a local secure storage provider. Many of them offer student discounts, so shop around.

I smell g as

Get out of th e house, leav e th e door open , and call 0800 111 999.

If you’re in private rented accommodation, you’ll need to work out how to get rid of your rubbish – before it starts to take over the house.

What goes where? Blue-lid bin: recycling. Paper, cardboard, tins, aerosols, cans, plastic bottles… but no plastic bags or bin bags, or the collectors won’t take it away. Green-lid bin: household waste. All the junk that can’t be recycled, from food waste to polystyrene. Not garden waste or bulky items. Garden waste or bulky items: take them down the tip (City Depot, First Avenue, SO15 0LJ). Glass: in the collection bank in Handford Place (behind the McColls corner shop on Bedford Place). Clothes, shoes and textiles: Try the charity shops, the big yellow textiles bank (Central Baptist Church, Devonshire Road), or Eco Ernie (see page 31).

Love Your Bin

Bring it back in aft er collection (or the council might fine you).

Imagine it’s a pu ppy. An adorable, sm ell y, plastic puppy. You wouldn’t lea ve a puppy out on the road, would you? Would you?

Collection services

The council’s Actionline will collect five bulky items for £25 (023 8083 3005 or . SCRATCH ( ) charge £10 to collect bulk y stuff in good condition.

Eco Ernie offers free collections at the end of the uni year. (see page 31) 9

Try not to.

Advice to stop this happening: • If your house has smoke alarms, make sure they’re working. If it doesn’t, that’s bad (and illegal). Chase your landlord until they fit some. • Candles for mood lighting? Pretty, but probably not so wise – especially in our student residences, where candles and smoking are banned. • 2am probably isn’t the time to fire up the toaster or oven. Fire being the operative, there. *Sidenote: it’s not such a good time for a quick ciggie, either – especially if you’re sleepy. • Keep your doors and halls clear of junk, in case you need to make a quick getaway. Good for fires and zombie apocalypses. • Lit cigarettes, like children, are best not left unsupervised. • Try to keep the rubbish from piling up, either at the bin or in your garden. It’s not just gross, it’s a fire hazard. (But mostly it’s gross).


University: where you party like it’s 1999. But your neighbours might not have got the memo. And they might have, you know, kids. Or elderly grandparents who’d rather party like it’s 1899. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. We’re not the fun police. But your neighbours might be stressed-out new parents or a student revising for the end-of-years, so try to keep the noise relatively sensible. The residences are actively managed and the Polygon is a designated quiet zone, so if the windows are shaking or you have to communicate in semaphore, it’s probably too loud. And if it’s too loud, you might get a visit from the actual police (or the council). They’ve got the power to hand out £80 on-the-spot fines, and eventually you could end up: A) with all your audio equipment confiscated – tablets, phones, speakers, games consoles and all. B) in court. Not so rock and roll.

Common-sense: party planning

• Don’t advertise your address on socia l media

• Kno w who your housemates ha ve invited... and make sure you’ve got enough room for them all.


•  Keep it contained. If the party’s spilled out into the road, it’s probably going to annoy the neig hbours... and drin king on the street is illeg al in Southampton. • If you don’t kno w everyone on the guestlist, put your laptops, jewellery

and oth er valuables som ewh ere out of sight.

Okay, so that’s a bit dramatic. But even though Southampton’s a pretty safe city, it’s still a city – so you need to look out for yourself. Mostly it’s just common sense: Take a mate when you’re walking home from campus or a night out. Keep your cash in your pocket out of sight, and your phone too. Stay streetlit. Keep to brightly lit areas, and steer clear of darkened streets or shortcuts within the parks.

Word of warning

Southampton streets are officially a booze-free zon e. If you’re drin king alcohol on the streets you could be fined or even charged – and if nothing else you’ll lose your drin k.

