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A quick update from your student leaders

14 ways to show self love

Your month in Southampton


Curious about... Consent


Spotlight on... Societies & Solent Scheme


9 things... solent students should do




After a busy first semester, your Student Leaders are back with another update on their work. The Officers are here to make sure that you have a voice within the University and aim to enrich your academic interests within Solent. Hello and Happy New Year from me.

Students have a chance to share their stories with us using #IAmSolent

A quick update from the world of democracy

A questionnaire around how students interact with your community space.

and your voice. Finally, if you want to make a lasting change to the university and union that you are apart of, remember to submit your ideas or vote on others at www. solentsu.co.uk/Change and come to the AGM!

vp education

The launch of my “Design the Union Website” competition. There is still a chance to join, all the terms and conditions are available online and via our social media. Things I have done so far this year, as well as things I’m planning in your academic interests:

•• BME Committee Creation •• STAR Awards •• Bridging The Gap Between The Union and Postgraduate Research Students •• Ensuring Attendance Monitoring Does Not Disadvantage Students •• Getting Funding For Therapy and Mental Health Rooms •• Supporting Apprenticeships

•• Course and School Rep •• Structure and Training Revamp (Beta) •• Opening Up Specialist Facilities Longer •• Bridging The Link Between Warsash •• NSS and TEF Action Plan

For information on any of these please email me at su.education@solent.ac.uk


vp employability & engagement

Hey hey,

Black & Iconic – open exhibition of art work by Solent students and the wider community to be held in the Spark atrium 24th-25th April. All welcome to submit pieces in any medium, A4 size.

I’ll try to keep as brief as possible with key dates for this term:

Union Awards – expansion of awards categories for celebration of achievement over a wider student body, plans have now been finalised for Wednesday 24th April.

Pop Up Unions – Ask us anything union related, Wednesday 6th Feb The Spark, Friday 8th feb Below Bar, Wednesday 20th Feb SJM, Thursday 14th Feb Warsash and I will be bringing Larry the Unioncorn along as well... #adventures with Larry!

Sky Dive - there is still time to join the skydive 27th April fundraising for blood cancer.

Bras to Africa - 12th March, collection of bras you no longer use to be sent to Africa.

Charity Micro internships currently working with charities to provide work experience and live briefs for students.

Refreshing Farm – hopefully the university will sign off on me having a petting zoo Tuesday 5th March in the Quad.

For information on any of these please email me at su.engagement@solent.ac.uk

vp welfare & community

Wassup! So, I’ve been busy recently with a few bits and bobs;

Writing a review and getting your feedback of the Safe Solent trial for the SU Trustee Board. Overwhelmingly, you guys love it! After recent events, it’s so important we do everything we can to try and improve safety within Southampton.

Finishing off the review and rewriting of what’s basically our constitution and all the rules we abide by. I can’t tell you how much this is making me value our Student Voice coordinator. As you can imagine with anything involving a constitution, it’s so exciting and it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning... If you need me Facebook Rich Westlake VP Welfare or email su.welfare@solent.ac.uk


CURIOUS ABOUT... CONSENT Within society (#MeToo Movement) and particularly highlighted in the student community, the topic of consent has been at the forefront of many minds. People typically talk about consent in the context of some kind of sexual or physical activity with a partner. In a healthy relationship, both (or all) partners are able to openly talk about and agree on what kind of activity they want to engage in. Whether it’s holding hands, kissing, touching, intercourse, or anything else, it’s really important for everyone in the relationship to feel comfortable with.

what is consent? “Someone consents to vaginal, anal or oral penetration only if s/ he agrees by choice to that penetration and has the freedom and capacity to make that choice. Consent to sexual activity may be given to one sort of sexual activity but not another, e.g.to vaginal but not anal sex or penetration with conditions, such as wearing a condom. Consent can be withdrawn at any time during sexual activity and each time activity occurs.” (Section 74 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003)

sexual assault, rape & the law In the UK, there is understood to be a difference between what constitutes sexual assault and what can be classed as rape. Rape is when an individual forces their penis into the mouth, anus or vagina of another person; when that person does not want them to do so. Noted as being ‘without consent’ under UK law. Sexual assault is a crime that can be committed regardless of genitalia and can include: •• Being forced or pressured into sex acts which you don’t want to do •• Objects or parts of the body (e.g. a finger) being put into someone’s vagina or anus when that person didn’t want it to happen


