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Introducing your new Student Officers

Curious about... Hate Crime

9 things... students forget before Christmas


STUDENT LEADERS Your student leaders have been hard at work since Freshers’, as we welcome all of you to Solent University! Here’s an update from your full-time student leader team on what they have been up to, as well as any other messages they have for you. on what events students wish to see.


Hello! David here to give you a quick update on all that is happening in the SU from my side. I am looking to improve the features of our SU website through running focus groups and questionnaires; any changes do obviously need to fit within the website’s capabilities.

I have attended several highlevel university meetings, where I represent you, in addition to hosting the Southern Unions conference where Unions from across the south all met. We had around 50 delegates from 13 different unions attend, where we discussed issues around mental health, drugs, international students, comms and democracy, commercial, course reps, and the NUS.

vp education

As well as looking at events and have ran several focus groups Hello Everyone, I’m Mollie, your VP Education! A goal of mine this year is to try and improve the course rep system, as well as improving the support course reps get in regards to mental health. I am working on lobbying the university, to ensure specialist facilities are open 24/7 at least a week or two before big hand ins such as final ma jor projects. If the library is open 24/7 around

those times, then so should specialist facilities to ensure students aren’t disadvantaged. We are a widening participation university after all, are we not? Being a film production student, I hope to do more photography and film work in the next few months as I miss it so much! But also I think videos are such a big part of society and the future. It is something that not only students enjoy and engage with but everyone does too!


vp employability & engagement

Hello there dear student, hope you have settled into first term nicely. Over the past few months I have been working on developing societies, this year they had one of the highest numbers of new members joining, yay go Glen Cocos! Extracurricular activities are a massive part of my job, so this makes me super happy!

I have written a recognition program called ‘The Solent Scheme’ that has been implemented; this celebrates the key milestones and engagement of the societies with the SU and you, the student body. I’ve also added in Soc of the month, the first one was announced at the beginning of November, keep your eyes peeled for more! Sky dive is going ahead! Had loads of sign ups but I’m always looking for more. If you fancy jumping out of a plane, raising some money for charity, shoot me an email!

vp welfare & community

We held the Southern Union Conference mid-October, where our counterparts from other Unions came down to discuss many topics. The President of NUS, Shakira paid us a visit as well. Things got a little tense with the Q & A portion, just making sure they have your backs!

Currently working on the powers that be to get ‘Refreshers Farm’, a petting zoo at Uni for next term, I am determined to have alpacas on campus! Oh and I met Theo P our new chancellor, that guy from Dragons Den. Ro xx

Hi guys! It feels like forever since I started!

Things have been crazy busy for me. Multiple conferences, meeting after meeting after meeting, the Fresher’s period… It’s been some of the most exciting months I’ve ever experienced.


Lot’s of my time recently has been taken up getting the #SafeSolent service off the ground, which I’m buzzing about and I’m really happy about! Other than that, I’m heavily involved in some democratic restructures, to get you more involved with the SU!


STUDENT OFFICERS equality officers Equality Students’ Officers represent minority and potentially underrepresented students within our membership.

Disabilities Students’ Officer Rebecca Latchman disabilities@solentsu.co.uk

International (EU) Students’ Officer Alina Raindel-Ludu internationaleu@solentsu.co.uk

Mental Health Students’ Officer Harrison Read mentalhealth@solentsu.co.uk

International (Non EU) Students’ Officer Charlie Sokolowski internationalnoneu@solentsu.co.uk

Trans+ Students’ Officer Eli Hill trans@solentsu.co.uk

LGBT+ Students’ Officer Jack Bradley LGBT@solentsu.co.uk

Women’s Officer Peter Langan warsash@solentsu.co.uk

education officers Education Students’ Officers represent different parts of the student membership on all academic issues affecting them.

Mature Students’ Officer Fury Mitchell mature@solentsu.co.uk

Undergraduate Students’ Officer Lewis Cleminson undergraduate@solentsu.co.uk


Warsash Maritime Academy Liaison Officer Peter Langan warsash@solentsu.co.uk

student life officers Student Life Students’ Officers represent the views of Solent students as a whole on the specific issues they represent.