Take a bus. Solent’s own Knight Bus runs from the campus library to the Polygon and student residences, every night from 6pm to 11.45pm. Book a taxi. Use one of the company numbers on page 14, or grab a car from the official taxi ranks on London Road, Lower Bannister Street and Above Bar. Don’t grab a random passing cab – if it’s not in the taxi rank, it’s basically just some guy in a car.


Secure your bike. Always use a D-lock – you can buy them on campus at cost price. Call the police if you’re worried you’re being followed. If it’s an ongoing problem, speak to your local community support officer.

If it’s too far to walk, why not enjoy the marvels of public transport:

Bus Six different companies operate bus services in and around Southampton – from Bluestar to Velvet. To figure out what goes where, head over to s-environment/publictransport/ buses.aspx

Taxi Official taxi ranks are on London Road, Lower Bannister Street and Above Bar. Check your taxi is licensed, or pre-book: Radio Taxis 023 80 666 666 West Quay Cars 023 80 999 999

Ferry Isle of Wight

Rail Southampton Central is just down the hill from the Civic Centre, and runs regular trains to London, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Brighton and further afield. Check out or ring 0845 7484 950 for enquiries. To contact specific train operators:

Cross Country Ticket sales: 0844 811 0124 Assisted travel: 0844 811 0125 First Great Western Ticket sales: 0845 700 0125 Assisted travel: 0800 197 1329


Red Funnel Ferries run two services to the Isle of Wight – the 25-minute Red Jet for foot passengers, and a slower service for vehicles.

Customer services: 0845 127 2920 Assisted travel: 0845 127 2920 (option 3)


Customer services: 0845 6000 650 Assisted travel: 0800 5282 100

Foot passengers and cyclists can cross Southampton Water to Hythe in about 15 minutes.

South West Trains

Solent Students’ Union Phone: 023 8031 9571 Visit:

Solent Uni Accommodation Office Phone: 023 8031 9461 Email:

Solent Uni Income Office A101, East Park Terrace campus Phone: 023 8031 9970 Email:

Students’ Information Centre RM050, East Park Terrace campus Phone: 023 8031 9427 Email:

Mountbatten Library Phone: Enquiries: 023 8031 9681 Loan renewals: 023 8031 9249 Email:

Faculty Offices and Student Support Network Officers FCI Floor 2, JM building, East Park Terrace Phone: 023 8031 9653 Email:

MarTec Floor 3, RM Building, East Park Terrace Phone: 023 8031 9355 Email:

FBSE Floor 2, RM building, East Park Terrace Phone: 023 8031 9888 Email:

WMA Warsash Maritime Academy Phone: 01489 556286 Email:

Solent Uni Community Relations Office Phone: 023 8031 9038 Email:


Hampshire Police

The ICE bus

Phone: Emergencies 999 Non-emergencies 101 Visit:

Welfare help and medical care at Above Bar every Saturday night Email:

Environmental Health, Southampton City Council

NHS Direct

Report noise nuisance Phone: 023 8083 2531 Out of hours: 023 8023 3344

Community Safety, Southampton City Council Report anti-social behaviour Phone: 023 8083 3988


Phone: 111 Visit:

Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic Phone: 0300 123 7399 Visit: The walk-in clinic at Royal South Hants Hospital, SO14 0YG.

TV Licensing Visit:




any medium

hot drink

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APPLE AND MICROSOFT EDUCATION DISCOUNTS Check out their education stores: This academic offer is for eligible students, faculty, and staff. Requires verification of eligibility prior to purchase.

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Conditions of use:

This voucher entitles the bearer to 50p OFF any medium hot drink This voucher can only be used at

APPLE AND MICROSOFT EDUCATION DISCOUNTS Check out their education stores: This academic offer is for eligible students, faculty, and staff. Requires verification of eligibility prior to purchase.

Southampton Solent University and remains the property of Sodexo, who reserve the right to alter the offer at any time without prior notice. This voucher must be presented at the time of purchase to qualify for the offer. Purchases to be for personal consumption only. Photocopies will not be accepted.