•• Someone being touched in a sexual way that makes them feel uncomfortable or frightened. This could be through their clothes (like bottom pinching) •• Someone being made to masturbate •• Any other form of physical closeness that happens without consent is known as sexual assault Rape and Sexual Assault can carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, depending on the circumstances. Other sentences can include the issue of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, or registering on the sex offenders notification requirement (otherwise known as the ‘Sex Offenders’ register).

allegation expectations Each report of rape or sexual assault is unique to the individual and circumstance so the way that the investigations happens can vary. Despite this, there are standards for what you can expect from the Police. You can expect to: •• Be spoken to by a uniformed officer to take an initial account and ensure your welfare •• Have a Sexual Offence Investigation Technique (SOIT) officer assigned to you to explain what is happening at each step and answer any questions you may have •• Have your right to anonymity protected if you attend court as a witness

reporting-charities There are options for how and where you report a case of rape or sexual assault. You can call the Police and arrange to go to a station or arrange for them to meet in a place you are more comfortable with. There are also several charities that can help you through making these reports should you feel the need for such support. Some of these include, Rape Crisis and Victim Support. •• One in Five Women in England and Wales have experienced some form of Sexual Assault since the age of 16 •• 80% of victims did not report their experiences to the Police For more information visit www.solentsu.co.uk/curiousabout


Make yourself at home with Host at Southampton Crossings Luxurious and modern, all-inclusive student living in the heart of Southampton. Whether you’re looking for a prime city centre location, stylish fixtures and fittings or first-class facilities, you’ll find it all at Southampton Crossings from just £149 per week. Benefiting from all-inclusive living, you won’t need to worry about sorting utility bills as they’re taken care of for you. And the same goes for maintenance problems. Don’t wait weeks for something to be fixed, with an on-site maintenance team, any problems are seen to straight away. In terms of the living space, if you want to live with friends or meet new people, our en-suite bedrooms are the perfect choice. You’ll enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom and bathroom but can socialise with flatmates in the shared kitchen and living areas. If you’d prefer a bit more privacy for your final years, our studios come with an en-suite bathroom as well as a fully equipped kitchenette and living space. As a resident at Southampton Crossings you’ll join a community with like-minded students, with ample shared amenity space for you all to work and socialise in:

Fitness Suite

From rowing to running, there’s a choice of cardio machines as well as free weights and floor

space for mat exercises. We’ve even introduced a punch bag for the kick boxer in you.

a place for the conversation to flow and a chance to meet other residents.

Karaoke Lounges

Study Rooms

With two karaoke lounges and state of the art technology, you can unleash the inner singer in you.

Private Dining Room

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Roof Garden

Escape to the 11th floor and soak up the sun in the beautiful roof terrace garden. Fitted out so you can enjoy a real sense of calm in the city.

Common Rooms

A choice of two areas to socialise in; one with televisions, a pool table and table football. And the other, somewhere for a digital detox,

When it’s time to focus on your studies, there are five private study rooms for you to use throughout the building.

24/7 Reception

Rest assured knowing that there will always be someone on hand to help you when needed.

Free Wi-Fi

Skyping home? Streaming the latest series? Coursework? You’ll find it all easy with a superfast Wi-Fi connection and a 200Mb wired connection. Once you step inside Southampton Crossings you’ll discover a comfortable, stylish and safe place to live. Somewhere welcoming and supportive. Happy and relaxed. A place to make the most of being a student. A home.

Show Flat open at Southampton Crossings Come and take a sneak peek at our new accommodation we’re just a 4-minute walk from Solent University! Find us at: Southampton Crossings, Cumberland Place, Southampton, SO15 2YU. T: 02380 002355 E: southampton@host-students.com W: www.host-students.com







Your Students’ Union elections give you the chance to #ShapeSolent and lead the Union in ensuring Solent University works for its students. Run to be a Sabbatical Officer in your preferred area and represent the academic interests of over 11,000 students. What are Sabbatical Officers?

How to Apply:

Sabbatical Officers are full time paid positions who work within the Students’ Union to represent all students at Solent University. The positions cover four key areas:

1. Login at www.solentsu. co.uk/represent to start your applcication (Use your full email address as your username) 2. Submit your full name and contact details to continue

•• Head of Student Voice Representation Governance Democracy

3. Click on ‘Stand’ and select the position you want to run for

•• Head of Student Education Teaching Course Reps Advice

4. Submit the names of your two seconders (These are two other students who support your application)

•• Head of Student Engagement Societies Volunteering Employability

Why should you apply? Being a Sabbatical Officer is a unique opportunity to gain experience:

•• Head of Wellbeing Mental Health Welfare Equality

•• Running campaigns •• Presenting to crowds •• Planning projects •• Managing finances

As part of their role you get: •• £17,685 salary per year •• 27 days annual leave •• Flexible working •• Additional training

To find out more information www.solentsu.co.uk/elections



We bring you the latest events in Southampton and the surrounding areas, so that you get the heads up! From Winter Archery to Comedy Nights in Southampton, we’ve got you covered!