Religion & Faith Students’ Officer Eline Gappy religion@solentsu.co.uk

Enviromental Students’ Officer Richard Neale enviroment@solentsu.co.uk

nus delegates Three Delegates represent our entire membership at the yearly NUS national conference.

Lewis Cleminson nus@solentsu.co.uk

Richard Westlake nus@solentsu.co.uk

Ro Tomlin-Wills nus@solentsu.co.uk

how to submit a motion A motion is where someone brings to an issue or proposal they want to be discussed at Student Council. Each motion requires a proposer and seconder and either the proposer or seconder must attend the Student Council meeting where the motion is discussed to explain it. Submit your motion at www.solentsu.co.uk/change Next Student Council meeting will be held on Monday 10th December at 4pm in Michael Andrews Building room 301


h BIKE SAFETY be safe, not sorry A little bit of bike TLC will help to keep you safe protect your head Ensure you buy a certified helmet and most of all wear it! EXTRA TIPS Stay visible Obey the laws of the road Take a ‘Bikeability’ course

concentrate Don’t get distracted. That means no phones!

be predictable decent lock A D-Lock is the best plus another lock for your front wheel.

Act like the driver of a vehicle.

well lit areas Lock your bike in well lit areas, preferably with CCTV.

EXTRA TIPS Remove all accessories when securing your bike Register your bike with bikeregister.com Insure your bike




CURIOUS ABOUT... HATE CRIME hate crime is... Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate, based on a person’s (or a person’s perceived) race, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.

hate crime can be... Physical violence and assault, verbal abuse, obscene calls or text, offensive mail, email or graffiti. It can be damage to property, arson, dumping of rubbish, or offensive or dangerous substances posted through letterboxes. Remember that if you are ever a victim of hate crime, then please do report it to the appropriate authority, be that the Police, the University, or one of the many Third Party Reporting Centres in Southampton. The nearest Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre to Solent University is The Edge & The Box Bar

reporting to the police In emergencies, it is crucial that you call the Police on 999. The nonemergency number for your police force is 101. If you report a case to the police, you should expect: To be seen, in most cases by a police officer, who will record your statement

To be told by the police if someone is charged with the offence

To be treated fairly and with respect at all times

To be kept informed of what is going on throughout the case


WHY YOU SHOULD REPORT IT Hate Crime can be a civil and/or a criminal offence! There are a wide range of civil and criminal powers which make direct reference to incidents of Hate Crime or Harassment, with other acts being used to deal with nuisance harassment where prejudice cannot be shown.

hate crime on campus Solent University aims to foster a community with a culture of mutual trust, fairness, harmony and respect; devoid of hatred and intolerance. It is committed to the elimination of both direct and indirect discrimination and will take appropriate, decisive action wherever possible to enforce this commitment.

MYTH BUSTER myth: If I report it to the

myth: I didn’t think it was

police, it will get worse.

serious enough to report it.

FACt: If someone is

FACt: There’s no such thing

victimising you then the chances are they are doing it to other people too. If everyone fails to report such behaviours, then they will continue to do it.

as a minor hate incident or hate crime. Offenders target people because of who they are; something that makes them unique. This is wrong and the authorities will respond. Report it!





We bring you the latest events in Southampton and the surrounding areas, so that you get the heads up! From Singing in the Square to Ghost Tours around Southampton, we’ve got you covered!

winter paddling

christmas festival

Explore the stunning Beaulieu River on a Winter Paddle with New Forest Activities.

This is a traditional German market featuring daily entertainment.

November - March

15th November - 23rd December



mango jam

lantern tour

Late night gig at the Mango Basement, with local musicians.