FREE racket sport session at St Mary’s, East Park Terrace or Test Park Sports Ground (Badminton, Squash or Table Tennis). Offer valid from 16/09/2013 to 30/11/2013

£5 off a Jetski Taster Session (usually £20). Session must be booked before 31/10/2013 and taken before 31/07/2014.

FREE 6-a-side booking on our 3G pitch at Test Park Sports Ground. Offer valid from 16/09/2013 to 30/11/2013

FREE fitness class at St Mary’s or East Park Terrace. Offer valid from 14/10/2013 to 20/10/2013

Terms and Conditions £5 off a Jetski Taster Session Normal student price £20. Session must be booked before 31/10/2013 and taken before 31/07/2014. Advanced booking required.

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Session is 1.5 hours.

Offer valid from 16/09/13 to 30/11/13.

Each participant has to wear safety equipment. Safety equipment will be provided free of charge.

Subject to availability.

Participants must be 14 and over.

St Mary’s: squash, badminton, table tennis. 40 minute session.

Offer subject to availability. One voucher per participant required. Photocopies will not be accepted. Sport Solent Watersports Centre, Newtown Road, Warsash, S031 9ZL. Telephone: 01489 556298

One voucher per participant is required.

Offer valid at off-peak times and weekend. Booking up to 7 days in advance. East Park Terrace: badminton only. 40 minute session. Test Park Sports Ground: table tennis only. One hour session.

Email: Web:

Terms and Conditions FREE fitness class at St Mary’s or East Park Terrace

Terms and Conditions FREE 6-a-side booking on our 3G pitch at Test Park

Offer valid from 14/10/13 to 20/10 13.

Offer valid from 16/09/13 to 30/11/13.

Offer valid at St Mary’s or East Park Terrace.

Student offer only (up to 12 students).

One voucher per participant required.

Booking for 1 hour.

If no voucher, a minimal fee of £1 will be charged.

Saturday from 5 - 8pm.

Photocopies will not be accepted.

Photocopies will not be accepted.

Offer subject to availability.

One voucher per student required. Test Park Sports Ground, Lower Brownhill Road, Southampton, SO16 9BP. Telephone: 023 8078 7177 Email: Web:

If you want to get away from the rush and bustle of the city, there’re plenty of parks scattered around Southampton. Check out the front of campus; you can’t have missed them. If you close your ears and squint a little, it’s just like you were out in the countryside. For something a bit more authentic, the New Forest is just across the river. It even has genuine wildlife, from pigs to ponies.

But if that’s a little too far afield, Southampton Common has plenty of room for everyone – it’s 326 acres of trees, lakes and sun-drenched* picnicking spots. Just head up to the Avenue. * or for ten months of the year, just drenched. 21

Southampton has plenty to offer the sporty sort. We’ll begin at the beginning, with Solent’s own comprehensive sports service:

Sport Solent… …runs a whole bundle of student sports clubs and fitness activities, for everyone from the casual to the elite. Check out sport for a chance to make friends, keep fit, and have some fun. At East Park Terrace there’s a sports hall and fitness centre, while Sports Centre St Mary’s – with its squash courts, weights room and climbing wall – is just across the road. For outdoor sports you’ll want our first-class Test Park and Hardmoor centres, featuring a brand-new floodlit football stadium and multi-purpose 3G sports pitch. There’s a second fully equipped fitness centre on Warsash campus, plus Sport Solent’s purpose-built Watersports Centre – delivering RYA-recognised practical courses in dinghy, keelboat sailing and powerboating all year round.


Watch professionals at play

• Enjoy Premiersh ip football at St Ma ry’s Stadium, home of Southampton FC.

• See county and international cricket at the Ageas Bowl, Hampshire’s home ground.

• Watch top- class sailing events on the Solent, from the Cowes Week regatta to the Round the Island yacht race.