Angels of Light

winter archery

Local exhibition of encaustic wax art, depicting the colours and lights around us from artist Natalie Dekel.

Your guide at New Forest Activities will teach you how to handle a bow and arrow before testing your aim.

5th Janurary - 28th February www.discoversouthampton.co.uk

Until the end of March www.newforestactivities.co.uk

health walks


Join in with a walk on Southampton Common, its fun, free and friendly.

The unforgettable rock n’ roll show comes to the Plaza Theatre.

4th February - 8th February www.discoversouthampton.co.uk

19th March - 23rd March www.skiddle.com

Funny bizznez Comedy

Seann walsh

Funny Bizznez Comedy returns to Southampton as they take over The Loft with a host of great comedians.

This disheveled, fiery, animated, fiercely idle, millennial manchild comes to the Nuffield Theatre.

4th February - 8th February www.skiddle.com

Friday 29th March www.skiddle.com


SOLENT EATS The expectation to cook for someone can be stressful at best, so make yourselves a Valentine’s meal for two without the hastle. Follow this quick and easy guide to whip up a gourmet dish with minimal effort and maximum impact.


if it starts to stick. Add the lemon juice, stir through half the parsley and season.

• 1 Fillet Steak, approx. 250g (Can be substituted for Tofu) • 1 Sachet Fa jita Seasoning • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil • 250g cooked rice pouch • 2 Roasted Red Peppers, Sliced • 1 Lemon/Lime, 1/2 juiced, 1/2 cut into wedges • Small Pack Chopped Parsley • Yogurt (to serve) •• Cheese (optional)

3. Cut the steak into strips. Tip the rice into bowls and top with the steak and a dollop of yogurt. Scatter with parsley, serve with cheese, a lemon wedge and veg of your choice.

WHAT TO DO: 1. Coat the steak (or Tofu) with half of the fa jita seasoning and 1 tbsp of the olive oil. Heat a frying pan over a high heat and add the steak, cook for 2 mins on each side for medium rare, remove from the pan and set aside. 2. Turn down the heat to medium and add the remaining oil to the pan. Tip in the rest of the fa jita seasoning, the rice and red peppers. Stir well so everything is coated and cook for 2 mins, until hot through. Add a splash of water

For student deals on food and drink around Southampton sign up to our mailing list at www.solentsu.co.uk/mailing







Your Students’ Union holds a ‘Refreshers’ Fayre’, which is your chance to see what is on offer. You can meet new people, discover and develop a new talent. If you don’t see anything that takes your fancy, then why not start up your own with full Union support?


With so much on offer culturally, historically and socially, we are unsurprised by its popularity. Whether it’s the spirited EXPLORE SOTON nightlife, the beautiful woodland walks, the ties with the Titanic or the music of Craig David that lures you to Southampton.




From writing articles for Sonar Magazine, to hosting your own Radio show, Sonar has opportunities for you to get involved in all areas!






There are loads of ways for you to have your voice heard within the university, without running for an elected position. Student Council is open to all students.


Your Union runs several events throughout the year that give you, the students, the opportunity to showcase the many talents that you all have. One of our biggest events, is SU Presents: Live Music; which is an evening of great music, talented students and maybe a drink or two.


There are opportunities to build up your cv and gain valuable work experience by volunteering.

The Study Abroad and STUDY ABROAD Exchange team coordinates the Erasmus programme at Solent, which is the EU’s educational exchange programme. It aims to promote mobility within higher education and offers students the opportunity to enhance their learning experiences across the 33 participating countries.


Employers are now looking for candidates who have complemented their degree with work experience on industrial placements and internships, so don’t forget to add these as well as any summer or part time jobs, to your LinkedIn profile.



Being an elected officer gives you direct access to resources, for you to be able to make positive changes that will benefit students. As an Officer, be that a Sabbatical Officer or a Student Officer, you lead the Union in your respective area.

A short walk from Solent University, our contemporary student accommodation makes sure you’ve got the best 24/7 security, social spaces, cinema room, 24-hour gym, study spaces, super-fast wifi and an event calendar that’s made just for you. Rooms from £167 p/w Book Now +44(0)238 2353 240 thewalls@nidostudent.com 24 Bernard Street, Southampton, SO14 3AY



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