15th - 16th December - 7pm-8.45pm www.discoversouthampton.co.uk

Thursday 13th December - 9pm - 1am www.skiddle.co.uk

choc & sweet fair

singing in the square

Sunday 16th December - 10am-4pm www.discoversouthampton.co.uk

Join the Rose Road Association, Sound Pop Academy and Sing Now Choir for an evening of your favourite Christmas songs.

ghost tours 19th December - 30th January www.supernaturaltoursandevents.com

Saturday 15th December - 5pm www.discoversouthampton.co.uk


BUDGET ROAST It’s a student tradition around this time of year, all pitching in to put together a Christmas dinner that is worthy of being #HousemateGoals for the array of pictures you are sure to take! It doesn’t have to cost the world to really push the gravy boat out and add a bit of flare to your meal. Here’s a recipe for you that can bring the cost down to as little as £3 per head with 4 or more people. WHAT YOU NEED:

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Pigs in blankets Brussels sprouts Sage and onion stuffing Cranberry or bread sauce

• 1 whole chicken or turkey (Quorn for a veggie option) • Maris Piper Potatoes • Carrots • Parsnips • Frozen Peas • Ready-made Yorkshire puddings • Gravy granules • Olive Oil • Salt and pepper

Carrots and Parsnips 5. Peel and cut into long slices. Drizzle with oil and coat generously with honey. 6. Roast for 20 to 30 mins. Turkey/Chicken 7. Rub the skin with olive oil & season. 8. Put it in for 20 mins at 220°C, then turn the heat down to 190°C for 45 mins until golden brown and crispy.

WHAT TO DO: Roast Potatoes 1. Peel & cut - stick them boiling water for 10 mins. Meanwhile, put a couple of tablespoons of oil in a roasting pan & whack it in the oven at 220°C. 2. Drain the part-boiled spuds in a colander or sieve. 3.Carefully add the potatoes to the hot pan & season. Roast for 20 minutes, turn over, & roast for another 30 minutes. 4.Top tip: Get your potatoes in the oven at the same time as the meat for well-timed serving.

Peas & Yorksire Puds 9. Cook about 10 minutes before plating up. Gravy 10. Remember to boil the kettle for the all-important gravy! Just stir gravy granules in boiling water adding more granules if you think it needs thickening.







Travelling home is not fun; the closer to the Christmas it gets, the busier most transport. Book tickets in advance – it’s not only a good way to guarantee yourself a place on what could be a packed train, but you might also get a cheaper fare.

Back at home it could be a new family routine, not having your favourite cereal, or transforming your bedroom into EXPECT CHANGE a walk-in closet. Give them a ring before you return home so you can sort out any plans.


Just remember, landlords often do house inspections around the Christmas break and you want to show them how well you’ve taken care of the property.



Retailers are often looking for Christmas temps to help out around stores to help with the hustle and bustle that additional shoppers bring. A part-time job could be a good option.

6 5

Remember that, no UNI CHAT matter how cool the student union is or how annoying lectures are, don’t bang on about it. Family don’t know who Jeff is, and they aren’t privy to the array of in-jokes you’ve developed over the last few months – stick to general stuff that everyone can chat about.


You’re now seen as a fully functioning and self-sufficient adult (even if you don’t feel like it), so there may be an expectation that you contribute to the presents under the tree.




You can create group chats and video calls with the touch of a button! REMEMBER


Even though Christmas is the end of the term and a time to relax, don’t forget you’ll be going back for the January exams and deadlines. Keep on top of your work over the break so you don’t fall behind.



The Christmas break doesn’t last forever and while you’re likely to miss the freedom you’d gotten used to, be sure to make the most of your time at home.


Saying no more to sexual violence and abuse in Southampton SOLENT.AC.UK/STAYSAFE

In the case of an emergency, please contact the police on 999. For non-emergency enquiries, please call 101.

19 Courtesy of Safer Communities Sexual Violence and Abuse Partnership, Lincolnshire. Originators of the ‘Ask for Angela’ poster campaign, part of the #NoMore sexual violence and abuse in Lincolnshire awareness campaign. www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/nomore © 2016 Lincolnshire County Council. All Rights Reserved.