Beyond Solent Just across the water you’ll find Calshot Activities Centre, offering watersports, snowsports, rock climbing and more outdoor activities. It also hosts the south’s only indoor velodrome, while the neighbouring New Forest is a perfect playground for outdoor cyclists – whether on the road or off it. Sport Solent also has partnerships with various local sports organisations, including the Quays swimming/diving complex, Southampton Sports Centre, Gleneagles Equestrian Centre and a whole host of others.


Southampton’s got a lot of history… not much of a surprise, given people have been living here since the stone age. But there’s a lot of life in these old walls.

Song and soliloquy Most of London’s biggest shows visit the Mayflower theatre, so for musicals and stage shows that’s your new temple. Think of it as the South-West End. For classic and traditional theatre, you’ve got the Nuffield. From nationally-touring productions to performances from the house company and other local talent, plus poetry slams, comedy and workshops, the Nuffield has it all. Southampton has plenty of live music venues to choose from, but the Joiners in St Mary’s – voted Britain’s Best Small Venue 2013 by NME readers – has played host to tons of beforethey-were-famouses, from Radiohead, Oasis and Muse to Coldplay. See them while they’re cheap…


Shopping The important bit. WestQuay’s one of the biggest shopping centres in the country, with around 150 shops and a sizeable dining area. There’s also the Marlands centre just up the road (containing our student-run fashion boutique, Re:So), and plenty of big names on Above Bar. If you’re looking to look ridiculous, whether for a theme night, costume party or just for the giggles, those all-important charity shops are concentrated in Shirley and Portswood.

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we study Oxford Street. Guildhall Square. Bedford Place. Bevois Valley. Leisure World. Ocean Village… If you’re looking for cafés, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars, there are little clusters of nightlife scattered around the city. Your mission: seek out and tick off the locations above, and see which ones suit you best. Some of them are fancy, some of them are cheap and cheerful, all of them deliver a good night out. We don’t recommend you try them all at once. 25

This may come as a shock to some, but:

Alcohol’s bad for you It’ll hit you in the wallet first, then the brain and the liver. Around 40% of A&E admissions are alcohol related, and drunk people make easy targets for crime. If you’re drinking in the street you might get a fine and your drink confiscated; Southampton’s an alcohol exclusion zone. Also, get a little too rowdy and you might get yourself banned from… well, everywhere. Especially if you’ve been pre-loading at home – getting barred before you’ve even got in makes for a pretty lame night out. So maybe just take it easy?


Illegal drugs are illegal They’re not particularly good for you, either. Even if you ignore the health effects, drugs’ll hit your wallet hard and – if you’re caught and convicted – your future even harder. A criminal record’s tough to shake off.

Common-sense: drinking

• Stay hydrated

• Eat something beforehand • Don’t leave your drink unattended • Look out for each other • Don’t drive (or cycle) hom

• Don’t walk home alone


If you’re strugglin g with addiction or worri ed about a friend, the Students’ Informa tion Centre offers confi dential support, counsellin g and advice. Call them on 023 8031 9427.

Stay active, stay healthy, stay smart Regular exercise stimulates the brain as well as the body. Sport Solent and Health Spark run fitness classes, sports clubs, and meditation sessions – check them out at

Look after your mind Stressed, depressed, anxious or feeling there’s no one you can talk to? Find confidential local counselling, or more information about mental health, at

Give yourself some R and R Between study, sports, jobs and socialising, don’t forget to leave yourself some downtime. Unwind in front of the TV, or head to the library for some peace and quiet.

Be prepared Register with a local GP when you get here, not when you need to see them. Take a look at Pages/1095.aspx for advice on how-to, and sign up for help with prescription costs at

Safely does it Keep the condoms handy and well-stocked – grab some freebies from the SU.

Morning aftercare Emergency contraception’s available from your GP, chemist or clinic up to 72 hours after the act, and if you’re worried about STIs your local walk-in is at Royal South Hants Hospital, SO14 0YG.


What number do I call?

Emergency 999 If a crime or serious incident is happening.

Non-emergency 101 If a crime has happened, or the incident doesn’t need an immediate response, or you want to talk to a police officer.

Anti-social behaviour 023 8083 3988 If you want to report anti-social behaviour or other community safety issues.

Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111 If you want to provide anonymous information on criminal activity.

Students’ Information Centre 023 8031 9427 Not the police, but if something’s troubling you and you want to talk it through – or if you’re worried about a friend – they’ll listen confidentially. For more information or to get in touch Email:  southampton.central.snt@ Twitter: @SotonUniCops

Noise complaints 023 8093 2531 Environmental Health, for when you’re having problems with noisy neighbours. Outside normal office hours, call 023 8023 3344.


73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. Plus you’ll help your community, learn useful skills, and get a warm slash fuzzy feeling inside.

Special Constabulary Help keep your community safe – work with your local police. A special constable works up to 16 hours a month, with training and uniform included.

Here’s how: • Don’t leave it too late – with exams and third-year stresses, you’ll want to get your volunteering out the way early. Summer’s good… • Visit the Centre for Student Involvement – upstairs in the SU. • Volunteer as part of your course, with a Curriculum+ Community Volunteering unit. • Talk to Sport Solent about community and school sports volunteering. • Search the jobs dashboard at • Check out

Visit: Phone: 023 8074 5315 Email:

Student Watch

Volunteer with the police, boost your CV an d help the comm unity too.

Email: hqvolunteer s@ Twitter: @sotonun icops


Eco Ernie

Scour the Polygon wit h our award-winning recycl omobile, collecting reu sable recyclables. Collect bag s, sort goods, or get beh ind the wheel of Ernie him self. Email: eco.ernie@sole Tweet: @EcoErnie Facebook: Eco Ernie


Jobs now

Jobs then

A part-time job can make student life a lot easier – more money of course, and a splash of experience for your CV. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time for study and relaxation, though – especially around exam time, and during your final year. • Visit the jobs dashboard on the student portal at • Drop into the Students’ Information Centre and speak to our student employability specialists. • Check the Working on campus portal page for university vacancies.

It’s a competitive market – make yourself stand out: • Get some practice where it matters – most of our courses offer an opportunity for work experience or industry placement. • Talk to your lecturers – they’ve been where you are and they know the industry, so mine them for information. • Volunteer – see page 30 for more. • Get advice on employability and enterprise - talk to the Students’ Information Centre.

Th e So lent G ra d u a t Networ e k pro v id es n e w suppor s, t, oppo rtunitie a n d of s fers. F ollo w @solen tunialu mni on Twit ter, or email alumni@ solent.a to sign up .


Questions? You’ll find the answers at our Students’ Information Centre, on the main concourse of the East Park Terrace campus. Alternatively, call 023 8031 9427. The information centre offers wideranging advice and support, including: Funding – including loans, grants, university bursaries, and how to apply. Money management – budgeting, bills, debt-management and other necessary evils. Employability and enterprise – expert advice on improving your career prospects: workshops, job-hunting help, getting set up as a freelancer, or other career advice.

roubles Study t on

esti g ot a q u If you’ve or you’re e rs u o ur c s, about yo ur studie g with yo strugglin lty’s your facu contact fficer. o rt o supp student 0 8031 936 FCI 023 380 9 1 3 0 8 3 FBSE 02 9917 23 8031 0 c e rT a M 1 89 55618 WMA 014

Jobs on campus – helping you find flexible work while you study. Counselling – someone to listen when you need to talk.

Chaplaincy – find spiritual advice or a sympathetic ear, no matter what you believe.

International advice – help with your visa, papers, or any other issues you’re having as an international student.

Access and disability – confidential advice, learning support and guidance with study problems. 33

Solent student living guide 2013/14  

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